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Ep.100 "Suga" Rashad Evans

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day all night. Tune in sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence. What's happening? Hot stuff? What is up all my naughty listeners? Okay, we are at episode 100. I'm so excited. barbero. Tim. Okay, it's all be sure to add that in there. Thank you guys so much for being a part of this journey. If you're new listener, that's okay. Things are just now starting to get smooth and polished. I think we were a little rough around the edges. The first year, second year, we started to get things rolling. And now we're with motherfucking UFC fight pass. And, you know, it may not be nothing to you guys, but for a little podcaster like me. It's very cool. And yeah, I mean, maybe they gave me a shot because I'm a fighter for their organization. But who knows, maybe they actually like my podcast. One cool thing is they said that they're never going to censor this show, which means the absolute fucking world because sometimes we like to cuss and obviously we're talking about everything from fightcamp to buttholes on this show. We're on the same page. So I'm stoked to be in de Jaisal are, you know, we've been doing this for a minute now. And I was driving on driving here to the studio, and I was like, wow, I think zoals like one of my besties now, I mean, like 100 episodes of talking shit and talking about each other's lives, the ups and the downs and getting to know different guests and asking his opinion on things that we talked about. And you know, that's, that's just one of the perks of this podcast. Yeah, eventually with this UFC deal, we'll be making some monies. And that has been a goal for a while now, but not the biggest one and not the biggest one by far because I really wanted to do was to keep myself busy over the pandemic when the shit started and not drink and we'll definitely have it done that my birthday is July ninth so actually, it's exactly a month away. And that is my regular birthday. Getting all this book, I'll be 35 And it's also my sober birthday, I will be three years sober. And so I'm excited because I started this podcast with the intention that it would keep me busy, keep me sober. Give me an opportunity to kind of stay in the MMA, you know environment while I was healing from my surgery, and now I am currently suspended and so it's still doing just that it's giving me an opportunity to stay in the MMA scene get to know my fellow fighters and MMA community and spotlight them and kind of give back a little bit I mean, I hope I don't feel like this is just me me me I do like to think that the show is putting my fellow man in a good spotlight and you know, humanizing my fellow fighters a little bit so that you guys can just see that we are all the same and maybe stop some of that hate shit that you guys do. Maybe not you that's listening but the other people you know, not you You are awesome.

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Yeah, but if you guys are new, you may not know that we have been through the fucking wringer in the last two years. We our studio burnt down at one time didn't miss a beat. I had spine surgery was in a neck brace didn't miss a fucking beat breakups. You know my slow road to recovery. I talk to you through my fightcamp through my through my loss, my heart ache. And now you know I'm telling you guys about things that are going well. Some things are going well some things are not going well but you know I think it's important to focus on the good things that we have. You know, my life is a perfect example. I'm fucking suspended right now I'm, you know, coming off losses and an injury. i No one wants to be here new buddy wants to be in this position, you know, definitely not a professional fighter. So, am I going to focus on that? No, I'm going to focus on the fact that we just got this contract, I am getting better fucking slowly but surely. And I'm still in the UFC. And I'm grateful for that. And I'm just gonna, you know, keep working towards getting back in the cage. And, you know, being the fighter that you guys know I can be right. And in the meantime, I've been doing some other stuff, obviously, this podcast, but I've also been doing a sexy exclusive content website and I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn't say, please check that out. It really does help me out. It's www. Ashley rebel It's some stuff that is a little too risque for Instagram. So go check that out. If you guys are gonna be in Vegas for international fight week, I will be there UFC international fight week is July 1, that's a Friday, I will definitely be there that day. The other days, I do not know. But most likely I should make a weekend of it. And I would love to see some of you guys. Like if you are going and you see me, please tell me you listen to my podcast that would just probably stroke my ego a little bit. But hey, your fuck your girl needs a little ego stroke right now, you know, don't want to be kick when I'm down. So let me know your listener. If you see me out there. If you're not going, obviously, I'll come back, talk to you about it on the podcast. And we'll keep it rolling out like always, you guys can check out our merchandise and our website. It's, you know, cool stuff kind of punk rock themed. I keep saying I'm gonna add some new designs that are not but I always go you know what, it's my fucking podcast. I like punk rock. So I'm gonna kind of keep these punk rock theme. But check it out by submerge a mug of phone case, it doesn't matter. And it all helps us. keep the show going. Also, if you want to email it's sex and violence Guest suggestions questions for me questions about the podcast questions about international fight? Whatever it is, I will answer personally, and I'll get back to you. Some of you guys have written in really nice things lately, about me talking about sobriety or motivating you and those things are so nice. So even if you don't have a question, you just want to say something. I appreciate it. So so much Zolo. Appreciate it, too. We appreciate it. And that's about that. All right. We are actually just letting you guys know, I think we are getting away from talking about the fights, not because I don't enjoy that I I really was working on the pronunciation there for a minute. And I was getting in the rhythm. And hopefully if I ever, you know make it to like the UFC level of interviewing backstage, I will work my ass off. But in the meantime, I don't think you guys come to this podcast for UFC fight information. So I'm kind of playing with the idea of taking that out and leaving more room to interview our guests and get to know them. What do you guys think? If you guys have some qualms a good email to write in and tell me would be sex and violence Or if you think it's a great idea to be like, Thank you, Ashley. We always hated listening to you butcher those fighter names, but either way, let me know what you think. And please rate and review the show. It's free 99 But it helps us out or just tell a friend share the podcast that is if you just like send this to one friend. I'm happy that will make me a static. So all right. Now let's get to our very special guest

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The gym pump it up while your feet are stopping and the gym is poppin lookahead.

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Today's guest is an American mixed martial artist who started his professional career in 2003. He was the heavyweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter to the former UFC Heavyweight Champion and the 2019 inductee of the UFC Hall of Fame, a former NCAA division one wrestler and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt, whose record stands at 20 and eight. He retired briefly in 2018 then returned to MMA to fight for Habib Nurmagomedov Eagle fighting Championships where he won the fight in January 2022. By unanimous decision, we talk about fight purgatory a good seven days Bush digging nice feet no dogs in bed, a success achieved internally staying connected to your why being Blaxill rose at the Playboy Mansion, competitive dating spirit and more. Here's your guest sugar Rashad Evans.

Unknown Speaker 14:36
All right, we are here with UFC Hall of Famer, sugar, Rashad Evans, thank you so much for joining us. I know you're a busy man with everything you got going on family and working for the UFC. So it means a lot that you came on the show.

Unknown Speaker 14:51
No problem I appreciate you having me and I want to say one thing you know the first time you came to the UFC, I was just like, Oh my god. It is Ashley Evans. You know that name to me. It just struck me for one. It's my last name right Adams. But Ashley is the name of my sister. Oh, so you actually yeah. Absolutely. She spelled it differently. But, I mean, I was like, wow. So you you always always stuck out to me.

Unknown Speaker 15:19
Thank you so much. You know, Zol asked me he's like, because I know a lot of the guests that we have on personally, like, you know, Rashad, and I'm like, No, but when we talked, I felt like I knew him. You know, like, what's up? I'm like, but I think that's probably just the energy that you put out with everybody. So I'm glad I stuck out. Actually a funny little fact is there's a Colton Smith in the UFC. And my brother's name is Colton Smith. So every time he fights I'm like, Go Colton SMITH

Unknown Speaker 15:51
Yeah, that's that's how it happened. And that's how that's how it is every single time you fight. I'm like, come on Ashlee. Let's go.

Unknown Speaker 15:56
I know. That makes me happy. Well, I'm honored. You know, I've always been a fan. But I, I didn't know as much as I do today. Because for this podcast, I do a lot of research. Like I dug deep. And I know a lot about you now. And I just I'm so much more like shocked and impressed because you know your UFC Hall of Famer, but when you really like look back at everything you've been through over the years, and especially in the more wild west of the UFC, it's like, damn, this guy has come far. And he's still here, and he's still doing it. And I'm about to turn 35 in one month. And so I'm at that point where, like, I'm not done, but there is a sense of urgency. And I look to older fighters who are still competing and enjoying their lives. And I'm like, That is who I want to be like, and and you're you're one of those people. So I'm very excited to have you on the show.

Unknown Speaker 16:54
Thank you. I appreciate that. So I mean, as 35 years old, how do you feel now 35 competing versus when you first started?

Unknown Speaker 17:01
You know, I was really lucky. My listeners and my viewers know that I had a recent spine surgery, I got an artificial disc inserted in my neck about a year and a half ago. And so then I just been recovering from that. But before that, no injuries, no surgeries. And so I was very lucky. Like you I have a wrestling background. And that's the cause of this, you know, just years of using our my neck and head as a fifth limb, right? Hey, what acuity. So yeah, so to answer your question, I'm this the first time I've ever dealt with a major injury. And now I'm starting to feel old, like, Okay, now it takes me longer to recover. Now I have to pay more attended to recovery. And I should have been doing that years ago, years ago. But now, as long as I can take my time, and I have to right now, because of my situation. Getting back in the cage, I still feel like I got about three to five years at least because I don't want to have kids. Yeah. So you know, like, I've thought about this thoroughly. And my listeners know, they're like, yeah, yeah, she's gonna fight for three to five more years. But yeah, like, I feel like I'm hurt right now. But once I heal fully, there's so much more I have to give.

Unknown Speaker 18:17
Well, and that's another thing. And that's another thing is a fact, that is the fact that you have some time off, right, so now your body's had a chance to heal and other areas where you didn't really necessarily, you know, was a pressing issue, but because you had the time off, your body started to heal in areas where it may have been just like little nagging injuries, you know, so, use the rest, the rest is definitely you know, probably done your body a lot of good just being able to heal up.

Unknown Speaker 18:44
And you know, my, I keep saying my listeners because it's like, I'm like a broken record. But I always I'm really happy and excited about my sobriety. I'm sober next month on my birthday, it's three years. And so during this time of inactivity, yeah, my body's been healing, but my heart and my mind, they've been healing because I never had a chance to really go through emotions. Prior to that, you know, I was a pretty functional alcoholic, honestly. And, you know, I'm very open about that, because I think that more people should talk about it, how great sobriety is, and, you know, and I just want to put that out there. So during this time, I've healed physically, but also I'd say, like, mentally and emotionally to

Unknown Speaker 19:27
see and that's huge right there and being able to go through that, you know, go through that, you know, the journey to Get yourself cleaned up and really have to, you know, go through that sobriety, you know, because it's there's a lot of triggers along the way, right? There's a reason why you started the drink, right? It just didn't happen by itself and some of the reasons why you started drinking, they may still be there so it's not you have to find a new way to handle those triggers that sent you down that path. So it's definitely tough. Oh, yeah. Started going to sobriety path

Unknown Speaker 19:57
for sure. And you know, my dream Thinking outlet, I took that away for good reason. And then but unfortunately, my fighting outlet was taken away. So I've had to deal with emotions for the first time without venting through exercise, or alcohol. And so that's just a lot of like, mental fit and gymnastics going on all while I'm healing, but it's beneficial. And this podcast is a product of that it's me trying to stay busy and active until I can get back in the cage and show value to myself and also spotlight my fellow fighters. And in my opinion, I hope that this show is letting the fans communicate with fighters on a deeper level to humanize them a little bit more, because there's a lot of online hate and bullying and I just fucking hate it so much. I just fucking hate it. So I'm like, let me try to get on a deeper level with my fellow fighters. And maybe people will just see like, Oh, this is just a human, you know, not like a fighter that we can talk trash to.

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Yeah, you know, but you know what? Yes, that's so key what you're saying because like, you know, having a show like this being able to, you know, really speak from a position of truth and your truth. It's very cathartic, right. So as you're doing the show, you're healing in a different way. You know what I'm saying? So it's all part of the journey of healing and it's great that you got the show and, um, you know what, I'm glad I'm on it.

Unknown Speaker 21:24
Oh, well, you know, I everyone that I have on, has great energy and I get to know just a little bit better and like, connect with them. So I'm fortunate that we get to talk and we'll get right into the the violence aspect of sex and violence. You are a Hall of Famer, everyone knows you you know, your face is synonymous with MMA. Now you've accomplished a lot but in 2018, you retired now, I don't know why you retired. But you made a comeback. You fought recently, January 2022. Fucking awesome. You to come back with a win i those kinds of fights. I'm like living vicariously through you. I'm like, we won, we won. And I got to ask, okay, so why did you retire? Why the resurgence? And are you going to keep going? Or was it just like a one and done? And, you know, now I'm done.

Unknown Speaker 22:14
Yeah, so I retired because, like, you know, I lost connection with that, why, you know, the why I started fighting, and just the connection with the sport in general, through losing connection with my wife. So, like, my last five fights, I just kind of felt less and less more like myself. And each of these fights I lost, but it was more than just losing that just made me just feel like I really need to re examine why am I doing this, and I just didn't have that, that fire, that passionate thing that just make fighting easy before, you know, at one point, I can just like, hit a switch and be like, boom, and Showtime sugar step on the stage. And then I knew it was time to go out there and perform right without even overthinking it. Without even getting myself too wrapped up in it. Of course, I'll get nervous. Of course, I had anxiety. You know, of course, I made vomit a little before a workout. But those are things that, you know, I anticipated, you know, it was part of it, but there was just something else missing, like I just couldn't, you know, let the badass come out when it was time to so I had to really sit back and just examine, you know, what was going on in my life and why I was feeling like that. And, you know, there was a lot of things that happened to me as far as like, from the time, you know, I was injured for like three years. And then when I came back, I just couldn't find that the rhythm again. And more importantly, not only just physically speaking, we're just like, even in my personal life, and just, you know, felt like everything was just coming together at one time. And, you know, I was fighting because I was, it was what I was used to doing. But when I came back, I didn't fully come back, you know, I come back in the same spirit of fine and you know, I just came back. And when I was faced with like, those five losses, and you know, with a, you know, a decision on what I was going to do as far as like, am I going to try to get another contract the UFC or am I going to try to fight somewhere else? I just didn't want to do any of it. So I was like, You know what, I'm just gonna retire and just sit back and you know, just see what life has to offer me. But during that time, I really wanted to figure out like, you know, the why I was doing anything, you know, so I had to, you know, go and do like, some soul searching and do their soul searching. I went and I did some medicine called the Five Meo DMT that just completely just changed my life.

Unknown Speaker 24:34
Oh, wow. Okay, so I know and this is like, I walk a fine line of research I want to like research my guest enough that I like know what's up but then I I don't want to like do too much. So I I did enough to know that there's something with like psilocybin I thought maybe mushrooms you know, you're an advocate. I know mental health. And so, you know, I know you could go off on a huge tangent It's actually very funny that you are our 100th guest, because DJ soul remembers our Yeah, we're honored our first guest ever was Ian McCall. Uncle creepy. Oh, go crazy. Yeah. And he, it was before I learned how to take control of the interview if somebody gets off on a tangent, and we learned a lot about psilocybin and mushrooms on that first episode. So, you know, tell us about your experience. And obviously, if you answered my question with this experience, that's part of what brought you back to the sport.

Unknown Speaker 25:34
Yeah, so, you know, the experience with the Toad was just so revealing because I was getting, I got to be reminded about a deeper part of myself in which I didn't really truly know it existed.

Unknown Speaker 25:49
Can I ask you okay, I'm so sorry to cut you off. What is the toad I'm not familiar.

Unknown Speaker 25:53
So so the Toad is a psychedelic, but it's the most powerful psychedelic in the world is called an endogenous, it's the most powerful entheogen in the world. And with the other entheogens, like ayahuasca, mushrooms, and, you know, Ibogaine and all the other ones, there is still there's a, there's a, there's a duality, right? There's a duality with it, but with the toe, it's a non dual experience. So it's just you think, you FEEL the singularity. And, and it's one of the most profound experiences ever, because when you feel a singularity of existence, you just kind of feel this timelessness this, this, this, the essence of truly what you are, and the sense, you know, like you read, like, if you I'm sure, you heard people say, Oh, we were all won, and, and those kind of, you know, things like that, right? Well, it's actually true, in a sense, when you when you go to that level, that level of depth, and there's nothing that there's no no other entheogen that brings you to that level, like the five Meo DMT. So having that experience was like a complete reset of what I was, and who I was, as a person. And it was just so incredibly profound, because, you know, it, it completely just crushed the ego, that that I had, you know, and the ego is, is the one that was given me the experience, like I'm shooting Rashad Evans, and the whole story about my life and all my accomplishments and everything that I've been through in my life, right, that the ego was gone, it was completely gone. And then what was profound is the fact that I was still there, but I was there in a way more than I ever was before, it almost felt as if like, this was the dream. And that was real consciousness. Like, I felt like I actually woke up in the middle of my life. So when I had that experience, I came back and life was so different, and whatever didn't serve me in life, like whatever it just was not, you know, good for me, it just fell away. It just like, I just stopped doing it as if, like, I was a child that no longer, you know, you know, found interest in toys anymore. You know, I just, like, I stopped drinking, I stopped, stop womanizing, I stopped, you know, I stopped, I stopped doing a lot of things that just just didn't serve me, I even stopped eating meat, you know, and these are kind of things that just kind of happened, just just like, you know, just very fast. And there was nothing that I was trying to do, it was just kind of like, as if, like, I was like, Alright, time time to give that up. And when it was, when I was giving those things up, I was kind of almost in denial about it, like, as if, like, you know, like, I was trying to drink again, and then our farm, it's like, very bad. And I'm like, that's weird. I can't, I can't even drink anymore. You know, I'm like, Wow, I can't even drink. And it just kind of got really strange at everything that I really was, you know, doing that didn't serve me, it just went away. So upon discovering myself, again, I started to just really tap back into, you know, just an old part of me like a part of me just the basic, very basic part of myself. And through tapping into that part of myself. I found the love to compete again, I found the love the training, and I found the love to do all the little things that make when you step up, when you become the champion, you raise your hand, like I did it, I found the strength to do that, again, I found the energy to do that I found the desire to do that again. And it was just mind blowing again, because I thought that was something that was just completely going on in my life. I thought that was something that was just, you know, reshard about 1015 years ago, but it can never be me again, but when I recalibrated myself with the tone, it just kind of it kind of showed me something different and that is a reason why I competed. Because once I was able to train and once I was able to just tap into that part of myself that was just made fight and so you Easy, then I then understood I can put myself to training camp again. And I understood that I can mentally compartmentalize myself to go out there and compete without making too much of it, you know, without without, without making it. Too much of our have to when I had to do this, it was just me more or less like going out there just enjoying the fact that I can still and I can, and I can have this expression, you know, so it was something like more like, not I have to do, but like I get to do I get to go out and do this, you know, so it just completely trained changed me.

Unknown Speaker 30:35
Wow. So just a total perspective change. And in that perspective change. I mean, it's probably once you have that, that feeling and that essence come back. It's almost like how can I not fight because there is really no way to test all this training, right. And there's nothing that compares to actually competing in the cage and testing yourself with another human being on the one of the largest stages in the world. And that's amazing. So it's crazy, because I don't want to get off on a tangent talking about this. But I'm very happy to hear that when your perspective changed after the toad will say you still had an competitive edge. Because some people have said, and I've heard in the jujitsu community, that people who do like ayahuasca and they have these mind altering experiences, sometimes it takes that like, oh away, and they don't do as well at a sport like cage fighting, you know. And so, my fear if I was going to do something like that, I'm like, just being introspective. I'm like, Oh, wow, would that change me? Probably in a really good way. But would it take away that like, almost like, fucked up NISS inside of me, that allows me, in my opinion, to really beat someone's ass when the time is right. Like, yeah, it's like, I want to heal and be loved and all this, but I don't, I don't want to lose that, like fucking grit inside. If that makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 32:06
It makes a lot of sense. And that's a big reason why I was kind of, like, skeptical about it. You know, like, I didn't know how I feel. I didn't know we'll be on the other side of that realization of self. Right? So when, like, when out so my ex wife used to tell me, she's like, oh, you should go, you should go to counseling and stuff like that. Just, you know, to deal with some kind of past family trauma and things like that are just kind of things that happen in my life. And I'm just like, Nah, amen. I don't need a counseling, I'm in therapy. And she's like, you're not in therapy, and my fighting gives me my therapy. So it's like, it's part of what made me made me who I am as a fighter. But then at the same time, once I realized and once I got to the point where i i was reprogrammed, in a sense, I no longer I understood the fact that yeah, I fought I thought I fought for those reasons, but the true fuel was not based in those reasons. And that was probably the most liberating thing about going back to the sport was the fact that I just enjoyed the fight. Like it's just it's just one of my expressions, like someone loves to draw, and I just love to fight that's my art. You know, that's, that's my art. I'm a physical artist, you know? Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:26
That's amazing. Okay, well, what what? What lies ahead as far as mixed martial arts go, are you going to stick with Habib's or organization? Are you trying to go somewhere else or what's next?

Unknown Speaker 33:39
Um, I'm uncertain as far as where I'm gonna go next. I'm uncertain I'm gonna certainly if I wanted to

Unknown Speaker 33:49
get a spill. I'm uncertain because you know, I I do love to fight and I do love to compete, but at the same time, I do recognize that I'm 42 years old and like, you know, I'm like, at the point where I'm like, you know, there's more I don't know like at this point it's like I enjoy it and I and I enjoy to do it but I'm not sure if I'm going to do it again. Yeah, and I'm saying unless the opportunities like one that I just can't pass up because like one thing that happened

Unknown Speaker 34:30
taking a kid break guys we're taking a daddy break. Rashad has got like babies with them and we are appreciative that he's multitasking right now.

Unknown Speaker 34:39
So this is this is just toy for Daddy daycare night. So

Unknown Speaker 34:48
I think what you're trying to say is is that you know, it must be nice to come back kind of more of like a self actualized human fight. When and then go. I could do this. If I want, you know if, you know like, it must be a very good feeling because there's a lot of younger fighters that are like, that's all they can they think that's all they can do. They think that's all they can they think. And that's, that's not the truth. We know, we now know that that's not the truth.

Unknown Speaker 35:14
Yeah, it's not enough, not enough had the chance to, to go to that place where I had to find out right, I had to go to the place where I had to find out and see. So I had to go and do other things outside of fighting. And once I did other things outside of fighting, I realized that fighting I didn't have to fight in order to make it you know what I'm saying? So that just kind of alleviated more stress because I'm like, There's something that I choose to do so that way, you know, it wasn't like a financial burden where I have to go out there and fight in order to make money to feed my family and then it just became something like well, I can do this because I like to do it. Well how much I really want to do it. And especially now that I have other things going that that I can really you know excel at and make money at and express myself and that's most important weapon still express myself.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
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Unknown Speaker 39:04
It's, it's a lot deeper, as far as my understanding for it. Before I was more or less, a bit selfish about it, you know, more self serving about it and thinking more or less, like, you know, what did I get out of it versus what I was getting into it, you know, and putting into it from a positive point of view where it wasn't about what I gave back. I mean, what would I get back? It's about just, you know, what I give right? And that being the expression of that love because I felt as if like before, like I felt like I didn't truly understand the beauty of love, and truly, how to have a beautiful relationship because I didn't I didn't have the self knowledge and the self love that I do right now. And that's the that's the biggest problem because So, when you don't have that self love, you fall for insecurity traps, right? And some of the insecurity traps for me was like, Okay, well, how many girls can I get? Right? You know, and even though like, it's, it's a terrible thing, it's terrible. It's terrible because you're playing with people's feelings, right? But at the same time, it's like, I don't know, it's, it's, it's very, it's a very hard thing, because in society, you know, as a man, you know, it's cool to have a lot of girls, right? Oh, yeah, as a man, as a man, you're, you're judged on how many girls you get, and things like that. So those are the kind of things that I had to kind of unlearn. You know, as I got older, and more or less, like, I wanted to undermine them, because it's cool to be able to have like, some girls, you can hit up whenever you go to different places and stuff like that. But it's very hard, because of the fact that in order to have that, you got to be able to have some kind of relationship with this girl, some kind of way, right? They want the currency, whatever it may be more outward, whatever how little it may be, they want their currency in order to keep the thing going. So, you know, I found myself just so spread out to the point where I'm just like, this isn't fun, you know what I'm saying. And then you have all these girls, and then you can have, you know, you're in all these relationships at any given day, one of those girls can wake up and you know, be in a bad mood, or just not be feeling your ish, and then she blows up your world, you have, like, all these little bombs in your life that is just like, I'm like, it just didn't serve me, you know what I'm saying? And that, and that, and that was one of the biggest reasons why, like, you know, I had to really examine the way I looked at love, I looked at relationships, and, and I really wanted to get more out of it. But getting more out of it meant getting getting more out of myself. And that was the last place I was thinking I needed to look, it was always somebody else. It was never with me.

Unknown Speaker 42:06
Yeah, well, I mean, to be honest, I feel like I didn't even know what I was missing. As far as like a healthy relationship went because I didn't have one until very recently. And so if you go your whole life, and I had a very similar mentality, you know, I even just in my mind, it was like, I don't care that society sees that in a reverse way. You know, like, how many men can I get makes you a whore versus a man and makes you a pimp or a player, whatever. I just knew that I was a free spirit, and I was gonna do whatever the fuck I wanted. But like later, after having like, a healthy relationship, I'm like, Oh, shit, this is the shit. This is the good, yeah. But you don't know what you're missing. And you think that like, you know, these trophies, these conquests, these human people, you know, like later, you realize you're like, Oh, I was a fucking asshole. You know, but, you know, at the time, it was almost maybe a competitive spirit to me, for me, you know, and

Unknown Speaker 42:59
it was no, really was. But I'll tell you what, there's, there's nothing better for me than being able to put my phone down and just leave it there and not have to worry about, you know, saying yes, to get your phone and not have to worry about that, you know, because there's so many times where I've been caught up with my phone. And to be able to not have to worry about that is the absolute best.

Unknown Speaker 43:22
It's nice. It's so nice. So I always ask fighters, in your opinion, you know, you've probably done both over time, do you think it's better to have a partner while you're like in the active prime of your career and competing? Or would you say that it's better just focus on yourself, you know, stay in your own lane, you know, you don't have the actual time and energy to give to someone else? What's your opinion, if you could choose?

Unknown Speaker 43:46
For me, I think I probably the best should have been a just need to be on my own for a bit. And, and just focus on my grind and things like that, because it is great to have somebody there, but the ride is so crazy. And it's so like, it's so it pulls you away from whoever you're with. Because when you're having these opportunities, and when you're on the go like that, you know, it's it's hard for, to be in a relationship, you know, and your partner can go everywhere with you, even if they go to most places up, they can't go everywhere. And it's the places that they don't go, it makes you realize, you know, that wait, the grass may be greener here, the grasses, you know, when you start all of the the things that decay a relationship, you know, and it was something that I didn't really expected because I never like I wasn't a person who was, you know, like, like, I wasn't a person who was like, I wasn't a person who got a lot of attention, you know? Like I kind of like, I like to keep my stuff low key, but when, you know, the whole fame and everything happened, it would just, it just took me by by surprise, in a sense, and it was hard for me to really adjust to what was going on years into it. Because, you know, back in the day when the UFC first started, I mean, it was crazy, like you're getting money that that I was never getting before like, for instance, you know, you can get 15 or $20,000 from the sponsor, and they didn't really ask you to there was no posting or nothing like that there's really nothing they're going to do for the return on investment but they got to say that they sponsored you. And you know, they were happy about it. So there were so many of these sponsors so you got a lot of money just coming in and you just got exposed to such a life that was just absolutely crazy. That it made it really hard to be like committed in a deep relationship because there's a lot of parties a lot of different things that you just got exposed to that I got exposed to that I never had before.

Unknown Speaker 46:06
Now this is you know, you are more evolved Rashad, I'm sorry to bring up the past, but for our listeners, what I know you got one of these in the bank, like a crazy story, you know, that you're like, I cannot like you know, for me, it's like, you know, the wildest place you've had sex or like one of these crazy stories like Do you have something you could share with us?

Unknown Speaker 46:28
One of the craziest things that one of the craziest things that, that that I been a part of

Unknown Speaker 46:35
back in the pre, Rashad days.

Unknown Speaker 46:39
Me Luke Rockhold. And Michael Johnson. We went to this Playboy party. And it was just it was it was just absolute, literally,

Unknown Speaker 46:53
like, that's all you need to say. And I'm like, wow, like UFC fighters at a Playboy Mansion like Playboy Mansion.

Unknown Speaker 47:01
Yeah, we were. And we were on one, two. So it was it was a crazy, crazy, crazy event. But those are the kinds of situations that you'll find yourself going into. And here's the thing about it. It was a costume party. So we all dressed up. Like, like a rock band, you know. And I dressed up like Axl Rose, but I was black. So rose. So we got we got all crazy. You got like crazy, but it was just like a crazy, crazy good time with a lot of craziness. But I've, I've been to a lot like, like, when I first moved to Florida, we would go and we'll go to the, to the clubs, and we were party hard out here. But it was it was a crazy ride, when I look back on just how things used to be back in the day.

Unknown Speaker 47:54
I mean, I tried to make this show. Educational will say for the younger fighters, you know, kind of in that position, right where you like, are in the prime of your career, people give you lots of attention. And it's overwhelming, because you kind of know you need to focus on the task at hand. But how can you not be pulled into this? Right? Like, what would you say like, with your with all your wisdom and shenanigans in the past? You know, like, it's, it's tempting, and it's hard, and I just kind of hope that I didn't party too hard. And I still have some good years ahead of me, because there's only so many years, you can do that at the highest level and be successful before it catches up with you. Sometimes sooner than later.

Unknown Speaker 48:38
Yeah, yeah, you're right. You know, one thing I would say that I would tell these young fighters to do is I would tell these fighters to stay connected to their why write it down. And and truly write it out and get connected with it. Because that little notebook and no pad, you wrote it down, it's going to become the black box for when a plane goes down unit arms. And then when the proverbial plane goes down, that's going to be the black box you're going to look back for and like, you know, where did things go wrong? You know, because my mindset from when I first started to where it was when I ended I was miles apart. And I was just like, how did I get here? Where did it where the stray? Where did I go left? When I say when right as DC loves to say, right? Where was that turnout? And, you know, sometimes sometimes you don't know but I can I can point to one thing. It was not following and why it was not keeping that same mindset that had me you know, when I got off of work at the hospital, running about three miles and then taking a nap and then waking up and training for another two to three, three hours you know, every single day when was no, nothing that I was getting paid for. But it was just for the love of it, you know. So staying connected to that whole thing is, is the most important thing and is the easiest thing to get taken away from you or get distracted from because when you feel like you get successful, there's a part of you that thinks that because you're more successful with Altai world, you're more successful. But sometimes your success in the outside world doesn't equate to success internally speaking.

Unknown Speaker 50:31
Yeah, yeah, yeah. And that those are great, great words of advice. And it is so hard not just for fighters, but for anyone just to stay connected to your why. And you know, we get distracted social media. Girls, guys, whatever it is, right. So question about sex before a fight? Obviously, there's that myth, if you have sex before a fight, you know, it's not good. Do you? Do you abstain? And if you don't like, what's your reasoning behind that?

Unknown Speaker 50:59
Um, I've done both right. So I've put, yeah, I put it to the test. And I will say that when I don't have it before the fight it, it makes me it makes me a little bit more like, a little bit more, I guess. Aggressive, right, a little more aggressive. When I do have it for the fight, I'm kind of more or less like, calm, cool, collected a little bit but a little to calm, cool. Collected, you know, yeah, and, but the thing is, and a reason why they really don't want you to do it. And what I told with my, my coach told me, he was like, you know, what, you know, there's a lot of science and that is my van hours. He's like, A, if you notice a lot of science standards, you know, if you keep busting out and stuff like that, you know, it's not gonna mess you up on testosterone level. But as these women, you know, these women come with these problems as, and that's where the problem that's where the problem lies. So that's where it makes you weak, right? Because a lot of times you can get in a situation right where you incident with somebody and the game start and then that's where the fighter gets weak when it when a fighters heart is weak when a fighter is, you know, having to deal with some kind of heart issue dealing with as far as proverbial heart or when loved and it just, it just completely ruins them. You know, they can't they can't fight the same.

Unknown Speaker 52:32
Yeah, no, I totally agree. Basically, what you're saying is not the actual act of having sex. It's the things that are attached to having sex. You know, yeah, the the emotions and everything that comes with it. That's a great answer. What is feels real weird to ask this question with your kid in your arms, but what is a pet peeve that you have in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 52:54
Um, I would say it would have to be

Unknown Speaker 53:01
we we've had things from hygiene or

Unknown Speaker 53:06
the hygiene the hygiene is one thing but if a girl sleeps in the bed with the dog, oh, and then want to get into the dog dirty bitch. Yeah, like, I mean, look like I get the bed the dog want to go and lay in a bed sometimes. Right and put the dog okay, but when the dog like sleep sleeps in the bed. That's just wrong. Because it's like, you're laying in the bed with the dog.

Unknown Speaker 53:38
And you know where that dog has been? You know? Like, it's just like, it's you know, you see if you have dogs, you know, I in my stocking of you. I saw you either have or had a dog named Romeo, who looks like my dog. Who was a bully. I don't know is was Romeo or is Romeo a bully? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 53:56
Ron was a bully. Yeah, here right now.

Unknown Speaker 53:58
Okay, I got Rocco. And he looks just like Rovio. Rocco, we are putting a fucking blanket down to cuddle because I see him go poop and I see him walk in that and I'm like, Oh, we're not gonna cuddle and then you're gonna wiggle up next to me. So I understand that.

Unknown Speaker 54:15
Yes, that. I mean, I was able to grow on time, right. Just get the dogs and it was no, it was a big ask dog too. It wasn't like a little cute dog. It was like a big master like, yeah, like, it wasn't massive. It was like 180 was a huge human. Yeah, don't get that. I'm just like, This is dog. Like this is weird. You know what I'm saying? Like, it was like another man

Unknown Speaker 54:45
with beds only big enough for for one of us, buddy. That's hilarious. So do you. And this is a question I ask all my guests because it's like alright, we are alpha males, alpha females. But sometimes it's, you know, the bedroom is where we can Wanna get to be something else? Whether that's like more submissive? Would you say you're an aggressive partner just like you are in the cage? Or is that, you know, would you let your partner be more of the dominant one?

Unknown Speaker 55:11
You know, I'm all for it. Like, it all depends on where the flow or the things go with the flow, the conversation goes, right? Like, you know, like, I don't believe that, you know, I need to be one way all the time. You know, I'm saying sometimes it's fun to allow, you know, the roles would be reversed a little bit. I mean, granted with that said, I'm not going to allow myself to get like, you know, manhandles Yeah. Like, Rashad. Like we have nothing to get man because I still got to feel like a man out. Yeah. I don't always have to be the aggressor. I can switch it around, you know, because that way you keep it so is unexpected. You know what I'm saying? Like, you don't get you don't get predictable with your action, you know, because that's the biggest boredom to the whole sex thing anyway, because when it gets too predictable, I know they're moving into it now. You know, I'm saying it's like a routine type thing. You got to be able to, yeah, you got to be able to spice it up to be fresh about it.

Unknown Speaker 56:12
Yeah. I love that. That is literally the perfect segue into our last segment. Before we do fan questions for UFC fight pass. It is called the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 56:31
Lightning second round is a rapid fire yes or no segment where if you feel so inclined to elaborate you can but otherwise we're just going to go yes or no. Starting with do you dirty talk in bed? Are you ready? Yeah. Okay, here we go. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes, spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 56:52
Ah, neither. No. I mean, I'm a fighter. I don't want to I gotta sit you before

Unknown Speaker 56:58
yes or no? Yes or no?

Unknown Speaker 57:00
No, no. All right.

Unknown Speaker 57:02
No biting.

Unknown Speaker 57:04
Um, let's see. Nobody choking. Um, yeah, a little bit. A little bit. A little bit, threesomes? Oh, I've had I've had I've had a

Unknown Speaker 57:20
problem. Okay. Okay. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 57:23
No, I don't watch it.

Unknown Speaker 57:24
Do you have any fetishes? Like a foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 57:30
Maybe a little, little bit. All right. Listen, here's the thing about like, I like a girl. Like, I look at the feet. I do look at the feet. Like and I'm not like I know good feet too. You know, I'm saying so I'm not very picky. But I'm kind of picky

Unknown Speaker 57:45
with now. Do you? Do you use okay? Because I feel like there's there's two two people, right? One who sees the feet and is like, aroused, and then the other one who uses the feet as an indicator of how the woman or man takes care of themselves.

Unknown Speaker 58:01
And it's kind of both ways for me like, I can't like I don't know, sit in the corner. Like, you know, go masturbate to it. But

Unknown Speaker 58:10
do your little, your little stubby toes.

Unknown Speaker 58:12
Yeah, I'm not gonna do that to the feet. But I made it like I definitely look at it like ooh, those are nice feet and I'm like, you know, and I can definitely though there's definitely indication of how she's handling the rest of her body for me

Unknown Speaker 58:24
love it. Okay, moving on role playing

Unknown Speaker 58:30
Yeah, yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 58:33
very personal but stuff on you or a partner Don't make me say it again. But stuff on your non awkward

Unknown Speaker 58:46
way to say I thought you said but stuff Oh.

Unknown Speaker 58:51
Do me and just stare at me guys. And I was like, is he gonna make me say that again?

Unknown Speaker 58:58
Mas s de we've got a

Unknown Speaker 59:01
movie. We got Have you ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? Ah, yes I have all right we I mean we can only imagine what the Playboy situation do you sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 59:15
Nah, I mean well yeah, kind of not on a regular basis.

Unknown Speaker 59:21
Yeah. And are you a lingerie lover

Unknown Speaker 59:28
not so much. Not so much

Unknown Speaker 59:30
like me. I say it's one more step between me and sex so I don't know if like Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 59:34
I mean I just I just rather just yeah, just let's

Unknown Speaker 59:38
get to the point. Body here Yes. Okay or no.

Unknown Speaker 59:45
Body here like anywhere or just like like a she just like had like, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 59:52
we got levels you know, is it gonna be like all shaved are we doing like 70s bush or the you know, somewhere in between?

Unknown Speaker 59:59
Yeah, we We can do a 70s bush I think that was probably like the one of the best things about the area of the 70s born was the fact that it had wow yeah the bush it was it was very

Unknown Speaker 1:00:16
I think that's a generational thing because I'm Yeah, I don't think you're gonna hear like some younger 20 year olds being like, I want full bush you know, like it's gonna be you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:26
because they don't understand they don't understand the

Unknown Speaker 1:00:30
part of the body you know, all right, and then ever been caught having sex or masturbating.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:38
Let me think have I been caught? Yeah, I've been caught before.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
Last question. Would you want to share that story is a funny story. Okay. All right. We're moving straight on to our final game of the show. It is called Fuck, Marry, Kill

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
marry one kill one. Go.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:05
I think we're done. We're done here. I'm gonna give you three names. You got to choose who you want to fuck. Who you want to marry. And who you want to kill. Hope your kids can hear me. Okay, you the version you are getting. Shout out to Dan Kenny and Pat. They always helped me come up with these names. You have the big booty virgin version. Oh my god. We have Kim Kardashian. JLo and Shakira. beautiful, amazing women.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:37
She care. So she care. F Okay. Wait, no, no, no, wait, wait. Mary secure? Got it. F j low. Yeah. Do

Unknown Speaker 1:01:58
I mean, I feel like that's what I mean. I feel like she would be the one to go out to JLo and Shakira, like,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:07
you know why? Because I feel like I feel like I don't I don't know those women, but I feel like there might be a little bit more wholesome. You know, I'm saying, Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:14
I feel like they're contributing more to society. You know, like, they're doing something besides just being beautiful. You know, like, what does that do? She's just Hi. Like, okay, which, you know, we appreciate beautiful women all the time, but with Shakira and JLo it's like, you know, their music moves people and maybe Kim Kardashian moves people to I don't know who knows. Alright guys, if you are not subscribed to UFC fight, pass, head over to UFC fight and subscribe. Now if you sign up, you get half off of a year. So goat UFC fight and subscribe. Now we're gonna get into the juicy stuff and you're missing out. We're gonna do 15 minutes of fan questions. Are you ready, Rashad? Actually, before we go for the listeners on Spotify, Apple and all the others, where can they find you on Twitter, Instagram, any social media you want to share, NF TS or anything else you have going on?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:11
Yeah, so they can find me on at Sugar shot Evans, on Instagram and on Twitter. And also, you can also tech check out my metals project, I've have a NFT dropping metals gang, you can go to metal to And check out when the launch is we're actually in the launch right now we did the whitelist. And so we're going to do public launch within the next next week. So if you want to get a metal toe, you can go ahead and get one they're starting as low as $100. So the floor is low enough for everybody to get a part of it. And it's a good cause it goes to the mental health awareness. A lot of the proceeds go to mental health awareness, and psychedelic research.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
So it's so funny that you say that because you sent me the NFT link and I would look at it, I checked it out and like yeah, this is a cute little toad. And then the first conversation we had was about the toad and I'm like, Did I get it like, Ah ha,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
that was my inspiration for the toe was the toe

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
got it? And so guys, you know, all those links will be in the show notes. Check that out. But you know, now you can actually put kind of a story behind this NFT how amazing is that? Is that this NFT the story behind it is essentially was thought Rashad resurgence into his career and his perspective change and you know, you just heard a little blip of his story and so now let's like you buy this piece of art and you can actually associate a really cool life changing experience with it. That's fucking badass. Check that out, guys. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:23
Alright guys, that is it for episode 100 with sugar, Rashad Evans. Wow, I bet. I mean, my, in my opinion at maybe you guys thought that fucking sucks. But in my opinion, that was one of our best episodes with an amazing, very very knowledgeable person. I mean, the guy's just got life experience and the type of experience that I want to listen to, you know, like the guy is literally practicing what he preaches, and he's very transparent about I think some things that most people think that there is a stigma attached to, you know, suicide, it's like, ooh, the drugs and it's like, okay, you want to call it drugs, call it drugs. But realistically, Rashad is trying to enlighten everyone that he educates with this stuff and and I think that's, it's really amazing because you can tell it's coming from a place of love and wanting to share in what he's found. And so I don't know if I'm gonna lick a toad or eat some of that stuff. You know if I do I will fuckin tell you guys about it. Don't forget guys that UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence, original shows, and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at www UFC fight backslash sign up next week we talked to Christine misfit fie era and I am very excited. This chick is badass. She is the current Bare Knuckle boxing fighting championships. flyweight champion, and I've seen and been watching her come up. She formerly did MMA, but now I think she's just all bare knuckle boxing or who knows I guess we'll talk to her next week and we'll find out if she's ever going to make a return to MMA. Check that out guys some other stuff to check out the website sex violence with rebel Pick up a shirt, a hat anything. And also if you would like to email me it's like what the fuck is sex and violence? Brainfart so email me if you want and if you want to support me through my exclusive content site that is www. Ashley rebel For as a six eight pictures. And other than that, I love you. That's about it. Thank you so much for being on this journey with us 100 Fucking episodes Yeah, barbero are feeling really good. I think we're just starting to get in the rhythm. I'll see hopefully see you guys out in Las Vegas for UFC international fight week. Big thank you to DJ Zol Thank you. You're the man this guy has made this possible at follow him on social media at D Jaisal. Tomorrow could studio at tomorrow kids official and you can always find us at sex and violence rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. I really hope you guys you guys enjoyed this show. And the last fucking 99 shows because it's been so fun. So fun and therapeutic. Speaking of therapy. You know, this has definitely been a form of therapy therapy for me and Rashad was fucking right. So I love you guys. Remember, be kind, be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. I'll talk to you next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and violence.

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