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Ep.103 Jessica "JAG" Aguilar

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day all night. Tune in sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence. What's happening hot stuff. What's up all my naughty listeners. I'm super excited for this guest because even though you guys are listening to this on July 1 or later, it is still pride month for us. It's still the month of June while we recording right now, we want to squeeze in one more guest who is a part of the LGBTQ plus community and she is a great guest. But before we get to her, I want to remind you guys about a few things. If you've been tuning in consistently you already know I'm gonna be out there promoting this podcast at the UFC international fight week convention that's in Las Vegas. I'm going to be at the convention center on Friday, July 1 from 1215 to 1245. Please come by, say hi and watch the live interview that I'll be doing. I'm not sure if I can tell you the guest. I forget it. I'm gonna tell you. Denzel Perryman I just found out today that I will be interviewing a Las Vegas rater. He's actually someone that I knew from training with an old strength and conditioning coach shout out jaywalk. John Walker is an awesome coach. He used to be a former NFL player. And so yeah, that's how I met Denzel. We were all doing strength conditioning together. And he actually is doing me a big favor because we had another guest that was going to man I wish I could tell you who that was. But you guys will just be disappointed. And I'm going to tell you, they were working on getting it Don Frye. If you guys know who don Frye is, you're laughing right now because imagine Don Frye talking about sex with me for 30 minutes live at the UFC convention center. But Denzel is going to be awesome. He made a switch from the Panthers to the Raiders two years ago and he's had an amazing comeback. These last two years he was injured. Him and I are probably going to see eye to eye on a lot of things even though two completely different sports and I really don't know what the like the first thing about football, but it doesn't matter we're going to talk about mainly his love life and dating and sex live at the UFC Convention Center guys, they did tell me that there's some children's walking around so I think we're gonna have to water it down for lack of better term until we meet not maybe not so much but stuff talk but and more talking about you know, love and romance and dating and all that. So it'll be interesting. I hope you guys come if you are in the Las Vegas area. If not, I'm going to try and get some footage while I'm out there and share that with you guys on social media. A reminder, you can always support me with my exclusive content site. That's www Ashley rebel That's really helpful guys. It's like an only fans, but better. It's called Fan time and a shout out to fan time because it's been so fun. If you have been a longtime listener, you know that I was really hesitant to take sexy pictures and I was like, that's not my thing. I don't want to arch my back and put my makeup on and look at me now here I am. But

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you know, it's just too good of an opportunity to pass up. I'm having fun. You know, even though the shoots which I thought were gonna be annoying, I you know, I've been dressing up as different cosplay characters and you know, it's different. It's definitely different but I'm actually enjoying it. So check that out guys, Ashley rebel If you want to email us it's always sex and violence Or if you want to check out some merchandise, you can go to our website sex violence with rebel that's about it guys always tell you every week if you want to help the show in a free way, please rate and review the show on iTunes or Apple. Very quick, very simple but very, very big for us. You know it helps us move up in the charts, which makes us more discoverable. Is that a word? discoverable? discoverable? Yeah. So just, you know, do that takes two seconds. And if you still want to sticker, screenshot your review, send it to our Instagram DM at sex and violence with rebel girl, and we'll send you a free sticker. Okay, guys, that's it. I've talked enough. Let's get to our guest. When choosing a supplement company, most would think it's an easy choice, but it's not. It's a matter of pride. You have your goal set to become who you are meant to be a decision, a moment in life when you decide to be more, to be great to use everything you can to be more than who you were. I choose perfect sports as my supplement company. Because perfect sports has been dedicated to providing top pros and athletes with the absolute highest quality nutritional supplements for over 18 years. Since 2003. Perfect sports has been the choice for the most dedicated and discerning MMA and physique transforming athletes who demand the very best. Perfect sports is known for their product, diesel, New Zealand whey protein isolate. It's a pure grass fed pasture raised protein that comes exclusively from the isolated island nation of New Zealand, virtually free of lactose with a 90% protein yield. Even people who feel that they might be sensitive to dairy, love this protein. I'm really most excited because you guys know me about their newest product, the diesel vegan that will be ready in about a month, so stay tuned. But they aren't just a protein company. They've got products for bulking and leaning out products for strength and recovery, pre workout or health and wellness to keep your immune up during these unprecedented times. Buy online at www dot perfect and use code rebel girl for 20% discount. Connect with them on social media for all their latest product releases and giveaways. That's at perfect sports TM again, connect with them on social media for all the latest products and giveaways at perfect sports TM choose perfect sports be great. Today's guest is a Mexican American mixed martial artist who competes in the strawweight division and is a former MMA world champion. She made her professional mixed martial arts debut in 2006 and has 29 fights. She previously fought for Bodog extreme FC World Series of fighting Bellator FC and the UFC. At the time of her voluntary departure from World Series of fighting, she was the reigning WSOP women's strawweight champion, the first ever to hold that title. She was the 2010 female fan favorite of the year, the 2011 female strawweight of the year and the 2012 Florida MMA female fighter of the year. She's an openly lesbian athlete and a proud member of the LGBTQ plus community. We talked about being 40 and young, hitting the 30 fight goal training at the Hells Angels house in Canada crushing on her kindergarten teacher joining the tennis team to get a girl slinging weed at 12 years old being the Robin Hood of middle school sex at a fetish party and more here's your guest, Jessica jag Aguilar All right,

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we are here with Jessica Aguilar. Oh, did you get a text message? No. Okay. We are multitasking. I'm trying to get Jessica to find out if she can tell us the latest news. With her fight career. I already know she told me the secret but I want to know if we can tell you guys Jessica, thank you for being on the show. It's an honor to have you on I've you know I've been a fan honestly for for many years even though you you know we never talked I've looked up to you. You're a trailblazer. I'm probably gonna say that a million times. But I don't think that the women who really started everything get enough credit. So just get used to that. I'm going to keep giving you credit and respect where credit is due.

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Yeah, no, no, thank you. Thank you so happy to It, you know, be on with you.

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Thank you. Thank you for coming on. And, you know, we'll get right into it, we start the show with the violence aspect of sex and violence. You know, we could go, we could talk about fighting all day, we had a quick little phone call yesterday to talk about what's cool, what's not cool to talk about. And you're one of the guest that said, everything is cool to talk about. So I'm excited. But I do want to touch on just a couple points of your career, because you've been in so many different organizations. You are, you know, recently 40, which I love, and I know, Marty and yeah, like, I love that. Yeah. So moving forward, you know, if you can't tell us what organization is on the horizon, that's okay. But let's just talk about what you want to do with the rest of your career.

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Well, you know, I first I said, I was retiring at 35 When I got to five, you know, I've accomplished so much in the career. And honestly, it's, it's been an amazing journey. It's been an amazing ride. And so, first 35, I got to 35 I was like, I can't let it go. I still have the fight me. And my next goal was to hit 30 fights. So yeah, so that's my, that's my goal hitting 30. But 30 doesn't mean you know, now my body feels great. I'm, I'm in a better space. And so hey, I'm just, you know, I feel strong. A, you know, I still have the dog in me. So I'm going to keep going. And, you know, as long as my body says, Hey, you could still keep going. I'm gonna still keep going. I love the sport. I love the fight. And yeah, yeah. So

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so from the days of Bodog, and for the young listeners, they don't know about Bo dog, but Bo dog was back in the day. From Bodog to Bellator, world series champion, you've been through so many different promotions. This is a very general question, but I just really want to know, because you've seen it unfold. What are some of the good things that has developed over the mixed martial arts? You know, kind of generations? You know, we have multiple generations now by the career. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 12:20
Right. Well, for me, the first thing that comes to mind is the females like how far we've come? Yeah, you know, the UFC, you know, back in my day in the Bulldog days, 2007. You know, Dana White was saying there would never be girls fighting in the UFC.

Unknown Speaker 12:38
Oh, yeah. Like 2013 or something.

Unknown Speaker 12:42
But back in my day, it was like, not even, you know, yeah, no way around. But, you know, so how, you know, how it's, it's grown. For us, females, were now headlining cards and, you know, living off of the career, so, I'm super glad to see that kind of develop, and, you know, the opportunities that we have now.

Unknown Speaker 13:07
Yeah, I'm so grateful, because, and I'm so happy that you have remained in the sport, because if you look at some other women, like females, like yourself, who have who were in the sport, but now they aren't, it's like, heartbreaking because they don't get to experience these new opportunities. Right? Like, they're pushing us more. They're marketing us that there's different organizations, you know, there's more just bodies to fight. You don't got to, you know, like, it's not like pulling an arm and a leg or what's that phrase? You know, just to find a fight. You know, it was so hard.

Unknown Speaker 13:44
I remember fighting. I mean, early in my career, I thought, you know, catch weights, obviously, my weight class is 115 Destroy division, but I fought a catchweight I fought a flyweight, you know, it was it was crazy. Back in the day, you just, you know, if you wanted to fight you had to like, you know, take the fight. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So yeah, but flyweights the heaviest that I went up, would you I would you be

Unknown Speaker 14:11
able to share any of your experience in Bodog just because I've I never fought for Bodog. I just heard stories from other fighters about

Unknown Speaker 14:24
Yeah. Lee so so Bodog was an event. It was a it was a private event. And it was an invite only. So when I started the sport, I was like, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it the right way and I want to be the best. So, you know, in my weight class was the best Magoun the Fuji was the best at the time. And, and the Shooto to you know, the Shooto that was a promotion and they're still around in Japan that had my weight class. So that was my goal to go you know to fight, get my record up and get invited or get signed to Shooto in Japan And, and in that process. They were there was an opportunity and I got invited to Bodog, but the only, you know, the only way I would be able to go to fight for them, it was it was for the flyweight at one point. Okay, so it's like, yeah, I didn't like this is like a prestige. It was a promotion right came Alaska's like Mike Brown eat Edwards in you know, I mean, the list goes on. Yeah, but a lot of a lot of the guys now that are coaches or that are retired or, you know, they went through Bodog. Yeah. Dogs. Yeah, yeah. And so it mean, private event invite only. And we were fighting in exotic countries. And the reason why the guy, he had some stuff with the IRS here, so he couldn't do any promotions here in the US. Ah,

Unknown Speaker 16:00
okay. The country. Okay, okay, I get it. So what are some of those locations?

Unknown Speaker 16:05
Well, man, we were going to we were going to Canada. Well, my my first fight was in Vancouver, and I fought Karina DOM at that time. And that's the that's what we spoke about yesterday. So Vancouver's beautiful, it was beautiful. People were great. Man, the experience I was just kind of like quiet, you know, I was just like sitting back kind of taking everything in because I was a fan of, you know, becoming a fan of all these fighters. I didn't know a lot of them. But we get there and and we had to like, you know, train and warm up and do things and people would show us around. And so we're I'm with my coaches Dennis King, there was so Dennis King sponsored me for that that fight. I don't know if you know Dennis King is also an OG. And so anyways, his friends were like, hey, you know, we'll take care of you guys while you're in Vancouver. So we go to this huge house where they take care of us, we're like training, they put mats down. And it happens to be the Hells Angels. It was their property by word like, you know, hanging out with the Hells Angels. When we fight, we get paid in cash, we got paid in cash. So we're walking around with bags of money. And and this event would not air like live it would take about two weeks to air. So it was you know, it's super private event. We went to Russia. I was you know, in Russia was an amazing trip. Another amazing trip. But crazy. I went all the way to Russia. I weighed in the day of the weigh in after the weigh in my opponent got a stomach virus. So I didn't fight but they still paid Oh, nice. You know, we would I got to go to the event get paid. Costa Rica, they're flying us into islands and to eat and fighting in these exotic places. I think that was a team that works card.

Unknown Speaker 18:07
Yeah, that's the that's the location that comes to mind is like on the beach. You know, right next to the water. Yeah, that's what comes to mind when I think about dog.

Unknown Speaker 18:18
Costa Rica, both Costa Rica, Vancouver and Russia. Wow. So, you know, earlier in my career, getting to do and travel to those locations was pretty fucking amazing. I was like, Yo, I'm getting paid to do this. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:33
Yeah, you're still doing it. Now. You're gonna go to Japan back to Japan. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:38
that was earlier in my career. That was like, maybe a year or two into my career because I started No, six. And so, you know, I was always I've been always super dedicated and, and, you know, just super dedicated to the sport and really a technician of, of MMA, you know, and so they called me early and I took it and hey, man, you know, I got to meet all those guys and fight on the same cards as all those legends and and, and I'm happy to be here today. Still. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 19:11
yes. Looking back now. Yeah, so many memories. That's great. So on the flip side, and kind of a negative question, I guess. But I just curious because you've seen it all unfold. And what, in your opinion is a downside of the evolution of the sport? Like what's something that you don't like about where it's where it's gone?

Unknown Speaker 19:32
I would say the pay. I would say the pay is something that I mean, it's it's obviously evolved. But, you know, I know what we go through in the gym, what we dedicate our bodies and, you know, again, this is this is something that I choose to do. So I'm super grateful and it's like complaining but as a professional athlete now as as having 16 years in the sport. I I know what goes in. And I know if you know what a camp takes, and all of that, and to live and to pay your bills and things like that. So I feel that our pay should be, should be higher.

Unknown Speaker 20:14
Yeah, I think that you would have a hard time finding a fighter who disagrees with you.

Unknown Speaker 20:19
So that's, that's a down that's a down, you know, one of the cons. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:26
that's one of the cons. Yeah. And I feel like we're slowly working towards that there. You know, one thing I want to bring up and you know, I've talked about it on the coming podcast, but the UFC, I feel like what they're doing with these podcasters, myself included, they're starting to bring, and these podcasters are in

Unknown Speaker 20:44
a way, it's amazing. Yeah, you know,

Unknown Speaker 20:47
I can't think of it and don't quote me on those guys. But I'm like, is there another, like, kind of avenue that another fight organization is doing for fighters? You know, it's like they're funneling some of their fighters into these careers, that they can do post fight life, which I can't think of anything else. Like, that's

Unknown Speaker 21:08
a great thing would be like, Hey, let's, let's let's increase the pay. Yeah, yeah. They're making the monies, right. Sure. For sure. To the athletes, you know, that would be better. You see any other professional sports, any other athletes were the lowest paid? You know, but we're the most popular. MMA is like the biggest thing, right? Yeah. That you're you know,

Unknown Speaker 21:34
you're the most badass

Unknown Speaker 21:35
Yeah, so you know, the percentages that that I think that the UFC cuts off, you know, they gave me a great opportunity. And I enjoyed my time I love the employees and all but, you know, I mean, I'm just being real right? Yeah. 18% Which 80% goes to the fighters. You know, I think I think we could do better but like you said, it's you know, if if fighters continue to stick together and and really, you know, asked for that I think change more changes coming. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:10
it's just a slow fucking pace compared to what

Unknown Speaker 22:14
they're doing other you know, that they're funneling you know, other jobs and, and giving you guys other opportunities to kind of, you know, transition, right.

Unknown Speaker 22:24
They don't want to give us the fish, but they're like, here, let me teach you to fish. Yeah, here's some

Unknown Speaker 22:30
fish bones. Hey, but you with that little fish, whatever you want to you could say, you know, yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:37
yeah. So yeah, I'm grateful for sure for the opportunity. So we're on the same page. So it is today. Not, you know, you guys listening. It's July. But today, for us, it is still Pride Month. And I'm very excited to have you on the show, because you're an OG of the sport, but you're also an open actively an advocate for the LGBTQ community. And I love that, you know, and we spoke on the phone. And I think you said in your younger years, you weren't as open. But now you know, you've grown up and you're more mature, and you're just more proud. And so what I really want to talk about is, what was your experience, like, with coming out and finding your sexuality? We, we've had a couple of guests on, you know, I've been doing this show for two years now. And I love hearing about how you kind of realized, you know, you were gay or a lesbian hoverboard, you know, and what kind of reaction you got from family members or friends? What kind of support you got it?

Unknown Speaker 23:36
Yeah, well, you know, I started I started young girl. I was I was crushing women at at kindergarten was my kindergarten teacher that I had a crush on. But she was so nice and so healthy, you know, but and beautiful. And so I knew that, you know, I feel like, you're aware, right? You're aware of your body and, and attracted to a woman. I was like, we're not supposed to do that, like, I kind of already understood that. But, you know, I was comfortable with it. And then I went to a Catholic school. So for from first to sixth grade, I was in a Catholic school. And I was very aware that I was different. I was different. In many ways. I was you know, I, I always spoke my mind. But I knew that that I was attracted to women. And in church. We had we had church every week, and we had religion class and things like that. And, and, you know, the father would say, same sex relationships. Were going to you know, would go to hell like you would you wish you're not going to, and I would sit there and think like, Hey, I'm not a bad person. Yeah, like, I just I just feel This way for the same sex but so that was kind of confusing. And I knew that, you know, my mom is old fashioned Mexican. So that's, like, that's something that is unheard of like, back in the day too. And back in the day, it was, it was still being gay was like, Oh my gosh, you know, people were taught it was it was like you couldn't you couldn't be gay, you would get bullied or you would get, you know, mis treated or things like that. And not that I was afraid I just I think I was just learning how to deal with, with myself, right. I was just learning still. And being in the Catholic religion and coming from from Hispanic culture. I was a little confused, like, you know, you can't be gay, you you know, that's, that's, that's some that's bad or on. And so I was still myself. So that that was that, you know, when I went to middle school, still feel the same. I was coming into myself. But still people were like, oh, you can't do that you're, you know, yay, high school, high school poems. All right. All right. Sports have always been, you know, sports have always been in my life, it's been kind of my therapy. So, back it up a little bit. My father was murdered when I was six years old. So my mom, you know, had to, you know, go to work. And so I was alone most of the most of the time. So I was out playing with, with my with, you know, with my brothers and with the guys, and I knew that sports would just like it would it was my therapy. Yeah, I would say was my therapy, right? Yeah. So when I got to high school, I was in all sports and, and there was a scroll on the tennis team. That was like, she was like state, you know, state champion and all this and I was, oh my gosh. And so I was like, I had to join the tennis team to join the tennis team, but out of one of the tennis team. The tennis coach used to be she he used to be, I forget, like I economics teacher, something but he was also a PE teacher, like, you know, so I was like, Hey, Coach, like, how can I get onto he's a hell you need to stick to one sport, then you can, you know, start working towards a scholarship. And I was like, I want to do it. I want to play year round, but I want to get into the tennis team. So anyways, I got onto the team. And I started dating this girl. We started like, it was something. It was new for her. It was I mean, something that you know, I obviously knew that I felt the attraction for women. And so yeah, that was that was that was how I lost my virginity. I'm gonna ask

Unknown Speaker 27:49
you where this was where this took place. That was at her house. I mean, like, so. Where did you go to high school?

Unknown Speaker 27:58
Oh, this was in Galena Park in Houston, Texas, Houston, Texas. Okay. So I was I was raised in Houston, Texas, and I went to Galena Park High School. Okay, so, man, there's so many stories that you know,

Unknown Speaker 28:10
yeah. I

Unknown Speaker 28:13
so I went to bilena Park High School. And that's where I at IKEA. That's, that's when I came out. Yes, sir. This girl openly, openly. Well, just her and I but yeah, I mean, no, nobody, nobody else knew. But we were like best friends. Right? And her mom happened to be my mom's friend. Okay. So that kind of got a little dirty. And how I came out to my mom. So I came out to my mom, that was the first person that I came out to. I wasn't in the relationship with with this girl for a couple years, I would say like three years. And and I was kind of in that transition where like, Am I gay? Do I want to date guys? Like, you know, I was a little confused. And so and there was a lot going on, like school in my personal life and work and I just didn't have the time. Right. So I broke up with her and she was heartbroken. And she, she told her mom, she told her mom that she was you know that she was gay and she was having relationship with me. And so she calls me she's like, Hey, my mom is really upset. I told her and she's gonna go tear mom now it's like, okay, all right, like so I was like, Okay, well, my mom is like super old fashioned speaks like Spanish, you know, old lady. And so I say Mom, I got to talk to you. She said they can like it because she only speaks Spanish. She said, I didn't have to talk to you. I said if the door if the door if somebody knocks on the door don't open and she's like, What do you mean you're telling me not to open my door? I know I don't know anyone anything, I can open the door. And I'm like, wait, wait, wait. That's what I'm going to tell you. So and so's mom is going to knock on the door. And she's going to tell you something. So I want to tell you first, so sit her down kitchen table, and I'm like, you know, like this person. And I like, we've been seeing each other and, like, I, we were having a relationship, and her mom found out. So that's what her mom's income tell you. She's like, What do you mean, in Spanish? Kid? Like, where did you learn this? She's like, where did you learn this? She's like, this are so pretty. Like, how did you? Like, I didn't teach you that. And I was like, Oh, no. Yeah, so she's crying. She's like, Oh, this is this is a phase, you'll get over it. And you know, you're not supposed to do this. That means you're not going to give me any grandkids that are that. And so that's, that's my coming out story. That's not and, and I had to, you know, I had to come out to mom first because

Unknown Speaker 31:07
what a story. Yeah, I mean, you were actually forced forced to come out, kinda, you know, it.

Unknown Speaker 31:13
Yeah. But I think it was good. You know, it was good. Because then I could start being myself more. Yeah. You know, I was after I came out to my mom, I was more of myself, I was more comfortable, obviously, with her in my ear saying, like, Oh, this is just the phase. It was, you know, a little confusing, but yeah, and, you know, it's just, I'm just happy that I, that I, that I stuck to that. Because now I can show other people that, hey, anything's possible. You, if you're authentic to your feelings, and you know who you are. Nothing can stop you. You know, yeah, you can be successful. You can and go to heaven. You know, it's not like and be loved, and do anything, anything you put your mind to.

Unknown Speaker 32:09
I love that. Yeah. So, you know, I love hearing those stories. And each one is different. And I'm just thinking recently about the last guest that we had on and some people don't come out, or, you know, they know, but they live this secret life for a long time. And so I feel happy that you actually got, you know, urged to tell your mom because, you know, I don't know what that's like to live like a secret life and have it confined. And it sounds like you knew very early on how you felt.

Unknown Speaker 32:41
I really did. I knew very early on that I was different, um, that I was special. But, you know, you kept hearing like, you know, this is this, you can't do this, you're going to hell, you know, and I knew that hey, like, I was picking up, you know, I was asking for money in and in the private school to buy shoes for somebody that didn't have, you know, clean shoes. So I was like, I'm a good person. Yeah. Good. You know, like middle school when I went you know, I begged my mom to to let me go to private school. Because her my my brother, my oldest brother wanted to put me in an all girls school after elementary at the private school just to keep me and I you know, that was the best thing that ever happened to me. And I will keep talking about I'll explain why. But, you know, in middle school, I begged my mom Hey, like, let me go to private school. So she let me go to private school in Galena Park. And my father died when I was six. So we were renting we were we were renting. You know, we were renting a house and in this house, my mom would give me like things to do like hey, iron all this clothes are clean this and. And so. And so. I was finished with all my duties. And I was bored. I was a curious little girl. I've always been curious. And so I go in the garage and the garage is clean, but there's like a chest like a chest in the corner with the lock on it. What's in their treasures? Uh, you know, for me, you know, like, chess. There should be a treasure treasure. Break the lock. I'm alone, right so I break the lock. I opened it up ash kilos of the best plant in the world.

Unknown Speaker 34:49
Wow. What? Really?

Unknown Speaker 34:53
kilos yo kilos we you know, they were blocks. Yeah, they're Exigo so they were blocked and Listen, that was my first business really was 12 years old. Why? Listen, listen, that was my first business. It was a nonprofit. How I started, this isn't middle school, I started, you know, I was in sports. And I got along with everybody. You know why black? You know, gangster like, I got, like, I had my groups, right. And so I had to have people distribute for me. So I found my little distribution in middle school, and they work and bring me money, and you know, why? So, but you would never know because the teachers love me actually sports. My mom, you know, the clothes that she we dressed? It was like so, and I did it, not because my mom worked super hard. And thankfully, I never went without food or anything. You know, we were we were poor. But we weren't right. There was always food on the table. We always had a roof. And and so it wasn't, it wasn't because we needed money. I did it because other kids to feed the other kids to pay for their lunches, because I saw their kids that, you know, they wanted nachos, or they wanted m&ms, or they wanted this you know, you know, there's a we had a code. I don't I don't even remember that for lunch, right? You get like? Not the I would say, I don't even know how they said that in the back in the past, but it was the code, it was a discount discount foods. Okay, you know, and then if you had money, you could buy a hamburger, you could buy nachos, you know, and so I would just pass out $5 To every, you know, all the kids like, Yo, money, but then the ages can ask them you're like, oh, no, here, go buy your nachos. And so then one of the girls got caught, got caught selling and niche me out. So I got put into it's called high point and alternative school, okay? Are obviously because of what I was doing, they kicked me out of school, and put me in an alternative school where you get kids who like, you know, have, like serious offenses, like, you know, assaulting or just just different, right. And so I went to the school and, and, and I got to see a different, but I was from I was from the hood to like I knew a hard life. Right? So it wasn't anything different for me. And yeah, and I, I knew I've always known that I was a good person in that school. I didn't know I always had trouble with school. I had a difficulty with school with like, schoolwork with learning with just different things. And you know, and going back to the elementary, the the principal would be late, you know, we had a lot of work there was there was a stack or were Catholic schools. It was it was a lot of work, right, a good workflow. And she would call me stupid. You know, like, that's not cool, but I had problems learning. But when I went to this high, high point, they would give us the stacks of stacks of of work, right? And that was your grades like semesters, so I finished all my work and teachers they're like, hey, you know, you don't belong here. What what are you here for? Like, I finished early? Like, what are you here for? I was like, Oh, well, I told them, You know what I was doing? And they're like, Yeah, you don't belong here. You need to like shape up and you know, go out there and and do your thing. And so going back to high school my freshman year my older my oldest brother had a car accident and passed away. Oh, wow. And, and so like, I when I started high school, I was like, Alright, I'm gonna get a high GPA and I'm gonna get my you know, stay in one sport and get my scholarship and you know, do my thing. But you know, I had to miss about two weeks of school and one of the teachers felt my one of the geography pre AP class so that messed my GPA up but I always had trouble learning and work. I went to

Unknown Speaker 39:47
you know, I took summer classes and and I graduated early so I graduated as a junior in high school nice nice went off to you know, work for I was a lab specialist and above I bank for over six years. And I wanted to go into the medical field. So I, you know, wanted to go into biology. So I did a few classes in college, but again, it was just hard, hard for me. But I pushed through and I did it, you know? And, yeah, and a year, about a year ago, I found out that I'm dyslexic. So I don't know. Going into your other question, right. So dyslexia is a learning disability, with reading, writing, and language. But it's, it's interesting because my mom didn't speak English. So as a young girl, I had to be the translator. So you know, but I still had a lot of difficulty with with learning. And now I know before I used to shame myself, like, Oh, she called me stupid. I must be stupid. But I always

Unknown Speaker 41:02
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Unknown Speaker 43:29
wasn't dumb? Well, you know, yeah, it's like a, it's like a weight lifted off off of me. And now the beauty of it is that now I can accept it. And I can find ways to improve my reading and improve my speaking and, you know, it's just a world. It's just another world it opens up another world. And so yeah, that's

Unknown Speaker 43:54
well, let me let me say, you know, congratulations for working through that. What is it? disability? I don't want to call it

Unknown Speaker 44:04
it's it will you know, it's, it's something it's genetic. Right. And a lot of a lot of people have dyslexia, yeah. Einstein, Richard Branson. I mean, there's, there's a lot of very successful people that have dyslexia. Because our brains work differently. Like we see we can, I can do so many things. I don't even know if I can do so many things, but I can't like explain. I can just do Yeah, for sure. I like it. I'm a solution person. Like, okay, this is wrong. We'll figure it out. I'm gonna figure it out. Like we're gonna learn and figure it out. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:47
But you know, I think as long as we just, you know, it's frustrating because you just found this out but as long as you know, what you're dealing with, you can put the you can put yourself in the right position. I have an A friend, grown man, he has adult, hyper ADHD. And so he may not, you know, be good in all avenues but what he really is good is he's a connector, he's a people person, you know. So like, even though he has that adult ADHD, like for what he does, he found his niche and he actually, like, made his I hate saying disability but like his, you know, situation work for him. You know?

Unknown Speaker 45:28
That's, that's what I've done all my life I just didn't know. Yeah. Right. And now that I know, I can, you know, the internet is an amazing tool. Now I can learn so many things take, you know, improv classes to help me speaking and processing things. And reading, you know, like, I was so afraid of reading public speaking, I was so afraid because I was called stupid. And I had this insecurity and, and I knew, like, listen, show, I was alone at home a lot. And I would read the book like three times to do homework, and I, I still did my homework, but it took me a long time. So when I or for testing, I would go test. And I would fail the test because just it's the memorization is the processing, it's, it's letter changing. There's a lot of things my brain doesn't code the same way. Right. And I would fell and they were just like, you're not you don't you're the teachers wouldn't believe me. And I was like, it's like, I really studied, I really, I really studied and, you know, it's really important thing that I feel like should be, you know, like paid attention to more in schools, the teachers, like, you know, pay attention more to, to the kids, because they're not stupid. They just have ADHD. A lot of people have ADHD and dyslexia. So there's, you know, there's ways to help those students. Yeah. a hands on person. Yeah, you know, I won't read the instructions. I'll just do yeah, that's, that's, you know, drills for me. That's why I fell on my neck like, yeah, you know, at that time, I thought my therapy, but it was just the reps, what works for you? Yeah, work. And, you know, that's why MMA saved my life. So

Unknown Speaker 47:30
yeah, so let's, let's get personal. Let's get into the nitty gritty. So what are you in a relationship right now? If so, can we can we talk about it?

Unknown Speaker 47:43
I am in a relationship. Yes. Okay. With a beautiful queen. Grant, she she is a actress, a Tony nominee, but she's a grad why and she's amazing. She's, she's turned my life around. You know, so yeah, I'm, and she's a powerful, you know, she's she just founded her hair product, too. So it's for Naturals. She's building that empire. She's, she has an amazing story. Beautiful. Some

Unknown Speaker 48:21
of you guys been together. We've been together for two years, two years. Okay. So that is a pandemic relationship, right? Yes, ma'am. Okay, yeah, you and I spoke on the phone. And I myself started a relationship that I'm still in and loving during the pandemic. So I think like, the general consensus or thought process is if you started something in the pandemic, it's probably over by now. But you and I are proof that you actually you can find love in a pandemic, and it can be lasting not just what's it called, like cuffing? You know, like when you just get close to someone because of the situation, you know, or it's cuffing is like wintertime. So you like, you know, cuddle up with somebody?

Unknown Speaker 49:06
Yeah, no, this is a it's a it's a love like no other. Yeah, it's a different and I think that we're too powerful, successful strong women. Yeah. Yeah, it's, it's, it's when we met. I mean, we're, we're crazy. Yeah, we're crazy. So if you want to, you know, check her out. Check her out. She's on the last season of you. What's her name? Her name is Selena grant, but she is Sherry on the show of season. Yeah, she's been on NCIS. And there's so much there's so much that she's been on but we're both crazy. So when we met, we just connected yo, it was just so easy. We've healed in so many ways, by being in the relationship. You know, in the past, you're in toxic relationships and you think like, hey, whether this is going to be this is the best I can do like, you know. And when I found her, I was like, Oh my gosh, this is amazing. We're both successful. We're both powerful. We we both like to travel we have our own careers on. Yeah, it's been really, it's in two years, it seems like, wow, we've done so much. You know, we've renovated homes together, we've traveled together, we, you know, we're gonna have a show together, you know, there's just so many things. And yeah, it's just, but everything we do, it's out of love. And I think that that's why and we're on the same team. So we stick together,

Unknown Speaker 50:47
you both two very successful people, like you said, my question is, how does that work? How do you balance that out? Because as you know, in the listeners, every week, we always talk about the same topics. It's like, mixed martial arts is a very selfish sport, right? You know, dieting can't go out, you know, you know, the whole the whole spiel, this woman you're dating, she's doing her own damn thing, traveling, you know, probably she's got to rehearse. She's got to fly here for this, and how do you balance it? And how do you make it work? Because, you know, too busy people, it's like, You guys shouldn't ever see each other. Right?

Unknown Speaker 51:23
That's the thing. It's, it's amazing, actually, you know, it's the pros is that we understand what it takes to be successful. Right. And so, and I would say the con would be, we just don't we have to, we have to be less selfish, you know, be more compromising, because I'm not the famous one. I'm not the only you know, athlete or, or, you know, breadwinner or no, she's, she's also very successful. So we have to compromise our schedules. But it's worked out. Amazing. Like, it just, I think that because we know what we want. Now, we know that we're on the same team, we do everything with love, and we support each other.

Unknown Speaker 52:21
You guys have been together two years, you know, you said this is a very healthy relationship. If you could, Jessica, now, if you could give young Jessica some advice on love and romance and dating or maybe even, you know, being yourself or, you know, coming out what advice would you love to give your younger self that you wish you knew back then?

Unknown Speaker 52:43
I would say listen to your gut. I would tell myself, like go with your gut feelings. Yeah. Be be be honest and true to yourself.

Unknown Speaker 52:53
Did you not when you were younger? Well, yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker 52:56
more of like, oh, I don't want to hurt the person or, you know, there's, I would, I would Yeah, it's more about I was trying to please the other person. Yeah. And of how I felt and what, you know, what I wanted being true to yourself being true to myself. So yeah, I would, I would tell myself there.

Unknown Speaker 53:17
So this is coming in hot right out of left quarter. But we're gonna switch it up. Because we talked a lot about some topics that people are probably like, Oh, this is I thought this was a sex podcast. We're getting to a guy as we just wanted to warm you up with learning disabilities, that's for

Unknown Speaker 53:37
sure, it's my superpower. It really

Unknown Speaker 53:39
is. But you know, I love that you bring that up. Because you know me with my sobriety. I do feel like shame dies when stories are told in safe places. So the more we talk about it, the more we bring it to light.

Unknown Speaker 53:54
Again, say it again. Say kudos to you on that, too.

Unknown Speaker 53:58
Yeah, I mean, thank you. Oh, the sobriety Yeah, I just, I forget about it sometimes. But I, I do want to talk about it consistently, you know, the people listening to this, they might be struggling with dyslexia, or, you know, alcoholism or whatever, it is some kind of mental situation. And I think it's good that you bring it to light because you are a strong, powerful, accomplished woman. And just because you have dyslexia or learning disability doesn't mean

Unknown Speaker 54:24
you're gay doesn't mean again, yeah, you're capable of

Unknown Speaker 54:27
so fucking much and I love your you're just living proof. So that's great. So moving on, I do want to talk about in the past, you know, the relationships you've been in. Do you think that now that you're with someone who's not in the industry, that is the ideal mate for you, since you're still competing

Unknown Speaker 54:46
with anyone in the industry and what never? I've never, I've never dated anyone in MMA.

Unknown Speaker 54:54
Okay, I how how have you not you've been in the industry for so

Unknown Speaker 54:59
long. Work work girl. Ah, I don't know work and No, no, no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 55:05
You never trained with a partner. Well, we

Unknown Speaker 55:09
mean we trained but we never dated. I never dated anyone. No, no, no, no, no. No, ma'am.

Unknown Speaker 55:17
Yeah, you

Unknown Speaker 55:18
fought the fight, but I never did different things. Okay, violence, right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:31
I love that you kept that? Yeah, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 55:37
That was my office, you know, we kept that out of the office.

Unknown Speaker 55:42
So you spoke a little bit, you know, your your upbringing, your mom, very strong Hispanic background, and your father passed away early. So, you know, it sounds like and then you also know that you had the dyslexia. You know, you didn't know that till later. So, you know, another thing

Unknown Speaker 56:01
that, you know, I learned from my mom is that, you know, through all everything that she went through, and I've said this in past interviews, but everything that she went through, she didn't choose, and she still kept going. She lived. You know, when my father passed away, she had never worked in the US. She didn't speak the language. And so she learned all of that. And that wasn't by choice. She just had to do that. Right. Yeah. And so, but she always did it with a smile. No, I mean, at all, I knew what was going on, like, she would break down, but with everybody else, and nobody else knew what was going on. She was always smiling and always working. So did she give you Oh, sorry, go ahead. No, and so that I, you know, I took that on to, from everything, like from even coming out if people talk and she you know, you know, feeling like I was stupid, I always smiled and I kept, I kept my head ball where I kept moving forward, and still carry that today. You know, like,

Unknown Speaker 57:00
she showed you she showed she led by example. For sure.

Unknown Speaker 57:03
And she wasn't she wasn't chosen with that light. It was just given. Right? And so I choose my life. Hey, I'm living the dream.

Unknown Speaker 57:11
Yeah. I love that. So my question, Who gave you the sex talk? Or how did you learn about sex? Or the birds in the beat? You know, like, did you watch movies? Was it your mom?

Unknown Speaker 57:24
I dug deep inside of myself. And it just came out in high school. And I say, you know, yeah, when I mean, it wasn't it wasn't I don't remember any candy. Starting. That's just it. That's your name, Candy LSA. See? That's,

Unknown Speaker 57:47
that's your dog's name. Candy.

Unknown Speaker 57:53
Oh, my god. It's so wordy. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:56
So I just wanted to know, you know, did you have did anyone explain the sex to you growing up? Or like,

Unknown Speaker 58:03
I don't remember any specific show or any conversation? My mom? Of course, not she. I mean, when I told her I was gay, that scared her. Out. Oh, my God, where did you see that? Like, you know, so sex was something Yeah, her mom didn't even tell her. She was gonna get a period until working on the fields. And, you know, she was bleeding. And she had to cover her blood up with the dirt working on the fields. And Mexico was found out she had a period. So sex from her. No.

Unknown Speaker 58:34
That's a very rural carry version. You'd have seen the movie carry.

Unknown Speaker 58:40
Yeah, I mean, she said she was with the guys on the on the farm and she was, you know, she just started, you're poor. So her, her her mom didn't even teach her that. So now I have a little you know, I play with her but, um, so I think it was I just dug deep inside of me. And I knew that I was feeling this kind of way for this person. And the person felt that way for me, and we just, you know,

Unknown Speaker 59:07
I love that. Have you ever done any online dating?

Unknown Speaker 59:11
I have not. I have not I you know, it was on the online that I did. It was a little bit during the pandemic on my online. Okay. Okay. pandemic, but it was just you I never saw the person again. Like very It wasn't like dating the person several times. It was more just, you know? Yeah, it didn't work out like connect. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 59:36
Okay, so these are some personal questions. But do you have a favorite quickie story? Or like the wildest place you've ever had sex?

Unknown Speaker 59:44
A fetish party in front of other? What?

Unknown Speaker 59:47
I did not see that coming. That was your like, I don't do online dating. I don't date in the industry. A fetish party.

Unknown Speaker 59:58
Exactly right. You never know. was COVID like a box of chocolates? I

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
did not expect slinging drugs in middle school either. I was like, wow, okay, this is crazy. It's just so I loved I love getting to know people like this because, you know, we just see Jag, the badass world champion, which is great. It's a great image. But then it's like when you get to know like, your struggle, your upbringing, slugging the drugs, you know, not being yourself coming out meeting people, like, I'm like, invested in you now. I'm like, I love this. I love learning where you've come from, and it's, that's, that's crazy. So, the Fetish party. I won't make you get into that. Unless you want to

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
fun actually, please. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
Okay. Please tell me.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:44
It was in South Florida. My friend like say there's got a fetish party. I was like, all right. She's carrying a backpack full of toys. Like all right, what

Unknown Speaker 1:00:53
was this your friend or just your or your?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
I was a friend. Okay. It was. It was a friend. She had a girlfriend and I was I had my girlfriend at the time and we dressed up. And you know, I just stuck with something I would never wear but I wore it. And we had fun. It was it was amazing. I you know, you got to see the bondage here. And people haven't been themselves and just had an open mind and enjoyed it and partied and

Unknown Speaker 1:01:21
amazing so

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22
you met someone there and hooked up? No, no, I had I had

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
my girlfriend. My girlfriend woke me up.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:27
Okay. Yeah, that's

Unknown Speaker 1:01:29
yeah, I felt good go. Yeah, craziest place I ever like had so openly in front of everyone. Yeah, yeah, I was minding their own. Like, it's like, a place where everybody just goes to do you know, their own thing. Have fun. And, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:44
yeah. I love it. I

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
mean, that's, that's literally what this podcast is about. You know, I'm just embracing diversity and you know, being yourself. Well, whoever, whatever that is. So I love that. What is a pet peeve of yours in the bedroom? And that could be anything so hygiene, hygiene. Right off the bat. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04
Yeah, just let's take a shower and be clean. Yeah, it was.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:07
So what level of hygiene because, you know, we have people who are like, if you have bad breath, that's that's me. If you have bad breath, I'll just, I love my boyfriend, but I'll just be like the cool brush your teeth. He'll be like,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:20
just be clean. Just take a shower. You know, just basic basic hygiene. basic hygiene. All right. Well, it's

Unknown Speaker 1:02:28
time for the lightning sex round we've talked about it before the listeners know it's a rapid fire yes or no segment where I ask you one thing and you just answer yes or no. Unless you feel like you want to elaborate than what you can. All right, you ready? Go. Okay, lightning sex round with Jessica. Here we go. I lost my place. And there we go. All right, Jeff. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spangler like to be spanked. No, biting. No, choking. Yes. threesomes Yes. Do you watch porn? No. Do you have any fetishes? Like a foot fetish? No. fetish with bondage like ropes. Blindfold handcuffs. No. Okay. Any role playing?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27
Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
But stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:39
Just moving on.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:40
Okay. Do you use sex toys? Yes. Ever been to? Yes. We already know I've ever been to a sex club or a swingers party. Yes. That's awesome. Lingerie lover.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51
Yeah, on you or your partner?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
Are both

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55
Alright man. Or two but I'm. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
it's a lot of work. Body hair. Are you a fan or

Unknown Speaker 1:04:03
no? Um, yeah, it doesn't bother me

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
in different Okay. Ever been caught having sex or masturbating? No. Oh, lucky. Okay. Congratulations on the lightning sex round kick. get awkward. You did great jazz. Okay, last two segments of the show are a game it's a Fuck, Marry kill where I give you three names. And you tell me who you want to fuck who you want to marry who you want to kill one Mary one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. If you even if you don't want to do any of those. You gotta. That's fine. And then after that, we will end with some fan questions from your fans. Okay. Got it. Thank you. So, for this game, it's always funny and don't blame me. You can blame my guy friends Dan and Pat Kenny. But I'm gonna give you two options. Since one, the addition will be women's MMA eras,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:04
or they can we because I was I'm sorry, I was a mess. Can you repeat? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:09
no problem. So I'm going to give you an option of what genre what like addition, right? It can be women's MMA eras, or former opponents okay. You choose one of those two and then I'm going to give you the fuck marry kill. Oh, the women the first one first option. Okay, so women Okay, great. Yeah, cuz it's about to get real awkward with your former opponents. Yeah, I was like. Okay, so your three names are Gina Carano. Misha Tate, and valid Valentina Shevchenko. Now, even though Miesha Tate is in this generation, still competing, we're kind of going Gina Misha Valentina. So who do you want to fuck? Who do you want to marry? Who do you want to kill?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57
So Gina, I would kill Misha with fog and Valentina would married.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02
That was easy. You do.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:08
Okay, I love it. All right, guys. So for those of you listening who are not on UFC fight, pass, now's the time where we you should switch over head over there. We're going to ask real questions from you guys, to Jessica. Just for the fans that are not going to be following us over to the UFC fight pass platform, where can they find you on social media or anything else that you want to promote right now?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:31
Um, so yeah, for social media, you can find me on Instagram and Twitter at jag att. Um, and I think it's all Facebook. I think Jessica Jaguar, but

Unknown Speaker 1:06:42
you did you say you and your partner were working on something a movie and you can't tell talk about it yet? Yeah, no, no, we're

Unknown Speaker 1:06:48
actually yeah, we're working on our own show. So we've been renovating when I met Shalida. She was she had she's living in LA and she was going through her home sell. And so when I would go to LA a visit, I helped you with a few things, you know, the Mexican power and, and, and she, you know, she renovated, she renovated some of her backyard and sold the house. And I was in that same process in Texas where I, I bought my house during the pandemic when I when I moved from from Florida. And so we went on the renovation together, we you know, we turned we renovated my home. And we set a record per per square mileage or first school foot in the in the neighborhood. And so it was a great successful renovation. And so, we learned a lot and will process and started taking design classes online. And so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to Mexico to Puebla, or to many that we're going to quit love Friday, but we're going to be doing a wedding venue, home in Mexico and medida

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
Wait, so you guys are going to renovate it. We're gonna

Unknown Speaker 1:08:19
buy a property and medida and it's going to be it's going to be a wedding venue for a wedding and wedding destination. venue. Wow. And yeah, we're, it's so we're going to have a show, it's Mexico with love. And then our next plan is going to Italy, we're going to buy $1 house, it's really not a $1 home. You have to invest into the renovation and then we're going to invite and you're going to see the whole process be able to see the whole process and we're going to be able to invite people to that country to people to Mexico to know Yeah, it's kind of cool. It's LGBT owned, you know? Yeah, so that's that's that's something that we have in the works and obviously our lives is could change in any minute right with me. And her her her acting could go take her anywhere so but yeah, that's our that's our sort of little projects right now we have we had we do so many things you see up in the wall too. I love to paint so I did that. But yeah, but yeah, so just a few little things. Yeah. Okay, well,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33
you know, it sounds like you like you said it's still in the works but keep me in the loop because I'd love to push that when it is does come to fruition you know, you know, whatever channel station streaming service, it's on.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:45
I love push actually, I mentioned in the beginning of the show Shalida also created her hair product. It's called for Naturals. So I'd like to plug that in for you A type four hair you know she created this this this product that for black women that changes their lives so wow check out for naturals and yeah and she's she created it she's doing the whole thing it's just she just wild me every time

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
and I will I'll put these links in the show notes guys so because you know somebody's driving right now listening what was it for Don't worry guys I got you I got you. Okay, let's get to these fan questions. Jessica, you've been awesome. Thank you so much for your time

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Okay, that was it for episode 103 with Jessica jag Aguilar. She is like I said, And like we've heard true OG of the sport. I'm super grateful. I got to talk to her trailblazer for all of us females and she's still doing the damn thing. So definitely inspiring. Guys, don't forget UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at UFC fight backslash sign up. Okay. Next week, we have a new guest like always Anna, she is a UFC strawweight Dallas based fighter Her name is Sam, Sam Paige Hughes. She is an up and comer. She's had a back and forth career. I've been watching her recently, I always kind of start to pay close attention to the guests that I like to have on and she's made a strong underdog comeback. I can't wait to talk to her about that. And obviously, her personal life so don't forget to tune in. Don't forget, check out our website sex violence with rebel If you want to email me it's sex and violence Guest suggestions, questions. If you want to tell us a funny story, I'm actually going to start reading some of your stories on this show. It's a new segment, but I need your story. So I'm trying to compile them now. Embarrassing, funny, crazy wild. Sex stories, dating stories, relationship love. If it pertains to that, send it in. And all you got to do if you want to remain anonymous, is just tell me I promised to keep your secrets guys trust me. So I'm working on that new segment. Send some stuff in I know that I'm probably gonna get some crazy shit, but bring it on guys. So also, don't forget support girl. I've got an exclusive content site. I've been taking pictures and if you want to support me that way, it's Ashley rebel It's like only fans but better. It's fan time. That's it. Okay, guys, please help us out rate and review the show. Give us a you know, couple words about what you think about the show. It really helps us we will still send you a sticker. So if you screenshot that, send it to our Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl on Instagram, or even myself at Ashley MMA. Send your address with the screenshot we'll send you out some free stickers. I love you guys. I hope to see you at UFC international fight week in a few days. Actually. Today, yeah tonight. So if you're listening this podcast, and it's coming out in the morning then it is Friday. It is international fight week. So I'll be at the convention. I hope to see you guys there. Special thank you to our audio engineer at DJ Zol Thank you DJ ZL tomorrow kids studio at tomorrow kids official actually. Hopefully next year we can bring you out as well as all for all you DJs all lovers out there who tuned in just Rizal he won't be there this time. But next year we'll we'll try and get him to come out there as well. I really hope you guys enjoy this week's show. I love this guest I love all of our guests to be honest. You know, I don't play favorites, but what do I say every week? Remember, be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. I love you guys. Talk to you next week with more tales of sex and violence.

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