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Ep.111 DeAnna "Vitamin D" Bennett

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day, all night. Tune in sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that AlTi taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence. What's happening hot stuff? What is that my naughty listeners? I'm I'm feeling so happy right now. Because normally, we do this little intro and then we talk to our guest. But we are a little backwards today. So I just got off a great call with our guests. I'm feeling so good. So just know you're in for a real treat today. But I always got to tell you what I got going on in my life before we get to our guest. So if you are a consistent listener, then you know, last week I worked my little backstage correspondent doing the interviews posed by interviews for up next fighting. If you're not familiar with up next fighting, that's okay. They are a brand new local SoCal mixed martial arts promotion. You can check them out at up next I work for the company now and you can see me we were actually streaming live on fight TV last weekend. And I talked to a lot of the fighters couple of people coaching. There was Uriah Faber was there, Josh Barnett, a lot of big names and kind of legends of the MMA world showed up. It was a very, very fun night. I'm always learning and perfecting this new journey that I'm embarked on. You know, I'm looking at Laura Sanko and Megan Levy and Heidi and drawl and, you know, the best of the best the women and John Anik and men that I look up to and you know, I just want to get better and I know that this organization up next fighting has really given me that opportunity. So if you guys want to check them out all their social media is pretty much the same at up next fighting. And then my teammate Albert the believes in warrior one, the first ever up next fighting 145 pound title. He is such a badass, he's such a kind, like he's like a girl, Daddy's got to two daughters that he's just a good dad. He's like one of the hardest workers, you'll see him. He used to be in the UFC, He's working his way back and with this title, I think that he'll be there in a very short time. So that was really cool to see my teammate, Albert mirallas win that title and you know, create history really so it's pretty cool that that weekend was fun because I got to like I said work with that company during the interviews. And then I got really familiar with the production and all the kind of behind the scenes people. There's a bash boxing David Mark has production and then thunder studios. That's probably a bunch of nothing for you guys listening but for me it was cool because thunder studios, they're like a very, very high level production studio equipment that I guess he's people kind of like rent it out. And then David Mark has production. He was not only involved in the MMA aspect, but the night before they put on a boxing fight at the Commerce Casino. They did Mixed Martial Arts on Saturday. And then on Sunday, it was really cool actually went back and I watched my friend Zetas ng wrestle for I forget the name of the wrestling promotion, but it was like a three day event for these people that you know, like the production people doing it. And I just kind of have like a new respect for the behind the scenes of everything. And so it was really cool. I had a great weekend. And I'm gonna be attending the September 13 wrestling show God damn it.

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What is the name of it but it's at the Irvine improv guys. So if you are fans of wrestling, then check it out September 15 at the Irvine improv, when I get more details, I'll Put that there. My girls, Ada Zang is going to wrestle again, and something cool is going to happen. So I'm just going to give you guys a little teaser. Maybe you guys want to go to that and see the birth of something. But that's all I will say. Yeah, so that's, I really don't have too much going on. I've been pretty stoked about this podcast. We're doing it a day early. You guys of course are listening on Friday morning or later. Want to remind you guys, you can always support me while I am fucking injured. And on the bench right now I got a exclusive content site. It's like only fans, but even better, it's called Fan time. And you can check that out at Ashley rebel It's just not a pictures and videos. That's all it is. But it's really helping me out a lot until I can get back in the cage. So if that's your thing, check that out guys. Gonna try and do more foot stuff. But if you're not into foot stuff, that's okay, too. The other day I wore this fucking thing called a slingshot. Whoever made that is not the best designer that I can't believe that's actually a piece of clothing. It's called a slingshot. If you don't know what that is, Google it. But yeah, so that's my little shameless self promotion. Moving on, guys. So if you guys want to check out the podcast, if you want to rate and review the show, that is a huge help. I asked you, you know, every once in a while, and then there's a new thing that I asked you. If you're listening on Apple podcast right now go check the plus sign in the upper right hand corner. And that will give you all the updates with when we release new podcasts and all that. And that is about

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Right we're here with Deanna. Vitamin D. Yes, I said vitamin D. Bennett. I'm so excited to have you on the show. How are you today?

Unknown Speaker 11:27
I am fabulous. I've wanted to be on the show for so long. So I'm just excited that you got a little weird being here. So

Unknown Speaker 11:38
have you really wanted to be on the show for a while?

Unknown Speaker 11:41
I love your show every single time. I'm like, That would be so much fun. Oh, that would be so much fun. And when my friend Jamie was on it. I was like, Oh, I'm so jealous. That would be awesome. Like, I go back and forth. Because it's like, I have to make sure my family doesn't hear this because I'm already the black sheep of my family. They don't need any more ammunition. But no, it's like, does it I know people think that I'm a little weird little off already. They don't know the extent of it. So it's like, well, this is my homecoming. Hey, guys. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:12
you're just gonna let them in on everything that they've wondered about, which is good, I think for the most part, because if you don't clarify, sometimes people just come up with their own story or their own opinion of you regardless. So I'm like, might as well set the record straight. Right.

Unknown Speaker 12:29
Exactly. So that's what I like. Like, if you want to know, I'm pretty much an open book if people talk to me like, I'll tell him anything. I'll tell him everything. So no one ever does like me. I'm intimidating.

Unknown Speaker 12:41
Well, yeah, of course. I think we as female MMA fighters, regardless of the way we look, it's like, oh, female cage fighter. She's scary. I'm like, No, actually, most women cage fighters I know are really kind. They just are have a savage side to them to

Unknown Speaker 12:58
exactly like you're seeing one aspect of it. We have multiple dimensions like, we good guys,

Unknown Speaker 13:04
where you do have a weirdo side. I have a weirdo side, hence me starting this podcast. And Brian Butler, our agent shout out to sucker punch.

Unknown Speaker 13:15
He was like, Oh, I'm so excited to have Deanna on the show. That he's like, She's so silly. I'm like, Oh, I think that's Brian's nice way of saying shoot crazy.

Unknown Speaker 13:26
Absolutely. That's like, the nicest way that you could possibly do it. He has to be like PC cuz he's the manager. He can't be like she batshit crazy. Or some weird shit.

Unknown Speaker 13:36
Well, I love it. I'm still let's talk right? You know, kind of the basic bitch shit I always say let's talk about the violence aspect of sex and violence. You're on a fucking roll girl. I just slow clap everybody slow clap for Deanna. You want back to back fights. It was a rematch of Justin Kish who is no fucking joke. former UFC fighter and all around badass. I've trained with her briefly at Black House MMA. And, you know, congratulations. That was on look at my little notes real quick. Not that long ago, a month or two months ago.

Unknown Speaker 14:09
The last one was about a week and a half ago.

Unknown Speaker 14:12
August 12. My bad Bellator 284. So still sore. Hmm. Like how you feeling?

Unknown Speaker 14:20
Um, honestly, I got no damage in the fight whatsoever. The only damage I had was damaged that I had going into the fight. I sprained the ac joint and my shoulder, like the week before the fight and I was like, as a wrestler. I'm like, How in the world am I supposed to wrestle with this? Like, I made it the first round. And then when I had mount, I was hitting her with my bad shoulder. And I was like, Oh, that was probably a bad idea. I mean, it worked. And I got like, strikes off of it. But then I was like, Oh, I have two more rounds for that to work. I don't know about that. So that's the only thing but I back to training today. I sparred five rounds with it. And so I think I think we're back to girl

Unknown Speaker 15:00
I want to say I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life but you want your fight. You got an injury that clearly needs some love and some self care. But a week later you're back in there sparring. I'm like, You are crazy. Brian was right.

Unknown Speaker 15:15
Absolutely. I have teammates that have fights coming up. So they helped me I help them. Hell yeah, their fights, then we go off the rails and go to Vegas.

Unknown Speaker 15:25
That's amazing. That's so nice. Yeah, you know too much, you know, and I'm guilty of it, too. You get in your own personal tunnel vision, my fight my this, my that and then you're like, oh, this person over here who just you know, Let me punch her in the face for two months straight. I'm like, okay, you know, so it's like we forget to be there for our teammates sometimes, and it's so sweet to hear that. You got your win and then you're right back in there for your teammates. That's awesome. Oh, can we hear you do we lose you sound wise?

Unknown Speaker 15:56
That was my phone. My phone got crazy. I turn on Do Not Disturb but apparently my Do Not Disturb does not work. Somebody will call me so.

Unknown Speaker 16:05
So. Let's Okay, so your teammates speaking of teammates, Jamie Colleen, like we said she was on the show. Is she one of the teammates that you wanted to go back in and help because she has a fight coming up?

Unknown Speaker 16:17
Yeah, she's fighting September 16 For LFA. And of course, she blocked my fight. So I'm gonna fly out, be with her and love her to death. And so like, she put up with me all camp like, I put on my angry eyes. And I'm like, girl, and she's like, I hate you so much. Because my game is not not kind to my training partners. I like to like smother them. And I like to, you know, you're a wrestler. So we do the wrestling. And so like a lot of smothering. And they do not appreciate it. They're like, it's like a, an elephant sitting on my chest. And I'm like well, that's the thing I knew. See, I learned a long time ago that I have decent pressure. Because like I said, I wrestled in high school. And it was me. And there was another girl who was 98 pounder. And I never went with her. I was with her one day. And then I didn't see her for a month. She wasn't at school. She wasn't at anything. And I was like, Where'd Kim go? Oh, no. And then one day she shows back up and she's like, Deanna, I went with you. And the pressure of you on top of me pushed in my coccyx. So the sheer weight of me on top of her pushed in her tailbone. I'm like, that's like, Oh, no. So apparently good pressure. It wasn't a bad kid thing. Or maybe it was I don't know. But like,

Unknown Speaker 17:36
Did you wait in high school?

Unknown Speaker 17:40
Um, I wrestled at 128 So it wasn't like it was that much bigger than No,

Unknown Speaker 17:47
no, that you just had that good wrestler top pressure, which is great. I love it. So oh, you cut out again? out again.

Unknown Speaker 17:56
Yeah, sorry. That's, that's okay. It was me so bad. Since then, I was like, I have I have decent top pressure. And that's what Justine actually said to me after the fight to she was just like, she's like your pressure. I've never felt anything before. And I was like, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 18:13
Yeah, it's such a it's such a compliment. And especially when you first get into MMA, I don't know if you remember this, but like before you get good at transitions and submissions and, you know, chain grappling and all that. You just really rely heavily on your top pressure because you get on top and you're like, not really sure what the fuck to do from here. So

Unknown Speaker 18:33
you're gonna hunker down? Yeah, that's like there's lives here and I don't know what to do with them. On your chest,

Unknown Speaker 18:41
hunker down, figure out what to do next. Yeah, so one, you know, beautiful top pressure. You want another unanimous decision? Like you did previously against Justine. Where do you go now? You're currently ranked number five. Congratulations, we'll climb your way up the flyweight rankings and Bellator Do you have someone in mind that you want to fight or you just no matter who it is, you want to work your way up the rankings.

Unknown Speaker 19:07
So I always say like, I just want to fight somebody ranked above me. But I I very clearly have my eyes on Liz Carmouche, who is the title holder. I have nothing but respect for her. She was my first fight in Bellator. And I was having a great fight. And I was beating the piss out of her and like it was back and forth. It was a competitive fight. But I was definitely winning. And 90 seconds left in the fight my hamstring ripped off the bone. Just I did a hip switch and it ripped. And I was like, I couldn't do anything. And so like I paused and it gave her a chance to jump on my back and I couldn't even defend it because I couldn't move my hips. Yeah. And she won. She 90 More seconds and it would have been my hand raise. But now she's the champion Bellator and I'm like, All right, it's time to run that one back like I'm 100% my body say In fact, this is the one we get that rematch for the title. This is what I'm working for. And so that's the fight I want. Yes. Please give me that fight. Yeah. Respect for her. I think she's amazing. I think she's an awesome person. But like, let's meet in a cage.

Unknown Speaker 20:15
That's amazing. And like, I've been hanging out with my wrestler friend zeta a little bit and like, I'm listening to you talk right now. And I'm like, Okay, that's a good story line. You know, there's like, background history. And like, you know, it's like, I like this build up, like, Oh, that's a great fight for sure. You know, you already fought her. So it'll be a rematch. You know, you know that something happened to the fight. You know, people can say whatever the fuck they want. But you know, you wouldn't be asking for this fight. If you don't truly fucking think that you can beat her and become the champion. So that's amazing. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:46
They have a perfect story. That's the thing. I was like, guys. It's the perfect like you said with the wrestling. Like, there's there's a story there. And we can do that it was a tough fight, man, like, even you put a couple more rounds on that even better, because like the number one thing, so my old teammate cord McGee, like day one in the gym told me like, I don't care. If you're not the most skilled fighter, you will have the best conditioning down. Depending on like you and your opponent, your conditioning will be best. And I like to tell that to heart. So it's like, alright, five round fight. No problem. We go six, seven and training we like we do what we do. And so like, I know we can I know we can work on this body state act. Like for anyone wondering 10 out of 10 do not recommend hamstring abortions, that surgery. Like, I looked at the surgery, because I'm that person where they're like, You need this. And so I looked it up and I was like, all the photos of it. It's like, face down ass up. And I'm like, Okay, well, so like they're going to put me under and so to every one of the doctors, I was like, You're welcome. So, and I couldn't make eye contact with them afterwards, because I was like, I know what you've seen. I love.

Unknown Speaker 22:04
I love that. It sounds like so but that injury is healed the the hamstring? Yeah. Okay, got

Unknown Speaker 22:09
a nice little scar. My coach gets really mad at me because I'm like, do you want to see my scar? Yeah. And I like the overall like, do you want to? Like, he's like, can you please just not and like, actually, after the first time I've just been at the conference, somebody was asking me a question. They asked me a question about that. And I was like, Yeah, and I lifted my leg up. And I was like, it doesn't make it like a cat. And they're just like, just like have like self control. And I was like, bro, this actually is self control. Like, you don't want to see me off the rails. Like I love to.

Unknown Speaker 22:45
And you know, I think you know, you said, so your personality is awesome. I mean, we don't know each other that well, but I just love someone who's not afraid to be a little silly, you know? And who the fuck cares? Especially a pretty girl who's like, you know, that was so that was actually what was so great about Lucy from I Love Lucy was that she was so beautiful, but she would do these things that were like, like, make her look ugly. And people were like, Oh, this pretty girl doing this weird thing like so I love though a weirdo personality. And I love that tough 26 You got to showcase a little bit of part of your craziness. And is that where you told me on the phone? So I'm going to try and drag the story out of you. But how did vitamin D Dianna vitamin D Bennett come to fruition? Was it part of the TV show you like sun? Or is it what my brain my naughty brain is thinking? Oh, Dick.

Unknown Speaker 23:41
So if my if my mother or like anyone from that age range asks, yes. 100% It's from sun. And it's from my cheery personality. Okay. Say that and everyone's just like, yeah, you mean like cold hearted, true bitch. And I was like, I am not like, All right, that's true. But so I actually went into the ultimate fighter with a fight named the Argentine assassin, which I hated that name. I am Argentine, but it was given to me. When I fought Julianna Pena. It was a whole thing. It's actually not even my first fight name. I'll tell that after this story. Okay. Um, but I yeah, I went into the show with that. And like, if you want if anyone watched the show, they saw some clips of it. There was a lot of it where I was like, giving my teammates lap dances and dancing and like no, like, personal space boundaries. A lot of faces like, you hear me after my first fight. When I won. When I thought Karina on the show, I get into the locker room and I'm like, I become like the Oprah of lap dances. I was like you

Unknown Speaker 24:54
hear it all if you listen closely to the episode, but for the most part you can't like I'm like creep that would like walk by and like cut the face like this of like the cameraman and it couldn't say anything because they were filming. And so I like hold their hand in the car. And I'm like, Man, I made friends just

Unknown Speaker 25:11
messing around. Yeah, why not? Why not? Because that was a weird situation, right? Where you got all these chicks living in a house competing, you know, fight literally fighting each other, and then having to back like, every day, okay, plus estrogen and periods and whatnot and drama and girl fights, I can't even imagine. You know, I

Unknown Speaker 25:33
love it. Like I would, I would do that, again, in a heartbeat. It was like my favorite thing. But it's like, fight week. Deanna is like, its whole other animal. And it was six weeks of that in the show. And so it's like, everyone's like, Oh, you're playing it up for the cameras. And I was like, I'm really not. This is just me in like my stripped down like, bear form, like this is just Deanna and this is how she is like, there's a list of and this is, again, how I got the name. So like, there's a list every day you can like write what you want on the list, and they'll bring it to you. They'll put it on your shelf, which is in the pantry. So I'm sitting there with Barb, hon check one day, and I was like, What can I put on the list? So I went ahead and scribbled it, and I was like, and the next day, I go into the pantry and I walk in there and I was like, oh, oh, they brought it. So I go ahead and slip on begin mask and ball gag.

Unknown Speaker 26:28
Start. wait, we wait, wait, stop, stop. You ask the producers of The Ultimate Fighter to buy you a gimp mask and ball gag and they brought it to you. When they brought it like on the grocery list. It was like apples, oatmeal, gimp mask.

Unknown Speaker 26:50
And my favorite part is so I slip it on. And I have like the whole thing on I'm just like sitting in the pantry. And like like Barb, obviously,

Unknown Speaker 26:58
oh, my

Unknown Speaker 27:01
arm. She was in the kitchen and she like walks in. And she's like, and just like falls over. She was doing like the fat man gasps because she couldn't breathe. And she's like what is happening? And people are like coming in. They're like, what's going on? And I'm like, Oh, it's just the other somehow she got a ball gag gift mask. And so I was like, and we like would go to the contender series and like it sit there and I'd like make jokes about fisting and stuff. And she's like, Alright, then that's so that's how I got my fight name is that one day, she's just like, all right, vitamin D, like, You need to calm down. There's children here. And I was like, What? What is it? Like, you can't make this thing jokes in front of children. And I was like, That is probably a very valid point. And then she's like vitamin D. And then she kept on calling it to me through the show. And I was like, yeah, that I think Argentine Assassin has gone. Yeah, 100 that we are vitamin D.

Unknown Speaker 27:59
that fits your personality so much more if it's personalized, so much more. Yeah, keep telling the, you know, older generation, I guess or your family members that it's because you're have a sunny personality. But the rest of us know why, like,

Unknown Speaker 28:12
Mom This one time, I gotta get masking a ball gag and I was giving everybody lap dances and I'd be written out of the will like that.

Unknown Speaker 28:21
So how did you get this a sunny disposition? Have you always been like a really cheery person? Because you know, life can be rough. And we get a little jaded over the years. But it seems like you know, it hasn't gotten you down. You're perky as ever. I know. You've had some rough things happen to you. We all fucking have, you know, but you know, so why are you like this? In the best way possible? Why are you like this?

Unknown Speaker 28:45
i That's I asked myself. Oh, time I'm like, why am I like, maybe it's just like brain damage from years of fighting. When I'm like, I was always a weird kid. Like, I was just always the awkward one that was like, make the offhanded jokes. Like, when I was a kid. People did not understand that. I was joking most of the time. And I was like, I was like the little weirdo. But I was like, I was actually pretty shy. But every once in a while I get talking and it'd be like some weird, like, offhand comment and people like, I don't know how to take that because she hasn't said like two words. And the two words she did say were like, weird, and one of them was buttholes. And so I'm like, oh, what's happening right here. And I was like, but I mean, it's life man. Like I've been through so much like, we've we've only gotten a tip of the iceberg so far. But like, I feel like I've lived like three different lifetimes. And it's just you reach a point where it's like, okay, well, do you want to dwell in your misery? Or do you just want to be happy and like, yeah, the number one thing that I've realized in life, it's just like, two quotes. Here. This is my favorite because I grew up Mormon. I know we'll get into Oh shit. Okay, I have some things with that one

Unknown Speaker 29:59
Mormon on it. Sex podcast Mormon on a sex podcast Watch out.

Unknown Speaker 30:04
So it's a quote Book of Mormon. Adam shell that men might be and men are that they might have joy second Nephi 225 I remember my Mormon stuff so I mean, it burned at the stake if I go back to Utah now, I can't even I can't even pronounce on. Quote The Book of Mormon right here.

Unknown Speaker 30:24
I don't think I could even recite the pledge of allegiance, right? I don't even think I could like recite the Pledge of Allegiance word for word. And we did that forever. And anyway, okay.

Unknown Speaker 30:35
Mormon locked and loaded ready for Yeah, but I'm like, I mean, that one just kind of resonated with me because like, even though I'm not an avid churchgoer anymore, we got out of that. Obviously, I just stepped into one actually, the last time I did go to a church, me and my friend Brittany, we walked in, and I was like, Maybe this isn't a joke, because we both just like started sweating profusely. And I'm like, they say like sweating like a whore in church. What is happened? My

Unknown Speaker 31:06
grandpa used to say that my grandpa used to say that phrase to sweat like orange shirt. So what does that phrase mean? I'm sorry, like I was I heard it. And I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 31:20
I'm worried Snapple gets thrown out of the Garden of Eden. And like, he basically means like, he went through that and like, our world is set up that like stuff happens. But our whole purpose is just to be happy. And that's what I take out of it. And it's like, it even though like I said, I don't follow the religion or anything that wasn't really resonated to me, because it's like, everyone just deserves a chance to be happy. Like, why? Why do we want to be miserable? Like, why do we want to just sit around and just like, focus on all of the terrible things in the world, like, trust me, I could stress for days on the stuff that I had, and that I've been through, and like, things that weighed me down. Like, if I sit and think about it, like, of course, man, I wouldn't be like depressed, crying in the corner, like, every single day. So it's just like, you just have to, you just have to enjoy life, like, do the things that make you happy, live the life that you would enjoy. And that's how I am the way I mean, it's like, it's like, I'm just gonna be me. And if y'all don't like little weird old me, then I'm sorry, I can't change at this point. Like,

Unknown Speaker 32:27
I liked you so much. I like you. And I want to know a little bit about, you know, what your upbringing was, like, when you close with your mom and your dad. And the reason I asked this not to be a weirdo. Like, who cares? It's just that like, as I get older, as I have this podcast, as I meet new guests, I'm like, oh, like our parents really had a lot to do with the way that we live in love. And, you know, I won't say, you know, but you know, it's just how we deal with what we go through now. And so, yeah, you know, my, my parents didn't do you know, the best, you know, and so I feel like now I have to work through those traumas. So for you, you know, like, what was your upbringing? Like, did that make dating easier, harder, whatever. Let's go ahead and unwrap this right now loaded question.

Unknown Speaker 33:16
Yeah, I grew up in a Mormon household. My parents they were Mormon or LDS if you want to be official on news, keep saying Mormon because I don't care. Um, but I grew up they were Mormon that married had me and my sister. So we're very strictly church every Sunday activities like being Mormon. It's like a full it's not just like, go to church on Sundays. It's a whole lifestyle thing. Have coffee, you can't have caffeine, you obviously can't have alcohol, no smoking, no drugs. Like, you have to wear shirts that don't have to have sleeves like this right here. Yeah, would be go I would have to like bundle up. And so it's like, you can't wear tank tops, your shorts have to go to your knees. Like you have to be modest. You have to you can't do anything on Sundays kind of thing. And so it's like, it's a whole lifestyle thing. Like, I didn't have a coffee until I was 25 years old, kind of thing. And so like, it shaped everything like no dating until you're 16. And like, I my first boyfriend, I was at 17. But it's like, okay, you can't go out with him. If he's not Mormon. And if he's Mormon, like you have to have that that chaperone and you can't like Oh, anything like I didn't kiss a boy till I was like 17. And I was like weird because there was other people there and it was like a Mormon thing. And so like, then there's like no sex until marriage and so that honestly, I followed that when I was 24 I got married and I there was no sex until marriage which I'm sorry.

Unknown Speaker 34:49
What Oh, are trying to let you finish but over here My mind is blown on so many levels. I'm like, When can I jump in? When can I jump in? I'm like, This is crazy. No, you know what, continue continue. I'll ask my question. After you live, okay, so

Unknown Speaker 35:02
like, I can talk for days about this. And so yeah, that was my first experience like, my when I got married to a guy that I dated for six months. And like, that's actually a long engagement for for Mormons. And so like, so we got married, it was

Unknown Speaker 35:19
horrible. So So did you grow up in Utah? So I grew up in California.

Unknown Speaker 35:23
But my mom, when she first came to the country, she came to Utah. And that's where she met my dad, because he was out there for school. And then they moved to California, because that was where my dad was from. And there's, there's a decent amount of, of Mormons in California. And then I went to Utah for college. And that's where I met the ex husband. And I don't actually talk about being married very often, just because like, I'm like, it doesn't count, right? That was like the last life. Like, I feel like guys,

Unknown Speaker 35:55
I almost feel like because you got married early. And you know, like, so much time has passed that, like, it's better to do that, get it out of the way. See what that's kind of all about. And like, you know, I don't want to put my own views on anybody. But I'm not personally for marriage. I think that you can find someone that you love for the rest of your goddamn life and be honest and faithful and loyal, and, you know, set boundaries and do whatever the fuck you want without the government getting involved and all that but to each their own. But I don't think that's a bad thing. I was just trying to Okay, so born in Utah, moved back to California, went to college in Utah, found yourself a Mormon May and married him. How long did the marriage last?

Unknown Speaker 36:39
A whole 18 months. Oh, so it was terrible. I can count on two hands, the number of times we had sex. You lost your virginity at 24, then right? At 24. And I can tell you one of those times that we did, it was not our wedding night. That's how terrible this marriage was. It was so awful. And like it took 18 months just because it took like six months just to get him to sign the papers because he didn't want to. Like he was at work one day, and it was just awful. And so I got an apartment in secret. I took whatever I could when he was at work. And I moved out basically while he was at work, because he was just like, You are my wife, he wrote me an eight page paper. Towards the end, this is how bad it was. He wrote me an eight page paper about how I needed to be a better wife to serve him. I had to make sure that I was there when he was home that I did all the cooking that I did all the cleaning that I did that I was like, I love basically was his property. And that had to to serve him my whole purpose in life was to serve Him. And if anyone knows me, like Holly housewife is like no. Like, no, like, I don't do well with other people telling me what to do. But like, I was just the culture I grew up in and like he would get mad because like, I would have my own personality and like, he would like punch holes in the wall next to my head to try and like assert his dominance as the man and like, push me into things because like, again, assert his dominance as the man because man is the the ruler of the house. So I had to do what he told me to and I was like, this is awful guys. Like I as like growing up. I'm surprised I even got to wrestle in high school. Like, yeah, thankfully, my dad was like, pretty normal. And he was understanding because like he thought it was cold. I think he wanted boys. That's why so he's just like, sports, like, go play sports. Be like the roughest like, I played hockey my whole life. And then I go wrestling. So I think again, I think that's just because he wanted boys. And so he's like, we're gonna just make you as masculine as possible. And all of the sports and all of the things and I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 38:58
cool about them. Still a girl that but Okay,

Unknown Speaker 39:01
girl, but I will do all that. I will work on the car with yet and we'll do all the hiking and like all of that. But yeah, but it was like, it was weird. And so actually, oh my gosh, my life the breaking point in the marriage and like the whole religious thing. Yeah. Was this is my favorite story. Because like six months in Utah has like, total like fossils. Like they have so many dinosaurs that they find.

Unknown Speaker 39:30
Oh, and there was dinosaurs.

Unknown Speaker 39:33
Yeah. And I was like, I'm like, bro, I want to go to the dinosaur museum. That'd be cool. And he was just like, why? And I was like, because dinosaurs are awesome. Like, I love dinosaurs. Like, it's cool. Like, I love museums. I'm kind of a nerd. Like, I love museums. I love that kind of stuff. And he's like, uh, you know, dinosaurs didn't exist, right? And I was like, Lord, and then I get my way Because I get my way. And we're at the museum and I'm sitting there I'm like, see this fossil see this that I'm touching right here, dinosaur? And sir, who I'm married to for six months turns to me and he's like, you know, that was planted by the devil to test us. Are you serious? Like, like you ever felt like that sinking feeling like, I've made a big mistake?

Unknown Speaker 40:28
It's like at that moment, she knew she had fucked up.

Unknown Speaker 40:33
It was exactly that. And I'm just sitting there, like, oh, I can't do this anymore. Like, are you kidding me right now? That was when I was like, Alright, so we're gonna make a plan. And we're gonna get out of this. Because, like, he was like, so incredibly serious that I'm like, wow, yeah, he doesn't believe in dinosaurs. And I don't think anything that I tell him is actually going to change that. And so I was like, Yeah, this is not how I want to live my life. So that's when we started making the split from everything, because I'm like, oh, yeah, science, we like this. And let's be honest, we like to enjoy our life, too. So So my first question right off

Unknown Speaker 41:15
the bat is, well, first of all, congrats on getting out of that situation, because 18 months, like you said, it was like, you know, that's not that long, because a lot of people stay in relationships, especially marriages, because they got married and whatever the fuck that means. So, like you said, in the beginning of this podcast, all it matters is if you're fucking happy, you know, like, Who fucking cares? I mean, people who are very religious, you know, they've got their own things that they need to work through, you know, like their relationship with God. And I understand that but so So now moving forward, you realize this wasn't the person you wanted to be with? You tried to get him to sign the papers? Six months later, he finally did. Now, you're divorced. You know, you're what? 25 or 2625 25? You're 25 years old. Bernie divorce. Have you started fighting yet?

Unknown Speaker 42:05
So I had my first MMA fight at 25 it was about two months after I got divorced was my very first MMA fight

Unknown Speaker 42:13
new chapter of your fucking life like divorce. And now I'm getting in a cage and I'm fighting bitches and like never looking back. What? I love

Unknown Speaker 42:25
it, like you said, that was my first lifetime was the Mormon and then now we're on to the next chapter. And so after

Unknown Speaker 42:33
the divorce, I really want to know because like, my first thought is like, Oh, God, I bet she's just like, Fuck, man, fuck religion. You know, like, Were you even trying to bone or date? Or were you like, not into it? Like, how was your thought process after the divorce? And like, kind of like the rest of your, you know, relationship history after that.

Unknown Speaker 42:53
Um, so basically, I was like, freedom. And, like, you know how when you're like driving on the freeway, you kind of like missed up and end up going one way and then all of a sudden, you're like, Oh, the other way? Yeah. Yeah. So for the first little bit, we did a major over correction over here. And like, I went from being married to a Mormon man who didn't believe in dinosaurs to dating like a fighter with a grenade tattoo in his hands that snorted everything inside saw.

Unknown Speaker 43:36
You fuckin weird from morbid man to fighter, snort and stuff. Wow. Okay, now I understand the overcorrection or correction

Unknown Speaker 43:47
that sounds like let me let me preface this by saying what we did, we went from one end of the spectrum to the exact opposite end of the spectrum.

Unknown Speaker 43:56
Okay. Okay. How long did were you involved with this person who was a mixed martial artist? And sounds like he may have had a substance abuse problem?

Unknown Speaker 44:05
Yes. So it was like a few months that he had, like, come to Utah and was training in Utah, and then ended up leaving and it's probably for the best, because let's be honest, that was probably not the healthiest of situations. So

Unknown Speaker 44:22
yeah. So that was only a few months

Unknown Speaker 44:25
relationship. It was only I was like, five months, something like that, which for some people is a long time, but I don't know. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 44:35
it depends on like a couple of things, right? Like how there's five months of like nonstop spending every day together. And there's five months of like we casually dated, so a lot can happen and especially if it's somebody as intense as a mixed martial artist who is snorting things. No. So

Unknown Speaker 44:53
me so like after week two, he moved in with me and so it was Oh yeah, it was fairly

Unknown Speaker 44:59
poor. For the course with crazy fighters, I feel like intense it's like we're all or nothing, you know, fucking we all learn us but yeah, yeah so now okay, you know I won't I won't have you get into the crazy relationship with that person but looking back what would you say that you used to put up with in relationships and dating and you know your love life that you would fucking never put up with today?

Unknown Speaker 45:31
Well number one is not even being able to keep any type of painkiller in the house because they snort everything. That's number one. Yeah, so, um, honestly, it's like the the disrespects because the guy that I dated after him I actually ended up dating for five years. We were together for a really long time. And like, he would be just disrespectful and he I have a type like my type. Do you know how the guys have like the the pull the strip or off the pole type? Like we prefer. Oh, stripper off the pole like guys have that? I've never

Unknown Speaker 46:13
Oh, Captain Captain save a ho kinda. Yes. Okay. Yeah, I get I heard that one DJ saw was like, Captain save a captain. I was like, What are you saying? All captain's table? Whoa, okay. Okay, so I like

Unknown Speaker 46:33
the, whatever the equivalent is for like for males, like that's my type. I'm like, Oh, I see somebody who's like struggling in life or doesn't have, like, who likes to snort things or has a problem or is like the biggest. Maybe I'm just looking for like the asshole with the heart of gold. But all I get is the asshole.

Unknown Speaker 46:54
So you're literally a female captain save a ho is that we're just Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:58
I'm a female captain save a ho. And I'm like, I don't know how it ends. Like, line up a roomful of men, and whichever one is the biggest asshole in the room? That's the one that I gravitate to. And I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 47:10
Why do you know? Why do you think that is, you know, it could be that you have a very nurturing, loving personality. And you think that you can truly help these people. So it's not even like, it's like, I can't hate you for trying. It's just like, you know, it's like, talk about shoot yourself in the foot, though. You know, you're just like going to be met with headache after headache. And do you realize now in your, you know, like later that, okay, when I date someone, I have to go into this knowing that this what you see is what you get, you can't try to change someone. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 47:43
so that's why I'm saying like this is, that's how I can maybe that's how I used to be, these are the things that I necessarily put up with anymore. It's taken a long time to get here. I've I've kind of steered away from the hassles of the world. We're not trying to save a house anymore. I mean, every once in a while we'll see. But like, a table has like taken, taken a retreat for a second. So

Unknown Speaker 48:07
I love that that makes me happy. So now moving forward, I got to ask how do you identify sexually? Straight gay by pansexual? And then also, what is your current dating status single in a relationship seeing someone?

Unknown Speaker 48:24
So I am straight? Contrary to what my mother thinks, right? And like every, like I got on the Ultimate Fighter. I was roommates with Sarge and I was roommates with the Shona. So like the two lesbian little show and like you were friends and everything, so I get home from the show. And she's like, So are you a lesbian now? Wow. Wow. Contagious like you don't you don't catch it

Unknown Speaker 48:51
got. It's got the ISM. The lesbianism.

Unknown Speaker 48:56
Exactly. She's like, she caught that lesbianism and I'm like, No mom. And it's like, I don't know. I don't know what would make her happier. It'd be like No Mom, I'm actually a giant horror. Like,

Unknown Speaker 49:08
be like, No, my name is vitamin D. I'm not a lesbian.

Unknown Speaker 49:13
Came back from the show with a fight named vitamin D. And she asked me if I'm a lesbian. Contrary again, to common misconception I am straight. Currently very single, like Yeah, I you know, I have a fight coming up. And you know, I was like, no distractions like

Unknown Speaker 49:34

Unknown Speaker 49:37
distractions and I it still but I'm like, I'm not actively pursuing it. It's not something like, Oh, I'm on the prowl, trying to find somebody here. Like I wasn't opposed to it. But like my focus, my focus is on that Bellator belt. But like, if anyone like slipped into my DMs at any time, like I wouldn't be opposed to it. But again, I'm a weirdo and the people that slip in my DMs you are usually just the middle aged men.

Unknown Speaker 50:02
Hey, you know what I'm in a healthy happy relationship and we're getting close to three years and he slid right on into my DM. So it's love it. You know, it's just like it is an app. But like, say it again. God bless ya. God bless the deal, you know, and I'm so happy. I'm so happy he didn't pay me. You know, as long as it's not like an unsolicited dick pic. Why not shoot your shot? What's even better, in my opinion is that, you know, Deana I'll fuckin ask your opinion. But like, guys don't talk to you in person anymore. It's like, they'll see you the like search or instagram with it write you a message in the corner. I'm like, come talk to me. You know, that's what used to happen.

Unknown Speaker 50:44
Oh, I wholeheartedly agree. Like, they're like, oh, we'll see you across the gym. And then they'll go and then like, send you a message. And I actually so there's this person. It was a fighter. They was used to, like, they got my number somehow. I think my old roommate gave it to him, but I'm not sure. But like, his English wasn't the best. So maybe that's why, but like, I would see him at the gym, and then I would leave, and then they would start sending me messages and they would send me unsolicited dick pics. And like, it's been four years and I still get dick pics from this person. And I'm like, bro, like, number one, I see you and you don't talk to me. But you think it's okay to send me like your little guy in my DMs. I do this because it's not just pictures. Like, I get videos where it's just like, like, actually, it was funny because like Sarge, she was my roommate to Georgia Eubanks. And she I started getting the messages. And she's like, No way. It's not him. It's not him. And I was like, I don't know, they sent me a picture of their face. And it sure does look like him. Because it was a fighter that we knew. And I was like, and then another picture came up and I'm like, Sarge, I know it's a dick. I know. It's a dick. And she's like, No, it can't be not from him. And I was like, buddy, I know it is and so Sarge being she you know, she's of the non straight.

Unknown Speaker 52:07
She don't like the dick.

Unknown Speaker 52:11
My phone is just holding it like this, like so the phone's right here and she's holding it like this across the middle. And she's like, Oh, and she goes and she hits it, and it opens up. And it was a very big aggressive pick. And she was just like she's like, that's just how they are buddy.

Unknown Speaker 52:35
You know what after I learned that Sarge fucking cut the umbilical cord in a elevator while her baby mama was given birth. I'm like that fish can do anything. That's crazy. That's crazy. For people

Unknown Speaker 52:48
on the planet. Like she could do anything. I'm like, No, like. Yeah, no, she did not appreciate the aggressive dick pic that came across my phone that day. Maybe that's strong. Why line? No, no aggressive. You're right.

Unknown Speaker 53:03
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Unknown Speaker 54:17
Um, it's an in person thing because like I've tried my friends, I have friends and they're like we went on hinge and we met my boyfriend and I met my husband and my my dad because like, I would try it but it's just so weird. Like I had one guy that was like, I know who you are. And I was like, Yeah, I mean, I think that was supposed to be an endearing comment, but that was actually really creepy. So I was like,

Unknown Speaker 54:39
you're like I can't hear tone. I read it. I know who you are. But what he meant was,

Unknown Speaker 54:45
I know like, I'm like this like I know who you are. Do much

Unknown Speaker 54:53
is you following me what's happening but it makes me so nervous because I'm like, I don't know what's happening with that and so like all I'll, I'll load it up. And I won't ever swipe on anybody, but I'll look to see what's nearby. And I was like, we were just gonna go ahead and we're gonna delete out once again, you don't like the menu? Really? Yeah, the menu was not kind to me. So we go ahead and we deleted it. And we left that established.

Unknown Speaker 55:17
No, no other online dating experience.

Unknown Speaker 55:21
Um, not Not really. There was like, I get so nervous with that kind of stuff. And I prefer to like, know the person because like, my type is like, and I hate judging off of pictures, like people put stuff in their bios, but like, the type of people that I like, I won't say I like them ugly. But I preferred if they have a little bit of a mess of face If your nose is crooked. If you've got scars, I like the chest hair. Not conventional. Yeah. You're too pretty. Like I'm sorry. If you're prettier than me. Then you got to get the hell out of here. Because like, my nose can't be more crooked. And I can't have more cauliflower. Yeah. Yeah, that's why I ended up dating like small little wrestlers. Because they got the cauliflower face and the big ears and the like, That's the man right there.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
But they could still get shit done physically, because I got that wrestler pressure that we're talking about.

Unknown Speaker 56:17
Like, I find myself bantamweights Because I don't know what it is the little guys

Unknown Speaker 56:22
not like because yeah, because you're greedy. And you need a trading partner. And you're like, Whoa, doesn't wrestle.

Unknown Speaker 56:29
And like, I need somebody to date. And I need somebody who's going to be able to push me in the gym. So this is what we got. So, like,

Unknown Speaker 56:36
bucket or fighting. That's what this podcast is all about. Come on.

Unknown Speaker 56:40
That's exactly and that's how I live my life. But like, I so I was telling my friends like I have I have a few rules for dating. And number one is like I don't fuck around in the gym. Like that's, that's my work. That's what I do. Like, where you eat? Exactly. If I do break that rule. It's like one and done. Like, not multiple, I will never date more than like one person in the gym like and I only put that stipulation on there because like, every once in a while, somebody will come around and it's like, yeah, it happened. Yep. So it is what it is. And then like number two, I don't fuck around with anyone that my friends have fucked around with. And yep, yeah, like my rules and so they date in the gym. So

Unknown Speaker 57:22
you're speaking my language, you know, like I never ever like I've done my shit I look back and I'm like, Oh, I was a free spirit you know, but like and I'm like in a happy it's nice. You know, I'm going to happy healthy committed relationship now. But like, you know, I look back and I'm like one thing that I never did as much as I slowed it up you know, I would never fucking touched one of my home girls. Even a dude that she was like kind of talking to I'm like, Look how many dicks around dicks thick thick thick thick thick you don't like you don't gotta go the same spot and like that only happened to me one time and it hurt me so bad I was like yes I this exactly what it was exactly why I never did this. You know like you're number one you automatically know because you're a good person. This is wrong. But I never gave into temptation. You know? Because I love my friends so fucking much like to me friends or family and so that's a big fucking No No Have you ever did some not you but like if my friends did something like that, which they never would but yeah, so two holes your don't mess around with your guys or don't mess around with your girlfriends guys obviously, or someone they've been talking to and don't date in the gym.

Unknown Speaker 58:37
Don't chip other gyms that's fine. So like I said, I'm a little wrestler fighters and all the bantamweights of the world. Just not a fan of weights, but I always find myself with the smaller one. I learned

Unknown Speaker 58:51
so much. Okay, I always ask like, well, you know, What's your type, but you literally just told me it's like, unconventional and that's that's that's great. You know, every every parent every single. Oh, sorry. Go

Unknown Speaker 59:05
ahead. No, I was just like, that's my type like you said yeah, like a little bit of hair like I'm a little scruffy and messed up and like

Unknown Speaker 59:15
I love that I love but every every like Harry wrestler bantamweight guys like yes, this is my

Unknown Speaker 59:22
region of the world, like a big fan caucus region. So that's dirtier than i is. I'm literally talking geography but I mean, also not but the world

Unknown Speaker 59:38
we talked about a little bit about, like, you know, physical things that you like, and your guy, what about characteristics, personality traits, those kinds of things, hobbies,

Unknown Speaker 59:47
um, you know, just somebody that's number one thing is just somebody that's kind like, like I said, I dated all the assholes of the world banter with somebody, somebody that has to be you well spoken, like I dated this one guy. And I was like, oh, like, Are you reading any books that he's like, Oh, why would I read books, their loot? Is there a movie of it. And I was like, it was the most unattractive thing in the world to me. I was like, it was so ignorant, and it was so terrible. And I was like, Get out of my car. Like, I don't even want to drive you home now. Because like, that's how turned off I was, but that. So somebody who like, is kind and has, like, like I said, somebody who I can have an intelligent conversation with, but they don't have to be like, the smartest in the world or anything, but just somebody who, who has their mental faculties with them, like somebody who wants to learn more things, somebody who is open to learning about things, like even if they not reading a book at this time, like they're not opposed to it kind of thing. That right, there is something that big for me because like, I love reading, I love going to museums, I love doing new things and trying new things. And so somebody who's just open for, you know, adventure, and somebody who's open to experience the things of the world. Like, there's, there's so much to see and so much to do out there. And like the worst thing in the world is somebody who's just so okay with being complicit, like, oh, I don't want to go anywhere, oh, I don't want to do anything. Like, I just want to live in my own little bubble and never leave my home or never leave my house. Like, why would I want to go and do things I could just watch TV all day. And I'm like, because there's so much out there to like, see and do and experience. Like if you've never done that before? Like why would you want to give it a try one time? Like, yeah, I'm all about, like, I want to see and do everything. Like, that excites me. And so that's kind of what I'm looking for him like, you know, I want somebody who wants the adventure in life and just genuinely is happy and enjoys life and just wants to just wants to

Unknown Speaker 1:01:58
improve themselves. With Yeah, and you know, I what I'm hearing a lot too is like self improvement, right? And, like, I didn't realize how big I was into self improvement until my boyfriend told me he was like, Babe, you're always trying to get better. And I'm like, What do you mean, he's like, you know, I'm like, whatever it is, you know, like working out, or I'm like, you know, the podcast, like, I'm trying to learn synth, you know, whatever it is, I am always trying to improve myself a little bit. And I realized that that's something that I want in my partner as well. Because one of my favorite quotes is I think it's a Ralph Waldo Emerson. And he says, Show me a man who is content with himself. And I'll show you a man who has given up. And basically say, you're like, I'm good enough. It's cool, you know, and I'm like, now you gotta keep raising your fucking bar and getting better and better and better. And I'm surrounded by hustlers and people who are constantly trying to improve themselves. So I don't see it too often. But I do know, there's a large portion of the world out there who's just like, this is good enough. And I'm like, never good enough, better, better, better. And so I feel like you're the same way.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:07
Absolutely. You know, I, so there's this, this guy that I kind of liked and had liked him for a while. But I came to the realization one day that he just doesn't, he hasn't had no goal in life. Like, there was nothing that he was working towards. There was nothing that like, motivated him. There was nothing that he didn't have anything. Like he said, there was nothing that he was working towards. And I realized, like, like, all feelings were lost at that point. Because it's like, if you don't have something that you're working towards, if you don't have goals in my life purpose, doing like, Yeah, it's nice to like, just live life and enjoy yourself. And that's also something that that i i find attractive, like somebody who wants to enjoy life, but then it's like, you also have to be working towards something because how how do you progress? Like you said, as a human like, how do you how do you even what, what are you doing? Like, what, what is your life's purpose? What's your why? What's your why for life? And I think that's, that's something I need to have to like, not just not just, I don't know what I wrote along with just you know, having having a good time. Like, yeah, well, what do you want to do? Like, are you okay, with the position you're in now? Do you want to work do something better? Like, like, you have to have a Y?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:26
Yeah, yeah, I agree. And I always ask kind of this similar question, but I want to twist it a little bit. So obviously, I'm a female fighter. I always like you know, what's it been like dating? What's your experience been like dating as a female MMA fighter? But I think I I'd rather ask you. What's something that most people would be surprised to find out about dating a female MMA fighter or specifically dating you?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:54
Well, besides the fact that I'm batshit crazy,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
you ain't crazy. You're fun. It's fun me and DJ czar like thank God we we were having a rough day not gonna lie me and him came in we're like this day is kicking our ass. And then Deanna came on and we're like, we need that vitamin D in our life.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:16
Vitamin D makes everything a little bit better. So I agree with that. Thanks, girl. Um, man, I'm dating a female fighter. Number one thing is, especially when like you have a fight coming up. I feel like we have higher testosterone levels, just because we're training and we're in the gym the whole time. And so it's like, you have to be ready to fuck. Like, I just just need to get it in guys. Like, we just go for this like,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:51
yeah, so we're sure higher sex drive for sure. As far

Unknown Speaker 1:05:55
as that goes, but we're in the gym all day. Like you get into shape. Like sometimes like, especially like the last few weeks of camp, you're just like, I need this. I need this right? Or else I'm gonna leave my mind like this. This has to be a thing this has to happen. And, you know, I've had people who like, you're very aggressive as far as that goes. Yeah, I am. So take your pants off. Let's go. Like, come on. We need now.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
Have You Ever Have you ever had a partner who couldn't keep up with you sexually. And I asked this because I recently had a girlfriend. Tell me about a guy that she was dating and she would want to have sex. And he was always like denying her. And it was just like he couldn't keep up with her sex drive. And I've never experienced that personally. And I was wondering if you have Yeah, well,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:41
that will marriage thing. Only on two hands and not even the wedding day. So that's, that's a you know that that marriage was doomed where I'm just like, Oh, we're married. Let's get it on. And he's just like, I'm going to sleep. Well, this is this is not this is not a good start, guys. It's crazy. I waited 24 years for this. And yet, and so I'm like, is it me? Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:05
of course, of course, that's only natural to think that it's you as well, right? Especially we're younger. Now. We're like a it's a you problem, buddy. Nobody me. But back when we're in our early 20s. We're like, oh, do I weird down there or my

Unknown Speaker 1:07:18
TV? Like, I smell funny? Is it? The hair? What's wrong with you? Yeah. Can you get it up? Well, but yeah, I have, unfortunately dated people that were just like, I'm tired. And I'm like, Yeah, to do anything. Just like just let it let it let it raise and then we're good. So

Unknown Speaker 1:07:43
was there anything that you could do to get around that? You know, because I think you know, usually it happens when longer longer than 18 months. But you know, this was a different situation with the religion and all that. But you know, longer relationships. Sometimes they get a little stale, they get a little boring, a little monotonous, whatever, and you can mix things up. Did you ever try anything like sex toys, or you know, things we'll get into later, but like role playing or bondage, anything like that, that could like maybe entice him like mom man

Unknown Speaker 1:08:14
tried, but was denied. So that's also reasons why we moved on. Because, yeah, we don't need that in our lives are so All right, like, but yeah, and so that's, that's what dating Dianna, vitamin D.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:31
So when I asked you earlier, you say that, but

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
then it's also like, I don't know, when it comes down to it. And I'm like, Just tie me up. I'm just a just a little girl.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:43
So when I asked you earlier about your parents, I was wondering, you know, like just that relationship, because every once in a while you will get someone who had some good parents, and they're like, they sat me down and had the talk and all that. So now I'm like, Oh, God, you had Mormon parents? Did you have the talk? Or did they just say, Don't don't have sex until you're married? And that's it? Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:05
I'm very distinctly remember the talk because like, they put me and my sister in the room and they sat us down. And I'm like, Okay, this is uncomfortable. I don't really like this. And it was just like, sex is made for a husband and a wife, or a husband and a wife. He was very aggressive. And I was like, Why are you yelling at me? Stop yelling at me. Like, you're this is not off to a good start, guys. Like, you're yelling. It's making me nervous. Yeah. And then it's like, you can't have that beforehand, and you're gonna end up dating people and they're gonna want to touch you inappropriately, and you don't let them it's like that video that's been going on. Like from the old school like sex ed video. That's like, if you have sex, you're going to die. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:46

Unknown Speaker 1:09:49
I laughed so hard at that, because like, that is that was my experience with the talk like it was very stern. Like, if this happens, you're going to hell for We're in for all eternity. And it's because as a female you have to protect yourself because men do this and you can't do it or I'll she'll die and then you're going to hell and it's like, oh times can we say hell and that we're gonna die over and over and over again?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:15
Yeah, it's not a good birds and the bees talk for sure. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:21
horrifying. I was like alright well I'm just traumatized. So it's like okay and so like any guys talk to me I'm like No, not today. Back off sir.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
We talked about your crazy situation you know, you you you weren't good girl you were a fucking good girl. You didn't have sex till you're 24 But you know, I call it a whole phase because I think that we should all have it guys included. I think it's important because look, we all I feel like most of us are looking for that one person where we can have a deep, meaningful connection long lasting and most likely be monogamous. So I'm like, why not? Get yours in while you can until it's one dick or one vagina or whatever it is for the rest of your life. So my question is with that said, when you were living your life after being married, you just got divorced? What is your favorite quickie or wild? sexual experience story that you want to share with us? Because in all that time I know there gotta be one.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:24
Well, like I said, after after I got divorced, we we overcorrected. There was Sir, with the grenade tattoo on his hand. And I think I think that one's my favorite one. Because my friends don't let me live it down. You know, I came home one day from the gym and we get it going, and homeboy just chokes me unconscious. Whoa, whoa, whoa, I was like, I mean, it was it was I mean, we there's always a level of that, that it's consensual. Okay. The only time I've ever gone unconscious from a choke before though. Well, even in training, even in training. Yeah, not even in training. Have I been choked unconscious. But one day, sir got a little too excited and choked me unconscious. And I woke up as things were, and as he was finishing up with everything, just like Job,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:20
like, oh, oh, no, no. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:25
oh. Okay. Well, good to know. You liked it, sir.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:30
Oh, that's, that makes me like sick to my stomach. Yes. I mean, it's nice that you can share that story. It's a fucked up situation. You're over it and all that, but that's not fucking cool. And

Unknown Speaker 1:12:47
probably very high on something. So yeah, I mean, how do you

Unknown Speaker 1:12:51
cut? Was there like, any kind of communication about boundaries about okay, like, Don't go too hard? Or like, does, did he ever say like, can I choke you out? Like, or did he just do it? And then it

Unknown Speaker 1:13:02
happens like, and I don't think he was intentionally trying to choke me unconscious. Okay. Like, I mean, I will probably get into this a little later. I am a big fan of things just a little bit rougher than they probably should be. Dude. Nice do this, like I just, I just liked, like choking and sunlight hair poles. Nothing wrong with that. Um, so it was kind of there. And I don't know, maybe, maybe it was just extra tired that day, and I ended up going unconscious. But like, it was the only time that you never put me unconscious again. So he learned his lesson on that one. But

Unknown Speaker 1:13:40
wow, my my next question is biggest pet peeve in the bedroom when I'm like, getting choked unconscious.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:47
Actually, yeah. When you're just like, I'm enjoying this and all of a sudden you're like, Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:53
I mean, I'm not as baffled. Because look, I also I too. I do enjoy the street, or I'm strange and unusual, or whatever it is, like, I also like a little my guide to be a little rougher. And like there's been a couple times where, you know, you kind of start just to get a little tingly. You know what I mean? Anybody who's like passed out, it's like, I'm going, I'm going and then it's like, oh, shit, you know, then then your partner notices and they're like, my bad, my bad. You know? And they kind of like, bring you back a little bit. But

Unknown Speaker 1:14:23
what's a favorite word? Meatloaf. Is that even going around like that is the ultimate ultimate safe word. Because I would do anything for love.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:35
But I vote Oh my god. Did you hear that? The ultimate safe word is meatloaf because I wouldn't do anything for love. But I won't do that. And you know what's really sad is that, let's fucking face it. We're old now. Because these newer generation, Terrence McKinney just had him on he's a little younger. I guarantee he's not going to fucking know what meatloaf singing I would do it If

Unknown Speaker 1:15:01
you get one of these younger people if I embrace less status, so I'm not old enough to be a cougar, okay, because I am in my 30s. But so it's Pumas. So if you're in your 30s, I have

Unknown Speaker 1:15:11
I have heard of Puma, I have heard of Puma and yeah, so what how big of an age difference does it have to be? Like, my guy is 32. I'm 30 5am I a puma. Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:24
I think it has, okay, and the twins are in their 20s. So I think you're good. Okay. But like, yeah, I can only imagine. Like, I bring home a guy in his 20s and I'm like meatloaf, meatloaf. He's like

Unknown Speaker 1:15:41
yeah. So since we are alpha females, I always I have to know, is the bedroom a place where you're like, a fucking bring the dominance all the time? Or you're like, Okay, now I can be, you know, soft, gentle, sweet, little bit more submissive.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:00
Um, so, I yeah, I as much fun as I like to be like, the alpha female, like in training, like, I'm going to kill everybody. I want to be dominant. And then it's the exact opposite. Because it's like, oh, no, tie me up. choke me do this. I'm just a sweet little girl. Oh, no, don't cuff my hands behind my back. This is terrible. But yeah, so it's definitely, I mean, unless, unless the situation arises, and we want to go otherwise, which, you know, comes up for most of the part. But yeah, I would say, I do prefer a little bit on the submissive side, it's

Unknown Speaker 1:16:37
nice. It's nice to just let your guard down. And then you're just, you know, you don't gotta be that strong, alpha female all the time. And I don't know, it's weird. It's like, I like to be strong, you know, on the outside. And then yeah, like, with my partner, I say this to Him all the time. I don't you probably feel the same way. Sometimes when you're in a committed relationship, and your guy's like standing next to you and like you're walking on the street or whatever. It's like, you kind of let your guard down. Right? Because, you know, he has your back. And I realized the other day, I was like, I was like, you ever realize you kind of make me a little bitch. And he was like, what? And I'm like, I just, like when you're around me, I feel love. I feel protected. I feel safe. And so I'm just like, like, you know, I'm a stoner now. And I'm just like, smoking, you know, but like, if when you're single, it's like, as a woman, you gotta have that fucking guard up. You gotta keep your head on a swivel, especially depending on where you're at, you know, whatever it is. And so I thought that was kind of weird, because it's like, all right, I normally am this like, strong woman, but with my guy. I'm like, All right. I'm a princess.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:41
Exactly. I'm like, oh, no, don't do that. Just like I'm just a little girl. Wearable.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:48
Well, we talked about choking and a couple of those other things. So I feel like that's the perfect segue into the lightning sex round. Are you ready to play Deanna? All right, okay. For those of you listening who don't know what this is, it's our fun segment. It's the rapid fire. Yes, sir. No, I'm going to ask Deanna a couple questions like Do you dirty talk in bed? And she'll just say yes or no, unless she's so inclined. She's got to tell us a crazy story. Then we will stop this thing. And it'll be not the lightning second round, but whatever. Okay, Deanna you ready to play? Okay. So lightning second round with Deanna. Do you dirty talk in bed?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:32
Yes, daddy.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:35
Baker like to be spanked? Yes. Both biting.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:42
There has been some bite marks. Thankfully, my teeth fixed because I used to have a really prominent like front tooth so you could tell which tooth Mark was mine. Now it's just a

Unknown Speaker 1:18:52
little bit. All right. Choking?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:56
Well, yeah, we've kind of covered that one. Okay. Oh, no, don't choke me Poppy, terrible.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:03

Unknown Speaker 1:19:06
not my preferred, but been there. Okay. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:11
Do you watch porn? Yeah. And any fetishes like a foot fetish.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:17
I'm definitely not for the foot fetishes. But if you've never seen what a Jackal is, you definitely need a Google Bojangles because I it's one of the things I always ask people for Christmas. I'm like for Christmas, you're getting a Jenko and they're like, please don't I don't know why that exists. And I'm like, Well, I'm glad I can teach you.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:34
So we're gonna talk about that. But for now, bodily fluid fetish. But yeah, bodily fluid fetish.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:42
No, but I really big fan of forearms forums. So the very first thing that I noticed on a guy, are you serious? Well, fine forearms. Yeah, I don't know what it is. Like. If you have slightly hairy well deform. forearms. I'll be like,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:56
One time someone gave me a compliment on my forearms and I thought to myself have? Well, it's not the sexiest spot but I'll take it. I'll take you.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:05
If you see me. If you any guy sees me checking out their forearms just know. I am checking you out and I probably have a full on lady boner right now. It does the trick.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:16
I love it. Okay, what about bondage like ropes, blindfold handcuffs?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:22
I do own a few. Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:23
All right. Do you sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:28
Not Not really.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:30
Role playing?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:32
Yeah, I mean, it's fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:36
It's hard to stay in character, though. I don't know. It is.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:38
Sometimes you just have to be a sweet southern doctor and take care. Good, man. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:44
Okay, but stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:47
If the situation arises ever been

Unknown Speaker 1:20:51
to a sex club or a swingers party? No, no. Body hair. Yay. Yay. Oh, yeah, I forgot. And then ever been caught having sex or masturbating? Yes. Would you like to share that awesome story with us?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:14
I went on a hike out here in Jersey on I don't even know where we were. But it was like next to the water next. But there was like a hike throughout. And we got to the end of it. And I was like, all right. going for it. And a nice little boat came by and they're like, Ah, see you and I was like, Hello, sir. Awkward salute. Oh, no. Runaway.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:43
You know, I'm actually going to Hawaii very soon. And I really want to have sex under a waterfall. Like that's my It's on my bucket list. And I'm hoping that we can make that happen. So hopefully, next week, I tell you Okay, moving on. That was a lightning sex round. You did amazing. Oh, thank you. So the next two segments are Fuck, Marry kill a game and then fan questions

Unknown Speaker 1:22:18
marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. We're done.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:22
Now for Fuck, Marry, Kill. We didn't get to this. But you and I talked previously about how your father was a police officer. We didn't really get to talk about that. We kept a little bit more lighthearted. He's not with us anymore. So I really hope this is not weird because with your Fuck, Marry kill. I gave you cop fighters. Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:45
So you want to? You want to play fuck. Very cool. Last Flight. Okay, love it.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:51
So, we you have the fighter police slash police officer edition. Now you gotta tell me between these three names who you would fuck who you would marry and who you would kill. And it's Chris daucus. He was a police officer. He's a heavyweight. He's 32 years old. And actually, you're in Philly, right? Yeah. Yeah, but I think we he's your he's your teammate.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:17
No, he's not my teammates. Know, I just don't know. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:20
Jim's made that real awkward. Almost. Okay, good. So, like, so he was a part of the Philly police force for 10 years. Then we got the OG Mirko Cro Cop. He was actually an anti terrorist squad in Croatia. His old ass is 47. And lastly, we have Forrest Griffin. Og Ultimate Fighter winner who actually put in his leave of absence so he could go on to the Ultimate Fighter and then he actually ended up winning it. And he was a cop in Georgia. Fun facts. So who would you who would you marry? And who would you kill?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:00
We're fucking Cro Cop. Okay. That's that's the one left leg.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:08
Right leg cemetery. Is that Is that what it is? Left leg hospital. Right leg cemetery. Other way around. Okay, all MMA nerds out there like no actually got to get so long.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:23
To care about that we care about what's exactly exactly what dies. Okay, so that's the fox. Okay. Mary Forrest Griffin. I think he's fabulous. Like, I think he's nerdy and just the right amount of hair. And that is a pretty man right there. I don't know why I T is

Unknown Speaker 1:24:43
a hairy man. And that's right up here. Yeah. Okay, so you

Unknown Speaker 1:24:50
so it reads he he literally checks off almost all the boxes. He's just not a small family. Yeah, that's too big. A little too big. Exactly. Exactly, but not in the right spots.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:02
Oh, and was he a wrestler?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:06
I don't I don't know about I mean, it's not a deal breaker, but that's okay. It is then. Sorry daucus We're killing you

Unknown Speaker 1:25:14
so good. Yeah, he was up against fucking legends so it's all good relations that was the

Unknown Speaker 1:25:22
noun to it if there was other people there might have been different but yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:27
I love that that was a good one. Okay, so for those of you listening who are not going to switch over to the UFC fight pass platform. I'm so sorry but you won't be able to hear the fan questions your actual real fan questions. But go ahead and switch over there guys. UFC fight pass is an awesome platform. There's not just you know, UFC fights on there, obviously now they have fight podcast hosted by UFC fighters and some of your other awesome MMA personalities. So

Unknown Speaker 1:25:54
for the fans that are still listening DNO, where can they follow you on all your social media channels?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:00
And anything else you want to promote? Do you have an only fans or a fan time or any exclusive content?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:06
I don't have an only fans or a fan time because I'm an awkward human and like trying to get me to take like poses it takes a lot even just to get like a picture of me that's the stunt so that's why I've ever had one I'm like, we're gonna post that plan. Like, I have like this weird face. But I'm like, Why is my face doing that aren't even know why it's doing that. So? Yeah, we haven't gone down that route. Like, more power to anyone who does but like I

Unknown Speaker 1:26:31
tell you, girl, I'm not. I'm not. I will be the first one to say like I was. I wasn't against doing it. But I am the same way. I'm like, what movies out front? He's like, I don't know what to do with my hands. Or like, you know, like, he's just like,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:49
my life I like I have the what I call awkward cactus where my hands just come up here. And they're like, Yeah, put your hands down. I'm like, my hands are down. They're like, No, you are awkward practicing again. I'm like, oh, sorry. Let me go ahead and holster those guns real fast.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:04
So I was the same way and I still am. If I can do it, you can do it. You're beautiful. So I'm just saying.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:11
We'll consider that for the future. All right, but it's gonna be mostly weird shit and a lot of dick jokes because that's how I live my life. But well, we'll talk more about this after okay, but Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, all them Deanna de Bennett. You can find me on there. I post a lot of really random things and then every once in a while there's a decent photo like I said, but most of it it's like so I posted that reel from after my fight because I didn't even realize I did this. Like the Cut Man check me out for my fight. And I go and I'm he's like, Alright, go ahead. So I gave myself a cup check. I gave him a finger stuck my tongue out and then runs the cage. And I didn't even realize it. And my friends sent me that video that's I posted on my Instagram I was like why am I like not remember that I did that I like it was just thankfully didn't even plan on it and like and running into the cage and so I'm like alright, so I post stuff like that. The weirdness that is Deanna the awkward and off the wall. So yet again, a lot of jokes, a lot of like, you'll hear me say Blumpkin are buttonholes a lot? Which I didn't know. But I probably should. My very first fight name was actually Blumpkin Are you serious? I wish I was joking.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:30
I'm pretty sure that that is when a guy is on the toilet. And he's getting his his de este

Unknown Speaker 1:28:41
Yes, he was gonna Oh, that's what a blog get is to do exactly what a bumpkin was. It's not because I did want it's because I didn't have a fight name and I wanna fight name generator, because I was like, oh, we'll see this. So I like Googled it. And I plug it in and it pops up Dianna Blumpkin Bennett and I was like, wow. Right now, like, Are you kidding? And I thought hilarious because I was like Blumpkin like guys yeah toilet. And so I went to the gym and I told my teammates that and it was the worst thing I could have done because like for like the first two years before I had a fight name they're like look what's up pumpkin and

Unknown Speaker 1:29:21
I'm like, Oh, my

Unknown Speaker 1:29:24
ring that said pumpkin and I'm like, about that. That's the number one thing that pops into my head is like, backsplash, man like backsplash like Gross.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:35
Gross. No, that's everything about me love Exactly. Meatloaf. Alright guys, so I hope you enjoy that episode. If you didn't even, I don't know what you're listening to, because that was so I feel like we've been on a roll with our guests lately. Now, this is my theory, I think that we're two years into the podcast, and people are getting wind of it. And they understand that it's a sex podcast, but it's very light hearted. And you know, it's it's an opportunity for fighters and other experts that we have on to showcase a side of themselves that isn't normally put out there. Now, if you can get past the fact that we say buttholes entities in talking about weird stuff, I think it's a really good opportunity to just to show a different part of yourself and everybody that's been on the last couple of weeks, I think they get that and they just been so open. And you know, they they don't take it too seriously. And so, thank you guys, thank you guys for reaching out to me. And you know, giving all your fan questions, you guys the listeners are so amazing. I feel like because you guys are being very interactive. Other people are seeing that. And I know this is corny, but this is a safe place. You know, you guys can if you're someone who's thinking about coming on the show, but you're hesitant. It really is about just showcasing, like I said, whatever you want, I'm not trying to sidetrack my guest. And so with that episode, I think that you guys got to see a really different side of Deanna Bennett flyweight who she's ranked number five right now because she could easily be your champion, so pay attention to her. She'll probably fight in the next month or two because she's crazy and she wants that title so more power to her. UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at UFC fight backslash sign up and next week guys, big news we actually have on our first ever returning guest and it's only proper or I don't know the word but it's it's perfect really because our first returning guest is our was our first ever guest on the show. Mr. Ian uncle creepy McColl he is a former MMA world champion UFC star psychedelic intro. Intro The psychedelic intro. Why can I not see this? Integration? Wow. Okay, guys say with me psychedelic integrate into got psychedelic integration integration. Say it again. Psychedelic integration, integration integration. Anyway, psychedelic integration, we're going to leave that in zone, we're not going to cut that psychedelic integration coach and consultant. And sometimes he's a comedian. So but what he is, is he's a very good friend of mine. He was the first person who gave me a shot and put all their shit out there for you guys to listen to and critique. And I really, really, really, I love this guy. He was such a cool first guest. I learned a lot of lessons on that podcast too. So stay tuned for E and Uncle PP McCall. And you know, don't forget to check out all that other stuff. I always tell you about our website sex violence with rebel Pick up merchandise support the show. And if you want to support me with my exclusive content site, all the six pictures and videos that is my fan time site and that's Ashley rebel And, you know, rate the show review it all that kind of stuff, but really all I want you guys to do. Please just send your favorite episode to a friend. Word of mouth is the best fucking marketing. Please do that for me guys. I love you. Thank you guys so much for tuning in for all your fan questions for sharing this podcast and doing exactly what I told you to do. Special thank you to audio engineer DJ Zol he's

Unknown Speaker 1:34:31
the man check him out at DJ Zol on Instagram. Tomorrow good studio at tomorrow kids official and you can always find us on Instagram at sex and violence throwable girl and myself at Ashley MMA. We also have a backup account. It's the same it's at sex and violence with rebel girl but the number two at the end because there's Karen's in the world and I don't know I post a lot of but pictures and so sometimes people don't like that. That's it guys. I love you so much. much. Remember, be kind, be grateful, but don't take shit from you guys next week with a new guest and more tales

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