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Ep.117 Elise Reed

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day, all night. Tune in, sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening hot stuff? What is up my naughty listeners? I am so happy. I hope you guys had a great weekend. I really had a great weekend. And I'm having a great day. And yeah, I just hope you guys are all having a great fucking week. I remember starting this podcast during the pandemic. And let's face it, nobody was having a good time. During the pandemic. There were definitely a few people that found a silver lining, but for the most part, it was doom and gloom. And then we had some crazy political shit. And obviously, there's always bad things going on. But I feel like life is a turnaround for me personally, definitely. on the fast track to getting back in the cage, even though your girls still suspended, healing up very, very well, almost back to full training. I haven't quite gone back to sparring yet, but I just feel like a new sense of like hope. And it's because I don't have that like constant nagging pain from my surgery. And I feel like a lot of this hard work, podcast wise and some other crap is finally starting to pay off. So I feel like I just want to tell you guys that I really, really hope that whatever you're working on is panning out as well. And if it doesn't, that's okay. At the moment, I just made a little corny video this morning walking to the studio, I realized that I don't get nervous or have the same kind of anxiety that I used to when I first started the podcast. And I just wish someone would have told me sooner that yeah, you're gonna suck at things. Things aren't always going to work out. But if you just start now, it'll be worth it. And yeah, things are going good. So one thing I did actually want to bring up that I haven't talked about in a long time is sobriety. And if you guys are longtime listeners, you know that I am sober. Sally, I got sober three years ago, July, August, September, October, November, yes, like over three years ago, it's like been close to three and a half, I guess. But I saw someone over the weekend, and this person was a, they went sober. And then when I saw them, they were drinking and this like hasn't happened to me a long time. And you know, everybody has these different journeys and you know, maybe that person, you know, decided that they can drink some more drink now and they're good. But I realized that, you know, I haven't given myself or any of you any listeners who are on your own sober journey, some praise and so pay on the shit is hard. And I feel like everybody kind of just forgets about your struggle, unless they've dealt with it themselves. And it's, if you're out there dealing with your own sober journey, whether it's alcohol or drugs, or even sex, or you should probably should not be listening to sex podcast, if you're a sex addict. Whatever it is, I hope that you guys are staying strong. And I just want to tell me tell you, I'm proud of you. It's really all I want to say because sometimes you just need a reminder you're doing the right thing and it will pay off and life has gotten so much better since I got sober and so to you out there who's struggling, it's gonna be awesome. But the Bellator fights were pretty fucking great to be honest. I saw Alpha ginger, what is his real name? Goddamnit spike spike Carlisle. And AJ McKee that fight stole the fucking show. It was absolutely amazing. Like just I think Carlisle came out with like, what's that guy who did the fucking flying kick? Oh, he's got a funny face. He makes a funny face. Yeah, he can. You were there. Nick editor Nick in studio was like What did you do? I'm like you were there at the media. He came out like this. is like kicked him from across the cage. what's that guy's name? UFC everybody listening is like probably screaming it he makes a goofy face like this. Like he's a big heavyweight guy. Travis Brown and him I believe it was no Chris Barnett no okay. For Bri Silverdome thank God he literally ran it okay he did for Bri silver doomed Yes yes. Okay. That was in my mind so spike Carlo basically for breezy over doomed him and you know didn't get AJ but then it was just a wild epic fight back and forth. And then like the main event it was like ma pom pom it was just like Bert like Yeah. How could you match that? How could you follow that by Aaron Pico. He was the fight before AJ and Spike and his shoulder popped out. You saw that for us tell the story keeps pulling back. Yeah, they were putting it back in. Yeah. Oh, he had surgery. Oh, I guess or PICO had surgery on that. So hope you get better. Aaron Pico. Yeah, I was really looking forward to a real the full fight.

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That was Yeah, what a gangster. Yeah, for sure. For sure. Yeah, congrats on trying to tough it out Pico and then also congrats to Sumiko Inaba, she is five and oh, now Sucker Punch girl. She killed it at her the Bellator. One was, was this blast built her fight at something. Anyway. So Miko is on the upper income for Bellator. And we're going to have her on the show in a couple of weeks. So stay tuned for that. I saw killer Miller and Lima lay it was so nice. Haven't seen it Lima lay in like a long, long time. And yeah, it was just a really, really good event. I liked it. So thank you shout out to Bellator for the tickets. They sat us right there with Ilima Lei and killer Miller and, you know, I'm not their former champ. And so like I felt good. Have some good seats. Yeah, I was like, I'll take what I can get. Yeah.

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And just to reminder, guys, like, if you guys like tattoos, and you want to be all up in my business, my tattoo artists Ryan Jenkins, he's at a seven tattoo in Las Vegas. He's doing a guest spot in San Clemente on October 21. So a couple of weeks away. And that's gonna be really cool. Because we're basically doing live streaming of me getting my leg finished. And it's, it's gonna be like on this inside part, inner thigh, right next to my vagina. And so it's not gonna be fun, and he like, wants me to like talk and stuff. And I'm like, I'm tough, but I don't think I'm that tough. Or I can just be like, you know, like, like, that's such a sensitive little area next to it. So I don't know, tune in guys to see how much I can take until we tune out. But, and that's about it. For now. Please always support the show by checking out our website, grabbing merch, we are adding some holiday, like spooky themed designs right now. 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Today's guest is an American professional mixed martial artist who currently competes in the strawweight division of the UFC and is the former cage fury FC champion. Fighting out of Sacramento, California. She once held the highest ranking position for a female at Virginia Military Institute and is still an Army Reservist. She's had four UFC appearances in just over a year span. She did taekwondo at six years old and has a black belt kickboxing at 15 before she got into MMA, and she's fought high level opponents such as Jasmine jazz, vicious Sidra Eubanks and Sam Hughes. We talk about writing Dear John letters having no gaydar from zero to aihole in a split second, the switch from men to women loud sex caught by roommates, foot job experiences her naughty bus ride and so much more. Here's your guest Elise Reed.

Unknown Speaker 13:19
Okay guys, I'm very, very excited to have on the show today at least read UFC straw way and former like I just said cage fury champion. So, Elise, thank you so much for coming on the show. How are you today? How you feeling?

Unknown Speaker 13:35
I'm good. Thank you for having me. Yeah, I'm, I did a little work this morning. And I'm ready to go.

Unknown Speaker 13:42
I'm so excited. Let's dive right in. We always like have that little pre episode chat. I think the consistent listeners know that. But I just I just really loved what I heard. And let's get to know you. Fighting wives first, the violence aspect of sex and violence. So I know you're coming off a win. And I'm very excited. So you know, how did it feel to get back in the win column with that last fight and did that last fight kind of go the way that you wanted?

Unknown Speaker 14:11
I mean, a win is a win. I think everybody you know, every fighter is gonna always want to have the perfect performance. But yeah, it obviously felt good to be back in the win column. You know, Sam Hughes did a good job the fight before. And so I went, you know, back to my drawing board, I took some notes and and we've put in a full canvas time. So I'd say my proudest moment of the fight. Were the three takedowns because I'm not a wrestler and the knock down because obviously I'm a striker, and I like putting on it but a little bit. So. Yeah, no, it was good.

Unknown Speaker 14:48
That's awesome. And so obviously the follow up question, When can we see you in the cage next, even though one of my favorite facts about you when I was doing my research is that you've already fought four times in Just over a year and you're short time in the UFC, as someone who is literally on the opposite end of the spectrum, like lavish fights, like once a year, maybe? No, I'm, like, good for you. Because it's not like I haven't been trying and you know, with all the injuries and things that could happen. You know, yeah, who do you want to fight next? And has that been your plan to fight this often?

Unknown Speaker 15:23
I think when when we first went professional, like my coach, and I was like, listen, he goes, because I mean, I think all fighters love to fight, right? Whether it's in training or in the cage, but he's like, listen to those, you're going to go pro. It's going to be two times a year. Okay? So you got to chill the fuck out, relax, you don't need one like every month. So I didn't expect it as as often but I was happy. I'm happy to stay active. Unfortunately, this last bite, I injured my hip. So yeah, so the commentators were saying that it was my, my knee that she was kicking, and she, the girl kicked the shit out of my leg. I mean, I had a bruise for two weeks. But it was actually my hip that tore so the ligament that connects your hip to your quad has a near complete tear so unfortunately I'll be out for like six months

Unknown Speaker 16:22
and that woman that the opponent that you fought that was kicking you that you just be is Melissa Martinez for those of you listening. And so when she was chopping your leg did that cause damage to that tendon that hip like quad tendon?

Unknown Speaker 16:36
Yes, so I couldn't I couldn't plant on it and I didn't want to plant on it because I felt like my I was gonna fall because my knee my hip was given out but I actually feel like I got I was miserable. And when I was tripping over myself because she was running away and I'm trying to like Chase her by one leg doesn't work as well. But I think yeah, I think it happened during during against the cage. I think I was pressing and she either jerked to push back really hard and that's where it gave out i i felt the pop I didn't say anything in the corner because of course of course any any insight that you're injured at all but as soon as the fight was over, I went to my coach I was like my hips got to

Unknown Speaker 17:13
I just had this thought of sorry to cut you off. It's just it's so crazy because people don't watch podcasts and but like this is exactly why if you're a real fight fan, getting to hear like how the fighter was literally feeling in the moment like I'm looking at you and I'm like damn growth that is so much harder of a fight knowing that you were literally like having to make hip foot placement like walked you know, like Sorry, I just wanted to give you a little bit of credit because it's like no one the people watch the fight but like the mental the emotional, the actual physical stuff that's happening in the fight you don't even know until after the fights over and you hear these types of interviews. So good on you.

Unknown Speaker 17:51
Yeah. No, and thank you. And the thing is, is you know, I love the commentators, I think I I have a tendency to talk shit a little bit, either to the fighter or to the like, I'm not talking shit to the commentators, but I always talk to them. So I think when I dropped her with the right I like pointed over because I heard them talking about the right and like, Yeah, I'm there. You know, when you're like, zoned in Did you know me? Oh, yeah, I heard him say it. And I pointed over right after right after I did it. I was like, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:19
fasci I love it so much.

Unknown Speaker 18:21
Yeah, but what people think I'm yelling at them. So they're like, What did you say to DC? Why were you yelling at DC? I was like, I didn't yell at DC. I would never in a million years. Yell at any of them because they're gonna beat the shit out of me. I mean, as much as we're all fighters but I just you know, even if

Unknown Speaker 18:37
you did girl, Hulu we're in the middle of a fucking battle. And like, you know, like in a street fight. No one goes like, Oh, you made a crazy noise or you said Oh, fuck a cuss word. It's like this is still savagery. Do you know what I mean? So like the sounds the shit that we accidentally do. I mean, granted, nobody's trying to do a fucking Mike Tyson vitae ear off or anything, you know, but like, it's just like, you can't even you don't even know what's going what you're going to do what you're going to say like that frickin post fight speech. You know?

Unknown Speaker 19:08
Dude, I've never done one. I've never gotten one. What I won twice in the UFC. I've never gotten a post fight interview ever.

Unknown Speaker 19:15
That's That's unfortunate. It's wack. I'm sorry.

Unknown Speaker 19:20
It's unfortunate, but I'm gonna listen it just means I gotta earn it a little bit more. I haven't done quite enough so I'm working on it.

Unknown Speaker 19:26
Yeah, I mean, that is a very humble way of thinking about everything it's much better to better to think like okay, I need to earn it then I'm fucking old and we all know people that act like that but moving on girl so I'm so sorry to hear about your hips situation. What is the on the bench time that we're looking at here?

Unknown Speaker 19:47
So I'd say it says no more than six months physical therapy. Um, I haven't spoken with the orthopedic yet. See if their surgery I hope that there's no surgery, but it would I would probably tell till the summer so that's I sent in like, we are gonna get get the same card. Yeah, tear that. May, June, July.

Unknown Speaker 20:06
And I'm so

Unknown Speaker 20:07
excited. And you know what I know this is like the beginning part of your whole injury journey. I don't know if you've ever experienced long term injuries like this before, have you?

Unknown Speaker 20:18
This will be my longest one. I think that I had one. So when I fought Jasmine for CFFC she actually broke my face and I didn't know what So Jasmine

Unknown Speaker 20:29
Jas just vicious who's also in the US, right? Yes, yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:33
She, yeah, I couldn't see for a moment as like it's about to get, I gotta get out of dodge. Like, I gotta get the fuck out of here. But I actually partially tore a ligament in my foot in a boot for like, eight weeks.

Unknown Speaker 20:49
Did you also have to fight through that injury in that fight?

Unknown Speaker 20:53
Yeah, yeah. It blew up. It blew up, like, like, nobody's missed. And it's not it wasn't a common injury that way, but, but I fought her in August, and then I fought again in December. So it was a really quick recovery.

Unknown Speaker 21:07
That's good. Yeah. All I was gonna say is that if you haven't, man, there's gonna be some emotional roller coasters. I know. You're a mentally tough bitch. But let me just tell you as someone who's dealt with a two year injury who didn't have any major injuries before that, so I just want to say that you're going to learn some lessons that only being in being injured will teach you and you'll appreciate it later. So it's going to suck but just remember what I said like it, everything has a silver lining, and this injury will definitely have a silver lining. Do you plan on doing anything with your downtime?

Unknown Speaker 21:43
Well, I mean, I have the school I have my martial arts school I have the military that I'm still still a part of the thing. And I'm very grateful that at least I'll be able to stay busy. So real quick was

Unknown Speaker 21:54
touched on that because you know, not everybody knows you're a badass business bitch as well as a military woman, you know, so what? You were in the army.

Unknown Speaker 22:07
So I still am. I'm still a reservists.

Unknown Speaker 22:09
Okay. So, between them being in the Army and Army Reserve, my bad, okay, I'll be all the patriotic people are like, fuck you. Actually.

Unknown Speaker 22:16
No, no. I mean, I was drilling and whatever. A guy saw me uniform. He's like, so you just got back. And I was like, no, actually, I work here. So like, I work in the area. It wasn't. But um, so army army is like a, the big

Unknown Speaker 22:33
branch, upper upper

Unknown Speaker 22:35
echelon, and then you have active duty. And then you have reserves. So active duty are the people that work, you know, every day, Monday through Friday, and the reserves are the ones that that they technically it's one weekend, a month and two weeks in the summer, but it's always more than that. Okay. Got it makes sense. But yeah, but it's it's supposed to be a part time job. I've never had it be an actual part time job. But yeah, so that sort of reserve so we we drill once a month. And we have we go to a unit and then

Unknown Speaker 23:08
and everyone who's in the Army Reserve had to do the same basic training and go to everything that the active duty people do. They just are kind of like part timers.

Unknown Speaker 23:18
Yeah, yeah. I mean, yeah, all the all the training, all the certification is the same, the same schools. We just do it. Not every day. Got it. Got it. I get to do it every day, and we get to take a break on it. I also heard

Unknown Speaker 23:33
a read that you tell me the actually the proper accolade but you have earned the highest, like honor at Virginia Military Institute.

Unknown Speaker 23:45
Yeah. So I don't let anymore beat you. But it's okay. It's okay. It's because somebody else got so I was there and I graduated to 15. And there was actually a female that got a higher position than I did this past year. So kudos to BMI for adding another another female, but at the time, in 2015, I was the highest rank female in the history of BMI. The females were only led in in 2001. And spoke about Yes, badass people right there. They had their, the females in like 2001 had their heads shaved they had they were given jockstraps because the people didn't know what to do with them like they are

Unknown Speaker 24:28
2001 2001

Unknown Speaker 24:30
Yeah, not that long ago. Yeah, yeah. I think we just celebrate what's the what's the year 22? Yeah, I think we just celebrated 20 years or something. There's some type of anniversary recently, but yeah, I mean, and they were the Supreme Court judge that just died. Right. Ruth Bader right. Ruth Bader. She was the one that let it let them in. Of course, was your bad pitch. Yes. Yeah. Right. So So yes. So the RSO was was is the second highest ranking position in the Corps Cadets and I was responsible for, like the staff, the cadet staff, training the freshmen. There was a nice little speech that I got to say in front of all of them yelling at him, I was pretty much a straight asshole for a year. That's what that's what the RX opposition is just this just as straight as well, I will make people cry on the daily

Unknown Speaker 25:24
you really do like it? Or was it just part of your job?

Unknown Speaker 25:29
Ah, so I've never took it super seriously. But I do the same thing. Like my black belt tests, I get very things that I'm that I believe in. I get very animated. And I don't mean to be like, I could turn around and talk to somebody else and make a joke in the same sentence. But yeah, I would I would do so I'm five foot three, right? 150 not very big. I would go the tallest motherfuckers in like the hotel, the one of the companies. And I would yell at them like this, like pointing at them this way. And make him cry on purpose. It was

Unknown Speaker 26:05
oh my god, it's so nasty. That's crazy. Cuz I told you before, you know, like, I just, you have a nice face. You know, like you, I judge a book by its cover. And I'm like, you have the ability to make a grown ass man cry just by like yelling at them. That's, that's crazy.

Unknown Speaker 26:23
The best part of that was is I got him upset. He was so upset that he was crying because I told him that he didn't do a good job. Because his room, the room next to him still had trash in their trash bucket. Like that's the reason why he got all sorts of upset was not even that he did anything wrong. It's like the guy next door. He didn't remind the guy next door to empty stretch.

Unknown Speaker 26:46
Because I feel like you probably have us if you're making grown men cry yelling at them, you probably have a crazy switch that you flip in your brain. And it's like, I can't pull it out. Now. You know, it's like you got to be probably in that moment and in your work mode and all that stuff. But I'm like, Whoa,

Unknown Speaker 27:03
yeah, good for you. Straight A's. It has been a while. I mean, I think probably the Blackboard tests are the closest but they're like, they're like their kids. So I can't, I'm not gonna curse at them. And I'm not gonna call them weak and weak but useless. All that stuff. But yeah, no. VMI was where you got to see the worst of me.

Unknown Speaker 27:27
And what was that position that you held the

Unknown Speaker 27:30
regimental executive officer. So are so was it called? Yeah, I just know there's

Unknown Speaker 27:35
somebody listening. That's like, what is the position? I don't know what it is. Okay, and then you did taekwondo. At six years old. Is that correct? Yep. Is that like a family sport? How'd you get into that?

Unknown Speaker 27:51
I have walked through life kind of just figuring my stuff out as I go. So my dad drove by a martial art school, like you want to do martial arts and I liked Power Rangers at the time. So I was like, Yeah, I'll do it. In I, I ate it up. I love that stuff. Like I took everything that my instructor said. Like it was the Bible. So I did really well in that type of environment. And that would alluded to the military stuff. And of course, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 28:20
okay. That makes sense. And you're originally or are you originally from Sacramento?

Unknown Speaker 28:25
I was born in Sacramento. Yeah. I was. I was there. Probably two, three years, maybe four at the most but

Unknown Speaker 28:33
okay, so you're doing Taekwondo. super early. When did you get I'm assuming you're a black belt?

Unknown Speaker 28:39
Yeah, I would hope so.

Unknown Speaker 28:42
I was just like, everybody's journey is different.

Unknown Speaker 28:46
No, it's okay. It's all good. It's all good.

Unknown Speaker 28:48
When did you get your black belt?

Unknown Speaker 28:51
I got it when I was when I was young. I was 13. I got it when I start teaching. So it took something like 567 years and then I'm a fourth degree now I actually just tested right before this last fight. Um, so yeah, that's bad.

Unknown Speaker 29:04
Congrats. So you were black belt when you were 13 Did you do any sports in high school?

Unknown Speaker 29:12
Yeah, I did swimming just for shits and giggles

Unknown Speaker 29:17
I did water polo just for shits and giggles but I actually wrestled you know I did water polo and it's college. Crazy Crazy. Shit is hard. It's like wrestling under in water.

Unknown Speaker 29:29
It makes sense as to why you're you're where you're at though because water? Yeah, I mean three concussions from water polo. Oh, I don't know if you got any injuries. But yeah, they beat me up.

Unknown Speaker 29:40
Wow. You're a 115 or and I have I've forgotten the whole spectrum of 140. Just because I'm a crazy woman, but uh, okay, super cool. I just kind of want to set the timeline up because you're totally going to ask about the personal stuff now. And that just right off the bat, I always ask our guests so we kind of so I address you properly. I'm trying to not trying to get canceled. How do you identify sexually? And then also what is your current relationship status?

Unknown Speaker 30:12
So I will say that that is a bit of a story. Um, I dated guys for the longest time. Want to be on my ID to get a one guy maybe two. And recently I was in a four year relationship long distance he was in the military. I'm in the military. He was activated with COVID for COVID. Not with COVID. That would be something for COVID And then, yeah, now I'm dating a woman. So

Unknown Speaker 30:44
that was a very guy story. Because guys tell stories like this. I walked in the bar you blah, blah, blah. I stabbed him in the night was over. You're like, what is over? Like you left out a lot of in the middle. So. Okay, so I understand why it's kind of a loaded question. But let me just be straightforward. Do you still like girls and guys, or do you just prefer women?

Unknown Speaker 31:08
I don't know. I so if I am very in love with the person that I'm dating now. Okay. That she will be the last person that I date. Oh, yeah. I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure she she has some work to do. But I'm pretty burnt. But but so I lost my virginity to the guy. And then I guess I lost it again, to the to the lady. So I mean, it's I will say I'm much happier with the lady if you get what I'm saying. Of course, sexually, but yeah, yeah. Oh, but in terms of like, attraction? I don't know. Do you?

Unknown Speaker 31:49
Are you? I mean, do you see men and I mean, obviously, you're in a happy, committed relationship, but we are human, right? You see the opposite person and you either, you know, are turned on or attracted to them, whatever it is, you know what I mean? Like, and I it's such an interesting situation, I don't think I've ever had a guest on. I've had plenty of guests who dated men or women for a long time. But they knew in their heart that they felt differently. But I haven't really had a guest on I don't think not that I can think of you listeners, maybe you'll remember but someone who, you know, was straight for a long time and then realized, you know, what, no, I would like to be with the opposite sex.

Unknown Speaker 32:30
Yeah, and it was. So the the relationship that I'm in right now is such a, so I'm somebody that I'll never do a one night stand. I'm like, I want to see the person more than anything else. And so the person I'm dating now actually was like, I'm a people person. That's how she explained it to me. I was like, okay, so then then I consider myself a little bit more of a people person. I wouldn't say that I'm that I'm looking at any one person like, oh, man, dude, like, they're really hot. They're really sexy. But I also never looked at a lady. I was like, Damn, you know what I mean? Yeah. So, um, I know, again, in closed doors, I'm very comfortable with the person that I'm with. And maybe that speaks for what it is. But uh, we both we both would hang out with each other. And we so yeah, we would both hang out with each other. And we didn't try anything of it. Right? She would. She was actually, of course, he was a trainer at a gym. And I was working out of the gym,

Unknown Speaker 33:30
Taylor's oldest town.

Unknown Speaker 33:34
At least it wasn't an MMA coach. But you know, right. That's happens too. But yeah, so people could, people could sense. The tension. Oh, we didn't know it. So how she actually started like, she started the conversation was like, everybody at our gym thinks we should be dating. And then she she told me that and I was like, Well, I'm dating a dude. So you were

Unknown Speaker 34:01
still in the relationship when you guys were talking? Okay, and nothing

Unknown Speaker 34:05
happened and I'm not a cheater. I I did give him a Dear John letter. So I was a little bit of a of an asshole there. And the best part was, did he let me back? No, they call me back. Now when you do that. Now you know what it did? He unfriended me on Facebook. And I found it like weeks later.

Unknown Speaker 34:25
I mean, I think you're just gonna have to like accept that the Dear John letter is kind of an asshole move. So he equally did an asshole move. So cut your losses and be like, alright.

Unknown Speaker 34:38
It took so in the letter. It wasn't like hey, you suck. It was just he was doing his thing. In Virginia, and I was doing my Oh, I really communicated. So it was like, Hey, I don't really think the relationships you know going anywhere right now if you want to revisit it. Like that's how I left it and then I think I checked my Facebook or I went wanted to see what he was up to. Maybe a week or two later, I was like, I'm on friended. Okay. Well, I guess we're over.

Unknown Speaker 35:05
It's typical, like 2000 generation type of like dating. Yeah, like games and all that. Yeah. It's just the way it is. But yeah, so Okay, so now, you guys have been dating for how long?

Unknown Speaker 35:20
So we're gonna celebrate two years in 1010 on 1010. Okay, congrats. Yeah, yeah, that's awesome. I take her to dinner. It's, it has been, it has been. It's been the best thing that's ever happened. Honestly, I yeah, it's been a lesson this ever happened. I was I was always somebody that, you know, I kind of wander a little bit through life. I'm, when I have my eyes on something I'll set forward and obviously that drive and commitments there. But it was such a organic thing that happened between her and I it was it was

Unknown Speaker 35:53
crazy. You know, like I just all I care about is that two people are happy and in love. You know, how you identify sexually, like who you want to, I really don't care. But in my mind, I'm like, so did you ever find women attractive before? And you thought to yourself, like, Don't think like that, and you kind of like push those feelings away? Or is she just so fucking special? That she like ignited something in your vagina? Like, you know, like, you're like, Wow, this woman is amazing.

Unknown Speaker 36:27
Yeah, yeah. So So when so I went to military school, right and and I was on a water polo team. So there are ladies there that like other ladies, right? Yeah, I am. Yeah, right. I was completely oblivious to it all. I am the worst. No gaydar. There is no gaydar including myself. I didn't even know I was gay. It was just like, going. There was none. Like, like, there were two ladies that were we would go you know, we traveled to New York for the trips. And they would be pretty much snuggling on the bus. Right. But they were, it was a senior and a freshman, like a big and little. And so it's like, okay, so maybe it's because they're, you know, like, there's such a big, ya know, they're married. They have a kid. Yeah, they were. They were dating. Yeah, everybody else knew it. Except I did. Oh, yeah. I was like, That's just how it goes.

Unknown Speaker 37:23
I have a I have a home girl who wrestled with me on my wrestling college wrestling team for four years. And after we graduated, she pulled me aside was like, oh, yeah, I always had a crush on you for four years and blah, blah. And I'm like, I'm so happy. You waited because I was from a small town. I wasn't as cool as I have now, you know, and open minded. And I just I'm like, Thank you, woman. They can we're so we're still friends. We literally talk the other day. But that's so I learned no gaydar. No gaydar and she.

Unknown Speaker 37:55
I had a few of those myself. Obviously, I had a few of those myself not knowing so I think back and I'm like, okay, should did everybody know what I was that I was myself. They see it as me flirting, like, that was, especially with people, my teammates. So yeah, I've had I've had two, two of those. And then then one girl hit on me at a bar once while I was in military school for MP of a military police police officer. And she's like, she was hitting on me. And we're watching fights. And so you know, I went to military school. We just buy each other drinks, right? So she so I, so she bought me a drink. And then I bought her drink. Right? And naturally, she's hitting on me, but I don't know anything. Yeah. And she, like sits next to me and I start scooting away. And she's like, am I wasting my time? I was like, yes, you're wasting your time. But I'm sure that there were plenty of those type of instances where I had no, I had no clue. I was like, yeah, no.

Unknown Speaker 39:03
I love that. So you guys have been dating for two years? What's the biggest difference or surprise, I guess you would say, now that you've you're in a female female relationship versus male, female.

Unknown Speaker 39:18
So obviously, the bedroom is one. Well, yeah. That goes without saying. Yeah, right.

Unknown Speaker 39:25
We'll get to that.

Unknown Speaker 39:26
Yeah, yeah. Oh, I know. I think it's the way I think it's the mentality. I felt I at least dating guys. I always felt like there was this. You know, I think we kind of we talked about it earlier in our conversation. I think it was yesterday. We're dating a guy it's like they're supposed to be the breadwinner. They're supposed to have you know, whatever the bravado and everything else and I'm my own bravado type person and so I was never I was always calling them to be a little bit better and you 99% of them I felt were super emotional. Like they were just, I don't know, insecure with themselves or unable to just have a conversation like one dude from the Military School, shook my dad's hand like he was trying to cut off circulation.

Unknown Speaker 40:15
Like, he's trying to assert dominance ta Dad, you're like, bro, you're barking up the wrong,

Unknown Speaker 40:22
show the fuck out. And he and the guy was like, six, two, he was gonna be a Marine. Like, you don't need to. You don't need to shake somebody's hand like you're trying to speed the shit out of it. So I think dating at least the person I'm with now she's she's she's done a lot of work on ourselves. And so we can have conversations where there's, you know, insecurities about going, you know, back and forth. And I'm living with her at this moment at the moment. So we're getting into each other's routines, and we just have conversations versus having like this. I won't say anything, you don't say anything, and then we're doing something weird. And it's like, that shit doesn't fly. So I

Unknown Speaker 41:03
that's cool. But like, I honestly thought that that was because of the women were emotional. Not the guys, but like you're saying that actually, it's a less emotional relationship that you're in. Because you're not with a guy. I want to take a quick break to thank our sponsor, perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative with their flavor options. Their newest flavor of diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season, perfect has come out with a limited edition Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored protein. Pumpkin Spice Latte provides a spicy and savory aromatic taste that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember, guys, this is a limited edition. So make sure to get your orders in soon, inventory will be going quick. As always, this new limited edition flavor provides you with the same benefits that diesel always does. It's third party tested for banned substances and is the highest quality that protein can be. Order yours now by heading to perfect And using my code rebel girl for a 20% discount. Now back to the episode. And you know what I know exactly what you're talking about when you're taught when you say your ex sugar dad handle. It's I think what it is boils down to it's like okay, we are the alpha of alpha females, right so the man if he's not 100% secure in his own masculinity or financial situation, athletic ability, sexual prowess, whatever the fuck it is. They sometimes feel like they have to exert their like manliness or dominance in other ways. And it never helps a situation it only makes you look more a fool and causes fights and all that. So yeah, I understand. I've dealt with that in the past as well. Yeah. Okay. I'm glad that that's because all you really want a partner as you get older and you're 29 I'm 35 it's like, yeah, you want like fun and good times and good sex but like you want also like, I crave like, I don't want to call it boringness. But just like the no drama, right? Yeah. And I don't know, like, when we're younger, we're just all about it. And we're in it's totally okay, but now I'm like, It's not okay, I've got so much other shit going on my Grown Woman life that the relationship should be the least drama field thing, so that we can achieve some success in every other area in my Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 43:26
and I think it should, it should be a you know, like a partnership like, Okay, you're gonna do your stuff, I'm gonna do my stuff. We don't need each other to be successful. But like, at least what I'm finding with her is it's really fun and exciting to talk about stuff to do together. Like, okay, so we're gonna build this and we're gonna put this stuff together. And so like, yeah, it should. It shouldn't not that it's not stressful, because there's obviously things that you got to talk talk about in the relationship, but it should be that again, at least you should be able to go home and be happy to go home. Yeah, I mean, versus like, Oh, yeah. And to deal with them. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:01
So without telling me too much about your partner because the spotlight is on you, but was your partner? How did she identify sexually before you guys started dating?

Unknown Speaker 44:12
She was she was gay. Okay, she was she she knew it from the get go. She had and that was another thing that we had a conversation with, like, our first conversation after she told you know, said that we should be dating as like so I need we're gonna lay it out out on your right. And with a dude. I've never been with a woman. You know what you want. And she, at the time had somebody that was kind of courting her a little bit because she's she's older than I am. She's She's, she's in her 30s So not like mid 30s So not like 30 or 31 where it's just barely older.

Unknown Speaker 44:49
Like she's older. She's your age Ashley she's 35

Unknown Speaker 44:58
Yeah, so she she knew But she wanted, she knew the type of person that she wanted to be with. And here I was, like, as a complete end of the spectrum was like, I don't even know if I'm gonna work. Yeah, I don't even know how that how do you do that? Of course. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:14
That's crazy. And that's why I asked because I'm like, What are the chances that her partner is also confused or not confused? I'm sorry, that also making a transition, you know, like,

Unknown Speaker 45:25
no, she was she was she she she had probably she knew since college, I think and, and I was like, Okay, well, we do this and I'm coming out to my family. I'm coming out to my

Unknown Speaker 45:40
friend. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:42
We're, I'm completely changing my, you know, because as a kid, you don't think about it. But as a kid, you have this story that you've been told, like, this is what you do, you're gonna get married your husband, I'm gonna have a kid, right? And I'm like, okay, so they say we should be dating her. Okay, so that's going to be completely different than when I what I've thought before. But yeah, now, so Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 46:05
What I mean, good for you. Because I feel like you may have been like, oh, no, this is so different. Did you feel like you wanted to hide it at first or right away? You're like, Alright, I guess. I guess I gotta come out. And you wanted to kind of tell everyone so?

Unknown Speaker 46:20
Yeah, so it was it was slow. It was slower because there was a lot because I'm I, I'm a person that, like I said before, I'll wander for a little bit. And then when I know, it's like, Ben's gonna be all in. Right. So I think it was. So we started hanging out in around August, right, two years ago. And then we started officially dating in October. I told my family in February. So like, I wanted to feel really comfortable with her. Yeah, yeah. And that was that was two months. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 46:56
huh. That's only a few months, right. Only a few months. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 46:59
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I told and it was, and the funniest thing is my my family knew something was different. Because you're like, I've never seen you this happy. You're like cleaning your your cleaning your apartment. I was different, but they didn't understand why they didn't know why. And then I went to dinner with my sister. We were very cool. My sister and I are very close. And you know, I had a beer and I don't like to lie. So I told her and I was like, okay, so we should I should tell our parents, right. She goes, Yeah, so I told everybody like buckshot that day. And

Unknown Speaker 47:36
wow, you were just like, I'm making the fucking rounds. That's it. I'm getting

Unknown Speaker 47:40
bored. Yeah. I call her I call call. I call my girlfriend on the way over and like, by the way, everybody knows. And then my family at least and then that Gene and I told everybody else. Okay, so yeah, it was pretty, pretty quick, considering what what that was. But

Unknown Speaker 48:00
what did your family say?

Unknown Speaker 48:03
So my sister didn't care. I mean, they all love me. My family loves me. They're all very supportive. My mom is my biggest supporter. Like, we talk all the time. She wants to always talk more, but we talk more than anybody else. Right? Yeah. My dad and I are like the same person. So we'll have that five minute conversation with like, what's going on? Nothing. What are you doing? Nothing. Okay, cool. That's done. And I thought my dad was gonna be the hardest because he was like, you know, I was raised like the Son, I wouldn't want him let him down. So I told my mom, and it was very emotional. But she loved me. And it was, you know, a thing, but we were talking for a long time. And then I told my dad downstairs. He goes, and I was like, okay. Oh, really? You're we aren't Yeah, like, he's, he's, he was it was a boss move. Nothing. My mom wasn't because she's gonna follow up like this at some point. Hey, at least don't give me. No, I love my mom. But my dad was like, who cares? I don't so great. Okay, cool.

Unknown Speaker 49:11
That's so great that like, and, you know, unfortunately, I've heard a lot of really sad stories where people have come out and it's like, heartbreaking, you know, so even though your mom was probably a little motional she still didn't do anything like crazy.

Unknown Speaker 49:26
Oh, no, no, no. No, and I think again, I think cuz, same thing. Like, I got the same thing. I'm like, Okay, so we're gonna get married. It's gonna be a girl and a girl and then we're gonna try to we're gonna have a kid and it's gonna be completely different than what I expect like plan on how he's having a kid you know what I mean? Yeah, still changes. So that's that's still something that you have to get out of your head. But um, yeah, I think

Unknown Speaker 49:50
oh, yeah, society. What you basically what you said earlier, I'm on the same page. You know, we grow up as little girls and boys too. And, you know, it's like, alright, you date the opposite sex you You get a little house and you have a baby and all this stuff, and you get married, and me and my partner boy and a girl, but we don't want to get married. And we don't want to have kids. And you know what I mean? So like, Yeah, we all have this, like, just, I don't know, fairy tale that like, we have to get out of our head. Because if we don't, you and me probably are very similar. I feel like, if you don't actually like meet the standard of what you what you think is required, then you start feeling shitty about yourself. Like, why am I not married? Why don't I have this? This is what I'm supposed to be doing? No, you're supposed to do whatever makes you fucking happy. And if not being married and not having kids and being with the opposite or the same sex if that's what makes you happy. fucking do that. Well, that's

Unknown Speaker 50:42
Yeah, yeah. And in college, I was. I was like, so your previous assumption of me where I'm like, straight as an arrow? My bad? No, no, no, but it's really fair. Because in, in college, in high school in college, that's exactly what it was. It was like, I didn't drink. I, I had a job in high school. I was like, I didn't have friends. I still don't have any friends really, from high school. Because that's like a waste of time. Why do I need this? Like, I know where I need to be. I'm gonna go to a military school and I'm gonna do this. Oh, okay. And yeah, and then some things can happen was at BMI and I was like, fuck that, because I was living for what I thought was my, you know, go, but it was also, you know, wanting to make my parents proud want to make my family proud. And, and I was like, Fuck, this is my life. I want to do what I want to do. And, and that was actually what even allowed me to the opportunity or the understanding and be like, okay, yeah, I'm dating a guy for four years, and I thought I was gonna marry him. But you look cool. Yeah, we'll try this. Let's see. Yeah, I just love this. I,

Unknown Speaker 51:57
I love this whole situation, because it's unique. Compared to things I'm used to hearing, and I know that someone's going to hear your situation and be like, dang, I thought I was alone. Because I was with a, you know, a guy could have been with a girl his whole life, and then later, he's attracted to men or vice versa, you know, and it's, you know, I know, someone's out there, like, Oh, I thought I was the only one. So yeah, maybe

Unknown Speaker 52:22
just me. It took me by surprise to myself, but I'm very, very, very happy.

Unknown Speaker 52:29
I love that. And

Unknown Speaker 52:31
is there anything that you would like any advice that you would give to someone who was in your position? Who was like, a little hesitant about coming out? Because I mean, I, you sound like, You're, like, coming out, but not everybody's all.

Unknown Speaker 52:45
I so I would say, I, I did I was I always held the belief you do you I don't, I don't want to infringe. Don't make me do something that I don't want to do. And I will make you do something you don't want to do, right? Like, don't push your your stuff on me and I will put my stuff on you, right. And then, when I was, you know, dating this person, and I really, like, knew that I really, really liked this person. It becomes really hard to try to put that in front of everything else. Because everybody as much as you had your own idea of what your life was gonna be, right. Everybody has their own idea of what your life is gonna be too. Right. So like, all the identity. I mean, now granted, some of them. Some of my friends at the martial arts school was like, Yeah, well, you kind of know. My uncle. My uncle is dating a dude. And yeah, you didn't surprise anybody. But it surprised me. Right? So. Yeah, it surprised me. So I was like, okay, so if I had if I had this thought, then maybe they had this thought, and now I'm changing what they think of me. And so it's it. It's a whole thing because you're, you're I'm sure a lot of like, this is the first time actually talking about it. In

Unknown Speaker 54:08
a public space public. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 54:10
I mean, I think I accidentally told DC in some of them in like a commentator interview, but I don't think they they've said anything about it. But yeah, it's like I would, I would say love is love and the more you thought, the better, but I can. I didn't understand the struggle until I was a part of the struggle. I was like, Well, okay, I'm gonna tell my family and, you know, regardless of what they say, she's first United mean versus like, their first

Unknown Speaker 54:44
real quick, we're pausing, our webcam went down. Ooh, this never happens. But we're still on audio. So that's all good. Me. We will edit this all out real quick. So if you want to do a potty break or anything real quick

Unknown Speaker 54:59
You're good. I had a staff meeting that I forgot about. Oh, shoot. I'm so sorry. It's no it's okay. It's okay. It was me. That's why I have it in

Unknown Speaker 55:10
Oh, I really hope this doesn't mess up our Yeah, my at least my editor is in studio today. He's like, alright, know what to sell. This is gonna be fucked okay,

Unknown Speaker 55:25
we're trying to get profile picture though. I gotta work work on mine. Mine's just to kick side logo.

Unknown Speaker 55:29
Thank you so much. I appreciate that. Yeah, no one's all fancy. It's like the only headshot I got.

Unknown Speaker 55:35
Wow, you're beating me because I don't have any.

Unknown Speaker 55:39
We're gonna hard pivot. And so all right, the sex Bart, right. I just got to ask, you know, you have this unique situation where you had a first time with a male and you had a first time with a female. I won't make up live them because they're always not the funnest times. But yeah, like, how did those situations vary? And

Unknown Speaker 56:04
yeah, like, better one better? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:07
Okay, so the and the crazy thing is, those are the only those are the only two people that I've ever

Unknown Speaker 56:16
watched. Wow, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Well, I

Unknown Speaker 56:22
just gotta say, hearing that. Congratulations for having the fucking balls to go on a sex podcast. When you don't even have like, you know, minimal experience in the field or maybe maybe a lot of experience with minimal partners.

Unknown Speaker 56:39
Yeah, I mean, so yeah, I will say that I am. I am. There's been a lot of first with a lady. So, you know, they don't have the parts. Yeah. So that's what I'm gonna say there. But ya know, I I have a very quiet sex life and sex and violence podcasts do. I'm gonna, I'm gonna share it all.

Unknown Speaker 57:02
congrat. So how

Unknown Speaker 57:04
I imagine that having an older partner, even a couple years older, and then for you, just someone who's been that sexual orientation for longer than you have, you know, I'm sure she was like, almost like a mentor to you. Right. Like, kind of like a sexual mentor.

Unknown Speaker 57:25
Yeah, I'm, you know, I I'm, I was very grateful with both in the sense that they understood where I was at, right. So like, obviously, the guy I was like, Listen, I've never had it. Yeah, that before. Yes. Like, okay, he's like, he was very nice. And yeah, she obviously knew that I hadn't been with a woman for and I will say that I surprised her about how well I was with a woman. So I'm, so I'm the number one in her book, which is awesome. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 57:59
I love that. I love that. What was something that was hard for you to get used to? You know, I mean, the change wise, so I don't know if you, you know, I myself have been with a woman and I remember, like, touching her boobies for the first time. And this is like, how, you know, I'm like, super straight. I was like, oh my god, like they are so soft. Like this. And then like her hair. I'm like, Oh, my shampoo does she use you know what I'm like, not supposed to be thinking about these thoughts. But, you know, like, what, like, Was there something that you were like, just surprised. I mean, obviously, it's really different. But also love is love. So maybe it was just casual and normal for you?

Unknown Speaker 58:42
Yeah, I mean, I was kissing was really good. Okay, like that was that was the firt that was the first thing that brought everything else in in terms of the other more intimate parts. Um, I was very comfortable, like, nice. I knew I knew my way around. And I surprised myself. I mean, obviously. It helped that I have the same anatomy of course. Yeah. Oh, yeah. But I'm not filling myself up. You know what I mean? Like Sure. Just

Unknown Speaker 59:18
plus even though you have the same anatomy, you know, women especially you know, we're gonna get real scientific here but some women Reese reach orgasm through penetration. Some women reach orgasm, literally, you know what I mean? So it's like, you know, you can know how you feel but that doesn't necessarily mean that she's gonna be exactly the same way so that's awesome. Okay, so she and connect like super blunt question also. How long did you wait before you got physical with her? You know, kissing is one thing but when did you like go to second base and third base and get it on?

Unknown Speaker 59:51
I think it happened pretty quick. So I don't think I don't remember the exact date but I know so we so I brought Over the guy in August because we were hanging out, then that follow following weekend we got we went to a party. Very nice people. It was a shot party. So we got smashed. And we pretty much made out in the pool for like, a long time. Nice. We've stayed there and I pretty much came home like like a stray dog. You know what I mean? Like I was just just so hungover, I laid it out. Like we didn't do anything in the bed, but we like, lay next to each other. And then I'd say probably two, three weeks after that we were going more than just kissing. I think it happened pretty quick. Yeah, pretty quick, which is surprising on my end as well. But yeah, because you

Unknown Speaker 1:00:51
definitely like what you like, yeah. Oh, yeah. When you fall in love, it's like, I think it should be like this just fucking passion. You can't keep your hands off each other.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
Yeah, yeah. To put it in perspective. So I haven't I have a I had an apartment. Now we're living in a townhome together. But um, yeah, so I had an apartment and we were the bot. I was in the bottom and I had a roommate upstairs, upstairs or whatever. And he could hear us and, and we did it enough to where he was like, What the fuck? Like, that's not normal. Like, so I got a text message. I was like, Well, fuck you did? At least I'm getting something that the same as

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
you now was? Was it really thin walls or you or your partner are loud lovers because I'm not judging. I'm allowed bitch. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
I would say a mix of both. I wouldn't say that. We were like, quiet. But we also weren't, you know, you weren't like, you know what I mean? It wasn't like the whole neighborhood was turn the lights on and be like, What the fuck is going on? Or they're

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Yes, we're like they're an adjoining rooms. And the ex girlfriends tried to make it really like like she's like fucking really loud. Right? She's like, Oh, God, what's

Unknown Speaker 1:02:11
that guy's name and the rock star guy.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:15
It's it's all it's on the tip of my tongue. It's like a funny name.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:20
No, Aldous No. know okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:28
I love that movie for getting so much. It's perfect for the podcast, but okay, that's hilarious. So you're a professional fighter professional athlete your highest love pretty much your man you do everything at the at the highest level at the highest levels,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:44
are you That's it. Yeah, this is on UFC fight pass calm now.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:47
Thank you very much. But I couldn't do some of the stuff that you've done like you're super, super awesome. So I have to ask you do you have because you seem very meticulous. And you've got to be meticulous to get to that level of military fighting. Whatever. Right. So I guess my question is, do you have a plan when it comes to fight weak based, like sexually? Do you do fuck dirt before the fight is like, layman's term, basically. But, you know, I feel like, you seem like someone who has probably done the like, you know, should I read the research? Yeah. Yeah, yes. But this?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:25
I think I think I I heard it from Ronda Rousey. I think she mentioned it in her and one of her interviews or whatever. And she's like, Yeah, she's like a boost your testosterone. I was like, Alright, then. Let's go. But

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
that's gonna be one of the coolest things Rhonda has ever said. Because on this show, people bring it up so much. And I always think about it because it's like, you know, some of my favorite things, you know, but yes, it's an iconic thing that she said, really? She really opened that door for women to be like, it's okay to fuck and it's, you know, like, it's cool. And it's good. Like, such a cool thing. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
No, you're good. I agree. Like, I will say that there have been times where mentally getting ready for the fight can supersede that. Like sometimes if you're anxious or whatever, you're just like, normally not in the mood. But um, but no, if you know, if we are feeling it, we go make it happen.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:23
Got it. Okay. Yeah, some people are just very firm. Like, they really really like want to have it because it releases you know, whatever. And that makes it's like part of their routine, right. And then some people on the opposite end think that you know, especially ski Yeah, so it's whatever, whatever floats your boat. You mentioned earlier, actually, you and your partner you were like making out in the pool, and I was like, Ooh, so I'm like PDA is there like another like, what's like a crazy experience sexual experience like that, like somewhere you've had like a quickie or like just a wild story you

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
want to share with us While story so the pool, the pool was like, the pool was we were we weren't together. We literally maybe had the conversation the week before. Like it was very quick and then

Unknown Speaker 1:05:13
that's ballsy. Everyone's probably like looking at you and you're just in the moment.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:18
Yeah. Now we were all over each other, um, in terms of another time. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:28
I mean, now that I know the information about, you know, how many partners do you have and all that it's, you know, I just wasn't sure if maybe you had you know, maybe your your boy partner. Your ex was like, adventurous you know, you've ever done like, public sex or anything like, crazy

Unknown Speaker 1:05:45
not not public. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49
I can tell. I'm probably thinking about your mom right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:53
I'm thinking about, uh, yeah. Not public. Um, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:01
Moving on. What is your biggest pet peeve in the bedroom? Now this is I like this question. Because it can be something as simple as bad breath. Or my favorite is some not that's not my favorite, but it's my favorite things. The one that said is when a guy sticks in the back door without asking. Literally, it could be anything. What's your sexual pet peeve?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:23
And I would not like the backdoor either. I will say that. I don't. I don't. I don't know. I don't I don't know how you are. But no surprises there, please. Yeah, no surprises.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:34
Like literally, you shouldn't have anything be a surprise unless maybe it's like a predetermined like.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:40
And I feel like that's daring to do in the back. Like surprise you in the back door. Like you don't know, maybe something's gonna come out. You don't know if there's there gessie Or

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47
what, dude, I'm not gonna and then like, you know, me and you. It's like, if you do that, I'm gonna be like, no, no, don't don't.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:56
Yes. All right. So so going back to my pet peeve. It was it was pretty much similar. It was like, so. So my guy the guy, right? we'd wake up. And it wasn't necessarily in the back door part. But he would just like say, Hello, morning would morning. But it was like, I was like, poking you like I'm sleeping man. Yeah, that's like, No, I'm ready. I'm here. And I was like, Okay, well, this is.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:30
Yeah, you know, I think I can just that's just like a guy thing. And it is. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I my boyfriend doesn't do it. I'm actually lucky because he knows I'm a grumpy bitch in the morning. So he's like, not, I'll handle this myself. Not even gonna try. I'm so grumpy in the morning. I'm trying to get better, but okay. Yeah, that is. And then. So we are talking about how we are the alpha of alpha females, right? Do you feel like the bedroom is somewhere where you actually can be more submissive? Because, you know, and then you are with the female as well. So I don't know. Do you still like to wear the pants?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:11
I would say I'm probably more pants in bed now than I was before. I've said I think guy I don't know. At least the dude that I was with. It was like, it was like 9am Every morning like clockwork. Really? Really? Yeah, it was. Yeah, it was it was

Unknown Speaker 1:08:32
I'm not even a fan of morning sex because I get so relaxed. That it's like the opposite of drinking a cup of coffee for me. Oh, you know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
I'm like, and the day is done.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:42
I'm like, goodnight. I'm done here. But then I'm also like, I run myself ragged and I'm just like, you got to do this. I gotta train and then I get home and I'm like, so sleepy. Should have should have fucked in the morning. Dammit. Okay, okay. I understand. Well, I feel like it is time for the lightning sex round

Unknown Speaker 1:09:14
for those of you listening who don't know it is a rapidfire yes or no segment. Certain people have a hard time saying the dirty words. So I'm gonna say the dirty words and then you just say yes or no. And then if you feel so inclined, you're like, Oh, I got a good story. Stop me. And it will not become the lightning second round. So all right, here we go, guys. Lightning strikes around with lease. Do you dirty talk in bed? No. Do you like to spank or be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:47
I give a little

Unknown Speaker 1:09:49
biting. Yes. Choking.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:55
Maybe sometimes? threesomes No.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
Do you watch porn? No, any kind of fetish is like a foot fetish.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:08
So, I have story of one.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:11
Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:12
The dude had a foot fetish. All right. And the weirdest thing that he asked me to do it and I, again, a little bit of a prude so he knows it's also yes and no sometimes, but he asked if I could hold hit his thing with my feet.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:34
Oh, yeah. A foot. A foot job. Yeah, yeah. I mean, so. I, I forget the statistic, but I,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:44
it's a lot it.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:46
I feel like everybody listening probably knows this. But literally, it's the biggest fetish out there foot fetish. And so it's not that weird. I mean, it's different because I think just like we were talking about society, right? How it's like, you gotta have this in the house and the kid. It's like, Yeah, I kind of feel bad for people who have a foot fetish because we've like ostracize them like, they're weirdos. I mean, granted, my feet are a good roast. You know? I'm like, just because we're, we're fighters. You know, we're literally barefoot. If I was sitting at home or worked in a spa, you know, my feet probably might be more appealing and I would think that but I think it's a whole world and I don't yuck anybody's yum. That's what I tried to do, but

Unknown Speaker 1:11:31
that's fair. That's fair. I was just

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
do it was it will be off putting. You want me to what was my what?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:41
Yeah, so I'm just doing a clap here. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:47
But you know what, like, totally oh my god, this is crazy. My brain I'm like, Dude, my feet are so strong because I do a lot of yoga and then you know, like, we have to balance stuff. So

Unknown Speaker 1:11:56
I'm like, really good.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:57
Is that why they want us our feet to like, grip it like

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02
I don't know. This that got weird. Oh, moving on when lightning section Oh, my bad. Alright, bonded like ropes, blindfold handcuffs, anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:12
was spoken about it. Okay. Okay. Open to

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
role playing. No. Okay. We got bad stuff on you or a partner? No. Do you like sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:31
I have. I have used them. We have

Unknown Speaker 1:12:34
that was probably that was probably a later. Later progression. She didn't get all crazy with you. Like, welcome to the lesbian club. Don't

Unknown Speaker 1:12:42
this is what we're getting. No, but it was it was a whole like it was a whole experience right. Going in and purchasing something to get it was like, Yeah, I'd never done before. How

Unknown Speaker 1:12:54
did you literally like walking into the store? Because even though like I go now consistently because I have to get these little like sexy outfits and the sex store usually sells them or whatever. But then I totally always go into the the toy section because why not? You know, and I just walk in. I'm like, Oh, I feel no

Unknown Speaker 1:13:14
matter how old you are, you're like, Okay, now what do I What do I do with my hands? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:17
I really am. And I mean, you look at me like I'm not I'm not prudish. I'm not but I'm like who I mean, this next door. This is not it. Yeah. So now, you guys. Oh, we're in the lightning sex round. Okay, here we go. Do you have you ever been to a swingers party or a sex club?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:36
No, but I know of them. I got I have I have friends that have shared their experiences will say that.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:44
Do you think that like 30 years down the line? You could you could do that with your partner.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:50
I have gotten a lot more confident with her than then than anywhere else. So would we walk around naked somewhere? Like, from what I was told they have a hotel? That's like a whole conference. They just they all get tested before and then they just like Have at it? Yeah, I don't I don't think so. I think I think we would probably go to a nude beach. And that was probably the most in depth we would ever do. But it was more your speed for sure. Yeah. Yeah, like get a random key card and see who's there.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:22
I feel like like, in my mind, I'm like, for sure in like 20 You know, I don't know how long but like, it seems like way down the road because I am very, like I said alpha you know, like my, you know, but like, yeah, I hope somewhere along the way. I reached totally enlightenment where I'm not fucking jealous and all this shit. That would be great. That would be great. That's

Unknown Speaker 1:14:45
a blast, too. They had a blast. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:47
they look they look like they have they look like them. Okay, lingerie. Are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:55
No, not really. I mean, you know, birthday suit.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:59
Got it? Yeah. No more. No more task between me and sex. Body hair. Yeah. Are you a failure? Body hair yay or nay?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:12
I'd say nay I'd say nay. I thought one girl that had armpit hair and it was really weird. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:16
you fought one. My first ever I was on a boys wrestling team. And I wrestled the whole season got my ass beat my sophomore year and then my like, last tournament, I beat my first girl in a tournament and I'll never forget her because I literally had her in a headlock of you know, like the high school fucking pin, right? I'm just like, Huh? And then I'm like, looked down and it's just like all this armpit hair and she's smelly and she's sweaty. I'll never forget that. And I was like, oh, no, I cannot be this kind of girl wrestler. I got to shave my arms. armpits, and then last ever been caught having sex or masturbating. Sex or masturbating? No.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:01
No. Lucky. All right,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:02
but so so I just thought about something that you asked me that though. Because the original one. The craziest thing you've ever done?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:13
Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:16
I love so i i helped myself on a busman's

Unknown Speaker 1:16:25
Oh, nice. Okay, yeah, I did that on an airplane one time. God Why don't you think you weirdo like and it was like obviously the planes empty you know what I mean? Yeah, yeah, but still like just think about it like some girl just flick it or being in the back of a plane. You're just like wait till you get home.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:47
Yeah, isn't that important? No, but

Unknown Speaker 1:16:50
how sexually frustrated Are you? Yeah, it's a domestic flight. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:57
so connector

Unknown Speaker 1:16:58
that congratulation that that was a lightning six round awesome lightning six and this is the part of the show where we to actually should we play footprint kill Yeah, let's play fuck marry kill before we switch over to the UFC fight pass platform

Unknown Speaker 1:17:19
marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. So Fuck, Marry, Kill these last two segments or a game and then some fan questions. So for this game, I'm gonna give you three names and you tell me who you would fuck who you would marry and who you would kill out of these three people. Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:35
Yes, I am.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:36
So I gave you the hot army chick. Actually my homies Dan and Pat they came up with this. So thank you guys. Yeah, we got Demi Moore from gi Jane. Sigourney Weaver from Alien. And lastly, Lori petty in in the army now.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:54
Yeah. All right. So um, I think it would be, it would be a cop would be Demi Moore. And then in terms of the other two, they're kind of like, I feel like they're kind of even. Okay, and so I feel like Sigourney Weaver at least is like a very alpha type. If I'm going to be in a relationship, she's going to get shit done. So I think Mary Sigourney and then we'll kill Laurie.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:28
I liked that. I totally thought you're gonna say like Sigourney is like alpha and your alpha so you guys won't get along. But you're saying you need someone who's going to match your work ethic what we were talking about earlier, like, Yeah, dude, I'm going you're either gonna be left behind, or you're coming with me? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:44
yeah. So we conquer the world. And then Laurie can?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:47
Yes. Okay. I love it. I love that. All right, guys. So this is the part of the show where I have Elise tell us where we can find her on all social media handles and anything else that you want to plug right now? Because pretty soon we're gonna go head over to the UFC fight pass platform and ask your fan questions. If you want to hear your fan questions. Go sign up now if you sign up now it's half off for a year at UFC fight backslash signup wow, I got that ship memorized. We've been doing this for a minute.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:17
Sounded clutch Listen, I have used bypass I want to sign up again. Well, to be honest,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:23
I always tell people this little like thing and I really like it there's very cool fight specific shows like my favorite one is called fight lor. Have you heard of that?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:34
It sounds familiar. But no, I haven't watched it

Unknown Speaker 1:19:37
UFC series and it's literally half animation half real documentary where they like do a little cartoon. And it's like Bruce Buffer Kimbo Slice like all these Oh, geez, Nate Diaz like and it's like these real stories that happen that are funny and crazy in MMA like culture, like Bruce Buffer, getting to a fighter, you know what I mean? Like crazy stuff. And it's half cartoon and half I'm really telling it and I'm like, that's just one of the many like really cool shows on fight pass, but I think people are like, how can 1099 Get out of here have already gotten Netflix?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:10
Yeah, and I think I've seen some of that stuff on either Instagram or some some of the some of the I think MMA networks have posted some of those videos because it sounds sounds very familiar. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:20
it's okay. There's your commercial bypass anyway webisode a 117 with Elise read. That was fun. I really like I said I judged a book and I should not have and she surprised me and you know, it's it's one of my favorite parts of having this podcast you know, you think you know someone from this social media, you know? Metaverse little just internet footprint that we leave right and then you meet someone in real life or have like a you know interview like this and totally different blows your mind right so I hope you guys enjoyed this one. I wanted to let you know that the UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 Live Events the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for limited time at UFC fight backslash sign up next week. I usually tell you the guest I don't really know. I'm not gonna lie, like drop the ball this week. I have not booked a guest haven't said that in a long time but could be suspicious busy guys. I'm talking I'm training my ass off, you know, don't talk about it are posted that not much. But yeah, I'm still fucking fighting guys. And the number one goal is to prepare my body for after March 3. wherever the fuck I'm able to fight. So stay tuned, guys for next week's guest and my return. Don't forget, check out the website for any merchandise, hats, water bottles, phone cases, we got it all. And it really does help us out. That is sex violence with rebel Not sex and violence, actually sex violence with rebel And then you can always support me with my sexy pictures and all that and those videos. They're getting really good. And can I just say one thing? I looked at my first picture I ever took for that content site. Wow, I really, you know, when they tell big girls like, Oh, you're so brave. I was brave, because, you know, not that I was like astronomically large. But like I just was not comfortable in my skin with a hole coming back from my injury and whatnot. And, you know, I'm getting there. And I'm like, tightening up a little bit. And I just very happy with my progress. And also, I'm so happy that actually worked with fan time. One on one. And so the videos that they put out are like, like so like they look. I mean, obviously they're professional, but it's not some rinky dink content, guys, check it out. Ashley rebel All right. That's it pretty much. I love you guys so much. Thank you for the fan questions. They are on the UFC fight pass platform. Still, I know, I know, you're mad at me. But the listens and the downloads have increased the last few weeks. So maybe you guys are coming back around. Maybe you guys are subscribing there. Maybe you don't care about the fan questions, but you're still sending them in. So I really appreciate it. And I hope you have a fight pass platform subscription because it does help us out to at the end of the year. They're gonna be like, Hmm, what podcast brought in the most subscriptions. And if you guys sign up, you're helping us out because then they'll probably resign us and maybe even give us more money. So that's it. Find us online at sex and violence rebel girl on Instagram and myself at Ashley MMA and a huge special thank you to the homies that are in studio we got audio engineer DJs Oh, you can find him at DJ soul. Tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official and our editor is in studio that is at Air Media Productions. Thank you, Nick. That's it. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend. Have fun, have sex. And remember, be kind be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Talk to you next week with a new guest more details.

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