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Ep.112 Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall (2)

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day, all night. Tune in, sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence. What's happening hot stuff, what is up my naughty listeners? I am back. I was gone. But we didn't miss an episode. I just got back from five days, maybe a week in Hawaii. Zol is doing the hula over here. I actually did the hula on a boat tour. And all my friends looked at me and I was the only one that did it. And I was like, You know what, I'm not even a dancer. I'm in Hawaii, I'm gonna fucking do the hula. And, you know, it was it was a great trip. But five days is not enough. Not because I want you know, obviously you can say that forever. But I feel like we had to choose if we wanted to either do the relaxing lay on the beach vacation. Or, you know, kayak, hike, snorkel, you know, and that's what I thought I wanted to do. But then I got there. I mean, I packed my hiking shoes, a water bag, you know, all this stuff. And then I was like, I, I just I just want to decompress and relax. And I'm because I didn't you know, I thought about it later. And, you know, it's okay, dude, if I squeeze all this shit into five days, I'm probably gonna need a vacation from my vacation. You know, like, I've been training hard and getting my body back in shape. And, you know, even when I got there, I was just so fucking sore and tired and jet lagged. I'm like, let's just have a vacation, where we just disconnect. You know, I barely posted on my social media, I didn't post anything, kind of because, you know, I didn't want people to know that I was away from my home for that long. You know what I mean?

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Just thinking about the, you know, the hood I live in, and I was like, you know, I'm gonna wait until I post but just a great fucking trip guys. Like I if you can take a trip to Hawaii, which is the island that we went to, it is really the most, the least touristy Island, I believe. It is actually the wettest place on Earth, it has the most rainfall ever, in any place. It's just, you know, beautiful, you know, 75 degree weather and then out of nowhere, just start pouring rain warm for two minutes, and then pick up again. And that's my favorite weather. I love the rain, but I don't like being cold. So it was the best of both worlds. We laid on the beach, we did so much fun stuff, we had a bonfire. And my favorite part of the whole experience was, you know, you let the long term listeners know, I'm not very close with my family. I just just, you know, you know, from whatever, you know, happened in my life. You know, it's just, there's a big disconnect, you know, my family does their thing, and I'm down here in Southern California, they're in NorCal. And this was the first time that I had connected with one of my family members. I don't know, it's been so so long, and I have an uncle out there. He's lived there for I think 30 something years. He's 62 and we had the best time because, you know, I didn't really know that there was one of my family members, you know, living this like happy, healthy, like, healed existence out in kawaii and it really gave me a lot of hope. Because, like you guys will hear in this episode that you're about to listen to, you know, you get to this point in your life. And you just accept that we are all kind of broken kids somehow, you know, whatever it was, you know, sexual abuse, trauma, neglect, whatever something you know, most people have these issues that are undealt with and going out to Hawaii and seeing my uncle living this happy, healthy, healed life with his beautiful wife, who's just so gentle and loving and giving man it gave me so much hope I'm like, okay, like I just needed this. This this example of someone who came from where I came from, and had to go through very similar situations and never gave up and stayed positive and worked hard. And boom, you know, he's living his best life on in Paradise and it was very mind blowing for me it was such a great experience so I'm on a high from that. I recommend kawaii to anyone who wants to go experience that you know like I said we did a lot of fun things why May a canyon you drive up this you know it's ocean on one side and like a Kenyan on the other side is just an amazing the only thing so my uncle failed to let us know that in kawaii there are these goddamn roosters I guess you know, like 1020 30 I'm not sure the year the amount of years hurricane it and Nikki and Nikki Yeah, Hurricane Iniki messed up the island just fucking leveled it, you know, houses and everything was ruined. And they they've been rebuilding ever since. And there's actually a housing shortage out there too, which is very sad. I hear that some of the Hawaiian children of these people, these natives are actually getting priced out of the island. They gotta leave and it sucks because the housing shortage and all that but so Hurricane Iniki blew up all these like rooster hands, right? And then they just went wild and they procreated all over the island. So literally at four 430 in the morning. It's still dark and you just hear like, it's not like a Santa Ana rooster here in Orange County, you know, cockadoodledoo these guys are fucking mad. They're there. Yeah, I have a video and I'm gonna share it. Like I'll share it on the podcast page as well. And it's like, I just take a beautiful video on the backyard of my uncle's cottage. And it's just like in that like 10 second clip. There's just like 10 Rooster like, like battling back and forth and I'm like, okay, note to self bring noise cancelling headphones, earplugs and all that so didn't get a lot of sleep and kawaii but made a lot of memories. My partner and I we also partook, partake, to partake, partook, partook

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in some mushrooms and with some friends and all that. And it's just always such, you know, such a good experience because, you know, we don't take too much it's a small dose and it just kind of lets us draw up any walls. Yeah, well, let's Let's drop the walls that prevent us from saying what we really want to say due to whatever the fuck you know, insecurities or fear or whatever. And ironically, we are about to talk to you in while you guys will hear right now, we're about to talk about just that. So, you know, I'm gonna always be honest with you guys really considering like more micro dosing and all that kind of stuff. Because, you know, during the pandemic and my sobriety last few years, I'm like, Okay, you can do all these things that are good for yourself, you know, physically eat right sleep, for me heal my body, beginning stem cells, physical therapy, but there's like another level of healing. And I do think that mushrooms are a type of medicine that allow you to heal. It's not the it's not the end all be all. But I'm finally finally ready to kind of dive into that. So I'm excited. I'll keep you guys in the loop. Some of the things I want to let you know, Nick quarry aka at Air Media Productions, he is our editor for the podcast. He's coming in one week. I think he gets here like September 7, or eighth. Yeah, proper paranormal. And, yeah, so I gotta give him a little help anybody who's actually looking for someone to help with content creation, He provides those services, as well as videography, editing, graphic design, and content marketing. I'm telling you this guy's he is it's a team of three it's me, DJ Zol and fucking Nick quarry from air Media Productions and I couldn't do this shit without these two guys. So I always tell you guys if you're trying to record some music or a podcast it's at tomorrow can studio on Instagram that's the place to do it. And if you need someone who's now going to be local to help you with all that kind of social media stuff, marketing videography for you know, whatever you want fight promotions or even it doesn't have to be fight specific. He is very knowledgeable in MMA and combat sports. That's what very talented, but um, you know, he's got a a wide variety of skills. So if you are looking for someone like that, please reach out to him at Air media productions on Instagram. And yeah, and He's name is Nick. And then lastly, I teased this last week. If you guys want to head to the Irvine improv for Championship Wrestling, September 13 There may be a surprise in the in the crowd in the stands and there may be something that's going to happen so I'm just teasing that. Check that out guys. My girl Zetas ng is gonna be wrestling and I always go and support her. And September 4, I pushed the date back I'm actually doing that live signing so if you guys ever thought like I'm a fan of the podcast or Ashley herself or whatever and you wanted a personalized print, you guys can have to go to streaming It's that link is will be in the show notes. I think I didn't put it there before I apologize. But yeah, I will sign wherever you want me to sign to DJ DJ Zol making the best beats love Ashley, you know, whatever it is, you guys want me to sign? I'll sign that live you can watch me through that I think it's on Instagram and YouTube. Other than that you can always support the show by buying merch that website at sex violence with rebel You can email us sex and violence If you want to chit chat, give us a guest suggestion.

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Now back to our episode. Today's guest is a retired mixed martial artist who competed in the flyweight and bantamweight division in several prominent MMA promotions including Ultimate Fighting Championship, rise in fighting Federation and world extreme cagefighting. He is also a former Tachi Palace fights flyweight champion, and in 2018, he announced his retire During the MMA our podcast today he's a psychedelic integration coach and consultant and a part time comedian. We talk about erasing psilocybin stigmas, healing through micro dosing, working with ketamine gummies the power of breathwork the importance of self love the McCall method, training at Ruka with Cheeto post retirement, hitting the genetic lottery being the boatman killing Mike Tyson with ego death accountability buddies living life in the nude sex parties at his house aspirations to eat shrooms with Elon Chuck Liddell ball tap story and much more. Here's your guest in uncle creepy McCall.

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Okay, we are here with Ian. Uncle creepy McCall. He's back for his second time on sex and violence. First ever guest and first returning guests. Thank you so much Ian for like I said, just, you know, given me a chance and being cool. So welcome

Unknown Speaker 16:23
back. I love you either way, whether this show sucks or not. I'll take it. I'll take it. Thank you. One of my favorite people in MMA. So

Unknown Speaker 16:34
that means a lot you know, and we do go way back if you guys don't know. We train together for a very short time at Timo Yama. But really, we just grew close in the mixed martial arts community because we had a lot of the same friends and a lot of the crazy, same crazy habits, life habits and weird passions, like fighting and now bettering ourselves which we will get into a much cooler passion to have. Let's just get right into it. Because you're a talker. I'm a talker, and I know you're actually about to leave for a trip, right? Yeah, yeah. So I don't want to. I don't want you to miss your flight. So right into it. Let's talk about what you've been doing since you retired in 2018. I still know you as II and Uncle creeping McCall. You know, MMA star, former world champion, but you seem to be just this holistic. You know, Shaman, I guess is a good word for mushrooms and helping athletes integrate that into their lives. So fill us in, what do you been up to since retirement? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 17:35
so I am a psychedelic integration coach. I'm a performance coach. For you. I use psychedelics as a performance tool. For my athletes. I work with everyday people. Sometimes mostly I like working with high level athletes, Olympians, and racecar drivers and surfers and snowboarders and fighters, and I get to take these products, these people, okay. Take them from good to great, you know, they did to level them up. Because if you come to me, you're already pretty damn good at what you do, you're using the best in the world. And I just help you fine tune things. They help you heal all this stuff. Because as performers, whether we're rapping, or we're fighting, or whatever we're doing for a sport, we're acting on our childhood traumas on on the on the big stage, that's what we're doing. And those driving forces are great. But when you get to a certain level, like let's say the UFC, tend to get your shit together. You don't need these ancillary bad things, these hungry ghosts underneath you driving you anymore, you're now a machine. So let's focus let's get you into the flow state and turn this into art. I mean, this is sport, but let's let's make this beautiful. You know, let's make this flow. And to help athletes ascend to that level is been a fun project. You know, I'm an actual scientific researcher. I just got off the phone with the University of Miami. And we're looking into certain studies. You know, I got the UFC to agree to a study with Johns Hopkins University. And they couldn't come to terms because I'll say it, they fucked up. I've done Hopkins is notoriously difficult to deal with. And they set parameters the UFC could meet for psilocybin study. So it fell to the wayside. But just the fact that I was able to sit in front of the major sporting organization and and get them to agree to a magic mushroom study is pretty crazy.

Unknown Speaker 19:40
Yeah, but you we spoke about that the last time you were on the show, which was two years ago. And so but did that basically fall through because the terms couldn't be met? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 19:49
it fell through. And now other people are the conduit to Jeff Novitzky to the UFC through this because they understand that I'm I'm on top of it. I'm only in this for the entrusted the fighters to make sure you boys and girls are well taken care of post provable during and after. And you know Jeff coming today look man, mushrooms are still to French, we're gonna we're gonna be on the sideline and I said, that's fine. I just you guys just help do what I do the pollination effect, spark interest and educate people properly and have people go, Whoa, okay, they're looking into this, this obviously works. And you know, now I get to do my blends because like I my first formulation, microdosing was with CBD and psilocybin and put it together with a few other things few other adaptogens and fucking blew people's minds. Still ball people's minds, now they're doing studies on it. And I'm like, Cool, my rad much smarter people than I are doing the analytics and getting it all done. But to be, you know, on this side of the table now, and having companies come to me wanting me to consult, and whether that's through psilocybin, or ketamine, or even charitable stuff, like the 501 C, work with the heroic Arts Project, veteran based where we take athletes and veterans to the jungles to heal. With ayahuasca, there's studies that can be done with all this. And we're about dealing with the said trauma that we grow up with, you know, and making you a better person here, then you can perform better microdosing will help you perform better. But if you're still mess here, it's not going to work here. So we have to what is what we call integration. So we do it, we take all these steps through breathwork, through meditation, through dropping self narratives, there's therapies like EMDR, you can mix in there and guided meditations and you know, all these little tricks that I've learned over the years through my good coaches, I have no other wall, which holds me back, I'm actually thinking about getting my masters at University of Toronto just to legitimates just to legitimize my program. But I have learning disability, so I don't like school. You know, I just can't, it's hard to learn that way. You know, but this, this, this whole thing is just come to a head to where I'm I sit back and then people call me and go, Hey, I need help with this. The UFC will hit me up or a pharmaceutical company, or what have you, and just go, Hey, we need this connection. Or this, this researcher wants to talk to this person. And they come to me for it was like, cool, I guess because I know, you are

Unknown Speaker 22:42
definitely. What's the right word? You are a person who people think of right away, you know, because I know this because my partner's friend contacted me and he said he saw you at a psilocybin convention or maybe like a medical convention and you were speaking about psilocybin he reached out to me to get connected to you, like you are this advocate speaking, you know, especially since you were a world champion, the highest of the high level combat sports, which, you know, obviously, a lot of sports have potential for CTE, but we're right up there, you know, so I'm sure a lot of people see you as this perfect storm of someone and then with your own issues that you've you know, worked on and grown through, you know, you are someone who I consider to be what's the right word I'm looking for just like the perfect person, especially for me to as a professional combat sports athlete, looking to better themselves on a deep traumatic psychological and emotional level. I'm like, why not? You know, at seek out someone exactly like myself. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 23:48
he is person who got better. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I was, you know, me I was I was a tortured individual for a long time. And it started with me healing through microdosing. And I took all these steps when no one else had to you guys can just follow the plan I have set in front of us, be a lot of them, you can do it yourself. Go for it. I'm not against that. But if you follow my lead, you have to heal. The number one dropping inflammation. That's the biggest thing in our bodies, you know, inflammation, inflammation leads to everything bad, cancer, IBS, Alzheimer's, all that sort of stuff. It all starts with inflammation. And then when you tie inflammation back to trauma, whether that's physical, or, you know, emotional, whatever, this trauma, although it still manifests in the body the same it turns inflammation, and then it festers and turns into cancer. Yeah. Because you in the end, we can knock that down. Now the big stuff like let's say postfire concussions. Okay, so, my post concussion protocol, deals heavy with ketamine. I work for a ketamine company. And I'm actually looking into getting this in with the UFC. because it's legal just take it out the door.

Unknown Speaker 25:02
Yeah, I've heard that they're using ketamine to treat just like with psilocybin addiction in traumatic situations anxiety,

Unknown Speaker 25:09
and also pain. So think after a fight you just gotten a fucking car accident. Basically, you're on the winning receiving end and shit hurts. Yeah. Through a doctor through pharmacy with medicine, you can put I have my gummy somewhere and you put it on your lip, and you put it in for 20 minutes and you go through a psychedelic journey. The anti inflammatory effects is huge. The painkiller the effects is instantaneous. This is what opiates is supposed to do. This is what ketamine does.

Unknown Speaker 25:44
Okay, so this is the ketamine not the mushroom gummies or anything like that. It's ketamine. gummies. Okay, that was a thing. Yeah. So ketamine gummies. They are. Yes, guys, just as a side note, Ian stepped away for a second to grab his gummies. But go back and listen to episode one. I did it right before I jumped on here. And you know, I kind of don't want to waste time going over some of the same things that we did. But go back listen to episode one super informative. It's literally the first 40 minutes loaded with information about what we're talking about right now. You can kind of catch up if we go a little bit too fast. But I personally have so many questions, because in this two year time that you know, episode one from Ian, and now we're on episode 112. I was so scared and I was so scared to embark on this journey and now I'm fully ready. You know, I took mushrooms three days ago in Hawaii. But but not in the proper you know, you talk DJs Oh, shut up just so you talk about you know, in the first episode, you talk about intention and setting and grayish

Unknown Speaker 26:58
set setting intention are the first three integrations after

Unknown Speaker 27:02
Okay, yeah. Anyway, that's a side tangent, but I want to tell people that there's a lot of good information about what we're talking about in the first episode. So anyway, tell me about these ketamine. gummies.

Unknown Speaker 27:12
So my idea or my protocol for for, you know, post concussions is mushrooms and ketamine. Obviously, I can't give people mushrooms but I can give them medicinal mushrooms like like high end, high dose Lion's Mane coupled with CBD, things like that where I could I the UFC asked me years ago to make a post fight concussion serum. And as I say, have it formulated that's amazing. Have a lab to make it. But I need the UFC to hire me to basically deal with everyone's brain damage I'm working on but the program I'm I want to make for ketamine is is the same thing. It's an integration protocol protocol. They talk to a doctor you know while you're going through camp, you're speaking with a coach like myself I've got Chuck Liddell Rashad Evans people like that that are dear friends of mine that are like you bro anyway I can Yeah, have you seen Rashad running out with his crystals and

Unknown Speaker 28:12
oh, he's he's someone I gotta bring up in this episode for sure.

Unknown Speaker 28:17
Love him when I saw all that crystal work I was like yes, I'm not the only one

Unknown Speaker 28:21
yes. Oh another person with the with the stones and the crystals, which I know nothing about, you know, but to each their own. And you know, at this point in my life, I'm like you told me put Amethyst to my forehead. I'm fucking every night with a purple stone on my forehead. I don't care. But I

Unknown Speaker 28:35
will hold my altar over here.

Unknown Speaker 28:38
Dude, I'm almost at that point. Let me do that machine first and then get into that but what's the name? He Jared Cannoneer I remember

Unknown Speaker 28:49
he worked Robert and Robert are super robber who? Robert Emerson.

Unknown Speaker 28:54
Okay, okay. Yeah, yeah, so anyway yeah, the stones and the crystals and all that

Unknown Speaker 29:00
yeah, it's it's a whole thing and you realize you realize a lot of stuff when you get into medicine you start understanding whether that's you get deep into like, Operation MK Ultra ads conspiracy theories, are you getting stoned ape theory of how our brains evolved over a short amount of time? To panspermia, how this planet was pollinated billions years ago by a rock falling through the universe, covered in in fungus and bacteria.

Unknown Speaker 29:31
This is all stuff I've never heard. Well, I can take this

Unknown Speaker 29:35
way far back. You know how religion you know how specifically Christianity Christian religion is tied back to Greece. My mentor one of my mentors, Robert forte wrote a book with Timothy Leary, Gordon Watson Carl rock, called the road to Eleusis. It ties religion back or Western civilization back to Greece. And Christianity was the main cult back then. It was a mushroom cult and How we have done it all wrong since since since and Brian mirror rescue has expanded with a book called The immortality key testing chalices. They used a green room to go through these kooky on to drink and that was laced with ergot fungus or psychedelics. So basically people have been ingesting psychedelics as the as the phone to talk to God. Or you commune that's supposed to be the Holy Communion of these psychedelics. It's not it's not some bread and wine wine is and why is a numbing agent. Why lowers your vibration? Everybody? It's not good for you. Alcohol is not good for us. Surely it's got any oxes blah blah, blah. All right. Sure, but let's not Yeah, we they have chronological order of this Pope this king this whoever is Cardinal outlawed certain things, they outlawed the sacrament, they outlet and all this stuff. So you kind of you can go, I'm going rabbit hole this year. But you can get super far back and you realize that like, Oh, these medicines have been used for for since the beginning of time.

Unknown Speaker 31:10
Yeah, yeah, I want to I want to narrow down and kind of make it a little bit more clear for people like myself or anyone else listening who might be either a high level athlete or just a regular person. So no, you work with your average person as well even though you prefer high level athletes. And this is for everybody. It's not just athletes, but you know, someone like myself who is wondering what exactly would it look like if I hired en as my you know, psychedelic integration coach, or I don't know the difference between the word shaman you know, actually the start there. What is a shaman and what is this, like? The what's the difference between the psychedelic integration coach and a shaman?

Unknown Speaker 31:47
So a shaman now they called me the fight shaman on the cover of LA Weekly, which prints out 16 million physical fucking copies. Magazine. And I'm like, Whatever you do, do not call me a shaman. I'm not a shaman. Okay, no. No Westerners a shaman. Okay, every Westerner calls themselves a shaman. You should walk the other way. A spiritual teacher, a healer? Yes. A facilitator. Yes. A real shaman is a little indigenous person about yay big and they're brown usually. And they the speak languages you've never heard. They can talk to animals. There. They've been doing this through their lineage for for generations. It's not some yoga teachers like yeah, I'm not I went to Peru and I thought that I was not going to give you medicine. Yeah. I mean, some of us. I'm a westerner who does this. So I can't talk too much shit. But yeah, no, we're not shaman, that that word is thrown around way too much. And it's I had to laugh it off after they put me on the cover. Yeah, like that doing that. But with me, I have three months of teachings. So the the psychedelic is just a tool to crack you open. And from there, you have to integrate all this stuff. You learn all the traumas that come up. You have to You're smoothing out the pathway to these to these things. You don't have this like visceral response anymore, but the trauma is there and you have to deal with it. Otherwise, it's gonna bite you in the acids can still fester and keep you in these loops of of doing dumb shit in your life. Yeah, other people get into the loop and spit out no, yeah. No, you're just like, why am I acting this way? Oh, because of this. Yeah. Back to the trauma. I do three months was four months, pretty much. First month is on elements. Second month is on senses and third month is on chakras. Sounds weird. But I work with doctors and scientists and very high level people who we can tie all this in together. And it'll all make sense. Sounds a woowoo you get a lot of the shits gonna sound woowoo

Unknown Speaker 34:08
I realized that, you know, recently it's just like you if you're truly into healing yourself and bettering yourself, you can't get hung up on the how weird or wacky it sounds, you just got to go headfirst with with faith and and and positivity and just know that no matter what happens, you're trying to better yourself, you know, you can't, you know, if you go into anything with like, I don't know, you know, it's like, you're not setting yourself up for success. And, you know, I'm interested and I know a lot of people else are interested and, you know, for me, I'm like, Okay, I totally grasp more about myself now that I'm three months three years sober. It took you know, for sure two years to get comfortable in my new lifestyle. And now you know, I'm really digging deep and I know that I have a lot of neglect from parents that were just doing drugs and doing their own thing. No abuse, no physical no sexual will thank you, thank you, you know, but neglect is also sucky. And I realized that it's made me you know, be the partner and you know, the person that I am today, which, you know, I have a temper and I am impatient, all these little things and I'm like, are those things going to come up when I do my first big dose of mushrooms? Like, how do you pinpoint the exact trauma? So I'm like haggadah law, you know, like, which ones we're gonna work on, you know, and then I'm like, okay, then we, let's say, we narrow it down to like, you know, I don't even know if this is one of them. But like, you know, neglect in my temper or something like that, right? Or an addiction, something. So then, you know, you start taking these micro doses like you just in that's all you do, or do you do like you said, meditation breath work, like, what is what entails these three months besides those different stages that you talked about?

Unknown Speaker 35:50
So daily practices, there's lots of journaling to do. Journaling is a big thing, and I don't certainly I gotta get my bad hand, you know, there's just still doesn't write very well. I couldn't write in the first place. So it

Unknown Speaker 36:06
doesn't have to be actually written out, or can you type it or Siri because that defeats the purpose. You should write about, okay?

Unknown Speaker 36:13
about it. Now, as much as I find it. All the people that teach me stuff really write down their science, their science, it shows this is how, so I like to talk. To preach that, you have to think it, you have to speak it, you have to write it down those three to really make it work. When you wake up in the morning, and before you go to bed every night, the last thing you do are the first thing you do. Gratitude and forgiveness. Simple. Give me two weeks, it'll change. It'll change your fucking life. There's actual positive chemical, neuro neurological chemical changes that have been shown by again, my my coach, Lindsay Breiner. She runs all the research on that sort of stuff with people like Deepak Chopra, she's a transpersonal. Psychologist, you should check her out. If you want a mental coach. She's incredible, such an amazing person, like she's so good at what she does, that she's, she's the mental coach for a bunch of billionaires in Silicon Valley. And she's now trying to, I'm trying to put her in front of the athletes side of it. But to figure out stabilize flow, like she preaches, to get yourself in this state of you open up. And the gratitude, gratitude and forgiveness is the first thing you do when you wake up. First thing you do before your last thing you do for free go to bed. With on top of that I like to do breath work first. I like to roll over, grab my phone, turn off my alarm. Don't look at it. Don't look at it. And get right into breathwork because we all got shit to do. We all get it. Unless you unless you like getting up slow. I don't I get up and I got shit to do. I usually push my pillows off lay flat and do three to five rounds of breath work. Because breathwork is going to excite your body and you're going to produce epinephrine norepinephrine, adrenaline. Okay, and that's going to excite your body and give you the rest you need to wake up. You know, you wake up, go outside. For me, I go outside and I usually smoke a joint or something. sit in the sun at least I'm trying to smoke less cannabis. So but you're like, like a flower photosynthesis, you have to have your body, your eyes. This whole chemical reaction happens as the sun comes up. You should be getting up early to showcase with them should be up at like 6am That's probably

Unknown Speaker 38:43
now which I never fucking thought. Never thought I would be getting up naturally without my alarm. I find that

Unknown Speaker 38:52
it sounds shitty. I get up at five and I'm always like, what? Spring? Buck? Yeah. And it's really good for us to have this this rhythm because we get up with the sun and we get down with this. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:04
II and I actually am like, you know, so interested in this breathing thing now because, you know, I hate this about myself. I wake up I'm just fucking angry and grumpy. You know, but I'm a happy person. But like, in the morning, it's like, you know, and I'm like, why am I like that? You know, I didn't care so much before. But then when you find a partner that you live your life with every goddamn day you're like, Man, I'd be an asshole not to work on myself and not in this specific thing.

Unknown Speaker 39:30
100% It's them off, and that's going to bite you in the ass later. You're not going to have a good night either. So you have to wake up, especially when you roll over with someone that you love, and you look and you're like, hey, I fucking love you. And you missed the neurolinguistics programming Saturday. What are the stories you're telling yourself? What are the stories you're telling other people? Because that's really a big deal. First, it just comes out and you're like, okay, hold on. I gotta rewind Was that good? You know where you met Reina? Where's the energetic output going? She shows told me this well, you know, UCLA professors, scientists goddess, McCall trying to keep me in line. Where's your energetic alpha going? On top of that, what sort of energy are you putting in that direction? inanimate object, training a person. It's all really important. And the stories, you'll see, oh, I'm fucking stupid on this, or I'm that or whatever it is. You say that stuff? And you're like, No, no, why would I say that about myself and you start changing it. And then you start MF ng other people, and then you start changing it, you start pulling it back, you Oh, wait, hold on. And then you should always you you say something, or eventually, it's just here. You don't ever even this, this doesn't even happen anymore. It stops coming out of here. But you're still and then you stop you catch yourself. Turn those headlights back on yourself and go haha, like Scooby Doo, rip the mask out? It's you. Yeah, that's the problem here. Why? Why am I projecting this on some? Yeah, why am I saying this about this person? Sometimes people are stupid. Sometimes you need to just go mother and it it. You know, and it's fine. You know? Like, they're just there, you know, but but you need to take away the real goodness behind the venom behind it, especially to yourself, because once you find some self love, once you start putting good, good good words on yourself. And then you can start doing it to others. But you have to fix here before you can fix anyone else you you need to be number one, I tell people that your your significant other even your kids, everyone's below you. Because if you don't take care of number one, you can't take care of everybody else. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 41:47
of course, I always use the example of when you're on a plane. It's like, please secure your oxygen mask before helping your children or a loved ones. You know, it's like but you can't, you know, how can you love someone else if you don't love yourself? And something that happened to me, super mushy in sobriety is like, oh, shit, this is the first time I actually loved myself. And then I was like, Okay, now we can make some real headway from here and move on. So as far as your different programs that you work with, so the McCall method, that is, if I want to work with you as a psychedelic integration coach, that's the McCall method. Right? And then what are their you know, you said you worked with DRM or D crime, the criminalization of the psilocybin, that organization as well.

Unknown Speaker 42:29
I work on a political level not really anymore because politics gross, but that was my first job in psychedelics was working on a level and I have a lot of connections in politics. Where are they you should know who your friends are, you should have friends in high places. Whether that's people on you know, like, there's some generals out there up on Capitol Hill and some high you know, some lawyers, some legislative lawyers, some people that are some, you know, have some serious connections that are that are backing me specifically that talk to me, some of them will be talking about signal.

Unknown Speaker 43:05
I just recently learned what signal is,

Unknown Speaker 43:07
and it's this whole you know, I always tell them like you know that they can read all this right? I mean, one signal you can't they can't read it. Go to Google Pegasus three it's a program with the Israelis made I think where they can whether you've typed it in your phone, they can see it no matter what whether it's deleted or not, the encryption thing is bullshit. But anyways, that's pretty much what my friends were like Gaby on signal. There's so many people involved in this, you know, I'm going to sit with the the decrypt nature team. So decrypt nature is the organization that is getting decriminalized in city by city around the country. Yeah. Carlos and Larry, they are, you know, the guys at the front of it doing really well. My my, he doesn't like being called a shaman, but my spiritual healer. He is on the Indian Reservation in San Diego at the La Jolla reservation, Shane Norte, he's on the board of directors at Deakin nature, where we have ceremony next weekend, actually, when I get back from Mexico, you know, with the whole with the whole group, and we'll all know more. I haven't dealt my get my foot in the political arena recently. But finally get to sit with all these people and talk and get to show them what we're doing with. With our Docu series. We're shooting on psychedelics, and I'm kind of a part of more than one documentary, The documentary or Docu series, because there's tons of it being shot and I'm excited for all of it. I mean, there's this content. That's

Unknown Speaker 44:40
awesome. And did I see a puppet show about mushrooms? Did I see like Crank Yankers type puppet with mushrooms? Because I was like, I don't know what that is, but I'm gonna watch it. It looked super funny. And I don't know if it's a podcast or just like a mini Um, social media series up, we got up we got a puppet. Okay, here we go guys.

Unknown Speaker 45:04
So this is Oh my god, I have a hat over there somewhere but so

Unknown Speaker 45:14
I gotta show so he's got a Rolling Stone shirt on adorable. That's got us

Unknown Speaker 45:23
and we it's called the puppets it's a cannabis base, you know, puppet show we just just like the Muppets. It was all about product placement, they started with product placement, they didn't have a show at first and doing adult humor with cannabis. And I was walking to the lab or our production studio one time or our trap house. And you know, it's this the whole beautiful whole setup for for making content. And I saw mushroom puppet and I was like, Yo, Who's is this? Like, oh, we're waiting for you, mushroom, man. Do that. And I was like, Ooh, so Terence McKenna is the philosopher of all philosophers and psychedelics, he if you haven't researched Terence McKenna just go listen to him. He's incredible, when he's passed away, now passed away in 2013 to this one, but there's 1000s of hours of him talking online. And he was ethnobotanist to really figure it out a lot of crazy stuff like the stoned ape theory and whatnot. I turned him into a mushroom puppet. They all they call mushrooms, and you know, Santos, my Mexican Shaman. From the Mazatec people, they they it's called The Little teachers, they teach, you know, I WASPA is more about you know, healing your past dealing with that, that that deep, gnarly childhood trauma. And mushrooms is more about that does heal that but for me, it tells my future more. It teaches me more. You know, it really has like, it makes my brain advance where I lost. Let's clear up all the past

Unknown Speaker 47:06
that makes a lot of sense. But in my Now my question is, do you have to do one to feel the benefits of the other if you don't do that deep healing with Ayahuasca initially, is it pointless to do the mushrooms or vice versa?

Unknown Speaker 47:19
I don't know we can I can get the same sort of deep healing response out of mushrooms. People always think Oh, I lost the stronger. I've taken 20 grams of mushrooms, which you know, a big dose is three and a half. I took 20 and I was in the jungles with that same name is Maestro Yasmine. And she is the niece of the first shaman to give a Westerner psychedelics and mushrooms. It was 1953 Isn't he was born in Boston. He was sent by the CIA or I know that because my mentor was mentored by him. And he found the receipts from the CIA and those hold its operation MK Ultra, you can look it up online, the freedom of information that came out and it showed that all this was true. But these researchers went down and they met with these you know, these people and and that's how it all started with with mushrooms and ayahuasca you know, they just they do different things, you can get the same sort of response out of both of them. But there's just a little different.

Unknown Speaker 48:26
Okay, no, you know, when when I had Episode 100, it was such a great episode to have Rashad Evans on one of my questions was, and he he said it did this to him, but it didn't matter. You know, with the Ayahuasca specifically, and maybe even mushrooms, there's a little fear in the back of my brain that's like, my fucked up nature is what drives me and makes me this, like, you know, you're gonna have to kill me before I give up kind of person. Not the most skilled person, but like, I will die trying and not that that's healthy, but it seems to really work with the career I've chosen, you know, and so I'm like, what if I do all this healing on myself, and then it makes me You know, I lose that fire that spark whatever it is, I asked Rashad the same thing. I'm like, You did these exterior you had these experiences with drugs or you know, whatever you want to say and you still fight do you feel like you know, he fought one fight I believe in Habib's on what is it Eagle FC or whatever. And he won, you know, but I asked him like, did it take out that kind of animalistic, fucked up Ness that, you know, drove you before and he said, it changed him? I can't remember his exact words. But he said no, you know, but I have heard other people. My partner had a friend who did a lot of ayahuasca and he was never the same. He said he just stopped fighting. He had no intentions, no desire to get in, locked in a cage with another human and just beat each other up, you know, and I'm like, okay, maybe I don't give up fighting, but maybe I get in there and I just don't have that killer. urge is that like a fear that is rational or you know, I have to figure out if I want to fight or heal myself.

Unknown Speaker 50:08
You then it comes down to mindset set setting intention. No this is stuff is for Warriors. Yeah. comes down to the right coaching and the right people behind you holding you accountable going look. My intention is to heal the the past so I can have a better better future being a fighter. Yeah. You know, I mean sometimes sure there is there is all I mean, you could not go on your ass. You're like, I don't want to fucking do this anymore. Yeah, I was already out. Yeah, I and I needed to wipe away all of that. And it actually reignited me. My love for martial arts. Really? I can still function up obviously. Um, you know, I'm 165 pounds. Almost. You know, like I was getting ready for a fight with with Floyd Mayweather. Frank Shamrock, the one he had the top Burj Khalifa hotel. They wanted me to fight him. got offered a couple million dollars. And I was like, yeah, we'll figure this out to fight Mayweather. Yeah. Well, they liked my archetype because I have cool friends like Frank shamrock who were like, Hey, you want to fight Floyd for money? I'm like, sure. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:25
And I feel like a lot of things nowadays is just like, how does this look, you know, II and II and Uncle creepy McCall. You know, you got this image versus you know, Mayweather Yeah, I see that and yeah, I'd watch it.

Unknown Speaker 51:35
I went into Ruka to go train. Yeah, I'm, I'm, you know, I'm a brick shithouse I went in there. I'm feeling good. Moving around with Cheeto like touched drilling hard Friday. Yeah. Like, yeah, I can stump still faster and Cheeto. Go slow. And burn like, oh, no, I remember the old Cheeto that's

Unknown Speaker 52:00
Oh, me too. We trained with Tito Shimoyama

Unknown Speaker 52:03
he was still kicking me in the face randomly. Everything slogging was bad. This is such a savage. And, you know, then we're playing and then Saturday comes around, and I'm mom's sore. You know, probably smoking too much cannabis. The old Ian's coming out. You know, I'm starting to be like, I'm looking at women different, you know, back to this whole fucking thing. I just becoming machismo kinda. I was. I was I was settling into that drug that was fighting for me. I'm going to fight and fuck everything. Yeah, feel it again. And four rounds in maybe Cheeto was obviously playing. We live. And I've worked my knees buckling. Oh, shit, okay. And I was like, I don't want to be here anymore. onto this. Fighter. I've been saying I'm not a fighter for the last four years. And this just happens. And money. You know, I don't need I don't need a couple million dollars. I'm fine. Yeah. And luckily, they chose somebody else anyways, because we ran sprints after and of course, I go run sprints with Cheeto. I'm still fat. I'm big. I'm bigger, faster and stronger than everybody. I hit the genetic lottery. I didn't get the Powerball that made me six feet tall. Rest of it like I'm kind of a freak. And I'm still in shape. You know? It's cool. I'm fucking still running the sprints and blah blah blah. And the next day I thought I told my hamstrings I thought I wasn't working. Oh my god. I thought I did what Brendan Schaub didn't try to do sprints on your hamstrings. I was so sore I'm so happy that no one from that camp called me for ever again. That was just like okay, so number one I don't like to punch anymore to to my body's not fucking ready for this. Yeah, I'm not a fighter. But that was my that's my role I have to be a coach the medicines been showing me for years now it's time to retire time to get your shit together Peter Pan or Count Chocula Okay, and it's time to grow up and become a coach and I've had even these people in my life that were going to tell me like this is what this is how it's going to happen my friend is JJ who is a bronze medalist in the Olympics and sporting spa me aside goes I hear you're retiring you're gonna go through these steps. And by the end you're going to be a coach and a mentor and an educator and you're going to be way happier make more money and and have the whole unit feel so much more fulfilled. It's exactly where I'm at. I love that. Like I had another woman when I was being a personal checker board and being gross I was physically healed. I was sleeping with everyone in the gym was gross no big fancy gym being passed around by all these fitness checks in here. orrible horrible life it was it was I mean you know I wasn't good for me I'm a sex addict or was at least and and I lost a broken you that too it's why were my sex Panther. This is what you get when you take enough Ayahuasca sit and dry hump your mattress for your yoga mat for eight hours in the dark. You can drag warm noises. Oh, my sex addiction area now. Perfect. I'll need sex. Wonderful. Amazing. But no such tangent. Well, no, I

Unknown Speaker 55:25
mean to kind of I'm okay, so I've learned so much about from the episode first episode till now, you know, I really fully grasp the, you know, step by step process, I don't fully I hadn't begun to grasp it. And I'm like, okay, it sounds like I understand it now. And I'm very excited. And I would like to touch base with you outside of these in this podcast studio. But you know, if you could have one, you leave one lasting impression, because of what you're doing as far as you know, in the psilocybin community. What's like one big goal or what you would like to be remembered for, for what you're doing right now with all the you know, psilocybin integration, all that

Unknown Speaker 56:07
the first thing the candidate mind is is the small wins. Okay, I had my my personal training client I work with a bunch of very wealthy people here in Orange County. We're going to private gym where I'm you know, I'm one of the head coaches and it's 450 private members of of this gym that have weights and all this stuff and some of them to jujitsu and so I've got really cool clients that are successful. And they have this guy, he goes Hey, man, old our meeting guy goes I don't mean this to sound gay, but like you changed my life for the better on every on vibrationally all of it. And

Unknown Speaker 56:47
I was someone that you worked as an integration coach with the psilocybin not just training

Unknown Speaker 56:51
it's only been microdosing has been was an alcoholic before hasn't drank since is mean just he's in his 50s And I said, You know what, bro? It is pretty gay. But can you give me you know, it's those wins that that that's what does it for me every day because that I'm still high on that and that was just like you said

Unknown Speaker 57:15
it was small but that's not really small. I think society thinks that's small because you know, it's like a you they might expect you to say I want to be known for you know, I was the biggest I was the best but truly, at the end of the day, like the feeling that you make someone else feel you know, when you know you're truly kind Are you truly teach that feeling when you teach someone and seeing someone's eyes light up? Or you know, like you said like this guy, you help you change your life. You know, my life changed when I stopped drinking I can only imagine how great this guy's life has become because of you. What a fucking amazing thing like that's not small. That's huge in my opinion,

Unknown Speaker 57:50
then because that makes me think of it this way. I want to be a an example of change. I was the worst was though it's wild luck. Yeah. I got better.

Unknown Speaker 58:06
Because Can I say one fun fact. And I was talking to about this. Yesterday we were driving from I just got back from Hawaii. Like I said, great trip. And we're talking about mushrooms or something or maybe you're gonna be on the podcast, I said some about psilocybin and I said, ketamine is also now being used for some similar things. And I had a flashback. I'm like, I have taken ketamine one time. And I don't know if you remember this. It was at a like a small party with you me a handful other people. And I did ketamine and I just sat on the couch the whole time and didn't have the best experience. Obviously, I probably wasn't doing it right and all that. And that same night. I let a woman I will not say her name, but I let her do a line of coke off machetes, and I don't even have titties back then. Do you remember that?

Unknown Speaker 58:55
Yes. Okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:58
Oh, yeah. Yeah, good times. Anyway, continue, sir. Good. You said some about wild times. And I'm like, we're talking about ketamine. I'm like, we have said some wild times, you know, but we have grown so much since then.

Unknown Speaker 59:11
And, you know, I'm, again was a drug addict died of a drug overdose. Ketamine can be abused, you know, I've seen people I've seen gnarly stuff happen. i That's why I'm so big on harm prevention. You know, harm prevention is huge. And you should, you should go into a medicine on a therapeutic level first, if you want to have fun with it after because people are going to it's not going to abuse I would never call it a we're gonna have fun with mushrooms. Drinking alcohol. Getting drunk off alcohol is is abuse your body. Taking mushrooms, with your friends in a safe container in a safe environment is not it is Spansion. It is life altering in the in a positive way. Whether that's a Um, you know, a performance dose, which I have microdosing for drilling for your daily functionings performance doses for big sparring days of competition, then you have your intimacy dose, as we go up, you and your man, you will guys connect, you see, take a few mushrooms, you know, outside or be it I mean, be at home, we go, maybe go for a walk, but sit there and talk, make love, listen to music and just just just just be with each other is what comes out. Because your your, your fear response drops. Yeah. So then you can give and receive information much better. I was part of the first couples handbook for psychedelic integration, and being able to talk through your issues on that, you know, is so therapeutic or most therapists won't, they'll probably shame you for this and tell you they're gonna, you could go to jail microdose before you go see a therapist, because because you're you're going to get way better results off than the modalities they're using. Because if you're not, you're your default mode network who does this? And you're like, Nope, I'm not learning shit. Yeah, I'm not gonna deal with these traumas. But if you drop all that, then you can deal with them. And you're like, oh, it's brought up now. Now, this tool that I'm paying way too much for it to the psychologist is going to work. Yeah, against ologists. But I guess I have some issue with modern psychology, just because it doesn't work as well, as they say it does. But you know, that's because we're not we're not open.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:31
I never thought of that. I never thought about that. Just just micro dosing, before you see a psychologist for so many people, you know, if you're strong enough to actually force yourself to get in the door to a therapist or psychologist, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to have the tools or the ability to open up and someone I've spoken to recently about this, you know, they're telling me like, I'm afraid, I'm afraid. And then, you know, they did mushrooms. And they talked to me about their stuff, and they just let it all out. And not just a little light bulb clicked when you said that. I'm like, Yeah, micro dosing is going to allow you to drop that fear of being judged or your insecurities or whatever it is that's holding you back from truly speaking your mind and breaking through. So that makes so much sense. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:16
yeah, it's a it's a beautiful tool. And a lot of a lot of, you know, therapists and doctors, I was writing the programming for a ketamine company that was like, Okay, this is the programming that doctors and clinicians use to get certified to work with clients, clients I was working with every day all day, I'll be just working with like, 10 people a day, it was great a resume, no therapist shirt on.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
No pants on the bottom. Felt like

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43
an adult. It's usually sweats on I like to keep my pants on. And then legislation changed. And because I don't have a plaque on my wall, I don't have any re education. I wasn't allowed to work with those clients. And as much as that hurt my feelings. Yeah. Realize, again, Peter Pan, you don't have a degree you skip school, and a chance to go to school fully paid for follow the family plan, you know, my family's there, those sorts. And I didn't you know, and now now, you know, I have to just I had to just go around it. I can still work in the field. But this is just to psychedelics like this, whether it's whether it's like this, like a ketamine thing, or it's ground up mushroom, that's illegal. You're breaking the law, but you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:35
but so my question, you know, DJs Oh, am I allowed to talk about? Okay, so, DJ Zol was a first person who actually recently showed me that now you can be prescribed little capsules. microdose capsules? Right? prescribed and I'm like, mind blown because I'm that person that's like, I get the mushrooms. You know, mushrooms? Yeah, mushrooms. That's not legal. Oh, it's to clinic to a clinic, which

Unknown Speaker 1:04:05
was which? It's still not legal. Los Angeles,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
Los Angeles. Yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
not legal. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:12
Just get it, delete, delete, delete, do not do any illegal stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
It's professionally packaged everything but like, they're waiting for the laws to change, I believe.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
Yes. And the laws are so I get again, back to signal I get messages from my friend industry who check this out. Like here's the paperwork being handed to Anthony Weiner, who is the guy you know, the government person up in charge and it's in San Francisco. And the bill got went through everything and then once it hit a certain point, it got gutted, which means they took out all the good stuff of it and, and made it something that's not legality as the difference between legality and decriminalization, the government bodies like the DEA Yeah, in them, they don't give a shit anymore. We're not peddling fentanyl. They don't care, ya know, and I know this because just listen, I know some stuff. They they kind of looking at us going cool. Just don't be a dick, you know, be certain about what you're doing. And there's clinics all over it. They're not the only one but yes it is it is still crazy that it's illegal. But no one's No, no one's going to come after you cops aren't going to do it. Cops are to actually be even the LAPD is being taught the positive benefits of micro dosing. My buddy who, who is an actual LAPD officer was like, Hey, man, he doesn't do drugs. He's like, I just got out of the thing. A whole, you know, seminar or whatever on micro dosing and how good it is for people. My they didn't tell you anything bad. They were like, no, they didn't tell us to do it. They couldn't tell us to do it. But they're like, Hey, this is why people are doing it. And it's safe. And this is how you interact with them. And I'm like, yeah, they're on mushrooms. Just be like, Hey, man, don't the Badgers in real? Yeah, yeah. Just a person. You're good. So, you know, they've in other we are in California. Okay. Oh, but honestly, all over the country. I remember a couple of years ago, even I had my buddy who's who's the sheriff in town. And he's on the he calls me he goes, Yeah, I fucking just got this call. I'm sitting in front. This kid. My deputies found him was weeds, mushrooms. I'm like, Well, what are you going to do? He's like, he told them who he's talking to? Yeah, he's like, you know, my buddy here is telling me how good this is for you and just kind of given this kid a talk. And he goes, he goes, I can't give it back to you. Is it? I have to take it, throw it away. But, you know, I want you to know that like, you don't need to go to jail for this. You just need to be smarter son, making this an example to his, to his deputies. Going, we don't have to arrest these kids. This is this is wrong. Yeah. Just plant matter. It gives us cool, you know, so the tides changing, you know, people are realizing how good it is for you. And that's great. With clinics like that. That's a huge change. Because it's not just me, exhausting myself talking about it. Please, everyone. Listen, now people like you said two years ago, you You're fine. You're finally understanding the information. You're going like, oh, he was onto something. I mean, in the I was doing that for years before that, you know, and it's

Unknown Speaker 1:07:33
just no, you gotta you gotta really, you know, you got to really put some work in to understand even initially, you know, like, I really felt like that, I want to take a quick break to thank our sponsor, perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative with their flavor options. Their newest flavor of diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season, perfect has come out with a limited edition. Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored protein. Pumpkin Spice Latte provides a spicy and savory aromatic taste that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember, guys, this is a limited edition. So make sure to get your orders in soon, inventory will be going quick. As always, this new limited edition flavor provides you with the same benefits that diesel always does. It's third party tested for banned substances and is the highest quality that protein can be. Order yours now by heading to perfect and using my code rebel girl for a 20% discount. Now back to the episode. So you know we were talking about CTE and how the benefits of psilocybin and all that. Have you spoken to Rose Gracie? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Right. Well, I just recently met her. And I'm sure you know, you guys are Oh, geez of the mixed martial arts community. And she just, it was originally called something else, the concussions something. But now they should. And now she's calling it the fighting Foundation. And she basically told me that, you know, they're trying to create programs to, you know, give athletes who have CTE medical help, or whatever it is financial help family services. And another thing that she said that they're doing is, she herself is going to donate her brain. And this is something that I'm you know, 99% going to do as well. Unless, you know, for some weird reason, I'm not reading some fine print. And they're like, you know, I don't know. But yeah, I'm just like, This is amazing. And so I'm like, you know, can her with all her efforts of CTE study research trying to benefit the mixed martial arts community and coming from such a good place? You know, because ignorance is not bliss. I used to think it was but you know, a spider's especially when we're in the thick of it, you know, we don't want to be like, Oh, tell me more about how I'm fucking my brain up and it's irreversible you kind of just go yeah CTE, I know what that is. What am I talking about? You know, like, so you know with Rose I'm like, Ah, fuck, you know, I am in the latter part. To my career, I've got a few years left, but I would like to be informed because why the fuck not? You know, we're smarter than the generation before us. You know, you're, you're the generation before me, you know, and there was a generation before you barely, you know, but we're so much smarter, you know, like, let's help the future generations. You know if we can, so I was just wondering if maybe you guys could collab in some sort of way?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
Yeah, I've been consulting with rose for a long time. She's the one that got me Dean Lister, for when I was on HBO. Okay. So we had on HBO for I was on HBO Real Sports. He shot an episode, it was the first mushroom ceremony ever shot on TV. Really, highly inappropriate that we had cameras and but you gotta learn somewhere. Yeah. And HBO is a good place to do it. And I was working with Emmy award winning producer Jordan Tronic. And it was quite the experience to take five grams of mushrooms and then a few hours later, we'll sit across from David Scott and trying to have a conversation about the traumas that are bubbling up inside of me you know about passing and about why I'm doing this and I'm There's footage in there that will never be shown because they won't ever be shown. Which bums me out but where he asked me he goes, Look, you know, your whole thing is to save all these people because I'm the boatman you know, an old old Egyptian mythology Greek mythology. There's the boatman the fairies you across from this side to the next side of the next world. I bring you over there to die whether it's Mike Tyson or whether it's was was working with for a while before he tried to fight me. I got to kill Mike Tyson with with mushrooms ego death. No. Walker, I get to bring all these fighters athletes, veterans, savages growing up and fighting when I grew up in fighting, it was really porn stars and gangsters. It doesn't fucking hitman. And some serious gangsters. Ha dudes, these people trust me to take them to heal, because everyone deserves healing, everybody just really deserved to heal. And they don't need to be around most Westerners like the light and the love and the energy. Like, you don't even need to hear this because this is much from your little, you know, your software mind. And I don't mean don't say soft in a in a derogatory term. It's just, you don't need to hear about things that people have done. But being able to be that person being the conduit to the other side, that's that's where my, my my love relies and to have David Scott asked me he goes, would you? Do you think you can save them all? Wow, I lost it. I completely lost at that point. They'll go okay, interviews over, go sit down. You know, and that's all I'm trying to do is, is I will put my life on the line to save everybody else's. I live a life of service on top of the people. That's why I coach martial arts all the time. How did you become so empathetic mushrooms doing too much medicine realistically, I It's hard to have relationships. It's hard to just because society hasn't caught up. I do have amazing people in my life. I have one specific amazing woman in my life. But she doesn't live in this country. Now she's the only person I choose to go, I'm going to go see in Mexico spend that sort of physical time with but, you know, that just, I, I'm I don't know, I'm, I'm I've gone a little on the far side. And to try and integrate that as my own being into life into into the spotlight still and, and to you know, be on the shows like, you know, real sports and all the sorts of stuff where you get ego. You know, you get ego no matter what doing it and dealing with all these these people and things. Yeah, be on big stages and having people adore you like I just, I just was talking to a young woman at the juice place. Turns out it's my, my, my old neighbor. Like our our daughters grew up together. And her older sister, she's now like a grown woman. And we'll we're like, wasn't hitting on anything. But like, you know, we connected about psychedelics. And her mom calls me it was Oh yeah, you have groupies now and I was like, oh shit, you know, not what I was going for. But you know, when you're in this space, elevating people helping people elevate themselves. You get you get some fandom you get some, you know, some people that are just intrigued by the things that I say,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:48
Well, you can inspire people when you're doing you know, really anything if that's what they're interested in, you know, but what you're doing is healing people which is extremely admirable people Unless you yourself, you know, and myself included, or a little bit of a fucked up person and you, you know, took that. And you said, okay, like, I've got these issues, I'm going to work on that. And that's strength. To me, that's real strength. You know, I've seen so you've seen strength, physical strength, cool, it's hard. It's, you know, not everyone can be strong in a combat sport athlete, but in my adult life now, recently, um, like real strength comes from accepting that you have issues and doing their mental, emotional, or spiritual work, which I haven't. But you know, that's the next step. That's the strength that I want to have, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:34
yeah, and providing a safe space. It's been a big part of what I do. Because, you know, my affinity for beautiful women.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:44
And, you know, I would say like, pretty girls need to learn how to fight to

Unknown Speaker 1:15:52
learn how to protect themselves. And a lot of people take, they think the life of a beautiful, beautiful woman is easy. Like, you have no idea. Like, I've had a hotel room full of runway models that are all on way too much acid and MDMA out, and I'm just there, I saw them and was like, you girls here, come on, let's go back to my screen down, because they're my friends. And they, I know their boyfriends. And I can we were in Vegas, and the club owner was like, What did you do? And I was like, I just got here, bro. What are you talking about? Like, lucked out and was like, doll. So I grabbed them all by my room, and they're freaking out, taking clothes off and going over the whole trauma that they're dealing with, you know, and to see that it's been I have a stellar reputation where I don't I it's a safe space for medicine, people need a safe space to heal. You know, there's never any stepping over bat and over the lines of sex, sex and healing don't go hand in hand, usually, unless you're already very much healed. And I think it's a very big part of healing. I was talking to an athlete the other day, and she's like, Yeah, I don't, I don't like sex. I don't like being touched. I don't like touching people. And I was like, well, that's fine. And you go going through this breakup, and you need to learn to find that whether it's through self love and masturbation practices, or gross but like, that sort of stuff. For humans, we have to have that chemical reaction in our bodies to feel oxytocin through. Even a hug doesn't have to be an orgasm. orgasms are better. But I mean, things like orgasm fix migraines. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Not just microdose microdosing can help cluster headaches and migraines, but soaking soaking, you know, knocking out a good one by yourself.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:46
Oh, yeah, I do it every time if I if I have a headache, or if I can't sleep, or if I feel nauseous. rub one out. Playing the turntables for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:56
100% You know, I'm flying to Mexico to see my girl and her friends.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:03
So hard pivot Archer that because going crazy, hard pivot because it is sex and violence and you know, current relationship status. You know, last it's been two years, you know, and so what has changed in your personal love life? Besides, you know, you're probably hopefully, you know, a more Healed person because you've been working on yourself and healing other people, which, you know, you know, yourself with fighting, the best way to learn is to teach other people so I'm assuming if you're teaching and you're being this, what do you call it? You know, this river guide, you know, to the other side, you know, then you're probably healing along the way as well. So what's what's your what's your status? You know, what do you have going on with your lovely life right now?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:49
I don't believe in monogamy. Okay. Like I don't, yeah, yeah. It's not like, you know, partners will always say, Well, how could you do that to me? I'm like, the sudden nothing to do with you. Yeah, no, yeah. Like, I love shiny things. I don't want to say this is women aren't objects, but I love the people very beautiful years. And I'm just fortunate enough that the most beautiful women on the planet want to share themselves with me. That's fucking amazing. And I always think like, thank you so much. What like you let me do crazy shit to you. That's wild. No one's ever thanked me. I'm like, well, we should start we should. Women are the most precious thing on the planet and you need to be celebrated more

Unknown Speaker 1:19:38
appreciation is a huge thing. You know, I talk about it a lot. How like, I don't want a lot from my partner. You know, I don't you know, I don't know I don't expect much all I want is love and appreciation. You know, if I'm doing all these things for you, just show me that you see it and you appreciate it, acknowledge it, and I'm gonna keep on doing it. But if you don't say shit, fuck, you know? So that's just

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
probably knowledge it you got to tell the person you love them every day. Yeah, they look beautiful. And the positive thoughts, positive, positive, positive, positive is important. And I know like, you know, I have a relationship with a woman that lets me do whatever I want. Whether she's there or not. And it's not something that I'm like, I'm out doing constantly. I'm not chasing it. I'm not looking for it. She just happens. But, you know, I'm in it. And, you know, like, my mom says union weird sex parties. And like, I mean, I guess,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:41
I mean, maybe she probably not wrong, but is that still something that you partake in today?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:47
group sex. Yeah. Yes. And

Unknown Speaker 1:20:51
with or without the psilocybin?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:55
So that's one thing. It has to be somebody I have to I have a rule. I don't know if sexual strangers anymore.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:02
Really? Okay. I

Unknown Speaker 1:21:05
don't care who they are, what they look like, am I, you know, I've been asked him by people that I would even have to say, like, Look, I'm sorry about the strangers anymore. You're very beautiful. But if you let me have sex with you, I'm gonna fall in love with you. And then it's gonna fuck up the next few months of my life, and I don't need that.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:21
Wow, okay. Okay, so So what it is, is, you just, you just see danger.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:27
Yeah, I want to get to know somebody, especially if I'm going to eat some psychedelics with them. And then get physical, because that's how you read that higher, that higher level of enlightenment, you know, is being able to be to come together with somebody now. As as, as people, we are living a 3d experience, we are an energetic source from me out in the universe, zipping through the universe, living a 2d experience. And for some reason, you and I are rat, whatever it is, chose to live this visceral experience. So we can have sex, eat food, watch a sunset off your lover's face, you know, embrace love, just breathe it in. Okay, but through that. Our job is to balance to get rid of this hierarchical nonsense of some bearded man in the sky judging you, God is here, God isn't up there. We are God, we are God's energy. And we have to balance our masculine and our feminine. So then we can we can achieve this this higher plane, yeah, usually we find somebody in a relationship, when we they have a resource, we're like, you're you have exactly what I'm missing in my life, I feel that I'm missing in my life, so that I can achieve that. We think that that that's not love, that's attachment, that's this

Unknown Speaker 1:22:48
codependency a

Unknown Speaker 1:22:50
little bit. See that we don't need Yeah, you need to find balance within yourself. And then once you get with it with someone else who's balanced, you can meet on a higher plane. And then through tantric work or psychedelic work, or breathwork, whatever it is, whatever modality you choose, then you can achieve real enlightenment,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:11
I have a very important question. That makes so much sense to me. And what if you have two people, so in love, and one person is working to, you know, higher, you know, elevate themselves on that, you know, what I mean? And the other person, you know, maybe this person wants to as well now, so, do can these two people stay in a relationship and heal? Or is it necessary to split or break or whatever you don't, you know, so that you can fully focus on the healing process and then reconnect, you know, like, I am sure it's possible, but what would you recommend as an integration coach, you know, if you had a client like myself, who was like, hey, I want it you know, what I want, you know, you know, my goals and all that, but I got this person that I love, can I take them with me? Or do they have to go on their own separate journey? Like, how does that work?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:02
So when you're on your mat, like, let's say, when you're ingesting ayahuasca, you're on your own that you're dealing with it yourself, but if you have a partner, let's say if I'm coaching you and your man you guys are going through it, you deal with it with the the trip itself on your own mats, you know, you're throwing up, you might shoot yourself, you're crying, you're going through it, but you have to deal with it on your own. After you can come together and integrate, you know, you have to understand that you've just forever changed the fabric of your reality. So you might not reconnect. That's always an option. But more than likely, you're going to be fine. You just dealt with the trauma. Now you see these other portions of each other and other sides of them perspectives. And then you can through integrating as a couple you you you can get things done better because you have what we call what Raina termed as an accountability partner accountability, buddy, okay. You know, someone who holds you accountable For Are you doing your breathwork? Yeah, you're doing your meditation? Are you sure? Let's read our journals to each other. Let's go together because yeah, who else are you going to share it with? Then the person you spend the most time with? Supposedly love? You know, it's, it's, if you have a partner to do it with. Oh, man, that is that is, that is real beauty because that's what we're trying to find this this construct of love that we've made. Is this like cleaning mind sort of mindset. Yeah. That's, that's not how you love somebody. No, that's that's trying to extract that resource until it's gone from them. And then you leave them.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:42
You know, I had, there's an analogy that I forget who told me me with my friend Dan Kenny, I don't know. Love them, and Danza. He's on tour now. I think But anyway, it's like, you know, sometimes when you're trying to love someone, it's like holding a bar of soap in your hand. You know, if you hold it too tight, it's gonna go, you know. So like, as as as if you know, you're controlling someone, you know what I mean, you're gonna literally squeeze them too tight, they're gonna, you know, they're gonna flee, you know, but if you don't give them enough love and attention, you know, and you just kind of, you know, willy nilly week rescue dropped this soap you know, so, you know, I do feel like love, in my opinion, is finding that balance. And historically, for myself, male partners have always wanted to control me a little bit. And as you can see, I am literally the last bit of that wants to be controlled, like rebel girl and all that. So yeah, I guess that's a tangent, my bad, but, you know, I,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:34
that's exactly where we need to go with this. Because we cannot control each other, we need to celebrate each other. You take care of number one, you cannot take care of number two, now, Number Two's taking care of themselves, this is where it should be. So when you come down here, the problems are much easier, it's time for celebration. If they do need help with your partner needs help being pulled out of a rut, or out of you see this cycle they're going through and you kind of go, Hey, look what you're doing. You know, and it's and it's now with a medicine work in your life. It's not it's not a like a pointing the finger poke in the chest, poking the thing, it's, it's good energy, hey, and lightning side of it, this is how to change this way. And you you get with this person, and you go through the work and you you learn to celebrate each other, whatever their whatever their issues are, which is nine times out of 10. And sex. Sex is such a big difference in people's relationships, and the driving force to throw people off, you know, like, what are your What are your kinks? What are the things you're into, you know, or are these life choices? What do you really want, you know, then be exploring what you want, you should be able to say what you want, even if it's not something you're going to actually go do like this is interesting. Now, this is this, I want to I want to explore and just touch on stuff and kind of push push the boundaries of see what what you understand of each other. I would kind of go okay, like what what gets you off? What makes you happy? What, what makes you sad, what you know, when you kind of go down all these paths and see where the boundaries are. So then you know more about this person.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:12
So I totally understand that. And as far as you know, you basically I don't want to put labels on it. Because I know some people don't like that, but kind of an open relationship. Right? With, you know, this person and I do know you have one child rice. She's awesome. I can't believe how big she is. Do you want more children? Because my first thought you know, when in an open relationship and last we spoke two years ago, you were interested potentially in having more children, you know, if like the bridge got there. What are your thoughts on that now, especially with that kind of open relationship mentality or desire to have? You know, maybe no constraints? hard hitting question. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:58
I've been thinking about a lot lately because I was actually I was I was propositioned by a lesbian couple that I know. To. To be the father of their child or children could be perfect situation. We would be pretty cool. But look, I have to be a part of this kids lives no matter what. Yeah. Your two women this child boy or girl is going to need a father in his life. And luckily, it's us we just have to live close. And even if we don't, I'm on Zoom or I can talk to the kids and see them whatever and but obviously, they would want me to sign over financial, whatever that stuff. Very successful young ladies, they work in film. And

Unknown Speaker 1:29:37
what a compliment. What an absolute fucking compliment like, holding my mom, my swimmers me. You know, my

Unknown Speaker 1:29:47
parents hated the idea. My daughter loved the idea. My ex wife.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:50
She taught her wait, how old is Linda? No. She's 10 What a mature child to kind of like have that conversation. Did you tell her like Daddy would have no their kid, these would be the two mommies. Yeah, I mean, Chad is not that young, but like, I mean, she's fully grasping like lesbianism and you being a surf there, you know, she she

Unknown Speaker 1:30:10
knows these are my she knows these are two of my dear friends that I work with all the time we create lots of content. Whenever you see people shooting videos of me it's also helped me do some other stuff. But she knows they're gay. You know, she hangs out at their house. Like, they're just it's contagious. Yeah, rub off on you. And, you know, my daughter likes boys. That's what she said.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:34
Do you have that conversation with her? You know, are you just assuming that because she's talked only about boys?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:40
Oh, I can? It's pretty obvious. Yeah. You can. Boy, boys and girls at about this age are kind of like, that one's gay. That one straight? I could make assumptions. Pretty good at it. And I don't know, I guess I have more. I think I don't know how many other gay people have in their lives. But one of my best friends is gay. Jules. He's dancing with the stars. He came out to Chuck and I and we were both like, yeah, leaving your guests your guest room in West Hollywood all the time. I know your surprise. Surprise. Like, hang on, get chicks together and like I don't I don't I knew you're gay this whole time. It's fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:19
You were looking at me a little too long during that threesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:26
But I don't know. London is growing up in a place where that's, you know, very accepted. Yeah. I love it. Well, we've I'm going to Hollywood all the time. She comes with me. We're going to be just to be a super gay town. Yeah. But yeah, she's just she's just seems very straight to me. And for now, though, you know, she's she's focused on her sports. She competing in jujitsu. And she took fourth the other day and we're walking back to the car and talking about she's like, to the guy force was good. She's like, I don't really care. I'm like, I know. I go if I was you, and I took fourth. I would have ruined everyone else's day. Because I didn't win. Yeah, that's why we're not the same.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:11
Yeah. And you're so happy that she's like that right now

Unknown Speaker 1:32:15
because it's you know, she's good. She She triangle, two girls. And when those little kid jujitsu competitions there's always the couple of kids that are homeschooled that run over everybody else. There's her higher mid level pack. Very good been doing it forever. Amazing coach jivas or coach. Yeah, like my daughter's got really good jujitsu. Yeah. Do it five days which does it two or three? Yeah. You know, she's got that and then you have other kids that are new. Well, she also just finished lifeguarding she's she's been doing lifeguards for like four or five years. She is learning to be competitive on her horse she's got misuses or horse Armani.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:00
She's got to her horse's name is Armani. Oh, adorable.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:04
You know, grammar breeds racehorses and polo horses. So she she my daughter has a very interesting life. She's got surrounded by wealth and amazing people and you know, famous parents and famous grandparents and a grandfather was was a pro hockey player and made of supermodel and is now dating Sarah Palin. What? And like my family tie back to a family to a president of the US,

Unknown Speaker 1:33:32
of course. So now that London is getting to that age where she is, you know, turned into a little woman, you know, not quite a teenager and all that, you know, you yourself obviously come from the same family background. And you you know, you hit a skid you know, you got into, you know, in your youth you got into drugs, and I don't know, if you were like in a gang. You know what I mean? I don't know. So you're you weren't a gang. You did some stupid kid stuff. And then, you know, you definitely like myself, you know, we're at the highest level of competition still just fucking off for a while, you know? So do you think that sorry, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:07
I said the whole time I was on there the whole time. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:10
I remember in our first episode, you said yeah, my whole UFC career. I was on drugs crazy. I'm like, Well, you know, it's so great that you can be open about it now. But yeah, you know, it's like you, you have these experiences and now you know, you're on the other side of it. Right? But is there anything? Is there a side of you that worries like, oh, shit, my kid is very well taken care of like maybe she gets into these patterns that I got into. Is that ever a concern?

Unknown Speaker 1:34:38
Number one, yes, of course. Yeah. works in a rehab, her mother's sober and really doesn't like what I do for a living. But whatever. You know, we're different strokes for different folks. We meet I mean, we're still good friends and we raised this little kid you know, my Her other kids call my parents grandma and grandpa, my parents take her kids and watch them and have sleepovers. We're one big, fat happy family. I love her and her husband and you know, our babies. They're just it's we're all a big family. I'm the one that's, I feel like I'm interested in shooting, but I'm the outlier united with the addictive stuff, you know, it'll be a lot harder to be hooked on the things that we were hooked on back in the day because those those drugs are going away. More and more, it's harder to get pills. And, and being someone who teaches harm prevention I am I am 100% honest with my daughter about drugs. Yeah, you got to be my own substance uses. You know, like I smoke cannabis. I take this and this is why the ketamine and this was good for you. And yes, a lot of adults do cocaine, most of those stupid games we use in the worlds that you know, like I grew up in, I'm around all these crazy successful people, billionaires, doctors or scientists. They all party. Yeah, it's kind of crazy. Of course, people that party the least amount with those sort of negative drugs like cocaine are the people in psychedelics because you get past you realize this stuff isn't bad isn't the best for you. I have nothing against cocaine. Even meth do whatever you want. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:23
I do I fucking hate math. You know, I

Unknown Speaker 1:36:25
don't I hate I hate math.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:27
I never done it. But it ruined my family.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:29
Yeah, mess I didn't like and coke. It makes me weird. I don't do it anymore. It makes me weird. Not good at be a part of something that people die for. Yeah, well, that's not good. And so with my daughter just say, Look, this is it, you know that mommy and daddy have both had our issues with substances. So I will make it clear and we and the tools that I preach she practices so I the only reason why I why there's any fear is because of her mother pounded into my head that she could be inadequate, but I don't She's not going to be that I go out there and she'll drink and she'll party and she'll have fun. And she'll be you know, she'll be the little heiress she is. But she'll, she's a really good person now and they if she chooses to ingest any sort of thing that's I tell her look, competitions a drug. Look at your face in this picture. I saw the picture like look at your face. I know that face, you got high off winning out it was like, Daddy, it felt amazing. I was like, that's a, that's a drug response. You're getting drugs from that. caffeine, sugar. She's a little sugar addict for sure. You know, love is all drugs. We have to learn to modulate them properly. Because if you have one out of whack, like let's say sugar, or caffeine, or or sex, or any of it, or the drugs or heroin, it can all be really bad. If you've heard of Dr. Carl Hart? No. He has wrote a book about drug use for adults. And he's a he's a Columbia professor and preaches how he does heroin, and I'll do meth, and I'll do cocaine. And he just says how all the elites, all the elites, all the educated people. And I'm sure elites are all using substances. You know, a lot of money 99% of emissions a night and even 90% people do, honestly. Wow. And that's just as people like, they they were just programmed to think this sounds bad for you when you're getting shit faced on alcohol and being

Unknown Speaker 1:38:47
of course, of course, now, you know, I asked that question about your daughter, but it's like mental light bulb went off. I'm like, oh, yeah, you know, I know her mom, you know? And I'm like, oh, yeah, she's you know, works at a rehab you are doing you know, you're more of a holistic you know, kind of situation. I'm like, probably the best to fucking parents even though you guys both have your own individual paths, you know, and who knows if it is fucking genetic or whatever, but you guys could guide her if she does start to fall. So that's amazing.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:13
And she she started to my daughter started using cannabis when she was two.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:17
Well, wait, what? Wait, hold on.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:22
Lisa, when after shame died, and I was carted away by the DEA in front of her when I was in the UFC. And that didn't get too much attention. But the DEA arrested me for being naughty when I was in the UFC.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:35
But anyway, we're already grieving the loss of your friend.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:38
Yeah, well, no, this is before oh, we're gone through a bunch of drugs and rehab and that's overdoses and wild shit. And as a whole then shame. We stressed my daughter out so badly that she was in a right position to contract something like an autoimmune disease, which was rheumatoid arthritis on that Had she had a bunch of immunizations. And those came into her body and her body being this being in this stressed out state, she got a autoimmune disease,

Unknown Speaker 1:40:11
a lot of sense. So I just recently learned because my uncle told me that, oh, I probably shouldn't put stuff out there. But he may have dabbled with something and had a seizure at one point. And basically, years later, you know, because once you have the first seizure, you still you always have seizures, and he was drinking coffee. And he hadn't gotten a lot of sleep. And because his body was, you know, stressed out, like you're saying, you know, if he had another seizure, it's just like, you become more susceptible we don't treat your body right so that that makes total sense to me as I'm like, learning about more things, you know, you know, good sleep and the right foods and all that and you think it doesn't matter. But then shit like this happens, where it's like, Oh, I was stressed out and now I have an autoimmune disorder or something like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:40:58
Yes. So so we use food, diet and exercise. First Physical Therapy Massage. On top of high dose cannabis oil for a little kid and getting stoned to the toddler is funny but strange. Like it's not when you're when your kids sick, though. Daddy, I need the strong stuff. You give it to him when you take the day off. The baked ginger kid? Oh, do I need the strong stuff? Oh, you know, her mother still goes receiving it because it works very well for her. She has a bad day or some sort of, you know, stressful moment. She's in a room or a bath with essential oils and her CBD gummies in the music, you know, I'm just like, yes, this picture. But I knew what cannabis could do. Dr. Sanjay Gupta came out with that whole CNN thing about how he turned his light turned his view on cannabis around. And my girlfriend at the time looked at me goes, Why are we doing this for our you know, for London, and I was like, I already am. I didn't. I had doctors, you know, prescription basically. But even the doctor was like, Don't tell anybody. Yeah, the little kid you don't need to heat your you know, you have some sort of prominence from celebrity. Like don't just but I couldn't keep my mouth shut. So I did. And you know, she knows that. And my daughter to this day. She had a real bad day and a few months ago, and I was like, Well, what do you need? Do you need me to give you some some RSLs and Rick Simpson oil? She's like, No, no, I don't want to get stoned. Okay, when was the last time? I don't even know she remembered. It's been a long time since she's ingested THC. But she was like, she had no interest in and so I think she's gonna be just fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:42:51
That's awesome. That's awesome. Hard pivot en uncle creepy you know this is definitely probably I feel like maybe like you could like be like Uncle creepy was back then. Are you do you still feel like Uncle creepy? No, that's

Unknown Speaker 1:43:05
gone. Okay. I finally got it off my instagram handle and I still need to get Twitter done. But you know, the UFC loved it. They especially back then it was more about WWE, WF sort of marketing and advertising the like,

Unknown Speaker 1:43:19
back then. I mean, I feel like it's, it's even more so now. Right?

Unknown Speaker 1:43:24
Kind of but back then they the characters so much of a sport now. You know, it's a little bit watered down in the regard of savagery. Those set the other day when I was at Cheetos fight with Dominique. I was like, she's kind of boring. We have the same, the same ziens here like it used to be that the level of competition is way higher, but it's just

Unknown Speaker 1:43:46
not that that like wildcard factor like someone's gonna fucking lose their shit.

Unknown Speaker 1:43:51
Bare Knuckle. Oh my god. That shit is crazy. I love watching that because I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:43:57
like, I feel silly, because I'm like, I'm like, There's no fucking way I'm ever going to do it. But I'm like in I'm like, enamored by it. I'm like, Holy fuck.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:06
Yeah, wildness. Yeah. Love it. It's to see it in person is cool. And to be a part of it to coach Mark through.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:13
Oh, yeah. Mark the shark Irwin. Okay, okay. He has some fan questions for you later. So that makes a lot of sense. I wasn't sure why he asked all these questions. I was like, Okay, I know this guy is a local guy. But that makes a lot of sense. That's you coach him. Good. All right. So you were saying that you coach Mark.

Unknown Speaker 1:44:35
Guard to sharpen Yes. Mark came to me a little over a year ago and he needed help. You know, been through some personal shit. When I was like, Look, you know, I'm a friend. Always to people. is I want you to coach me. I want to be bare knuckle boxer. I can be within a title shot with my two or three fights. I can be world champion with a viva It's because I bought why. That's it hurts like others real fucking dangerous man. It was crazy. I'd love to go watch. He's like, Well, you coach me and I'm like, whatever Of course, okay, I want you. He didn't plead with me. But he just told me the story of how big of a fan he was. Like, he just honored to be my friend and this would love to have me as a coach and I was like, okay, yeah, thank you. And for a while, I stepped out of MMA and martial arts establishment businessman. Now I was like my blinders on and to feed to feel and the love and appreciation I get in martial arts. I like, oh, fuck, I'm kind of a big deal. People realize how good I was and how good I am. Now, I'm on the coaching side of it. It's made me it makes me so happy. And to see more marks marks a psychopath. He's crazy. Okay. All right. And, you know, I see that in myself in him as as a younger individual who wasn't healed the Marksman doing the healing, the working on himself a lot. Still going through it still has the demons. We got to get there eventually. But I needed crazy. I need him crazy, because he's stepping into the tragopan. You know, that BYOB? bareknuckle? That noise off of schools. Or that is wild, I saw the greatest fistfight I've ever seen in my life. At his his last fight was Laurent and Rico. I can't think of their names. I just know them by first name. And it was the most tactical Bare Knuckle boxing fight I've ever seen in my life. I mean, it was it was was incredible to see. And even Mark said he goes I've never seen you act like that. He's like you were like a little kid freaking out over something because I love I love it so much. This is what I've done my whole life. No, and I'm just so excited to have a new rule set to manipulate to bend your Hey, you're not you ain't cheating. You ain't trying hard enough. Yeah. I asked me Why be so what are the rules and they sent me this like bland Express, you know, what is he YB BYOB extreme? It's data 5000 or 3000.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:15
data 5000 Data Fico. That's a fighter, right? He fought

Unknown Speaker 1:47:20
him and then you have Halima. Now she's on the commentating crew, Michael,

Unknown Speaker 1:47:25
what does that stand for? Bear, not backyard brawl, backyard bras, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:47:33
Which, you know, whatever that is, just to name. But the people in the organization when I showed up to Biloxi, Mississippi, and I walk in the room, and I heard Bert Watson's voice, and I went,

Unknown Speaker 1:47:46
Oh my gosh, oh, Bert Watson works for them ran in

Unknown Speaker 1:47:49
a hug Bert and I some awkward, and I was there with him. And to hang out with him after the fight and a half. I don't even really drink alcohol. But I'm lucky I was drunk, taking some shots with Mark and talking to Mike Goldberg and to see them to to put mark in the position I I was once in as the as the star. You're the first you're the guy in front now.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:10
You've come full circle.

Unknown Speaker 1:48:12
I opened doors for you now, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:48:14
yeah. pumping him up?

Unknown Speaker 1:48:16
Yeah, you get the first pick of the other fun the girls that whatever it is. You know what I mean? Yeah. And he's, he's embracing it, you know, and you have

Unknown Speaker 1:48:25
to step back and let him be the star of the show. You're a supporting role. You know, and, you know, I've talked about this recently with a friend, you know, great coaches have that ability to let the athlete be the star of the show, you have these newer younger coaches, sometimes even older assholes, they, you know, they make it about themselves, you know, and it's like, you know, you get you're already going through so much, you know, the anxieties, you know, weight cut and all that, you know, to have a coach who can really like, take that'll take some of that away by making it all about you and supporting you, you know, anything from grabbing your bags to

Unknown Speaker 1:49:02
all about Yeah, yeah, yeah. We're percent about someone whether you talk to them positive you like this is your product. Yeah. You know, your, your brand is your branding is on them forever, is there, you're in there. That should be

Unknown Speaker 1:49:19
I do feel that way. I feel like you know, and you tell me if this is true, you know, it's like, you know, now this person is a conduit for you know, everything that you have taught them. And, you know, this is like, your next chapter of fighting you know, like you teach this person then you get to go watch what you've taught that person be acted out in the tribe on or wherever it is, right, like such a cool experience, you know, because we we mourn the loss of fighting you know, I haven't yet you know, and I'm sure you did, or maybe you were like, Fuck it, and you're okay with it, but it feels like it's gonna be a heartbreaking thing when I do finally say, enough is enough, and I'm ready to just cut or, or, you know, be an agent or whatever the fuck I end up doing right? So it's like, it seems very cool for you to still get to be a part of the combat sports arena, but not quite, you know have to get up recruited by, you know, fucking Cheeto Vera.

Unknown Speaker 1:50:16
I love judo for teaching me that lesson. Yeah, no, I just loved you too, because we

Unknown Speaker 1:50:21
will rock it till the wheels fall off, you know, and I think that we all especially fighters, need someone to save us from ourselves. Sometimes, you know, we have the best intentions, we think we can fight till the day we die. But realistically, there's so much more to life and another hard pivot and I'm so sorry, but we're running short on time here and I know you have to go so we're going to try and get to those fan questions because everyone's got some fan questions. But before we do get into that, you know, Uncle creepy, what is one of the creepiest things that either well first we'll ask what's the creepiest thing a fan has ever sent to you? You know, DM, email message, whatever. And then follow up question What's the creepiest thing you've ever done for love? Or sex?

Unknown Speaker 1:51:06
Love and Sex man back in like the chuck days it was always like hey, guys want to fuck my wife? Yeah, she's always that sort of weird swinger shit. Yeah. cuckold. Yeah, and not so much the real versioning of cuckold ism is where the guy like watches in the closet and come as mom

Unknown Speaker 1:51:34
no I just kind of use it as an umbrella term for like somebody else's fucking your wife and you're like cool with it.

Unknown Speaker 1:51:43
Yes, yes. That's real creepy with it in the

Unknown Speaker 1:51:47
closet. Like all weird but I'm like, Oh, yeah. Okay, there we go. And then what about a fan? You know, I

Unknown Speaker 1:51:55
mean, you are like you said, Women want to bang your men want to be like, what's something creepy? That uncle creepy has got

Unknown Speaker 1:52:08
I always have my clothes off, because it's not that creepy. I still don't never have clothes on.

Unknown Speaker 1:52:15
You like just chillin in the nude? Yeah, really?

Unknown Speaker 1:52:19
Yeah. Like my doors are always open. You know? And like, my one of my friends came over the nation. Oh shit. Hey, what's up?

Unknown Speaker 1:52:28
I was actually I would just went to Hawaii with a couple friends too. And one of the friends knows you. And was like yeah, last time I saw Ian because I was told him you were going to be a guest the day that I got back. And he was like Yeah, last time I saw em I went to go talk to him and like Mission Viejo or something. He was at this girl's house and she opened half naked. And she said something like Ian will be with you momentarily and then just like walked away. And he was like, II and lived an interesting life

Unknown Speaker 1:52:57
No, it's been it's been a wild ride. Just appreciate the fuck out of it because it's been fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:53:03
I love it. We have a couple new segments to end the show. I don't think you know you were the first ever I was just fucking learning as I go like we all are and like I still am. But I love these new segments. Dan Kenny Pat Kenny they actually helped me come up with some of these so we end with the lightning strikes round which is a rapid fire yes or no segment and then a game of fuck marry kill where I give you three names and you tell me who you would fuck who you would marry who you would kill? Do you want to play sign me up coach All right. Oh, here we go. So lightning second round with Ian All right now because I've been told by our listeners that they hate it when we just go rapid fire if the guest has a story or wants to elaborate if you do want to elaborate on these feel free otherwise just yes or no? Okay. Okay, here we go. Lightning six round Ian McCall. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes spank are like to be spanked yes biting

Unknown Speaker 1:54:04
I don't bite but you can play really want jokey? I do. I know how to choke your well. Perfect ritual people for a living.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:14
There's an art to it. Trust me.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:15
Don't that little loss of blood. There's always nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:18
I'm dating a black belt he perfectly knows how. threesomes

Unknown Speaker 1:54:22
threesome Sure, yes, I'm honored

Unknown Speaker 1:54:27
to sign me up. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:54:30
Probably too much. Okay, that's maybe one of the addictions I need to fix.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:33
I was just actually I was gonna say I expected you to say no, that you used to or something but to each their own. I'm just being honest. Yeah. No, you gotta you know what I mean? Like we're all working on and like, porn is not bad. I just noticed for myself. My imagination gets in overdrive and then I it's harder to come in real life. And I'm like, Hey, I don't need to make it harder to come. You know.

Unknown Speaker 1:54:57
You should watch the show. I would never do any of this. So this is very weird.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:01
Yeah, but but then I'm watching it and I'm like turned on in a weird way. I'm like, Ah, but what are we doing?

Unknown Speaker 1:55:08
It's not healthy. No, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:09
Okay, bondage, ropes, blindfold, handcuffs, stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:17
Yeah, I'll tie. I'll tie girls up for sure. foot fetish. Oh my feet. Well, I'm against feet. I'll if you want me to suck on your toes. I'll go for it. But

Unknown Speaker 1:55:26
doesn't give you a boner. Yeah. bodily fluid fetish. No. But stuff on your partner sold so forth. Do you sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 1:55:36
I'm gonna go firehose.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:40
Do you sex toys? Of course.

Unknown Speaker 1:55:44
You know, you got like, you know, you got the thing going on with all the double in the you know, there's just, I think doesn't vibrate. So I'm all for

Unknown Speaker 1:55:52
it. Well, it's so great. Because as my first like long term partner, we're going on three years and before it was like all year, six months, whatever. It's like, I realized there's obviously a lot of emotional mental perks with long with a long lasting relationship, but also six perks, right? Because it's like, how freaky can you get with someone you've only been on three dates with, you know, you can't be like, I got this new toy. So yeah, sex toys. Yeah, they're like, whoa, this chick is crazy. Yeah, okay. Ever been to a and I know this answer, but ever been to a swingers party or a sex club?

Unknown Speaker 1:56:27
Yeah, I've had parties in my own house.

Unknown Speaker 1:56:32
Awesome. Lingerie lover. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:56:35
I love lunch. Really?

Unknown Speaker 1:56:36
Okay. On the body hair. Yay. Ever been caught having sex or masturbating? millions of times. Are you an exhibitionist?

Unknown Speaker 1:56:52
No, but but getting kinda having sex like, in the bathroom in Toulouse is always fun. While the bother?

Unknown Speaker 1:57:00
I feel like everyone's probably having sex in the bathroom and to whom? You shouldn't be if you're not you need to be Yeah, you're not doing kiloohm right. I've never been but we'd love to go someday. Well, that's a lightning sex round. Congratulations. You killed it and then how we're going to end quick game of fuck marry kill

Unknown Speaker 1:57:21
one marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 1:57:26
Now. Thank you to Dan Kenny and Pat Kenny. They always helped me out. This edition is the batshit crazy women aka girls who could use some mushroom slash mind altering therapy. That's the addition you get. So out of these three names. Who would you rather fuck? Marry and kill Lindsay Lohan. Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus man it's so hard what?

Unknown Speaker 1:58:00
I mean I have to put Brittany to rest I have to plug her okay and then it's up to Lindsay and Miley. Well redheads are crazy in bed so probably have sex with with Lindsay Lohan, Lohan and then Miley Kyo Miley's, she's still killing it financially. So you should marry that want to be safe that he drew, boom. Take care of the kids.

Unknown Speaker 1:58:26
I love it broke it down. Okay, and then the last segment is fan questions. Now for all of you listening who do not follow us over to the UFC fight pass platform. Go check that out. It's half off for the first year if you sign up now at UFC fight backslash sign up. It's worth it guys. Not only do you have all these awesome podcasts and exclusive content from sex and violence with rebel girl, you got the biggest fight library. My favorite shows actually called fight lore. It's like an animated series. I'm not sure why they don't have one on you. And I feel like you'd be the perfect person to do an animated series. It's like half animation half Docu series anyways, and for the people who are not who are crazy and they're not going to follow us over to UFC fight pass. Where can they find you on all social media handles and anything else you want to promote the McCall method? Anything at all?

Unknown Speaker 1:59:12
Yeah, the McCall method was my my website. I needed to be returned, but you can contact me there or contact me through Instagram. Ian McCall. There is the McCall method, Instagram and also Tik Tok. And do your research question everything, question everything, even when I'm teaching you. Because that's how you get a broader understanding of of life. It's what I teach to my kids, I read philosophy every time I teach the end of every class and try and put it into martial arts and then bring that into real life.

Unknown Speaker 1:59:48
And I really want to say even like, there I really hope that more fighters who lived with the journey and have done the hard work, become coaches and as mentors for people who get into the sport because if you don't do the stuff that you've done or you know stuff that I would like to do, it's a scary scary sport and it can leave you feeling empty at the end of your career but I think that if we take the right steps and make sure that we're doing things the safe way not just physically but emotionally and mentally like we're talking about I think that this sport can be beautiful so I'm so happy that your your coaching position now

Unknown Speaker 2:00:28
thank you I was Brian I'm coaching at Peaceful Warrior and Dana Point if anyone wants to come and train on But on that note what you're saying when I when I retired I wanted to kill myself. I was I was broken I was addicted I hate fighting. A hated everything about it. Yeah, I had to fall back in love with fighting to realize that I was the problem. Once I once I heal that was myself I was able to appreciate everything I went through and if I can help people again not have to take all the steps I did to come back into normal life you know, once you retire it's the loss of sense of self love loss of identity. Everyone starts calling people stop calling you money stops coming everything everything stops. If I can just make that transition easier from the warrior culture into being a warrior in the garden you know now we have to tend to life the ecology of mind you know the ecology of life. So many parts to it you have to take care of then that's that's just makes my life better. You know, that's I just like helping people live a life so thank you very much

Unknown Speaker 2:01:47
you're awesome yeah. Okay, that's it for episode 112. And Ian McCall, man. Yeah, he's just been such an interesting person his whole life you know whether he was being a wild man or World Champion and now a healer it's it's so cool to see the progression of someone like that in a short period of time because he's not that old at all. He's you know, my age for the most part by mid 30s. I forget. Yeah. And just it's really cool, dude. So I'm excited to have him on in another year or two years and see where we're at like I said, but alright guys, just so you know, you do know but I'm going to tell you anyway, UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with 200 over 200 live events, the largest fight library and click stunts, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at UFC fight backslash sign up. And next week, guys, we talked to number nine ranked UFC bantamweight, and her name is Penny Banzai. Banzai is her nickname. Qian Zod. God, I should really ask her ahead of time, but Penny Banzai Qian Zod. Can't I don't think that's right, but we'll figure it out next week. I actually met her when we were both trying out for the Ultimate Fighter 26 And same way that I met Deanna actually, ironically, if you guys are been listening to each show, and she is a Iranian born Swedish mixed martial artists cool mix. I think she was like the first ever Iranian female but I'm not positive we'll find out more. She has also fought in Invicta FC and cage warriors where she held the bantamweight title. And she's a sweetheart She's really cool.

Unknown Speaker 2:04:06
But guys, besides that, you know, next week, check out the episode. And until then, you can check out our website six violence with rebel

Unknown Speaker 2:04:14
support the show by buying a hat a shirt something on there. We're going to be adding some more merch designs in the next few weeks. And you can always check out exclusive 60 content by going to Ashley rebel And that's a fan time site. It's like only fans, but much better. And also, please just share the show like we always ask you guys and that's it. I love you guys. Thank you so much for all the fan questions. This week. Special shout out to mark the shark Irwin for those fan questions. We all needed to know What even was packing I guess. That's it guys. Huge thank you to audio engineer DJs all we had to come in early today. Neither one of us. You know like to do that but he always works around his schedule. So thank you so much all and tomorrow kids studio at tomorrow kids official and you can always find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. I really really hope you guys enjoyed this show. This episode I did. It's always extremely educational within we do get get off on a little bit of a tangent sometimes with the mushy talk, but not mushy, mushy. And, but we get a little sex talking there as well. So yeah, guys have a great week. Remember, be kind, be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. Talk to you next week with a new guest and more sex and violence.

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