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Ep.114 Zeda Zhang (II)

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day all night. Tune in sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence what's happening hot stuff? What is up on my naughty listeners back in studio? Very, very excited for this episode. We actually just recorded it. So I'm pretending like it's next. But I already know it's a great episode. It's super funny. Before we get to that, guys, I have some bad news. And I feel like lately I've been starting the podcast with bad news a lot but so is life and it would only be right to give some acknowledgement to the mixed martial arts community because we lost one of our own this last week unfortunately, rest in peace, former UFC fighter Elias Theodoro he died from cancer. He was only 34 years old. That is horrible guys. Obviously. I'm 35 I can't I have so much more life to live. It crushes me. This guy was very private with his life. I think He only told a few people that he was battling colon cancer. And so it kind of came to a shock to the mixed martial arts community. I'm gonna read you a little blurb that was released after his death this last Saturday Theodoro 19. Three was a veteran of 22 MMA bouts including an eight and three run in the UFC. He won the Ultimate Fighter nation's middleweight tournament and holds notable victories over Eric anders dan Kelly Cesar Ferreira and Sam Alvey. Along with his fighting career, Theodora was best known for being an advocate of the use of medical marijuana in combat sports. In 2020, the Canadian veteran became the first fighter to receive a therapeutic use exemption for medical cannabis vapor barrier room which was granted by the British Columbia Athletic Commission. Theodoro also made headlines when he served as a ring boy for Invicta FC event in 2018. Guys, this guy was so much more than his little blurb, but I thought it would be nice to just let you guys know that this guy you know, he was doing the damn thing. I think his last fight he actually

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he won his last fight you know, and you know, this guy was he just you know, I personally didn't know him but he was a character he was the main event and he was just seemed to be a very happy happy go lucky. You know like I like it said he was always trying to get you know, medical cannabis which tell me one person who was a medical cannabis advocate who's a major asshole. Like, I know that sounds silly, but it's usually the people that are urging people to smoke a little weed that are all about peace and love. And this guy, that's literally the energy and the vibe that I got a crazy fact I actually hit him up to be on the podcast about six months ago. He said yes. And, you know, I think that he probably had a lot of other medical and life stuff now looking, you know, in hindsight, and I just wish that I could have got a little bit of his life on the show because, like losing our girl Susie, you know, I got her on the show. And that's something that I will keep precious to me forever. And that episode is something that you know, I know I'll always be able to look back on so unfortunately, we didn't get to talk to him on the show, but I thought he was a really cool guy. And if any of you knew him out there, my condolences go out to you. So like I said before, hug the ones you love guys because you never know when it's your last day. Moving on to some less sad stuff but also just kind of a PSA. Any of you SoCal massage therapists, I want to let you know that a very, very important sponsor of mine, massage matters here in Irvine, California. They are such a great facility but they're in need of therapists right now multiple of their massage therapists have retired and so now they're kind of on the hunt. If you want to work out a clean, friendly, professional environment, please check out massage matters in Irvine, California. I will add a link. Manny is the owner. He's the homie as well. It's just a great place to work and I thought I would use my platform to let any of you guys know if you're a massage therapist and you're looking for work. Hit up massage matters. September 13. This last Tuesday, I went and saw the Championship Wrestling show. It was at the Irvine improv and it was hilarious. It was such a funny show. Super awesome wrestling and of course, I saw zeta Zang do her thing tonight, actually, actually, it's a Yeah, tonight. Tonight, I will be going to WWE SmackDown my first ever WWE wrestling event. So it's only proper that our guest today is actually a wrestler as well. A few things I want to remind you about before we get to our phone interview, check out my exclusive content site guys. 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Today's guest is As an Asian American professional wrestler and a former mixed martial artist, she was previously signed to the WWE where she appeared on the NXT brand. She competed in the first ever may young classic in 2017. During her time with WWE, she was also signed to Major League wrestling ml w, where she was the first female wrestler signed to the promotion. She made her MMA debut back in 2011, and is currently to an O. Here are a few other trailblazing feats she's accomplished she was the first Asian American female signed to WWE first Asian American wrestler to tour Asia and compete in the first ever NXT Women's Royal Rumble. She competed for promotions in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Nepal, Mexico and South Korea. Today we talk about Ain't nobody got time for Dick 10 years between relationships, cheater red flags, trusting your sexual intuition, growing up with social anxiety, no dating in the industry, online dating follies and unmatched unrivaled sex drive. Sex marathon Sunday's 24 hour sessions her foot phobia girls have wet dreams too and so much more. Here's your guest Julia ho or better known by her ring name zeta Zang?

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Okay, we are here with Julia Ho, aka zeta Zang, aka one of my best friends. I'm so excited. Thank you so much for coming back on the show. You know, real quick for the listeners who are new to sex and violence with rebel girl zeta was on the show episode 47. Now we are on episode 114. So a year and a half has passed COVID I believe it was April 2021. So it was like a year into COVID. And if you guys remember, like shit was still kind of weird for that second year. And that's where we left off with Zaida. She basically had done her own pandemic shenanigans. She was wrestling independently, we talked about some of her past relationships and where she comes from. But now all of that is in the past, we are going to pick up basically where we left off. We want to find out what you've been up to wrestling wise and also love wise. So first and foremost, let's get to the violence aspect of sex and violence. Catch me up girl, what have you been doing? As if I don't already know. What have you been doing? Career and wrestling wise in this last year and a half.

Unknown Speaker 13:06
Um, so I've been wrestling which has been nice. Especially during COVID Everything was shut down and we slowly started picking back up. And now I am a regular on championship. Hollywood. So it's nice local, it's fun. It's TV wrestling, which I enjoy a lot. So been doing that. Also some acting stuff I got signed to a new management. Big management company. So I'm excited. Can you

Unknown Speaker 13:35
can you tell us what management company that is? Your Yard? What is it?

Unknown Speaker 13:40
Three Rs?

Unknown Speaker 13:40
Three Rs? Arts arts, three arts. Awesome. That is very cool. Congrats. Very thankful

Unknown Speaker 13:47
to be on the company. They have a roster so I'm happy with my wrestling and entertainment career. I'm just like, continuing doing what I love. And then my family's in here visiting so I've been hanging out with them and got some new people in my life. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:08
okay. Okay, so before we get to the best part of the show, which is the romance and the sex, just let me clarify. Exactly so you're currently wrestling for Championship Wrestling, which we went to on Tuesday and watched you You did amazing and now are you in contract with them and so you will be continuing to wrestle for them for like this season. I know that's probably not what you call it, but

Unknown Speaker 14:37
we're not we're not on a like a tight contract. So I'm pretty open still, which is best of both worlds, but I'm on their core roster. So that means that storylines I go back there regularly so I'm excited for that. Okay. Oh, the other wrestling company of wrestling for regularly now. It's actually a new company. That's all All based on Vegas. Very cool. Yeah. So it's nice.

Unknown Speaker 15:05
And what's that one called in Vegas?

Unknown Speaker 15:07
Ultimate woman's wrestling?

Unknown Speaker 15:09
Yeah, that is December 10. I know your next match is in Vegas. I really want to try to attend that because just the idea of an all female card is amazing. It's like the Invicta of pro wrestling basically. Right?

Unknown Speaker 15:24
Yes, very much so and they're actually going to be having an ad day. So they'll be in a familiar area, which is nice. I mean, we're in some cool weather the Sahara before which is cool. Mandalay Bay is like just known for sporting events

Unknown Speaker 15:40
is that the MGM was at Mandalay Bay? Yeah, no. Okay, okay. Yeah. I wrestled at the MGM one time for. For UFC. Yeah, my first fight ever. Well, that's super cool. So I know WWE, and maybe some larger wrestling promotions, like the UFC also are very strict when you're in contract. So now that you're wrestling for Championship Wrestling, and what's the biggest one again? You just said it. Ultimate women's ultimate ultimate women's wrestling? Okay, easy to remember. So now that you're kind of going back and forth, like how does it work? If a larger promotion was like, hey, zeta, we fucking want you, like, do you like say peace out to the people that you're with? You know, are you allowed to kind of, you know, part ways? Like, how does that work? I know how it works in MMA, how does it work in wrestling?

Unknown Speaker 16:37
It actually, it comes down to you in the money, like, So, sort of a bigger company wants you, then you're gonna be like, hey, to the other company you're at, you're like, hey, this company's coming at me they're offering this, can you match that? Ah, or sometimes, you know, sometimes people love the smaller company that they're with, and they rather stick with a smaller company, so they're willing to take lower pay to be happier. Yeah, what you're looking for, but I would say a lot of times, like, they'll negotiate money than everyone will kind of come to.

Unknown Speaker 17:13
Okay, so maybe you can get almost like bought out of a contract or just offered more money. And then it's like, alright, you know,

Unknown Speaker 17:21
depends on the contract. Also, like if they have a strict contract saying signed it, and they say, you are with us for three years, then you're looking for three years no matter what, there is no, breaking out.

Unknown Speaker 17:34
Okay, so you've wrestled for WWE, a e. W, Major League wrestling, some of the largest promotions in the world, you're now currently independent with some local promotions. What is the goal is the goal I asked you this, I think a year and a half ago? Like is the goal always to get back to the UFC? Or, you know, do you want to make a name for yourself in a different organization? like aw or somewhere else? Or is it just whoever pays you the most fucking money?

Unknown Speaker 18:03
Um, I want to go somewhere, that makes me happy. Of course, money is important. You know, so that is important. But it also needs to be someplace where I feel like they will be open to what I want to do creativity, like, create, creatively, yeah. Because the thing is, it's great being at a big company, but at the same time, it's so easy to get shelled. And when you're getting shelved, it's almost like you don't exist. Yeah, there's really matter that much bigger, a bigger company, it's like, some people, they go there and they just care about the money, but the money Yeah, you might have a lot of money on first, it's not gonna last if you don't have a story. Yeah. So I think at the end of the day, it's like, you want that fine balance. And it's a mix between them caring about you as a wrestler and character and artist, and you also wanting to figure out what is important to you? Isn't the money or do you want to make an impact and do something that makes you happy? For sure. So if it's a you know, a lot of people they get into this, not because they get into it, because they love doing this? It's if they want to get into the money, man. They can make a lot more money, just you know, so it's like, they could just go do side jobs like that. But instead, we would rather go and jump off the top rope and rip every ligament in our body to do this. Yeah, yeah. We really enjoy him. We love him. So yeah, you know,

Unknown Speaker 19:42
I definitely have a newfound respect for wrestling. A year and a half ago, you and I, I was listening to our last Episode Episode 47. And we were saying things like Yeah, well, if we ever hang out or it looks nice to meet you, and I'm now we're like hanging out all the time. I come watch you wrestle like, yeah, and and it's crazy because I'm finally starting to grasp like building a story line. And you know, like, it's just not like that in in fighting in mixed martial arts and you know that and so I'm really getting into it. And I just wanted to mention that tonight we are going to WWE SmackDown very excited shout out to our friend, Teddy and Jim Murray for the hookup. So we'll be watching that tonight. And I'm excited because Ronda is going to be there. And you know, I'm, I think I'm indifferent. You know, I'm not like a Ronda fan. I'm very appreciative of what she's done. And I also totally understand the switch to WWE. So this will be fun for me, because it's like, I just want to see like how her choices have panned out she made the switch from MMA over to pro wrestling, and this is the largest organization out there. So I'm excited. What are you excited to see tonight?

Unknown Speaker 20:57
Well, I'm biased. I'm excited to see my friends. Yeah. Friends are really she's gonna be wrestling. She's the first Chinese female there. Oh, nice. Who's this? Is Eileen. Nice. Okay, we're roommates. And then last night, I went with her and this other girl Shotzi, who I know through wrestling also, they'll both be on the show. But I'm definitely excited also, to see Rhonda, because she's been gone for a while. She was gone. Then she came back a little bit, you know? So it's, it's she only comes for like the bigger shows. So she's got that like nice and for time wrestling. Yeah, he like the transition. The other thing too, is like, there's so many things about MMA that really helps to pro wrestling. But then there's also certain things that makes it so difficult that it's almost like it's better to start with a clean slate. Yeah, so interesting to see how a different martial arts background in MMA can determine how well you adapt to progress.

Unknown Speaker 22:02
Yeah. And I was literally thinking about that watching you on Tuesday, you threw a knee to this girl's face. And I am so new to wrestling and so involved in mixed martial arts that I forget that, you know, you're not really needing her in the face, you know? And I'm like, Are we allowed to say that, you know, but like, you know, I was like, oh, and then I thought to myself, like, oh, it would be so hard for me to pull that knee. Even if we had choreographed it in like plaque practice that because, you know, after throwing a real knee 1000s and 1000s of times, you know, minimum and then, you know, so I might, you know, not saying I'm gonna I'm just saying like, if I was going to it might be hard for someone like me or Rhonda because we've practiced you know, actually like hurting someone. So that's probably accidental.

Unknown Speaker 23:03
Yeah, so I mean, I'm just really excited to kind of see Rhonda in her new element. And, you know, I'm always you guys know me, the listeners and zeta, you know, me, like, someone challenges me to do something. I'm like, Well, no, I have to, ya know, so, I've just tried to keep all my doors open. And I'm considering tonight, just to be a little bit of research as well as fun. So with Okay, with all that talked about, let's get to the fun stuff zeta. You and I are our home girls. So I'm going to pretend as if I don't know all these answers, but let's just talk about so the last year and a half. You had a boyfriend before that if you guys didn't listen to the first episode, Zetas relationship history, she basically had two boyfriends. And she was very young. And she actually dated a younger guy. She was 16. And he was 21. And that kind of was a large part of her early relationship history. And so when her and I were getting very close, you know, you always swap stories, right, like war stories, like this happened to me, and this happened to me. And it's, that's the best part of being French, you know, friends really, in my opinion, is getting to hear someone's opinion about what you went through. Because that's all we have to compare, right? We just have our own history. And so it's been so nice, because I also know that you know, you said on the podcast last time and from being friends, you have you come from a very traditional Chinese. Taiwanese, Taiwan, Taiwanese. Yeah. But you know, backgrounds and your family and upbringing. So, you know, without getting into what we talked about, you know, you had a partner this past year. Tell me about that. You know, obviously, we don't name names here, but it was interesting to say the least being one of your friends and seeing you go through the ups and downs in this relationship. And, you know, I don't want to put anybody on blast but you know, kind of, how did you go as me, I guess, and then what went wrong? Which is a very loaded question, right. But this is such a major relationship for you, in my opinion, because you had these other boyfriends when you were younger. And then there was a long time where you just focused on your career, just career and we, we joked about it, we were like, a nobody got time for Dick. But you, you made time, and it didn't work out. And so now like, hit it hit us girl, you know, like, what was that like to finally have a real adult relationship later in your life? You know, juggling your career, which was always the biggest issue in the past, I think you'll finding someone who could deal with our busy schedules and all that.

Unknown Speaker 25:45
Yeah, I mean, like, between that relationship and my second relationship, there was a good, like, over 10 years. And then finally, I ended up being this dude. Because we met on set, like for the movie. So we met on set and he worked there. And we just start talking. And at the time, it was my, it was when I finally decided to kind of open myself up to date. But I've always been the type that like, dates one person at a time. And so by doing that, it kind of makes me focus on one person too much sometimes. And it might like, end up letting things slide, I shouldn't slide. But that was my first time trying to date like multiple people. And I was honest about it. So I told him, when he asked me, he's like, Oh, are you seeing anyone? I'm like, Yeah, I'm dating around and stuff. And so we talked, and it's not like, I didn't have people to compare him to at the time. And so it was because of the comparisons and seeing who I like better. I ended up picking him. Yeah. So I mean, that's

Unknown Speaker 26:57
all dating is right? We literally date different people, you know, then you find someone that you want to commit to because of whatever qualities they have, or maybe the qualities they bring out in you. Right. So that's, that's all normal. You know, I think that was different for you dating around and then settling on someone you know, but that's, that's normal.

Unknown Speaker 27:16
Yeah, but it's different. It's, it's not normal. For me though, even though it is normal. For most people. That was the first time I ever Dunda because like, I don't know, I I'm very mental about stuff. And I feel like if I spread myself too thin, I come like uninterested in anymore. So I end up having to just be committed to one person, even though we don't have a title. But at that time, you know, at that point, I'm like, mid 30s. I was like, 35 already. I was already 35. And I'm just like, I don't have time to like, date one person, and then find out way later, that is not the workout. I need to date around and see what's up. Yeah, so that's what I ended up doing. And then when I heard it, I was like, Okay, I think I like him the most. He seemed like he wanted to commit also, which is I feel like it's hard to find. And then when we got into it deeper into the relationship, I realized there was a lot of communication problems. There was a lot of trust issues. He had a lot of trauma. And I let it slide because I have my own trauma. And like, I feel like I'm much further along in my healing process. Like I feel like there's always ways to improve. And I feel like I'm almost 100% in my healing process. Yeah. So I was like, Alright, I know the process so I can understand what he's like. And then as time went on, I'm seeing all these red flags. And I'm just giving excuses like giving him the benefit of doubt. I'm just

Unknown Speaker 29:03
like, what type of red flags like

Unknown Speaker 29:08
things that he would hide with his phone? He would act weird with his phone. Like if he showed me a photo on his phone, like he would show me like flash it real quick and then like turn away and wouldn't really let me

Unknown Speaker 29:20
look. Yeah. Quick questions. Side question. And I want to ask Zol to just collectively, I my my partner knows my password. And if it wasn't for people stealing shit, I would just be like, no password. I don't give a fuck, you know, because I know. I'm not doing anything shady. And it feels good. Right. Is that normal? Diesel Zadar? Oh, yeah. Okay, okay. And your password. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 29:45
okay. Okay, everyone, if it's a committed relationship, okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:49
Moving on. So yeah. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:53
Because at the end of the day, like, if it's two committed people together, that means what They're in marriage or whatever, like forever together. And that means you guys are gonna merge everything. Yeah. So, like, whether you have the title of marriage or not, you're gonna be being together as if it was

Unknown Speaker 30:13
marriage. Okay, so Red flag number one, he was very shady with his phone. I think we can all agree that is, yeah, if you ain't got nothing to hide why you hide in it, you know?

Unknown Speaker 30:22
Exactly. And then it was like, We were together for eight and a half months. And he never all that whole time never gave me a key to his place, even though I was like, added displays all the time. Like, yeah, sorry, I would have to go wait on Him, or I'd have to just stay there. And not only that, when you get locked out type of

Unknown Speaker 30:42
thing. He didn't feel comfortable. You being in his house with him without him there.

Unknown Speaker 30:47
Exactly. It was like, it was like, fighting. And then also on top of that, like, Dude, I have such a sixth sense, stuff like that. And it's every single time we go against my own intuition is when it comes in by team. And the thing is, like, I gave all these excuses, because I was looking at the good parts of, of course, like, all right, maybe he's just acting weird, because he doesn't feel comfortable right now. But you'll probably tell me later, probably at some point later, and he'll give some explanation that like, has some logic to it. But then there's other things where it's like, maybe I have to wait and see. Okay, press the issue, because you so traumatized from before, I don't want to trigger anything. So that was always the excuse, in my mind, to not press an issue I would normally press when it's that big of a red flag. Okay, so I'm just like, Okay, I don't want to press any issue, because it's going to trigger something and cause some argument. But that's already a big problem as it is. You guys can't talk about arguments. Yeah, then. Yep. Then yeah, then how's it going to continue to be a real thing. So he told me, when we met that he used to do massage, and get massage clients. He works such a busy job, 16 hours, and he makes good money. There's no reason why he needs to do massage, or the time to do massage and have massage clients still, he told me use then all of them three and a half months into our relationship after we had several arguments, like a few arguments. He suddenly was like, oh, yeah, you can't come over today, until bla bla bla this time, because I'm gonna have a client. I'm like, okay, cool. So I'm like, When can I come over and use? He told me like, whatever time, so I ended up. He was like, yeah, don't leave. Like, I'll let you know when to leave my place. I live over an hour. Okay, I'm just like, I'm not gonna wait around till last minute. So I'm just gonna drive into town because I got stuff to do in LA anyways. Okay, I went to town and be nearby. So when it's time I just drive over there. All right. So I do that. And I ended up being done early. So I just ended up parking outside of his apartment. And then I texted him, I'm like, hey, I'll be there in about 10 minutes. I learned No, I wasn't be there. 10 minutes. And I ended up arriving at like, like, seven minutes. So I was like, three minutes early. But he's supposed to do an hour massage. By this time. It was only only like 24 minutes past. So he was like, oh, yeah, because massage clients running late and blahdy blah. So 24 minutes had passed since he gave this massage. And then all of a sudden, he comes out to greet me at my car. He never greets me. Okay, and then it's like, it's like, he doesn't want me to see who's coming in. And I was like, okay, that's weird. I'm like this. Like, the minimum is 30 minutes. But you have this client for an hour to 24 minutes and you're already fully done. Everything cleaned up. No oils on your hand. And you're coming out with your dog to greet me at my car.

Unknown Speaker 34:10
That's very weird. All red flags. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 34:13
Live so you know, when I first met a slide that needed it again. Second time? Yeah. Again, on my car. That's why I knew

Unknown Speaker 34:20
I'm like someone's he's hiding something. Yeah, of course. Okay. Bringing girls

Unknown Speaker 34:25
over whatever to mess with them there. And, you know, because that was how we hooked up the first time okay. Yeah, this is, yeah, yeah, I'm fucking stupid. Like, I read people and every single person I've ever been with, whether it's been, like together seriously or not, I always fucking found out when they were cheating or trying to

Unknown Speaker 34:48
cheat. Okay, so this sounds like the very early stages where you're suspicious of cheating. What happened after this?

Unknown Speaker 34:57
Well, you know, I wasn't I wasn't suspicious of cheating, cheating, per se at the time, I was like, the way that he acted with me. Didn't he was so good at seeming so loyal and committed. And that's what, that's what kept me there too, because it's hard to find someone loyal and loyalty is probably number one on my list of morals, that base foundations that I put out, when I meet someone force, loyalty is so high up there in my morals that it's like, if he's loyal to me, then you know, everything else. I will, like, Let's lie and give it time now make exceptions to something is loyal. I was thinking at the time, there wasn't girl massage people. I was thinking that he was worried that I would think he is fine. Because I have a feeling. I don't know for sure. But I feel like he might be by or he is but his closet by I don't

Unknown Speaker 36:09
because these clients were males, right? That's what he says. Okay, and what's another reason that you thought he might be by?

Unknown Speaker 36:17
Also because I've been modeling for a long time. I didn't want me since I was 21. And like, I know the modeling, and how people are he does male nude models.

Unknown Speaker 36:30
Okay. When did you find this out?

Unknown Speaker 36:33
He told me this since the beginning. That's cool. Like, I didn't think to me it was a little strange for me. I've never been with anyone that does. male nude modeling, like risky. Yeah, but not for new. Yeah. And so he's like, explaining it and stuff like that. And he's just seemed so like comfortable with it. And the dudes from LA. So I'm just like, I don't know, my No offense, la people. I'm from the East Coast. And, like coming out here, I just felt like everyone's more open our sexuality. Yeah, well, their sexuality, so I'm just like, okay, maybe because he's la guy like born and raised. Yeah. Just more open than me to be nude. In front of a camera in front of another dude.

Unknown Speaker 37:20
Yeah, yeah. No, no, sorry. Go ahead data.

Unknown Speaker 37:25
I know damn. Well, that like he tells me it's a guy that's shooting the photos and stuff like that. So I know damn. Well know straight guy is gonna shoot a photo. Another another dude, let's dig out.

Unknown Speaker 37:39
I'm trying to play devil's advocate. I mean, like, I know, statistically, there's got to be one straight guy, photographer shooting dicks. And then he goes home and he likes vagina. But it's probably really rare. Right?

Unknown Speaker 37:52
Very rare. The company that hired him told him to do it. It's not because he's doing it was on freewill out of enjoyment of his art. It's not okay. Okay. So I knew the guy was getting Yeah. And then the, my ex told me, I even straight up asked him, I was like, Oh, is he gay? And he was like, oh, no, he's married. Okay, he straight up said Oh, no, he's married. Misleading me thinking. He's married to a girl. I looked at I looked up the because, you know, toddlers, they put their nail files and yeah, their signature on the photo. Yeah. watermark it. I look it up. First thing on the bio. I am gay. Like, like wearing obviously. Yeah. Okay, okay. I don't care. I don't Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 38:42
he's lying for no reason. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 38:45
Like, why even lie about Okay. And then then I'm thinking about it. I'm like, trying to think think from his point of view. And he said it to me before he was like, Yeah, my ex is thought I was gay, but I'm just metro or whatever. So I'm like, so this is a thing that more than one person has thought about. So maybe he's hiding it because he's worried that I would judge him for being gay or bi or No,

Unknown Speaker 39:09
I gotta ask data. What if things had gone differently? And he said, Yeah, I'm bi. How would you have felt about that?

Unknown Speaker 39:19
I would be okay with a surprisingly okay. Because, um, you know, like, coming from a very MMA world. You know, it's very like

Unknown Speaker 39:34
homophobic toxic masculinity. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:39
like being around that and being Virginia. Yeah. That type of stuff. Usually you haven't

Unknown Speaker 39:47
you haven't been around a lot of gays is what you're saying, right?

Unknown Speaker 39:50
I've been around them, but I never I would never consider dating someone by Yeah. Like the thought of my dude selling Another dude's dick, kiss my mouth. Like,

Unknown Speaker 40:03
doesn't do it for you.

Unknown Speaker 40:06
Like, manly man, like, I'm already manly as is Yeah. Like, I don't want a guy that is girly or

Unknown Speaker 40:14
that you prefer your partner to be heterosexual. But if he was held the information, yeah, especially with this guy, because I know you truly cared for him. So if he would have been honest and told you this, you know if that was the case,

Unknown Speaker 40:30
I even told him, like, I actually sat and thought about this. And I was just like, if this dude is by, like, am I going to be okay with that? Thought about everything? And like, do I really care at all this person? Like, I love this person. And I was like, You know what, that's all that should matter. I don't care about his sexuality. As long as he's loyal to me, I don't care if it's a girl or guy he is interested in, then that's all that matters. Just treat me properly. Okay, like you would for a regular course. Any relationship

Unknown Speaker 41:03
so so what was the breaking point for you guys? What what was, you know, because I know a lot of this toxicity and the hidden like the secrets and just you know, there was it was back and forth. For you guys, what was the final breaking point,

Unknown Speaker 41:17
it was just a lot of arguments over nothing. And it's almost as if he would start these arguments or like, I would say something that's not even meant to be taken as negative. And he would twist it into something negative, you get an argument with me about an every single time we get an argument, he would bring up breaking up, it was like every time break up, break up, break up. And then eventually, I was so sick and tired of it. Like I was literally out shooting my first feature movie. And I'm just like, all the way in Albuquerque got this big roll my first role ever. And then he's like, stressing me the fuck out. And it got to a point where I'm just like, dude, like, every single time we're in so many arguments, these important moments like in my career, it's affecting my career. Yeah, it's affecting me for my you like you have to mentally be there for acting. And when you're here like upset and whatever else, you're not going to mentally either power. And on top of that, for me wrestling, wrestling. If I'm mentally not there, I forget a move. That's how you get injured. Career. Yeah, so there's so many times I had to deal with that shit. And then finally, I was like, you know, I, I was fed up, and he wanted to bring up breaking up every single turn. And then I was like, Alright, if that's what you want, then that's what it is. Because I'm sick and tired of like, trying to tell you like, I told him over and over, like, don't bring up breaking up. Yeah. Because you won't truly mean it. But like, anything you can work out, like, get like, it was like he was so easy to just give up and stuff. So finally after that, I was just like, all right, and then suddenly, he just made a huge change. And then he became like, what seemed perfect. And it seems so perfect. That sound that I was like, something's up like, is this gonna last? And after, like, a couple months, goes back to his old ways. And then I realized, like, you know, we end up arguing over and over over little things again, and again. So finally, the final straw breaks up over something dumb. And it's like, every single time it's over something dumb, for no reason. And every single time that he breaks up, he wants like, all this time apart.

Unknown Speaker 43:33
Yeah, that's something I was gonna bring up. But I wanted to wait for you, you know, you and I are close. So I know that, you know, you prefer to spend a lot of time with your partner, you know. And that's not how everybody works. Sometimes people want more space. And it felt to me as a friend on the sidelines that even in the beginning, you know, you liked to really spend a lot of time because you didn't have that much free time, right? So the free time that you had. And I understand this, it's like, okay, like, let's, let's get it in with our guy, you know, let's spend some time and it felt like he was constantly needing space. And to me that was that was a red flag only because it wasn't like you were readily available for him all the time. It was like you had select timeframes. But if it didn't fit with his schedule, or he needed more space to do whatever, like that was a big red flag to me. But I do know that not everyone's you know, the same when it comes to how much time you want to spend together.

Unknown Speaker 44:32
No, I think it's nor, like I felt like that was not normal. Now in the space that's needed. I think in most relationships, that most of the time for the try to spend time with each other. But it's like, maybe every once in a while they have their own day of the girls night or guys night or whatever, you know, like, that's normal, but when it's so much time, that's when it becomes a problem.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
Yeah, and what And then, you know, like, let's just talk about a girl like, Red flag number three, in my opinion, when I found out that you were the one that was basically always wanting sex and you know, you had the higher sex drive, to say the least, I feel like that was a red flag as well. But you know, we've talked about it on the last podcast, how female athletes and I talk about it all the time. It's like, because of our high testosterone because of whatever reason, yeah, we have high sex drives. So finding a partner who can keep up with this sexually is very, very important. And for you, you don't have that much time. So it's like, kinda like, you need a guy who's ready to go on a moment's notice. And if that was not what you had, I felt like you had someone who was like, you know, I felt like his sex drive from what you told me was like that of like a 50 year old dude.

Unknown Speaker 45:56
Well, that's because I found out his ass was cheating. So.

Unknown Speaker 46:00
Okay, so that makes more sense. Now I'll make sense. All right. All right. So what was the one? Did you find out for sure that he was cheating? And how did that go down?

Unknown Speaker 46:11
Well, I found out when he was lying straight to my face, saying that he wasn't about other people and whatever, because we're talking about China get back together for a little bit. And then, like, I'm very logical, everything I do it. It's on logic, because only logic keeps

Unknown Speaker 46:32
you straight. Okay. Remember what you just said about you being very logical when I bring up a story in a minute. Okay, continue.

Unknown Speaker 46:42
Oh, god. Yeah, I try to be very logical about stuff. Okay. So. So, um, when things don't add up, you know, you do process of elimination. When things don't add up with what you're saying and your actions, then that's where the red flag is. Yeah. So I'm realizing like, if you're saying he's like gaslighting me saying like, Oh, yeah, it's your issue. It's your problem saying that I need to go to therapy or whatever, some shit. So, you know, and I was willing to work on stuff because everyone can improve, right? So after that, even though we were going through all this stuff, he still was like, oh, yeah, we need time apart. And I'm like, you know, the only way to fix this is to figure out your arguments now and how to how to fix things during an argument. Yeah. Because eventually, in any relationship, you're going to argue right, of course, but it's about whether or not you handle the arguments properly. Yes. When it happened, yes. And so he just kept saying that it was he needed a time part to think and like a lot of time, so I'm like, okay, so it's valid the people he's like, Oh, no, it's not valid and people. And like, my I think Dom I know as well that people knew for sure. When I ended up finding out. I saw him on a dating app. And then I was like, okay, yesterday,

Unknown Speaker 48:14
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Unknown Speaker 49:17
I was searching for him because I knew I had an eye. Yeah. Okay. Like, man, I have really good intuition. So I just felt it went on there immediately, like

Unknown Speaker 49:27
match on with him matched with him.

Unknown Speaker 49:29
No, I saw I saw him okay. I saw his profile. Got it. So I wouldn't even ask them like to see if he would lie to my face, like weavin. It got to a point where we even technically got back. I mean, we got back together. Then he lied to my face said he wasn't talking to the other people and stuff. So that's what I knew. And when I knew that he was cheating and there was just so many other things that led up for sure. So there's people that I know that he talked to Um, so because of that, it's like, you think I'm not gonna find out? I'm gonna find out one way or

Unknown Speaker 50:04
someone from that dating app, a female basically confirmed that he was talking to her on the on the dating app. Yeah. So, I mean, that hurts. You know what I mean? For sure, like you had feelings for him. But at least there's some closure, at least now, you know, looking back like, Alright, those were a lot of red flags. Note to self, never ignore your intuition, like you said, so you know that moving forward, at least we can kind of consider this a lesson learned. But I gotta bring up this story, because I love you so much. And at one point, like, you were really trying hard to make this work, right, like this guy had put you through an emotional roller coaster and made you feel a little crazy, like, you know, you were overthinking and then come to find out that he was actually cheating. But at one point, I remember, you know, you guys kind of breaking up back and forth, which happens, right? It's like, you always draw it out longer than it actually needs to be for some fucking reason. Like, we need to normalize, letting go of relationships, when they don't bring anything to the table anymore. To too much. Do we fucking keep people, friends, relationships, coaches, teammates, anyone in our lives because of history? Right? Like, why are you friends with that person? I've been friends with him since I was little. Why are you dating that person? Well, we've been for 10 years. No, it's because this person makes me feel like this, this and this, you know, good things adds value. And I feel like you guys kind of were going back and forth. And at one point I got I gotta tell this story, because I love you, you came over to my house, and you were kind of like, in a huff. And you're like, Alright, I have a, I have a plan. And because you guys were kind of I think at one point, you had, like, blocked him and he blocked you. So maybe you're trying to get his attention. But tell me the story about when you came over to my house, and basically had an idea about how to get his attention, because I think he said he wanted some space from you or something like that. Like, obviously, the disclaimer here, guys, this was just an idea that zeta had, you know, and never came to fruition. So hit it zeta, let me because you talked about being very rational. And I'm like, wait,

Unknown Speaker 52:16
let me tell you, though, rational reasoning behind it. So because there were so many arguments, and one of those people that would get so hot headed, they just shuts down. Yeah, and won't talk and just leave that. Yeah. So nothing can ever be done and go days and days and days. So he said, for him to not get to that point. We like, kind of jokingly, but kind of seriously, so like, maybe next time we are you just like have sex.

Unknown Speaker 52:52
Yeah. And that's not crazy. Me and my boyfriend have said, hey, the next time we get into like a stupid argument where we know it's like, because that's all they ever are, like, for my partner and I it's like, two egos or stubbornness, not wanting to back down and literally at the root of it. It's like, you were mean to me. It's like nothing really. But we said, hey, how about the next time we were like fighting and we just don't want to fight. I'll just flash my boobies. You know, and then you will be to fight anymore. And I did do that one time and it worked. So that's not so crazy. Okay, you guys just Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:27
So he said that, okay, next time, we're gonna argument and just suck my dick or something. I was like, okay. Oh, so like, I know, his level of anger. And then at some point, it gets to a point where it's just like, too far in line. It's like, way too far gone. So at that point, it was so bad that I'm just like, there's no way that there's any way of so my last ditch effort is I had the idea that I was gonna go and have a talk with him. Show it was place. And then as I'm talking to one of my big Jack friends will come in, wrestle him down, handcuff him, and then suck and dig until he comes and then he would not be mad at you. And if he is, then at least you'll always remember me that.

Unknown Speaker 54:34
Okay, so the plan in a nutshell was to get your end, let's say who you are going to hire you were like, I'm going to hire my wrestling friend, bulletproof Blake troupe of MMA fighter as well. Who is just if you see this guy like this is not the guy you want to surprise like Kool Aid man come in and like grab you They handcuff you zip tie you and then like pull down your pants and let zeta suck your dick. Like that's a scary situation, you know, like Boehner, like, I don't even feel like you would be able to get a boner. And I think I told you all Mike zeta Blake troupe is not going to, you know,

Unknown Speaker 55:17
I mean, Blake's not gonna be there.

Unknown Speaker 55:21
Okay, so he would come in here and

Unknown Speaker 55:23
cause like I would Hancock, yeah. And then he would just be like, hey, this girl cares a lot about you. And then he would leave, you know, give a little speech that he leaves like a nice troop, even though it looks scary as fuck yeah. And then I will go to town, and I will go to town until it finally go. And then it should all be good, right? And if not, you know, no one's ever done that shit. And I will go down in history for being that girl.

Unknown Speaker 55:54
I don't think that'll I really don't think anyone has ever done that anyone has. And disclaimer, I do not advise this because we decided, no, no, we decided that it was not a good idea. Right? Because, you know, that's not how you handle things. So

Unknown Speaker 56:13
unless they consent to it, technically did tell me do that.

Unknown Speaker 56:20
We're walking a very thin line here

Unknown Speaker 56:24
at the time, but then after a while, then we started thinking about other stuff. Like, what if a neighbor calls? What if, you know, he runs and gets a gun, and someone gets shot? So we're like, yeah, maybe we should be smarter about it. But that was my logic at the time.

Unknown Speaker 56:39
So I mean, I understand all of this. Because, you know, you had explained everything as it was happening in real life, you know, and, you know, now everything's said and done, you seem to be in a very good place. You know, unfortunately, you know, you, you took that one, you took that one hard, you know, and I honestly never seen you that sad, during our short friendship, you know, in the last couple years, and it was hard as a friend to see you go through that. But, you know, now looking back, I feel like, I'm so happy you did that, because that was a huge step for you before you only had those early, very young zeta relationships, then you took this huge gap. And it felt like you're almost afraid to commit to do this, because of the exact shit that happened, right. But I think I've told you in the past, and I tell everybody is like, you know, love is just the best and the worst fucking thing because it can make you feel like you're on drugs, and it can, you know, make you feel like, you know, dying, basically. And I'm just, I feel like, now that everything's said and done, you're like, back to happy ZEDA you're killing it, you're back on your grind, you know? And so, what, like moving forward, you know, like, obviously, you learned some lessons, what are some lessons you took away from that relationship that you want to kind of, you know, using the rest of your dating career?

Unknown Speaker 58:03
Um, definitely trust your intuition. I've, like I said, every single time I go against him make excuses for someone. Like, that's when it comes and bites me. Yeah, there's a reason why I feel the way that I feel that some things and I mean, it's never done me wrong. I've, I have a lot of friends that come to me for relationship advice. And every single time they tell me stuff, I tell them, like, yeah, this person's cheating with this person, I bet you this will happen at this time on at this place. And I've always to the t always the T. So it's like when I've been able to predict this for over 50 people throughout my life. Like that's just say something at this point. Because I'm a very I, I'm sure it comes from, you know, growing up with social anxiety. I always had to read people. I had to read people to see how they felt what it was. And so over time, I've just become really good at reading people.

Unknown Speaker 59:05
And do you still have social anxieties data?

Unknown Speaker 59:09
Um, I? I do I don't think it's one of those things that's ever going to go away. It's just one of those things that you cope with. Like when people meet me they don't think I have social anxiety but I do.

Unknown Speaker 59:22
Hell Noseda. You are like the life of the fucking party. You're like a ray of sunshine. When I met you. I was like, I need more zeta in my life. Because she's just a good time and that's why it was so weird to see you sad. I was like, oh shit, she can get sad. This is crazy. Wait

Unknown Speaker 59:45
no, no, you know, I was it was good. It was good to see you in all your different stages, you know, because that's what real friendship is. You know, Friends don't turn their fucking back on you. Because you're having a hard time because you're not your usual bright, sunny self. You know, a real fucking friend will be there for you no matter what, and your hard times and your bad. So I love you girl. But moving forward, what kind of fucking guy is it going to take to be able to handle Zetas Zang? Because yeah, your schedule is crazy. You know, that's kind of like, what the, the downside of being, you know, very, very successful and popular and in wrestling on a high high platform, right? A high level. So, you know, okay, this guy he had, he was like, a fucking cattle what, what, uh, what was he? What do you do? Again? Like? Yeah, so he had like, acting type shift, right? Where he would work late at night, sometimes like, and I felt like,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
a lot like 16 hours because it was based off of production. So

Unknown Speaker 1:00:47
So what kind of like lifestyle? What kind of partner like, you know, like, is it going to is going to be compatible for someone like you.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
Someone that can fit my schedule is very important.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
Who is that? Who is that? You know what I mean? Because it is so crazy and sporadic. I barely see you when you're like, on your grind. You know, like, I'm just like, How does someone? How do you find someone that is compatible with your, with your schedule?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:14
It has to be someone that like, fits my schedule, and has shit going on where they are, like working smarter, not harder. You know? Like, obviously, if it's someone that's like a frickin bomb that I schedule all the time, but I can't go for that either. Like they have to have this ship to get shit together. Yeah. And then at the same time, because they work smarter, they're able to have free time to do stuff. You know, like, I'm busy because of the shows and stuff like that. And other things that have to do. But it's not like I can't block timeout. Yeah, but my schedule requires someone who is flexible with their schedule. Like I can't be with someone that's like a nine to five or, like, you know, before it was like, nine to six. Yeah, no, yeah, that long of a schedule, because then we'd never see each other. And it needs to be someone that is not in my industry, but understands my history, for sure. Because very important, because the things that I found, I ran to in the past was, we had nothing in common. And so when we do split spend time together, it's not. It's, it's not productive. Yeah, yeah. And it's like, I'm one of those people that's always trying to be productive in some way or another, of course, like, Yeah, you can't all you like, when you're having fun, you're having fun, you can't always be like productive. But there's smarter ways to go about it. If you have stuff in common with someone, and you're doing something because it's fun together. And it just so happens to help you for what you need to do for your career. And that is definitely a plus. And it needs to be someone that like because they understand your career and they don't get jealous because that's a big issue. Yes, we like regular people. No offense, regular people. You guys are awesome. But what I mean by like regular jobs is they don't they don't understand. Having a fan base. Yeah, they don't understand when fans are just fans, like I will never see a fan as anything more than that. Like I don't even date in my industry. Yeah, like even people that work with I wouldn't never cross that line. Yeah. So if I'm dating someone who's, who doesn't understand that life, or they are very insecure, they end up getting jealous because I mean, I, I work around big Jack, looking all the time. We have naked all the time. So it's like, it's really hard to find someone that's neat. Okay with that.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
Yeah, you gotta be really comfortable with their own look. Yeah, just who they are. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:07
Yeah. Like they have to have enough confidence in themselves to date otherwise.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
So since you don't date in the scene, and you are well known, a lot of females who are on the podcast, say, online dating is out of the question, because as soon as someone sees your picture, it's like that saying, that's Julia Ho, you know, she's famous wrestler. So, do you do online dating? I know, you know, you're on there looking for your eggs and stuff, you know, but

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37
I, so I've tried it. And I've had fans hit me up and they were just like, Hey, someone create a fake profile of you. And I was like, oh shit. Thanks. Thanks for letting me know. Yeah. It's so embarrassing. Time like I don't have the time. And when every day I'm around wrestlers and whatever people in my industry, I have no selection. I'm not going to date those people. It's like, so eventually, I was like, bucket. I'm gonna stay on here and see what's up. But I'm not going to tell anyone what I do. Yeah, so I put my name on there. Different obviously puts data on Yeah. And I put no wrestling photos like nothing to even seem close to it. Like nothing close to it. I and I also, like when people ask me about my work, I, I won't lie about it. But I won't say it directly. I have a way to like, filter and see like, who is too much in the industry and who isn't? Yeah. So when someone asked me what I do, I'm like sports entertainment. Yeah. And that's a very specific term, like people they know, pro wrestling as pro wrestling. Sports Entertainment. It's like one of those terms that people within the industry or someone who really are, is a fan would know what that is. Yeah. So if I tell someone, hey, I'm in sports entertainment. Usually, the casual fan would be like, Oh, so you, you're like a sports manager or something? I'm like, Yeah, I'm like that. Oh. Yeah, I'm in sports and entertainment. You know, but if they're like, if they know what it is, then I'm like, Oh, shit. Okay. Close, too close to home. Yeah. So that's how I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38
Okay, so you filter them out, changing the profile a little bit. And I'm sure once you start talking to someone, you can tell right away if they're a fanboy, or, you know, someone that's going to be a little bit weird because of what you do. So okay, that makes sense. Now, I want to talk specifically about sex drive. Because, you know, we talked a little bit about being a female athlete and all that. But we also kind of, you and I are the same. We've talked about how sometimes when you're in a dry spell, right, like you're just focused on work, and you're not dating anybody, you kind of like forget how great sexes right and you just like you're in the zone. And then you get a little taste, right? You hook up with someone? And you're like, Whoa, what have I been missing out on? And then you're just like, hungry for it. Right? And your sex drive is like, it's up there again, you know, and it's like, it's such a weird, I feel like I get that way with food. Like with fighting, I have to dye it very hard. And I'll just like the first couple weeks, I'm like, Oh, fucking pizza. And then, you know, after a month of like, really hard dieting, like I get into that. So I forget, like, how good naughty food is. Right. And so I feel like it's almost a comparison with sex. Yeah. So my question to you is, like, how do you deal with that, right? Like, the sex drive being so high when you are in a relationship, right? It's almost as if you're the guy sometimes in the relationship, and, you know, let's just talk briefly about that. Because I know that's that's not the case with most women and men, it's usually the guy always has a boner, and the girls like, Put that thing away. And you know, then she won't when she wants, you know, not not the other way around. So like, yeah, like, what's your experience been like? And like, how do you? You know, pick someone who you know, is gonna have a higher sex drive? Do you date a porn star? Like what? Or maybe they're burnt out by the time they get home? Like who? Who's going to be able to match your sex drive? Basically?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:41
No, one

Unknown Speaker 1:08:46
dramatic pause. No one. No. Okay, all right. Well, we can just hope for the best I mean, do you

Unknown Speaker 1:08:56
if I can if I can, like have it my way I probably wouldn't get shit done.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:04
What is good question? What is the perfect amount of sex in your opinion, like every day, every other day, two times a day five times a day like what is your ideal but with still be able to live life not be a weird sex hermit, you know, like, functional member of society?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
Probably two times a day every day. Okay. I would say like, every weekend, like, have one day where it's just like all

Unknown Speaker 1:09:37
sex marathon okay, I'm down with that. Yeah, Sunday's are for sex and sex only 67 days. Oh, all right. Yeah. Um, now with that? Like, honestly, I don't think that's asking for a lot. Your future partner may have stuff to do but block Have your Sunday. Okay, all right, I

Unknown Speaker 1:10:04
don't do cardio, that's my cardio.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:08
So you've never been able to find someone who could keep up with you in the bedroom basically, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:15
I don't know, if they exist, I'm almost like here thinking like, maybe I need to just start making exceptions for stuff I don't know, like, meaning like not having says as much. I've talked to so many people, and they're like, that's, that is a lot. It's a

Unknown Speaker 1:10:41
lot. For I feel like an older person, someone who just you know, doesn't really have a higher sex drive, maybe someone who's not as confident with their body, you know, maybe someone who's very busy, like, it takes a lot of factors to be able to have sex, because I love sex, you know, more, you know, just as much as the next person. But I realized that, you know, my body image issues, being tired from getting up so early, you know, like, and then I also, you know, like, we all have things that turn us off, right? So did we fight with our partner earlier that day, and now our partner wants to have sex and we're just like, you know, like, are you holding on? Like? Yeah, you can compartmentalize very well. I think I said this last time, like very dude, like, right? We're like, females. I'm like, I have feelings. And so I don't care about your boner. And you're like, I'm gonna put my feelings in a box, take care of your boner, and then come back to my feelings. Which is, you know, I mean, we all have our struggles. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:52
I've been on both, like, yes. Like, I've never not been turned down. It's offered. Like, but I'm also very mental like, a female. Yeah. Where I have to be into the person. Yeah, want assets? And the more I become more into the person, the more I want. Okay, so it's just gonna get worse. But

Unknown Speaker 1:12:18
of course, of course, the more you love someone, the more you crave and desire that person.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:23
Yeah, so then they're just gonna they're just gonna get right.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:31
You can't rape the willing this would this person would most likely be willing. All right, well, data do you have any kind of sex story that you can share with us? Like one of your like, wildest places you've ever had sex? Or a favorite quickie story? Or? Yeah, just some maybe even something that you would like to cross off your sexual bucket list.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:55
24 hours. You want to

Unknown Speaker 1:12:58
have a 24 hour sex marathon? Wow. Just because

Unknown Speaker 1:13:03
like the thing is, like, you know, as a fighter, your mind is so much stronger than your body. Yeah. Oh, yeah. And I feel like would be like training for a fight. Going,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:25
you just want to test yourself and see,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:27
see how far I could push myself? Because, you know, I've gone

Unknown Speaker 1:13:34
well, I feel like no offense to you. I mean, obviously, we have our own job in the situation, but I feel like it would be more of a feat for the man who would have to, you know, like, does it does he have to keep coming? Or does he like not come for 24 hours? Or like, like, what are the rules here? Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:53
hours, whatever it takes, I guess. Well, I think we're just keep going. I don't know. But like,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
okay, okay, sexual bucket list. That's awesome. I feel like I want to keep asking it

Unknown Speaker 1:14:04
probably. I don't even know if it's possible because I looked it up see on the world's Guinness record, if it's possible. And I own the only thing I found was this girl went 24 hours but it was multiple do

Unknown Speaker 1:14:16
Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:19
Because girls can handle it longer. Like guys, they like busting their like arm. Yeah. Whereas girls, they can just keep going and going and going for sure. You're not shaved up down there. Yeah, that's obviously pretty damn strong. So you know, babies out of this shit. So I'm gonna fade me

Unknown Speaker 1:14:40
What is something that you know, remember when you said Yeah, la like when you came from Virginia originally, you noticed that these la people mainly, you know, just like SoCal and California in general, are real open with their sexuality. What is something that you used to like not be open with that, you know, you're super I used about yourself today like maybe if younger zeta would meet zeta today, she'd be like, Whoa, I never thought I would be that open about my sexuality or into XYZ, sexually, whatever it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:13
Um, well, definitely accepting someone by Oh, yeah. As as a relationship partner. That's, that's gross. That's gross. I think that's a big step for me, because I'm not looking at their sexuality. I'm looking at how they treat me and how I feel with them. It's like, as long as they're loyal. That's all that matters. Yeah. So that is something, you know, a big stepping stone for me. And then the other thing is duodenal.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:45
All right. Yeah, that's true. For sure. Yeah, man, I say it again.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:51
I got my butt now. Yeah, you know, and

Unknown Speaker 1:15:53
you get more comfortable with that, especially if you have a partner, right? Because I just feel like, you care. I mean, you can but like, anal on a one night stand is probably way more uncomfortable, or like the first time you know, like, seems like that is something that you do with someone you're in a committed relationship with. Because I feel like it really has to do with with the pleasure has to do with how well the guy does his task, right. So, you know, like, if someone cares about you, they're gonna be gentle. They're gonna take their time they're gonna ask how you feel, you know? And if it's just some drunk hookup, that's probably an unpleasant night. Oh, god. Okay. Zeta I feel like this is the perfect time for the lightning sex round. What do you say

Unknown Speaker 1:16:56
okay, okay, here we go. So the lightning sex round is a rapidfire. Yes or no segment that I've created for some people not zeta who are uncomfortable talking about sex, but we are not so zeta. If you want to elaborate on any any of these little questions, feel free otherwise, just yes or no? Okay. All right. So here we go. Lightning sex round zeta Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Do you spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:28
Like to be spanked, biting? Definitely I love by the whole Bible baseball Blitz,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:35
like break the skin biting or just nibbles. Nibble, okay. All right, because every time someone's like, oh, biting, I'm like, oh, this person could like blood play, which I've only had one guest into that, but that's a thing that's

Unknown Speaker 1:17:50
tested first. You should

Unknown Speaker 1:17:52
write you should. Choking? Yes. Okay. All right. And threesomes.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:02
If I'm if I'm single, or not, like, into someone emotionally, then yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:12
yeah. Yeah. Harder to be in a threesome with someone that you have legitimate love for. Right?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:20
Yeah, I can't do that. I'm very monogamous type of relationship type of person.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:26
Do you think that you would ever be able to be able to watch your partner have sex with another person

Unknown Speaker 1:18:35
and get beat up? No. Okay. Okay. Very, very monogamous.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:44
Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:45
person then? Sure. Okay. Oh, yes, definitely.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:48
Okay. Do you like bondage like ropes, blindfold handcuffs.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:54
I have to trust the person. There's something about like, being I mean, there's something about being tied up and restrained. That kind of makes me feel unsafe. Of course. Yeah. Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:11
it's definitely one of those things. Like I said, I know that you should do with someone that you truly trust, love and care about so that you don't have that fear, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:21
Yeah, I think it's one of those things. Like if I'm gonna trust this person, then sure I'll know I'll be tied up and no one's gonna come and kidnap me and kill me and send me somewhere in Mexico.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:31
For sure. Any fetishes like foot fetish? Oh. Oh, you just killed your foot fetish band.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:41
No, you gotta have a fetish. I don't have I actually don't have foot phobia. So you have

Unknown Speaker 1:19:46
foot phobia. What was that

Unknown Speaker 1:19:48
beat? I hate it so much. Like you know if you like beat cool like, that doesn't bother me bothers me is someone else's feet on me.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:59
Yeah, I don't want there to be me and Zoeller right there with you my boyfriend will put his feet on me like intentionally in bed. He'll just be like said it. And I'll just be like, like, freak out.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:10
I don't know what it's from but I think it might stem from that TV show Ren and Stimpy Oh, I hated that when I was such a dirty. They always had a close up of toes and toe jam.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:22
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:27
I think that's why I hate feet. I hate the so much. Someone likes my feet. I mean, but I don't like feet. I have a foot phobia. Thank you read and Stimpy for every person, you know, you have the right to love your feet and I have the right to hate my.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:43
Okay. What about bondage? Oh, sorry. What about role playing?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:49
Yeah, I can be down for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:51
Have you ever

Unknown Speaker 1:20:54
have I ever? I mean, I wouldn't say like, deep deep into it. Like not, like a full on character. Some stuff I play like dressed up. I'd be like Chun Li or something.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:07
I did. I did. Selma from Scooby Doo. Oh, yeah. I just Yeah. No, I just dressed up. I wasn't like I wasn't like, Let's go solve a mystery. I was just I was just dressed up, but I guess I could have got more into character.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:33
Roleplay I think of like, really getting into the role. Okay. Yeah, I was just dressed up. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:38
I'm like, come come check this clue out with me. It's under my skirt. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:48
we bust out laughing

Unknown Speaker 1:21:51
Okay, but stuff on you or a partner? Oh, we just said yes. All right. Do you use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:59
Ah, II? Not regularly. No, but I'm open to it. I have before.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:06
Dude. I'm super ever since I got a sponsor on this podcast. I'm like, open my world with the sex toys. So fun. So fun. Anybody ever want to get? Yeah, give me a sex toy for Christmas data. Good gift. Ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:27
No, but I Well, kinda. But not by not on purpose. Okay. Like, what? What is going

Unknown Speaker 1:22:38
on? Body hair.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:41
I'm okay with it. As long as it's not like out of control because I don't want to floss my teeth with it.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:47
Yeah, I literally was laying on my guy's chest. And like, I was like, something was like itching my face. And I was like his chest hair and he was like, Alright, it has gotten to the length of trimming. Normally, he keeps it all nice and trim like manscaped but if I'm like getting poked in my eyeball laying on your chest and like yeah, shaving. Okay, ever been caught masturbating or having sex? This last question.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:09
Oh my god. This literally happened. Well, I mean, from the first episode, as you know, I definitely got caught masturbating. I almost got caught masturbating. And I'm not even really sure if she knows or not. This is like literally

Unknown Speaker 1:23:29
two days ago. Real quick, guys. If you have not listened to the first episode, Episode 47 zeta tells a fucking hilarious story about getting caught by her grandma masturbating when she was four years old. And basically being told that Buddha was watching her.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:46
Watching you.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:48
Okay. Two days ago you got caught masturbating by who? My mom How about four years old and it happened at 35 years old. That's hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:04
I oh my gosh, I was literally in the car like about to go get errands done. And I was just like, you know, I had like a wet dream the night before. Wow. Girl girls can have wet dreams. Oh, hell yeah. I have what dreams all the time. I don't think I've ever had a wet dream. I didn't even know nothing comes out. But I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 1:24:26
you wake up like really aroused? Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:29
Dude that I'm seeing now. Like, I feel so bad. If we're sleeping. And like, I start like rubbing all over space. And I'm like, grabbing on a dick involves only sleeping and I don't even remember it. Really? I don't notice it. I'm just like

Unknown Speaker 1:24:53
wait, why were you masturbating in the car?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:56
Because I was horny from my wet dream. And then I was like, I need to rub one out with my car and masturbate it because my parents are home. So I didn't have any privacy. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:09
because your parents are visiting right now from Taiwan. Yeah. And so you had to go in the car god dammit

Unknown Speaker 1:25:15
mom, like in my car like about to drive away to because I had errands to do that day and literally my mom shows up and like, opens the car door I'm like, Oh my God. Yeah, I literally put the thing like to my leg is luckily my legs are really sore. And it's like it's still buzzing Oh, what the fuck?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:42
What did your mom say? Was your mom say?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:44
She was like trying to tell me that she's like, do you want breakfast? And I was like, I gotta go do errands, right? And I'm like, Oh, I'm like, acting like I'm in pain. And like, are you okay? There's your leg still hurt? I'm like, Yeah, I'm still really sore. Hold it. I might have pulled it wrestling.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:05
Using your like vibrator out of the massage gun you're like it's everything's Nothing to see here. Mom doesn't see here.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:13
Do I literally ordered a massage ball? Just so I could use that backup to be like, yeah, it's just my massage ball.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:22
Girl they have sex toys now that are shaped like everything under the sun. You could like have one on your dresser and no one would even know so I'm gonna send you

Unknown Speaker 1:26:31
okay, I have a little rose thing. Oh, and I keep I travel with it. Okay, I went through the airport with him there. Take it out there like hello. Yes my charger. It's my mini speaker.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:46
Zeta it is time for fuck marry kill marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. This game is very fun. I gave you pro wrestlers last time and Dan and Pat Kenny they almost gave you the same exact one but I'm glad that I listened to our first episode. So again, ready for fuck marry kill. So you get to choose who you want to fuck who you want to marry and who you want to kill out of the Undertaker, Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley

Unknown Speaker 1:27:27
okay, I would marry the undertaker okay. I would

Unknown Speaker 1:27:38
is it Mick Foley was his name is like mankind or is Cactus Jack. Okay. Yeah, I don't know shit. But is he the one that a mask on? He's three people. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:51
Oh god you're not gonna bang Hulk Hogan. I mean, yeah. Oh, fuck him. Okay. I don't want to kill Mick Foley though. I feel bad.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:05
I mean, someone's gotta go. Someone's gotta go. Sorry. Sorry, before we Okay, Mary Undertaker. Fuck Hulk Hogan. Kill Mick Foley. Sorry. All right. Okay, good. All right, guys. So for this last segment of the show, something has changed in the last year and a half. Very cool. We've been working towards this and so now we are on the UFC fight pass platform. I'm sure a lot of you guys already know this. But now our fan questions are over there. So please follow us to the UFC fight pass platform. If you sign up right now you get half off for a year zeta where can the people who are not following us follow you on social media? Check out any other acting or singing stuff. Anything else you want to promote? Now's the time to do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:53
Make sure to follow me on Instagram at zeta underscores name z eta underscore z H A and G and then under my bio It has links to everything literally on everything. Tik Tok Patreon YouTube Twitter friggin what else is on there? There's

Unknown Speaker 1:29:08
any your singing or acting stuff?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:11
Um, my acne stuff is on there as well as well as my seeing stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:16
And then do you post like where you're gonna be wrestling ahead of time if we want to like make sure we catch you wrestling somewhere.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:22
Yes, I have that all on my Instagram. And I also posted on my Facebook page from some stupid gamer happened to my face patient I had to restart another one. But if he goes too seriously, and he's there playing stupid games, you could at least play like some cool or

Unknown Speaker 1:29:40
babies. Hey, Zito, someone stole my Facebook account that has half a million followers. I got it back and they put porn Dick's Dick's just oh yeah, porn and people after I got the Facebook back. They were like, You slut. Why did you send me this and I was like rushing cupcake. company. Okay, well yeah, I will take cupcakes and video games over just straight wiener in vagina, you know, and everyone's like, like, I just started doing this like modeling, right? And you guys fucking know like I'm not like fuck full full VAT and all this stuff you know, so it was like people just assumed that I was just spamming porn to them I'm like, wow, this is not me guys. Oh my gosh, yeah, so Anyway, okay, I'm gonna have all of your links in the show notes like always. And then one question I always ask our guests, who would you like to hear next on sex and violence the rebel girl

Unknown Speaker 1:30:38
there's a couple people actually. One of my friends swerve. He's on Aw. And he, like, I've known him for a while just within wrestling and stuff. And he was also in WWE, and then his girlfriend, Jesse, that we're both in WWE together. Like they're good people. They are interesting stories and yeah, both those people be they're both very sexual people. So

Unknown Speaker 1:31:09
are they in the UFC right now? I'm sorry? The WWE? No, they're

Unknown Speaker 1:31:13
not so they're a Altria. Yeah, cuz I'm just like, Suave is an AW, but aw has a pretty lacks contract. So

Unknown Speaker 1:31:22
nice. Okay, thank you for the recommendations are always appreciated. Right, guys, that's it. Episode 114 With zeta Zang, aka Julia Ho. I feel so weird because like, ever since we were friends, ever since we started our friendship. I just called her zeta, zeta zeta. And then like, I think months into being her friend, someone said, Actually, no, no, no, I think it was like when I had her on the show. The first time I was doing my research and I realized her name wasn't zeta. It was actually Julia Ho. So she's like, You can call me whatever you want. So I call her zeta. That's her ring name. But Julia, her real name, call her whatever you want, guys. She is an awesome person. And obviously, you guys could tell that we became very close this last year and a half. Please support her in all her endeavors. And if you guys didn't know, UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at UFC fight. backslash sign up. And next week, I'm super stoked because it's been a fucking minute since we had on an expert. I usually like to mix it up, right? Fighter fighter fighter, Jujitsu fighter fighter porn star fighter fight. That's usually the flow of the show. And I long overdue for a porn star or adult film star and I am way overdue for an an expert. So next week, we have intimacy expert Susan Bratton. And her big thing right now is bringing comatose love lives back from the dead. But you know this is not just for people who are in long term relationships. This is going to be information that's going to be useful to all of you guys girls, guys, you know single in relationship you married it doesn't matter. These are going to be some techniques that if you really are interested in having healthier, long lasting, more real relationships, fucking listen to this episode. You know, it's all fun to hear about Zetas but stuff but if you want to really grow as a human and as a partner, I promise you check out next week's episode. And if some other stuff you want to check out sex and violence or sex violence with rebel merchandise, we've got some new designs coming out very excited about that. And also helped me out with the Ashley rebel exclusive fan site and if you guys could just rate and review this show that helps us out a lot I remind you guys every week you probably already did. So my bad that's it all right guys. I love you. I say it every week and I really mean it. Thank you so much. We have been on an absolute roll this stuff has been it's just so easy now I think we're really finally ready to move to video I just feel like we've perfected the audio version and now it's time to grow but I am scared because you guys will see me you know mess up on camera and all that but I know it'll probably get us a larger listener base as well or viewer base. So Stay tuned for that guys. Special thank you to audio engineer DJ Zol at DJ Zol guys, this guy is touring right now. And not only did he move his schedule around but he also came in early today because he's got a show tonight as well right as well. No no no no. But well no all the same. He has made it work. He's out there doing shows right now check him out. DJ Zola's at DJ Zola on Instagram tomorrow kids studio at tomorrow kids official and we are always at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. I hope you guys enjoyed this show. Zeta is awesome. Remember guys, be kind, be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. I'll talk to you next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and

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