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Ep.121 Sumiko "The Lady Samurai" Inaba

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day all night. Tune in sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance and that AlTi taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley rebel girl Evans-Smith Now let's talk about sex and violence what's happening hot stuff What is up my naughty listeners? We're back. It is November like autumn. I miss spooky season already. I did not get to utilize my Halloween. But that's okay. I'm a grown up now. I guess I should not put so much weight but it's my favorite fucking holiday.

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Me and the boyfriend actually got really cool costumes that we didn't get to dress up because we just had so much shit going on good stuff like adult stuff that we just couldn't. We would didn't feel right prioritizing partying over adult stuff. So adulting sucks sometimes. But I hope you guys had a great Halloween. Hope Thanksgiving is going to be awesome. I'm actually going to go home to my little Boondocks town delinking nine and up in Ukiah, California, and visit my family I never do. But my partner urged me to make time for family and I urge you to do the same. I just get in my little grind mode down here in Orange County and I live I'm originally from Ukiah, California, which is nine hours north. California is fucking large. And I just don't make so much time but I'm excited to see my grandpa if you guys listen to the podcast consistently, you've probably heard me say at least once or twice how fucking rad he is. He is my favorite person in the whole world. And let's face it, he ain't getting any younger. So I gotta go up there and visit his old but but um, yeah, I hope you guys had a great week. My Week has just been real busy. Like I said, this Sunday. So in two days, if you're listening to this, the day it comes out, then in two days you can catch SOS eight submission only series eight. It's a submission only grappling tournament that my partner puts on. And I have been hosting the last few times with my good friend zeta Zang pro wrestler and all around cool human. Please check that out at submission only or on Instagram at submission only series. It's a cool event. It's literally the best 185 pound grapplers this time, middle weights, they're competing for $5,000. And if you don't know if you don't follow jujitsu closely then you're like okay, like whatever. But $5,000 is a large pot for jujitsu, you it's just not at the level that MMA and other sports are at and maybe it will be in the future. But organizations like SOS and Eddie Bravo Invitational and those kinds of things are working to build jujitsu. I'm a wrestler by background so you can stick me in that grappling grappler category. I love it. I love all mixed martial arts. But grappling holds a special place in my heart. So if you want to come check it out, I will be there hosting it is a very cool event in downtown Los Angeles. At a like a vintagey hipster kind of place. It's a different feel. The last event was at a production studio and this is a production studio as well. But it's called Rose wolf studios in downtown Los Angeles. It's all on the websites missionally series. But this one is like just like a retro vibe, you know, like wood stuff and like, cool. And Tiki like furniture and stuff like that. And there's gonna be some alcohol available there. I believe that if you buy your ticket in advance, guys, you have to buy your ticket in advance because that's how you get the booze. Okay, so if you're interested in that, which I know most of you guys are, I mean, I would be interested to but you know, I don't drink anymore. So buy your tickets online and it's going to be a great event besides that. I don't have much to say massage matters, I gotta give them some more love. Because if you guys listen consistently, you know, I rave about this place. It's here in Orange County in Irvine, California, the best massage therapists around the room have heated beds, you can be like, hey, Google, I want Indigo as a light color. And it changes to Indigo, hey, Google Play Explosions in the Sky radio. That's what I like to listen to, because it's instrumental. And it's just like a really, really nice family environment. They got some new therapists and recently, and I'm not actually going to tell you who my new favorite person is, could be a girl could be a guy, because I don't want you to take them from me. So check them out, massage, or on Instagram, at why massage matters. Why, why there's a why in the beginning, I don't know, at why massage matters on Instagram. Lastly, I had this idea literally on the way to the podcast. I'm like doing all these different posts. And, you know, like, I stay so busy lately, which is good. And a lot of great things are happening. But I think when you get to a certain level of busyness is that a word busyness? It's almost like a

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level of busy, a certain level of busy, you need to start? What's the word like allocating duties? Or is that the right you know, just kind of like, and so I'm like, okay, so I thought like, are any of you listeners, or maybe you know, someone interested in a sex and violence intern, as a sex and violence intern. So obviously, it's an intern position, can't pay your shit. But you'll get to work one on one with me. Maybe DJ is old, but he's a very busy man. But you know, I don't want to call it quote unquote, the, you know, like the heavy lifting and stuff like that. It's not It's it would be some simple posting, maybe some research some ideas for new segments. Like, it's just a fun position and very casual. So if anyone out there listening, you're a fan and you want to be an intern or you know, someone. D or email us. And the email I say it every week is sex and violence. just make the subject line sex and violence intern or intern something like that. And give me a little, you know, resume, it doesn't have to be extremely extensive. Maybe you have, you know, experience in marketing or you have experience in social media, I don't care. You know, I'm looking to give someone a chance to grow and build themselves and be a part of our team. So that's it. Some usual bullshit until you every week, please support me and Zol and the podcast, all by supporting us on sex violence with rebel All that money from merch. I know it's a lot of punk rock themed stuff. I need to work on that. But anything that is bought on the website goes into studio time and editing and all that kind of stuff. So I appreciate you guys. Anything you do. If you want to do something that doesn't cost any money, you can always give us a shout out on your social media taggers share an episode or also give us a rating and review on iTunes and I think Spotify you do stars and whatever else. It doesn't matter any kind of you know, send the podcast along to someone else helps us out word of word of mouth marketing, guys. Okay. Also, check out my exclusive content site, Ashley rebel That's where you pervs can purchase some nudie pictures and whatnot. Just kidding. You're not perfect. I'm a perv. That's okay. It's a pervert bad word. I'm pervy, okay. And then again, like I said, any, you know, if you want to be an intern or if you just want to talk to us about the podcast suggestions, maybe something touched you or maybe some, you know resonated with you. I like to hear it because then I know that the podcast is doing something it's getting through to somebody. And you know, that doesn't pay the bills, but it warms my heart and it keeps me going. Because this thing is not making a billion dollars yet. That's about it, guys. Now I'm going to talk to you about some people that are helping us. Actually, I know we are on the prowl for new sponsors right now. So let's get right to our guest. Today's guest is a Hawaiian mixed martial artist who competes in the women's flyweight division of Bellator MMA, and is currently number eight and the Bellator women's flyweight rankings, a professional since 2020. She is 31 years old and stands at five foot four, an undefeated fighter at five oh and owner of a very promising career we talk about just say yes from Nerd to MMA fighter. foster parent rewards small island dating life, having your fiance in your corner, valedictorian in high school and graduating with a baby being a serial monogamist Sex on the Beach dismissive versus dominant in bed hairy men embraced anti confrontation but loves to fight big feet little woman and so much more here is your guest Sumikko lady samurai Inaba?

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Right, we have the beautiful and very badass undefeated flyweight fighter currently ranked number eight Sumikko, the lady samurai Inaba Sumiko, thank you for joining us. How are you today?

Unknown Speaker 11:17
I'm doing great. Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited.

Unknown Speaker 11:21
I'm super excited to have you. Let's just put it out there. So everybody knows you were a little nervous to do this podcast. And I like talking to people that are nervous to open up because, you know, not to toot my own horn, but almost everybody who's been nervous on the show later was like, wow, like it felt really freeing to talk about these topics that aren't normally asked of us. Right? Just how's the weight cut going? And what's your game plan for the fight?

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Yeah, no, definitely. Those questions get repetitive. So it's fun to talk about, you know, of course fighting but other stuff, just life stuff. That's great. Yeah, I have to get definitely used to it. Like you said, I was nervous to come on here. But I think the more I do it, the more I talk about it and share. Yeah, it'll get easier.

Unknown Speaker 12:09
I think so too. You know, you one one thing that you and I talked about previously was my favorite quote is story. Shame dies when stories are told in safe places, and I just want to get to know Sumiko let's talk first on a fighting level, you know, the violence of sex and violence. And then we'll get into the mushy stuff, but you are undefeated? FIBA No, you went pro in 2020, which was a wild time to go pro right?

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Yeah, it was, it was much different, like fight week and other protocols that came with it. It was definitely it was different, but I enjoyed it. Like, I know everybody was weird about not having a crowd. But for my first two fights, not having a crowd and being able to hear my corner was awesome. Like, I think it made me excel as a fighter, you know, just being more aware and able to hear what they're saying. I think it really helped me and I think that's a part of why you know, I did so well. And then you know, came back the crowd came back and I and I just it's a different feeling with a crowd there. I love the crowd. It's theirs their energy of a crowd is just different and that you know, experiencing both was great, but yeah, definitely much, much more different than a typical fight week which is funny for my first professional fight. Dealing with all that new stuff.

Unknown Speaker 13:29
Yeah, it was almost beneficial for you because after the pandemic situation it's like well, it's only up from here things are only gonna get better hopefully I guess you know knock on wood. pandemic is always like good comeback scary

Unknown Speaker 13:43
ya know for sure. Even when I fought this last time it's still in California like they still had some protocol stuff even though you know we're past it pretty much now but still it's still lingering but yeah after this when there's nothing that needs to be done it's just like you know, everybody can be normal Yeah, I know I did my first interviews like with a mask and and all that and this was it was so different I smile a lot and I you know, I express what I feel like with my face so that was very

Unknown Speaker 14:11
weird. Yeah, well whatever you're doing you know pandemic wise or otherwise it's working you're five and oh right now as a pro and before that you were six and one as an amateur

Unknown Speaker 14:25
I've been actually seven and one because they're missing a fight on my on my record even better like my they're missing like my second amateur fighter if not but yeah, I had a very long amateur career which is you know, I think I have to put some credit into why my my professional career say so well now

Unknown Speaker 14:44
of course and yeah, you know, why is that you know, I'm sure you know, your coaches and whatnot but to be an undefeated fighter, I'll end with only one loss on you know, an eight amateur fights like, what is the secret to success for you? Everyone's recipe is Different, right? But like for Sumiko? What what are some of those key components?

Unknown Speaker 15:05
Yeah, you know, it's funny because my amateur career is much different from my professional career. And you can't, I mean, you can't really tell I did success, you know, have success in both. But it's, it's funny because my pro career started right before or excuse me, right after I met my fiancee. So I think the Alexa acceleration, you know, was was really good from there. But I don't know, maybe, you know, just balance. I love to fight. It's just what I love to do. Every time someone sees me, they like what you fight. Oh, you know, I always say, you know, I flip the switch when I jump in the cage, and it's laced on, right. It's not Sumiko anymore. And I think that just is just what it is, you know, I love to fight and it's, I love to learn, and this is definitely where, you know, I learned every single day I can't stop learning. So

Unknown Speaker 15:57
yeah, you're right. And you know what? loving what you do? That is huge. Not I know, it sounds weird. But if you're not loving the sport, why the fuck are you in it? It is. It's not a nice sport. It's not extremely financially rewarding. Let's face it. It's very time consuming. And there's some other not so great perks. But, you know, at the end of the day, I'll never forget one of my old coaches, Adam Lin, I was having a hard sparring day and he was like, being a girl crying, you know? And he's like, yeah, like, you know, like, in his very blunt military way. Like, if you're not having fun, like, why even do this? But I was just like, good point. Yeah, that's yeah,

Unknown Speaker 16:40
no, it definitely is, like you said, it's it. You know, it comes with the rewards of every the hard work, you know, that you put in it, just it comes with it, but definitely have to love it to continue to put in the hard work. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:56
And like you said, you know, when someone sees you, because you're so pretty, it's like, the last thing they think is, you know, cage fighter. And I understand there's just the way that MMA is perceived you don't, it's not synonymous with a pretty face. So I want to know, like, how did you get into this? You're 31 right now, but you've been fighting since 2012 12.

Unknown Speaker 17:18
I was, I remember, we talked about it, and I was gonna go look. So I've made sure it's 12 or 13. But gosh, I don't know why I keep thinking it's so I'm going to stick with 12. But about the same time

Unknown Speaker 17:30
as me, to be honest, that's when I started my amateur career, except my amateur career was real short, and I kind of got you know, booted into the pro scene. Much too soon. I wasn't ready, but I didn't rise to some occasions which is good. But you got to take a much longer amateur journey and it looks like it's fucking paying off right.

Unknown Speaker 17:51
Okay, yeah, you know, I think a lot of that has to do with just being in Hawaii and smaller the scene isn't as big fighting an event. Most of the time they don't want to fly out amateur so I won't fight you know, elsewhere. But Hawaii. Oh, yeah. So it was just like trying to get a fight here and there. And it was mostly like once a year. If you look at my record, it's pretty much once a year I think I fought twice. We like right before I turned pro, I think but I did have really good amateur fights like my last three were all off island for after, you know, I got two in Vegas. And then I had one in Virginia. So those were like setting me up for the pros. You know a little bit Yep.

Unknown Speaker 18:38
Was that Vegas tough enough?

Unknown Speaker 18:40
tough enough to have tough enough. Yeah, I fought for the belt, the flyweight belt the first time I want it, and then I defended my belt the second time I won. And then I want the cowboy fight series fell out in Virginia as my last amateur fight and that was amazing. Like all of that experienced. Pro, that's a professional fight week experience, you know, like relying somewhere making waves doing all that I was the main I was the main event of that event. I was the main event for that event. So it was it was big, you know, it was it was great. And I think that that really set me up for professional career sorry. No,

Unknown Speaker 19:23
no, no, it's okay. And what we started with the reason I brought up tough enough was because tough enough I fought for them. I had there like 140 pound bill or whatever it was. Yeah, and it's uh it's like the best amateur promotion and it's like as close to Pro that pro experience as you can get just like you were saying with cowboy fight. I personally have never fought for them. But like, you know, it's cowboy Cerrone is promotion. I can only imagine he would do the damn thing. Right. So that's great. And yeah, I know. It's a sucker punch. It was great. Sucker Punch, like work with cowboy I don't know. Somehow. Okay. Yeah, that's all

Unknown Speaker 19:59
it was. It was a great event. Yeah, be flying all the way to Virginia. It was beautiful is my first time that far?

Unknown Speaker 20:07
Well, I don't want to, you know, make you get into this extensive long story. But to circle back, like, how did you get into MMA for me personally, I wrestled on a boys team. I wrestled in college. And then I was like, I like aggression. You know, and I just had like, a chance meeting with Eugene Jackson. And then I just, you know, once you start, it's like a drug and you're like, oh, or more. So how did you get addicted? Is what I'm yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:31
sorry. Yeah. So it was actually, it was honestly more just for fitness of me. And then my boyfriend at the time, we're just getting relationship bodies. And we're like, Okay, we have to find an outlet to that is something that's a

Unknown Speaker 20:45
thing. Relationship bodies.

Unknown Speaker 20:47
Yeah. So it was like, okay, you know, let's go. And we checked out a boxing gym here on the island. And that was their first year of doing an MMA event here. And it was it was big, you know. And so they asked me to, if I wanted to fight and without thinking, I'm just like, sure, yeah, I want to get punched in the face. I think I trained maybe for months, you know, almost almost a year the first time and they threw me in for my first amateur fight. And I want it was like, it was like, rock bottom rock. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's just what it was, you know, I look back on that fight. And I think it's on YouTube. And I just laugh, I can't just laugh. And it's okay. That's the growth of you as a human being and as a martial artist, you know, so exciting. But, um, yeah, that was my first amateur fight. And I was. And I was, like you said, just addicted to violence. I guess after that, you know, if they offered me that one, the next year took that one. And it it, it was kind of like, keeping myself accountable as well. You know, like, you have to make wait for these things, you have to be a certain shape facing. So it was just something that I could look forward to and, and keep goals towards. And then I fell in love with that. Now we're here at the professional level. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:07
yep, it all worked out. And if you're looking for something, to keep you on task for your fitness goals, the idea of being locked in the cage with another human and they're going to try to punch your face off. That'll really light a fire under your butt to go for runs and eat right? You're like, oh, shit, I'm going to war. I better not skip this workout.

Unknown Speaker 22:28
You know, it's good motivation. So be like, Okay, so I'm just gonna try and take off my head. Let's not let that happen. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:35
Okay. That's great. It's It's crazy, because I feel like most people expect that you got into the sport, you know, some other way. But you're really just, you know, someone who said yes. Have you ever seen a Yes, man by with Jim Carrey?

Unknown Speaker 22:51
I did a long time. I know what you're talking about.

Unknown Speaker 22:53
Is what am I can't like refer to it. Okay, so Jim Carrey Long story short, he is kind of like a, I think he's a loan officer. And he's very, like negative, like, denied denying. He's very in his little bubble. And, you know, he just doesn't want to change his ways. And some magic happens. And basically, he's forced to say yes, you know, like, he can't verbally say no. So he has to say yes to everything. So somebody's like, hey, rock show tonight. And he's like, yes, he's like, oh, you know, you have to go. And then it's just like, all these amazing opportunities. Because he kept saying, yes, happened to him. And I think I'm very much like that. Not like, I have to say yes, but you tell me like, some of the most beautiful and rewarding things have come from things that were either scary, or you never thought you'd be doing.

Unknown Speaker 23:40
Oh, 100% like, you know, I'm, like, they say, learning to be uncomfortable. And I think that that's something that I thrive in. It's something like this, you know, being uncomfortable all the time. It makes me more comfortable. In other in other ways, it seems like, you know, almost like the confidence that comes from that. I think, yes, it's, it's great.

Unknown Speaker 24:05
And I think like challenging yourself to in different ways. It forces you to analyze yourself and learn more about yourself that you never knew. You're like, oh, that's how I you know, it's like, it's very self reflective, you know, how will I do in the fire? Well, you don't know until you walk through it. Right?

Unknown Speaker 24:22
Yeah, for sure. So, I think I think that comes from like a positive point of view as well. You know, like saying yes to things that have no, it's like, yeah, maybe try it out. You know, it's like, if you're always in that negative state, it's like, no, no, no, and nothing comes from that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:40
exactly. I concur. So you're on a roll right now. I feel like you should whatever you're doing, keep on doing it. I want to know, do you have any other jobs or are you a full time fighter? And then also, like, where do you train at?

Unknown Speaker 24:56
Yeah, so I was bartending for I started off as just a resort here on island and I was a server cocktail server, then I became a bartender. And that was amazing. I love my job. You know, it's, it's beautiful here, and that's here in the industry, that's a good part of money. You know, the tourist industry in Hawaii is huge. So it was a great job, but then COVID hit and, you know, it was like a blessing in disguise almost, you know, I lost my job and that whole thing, but then it was like, Okay, what do I do, but training 24/7 Now, so, I think that that's where my acceleration had happened, as well as like, you know, all my attention had been able to be focused on martial arts and there wasn't like, an extra job that, you know, I had to worry or go to, you know, kind of forcefully at first, but then like, oh, I can do this, you know, I don't have to. I don't have to have that extra job on the side, like, put all my mind my work and energy into martial arts. And it's been, it's been paying off. So, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:56
So scary. putting all your eggs in one basket, right? It's for sure. You know, and you and I will get to this, but you you haven't you have children, you have a daughter and in a foster child, and it's just me and my dog, you know, like so. But that's even scary. I'm like, Oh, what if I, you know, lose and no dog food for Rocco? I don't know. So I understand you on that. And I did the same thing bartending and waitressing forever. It's the perfect job for an up and coming fighter until you can put all your eggs in one basket and just fight you know, but so let's get into the mushy stuff. Right off the bat. I always ask how do you identify sexually, you know, heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual. All that. And then also, what is your relationship status?

Unknown Speaker 26:42
Yeah, so I'm straight. Like my man of God. And then I am engaged. So I just got engaged in February of this year. Oh, wow. Very recently. Yeah. So right before my birthday, actually, this year. The timing of that was great. It was super cute. Yeah, he's, he's amazing. We were together. Yeah, we've been together for three years now. Oh, my gosh.

Unknown Speaker 27:12
Well, I knew because you were like, right before my pro career. I'm like, she went pro. 2020s. Yeah. If you met him, I got it.

Unknown Speaker 27:18
Yeah, yeah. So that's a lot. You know, but it's been amazing. Yeah, we have a foster child's Yeah, they're now two. So you know, the one big happy, crazy family.

Unknown Speaker 27:30
So you have your own child and then a foster child? What are the ages on those? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 27:35
so. Yeah, so my daughter is 13 Oh, my goodness. Whoa. I have much more respect. And I feel so terrible for my mom now, you know, dealing with this age, but yeah. 13 year old daughter, and then a 15 month old Foster says, so Wow. Yeah, he keeps me busy.

Unknown Speaker 27:57
Is this your first foster child?

Unknown Speaker 28:00
Yeah, first one.

Unknown Speaker 28:02
I mean, I know this is like sex and violence, but like, let me just be mushy and be like, Oh, you fucking Angel. Like how amazing I've yet to hear unless I'm forgetting somebody, somebody on the podcast talk about, I'm a pro fighter and this and that. Oh, and I'm also you know, helping a young child life. Like, let me just give you a slow cap. Sumiko you look friggin Angel, was that he? Was that something you always wanted to do?

Unknown Speaker 28:31
You know, I, I've always thought about it. I've always talked about adopting, I, you know, something huge, huge for me. But, you know, this kind of landed up upon us. And I, I'm so glad that I said yes. And did it because it's something that, you know, after, you know, I kind of got thrown into it. So after researching it and figuring out, you know, really what it is like, it's it's crazy to be a foster parent, it's really it's a very crazy form of selfless self lessness it is what it is, and, and I've learned so much about myself and about patients and it's, it's me, you grow so much as a human being so props to anybody that you know, takes on it and does it as well because it's amazing and just to be a positive part of, you know, a little person's life or you know, not just little person but anybody that you know, is a foster parent just taking care of someone it's it's it's a lot but I love it and I take it gives me a lot of motivation to do what I do as well. So yeah. Trying to get to machine

Unknown Speaker 29:48
No, no, I've just how long have you been fostering this child?

Unknown Speaker 29:53
Since he was two months so from the very beginning I've had him so what I do

Unknown Speaker 29:57
what happens how Do you prepare your heart?

Unknown Speaker 30:01
Yeah, that's yeah. It's crazy. Yeah, I guess it's something that you have to accept. Yeah, it's weird. You have to accept it. No it and just, that's that's all that you can do kind of with that. And you

Unknown Speaker 30:13
did a great thing for them. Yeah. It's not like you're saying goodbye and you're doing something so beautiful. Oh, okay, sorry for the bush, you can

Unknown Speaker 30:20
only take the positive out of all of that, you know, if not, you dwell on the other part of it. You're just like, it gets really, it gets really heavy. You know, I'll say this, like, don't do that for all the right reasons. And that's just what what? I love that.

Unknown Speaker 30:34
I love that. Okay, well, let's switch gears into your fiance. He must be super amazing. You said that your career and now you're engaged and you're fostering a child. So he seems to be a really perfect match for you. How would you guys meet? You know, who made the first move? Like, tell me the details?

Unknown Speaker 30:54
Yeah, so it's funny. So like, I mean, everywhere small, you know, you say come from a small place like Hawaii small. So of course we I do have him. He's a fighter as well. So even more, you know,

Unknown Speaker 31:06
what Island are you on? Sorry. On Maui a Maui. Okay, now I recently went to Hawaii. for it. My uncle lives there. And I will like, I had never been and I was like, This is paradise. And I realized how small it was to you know, when you're just like, Oh, I'm at one end of the island. I'm at the other end of the island. I'm back on the other side. Okay, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 31:28
No, no. So you can see how like, everyone knows everyone. Yeah, but yeah, so So we knew of each other. It's funny, like when I actually got to know him, how much like How close were we are literally, you know, months apart. We're the same age. So it's like, weird that I didn't know him even more, but I just knew him to the fighting community. And that was years back when I was with my ex still. But then we ended up reconnecting right before COVID. And the pandemic had happened again, in the gym. It was just by coincidence, you know, we met in the gym originally, and then ended up I was single at the time when we met again, in a different gym. But I I was preparing. That's funny, I was preparing for the cowboy fight in Virginia. And we met I known him for like, I don't know, a couple of months at the time. And he came and cornered me in Virginia. And I think that all that, you know, that's an experience all in itself. So it was just like a lot of bonding happening over, you know, a short period of time. So, yeah, that went quickly. But you know, we knew of each other and then I think fighting connects us on a different level as well. So yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:45
I mean, I mean, I know exactly what you're saying. Because I too, am a female MMA fighter. I too, am. You know, I say married, we're not married, but like, you know, my partner and I have been together for three years. You feel married, you live together, you spend a whole crazy goddamn pandemic together, which is like spending five years together. And you're like, oh, so my husband so I honestly know exactly how you feel. It's like, when someone bleeds, sweats, cuts weight with you travels with you, you know, tells you your beautiful tells you the best fighter in the world. You're like, Okay, you have my heart. So I'm so happy for you. I'm so freakin happy for you. And, you know, they'll

Unknown Speaker 33:27
cheer as well for you. Yeah, thank you for you. Know, that's great. I didn't realize it was that similar? But yeah, so you know, literally, exactly. You know,

Unknown Speaker 33:37
it's like, that's why I liked this podcast a lot. Because there's a lot of like, catty bitches sometimes in the sport. And I just go like, why, why we are so similar. And it's, we're very unique. Also, I'm like, why can we not like with our forces combined? You know what I mean? Like this strong, strong women. Yeah. Like, I'm all for that. And, you know, all we can do is keep spreading love and trying to block out the hate, you know, but I'm so happy that you are in a really happy, healthy relationship. You just, you know, with this sport comes a lot of hurt people. And that's okay, because it's become this beautiful outlet, where people kind of like therapies themselves, right. You know, it's like, this is my therapy. And that's okay. That's okay. You should probably get some real therapy too, you know? But yeah, so yeah, dating in the industry is always like my question, right? You You did it. It's working out for you. Congrats. I know you're engaged. But what about before you met the love of your life? Like how was dating for young so Miko? Did you have confidence back then? Were you a big flirt? Were you shy?

Unknown Speaker 34:49
Yeah, so it's funny. Well, so he go way, way back because so my daughter plays a part of that as well. Because so I had her my senior year of high school. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. So I got pregnant my junior year had her February. I had graduated June of that year. So I had her February or excuse her at the end of January. She was due on my birthday. So when she came a week early, so that's why I keep thinking February but yeah, so I graduated with a baby. You know, it was it was crazy.

Unknown Speaker 35:23
But I'm so happy that you actually got to graduate because a lot of people

Unknown Speaker 35:26
started early for me. So yeah, no, no, it was it was pretty crazy that year. I was like the first, like, 10 Girls, I got pregnant in my class. I had graduated, it was pretty crazy. But it for me, mine was, you know, caught everyone off guard. Like I graduated as valedictorian in school. So I had straight A's and like, it was just totally not something people were like, once you're pregnant, you're having a baby just came out of nowhere, of course. Which for me to, you know, surprise, but that's what happens when you want to, you know, Hey,

Unknown Speaker 36:05
everybody. Hello, young people wrap it up, wrap it. Kids are great. But wrap it up.

Unknown Speaker 36:14
Yes. Yes. So that started early. So, you know, I was in a relationship constantly for periods of time. So I didn't really date I wouldn't say especially like I said, again, coming from Hawaii, small. Everybody knows each other, you don't really get to date without like, knowing Oh, so and so already dated that too. Like, okay, so the pool, the pool gets smaller and smaller as you get older and older. But yeah, before I met my fiancee, I was in a stretch of like, almost eight year relationship before that, too. So that took up, you know, most of it as well. So, yeah, so I had my daughter broke up with my, my daughter's father, and then met my ex, where I was with for the extended period of time, and then met my fiancee, so there wasn't much, you know, dating. As a fighter. It wasn't, it wasn't extravagant for me, or weird, or I didn't have to, like, deal with doing that. It was kind of like, you know, our, what

Unknown Speaker 37:16
we call a serial, monogamous

Unknown Speaker 37:20
relationship, relationship relationship. And I think that, you know, I learned a lot about myself, you know, good or bad of the leading relationships up to this point it you know, it was all just perspective. And now I'm in this relationship and grown as a human being and the timing of all that, I think, laid out. Well, you know, it's, it's weird and funny to think, you know, my daughter had, she's 13. So she, you know, would possibly be like, Mom, I want to Brother, I want a sister on her brother and sister. And then surprise here came her foster brother was, like, be careful what you wish for? Yeah. Like, here you go. So that's amazing.

Unknown Speaker 37:59
You know, like, you just said it perfectly. You're like, you know, each each relationship, you know, I kind of learned something new about myself. And that's all you can really ask for even the bad ones. You know, like, this is kinda like, morbid, but like, you know, I'm very close, close with my mother and like, you know, just very tumultuous situation. And I'm like, okay, like, the end of the day, shitty situation. But I'm like, at least I know what I don't want to be, you know what I mean? And so, like, the relationships, I kind of like, alright, every bad relationship you have, don't look at it as like wasted time. It's like, okay, I fully know what I don't want in my life now. And then you just move on and look for something that's either completely opposite or has better qualities. So what's something that if you could tell young Sumikko after all these all these, but you know, these few relationships and learning these lessons, what would you tell her?

Unknown Speaker 38:55
You know, it's crazy now being who I am. And I think confidence was a huge part of a lot of my problems are the mistakes that I made, I want to say so, like, if I, I guess I couldn't tell her confidence. But if I could, you know, somehow, you know, go back as a ghost and be like, hey, you need to build your confidence. You know, you need to do something that's like me now as a you know, 31 year old I just want to put that instill that in my daughter. So it's weird, like reflecting back if I could tell my 13 year old self right now, you know, like, I want her to do jujitsu, I want her to, you know, play some kind of sport or have some kind of passion that you can throw yourself into, and, and get confidence from that is this, this is something really, really big that I hope, you know, on my platform that I do get to show you so just like people in general, it's it's confidence. It's huge. I think the world needs you know,

Unknown Speaker 39:53
and you said it, the same thing that I say like that gave me confidence was being a young girl. And I was I was total tomboy and I got into wrestling on a boys team, you know, so yeah, Jujitsu would be a little bit more ideal because like I think, you know if not putting one girl amongst a bunch of young adolescent dudes is not always the best. You got to be a tough fish like me to kind of like hold your own. But I think that wrestling saved my life and it gave me the I didn't have much confidence but the confidence I had came from like Alright, I'm gonna tough bit I can do a lot of hard things, and then you just build off it so very, very good advice and Miko, I definitely. I'm always telling people like whatever you do, whatever you do for your kid, try to put your kid in some kind of sport. Obviously, I'm biased because of wrestling, but sports in general, just dedication, hard work, perseverance, all that kind of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 40:50
Yeah. 100% No, I agree. I think it teaches you a lot. accountabilities, huge for you know, yeah, you know, young kids growing up learning that I think sports does that really well, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 41:03
So, you know, like you said, you haven't had too much experience dating while you're an MMA fighter just because you met you know, your partner. And you're you've had to seems like too long term relationships while you've been a pro fighter, right? Do you get treated differently? Because you're a pro fighter? In the dating world? You know, this could be good or bad, because they understand that being a pro fighter means you have different needs.

Unknown Speaker 41:29
Yeah, um, sorry, what was the question? Was it?

Unknown Speaker 41:34
No, you're a female MMA fighter. So sometimes it tends to be a different dating world for us, whether that's good or bad. Sometimes it's like, oh, you're a pro fighter. I want to wrestle you and you're like, oh, man, like, come on, come up with a different, you know, pickup line or, or sometimes our partners, they understand what we need. So perfect example, I always say like, I'm really cranky on fight week. And my partner is always like, all right, like you get a pass this way.

Unknown Speaker 42:02
I think that's a, I don't know if that's where like, levitating towards fighters as a partner came from, or, like, I guess, you know, starting starting my fight career with someone that was fighting as well. It's kind of just what I was used to almost also your partner's also a fire. Yeah. So he fights. He's a professional fighter, too. So it's yeah, it's just like, he totally understands. And I think I got drawn in that way. Almost, you know, so my ex was a fighter and like, current is professional fighter. So it's like, I've grown as a fighter in a relationship. Is that weird to say? No,

Unknown Speaker 42:45
no, no, that's literally Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 42:48
And I don't know, the comparison almost now. So it's like,

Unknown Speaker 42:52
what what do you think is normal? What?

Unknown Speaker 42:55
You know, what's normal? For sure.

Unknown Speaker 42:58
But I think like, you know, I think you reap benefits in your in your situation, right. Yeah. You know, like, you're not I have guys on here that have been like, yeah, you know, my partner, my girlfriends never understand all the time I have to put in the gym or why I can't drink or whatever. And when you're dating another very serious professional fighter who takes their career legitimately, then you don't gotta explain, and you're not going to get nagged for fucking following your dreams, right?

Unknown Speaker 43:27
Oh, 100%, that that's exactly what I mean. It's like, I get a little spoiled, like, he knows so well. You know, like, what I'm feeling. Like, to the exact, you know, he's like, I literally know exactly how you're feeling, you know, so. And that. That's, I think that what's gets us stronger as a bond then. And, you know, he always has the right things to say, because he literally knows how I'm feeling. It's like, it's hard, you know, not coming in a weird way. But like, if you're not a fighter, and you try and, you know, come, I don't know, as a fighter you get in this place, sometimes, especially during fight week, you just like, question everything. And he just has all the right things, because he's literally been in that place at that, at that point at that time. And it's like, coming from another person who hasn't ever felt that or, you know, has no idea. Those words are different. I don't know how to know that. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 44:17
so they could have the best intentions, right? Because they're trying to make a feel good. But it's doesn't carry the same weight as someone who's actually been in it. And I know what you mean. And it's like, some people might listen to this and go, but Sumiko you know, your partner loves you. Doesn't matter that they haven't fought well, a little bit, you know, because the same way when a coach who's actually fought, or you know, what I mean? Trains, when they show you a move, and they tell you like, Okay, this, it's like, you have more respect, you know, and you're like, alright, you know, what the fuck you're talking about?

Unknown Speaker 44:51
Yes, yes, yes. Yeah. So, you know, that is great perks of it and, and as well as just the mindset, you know, like you said, Somebody like, like him, he's, uh, I got my work ethic from from that guy. Like he's talking, you know, I have to give a lot of praise to Him. He's, he's done, you know, a lot with my fight career and my mentality as a fighter as well, you know, he's very strong minded. A lot of, you know, the things that I repeat to myself, it's just words that he tells me. So, in that sense, you know, as a fighter fighter relationship, it's huge. It's, it's a part of my success, you know, as a fighter in the cage as well.

Unknown Speaker 45:31
Yeah, that's very, very beautiful. And now, to be an MC asshole, I'm going to try and play devil's advocate, because I know it's not all sunshine and rainbows. And you know, it's all good. But, you know, to people in the prime of their career, like, do you guys butt heads? Or is there ever like, scheduling conflict? Or like, what is something that you're like, Okay, it's so great to have a boyfriend as a pro fighter. But this kinda irks me sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 45:58
Yeah, of course, you know, when we're both on like the last straw, and we know it, you know, you're just like, okay, just stay in the other room, or, you know, something that he's taught me a lot is communication. Because, you know, as a fighter, and just my personality as a person, I've learned that I just keep everything in. You know, that's like fighting. Yeah. So it's not like that he likes to communicate and in that way, so

Unknown Speaker 46:24
I tell him, I said, Good job, because it's usually the other way around. Right? The woman's like, talk to be in the guard. Like,

Unknown Speaker 46:32
yeah, it's pretty yeah, that's, that's true. I do need to go give him a kiss for that one. Though, definitely. He's a he's helped me open up in that way. And I think that that's helped us a lot, too. But yeah, you know, when we're both tired and sore, and there's emotions of teenager and oh, no, hodler and all that you're just like, so it happens sometimes. But it's okay. You know, we get to punch each other in this room. I love we have our, our couples therapy as well.

Unknown Speaker 47:05
So you're a beautiful female fighter. I always ask this silly question, but it can get I don't know, we'd like to keep it silly. So what are some creepy DMS? Or do you get weird DMS at all? Are you the lucky one fighter who doesn't get weird DMS?

Unknown Speaker 47:19
Um, you know, I knock on wood. Do I have wood around me? I haven't gotten the craziest DMS because I know that gets crazy. And I'm not surprised. Like the world is at your fingertips. You know, everybody can communicate with everybody. You can send people crazy stuff. No, the craziest. You know, I get always like, Oh, you're beautiful. You know? Hi, how are you? I want to train with you. I want to punch you like the weirdest stuff that I bought. I haven't. I haven't gotten any weird pictures or anything of that yet. So well.

Unknown Speaker 47:54
You know what? I'm happy for you. And let's not not

Unknown Speaker 47:56
Conway. Yeah, let's not. You know, you're not an invitation. It's just the state. Yeah, just

Unknown Speaker 48:02
David guy. She's not saying like, for me, she's like, Okay, this is good. So yeah, you've been in like you said these a few very long term relationships. But that doesn't mean that we are not, you know, passionate, you know, very intense people. So I like to ask, what's the most romantic or craziest thing you've ever done for love?

Unknown Speaker 48:26
Oh this is funny, I even thought about this craziest, or most romantic?

Unknown Speaker 48:43
I mean, gosh, I can be like, you know, you even like, it's crazy sometimes to like, stay in a relationship for so long. You know what I mean? Or it's crazy to

Unknown Speaker 48:53
that's, that's funny that you say that? You know, like thinking back now as the person that I am today? Yes, of course reflecting back you're like, wow, I was crazy love to deal with that. And you know, like, yeah, in that sense, you know? I guess keeping myself in that. For love it love is blinding sometimes. And I guess that that's a good one. I'm sorry, but I have to steal yours. Something, you know that you you now, thinking back on it. It's like oh, yeah, I was only in that for come complete love. It was this like, logically you're like, What the heck? That was just your heart. Of course.

Unknown Speaker 49:37
I think later when we're out of the relationship, and sometimes when we're in it, you know, we're like, okay, like balancing our pros and cons. And the cons are like so high and like the the Pro is like, but I love him and we're like, oh, you know, like, it's just it doesn't make sense. It's not logical. It's crazy. It's crazy. So yeah, that could be good. I I'm always kind of like digging because, you know, in my mind, I'm like, okay, she is an MMA fighter, but she's also Hawaiian. I'm like, maybe she's she got crazy. And she scratched, you know, like, like, look at her. No. Okay, all right, I'm digging.

Unknown Speaker 50:14
I'm pretty good. I'm pretty good. I keep my fighting in the cage. It's funny because like, like I said, you know, growing up, nobody thought, like, to this day, like, you fight like, what the heck, you know, coming from I was a straight A student, I was, you know, a nerd in school. Nobody expected me to fight. I didn't fight in school, I had no kind of confrontation. I just, I wasn't that I wasn't that, you know. So it's like, that's beautiful. And I, that's what I think on it. It's like, literally, it's literally like, it has to be a switch. It has to be, you know, like, what else did my mind allows me to do that just, it's funny. The Fighter part of me is, is becoming more and more of who I am. So it's a little weird to talk about that. But yeah, it's just like, even to this day, people are like, I can't believe you fight. You know, it's like,

Unknown Speaker 51:01
no, it's just like I said, it's like, sometimes when you put your through through yourself through something extremely challenging. You're like, oh, shit, I didn't even know that. That's how I was gonna react. And you learn more about yourself? You know, I'm like, sure. Shouldn't we know ourselves? Like, no, no, not really, you know, for me, I was like, drinking, you know, a whole bunch back in the day, and not not that long ago. And, you know, it's like, when you're doing that, or maybe, you know, sometimes when you're so engulfed in another relationship, and you put yourself second you, there's no time to learn yourself, or you throw yourself into your work or whatever it is, right? Sometimes we can get to an age where we're like, I don't even fucking know who I am. And fighting can help us.

Unknown Speaker 51:44
For sure. It really makes you question, you know? Yeah, who you are, you are.

Unknown Speaker 51:50
So there's a myth or, you know, it might be true for you that fighters should not have sex before their fights. Do you abstain? Or is this like, you know, no one cares.

Unknown Speaker 52:04
Um, you know, I've heard that was Rhonda that made that like, huge when she talked about it? Yeah, I remember watching that. And I was just thinking like, Okay. I don't think so.

Unknown Speaker 52:19

Unknown Speaker 52:21
Yeah. So, no, that's not part of my ritual. I don't think that that's you don't have to think from that to perform.

Unknown Speaker 52:28
Yeah. And you know, what, like, the thing that I've come across like, I think only one person and I always say it was like T door. tz came on the show. And he was like, Yeah, I don't have sex for two weeks. And we're like, Oh, wow. Everyone else on the show has been like, hell for the Fuck no, I need to get laid before you know, like, it's stress relief, and yada yada.

Unknown Speaker 52:48
Yeah, you know, I maybe for a male, I could see like, the way they would think that that would be better for them. But I also think, yeah, like, it's the opposite. Also, I don't know. Well, I guess I wonder if there's something you could test that for?

Unknown Speaker 53:01
I think like two weeks thrown, you know, if you lose your think that it's going to help you, maybe it'll help you if, if you think it's going to hurt you don't do it.

Unknown Speaker 53:11
Like the placebo effect, whatever it does, for your mind. Let her do it. You know, for sure. Whatever you believe in, believe it. So

Unknown Speaker 53:19
now that you've told me a little bit more about how small you know, the Island of Maui is and like growing up and how the talent pool gets smaller and smaller. You know, I'm like asking some of these like questions, and I'm like, it's probably gonna be hard to answer. But have you ever What's your craziest place you've ever hooked up? You know, some people are exhibitionist. And they like, what it like, they hooked up when they were young somewhere or, you know, up for you. I'm like, did you ever do it on the beach? Like, I don't know. Like, wild is crazy. You've ever hooked up?

Unknown Speaker 53:48
Yeah. Yeah, it was. That's funny, because that's the first thing that it was. It was the beach because I you know, like Hawaii, it's, it's big. It's open. But it's can be private, too. So yeah, beach is is definitely, I think the craziest. Yeah, yeah. Oh, you know, when we were in a sense of, like, public, you know, yeah, private public, you know, so it's, that's the craziest.

Unknown Speaker 54:11
Honestly, I'm like, because when we go back to visit my uncle, we didn't do that. But we're like, okay, we want to do that because it's a small community, but like you said, it's like, there's so many little like, hidden beaches, nooks and crannies, where, you know, you understand why people come here as a tourist to like, just get away from, you know, the city life and every and in so many people, like it's just so nice to be somewhere where you're the only fucking person around and you don't get that in the city and Orange County and La over here. Just like constant like chaos. So we're like, okay, when we get back to Hawaii, let's do that. But since I'm like, you know, an adult now I'm like, I don't want to get in trouble for like, indecent exposure. So I'm like, Okay, we're gonna get one of those little tents, you know, like, you zip it up. And I'm like, Yeah, yeah, technically sex on the beach. Right? But we're like in the tent

Unknown Speaker 55:03
inside. Like your adult brain. Yeah. I don't want to be dangerous. But, but, but sensor dangerous.

Unknown Speaker 55:14
And so another question is, you know, like you are an alpha female were female fighters. But I always ask like in the bedroom is that somewhere where you tend to be dominant, like your kind of fight persona, or you know, is that more like Sumikko, where you can be a little bit more submissive and allow your partner to be dominant?

Unknown Speaker 55:34
Definitely, I've definitely submissive, I like a dominant partner, um, totally. Like, I think that that's just the balance of it, you know, like, in my relationship as well, like, I am able to be submissive, because I trust completely my partner, you know, I think that that comes with that as well. So, to be able to be submissive to your partner, it's, it's, you have to trust them, you know, so that's

Unknown Speaker 55:59
very true. That's very true. And, you know, it's funny, because it doesn't matter who the person that I like what female I have on, you are five, four at 125 pounds flyweight, and my last guest was Jesslyn. Michelle, oh my gosh, I almost forgot her name. I mean, a lot of women, a lot of people Jazlyn the body slamming Queen Michelle, who is 510. And she fights at 185 pounds. And she said the same thing. She's like, I like to be submissive and to be made to feel dainty and small. And I'm like, I think it's just an alpha female thing where it's like, our whole lives were just like raw, strong, dominant. And then in the bedroom. It's like, you have to really trust that person, like you said, but it's so nice to be able to put that that wall down, you know?

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Yeah, for sure. You know, and especially like, I think just constantly. Yeah, like you said, just constantly having as a female fighter to you know, you have like this thing about you, you're like, Okay, I get to for you know, however long to just let that go away. It's got you know, and totally just let go. So

Unknown Speaker 57:11
it's almost a little bit like role playing, you know, you get to be Yeah, well, which is a perfect segue into the lightning sex round. If you guys are new to the show, the lightning six round is a yes or no segment where Sumiko will just say yes or no, and I'll ask her a couple questions. If you have like a story with something I have to let you know Sumiko that sometimes our listeners will write to me and be like, Hey, she wanted to elaborate. So if you want to elaborate it's an option, but uh, Okay, you ready to play? Okay, good. So lightning second round was Sumiko Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank or like to be spanked? Like to be biting? Yeah, choking? Yeah. threesomes No. Do you watch porn? No. Any fetish like a foot fetish? bodily fluid fetish. No. Okay, bondage like ropes, blindfold or handcuffs? Yeah, no. Roleplay No,

Unknown Speaker 58:31
okay. Or not that I consider but that's funny that you? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:35
You know, it's like that's a weird that's a way to look at it. But I've when I think roleplaying I'm like Superman and Superman or something. Yeah. Okay, but stuff on you are a partner. No, do you use sex toys? No. Ever been to a swingers club or a sex party? No. I doubt there's any on Hawaii it's that seems right.

Unknown Speaker 59:02
That's what I was thinking about. Do they exist? They probably do very very,

Unknown Speaker 59:05
very undercover. Are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 59:10
I don't but I love it. I don't have

Unknown Speaker 59:15
time for that. Unless you're making money with body hair. Yay or Nay?

Unknown Speaker 59:19
Nay. Yeah, me too. Well, I mean for myself, but then

Unknown Speaker 59:25
oh you don't care about the guy. No, no What if he's super hairy

Unknown Speaker 59:32
my fiance's pretty hairy

Unknown Speaker 59:33
Oh okay. You like it all rough terrain over there good for you girl. And then have you ever been caught?

Unknown Speaker 59:41
No No Okay, I have to for his sake I have to like go back on that I'm sorry it's well kept but yeah,

Unknown Speaker 59:47
okay, got it. Trust me all the all the hairy guys were like yeah, so Miko we have you ever been caught having sex or masturbating? Yeah. Is it an awkward

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
story? Oh, I was just I was just young you know, so that was just It was bad.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:07
Oh no awkward. Yeah. Okay, well that is the end of the lightning sex round. Not

Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
so bad. No, that was great. I love it. I love that kind of fun like you said you know you can't fake really you just like answer.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:20
Yeah, yeah. Rapid fire. No time. No time to be shy. Just say yes or no. So the last two segments are a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill and fan questions marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. And the fuck marry kill that we came up with is Oh, shoot. It is very fun. So between these three names, you gotta tell me who you would fuck who you would marry who you would kill me ready? Okay. Okay, we got Barack Obama, former president. Jason Momoa. And then finally, Bruno Mars.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06
Okay, I would probably

Unknown Speaker 1:01:08
before you answer, okay, you probably know this because I feel like you know, locals are like, Oh, but not a local, but like, are any of these people like born and besides?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
I don't know. Well, Jason Momoa. Like has ties to Hawaii. I do know that because he's always here. And I know that you know, when this is already said,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:32
Oh, yeah. Oh, Polynesian. Oh, boarding Kansas, the Polynesian descent.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
Yeah, he's he, you know, he has a big connection to the community. Because especially when they had a bunch of protesting stuff, like the rock. Yeah, exactly. You know, had a bunch of protests and stuff. He was there, you know, with it. And, and alongside, you know, all that. So. I Yeah. And he's always with like, some kind of Hawaii activist and, you know, takes a lot of part in that. So I know he's connected to Hawaii. It's

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
very cool. That way that's attractive. It's very attractive. Oh, everybody

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
loves him in Hawaii. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Which is hilarious, because my fiance just like, that's just a funny is. We were at a resort one time. And this, these three drunk guys were just, you know, in the pool, and it was me my fiance and my daughter at the time. And he just screaming it's Jason. He couldn't even say his name, right. I don't know what he was saying. He was no, no. They're talking about my fiance, right. Oh, like they think you Jason mobile right now. And he just couldn't stop laughing. So. Yeah, so it's just funny. I mean, they don't look very much similar, but facial hair and like, that kind of thing. Okay, similar. I'm gonna

Unknown Speaker 1:02:49
stop your boyfriend, um, do one of those funny like side by side pics with him like, okay, okay, so does that mean, since he is the most visually visibly or attractive one? Yeah, yeah. Okay. Okay, and then who are you gonna kill?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06
I probably married Bruno Mars. And I'm sorry, Barack Obama, I killed

Unknown Speaker 1:03:11
the former president.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13
Yeah, I don't think I could do that one. I don't know. To have that kind of job. You have to be a certain kind of person. And I don't know if that would. I don't know if I can marry that

Unknown Speaker 1:03:23
one. Not Not only does he have to be a certain kind of person, but you would have to be a certain kind of wife. Right? Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:29
it's right. Okay to Lars. No, he's a he's a performer, performer in my own way. I guess. You know, yeah, dive a little bit better.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
Okay, I love that. Cool. So let's get to these fan questions. Now, before we go. Before we talk about fan questions. This is the part of the show where people will switch over to the UFC fight pass platform to hear the exclusive content. But for those fans or listeners, who won't switch over who have yet to buy the UFC fight pass subscription. Where can they find you on social media? Do you have another fight lined up at the moment? I know you just fought October 1, so

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
yeah, no, I was I was trying to get on the December card. I was trying I kept bugging and bugging but they said like most likely won't happen. So probably not to the beginning of next year. Which is fine. You know, it's all good. It just has to be a little stricter on the holidays, which is like alright, whenever but yeah, so hopefully, it's the beginning of next year. And yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:34
is there anybody? Like you know, I know you're a very humble person. I can tell that already. Which is beautiful. And you don't get that too much in the sport. But, you know, you're you're earning your stripes, you know, and I feel like you you could probably call someone out right now right? Create some hype like you're undefeated, like Like, who do you want to fight like create some buzz?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
I'm terrible at that. Like I said, I don't like confrontation that says, like, I don't like, it's such a weird thing as a fighter, you know, it's like, I don't want confrontation of punch you, you're so cute. It's totally not that, you know, I can't be more than grateful to be ranked already, you know. So I think that for, you know, in that perspective, like, I'm definitely going to end up fighting somebody rank, or they're gonna throw me a level up of competition, which the fans want to see as well. I think I felt that the last time I you know, I fought just been a rematch, my last fight and all that, you know, everybody was like, oh, you know, I thought she was gonna start fighting a ranked opponent or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:38
It's so funny how people have like, such a strong opinion on your career don't even be like, Oh, she's like, Who are you month ago? Like it unless you're my coach, or my teammates, you know, like, announcers. Yeah, like, you know, the couch, the couch commentators,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:55
you know. Exactly. So. Yeah, exactly. So it's like, it's all good. But no, I think, you know, definitely for me to like, my skill level, it's, it's going as well, and I would I want to keep challenging myself. And I think that that's, that's just something that I could put out there. You know, the next one, it's definitely going to be a step up and challenge but no, I don't have

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
any names. And so that's okay. But, you know, don't let anybody take anything away from you. Even though that was a rematch. You know, we say this in the UFC all the time. Like, there's no fucking easy fights in the UFC. There's also not a lot of easy fights in Bellator, you know, probably no easy fights. Realistically, I just, I've Yeah, like, I've never been in that ordering organization. So like, I don't speak on it as much I tried to, you know, only have opinion about the shoot, I know. But, you know, like, that's, you know, you what was it a unanimous decision, you know, so it's not like you didn't go out there and earn that you're doing everything right. Maybe. Thank you. Thank you. Be louder, be you know, like, more

Unknown Speaker 1:06:59
computational it. No, it isn't. And that comes with confidence as well. You know, and I do I do have a lot of competence, but I still can build as a person with all this, you know, comes to me, let's get better.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:12
And here's the thing to me go. I always say it's like, yeah, everybody wants like a Conor McGregor or bitchy, Ronda Rousey or something. But at the end of the day, people just want you to be who you are. And when you listen to this podcast, like, Oh, they're like, Oh, she's

Unknown Speaker 1:07:24
fucking a sweetheart, you know? So like, the next fight. You go out there and you're like, I'm taking all these pictures down. You're like, that's not Sumiko she's faking, you know? So it's like, it's not WWE. You don't gotta create this persona. You're all good. And then, but where can we follow you on social media?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:40
Sorry, I knew there was another part of that. I was like, forgetting what it was. I only have Instagram, but it's at Sumikko that Inaba? Sorry my dogs are barking.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
No worries. Sorry. Okay. Do you have?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:54
Oh, gosh, I have. I have a blue nose Pitbull. Who is going crazy right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:01
I'm so sorry. No worries. I can hear you fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:03
Okay. Who sleeps in the bed? He's a big old baby. But then he farts like that outside. Like, shut up. Shut up. But no. And then I then there's a couple of other ones out there. They're both they're all big. Like mixed breeds. There's three of them out there. Just make it a big ol loud. Oh gosh,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:21
I love it Okay, guys, that was episode 121 With Sumiko lady samurai and NAVA. What an absolute sweetheart. I feel like I'm always surprised at the guests answer. But, you know, I kind of felt like Sumiko was gonna be a sweetheart and now I feel like she's even more of a sweetheart. Like I said, like, what an angel being a foster mom, you know, Val Victoria. Like she just, it's it's different to hear of somebody who's you know, had like a little bit of a healthy background and getting into such a crazy sport. And I think she's a great role model. She's beautiful. She's kind she's loving. She's a hard worker, and she's really selfless. And so yeah, what an absolute awesome person. I'm very happy to have her on the show. Guys. UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at UFC fight backslash sign up. Okay next week. Very excited to have this guest. His name is Dean Todd Thomas he is a retired American MMA fighter and a true OG of the sport. Here's a little tidbit of information for you MMA nerds out there. He was featured on The Ultimate Fighter for the comeback. He was UFC 41 lightweight tournament semi finalists now you know he's an OG when you say UFC 41 lightweight tournament. I don't even think they do tournaments anymore like it's crazy. And then he's also a jiu jitsu blackbelt. He runs two successful jiu jitsu MMA MMA academies in Florida, I believe, and he's notable victories over UFC lightweight champion, Jen's Pulver UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Serra, and StrikeForce lightweight champion Clake leader. His last fight in the UFC was UFC. Oh, that's not correct, because he was the UFC 41 lightweight tournament, but he fought BJ Penn in the UFC as well. Just, you know, he he's been he did the damn thing. And is he in the Hall of Fame? No, no. Shouldn't be alright. Shout out to Dean for being in for you know, amazing stuff. Yeah, for a Hall of Fame career really. I'm like that that seems like worthy to me. But but you now you can see him in his all his glory on the UFC desk. He has a UFC post fight show and other UFC analyst position. I don't know his exact titles, but catch him pretty much whenever there's a UFC fight or fight night on commentating and analyzing. So he's gonna be a fun guest next week. You can follow him on Instagram at Dean Thomas that's D I N Thoms or something like that. He's very goofy and so it's going to be a good show. I know he's also on the sober train like me, so I'm sure we'll connect on that level. Check it out guys next week. And don't forget sex violence with rebel Buy some merch support the show. And if you know anyone who wants to be a sex and violence intern, shoot them army email so that they can send our resume or whatever you know, it doesn't got to be it doesn't have to be extensive guy could be like, you know, this is what I've done, you know, does he need to go to school for it something simple. So send that email to sex and violence And if you want to support the show by helping me with my sexy content site that is Ashley rebel And as always, we please ask you to just share the show and spread the word. Spread the Love, guys, thank you so much for your fan questions every week. I know that some of you are pissed that they're on the UFC fight pass platform.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:38
We're working things out. We're working the kinks out. We want to make sure that you guys sign up for that because it's very cool. But we also don't want to, you know, take something away that I previously gave to you guys for free so we're figuring it out. suggestions are welcomed. Follow us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Big special thank you to our audio engineer, DJ Zol you can check him out at DJ soul on Instagram. And tomorrow Good studio at dark kids official. I hope you guys enjoyed this show. This episode I really enjoy it. Remember, be kind be grateful but don't take shit from anyone. I'll talk to you next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and violence.

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