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Ep.116 Juliana "Killer" Miller

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day all night. Tune in sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that AlTi taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence what's happening hot stuff? What's up my naughty naughty listeners? Okay, so it is September 30, which is oh, I don't know if that's like spooky season, right? We're not technically in October, but it's like, Halloween. Scary farms open so it's spooky. Okay, it's spooky. It's good spooky out there. Are you at Knott's scary farm? Yeah. I'm always afraid if I go to like, Knott's scary farm that someone's gonna scare me and I'm going to do like a like natural reaction. So you punch somebody. Wow. Okay. Okay, so I get in trouble. All right. All right. All right, you know, and I would not intentionally punch one of the zombies or whatever. All right, last episode I asked you guys what the fuck is happening for Halloween? I still don't know what my plans are. I got a whole month so no worries. Some updates I want to give you guys are. Oh, actually tonight, I might be headed to Earth tomorrow night. Sorry. Bellator is here in Southern California at the Long Beach. Something. It's in LA sports convention. Thank you so and the card is stacked Aaron pico AJ McKee, like all of our great local guys actually. Pecos not local anymore, but it's a really cool card. There's also the UFC Saturday, which I just saw yesterday that fucking Mark Zuckerberg basically bought out the whole arena, which like, what is this guy doing? He's everywhere. I just went to Hawaii. Oh, that's what he did. Okay, he did it. But he wants to give the tip Oh, so Mark Zuckerberg bought out the entire UFC marina on Saturday, and just to give away the tickets to his friends. That's wild. That's wild. I really hope that but I think he's gonna give it to, it's not gonna give it to just the average. To be honest, I just hope that the seats are filled because I literally, it takes away from the fighters experience of getting that enjoyment of performing for 1000s and 1000s. You know, of people live like that is one of my favorite parts of competing. And, you know, the apex fighting at the apex. I have a video that Mike sent me. And he's filming me as my, my walk out at the apex. And it's eerily creepy. I'm actually going to post it because I'm like, wow, it's crazy. Like, I really took the fans for granted in that regard, you know? And now I'm like, oh shit, like I just hope for sure for sure. So guys, watch the UFC or, obviously can't watch it live unless you're friends with Mark Zuckerberg. Or go if you're in Orange County or LA County come to Bellator army. Yeah. Bellator on Saturday night. We're going to be headed there. October 24. I'm doing a live tattoo session. What does this mean? That means that if you guys want to tune in to Instagram or YouTube, you can see me get the inside of my leg tattooed right next to my hoo ha it's going to not be fun. So I don't know how much I'll be able to talk. But the homie Ryan Jenkins at Seven Tattoo in Las Vegas is coming to do a guest spot at the brand new tattoo shop called stay sacred studios and that's in San Clemente, California, which is really close to where I'm at. So that's going to be cool if you guys want to check my tattoo artist out who is at at Ryan Jenkins tattoo on Instagram. That's all I really got to talk about. You know, this next guest is going to be fun. So let's get to her. If you guys want to help out the show or your girl, I got that exclusive content site. It's Ashley rebel Stay tuned for this next photo shoot. I'm having a I'm doing collaboration a sexy collab with someone so I'm just going to leave that teaser there and then if you want to support the show, buy some merch that is sex violence with rebel

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and the recent winner of Ultimate Fighter 30 Fighting out of San Diego California, a 10th planet purple belt, who's racked up numerous wins in grappling and combat grappling as well. Our returning guest was first on the show August 12 2021. Just a little over a year ago. Listen to Episode 63 To hear the first part well in this episode we talk about different ethnicities for science sake fighting broken made her when skinny dipping around the world dem threats from literally religious community. Keep that in bring on the haters. Killer traffic jam with road head, no silent lovers caught using toilets at tough house and so much more. Here's your guests Giuliana killer Miller

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Okay, we are back for the Sepik second episode with Giuliana killer Miller. She's only our second returning guest. Yeah, yeah. You don't know Noseda. So you are a third returning guest in two years. Some of my favorite people. I'm just having them come back on because in a short period of time, so much can happen. Just like with Juliana, Juliana, thank you for coming on the show. How are you doing?

Unknown Speaker 11:41
Dude, I'm awesome. I'm so excited to be here. And you know, it's always, always a fun conversation. So,

Unknown Speaker 11:48
yeah, actually, this morning, I really listened to Episode 63 or 67 Zol. Oh, I don't know the number. Okay. Oh, 63 Episode 63. Guys. So if you're listening right now, and you're like, Oh, I always wanted to get to know Giuliana. Go back. Press pause right now listen to episode 63. Get the foundation get where she comes from, get some of those awful, toxic shithead boyfriend experiences. So you when we start talking about what she's got going on, now, you can have the full picture. So Giuliana, I'm sorry, I lost contact with you personally, after the show because you've been such a busy woman. You were on the Ultimate Fighter. Congrats, you're fucking lations. Dude, I was like, you had the end of the podcast was like, you're gonna be a champion. You're gonna do this. And then I was listening this morning. I'm like, I called it. I called it. I knew it. She's great. So tell us a little bit about just the house. I kind of just go through the step by step we have so much to get through because you've been a busy woman. But let's do the violence aspect of sex and violence first. So how's it feel to be the tough champion? And what was that experience? Like? I know, it's a loaded question. But

Unknown Speaker 13:02
yeah, it feels like a breath of fresh air to be the ultimate fighter champion. I was very hard on myself about making this a reality just because I wanted it so bad. I've never wanted anything more than to be the ultimate fighter champ. Like I've never craved anything that bad. And so the amount of like focus and hard work I put into it like interviewers would be like, Why do you want to be Ultimate Fighter champion? I would almost start crying because I was like you don't understand I want to win this more as bad as I want to breathe. So finally holding that trophy was just like pure excitement. But I think as Giuliana Pena said in my season, you don't get married to your wins or your losses. So as much as I love this one, I am already hungry, looking for the next one. As far as being in the tough house. Oh my gosh, what? It's such a roller coaster mentally, physically, spiritually. So for those of you that don't know much about Ultimate Fighter, we had eight flyweights and eight heavyweights, men and females. And so 16 of us all in this big ass house. And we're all fighting each other. And you're on opposite teams. And so there's a lot of constant mental fuckery going on. There's no doors and you're immersed and just thrown into a place with no contact to anyone no phone no computer, no music, absolutely zero connection to the outside world. You have your roommate we may maybe fight if you both do well, and your notepad you're not even allowed to bring in books but if you're religious, you could bring in a Bible. Um, so that part was a a blessing and a curse on one. It is my favorite and least favorite part about being in the of house is surrounded by all those people it's going to make or break you. For me it made me because it really, I got to focus on myself and for the first time ever, I didn't have to worry about for jobs or anything like that. So it was hard but it was also the best thing that I've ever done. And I'm so grateful to Dana White shout out to him for still having this possible. And I'm going to make history of our sport this again and become the flyweight UFC World Champion one day and I'm going to make it a full circle because a lot of Ultimate Fighter win. winners have become champs so

Unknown Speaker 15:39
yeah, yeah, yeah, you are on that path for sure. It's exciting to watch you I know that you probably made friends and I don't want to say enemies but there was probably Sure. Friction. Okay. Who are some people that you really got along with? I know Hannah guy who was on the show a while back she spoke really highly of you. And actually, she said the exact same thing she said even though it was a little fucked mentally to be around those people. It was refreshing to not have to hustle and work your ass off like multiple jobs, you could just train and I never thought about it like that because I had to do the same thing. But the idea of being surrounded by all those chicks and then you know let's face it sex and violence with rebel girl so a bunch of dudes also right and I don't think anyone's supposed to fuck do they tell you like no fucking I mean if you're a roommate, can you even masturbate

Unknown Speaker 16:32
hooked up in the house? I was not one of them. But every season I've ever heard of someone has hooked up in the house. I am in no way going to give a disclosure I will tell you it was not me. I wish I could pry five someone and be like I smashed on top house but but it did happen every season. There's one if not more, so that's not in the rules at all. So it can they didn't give

Unknown Speaker 16:59
you like a you know, like Dana White sits everybody backstage like the coaches go away the corner man all that it's just the fighter that he gives you that big speech? Like, I'm sure he does that he always does it every time. Right. And I feel like with the Ultimate Fighter show, they probably did a similar thing. And they probably said like, do this and don't do that. Did they tell you anything like as far as like hooking up or sex or romance or anything like that? Like do or don't?

Unknown Speaker 17:26
Um, honestly, it was a long two days, so I kind of fell asleep. I remember word for word quoted the rules meeting. Okay, so I don't believe it was in there, but don't quote me on it.

Unknown Speaker 17:42
Okay, okay. So, since you had a roommate in the house, total TMI question, but I'm like, I personally masturbate. Often, right? Like, I'm like, masturbate when I don't feel good. You know, got a headache. Like, when obviously when I'm horn and so I'm like, What did you have to be celibate? Masturbation wise, you know, could you rub Oh, no, like, what you're like Hannah, or whoever your roommate was. You're like, I need five minutes.

Unknown Speaker 18:10
Oh, my gosh, yeah. So before I left, I was worried about this. And I actually reached out to some of the girls that I know have been on the show. I was like, so what did you do? And one of them was like, Yeah, I brought a toy. So I went shopping before Ultimate Fighter, okay, and I found the cutest little toy. It literally slides on the tip of your finger. It's this little black thing. And it just has like a little sucking thing. So it's very non invasive. It's not like loud. It's very silent. And it's waterproof. Yeah, so I was like, yes. You know, like, you have to have some alone time to shower eventually. So

Unknown Speaker 18:52
that's cool. Is it that little thing that like imitates a tongue?

Unknown Speaker 18:56
No, it's just like, it like slides on your finger. And it has like a little sucker thing. Oh, crazy. I don't know. Yeah. Send me a link later. I totally will. You know, it was cool. I didn't have to do much work. It was fast. It's like a one minute I'm frustrated. And next I'm sleeping. Yeah, so yeah, I definitely I brought a toy.

Unknown Speaker 19:22
Awesome. Yeah, that's I mean, and that's what I figured you know, like shower time bathroom and all that but it just seems you said there was no doors.

Unknown Speaker 19:30
No doors. Yeah, but you get a door on the bathroom.

Unknown Speaker 19:32
Okay, thank God, that's weird. And then men and women in the house too. So like, what about changing and then men walked by like,

Unknown Speaker 19:38
honestly, there was points of the day where I just didn't feel like running into the bathroom to change so I had to make a choice. Am I a flashing the camera or the door where people are walking by so I chose camera. And I would literally look at the camera and I feel like you're welcome to change and I was like they they love me or hate me. But I noticed that a lot of the videographers were pretty nice. So I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 20:04
Yeah, that's one way to get some extra camera time.

Unknown Speaker 20:10
No, it was just like, it gets a lot when you like have to run to the bathroom all the time. Like, I'm used to like coming home and just like changing. So, you know, I would sometimes just quickly do that. But you're just constantly under watch all the time, unless you're in the shower. And I think they still had mics. And they're

Unknown Speaker 20:31
so crazy. So crazy. So now that everything's said and done, we'll get to the sexy part. But as far as career wise, what has changed since you become the ultimate fighter, 30 champion.

Unknown Speaker 20:47
Everything I think what's changed the most is me personally, when I was on the show, I was really open and real. And I was so scared that I just talked way too much, which I did. But my honesty touched a lot of people I started noticing when UFC came to San Diego, the week after I won, a ton of people knew me, they knew my story. They're like, I was raised by my grandma too, or my son died a few weeks ago, and I haven't been able to get out of bed. And I heard her at Ariel Helwani interview and it meant it meant something to me. So it was like, really cool. Like, not only did people know me, I touched them based on being vulnerable about my story. So like, holy shit, the biggest thing that changed for me is I'm confident in my voice, I believe that I can make a big difference for this world. And I can do a lot of good things. And so it's like, I just feel confident about my voice and my fighting style. And I know that I have a lot to bring the fans, I always promise a honest and vulnerable version of myself, even if sometimes that's like, a bit exotic. We can all say,

Unknown Speaker 22:03
No, I think everyone really appreciates your realness. And it's very obvious when people are like trying to put on this persona, you know, or they like are a certain way on social media. And then you meet them in person, and they're different, or, you know, one day they're this way, and the next day or another I think you're always you, you're you're always authentic. And you're like me in the sense where I feel like, sometimes I'm probably too honest. I'm like, you know this, and I'll tell you about you. And they're like, Whoa, you're real comfortable with your background. I'm like, because like, I know, so many people just like you said Giuliana are not talking about where they came from based on embarrassment or fear or feeling alienated. And then yeah, embarrassing, honestly, like, it used to be for me, and I really hope that you're not embarrassed anymore of your background because you're doing the fucking thing. And you're inspiring people and I know I am too and so why be embarrassed anymore. Now just be like,

Unknown Speaker 23:00
I guess I'm various isn't the right word, but it's something that I remember in not the lightest fashion. Like when I think about where I was at when I was going through these things, I can almost be in that moment. And so I think that that's something that drives me within my story. So it's like thinking about how I felt in that moment when I was going through all these things. It's like how do you come to a place where you let your mind get that low when you have so much to offer the world you know, so that's something that I think like is hardest for me when I'm in my lows is I'm like you can do so much why are you feeling this way? You know

Unknown Speaker 23:47
Yeah, because you know you're so you're capable of so much more but you're human you know you meet everybody doesn't matter if you're Conor McGregor Dana White. Maybe not sure why Dana why it seems like a fucking he wakes up and he's like I'm gonna fuck this up today's Dick You know, like, but some days you wake up you know? And you're just like, damn, I feel sad or I feel you know, whatever you Julie on it sounds like you've got a really strong grasp on never forgetting where you came from. And I always remember that too. Because like you can get real comfortable and rest on your laurels kind of like how you said Giuliana mentioned you know like, Oh, I gotta win. But you can't do that shit you got to remember the dirt poor the dysfunctional the fucked up before you started making it and that's what will help you accelerate I think. Yeah, so on a freaky or like kinky level. What has changed for you since the Ultimate Fighter relationship love personally like on that level? Everything you say here stays between you and me. And the rest of the world.

Unknown Speaker 24:53
The rest of the world. I yeah, I started seeing somebody off Ultimate Fighter. And I felt like we both saw an incredible future that we could create together. Um, but this situation was not ideal for a lot of reasons. And didn't work out.

Unknown Speaker 25:22
Yeah. All right. So you gave it.

Unknown Speaker 25:29
But it's interesting. It was pretty it was like, on and off anyway, so I think that what is meant to be welcome, but it was actually in perfect timing because I traveled I went to Ireland. So that was fun. I have my little love person. That's cute. Leprechaun water stay lucky guys. Everyone out there. Listen, no matter what you're going through in relationship or not. I hope that you get to stay lucky.

Unknown Speaker 25:59
I love it. Yeah, I we've been following your social media adventures. And I'm like, every time I see you travel somewhere or do something fun. I'm like, Ah, yes. We're going to talk about all the podcasts. So has there been anyone in this past year that you've met? In your awesome travels? That you you know, no names, but this was an experience that you will remember?

Unknown Speaker 26:22
Yes, of course. So, I think that I have this funny philosophy while I'm single, is, um, for the sake of science, I like to experience different ethnicities and types of people and different people from different countries, you know, because what if my girl is like, oh my gosh, how was an Irish boy in bed? I can be like, for the sake of science here, my experience. So I think that, you know, for the sake of science, you could try things out, you know, like, if you how are the Mexicans? How are the Hawaiians, like, you know, obviously, white girls have a rap for being a little bit crazy. A little bit freaky. I'm like, it's like, it's fairly true. You know? Yeah. So, I on my travels, while I'm single do my forsake of sciences. And, you know, I'm, I'm not going to give the deal live. But if someone were to ask me, Hey, man, what is the Irish? Like, I'd have such a good answer for you. You know,

Unknown Speaker 27:29
I love it. Was there any experience? Did you meet anyone? Like, like, a cute me, you know, like, like, a fun like, type of meeting? Or was it just kind of like bar hopping? Did you? You know, was it in the midst of traveling on trains? Or planes? Like how did how did you meet anyone that you may or may not have had, like a romantic adventure with

Unknown Speaker 27:50
definitely may have. You should be smiling, obviously. Even though for a while these adventures were like with mostly one, there's a bunch of ways you can set it up. So for me if I'm traveling, and I'm single, if you're a girl or a dude, going to a gym is an excellent place to meet people even just to roll and be like, Hey, where's a good place to go out your local so even if you're not necessarily hitting on the person there, which in my case, I usually am because I'm traveling. I baby you know. So when I'm at these gyms, I will meet people. And most of the time, it's genuine just like, oh, I want to hang out and I make a lot of friends. But sometimes it can lead to oh, I met someone at the bar, or this person had a cute friend with them, or this person ended up being single. But a lot of times actually go out with my girls. So I'll go train. And then I love becoming friends with the girls I train with. So I'll go out with them and be like, hey, so you know who's single so that way, I'm not like crossing any boundaries, but it's a good you know, starting with the locals is a good way to go about it. And that's connected to whatever you're doing. If you are a volleyball player, and you found a place they're playing volleyball, like I would start there, meet some people and go out, but honestly, thank my lucky cookies. I'm pretty cute. So still, while I'm out people come and talk to me all the time. Yeah. I'm like, ridiculously blessed. Like, I think anybody that doesn't make a commitment to me or like anybody that messes up an opportunity with me when I'm dating. I'm like, yo, you're dumb. You have no idea how many people are in line. And here I am being all picky, like one every once in a while. So it's just like, I like having, I'm just having so much fun and it's like, I am finally confident I got that from Ultimate Fighter. I'm so confident now if I'm gonna give someone a chance in a relationship and you If I'm like, you're done, you have no idea what I'm creating or who I'm going to be. So I don't stay down about people too long. And I, you know, I stay picky with my choices. But for the sake of science every once in a while, I will end up skinny dipping and kiss the person next to me, baby, it's been a girl before.

Unknown Speaker 30:23
I love it. It sounds it sounds like the Ultimate Fighter gave you so much more confidence in yourself. Like obviously, your your fighting ability. You are the ultimate fighter. But like now you see yourself as like, damn. Like, I'm on this fucking track. Like, I'm awesome. I'm only 2626 Right? Yeah, I'm only down I'm thinking oh, 35 You know, like, you're 10 years younger. You're the Ultimate Fighter you have so much like you are right now in it girl. And I was actually thinking about this. It's like you don't even know your like, time to shine is done. And you know, like, you just don't know.

Unknown Speaker 31:01
Over. I'm aware, my time to shine will be over fast. So I'm just taking full advantage and like, enjoying the journey, but just going for it now. Yeah, no, yes. It's like, I'm not going to be here forever. And that's why Okay, I like to live everyday. Like it's my last because I have had so many friends die in my past. It's sad. Like, sometimes someone's driving a car accident happened and they're gone. And they're gone. They're 2019. So for me, I don't know what's going to happen. So yeah, I love to live my life to the fucking fullest. And I am so proud to have found that confidence because it's like, I used to say sad too long about things. But just really believing in what I have to offer and who I'm going to be has been the most exciting journey. And I think it makes everything like I feel like I improved some embed to I'm like, I don't know how I could possibly get better. But I did. I'm like I know, you'll be thinking about me for a long time. So you're welcome. Well, you can

Unknown Speaker 32:10
always get better, you can always become a better athlete, and you can actually always become a better sexual partner I just had on and this is not just shameless self promotion. The last episode listen to a Giuliana, it's called. It's like 115 with Susan Brad. She's an intimacy expert. There are so many different programs and books how to do this how to do that. And it's like, you think you're good? Like, I think I'm good in bed. And then I was looking at some of this shit. Like, I don't I know. This is like TMI, obviously. But, you know, she was like, Yeah, you girls can become squirters. You know, so

Unknown Speaker 32:42
you think I know all about that.

Unknown Speaker 32:44
Okay, all right. I mean, I'm, I may or may not be subscribing to Susan's how to score one on one, you know? I don't even know if that's what it's called. But yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:00
I think what made me a better lover is actually the last person I was seeing was very basic. Like, they, they were a little bit older. So it had been years since they opened up to someone. So my first response to them was were sexually incompatible. Sorry. And they wanted, you know, to stay in contact with me so. So like, I got to teach this person all these fun, different things. And so now I'm like, well, that's uh, you know, like teaching people really does make you better. So if you ever want to get better, you know, like, find a beginner and yeah, Jujitsu.

Unknown Speaker 33:44
I love one of my favorite things is like comparing sexual analogies or like love, you know, and like MMA analogies. I'm like, you gotta train hard, you know, you got to do this. Yeah, it sounds like you've been practicing on all levels, which is to be the best. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 34:01
I wouldn't say all levels. There was definitely I was such a good girl for a few months, like, now I'm experiencing life again, but

Unknown Speaker 34:11
got locked up in a house with a bunch of bitches. And some dudes you weren't supposed to fuck. I feel like I would for sure. Go on a crazy sex binge and food binge.

Unknown Speaker 34:21
Dude, I did it. That's a crazy scene because I knew I was fighting broken. So the only thing I could think about is who is going to help me win this fight? And that is all I could think about. I literally, my mind was just like, I will do anything to win this. So I couldn't I could. I spent every second that I was awake. Thinking about this finale fight. I don't know if Brogan had this obsession, and that's why we were so different. But I mean, like, I didn't care about boys. Like if I really needed it. I have a friend that I would call because honestly I was alone. Pretty much that entire camp. I didn't you didn't want to deal with going on a date because what if the date was bad or it was offered or they asked me about my weight cut or like, so, in camp, I would rather just hit up somebody that I've already hooked up with. Before that I know we'll give each other a good time. And so that's my encamp recipe. I am like the most vanilla person ever in fight camp, because I just want to win and I don't want to deal with like drinking or meeting people. And yeah, you're not

Unknown Speaker 35:28
vanilla, you literally this is this, this right here, what you just said is the reason why you won the fucking show. It's because you can compartmentalize sex violence, whatever it is, you know, and it was like, it was time to be a savage. And then you knew that later, you know, you would have plenty of time to do all the other stuff. So

Unknown Speaker 35:48
thank God for the ones out there who you take care of the people you love. If you're not single, and you have a friend that you can be like, Listen, I need to start my period early. Like Tom give me a good time, and they show up and do that for you. He's a real MVP. Honestly,

Unknown Speaker 36:06
to be honest, that's that's the best because in people listening to this, they're not going to understand unless they've been in fight camp before your body. You're so drained. Basically, ain't nobody got time for romance. You know, like when you horn No,

Unknown Speaker 36:21
not at all. I literally was like, I want to talk to my coaches, my training partners, and then it's like, two and a week like, yeah, I don't need to call them or I just like, I don't, but everything I go wrong with them. It's not even them. It's just that like, nobody can understand how bad I want this thing. So unless you understand, get the fuck out of my way, because I will do anything to be the best at this. Yeah. I'm, I made up in my mind that I was going to win. And I just refused anything else. I was like, I'm fucking winning the shit. I don't care. Like, oh, I think your mind is the strongest meaning all like

Unknown Speaker 37:02
for sure I can tell. Your mind is like so strong. I feel like it's your mind that will obviously amazing skill set. But like the difference between the two badass pitches or men at the highest level, it's the fighter that thinks they can. And that's all that's all it is your mindset. You had told yourself, you're gonna be a champion. I remember, I was listening to the first episode. And at one point, you're like, you know, if I'm not if when I'm a champion, when I'm a champion a year ago, you were putting that that self talk that positive self talk out there into the universe around everyone. You got me I was like, Oh, this fish is gonna be a champion. You know? Like, I was like, yeah, and now you fucking are the ultimate fighter 30 Winner wishes, just the tip of what you're going to do. So I'm so proud of you, girl. I'm gonna get all mushy. But

Unknown Speaker 37:49
oh my gosh. So I do want to say some fun things from the stories that just happened. Okay, for you guys out there. This is something I do in every country. My coach Manolo Hernandez told me about this, actually, he's like, Yeah, you know, every country I go to, I float. And I was like, That's fucking cool. You float everywhere that you travel. And so one day I was at a combat jujitsu, Mexico event, and I was like, Yeah, I'm gonna go float. But I was trying to figure out how I was gonna get this guy to leave with me. Right.

Unknown Speaker 38:19
And you mean Sorry, real quick float by like in the ocean or like a

Unknown Speaker 38:23
flow in float anywhere in a pool in an ocean. Okay, floats everywhere he travels. He lays in the water and he floats. Okay, so for me, I was like, Okay, I need to go like float in the ocean. Let me get someone to go with me. And here was my pickup line. Let's go skinny dipping. So it started in Mexico. And I went skinny dipping and now every country that I traveled to I skinny it up and let me tell you it is so fun and freeing. Like when when I went to Ireland, I did it in the waterfall and I waited till everyone left and I just got in there and I felt the natural flowing water and it was great. Mexico I've done it. I haven't been back to Brazil since I was young. So anywhere that I've had a chance to get in water in all these countries at skinnydip so I think if you have like if you're in a relationship so you and your boyfriend try this the next country that you visit, wait to like two or three in the morning there's no one on the beach skinnydip Oh, like it is so fun. It is so much fun. Hopefully from my travels y'all take that and you skinny dip a little bit because you feel everything just like rushing through you like it's just fun. I and yeah, it's just like your heart races and you're just like, oh, like so do this or do you think that

Unknown Speaker 39:44
you are someone who gets a kick out of the potential of getting caught like kind of like an exhibitionist.

Unknown Speaker 39:54
But more than that, it's just it's not even that you could get caught. It's like It's so grounding and freeing like, for instance, Manny likes to float right. I learned that like, when I am just free in the water, I genuinely feel at peace like I couldn't I could be alone, I, I could literally be alone, there could be no one around me. And I'm still going to do this in one place in every country. So it's not that I could do it in nature where literally no one will ever find us. And God forbid you start screaming because no one's coming to save you. You know what I mean? That's like, I could be I could be anywhere. It's more about how my heart and body feel like I feel connected. Like we're born naked. We die naked. You're not in that life, unless you have your clothes and cloak on when you're buried or burned. But it's like, you know what I mean? Like, yeah, I think it's we shower naked. Like I think natural bodies are a beautiful thing. And so to just feel the freedom in the water, where 90% water the earth is mostly water, like water is power. And when I'm just fully grounded there, I feel free. I feel excited. I'm just like,

Unknown Speaker 41:10
I want to take a quick break to thank our sponsor, perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative with their flavor options. Their newest flavor of diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season, perfect has come out with a limited edition Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored protein. Pumpkin Spice Latte provides a spicy and savory aromatic taste that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember, guys, this is a limited edition. So make sure to get your orders in soon, inventory will be going quick. As always, this new limited edition flavor provides you with the same benefits that diesel always does. Its third party tested for banned substances and is the highest quality that protein can be. Order yours now by heading to perfect And using my code rebel girl for a 20% discount. Now back to the episode that makes it actually I'll tell a quick little story. So I went to Hawaii like two or three weeks ago, the boyfriend I took some mushrooms and we went with like two of our friends. And we were staying. Our friends were staying I was staying with my uncle and then our friends were staying in like a hotel. And so we hung out with them and they got like an adjoining room, and we'd ate the mushrooms. And then we're like, Oh, I wonder if the hot tubs open. But then we knew it was closed. But me and my boyfriend were like, fuck it. We're just gonna go sneak it. Yeah, so there was no fence. But we're like, we just didn't know how long we would get in the tub or get in the hot tub. And then they would kick us out. But we're like, even if it's five minutes, it's worth it. So we go down there and we like sneak in. And you know, we're like feeling good. And at one point, so he's laying on the side. And then I'm like, laying with my feet out on his lap and like kind of laying back like almost floating. I'm not quite floating because I'm touching him, right. But I closed my eyes and I swear it felt like I was floating off into like another universe. And then like later, it's like, Alright, get out of that hot tub or like, Oh, okay. But it was so worth it. And it was just like this quick little, like amazing feeling of like, I literally felt like I was floating, like into outer space. And so that just reminded me about what you said about bloating. But anyway, so last time we spoke, it's been little over a year, you were single not looking, I feel like you're along the same lines, you've you know, had some situations tested some relationships along the way. Are you correct back where we

Unknown Speaker 43:33

Unknown Speaker 43:34
No, no, you're okay. Maybe romantically, but career wise it is. You've done so much. And not like you said, You've been conducting science experiments. So it's not like you haven't been doing things that are beneficial to you. That's what dating is. You're just like, like we talked about before you gotta kiss some toads just kiss some frogs, you know? And then eventually hopefully you find your prince or whatever, but it sounds like you're kind of just like wanting to be single. And if you find someone who adds value to your life, and vice versa, kind of like how we talked about on the first podcast is that safe to say? No, I

Unknown Speaker 44:13
would love to be in a relationship with somebody but it just has to be very healthy. I I don't care for a lot of people I just I really, if if it's not gonna be able to be mentally and physically beneficial for my career right now. I'm being selfish. So it's like fighting comes first. I need somebody that's going to help me build on this and then elevate together and if there's any strain on that it's not healthy, but like, I definitely want to find somebody that I could settle down with and just do fun things with and travel with like, oh my gosh, I would have loved to like have my man was me and Ireland and gone to the Guinness factory together. So I would love for that. But I'm also not rushing into it. And just because I want that I'm finally not willing to put up with bullshit to get it. Like, I will fucking have a boundary now and I just stick to it like, I know I'm amazing and I think too many people let their want to be in a relationship happened just too quick. And I've made that mistake so many times that now I'm just like, dude, and last, this is gonna really help benefit my career. I'll just handle it like, I'll still be able to find a boyfriend. Oh yeah, little while. But if the opportunity comes, I would be the happiest person ever.

Unknown Speaker 45:45
Okay, good to know, I just want to kind of know where you're at mindset wise, when it comes to relationships. So on a fun note, we always talk about the DMS after you won the show. Did it explode with craziness? Or was it pretty tame?

Unknown Speaker 46:02
exploded? Like 1000s of messages, even messages from girls, even messages from angry ex girlfriends, like, Oh my God, wait, I mean, girls that would freak out on me. Like, my boyfriend looks at your page and blah, blah, blah, or like, or like I started I like I started seeing someone and his ex contacted me, my friends. Like, literally, uh, oh, my God, my DMs blew up with just I'm like, What is going on here? Like, handle your people? And then

Unknown Speaker 46:46
it's just how do you navigate that? You know, like, because some people, they read those, and it actually gets to them, You know what I mean? Their mental state now? Did it affect you? Or were you just like, Fuck these bitches. I don't care.

Unknown Speaker 46:59
I was kind of pissed at first. Yeah. But then I was able to compartmentalize and be like, Oh, they're crazy. And even like the threats that come from people to like, I'll get literal, like threats like, oh, you posted a sexy picture in this place. Like, the gods are going to chop your head off. You're so disrespectful. Like, I get like very religious people telling me the most mean stuff because I post like sexy sometimes. And yeah, so I just realized that no matter what is being said, I actually my friend Jimmy sent me this YouTube video of Katt Williams and he's like, Yeah, we need haters. If you've got 20 haters, you need to go and get yourself 35 of them. A hater do their job. What is the haters job to hate. So I'm like these people start hating on like, Yo, I'm gonna let you do your job on hate and so like, now, I think it's so funny. I'm just like, heat about it. Like, this is your job, dude. Yeah, let's do it.

Unknown Speaker 48:04
There's a there's a quote. It's like, I'm notorious for like, knowing quotes, but not actually knowing the quote. It's like, if you if everybody's happy, you know, if everybody likes you, you're not you're doing something wrong. Like, you're gonna fucking make waves because like you said before those people in your DMS most likely a lot of those people, the haters are just jealous, you know, and it doesn't necessarily mean that you did anything wrong you're just doing you You did nothing wrong but these people just hate because they don't know how to be introspective and you know, not I will

Unknown Speaker 48:39
say I have 200,000 times more love than I do hate so I would just like to pour a lot into that of telling everybody watching bucket thank you for being here and you're awesome you know like hearing these fun stories and stuff like that is great and I receive way more love than I do hate that's why I laugh about the hate. I think if it was flipped and I received more hate than I did love it would be easier for me to be feeling like oh my god, you know, for sure I write I'd probably be like nine chucking someone by now. Can you like can you use those faders Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 49:19
like good or like you might give yourself a black guy right now.

Unknown Speaker 49:23
No, I wouldn't give myself a black guy.

Unknown Speaker 49:26
Oh shit oh shit oh dang oh shit that's that's so cool. She's doing non chugs all come here.

Unknown Speaker 49:39
I was doing this the whole time. I got pretty good at like doing this one and oh, this time, but like I got I was doing this at the tough house outside in the grass when I had to just chill out and be in my own. So just like Oh, that's cool. Whatever. So this is actually self taught and somehow

Unknown Speaker 50:08
Oh shit. Good job girl. Yeah, that like you said one of the, you know, it was a trade off. You can't have your phone. You can't have books, but you had all this extra time to probably do shit like that.

Unknown Speaker 50:21
Yeah, I ordered a lot of like I ordered this there, and I fucking would go and I would go and do yoga by the pool and I had so much fun just like learning other activities and journaling. I journal everything

Unknown Speaker 50:38
Oh, good for you, girl. Damn, that's one thing. I have like created a lot of new healthy habits. But one thing people keep telling me is journal and I don't fucking do it because I got chicken scratch writing. And it's like, I don't know, but I need to start doing that. So okay, guys, if you listened to Episode 63, you know a little bit about Giuliana, his background and some of the, you know, people that she's dating and stuff like that. So I don't want to like touch on the same stuff. But I do want to ask you this question. What is the most romantic or Craziest thing that you've ever done for love?

Unknown Speaker 51:17
Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
You can be sweet and do something or maybe you did like a crazy girl thing you know, but,

Unknown Speaker 51:27
um It's funny, because like, there's a lot of things that I've thought about doing that I think is so fucking crazy that I would do for love, like, like, I think about all the time. Like, if if I was in love with someone, and they were treating me right, I would literally move away from my home to be with this person. And to me, that's fucking nuts, the thought of like, I would ever leave this for someone I love. So I've definitely, I haven't done that in love yet. But I've definitely thought about it. And that was like, for me to even think about doing this for you is like, I think one of the like, so sweet and romantic because like I cared about them so much that I would be willing to build a life with them. You know, and I think building someone with something like building something together is the most romantic and beautiful thing you can do in a relationship. Like, I don't care if you're fucking rich, I don't care if you're broke. All I care about is that you're passionate and you're on the course to building something for yourself. And then if our paths align, we can be a super couple and take over the world in the healthiest ways and help a bunch of kids and shit. And so I think that's the most romantic thing is to like, yes, change and uproot your life for the person that you love.

Unknown Speaker 53:00
I think what that boils down to Giuliana is like, you would be willing to sacrifice for this person. Because you like where you live. You like your home, you like your teammates you like you know, and to, like tell someone, hey, I will uproot my entire life for you is a sacrifice, like so how much you're willing to sacrifice for your sport is a good indicator of how much you fucking love it. Right? So how much you're willing to sacrifice for a human? Damn, you must love that motherfucker, you know that you're gonna move away for him?

Unknown Speaker 53:31
Yeah. So I feel like if I ever said something like that to you, and you like, I don't know, I'm just like that. That's so sweet and romantic. And like the, I see my friends that are married, you know, and a lot of them are like, we lived in opposite states. And then I moved here after a few years to be with them. And like, they're building shit together. Like that's so sweet. Or if you you know, Matt, and you're marrying your high school crush, but I think that the most romantic thing I can see with a partner is us building something incredible together. That's like the most like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 54:15
you haven't you have not changed since the last episode. Like I said, I listened to it this morning. And the same thing you were like, look, I want to find a partner that we can change the world together. And I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 54:25
I want to go, oh my god, like money moves. Let's own 10 properties around the world. And you know, like, use our credits together and get smarter. I want somebody to you know, like, and know, like a somewhat similar path and vision, especially like with nature and meditation. Like if you're ambitious and we match, but you hate being in nature. I'd be like, I need a man that's gonna lay on my hammock naked with me. For A Weekend, roasting marshmallows like you can't Have you like, yeah, I need that every once in a while so, yeah, sounds like so much fun. Yeah. A lot of shit. No, I'm like, I have like three boundaries. That's it. You have three boundaries. Yeah. Like, like, I'm like, there's like three major things that I would ask for for person. You know? Okay, what are those? Hit me. Okay, so like, the first one is a loyalty. Yeah, in the sense. Like, if we're together, you are not touching, sleeping the same bed with any physical connection to another woman. Like, unless we go out and find a girl and make it fun or something like that. You know? Have

Unknown Speaker 55:49
you understand that? What have you ever done that? We'll get to two and three in a second. Sorry. Yeah, but what's but with? Have you done that with someone that you're in a relationship with that you love? Yeah. And you went you found another girl? All right. So

Unknown Speaker 56:05
Oh, no, no before? Yeah. I mean, the relationship didn't work out. But it was a barrier. Were you?

Unknown Speaker 56:11
Was there any like? Mind fuckery after the fact, you know what I mean? Because girls, we get in our head about shit, right?

Unknown Speaker 56:18
Yeah. Because if it's with a local girl, then it's like, Oh, my God, are they going to be hitting her up when I'm not here. So you really need to trust your partner that they just enjoy watching you. And another girl and like, can have fun together. So I made a rule out of it. Like, for my next husband, What a lucky man. If we want to get wild and bring in other girls. I she's not allowed to be local. I choose the girl and the connections go through me. So it's like, if we're a bar or something, then it's like, I would get remember. And it wouldn't be somebody that lives by so I wouldn't have to worry about them showing up or something. Like, I just want it to be a random fun night where the energy is fine. You know, every once in a while you go out and you're like, oh my god, is this girl flirting with me? Like, this could be fine.

Unknown Speaker 57:13
Or you're like me, I'm like, Oh my God, this girl wants to be my best friend. And then later, her hand is on my leg. And I'm like, Oh, she wants to be more than friends. I do not have a gaydar. And my boyfriend is like, Babe, it's like you forget that you're also attractive to the opposite.

Unknown Speaker 57:32
Don't me all the time. It's crazy. And I'm always like, is she and then I see her leg, like on the inner of my thigh right here. And I'm like flirting. Once it passes the midline in the thigh that's flirting.

Unknown Speaker 57:45
I think that's also like pretty late to pick up the fact that she's flirting, right? Because if a guy's flirting with us, we're like doing our like red light radar. You know, like, I

Unknown Speaker 57:54
don't even know anymore. I'm not good at this show anymore. But once the once the hand is touching my leg. I

Unknown Speaker 57:58
know. Okay. Yeah. That's like a very obvious side. Okay. Okay. So,

Unknown Speaker 58:04
gaydar is not the best either. I don't have the most experience, but it has before and it was

Unknown Speaker 58:09
fun. So as far as like being in the house, I know you didn't hook up with anyone. But did the guys start looking a little better as time went on? You know what I mean? Because what was the total span that you were? I guess? celibate, you know, like, you didn't you didn't fuck before you won the fight? Right? Eight we you didn't? You didn't fuck before you won the show. Right?

Unknown Speaker 58:33
Um, yeah, I was out of the show for four months.

Unknown Speaker 58:36
I definitely. I saw not my two fights in the house. But the finale? Yes, of course. Okay, because I was trying to put up scientific pronouncements here like six months. Yeah. Well, I was trying to like do like a correlation. I'm like, Okay, what is the recipe to win the Ultimate Fighter you know, like no sex or

Unknown Speaker 58:53
I have no sex. So like, I saw someone before I went in. And then I saw someone a few weeks after I got out. But I didn't I wasn't with anyone in there anything and so I was not attracted to any of the guys in the house. Want to hook up with anyone? I had dudes that they were like close friends with but I saw them as like, oh, like my tough brother. Yeah. And if anyone was cool, the cute ones were in a relationship or married so it's like if I immediately just like turn off but so I also got attracted to anyone in the house, but there was definitely people that I thought were cute, either like staff or something like that. I was like, Oh, you're cute, but of course that's not gonna happen. So like there, you know there was times after a while of being locked in there you see a camera guy and you're like, you guys can Okay, finally on I really look at him holding The fucking thing and it has the like, the voice thing with the fluffy thing on it. Yeah, he's been holding it for a long time. You can see the arm muscles. You're like, wow,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
he's just a boom mic guy. You're like, ooh, the Boomstick guys really? Huh?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:16
So so I definitely got a little bit more like excited, but I was just so focused. I mean, my last fight, we left that night. So right after the fights we packed up and left, so I didn't have time to really worry about that there. You know, I'd be like, damn, I think more people are cute than normal. But, um, I just wanted to win. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
well, what'd you do? It worked girl. So last time we spoke I asked you as far as like sex goes like your craziest sexual experience. And you shared a very fun story about raging waters or like the waterpark. And if you guys don't know, I'm not telling you. Well, it's a teaser, but she may or may not have been sexually active on raging waters. But 606 flags. But have you had something? A fun sexual experience that or a wild sexual experience that you would share with us since you've last been on the show?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
Yeah, yeah. So I did have one really wild one. That was fun. Um, I was driving with a person that I was seeing at the time, and for some reason there was like roadwork, and road got shut down. And it was like, as we pulled up, it was like, you're stuck for 15 minutes. Well, I hadn't seen this person a long time. And we were going through a drive. So already, I was like kissing them. And it had just led to like broadhead. And then we stop knows, like, 15 minutes. And we just, like, looked at each other. And it was really high. He just like, pulled me on top of him. And it was really fun experience. But the most funny thing is is like, his windows aren't fully tinted. So there was cars coming up. Like there was maybe five cars behind us. And the windows are like slightly tinted. But we're like, everyone's at a complete stop. So I feel like they could have seen but I don't really know. And that was just fun experience. For those of you couples out there like stuff on the road can be so fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:36
That's awesome. There's just like a church band slowly driving by like to your left, we have Giuliana Miller.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
Everyone in there, raise your hand if you've had a car experience

Unknown Speaker 1:02:48
like Ah, man, I used to have a 1974 Ford Maverick with a bucket seat in the front. Ah, huh. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:59
Latrell sense, though, what about sense your high school car

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03
so I feel like I'm too big of a fucking woman to do it in less maybe we had like, a bench seat. Yeah, well, it was a cross. But like nowadays, you don't have bench seats and cars. It's just like one and one. You know, and then you know, my, you know, I

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
I feel like when I when I'm not cutting weight, I'm like, I'm like 150 So I feel like I'm pretty much a big girl too. And when there's a will there's a way that you're stuck there long enough and you want it you'll fit.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:33
Oh yeah, I feel like I would for sure do the road head thing but I might be too much of a pussy to just full on. Do it. Because you know why? Because now I'm older and I literally think of like, Oh, if we get caught what are the repercussions? Obviously when you're young, you're like, fuck it. I don't care. But my friend or my boyfriend has a friend that actually peed in public right just went pee. He had to be on the fucking sexual predator list for peeing in public. Yeah, and so I'm like what if I'm fucking we're doing some fun sexual thing and then the cop like who just you know you know never gets laid he's just like oh no fuck it in public and he like you know writes you a ticket you gotta go to court so I actually like miss my like wild like don't think about at times because now my brain is like well I don't want to get in trouble because you know rebel girl be getting in trouble.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:21
I don't want to get in trouble who but I think the instance I did it in it was like even if there was a cop he would have been in line back a few cars. We could see what two cars are in front of us and what they're gonna call the cops and they'll arrive before 15 minutes

Unknown Speaker 1:04:40
I love it. So I always ask every guest I've asked you this before but what is your biggest pet peeve in the bedroom or maybe not even just like with sex in general?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:54
Yeah, I said this last time to like, which is funny. Oh one trick pony. It's fun. Nathan's actually ended up seeing somebody that just liked one thing. And I was like, I need to explore a little bit if we're going to do this, you know, and maybe they actually came to like their one style.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:15
Well with the one position, like we moved

Unknown Speaker 1:05:17
around a lot, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:20
he's just, it's just you

Unknown Speaker 1:05:22
on top of my head by the end, but that was my biggest pet peeve is like, just one position forever is so lame. I like I like I don't like that. And also, of course, like, they need to like smell really, really good. Like, if you have any funky smell like it's That's not like you need to smell good. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46
guys, if you guys don't know this, you know, maybe you're young. I don't know. But when I when I smell a guy and he smells like cleaning or like a little bit of Cologne, not too much. Unlike it like gets my like Lady Parts tingling. You know, I'm like, I'm like a well kept like fuck, and he takes care of himself. Like, that's sexy. That's fucking Yeah. Also, I love when my man is sweating like fucking crazy working out. But that's not because he smells like shit. It's because he's training hard. It's hard. Like, I feel like we're giving mixed signals like smell good. But like also sweat and be take a shower after us. Yeah, that's all we're saying. That's all take a shower.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
Giuliana is like lack of expression. Like, I want a little bit of vocal of like, like, if you're quiet the whole time. I'm like, because like, if I'd be whispering dirty shirt, and you're just like, silent. I'm like, this is such a weird, like, should I like put on a blindfold? You don't have to talk a lot, but just like a little sound here and there. You know? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
no, actually, the last episode if you listen to it, literally, you enjoy sex more if you're more vocal, it has something to do with like, you know, I

Unknown Speaker 1:07:09
want to hear your voice when you're like feeling good. Like, oh, that is hot to me. Like I want to know, oh, when love this or like. I like hearing that. Like one of my love languages is words of affirmation. So a silent lover to me is like, Oh, that is such a pet peeve like you need to tell me I'm beautiful. You need to tell me you're so glad I'm in your life. And you occasionally need to be like, Babe, I'm gonna come.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:36
Yeah, yeah. Oh, I love dirty talk. And I feel like one of the best things about being in a relationship is you can get really fucked up because you know that you love each other right? So you can get really dirty and know that you're like, if you were with a guy on the first day and he starts calling you like a dirty little slut. You're like, oh, shit this guy's got so yeah, never want

Unknown Speaker 1:07:59
to be called that during sex. Honestly, personally, but I do understand like, yeah, like, you say something like, I want to be treated like an angel. I want to be like, you're the best. You feel so good. Like, Oh, I love being called a good girl. If they're like, good girl. I'm like, Oh, I feel like a little puppy. Like ooh, puppy loves it. I feel like a little puppy and

Unknown Speaker 1:08:25
oh my god a dog. Oh, yeah. Oh my god. How old is

Unknown Speaker 1:08:30
he is six months.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:32
Oh my god. He's cute a beagle.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
He's have people have Cavalier King Charles

Unknown Speaker 1:08:37
Spaniel. I see it Yeah, cuz the King Charles Spaniel. My friend Dan has one. Oh, no, maybe that's but they look like they have like waves in their hair. Is that like Lady in the tramp dogs? Yeah, yeah. Oh, he's so cute. Well, do you want to do the lightning sex round with your dog in your hand? Okay, let's play the lightning sex round

Unknown Speaker 1:09:06
for those of you listening who don't know what it is, is a yes or no rapid fire segment that we created because some people have a hard time talking about sex. So here we go. Giuliana you ready? Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank are like to be spanked. Yes. Biting. Yes, choking.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:28
Yes. threesomes Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:31
Do you watch porn? Yes, any foot fetish? No. bodily fluid fetish.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:41
I guess Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:42
Bondage like ropes. Blindfold handcuffs when you told us the story about tying up your guy. Oh, yeah. Okay. Role playing. Yeah, that'd

Unknown Speaker 1:09:52
be fun. I want Superman or Batman. Oh, and then

Unknown Speaker 1:09:55
you're back girl.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
Who knows? Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:59
but stuff on you or a partner? Maybe. Do you use sex toys? Oh, we already where'd you know you do thank you sex toys. saved your life in the house. Ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? No. Would you?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:18
Not No. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:20
Body hair. Yay or Nay?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
Um that's very like on me here or on your partner. Oh, um, I don't care if it's a man. Yeah, like really cool. Bush all good. No worries. I mean, trim it up a little bit. But for yes or no, I'm not gonna like, Oh, babe, it's not fully.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:43
Got it? Got it. All right, and then a few new ones since the last time ever been caught having sex or masturbating? Yes. Do you want to share that story?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:54
You knew I was gonna ask. I thought it was lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:58
That's the last question. We got time now. All right. Moving on.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:06
Yeah, so there Okay, so it's a funny one. So like, I used to live with my friend Maddie during my fight camp. And during fight camp, my toy was like savior, until we'd share a room and I was like, Oh, she was watching TV. Like, sometimes she was like, walk in my room. And just hear like Xin. She's like just like,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
Oh, I think I would much rather be caught masturbating than having sex. I don't know. When I don't know what's worse, to be honest. Because if you're caught having sex with someone, it's like, oh, we're doing a naughty thing at least like, you know, like, the guilt of the other person. Yeah, maybe. Yeah, maybe masturbating is worse because you're just like shame.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:55
Like, I'm really, like, really good at being quiet. So it's like, I feel like with a partner, I'm less likely to get caught then with the legs like

Unknown Speaker 1:12:05
oh, here's a good question. I just ran away thought and and I realized so you ever like have have to be quiet in a situation. And you realize that if you were loud to me, it feels it literally feels better when I'm when I can just let my natural noises out. I know that sounds crazy. Yeah, but when I have to suppress it, it's like, I feel like I'm suppressing a little bit of the good feeling, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:27
I do feel like that too. But sometimes it's like, oh, it's like sneaky, but then I can't wait to talk again. You know, like it. It makes it exciting to talk again when you have to be quiet sometimes. Yeah, I definitely don't enjoy it as much. I would agree.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:45
Yeah, and I would guys, if you're listening, like don't be afraid to be vocal. It is so fucking sexy. It's so hot. Like me. My boyfriend is gonna absolutely kill me. But he he is the most vocal partner I've ever been with. To the point where like, the first time we had sex, I was like, Whoa, and then now I like love it and I think back to like, being with quiet like, like, like seriously quiet lovers. You know? And I'm like, that was weird dude. So weird.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:14
But yeah, and like I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:20
Okay, well, it's time for fuck marry kill you. Ready? One marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. We're done. Yeah, okay, so since you are Giuliana killer Miller, we gave you killers. And because we don't want to get cancelled. We'll give you fake ones. So you have to choose between Jason Wait, is Michael Myers and Jason the same person? Okay, guess what? Ski Okay, so you get to choose between Jason Freddy and Michael Myers. Fuck one kill one marry one go. She facepalm qualities each person is different. I mean, you're not fucking Freddy. That's a yucky face unless you're not into faces. You're not getting fingered zoologist said you're not getting fingerbang by

Unknown Speaker 1:14:21
till Friday. But then both of the other ones are horrible to like, under the mask, but then it's like I guess I would marry Jason because at least I know he would kill for his mother. So this motherfucking girl for me. That's locked in a cage or some fucking terrible shit. Okay, so you're gonna kill Fred. That's why he did. Yeah, yeah. Kill Freddy. Marry Michael Myers and fuck Jason. I can't even remember like Halloween. Oh, yeah, I guess whatever. It always comes back. Halloween. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:13
That's okay. That was a hard one for her. Okay. All right. So we're gonna end the show a little differently this time Giuliana because yay, we actually got signed to the UFC fight pass platform since being since you were on the show. So this is the time of the show where I basically ask Where Can everybody who's not going to follow us over to the UFC fight pass platform. Where can they find you on social media and your website's upcoming fights? Ah, shit. Okay, this is how I focused on the sex part of sex and violence. I am I literally forgot to ask you if you have an upcoming fight that's pretty bad. So do you have enough?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:53
No, I don't have an upcoming fight. And you guys can find me at killer Miller We you guys can find me. Killer Miller MMA for Instagram, and Giuliana Miller on Facebook.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:11
Okay, and yeah, so I mean, I have to ask I forgot I'm sorry. But like, Do you have anyone like in your mind that you want to fight your first fight back?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:22
I don't I just want UFC to find some girls that don't have an insane amount of experience. And also oh my god, fight pass. That's like, Oh, I didn't know. I'm like I should have

Unknown Speaker 1:16:34
no or, Hey, just so you know, we are the first and only explicit podcast on the fight pass platform. They said they're not gonna fucking censor us. So we could say whatever the fuck we want. So

Unknown Speaker 1:16:46
I know what I know. But I'm like, Oh, I talked. So

Unknown Speaker 1:16:50
don't worry. Don't worry, people love you for being candid. It's all good girl. So we're gonna switch over to the UFC fight pass platform. But before we do, who would you like to hear next on sex and violence with rebel girl? Let's see. Ah, pretty much all your homegirls have already been on.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:14
Know, I kind of want to hear from Caitlin Neil. I fought on Ultimate Fighter, because she's very like, she's like, so sweet. You know? And so part of me is like, maybe the sweetest ones get wild. Who knows?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:35
So I totally already slid into her DMs and it's not her her thing which you know, it's not for everybody. So but yeah, I was interested in her to maybe another Ultimate Fighter maybe Brogan. Not that you care okay anyway alright guys, boom. 116 is now in the books episode with killer Miller. Number two. I love having returning guests on because actually, I will mention this because someone was hating on social media. They were like, Oh, we've already seen her. We've already heard from her. I'm like, Do you guys know how much somebody's life changes not just career wise, but love wise, family wise. Like if the pandemic taught us anything is that Puckett Anything could happen at any moment. You know, so Giuliana is a perfect example. When we first talked to her, she was two and one in, you know, in Invicta, and then within a year span she's the Ultimate Fighter a winner she's traveled the world. And you know, as you guys just heard, had all these fun experiences in between. So I love developing a relationship with each fighter that we have on just so you guys know we will continue to have on return guests you get to relate to them on a different level. Okay, you heard their background where they come from, and now let's follow their career and their journey and support them even more. So not just like had you on used you up? Goodbye. So I'm trying to make contacts and relationships with these fighters and support my fellow athletes. So that's why I have returning guests on not because I'm like, Oh, I run out of people to talk to you know, I have plenty of people that I could reach out to I surprised myself all the time. Like, I'm like, I don't want to talk to this. I don't want to bother this famous person. And then I asked them and they say yes and I'm like, Oh God, you know, but I would much rather try to actually shed some light and spotlight on the people that I am around and you know, the people that support me as well if that makes sense. So Giuliana is amazing. We will have her back on and If you can't tell me that that episode is not entertaining as fuck, it doesn't matter that we've already had her on. She always has amazing stories to share with us. If you guys didn't know, UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 Live Events the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for limited time at UFC fight backslash Sign Up Next week we have on a very fun guest because I don't really know shit about her and I like that it's like very organic. So I tried to do a little research there's not a lot of personal information on her but her stats. Her name is Elise read. She's a strawweight fighter for the UFC at the moment. She is the Bellet or she was previously fought for Bellator and was the former cage fury strawweight champion. She did taekwondo at six and kickboxing at five before she got into MMA. A few other people. Notable opponents are Jasmine duck jazz vicious that we've had on the show awesome chick Sujata Eubanks also had her on the show and Sam Hughes, another person that she's had we had on the show, so I can't wait to talk to at least read and find out some juicy stuff on her. Don't forget to check out the shows website sex violence with rebel And you can always email us if you want to talk to us. Sex and violence. support the show in other ways. Fan time it's like only fans but better. Ashley rebel And a quick little reminder, you're probably tired of hearing it but I don't fucking care. Please like the show go up into the right hand corner and click the plus sign if you're listening on Apple. If you're listening on Spotify, they kind of suck they don't even give you I don't even think you can do reviews on Spotify. Maybe you can now I don't know. But rate and review the show guys give us some stars. It really helps us out. That's it. I love you. Thank you for all your fan questions you guys really came through with Giuliana I didn't even get to ask all of them because I had to narrow it down. I appreciate you guys and a big special thank you to audio engineer DJ soul at DJ soul who will actually be playing nevermind he's playing tonight but we are in the future right now. So you guys won't hear him he plays playing the Hollywood what does it cemetery? Oh you forever. I'm actually especially just just a guest. Still cool. He's so humble. Yeah, today's little actually a special guest at the Hollywood Cemetery. I

Unknown Speaker 1:22:27
went there, Hollywood Forever Cemetery which if you guys are listening, you're like What the fuck? You're playing a cemetery. I know. It's crazy, but they do like movies there and stuff. I went saw Big Lebowski for my friend kendal's birthday. They basically just like lay out on the lawn like not directly on the graves. I don't mean but it's in a section where there's no Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's not it's not disrespectful, but it's a it's a cool vibe. So good luck is all on that. And then yeah, guys, I love you. Stay tuned for the next week's episode. Please follow us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA and our studio is tomorrow can studio at tomorrow kids official guys just like we talked with Giuliana. Remember to be kind be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Talk to you next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and violence.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:19

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