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Ep.119 Steph Tolev

Unknown Speaker 0:00 Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day all night. Tune in sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance and that AlTi taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence what's happening hot stuff? What is up my naughty listeners? Okay, I just gotta do a quick little PSA before we get to the rest of the show. I know you guys listening think that I am knowledgeable in sex and relationships now that I've been doing this podcast for two years. But I have to tell you, I am not a qualified professional. Why am I saying this? You guys? You're probably thinking yeah, yeah, we know that. But some of you don't. There's been an influx of DMS lately asking me my advice and opinion on sex issues, relationship issues, bodily function. Look, guys, I do care about you. And if I knew what was going on with your sex life or your wiener, I would tell you, but I don't. So get some real help. You know, there's therapists, there's doctors and you know, relationship counselors out there. I interview people and I do you know, hope that some of my knowledge can help people but just how to let you know that I appreciate you coming to me but I really think that you should ask professionals so moving on. Today we are talking to an awesome guest but it later today if you after you listen to this podcast, want to watch a live tattoo session. I'm very excited because I'll be getting tattooed by my favorite tattoo artists, Ryan Jenkins. He is out of seven tattoo in Las Vegas, but he's doing a guest. What are they called it a guest spot in San Clemente. And that new studio that he will be at today tattooing me is called stay sacred studios. If you want to check him out or just log on, it's going to be at Ryan Jenkins tattoo. And then also my Instagram which is at Ashley MMA, and we will be going live so check that out. Tomorrow's a big day for MMA. I'll be on I'm going to be attending Uriah favors a one combat at the Commerce Casino down here in Southern California. But there will be going there will be UFC 280 I think Wait a second. Does that mean that it's early? Unknown Speaker 3:19 prelims start at 7am Unknown Speaker 3:21 Oh, nice. Okay, so nevermind. That means I will be watching UFC two ad in the morning. It is a Lovera vs Maka Maka Makoto, on a champ like a champ. All right. Yeah. For the lightweight title, we got Algeo versus Dillashaw for the bantamweight title. And then another amazing, everyone's super jazzed about is pure Yan versus Sean O'Malley. The fight I'm excited to see is lower on the card. It's Carol rosov versus Lena Landsberg, they are bantamweights This is my division. So obviously, I'm always keeping an eye out but also on a personal level. I just really hope that Lina Landsberg wins her fight because I'm a movie person and I know she's coming back from having a baby and I just love that whole backstory. So I think I'm rooting for Lena on this one. And then I was gonna make some bets. But if you guys didn't hear UFC fighters are no longer allowed to make bets which, you know, I didn't make a lot of bets but I just don't like being told that I can't do shit. I'm now I really want to make more bets but I won't. I won't guys Yeah, the UFC updated their code of conduct policy basically says that fighters are no longer the fighters and people that are associated with the fighters meaning like training camps, coaches, and that and that kind of thing are not allowed to fight or means are not allowed to bet on the sport. Which I mean, I guess that's how other sports are. So they're just trying to be, you know, uniform and seen as you know, legitimate but kind of sucks because we don't really make the same kind of money that the other sports do. So it was really helping out some of us But I digress. Okay, moving on. So Sunday I will be doing the backstage correspondence for up next fighting if you guys have not attended one of their shows, this is actually an amateur event it's going to be at the Burbank Marriott tickets are still on sale at up next I'm going to be there doing some interviews with local fighters and some VIP guests who are actually fighting on up next fighting number three, which is November 19. I believe that is also in Burbank. And that one's going to be an amazing, amazing card. The amateurs are good too. Sorry, guys. I should not you know, amateur fights actually get a bad rap because, you know, they're amateurs. But when you're an amateur, it's like, sometimes those are the most exciting fights. You like skill, but it's all heart so you just go you just see like some of the most exciting and entertaining amateur fights sometimes. So come out guys. Sunday. It's up next fighting. I think the fight starts at 5pm. I'll be there doing interviews. If you see me. Please say hi. And then yeah, Halloween is right around the corner. Finally got our costumes. I think I told you last week I'm going to be Mallory Knox from Natural Born Killers. partner is going to be Mickey and Mallory. It's gonna be super fun. And the last thing I want to tell you before we get to our guest, on November 6, I will be hosting SOS eight submission only series eight the middleweight pros. If you guys want to come see some high level grappling $5,000 is on the line we're going to do it is a like I said 185 pound grapplers the middle weights. But we're also looking for 135 to 145 females for some special matches. So ladies listening if you're a grappler and you want to do a special map, match, contact submission only If you guys want to actually buy tickets to attend that that's going to be in LA. So November 6, like I said $5,000 on the line for the middleweight pros and a couple of female matches as well submission only last thing before we get to our guests, check out our merchandise sex violence with rebel Email us sex and violence And please support me on my exclusive content site. That's why the naughty pictures are Ashley rebel It's like only fans book better it's called Fan time. Alright guys, rate review the show, show us some love help us keep the lights on now let's get to our sponsors and our guest through hempco are big believers in the power of hemp to help you find you're better. No matter how you define that they're committed to creating a straighter line to help you get there. 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As a stand up she's done the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal four times which aired on the comedy network. She has won the Canadian Comedy Award for Best Female stand up and was a finalist in Sirius XM next top comic, her American TV TV debut was on Comedy Central is part of billbergia next show the ringers, she can be seen on the new Netflix release. Bill Burr presents friends who kill and her podcast Steph infection is available on all podcast platforms. We talk about making a living yelling at men fingering buttholes her first boyfriend after an eight year drought. The funny female dilemma drugged on a date confronting cat Fisher's from Tinder rubbing one out twice a day sex and a gondola squirting intricacies losing a neck mole and foreplay and so much more. Here is your guest Steph, toll love Unknown Speaker 10:00 All right, here we are, we have Stef, toll love okay. I'm so excited to have you on I've been doing a deep dive into your comedy. I said it on my social media earlier you really are my new favorite comic. I, ah, me and the boyfriend we're gonna come see you live in LA as soon as we can. I've been dying. So thank you so much for doing the podcast. And yeah, like how are you today? Unknown Speaker 10:40 Thanks for having me. Good. I'm yeah, it's been a very busy week. Right now I got added to a writer's room kind of last minute. So it's been very hectic, but good. Yeah, yeah. Awesome. You're good? Yes. Let's Unknown Speaker 10:51 jump right into it. So this is a different kind of podcast for you. I'm sure like MMA and mixed martial arts and all that. But I do want to talk about comedy before MMA. So you're from Canada, you moved here? I don't know how long you've been in LA. But how's the move from LA to Canada? You know, nightmare. Unknown Speaker 11:07 absolute and utter nightmare. People don't realize Americans do not want Canadians in this country. They think that we're going to do their job. So in order for comedians to move out here, and actors, we have to get a green card, which is not simple. It cost me $15,000. You can get denied. Oh, yeah, I know, people have been denied, you have to give them a folder, explaining that. Were funny, and we need to come down here and help you guys out. It's a whole thing. So I'm sure there's Americans being like, you know, to recovery, right? And listen to this. I want to be here. Canada is so horrific with their talent. It's, they treat us like dogshit they do they pick the same five people they push for every like, every festival every quarter. If you go to Toronto for one day, and watch TV, every commercial is the same people. So it's like it's really, really shitty, because there's so much good talent in Canada that no one's ever gonna fucking see. Because they're stuck in Toronto because they can't get green cards. They can't leave their family, they can't bring their family. It's a whole thing. And it's really shitty. The way Canada treats entertainment. And I wish I wish it wasn't like this, but it sucks. I'm very proud Canadian, but I have to be here because America actually has opportunities for people who are talented and who are funny and who are creative in Canada kind of stifle that. They push you down, push you down. Unknown Speaker 12:20 We're happy you're here. We're happy. You're happy. I'm here. So anything? Yes, it was hard for you to get into Canada. I mean, to get into America, but it was hard for me to get into Canada because I needed to fight a few years back. There's like a fight in Edmonton. Yeah, and you know, I've been a bad girl in my life and so the UFC had it like, I know what that means. So why don't you Why oh yeah, I got a DUI but some other crazy stuff too. Unknown Speaker 12:47 It's it's the DUI they don't give a shit you couldn't like murder somebody again. It's it's the DUI Canada has a huge against DUIs. So if you had DUI last 10 years, you have to pay 10 grand to get across the border to get it expunged otherwise you cannot there's so many Canadians can't get across because of it. I tell you right now it's the SEC. Unknown Speaker 13:03 i I'm sure you're right. There was a violent offense on there as well. So I thought I thought it was that one it's probably the DUI like you said regardless, the UFC had to had to put that money up for me and they got Yeah, I got in but like yeah, so you know they don't want us over that me over there. And apparently you weren't. It was hard for you to come here. And Unknown Speaker 13:22 here we are. Hey, guess what we fought through the border walls. And here we are what we're Unknown Speaker 13:26 happy. And since you've been here you've been killing it is the newest most recent special or like a thing that you're on is Bill burrs, Netflix friends who kill? Unknown Speaker 13:36 Yeah, okay. So it wasn't it wasn't killing this whole time. I've been here for seven years now. And it was an absolute nightmare for the first four and a half years because my greeting card didn't come through properly. So I was working under the table jobs like catering and babysitting. And I'll tell you right now you don't you don't know how bad people are until you work at like a high end catering company, or like the golf courses out here. Absolutely disgusting. The way they the way the way these people talk to the help is the most report I had. I got fired because I was like, I can't watch people get treated like this. So I was asked to never to come back because I was like, I'd be like, you can't talk to them like that. And they're like, no, no, it's okay. It's okay. They can't I'm like, I don't think you can like clapping snapping like get out of my face this kind of bullshit. And I'm like, oh, gusting it's never worked. You could always tell someone who's never worked in the service industry immediately because they treat people like shit I'm like, you not know we're going to spit in your food like I I waste this for 18 years. I spit in a lot of foods. Treat me like shit it's also like if I was really fine, but if you're immediately gonna treat me like dogshit like I'm a fucking piece of acid that's way lower than you then I'm like, guess what? Unknown Speaker 14:42 Yeah. Oh, I feel like every single person I don't care how much money you make. You should at least do one shift as a server so you understand the way things work that I think you're normal and obviously I've been a server myself I'm very passionate about this people are fucking asshole was when they're hungry, hungry people rich me All, you know, doesn't matter. Hungry people are the assholes. And they just treat you like you're in charge of when their food gets there, you cook the food, you know, you put the order in wrong, like everything. Like, Unknown Speaker 15:09 it's not my fault. It's really it's really bizarre mentality. And it's funny because like, I've met a lot of famous people, most of them are very fucking nice. Like, a lot of them are so kind and when go to the way that you're like, you're almost too nice. Something's wrong with you. But there's just some like rich assholes where you're like, I don't know who you like, clearly, we're born into money, because you've never had to work a day in your life. And you're just you're dogshit for sure. Unknown Speaker 15:34 So for the last seven years, you've been grinding, when did things start to pick up after the, you know, the waitress thing in the serving of the catering? Unknown Speaker 15:41 Probably four or five years ago, I did my first thing on Comedy Central. It was actually with billboards while called the ringers, it was like, we did like a little Santa special thing. So that was starting to go, well, actually, that came out right before the pandemic. So I was like, here we go get the pandemic hit. I was like, yeah, like, I worked so hard. So I really took to social media during that time, because I went home, because I was living alone in LA, and I was very scared. I'm not gonna lie to you, I saw one news story where all the gun stores were sold out. And like, I get data here, like this. I'm like, I don't have a fighter and body. I got I'm a drunk. I need to get the fuck out of LA immediately. So I've like flew home to Canada being scared. Unknown Speaker 16:26 My parents, okay, okay, real scared. But Unknown Speaker 16:29 I was terrified. And then I was like, that was even worse. I'm like, No, I think I'm gonna go back. People don't Unknown Speaker 16:33 know. Like, even when you watch on TV in the news, you could scroll on Instagram. I live in Orange County, which is 45 to an hour from LA. I stayed the fuck out of LA. Like, you just don't understand how truly scary it was, especially during the pandemic, and still even now more so than like, 510 years ago. But I don't blame you. I really don't blame you. It's not just like, step scared, little Canadian. It's like, I'm a bad bitch. And I was scared. Unknown Speaker 16:57 Yeah, no, it was I also I live alone on the main floor with no bars on my windows, and I have a golden retriever. Like she's gonna do anything. So that came in right me she'd be licking them the whole time. But she's an idiot. Yeah. Stupid. It's I love her to death. But she's a moron. She would never protect me. So I'm like, this is very frustrating. Yeah, my dad gave me like a little bat from my bed. I'm like, I want to swing around. Unknown Speaker 17:20 But that social media that you did over the pandemic fucking killed. And that's actually how I got you know, I noticed you because my friend Pat shout, Pat Kenny, he's your biggest fucking fan. He was like, check this chick out. And you just kill it on social media like blowing up so funny. All your clips were great. Unknown Speaker 17:39 That's what I want. And that's what happened with Bill. So I had been grinding. I gave myself a it was kind of when tic toc first came out too. So it's like, fuck it. So I told my son I was gonna do a video every single day. And I didn't think for like two weeks, I made a new character every single day. So I was really making myself that also the standup over zoom was so fucking bad. Like it was brutal. Yeah, like you'd ball in and be like, Okay, I'm gonna close my laptop. I bawled my eyes out for 45 minutes, and you're really not getting any money. So I was like, I need to keep my mind stimulated. So I'm really glad I did all that because that's how Bill saw me again. He saw a video I did in New York City was making fun of New Yorkers. And I was like, sometimes I try I try some videos take me eight hours to do like I film it. I had to buy the wigs. I planned it all out. Other videos. I'm just like, fuck it. I'll just do in like four minutes. Those are the ones that go viral. It's so crazy. I did this video in New York where I was walking around like I'm walking over here and like my dog standing there. Shinobi I'm just like, make fun of New Yorkers. Bill sees it. Literally this March sees it retweets it. I'm like, What the fuck is going on? And they went up like a crazy amount of followers. Then he DM me. He's like, Hey, do you want to open for me? And I'm like, Am I on meth right now? What are you doing? I'm like, Yeah, I want to open for you. And then he I was like, okay, so then we were like texting. And then he asked me to be on a special and I was like, okay, it was funny because like, I think the specials already booked for a while I was at kind of like the last minute ad. So it's pretty stressed out. This is like my first Netflix appearance. So I was like, really, you know, it's a big deal. I knew it was like I knew it could kind of make or break me from I didn't do well. I had a different set kind of plan. But my manager was like, Let's go balls to the wall. Let's show people how dirty you are and how crazy you are. All right, let's, let's fucking do it. I'm like, I'll do it. And so it's got me like crazy booked. I've been headlining across America since then. I actually did a small part and Bill's movie that's coming out March cuz I'm gonna be on the big Unknown Speaker 19:22 screens. Yeah, that's amazing. Yeah, no, it's Unknown Speaker 19:26 fucking crazy. Bill's like, literally single him and changed my life. And I opened for him in Toronto in front of 19,000 people and it was the most insane two days of my life. I'm so happy for you that I've also been doing this for 20 years like I didn't start course recently. I started at 18 years old, like I left high school started doing comedy and I'm like, I've been I worked my ass off I am do podcasts. I'm doing sketches every day. I'm fucking filming editing my videos dealing with online trolls woke up this morning. I get I get trolls I'm sure you get a fucking so many trolls this one Guy comments. Why is it all female comedians are ugly sound like a boy and have shitty haircuts or something. And I went to his page, it's open. He's a father with like, a 10 year old and a 12 year old girl and wife and I'm like, you're really going to take time away from your fucking family to go call the woman ugly online. Like, it's so bizarre. Like I picture like my dad, like when I was a kid, us playing in the park and hold on a second. Stephanie. You stupid. Can you imagine doing that? It's so crazy to me. Unknown Speaker 20:31 Yeah, I feel like I'm at the point where I've been in the public eye for so long that you know, like you said, yes to get the weirdos. You know, literally at one point, it was like, kill yourself. You're a whore Eagle, eat some caulk, some like, some deep guys, you know, and I'm just over here trying to follow my dream. You know, like, my bad, you know, but, you know, it's not I'm not gonna say I have like, um, impenetrable skin. But after a while, you know, you just, you are unfazed by it. And then every once awhile for me, it's like, it's those comments, though. It's like, you look like a man. I'm like, I try real hard not to look like a man. My voice Unknown Speaker 21:09 I don't want to sound like I don't even smoke. I just sound like, come at me. Like, I wanted this fucking voice. When guys leave on my nose, then you pay for my nose job. I don't know what to tell you. You give me the money. You like it's such a bizarre thing. When people make fun of people's appearance like that. I'm like, who cares? Yeah, yeah. Could you imagine his wife? If I was with a guy? And I like took his phone one night for whatever reason. And I wouldn't do his fucking Instagram and solid. He was messaging women like this. I'd be like, get the fuck out of my house. Of course. Also your children. If you're talking to people like that, I'm like, That's what upsets me. I'm like, when it's like men alone when it's like, you know, guys who don't have a profile photo. I'm like, Yeah, that's a sad guy who's clearly jealous that I'm following my dreams that I'm funny that I'm doing all this shit whatever. And I understand that what I'm sure a woman ism and and that's why he hates women. But when it's somebody like that in a family, it really irks me. Because it makes me just I need to get like so upset for his wife. What's he doing to his wife? If he's talking to him like that on line? Like, what's he doing to his kids? Unknown Speaker 22:04 And scary? Yeah, yeah, the fucked up thing, you know, and I feel like no matter what, you know, male or female, when you are in the public eye so much, you're going to be scrutinized. And especially for me, like I'm, I'm a female fighter, and, you know, I trained really hard to, like, look, the way that I look. But like, I still feel like the fucking 14 year old girl that I was, you know, many many years ago. And so anyway, even in MMA, it's like, you just get these people picking you apart and we won't get off on that tangent. But I do want to ask you about MMA. Do you watch it? Do you have any favorite fighters? Did you do any sports? Unknown Speaker 22:38 I don't watch it so I feel bad. Like should I watch it for this? I don't know. I felt like I don't like it. I to be honest. I don't watch a lot of shit. I only pretty much watch like the same four sitcoms over and over like a crazy person. But I'm like I'm out every night. I'm not watching a lot of TV or I'm like, you know filming ship. But I there was a bit out. There was like a year in there where I wanted to get into fighting because I took this boxing class and I was very good. And I'm like, Oh, I think and I'm like, you know, I'm a I've been in sports my whole life I used to competitively Highland dance. Looks like this is like spotters dancing with kilts in the bagpipes. Oh, wow, cool. Okay, I did that from read at my mom's a dancing teacher very bizarre. So I was very fit as a child will say I was very I was built like an ox. I was like very, my very big leg muscles and I've had them my whole life. So I like did track and field in high school. I did lacrosse and then I started playing Ozzy rules football. Like Australian football. So I played rugby. It's like It's like rugby, similar rugby, but I made the Canadian national team because I had the best three kg time running time in the country. Two girls Unknown Speaker 23:44 I Unknown Speaker 23:45 fit and it was a lot of tackling. So it's full body tackle. Wow. Oh, it was like I was like very good at the tackling part of this. I think I could have but it's the training is too much. i The what you put to your body. I literally don't understand. Like I did an eight week diet where it was like, intense for me. Why do these like four workouts a week I was like counting my steps, weighing my food eating a bunch of protein powder. And I was like, I lost 15 pounds. I was like, This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Like, I don't know how you. I don't like to do it. It's like how many times a week do you workout like twice a day? Unknown Speaker 24:22 So when I am in fight camp, I'm injured right now I'm coming back from an injury but Yeah, normally twice a day you'll be do about two hours in the morning, two hours in the evening or late afternoon, whatever, you know, maybe a run somewhere in between to get your car in there in between those workouts. Yeah. But it's all we do. You know, and that's exactly what you said. It's like if this is what you choose to do, you don't have time to do another thing like pursue a stand up comedy, you know career I couldn't do what you're doing you know, like, and that's why you don't watch MMA or sports and you go home you probably put on Seinfeld or office and it's just your comfort and then you do your shit. You're so busy grinding you probably don't even swipe on other people. You're just post You're shit and then keep it moving because you're on that upward grind right now. Exactly. Yeah, I get it, girl, I get it, I get it, and I see you and I'm like, let me Snagger before she's fucking, like a rocket, you know? But I'm super happy to have you. Unknown Speaker 25:13 I mean, thank you. I was gonna say to you, I was like, I also now like, I have a recent boyfriend, which I know you know about, which is like, I have not had a boyfriend and eight years, which is embarrassing to say Unknown Speaker 25:25 that aloud. Well, sometimes it's on purpose. Unknown Speaker 25:29 No, I was looking. Okay. Thank you for being nice. But no, no, no, no, I was on the prowl. And I think this is where we have lost similarities to where it's like, it's so hard to date men who are not threatened by female fighters and female comedians and like people in this industry, because it's like, it's crazy. The amount of shit I'd get at a time and like i i wouldn't to face where I would stop online saying I was a comedian. But I'm like, my friends. Like don't do it gonna scare guys off and like, I don't give a fuck because I am a comedian. Yeah, whole fucking life. If I have to lie immediately to this guy to get his attention. I don't want this fucking guy. So it was like, constant men, like, just literally being like, Oh, I'm gonna be in your act or you think you're funny? Yeah, I know. I'm funny. tell you, I'm on Netflix. my full time job is comedy and has been for a long time. I am funny. Sorry, you might not have any funny. I'm fucking funny. So it's really, I was having a really hard time finding a guy who found me funny and attractive and like, you know, not threatened by me or scared. And I waited this long, and I'm fucking glad I waited because I think I found I think I found the one and I'm like, but I'm also like, worried this is this is just sick worry. But I'm like, am I not going to be as funny because I'm like, half my materials. Go and hating men and like, you know, making fun of guys online. But I'm like, I'm happy right now. So I'm like, I'm like, I don't even like literally want to do comedy. I just want to like, sit on my boyfriend's clock. And Unknown Speaker 26:58 that is that is definitely something unfortunately that women do more than men. They get into relationships, right? And whatever they're working on, we're like, oh, let me help you. Or let me put put my focus and attention into you and many males. You guys do this too, a little bit. But I feel like it's more common for women to want to like help and mother and give so much attention that sometimes it takes away from what we're trying to work on. So my first question to you right off the bat, I'm like, No, fuck it. Who cares? Everyone deserves loves. I'm such a mushy bit, you know? But yeah, I'm like, is this guy gonna be cool with you? Like, say, and all this stuff? Because guys get so like, for the female mixed martial arts world. Like, you're touching that guy. I'm like, we're punching each other. Do you know what I mean? So like, you know, maybe you're, you know, partner, you know, might get a little insecure about you going up there and talking about other men because people are just, you know, there's all these deep insecurity so I feel like maybe that will be an issue but if not, I I don't think so. He Unknown Speaker 27:55 saw me on the Netflix special. That's how we met he saw me in the special came to see me do a live show in in Salt Lake City, and I ripped on him the whole time. I am a who likes to Mala and he yelled out ago. Ooh, this pervert and I just made fun of him the whole show and he was fucking loving it. And he's so cute. So he lives in Salt Lake City. So we're doing long distance thing, which is hard, but we're making it work. But he makes me FaceTime him when I go on stage. So you can watch me. I love that. It's the cutest, and I and I'm a pig on stage. You've seen me on stage. And I like I the last show, he watched me I literally tried to go this guy's dick in the front row, the entire set. I just ripped on this guy's penis. Like he was like, that was the funniest thing you've ever done. And like he loves and he likes to talk about him. Ah, you can juggle whatever you want. I'm like that. I'm like that right? There was just like, it's such a rare quality to find in a guy with with a female comic. And it's so it's so nice. All you're Unknown Speaker 28:45 asking for is Can my partner support me? You know, and and just, you know, help me succeed in whatever I'm trying to achieve. And that's what he's doing. And so that's exactly what he's doing. Guys. If you're listening 90 99% of my listeners are males. Let's face it, I'm trying to get more females but you know, guys, just fucking be supportive and give your partner the encouragement and support to follow their dreams. And you will get laid more than you ever dreamed. Unknown Speaker 29:14 Oh, all I want to do is eat this guy's out. Yes, I'm I never wanted but the other day Yeah. fingered it. That's I've been fingered. Amanda asked since 92. And I'm like, Oh my How many fingers you on there babe. I'm like fucking in there doing whatever the hell he wants my ankle to area. I'll eat it after you pay for shit. Like, that's literally where I'm at with this man where I'm like, it's not hard. It really is not hard to just treat a woman with this. But it's also like, I don't need I never need to have hair my sorry. I never needed a guy to be like, you know, wanting to be in a set and all that but this is like I just yeah, it's just it's very nice. No, I love it. And it's like yeah, I don't I don't know if you've heard Do you date in the industry like oh, Unknown Speaker 29:53 I mean, honestly, I feel like you know for comedians or athletes, you know, actors. You're they're all about dating in the industry. Are you say Fuck no, I'm not going to do it. You had one bad go and you're like, you know, it's like drinking tequila one night never again, right? For me, I just need a partner that is in the industry in some regard. So my partner with three years he's a black belt in jujitsu, but I'm a fighter. So not exactly the same path. You know, it's not like two comedians would be like, a comedian and what's like comedian adjacent? Unknown Speaker 30:23 Like, you could be like an actor or like a Yeah, sir. Unknown Speaker 30:27 And they're doing their own thing. And they understand the lifestyle and all that. So yeah, that's what I got going on. Unknown Speaker 30:33 That's good. I mean, I thought I wanted somebody in the industry something because before also, most email comments on me funny, and I knew mail comments. But then the thing is, with the competition, it's a very competitive field. So I have dated guys who are doing better than though and that was an issue. And I have friends who are dating industry, and they're like, constantly competing with each other. And it's just like, it's not a good. It's not a good vibe. So this is like, he also doesn't want to be a comedian. My biggest turnoff was when I'd go on a date with a guy. And he's like, I always want to be comedian and I'm like, oh, no, kill me now. It was a curb faced on me. I would rather that then listen to you. That he's always like, everyone wants me comedian. It's, it's always the thing where they're like, Oh, I'm funny. I never said you weren't funny. I find most people funny. All my the people that are funniest in my life are not comedians. My best friend and my sister are the funniest people I know. Never Want to come into life. Hilarious. I'm like, Hey, you probably are funny, but like to do this as a career. You have to be swept up in your head. Unknown Speaker 31:26 Dude, I can't believe I can't believe it like to put yourself through that scrutiny. Like it's a lot. I can't I'm, I'm a delicate flower. I just go in there and fight. You know, I can't just be like, bring it on fucking for the world to you know, well, I Unknown Speaker 31:41 am too. And I know I go on stage and I like talk a bunch of shit. And I yell at men and stuff. Because I always I also, I know a lot of my clips. I'm yelling at men, but it's like, I don't just yell for no reason. I somebody has to yell something out to me or like, give me attitude or say something. I never did start picking on people for no reason. And I don't pick on women. Unless, unless the question you asked them sometimes I have to, but I try to avoid yelling at women on stage. But sometimes, you know, they make comments and I get very upset. We I don't know. I feel like I'm so delicate, too. I get sensitive. And then after the show was like, Wow, you're so like, sensitive offstage. I'm like, Yeah, I'm a little. I cry all the time. I'm like a little baby. But I'm like, when I'm up there. I get a surge of energy. And I just Unknown Speaker 32:20 Yeah, yeah, you know, for me, I feel like I really almost like so there's a tunnel right before you walk into like, you know, the fucking arena. And it's just everyone's screaming and it's just like, oh, fuck, here we go. But the tunnel is like this. It's not quiet, but it's just a slightly quiet area. And I feel like as I walk through that tunnel, I become a different person. Like impenetrable. Like, it doesn't matter what the fuck is going on? I'm a warrior after the tunnel, right? Yeah. And I feel like once you you know, you're behind that curtain. You're probably like, I'm a delicate flower that it's like fuck it's definitely told me you know, when you go by the curtain, and you have to you have to create this almost alternate person. Because the world is mean like you guys are assholes sometimes. But I'm just so appreciative because you're also out there doing the Lord's work calling out guys. I saw this clip of you grabbed a guy's phone. Oh, that Unknown Speaker 33:06 was fucked. This guy. Okay. I get a lot of creepy DMS and here's the thing too. Here's the thing do I'm not saying don't DM people that my current boyfriend DM me. That's how we fucking went out. Just to said You're very funny. You're beautiful. I would love to take you out. Thank you. That's it. Yep. This motherfucker comments. I knew I knew of him. Because he commented like something about how he wants to like, I read it on the phone, whatever. So he said something creepy. I get to the show. He's sitting front row alone, and I go, something's up with this guy. So am I doing my set? And I'm like, I go. It's him. It's fucking him. I go, you DM me? He's like, no, yes, he did. He goes, Oh, yeah. And then he tried to read like the bottom thing he said was like, Oh, I'm coming to your show this weekend. I think you're really funny. And I'm like, that's not what you said, motherfucker. And I'm so glad. I'm glad I took as well because I I'm glad I filmed because I was gonna get my friend to unplug my phone to bring it out. So I'm gonna read things. I'm like, I'm gonna prove you wrong in front of this whole fucking crowd. And so I read out what he actually said. And everyone went berserk like the fuck, I don't think I've ever had a reaction. Like I remember like, the staff was going crazy. Like, even the men were like, Yeah, you gotta like, don't lie. If you're gonna be a fucking creep. Like, I know what you said to me. You said something creepy. You try to lie in some dinette. Am I going to tell you for everybody? That happens a lot. Yeah, yeah. It's also like, I have a new thing where it's like, after that show was like, I don't want men who come alone to sit in the front row anymore. Because it makes me feel uncomfortable. Like it's also like the front rows where I like to refer people in like, and then this guy clearly was and I was like, and he was partnered. I go where's your partner? Oh, she's working on like, or did you think you were going to come here and fuck me? Is that what you thought? Like, do you think you had a chance? Because I talked so much about sex and stuff guys think that I'm just looking to fuck after every show. Unknown Speaker 34:47 Man So do you so you get hit on a lot. I mean, I know that which boyfriends name again so that because I know Zack. Talk to you. It's bold. Unknown Speaker 34:55 It's bold of men to do this, but because this happens with a lot of females who talk About there's like, What? Are you something sick? This is so fucked up. Right now I'd say about 90% of female comedians across the states. When they headline on the tour. They have to send photos to every club of men that stalked them in that city and say, Please don't let this guy inside. Holy fuck. Yep. Unknown Speaker 35:16 Do male comedians have that Unknown Speaker 35:18 app? They do, but it's not as bad. I know the big ones do. But it's also like, the men are scared of these women. Yeah, like I'm threatened. I'm scared of some of these guys that come like there's one show in San Fran. There's four guys in the front row when they were all like six five alone there to see me. And I was like, Yeah, this guy could follow me to my hotel room and he couldn't fucking do it. He wanted to me this is a large man like, so. I'm not saying maybe they are just fans. I'm not being I'm not saying every man is trying to fucking assault me before everyone gets over governor. I'm not saying that. But I'm like, when men are DMing like I want. I want to fucking eat sushi off your body and I want you to fuck I don't want to pull your mother will you gobble my car? It's like, well, what are like, intentions? That's not that guy's not trying to be nice to me to drink. The guy's trying to be fun. Great. And you don't Unknown Speaker 36:01 expect us to be a little on edge. Like hey, bitch, like, how about you be like, talk to like, yeah, no, it's understandable. And my first reaction is like, I know you're busy. But let's get you into some jujitsu stuff. Like just a little bit of jujitsu. I want to where can I go? Okay, we'll talk after the podcast like because I know you're in LA. So there's different areas, but just you know, even your basic shit. You know, if you just did it once or twice a week when you could I know you're busy, you know, but it's just like, could be morning could be the weekdays when you I know you're killing it, you know, on the weekend, and you're traveling, but these are the kinds of things that like, Yeah, I'm, I'm a, I'm an athlete, but at the end of the day, it's a self defense. And I feel not because I'm fit, but because I understand the way if someone's going to attack me what I would do, and I wish that and I want that for every woman and man, you know, but especially a woman who's being talked to the way you're being talked to, and you're, you're skyrocketing right now. And so, with fame comes more creepers, right? And so you're like, let's get you equipped, but we'll talk off the podcast, but Okay, back to the relationship stuff. I wanted to know. So, you know, you've been an athlete, and I've been, you know, an athlete as well. Unknown Speaker 37:12 Not, not an athlete. Like, let's not throw the term athlete around. I played sports. Unknown Speaker 37:17 Okay. All right. So it's not Yeah, coming up when you're younger said you were real fit. What was it like being what was your dating experience life in your younger years? Not so much. Now, as a comedian, Unknown Speaker 37:28 pretty much non existent. I yeah, I liked two guys in high school that both didn't like me back. And I thought they did. And they kind of led me on. And then I got into college, and I actually got my first real boyfriend in college with mental comedy program in Toronto, and I dated a guy for seven years in college. And that was a good relationship. Yeah, she was a nice man treated me well, my dad actually still talks to him. It's very bizarre. We broke up when I was 24 years old. I'm 37. Just to give everybody the How bizarre it is that my father still has a relationship with my first boyfriend idea. I don't like it. It's crazy. They he calls them every birthday, Father's Day and Christmas. It's bizarre. Like they're buddies. It's quite well, he's married. He has a whole other life. It's very strange. Anyways, your dad Unknown Speaker 38:10 just must be cool. And as cool as hell who just called it cool, Unknown Speaker 38:13 guys. Let's let's let's relax. Okay, all right. He's fine. He's not whatever. So I had him and then I dated another I did a comedian for three years after that, that ended for rigidly and then I got stopped around by another guy for about five years, we had an on and off thing where he will say we never dated. And we did have a matching tattoo for years. But I just got covered up and I'm so happy. Oh, God, I'm happy not to look at that anymore. And now that all right, well, yeah, so it wasn't good. And like, well, since I've been in LA was seven years of like, horrific, horrific, like, I'm not gonna get fully into it, but I was almost raped one night this guy dragging me up this hill. Really bad. This other guy met from San Diego he came to Venice and he drugged me and I woke up and I didn't know if I was raised and I think the plan B there's been a lot there's been a lot of men like treating me like actual dogs. That one guy we were fooled around three times and the third time he couldn't get hard and he goes yeah, it's your body. It's disgusting. I'm just not attracted to hold my face. Fuck who my eyeballs and I was like American or Canadian. Doesn't American I was an American boy who no longer to stand up because guess what I sent his name around to people and they never worked him again. Yes, well, you're gonna be a piece of shit. Shit like that, like getting ghosted, non stopped getting like there's one night I got ghosted, and I this was like, one of the last times where I was like, Oh, this is fucked. I think the guy it's I think it's what he would do. He like picked the bar. Over Tinder. We've been talking for like a week on the way like, I texted me, he's like texting me on your way. I'm like, I'm on my way there. In my Uber. He had matches me and I go, okay, so get to the bar and I'm looking around. I'm like, he's in here I go, he's fucking here. He's a fat loser who does this to women and there's a guy at the end of the bar and he's give me a weird look. And I'm like, It's him so I actually only happened I went to the bar I sat down I start talking about tenant auditor Dre and going on my phone acted like I was fine I knew God damn well he was in there like that's what his that that was fun he goes and watches women and then I got my God knew when I bawled my eyes out it was actually hilarious so because Uber driver had like, you sound like the Swedish Chef he's like, Oh no, why you play? I can't this is like the most insane it's okay I'm like it's not okay but you're making it okay cuz your voice is crazy. I'm sorry I've been stood up and ghosted at bars so many times I came remember like guys making the plans to come pick me up Mr. Singer my dress like just it's like going out with guys who said they liked me then you need to go see me guy saying oh, I'll never forget the first date. We thought we were talking again. Like just like really? Really bunker shit. Unknown Speaker 40:47 And do you think that this is? Where is this? American guys? Or do you think that if you're in Canada, I Unknown Speaker 40:54 think it's I think it's everywhere. I think that I think the online dating and I know what happens to men too. So before guys get all pissy I know women are doing it too. I think. I think online dating apps have ruined dating. I really do. I think they're they've given people an idea that there's too like, I know men out here. I've seen the girls out here. It's a lot of bots. So they see me and Oh, motherfucker. I'm gonna fuck this hot girl. No, that's a bot. You're never gonna fuck that girl. I don't know who they look in the mirror. For double chins. I don't know what to tell you right now. Like, I'm the best you can get so fucking deal with it like, and it's like, yeah, I know. I know. All my friends are getting ghosted too. It's just such. It's such a disgusting thing to do. Like, even if I have like a horrible day with somebody else. They'll be like, Look, thanks. Thanks for last night. Yeah. It's so easy to say it. It's it is and it's like, I think it's just become such. It's like the my first actual ghost experience in LA was a job. I was babysitting this girl. And I text them. Okay, well, what am i What's my schedule this week, and they never text me back. And I found out that he had a nanny cam. And he was spying on me. And I used to bike to the guy's house because I didn't have a car at the time. He had like, the girls like three so I would like change my bike clothes in front of because I was so paranoid. I'm watching someone's kids, like stare at her the whole fucking day. Yeah. And I'm like, Oh, this motherfucker was watching me change. And that was watching me all day longer than fucking fired me. It was psychotic. Oh, yeah. He's like, Oh, I want to be comedian. I saw him at the Comedy Store the other day. And I'm like, guess what? I'm gonna get you kicked out. Anytime I see you. So come back again. Unknown Speaker 42:15 I love that so much. Because you know, I fuck you. They, you know, they never thought that you would ever have that kind of power. Unknown Speaker 42:21 Oh, they know. I know. He was funny too. And I'm like, I'm like you'll never get on the Comedy Store. I'm like, Yeah, you're never gonna so they're gonna be loud in there. Unknown Speaker 42:30 All douchebags aside, let's say you're on a great date. What would it be? What would be a deal breaker for you? Unknown Speaker 42:36 I have a really big teeth and breaths thing? Yeah. Hey, I don't mind if your teeth are crooked or whatever. If you don't floss. That's it for me. We're done. I cannot. It is such. I don't know why people don't like it's also a lot of male comedians. I was having sex with this guy recently. He like an older guy before Zack. And I like you know, it was a lot of like darkness. You can't really see the teeth in the dark. And there's one day we were in the daylight and like you like laughing and other day, and every single tooth had like smarts in it and I was like, Oh, that's it. We're never fucking again. I'm like, repulsed by also bad kissers bad kissers and bad teeth are my top my top two? Unknown Speaker 43:14 Yeah, yeah. No, that's that's huge. Yeah, dude, you're literally putting your mouth on some. I feel like that's almost more intimate than dicks. And vaginas are like, you know, like, you don't like I just, you gotta keep your teeth like clean your mouth is so important. Unknown Speaker 43:29 Because like, Do you not like I have one piece of eating in my tools. I have floss on my car floss on my fucking purse and sauce in my in my bathroom. I'm flossing non stop. It also feels nice to floss. It's very bizarre. It's also that smell like you know when you're flossing you smell. Smell. That's every man's breath. I'm like, This is what it is. Unknown Speaker 43:49 You're probably questioning you literally just put that in perspective, guys. Yeah. Have you ever smelled Unknown Speaker 43:53 your fat in teeth? It's so gross. And that's like that's I have a big nose. I can smell everything. I smell everything I wish I didn't do I don't want to smell that. Unknown Speaker 44:03 I just realized actually because I got a deviated septum. I don't know if you can hear it in my voice or like I can't get it fixed because I'm a fighter. So as soon as I get that surgically fixed, I'm gonna get punched in the nose and it's gonna fuck it up. So I gotta wait till I'm done fighting which is, you know, not for a while so I can't smell that great. So I was just thinking like, Oh, lucky blessing. But then people were like, do you smell gas? Do you smell smoke? And I'm like, nope, good. I'm burning alive for sure. No, that's that's normal. What would you know a perfect date be for you? Are you like an outdoorsy Kind of chick you like want to stay inside? Unknown Speaker 44:42 I like a dive bar. Yeah, I like a dive bar with this really shitty pool table and just like a like beer on tap. shooting the shit playing pool karaoke, Army karaoke, sorry, jukebox. Sorry, jukebox. No, Unknown Speaker 44:55 no, no, no. I have a friend who loves karaoke. I'm like, I shall watch you Whoo and laugh never me go on stage. No, I Unknown Speaker 45:02 as somebody who performs I can't sing karaoke always want to sing who get up there and they can't I can't I also worked at borrows karaoke for fucking five years ruined my life. Oh god. Yeah, it was hell. Unknown Speaker 45:14 So sex question, how did you learn about sex? You know, are Canadians very open? Did your family give you the talk? No, Unknown Speaker 45:20 no, no Canadians are our sex education was horrific. It was like I'm sure everyone's was at our I waited around the same age. I'm 37. I'm 35. Yeah. I don't know. Like we had like, our gym teacher would play a video. Like what? Like, we didn't know anything I learned from friends. I didn't lose my virginity. I was 19. So I was like, pretty far behind. I didn't wear tampons because I didn't know how they went in. Like I was very My parents never talked about it. Like I literally showed my mom my period. She gave me paddles. Like, what do I do? She's putting underwear and I'm like, I know. He opened the package. She goes like, What are you talking about? Like, I don't know how to find them. No. Yeah, it was. Yeah. Very, very bizarre. They're very, and it's so funny now because I'm so open and honest on stage. And I'm like, didn't get that for my parents. Yeah. Yeah, it was like some of my friends. One of my friends is like a nudist. When I was in like middle school, okay, she was she showed me how to put the tampon in. She like came in the bath with me. She put it in here and like what is going on right now? And the friend was your age sex? Yeah. And she's very open about sex. Like, I guess her parents weren't up to so it was like, it was crazy. It was from her other friends who were like doing it. Yeah. And then yeah, I didn't really I like fooled around with a lot of guys in high school, but I didn't fully have sex until I was in college. All right, I wanted I wanted to make sure I was in love with the guy and I was so that was nice. Unknown Speaker 46:30 That's awesome. Yeah, it was cute. I really do feel like that's every little girl's intention. And then somewhere along the way. Unknown Speaker 46:37 Doesn't work out like that. Yeah, no, no. But now I'm like a raging horror. So I'm like, my first boyfriend. He was only I had sex with and we dated for seven years. And I was like, he wanted to get married. I was like, No, there's no way in hell, I'm having sex with one man my whole life. That's not gonna happen. You know, and I really hit the ground running. And yeah, Unknown Speaker 46:57 I love it. Do you have any? Do you have any, like, routine so for fighters sometimes we abstain from sex before a fight because of there's like a myth, you know, testosterone guys and all that and some people really, there's a little scientific evidence for the male's testosterone release and all that. But most women, especially the fighters, they're like No, fuck it. We will fuck right before the fight after the fight doesn't matter. Oh, yeah. Is there anything like that? Do you have any routines or like rituals? No, no, Unknown Speaker 47:26 I will fuck any time or day a week. I'm actually I think I'm in my fucking peak right now. I am. I'm warmed up. Yeah, I'm, I'm corny as hell. I'm masturbating. Minimum for today. Sex, sexting, Unknown Speaker 47:38 FaceTime, right? Unknown Speaker 47:40 I FaceTime I've got the vibrator down there. I'm like, it's it's a lot. Yeah, the second I get horny. I like thinking about him. And I'm imagining when he's around, I'm like, sorry, we're fucking every five minutes. I don't wanna tell you. I can't I can't wait. Unknown Speaker 47:53 How are you making the long distance work? While Unknown Speaker 47:56 we're new? We're only a few we're seven weeks and I think now okay, he's I was just in Salt Lake this weekend with him. He's coming here actually on Monday for 10 days. So yeah, it lucked out where he can travel and work from home. So we can come here kind of frequently, and I can he can come with me on like on the road. So if I have a weekend away, he can fly out with me and like spend it with me. Unknown Speaker 48:17 Have you guys ever had any crazy situations yet? Like a quickie somewhere? Or has it been Unknown Speaker 48:23 pretty nice? His fucking brother and dad heard us talking this weekend. Oh, no. And they decided to tell me when he wasn't in the room. And it was just three of us are like so. Yeah, I got a knock when we come home. I like his so his bedroom as a door and it's attached his bathroom. And I thought the bathroom door was also closed. But it wasn't. So when I first saw him on, I guess it was Friday, we nearly started talking. And I was not being quiet because that nobody was in there, of course. And then we thought we heard something and like we kept going and then afterwards brother comes in. We're like, I'm like, Oh my god. He's like, Yeah, I'm like, you heard it all. He's like, Uh huh. And I'm like, fuck, and then we fool around again. And I guess we were loud again. The data was in his time and he also ate me lol his dad was watching the Seahawks game. So I'm gonna see his dad going. Oh, come on. And I was like, why are you doing this? You know, it was a nightmare. I'm like, I can't I mean, I still came but I'm like this is Unknown Speaker 49:14 Oh, come on. Unknown Speaker 49:18 Oh, that was a bad pass. I'm like, shoving his head down. I'm like, why are we doing this? Like this is fucking sick. He's like, stop fumbling. We are crazy story. Actually. Our first weekend we fully hung out. We fucked in a gondola. Whoa, yeah. And Telluride, Colorado you'd think was gone a lot to get from one side to sea to the other. And I was like, I was like the way back and I was so horned up. I'm like, fuck me now. Man. Yeah, I he fucked me in the gondola and I scored it everywhere. Fucking bottom of the gondola. So I was like, just pitching the next person getting and being like, Wow, no, like it was a nightmare. It was the craziest place where it's so Unknown Speaker 49:56 I feel like the last two or three episodes we talked about squirting Were you always because you always squared? Or was that something that oh happened? Or did you work on it? Because I just learned that you can actually become a squirter? Unknown Speaker 50:08 Yes, it's I think, this is what I tell people who have not supported or are thinking about supporting. It's when you think you're gonna piss that's worth push through. That's what it is. Push through. I remember the first time it happened, like, are they gonna pee? And the guy said, he's like, No, you're gonna score it. I'm like, what? And then And yes, I there is some pee in score. It comes out like the same spot. It is sometimes smells a bit more like pizza smell at all, like pee. It's clear. And I've like I've tested it several times where I've gone pee rate before sex, squirted a fuck ton. And then immediately peed after and I'm like, Well, how much Chris we're having me. I'm not just pissed inside the body. Yeah. But the first time I scored it was with I think it was 27 I remember I remember vividly. What the fuck is that? February 6 19. Yeah, I can I sometimes can make it come if I really want to, but I can. I'd rather come naturally. And I this guy makes me squat more than anybody I've ever been with my life. I'm so happy for you. It's crazy. And he loves it. So Unknown Speaker 51:11 I'm like, oh, slow clap for that guy. Oh, yeah. Unknown Speaker 51:15 I'm drowning him. He's he's getting waterboarded I don't give a fuck you get soften it up. I get sick pay. He has me under his phone as Niagara Falls. Unknown Speaker 51:27 Yeah, you must have the best sense of humor. He does. You know just he can laugh can you laugh at himself? Oh, yeah. Like that's what yourself yeah, that's awesome. He's must be very secure with his sexuality is you know, Unknown Speaker 51:41 it's very clear that his self and a sexuality and everything Yeah, he has two kids. He's an ex Mormon. So he's got Oh, ex wife two kids. Oh, yeah. Yeah, so he started like I feel like when you have kids at a young age you just kind of you grew up with because he's 33 years younger than me. Which is like you know, not ever dated someone feels you I'm not gonna make crystal Yeah, it feels but I made fun of Danny James like any anytime on stage I can make fun of it. I do I don't give a shit. I'm sure half the listeners Look Listen guys if you're if you're listening right now and you still like crystal Lea. Go look them up on Reddit. Go read go just have a light read on what he did. And all the accusations you're not gonna like him and I don't know what to tell you. It's not good it's very bad never forget never forget Yeah, yeah. Unknown Speaker 52:29 Okay, holy shit. What is your authority asked you a pet peeve Are you a more dominant or submissive lover we always as a female fighters like all you must be just throwing your dudes around. I'm like actually no, I literally like to be like there's not a lot of times I feel like a dainty flower you know? So like make me feel feminine and dainty. So I'm actually not super dominant in bed. I kind of like more submissive Is that something that Yeah, I Unknown Speaker 52:55 think I'm kind of like that too. Because I'm like people think I'm like this aggressive King that's just like holding every man down. I fought no more like I like being dominate. I don't like I'm not too crazy in the bedroom. will slap people chokey here and there but I don't like going nuts like I'm like, fuck me missionary. I don't I don't hate it. Yeah, I mean to go crazier. I hate 60 nining I hate it I have a joke about it but I we tried it literally means I've just tried it like this week the first time. But what do I get? Well, I think because it's there's too much going on. I can't focus. I also I'm self conscious of my stomach. So I have to suck in Oh, I had to suck his dick right here. My nose is in his fucking tank. Sniffing and I'm supposed to fucking enjoy it. I'm not doing anything. There's too much there's too much happening. I'm not getting turned on looking at his fucking hair yet. Much. There's so much going on like It's like and vice versa like the my assholes in his face. And I'm like, my asshole good right now. I don't know. Like I'm shitting the day like, unless it's fresh out of the shower. I'm not I'm not doing it as soon as eating unless it's fresh out of the shower. I'm not eating is Unknown Speaker 54:02 understandable. Understandable. Well, let's do the lightning sex round because it's perfect. It's perfect. Perfect transition lightening sex round for you Unknown Speaker 54:17 those listeners who don't know it is a rapidfire yes or no segment and I'm just going to ask Deaf couple questions. She'll say yes or no. Unless she feels like telling a story about something we will slow it down. Sometimes the listeners have gone on me. So here we go. Lightning six round stuff. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Do you spank or like to be spanked? Unknown Speaker 54:37 Yes. Biting. I had a man bit my neck mole off ones and it really turned me on fighting. I had a full neck mole like the size of a junior mint. And he bent it off and it was dangling and it was gushing blood and had to get it surgically removed the next day. So you know what? We're still staring at the biting battle. That's my worst story. Yeah, that's it. Yeah. Choking. Like choking had to be good at choking. Oh yeah. There's a proper way to do choking. Yes. If you can choke then yes, Unknown Speaker 55:03 threesomes if I'm not in a relationship, okay, yeah, it could get messy. Do you watch porn? All the time? foot fetish? No. Unknown Speaker 55:15 Absolutely not. My feet were on wiki feet. They just left a bad seat to Okay, feet. I'm embarrassed when I see no, Unknown Speaker 55:25 your feet were on wiki feet and someone gave you bad feet. Oh, yeah, Unknown Speaker 55:29 I just moved to okay feet recently, like I was I had one star. Unknown Speaker 55:32 Like, why even make a fucking profile for someone if you're gonna rate them as bad? Unknown Speaker 55:36 Oh, your feet are on there. I know. Anybody with a name your feet are on. I don't want to be on there and take me off. bodily fluid fetish. No. Okay, mine is sporting. But no. Okay. Unknown Speaker 55:52 Bondage like ropes. Blindfold handcuffs. Okay, fun. Role playing. Unknown Speaker 55:58 Ah, no, I feel like I do too much sketch today. Yeah, I'm gonna wear a mustache and a wig on top of him like, Oh, Unknown Speaker 56:04 yes. Stop working for a minute. But stuff on you or a partner? Yes. ever use sex toys or been to a sex club? Sex toys? Yes. sex club? No. Are you a lingerie lover? Now I too hot and sweaty. Alright, so that was the lightning sex round. Thanks for playing the last two segments our game of fuck marry kill one marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. We're gonna give you some comedians, Canadian comedians, actually so and then some fan questions. So for Fuck, Marry, Kill. Here we go. You get to choose from comics. Tom Green. Seth Rogen and Eugene Levy. Unknown Speaker 56:57 Okay. Kill Tom Green. Fuck Seth Rogen. Mary Eugene Levy. Unknown Speaker 57:02 Damn on it. I love it. Unknown Speaker 57:04 Yeah, Tom Green grosses me out. He looks like he's done bad things. I don't have proof for that. But you know, he's got that he's always greasy and wet. Yeah, yeah. Cold in Canada. Why you wet all the time? I literally I think Tom Green. I just think of him like sausages. Yeah, the first thing you know that's not sexy. No, it's not. So I watched that video that movie with my dad. And when the horse came, we all laughed and I'm like, Okay, we got we are a sick family. Unknown Speaker 57:28 We're sick family. All right. Before we ask you these fan questions stuff. We're going to be actually asking these questions on the UFC fight pass platform, so some listeners will switch over some listeners won't. For the ones who are not going to switch over where can they find you on social media and plug that badass podcast I listened to one episode, but give us a little spiel before you answer some questions. Unknown Speaker 57:50 Please follow me on Instagram at Steph Tola. I post all my tour dates on there. I post on my videos you can DM me if you have any questions. And I also host a live radio show every Monday at 6pm on this new app called ampere the download where you can also call in it's very fun. Oh, we talk openly about sex and stuff because you should call it when I talk about whatever. Yep. And my podcast is called staph infection and it's all about people having weird body ailments. So it's we don't make fun of them. It's like people openly talking about crazy surgeries crazy accidents, weird ailments. They can't get rid of weird rashes breaks everything in between I talked to save people you talk to you. I would like to have more virus you're doing it I'm gonna get you into the studio. So you can do it. Yeah, talk to comedians, actors, porn stars. And yeah, that's sad. staph infection on Instagram and on Spotify, YouTube, whatever. Not a YouTube Spotify, iTunes and all that stuff. Unknown Speaker 58:39 I always put all my guests links in the show notes and the get in the consistent listeners they know that so they don't gotta stop driving or doing the spreadsheets or whatever you're doing right now. It's always in the show notes guys. staph infection. I love it because as a wrestler, high school wrestler, collegiate wrestler. staph infection is a very predominant and so I saw that I was just like, that's hilarious. I love it's a good name. It's a good name. And I love your album cover. Well, you're all Staffy Oh, yeah, I'm gonna stop Unknown Speaker 59:28 that is it for episode 119 with a stiff pull of man. I really. I knew it was gonna be funny. And I just felt so connected to her because in her comedy, I'm like, I feel like that. So I really enjoyed that. She's gonna have me on her podcast. Like she said the staph infection I will always let you guys know how you can listen to those when I'm on other people's podcasts. I should do, like, a week or so of other people's podcasts because like It's so busy. I say yes to people and then I try to like do like a whole block like a week of podcasts. So I can get a whole bunch in but yeah, I'll let you guys know. And if you guys didn't know, UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence original shows and more. Sign up today at UFC fight backslash sign up and you will get half off for a limited time. Next week. Okay, we have a guest Her name is Jocelyn Michelle. She is a PFL fighter she's so that's the lightweight actually division. I thought they were 145 but they're 155 pound ladies and PFL and that is Kayla Harrison and Jackie kattiline. And I can't really think of too many other big ladies right now. But if you want to check her out before we do the show, her Instagram Instagram handle is at body slamming Queen because she is also a pro wrestler, so just an all around badass babe. That's next week guys. Don't forget to check that out and check out our website sex violence with rebel Pick up some merch to help us out. And check out my exclusive fan time like only fans, Ashley, rebel And I always ask you, but please, please, please rate and review the show it helps us out or just you know, share this episode if you think someone would like it. Or, you know, you don't even think they'll like it. Just fucking get the word out. Help us out guys. We love you so much. And we really love the fan questions. This week. There were some great ones. Thank you so much special shout out to Pat Kenny and Dan Kenny. They are always helping me out giving me good guest suggestions and fan questions and what the fuck marry kill because I get so busy sometimes. So thank you guys. I love you both special thank you to audio engineer DJs Oh, he is the man at DJ soul. So how did time go? So had a gig last weekend at time nightclub with the famous DJ Tiesto and I want to know how it went. Unknown Speaker 1:02:09 We'll just say it'll be my hometown spot for 2023 Oh, wow, Unknown Speaker 1:02:14 it went so well. He says gonna be his hometown spot for 2023 So if you guys want to catch DJs Oh, I guess he will be doing a lot of work at time nightclub, which is great, because that's local so I can come see you actually been trying to come out every week. Oh my god, I gotta go with this one. Okay, guys. Lastly, you can find us on Instagram like always at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. We have a special guest in studio. Our editor at Air Media Productions. Nick quarry is here. Nick, come say hi. I think he's we're almost finished. I think he thought he was gonna get away without saying anything. Mini interview with Nick. All right, Nick, how long have you been here in the US from Amsterdam? Unknown Speaker 1:03:03 Oh, I've been here for a month now. liking it so far. Things started with a bang. I'm gonna hit Vegas for another month. I know within like a week or something. So Unknown Speaker 1:03:13 yeah. What kind of job opportunities have popped up since then? Unknown Speaker 1:03:17 Well, I mean, surprisingly, I've really been linking up with brands well, for sports management. We're getting into the athlete management. I'm building a little roster of my friends you know, that are coming up like pros and amateurs and it's helping me build relationships with all these brands. So yeah, but yeah, aside from that, like video production wise, yeah, yeah, Unknown Speaker 1:03:35 I saw you went out to East Los Angeles and got real. With what's his name? Unknown Speaker 1:03:41 David Diaz. That'd be the last yo Diaz Fifth of November. So he'll be fighting on BK FC in Orlando. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. Well, documentary. Unknown Speaker 1:03:49 Are you going to stay here and do some more work? Are you going to head to Vegas soon? What's your plan? Unknown Speaker 1:03:53 My plan is to stick around like do a little bit more work. But I extended my stay here for another week, like or a week up to 10 days and then I'm gonna go to Vegas link up with all my people there and maybe do a little feature on another Bronco fighter and that's a surprise. Unknown Speaker 1:04:07 Well, you know, I gotta ask because there's a sex and violence. How's the sex life since coming from Amsterdam over Unknown Speaker 1:04:13 here? I've well okay, aside from like, talking to people on the dating apps, I mean, in LA. And that was a wild night. And I mean, I find a difference between like the dating apps here where like girls are more a lot more serious I think into dating and then when you go out to LA everyone's you see and connection. But also actually that girl that that girl actually got jealous of me hooking up with someone else at the party as well, even though we met that same night. Unknown Speaker 1:04:35 Oh, so it sounds like you are having lots of fun while you're having fun while I'm out here that I'm gonna calm it down a little bit. That type of focus that wasn't the beginning. Unknown Speaker 1:04:44 Well, we we love you. We're so happy to have you guys. Thank you so much for tuning in. I just had to give Nick a little shout out. He's out here following his dream. He's working with fighters. He's doing video production. He's doing the damn thing and I just hope all you guys out out there doing the same thing follow your dream. I don't give a fuck what it takes. If it takes time if it takes money if it takes failures over and over and over, dust yourself off, get back up take risks, because why? Why else live life? You don't want to live a boring life. What do I say every week? Be kind, be grateful but don't take shit from anyone. I love you guys. Talk to you next week with a new guest and more tales of sex environment. Transcribed by

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