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Ep.120 Jeslen "Wrecking Ball" Mishelle

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight pass 24/7 stream offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day all night. Tune in sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance and that all two taboo subjects sex. I'm your host, Ashley rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence what's happening hot stuff, what is up my naughty listeners we are back in studio. It is the end of spooky season. This is pretty much Halloween weekend because Halloween is on Monday. That's always lame. But I hope you guys are celebrating over the weekend and having parties and getting laid and if you don't get laid, I hope you self love. That's pastor patient. I hope you guys had a great week. Let me fill you in on what's been going on with me. Last week I told you I was getting tattooed. And I did Holy crap. It was a sensitive area right by my hoo ha like I said, I went live for a little bit if you wanted to tune in, you probably miss me because we really didn't go live that long. If you can imagine I was trying to act like it didn't hurt, but it didn't hurt. This is a very sensitive area, but I'm absolutely in love with it. It's actually a sex and violence themed tattoo. I'm going to be posting about it in the next week or so when it's all healed. It's kind of in that flaky yucky situation right now if you've ever had a tattoo, so stay tuned if you want to check it out and check out Ryan Jenkins he did a guest spot at stay sacred Studios which is a brand new studio in San Clemente and his Instagram is at Ryan Jenkins tattoo just like the way it sounds, guys if you are in SoCal. Ryan is based in Las Vegas, but he's actually going to be going back and forth doing like maybe a monthly guest spa. I think that sounds kind of crazy. I wouldn't want to travel that much, but he is worth it. So if you are in Vegas, or the SoCal area or even NorCal check him out and he's going to be doing guest spots at stay sacred studios. They're on Instagram as well check them out. What else happened last week? Oh, all my picks for Saturday's fights UFC two ad it was Olivera vs. Maka Chev. I literally everybody, wrong. The last three fights, the title fights and Sean O'Malley versus Yan Yan and Carol row sauce versus Lena Landsberg. All my picks were wrong. But they were great fights so I don't know. Do we have fights this weekend? You'll see fights. No. Okay. So just party it up for Halloween. Have fun, be safe. Yeah, and then I'm definitely not going to make any bets. I wasn't gonna make any bets before but I realize I told you guys last week that UFC fighters are no longer allowed to make bets which is kind of wack but at the same time, I'm like, okay, they want to do everything that's like other sports so they're kind of respected maybe and like everything's uniform. But then I'm like, but then they come out with this fucking slap fighting shit is old. Did you have a fight this week? Oh, there is a fight this weekend. My bad. guitar and Arnold. Calvin cater versus Arnold. No, I think it's all good. Yeah, Calvin cater versus Arnold Allen. Arnold. Ellen. Is he Canadian? Yeah. He's not the guy that looks like he's like No, no, no. Anyway, guys, okay. Calvin cater versus Arnold. L. Allen is this weekend? I just guess he's English. He's not Canadian. I just got so much crap going on guys.

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I just anyway don't yeah, I'm looking at a picture of Arnold Allen right now. And man I just gotta get at least the the main events you know, but check the fights out this weekend the UFC fights Sunday, this last Sunday actually did a nother gig for up next fighting where I was the backstage correspondent. I've really been like just is falling in love with this job, like the Megan Alevi of the organization. And I get to talk to the fighters and the VIP guests. And it's just the coolest job. It's the same energy I get to feel not exactly the same when I'm about to fight but with less stress. So, I just love being in the MMA community and I don't think I'll ever leave I know I won't leave but that job is it's so fun. And if you guys want to check out the next up next fighting, it is on November 19. Yes, and that's up next three it's a pro card. This last weekend was an amateur show but even the amateur show sold out there was like Halloween thriller performance and it was just a packed house super, super exciting fights as well even though they're amateurs I always say this the amateur fighters are actually just their their their nonstop because it's you know, shorter time shorter rounds and they really just have something to prove you know and kind of like nothing to lose when you're in your amateur career. That's the time that you get to go out and make mistakes and learn and then you know when you go pro you wipe the slate clean and you learn from those mistakes and you move on so what that makes for is absolutely exciting fights and it was fun guys if you want to check out the next up next. Go to up next Buy your tickets now because they definitely will sell out that's about it but oh okay last thing before we get to our guests I want to tell you guys SOS eight submission only series grappling it is a submission only grappling tournament that I host or me and Zetas ng will be hosting. And this event it's the middleweight Pro. So the big guys, the one at fibers, they're all in a tournament for $5,000 That's a big pot for grappling. I don't know if you guys follow grappling, maybe you don't give a fuck. But, you know, since my boyfriend's a black belt, I've been paying more attention to jujitsu. And obviously, I'm an MMA fighter. So I should know a little bit about what's going on in the jujitsu world. And that's a really big pause. So these guys are going out there. And just like the amateur fighters, they're, you know, leaving it all on the mat. So it's really exciting. My partner who runs the show, only picks top level grapplers I've seen him pass up, you know, brown belt, high level, you know, big name people because he doesn't care. He just wants extremely talented people competing for that prize money and, and that's what happened. So if you can't make it live, it's in the LA County, then you can check it out on flow grappling submission only Get tickets now. And they are also looking for some females. So ladies, or guys who no female grapplers please put the word out 135 to 145 pound females, they're looking for a special match and there is a smaller pot as well. So if you know some ladies who want to grapple spread the word or does DM me, or at some mission only series on Instagram as well. And if you guys want to help support me or their show, I have an exclusive content site that's kind of like only fans, but it's better. It's called Fan time. Ashley rebel That's where all the sexy pictures and videos are. And then if you want to support the show, or buy some merch, it's sex violence with rebel And all these links are always in the show notes, guys. So you hear me say it every week. And you're like, I always forget what it's not just click on the information in the podcast, click on the website, buy a damn shirt, support the show, I see who buys them and I send you guys little thank you because I love you guys for doing that. So thank you. And if you just want to spread the word, share this podcast with a friend that does a lot you know, word of mouth marketing the best in the biz, and you know, we'll always be so just tell a friend and that would really help us out. Okay, guys, what else helps us out money from our sponsors? So, if you ever want to sponsor the show, don't forget you can always email us at Ozark sex and violence Or if you know a sponsor or someone who's looking to sponsor podcast, hit us up you know, we don't know I'm out here doing all this other shit can always look for sponsors but we love them we need them. Let's talk about the ones we currently have.

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I am so excited. I'm like, I've been working my whole life to be early or on time for stuff. And I was way ready for you. Because this is very exciting for me.

Unknown Speaker 13:01
Thank you. I appreciate it. You gave me such nice compliments before the show. I feel the pressure now to like have a great show with you. But

Unknown Speaker 13:09
like just when I met you at Black house that day, I don't know there's just something about you. And listening to your other interviews and podcasts. You'd have your natural at this. And that's why I'm wearing eyelashes for you. product. I want to enhance your product. I want to contribute to it. Oh, well, you

Unknown Speaker 13:25
are contributing by just being a guest. And I'm really really appreciative because it is. You know, for you listeners who are listening and maybe this is your first episode. It's a personal podcast. We are going to talk about fighting right now. But we're going to head straight into her real personal life love dating, romance and sex. So let's get to it. You are a undefeated fighter, but you're also a pro wrestler. Let's just stay on the MMA topic for now. But I definitely want to get to all the other cool shit you do, because there's a lot of it. So as far as MMA goes five and out undefeated as an amateur to know as a pro, your last like we talked about in your intro was for PFL. Now, where do you want to go from here?

Unknown Speaker 14:11
I just want to elevate so five amateur fighter three title belts, by the way, it's really cool. I like it. And the last couple of fights my first two profiles for with PFL. And those two fights were to fight for the contract to be part of their season because I know I'm going to be a millionaire. And I was like, oh, there's gonna be my first million. Yeah. But that's a different topic, you're gonna get a debt. However, even though I won both those fights, while injured, I unfortunately didn't get the contract. They did tell my manager that my opponent, Jackie, if she had won, they would have offered her the contract. And we're like, what the hell like why is that? And basically it's because she's had over 1000 Olympic level wrestling so they liked her experience in her background and here I am still a pro wrestler like Doing body slams and flaunting myself.

Unknown Speaker 15:02
I mean, don't get me wrong I obviously understand from a marketing point of view they want to promote the Olympic wrestler all that but like, you're no slouch. You do so much cool shit. You're fucking beautiful. You're just like a Amazonian Wonder Woman, and I don't understand why they wouldn't want to promote you. Since you did the damn thing. You won your fights. I think you deserve the contract. But was that something where fans actually voted? Like I'm

Unknown Speaker 15:28
not to the Yeah, actually, the the fan voting is part of it. And I did win that, okay, the first bout when I fought the judo Black Belt. But then it was between me and another winner and I got the fan vote but ultimately PFL votes her eye and she got it. She was in the season. She got like, she had maybe 135 Professional kickboxing bouts, so they liked that. Basically, they said they want to see me come back when I have more experience. And it's true. I am new. I'm new to this thing. And I don't know a lot. I didn't even think I'd ever be a fighter and especially a professional athlete after age of 30. Like, that's just crazy. So I understand where I'm new. But it's not just about physical. I've always been athletic. But I've realized how much more and I think the leg up I have is because of this. But how much more fighting is than just physical and even technique? How mental it is. And if I didn't already have the practices that I do, I couldn't have won those fights. No way. Not with just skill or physical.

Unknown Speaker 16:26
Of course, you literally just said you you you're only to know as a pro, but you beat a judo black belt. And then you basically be a wrestling Black Belt. There's no such thing. But as far as the Olympic caliber, that would be a black belt level, right? So you know, you're like, Oh, I'm I'm new. I'm an experienced just taken out these high level ladies. And they're no slouches. I looked him up. And so in there all at 155, lightweight, which are some big ladies, you know, so you're holding your own with some really talented women, I would think if I was an organization, I would want to swoop you up before someone else took you or you, you know, yeah, just I would want you on our roster.

Unknown Speaker 17:05
Thank you. Thank you. And I do think that you see a lot in people that are good that maybe might be overlooked. And I do think that some coaches have overlooked me too. And that's why I stick with the people who see those qualities in me because we all have qualities. And I think that if you can look beyond limitations that a person might have, then you can see more qualities, but sometimes they just need a break through or sometimes they can't get past that. And that's what a coach is supposed to do is pull them through, pull them past that. And I had a coach helped me with that. But I do think that they wanted to see more from me, especially with a wrestler background is they had asked me if I was wanting to talk shit, and I was like, I don't really I'm just here to fuck shit up. Yeah, but if they wanted that I think they did, then I didn't give it and so, you know, I think they just want to seem a little more from me, or something to build off of maybe more dramatic.

Unknown Speaker 17:57
Yeah, yeah, I understand. It is confusing to me. And I think because you are in the bigger division, and there's not many organizations that have a big talent pool for you to go to and definitely none that are offering fucking a million dollars. I think they're kind of like, alright, we got her by the ovaries, she ain't going anywhere.

Unknown Speaker 18:17
Exactly, exactly. And then. So they didn't give me the contract. So we wanted to go somewhere else in which was going to be the Bellator. Like, we were like, shooting for that. And then they asked for me to be released and they didn't release me. They said we're gonna give her another fight, which would be next month. And then that's fallen through. So I don't know. All right,

Unknown Speaker 18:38
well, would you fight anywhere else? I don't know if one has a bigger women's division, obviously. Bellator you're just good trying to elevate no matter what, but you know, do you have a goal as far as MMA?

Unknown Speaker 18:51
Totally Well, I definitely want to keep working. And I would do 145 anywhere else, that's fine. But I just think that everything works out for me. I don't know how or why. But somehow through life, everything just works out. And because of that injury that I sustained. That has been ongoing. And every time it gets fixed. I even last time it happened. I was at Black House and I was so excited to be there and they're tough and they're kicking my ass. I ended up hurting myself, like, twice as bad, like even worse. No. Yeah. So we got I found some specialists in LA and we got to the root of the problem and it's not my shoulders, or my neck, which we thought really was it's shoulder problem is coming from the neck, the neck coming from the spine, we realize it's coming from the fucking hips. And I've had this hip thing since I was a kid. So when I'm fighting and I'm in this poor posture, it's continuing to like chain react domino effect to my shoulders and never gets better.

Unknown Speaker 19:45
Wild. All right, well, I hope that that gets fixed.

Unknown Speaker 19:48
Yeah, so I'm just gonna just work on fixing that and get some fights hopefully in the new year. Okay. And

Unknown Speaker 19:55
do you have someone helping you with like a manager trying to get you booked?

Unknown Speaker 19:59
Yeah. I love my manager. His name is Roman. It's with Roman athletic institution. He's a G. He's been a fighter as well. And he started this. It's fairly new. What I like and respect about him is he is one of those people who sees qualities in people that can he can build up and build on. Yeah. And just from a gym that I was at, I don't feel like people wanted to build anyone. I think that they really liked something that was already there and kind of

Unknown Speaker 20:26
they want to cherry pick something that's already you know, they put the work in they've, you know, been fight tested, they just wanted to stick their stamp on someone who's already established.

Unknown Speaker 20:35
I feel like that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:37
So where are you training now.

Unknown Speaker 20:39
So, over the summer, I was out in LA, that's where I saw you. And I was gonna do blackhouse like regularly, although I had a lot of crazy trips throughout the summer, bartending work and stuff. And I came back to Vegas, and I don't have a team yet. I have been training only one on one with a couple of coaches. And then my manager who's out of extreme, extreme couture, and I had been at my previous gym, but I left there when I left to LA.

Unknown Speaker 21:08
Okay, so you're kind of in transition right now to say the least likely, right and Okay, body wise, fight wise, gym wise. And that's okay. Transitions are beautiful. They're scary sometimes, right? But then when you get to the place you're supposed to be you're like, alright, that's supposed to happen.

Unknown Speaker 21:22
Totally. And I kind of compare it I just thought of it right now to like a relationship like you get out of relationship because I felt like I broke up with my gym. It was hard. There was nothing bad. There's really no reason I don't want to jump into something and commit to something else yet. I just kind of want to feel it out and find fuel myself out to so that's

Unknown Speaker 21:41
exactly the way it is I when I left sub fighter MMA, Adam Lin is the head coach. We did such great things in like a five year span I got into the UFC, I beat the transgender like I did, like epic shit. Yeah. And but you know, when it was time for me, when I felt like I needed to switch gyms and move on because of whatever reasons. It was like no bad blood. But I felt so sad. Because yeah, it was kind of like my longest relationship. You know, I'm like, I had only had a year relationship up to that point. So to like end things with somebody that I saw all the time for five years. And we had gone through so much. It was like experiences together. Yeah, heartbreaking. I was like, We're breaking up. But I understand. Yeah. So then going and finding a new gym. It's, it's a hard choice. And you want to make sure it's the right fit, right? The right

Unknown Speaker 22:29
choice. Yeah, exactly. And I kind of feel like, I don't want to start a new gym where like, Oh, be careful with this my injury or I can't do that. Like that's, yep. And

Unknown Speaker 22:39
trust me, I understand that. Because even though you and I connected, there are lots of people, males or females who they don't give a fuck if you're injured, and they just want to use you like a tool, right? You need to find some good teammates. And that's hard to come by. Because sometimes you got to kind of prove yourself to these people. Right?

Unknown Speaker 22:57
Exactly. Especially if you're new. Because I did have a girl say, Oh, well, all injured. We're always injured. I'm like, What the fuck? I can't lift my

Unknown Speaker 23:04
arm. I can use my Oh, yeah. I remember when my wrestling coach Kenny Johnson at Black House was like, Oh, this is Jazlyn just move around with her. And I like looked up. I was like, I really hope she's one of those nice people who's just not like, let me set the tone. You know?

Unknown Speaker 23:22
Right. And I feel like some of the girls think that I was like that. I think just because I look scary. I don't feel like I look intimidating, but I've learned that I do. And I am a big woman. Yeah, five foot 10. So I've met bigger women, though. Oh, yeah. It is exactly like that. Where I I think being big my whole life. I knew that I was big. And I know other. Other big people relate to this where you have to be more gentle like where you have to kind of crouch down and make people feel comfortable. It's not a good quality for fighting but like it. It is because otherwise people would be too intimidated to frickin talk to

Unknown Speaker 23:59
you. I never thought about that. Because I'm a big girl, but I'm not quite as big as you so five, eight, that's tall. Yeah, yeah, it's tall. It's 12 is not 510 I literally I'm always like 510 would be the best height because that's the height I am when I have heels on. I'm like, this is the perfect time I just feel powerful. Okay, let's talk about your wrestling career.

Unknown Speaker 24:18
Oh, sorry. Go real quick that I just I had to learn that I had to learn to own that height and be powerful and be good with that. If people are scared then they can fuck off.

Unknown Speaker 24:26
Like yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Dude, I'm excited to get into a lot of things. But I don't want to neglect your wrestling career because I really have gotten excited about pro wrestling since becoming friends with zeta Zheng aka your real name. Julia ho I just call her say it all the time, but she's kind of introduced me to that world a little bit and I thought it was gonna be like similar to MMA, but it's so fucking Different. Different fans, different training, a different hustle. And I really, really respect it because it's not easy. So just give us a little bit about your background and then are you currently wrestling? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 25:04
I credit pro wrestling for me slowly oddly finding fighting which I love pro wrestling for sure. But once I started fighting I'm like in love like that's this isn't my goal. I think it was easier to do fighting than progressing because it's just more primal and natural for me. Pro Wrestling if you're not a fan growing up, it's it's way more complex and anyone thinks they think it's like some choreographed bunch of stunt moves. Not at all. They're wrong. Absolutely wrong. I knew that I wanted to be a pro wrestler when I stumbled in on a pro wrestling show. And I felt the energy of the wrestlers yelling at the audience. Audience yelling back. I think they threw shade at them. They were wearing costumes. I was like, fuck, I knew pro wrestling. I've seen WWE, but it wasn't this.

Unknown Speaker 25:52
It's like theater. Yeah, yeah. With stunts and athleticism. Yeah, I was like,

Unknown Speaker 25:57
I gotta call him I called him the next day. They're like, why don't you just come and watch? And we'll see. And like, What are you talking about? We'll see I'm already in. But now I realize a lot of people want to start progressing. But when they realize what it feels like to literally stand there, jump up as high as they can kick their feet in the air and land on their back 10 times. They don't want to be progressive. Yeah, no. Learning to take a bump is not easy.

Unknown Speaker 26:22
Yeah, I'm really, I'm not gonna let too much out. But there's just things that I'm going to do in the future where I'm like, I may need to call you for advice. Oh, yeah. So I'm just

Unknown Speaker 26:33
pro wrestling rings in Vegas or in LA. We could go and can work on stuff if you ever want. I'm just like

Unknown Speaker 26:37
I do. I do. Like you. So like having a wrestling background like my high school collegiate background, like ever even judo, too, right? You just know how to fall. And I'm not sure if the falling is going to be the same as pro wrestling falling. So you know, you gotta sell it and stuff. But I feel like hopefully my body doesn't get too banged up because I'm like, All right, I'm already fucking 35 I'm gonna get into pro wrestling someday, I don't know. But anyway, you're healthy

Unknown Speaker 27:05
and 35 isn't isn't old by any means. And I feel like that's kind of the message I want to send when I'm done or getting through this fighting stuff is we're capable of a lot more our bodies are capable of so much more than we give it credit for. So yeah, you're definitely going to be sore for a month or three. Just taking those bumps but you're already conditioned enough. I think it will be a lot easier.

Unknown Speaker 27:29
Thanks, girl. Okay, so you found pro wrestling, and then that led you to mixed martial arts?

Unknown Speaker 27:35
Well, I found pro wrestling because I was doing performance art. I took myself to circus school, I learned to walk on stilts, which is still the only thing I do I do a lot of interpretive dance performances. Usually gory. Oftentimes me stripping down and ripping my skin off or Oh, best. Which also, I did burlesque. And then that's actually why I saw the wrestling show. It was at a venue I was going to be performing at the next night. Oh, okay. Yeah. And I was like, this is everything because I love performance art that I was entertaining people. Yeah, but I grew up as an athlete, but I didn't like it. Except that it was entertaining people.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
Yeah. Okay. caressing is all this put together? What a beautiful journey, right? You know, like, and that's what life is just learning what you love and what you can excel at, and how you can make your vocation your vacation. You know what I mean? Totally.

Unknown Speaker 28:28
I always feel like I'm on vacation. Definitely. And I think that a lot of people feel like they they have to go by a timeline and by plan where if you see something you love, just try it. Go do it. Yes. Just experience it. Even if it doesn't last.

Unknown Speaker 28:44
I know a lot of people are afraid of failure, but failure really isn't that bad. I feel like all my failures have led to something beautiful. And it does. It's embarrassing and scrappy at the time. But you know, it's like that phrase fall fail forward or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 28:59
Yeah, wasn't what exactly is failure? The fact that you had the experience is the success. Yeah, I could say I've failed in pro wrestling because WWE gave me a try out. They liked what they saw. I went through the camp they gave me and one other girl the interest and they said we just don't have anywhere for you. They ended up signing her. They cut her two years later, but I'm like that window closed and that's fine. But that could be a fail. You know everybody's trying to shoot for UFC and MMA they're trying to shoot for WV and wrestling. I'm not gonna do that. It's a blessing now because I realized what it would take to have to be MWBE you'd have to sell your soul like that lifestyle. You're there's whereas UFC you train to fight you can still live your life and then fight for UFC but like WTE you're on the road. You're You're owned.

Unknown Speaker 29:48
You're owned in a certain way in the UFC to but not like a WWE because like I said, zeta was actually in the WWE. She was the first like Asian, some Asian She was the first Asian, I believe in as a female grappler in the WWE, and she told me how crazy they are with their likeness and all that. And so yeah, I do. I do think you're right. I think some sometimes things work out. For the best. You know, I always was super sad when I didn't get on the Ultimate Fighter the TV show. Yeah, but long story short, I ended up fighting a couple months later for the transgender, which skyrocketed My name still the only female to beat a transgender fighter, which is like, you know, fun fact. But like it my heart was broken because I didn't get on that TV show. And then just a few months later, I realized that, you know, the universe, whatever it life had, like this exciting plan for me, even though I felt heartbroken at the time, so totally,

Unknown Speaker 30:46
totally. I feel like if we're pursuing anything, and we just keep taking the steps forward, the right things are going to happen. For sure.

Unknown Speaker 30:53
Okay, so do you have any pro wrestling matches lined up?

Unknown Speaker 30:57
Okay, so I felt COVID My progressing went because all the live shows just ended. Like I already was running. Nobody was doing shows. Even fighting at least UFC was having events but progressing was just and and we were still trading at the gym. So I was just like headfirst into MMA trading. I'm like this is I gotta make a choice because pro wrestling's not as demanding once you pass the early stages of learning and learning how to build a match and learning what your moves are in developing your character. Once you get past that it's not it doesn't require as much training, right? You should always be training but you kind of still got the basics, there is a protocol for how to be a pro wrestler, basically. And you get that. So it was just too hard to travel to do shows on the weekends and try to train for MMA especially being hurt. And then you have to tell your pro wrestling buddies, I can't take that bump, or I'm not gonna do this top rope thing because I can't risk I got a fight coming up. And it just is not fun. So someone told me I was going to have to choose and I said no, I'm not. No, I'm not. And I do. It's just easier.

Unknown Speaker 32:08
I'm so glad you said that. I'm so glad because in my head literally I was like, Dude, I see her talent. I see her marketability, but it just seems like you're, you know, not you but one would be spread way too thin to really excel in both of them. You know, you just gotta pick unfortunately,

Unknown Speaker 32:26
I know I know. And that's okay. There's a former WWE wrestler here that coaches his name's de lo Brown. I asked him about he said fight right now I could always get you wrestling later. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:38
I love that. I love that because you know like you you just said it's MMA is a different kind of demanding and a different kind of sore and a different kind of uncertainty in injuries and whatnot as opposed to wrestling to I'm not saying those bumps and all the high flying crap isn't going to mess you up. But you know, it's a little bit more. You know,

Unknown Speaker 33:00
it's different. Yeah, what's up? I got a charity the teeth and they're cracked. That wouldn't happen.

Unknown Speaker 33:05
Yeah, it's Yeah, wrestling is

Unknown Speaker 33:09
not what you think they hit my tag partner on the back and I'm already lying down from something else. And then they just tossed the chair and like, motherfucker, Linda,

Unknown Speaker 33:18
I can't pretend like I'm out. Yeah, that's like, getting injured in the last 10 seconds of sparring or something. You know, you're like, oh, just my luck,

Unknown Speaker 33:26
mother. I think you have it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:29
So I want to jump right into the personal stuff. I'm gonna pay attention. You know what you have lined up for fighting but the show is called Sex and violence. Let's get to the, you know, sex part where we just start by asking you asking you how do you identify sexually? Are you heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual asexual? And also, are you in a relationship single?

Unknown Speaker 33:50
Okay, so first question, what am I I'm straight. I like men. I think women are beautiful. I love to look at women. I'd rather watch women in porn. I just like women, but I feel like, if I want a relationship, it's eventually to have a child and I need a man to do that. So I can't do that with a woman. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've had girlfriends. I've had hookups. You know, three, seven, so

Unknown Speaker 34:14
So if you've had girlfriends you don't consider yourself by

Unknown Speaker 34:18
those experiences. really showed me that I'm definitely not

Unknown Speaker 34:22
got it. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've had some, let's be honest experience. And I was like, Oh, I am not bisexual.

Unknown Speaker 34:31
Yeah, yes. No, and I think it's just I think being bisexual means you could commit to a woman or a man. I guess in my case is I don't mind getting involved with women for the time being or with the lover or you know, or, or my best friend that I'm close with. We just share that experience. You know, because that's what love and sex is supposed to be is a sharing and exchange of these emotions and feelings. It's not nasty or dirty. You know, it should Be that way. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:01
And I completely agree. And and I think like, I'm just so excited because as the years go on, and I get older, I become more open with my sexuality and more comfortable with, like you said, like sharing experiences and stuff like that, because I have a partner of three years, I want to be with him for the rest of my life, but I'm like, Forever is a long time. So like, I gotta continue to grow and learn. And, you know, I really want to, like, let drop some of these like stupid, like, inside the box ways of thinking about love and relationships. Like, I want to throw them out the door, but after 35 fucking years of just, that's all we hear, you know, it's hard to do that. So I'm trying to change the narrative and talk to people like you who are, you know, a little bit more open minded sexually and think outside the box as well.

Unknown Speaker 35:46
Well, I want to and I, I definitely feel like I've been progressive and a lot more open than, than people that have taught me. But I still don't understand a lot of the new terms these days and like open relationships and polyamory it makes sense to me. But I truly feel like when I'm in love, like when I'm in fucking love with my partner, I don't have interest in someone else. I don't want to go see someone else. Yeah. And and I don't think I would feel good with them doing that either. I'm like, if I'm not pleasing, you tell me how I could do better, because I will do better. Yeah, I only want to be a better person and better lover. So I'm teachable. Yeah, I'm constantly want to grow. So yeah, tell me what you could do.

Unknown Speaker 36:27
I love that. So let's start. Let's backtrack a little bit to the younger years of Jesslyn. What was dating like, you know, growing up as like a teenager and into your 20s it's always messy. Usually, I never hear like, oh, everything was like, you know, nice and boring. But yeah, what was it like for you?

Unknown Speaker 36:48
Yeah, guide realized that my mother had a big influence on my relationships. And I did not know that. But that meant it was a lot of trying to please the man even if it was at our cost, even if it you know, wasn't making me happy. Yeah. I would say every relationship I've had since I can remember my first true love bear all the way till now that I'm cool with. I really don't talk to them. I still respect them. I've talked to most of them still, in the years since and I think it's cool. I'm not gonna go call them up and hang out. But

Unknown Speaker 37:27
know is that because you had like an amicable breakups? Or because you just like made peace with what happened.

Unknown Speaker 37:35
I would say mostly amicable because as I was younger, I was like, Okay, that was a great experience time to move on. And it probably broke their heart a lot more. I've always broken. I've never been broken up with

Unknown Speaker 37:46
no doubt. I mean, well, you know, I'm not surprised. But I relate. I had like, a period there where I would tell my girlfriends because they'd asked me like, why go from different guy to different guy. And I'm like, I just get bored. You know, like, and it was so mean, but like, it's not that mean, it's like, you should like date and date and date until you find someone who just excites you all, you know, like, all the time and yeah, like, if you're bored with someone that just means like, maybe that's not the person for you. Yeah, move on.

Unknown Speaker 38:16
Just like a gym. Like I've learned everything I could learn from this. And let's, let's part ways for sure. So you were

Unknown Speaker 38:21
always an athlete, mega athlete, super athlete. Did you always date other athletes or, you know, was that not?

Unknown Speaker 38:30
Where I grew up was a tiny mountain town at 300 people. So all of us kids just did sports and climbed trees and jumped in ice cold rivers. So I would say like my like, middle school and grade school boyfriends are like little mountain boys. And that's played into my life now is like, I like kind of a mountain gruff mountain man that can fix shit and has tools and goes hiking. Okay. But, uh, then as I got older, yeah, they were, I guess in my 20s. They were still the same because I've moved to Matt back to Mammoth and taught snowboarding. So they're like a lot of athletes and mountain people as well.

Unknown Speaker 39:07
All right. Have you ever dated in the industry dated other fighters or pro wrestlers?

Unknown Speaker 39:12
When I started pro wrestling, I met my fiancee, and he was a super nice guy, amazing Hawaiian dude. And I don't know, we just got along, we got along. But the thing that lacked that eventually ended it, I believe was our connection and our passion. We respected each other. We love each other. And of course, this is only my opinion. I don't know what he thinks. But, you know, he was working on his career. He's big name pro wrestler now. And I just felt like, in order to build a relationship, we needed to be a little more involved with each other and it was too hard.

Unknown Speaker 39:50
That is, okay. So, we're always talking about the perfect partner and a lot of women and men. You know, we're alphas that come on this show and we You're in this sport where it's extremely selfish. And if you're not selfish, then you're probably giving some of your time energy, whatever to your partner that's taking away from you, which is love, right? That's fucking love, you're willing to sacrifice sacrifice, yeah, your own happiness, your life, whatever it is, and but some people, you know, we're like, not today, you know, and we just can't do that. So we tend to pick a partner who doesn't need as much maybe like attention or, or they're flexible with their lifestyle with their schedule and stuff like that. So you can't really, it's very hard. I mean, people do do it, but have two people who are just super excelling in their career, especially the same industry and sometimes get competitive, right? When like, one girl or like the female or the male, or, you know, maybe it's a lesbian relationship, but one partner does better and the other person gets sad, because their career is not taking off. And it's yeah, it can get messy. Right.

Unknown Speaker 40:53
And I relate, and I relate to that. But I think it wouldn't have bothered me so much if he was like, encouraging me and supporting me and giving me constructive criticism on how I could get to that level to like, I felt like he didn't give a fuck. So

Unknown Speaker 41:05
that didn't help. Yeah, and that's in that's the thing, right? It's like, you know, you can make it work. But you, you have to just be cognizant and aware of what your partner is going through at the time. Because sometimes when you're that selfish, your partner can feel a little lonely or left out.

Unknown Speaker 41:20
And yeah, so I think we do that for each other. But I feel like because he was gone a lot. And I feel like when you have that connection, and you get back to seeing each other after being on tour, whatever, you want to just like, catch up and talk about everything and fuck and and it wasn't there. And so I was like, Man, I need any more sex.

Unknown Speaker 41:40
How long were you engaged for?

Unknown Speaker 41:42
I was with him for six years. I think our engagement was two years.

Unknown Speaker 41:47
So yeah, looking back on that, you know, six years, that's a long time.

Unknown Speaker 41:52
I invested everything in those last two years. I like knew it was kind of like dwindling, and I fucking tried everything. To fix it. I changed my whole mindset, like, okay, maybe I'm just gonna stop focusing on what's lacking, focus on what's great, and then start approaching him differently with when he gets home or just everything. I feel like I tried everything. So I don't even feel like it's a failure. I don't even feel like the relationship failed. Because I did everything I could.

Unknown Speaker 42:17
I love that so much. And that's, that's how I feel about my current relationship. Because I feel like for the first time in my life, like not, well, whatever I say this a lot. I'm like, I'm not an asshole anymore. And I really am trying to just live my best life but also do unto others as I like to be done to, you know, my partner included. And, you know, like, whatever happens just with fighting, it's like, when you have a fight camp and you really give it your all and you train, right you eat right? You sleep, right? You take out the partying, and then you know, you lose, it's like, alright, the loss sucks no matter what, right? But at the end of the day, it's like, alright, that that fighter was just better than me that night. And I it's not me, it's not my fault. Nothing that I could have done. Right?

Unknown Speaker 42:58
Right, because you did everything that you could do to get there. And that's just the way it works. I like I liked looking at your fight history. Like I wanted to ask, I want to ask you someday about some of those.

Unknown Speaker 43:09
Yeah, of course. Yeah. Um, well, I wanted to ask you moving forward, you, you know, dated the pro wrestler, maybe you've dated some fighters? Are you trying to stay away from that? Or is that something that still is appealing. So

Unknown Speaker 43:22
after that engagement ended, I had an amazing rebound, who's a fighter, it was the rebound that I needed to fill all the void that was there from the, from what the relationship lacked before and it was fucking fun. And I felt happy and it was fun. But that kind of excitement and fun that a person like that of that personality provides also isn't the one that I want for longevity because eventually I want stability and a family so it's like I had the extreme here was very stable as a fiance although he had his profession was gone a lot. He was stable, like he taught me a lot about kind of just being responsible and timely and saving. And this one is just wild and fun and exciting. I'm just waiting for the middle but I'm not even waiting like I'm at the place now single and I'm sure you know even when we're single as women there's always someone you're talking to or something that's being entertained not right now I'm not I'm fucking talking to anyone not entertaining anything I don't care I kind of have to mean I shut people down and also media

Unknown Speaker 44:27
you know, I mean like, look, you know, you're not 20 years old. You're not just now starting wrestling or MMA you know what it takes and you know what you can't give right now so it's actually a very kind thing in my opinion to shut someone down right away instead of leading them them on a little bit and then you're like, oh, by the way, I don't have time for you because I got this this this that going on. So like yeah, I always say honesty is the best policy just be upfront up front and blunt so that later they can't be like you didn't say I'm like yes, I do. Ditch you

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Ya know, I say right away I've three priorities men and social media are not on. You're not in these three priorities then I'm sorry.

Unknown Speaker 45:07
Yeah. Okay, so not dating at all. So, guys, stay out of the DMS. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 45:15
I feel that's the thing is I don't want to shut myself off. I just there's no one that. Yeah, I just No one interests you right now. I'm sure if that person walked up and like, was there and I recognize and it was like this, like, I don't know, like this man that I been dreaming of that I haven't jumped over yet. Yeah. It's, I'm open to it.

Unknown Speaker 45:34
Okay. I like that. Yeah, yeah. So okay, so if this man, he's right now he's, uh, you know, just a shadow. But yeah, put him into perspective for us. You know, what does your ideal man look like and what does he do? Or what are some characteristics that attract you? Sure.

Unknown Speaker 45:53
I would. I don't like to be superficial. But I would like him to be taller than me. I'm 510.

Unknown Speaker 46:01
I mean, I really feel like there's a lot of tall men out there, but you definitely take some of the population away, right? Because you're

Unknown Speaker 46:09
definitely it is true. And that's only because for I don't know, longevity, children. I want. We all want our kids to be like better than us, and they're trying

Unknown Speaker 46:20
to breed super athletes. Okay, okay. sounds so stupid. No, not at all. Not at all. I don't even want kids. But like, sometimes I'm like, yeah, like when my kids be good wrestlers. Yeah, how would ya best wrestling? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 46:35
kids love to wrestle. But so speaking of that, I would hope and dream that they could or have been involved in some kind of combat sports, whether it be wrestling or Jiu Jitsu or former fighters. I don't think I would date a current fighter. Because that's like that, you know, they gotta focus on that. And I gotta focus on mine. I do see fighters who have wonderful wives, but the wives are there to be there for them to support them. Like, I can't offer that right now. Yeah, I just don't have the time for that. And I want to be able to offer that but just not right now. I'd have to put something on the backburner. So that'd be ideal. If they have that experience. They obviously need to love nature, and camping and traveling. Yeah, you're

Unknown Speaker 47:19
an outdoorsy girl traveling the world. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 47:23
Yeah. And ideally, I already have traveled a lot because I've made a lot of guys who are willing to learn and kind of tag along with me, but like, I don't want to teach anyone anymore. I want to do to like already be established and have a shit and have is good habits. And like good habits. I mean, like fitness and health and mental health and ideally, already understand meditation and doing all the inner work. Yeah, all that shit. So I'm tired of guiding men for doing that. And I don't want to change them. Like, I shouldn't have to try to change them and like, they should already be there wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 47:58
How they are, but sounds like you might need an older man. I know. I think that a lot to do you have a an age range. That's like, you know, some people, you know, I've been a cougar before when I was younger. And then like, I'm, I used to have a friend who was the opposite. She was like, I like a guy who's about 45 Like, and I'm like, 45 this is when we were in our 20s You know that it was old? Yeah. Now like that's, that's really not that old. That's 10 years from me. Well, yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker 48:27
not even that old. Um, lately, they've been attracting guys under 25. And I'm like, What is? Okay? But yeah, like as far as a relationship, I would think he'd need to be older, a little more established also. But I also want to be at a place where I can offer something to them to not just oh, I'm starving artists is how I often feel. And I'm just trying to live my dreams. Great. Will you support me and love me?

Unknown Speaker 48:55
For sure. Okay. Makes a lot of sense. So I like to ask fun kind of like fun questions. Cuz I just love hearing some stories. But do you remember like, one of your worst? Or you know, just kind of like dates that you were like, I can't believe that that happened?

Unknown Speaker 49:15
No, I honestly, I have ever had a bad day.

Unknown Speaker 49:18
No, no online dates where they were like, Oh, I look like this. And then

Unknown Speaker 49:25
Kathy show. I've never, ever met a guy in real life that I first met online for a romantic date reason.

Unknown Speaker 49:34
Have you never done online dating?

Unknown Speaker 49:36
I've never been on a dating app. Why? No. I know. I mean, I think about it here and there. But because there's already been all over that. I'm like, Okay, leave me alone. I

Unknown Speaker 49:47
would like for you. Especially I'm like, I always say this to people who say they don't do online dating and I'm in a relationship, but I'm like, it seems like it'd be so much easier because you're like, Oh, he's not over six foot. Okay. Oh, he doesn't know what do Do you know what I mean? Like doo doo doo? No? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 50:02
Yeah, I make sense. That definitely makes sense. But I, I'm already on my fucking phone too much. That's last thing I want to be on. I wear my blu ray glasses, by the way, because my eyes were hurting me from looking at my phone so much a girl

Unknown Speaker 50:15
though good girl I need to do that day.

Unknown Speaker 50:17
But, like, it just seems like so much effort in something that's not priority. So my priority is training in MMA, making money and healing my body. And those are like the only things I really have the time and energy for So, especially right now. Maybe when my body's healed, and I'm feeling better. And I don't have to do my rehab for three hours a day, then I'll have time you know, I don't know. No,

Unknown Speaker 50:40
totally understandable. Totally understandable. It sounds like you have your priorities in check. And that's the most important thing you know, so keep doing you. What's maybe like what's the most romantic or because we can be crazy, crazy fighter girls. What's the craziest thing you've ever done for love?

Unknown Speaker 50:57
Hack? I I guess when I was younger, I messaged other girls and threaten them and it was way before I ever fought.

Unknown Speaker 51:09
Like, stay away from my man bitch or what?

Unknown Speaker 51:11
Say, well, kind of have some fucking class and if you can, I'm going to show up at your door. Which I would never like that's not even me. Like people that know me think I'm really nice, though.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
But I mean, it sounds like someone was sledding into your man's DMS and that's kind of like a nice. Yeah, like has some fucking

Unknown Speaker 51:29
class. It was it was during Facebook days only like Instagram hadn't really taken off I think was like 2010

Unknown Speaker 51:38
Nine. Yeah, yeah. Makes sense. That was my senior year of college. And I remember I had to create a Facebook for one of my friends before. She had created a MySpace for me years before. Yeah. And I was like, No, it's all about Facebook now. And now you know, we're all this shit. And it's Tik Tok, and, you know, Instagram and Snapchat. I'm like, Oh, God. I know. Remember MySpace days?

Unknown Speaker 52:01
Yeah. Because I I love music so much. That's the other thing. I would need a quality and a man. He needs to love music and have variety of tastes of music and or ideally play or have been able to play and make music of some sort.

Unknown Speaker 52:16
You said something really cute when we were talking on the phone or our first little chat you're like, all I wanted to do ever in life was be a singer or in a rock'n'roll band. And I love that so much because I get this question. Like if you weren't a fighter, what would you do? And I'm like, I would be a rock star. Because I'm just like, that sounds and I love music. I can't play. I can't sing. But I'm like, I want to be a rock star.

Unknown Speaker 52:41
Well, I'm sure you could play something. So we should join a band.

Unknown Speaker 52:43
I'm down to start a band girl. Okay, onto some like sexy questions. Where is the craziest place you've ever had sex? Maybe like a public place or like a crazy hookup story?

Unknown Speaker 52:57
Yeah, it's, it's not I did not end up fucking the guy from the sunglass kiosk on Hollywood Boulevard who said let's just go in the bathroom right now. Like how often you get a sexy stranger to just ask you to fuck right now, because you might as well have it. You're here in Hollywood do it? I did not do that. Okay, I thought about it later. It was right before a fashion show that I walked in in Hollywood. The craziest was probably with my boyfriend. I was young, behind a bar in the mountains where it was snowing. So there's a big snow plow. And we went up in the snowplow and just sat on the seat.

Unknown Speaker 53:32
For you listeners, she's just bouncing up and down, right. Oh, okay. Makes sense. I'm like, you're really proud. Oh, the listeners wish it was a video podcast right now for sure.

Unknown Speaker 53:45
That's awesome. Okay, so do you abide by this whole no sex before a fight thing?

Unknown Speaker 53:53
I know I would fuck whenever I want to fuck honestly. But I do understand. So I dated a drummer once and he says he couldn't. He couldn't ejaculates before he went to to his jam session because it depleted his energy. And as a death metal drummer, you need a lot of energy. Like double pedal and go really fast. He was really good. So make sure I'm pretty certain he was cheating on me and fucking someone down there. Okay. But um, someone told me right before my fight, they're like, come over and I'm like, No, I'm focused on fighting. I got a fight coming up. That's why you need to come over because sex drives out the testosterone so you'll have more testosterone. I don't know if that's true, but I thought about it look

Unknown Speaker 54:42
my whole thing with pretty much everything is like in life is fate to each their own you know, whatever fucking floats your boat floats your boat, like whatever you think is gonna help you because of the power of the mind I think is really going to help you if you think this fucking four leaf clover is the shit you know like take that feeling and that thought into the fight with you you know if you think getting laid gives you superpowers, bang one out before the fight.

Unknown Speaker 55:06
That's totally Absolutely. And that's what that's all beliefs are like the belief is true if you believe it to be it's going to be true

Unknown Speaker 55:13
for sure for sure. What is one of your pet peeves in the bedroom? I love this one cuz you know people be lazy people be asking weird things are not taking care of their downstairs.

Unknown Speaker 55:26
Yeah, they got to they got to participate in cunnilingus if they don't, Oh, yeah. Yeah, I if if it's, if you're in a relationship, I feel like there shouldn't be period sex. But a lot of guys don't. So I understand if you're just kind of dating, that might be the next step. But it's annoys me when your fiance or someone you've been in relationship with won't.

Unknown Speaker 55:48
I've literally never had that happen. Maybe I've just been with a lot of dirty male figures, you know, but like, never had a guy be like, No, yeah, no. Yeah. No. Which in a weird disgusting way. I'm like, Thank you, you gross individual. Yeah, thanks for being so gory. Yeah, exactly. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 56:07
no, and because at that time of the month, like, that's kind of a lot of energy for that. I feel like and then yeah, lazy dudes. Like, if you if they sometimes, like if they just make you get on top all the time, it's boring. Like, we're already we're already alpha, right? And I have the side job where I have to be extra alpha and beat men up. and

Unknown Speaker 56:29
way, way, way, way. We haven't talked about that. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 56:33
I just, I just feel like in the bedroom, I want like a man to take me over, you know, like, be in control. Because I always have to be in control.

Unknown Speaker 56:42
That's when they don't do that. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, it's such a nice like, change of pace, right? Where it's just like MMA, it's you know, even like you we talked about earlier, even like, the like, you walk into a gym and you like, kind of have to put your resting bitchface on sometimes, you know, like, you know, you want to be kind but like sometimes people take kindness as weakness. So it's just like tough. I'm tough. Oh, you want to go? Let's go. You know, and then for you and your other job, but I can't wait to talk about it. You know, it sounds like you gotta be tough wrestling tough. So it's like when you get to the bedroom, it's like, and you have that man who's bigger than you and makes you feel dainty. You know? It's like okay, oh, I'm submissive. That's probably

Unknown Speaker 57:22
why I need a bigger man. Because of that the only reason so you could throw me around Yeah, who's

Unknown Speaker 57:26
gonna be able to just pick up fucking 135 pounds a woman? Dude, you are an amazing like, Okay, your Instagram handle is at the body slamming Queen. 333 Right? Yes. Do I Okay, so I stopped you I always talk all my guests do all my research. Just epic like these slams these throws guys check out not only her pro wrestling, but there was you did an acting stint for lingerie fighting championships, which Yes, guys, this beautiful woman is in panties and a bra just suplexing this other chick and it's just, I got maybe I'll put that link in the show notes just because like not even because you're half naked. It's like your throws are just beautiful. And from a wrestling background. Like I just really appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 58:16
Yeah, and that chick was a pro wrestler to there's a really cool clip where she goes to the armbar. And everyone wonders if they could do this. But I did pick her up with one arm. And I take her to the cage and I just slam her back on the cage while she's clinging to my arm with her legs around, you know, and so yeah, well, I think that that can happen in real life. But

Unknown Speaker 58:36
watching that, you know, I was so taken aback because I did think that lingerie fighting championships was like you guys were actually fighting but you know, clarify for me? Is it more of pro wrestling where it's kind of like a little bit of an act?

Unknown Speaker 58:51
They're not going to want me to say anything, but they screwed me over so so I'm going to just say the truth. And I feel like if something's the truth, you're not gossiping or talking shit. The truth is the truth. Yeah, it's work. It's a work which is which I don't know that's progressing term. It means you guys are working together to make it work. Okay, shoot. It's either work or shoot. And if it's a shoe, it just it means it's off script. That means like it's real fight like MMA is a shoe.

Unknown Speaker 59:16
Got it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 59:18
Pro Wrestling terms.

Unknown Speaker 59:19
Thank you. I need them.

Unknown Speaker 59:21
Yeah, oh, there's so many it says a whole whole plethora of progressing jargon that you'll learn. It's so funny. But a lot of the girls they hire for that aren't any kind of athletes. Like that's, that's why I kind of had to leave because I was doing really well as a pro wrestler. That's why they hired me for the lingerie thing. And they liked my character and I was able to be a fucking bitch and it was like real like, I liked it. Like I could let out that side and it will be okay. But then I started really fighting and they were like getting mixed together. And like people that don't know fighting, were thinking they were the same thing. Yeah, like no, that's it. TV show a reality TV show. That's fake. This is my real fighting. So I, they, there are other reasons, but I eventually just quit. And so a lot of the other girls they hire are mostly fetish models or porn stars. And so they do go at it because they don't know how to work. They weren't taught any moves. So they're, you know, trying to take each other down and slide around their little sexy bodies. Yeah. Cool. So the the matches do have variety as far as skill set. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:32
Okay. Well, I'm actually really glad that I asked that because it does sound like you said, people were getting things mixed up. But what I hear on this podcast is that your full focus is on mixed martial arts. You know, you're not talking to dudes, you're not wrestling, you know, competitively. You might be doing some bumps or you know what I mean? I don't even know if you are, but you sound focused. And I just gotta go back, back, back back. Yeah. What is this job? Where you, you froze? What does this job where you beat men up?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06
So I had no idea. So actually, it was during the lingerie fighting thing. They took us all over, they took us to Slovakia. And we did a laundry show there. And while there, my roommate was a woman named Jennifer. And she told me about this business she has. That's it's been around since the 80s. Even but she only started hers like 15 years ago or so. And I'm like, That makes a lot of sense. Because I get these weird messages. And I'm sure you and all the other fighter chicks get these fucking weirdos that are saying, oh, I want you to beat me up. I want you to kick me in the balls they want you took me out. There are literally men that act act like they don't believe women can fight or do anything athletic or have muscles even like they've never even seen it. It's like we're like aliens from another world. And so they're just fan fantasizing and fascinated by what we're able to do. So she, she's provided a directory of girls who will do that for them. Listen, I'm not gonna go into detail. A lot of the girls probably do other things. But I'm very few. I'm one of the very few if not the only professional MMA fighter that has pro wrestling experience, and just down to meet random men at a private location, which is our MMA cage here a wrestling ring. And then, literally, I use them as a grappling dummy. Like, they want to wrestle me to test their strength out or to feel what it feels like to be under a big woman's

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
power. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:02:42
get fucking schooled and it's so fun and they give me money for it. And I'm like, Dude, I'm just practicing the drill that my coach taught me over and over Yeah. And just flowing. They're like the little unknowing week bodies are driving around and just let them move right like a wave. It's so I feel lucky.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:58
That's great. Yeah, okay, well my first question is what if a good like gets hands on your gets a boner? Has anyone gotten

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06
all the time? All the time? Oh, can't do it. I'm out I'm out. I'm out you know like I'll just be a cry chop your wheat or get out

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15
extra Oh, like she loves her job.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:21
So when I was in the relationship I kept it very strict and personal if they were doing that I just ignored it like I just ignored it and you know didn't play on on it. Now that I've been single I'm like, Oh, what do we have here? And then I'll just like talk shit basic. Yeah. Like oh, you never knew that getting your ass kicked by this by a woman bigger Sharn than you who's gonna do this for you a stupid pussy.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:46
Yeah and then there's like that I don't know what it's called but kind of a fetish where men enjoy being talked to like a bitch right? What is that like?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:54
Exactly? I don't know what the name of the fetishes but it's the same complex that I have a lot of the men that like it are high level CEOs and bosses where they always have to be in charge a lot of engineers

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
I know that there's somebody listening that's like it's this fetish but like yeah, like they just like being degraded or talked down to right like I'll think of it later but

Unknown Speaker 1:04:15
I don't even know it but I participate in it. So that's amazing. And sorry go ahead Jennifer was telling me about I was like are you serious? She's like yeah, you already trained you already travel you can you can do this and people pay this money and I'm like that much money what?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30
Wild I just I really hope you know and this is my like, mom's side or whatever. I don't know. Like just be safe because I watch a lot say to get terrible humiliate Oh, verbal humiliation. Thank you. DJ Zol is what is called verbal humiliation for the fetish. Yeah, I will just be safe you know, because you're beautiful and you know, just takes a gun or like multiple dudes and you know, you're strong and tough, but you know, I just worry for safety purposes.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
Thank you so much for caring So there's the underground world of it. It's its own community, you have references. We have people that have been involved for like 20 or 30 years. So and then there's a directory of references of that email that they use or names and we can see if other girls put reviews if they were time wasters.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:18
like Yelp, Yelp these guys. There

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
it is. It's like a personal Yelp for this weird underground fetish that's been around forever.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:26
There's an episode. I know, you did your homework and you listen to a few episodes, but there's one I would advise you to listen to just because you'll probably relate to a lot of it. Her name is Dominique danger, and she want to know her. Oh, there you go. Okay, perfect. All right, you guys. I yeah, she's on the podcast. And she she's a black belt. Yeah, she is amazing. She blew my mind. You know, like opened my eyes to like that whole other world and I just love having on different you know, I have like 99% combat sports athletes, but then, you know, I'll have adult film stars dominatrix you know, all walks of life. So we

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02
worked together so the same woman Jennifer Thomas that has this also started a new company called Women on fire where she has live shows. So it's like pro wrestling. But it's the girls shoot wrestling each other and the same fan base of men in that strange underground industry. Come to watch. I am the announcer and commentator on the mic. Okay, I'm still watching. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:27
cool. That just got so good. You know the commentator on stilts?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:35
Yes, and I get to talk about their fighting or whatever. You know, I I know. Obviously, all the moves, I can commentate. But also it makes it exciting as I can make it sexy. And I could talk about the asses are there listening bodies riding around on each other. And I will say that my grappling coach is is the first person to help me learn how to speak on a microphone. He's Hulk Hogan, his nephew. And he totally just being around him is totally showed me how to be more enthusiastic and excited and exciting and clear on a mic and I give Him thanks for that. Oh, my God, that

Unknown Speaker 1:07:13
sounds so awesome. So you're saying?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:16
So Dominique was a rep for one of the shows. And I'm commentating, and I remember I'm like, Oh, she slid as a side control. And I'm just going on all these moves that the girls are doing that they don't even know they're doing. Yeah. Send me like, he didn't know what you're talking about.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:30
Yeah, she's probably like, All right, another chick who's legit in here?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:34
Yeah. Awesome. Man, Chicago.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:37
That's, it is a small, small world. And that's why, like, literally, you know, there's a lot of like, female on female hate. And I'm like, Why? Why there's so few of us. Like, the industry is so fucking small. Like, we're not trying to build each other up and you know, help each other work together somehow. Jealousy and

Unknown Speaker 1:07:57
insecurity. And I don't understand, I've never felt jealousy. I've never been embarrassed either. And that's exactly the thing is like, we are here together, like, we're here to do this. Like, if, if you feel threatened, then step up, like you are special. There's things about lots of people that I could never do or be and same with me and you like, why don't we recognize that? Yeah, that's something I like about you and your podcast is you do do that for everybody, especially other women.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:23
I try to, you know, and the show's not for everybody. And there's been some ladies that I've contacted to be on the show, and they declined, because they don't want to put their personal stuff out there. And I completely respect that, you know, but I would like to think that the true listeners of the show, know that this podcast is not just about sex and violence, it's a place where you can, you know, really get to know another side of these fighters where you kind of just see them as like, a number, right? Or a statistic or record or a weight class or whatever the fuck it is. But it's like, we are so much more,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
totally so much more. I told my ex rebound that I was going to do this podcast, I was like, I'm gonna have to talk about sex. He's like, you don't have to talk about anything. I'm like, Well, I'm going to talk about sex. He's like, Well, you, you like what I always do is answer with the answer of the question I want to be asked. So like, if you ask a question, but I want to talk about something else. I'll just talk about that. And I'm like, but I like talking about sex.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:22
There you go. Yeah. Yeah. I love that. You're very comfortable. And when you mentioned that you were commentating, the I'm not sure what kind of fights you call them, but the chute fights that you were mentioned. You were saying that you can kind of like talk like oh, they're glistening and stuff. So are you good at sexy talk like dirty talk? Is that something you think you Accela

Unknown Speaker 1:09:41
I've never really tried it, baby. I love it. I don't know. I don't think so. You've done

Unknown Speaker 1:09:49
so much cool shit, you've done acting. You were a exotic dancer for over a decade in 40 Different clubs around the United States. So I'm just like you just fully fun Can you embrace your sexuality and I love it. I love it so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:03
Right? But a lot of people be like, Oh, these strippers, they're got daddy issues or this or that I love my parents. I have no issues like that with my parents and I have great relationships. We all have our issues. We all have our, you know, problems or arguments, family that's just inevitable. I felt like when I got into that kind of stuff, I just wanted the experience like I just wanted to see what I don't know. Like, I just feel like I listened sometimes to something guiding me and I just fucking do it. So I never thought I would be a stripper turned professional MMA fighter in my 30s

Unknown Speaker 1:10:35
I love it. I love it and you're doing the damn thing. Well, back to the sex talk. I'm sorry, while just sexual experience if you can think of something that you could share with us. Could doesn't even have to be that you had sex. Anything maybe happened like in the club one night you saw something crazy or something that you remember, you're like, Oh, I'll never forget this. I feel like you've traveled the world. And you've done this job that or you probably think this job is like, ah is boring. But like what's, what's something crazy that maybe one of the men who asked you to beat him up? You know?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:10
Right, right. I hear what you're saying? Well, like initially, like instantly I thought about any of the threesomes but I think the wildest one would be when I was in Panama and Bocas del Toro's Island desert backpackers Island. And me and my friend from California, traveling together, met to finish boys. They're so hot. And we were hanging out with him all day long. And we went out to one of the little bars like Sandy floor bars all around the water's edge. And I just remember as starting to kiss like we just looked at each other. We just started making out really fucking hard. I remember going with him. I like you know, we had little crushes and we're eyeballing each other all day long. The next day, I woke up in a hammock and some cabana somewhere else on the island. With him totally naked, like in public like this. Anybody could walk by and see our clothes are like fucking strewn about. But fortunately, there was no one there. It was kind of early in the morning. Yeah. And then I wake up and get our stuff and we walk and I go to see my friend at our little hostel. And she's like, oh, yeah, our tour guide because he was a tour guide for both groups. My friend and I am the Finnish boys. Like I saw your friend. There's just one. There are just all over the place. There were clothes everywhere. The motherfucker was watching us

Unknown Speaker 1:12:32
the whole time. Oh my god. Alright, so yeah, unintentionally, an exhibitionist. Yeah. That was fun

Unknown Speaker 1:12:40
though. I was wanting to get a hold of that Finnish guy again.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:43
Well, I feel like it's time for the lightning six round for those of you listening who don't know this is a rapid fire yes or no segment where I just asked Jessalyn a few questions If she says yes or no, unless you feel like you want to elaborate. The listeners get mad at me if I cut the guest awesome if they want to like tell a story. So you ready? Yeah. Okay, lightning sixth round. Here we go. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:19
Don't ever spank me. I will slap you.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:22
Got it? Biting? Sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:25
Lightly. Choking. Always.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:28
Any fetish is like a foot fetish.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:31
I love my feet being fucking touched. Like really? Yeah. Like someone was touching my feet last night. Not romantically. And I'm like, well with my friend, but not romantically. I don't know. I was like, Dude, if I could have an orgasm by the feet touch I probably could.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:46
That's so great. Because it's literally so much the opposite on this podcast where like, people are like, oh feet, but like, yeah, so you you really, really appreciate your feet being touched? And what about what about more like there's foot worship, and like lick and all that kind of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:02
So there's a fetish world with that. And actually, we get a lot of those people in that industry I was talking about. They want to be kicked and stuff and then bow down at your feet and tell you how strong you are. And then they kiss your feet. But that's because they love feet and feet worship free

Unknown Speaker 1:14:18
worship. Yeah. Okay. What about threesomes? Always. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:26
I just Yes. I read a meme that said if you masturbate, and I do to watch or watch porn and masturbate. That means you can't submit to a man. I'm like, probably. Probably right. Because they're saying regularly, so yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:41
That makes sense. Yeah. Okay. All right. What about bondage like ropes, blindfold handcuffs?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:47
Not really no.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:49
Okay, bodily fluid fetish.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:52
No finish on that got roleplaying. I'm not going to instigate that but if someone wants that Sure. I'm excellent actress.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:01
I was just gonna say I'm always curious to see if the people who are actually good at acting do that in the bedroom, you know? Yeah, probably not, but you haven't before.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:12
No, but in that weird industry, when I start fighting them they had like, they say they want to pretend like they're talking shit and I talk shit back and then I proceeded to beat them up. So it's like a real,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:23
like a real cool. Yeah. But stuff on you or a partner on me, okay. Ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:32
I have always wanted to like I've always wanted to actually here in Vegas, where are MMA cages? He has a it's a swingers club, and he has a pool and a bunch of cabanas. So I walk through there all the time to pay him the rent when we when we use the space. And I see it but

Unknown Speaker 1:15:49
there's never been people there. Is that one, the green door?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:54
No, I've heard of that one. That's so funny. You

Unknown Speaker 1:15:56
said that you said there's there's never good looking people. That's literally what my partner said. Because I asked him about the Vegas stuff. He used to live in Vegas for a couple years. Oh, and he said the same thing. He was like, I just never saw anyone like that. I was like, Oh, I would like to see that person naked. Look into that place. And so I was like, okay, that's understandable. You know? It's like, what what good is going to all you can eat if it's all like junk food. Yeah. Do you ever use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:25
I like vibrators. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:27
lingerie lover? What does that mean? Are you a fan of wearing lingerie? For my lover? No for yourself? Oh, yeah. Only for myself. Okay. All right. Body hair. Yay.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:41
I'm not a very hairy person. So I kind of neglect maintaining it. And then I look at it like, Oh, I better do something.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:48
No, not you on a partner. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51
I prefer a man without body hair. But I've never said no to someone I liked that had hair.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:57
You mentioned mountain men are like kind of like beefy burly men and like I automatically thought like, like hair, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:03
So I don't really care for beards because they smell weird. But when I say mountain men, I just mean someone who knows. I've realized this. My attraction to to a man or even a woman is how well they can survive a zombie apocalypse.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:20
That's true. Oh my god. That's literally what me and my boyfriend were talking about during the pandemic. We're like, hey, if this was a zombie apocalypse, and it was like really going down like I'm glad I got you. I'm like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:32
like you got a team. Like why would you want someone? It's gonna hold you back.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:35
Yeah, he knows about like guns and he's a black belt. I'm like, I got I got a good one.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:39
There you go. And then you can suck it up to Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:43
he took me shooting and I've been I've shot guns one time now but I don't know if that's gonna help

Unknown Speaker 1:17:47
the future come to Nevada you just pull off on the side of the road. That's where he

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
took me shooting was in a way Yeah. Okay, call me up. Ever been ever been caught having sex or masturbating? Last question.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:00
Both but the last time I got caught masturbating was like one of the last months with my fiance and and I was watching porn. And so he like quietly came in and I was doing it and so it was embarrassing. And he started laughing at me. Oh, no, he's like, and I was like, Listen, I don't think it's fucking funny because you're here and I have to fucking masturbate like, how sad is

Unknown Speaker 1:18:23
that? Yeah. Oh, burn Yeah, yeah, don't laugh guys, you know or girls like if anything? Like if I was that guy. I would be like, need a hand. You know what I mean? Yeah, like perfect, you know, like, Oh, I'm glad I walked in at this time.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:41
I know. He wasn't that way and that's kind of one of the reasons why it didn't work out

Unknown Speaker 1:18:45
all right. All right. I understand that all right, the last two segments of the podcast are game of fuck marry kill

Unknown Speaker 1:18:59
one marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. It's all good. Good in good fun guys. We don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. It's just a game and then fan questions. So for the foot berry kill you have the PFL version. And that consists of Ray Cooper the third who is the welterweight champ. featherweight champ actually, I don't know if he's still the featherweight champ, but he was Lance Palmer, and Rory MacDonald, who I believe is retired right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:29
Yeah, yes. And I I recognize their names but I had to like look them up to think about their faces. And so Ray Cooper, he's from Pearl City y where my ex is from and he's young and he was getting in fights when he was a kid and he just seems like has all this energy so I fuck him because I think that he handled it and last a long time. Awesome. Lance Palmer

Unknown Speaker 1:19:52
I heard I heard this guy is like, the nicest like family man. Like good dad all American boy right? slurred like the sounds. Yeah, sounds like a Mary type.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:05
Yeah, so I Yeah, Mary. I did have that Mary in my mind. Yeah, yeah. Because he's also an Aquarius. I'm Aquarius. I stopped caring about astrological signs when I realized how many people judge people and ixnay them because oh, he's a Taurus. I can't that'll never work. Or she's a Scorpio. She's crazy. Like, people start like using that. You know, like as references like, No, I'm way more than just what this stupid book tells you.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:33
Yeah, that's what I'm trying to say. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:35
that is an Aquarius thing to say.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:39
Okay, so then okay, so you fuck Ray Cooper merrylands Palmer and kill Rory. Yep, sorry, I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:20:46
gonna kill Rory. Because I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:51
Well, someone's gotta go. That's okay. Yeah, someone's gotta go. Alright, so before we get to these fan questions, this is the part of the show where some people will follow us to the UFC fight pass platform to hear their exclusive fan questions asked. But some people. They're kind of lame. No, just kidding, guys. People are not going to follow us. So for those fans, where can they follow you on social media? This would actually be a great time to plug that website if you want to get any future work, or anything else you want to promote right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:20
Just my social media. Just last week, my manager convinced me finally to make my Instagram account public. It's been private because I like to filter through people to make sure they're genuine fans. So I don't have a big following, but they're all quality. Like, I know them. Yeah, I like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:40
That's nice. That's so nice. But I just feel like when you get to a certain level with sponsorships and it's like you can't you don't have that luxury anymore to filter them out. And you got to deal with the crazies and all the dip pics and all of that.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:55
I know so many things. I go to my other account for that shit.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:59
Yeah. Okay, well, and I will always put all of your social media links, but it's pretty much just at body slamming Queen 333

Unknown Speaker 1:22:07
Yes. Okay, that's where I would prefer people follow Twitter. I'm not as active on but if people are acting with me, then I'll get on there more. And I have a tick tock but I don't use it.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:19
Me either. I made one and I neglect it so bad. It's just so much work. It is. I just need someone to really sit down with me and be like, Look, here's some like hacks you know, like, I feel like an old old lady. You know? How to use the computer Okay, that's it for episode 120 With Jesslyn Michelle, what a beautiful awesome woman guys. I love this podcast. I love you. I'm just having a great goddamn week and I hope you guys can feel my good energy through the podcast. I'm always hoping and wishing for the best for all of you guys. I appreciate the support whether it's just listening or buying a shirt or telling a friend about the podcast, it really really means the world. Thank you guys. Also, UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at UFC fight backslash sign up I mean if you guys really don't have fight pass by now you're missing out was all in I talk about it. I feel like every week, it's a cool friggin platform. I've been naughty and I've given my password to some of my homies and then they use it so often that they're like fuck, I'll just get my own. So I'm not saying that's a good thing. I'm not saying sure your password or whatever. But sometimes I just use it to tease my friends and they realize that there's a plethora of awesome content on there and so they signed up so maybe 10 bucks guys, come on. That's to Subway footlongs whatever. Alright guys next week we talked to the beautiful and talented Sumikko lady samurai Inaba. This girl is on a roll. She's five no undefeated Hawaiian fighter. She's currently ranked number eight in the Bellator women's flyweight rankings. She's a sucker punch fighter shout out Sucker Punch Brian Butler prepare room. Yeah, and she's just a sweetie. I'm really excited to have her on. You know, I feel like I'm lucky to talk to some of these up and comers before they just blow the hell up. You know, so she's gonna give us some of her time and get real personal like we always get so tune in next week for that one. And don't forget, you can support the show by buying something emailing us i checking out my sexy pictures whatever you want. Sex violence with rebel That's for merch. Ashley rebel pictures and videos and then you can always email us sex and violent That is it. I love you guys, thank you so much for your fan questions that are available on the UFC fight pass platform because they are exclusive content. And special special thank you to audio engineer, DJ Zol you can check them out at DJ Bula DJs or on Instagram. And tomorrow could studios at tomorrow kids official DJs Oh, do you have any shows right now that you want to promote? I know we might have something on Halloween popping up at Canyon in Yorba Linda Canyon in in Yorba Linda on Halloween. So if you want to shoes and everything Oh, there's going to be late shows so nevermind. We're gonna say something you know what goes hand in hand with like shows. Anyway? I didn't say there's gonna be kids on drugs there. But you know, drugs are bad kids. You can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Guys, we are looking for sponsors right now we're doing a hard push. I'm a busy girl, but we're really looking for some aligned brands. You know, my demographic even though I want more ladies listening. You guys are about 85% dudes. So dudes who like MMA and six, which is every guy, you know if you guys have a brand or a company, or something that you want to promote and you think this podcast would be good. Hit me up at weight, sex and violence That's it guys. Remember, what do I say every week? Be kind, be grateful, but not actually from anyone. I'll talk to you next week with a new guest

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