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Ep.106 Terrance "TWrecks" McKinney

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What's happening hot stuff. What is up on my naughty listeners? We're back new week new episode. Like I said last week, I want to tell you guys about a few things before we get to our guest. If you want to go to an amazing grappling event in the Southern California area, I will be hosting along with zeta Zang, my good wrestling partner she is my buddy and we are going to host the submission only series at number seven. That's called the welterweight pros. It's actually being held at a Hollywood production studio in Hollywood. So it's gonna be very cool. There is grappling and music and drinks and vendors and all that if you would like to attend. Like I said, the date for that is tomorrow. That's Saturday, July 23. Submission only series number seven. Tickets are available at www submission only And yeah, if you're there, please say hi, I would like to see all you guys some other things I want to tell you before we get right to our guest, I'm going to make this quick. 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Be sure to use promo code Ashlee 20 at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase on your path towards better skip the detours start with through. Now back to our episode. Today's guest is an American professional mixed martial artist who currently competes in the lightweight division of the UFC pro since 2017. He also fought for legacy Fighting Alliance and holds a 16 and four record. He was a two time high school state wrestling champion and a decorated collegiate wrestler. Before he made his pro MMA debut he had a drug overdose where he died twice in an ambulance and was brought back to life. In an amazing comeback story. He then went on to compile a 71 record before appearing on Dana White's contender series 21 In July 2019. Two losses in a row moved him to take time off and until early 2021 And he has since racked up four knockouts including the fastest and UFC lightweight history. Just seven seconds. We talked about being a hoe as a youth caught having sex his first time tinted window Tinder drive by being a booty man banging on the bathroom floor. No porn during fightcamp Mom taught him how to fight not being Kayo thirsty and much more here is your guest Terrence T. rex McKinney.

Unknown Speaker 9:28
Here we go we have a mind we have Terrance T. rex McKinney. I'm so excited to have you on the show. I don't even know where to start. How are you feeling today?

Unknown Speaker 9:38
I'm feeling great. My weights good man. Honestly, no complaints.

Unknown Speaker 9:44
Yeah, you fight August 6 against Eric Gonzalez. I guess we'll ask you some basic bitch questions like What do you know about your opponent? You know, you want to shed some light on the game plan and then we'll get to the juicy stuff.

Unknown Speaker 9:57
As you guys know my game plan every time I'm just to kill, that's what I do. But we're going to slow real soon we're gonna I'm ready to show the crowd that we got cardio and we're gonna be here to push the pace every second to fight but expect to finish you guys know I come with that kind of statement and I'm gonna just just kind of show my involvement picking my shot better when people are hurt. And I know he likes to come forward and he's kind of wild unpredictable, but we're gonna read it. Do the sidestep being every time. He's doing some sloppy, crazy things.

Unknown Speaker 10:30
That's great. I was wondering now that you hold the record for fastest knockout in lightweight history. Is there like a new sense of pressure, you know, with each fight like, oh, like, how do I top this fight? You know, how do I like I have to keep doing cooler shit, right? Like, is that in your mind? Are you just like, No, I'm not gonna put that pressure on myself. I'm gonna go in there. And do me.

Unknown Speaker 10:54
I just go in there. And I try to have fun, but I'm actually looking for to finish at all time. So I know I'm never gonna be in a corner fight because I just like to finish people, like, people get screwed with the judges all the time. So I just refuse to let it get to.

Unknown Speaker 11:09
That's great. Have you looked past Eric Gonzalez? Are you looking for? You know, do you have somebody in mind? Are you just taking it one fight at a time right now?

Unknown Speaker 11:17
I'm just soaking it all in one fight at a time no need to rush none. I just need to enjoy this journey. God allowed me to be on so

Unknown Speaker 11:24
in what a fucking journey. I can't wait to talk about it just with your UFC career in general. You know, alone, you were on the contender series that didn't work out. So well, you know, had back to back losses. Unfortunately, you took some time off. I'm curious what you did on that time off because you come back. And you're just knocking fools out and breaking records and doing great things. So I want to know, what did you do in that time off between Dana White contender series where you got your opportunity? And then you know, here you are, you know, breaking records.

Unknown Speaker 11:59
I'm just humbling myself and just met and making sure I just stayed positive on myself because I was like, if they want to meet then they'll want me later. I just got to prove myself. And make sure I'm 100% and not just trying to be the tough guy taking charge but I'm injured. So I just took a year off to I know what I need to work on. I said my my wrestling and grandpa's are there my if my stand up there then no one can stand against me. So I just took a whole year off got my shoulder surgery, and I just took a whole year just focus strictly on stand up.

Unknown Speaker 12:32
Okay, did you do anything? Besides physical training? Was there anything mentally spiritually, emotionally that you did?

Unknown Speaker 12:39
I'm just trusting they got into trust in the process. But I just had a great support group around me and, and that just helped me evolve as a person and as a man.

Unknown Speaker 12:50
That's great. You actually I was doing my little research and you've owned in 16 fights. You've only seen the second or third round twice. That's awesome fact. That's dope.

Unknown Speaker 13:02
Yeah, like I said, it's never never an abortion fight.

Unknown Speaker 13:07
That's awesome. Well, you know, I know you're gonna do great August 6. Eric Gonzalez we just had on Jamal Hill who's headlining that card versus Thiago Santos. So we'll be watching for sure. But we want to get to know you a little bit better. We've you know, I first saw your story probably about a month or two ago and it just it like literally made my heart sank. It was heartwarming and inspirational. And so I don't want to go too deep in there. But if you want to give us the kind of like the brief story about, you know, we know that you were a standout wrestler in high school, a badass NCAA wrestler, and then you had basically what was an overdose and you died two times was brought back to life. And then you make this amazing kind of inspirational journey into the octagon. But what happened that night and how do you deal with it moving forward?

Unknown Speaker 14:01
Um, at first, it was something that I was embarrassed about. I was at a party I took like over nature shrooms, and there's no biomass and I was already drinking and smoking. And then I ended up seeing demons in light. And I stood up to tell the demon I wasn't praying he shut my body down and I filled through the window and knocked myself out. And then as you have seen the cameras just start tweaking out at that rate. I'm just like a walking zombie and like the drugs that keep me moving around doing stuff

Unknown Speaker 14:32
that's wild Yeah, I did see the video guys if you haven't seen this, you know, not for shock factor but sheer you know, inspiration like seeing someone you know, unfortunately, that's a very low low part of your life. But then being able to watch someone rise to greatness and you know, break sports history just a few years later is amazing. So, you know what, I want to like pull back a little bit you know, I did my research on you, but what was growing up like you You know, did you have your traditional mom and dad, you know, where do you come from? Like, what was the family upbringing like for you?

Unknown Speaker 15:08
Um, it was hard growing up, because my mom had to give me to my grandma. And that was like, 11 other kids there. So imagine that down and I was gonna run as a group. So if you got mad, had to get to their kids. So eventually, it made me tougher. And now you can see who I am today. But but the vintage you're talking about earlier, I just wanted to say that was when I was 19. It was like, a year into college. So okay, like, it's been a while, okay. But God did make it like a blessing. And I'm like, using it to help people's life out. But growing up for me, no one was there to help me out. So that's kind of like, why I want to help people, you know? Yeah, they're not. They're not alone out there. I do, because I like being the small guy in the group. You're gonna get picked on. Like, I was pretty short for a while. And I weighed like, 78 pounds, like, going into high school.

Unknown Speaker 16:02
So well, you wrestled at 125. Rose today at 1060. Yeah, there's 1054 or 1064 for boys.

Unknown Speaker 16:12
Was 103 At the time, and then I rose to the 112 pounds. And then 126 And then 132.

Unknown Speaker 16:20
You were you hit your growth spurt way later in life.

Unknown Speaker 16:24
That's the 138 Sorry, 138. But I was I was walking around like, 134 I just never caught me.

Unknown Speaker 16:32
All right. And so is wrestling something that kept you in line and focused, I wanted to touch on the fact you know, you said your mom gave you to your grandma, and I did some research and it said that your mom was a former gang member, but then she later joined the military and kind of you know, did what you did, like changed, you know, turned her life around, which I thought was really inspiring. And I thought, you know, I wonder what kind of like relationship your mom and you have, and how that kind of might have maybe that affected some of your romantic relationships moving forward as well.

Unknown Speaker 17:04
Um, my mom was young had me a 16. So you know how that goes. Like, course, they're gonna get annoying stuff. But honestly, it's my mom's probably my best friend and like, my biggest inspiration because she has five kids and she, she went from being in a homeless veterans program to owning a house. That's, that's like 300k like that just shows what God can do and hard work and not giving up and she's been stabbed in the artery in the neck and broken by gang members like for her to go through all that and not give up. It's just for me, it just fuels me even stronger. That's why I refuse to give up because my mom can do that. Take a take a hidden on the bat as I was walking to the window and didn't show your tear down. I refused to ever give up on my genius because my mom didn't give up on

Unknown Speaker 17:53
us. Yeah, she's a tough woman and sound like she made a tough kid. So that's amazing. And that's your role model. Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 18:00
Yeah, that's my biggest. That's what keeps me going. And my little sister Leilani.

Unknown Speaker 18:05
So who you know if your mom was getting her life together, and you're with your grandma, who was like that role model that taught you about love and girls, did you have any male figures in your life?

Unknown Speaker 18:16
I'll say my grandpa, but he ended up dying. And after that, it was just me being on the internet kids and you know, going to school and so he started figuring stuff out.

Unknown Speaker 18:31
For sure the internet. Me and Jamal, our last episode we're talking about VHS tapes, but I guess you're too young for that, huh?

Unknown Speaker 18:40
No, I know about the VA. Are you sad to watch VeggieTales because covering up and then we had like only a couple of channels like PBS Kids, you know, all those Lane channels were circling back have the watch Magic School Bus again.

Unknown Speaker 18:58
Speaking of you know, being young, do you remember your first girlfriend or like that, that time in your life when you first started really getting interested in girls because some people say it's like, you know, 1314 But then it could be much younger, right?

Unknown Speaker 19:11
Yeah, and I'll say like, I have my first like, like Kid girlfriend, probably like I was like 10 Maybe nine.

Unknown Speaker 19:18
Okay, all right. And then what about your first like, adult relationship?

Unknown Speaker 19:23
First row

Unknown Speaker 19:24
I don't when I was like 1818 and that was in college or high school. High

Unknown Speaker 19:29
High right out of high school. I really was like focused on my parents like like I was pretty close with guy like it just cuz college I just like I said I got out of hand close was good. Yeah, like, I was I was. I was like, what some people would call a nerd. Like, you smoke. What are you doing?

Unknown Speaker 19:52
That's, that's awesome. You don't hear about that too often. You know, and, you know, we have a lot of like, rough but the

Unknown Speaker 19:58
funny thing is, though, I It taught me like in middle school. That's what's funny that I ended up being like that all throughout high school, you know?

Unknown Speaker 20:06
So you were like a goody two shoes. And then when you went hard, you just went super hard.

Unknown Speaker 20:10
Yeah. You know, you know how wrestlers and as far as our you know when we go in, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:16
we're extremists for sure. So, you know, do you do like, Did you online date when you were young because I know there's a little bit of a age difference. I'm 35 You're 27 So do you prefer to meet people online? swipe left, swipe right or in person, go to the bars or go out?

Unknown Speaker 20:38
Purchase better? If you need that girl at a club. I feel like oh, no, it just it just always varies just it's just gotta be about vibe. But like if for me if I met a girl the club chances are I'm probably not gonna date her. What I feel

Unknown Speaker 20:53
why what? She's just there. She's just trying to dance you know?

Unknown Speaker 21:03
This is this is foggy, negative, but like, if we do hit it off, maybe going into our next topic. And then the day I'm like, yo,

Unknown Speaker 21:14
if you don't meet your girls at the bar, where do you meet? Do you do online dating?

Unknown Speaker 21:19
I used to back in the day like, you know, everyone use Tinder back in the day when they're just so the not anymore. I'd never

Unknown Speaker 21:27
Are you gonna share a tinder story with us? Everyone's got one. They've got that good one in this story. Yeah. And then they've got that bad one come on tears.

Unknown Speaker 21:39
You know, my standards weren't the same as they are now no younger. So you know, that's that tender moments for me for sure. say so.

Unknown Speaker 21:49
We've all raised the bar as we've gotten older, for sure. You know, I mean, back in the day, I was like, Can he make me laugh? Is he good in bed? Let's go. Now like, does he have a job? Is he a good person, you know,

Unknown Speaker 22:05
blamer factors going back in the day, I'll just Fournier to those standards, not telling what I was going on can do.

Unknown Speaker 22:13
You're just wilding out, and now you just kind of raise the bar. Alright, so we're not on Tinder. And we're not meeting her at the bar. I guess. Let me ask you. Are you single? Are you seeing someone in a relationship? What's your status?

Unknown Speaker 22:27
I'm just what I tell people. I just need I don't I don't believe anything. I'm just like, living my life. You know, I just feel for some reason wants to start like, gone public and just putting things there. It just caused a lot more drama in my life. So I just rather not put titles on you know,

Unknown Speaker 22:44
but how is it girls? Know if you're if you're available or not? You just

Unknown Speaker 22:49
got to know. And trust me. And if you don't, then that's the end of it.

Unknown Speaker 22:53
I don't understand. I just don't understand that. You know, if I communicate

Unknown Speaker 23:01
good, you know, I'd like to tell them, I'm just a free spirit.

Unknown Speaker 23:05
So you're a free spirit. No, no labels, no title.

Unknown Speaker 23:09
I'm just like a dolphin. I just want to just get my water and just do my thing.

Unknown Speaker 23:14
All right. So but you have had relationships in the past, right? Yes. And what was your longest relationship?

Unknown Speaker 23:22
Probably two years. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 23:24
It's good amount of time. Yeah. What what did you learn in that relationship? Right. It's kind of like a fight even though it fails and it ends doesn't necessarily mean you regret it. It's like, you gotta go back to the drawing board. See where you can improve so that you can be a better partner, better fighter, whatever, right.

Unknown Speaker 23:42
Back in the day, like I said, I was just the hoe. It's just, I think I like, you know, in my heart, I loved it. But at the same time, you know, I was just the whole, you know, at the end of the day, okay. Growing up to do, I thought I was ready for a ship. But really, I wasn't compared to the level I'm at now.

Unknown Speaker 24:02
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Unknown Speaker 25:16
Honestly, that's all it is is the straight up with the girl and I think they're gonna respect you a whole lot more.

Unknown Speaker 25:24
So you were a high school wrestler, so was I college wrestler so as I you know, pro MMA fighter, so I'm very familiar with how the dating scene can go for people like us, but in your words, how has dating been as a wrestler, now a professional MMA fighter? Is it different than for the normal person?

Unknown Speaker 25:44
No, it's, it's the same. It's just like, like I said, like, I just like to keep my stuff just closed because people like to talk crap. And I just know how girls are and stuff. So like I said, like, it's not just a mean thing is just for me to look out for them as well. Because, like I said, more more people that know me, the more drama that comes with it, you know?

Unknown Speaker 26:04
Are you saying that in the past, you've had problems with people, maybe exposing your personal life when you didn't want them to?

Unknown Speaker 26:10
Yeah, just people knowing way too much stuff about my life. So I was like, I read this keep my personal stuff just strictly for me. And whoever I'm with,

Unknown Speaker 26:18
and everyone on this podcast right now. Yeah. Have your career choices ever been? Like cause for turmoil? Like, you know, maybe a partner was like, Oh, you're always in the gym? Or why can't you go out? Or why can't you drink or, you know,

Unknown Speaker 26:35
I'm probably think they probably liked it better when I was fighting or something or wrestling, because that's what I'm focused and I wasn't turning it up or anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 26:44
Okay, they don't got to worry about you.

Unknown Speaker 26:48
Got to worry about me. Like when I'm trying a new arm wrestler, I'm fine. They don't gotta worry.

Unknown Speaker 26:53
I got it. Do you think that it's better to have a partner while you're actively competing like you are? Or is it better just kind of stay single, stay focused, not have any kind of extra obligations to, you know, make someone feel good or go out of your way and do other things, you know?

Unknown Speaker 27:10
Um, I don't think it's ever bothered me the way because I was just down to crunch time. I like tunnel vision, everything you know, I still show love. But I gotta focus on the task at hand. At the end of the day, I can get cut from the UFC. Like, this is this can be going to anything any day or blinking eyes. So like, oh, yeah, I have no time to think about anything like to add to be focused on the fight. And then after that, I'll be ready to go full back into focus on the girl that I was at. That's great.

Unknown Speaker 27:40
You know, not not everyone's able to do that love can be extremely distracting. Even if you aren't you have a goal or other passions. It's just like love is a drug sometimes in drugs can be very powerful. As you know, we both know, I think so. You know, it sounds like you're a very focused person when you want something you buckled down high school was badass. College was badass, you know, fell off for a minute, but even now you're like, able to, you know, put love aside and focus on the task at hand. So I think that if you keep going this way, you're gonna be really successful. That's awesome. I want to know, what's the worst date you've ever been on?

Unknown Speaker 28:20
Well, it was bad to be a date. So I'm like I'm pulling. And then I see her out talk to her mom. But luckily, I had tinted windows. He didn't look like the girl that she says you are. So I just drove off.

Unknown Speaker 28:33
Oh, no, you didn't drive by.

Unknown Speaker 28:41
I felt bad. Oh, hell no, you're not tricking me. I got to go.

Unknown Speaker 28:48
Oh, okay. Well, I like to ask this question because it's like in our you know, how many years we've been dating. For me it's a little longer. What have you learned that you would tell young Terrance now like looking back and all of your dating history?

Unknown Speaker 29:05
I'm just, I can appreciate those girls more because like I tell people that's always a part that once you leave them that stays with you. And yeah, just appreciate them more because you never know what you got to lose it. Push, you know,

Unknown Speaker 29:20
that's very sweet. Yeah. So do you get just as many creeps in your DMS as the girls do?

Unknown Speaker 29:29
I have some odd messages. Attend to just quick glance and then the Blog button with the swiftness I got to

Unknown Speaker 29:38
ask what's the weirdest thing a fan has DM do girl guy doesn't matter?

Unknown Speaker 29:44
I'm pretty sure someone wanted me to send my toast to you got that too. I can't see my toes. You know I got slave feet. You don't want to see them but on us anyways. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 29:57
don't. Exactly. I don't get it like this. As girls, and I'm like, the girls fee are just as bad as the boys sometimes, you know, we're barefoot doing shit on the mat, too. Yeah, it's weird. All right, well, so weird question, but how did you learn about sex? Did you watch TV? Did you talk about with your, you know, 10 other or 11 other kids that your grandma

Unknown Speaker 30:25
pop up still need away? Internet? Yeah, you know the pop up the next thing you know, you see in Katie's messaging, you know, watching porn

Unknown Speaker 30:39
what age did you actually lose your virginity? 1313. Yeah. And was that you want to tell us any kind of story about that? Or was it just one of those,

Unknown Speaker 30:50
you know, experiences? Yeah, it was girl. She's voted me stone off. Scott said I can touch on her breasts and stuff. And I was like, all right. Gotta come over. It was like 10 seconds. Soon as I'm almost done, my brother walks in. Oh, no. Never. Never was allowed to have girls. Oh, I was like, 18. That was the end of that. It was the graph. No girls over.

Unknown Speaker 31:15
Oh, yeah. He's never gonna let you live that down. You know, we're gonna forget that. Right?

Unknown Speaker 31:19
We're both scarred, you know? And after that, it was so quick. I was embarrassed. I was like, I'm just gonna wait till I'm old enough. So what I'm doing?

Unknown Speaker 31:27
You've been in the UFC for some time now. Did anything change dating wise when you got into the UFC?

Unknown Speaker 31:36
Um, no, not really. It's just like, like I said, I'm very proud person. So like, people really don't know too much about my dating life. Unless you like really my close friend.

Unknown Speaker 31:47
Well, how can we ask you? What kind? Okay, so you're chillin right now? I kind of feel like that leaning towards single but we don't want to label it right? What if a girl like I said, No Labels? No Labels. Okay, what kind of partner do you look for? Let's first let's let's just do looks. And then I want to, I want to know, like on a deeper level characteristics, but like, looks wise, do you have like, a certain type that you go for?

Unknown Speaker 32:13
Your face gotta be pretty. Like, she has like, no pants. Like, I gotta be able to wake up. You know, any kind of cute girl.

Unknown Speaker 32:24
You gotta be pretty good. Right away in the morning.

Unknown Speaker 32:27
Yeah, like least you know, you know, you know, saying Oh, you look right still. Yeah. And then like, you gotta at least have one or the other. But I would prefer booty. Of course, I'm African American

Unknown Speaker 32:42
voting. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 32:44
They got that is useless.

Unknown Speaker 32:46
Okay. All right. And what about characteristics? Is there a certain type of woman that attracts you?

Unknown Speaker 32:52
Um, some of the has, like, their own apartment. They got a car, they go to school, something, you know, I got to see like, effort towards building something. I got to see something that can help us both build, you know, if there's no if I got to carry your weight, then we're gonna end up being down at the same level. So we got to be a part of that we can elevate each other at the same time for sure.

Unknown Speaker 33:20
I love that. You know, not every man is like that. Jamal. Just getting to you know, yeah, so you're saying? Independent, self sufficient driven? Fuck yeah, I like it. That's awesome. All right. What about sex before the fight? There's a myth. I believe that you should not have sex. Do you? Do you terrines abstain or do you have sex before

Unknown Speaker 33:45
you got the same because it kills your legs rule. If for me, like, like, I remember I had I did before this one fight. And my legs was tired. I was like, I was getting tired as hell. But the crowd cheered me on I came back to life in a third period because even get to submission that yeah, I would say definitely not. Maybe for girls is more beneficial, though.

Unknown Speaker 34:11
Yeah. What if your partner's doing all the work? So you don't actually have to like use your legs the night before?

Unknown Speaker 34:21
No, no, because that's like, you know, it could be a little boy or girl. So either way, you're gonna feel that energy during that lifetime.

Unknown Speaker 34:30
Okay, okay. Have you ever been asked to do anything too weird or freaky in bed? That you're like, yeah, no, no, not me.

Unknown Speaker 34:40
If you catch me at the right times, you know I'm gonna be down for whatever you

Unknown Speaker 34:49
do you have a favorite, like quickie or like wild sexual experience every time you know, you're asked about like a crazy sex experience. You're like, oh, that's the one that pops up in your mine

Unknown Speaker 35:03
my father Craziest thing is me and my boy was out to get this girl and I somehow like finessed them to get up the bathroom and lock the door. And I've been this shake like at this party like right on the bathroom floor next to the dryer and stuff doing the absolute most. That's already crazy.

Unknown Speaker 35:24
That is a wild story. Yeah. In the middle of a party. All right. So we are definitely alphas right you know, fighters we just tend to be more dominant. But sometimes in the bedroom, that's where you can actually be more submissive or let your pert your partner be more dominant. Does your dominance kind of transfer into the bedroom? Or are you okay, relinquishing a little bit of power with your partner?

Unknown Speaker 35:50
I'll switch it up sometimes, but she's like grabbed my neck too hard to wrap my cheeks to make me feel like a lady called out

Unknown Speaker 36:10
well, it's time for the lightning sex round lightning sex round for those of you listening who don't know it is a rapid fire yes or no segment. But, you know, some people Jamel hill. They want to elaborate so if you feel like you want to elaborate people can elaborate. Are you ready Terrence? Yeah. Okay, here we go. Lightning six round. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank are like to be spanked. Spank choking? Yes. threesomes Yes. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 36:56
Yes, but not not too much when I'm fine.

Unknown Speaker 36:59
Okay, okay. Any fetish is like a foot fetish.

Unknown Speaker 37:05
No, but like I said, the right time on my toes. You know? Gotta get in the shower. I know you eat clean. We just showered together. Man. I'm like, suck. Are you just this one time?

Unknown Speaker 37:19
What about like a bodily fluid fetish?

Unknown Speaker 37:25
No, but I don't mind if it goes first. I think it's far.

Unknown Speaker 37:28
Okay. Bondage like ropes. Blindfolds, handcuffs.

Unknown Speaker 37:33
I did that one time, but it is the messed up part. It was someone's girl. So I was I was scared. I was handcuffed and then I heard a knock on the door. It ruin that experience for the I'll do the no blindfold though. For sure. The handcuffs is cool.

Unknown Speaker 37:50
Okay, because caliber handcuffs. You know what if that guy would have got in there? You're handcuffed to the

Unknown Speaker 37:56
at least I can see on the front kick on, you know? Bottom.

Unknown Speaker 38:03
Yeah, you still got weapons? You're good. All right. How about role playing?

Unknown Speaker 38:10

Unknown Speaker 38:11
Sometimes. Okay. What about but stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 38:17
You know, I'll do bust up on a girl. Not funny. Got it?

Unknown Speaker 38:21
Do you sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 38:25

Unknown Speaker 38:26
ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? No, no. Okay. Lingerie lover.

Unknown Speaker 38:34
Who doesn't love laundry? Some people

Unknown Speaker 38:36
just want to get right to the fucking you know

Unknown Speaker 38:43
like the perfect deal that you know.

Unknown Speaker 38:45
Yeah, it is. I'm becoming more of a fan. I have a body here. Yay. Nay Nay ever been? Oh, yeah. You already said this. Just

Unknown Speaker 38:57
a little bit. A little bit. A little bit. All right. Go down. There was a one is longer.

Unknown Speaker 39:09
Okay. And then the last question you already said. Yes. You have been caught having sex before. It was your first time by your brother. Yeah, that was the last question. All right. Congratulations. That was a lightning sectra Good job.

Unknown Speaker 39:25
Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 39:26
The last two segments are a game of Fuck, Marry kill and fan questions

Unknown Speaker 39:39
marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're

Unknown Speaker 39:41
done. Now the game of Fuck, Marry, Kill. I'm gonna give you three names and you're gonna tell me who you would fuck, who you'd marry you and who you would kill. And even if you wouldn't Fuck, Marry or kill anybody. Just play the game. Okay. All right. So this was really hard for me. My friends day An impact Kenny gave this one to you. They're like, Ah, he's a youngin compared to us, so we're giving you Disney stars all grown up. So you have Selena Gomez. Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus. Fuck, Marry, Kill, go

Unknown Speaker 40:19
okay. Selena Gomez marry Buck Miley, because you know see look like little street and then you know, you can get

Unknown Speaker 40:30
killed she can kill. Okay? You wanna know something funny? But one time someone told me I looked like Dollar Store Demi Lovato and I was like ah, that's so good such a bird. Oh oh it had the pistol. I was like No she's Walmart Ashlee Evans-Smith You know what, stop it. Anyway okay, now guys, for those of you who are not subscribed to the UFC fight pass platform head over there right now we're going to ask Terrence some of your real fan questions. So if you're not subscribed, you're missing out Terrence before we go, where can all those people who are not going to follow us over to the fight pass platform catch you on social media or anything else you want to promote? Besides the fact that you're about to knock this guy out August 6

Unknown Speaker 41:20
Um, just shout out to a warrior camp shout out to Pablo Alfonso and CJ Phillips and my strength and conditioning coach do mentor me and my family my mom and most importantly shout out to God for just giving me a chance to just to live my dream every day.

Unknown Speaker 41:37
I love that I didn't notice something that all these videos I was watching of you doing my research and your inspirational stuff you always gave like a lot of credit to your coaches you're like we did this we did that and I think like that's like a really big indicator

Unknown Speaker 41:53
my teammates too because that's what people need to understand that like this is positive I don't have no training partners I'm not getting them no look I will not be prepared like to say that you can't go to war with no harm.

Unknown Speaker 42:05
Yeah, for sure. But it's it's so it's refreshing to hear people hope you never change Terrance keep giving your you know your team love

Unknown Speaker 42:12
like that okay, guys, that is it for episode 106 With UFC lightweight Terrans T Rex McKinney, who fights August 6. Don't forget to tune in against Erica Gonzalez. That's going to be one exciting fight to watch. I knew this was gonna be a great episode. I'm feeling expired, guys. UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at UFC fight backslash sign up and next week we have another UFC fighter we have UFC flyweight and Canadian Jasmine. I'm gonna kill her last name. Just Sudha Vicus is that how I see it? I gotta, I promise by the time I have her on next week, I'll have it down. I gotta practice it. Jasmine jazz. Sudha Vicus Sudha Vicus that's who's coming on. She's a flyweight. You know, I haven't really done much research on her. But she has been winning lately. And I'm excited to get to know her. So tune in next week, guys. Also, don't forget, I tell you every week you can buy merch that's the website sex and violence rebel. you can email us that's sex and violence And you can also check out some exclusive content from your host me. Ashley rebel It's like only fans, but better. It's a fan time website. And please don't forget to rate and review the show. And if you're listening on Apple podcast, click the plus sign in the upper right hand corner. I don't know that just if we if we put something out. You guys are the first to hear first to know about it. So if you really liked the show, this helps you out okay. helps us out too. I love you guys. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for tuning in every week. You guys are always sending awesome fan questions. It means a lot. I know some of you might be a little butthurt that we sent all those fan questions over to the UFC fight pass platform. I haven't heard any naysayers about that. But I'm just assuming because there's got to be at least one of you that's listening. That's like no Why don't want to go over to UFC fight pass. But guys, it's a cool platform. If you like this podcast, I guarantee there's gonna be some shit on there that you like a documentary some kind of Docu series. I talked about this series on there a lot. It's called fight lore. It's half an I made it half documentary so you got like Bruce Buffer telling a real story and then it's like cartoon Bruce Buffer which is hilarious right so check it out guys. I really do believe in UFC fight pass and super grateful to them so we might not always have the fan questions exclusively on UFC fight pass but that's the deal right now and just being transparent with you guys. Okay special thank you to our man DJ Zol at DJ ZL on Instagram check him out guys, the studio where we make our amazing podcast tomorrow kids Studio you can check them out on Instagram at tomorrow kids official and as always, you can find us at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA on Instagram. I really hope you guys enjoyed this show. I did. I'll talk to you guys next week. And what do I say? Be kind be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. Talk to you guys next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and violence.

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