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Ep.109 Tai Emery

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day all night. Tune in sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence. What's happening hot stuff what is up on my naughty listeners? We're back with a new guest. Very excited about this guest. But before we talk about some fun cool things, titties and violence. I wanted to let you guys know first of all, if you didn't know about this, but also let you know about the funeral services if you have heard about this. Now the mixed martial arts community as a whole has suffered great losses this last two weeks specifically a local man named Luke Adams, someone I formerly trained with at sub fighter MMA here in Orange County, Jujitsu legend Leandro, lo and all around legend and badass judo. Jean Labelle all passed away in the last 12 days. It was a big hit. Everybody you know is impacted by this. We've got jujitsu legends, judo, legends, and local fighters all passing away. So you know, all I wanted to say was, you know, for Luke's memorial service if you're local here in the Orange County area, or if you're listening to this and you want to make it out. Frankie Mercado of NMT Fitness here in Laguna Laguna Niguel, California here in orange Orange County. He's putting on a memorial service at his gym. Mmm T fitness. Now it's gonna be a mixed martial arts service binning bring your gear guys time to train in honor of Luke. And you know, he can bring food and drinks and all that. So I'm gonna put all that information in the show notes that's at MMT fitness in Laguna Niguel. And then as far as Leandro, lo well actually, let's back it up. Luke, if you guys didn't know passed away from cancer, and you know, I don't know what to say about cancer. i

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It takes some of the strongest people away from us. You know, sometimes I do feel like the mixed martial arts community is or just a spiders in general. It's like, we're so strong like we're, what's the word impermeable to cancer, but that is not true. So, unfortunately, Luke past I think it was Wednesday, less than a week ago. So if you're hearing this, and you knew Luke, I'm sorry for your loss, Leandro, lo, I wasn't familiar with him. Didn't know him. But jujitsu legend and if you didn't hear. This guy basically was at a club in Brazil. He got into an altercation with a Brazilian police officer who is off duty. He's Leandro subdued the officer kind of I think you know her bruised his ego. The officer left came back with a gun shot Leandro two times in the head. It's a super sad situation and I'm sorry to anyone who knew him or was affected by his loss. And finally, a legend Judo Jean LaBelle, famed stuntman godfather of grappling. He died at 89 and he's just a martial arts legend. He was a judo champion. He taught Bruce Lee Chuck Norris, Ronda Rousey, I'm probably forgetting some of these names, but you know 89 And he literally was the first ever mixed martial arts fight. My partner actually told me this this morning because he's like a wealth of knowledge I think was like 1954 1960 Somewhere around there. It was the first ever recorded mixed martial arts fight in judo Jean LaBelle. It's on tape somewhere I need to watch it because get to know your history. Also, Quentin Tarantino, judo, Jean Labelle basically inspired one of the characters. I haven't seen this movie, but it's called once it once a pioneer once upon a time in Hollywood. And yeah, there's one of those characters, so rip to those legends. super sad time. But, you know, all you can say is, Tomorrow is not promised. I think we all forget that. And so we get focused on little things. And if can take anything away from this, just remember to tell the people you love. You love them right now. Call them text them, because they might not be there, you might not be there. So I love you guys. And it's kind of a sad note. But I wanted to bring attention to that and awareness. And, you know, it's sad that sometimes it takes a loss to make you feel appreciative of what you have in front of you, whether that's people or you know, your job opportunities, or just the fact that you're still here you can you can live and breathe and chase your dreams. So that's it. I love you guys. Couple things I wanted to let you know. So today is Friday, if you're listening to this, when it first comes out. Tomorrow, I will actually be at a 3d sports card in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm doing a quick turnaround trip. I'm going to be signing at from one to 3pm Like I said at 3d sports cars. If you want to check that out that's on my instagram at Ashley MMA. And if you're not going to be in Arizona, maybe you'll be in Orange County, and the sorry notes. San Diego County the UFC fights are tomorrow. And I'm so bummed because last minute my manager said hey, I got you some tickets and then I already had this signing booked. So I gotta go make some money instead of spend money but I hope you guys if you attend that live, it's going to be a great card. I really want to go see Angela Hill fight live, but it's okay. August 17. I'm doing a virtual signing. So if you guys ever wanted any prints signed by me fight Pics or girlie pics, whatever. Go to streaming and buy a print and then I'll sign it live on camera for you and I'll make it out however you want. And then lastly, I'll be ending the month with something very exciting for me. It's my second time working as a backstage correspondent for AppNexus fighting. And that's August 20 at the Commerce Casino guys this fight card was already pretty stacked. The main event is Albert mirallas versus Terry on flash where for the first ever 145 pound title for up next fighting, but they just added to like banger fights that I'm actually super excited about. We got Cisco Francisco Rivera, who's a former UFC Bellator veteran. I think he's like maybe even like WEC like he's been slinging leather for a long time and then we have him taking on oh my god brain fire to Ruto sorry to route to

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does all you know I'm talking about Team Alpha Male guy to Ruto Ishihara. I know Ishihara is his last name, but I think I'm saying his first name wrong to Ruto, ta Ruto and he's just super exciting. Like, I love his post fight speeches, and I get to interview him post fight so I'm gonna stay on my toes for that one. He's notorious for talking about his pitches and stuff so should be colorful and the rest of the cards super great to guys if you want to buy tickets at up next If you see me there, please say hi, a couple of other things. If you guys want to check out my exclusive content site that's always Ashley rebel kept it easy. I'm doing some cosplay basically, that's where all the extra sexy stuff is that I can't post on Instagram. And then you can always email us at the show at sex and sorry, sex and violence And if you want to buy some merch Our website is six violence with rebel That's it guys. You know, I tell you every week please rate review the show. If you're listening on Apple iTunes right now please click the upper right hand corner there's a little like plus sign. That's very important for us small little thing for you. And now that's it. Let's get to our guest. When choosing a supplement company, most would think it's an easy choice. But it's not. It's a matter of pride. You have your goal set to become who you are meant to be a decision, a moment in life when you decide to be more, to be great to use everything you can to be more than who you were. I choose perfect sports as my supplement company because perfect sports has been dedicated to providing top pros and athletes with the absolute highest quality nutritional supplements for over 18 years since 2003. A perfect sports has been the choice for the most dedicated and discerning enemy and physique transforming athletes who demand the very best. Perfect sports is known for their product, diesel, New Zealand whey protein isolate. It's a pure grass fed, pasture raised protein that comes exclusively from the isolated island nation of New Zealand, virtually free of lactose with a 90% protein yield. Even people who feel that they might be sensitive to dairy, love this protein. I'm really most excited because you guys know me about their newest product, the diesel vegan that will be ready in about a month, so stay tuned. But they aren't just a protein company. They've got products for bulking and leaning out products for strength and recovery, pre workout or health and wellness to keep your immune up during these unprecedented times by online at www dot perfect and use code rebel girl for 20% discount. Connect with them on social media for all their latest product releases and giveaways. That's at perfect sports TM, again, connect with them on social media for all the latest products and giveaways at perfect sports. TM choose perfect sports. Be great through hempco are big believers in the power of hemp to help you find your better no matter how you define that they're committed to creating a straighter line to help you get there. They're upfront about what hemp is, what it can do, and how they make their products sourced from seed to shelf, organically grown hemp, non GMO hemp, USA grown and bottled and vegan. When you order from through hemp, you can be certain that you're getting the highest quality broad spectrum CBD without any THC because their hemp is grown organically in Northwest America. They know every step your CBD has taken from the seed that's planted to the final product on the shelf. Whether you're new to CBD, or you've been taking it for years you can trust through him will deliver the best quality CBD with absolutely zero THC. Check out their website at through and connect with them on Instagram at through underscore hemp. Be sure to use promo code Ashley 20 at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase on your path towards better skip the detours start with through. Now back to our episode. Today's guest is an Australian Bare Knuckle boxer who has also been a professional model Thai fighter lingerie fight league LFL rugby player and mixed martial artist before she got into professional sports. She was the first female electrical contractor of Australia and the first female and youngest thermographer the 35 year old flyweight currently lives in trains in Thailand, and is about to make her bare knuckle FC debut in Thailand September 3. We talk about pleasure as powerful titties and violence boy crazy or crazy because a boy's dating dry spells in Thailand puts the on fire to fall in love. Anti slut shaming and graveyard sex, sex regret and ejaculation guilt golden showers, tits out for Thai and much more here is your guest Ty Emery.

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We are here with Ty Emery at fucking 3am In the morning in Thailand, Thai you win the coolest guest award. I said you know this is the time and you just said Let's fucking do it. You didn't try to negotiate at all. I love you. Thank you so much for making it work.

Unknown Speaker 14:24
Three M version is I feel like the best version of people anyway. You know, like, that's a different you know, that's like a different person when you're hanging out with your friends when you get the three M version. You know, they're like oh, cool, so maybe we'll have a few more deeper, deeper fucking conversations because that's usually what goes down through him.

Unknown Speaker 14:44
Let's hope but usually at 3am If I'm awake, I'm not sober and you seem so.

Unknown Speaker 14:53
Like I'm usually ensuring day to have a vendor but whatever.

Unknown Speaker 14:58
But you're not because you're We're now in fight camp for your bare knuckle boxing debut. And that is September 6 In Thailand, right?

Unknown Speaker 15:10
Yeah, September 6, we've got it in Bangkok, and they've signed Baucau. Now the stub the name Volkow didn't mean much to me, because I'm not a big Muay Thai, you know? I don't know the whole history. So I googled him he's got like a million followers and this is where I'm where Thai guy and he's like fights pay one as well. And for Thailand like this, you know, Muay Thai is like the it's like the religion it's a part of religion get me like, yes, everything for them. So to have like Volkow, like and now Santra as well, like they signed him to

Unknown Speaker 15:44
what? This is bare knuckle boxing, Thailand signed, Sanjay and Bacau.

Unknown Speaker 15:52
Yes, not in one fight. They're not fighting each other ball cow is fighting, I forget. But they're the headline for this. And they've got they've just also signed said Santai that people of Thailand will watch be QFC for those two fights.

Unknown Speaker 16:10
I would for Sansai I would watch. That's amazing. Oh my god. That's yeah, I already was gonna watch because you're on the card. And I'd like to support the female fighters. But I'm a big fan of Santai. Myself. So that's amazing. Those are? Is he headlining your card?

Unknown Speaker 16:30
No. Barkhouse headlining Michod, and essentially, I will be right I guess later in the year. They have another one I think October already planned. They've got another because there's a fighter out of tiger who, Kevin, who's also going for his title fight that same night, so I guess he'll go for a title, and then they'll have Volkow for sure. I mean, Santai

Unknown Speaker 16:51
amazing. That's super exciting. Obviously, having big shine names like that. Oh, yeah, that's gonna get more exposure for you. And I know, you've been really trying hard to get this fight booked. So

Unknown Speaker 17:04
Oh, my God, girl. Thanks. Sometimes it's just nice to have someone like already in the game, kind of, you know, you'd be like, you know, it doesn't take much you can ask them like and be a little bit more like on that, you know, on their ass about it. And I thought, yeah, that was some real shit. I was like, Oh, thank you so much. And you're right. I was like, damn, the hell. But it's honestly, it's probably you know, how, like, everything happened. And you're like, Oh, I understand now. Okay, get by. It's now

Unknown Speaker 17:33
Yeah. And there's also I think what I told you, when we were talking was like, Hey, girl, over the pandemic, I learned closed mouths. Don't get fed. So speak up, if you want to eat, but there's a fine line, in my opinion of being like bossy, but also being like assertive, right? And you don't want to come across as like,

Unknown Speaker 17:55
No, I always come across as a bit. Unless you like, understand, you know, I always come across as a bit and everyone's like, Yo, Ty just lost his shirt. She's psycho. And I'm like, yeah, maybe in some part, but we also know that I'm very logical AND WHAT THE FUCK like I just turned back into tradie you know, on a construction site tie, which is going to love Fox and it's like straight blunt to the point, you know, so it's either I'm fucking, like, logically rude and blunt. Or I'm like

Unknown Speaker 18:29
you're really like, an anomaly to me, because you've done all these things that are so brutal. Try fighting football fucking bare knuckle. But then you're like this pretty model. And I found out like two days ago that you're smart as well. You were the first ever Australian thermographic and youngest, as well as the first ever Australian electrical contractor. Am I right?

Unknown Speaker 18:54
Yeah, that's right. You're bad. That's see that's I honestly think that that's what helped me even get through all this from like, just every day like someone just on my fucking case about just even just for the fact that I was a chick, like, you know, yeah, eventually, like it puts a chip there and not a bad chip, but just like, man you know, like, hear me hear me bro. I'm gonna fucking speak up and like, that's why it comes back to like, whether you're being assertive or what there's so many times I've been in a position around like if I was a man, that what I just did or what I just said would not have even like, like, you would have been like, what a great leader and look at him and I just fucking that shit pisses me off because it's like, motherfucker. I've lived such a life like I demand some motherfucking respect.

Unknown Speaker 19:44
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I don't know what it was like before you got into the male dominated sports that you do like me. But what that does at an early age, you feel like you always have to prove your Self, you know, yeah, now I gotta go as hard as balls in the gym or now I gotta, you know, like, now I gotta be tough like, I can fucking cuss to guy, you know, like, you always have to prove yourself but so I do want to sorry, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 20:15
I think for me when I finally got like found from football because there's still kind of girl you know, it wasn't, you know, you still have different sorts of characters in a football team that make up the team, you know, but when you come into fighting, everyone's an alpha, you get me like, Yeah, and so for me, that was the first time getting some mixed with like girls like you. And even still now like having just a small real conversation Real Talk where you're like, oh, shit, I forget that there's others out there to know. Like, because it's just so rare for that for sure. Yeah, assertive or a bit? I don't know what No,

Unknown Speaker 20:51
I mean it anyway, it doesn't matter. Because you being assertive, you know, us being forceful. And like I said, closed mouths don't get fed. That's how we've got all these opportunities, because we've been assertive and worked hard and unafraid to be in a male dominated industry, whatever it is sports or otherwise. So I do want to ask you because holy shit like how did it go? Like you were the thermal grapher and then then football and then you're like, I'm gonna elbow somebody, I'm gonna, I'm gonna Bare Knuckle like, what has that transition that journey been like for you? And where was your mindset as you switch these different careers?

Unknown Speaker 21:32
I can't. I think I got each of like, the passions out, you know, like, I loved science always, like, was really in love with science. And when I was little, and obviously, I don't know, the modeling, or that kind of was my friend Mike, one of my friends at the time, she was like, Oh, my gosh, introduce me to black eyeliner, you know, I'm pretty girly. But when it comes to, I never thought I would do a modeling contest to get into a magazine. And then all of a sudden, you're in a magazine, you know, who just think what the hell. I think along each one, I got to find like just a phase or a filter, a new filter of myself, but each one getting like deeper and deeper, even from being like an electrician, man, some of the stuff maybe her TAFE teachers used to say we would be talking of like, you know, Edison and Tesla and Illuminati and just like crazy stuff, where at the time, we were like, what the foul man. And then now like later, you know how many mushroom chips and you know, YouTube searches. I'm like, Holy shit, those are those old guys. We're onto something like what the hell, you know. So but but each one I think like, just getting like deeper into myself and even from football, like getting to relive like, a football was my first toy. As sad as that sounds like I was that kid always with a football. So, you know, kind of went what went down with the football phase. But I really think for fighting that's such a primal thing. You know, like, you can't hide your personality when when you're fighting. And that's one thing I really respected and loved. Why I love to watch fighting. Because I was out at Xtreme couture. That's where I trained every you know, every day for my football career. So there was like mad respect, getting to watch the spine, when you're like holy shit, these guys get to really play, they don't get, they don't get benched. They don't get taken out. Like Coach isn't saying you need five minutes off, like, you know, and after a while, you just start to think Holy moly. And I feel like ignited a lot. Like I'm half Maori. And so that's native New Zealand. And I feel like that like, all of a sudden, I started feeling happier, being able to like express myself. And movement is an expression, you know. So I feel like something like I just feel more at peace, even just being able to like, do what we can do, you know, and not everyone can do that. And not everyone has the mentality for that. So I think knowing that each time you kind of get to like phase deeper and deeper into that I think this is all being worth it.

Unknown Speaker 24:08
That makes sense. So to clarify, while you were out in Las Vegas training for the Football League, you were training at extreme couture, you saw these dudes beating the crap out of each other. And the New Zealander part of you was like I need that in my life. And then you started training and you know, eventually you moved to Thailand to do some Thai striker Thai training. Yeah, and then you feel it to bare knuckle boxing. Yeah, that's pretty much it. Like why Alicia

Unknown Speaker 24:41
tight was huge part. She got me to train in a females group out in Las Vegas. Okay, and then that kind of started that which was cool. Like that mad respect for always pushing the girls. Yeah. But yeah, when I got to Thailand, that was the main thing I just I thought at the time I still wanted to do MMA. So what I don't do more than try and mix that with the football and I, you know, force myself to just strike as a totally different game, which I like. That's some badass stuff. I think that's way more dangerous than any, any of the other martial arts. But um, along the way, honestly, I think the amount of times I've wanted to punch someone in the face and just knowing that it's a bit more of a real experience, because we have to live in discipline like this so many people where I feel like you can be like, Okay, there's been a lot of times I've wanted to do this. And I really like that's how, like, at peace I want to be.

Unknown Speaker 25:36
Just like it what you said earlier, though, even though it seems like Oh, where has this sport been missing? You know, where has it been all my life? That's not the norm. You know? Like, it's not like every woman walks into an MMA gym and is like, this is where I'm meant to be like you and I. That's why we like talking because we're like, oh, there's other crazy pitches out there. That's great. I love it. I love it. You know, something that I was reading about you was that your movement that you were kind of starting is right aligned with sex and violence. You were doing titties and violence. I was.

Unknown Speaker 26:17
That's how I found your site. That's how I found this podcast. Hey, because I was like, titties and balls. And I've always screamed that and I'm always like tits up. I'm like, yeah, one day, there's gonna be saved TVs and all I want to look back at my coaches and be like, yeah, boys. Like, you're the real MVP. I love it so much. Yeah. And I was like, oh, it's already taken. I was like, Nah, you can't you just can't. I couldn't and then when I listen to us, like nah, this chicks cool. There's no way you can. They're too close.

Unknown Speaker 26:52
I think you can do anything you want. Even if it's in the same genre. There's no voice like tie. I'm not like you don't even mean like you're unique. Yeah. You bring a whole new background to it. A whole new point of view. I say do you more people with the same mentality out there? I want I would support you. I'll support you grow.

Unknown Speaker 27:16
I was like, fuck it. I'm just gonna be tidies and tidies.

Unknown Speaker 27:23
Well, I want to know a little bit about your background. I know you're Australian. Your first toy was a football, but what was it like? Your mom and dad I love him because I'm like, she must have been a huge tomboy growing up but like no one would imagine that looking at you, you look very feminine. But you have tomboy.

Unknown Speaker 27:50
Just say I don't know, just like always in big shirts and baseball caps or I don't know just always riding my bike. I always hung out with the voice like I had a good like yeah, a good little clique, growing up through school and just playing sport and I yeah, looking back I'm like, Man, I really was a tomboy holy sugar.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
So since you're a tomboy, I was a tomboy too. Did it take you longer to get interested in boys or do you remember when you kind of started being a little boy crazy? No, I

Unknown Speaker 28:23
never I've never ever been boy crazy. I've been crazy boy

Unknown Speaker 28:29
Yes, yes. I've been

Unknown Speaker 28:32
like up have you want to act? I'm gonna rehab a reaction to this like you're gonna be wonderful. Like serious but no, I think man I think I kissed a boy when I was maybe eight I think I was yet three. I remember always I was on my best best friend was growing up we always like road and I was always super in love with him like yeah, I remember always like yeah, so that's five so you know Yeah, I guess that's natural for people to just be like they don't think of it in a social way you're you're just like oh my god that's my best friend

Unknown Speaker 29:12
for sure for sure.

Unknown Speaker 29:15
But beauty stuff all the being girl more girl yeah, I've always been like mannerisms and like, oh my god, you know, but as well as like you like, but it wasn't until I was like 1819 When my best friend like I said she got me into like using eyeliner in different makeups and then she was like, really pushed me for modeling like a stage mom, you know, but she was the best like, hats off to her. She threw me out and then I think after all the modeling stuff you know you just I fell in love I love hair I love like having that I guess equal expression. So the more I dived into the masculine I think that's when more the feminine started to like flourish and come out. I guess That's even as, even as an electrician. I, you know, I really, I really, that's when I always had my nails. You know, I just all of a sudden all these other things I wanted to search for, you know, kind of came and I guess it's just because you search for that that balance because even when I was electrician, that's when I was modeling so I got to feel,

Unknown Speaker 30:19
you know, masculine feminine. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 30:23
Sorry, I think. Yeah, I think that's all of life. Like, you look super feminine. You're like super feminine. Do it

Unknown Speaker 30:30
once a week like a podcast and then the rest of the week. It's just like sweatpants or spandex.

Unknown Speaker 30:41
Like, you've got long, long hair, or is net like you look cleaning, get me Yeah. Yeah. Without makeup, but

Unknown Speaker 30:50
whatever. That's what my boyfriend tells me. And I love him for it. But I'm like, Are you lying to me to make me feel good? So I want to know, you know, who told you about sex and dating and all that? Or was it something you just had to experience with friends and kind of like, learn on the go? Oh, my

Unknown Speaker 31:10
gosh, I think it was just through school. I think you hear more through school than you do your parents? Oh, yeah. I think other than giving us a book, you know, like doing that sort of thing as a younger age, but I feel like most of it was yeah, just growing up and being around boys who are just dickheads When did you?

Unknown Speaker 31:33
When did you start like really dating? You know, I know you're young that first kiss but like high school college.

Unknown Speaker 31:40
I think it was more like end of high school into leaving. Because I was Yeah, I was always into sport and that sort of stuff. So just more focused on on that. So I think I started I've only think I've only had like four boyfriends. Like for real? Like for real? Because I'm just like, not not about it.

Unknown Speaker 32:01
Okay, so are you more of a bad?

Unknown Speaker 32:05
I'm like more career goal driven? Of course, I like to fuck everybody does Don't worry, children. But I need like, I need my pussy to be on fire. So the thing like or else, I'm just like, Okay, I could be doing something better than fucking you and having a fucking downer.

Unknown Speaker 32:23
So you mean like, just like a lot of chemistry a lot of passion.

Unknown Speaker 32:27
Yeah, I guess so. Because that's what we kind of, like all day, like, from being an electrician from being a tomboy. You know, there's always been that. So I guess for me, I need like the other one. Like, you got to shoot. You got to trade them both, you know? So I think yeah, I guess my first boyfriend was actually my best friend from high school. So, you know, that's kind of where that played in. And that's when I really started properly. Dating was Yeah, at the end of Yeah. end of high school before then. Yeah, leading out what was

Unknown Speaker 32:58
it like dating for you throughout the years as a tomboy, but you don't? It's weird. Because now that you said, you told me it's like you every time you got really masculine, the feminine side came out too. So I guess you're not your average tomboy. You just do tomboy things.

Unknown Speaker 33:17
And dress like a normal. Yeah, just dress like a 12 year old boy. What up?

Unknown Speaker 33:22
So has it been hard for you as a female? Alpha, you definitely don't play. I mean, I know my struggle for sure. But I want to know about yours.

Unknown Speaker 33:36
Okay, even. Because when I was in high school, yeah, I didn't really date anyone. And then after I finished dating, that's when I was electrician and started getting in the magazine world. And all the people that ignored me like in my hometown, they were like, Oh, hey, drink for ya. And I'm like, Well, I'm not drinking. So yeah, get out all. You know. I'm just like, I remember that. How? And then I think because you're in magazines, you just become a notch. So then I'm obviously a stubborn bitch. And when you hear those things, you're like, Oh, I am so stubborn that I will. You know, I can just not even go there.

Unknown Speaker 34:16
Hold out. Don't give a fuck. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 34:19
don't even play me.

Unknown Speaker 34:21
Well, at least you are smart enough to know that sometimes when people get fame. They are a little naive to people's intentions and you get burned a lot at first and then you're like, ouch, I'm going to be smarter. You know? So? Yeah, sounds like you were smart right away. That's great. What about now? Let's fast forward. Are you single or dating anyone? Also, how do you identify sexually Sorry, I forgot to ask.

Unknown Speaker 34:50
I guess I'm yeah, I'm straight. Not I'm not boring. Like, I'm not boring, but I'm straight.

Unknown Speaker 34:58
I don't know why you're not the first Just person to say that but like a couple of guests have been like, I'm stray boring and I'm like, oh, like you have to be polyamorous or pansexual to be cool nowadays.

Unknown Speaker 35:12
Yeah, there's gonna be all these titles. I'm like, God, I'm just gonna piss in the men soon just pocket. Everyone's fucking

Unknown Speaker 35:21
just like Dick. That's it

Unknown Speaker 35:24
just one some average deck.

Unknown Speaker 35:28
Well don't say that you're gonna have every guy. I've got average dick so are you single?

Unknown Speaker 35:38
I'm single. I'm single. I haven't really dated since I was like in America. Wow. How long ago was that? Before? COVID Brown mana Island?

Unknown Speaker 35:50
is fucking dry spell

Unknown Speaker 35:52
or what? Yeah, three COVID? Yeah, that's a long time. That's a long time. Yeah. So long time.

Unknown Speaker 36:01
So 2020 was the last time you were in a relationship or the last time you got laid

Unknown Speaker 36:07
in a relationship I've at least found myself to get laid at least four times a year, which is still shit because let's go 365 times two is what?

Unknown Speaker 36:25
Is there just no quality men in Thailand? Or what's going

Unknown Speaker 36:29
on? None that I'm like feeling? You know? That's all. Okay. You know, conscious? I don't know,

Unknown Speaker 36:37
what what is your kind of guy I always like to ask shallow first like looks. And then we'll do personality. But like what what floats your buddy? Ah,

Unknown Speaker 36:50
man, I didn't know at the I always like, funny. And they gotta be able to use their brain, like, have a conversation at 3am

Unknown Speaker 37:02
or something you can't I don't know, there's always like just a magnetism. And I think when you wait for that, like, it's just way better, it fits better run smoother. And each person that I've ever even felt that with is each one has been different. So it's I haven't, how do you pick? How do you pick that?

Unknown Speaker 37:23
If I just say I have a type when you have like a date this five foot four guy the six foot three, this black guy this Asian? You know, you're like, Ah, it's it. Sometimes it does tend to be a I hate to use this term, a vibe thing or like, like, they'll say same vibe vibes. No, but like, yeah, like, just something that happens when you to get together. You know, I know that sounds corny, but

Unknown Speaker 37:52
it's corny, but it's true. And I don't know, you know, everyone uses human interaction to however they want, whether they're playing it for friendship, or to feed their ego or, you know, like, everyone has human interaction for all different things. Like some people want to learn something, take something, you know, be inspired. But so everyone's human interactions are different. Some people will, some people will be swiping at 2am You know,

Unknown Speaker 38:24
I have a friend who recently broke up with her boyfriend. And then she's just been on the dating apps like crazy. And she didn't tell me that but she was telling me to like the guy she was talking to and I was like, you have spent a lot of time she's like, every night I'm like, Can't sleep just swipe. My God, but people do that. You know, that's common.

Unknown Speaker 38:49
That's an addiction. Addiction. Feeding your little empty somethings. They're like, No, it's just my dick. I'm like, Well, okay, well, speaking

Unknown Speaker 38:59
of fill in empty, you seem like a very fulfilled person. You're focused on your career. You're not over here. Like, I can't wait to meet the man of my dreams. Some women are or men, you know, as they get older, they're just so set on finding the one and settling down or whatever the fuck it is, you know, women gotta hurry up and have a baby, you know, gotta hurry up and buy a house but you me lots of other people I know are living an ulterior lifestyle. And is that because that's, you know that that inside the box mentality of like, you know, hurry up, get married, have a kid? Is that something that you just say? Fuck off. You don't even think about that.

Unknown Speaker 39:40
I don't even think about that in my hometown. What? So I had adoptive parents who were I lived in adopted homes and they were always like, why are you going to be married by 21? And I just remember being like, I just can't see that. No, I just can't see that happening. Like at all here. I am in my 30s Most definitely still, I haven't even lived with the dude

Unknown Speaker 40:06
never lived with the guy the

Unknown Speaker 40:08
last three weeks. I think we lost the three weeks. So that doesn't even count if you can't it's not a month. It doesn't sleep over at your friend's house for that long just because you're like, yeah. But um, yeah, I guess I am fulfilled. I'm just, yeah, fuck it. datings datings just a different game now. And I don't know. I don't I don't know if I have the emotions. for that. I'm too fucking retarded. I'm just like, what? I'm like, Yeah, and also weird. So it's hard for me. Because I'm like, Look, if you're not a little bit weird or confident. This is not gonna work.

Unknown Speaker 40:55
Sure does. I mean, we just talked briefly about the internet being very shitty over there. But do you do online dating at all?

Unknown Speaker 41:05
No, I don't do any online dating.

Unknown Speaker 41:07
Is there Tinder over there?

Unknown Speaker 41:08
Is that weird today? Because all the girls all the girls use Tinder. So everyone's using Tinder. I don't have a tinder account. So don't be finding me. So yeah, there's Tinder and they use Bumble out here. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 41:24
there's Bumbles big out here, too. Oh, really? Oh, yeah. It's, it's more popular for the ladies, I believe it's, the girls have more power on the app, as opposed to guys just sending you dick pics or something like

Unknown Speaker 41:36
that? Oh, my God. So

Unknown Speaker 41:40
so as far as, you know, relationship goals, you know? Do you have, you know, an idea of what you want to do? Like, do you want to find somebody by a certain age? Are kids in your future? Is that something that you like? hard hitting question?

Unknown Speaker 41:58
No, I think the babies I've always I never really even thought about having babies until I was in America and playing football when I was in like around a lot of NFL guys. And they would talk about how my genetics was so good. And I remember one, but he was like, Man, you've got some good genetics. And I remember thinking that's the first time I've ever heard that in my life. Like, wow, you know, like, well, it shocked me.

Unknown Speaker 42:22
Did you not think you have good genetics? Well, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:25
but when some when you it doesn't clue into that a man would actually even think, you know, things like that. And then to use it as a compliment. I thought, Oh, well. That's different. You know? Yeah. So and then I, you know, I'm pretty, I'm pretty traditional. So for me, it's going to be up to my husband. Like, if he wants me to bear a child like, that's why he chooses me, you know, so that's going to be up to him. Because I'm pretty happy in my life. I got my dog. I'm a dog, mom. So I don't know kids is a big commitment

Unknown Speaker 43:02
by the hell. That's the first time I heard you use the word traditional, because you don't like not a word I would use to describe you at all.

Unknown Speaker 43:12
I love. I love at my core i love all fit, like traditions and stuff. And I think maybe just getting brought with the, you know, girl with all that, like, then I Karen, savor those things where you're having a dinner meal with no fucking phones or TV, and hey, some people would laugh at that. But you're like, hey, that's actually traditional sitting and eating for male.

Unknown Speaker 43:31
Yeah, no, that's beautiful. I like that, you know, our technology is great. It's we're saving lives. But the way that especially the younger generation doesn't even interact with each other is really sad. And I catch myself doing it. And with my friends, we're all on our phones. I'm like, This is not how I want to live, you know, and I like put my phone down. Try to like talk and interact in real life, you know? Yeah, for sure. Yeah, I, you know, I know that you had a different upbringing. You said you were adopted. Do you ever consider adopting maybe later?

Unknown Speaker 44:10
Yeah, I think um, I think what if you in gym environments? Yeah, you know, you're always gonna take on someone you know,

Unknown Speaker 44:19
yeah, it's very true. I was like, oh,

Unknown Speaker 44:26
yeah, you're right. Like, there's always gonna be someone to look after. You know, and I think maybe you just play your role like that. Sure.

Unknown Speaker 44:39
Is there something that you used to put up with in the dating game that you know, you would never put up with now?

Unknown Speaker 44:51
I think in the dating game, I'm just not going to put up with fucking bullshit. If you're not interested, I don't care like You know, like, if they're not in it, and I don't have to worry, because I'm not putting up with that. Don't bring your bullshit on to me. Like that's a big thing like you're meant to be a causes top times with just not bullshit like created bullshit. I don't have time for that anymore.

Unknown Speaker 45:17
Yeah, and I think something that I always remind myself, not just with romantic partners, friends work situations, I'm like, if this is not adding value to my life, why the fuck are we friends? Or why the fuck are we fucking or whatever, you know, like, it's got to add value to your life if this person started some bullshit, and they're just stressing you out all the time. in my older age, I'm like, goodbye. As opposed to Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:47
They just have to in everyone energy is like everything. And I think when you start like really looking at a time and everything value, like what the hell, even what today I read, it was like, pleasure is powerful. You know, like, even like that exchange, like sexism exchange, everything is like exchangeable. So

Unknown Speaker 46:08
for sure, I used to think and I still do, I'm very, I'm a big advocate of Do you be whoever you want to be you want to meet up? That's cool. Be Oh, you know, I have my host stages. I'm very happy with my host stages. Because you know, when you get to later stages in your life, you're like, Alright, I'm not missing out on anything. DJ says love is true.

Unknown Speaker 46:38
So you know, but like, now in my life, I look back and I'm like, Yeah, I definitely gave it away all willy nilly. Because it is a very spiritual, you know, like, it's just a different way of connecting with someone that's, you know, beautiful, as opposed to just give it away all willy nilly.

Unknown Speaker 47:03
Yeah, give it away or willy nilly.

Unknown Speaker 47:06
Sorry, Ty, there's, you know, we always talk about serious stuff on the podcast, which and from home phase. You know, last couple guests have been advocates of different groups, you know, we had on Jamie Colleen, who was a domestic violence advocate, beautiful girl. And is there anything that you have used your platform for? I know, titties and violence is fucking awesome. Is there anything else that you have loved to utilize on your platform and kind of shine a spotlight on?

Unknown Speaker 47:41
I think just allowing other girls to have a voice and speak up. I think a lot of females get put in situations where they go into like, a freeze response. And I think things like just shaming people being like, Oh, you will while we were at that party, or, you know, it's just so on the negative when something bad happens to a female in certain positions. I know for myself, hey, whether it's your whole face or not, like No means no. Or does it just because someone's in a fucking certain like state means that things can happen to them? You know? Yeah. I think we should, you know, we should be using a platform as women in this just to allow people to feel safe of talking like that, like, yeah, yeah, violence. It happens in more in more not just like, you know, abuse, like in the home. It's sexual. It's mental. Like, there's so much of like, there's just so many different kinds of abuse. So

Unknown Speaker 48:39
yeah, I think what you're probably getting at is a little bit towards anti slut shaming, you know, because,

Unknown Speaker 48:47
like, let them live. If if John's now allowed to be Jane like, Yeah, let's do

Unknown Speaker 48:55
it. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:59
But yeah, what the hell.

Unknown Speaker 49:02
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Unknown Speaker 50:52
Yeah, I was only just at lunch it yesterday. And so I was like, so what were you doing? Like, how did you get stuck? And I was like, Oh, I was doing a recovery program. Then I was meant to be guest speaking at a meditation retreat in Bali and COVID happened. And then like, but like, what else? What else do you do? And I was like, I just be myself. I'm goes, Wow. And I was like, yeah. Like even a few you, like, look at your job. Like, you're like, I literally just get to be myself. Like, yeah, how good I do feel like as an alpha woman, once we start really like owning our own sexual energy and understanding like, oh, like, I know who I am. I'm fucking don't need to be angry at people stand over people. You know, when you can't come to that? Do you feel like that equaled out at the same time? When you started having like the bomber six? You get me? Not so

Unknown Speaker 51:45
for me, all of that is very new. I have a lot of, I still have insecurities and all that, but when I got sober three years ago, that's when I finally did what you just said, like, Oh, I am badass. Like I have power. I have the power to influence people to support people to inspire to encourage to do all these things. All I had to do was stop being a fucking weak minded person and drinking every fucking second I could. And then I started realizing like, oh, shit, okay, like I am powerful. And not to sound like a perv. But I've always had good sex because I have a good sex. See, you later swipe left or right or whatever, like, no, but this is gonna sound so corny. What changed and developed and evolved was my relationship because I had had relationships. I had had sex, I'd had one nightstands, whatever, right? I never had a healthy relationship that grew and had hard times and then it got better in hard times, and it got better. But no matter what exponentially, it always got better because I put the time and effort and energy into it. And as a drinker. I just didn't have it in me to do that. And so like that's what changed when I like accepted my power and all that but yeah, good sex is important. If you can't have good sex. That's just one thing. I won't settle or compromise. Will not cannot. Yeah, so I always like to ask your girl fighter we get the weirdest DMS for a little bit of comic relief. I got to ask you Ty, what's the weirdest DM you've ever got?

Unknown Speaker 53:38
I think it's weird when people just messaged you pretending like they know you. I think that's weird.

Unknown Speaker 53:44
Like hey, how are you?

Unknown Speaker 53:47
Know Okay, that's pretty PG No, no no, I don't know just like people send you videos messages like every day. That was like in a time where I felt I was like Oh, I really need to like hit back up the supporters and the fans and then when P those people would get angry at you for not like replying and I remember going to phases and being like, hey, even talk to them. Like the people I shouldn't be talking to because I'm What the hell? And then I just started off like to me that was a weird situation because I thought you This is like the man at the sausage sizzle who's getting angry at me for not having onion to go with his free sausage and bread? No, like

Unknown Speaker 54:37
Yes. Okay, you're right. And it's so good. This is why I love talking to other females or males with like mindedness or in the same industry because that's happened to me. And I'm always like, feeling like a bad person. Right? Like you catch yourself you're like, oh God, like, why didn't I respond back to Mike seven sevens, somebody to text? messages in the middle of my training session, like, because I've got other things to do Mike 777, you know, like, whatever it is. But yeah, for a minute there. I'm like, Why am I feeling bad about you know, because you literally take time out of your day to respond. These people you don't even know because you appreciate their support and their love. But then if you don't respond again, then they get mad. And you're like, Wait, now I regret responding to you, you know? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:27
My time and energy for sure. I think yeah, that's really just the way it is. So not nothing too bad. When I was in LFL, I had to change my Facebook name, because so they would sell the season's over to like Asia, Japan, you know, Japan, like all these other countries. And I could tell like when it would change from, you know, like, Jamaica, so to say, or Australia, or over in the Asian countries because of the flood of dick pics that I would get into my inbox. And you know,

Unknown Speaker 56:04
like so was chain tree sent the most addict pics

Unknown Speaker 56:09
that I felt like the Asian countries because it was so much Bush like the thickest bush of everything. Like I mean, it was just poking out that that it was such the bush I thought you guys are such frail little people. It's like all the energy comes out of them shoots you know, like, Samsung.

Unknown Speaker 56:30
Wait, okay. Are our Asians, Asian people that love you? Is that a thing? Is that like, is Asian culture known to let the Bush grow a little bit more?

Unknown Speaker 56:43
Is that I guess? But that's, well, I wasn't wrong. I wasn't wrong. But then look, you know, we have a look where it was airing and I wasn't. I was like, Yes. Like it is so strange that you know that I'm like, it's human biology. Come on. I was just generalizing.

Unknown Speaker 57:03
You said LFL. That luxury fight League?

Unknown Speaker 57:06
Yeah, so no, that's not the fight League. That's laundry football. So that was a bit LFL which is from and then the legends I played in the legends Football League era, which is a little different. So we had I think we had the era where it was fuck after MTB, and we're we had the I don't know like the sitcom show shit like that. The reality TV show

Unknown Speaker 57:32
you guys are like, you know, I don't know anything about this and I was like thinking maybe I should do more research. I was going to ask her on air. So what's the difference between the football you were playing? And regular women's football wasn't literally just the outfits

Unknown Speaker 57:48
it was the outfits it was the size of the woman like we still have big girls especially in America but when you're wearing a one size fits all uniform that's like a bikini blonde like lingerie set that brings a different type of female and it's going to bring a different type of female body so you have to be out there to fucking you know know that you feel good look good and smash you know so compared to normal football there's I guess I will fell is seven aside everyone can catch her to faster game so it's we have like touch football in Australia that I played that as well. But rugby like rugby is just Rafa its way Rafa, you'd never come off. You never get like a break. If you come off. You come off. You don't get to go back on to rugby unions like that. Is more Scrum. It's continuous play. Okay, you're not stopping for a TV advert? Yeah, yeah. My first programming game. I was like, What the fuck? We're like on a TV ad. We're really just standing around. Yeah, rugby is

Unknown Speaker 58:59
way tougher than football in my opinion. I played rugby for a very long time with it's right before I got into MMA. I met Eugene Jackson, in California, northern California in East Palo Alto. And this area had a lot of Tongan Samoan and Fijian girls and I was the smallest girl I'm like

Unknown Speaker 59:25

Unknown Speaker 59:27
and that's why I stopped up to high school because out of high school that's where we didn't just be what wasn't school bus school so that's when all like the Polynesian girls and I would still run it them and then after though, like we fucking like you ate. I was like, I'm Maori. And they're like, Well, you must have been because you're fucking crazy running out me bitch. I was like, so we like having a ROM or like, what's happening here? You know, you gotta beat my last again like this just fucking killed me that whole game, but I was just too small because he's Polynesian girls was so big. And then I got my buddy Oops done and I was like, well, sorry. Sorry coach. Now

Unknown Speaker 1:00:08
did you ever have a wardrobe malfunction during rugby?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:14
No during rugby because of the jerseys I think my shortstop pulled down once like, you know, I didn't care I just kept going.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
I love it. What about in the lingerie fight League?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
I'm in the fight league I haven't fought yet because of COVID So okay, but they do have wardrobe malfunctions all the time. I got to go to a live event at Las Vegas. So I highly recommend everybody getting down to it was at the nerd bar so there's only a kind of new Tempe Yeah, like in town, so it was around there but

Unknown Speaker 1:00:49
the big wieners guys, what we're talking about is in Las Vegas at this bar sounds like a commercial for nerd bar in Las Vegas. Make your way down there and ride a giant wiener life No, no, no. It's a ginormous probably like 10 foot wiener that you ride like a bull. It's crazy. One this photographer I just I work with for my exclusive content site. He sent me a video of that bull wiener whatever you want to call it. Right? And he's like, let's do a shoot here. I'm like no no tacky. I'm not gonna like writing a big wiener. tacky. Okay, so Oh, yeah. Hello. You are in fight camp right now. Do you have sex before fight camp? I know you're gonna single You're not dating anybody but should happen.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
Somebody? Somebody? Yeah, I thought that because all my coaches have said that. Just like you need your shoulders to relax. And I'm like, in my head. I'm like, No, motherfucker. I need to get deep down. I need that deep to go in and fun. My shoulders and relax them down. Say that back to your coach. Are you just like, Oh, yeah. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
Trying. I love it. Yeah. So yeah, I mean, you are on the same page, then to me. I have more sex during fight camp, because I feel like it's the time that I'm the most stressed out. And I mean, what the fuck makes you feel better than orgasming? You know, or the touch of someone you love to be corny, you know? But yeah, like lots of sex during fightcamp It like makes me more calm and like less anxiety. So you don't believe in abstaining? Hmm.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
No, it's good. It balances your hormones, for everything. Confidence, mental, just being able to actually relax like, also just being dominated. Like what the fuck is nice. We're like punching someone's face in all day. Like, oh, it's time to take this book. And somebody just told me quote me. Thanks me.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:05
Yes. Okay. That's definitely a question. We always bring up. It's like, people expect, you know, like, I'm sure you've got this. This line, like, Oh, I'd let you beat me up in bed or whatever it is. Right? And I'm like, no, actually in bed. It's the time where I'm like, Oh, I'm a delicate flower. Like, don't don't hurt me. You know? I mean, hurt me hurt me, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:35
Okay, so So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
So you're on the same page as me. Have you ever been asked? Have you ever been asked to do anything too freaky or weird in bed that you're like, No, no, mate.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:49
Oh my god. I think someone I remember someone wanting me to pee. And I was just like, what? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:56
that's a thing. Golden Showers. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
I was. I think anyone who's around that stuff. I'm just like, You're a sick man.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:05
Well, I do. I don't. People's yum on the show. You know, I want everybody welcome and included. If you'd like to get peed on, that's your thing. It's okay, man. But

Unknown Speaker 1:04:19
I want to know what it is. Is it like can I just pee into a cup and throw it at you? This is called the urine test. Golden Shower. Potable like that's the downfall.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:38
Good question. Or, you know, I'm saying they probably like the actual spritz. Yeah, like the power of I don't know the power of I don't know, the power of the stream. She you know, I don't know what it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
Maybe because I once had a training partner tell me guys yeah, if goes around. I'll push my pee really hard. So she thinks of a big dick and I was like, What the fuck?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:07
First of all, why is this girl watching him pee? Oh, it's just yeah, that's, that's too weird. I hope that they that he at least wanted you to do it in the shower because that's like the most clinically area, right? Friendly area? Do you have a bedroom pet peeve? People have said a plethora of things from hygiene to you know sticking in the back door without asking all these different things. Is there something that a guy does in the bedroom that just annoys the fuck out of you?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:44
Yeah, of course hygiene is one but I don't think I'm getting to that stage. If someone's gross. And usually I like their pheromones. You know, if I can't make a guy then it's probably not going to work, bro. Yeah, because I'm gonna want to lick you at some stage. You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:01
I It's funny. You bring up pheromones. I was thinking about this the other day, there was this guy that I dated for a short time. And every time we went to kiss it, I would get like nauseous feeling like and I didn't understand what it was. And it didn't last obviously. But now I'm thinking maybe it was like pheromones. Like my smell his smell didn't mesh together. It's weird. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:25
so one of my mates, one of my exes, he worked at the Port Authority. I had these alkaline strips. And he brought them back and we both put them in our mouth to see what we were. And I remember we were both at the opposite scales of the pH scale. And I was like, maybe that's why like, we like kissing each other because it's so balanced. Like, yeah, I'm like, I love kiss. I used to love kissing him because I was like, it's kind of like reminds me of like copper coins, but just not copper coins, but just like something where you like, and we will I just thought that was it sound like so really I don't like you. It's just the fact that you're acidic.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:04
There. Isn't that crazy? And then sometimes, you know to talk about sex. If you're with a partner and his Ph you know on his wiener is different than your vagina that it's just like causes yeast infections. It's like dude, sex is already difficult without this shit. But yeah, you gotta be the right time. Do you have a favorite quickie or wild sexual experience that you want to share with us are like, favorite place you've ever done it like weirdest?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:32
weirdest place it ever did. It was was on a graveyard. Wow, that's totally because I know everyone's like,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:39
disrespectful. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:42
I just thought like, yeah, it's definitely a graveyard. And then also in my primary school, I remember. We did it down in the sheds down near the playgrounds. I remember being like this is sick.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:55
graveyard is crazier just because I'm not like I'm not religious. I don't believe in anything, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:04
just not to the school just in case anyone's like what the hell? I was like it was that night.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:09
graveyard at night. That's even scarier. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:13
that was bomb. I felt alive in the bag. You know, like the whole I was like, Wow, it's so cold. I'm not even sweating. I'm like, like straight

Unknown Speaker 1:08:24
Well, I feel like it's time for the lightning six round if you're not familiar this is a rapid fire yes or no? Where I asked her if she's dirty talks in bed and she gives me a yes or no answer. Unless you want to tell us a story tie. You ready?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:50
Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:51
Okay, here we go. Lightning section would tie Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank are like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:01
bowed. Biting. Yes, I can't help it. Nice choking. Yeah, but gentle, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:11
Oh, for gentle biting.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:13
No kidding. But like, firm but gentle like hands that when they're just so firm and you're like, Holy fuck. How are these even choking me? But they're like so soft. You're like how the fuck

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
yeah, that's the benefit of dating a jujitsu guy. He knows the right amount of pressure.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34
Good ground game.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:37

Unknown Speaker 1:09:39
Yes. Do you watch porn? Yeah, no, not not as much anymore. It's too hard in Thailand to get someone send me a VPN. So everyone send me porn now.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:51
Your porn is just like loading like

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
yeah, like nah. Uh, Got 16 tabs open me

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02
trying to masturbate Okay. Bondage like ropes, blindfold handcuffs.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:10
I haven't done them but I would love to I'm actually doing a shoot right after my be QFC fight where they've measured me out into a full light dominatrix suit, not the head so it's all neck but like full body. So we did like put like every measurement you can think of, like around the neck around the boobs boobs to collarbone, like this thing is going to fit like a glove. It's gonna be like latex. Yes, it's latex.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:37
I have not worn latex yet it it looks super sexy actually saw this girl Heidi Lavon on Instagram at Heidi Lavon she did a tomb raider cosplay. And the top is like this like teal latex bodysuit with like, khaki shorts and the guns. I'm like, LaTeX is sexy. Like, I got to try some latex.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:02
Okay, your shirts? Um, you need to

Unknown Speaker 1:11:04
thank you, girl. What about role playing?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:09
Oh, role plays cute. I guess if you're on that, you know, if you're on that sort of level of communication where they get it? You know?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:18
Yeah, I I've been with my guy almost three years. And I know we would giggle we would just be like have you ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:32
Yes. Awesome. Do you didn't get to the debate, but I was there. And then I left and I was like, hold on a minute. I think that was you know, because I was just getting introduced to like that circle of people. And I'm like, Well, I have to leave this time. Like, oh, you sure you can't stay? And like doing the shopping and I was like, wow, she is so friendly and cute. Like, let's learn. I think that's why I probably don't get laid because I'm fucking clueless and dumb. I'm like, oh, that lady wanted to bang me. I'm usually I feel that energy. And I'm like, Man, please hold please.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:08
I have absolutely no gaydar. A girl could be like, You're so beautiful. You're this You're that? I'm like, we're gonna be best friends. I'm like, no, she don't want to be your friend girl.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:22
I want you to take my power. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:26
exactly. Okay, have you are you at lingerie lover? I know you have all those shoots that you do.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:34
Oh my god, I love lingerie. You can be as close and still have some bang in lingerie. You know and you feel you want to feel like what you weren't feeling when you're in the latex. You want to feel like Catwoman at all times.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:46
I'll tell you this. I never liked lingerie. Still not the biggest fan but after I got these boobies. I'm like, Okay, I see how it feels it out more like what about Tabata? Yeah, welcome

Unknown Speaker 1:13:03
to the TDP but yeah, I don't mind I'm lazing I'm like I'm like laser that IV laser in Las Vegas. You too can. But it's honestly it's worth it because it closes the pores. There's less like I'm out in Thailand. And that's one thing you can get stuff just want to you know, ingrown hair. And I was like, I I'm like, Man, I'm blessed.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:33
That's I never even thought about that. I really feel this is during the lightning section. This is not sexy, but I feel like over the years since I've been on the mat since I was 15 years old. I have developed an immunity to like ringworm, Staph Mersa looking impetigo everything I had it and when not everything, I didn't have everything. But yeah, for sure. And then okay, and then what No,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:57
I didn't want to say Harry be be whoever the fuck you are. If you got here you got here. You got no hair. But sometimes guys with hair you just like look how masculine they are. And then some guys don't look good shape. And then some guys do looks good shape. So it's just like,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:13
you're right. You're right. You're right. Yeah, so I

Unknown Speaker 1:14:16
can I don't care. I'm gonna lick you.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:19
I'm gonna lick you. I don't care if I have to loss later from your buddy here, but everybody's been there. Hey, we've all been there. Oh, God. Balls like we've all been that dude. But now that's a benefit of being in a long term relationship. My boyfriend knows no shave, no head. No, no, you know, like mine. You gotta keep it nice and tight. You are in this together? Yes. Ever been caught having more masturbating?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:53
Definitely bursts. For sure. I've been on a football thing. Want to share the story? Oh, I don't know if I have no one would ever tell me like, I know that that's not my. I don't know that no one would ever tell me. But for sure just because like you get five minutes and you're just like, oh my god it hurts like I have to, you know? Just let me be.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:20
You're surrounded by chicks. You're like, let me go. Do these are men?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:25
Yeah, for sure. Even like, man I fuck I lived at the gym here and you just I've always been around men and I feel like just as I'm always around men more just the testosterone. I don't know what it does, but I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:39
Dude, I always ask them like, you're a female fighter. I feel like my sex drive is through the roof compared to my average girlfriend's not average. That sounds mean, but my non athlete friends. Sorry, the friends. I'm just like, it's getting worse. Now, you know, but I have friends you know, that are wrestlers and pro fighters and they are Horner just to warn us me and so I'm like, there's some kind of correlation between fighting and fucking I'm you know, just like higher testosterone but his

Unknown Speaker 1:16:14
because fighting is fucking like, that is that's what we're at the peak, we're genetically blessed over other people, you know, because of our hormones, and that is testosterone. Testosterone is what's making it strong. And, like, obviously, female athletes have a naturally higher level than others. So like, people will be dumb. And also we're like, in our minds. So if you're like, in your mind more like you're talking horny all the time, and women are think is like, so I really feel like we're more horny than do it's like, because they can focus, right? Like when we're working or at training, like you can see like, right? If so focus, how do they do that? Oh, shit. I just missed everything you know? Or you're just I don't know, I'm like, dudes can be so focused. And I'm like, man, I've just thought about dick for the past hour this shit.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:06
But I also I think you're right. But then I also think that sometimes when guys get their mindset on, you know, orgasm coming hooking up, whatever. You know, yeah, it's like a dog to a bone. One, two. Yeah, one track mind. goes both ways. Okay, that's

Unknown Speaker 1:17:23
why that's how they're wired. We know that. Like. For sure. And I think that's why sometimes, like, I prefer to be hunted, but like, in the hobby still, you get me like to hunt you still, like hunt a little you know? And it's fun because I'm sure you can read people you know, we can read people better so the whole time you're like, Oh, am I subconsciously like I can feel myself like doing things either. drop something sexual to see if they like play on it. See how they react like see what they say see if they're gonna be a good boy. You know? Like, you're just like on not even that sometimes you like a naughty boy. What? I think that side of waiting, you know, like bird watching you like I'm just waiting for him to flutter. And here I'm like, let's just wait and see how long this takes. You know, like to watch the game play out because it's all a fucking game. So you're right as soon as you know, that's why sometimes I think how just fuck it and get it over with so then that little wiring you'd have some of them though. Like they're like, I can't. I'm not into it anymore. Okay, cool. Yeah, you know, like, well, that's what is it? Isn't it? They're massive. They're six regret or whatever. Isn't that what men have more or less of that? What is it? Fix? Regret like coming regret or ejaculation? Ejaculation fucking shit.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:45
I'm not sure. But you know another thing. Okay, so me and my friends actually built a jack Ulation guild I have never heard you ever heard of ejaculation? Gilt never had it. Never had it. Yeah, me either. Good, man. Yeah, after

Unknown Speaker 1:19:01
just like they have no like, oh, I we had sex and he's just not interested. I'm like, least he like figured it out.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:07
You know, there's that's good for both sides, in my opinion. And we're not in the 1940s we can have set premarital sex and we're not gonna burn in hell. And to me, I know this is bad, but I'm like, it is so important to test drive the car, you know, like, you could get a lemon. And you're like 20 dates in like, you know, like imagine those girls back in the day where they had to date the guy and then get married and then have sex and they find out and the guy is just like not we're doing it and it's like forever. That's so Anyway, okay, it is time for Fuck, Marry kill. It is the game where I give Thai three names and she tells me who she would fuck who she would marry who she would kill Thai you ready to play?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:05
One marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here right? Now I'm gonna try and put names and faces.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:12
You know these people, okay. Your sins do like

Unknown Speaker 1:20:15
birdshack and Mercedes. I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:18
no Oh no, I would never do that. They would be. You would have to either fuck kill or marry Bergerac and Mercedes. You know what I mean? Like they're together.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:30
Both Mercedes.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:33
Mercedes. Okay, so, Pat Kenny, Dan. Kenny, these are my homies. They came up with this one. It's the NFL edition. Now. I think when they heard football, they thought football football. So I hope that you know these people but you have Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers and Joe burrow. I don't know who the fuck these guys are. If nobody's getting punched in the face. I don't watch the sport but I think these guys are big time guys. Three future all three future Hall of Famers. Okay. Do you know them? Truly?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:09
No, I never trained with any of them. So I was training out of Atlanta. So I know a lot of the Atlanta boys and then where the rest go. Mostly just scattered through from the LA team, which is what isn't la now Las Vegas and stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:27
Okay, I'm gonna change it up real fast. And you might hate me, but it's gonna be fun. So I just Googled now, okay. I feel like I'm just giving you this edition. Okay, you get the New Zealand edition. So don't hate me. You get to choose between Alexander volkanovski Israel out of Sanya and Robert Whittaker who would you walk who would you marry? Who would you kill go

Unknown Speaker 1:21:57
so this is this doesn't mean that if I'm married them we like don't get too far or I'm getting get to fuck that person for longest

Unknown Speaker 1:22:05
Oh, such a good one. I feel like you don't get a fuck it's plus marriage. But you get to spend I know I know. It's a bummer but you get to spend the rest of your life and they provide or maybe that you provide whatever

Unknown Speaker 1:22:24
damn then I feel like the boys are gonna hear this and hate me more like it because I like it the boys do it but we can do it. Stop reverse sexism over here. Robert Whittaker okay Mary volkanovski Got it okay to kill at his son Yeah, but only do it by like something you know like Like

Unknown Speaker 1:22:51
what are those things that are honorable? What What's that Bible zone like that at a Sanyo is does the anime stuff that's how you're gonna kill him with a Kamehameha

Unknown Speaker 1:23:02
but he dies by Camilla May I saving Planet Earth there you go at assigning I feel like I killed you but it was a meal you and you chose and I was like for sure. That's your death row.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:14
Perfect. Good job. All right. I'm glad we switched it up real quick. Okay, so for those of you listening, we are now going to switch over to the UFC UFC fight pass platform. It is very cheap guys stop complaining bias subscription not only do you get the podcast early but you also get the biggest fight library you get documentaries The Ultimate Fighter all this stuff. So check it out UFC fight For those people who are not going to follow us Ty where can we get all your social media remind us one more time how we can watch your bare knuckle fight September 6.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:57
So BK FC have the BK FC app, you can go onto the website and then subscribe is I guess that's kind of like UFC bypass, right? Like isn't that on the app the phone app as well? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:09
I wonder if there is bare knuckle boxing on the UFC fight pass app.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:14
No wouldn't be on the UFC fight pass up and just saying similar like Oh, I think it might be like the nice UFC

Unknown Speaker 1:24:20
fight TV or something like that like a different app.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:24
Oh, man. Okay, well, I just know that it's on the BK FC app. Okay, I'm closer to the fighter. They tend to give us a link so I'll put them on my instagram at thi ti underscore em er y and then I'm also on the only fans that is in my link in the bio of Instagram, so go check them T's out man how I'm gonna go more live. Yeah, I'm allowed to have been cleared to go live during fight week for BK FC and then They said that I could keep my only fans like as so people can come along all the way up to the red rope. So wherever the red rope is, that is where you're swept out into the BK of cm. And then, you know, get to be there like the whole time. So it's going to have intensity, but people want to see that and like, I think it's a different journey. You know, like, I feel I'm loving this, this is going to be like, my first time in the set similar to football, but, like, just performing, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:31
Yeah. How long has it been since your last fight?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:35
Like two years, so I think through COVID, I got I got one fight through COVID and then like, closed off again. So I fought four times in my time at the stadiums, and then COVID happened then I got on TV, and then COVID happened again. So it was in that like, second wave. The second wave everyone's like, like, I'm sorry, little poor Munchkins.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:00
The Delta, the Delta variant or whatever it was. Okay, well, guys, I will have all of Ty's links like always, in our episode notes. If I can find where the bare knuckle fight will be streamed. I'll add that as well. Her only fans, those are some nice titties. Check those out support your girl. I love that you're literally giving exclusive content like yeah, you're not fucking naked. But who else would get to be right by your side backstage walking out like that's, I'm gonna subscribe just for that experience. That's that's so cool girl

Unknown Speaker 1:27:02
I knew that was going to be a good episode. That is it for episode 109 with Thai Emery model, rugby player, Thai fighter. What else does she do is the thing Fair enough? It's crazy. But what what does she not do Bare Knuckle boxing, like, and she's just fun. She's not afraid to be herself. She even said she's like, I gotta get a guy that knows I'm a weirdo. I'm kind of strange. And I feel the same way. It's like if you can find someone where you can be your absolute weirdest self. That's the person you should stick with and tie that was a great interview. And for you guys, just so you know. UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up today for one year and get half off for a limited time at www UFC fight backslash sign up. Okay, so next week very, very, very excited. We have a flyweight Her name is Hannah, the hurricane guy. She was recently a contestant on tough 30 That was teen Pena vs Team noon Nunez and she was on Team Pena. So she's friends with the home girl killer Miller who literally just won the whole show. But remember, we were cheering for Giuliana Miller so hard. I mean, I don't know about usal but after we had her on the podcast, I'm like, Please let this girl accomplish all her dreams you just she's got such a good heart. She's such a little badass tough is like I was actually watching before she won the you know the tough 30 Mike and I were watching combat sports or sorry, combat jujitsu and she was going up against this black belt. I forget her name. I think like be something I'm getting more into jujitsu because of the boyfriend but killer Miller beat this like badass Black Belt girl who's like the best in the world. And this was like, a couple months before she went to the show. And so I'm just so happy for Giuliana Miller if you guys didn't watch her last weekend, when the whole show it was pretty awesome. The other person for the guys side was Kamara loosens younger brother the heavyweights man oh my god, I gotta what was his first name? I'm a NASA Guzman. And he's I know and he's big, big heavyweight Huisman sorry. He's a sucker punch guy to my bad. It's gonna come to me when I get off the podcast. But anyway, guys, so last week in fights were great. And our next guest was a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter that Giuliana Miller just won. Also don't forget to check out our website sex violence with rebel Muhammad Okay, all right. Sorry. Good job. Be in your My Joe Rogan's Jamie over there. Good jobs all. And then all Lastly, I always tell you guys, if you ever want to email us it's sex and violence You can tell us whatever you want. Sometimes you guys get a little weird. That's okay. I read them all. And I really appreciate you guys writing in. If you have any suggestions on how we can bring the fan questions back to you know, Spotify, Apple, all that as opposed to the fan questions being on the fight pass platform, email me I would love to hear about it. And that's about it guys. I just want to say a quick thank you to audio engineer DJ Zol. You can find him on Instagram at DJ xo. Tomorrow good Studio can find them at tomorrow kids official. And you can find me at Ashley MMA and our podcast the podcast at sex and violence with rebel girl. And that's about it. I hope you guys enjoyed this show. What do I say every week? Be kind, be grateful but don't take shit from anyone. I love you guys. I'll talk to you next week with a new guest

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