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Ep.104 Sam "Sampage" Hughes

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day all night. Tune in sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl Evans-Smith Now let's talk about sex and violence what's happening hot stuff? What is up all my naughty listeners? Okay, Episode 104 We are in the one hundreds that's crazy. I still can't believe that. We sound profesh real professional. Zol were you just telling me that you actually watched the 30 minute interview that I did with Denzel on UFC fight past life? No, they didn't have it live. Oh, god damn it. See a couple of people have asked me about that. It's on there I believe so. Yeah. How do you know Tiger the post that was on a television. Okay, but I

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you know, I don't even think we both got tagged in a post.

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I don't think it's up right now. Guys. Hello, I am talking to you too. That's why as is all that because I'm not really sure what happened. But this weekend I was at the UFC is international fight week, the Fan Expo, they paid to have me go out there and put me up in hotel. So I felt real special. Since I'm on the shit list right now. It felt really good to be a part of that. And actually, the UFC gave me tickets. So I even though they were a little far away, they were like, we're gonna be cool and give you tickets, but we can have you, you know, be seen. So get back. I was like, whatever. Like, I'm just happy to be here. So we had a great week, Friday was the expo and I did a 30 minute interview live that was supposed to be streamed on the UFC fight pass platform, and I'm sure it was but I've been asked by a couple different people how they can see that now post interview, so I don't know guys, but as soon as I figured that out, I will share that with you on next week's episode. And just, you know, overall, it went fucking awesome. I interviewed Denzel Perryman who is a star middle linebacker for the Raiders. I knew him just as a homie. From training strength and conditioning with our old coach John Walker. Shout out jaywalk. And, yeah, it turns out this guy got traded and then just broke a bunch of records. He was coming off a spine and knee injury which, that's exactly what your girl is going through right now. So I was really excited to talk to him. And of course, we talked about all the good stuff butts and boobs in in sexy stuff and all that stuff. And he was blushing. It was very awesome. Very cool to see. Very cool to do live. I was nervous. Definitely not gonna lie. I came into the studio today. And Zolo was like, how was it? And the first thing I said was, I think I was just too nervous to enjoy the whole process. But I know. That's how everything is I was so nervous in my amateur fight days. I still get nervous, obviously, but not the debilitating nervous while you're just like, What if I say the wrong thing? What if you know, I have a booger in my nose?

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So it went good. And, you know, I know I didn't fucking kill it, but I think I did pretty well. And I think that the fight fast people are pretty stoked that we all came out there. Myself and Jessica pin a UFC fighter Angela Hill, UFC fighter James Krause. I think those are the only fighters that are doing podcasts on the UFC fight pass platform. But there are a couple other cool people like Brennan Fitzgerald, John Anik, and you know other people who are part of the MMA community that aren't fighters. But just in general, I think I talked about this with our last guest, Jessica Angular. I think it's very rad that the UFC is giving fighters like myself who are still active new guys. I am not retired, I'm still fucking fighting. They're giving people like us fighters opportunity to, you know, bring in income different ways by being on the UFC platform and fight pass. Thank you guys so much. It was a great weekend. And if I saw any of you guys at the Fan Expo walking around which I did took some pictures. That was really cool, you know, because I've been on the bench for a minute and you kind of start to feel like you've forgotten about but it was nice to connect with some of the fans at the expo and then the fights were great like I said and Sunday we got some I think Dana White seats is all I even tell you but we sat in these like really private box seats in the apex and overlooked the it's called the UFC fight pass international Invitational Invitational. Yeah, yeah. And it was like James Krause teams, Euro favors team Anthony Pettis, his team and one other one, they highlight that it was very cool. Except for, you know, I felt like these were just like people thrown together to create a team as opposed to a real team. And so from the outside looking in, it was like, wow, this is awesome. And it was awesome to watch. But, you know, I think like Pettis didn't compete and one other coach didn't compete so it would be cool to see all the coaches compete, but I saw that touchy feely, Andre feely jumped in last minute. And there was a awesome female match. There was Roxanne Mata farI, the happy warrior who just retired, she took on young up and comer Her name is Olivera goddamnit. Her name is I'm sorry, when she won, she beat her she Olivera actually beat moto fiery, and it was it was awesome was great to watch. And we also saw Anthony Pettis, his team take the whole thing and so thank you shout out to UFC fight pass for those seats that was felt like I was in like Dana White's box or something like that. Maybe not. But it was pretty, pretty great seats. One thing I want to talk to you guys about that I haven't spoken about on the podcast for a minute, but it's been greatly impacting my life. And I want to talk about it all the time. This is not an ad, this is literally me just being like, Hey, guys, this amazing thing happened to me. You know, I know there's a lot of my followers and fans and listeners out there who are probably dealing with their own kind of chronic pain. You know, if you're a follower listener, and you've been, you know, listen to me Yap, last two years, then, you know, I've been dealing with an artificial disc surgery that I got in my C six, C seven, they went through my neck inserted an artificial disc in there. And then I was dealing with a whole bunch of fucking pain afterwards, which was like, real annoying, because you think after the surgery, you're going to be done. So I had to get a whole bunch of different injections here in the US and I went to Mexico. And that's what I want to tell you about in Mexico is the first thing first real I mean, the surgery did help. But after the surgery, I still had pain. And I tried all these different things, acupuncture, massage, US stem cells. And when I went down to Tijuana to cellular Performance Institute, I finally got some real relief. And I can't say enough good things about this place. Even though I look like I hear Tijuana, and I'm like, ooh, scary, like, but no clean, safe, friendly staff. I'm literally still friends with the nurse on Instagram, and we talk. That's no lie. And she's so sweet. And so you know, this place is cool. And one of the really cool things that I liked is that it's you know, the guys who started it Ed clay and Scotty they are guys who have been in the mixed martial arts industry for years. You know, like I'm getting old, like, I feel like I've been in it for a long time. They've been in it longer than I have. And they're giving athletes like myself, Jujitsu MMA, or average people an opportunity to live pain free after trying all these other different techniques. Why not try it out. And this is my real testimonial guys. I have the link in the show notes all the time, because I'm a true believer in the stem cells, cellular Performance Institute in TJ guys, check them out. Alright, that's enough of me up and about that. But I do want to last few reminders. My birthday is tomorrow, July 9, I'm getting oldest book going to be 35 which in you know the big picture of life not old in fighting. I feel like my house is getting dusted and so I am really excited to not be suspended and to heal up and fight for you guys and myself. But in the meantime, support your girl by checking out my exclusive content site. That's www You Ashley rebel Yeah, it's like fit. It's like only fans, but it's better. It's a fan time website. So you get some naughty pictures, naughty videos and all that kind of stuff on there. And right now, my gift to you I'm doing a 50% off through my birthday. So if you're listening to this right now you got one day get on a hurry up.

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Unknown Speaker 16:03
all right, we're here with Sam. Sam Paige Hughes say I'm so excited to have you on the show. Thank you for coming on.

Unknown Speaker 16:12
Ashley, thank you so much for having me on. I'm really excited.

Unknown Speaker 16:15
No, I'm so Sam page. That's that's the nickname right? I was googling. Okay, who gave you that nickname Sam page.

Unknown Speaker 16:23
So it was kind of twofold. Um, so my, the my old gym that I used to be at Rick Liddell and he's ki SS coach scheelite opinions coach Oh, no. And he also had Sam Cecilia and Sam ciliate I, his name was Sam page, but I used to cross train over there in eastern Washington quite a bit. And so he just started calling me Sam page, just because of how I trained and things like that. So it was kind of a mixture of like ki essa in Rick Liddell and then a little bit of Julian Pina, so I think it was just thrown thrown at me. I just did it. I was like, Okay, that's cool. I like it.

Unknown Speaker 17:03
I love it. Well, Sam page, you're now on a little Sam page, you're on a to fight win streak. I'm really excited for you. I've been following your journey for a minute now, because you have a pretty close relationship with one of my friends who's over in Amsterdam, which is shout out to my editor Nick Correa, at Air Media Productions. And he helps me with my podcast. And so I've been paying attention to you didn't even know you, but I've been rooting for you. And so with these last two wins, I'm like, yes, she deserves it. And I like know a little bit about your backstory. But you know, people who just look at the records, how would you explain what happened to you? Initially, you know, on paper, you lost your first three, now you're on a win streak. But what there's more to that, right. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 17:51
it's a pretty deep story. I don't know how much time we have. But I don't know also how much well, I'm willing to share on that. But I was like, honestly, in a really kind of dark period of my life and just trading up in Washington. I mean, things are okay, as far as like trading partners and things like that, but just the relationship I had with my coach got really toxic. And I don't think I was in the best headspace. I mean, physically, I was really good shape. I was like, the best I feel like, um, but mentally, I was like, in a slump in a really dark period, and just just not healthy. So since I've come to Fordist, I think now I'm firing all cylinders. Like physically, I'm the best shape I've ever been in. Mentally I'm the happiest I've ever been. And so it's just like, now everything's clicking and coming together. And now like, I truly feel like this is where people are, like, really going to see the real me and the real athlete. So that's I'm extremely grateful and extremely thankful to have the position that I'm that I'm in right now.

Unknown Speaker 18:55
Awesome. Yeah, you know, it's funny, I told Macy when we had our interview, she is on I can never say her name wrong again. I'm like, Okay, I know. I know. I I gotta do you gotta do better guys. It's Macy shuts off.

Unknown Speaker 19:09
Ever since. It's so funny that you say that? Because ever since I watched that episode, I was like, Okay, now that's like, I can't stop saying that in my head to every single time it may seem like,

Unknown Speaker 19:18
yeah, it's a fancy name. It sounds like and so you know, there was just like a fun fact. You're talking about Fortis and making that switch over. And it kind of makes me because for a brief moment in my life, I was thinking about moving out of California, you know, pandemic craziness, obviously. And I looked into Florida, so I saw Macy was there I thought it was a big bitch. You know, she she'll be a good training partner for me. And, and then also, like after me talking to Macy, I'm like, damn, she would have been a cool trading partner. But she

Unknown Speaker 19:51
is so cool. Like, I love her energy. Like she's, she's a workaholic like Debra works your ass off but like one She's like done training. She's like, all fun laughing and talking shit, you know, it's really, really cool dynamic that all of us have.

Unknown Speaker 20:07
It's important because I think we're circling back here to what you basically said, if you're not in the right coaching or training situation, whether that's, you know, teammates that are not cognizant of your health, they're just using you as a punching bag, or coaches who are not giving you the time of day. Like there's, there's so many different scenarios, right? Like, I've been in the sport for a minute, and you just seen it all. And so some people on the surface, they see an athlete switch from A to another gym. And I think most people think that it's the athlete, they don't think that there's something wrong with the coaching or the gym, or the training partners or anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 20:45
But and that was the biggest feedback that I got. They're like, Oh, my God, Sam, I had no idea that you were going through all that. And I was like, Well, yeah, I'm not gonna, like, talk about the bullshit that I'm kind of dealing with, I kind of compartmentalize different aspects of my life. And I'm like, I'm not really one to like, share a lot. Or just be like, super open, I am with my circle, but like, I'm not going to post on social media about like, all the shit that I went through, it's like, that's what I'm going to tell like, my close friends and stuff like that. So that was the biggest feedback that I got, whenever I moved in, like, started winning in there, like, wow, same, I had no idea, all the stuff that you actually went through. And I was like, yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker 21:22
Yeah, I think the it kind of goes along with the sport and the mentality and the culture that we're in, right. It's like, tough girl, tough guy mentality, you know, don't talk about what's happening, because you're probably going to be accused of using it as an excuse, you know, as opposed to a reason or, you know, just kind of like a roadmap of why things are happening, what you know, the way they are. And, you know, sometimes you just gotta fucking take, you know, up and move and take a big chance. I've done it, I was just talking to bare knuckle champion, Christine ferrea about it, and you just need a total fucking change of scenery. Sometimes for me, I did that multiple times. I did that when I was in high school, and then went to college, and I needed to reinvent myself to get sober. You know, I was like, I'm sober. And no one no one knew that I wasn't. So they just assumed I was. And then right, yeah, you know. And then like, another time I needed to, I moved from Northern California to Southern California, because I needed a big change of like training and location and all that. So super excited that you're somewhere that you're thriving and flourishing now, because, like I said, one of my friends and it Cory has believed in you for a long, long time. And he just knew you just needed the right facility to be at.

Unknown Speaker 22:39
Yeah, next. Honestly, He's the greatest. He's so awesome. He's super supportive, and super funny. I love talking to them. Um, yeah, that was the hardest thing for me, though, making that change. And that's why I didn't do that, honestly, years before, is because I mean, I think all of us have, like, a, like, loyalty within us that, like, you really value that and we don't want to be considered like Jim hoppers, or like, you know, just using people and then on to the next like, that's, that's not my personality. That's not my mentality at all. And so my biggest thing was like, Well, I don't want to look like I'm kind of just hopping in not loyal. So for sure.

Unknown Speaker 23:14
And that's, I think I'm right there with you, me and a lot of other people, we fear that. But at the end of the day, you have to remind yourself like, hey, it's only me getting in that fucking cage getting punched in the face. It's only me making the paycheck or not making the paycheck. So fuck everyone else. I gotta do what's best for me.

Unknown Speaker 23:31
Exactly. And that's the realization that I actually had and it's, it's

Unknown Speaker 23:36
paid off it and money and I'm fucking proud of you. Well, you know, moving on from the fight life. Well, okay, I guess let's talk a little bit more fighting. When's your next fight? You know, I'm so stoked that you're on the win. So, you know, I think you're gonna keep it going. So who's the next victim?

Unknown Speaker 23:54
So I don't Okay, so I can say that I have signed a new contract, but I don't know if I'm supposed to say anything yet. Or like, you know, you know, whenever you sign a contract, or like, When can I actually talk about this? Like, when can I release it? When can I not? So I don't know if I'm actually supposed to say date yet.

Unknown Speaker 24:10
You say anything. As someone who's been in the UFC and I think things kind of have changed over time a little bit because things get leaked much faster now, but ever since I've been in the UFC, my agent shout out Brian Butler has always been kind of avid you know, very, very strongly urges me not to say any anything until the UFC says something.

Unknown Speaker 24:34
That's so okay, that like the golden rule, right? Because that's always kind of what I've gone by and then once it's leaked, then I'm like, Okay, now I can talk about it, but I can't say that I have signed a contract. So I'll just leave it at that.

Unknown Speaker 24:47
Okay, cool. I will not press because you can't talk about it. So no big deal. Well, now that you're, you know, on a winning streak, and you know, people are kind of taking more notice I'm sure you can see your platform rising, right? And I wanted to ask you, we all have these different things that we feel passionate about. Some people it's mental health, or, you know, for me I'm I talked about my sobriety and recovery and all that. Is there. What do you want to use your platform for? Besides obviously becoming the best fighter you can be?

Unknown Speaker 25:18
Yeah, that's a really good question. And that's kind of something that I'm like, starting to, like, lean into a little bit more, but twofold. Um, I love pitbulls. I love dogs. And so I've got, I've got my boy, he's an American Bulldog. And

Unknown Speaker 25:33
whoa, now he's, I got a bully.

Unknown Speaker 25:36
I love bullies. Bullies are the absolute best. But as far as like, that goes, I just love that I could have like 50 pitbulls and be like, completely happy with the rest of my life, you know. But as far as like mental, I'm kind of helping people and like, I'm focusing more on that. I'm honestly, because of the shit that I've been through. I'm more now, like an advocate for women. As far as you know, if you're in a super toxic environment, super manipulative, whether it's any aspect, whether it's coaching, or just relationship, that's kind of something that I want to, like, help women and talk to women about. Just because I've been through it, and I've been, you know, suppressed and controlled and manipulated. So I don't want anybody else to go through that. And like anybody that feels like, oh, I can't get out of this situation. Because you know, he's done this for me or this form, it doesn't matter. Like nobody should do those things for you. Nobody should ever try to control you in any aspect of Yeah, so that's a big one for me. And that's something that I kind of want to like. And I actually talked to Macy about this last last weekend in Hana. Maybe I want to write a book, I'm not sure yet, but maybe that's like, in the future a couple years down the road, once I actually tell my story a little bit more and more. But um, yeah, that's kind of what I'm passionate about, and kind of excited about.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
I love that. And I feel like I can sense two things. One, the real, the real feeling and the real passion behind that, you know, you're being very genuine, and you can just feel it. And also, I think that, you know, you're only 30 That's very young in life. And so I can I can feel that you're probably still molding what it is exactly you want to use your platform for and that's okay. You know, no one automatically fucking knows. Like, I'm here to fucking bring attention to this. You know, you're like, sometimes I just want to fucking fight and follow my dream. Yep. That's awesome. Sam, I can feel like it kind of gave me a little like, ooh, like chills like that. That's true. You know, whatever situation you've been in, you know, kind of like, if you have a heart, you want to help prevent others from being in that unfortunate situation to I see that. So well, let's get to know you a little bit better, because I do my research on my guests. But sometimes I just keep it real surface level. Otherwise, I'm just like, I know too much about you. But I know you're from South Carolina, and that you had three older brothers. So I'm just like, totally picturing you as like the runt and like a Tom girl. And just, I don't know, on a farm somewhere. Do I have that right at all,

Unknown Speaker 28:11
you're pretty much spot on my childhood. So I did have I do have three older brothers. And two of them two of the oldest ones. They're like, pretty big difference. There's like 10 years between us but my, my full brother. He's only about two years ahead of me. So Him and I are like best friends. But I was always trying to keep up with the boys, whatever they were doing whatever sports they're playing. I mean, even when I was like four years old, I was running around with like, their boxers on and like shirtless. And like thinking I was just one of the boys. But yeah, it's kind of fun. And so I was always just like, trying to keep up with them and doing whatever sports that they were doing. And God bless my mom, she wanted me she wanted me to be a cheerleader so bad in high school, and I was like Mom was not gonna happen. We, you know, got into like softball and soccer, track and field and then eventually cross country and that's like, where my first love was. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:09
yeah, yeah, I did read that which I thought was pretty fucking awesome. Because, you know, having a track and field background I think as a professional MMA fighter. See, from what I've done my little small research is kind of rare. And also I did, I'm thinking about my own experience. I did cross country for four years in college only because the men's wrestling coach was also the women's head cross country coach and he like suckered all the female wrestlers. He literally was like, Okay, guys, at a wrestling meeting. He was like, Okay, guys, guys and girl wrestlers. Alright, anybody here ever run before? And of course, we had to run because we cut wait. So we'd like he's like, raise your hand. He's like, alright, well, you guys raised your hand. Meet me at the track tomorrow at three and we're like, okay, so we go and He's like, Alright, you guys are the new women's cross country team. You guys are the new men's cross country team. I was just like the wrestling coach who had this job of coaching the cross country runners, like recruited by force was like, You're fucking running, you're running and we all had to do it. And then we got stuck doing that for four years. So that's my experience of the cross country. That's so

Unknown Speaker 30:22
funny. Because during high school, cross country practices and stuff, we would have some of the wrestlers run with us and try to do track workouts with us and try to like, keep up with us. Yeah, it was. It was funny, though, because a lot of those guys, they were so good at wrestling, but whenever we like, went to the woods or went out on the roads and ran and stuff, they would like duck off and just like, be like, Okay, we'll circle back and then we'll run back with you like the 400 meters that we ran to here. So total, they do like 800 meters. And we did like the full six miles or whatever it was. So it was pretty funny. That's

Unknown Speaker 30:56
hilarious. Yeah. So okay, so I'm getting this image of you kind of tomboy doing sports. Now, you know, what age did you kind of start liking boys and coming into your own sexually?

Unknown Speaker 31:07
Oh, man, I, I've always like, really had, you know, like, boys like being around boys. And that was probably like, my biggest thing is like, I wanted to hang out with the boys. I wanted to run with, you know, the guys on the track team, because they were super cute. And they all had shirts off and stuff like that. But I was super happy that my older brother, who was two years ahead of me in high school, was like, basically my dad, and he was Mr. popularity. He wasn't like an athlete. But he was super popular. Everybody knew him. And he was like, don't talk to my sister don't even like try to take her on a date. Don't even do any of that. And so like, I am very, very happy that like he kept me away from the boys in high school, because high school boys are, you know what? They are just wandering your pants, man. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:55
So did you have very many high school interactions? Or was it more just sports?

Unknown Speaker 32:01
It was sports and hanging out with guys. I mean, I guess like, there was one guy that like, kind of went on a date with and stuff like that. And like we would flirt during cross country season and stuff because he went to one of the rival high schools. He's super nice. And, but nothing like serious. It wasn't serious until I went to college. That was like my first like, real real

Unknown Speaker 32:23
boyfriend. And you have a master's in sports science, correct? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 32:27
And then thank you to undergraduate degrees in accounting and finance. So Oh,

Unknown Speaker 32:33
my God, math.

Unknown Speaker 32:37
I am the worst at numbers. So I literally had a boy who had a crush on me do my trigonometry class in college? No way. That's all I had to do was go to class one day a week. And he did all my homework online. And I got like a B in that class. I definitely can't do trade.

Unknown Speaker 33:01
Pretty good payoff.

Unknown Speaker 33:03
Yeah, it was, Oh, yeah. We ended up dating. I wasn't gonna not repay the favor.

Unknown Speaker 33:12
So college Alright, so smarty pants, did things get a little more heated in college? Did you actually have some real experiences?

Unknown Speaker 33:20
Definitely. Definitely. In college, I was like, the real experience the real thing. I ended up dating a football player. And we were kind of like, just, you know, low power couple, which I loved. Yeah, I dated him for about three years. And then he was, I think, a year older or maybe two years, maybe two years older one grade ahead. And so once he graduated, he moved back to Florida. And the distance I guess, got to me and then also to he was like wanting to get married right after college. Kids. And I was like, Oh, I don't even know like kids in the cards for me. I'm not sure. But I made that decision. I don't know. Yeah. Okay. Go

Unknown Speaker 34:01
to the choir. I've already decided I'm 3035 Tomorrow, basically. And I don't want kids so you don't got to explain anything to me.

Unknown Speaker 34:10
Okay, perfect. Yeah. So that's kind of where I'm at. And like, I like my money. I'd like to like just pick up and go whenever I want to, like I have my boy can travel with me at any time. So it's like, that's all I really need. Oh, yeah. happy early birthday. Oh, thanks. Good.

Unknown Speaker 34:26
Thank you. Okay, so this guy, that's crazy. Because, you know, most males, especially at that age, unless they come from maybe like a strong religious upbringing or something. Don't really want to settle down, get married and have kids right out of college right out of high school. Yeah, college, right.

Unknown Speaker 34:43
College College. Yeah. Yeah, it shocked me too because I didn't think that that's kind of what he wanted. And then like once he graduated, and I was like, Dude, we're both like, like, don't have a real job like how are we going to like, make money and you know, cuz you commended college and you have a little bit of debt or maybe nothing but a lot of debt, Sallie Mae, Sallie Mae, Sallie Mae. Yeah, exactly. And then so I was like, No, that's like, I don't know, I come from a finance background. So I'm like, I like to have all my ducks in a row. And like, before I even tried to bring on more debt and that's just as stressful and

Unknown Speaker 35:22
more humans should be like, you girl, like no one thinks about it like us, like, rationally with like numbers and like, the way that our life is going to be lived and the quality of life. It's just like, you gotta have a baby, you know? I'm like, Why do I got a badass dog? Me and my boyfriend want to pick up and go anywhere we want and we want to fuck without the bait have the babies, right? You know, like, Chase?

Unknown Speaker 35:47
No, no. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:49
To practice. I like to practice but I don't actually like to.

Unknown Speaker 35:54
Exactly, exactly. Okay, cool. So did you guys basically break up because he wanted to settle down and you weren't sure?

Unknown Speaker 36:01
Yeah, that's basically why I broke up with him. And yeah, it kind of it kind of stuck. And I think it was even around like Valentine's Day. So that was not good. That was poor planning on my part, but I wanted, I just don't,

Unknown Speaker 36:16
so you broke up with him on Valentine's Day.

Unknown Speaker 36:19
I want to say it was like maybe a couple days before but like,

Unknown Speaker 36:23
hey, not only do I not want to marry and have your your baby. We're breaking up. Cool, cool.

Unknown Speaker 36:31
That poor planning.

Unknown Speaker 36:33
I'm not like the best. Like thinker, I guess when it comes to like all their like, holidays and shit like that. So I'm not like, I'm not super emotional. I mean, yeah, I do have emotions. But I'm not like a huge holiday person.

Unknown Speaker 36:46
I mean, so are Does that mean you're not really like a romantic? You know, like, oh, I can't wait for anniversary or?

Unknown Speaker 36:53
Not really? No, like, I don't care about. Yeah, but I mean, I just like to do things. Like if I did have a boyfriend, I like to like, plan dates and like do fun stuff like that. But I'm not like, this date is very, very important. It's like everyday should be.

Unknown Speaker 37:07
Yeah, yeah. Do you know what your love languages?

Unknown Speaker 37:10
Um, physical touch? Yeah. Yeah, that's, that's a bit more for me.

Unknown Speaker 37:15
I think most fighters I think if we did like a statistical analysis of everyone who's been on the show, I think most people say physical touch. And then, you know, it like differs a little bit here and there. You know, words of affirmation.

Unknown Speaker 37:29
That's, that's my second one. I would say yeah. Words of affirmation. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:32
I always say, I'm the same way I say Touch me and tell me I'm pretty.

Unknown Speaker 37:38
Literally all right,

Unknown Speaker 37:39
my buddy, Toby. I'm pretty pleased.

Unknown Speaker 37:42
Yes, I Yeah. As long as you got my butt, I'm with that. That means you love me. I'm

Unknown Speaker 37:49
good. So I always ask everyone just to kind of set the record straight. And it's 2022. So you can assume but how do you identify sexually? And also, are you in a relationship? Or are you single? Divorced? I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 38:02
So I'm heterosexual and single right now. I'm never never been married. Never been any of that. So

Unknown Speaker 38:10
have you ever been engaged to but said yes.

Unknown Speaker 38:14
No, no, that would not have twice have you? Oh, man.

Unknown Speaker 38:20
But never never, but I don't ever want to and I never really did you know, like, I never did ever. I just it's one of those movies situations where you're like, Am I really going to say no, right now? Like, really?

Unknown Speaker 38:33
Yeah, see? Okay. I could see myself falling into that trap. Because I don't like to disappoint people. And I'm like, Oh, I don't want to let you down. But like, Yeah, but okay. I'll tell you later. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:46
Especially if they're like, grand gestures too. Yeah. Yeah. Like I haven't I haven't had anybody on the show that like told me their grand gesture that got denied, but I'm sure it's happening. And it's was probably horrific. Yeah. So Okay, moving forward. You're single I love I love that because then I want to ask you, what kind of a guy are you looking for? Like physically, let's be shallow, also. personality traits. So what kind of guy do you look for?

Unknown Speaker 39:16
Okay, so number one, I'll just start it off. I'm not into fighters. I'm not like attractive fighters. I don't like one because they're probably too risky for me. Like they're just like a very measured individual. But I have a big thing for like CrossFit guys. Like anybody that comes in with like, six pack, like huge muscles. I am like, drooling in your hand. Are you gonna be like, Oh my god, I can't stop staring at you. So yeah, I think I'm a little bit shallow when it comes to that

Unknown Speaker 39:49
stuff. That's okay. I'm the same way. I have a friend Her name is Kendall I love her so much. She lives in Hollywood and we've been friends since. Since we were 14 years old. than we're from a small town and we couldn't be so different in a lot of ways in the biggest ways every time we talk about guys, I'll be like, Oh, this guy and his nice body and her and literally she said this before she goes ill muscles. And I'm like, Well, I owe muscles like I see like, hard work and you know, but she's just like, oh, like that's not what I'm into. Because she she's not like us. She's not an athlete. She doesn't work out she doesn't you know what I mean? see value in you know, the things that we see value in. So I was like, All right, there are people out there but it to each their own. You know what I mean? You're not sure I was just, you're into that.

Unknown Speaker 40:36
Exactly. I mean, I like somebody who can pick me up and you know, like, throw me around.

Unknown Speaker 40:40
You weigh 150 pounds, I can pick you up.

Unknown Speaker 40:43
Oh my god. Okay, so you need someone who can lift 115 pounds. Got it? What else do you like in a guy? Probably personality

Unknown Speaker 40:54
wise. Ooh, personality wise. Somebody that's really funny. Somebody that like doesn't take themselves too serious, serious and they can like, laugh with me and joke me and be like, Goofy. Um, I will go back to the physical thing real real quick, only because my family has always made fun of me. Like anytime that like we're at family gatherings. It's like, I have a specific type. Like, I love black guys. Like that's just like, I'm not attracted to white dudes. Yeah. Like, that's like my thing. Like, if nice looking black dude comes through with like muscles. I'm like, Oh my God, I need to like walk the other direction because it's my downfall. This is like my Achilles heel.

Unknown Speaker 41:36
Awesome. Okay, awesome. I think I'm mentally changing. In the moment right now. I've just changed our Fuck, Marry kill for the end of the game.

Unknown Speaker 41:48
Moving on, I was so happy. You said that though. But that's awesome. So if there's like a very muscular black man that your family is like, oh, here we go, Sam.

Unknown Speaker 41:57
Yeah, yeah. My mom's always like, what about him? I'm like, No, that's not literally everyone.

Unknown Speaker 42:02
Not everyone. Thank you for trying.

Unknown Speaker 42:07
Awesome. How is your relationship with your parents is a good?

Unknown Speaker 42:11
Oh, it's amazing. I've literally the best parents best support system. My parents are divorced. But I'm super close with both my mom and my dad and then my stepdad to my, my dad is not remarried or nothing like that. But he's kind of like you could be I love his personality, because he's just like, floating through life, kind of like easygoing. I mean, he's in Portugal right now just just chillin, just hanging out loving life. And like, my mom was basically like, the workaholic and she's just super ambitious and like, climbing that corporate ladder and things like that. And my stepdads the same way. He's got a super successful job and stuff like that. But they're,

Unknown Speaker 42:54
they're beautiful. Yeah, it's great. It's so happy to hear. It's like, I really, you know, I'm not trying to put that bad juju out there. But I feel like you know, also, again, statistically, we have a lot of, you know, fighters who come from rougher background or rougher upbringing. So when you hear of like, a healthy family dynamic, I'm like, Well, fuck it good for you. Same

Unknown Speaker 43:15
thing that like surprised everyone because like, I was a rule follower in high school, and college and stuff like that. And, like, just ran cross country was this little white girl that was, you know, running around and stuff. And then somehow I got into fighting. They're like, do you have daddy issues? No, I love my job. Yeah. Like, I've got a great relationship with everybody. So I don't know. I just, I like the environment.

Unknown Speaker 43:38
Yeah, yeah. Sometimes it's just in us, you know. So what are some deal breakers when it comes to dates dating, like a man

Unknown Speaker 43:47
who I hate dishonesty. Somebody that can't communicate? Like, I'd love that meme that you posted. Today on your story. That was hilarious because I read that. Which was like, they basically like just ghosting somebody because he communicate effectively. And he's just like, how's your day going? Like, are we gonna get like to like, the real like, I hate small. Like getting into like, the meat and potatoes of like, something?

Unknown Speaker 44:16
Yeah, that's actually why I kind of didn't like online dating for the short time that I did. It was because it was a lot of fuckin, like bullshit, which I obviously you need to like, kind of sift through the bullshit. But like, a lot of times, I would just be like, look like you want to just fucking get coffee because in the first 10 minutes, I'm going to know and you'll probably know, if there's some kind of chemistry if you're intelligent. You don't I mean, if you can carry a conversation like and so I totally understand and I yeah, that meme is basically like, you know, ghosting it's like it's not always ghosting sometimes you just suck.

Unknown Speaker 44:50
Yes, exactly. And that's my frustration with online dating. I I actually deleted my my hinge account like, not too long ago, I guess it was like a couple months ago. Okay, that's because yeah, the bullshit that stuff and I was like, I'm tired of having like, kind of the same questions being asked. It's like, Alright, you guys. So on the same page,

Unknown Speaker 45:10
I got to ask since you brought it up because, you know, it's been a long time since I've done online dating, I did plenty of fish, which I don't even know if it's a thing anymore. Okay. And anyway, I just love the stories that people tell me about swiping and catfish and this and that. So I'm trying, I'm digging here I am digging, like, what is one of your most unfortunate online dating stories? Oh.

Unknown Speaker 45:36
I don't know. Like, I like to hinge for the fact that like, guys can just like, send you date pics right off the bat, you know? Because I feel like that's,

Unknown Speaker 45:44
I don't know, hinge is is that like Bumble? Because I think Bumble is like the female has more.

Unknown Speaker 45:50
Yes, exactly like that. Kind of in you. But you can't exchange pitchers on a actual app. So it's like, it's nice. You can't like, I mean, you see, like, their six pictures that they post on their profile. But then like, once you get into a chat with them, you can't like send pictures to each other. You'd have to like, be like, Hey, here's my number. Why don't you text me? And then we can go from there.

Unknown Speaker 46:12
That's interesting. I thought like that might keep people on the app. Do you know what do you mean? Like? Yeah, yeah, I guess that kind of shows that hinge is like really out to just let you find love and not just stay on the app.

Unknown Speaker 46:26
Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Okay. And that's kind of why I liked it. Um, because you get a lot of those. I mean, even I'm sure like in your Instagram or Twitter, you get like, just random messages and just shipped to you sure want to deal with.

Unknown Speaker 46:41
We can get into all of you want to know. So,

Unknown Speaker 46:47
I mean, I liked it for that. But like, once you start talking to these guys, and you're like, Okay, I'm looking for like something serious. I want something like I want to build a foundation and then like, start looking at something serious to to get off of this. And everybody's like down at first. And then like, once you get off the app, it's sort of like texting. Then it's like, all that shit comes through and you're like, Whoa, I thought you said you wanted like something like meaningful not just like a hookup. And then they kind of changed their store and they're like, No, this weirdo has my number not to block him and

Unknown Speaker 47:19
yeah, wow. Yeah, that's that's a thing. Yeah. It is a scary world out there ever since I watched that. Tinder swindler. That shit.

Unknown Speaker 47:31
Yeah, if you guys have

Unknown Speaker 47:35
Yeah, you listeners if you're if you're in the midst of online dating, and you're just you know, all willy nilly. You haven't seen the Tinder? Tinder swindler? Yep, say that three times faster than Tinder. Check this out. Because I think it's just such a good cautionary tale to like, really fucking Be careful. Don't don't give people money. You know, like, no matter what their enemies are doing.

Unknown Speaker 47:59
Yeah, that blew my mind when I started watching that. I was like, how, like, I won't even give away, like 50 bucks. You know, we're like, 100 bucks to somebody. It's like, $10,000 you can put your name down or alone. Yeah. That

Unknown Speaker 48:12
Yeah. But it goes back to like, you know, being manipulated and controlled, you know, and some of the smartest people, you know, can be taken advantage of, you know, and it's usually, you know, smart, but also you're like too trusting, which I have definitely is yeah, that's, yeah. Okay. Well, as far as dating goes, I know you kind of ramped things up in college, but dating for an MMA fighter now that you're professional MMA fighter, you made your debut in 2019. And then you you know, into the UFC, like, around that time did anything change? You know, did did people see you did male see you differently? You know, like, I used to get a lot more like a steal, but like, oh, like you're intimidating or your professional fighter? Like, did things change for you?

Unknown Speaker 49:01
Yeah, that's, that's what I've seen the most. And unfortunately, I saw that like a lot of the hinge app, they were like, Oh my God, wait, are you seeing huge like Sam page and I'm like, Ah, you're talking to this guy because he's just a fanboy. And I could like, I don't know, I wouldn't, but I could take advantage of that situation. And I don't want to you know,

Unknown Speaker 49:19
do you think that that could ever be like an okay relationship where, you know, maybe someone is a big UFC fan, right? And he comes across someone like you who's a UFC fighter, but he truly is attracted to you. He just also knows you're a fucking badass and you have a cool job. Now do you give them a chance? Or you just automatically say no, you're out of here.

Unknown Speaker 49:41
For me, I kind of just say Nope, you're out of here because I really don't want to like date anybody that's like all into the UFC and like wants to. I mean, I do watch the fights anyway, pretty much every single weekend. I don't want somebody that's like obsessed with it and like it like okay, that's my job. Ya know, like

Unknown Speaker 49:59
Yeah, sometimes I don't want to talk about fighting.

Unknown Speaker 50:02
Sometimes I just want to like totally relax and like not think about fighting because it is 20 fours for whether it's watching film working out, like, you know, you know exactly how it Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:12
And you know, I think people automatically assume that since we're fighters fighting is our whole fucking life, but it's really not like I mean, I love punk rock music, I love going to vegan food festivals I love fucking I love you know, spending time with my friend like, I love my dog I love you know what it's like, you know, like, I really just have other, you know, hobbies that I want to partake in. But like, yeah, sometimes you do get someone who is, you know, they just want to talk your ear off about fighting nonstop. And there's different levels. Actually, no, I was talking to somebody recently about Anthony Rumble Johnson. And he's said this in interviews, he's like, Yeah, I fucking hate fighting. I just do it, because I'm good at it. So you have someone like that. And then you do have like, I recently hung out with Anthony Smith, for a sponsored trip in North Dakota. And this guy, just, he's like a fucking Rain Man. He knows so much stuff about MMA, you know, you just have different levels, right?

Unknown Speaker 51:07
Yeah. That's such a different, like, there's so in like, there's different levels within all of the spiders because I know some people that are in the UFC that they refuse to watch any of the fights on the weekends and stuff like that, or like, and I use it pretty much like just to study and learn and do things like that. But yeah, there's definitely different levels.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
So you talked earlier, and we kind of joked about the DMS and the creeps and the stuff that you get, what is like that right off the top of your head? What's the creepiest thing that you've gotten that you can think of?

Unknown Speaker 51:37
Okay, so there's two, there's two that I can think of, and one was on Twitter, and he messaged me wanting to be like, basically like a dominated submissive. Yeah, man. Yeah. So he wanted me to dominate him, and then I would get paid for it and things like that. And I like, I don't want to take that back. I don't love getting those messages. But I love laughing at them. Yeah, and just seeing how ridiculous these people are. And then the second one was basically just your quintessential like foot pitcher, he's like, please send me videos and pictures of your feet, and I'll give you 500 bucks for each video or whatever. So that's kind of funny.

Unknown Speaker 52:22
Those are all things. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:23
It's so stupid. But it's it's funny. And like, I'm the first to be like, Oh my God, look at the stupid messages I got from this weird.

Unknown Speaker 52:31
You know, I know what you mean, when you say it's not like I love this. But like, sometimes you're just reading you and you're like, This is my life. Like this is a thing you know, and with the foot things, it's a foot. It's, you know, for me, I'm like, I just literally, like, look at it. And I'm like, what part of the foot is sexy? Is it the part that's getting dirty all the time? Or is it the top of the foot? Because that's kind of basic as fuck, or is it the little toes? I got Flintstone looking toes? But I've been told I have 60 feet. I'm like, I don't understand.

Unknown Speaker 53:05
I don't understand what makes it sexy.

Unknown Speaker 53:08
I'm not here. You're young guys. So it's okay. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 53:11
I mean, I've got calluses. I've got blood blisters on the bottom of my like I've got say they're attractive, but like I do my best foot pain or pig and call it good.

Unknown Speaker 53:24
I want to take a quick break to thank our sponsor, perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative with their flavor options. Their newest flavor of diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season, perfect has come out with a limited edition Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored protein. Pumpkin Spice Latte provides a spicy and savory aromatic taste that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember, guys, this is a limited edition. So make sure to get your orders in soon, inventory will be going quick. As always, this new limited edition flavor provides you with the same benefits that diesel always does. It's third party tested for banned substances and is the highest quality that protein can be. Order yours now by heading to perfect and using my code rebel girl for a 20% discount. Now back to the episode. Have you ever been has a partner ever told you about a fetish that they had? I'm just thinking about feet right now but like has a partner ever told you about a fetish? And you were like, Oh man, like now we got to deal with this. You know?

Unknown Speaker 54:31
Nothing like too weird. Surprisingly, like I'm into like a lot of different stuff. So like, I'm okay with a majority of shit. Yeah. They're like, hey, what about this? I'm like, Okay, I'll try it. You know?

Unknown Speaker 54:45
I love that because I think I told you on our phone call. I like I totally like him guilty of judging a book by its cover. You know, like I see someone you know, like myself, I guess you know, who's just you know, tattoos is I'm just like, Oh, they're into some freaky shit. And then right You're so sweet. You know, you kind of like to me have like a girl next door vibe. I'm like, she's probably wouldn't do that. As far as I know, you're like, I like big buff black guys, and I'm into a lot of stuff. I'm like, wow, okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:13
And so that's okay. So I'm really glad that you brought that up. Because that was like, that was the thing that I was most excited for this podcast and like, people are about to get like a real reality check with me because I don't post about, like, what I'm into or what I like and stuff like that. And so like, whenever I'm having this conversation with you, people like Oh, my God, that Sam, is that really what she likes? Like, yeah, this is me surprise.

Unknown Speaker 55:34
I love that. You know, and just in general, I think people who don't know about this podcast, they're like, God, they're at a sex podcast. But no, we don't just talk about sex. You know, I kind of wanted to get to know you, you know, your background. And you know, ask about your family situation. Just because, you know, the whole part. Part of the point of the show is to just shed light on my fellow athletes that isn't normally shed, you know, it's always, you know, the fight camp. And how's this? And how's that? And you're like, Damn, if I talk about my fucking weight cut one more time. I know. I know.

Unknown Speaker 56:10
It sucks. It all sucks.

Unknown Speaker 56:12
Well, let me ask you a question. That is probably not fun, either. Do you remember your first time?

Unknown Speaker 56:19
Oh, yes. I was in college.

Unknown Speaker 56:21
Oh, it was until college girls in

Unknown Speaker 56:24
college. I was like, I was 19. Yeah. Um, and yeah, I mean, it was not bad. I mean, it wasn't terrible. It wasn't at all what I was expecting it to be like, never. But I do remember right after it happened. I mean, it was the guy that I was dating at the time. And, um, but I remember right after it happened, I called my mom and I was like, Mom, I just lost my virginity, or I don't know. And so like her and I had that time. And it was like, the first time that like, we never really talked about that. Or like, you don't have to choose.

Unknown Speaker 56:59
What did you say to her? Like you said, I lost my virginity. And then how did that conversation go? And she's

Unknown Speaker 57:04
like, are you okay? Are you do you need me to like, come in. I was like, I guess my undergrad. It was about two hours away from where my home is. And she was like, Do you want me to come up there we can go like ice cream. We can talk we can like, like, talk about love your mom. Most supportive Jesus. Ever. She's like, super funny, because she's like, 50 she's gonna hate me for saying this. But she's 55 party girl like, but also like the best mom in the whole wide world. Because she's like, an open book. She's like, wherever you want to talk to me about let's talk. She was like, I've been through this, this and this. It's shit. And this was good. This was not great. But like, I can appreciate that. Because if I don't think I will. But if I ever have kids, like that's the kind of bond that I want to be just like somebody that's open and like, that trusting relationship is there and just be like, hey, I can tell you anything. And you're not going to judge me for it. That's that's her. She's, she's the greatest hero of

Unknown Speaker 58:05
your mom's.

Unknown Speaker 58:07
Love your mom. Yeah, she's.

Unknown Speaker 58:09
Well, and you also said she's like climbing the corporate ladder. And like you said, she's a party girl. And you say she's very open. I'm like, she's got the best of both worlds. That's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 58:17
That girl, she can drink more than I can. And she's just like, the life of the party. She wants to be like, you know, the hostess and like, give her she's, if anybody comes in the house. She's like, Can I get you a beer? Can I get you wine? Can I get you food? And like, just because that's like her culture. She's Hispanic. And she's just wanting to fill everybody with love and food. And so

Unknown Speaker 58:37
are you half Hispanic, then?

Unknown Speaker 58:39
I'm half Hispanic. Yeah. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 58:40
so and then your dad is

Unknown Speaker 58:43
basically like a mixture of European white.

Unknown Speaker 58:47
That's me. I'm actually on my father's side. Hispanic, Mexican, Mexican and my mother's side. I just always make a joke. I say, I'm from a little town called diddling Ding, ding ding. But yeah, like white and Hispanic. And, you know, I think both of both of us kind of look real white. And so when people find out, you know, they're like, oh, okay, okay.

Unknown Speaker 59:13
Yeah, and that, like, nobody ever believes me whenever I say I'm like, okay,

Unknown Speaker 59:17
yeah, I mean, maybe because I have the dark hair but you with even lighter hair? Yeah. Yeah, that's awesome. So all right. Sex before a fight now, it's kind of like general myth, I think but what's your own personal preference?

Unknown Speaker 59:33
I don't have any problem with it. Um, I if I had somebody so I'll I'll start off by saying like, I'm not that type to like just like hook up and like have like one night stand Okay, I need to like have like a connection with somebody before I just like get into bed with them and then like, but like once that's established, it's like no holds barred let's just go yeah. Um, but I if I was like dating somebody I would not have an issue with It's having sex before a fight at all.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
Really? So do you have you ever had I mean, I've lost I'm sorry. Don't Don't kill me. But seven and four right now record? Yes, yes, I've carefully remembered that. So seven, four, so you obviously have plenty of profiles that you know, you can pull from Do you remember having certain fights where you had sex, you know, either the night before or that, you know, that week and had a performance versus maybe you were in a dry spell? Or, you know, you were dating anybody or fucking mad at men? You know?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:38
That's a really good question. Um, I don't think I actually remember the good or the bad, you know, like, the weeks before, but I will say that, like, I'm not one even if it wasn't a relationship, I would never bring my significant other on. Like, like, to Vegas or whatever, like to be a hotel. Because I don't like. Like, I like to separate that emotion. Emotional like connection. Wherever.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
That's good for you. I didn't and I can't my partner is my jujitsu coach. So you know.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
Yep. Yeah. Right. Exactly. And I know so many women that their coaches are their, you know, their husbands or whatever. But I've like, so I talked to this guy. My second fight, um, my last fight, I'll just say my last fight. And I was like, kind of like getting into relationship with him. But that week, I already prepped him. I was like, Hey, I'm, this is who I am. This is what I like. And I don't like to be like, I miss you. I want to be with you like any of that shit, the week of the fight. Because at the end of the week, like I have to get in a fight with human beings. And like, I'm like, Hi. Like, violence is just one lever like, We're fucking,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:58
you know, or, like, high level of violence going on right now. I love that so much. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
But in that's all I'm concerned about, like, I don't want to hear I miss you. I don't want to hear like, I'm thinking about you. I don't like

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
the need to be in a different mindset. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:15
totally. Okay, after the fight, I'm down for that. Like, I'll say like, Man, I can't wait to be back. You can't wait to see and stuff like that. But not that week. That's the wrong

Unknown Speaker 1:02:24
that's so sad. Sam page savage mindset. I like that, Sam. Yeah, you're just like, look fucking in kill mode. Like, don't don't come around here with that cupcake shit. Don't

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
like a video or like some sexual, then like, I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
down. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
that's totally how I am.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:44
I love that. And you know, what I've learned, you know, through my own trial and error is that whatever the fucking floats your boat, you know, whatever, whatever works for you, you know, and that's your process. Do it because I truly believe that if you think that, you know, no love aw shirt and all, you know, set whatever it is, then that does work for you. Because that's what you believe. You know, me, I'm, I'm a fucking baby. I'm like, rub me like, I bring my you know, man slash coach, and he's there and he's wearing a whole bunch of hats. And, you know, let's just say I gotta make it up to him later because hangry and you know, then I'm like horny for a second. And then I'm like, No, nevermind. That's awesome, Sam. Wow. So have you ever been asked to do anything too weird or freaky in bed that you were like, um, because I know you said,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
you will try almost anything. What

Unknown Speaker 1:03:41
do you like? I think you're gonna surprise us with this one. But do you have like a favorite quickie or like, wildest place you've ever had sex?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:50
I'm wild. I mean, I've done it. Like, in a car. I've done. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55
I've done a bow

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
on my apartment. Busy. Like, straight underneath. That was pretty fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
Roll the dice. You're like, oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:08
yeah, so I like that stuff. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11
I think I've never been on a balcony I was on like, the top tippity top floor my boyfriend's friend. Let us use his, like penthouse suite or whatever. And and saw glass walls, you know? Oh, that's

Unknown Speaker 1:04:24
no one can see you up there. You know, like you're naked. But no, you can't you know, it's not really triggered. But yeah, I remember like standing like naked on the glass, you know? And then just like all the Las Vegas lights, I'm like, I'm naked. That's really cool. No one can see me.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:39
He's like, Yeah, Tom from across the way

Unknown Speaker 1:04:41
which Yeah, I was rolling the dice on that one. Just let him enjoy the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:45
For sure. So are you a little bit more aggressive in bed because you know your SAM page or is that actually the time that you can let your guard down and be a little bit more submissive?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:56
It honestly depends on like, what mood I'm in. Um, Because I am the type that like I do, I like to be on top. I like to be in control. That's just but sometimes, you know, like, you just want somebody to like, pick you up and like, in the best way possible advantage of you. You don't Sam? Yeah. Oh, yeah, there's some, sometimes you just get in that mood where you're just like, I just want you to be the dominating one.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
Sure. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:23
It just depends on my mood.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:25
You earlier mentioned, how you tell your partner, you, you would just you said you for Warren, Tim, or like, basically preface the week with by saying, like, look this time. So my question is, like, I know, it feels good, because as a almost gross 35 year old woman tomorrow, I feel so it's so much better to have the confidence to tell your partner like what you want, whether it's sexually in bed, or, you know, like, look, this is how these are my like, PTSD things from past relationships. Right? So my question to you is, like, you're 30 not as old as 35 Sorry, I'm having a moment. But, you know, like, what, what would you like, tell your younger self that, you know, now, you know, because, you know, a lot of the times we didn't speak up for ourselves and relationships or whatever, but moving forward and knowing what you know, now.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:18
That's true. Um, so I will say, there's only like one person that I've like, been with that recently, that, like, I could tell him anything was like, I want this, I want this, I want this. And this is what I want you to do to me. And that's where I want to be in life. Like, he listens in that's like, the best part about it. So like, I don't know, I guess just finding that person that you can be like, just open with and like, say what you want, you know, like, guys like that, whenever you are like, Hey, this is what I want tonight, in you know, we're what I don't want. So I think that communication is probably one thing that I would change, because I wasn't always like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:58
For sure. Yeah. And it takes a lot of being in uncomfortable situations. And yeah, you know, I think at the end of the day, I would tell myself something along the same lines, because I think most partners, male or female, you know, they just want to know that they're pleasing you. And so if you lead them to believe that they're pleasing you without actually pleasing you, you're only fucking yourself and not in the good way in the long run. Yeah, it does. So it's like, you just gotta like, it's uncomfortable at first, but you just gotta say it. You just got to talk about it. And actually, I think, you know, we we shelter males egos a lot, too, but they're stronger than we give them credit for. Yes, yes, for sure. So what is a pet peeve of yours in the bedroom? Who?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:44
Um, who? Hair I don't like hair, body hair. It body hair? I don't like it. Um, yeah, yeah. That's, that's a big one for me. i It's not I mean, you know, some people are super into it. I'm not so.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
So now like zero body hair. Like you gotta be like baby clean shaved or can he have to for something?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:09
I'm okay with like, like, like a little bit of like stubble or anything like that, but pretty much clean. Yeah, I don't like you know, fool.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:19
No, no, no. Yeah. Okay, well, that's actually one of our questions of the lightning six rounds, so I feel like it's a good transition time. Would you like to play the lightning sex round with us? Yes, okay, here we go. Lightning sex round with Sam Sam Paige Hughes. Sam, do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank are like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:48
Both or? No, I

Unknown Speaker 1:08:49
like to be spanked. Got it.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:53
Sam just smacking butts. Biting. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:59
yeah, choking. Yes. threesomes No. Do you watch porn? Yes. Any fetishes? Like a foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:11
I don't. Um, no, no, I wouldn't say bodily fluid fetish. No.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:19
Role playing. Yeah, yeah, like that. Nice. Bondage like ropes. Blindfold handcuffs. Yes, yes. Okay. But stuff on you or partner.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:31
I'm in the butt stuff. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33
Nice. All right. Do you sex toys? Yes, yes. Okay. Ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? No. Yeah, that's

Unknown Speaker 1:09:45
long. Are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:47

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
And okay, body hair. You already said no. Yeah, me too. Ever been caught having sex or masturbating?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
I don't think so. But it's been close.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02
Awesome. Well that said to the lightning sector, I'd say congratulations. So last few things. We're gonna play our one game called Fuck, Marry, Kill. And then we're gonna finish the show with some fan questions. All of you listening if you can't hear the fan questions, that's because you are not on the UFC fight pass platform, head over to UFC fight backslash sign up and if you sign up right now you get half the year for free. 99 All right. Are you ready to play? Fuck, Marry kill

Unknown Speaker 1:10:41
marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. We're done here. I think so.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:46
Okay, so I feel like

Unknown Speaker 1:10:49
did you switch it up? Are you switching it up from the from the original?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:53
Yes. Okay. Okay. This is some pretty good. Oh, no, we can't do that. So Zol DJ Zol was gonna give us a little here. Yeah, yeah. Perfect. Okay, now I just have one question before I give you my updated list sorry my updated version. Do you know older UFC? Yeah, I say so I think okay. All right all right, here we go. So Fuck, Marry kill. I had to change that real quick. So you get the buff black men version. Okay, so between these three names you gotta tell me who you want to fuck who you want to marry who you want to kill? Yeah, Francis Ningaloo Israel out of Sanya and oh, gee, rip, Kevin Randleman

Unknown Speaker 1:11:56
Oh, oh, man. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:01
Kevin Randleman Mary, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:05
Damn, Izzy. Sorry. I'm gonna have to kill you.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:10
Okay. Did that you're gonna say that. Okay. And Francis,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
I guess I guess I'm fucking Francis. But that scares the shit out of me. He is a massive,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:20
they all have different body types is he's like skinny, but you know, kind of buff black guy. And then Kevin Randleman is just super jacked. And Francis is just like a fucking wall of a human. Who is your type? Who's your physical type more more so than Randleman Kevin Randleman Yeah, he does look like he did CrossFit.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:38
Yeah, yeah, he definitely does. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:42
I love that that was so fitting. Okay, so now we have some fan questions for you. But before we start the fan question, Sam, for everybody who's not going to follow us to UFC fight Where can they find you on all your social media or do you have anything else that you want to promote?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:59
Oh no, that's pretty much it just instagram and twitter. It's the same handles same views.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:51
Okay, that's it for episode 104 With UFC strawweight. Sam Sam page Hughes. What acuity guys, UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at UFC fight backslash signup. Okay, so next week, I special special guest I meet him I met him Excuse me briefly this last weekend at the UFC Fan Expo. And you know, I've been wanting to have him on for a while because if you follow him on Instagram, he's a fucking character just like you're laughing at his content nonstop and he is actually about to headline you if it's UFC Fight Night August 6. I don't know what number it is right now guys, but our next guest next week's guest is Jamal Hill who's ranked number 10. And he like I said he's taking on Thiago Santos who's ranked number six right now in that light heavyweight man Jump. I mean, yeah, he's doing big things. And it's nice to get him as he prepares for this big fight, but I've been wanting to have him on for a minute just because he seems like a real fun guy and probably not afraid to talk about his sex life either. So tune in for that next week, guys, it's gonna be good. Don't forget, check out our merchandise and support us that way. WW, sex violence, rebel Pick up a shirt or anything like that. It really helps us out. My exclusive fan content site is Ashley rebel My birthday is tomorrow and I'm doing oh shoot limited time dealio where I take off 30%. And yeah, so take advantage of that, guys. Also, please follow us on Apple podcasts. That's a new feature. So rate review the show all that good stuff, and then click that little plus sign. It's in the upper right hand corner. It helps us out a lot. It's fucking free. You bastards. Just do it. I love you guys. Thank you for tuning in every week. Thank you for the fan questions. Those fan questions guys. They are always going to be on UFC fight pass platform. So if you're listening on Apple or Spotify, that's probably why you're not hearing them. But it really is a cool platform you know, you've probably heard me say it at least twice in the episode because that's a prerequisite but fight pass is cool guys check it out. Really they have this the show is my favorites called fight lore. It's just an example of one show that is really entertaining on there that's not fights, live fights or anything like that. It's like a documentary style where they have half animation half real fighters or MMA characters like Bruce Buffer and stuff like that talk about real stories and it's it's just a cool platform. So check it out letting you guys know that that's where all the fan questions are now, and a big thank you to our audio engineer, DJ Zol you can find him on Instagram at DJ XO and tomorrow Good studio at tomorrow kids official and as always, you can follow us at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashlee MMA on Instagram. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. I did. Remember be kind be grateful but don't take shit from anyone. Talk to you guys next week with a new guest and more tales

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