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Ep.101 Christine "Misfit" Ferea

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what's happening hot stuff what is up all my naughty listeners are back with another episode we are in the triple digits episode 101 I'm really excited I feel I don't know I feel sophomore ik not not like a freshman anymore. We we've we've leveled up you know UFC fight, pass, and we're in the triple digits. And I feel like everything is going good. So this is the part of the show where like we're talking about myself what I have going on, update you guys. Well, if you don't know I'm currently suspended. And yes, I should not shine light on my negative points right now. I'm not laughing because I'm happy about it. I'm laughing because I want to share a story with you guys that just happened as I write before I got into the studio today. Who sada woke me up at 8am today, and I swear my dog got surgery last night. It was a rough night. The last thing I wanted to do was pee in a motherfucking cup for husana who had just suspended me for 14 fucking months for a supplement that I was prescribed. So if you guys were wondering like, Hey, does sauna still test those athletes that are suspended? Yes, yes, they fucking do to wake you up early still. So I guess that's part of my punishment. But in the meantime, guys, I've been loving this podcast. I'm so grateful to you guys for tuning in for all your fan questions. Everything that you guys do every week to support the show if you guys have ever bought merch, or even just interacted on social media like Thank you. Thank you so so much. All of that helps. I'm stoked about this episode because we are well into June and this is our first guest that will be representative of the LGBTQ ai plus, man, it really is a mouthful. I think that's why they added plus, because there's not any more room in that sentence for another letter. But I'm stoked to showcase some of the amazing athletes that are part of the LGBTQ plus community. And so real quick, let's go over what is pride month. For those of you who don't know, I guess you've been living under fucking rock, but it's basically the world's LGBT. It's when the world's LGBT communities come together and celebrate the freedom to be themselves. Pride gatherings are rooted in the arduous history of minority groups who have struggled for decades to overcome prejudice and be accepted for who they are. We all know that right? But gay pride or LGBT Pride is the promotion of an a self affirmation of dignity, equality and increased visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as a social group. Pride as opposed to shame and social stigma is the predominant outlook that bolsters most LGBT rights movements. Yeah, we all knew that but it was nice to put kind of a definition to the month of pride. So in that same fashion, we are showcasing an amazing athlete today. But before we get to our fighter, please, if you guys are going to UFC fight pass, or sorry, UFC fight week, international fight week, which is July 1, I will be there as well some of the other podcasters that are now on the UFC fight pass platform, the first ever group of podcasters, the inaugural group, we're going to head out there, we're going to be at the USC bypass, I think it's called USC x. That's going to be the loss of a Las Vegas Convention Center. If you guys are going please, please stop by. I don't really know where I'm going to be somewhere in the convention center. But find me I would love to take a picture or sign some stuff or talk about podcasting, whatever it is, guys. Besides that, please check out my exclusive content site. You know here All suspended. So this is definitely how we pay the bills and it's www. Ashley rebel It's like only fans but better it is a fan time website. They treat me so good. We have videos we do a whole bunch of different sexy stuff that can't put on Instagram. So go check that out guys. Or if you want to support the show by buying some merch we have a ton on their shirts hats. A fucking phone case, it doesn't matter. It's at sex violence with rebel And if you want to send me an email, it's always sex and violence If you want to send me a guest suggestion, maybe you want to sponsor the show, I definitely think now's the time to do it. We've got some amazing sponsors that you guys will hear later in the episode. And lastly, before we talk to our guests, please do us a favor rate and review the show it is free 99 But it helps us out so much or what is even better. I would love it if you just share a link, send a friend, a clip from our Instagram or something like that word of mouth basically. It's nowadays word of mouth is social media. So alright guys, I've talked enough we understand it's Pride Month. Let's get to our guest

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Today's guest is an American Bare Knuckle boxer who competes in the Featherweight division of the bare knuckle fighting championships. She is the current BK FC flyweight champion and the first person to ever hold that title before making the switch to bare knuckle FC. The 39 year old fought for Invicta FC in MMA and now holds a five in one Bare Knuckle record. Born in San Jose, California and currently living in Las Vegas with her wife. We talked about being an empath dating a man before women alcohol giving her confidence to be gay. living a double life in the business world. Six weeks no sex No way. Charles felony Bennett next guest with who she would fuck marry and kill and her division, her favorite tattoo, Ruby Rose playing her in a movie and much more. Here's your guest, Christine misfit ferrea

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All right, here we go. Okay, we're here with Christine misfit. I love that last name for re. Yeah, that's right. Your Bare Knuckle FC 125 pound champion the first fucking ever, which I love so much dope. She's doing it and she's doing it in style girl. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I know you had training already. You got training later. Thank you for fitting us in. How are you feeling right now?

Unknown Speaker 11:19
Thank you for having me on. I'm feeling great. I'm in camp again. So I of course I'm tired. Your heart is so but I'm feeling great. Right now.

Unknown Speaker 11:30
I'm happy I'm happy you know let's jump right into the you know the violence talk. You got a big fight coming up. It will be your first ever title defense. Correct.

Unknown Speaker 11:39
Effort. Yeah, this is I've only had this since February.

Unknown Speaker 11:42
Yeah. Okay, so you got to protect that baby and you're fighting. I love it. It's literally right behind you. It's like never leaves your site or what? No, never

Unknown Speaker 11:54
work too damn hard for this.

Unknown Speaker 11:55
I love it. I love it. But you know, like, the great thing about being the champ is that you know, you know, we all know you'll retire with that belt. But you know, it doesn't matter if you have the belt or not. You've accomplished something fucking legendary, historical and iconic. Now. Really, you know, the first ever and bare knuckle is flourishing. It really is crazy from an MMA MMA point of view. I was stupid was like that won't last, you know. And now it's just thriving. And I'm like, wow, people really want to just crack each other in the face with no gloves. I'm like, Yes. And my. I'm like, I've never really thought I've never had a pussy mentality. And I'm like, oh, I want to do that. I like gloves. It's not for everyone.

Unknown Speaker 12:42
No, but I didn't even think about it. So when I got called to do it, I really, I'm just preparing for a fight. Okay, this is a boxing fight. I can't use my kids can't take your money down. Whatever. Not like I went to game but anyway. But I just I just knew okay, go in there and use my hands. And there's no gloves. And you didn't really sink in until I was on deck. I was on deck like, I'm a little light on the hands. Yeah. You're like, Oh, shit. I'm like, holy shit. So, like, I go out to fight and I'm just like, wow, that's when it really said in that it was bare knuckle. Like I just prepared to fight. I wasn't thinking about it. I don't think about the bad shit. Like I'm not gonna get knocked out. Am I gonna get cut? You know, I don't think about the shape. All I'm thinking about is hurting. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:39
Or winning the fight? Yeah, you got to you got to and I relate. And I, I feel like the same thing happens with me. Every single time I fight. I literally am like, I'm so excited to fight. I'm gonna fight I'm gonna fight like, only think about the great things. And then I'm walking out in the tunnel, right? And you just can hear the crowd just like I do. Like, I'm gonna fight like, oh shit, like, I'm gonna fight and like the reality sets in. Yeah, like, Dude, why do I do this again? Yeah, I'm so happy for you. You know, it's, you're 39 years old right now. I'm about to be 35 next month. I just feel like you and I spoke briefly before this podcast. And we were talking because Glover had just fought and I don't think you watched that fight. But for those of you listening, and those of you watching, who did see that fight, come on, how could you not root for that motherfucker. 42 years old, the champ going against a young young buck, you know, young ninja, and he lost the belt, but he had it and I don't think it's too crazy to say that he could get it back. And so you know, just like you, you know, you're only 39 I watched you and I'm like, this woman is defying all odds, you know, everyone counts you out when you're in your 30s or mid 30s You know, let alone 39 So So what would you say to people like, you know, people who are just kind of like, hating on that, you know, like, in whatever sense, you know?

Unknown Speaker 15:09
Yeah, well, you know, I want to accomplish something big and I found it in bare knuckle and I found it later, obviously, it's only four years old. Be KFC. So, you know, I don't know where I would have went with MMA, I don't know where I would have went with more Thai. But I love boxing, and I found it later. And just to, it's like, starting, you know, when you started your MMA career, like, everything's so new, and it's so refined, boxing, so refined, and now I get to put my Muay Thai in it, you know, because that's my specialty was only Thai. So I get to mix that in with my boxing. So it was like the perfect sport and doing it at this age. I mean, I guess I could retire, whatever I accomplish things, but I just, I have a lot more in me. And I think old school thinking, it's like, oh, you're done by 29, you're done by, you know, or you have to start at five years old, which is great, because you get way more experience. And I do believe in starting your children very young, if they're going to be professional athletes. But um, if you end up starting late, it's, it's, it doesn't matter. I started at 22. And I made myself, you know, I develop myself and I throw myself all the way in. I don't put limitations on myself or my body, on my mind, I'm smart. I'm not going to be dumb about things. Like if I start to, you know, not be able to talk right, or, you know, I literally can't get out of bed. Like, obviously, I can't go train, but I'm not going to be dumb about what I put my body through, you can still do anything at any age, if you sacrifice enough. And if you put enough into it, you might have to put a little bit more than the 19 year old, but if that's what you want to do, do it. You know, I mean? I think the old school thinking has a lot of limitations on it. And they, they need to stop that shit. Along with, you know, the females being in combat sports, you know, like, Stop holding each other back. You know, if you want, if you want to do something, I mean, you're not gonna be a pro fighter. You're not gonna start at 39 years old. You know what I mean? And then just be a pro fighter but be smart. If you're a young 20s You know, you can you can get into fighting you can be fit, you can be fit at any age. I know 55 year old marathon runners, you know, that are killing youngsters.

Unknown Speaker 17:34
You're right. It's all it's all about preparation. For sure. God, I'm gonna fuck this up right now. But what is that? It's like, operator success. Success is when opportunity and preparation meet. Is that what it is? Yeah, smart guys. There's someone listening the wrong bit wrong. Like, you know, and so you're preparing and I'm just excited because I just really feel like you're one of those fighters that isn't a talker You're a fucking doer. And so I know that you're going to lead by example for all of us all bitches and old for older fighters you're just going to keep doing well working hard when and and that's the only way to lead in my opinion is just fucking lead by example. You know, do what you want others to do so that you fuck practice what you preach. Right? Right. Absolutely. So now that you have that belt, I'm really excited to ask you this because I do think you're a woman who stands for something. What are you excited to to use your platform for? You know me, you know I'm excited about different things than what you might be excited about to talk about and use your platform for so what's your thing What do you want to talk What do you want to bring attention to I guess

Unknown Speaker 18:42
there's I want to bring attention to a lot of people that were bullied and on top of you know the little screw up kids. I was one of them. Yeah, the misfits

Unknown Speaker 18:53
all night show you something real quick. Yeah, weird. All the fucking love this show. Oh my god be later guys. Yeah, this says uh oh, God was the same. Okay, cursive. So the first word is a cursive word. It says forever a misfit.

Unknown Speaker 19:13
Oh. Talking about?

Unknown Speaker 19:17
I didn't know we were gonna do foot stuff in this episode. Okay, anyway, the misfits I just had to.

Unknown Speaker 19:24
Yeah, so I want to use my platform for the misfits. You know, there's a lot of kids out there that just, they just need someone to believe in them. They need like they're looking for power respect. Something to fight board, you know, and so like, they get caught up in the streets and you know, maybe they don't have a family there. I don't know the situation. But I think boxing, martial arts all of this stuff is key for even for mental health. I want to I want to bring mental health too, you know, because I struggle with you know, social anxiety anxiety problems. So I just want to bring like mental health, the little misfits and that's pretty much it. I love people being bullied and people will be being bullied for the competence when you're competent people don't mess with you. Period. Yeah, for the most part.

Unknown Speaker 20:19
Yeah, yeah. I'm a huge advocate in sports saving lives you know, I probably Yeah, long story short trouble punk rocker, you know, was wrestling wrestling kept me on track. I got into trouble. Get some bad shit almost lost my scholarship to go to college, but because I heard that wrestling scholarship, you know, like, just fucking saved my life and saves you Yeah, even today. I'm a fucking grown ass woman. I swear to God, I don't know where I would be without combat sports. And so like when you're talking about the misfits, and you know, whether it is you don't have a good home life or you're struggling with some kind of neglect or abuse, something like that. Sports has been an outlet for me you so many people and I'm actually someday I would like to start some kind of nonprofit for like a youth going to like a beat the streets, you know, that wrestling program. I love to beat the streets, but like a beat the streets. And then they, you know, that, like, how could you not be excited to participate in something like that just like shaping lives and change? You know? So yeah, that's a great a great thing that bring attention and

Unknown Speaker 21:25
I love people. And I love people. You know, as much as I have social anxiety and stuff I've like, what did they call the empath or whatever? empath? It's called the empath. Whatever. Yeah. I'm like that I like feel people. I'm super sensitive to energy. So it's like, first like, I just, I really, that's been my thing. When I got, I didn't when I was a kid. And when I changed my life, did all that stuff and found it actually fighting changed me, because you had to be healthy. In order to win a fight. You have to eat healthy, you can't smoke, you can't drink. You can't do drugs. If you want to be the best. Yes. And I always want to be the best at whatever I do. So I was like, oh, okay, eat that. Oh, okay. She's drinking wheatgrass temps drink a week or so. Oh, I gotta do that. Because, you know, so I just follow like peoples and then I started going to yoga and stuff, you know. So I just think this platform is perfect for me to be able to teach people a healthy lifestyle, which will help the mental health will help your behavior help your emotional status, and help you know the kids that are being bullied and stuff like that. It's a very strong thing to have behind.

Unknown Speaker 22:35
Yeah, and you know, even the bullies, if you think about it, it just teaches you about self respect, and kindness to others. Yeah, self control, you know, discipline. It's amazing. So I'm gonna get we got to talk real quick about the, you know, kind of the obligatory how's this fight gonna go? You know, you're fighting tastes, darling. We've had her on the show. Is there bad blood? And how do you see the fight going?

Unknown Speaker 22:58
I mean, she's, she smashed my baby.

Unknown Speaker 23:03
I did see that. But at the same time, I was like, I can hate on her because people be talking about it. But she didn't like punch Christine. So I'm like, okay, okay. I see. I'm just I'm watching and I'm like, I'm paying attention. Like, this is great. Like, and you guys are bringing more eyes to female bare knuckle and like fucking you girls.

Unknown Speaker 23:22
Yeah, yeah. So I mean, it's not like, I don't hate the girl. I think, you know, I appreciate her stepping up. Trying to take the bow for me giving me a challenge. You know, she's not many people are out there doing that. So there's no she's a youngster. She's She's young. She's hungry. But I'm gonna have to give her bucks and listen.

Unknown Speaker 23:41
She also asked you to see all sassy. Yeah, I know. Yeah. Oh, yes, she is. You're gonna

Unknown Speaker 23:47
be coming with him. And I know that he's coming crazy. She's coming with a lot of energy. Yeah. And she's, she's coming. I know that and I'm preparing for it. You know, it sucks. I'm gonna knock her out. Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 24:00
I love it. Yes. You know, it's kind of like timid. They're like, well, you know, what if I say the wrong thing, no. Confidence. I love that. You're the chamfer. Yeah. Okay. I love that. And it just got it's just so exciting for someone like me because I've researched Hey, you know, we've you know, conversed here and there. You know, I'd say we're like social media buddies now. And you know, you as well, like, when we talk I'm like, Oh, God, dammit. Now I'm invested in this fight. I'm just gonna be like, may the best woman win? Yeah. Whatever. It doesn't fucking matter. It's bringing more eyes to the sport of, you know, bare knuckle women's Bare Knuckle women's combat sports, women's badassery. You know, that's all.

Unknown Speaker 24:37
Yes, yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 24:39
So earlier you said you had a rougher upbringing. You know, I'm not trying to fucking you know, be your therapist. I just love letting people showcase like where they come from because you really don't know you just see this badass misfit. You know, and it's like, you've been through your own shit. Like, what does that background look like? A little bit like, you know And then specifically because it is Pride Month. Oh, by the way, do you like my rainbow? Yes. Because it is pride month, you know, like, Could you maybe give us a little you know a little bit about how you became, you know, so confident in who you are. Did you always know you were lesbian? Or, you know, did you have to hide that? You know, it's a loaded question. There's a lot to unpack. But yeah, there's a lot. I know. I know. I'm sorry, girl. I want to go. Yeah, we want to get to know.

Unknown Speaker 25:29
Yeah. So, you know, I was my first girl, I dealt with her. And, you know, when you're in love, you don't give a shit. You're like, Oh, I love this person. Right? It doesn't matter. Who knows at the time?

Unknown Speaker 25:46
I asked you first just so I can be clear. Let me paint a picture. What age did you come out? 18. Okay, and now before 18 What were you doing? What are your What was your family life? Like, you know, like, did you have mom and dad and they sat you down. And this is the birds and the bees and it's okay to be gay. You know? Like, what was it like?

Unknown Speaker 26:08
No, there's none of that. So my mom did it. They didn't really talk to me about that shit. They're just like, okay, don't have sex to have a baby. Like, they're Catholic. Mom's Mexican. So it's like, Catholic. You know? She's private. She's a private woman, you know, so it wasn't like, open like that. But they had fun in like, they were playful, but they just kind of she didn't really talk to me about that stuff. Yeah. But I was with I was with a, I was with a guy from 13th Day. Pretty much 18 Oh, 14 two at the same person. So and I'm not gonna talk shit. You know what I mean? Because he probably see this alone to this day. Oh, you

Unknown Speaker 26:53
guys are still friends? Yeah, yeah. I love that.

Unknown Speaker 26:56
It was what? Yeah, it was my brothers. It was my brother's best friend at the time. So my six years mean that?

Unknown Speaker 27:06
No, 440 Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 27:08
I was with him before. Got it. So about four years. Yeah. Okay. 1514 or 15 to about 18. And then I went to a girl, but you know, like, um, I fell in love with the girl. And I mean, I liked the guy at the time, right? He was my my homie. We were chilling. And you know, it's past. I know, nobody there probably like, holy shit. Misha was the dude.

Unknown Speaker 27:30
Totally mind blowing.

Unknown Speaker 27:33
Yeah, but that's what it was. Because it was It wasn't cool to be gay back when I was young. I'm 39 years old. So it was even worse. Yeah. than it is now. For sure. You know, um, I didn't talk about that shit. I didn't even like nothing. It was very private at first, you know, for me. Like, I had like curiosity. I was just like, Why do I think she's hot? Like, I'm like, What the hell?

Unknown Speaker 27:57
I'm tingling below the waist? What's going on? With the foot like

Unknown Speaker 28:00
that? Ah, that's not the way supposed to be. Right. So, you know, when I when I turned 18 I was actually I got in a lot of trouble. So I was like, you know, place with a lot of women. And then I met her there. And then when I got out of that place, we met up out there on the house. And we hooked up, you know, and I was on drugs and drinking back then when I was a kid. So it's just like, I came to my mom, I got drunk. And I was like, I had to get drunk to tell her. I was like, Hey, I'm with a girl. Oh, gosh. She's just like, Okay. Looks at my stepdad like, the hell and then later on, they're like, Oh, it's just a phase. It's just a phase. It's just a phase. And I'm just like, now, it's not a phase. Because I got confident. I think with the alcohol, the drinking and everything. made me confident in like, being who I was. You know, because I want to I don't want to disappoint my parents. And they were super religious. And yeah, alcohol really helped. Hilarious myself. Yeah, be myself. Yeah, I was too scared it. I was too scared. First, like, I wouldn't hold my girl's hand and in public. Like, for a long time, like, even, like some places now. Like, my girl will try to hold me on Lake because there's like kids and there's families and then like, then, like, people get crazy and weird. Like, I don't I'm proud of who I am. Yeah, but there's also like, I don't want someone to come at me or when my girl disrespect us or embarrass my girl. And then I'm gonna have to fucking get crazy with them. So I like sometimes I step back, and I don't I'm not affectionate in that way. Because I don't want to beat the fuck out of somebody. You know, I'm saying yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 29:53
that's an OG move. That really is because you know, you understand yourself. You understand that you If you show love to your partner and somebody disrespects you, there ain't gonna be no holding you back. Because it's not because you know, it's about you most probably is because it's disrespecting your partner too. And if you're anything like me, I've seen her. Yeah. Yeah. So I understand that it just hurts my fucking heart. Because I'm like, obviously, you know, preaching to the choir, but it's like, damn, everyone should be allowed to show love whenever they want. You know, but I do understand that mentality. And unfortunately, just like you said, you know, we're a little older, like everything nowadays, which is good, that it's all about acceptance and love and whatever gender whatever nationality, you know, like, that's great. It is like, very, especially for people like you in the LGBT community. It's like, where the fuck was this when I was growing up? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 30:45
yeah, it was not cool. Yeah, I kept it on the wraps, you know, under wraps for a while, but then, you know, I moved out of my, where I where I grew up, and moved all the way to Vegas. And that's where I started. My I was like, okay, that's where I'm supposed to be. Because I'm from Northern California, the Bay Area. And I'm gonna go fight out there. Yeah. I'm gonna go fight. And that's where all the big fights are all the big fighters. So

Unknown Speaker 31:12
what age? Did you move out there? About 25?

Unknown Speaker 31:15
Okay, okay. About 25. And then

Unknown Speaker 31:18
you're still out there right now? Right? Yeah. 10 years in Vegas. You still live Good job, girl. I would have been I

Unknown Speaker 31:27
don't party. But, uh, so I moved out there. And when I moved out there is when I really I went out there by myself. Like with nobody, no family, no, nothing. And that's where I really opened up and was able to be myself because nobody knew me. So I presented myself how I wanted everybody to know me. Because if you if you meet me like this, that's all you know about me. Yes. You know what I mean? So I was like, okay, these people don't fucking know me. Yeah, I have a girlfriend.

Unknown Speaker 31:55
You know, yeah, what a beautiful thing that you could just totally reinvent yourself. The same thing happened for me. When I went to college for my small town. Everybody knew me as a partier. And I was like, how am I going to ever stop drinking? You move away somewhere? And you just say, Yeah, I am this. Everybody kind of just takes your word for it. So I was like, Jack Lee, I'm sober. And they're like, Okay, like, the people back home would have been like, shut up and have a beer.

Unknown Speaker 32:18
Exactly. That's what it is. That's what it is beautiful. Sometimes you do have to remind them, you have to remove yourself to grow. Yeah, you know, so.

Unknown Speaker 32:26
Yeah, you know, I've gotten stagnant in training, you know, and one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, because I love my sport so fucking much. And I love the coaches that I've met along the way, and I love my teammates so much. But at the end of the day, you have to make that hard decision. Like, am I plateauing? Is this the best environment for my career. For my heart, my friend, it's hard on cool, but you know, making that hard choice and seeing the disappointment on some of the coaches or teammates and you're like, No, it's not you. It's me.

Unknown Speaker 32:59
It sounds like Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:01
That's you, you know, it's a breakup. So that makes me so happy to hear. So you know, 25 is when you really kind of super late in life, you know, but 25 seems like the age and you really got to open up and embrace who you are. And then I saw that cover of Las Vegas pride is the magazine.

Unknown Speaker 33:19
I know. Yeah. Oh, manager was dope, but that she got me. I think it was my dude manager. Yeah, my new manager, Matt, but they got me mad. Anyway. So they got me on the on the cover of that they like Oh, called the LGBT? Yeah, we want to get her involved with community and stuff like that. They're like, oh, we'll put her on the front. And I was like, What? Are we on the front? That's dope. You know, cool. The first time I got to represent, you know, and really, you know, stand for the LGBTQ community, and I'm glad I'm a world champion. Now. Let them know that it doesn't matter. You know, just keep going. Because I've been pushed down my whole career just because the way I look, you know, and it's just like, it doesn't matter. You got to keep pushing. You got to keep pushing. You got to keep pushing to be so good that they can't fucking deny you. Yeah, you know, you just, you can't give up though. Yep. It's hard, but you just can't give up just got to, you know, being in the gym. These dudes though. Like me, they're like, oh, this like beach. You know what I mean? Like, yeah, you know, there'll be, you know, their, their vessels. Not all of them. There's a lot of nice guys in there. But you know, back in the day, it wasn't, it wasn't that great. You know what I mean? Be Gay in a gym is even though I'm a girl, but still, I'm like a tomboy girl. It's not the same. Yeah, you know, it's not like, you know, is

Unknown Speaker 34:39
is lipstick lesbian, a derogatory term or is that okay?

Unknown Speaker 34:42
I don't think so. I think that's what they call themselves. I'm not really into the label should be like, like,

Unknown Speaker 34:48
I'm not either, but I just don't want to get in trouble for using the wrong label. When I'm trying to just cool

Unknown Speaker 34:56
lips. I don't like oh, that's a girly girl. Yeah. Early, uh, you know, our fan become a fan or,

Unknown Speaker 35:03
Oh, I have heard that got lucky about like dogs or something.

Unknown Speaker 35:10
You know, there's a stud Yeah. I don't know. I hate that labels do know, all this shit. I just I'm like, Dude, I'm a human that loves another human. Yeah. And that's all I want to express like I don't like, but I know there are labels and there are people that like to be labeled.

Unknown Speaker 35:30
Yeah, labels do help because some people just can't wrap their mind around certain things because I think, you know, like society has just been like on my own and a woman and you know this and you get married like, okay, like, if it helps you wrap your mind around how someone likes to live their life then like, okay, maybe some labels are helpful, you know, but like, pansexual is a really big, like, new big thing, right? Or? Yeah, oh, my gosh, was the other one got pansexuality? And there's a lot Yeah, but you know, so yeah, polyamorous that was the other one that everybody Oh, you know,

Unknown Speaker 36:08
those, those are all interesting things in my, my girl, but I won't say all that.

Unknown Speaker 36:15
Well, I do want to ask you something kind of like wrap up, like, you know, just kind of coming of age type situation like, like, coming of age coming of lesbians. Like, like, kind of like, coming to terms with like your own sexuality. You know, you're such a, you're like the epitome of a badass confident woman. Now, what would you say to your younger self that was not so confident and that was still struggling to find herself and like, Be okay with who she was? Hitting you deep, hard with

Unknown Speaker 36:44
the good shift. So so what I would tell myself is just, you know, if you're confident in yourself, people are going to be confident in you. You know what I mean? So, if I would have been, I think, telling myself, meaning what that means is, go back not hide myself. Because people will respect you to respect yourself. If they're competent. They're going to respect you like, Damn, she's competent. Right? Okay, this is cool. This is okay. But if you're like, kinda like, not sure about it, and they're not sure, but they're like, yeah, they're timid. They're like, Okay, this feels weird. Like, whatever, get out here. You know, so I would have just told myself, just be more confident in who you are. And just be yourself. Because people respect that more. Yeah. You know, and, and, but I was just, I was just too scared back then. You know what I mean, to be myself it was just rightfully so. But that's, yeah, no, yeah. It's just It was horrible. And, dude, I had actually, I had, I was a corporate. So after I got out of my little trouble, I started going to college for business and accounting. Nice, nice network, network engineer and stuff like that. And so I had to dress like grilling, like, to the cause I was admin assistant.

Unknown Speaker 38:01
So like, a bit, like a female business like, suit, kinda, but no,

Unknown Speaker 38:06
no, I had to wear a fucking heels. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 38:09
you had to wear heels?

Unknown Speaker 38:10
Well, I mean, it's an office. I see. Like asset

Unknown Speaker 38:15
Trump. Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 38:16
I guess I was just thinking back then. Yeah, then that was part of the dress job. Yeah, you're right. Yeah. I wouldn't have got the job if I would have came up in there. Oh, like, no, but if I'm wearing heels, and I look like just regular everyday girl, and then literally, I would go home and take my shirt off and just put on my little basketball shorts and wife beater. Yeah. Hey, girl, and then dude, I would meet Okay, so I was at the store, sir. I don't mean to cut you. Okay, so I would I remember this shit. I was in a target and out shopping and stuff with my girl. And then I saw one of my co workers and I'm literally hiding. Like, I was living a double fucking life Dude, it was fucking crazy. It was crazy. Just because like they're corporate. They're there. They're like, gonna be like, let go. Yeah, you know what I mean? I'm living in Silicon Valley, San Jose, San Jose. So you know, I just I was making great money and I was on my own so I couldn't lose my job and I didn't know how to be myself. Yeah, without you know

Unknown Speaker 39:19
God Damn, that's so wild. I can picture that you know like wearing basketball shorts and target and they're like Oh, you like jump into the dress section you jump out in a dress you're like hey

Unknown Speaker 39:31
was what's up guys? What's up guys

Unknown Speaker 39:38
just makes me honestly I picture you like that and it's just you know, I'm just so happy you get to be who the fuck you want to be Now obviously you know me like I've been looking different from an early age as well always had some kind of weird hair dyed hair and piercings you know, came along with the punk rock scene but what it what it really like showed me growing up was like Like, be whoever the fuck you want to be. And actually being yourself if it were like, repel someone, you didn't want to be with that fucking person anyway, you know, like,

Unknown Speaker 40:09
yeah, absolutely. That's

Unknown Speaker 40:11
what I see. It's like, if you're not gonna, you're gonna hate on me because of how I choose to dress or wear a tie to my body or who I want to be with us. You know? Yeah, that's my opinion.

Unknown Speaker 40:22
Yeah, no, that's very true. I feel like that. Now, I'm just like, that we're not I understand now there's like, energies, or people that we just don't get along with. It doesn't mean I'm any less of a person or that person is any less of a person because I don't like their values or what they do or how they laugh or how they dress. You know, it doesn't it doesn't make them any less, less of a person, like, or me less of a person if that person doesn't like me. So I kind of came to terms with that. Like, it doesn't it's not personal people just have different tastes. You know? So

Unknown Speaker 40:55
what? So I got to ask because it's so interesting. Even you said it, you're like, I bet people are like, Christine was with a guy like, Okay, I know. You're young and you're still it's so crazy. You said that my audio engineer right now, Matt, he told me a situation and he knows some a younger person. And he was saying how, you know, because society has so many different you know, there's a lot of LGBTQ in in everything right now and Tik Tok. And he's wondering, like, Is this really how his younger, I don't really want to put his stuff on blast, but like, you know, this person is so young, and they're just developing who they are. And I'm like, I wouldn't even worry about labeling myself as a fucking 13 year old. Just live your life kiss boys, kiss girls, do whatever the fuck you want, and then go, which one? Do I like more? You know? Or maybe I like both, or whatever it is. So that's, yeah, that's,

Unknown Speaker 41:50
we've evolved as humans. So we've evolved as humans in the way we think. And just like I was talking about earlier about, you know, putting limits on ourselves. Like, That's old school. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. You know, it's we've evolved as humans, technology, all this shit. Like, it's the times have changed. And if, I mean, we're not used to seeing Boys Kissing boys when we're kids and girls kissing girls, when we were younger, you know? But now that's happening. Although I went to a high school, because my girl my girl has three kids. And I, you know, I see the girls girls holding hands. I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 42:22
wow, okay. Yeah. Mind blowing like, crazy. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:27
I mean, I'm like, do your thing. I'm like, two boys, two or two boys. And I'm like, Okay,

Unknown Speaker 42:33
you're like, the confidence at that age.

Unknown Speaker 42:36
Right? You know, it's just a different time. Yeah, it's a different time, you

Unknown Speaker 42:39
know? And that, to me, that's the most beautiful part of the, of the excess, you know, you know, it's like, okay, some kids might be a little confused, but who isn't confused at that age, you know, but it's like, now there's, there is a lot of acceptance. So you don't have to be as afraid as maybe someone like you were and you know, in your youth, it's like, Dude, I can't hold that person. Just like you said, I can't hold my girlfriend. And so get it a little more into your personal life. Are you currently in a relationship? Yeah. Oh, you're taken. Okay. So champions off the market, guys. So, in your opinion, because I'm sure you've had both we've been in the sport long enough. Do you think it's beneficial to have a significant other while you're like, perfect example you you're like, in the prime of your career, you're the fucking champ. Has it been beneficial to have that partner standing by your side? Or, you know, okay, okay.

Unknown Speaker 43:34
Yeah, I can't Okay, say I was single. Oh my god, it would be I would be so distracted with every you know, with all the girls.

Unknown Speaker 43:43
Opportunities. Vagina. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 43:49
Like, no, like, I need to focus on my fighting. Yeah, I want one vagina. Yeah. Oh, I guess there's too much. Gotcha. Okay. Yeah, so I just want I just want to pay attention to one ones enough. You know, I don't have time for to deal with several different I did that shit when I was younger. I don't want I don't have time to deal with several different girls and keeping them all happy. One is fine. One is fine right now. I think it's key. It's key, because it keeps me grounded. And a good woman next to me, that understands me and accepts my career and knows that it's fucking crazy. And I'm crazy. And weight cuts and you know, the whole thing that comes with it. Yeah. So, I mean, if someone's gonna deal with that, I mean, I

Unknown Speaker 44:39
do think it's all good to date in the industry, meaning do and I don't know who your significant other is, but is Do you think it's beneficial to date someone who like you said another fighter, maybe not even a fighter? Maybe that's too close to home, maybe just a fitness person. Or you know, what's in your opinion, like what is too close to home or have

Unknown Speaker 44:57
you never ever good before? What not Oh, I've never had I've never dated anyone at my gym and never fucked anyone at my gym, ever. My whole career. Never fucked around at my gyms. But um, I did either end up this this girl this one that I'm with she's an industry though. But you know she's on the business side of it. It's never been a fight or anything. She's just in the business side of things. So this is the first time.

Unknown Speaker 45:25
Okay, well, let's let's see how that goes out. Godspeed. I know, you know, I mean, I literally, I'm just playing devil's advocate because I am with someone who's in the industry. I'm a professional MMA fighter. And he is a black belt who now happens to be my jujitsu coach. So you can't get any fucking more in the industry than that, you know, cornering me and my rights going through the weight cut. And then guess what? He's there at home again. Right? Yeah, but you know, I love him. And it's amazing. And if I had to choose whether or not he was in the industry or not, like for sure, I I get so annoyed having to explain like, why I'm dieting why I can't go out why, you know, like, yeah, they just they get, they may not be stalking you, but they get

Unknown Speaker 46:06
it right. Yeah, they get it. They understand that it's just not being an asshole or being you know, been like trying to ignore you. Yes, they know that. You know, it's not that I don't want to spend time with you or do this or do that. But I have to literally focus on someone not knocking me out. Yeah, on TV. Yeah, but of all my friends and family events. We played volleyball

Unknown Speaker 46:29
so you this girl your partner, she You didn't meet her in the in the gym. I got to ask you. Have you ever done online dating? And this is my favorite thing to ask? Because there's always one weird awkward story and I'm like, give it to me. Come on. Christine. Give me that one. Awkward us online dating story.

Unknown Speaker 46:52
Oh, shit. I don't know these girls be shown up not looking like themselves. So But

Unknown Speaker 46:59
damn, I feel so bad because I'm like, I realized the other day you were the one who pointed this out. I mean, I already knew this. But I was watching your fucking story. I'm been doing my research. I'm stalking you. And you made a funny post and you were you had a filter on you're like, Oh, damn, you're like, it's like I got some makeup on. You're like, I don't look bad. And then you took it off. And you're like,

Unknown Speaker 47:20
making me look girly. That's horrible.

Unknown Speaker 47:22
I know. You're frozen. Yeah, you're just like, like, social media is playing games. Oh, no. Let's see. You're on mute. Can we hear you? Can you hear me? Oh, I think you're good. Yeah, you're good. Okay, sorry. My bad. No, I was just saying about social media. Because I feel so guilty. You said that the other day. And you're like, that's not even what I look like. And I'm just like, I feel like I'm a 13 year old girl. Sometimes I'm like, goofy to make me look pretty, you know, like

Unknown Speaker 47:48
social. It's no fun. They're fun. They're fun. But oh, don't use them to fucking deceive me. And yeah, you're right. You're online.

Unknown Speaker 47:58
You're right. Nevermind, you know, online dating app. That's one thing. filtering the fuck out of your face on online dating. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 48:04
Oh, fuck around. We all have fun with that. But you're on online dating. And you show up a whole different beast. Literally. Burn, like, get out of here. You know? But okay, so the online dating I met my ex wife on that. Okay, and married. So Oh, yeah, I was married for nine years. So. So like, like the I remember the picture of her was like a blank stare. I should have known right? Red flag. Don't do it. So that's like, that's like, kind of my, like, I don't like the online. Like, I'll go on there. Like, I go on the online stuff. And I'll have my stuff on there and just be like for friends because I don't go out. So I'm just like, I talked to a lot of people and I'm like, Hey, what's up, dude? But I'm not looking for dating or anything like that. But

Unknown Speaker 49:00
do you ever? Do you ever, like withhold the fact that you're the champ or the

Unknown Speaker 49:05
provider? Sometimes? Yeah, it's fun. Because then I'm like talking to him. And then they're like, be rude or not. Don't talk to me and shit. And I'm like, Alright, and then they'll send a picture like that you like Yeah. Oh my god. Oh my god. Okay, I see you. Yeah, see you? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 49:25
At least you know who you're dealing with. You know,

Unknown Speaker 49:27
it's fun. Don't do it. Because I'm not really looking for that time with my girl. But yeah. It's just like, seeing how people change and shit. I'm like, Dude, you just, you know, it's fucking funny.

Unknown Speaker 49:41
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Unknown Speaker 53:15
No, no, no, I just honestly, I was I started drinking at a really young age. 13 years old. I was already alcoholic by 13 years old. So like I was drinking bowties with all our friends and me 206

Unknown Speaker 53:31
Okay, yeah, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 53:37
Was it like some special shit? It was just like, drunk as shit. Oh my god. Okay, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 53:44
yeah. Okay, fast forward, you know, we are in our 30s now. We're professional fighters. I gotta ask you do you abstain from sex before the fight?

Unknown Speaker 53:58
Sometimes, sometimes sometimes. Yeah, sometimes. I do a lot when I was in my marriage. Like, like, I don't know if I just didn't really like it that much. No, but I'm not bitter. I swear. So like when I was married, it was like more of like a there was more of a routine for that because we were together so long. So I would stop I really would I wouldn't have sex for like, fucking like six weeks it's yeah, you know I can't do that. I can't do that now with this one at all like I it's more like yeah, it's I don't do it now that's why I said sometimes because I stopped that at when I got with this you know when I'm with my my girl now yeah, it's just different.

Unknown Speaker 54:47
I wonder if like back then you truly believed that like that was gonna give you the edge because I did.

Unknown Speaker 54:53
Yeah, yeah, it's a bitch.

Unknown Speaker 54:56
No, that's not that I'm I'm a firm believer in do what makes you happy, like do do what you think is giving you the edge because psychologically, sometimes our brain doesn't even know the difference. It will literally be like, Yeah, I have the competitive edge. And so whenever we talk about this with some of my guests, it's just like, if you think given if you think abstaining from sex helps you abstain. If you think having more six, I think

Unknown Speaker 55:19
it's discipline. Yeah. I just think it's a discipline thing. Like if you can stay focused in that, but I honestly was an asshole. Yeah, like I was angry a little bit. So I don't. So I don't I don't it might have been the sex thing. But now I'm pretty cool. Like, I'm

Unknown Speaker 55:36
sure six months of no, I would not be pleasant to be around. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:42
No, I wasn't. And I wasn't doing it at all. Yeah, so. So yeah, I've been there. I've done

Unknown Speaker 55:48
it. Okay. And now, you know, obviously, you're the champ and you have this partner and you've had sex before the fight can ask you. Yeah, the title fight. What did you do? Sex? No sex?

Unknown Speaker 56:00
No. About two weeks out.

Unknown Speaker 56:02
So you did?

Unknown Speaker 56:05
Yeah, like about two weeks out? Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, not like, not like the six weeks I was doing that's,

Unknown Speaker 56:13
that's, you know what, that's the longest someone has ever said on the show. The other second longest was Tito Ortiz. And he said two weeks.

Unknown Speaker 56:22
Yeah, I don't know. I really, really thought because I did a lot of studying of old school. Again, like old coaches, I do a lot of studying of great minds, you know, and they said, it's bad. And I know what they say for their legs. But then I heard for guys, you know, for guys like it makes their legs weak and shit. But I know of course, it's not going to do that to us. Right. It's a different release. So never Yeah, so But I I was studying like the the mental behind it. And like the discipline and like the focus that you have to have the I've heard through other coaches and back in the day shit, so I don't know. I feel like I'm competing fine now. Yeah, six. Yeah. And I'm not giving it up again. Like Sure.

Unknown Speaker 57:03
Yeah, you're like we're

Unknown Speaker 57:06
not doing that again. too. Damn, good.

Unknown Speaker 57:10
Awesome. Have you ever been asked to do something too freaky in bed that you were like, wow. Can't do that.

Unknown Speaker 57:16
Yeah, you're not putting it in my ass. Like, girls are trying to do that shit to me. Yeah, I mean, like, what is wrong with you? No, I'm not eating. You're as either a

Unknown Speaker 57:25
bitch maybe? I don't know. I mean, she's like we you know, we could do whatever we want here. Toys. Nothing. No. Okay. No, not what I don't

Unknown Speaker 57:38
know why.

Unknown Speaker 57:40
What is your biggest pet peeve? I mean, obviously, that is a big one. But, you know, it could be anything from hygiene to

Unknown Speaker 57:47
Yeah, shy. I don't really like shy. I mean, but hygiene is number is number one. Yeah, but definitely I don't like shy I like just be open and free. Like I like a girl that's just like, knows herself. You know what I mean? And confident in the better. Yeah, yeah. Pet peeve. If you're not if you're too shy.

Unknown Speaker 58:07
You are the champ we are alpha females? Is the bedroom somewhere where you like to remain kind of like the Alpha more dominant or is it more of like a time where you can actually be submissive to your partner.

Unknown Speaker 58:20
Um, I'm like, I'm super dominant. I'm super dominant. Super dominant in the bedroom, but I'm super sensitive to my girl and like affectionate. You know what I mean? So I could be either or, you know, I could be extremely aggressive. Or I get my moods where I'm super sweet. Yeah, no, yeah, kinda depending on the mood and this enjoy but I'm never submissive. Yeah, okay. Yeah, but I'm not submissive at all.

Unknown Speaker 58:50
Well, it is time for the lightning sex round those of you listening who don't know what it is? It is a rapid fire. Yes or no segment where I ask Christine. dirty talk dirty stuff. Yeah, why she likes what you don't like. Okay, ready, Christine? Yep. Lightning second round with Christine. Here we go. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank are like to be spanked. Biting.

Unknown Speaker 59:22
Yeah, choking you? Hell yeah. threesomes are kind of boring to do watch

Unknown Speaker 59:29
porn. Yeah, any fetishes like foot fetish.

Unknown Speaker 59:36
No, bodily fluid fetish. No, no. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 59:42
that's all I have. For the listeners. I like the listeners cannot hear you shake your head. No, no, it's okay. I'm like say it out loud. That bondage like robes, blind blindfold, handcuffs, stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 59:58
Yeah, yeah. Right role playing

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
I could I'm gonna try

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
maybe. But stuff on your partner we already said not on you.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
I mean, I've had that about like,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:13
Yeah, nothing. Do you sex toys? Yeah. Ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:23

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
All right. All right. We'll circle back. Okay. Yeah. Are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:30
Oh My Girl. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33
Body hair. Yes or no?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:35
Oh, hell no.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
I don't know. Dude, I had a guest on who was talking about 70s Bush and I'm like, you know I feel like it's like some of the older guests you know and I was like maybe she was just like cool with it but especially no okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
felon Charles felony Bennett. He likes hair down there. How do you know that girls? He He's very very open about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
Is he someone that I should have on the show? Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04
Carol's belly Bennett yo, yeah, he should.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
Okay, I know. What's his name? Crazy Horse before?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
Yeah, cuz Oh, don't say that. Yeah, felony felony. Yeah, but that's that's the guy.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
Okay, then I know. Oh, that guy is exciting. And I can't see word but interesting to watch. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I would love to have him on that would be comical All right. Yeah. And then have you ever been caught having sex?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:35
Probably nothing to my

Unknown Speaker 1:01:39
or ever been caught masturbating? No, no. All right. That is the lightest sex round You did awesome. Trying to embarrass one fighter at a time everybody's always like nervous and sweaty. Get on like we'll get through this guy's it'll be okay. All right. The last few segments are exciting. It's the game of fuck. Marry kill marry one kill one. Go. I think we're done. We're done here. You don't know what that is. Guys. I'm gonna give Christine three names. And she's gonna tell me which one she would fuck. which one she would marry and which one she would kill. And she probably won't kill me after this because this is gonna be

Unknown Speaker 1:02:28
Tyler I remember what you did a Tyler Good job. Oh, God when you put me you put Tyler Good job, remember?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35
Yeah, okay. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
put my name in there. Oh, yeah. What did he say? What did he say? I think you said you'd marry me. I

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
love that. I like that guy. Yeah. Oh, yeah. He's so you guys stay in touch. Yeah, yeah. Nice. Okay, so here we go. We have the women's flyweight rankings. Okay, so now, I'm not going to be mean I am not going to give you your opponent I would never do that. You know, that would just be weird and me right. But there's still a lot of other so you have to choose between number one who Britton Hart We won't do number two stay Taylor so between Britain heart. Rachel asta vich and number four ranked Jenny savage. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:22
Okay, so it's very kill.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
Yep. Britain heart. Rachel last of it. Jenny savage.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
So I would have I would have to fuck off stumpage because Jenny Savage is my little homie. So I would marry her. Okay. And then I would have to kill Britain. Sorry Britain. I can't fuck you.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:47
All right, boom. No, that wasn't so hard. Awesome. Okay, guys. Christine, before we switch over to the UFC fight pass platform for all of you who are subscribed. Where can everyone find you on social media? Anything you want to promote at all this time?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
Thank you. My Instagram is at Christine Perea, my Facebook. And my talk everything's at Christine Perea so I just kept it simple. Maple and pine properties Barber, orthopedic and Jason Ferguson, my lawyer. And obviously the maple plant properties. Shout out to technic boxing. Shout out to ya. Yeah, that's it. That's it.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:33
Nice. Nice. And I will always add all of your social media links and all that. Shout out you shout it out. Your lawyer. I'm like, I need a lawyer on.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
Probably. Oh, dude. He's doe. Jason Ferguson is the shit. Oh my God, he's he's my savior, Savior.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:53
Okay, guys, head over to UFC fight. Now is the time so you can hear all of your fan questions and And I already asked you this organically but at the very end I always ask Who would you like to hear next on sex and violence with rebel girl it could be another fighter or another personality comedian pornstar doesn't matter but I will be hitting up felony

Unknown Speaker 1:05:17
yeah that's kind of who I was gonna say I want to I want to sell any on here

Unknown Speaker 1:05:22
yeah he sounds Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:23
I want to hear this guy. I want to hear this guy.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:26
Awesome okay that's it for episode 101 with Christine misfit Maria I'm so happy that I asked her how you say her last name because I guess everybody be butchering it but it's for Reja guys. Put some respect on the Champs name. Say it right it's not for Raya, it's for re so gosh, she was such an open and fun guest to talk to and I loved I loved it. I loved every part. I'm excited to watch that fight with her and Taylor Starling. Check that out guys. I put all of the info, all of her handles and even the fight details because I'm so excited to watch it. So tune in guys. UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 Live Events the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at www UFC fight backslash sign up next week we talked to UFC bantamweight fighter SIdora Eubanks, we will be continuing this pride month themed LGBTQ athletes. I'm really excited. This girl I've been paying attention to her for some time because she is in my weight division and in the UFC. So I'd be silly if I didn't pay attention to her, but I'm excited to get to know her on a deeper level, not just how she fights and all that. So I hope you guys are too. Don't forget, like I tell you every week please check out our website, www sex violence with rebel Shoot us an email and check out my exclusive fan site that is www Ashley rebel And please rate and review the show guys it really helps us out and it's fucking free. 99 So I love you guys. Thank you so much. You guys have been awesome. The downloads I don't want to tell you the number because you know, I guess it's not about the numbers but I've been peeking lately. The downloads are going up I really love you guys. Thank you so much for the support. And a huge special thank you to our stand in audio engineer. DJ Zol is on vacay right now. So thank you guys check out Matt his Instagram is at n u three T R O N It's like neutron funny guy. In you know, just check out DJ soul at DJ soul on Instagram tomorrow Good studio at tomorrow kids official and you can always find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. I hope I see you in a couple of weeks at UFC, UFC international fight week in Las Vegas. But until then, remember, be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone guys. Talk to you next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and violence.

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