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Ep.122 Phil "No Hype" Hawes

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day all night. Tune in sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence what's happening hot stuff. What is up my naughty listeners? We're back in the studio for a new episode. And before I get to this guest I'm always telling you guys what I got going on. So last week if you're consistent listener, you know that I was hosting SOS a submission only series, the middleweight pros in downtown Los Angeles. And I did that with Zetas. Zang. It was super fun, a very, like exclusive kind of vibe. It was at the Rose Bowl studios. And yeah, like at sunset, you could like watch the matches, and it was just very like, cinematic. It was a great, great, great event. And I'm not sure when they actually do know when the next one is it's going to be January 21. But I don't really have too much more information at the moment. If you want to check anything. Regarding submission only series just submission only If you are grappling fan, they put on some amazing high level submission only grappling events. Last week, I also told you guys that we're looking for a sex and violence intern. And so I don't even tell you about this guys. So two people actually hit me up. I swear to God, I was like, no one's good. I have you have so you two guys, I haven't had time to respond yet. But if you're listening to this, I will get back to you know, even if we don't end up working together, don't worry, I will respond. And I'm just like blown away. I'm like, You guys guys really want to work with me. Okay, cool. So that was really nice. And if you are hearing this for the first time and you have any interest in being an intern for sex and violence, it would be some duties like social media posting and marketing and some research for fighters and helping come up with Fuck, Marry kill and some segments and stuff like that. So it would be a fun gig. But you know, it's an intern position. So I can't pay you for now until we make a million dollars. But yeah, so keep hitting me up on sex and violence. Oh, sorry, sex and violence. That's where you can send all your, you know, if you don't have a resume, one guy actually sent me like this nice professional resume. He was like a college student. It was so sweet. I was like, Oh, he really sent me his resume. But if you don't have a resume, you can also just shoot me an email with some experience or maybe you don't even have experience. I will still talk to you guys. This week. What else I have going on? Oh, yesterday was my first day back to wrestling and that was huge because I've been doing striking and a little update for you guys that no I'm you know, recovering from spine surgery but I haven't talked about any of that in a long time because I still have a long time until my goddamn suspension is over. So but regardless of the suspension I'm actually taking a trip to Colombia in January late yeah Columbia late January mid headin metadata Melodien say it again.

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May 18

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I'm not going to try I'm going to Columbia guys. I can't pronounce oh me I'm gonna We're Pablo Escobar is from okay. So I'm going there not for Escobar reasons. Okay. I'm going there for the other good stuff for the stem cells. And it's because my body I just have like, I still have pain guys. And so people keep asking me like, are you retired? Are you going back to fighting? I know you're suspended? Are you still with the UFC? So let me answer yes. Still with the UFC. Yes, still suspended until March and I'm laughing because it's like a fuck I've accepted it. And you know, it's just such an annoying thing and it's right around the corner. Yeah. And in the meantime, I'm going to take advantage of my time off and I make getting some stem cells to kind of just heal 100% because my goal is to not have pain while I train and so it's just a mission guys just believe me when I say I'm doing absolutely everything in my power from the what I put in my body. I actually got in trouble for doing getting blood work and thinking that I was putting the right things in my body. Learn from my mistakes guys, always check the labels and always check it if you're a UFC fighter on global I will be a cautionary tale for you guys. Me and actually Bobby green. It's very unfortunate, but he just got released from the UFC. He got in trouble for the same exact thing. And so it can happen to a lot of people. And if you're listening this and you're a fighter, global It's very It could save you a lot of money and a lot of headaches. So yeah, but I'm back to wrestling and things are going really really good. So I'll keep you guys updated. But you know, I still won't fight until next year. You'll see me go to Colombia in January you'll probably be like what's actually doing there but just working on getting my body 100% What else I got going on? Actually this weekend? I'm going I'm doing a photo shoot a girl. Girl on Girl that sounds real bad. No, I don't want to say that. No, that's not the way I'm doing. Yeah. No, I'm doing a photoshoot with another girl. Not Girl on Girl. God. That sounds horrible. I did my first elaborate. Oh, I did. Oh, yeah. There we go. A collaboration with a lady. And so I wonder if you guys can guess who it is. It's another fighter girl. And yeah, I'll just leave you guys hanging for now. I did my first B slash G shoot last month. I didn't know what that probably guessed the fighter before I

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guess what? B slash G

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I didn't even know what a B slot B G shoot was until somebody messaged me they're like, Oh my God. I saw your pictures on your exclusive Fan Fan time site and it was so sexy. What a great big shoot and I was like what? And I was like, Thank you. What is a beach? Boy boy girl. Okay, my partner Mike did it

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Okay, now I don't pry into those but I gotta see my experience. Yeah,

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I know I know trust me yeah guys if you want I right now okay my my guys if you are interested in checking that out Viet czar laughing about it, but it was super fun. I think they came out pretty sexy, you know? Yeah. And it was yeah, it was spread those I'm so proud of him for doing something like that. Yeah, if you want to check out the BG shoot. Yeah, the website is WW Ashley rebel It's a fan time site which is kind of like only fans but even better and yeah, support is that way for sure. BG or if you want a new every day. I know and yeah, so actually this weekend I'm doing like I said the collaboration shoe and so I'm just having a lot of fun with it. And I used to say if you listen back like a year or year and a half ago to the earlier episode, I'm like nah, I don't want to do that too much work and it is a lot of work. It really is and you know I had respect for the ladies and guys that did it before but now Holy fuck. It's just like buying the outfits you know getting your hair done getting your makeup done, you know buying a cool location for the background and whatnot. It's just a whole thing. So check it out, guys. It's it's been a fun adventure and Ashley rebel Some things I want to tell you about coming up. Tuesday the 15th in this episode actually give my girl a shout out but November 15. Irvine comedy, Irvine improv is where my girls Zetas Zane will be wrestling for a united Wrestling Championships or something like that. It doesn't matter anything will be in the ring. I will be there. You guys should be there as well check it out at Irvine Probably is probably where you get tickets. I'm just shooting it out there. And then up next fighting a local fight promotion that has made me a member of their family. I'm their official backstage correspondent. I talked to the fighters. I absolutely love this job. It's so fucking fun. I was so nervous at first still nervous. You know, I get nervous for everything that I when I want to do something really well. I get a little bit of anxiety and nerves but I think that's normal. You know, the jitters? The good. The good jitters? Yeah, I get butterflies with things that I care about and I just care about this job a lot but it's getting more comfortable. I think I'm getting a little bit better at the interviews and feeling comfortable and whatnot but the next event is a pro card and it's November 19 at Commerce Casino so if you're in the Southern California area, it's gonna it's actually already sold out for general admission. That's how Yeah, so And there's three title fights. I don't have them in front of me right now, but I should probably know them but I know that it is the bandit first ever bantamweight title. It is Cody Gibson, the renegade vs. Cisco Francisco Rivera, and local guy and they're both UFC veterans. Cisco is just a fucking brawler, but he was super reserve in his last fight actually against Ichihara Trudeau Ishihara. Yeah, he beat him and he was like, PC and mom same organization. Yeah for up next Is the rabid fighter Yeah, up next fighting is getting some good OG veterans Bellator UFC. Yeah, we'll see there's a fighting and so the bantamweight titles on the line. The heavyweight title big Lou Shanky is fighting. His opponent actually just dropped out but they do have someone filling in. And then the first ever flyweight title. So three titles, and they're the first ever Albert Morales was their first ever featherweight title, or champion. And now, Gilbert Nakatani is fighting I think it His name is Rose sauce. Yeah, Jesse Russo's for the flyweight title, and just didn't like a whole card of great fights that night so check them out at up next Commerce Casino it's an each show gets better. They always like this last one. It was an amateur show. Big room just to let you know, yeah. Sold out. Generally. That's a few.

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That's like 2000.

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Yeah, it's yeah, it's in there selling out. And it's just a high quality even if you check out their social media. It's at up next or Nephite. Yeah, at up next on Instagram, and even their social media looks legit. So. But anyway, all right, I digress. So that's all I really want to tell you guys about know, the last thing I want to talk about guys. Me and Zol we're always trying to sell you guys on your sci fi pass because well, they're my boss. But also we actually really like the platform. It's got a lot of cool. You know, last night just watching classes. So last night, I was like, I'm just gonna check out something and I ended up watching another episode of fight lore. Exactly. That's the best. It's the best show guys. Yes. If you guys have know what fight lore is, you know, then you know how good it is. But if you don't, it is a animated like Docu series where they tell real stories about the MMA history. So I want to give you a just like a little rundown of the one I watched last night. So if you don't know who lightning Lee Murray is, look this guy up. Of course you know who he is old. So it London. Okay, the stage is set guys, London in the late 80s This guy is like a kid. He's grown up on the street. He's a little gangster, you know, kind of like Oliver Twist style. He's like pickpocketing selling drugs getting better like shootouts like a Robin Hood was a little bit of a Yeah. And then like, and then he gets into fighting and when he gets into fighting, all these coaches see that he's just like a badass, he's got heart, he's got speed. He's got strength. He's like, he could be could have been a contender. It's like a great like, you know, potential huge potential. And then he actually he had really good mic skills, too. I was watching some of it and like, you know, just reminded me of like a little bit Conor McGregor, but mixed with like Shawn Strickland. Yeah, a little bit of crazy look. Yeah, a little bit of luck. Yeah, yeah. And like he was sassy and like he spoke well, too. So I wanted to say that people really didn't fuck around like that. Yeah. And he Oh, he used to walk out with the Hannibal Lecter mask and like the chains and the jumpsuit and stuff. Okay guys, so well he went from London any when trained with Pat Miletich in Iowa, which was pretty much the best MMA gym around at the time. And there's actually a famous story that lightning Lee Murray got into a fight with Tito Ortiz and there's like some stupid remember that's all there's like some stipulation or speculation on Tito side. He's like I didn't happen like that. But like Pat Miletich is basically saying that like Lee MURRAY Yeah, fuck Tito up he like knocked him out like threw like a fucking five piece hit Tito with all of them and was like, down to the Yeah. But what I want to tell you about Lee Murray is that this guy had all the potential in the world could have been a champion. He actually fought Anderson Silva outside of the UFC because he couldn't get yeah back into the the US for probably like legal reasons, which I feel you leak. And so if I entered Anderson Silva and like another organization, and he went the distance with Anderson, you know, so it's like, you didn't win, but that's how many people can say, Yeah, especially, you know, back then, and Anderson's prime, but then this guy decides to do the biggest cash heist ever of $53 million. And at first he got away with it ever. She fucking got away with his Oh, I was like, mind blown. And then this this dude pulled a dumb thing where he basically like recorded himself on these burner phones and I'm rooting for I'm rooting for you guys. But leave it there. Okay. $53 million, guys. All right, but uh, Lee Murray if you're listening to my podcast in a Moroccan prison somewhere, dude, I want to interview that guy. That's my dream guest Lee Murray like Nick Lee Murray man, it would be amazing. Okay, I'm rambling but this is my UFC fight pass pitch for this week. Check out fight law. It's my favorite show. Yeah, shit like that is on there and you're just like what and you and it's fun because it's a true fucking story and then they animate it and yeah, so that's all I want to tell you about that guys. Okay enough about UFC fight pass, they know that we love them you guys know we love them if you're not subscribed yet, you know, go do that. And if you guys want to email me just about, you know, questions or guest suggestions or anything at all, we're very responsive on the email sex and violence Like I said, and if you liked this podcast, do you girl favor, send it to somebody you know, send an actual episode have them listen to it, not just the Instagram because our Instagram is actually fucking killing it and we appreciate you guys so much but share the podcast because that's what matters, you know, actual listens and whatnot. And if you're listening to this right now on Apple podcast, please do us a favor. Pause right now go on the upper yet, click, go in the upper right hand corner and click follow. It's just like a little plus sign in the upper right hand corner. And that would help us out a lot because it's one of two buttons you can press Yeah, it's it's not it's not that hard, guys. I believe in you. You can do it. Alright guys, let's get to our guest. Today's guest is an American mixed martial artists who competes in the middleweight division of the UFC. The 33 year old holds a 16 and four record is a brown belt in jujitsu was a division one wrestler and an N J. C double a national champion. He previously fought for World Series of fighting Dana White contender series, Bellator MMA and brave combat Federation. He currently lives in Miami, Florida and trains at Sanford MMA we talk about new welterweight drop, being a home thought, dating normies from Section Eight housing to the UFC, using Tinder like Uber Eats pretty feat a must. UFC groupie expectations. Shooting your shot with Rihanna Sex in the City Boehner sex club procedures eating booty super necessary. Pump fake for the bill a must doggy style is his style and so much more. Here's your guest Phil. No Hi paws

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Okay, we're here with Phil. No. Hi, paws. I'm very excited to have you on the show. You're filling in for Mr. Dean Thomas. I really appreciate it. How are you doing today?

Unknown Speaker 17:41
I'm always, always good. Great. How you doing?

Unknown Speaker 17:45
I'm good. I love this podcast. You know, I feel bad because I don't know more about you. But I really do a lot of deep dives into every guest. So I'm excited to get to know you on a level that's not just how great of a wrestler you are, how good of a fighter you are. Let's get to the good stuff. But let's do let's do talk about fighting because that's what people tune in for sex and violence. So as far as fighting goes, we just came off a fight less than a little over a week ago. i This is a very hard question. But do you have any idea of when you're going to fight next who you want to fight?

Unknown Speaker 18:21
Oh, probably never know. I'm sure that's what it feels like after a loss. Sometimes just like fuck, I don't want to do this, you know what I mean? But it was a growing experience. I was gonna let my brain heal a little bit, let my body rest up, get an MRI on my knee, see how it's doing and just take it from there. You know, whatever my team, my manager says, you know those guys, Mickey hit me up and say, Hey, we got somebody for you. So it's just taking my time let my body heal Rest up. Don't want to get in there too quick, though, you know?

Unknown Speaker 18:51
Yeah, that's definitely a seasoned veteran move a lot of people. I remember in my younger years, you know, you take a loss and it was kind of like, I just want to get it back. But it's not like that. You got to take time, learn grow, let your brain rest, like you said, which is very smart. You don't really hear fighters talk about letting their brain heal because, guys, CTE is a real thing. And we don't even know that much shit about it. So

Unknown Speaker 19:17
as you get scared about CTE, like you find yourself like missing a word or to use like, Oh, is that it?

Unknown Speaker 19:23
Well, I was like, I didn't even acknowledge CTE because I was like, Look, that's just gonna make me really feel bad about the career choice I've chosen. But then I sat down next to Rose Gracie, who is the daughter of one of the really big groceries. I'm gonna get in trouble by all the jujitsu people right now but beautiful person who literally started a foundation called the fighting Foundation. And it's all about CTE and basically giving money to athletes who have been affected by CTE because as you know, probably that you can get depression suicide, like the worst kind of stuff, right? So She schooled me on that. And now I think about it all the time. And I'm still an active fighter. So I'm like, damn it. Ignorance is bliss.

Unknown Speaker 20:08
Oh, cool is of course 100%. But I mean, do you ever, like miss a word? And like, Oh, is that a or do you feel like, are we? Because I feel like sometimes I'm just like, I'm overthinking. I'm like, Oh, shit, I got it. Right there. You know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 20:19
Well, I'll tell you that. So I'm three, a little over three years sober. And when I stopped drinking, I started smoking a little bit more weed. Right. So, and I'm like, pro marijuana. You know, it's great for mental health and a lot of great things. Some people are like, devil's lettuce, but not me. So sometimes, like, is it getting punished? Or is it from smoking weed? And I feel like, as I get older, I don't know about you. I'm 35 year old. I know you're 33 like learning techniques, sometimes especially jujitsu. I'm like, it just doesn't come as easy to me. And so I'm like, am I getting older? Or is a CTE? That's where actually question,

Unknown Speaker 20:57
Sam, Sam say,

Unknown Speaker 20:59
All right, well, I'll let you rest up. I won't badger you about who you're gonna fight. But something I like to ask people to kind of get to know them on a deeper level is we all have this giant platform, right? Especially like the UFC is the biggest you've been on Bellator World Series, all these other ones, you know, internationally fought a bunch of times. But what is something that you hope? People think of when I think of Phil Hall is not just your fighting, but what is like a part of your legacy that you want to, you know, put out there and what do you want to use your platform for?

Unknown Speaker 21:27
Man? That's a good question. Because like, it kind of puts like your legacy. When you think legacy think about fighting, right? So like, instead of like a whole champion, this guy, but there's also tons of stuff I want to do for like single mothers and things like that, like section and house and some of that come from, and just being like, having people making awareness of what's actually how sing it is and how it helped me develop where I'm at, you know what I mean? Because I had no idea at the time I was in Section Eight housing. I lived in like a really nice neighborhood. And we can like afford it. You know what I mean? Because like, I remember one day, like, it's like yesterday, it was like, I was in high school and my buddy went to a car dealership, he got a new car. His mom got a new car, and his little brother got a new car, all new cars, and I went home and my lights weren't on. I'm like, What, Why, mom, why do we live here? Like what do we definitely know. But once I get once I got all that developed, like I learned it was second house. That's how we got to live there. And just from that, and made me see like the world in a different light, because I knew it's possible. But if you live in like, urban, mostly urban community, like you won't be able to see those things like going to a car dealership and seeing all these other other opportunities come out. So like, Section houses, I'm huge. I want to do

Unknown Speaker 22:40
wow, that's really cool. I have yet to have a guest talk about Section Eight housing and, and single mothers and whatnot. I don't know the specific details. I'm really open about my past I come from kind of like a white trash is like such a harsh word, but just kind of like, a little redneck, you know, but like, I'm self deprecating at times. But yeah, we actually had section eight housing. We come from a really small town in northern California. And it was all Hispanic. And we were the one white family. And so yeah, Section Eight housing gave me a better opportunity as a pre pre High School. And then as I got into high school, we moved into a better house, but, you know, it changed our lives and our quality of living and I started wrestling in high school, which just changed my life completely, you know, and so we can touch base on that. If you want. I know that you were a national champion wrestler, and so I'm assuming you started in high school, right?

Unknown Speaker 23:37
Yeah, started a little late. Started like freshman or sophomore year in high school and like, did you really sophomore year and now is like chemo wrestling big and Kelly. I was like, because I know Oklahoma is bigger.

Unknown Speaker 23:50
Oh, yeah. So I mean, in California when I started in high school, I was on a boys team and then I did win California state champion as a girl but like when you wrestle boys and then you go wrestle the girls like winning that girl state championship was easy.

Unknown Speaker 24:09
But still, California is still a really tough state to wrestle. You know what I mean? It's like a tough state.

Unknown Speaker 24:13
Oh, yeah. And I'm so grateful because, you know, it's podcasts about you. But you know, just wrestling for me since I didn't have a really tight family environment. It taught me you know, tenacity and dedication and willpower with dieting and all the all the stuff that like a good mom and dad and all that should probably teach you wrestling did that for me. And then it got me into college. I got a scholarship and whatnot. yada yada. But let's talk about you, Phil.

Unknown Speaker 24:41
Oh, yeah, let's talk I'm here.

Unknown Speaker 24:44
So how did how did you get into wrestling and how did that kind of shape you growing up?

Unknown Speaker 24:49
I got into wrestling. How to Get up started football course. You know, I was pretty decent on football pretty good. Then my wrestling coach. My football coach was like also the rest of them. Just say hey, I think you do get a wrestling match. And then I just took an act to it. You know, I didn't know my dad, but I know he bought something cause my mom told me like he was a high level guy. So maybe just in my genes or something genetic or whatever, so I progressed to it. And then long story short, I just fell in love with it. You know how it is. It's just like, it's a solo sport. And, and I feel like wrestling is like really taught me like, what you what you put in is what you get out. You know what I mean? Like a lot of things like don't do that. But wrestling did it to me. The more time you put on the mat, the better your results. Usually, I feel. Yeah, of course.

Unknown Speaker 25:29
And I think that's almost it's frustrating because I thought the same thing like if I work hard, things will always work out and fight. It's fun fighting. It works out to not always it can. It's more of a fucking one punch knockout, kind of crazy sport, you know, but in life, it's not always like that you work really hard. It doesn't always work out that way. But there's other lessons that wrestling taught me for sure.

Unknown Speaker 25:52
Yeah, I agree. I agree. I think wrestling is amazing. I think you know what I mean? Like, of course, we're a little biased, but I feel like it's definitely a good foundation. Just like mentally,

Unknown Speaker 26:01
you know, I'm super biased. As soon as I saw that you were a wrestler? I was like, Oh, my people. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:08
I understand. So,

Unknown Speaker 26:09
you know, I'm gonna ask you kind of a cheesy question. It's always like, be world champion. But what are some of your MMA goals?

Unknown Speaker 26:16
MMA goals, man, right now it's during a fight. That's now my MMA. Awesome. Amigos just saw. Well, then we got about two eight. So that's, that's gonna be that's gonna be a wake. So let's, that'd be the first one.

Unknown Speaker 26:33
So what is the what is the catalyst behind that? Do you feel like you're not strong enough at middle weight or is you just don't cut that much weight? Very strong. Okay. Oh, sorry. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 26:45
No, no, it's just like the high in the reach of these guys. You know, it's like, I'm terrifying. Like 646 is my another dude was like, six, six. You know what I'm like, I'm six foot, you know what I mean? And just like, even with my last fight, like I was in his guard room, so to call him longer couldn't put myself in, you know what I mean? So I think I just I just want to try it. You know, why not? Try it?

Unknown Speaker 27:06
Hey, I think you're preaching to the choir. I've started my career at 145. Big girl. I still bigger than I went down to, you know, bantamweight, because Yossi added the bantamweight division actually started in World Series, then went to Bantamweight. And then they added the flyweight division. I'm like, Well, why not? And everyone looked at me like a bit, you're not going to make flyweight, you know, and I made it, I made it twice and then move mass back to bantamweight, because that was too much.

Unknown Speaker 27:33
The weight cut was just too, like, so the weight

Unknown Speaker 27:35
cut was brutal. But you and I both know how to cut weight from years of doing it, it's all about starting at the right time, you know, not depleting yourself too soon, yada, yada, right. But so I could I can cut weight, it's just, I lost a speed and power. And it was just like, Ah, fuck the trade offs, you know, so I would like, I felt so strong, you know, against like, some of these girls like I fought back Rawlings. She's like Australian girl. Okay, so she was a straw way a fighter before that. So I felt Of course, I just so much taller, bigger, stronger. But you know, I just I think the speed and the power is more important than feeling the reach in the in all that.

Unknown Speaker 28:15
So you mean like the explosiveness like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 28:17
yeah, I didn't feel like I had that same pop. And you know, I want a beat a beater. And that was a good performance. But yeah, just takes it out of you. Because you know, in sparring. It's not the same. You're just spending the whole time cutting weight and it's not worth it. Yeah, but you'll see you'll see what's you know, it's it's science. The universe.

Unknown Speaker 28:36
Don't say like, I'm being close to the shit.

Unknown Speaker 28:40
No, no, no, you'll see you'll find out if the if welterweight is a good wait for you or not for sure. So,

Unknown Speaker 28:47
I do, Moxie happens. Yeah, and

Unknown Speaker 28:49
do a test cut. I've literally never done a test cut because I'm like, I'm cutting that. Wait, you're gonna pay me. Okay, but you you mentioned earlier about the single mom. I know. This is you know, mushy, but like tell me about it. Like what a great thing you didn't you didn't know your dad. And now you want to do something? You know for single moms in Section Eight housing? Was she just a huge part of your life?

Unknown Speaker 29:12
Oh, so I had a stepdad but I'm just didn't know my real dad. single moms bring Of course he kind of had that feel. You know what I mean? Because my stepdad came he came my life like six year old so six years old. So I knew him pretty well. Okay, yeah, just like I felt like I'm trying to make the plan for the section eight housing. I was like, okay, like because I'm really want to do this. So I was like, Okay, what's some qualifications who's gonna benefit the most? And then my hammock. Okay. Single mothers are probably benefit the most and being the qualifications because, you know, I just feel like maybe they deal with single fathers to whatever you know what I mean? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:47
yeah. No, I mean, that makes that makes perfect sense. All right. So growing up, you had the stepdad and your mom. This is a dating podcast. So what age was it pre wrestling like When did Do you become girl crazy? Because there's always that point, you know, could be like really young 1011 Or you could have been focused. It

Unknown Speaker 30:06
was. It was like, maybe six. I think it was like sixth grade, maybe fourth, fourth or fifth. My mom had like, all these gold rings and I took all, like stolen. Well, I took all her gold rings and I like game to some girl. I don't know. I was like, That's adorable. I got in trouble like, yeah, not good. So it happened early happened.

Unknown Speaker 30:29
All right. So what was your first real girlfriend?

Unknown Speaker 30:33
First real girlfriend was probably like freshman freshman year. Like that's, that's normal, right? Like,

Unknown Speaker 30:40
I lost my virginity at 15. And like, I think I didn't really have like a real boyfriend before that. So maybe like 16 was my first boyfriend. I was like, uh, not that I'm so great right now, but definitely more of like an ugly duckling situation going on. Like, chunky girl, Tomboy wrestler. I was just always with the dudes, you know? And so, yeah. Got it. Alright, so you you had your first girlfriend in high school? All right, what was dating? Like? Were you focused on wrestling? Or were you kind of back and forth?

Unknown Speaker 31:13
You boys gotta eat like, I mean, of course. Girls are always there. You know what I mean? But of course you do sports but like, I was like in a small town. So like everyone kind of knew each other a little bit. So I was eating but like, I wasn't like going crazy because I thought like college was gonna be like, I'm gonna kill it, you know? Which cows is definitely better.

Unknown Speaker 31:37
So what small town are you from?

Unknown Speaker 31:40
Little ferry? And we had to like, do like a satellite school to like the next town over because we didn't have like a big enough town for.

Unknown Speaker 31:47
Okay, so I just had on Sumiko Inaba who a Hawaiian Bellator fighter, and in Hawaii is slim pickins. This tiny island, she's like, as I got older, I was like, Damn this, you know, the pool is, is getting pretty shallow here for dating. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:06
Probably rough out there. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:07
I can imagine. Yeah, I went I went there for visit recently. And it it is tiny. So I can only imagine. I was it was beautiful. It was my uncle actually lives out there in kawaii and, you know, as someone who lives here in Orange County in Southern California, like it's just night and day, and it helps you decompress. And I don't know, sometimes I realized I don't even know how to decompress. So you have to, like emerges you know, what's it called? Submerge yourself into you know, the kind of like just the the culture out there and it's just very chill like Aloha. It was awesome. So in college, did

Unknown Speaker 32:46
you get a little crazy? Week? Week? A week? Two weeks

Unknown Speaker 32:49
we went out for I think it was 10 days. Yeah, cuz the first like, three days, I kept checking my phone and I felt like I had to be somewhere you know? Finally I was just like, Alright, I'm gonna put this phone down and just be here in the moment and be present. And it was good. Yeah. So did you go wild in college? What was college like dating?

Unknown Speaker 33:10
See that's the thing was like, even in college because I'm the aggressor right and then like, learn like a lot I wasn't like Dan Gable Tom brands era where they're like you got to do everything don't drink don't do this. You know what I mean? Like just guns the wall like you know what I mean? Balls to the wall. Just get after it. So like, I won't partake I will go to the parties while Bobby's be sober shit. So like, you know, like, when you're sober shares not as much fun. It is fun, because I'm still like, kind of sober. But like, it's not the same. You didn't get as wild. Yeah, I didn't get to get as well as you know, some other people did. It was so fun. It was dope. Girls were dope. Of course.

Unknown Speaker 33:49
Are you a relationship kind of guy are you kind of just

Unknown Speaker 33:53
i It's like I'm like a homebody thought a little bit. You know what I mean? Like, no way.

Unknown Speaker 33:59
Wait. I know what a homebody is. And I think I know what a thought is, is like more like a masla.

Unknown Speaker 34:08
Yeah, kind of right. So like, with girls, it's like, Okay, I like that girl like that girl like that girl. Okay. But if I'm kicking her for a while, like, I'm like, Alright, let me just chill out here for a while, you know, I mean, but in my mind, I'm like, I still like the other girl. I'm like, Alright, this is cool, too. But you know what I mean? Like, I like to eat. Yeah. What training is so I'm so lazy. Like it's like so is this

Unknown Speaker 34:32
filled before fill now? This is still present day. Okay. All right. Um, okay, so before we get into feel present day, answer two questions for me. How do you identify sexually and what is your current dating status? Are you single seeing anybody?

Unknown Speaker 34:46
Single and sexually? Just heterosexual? It's extra heterosexual.

Unknown Speaker 34:52
Gotta get everybody don't worry. They're like, there's so many, you know, attitudes. It's all good. All right, so you're single Well, let's talk about now. Are you looking to date? Are you just trying to focus on fighting?

Unknown Speaker 35:04
And it's like, like I said, it's tough with with fighting and like, I'm just not I'm not good at like that. So I had long term relationships. Like my last relationship was like six years, the one before that was like three years. Oh, that was like another three or two years, you know, like, so I do long this,

Unknown Speaker 35:21
you were a relationship guy. You were like, Oh, well, you know, but it likes Okay, so now Phil, now you're kind of, you're a home thought. But before you were in so many relationships, always in relationships. That sounds like right.

Unknown Speaker 35:34
So that's why I'm a homebuyer because I'm used to being like a homebody. Like, oh, this is my girl, blah, blah. But then part of me is like, no, be out there. But part of this.

Unknown Speaker 35:42
Yeah, because you're used to being in a relationship. Exactly. Yeah, I got it. So is this the first time that you're kind of trying to not be in a relationship?

Unknown Speaker 35:53
Yeah, I mean, I won't say not. But it's just like, I'm just so focused, and I'm not really good on like the game like I'm not like so like, I'm pretty bad. Like, so like, I slid in the DM, boom. It took her maybe like, three hours to reply. I was like, Hey, what's up all blah. She also I was at work. And I was like, Alright, forget it. You know what I mean? Like,

Unknown Speaker 36:13
wait, whoa. Dang feel bad because it's like, what kind of girl is just like, oh, oh, like if a woman like me, if I don't respond in three hours. I'm probably training probably recording a podcast. I'm probably out there like busting my ass and grinding. And that's, I thought that's the kind of woman that a man wants. Right? But

Unknown Speaker 36:35
I mean, three hours you didn't check their phone. It's in my head. I'm like, three hours. What are you doing for three hours? Like you can't check your phone? You can't say, Oh, you're right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:43
All right. I'm at the gym for to a minimum. You know, I get home I shower. I eat and I'm like, Oh, shit, my phone. I can't be having you get mad at me. I get it, Phil. I get it. Yeah, you gotta be a little bit more patient at least, like play the game for a little while. Because my guy, you know if I've text him and he doesn't respond in three hours, like, where are you? But we came together? Three years

Unknown Speaker 37:08
on Thanksgiving. Okay, well, that's different. You guys are like, together together. Like that's

Unknown Speaker 37:14
exactly. That's different. So I'm like, Where the fuck is my guy this year? Like, she's not even your girl yet. You're like, where are you?

Unknown Speaker 37:23
What's your fair? That's fair. I'm not crazy, I

Unknown Speaker 37:25
guess. No, no. I mean, you know what you want. You want someone who's available. Me and my old friend we used to joke around because we would always say like the trade off. We want someone who's always available when we're available. But we also want someone who's got their shit together. And you just don't get the to either get like, the loser guy who's like I'm down to party whenever you want. Or the guy who's like, I'm so busy working and I just can't you're like, because we only have a limited amount of free time. Right? You know, when you're not training? Yeah. All right, but I get it. We get it. We get it. But you can't have your cake and eat it too. You got to compromise Phil.

Unknown Speaker 38:00
I'm working on I'm taking notes. I'm working on

Unknown Speaker 38:03
the sides of the DMS. Do meet girls with online dating.

Unknown Speaker 38:07
Online dating apps. Like how you present How'd you meet your boyfriend?

Unknown Speaker 38:12
He slid on into my DMs well, okay, first first. We knew each other like six years prior from jujitsu. He's a black belt. And he Yeah, gotta you know, if you don't have those wrestler hips. You gotta have grappler hips, at least, you know. So he slid in there. He knew me, but I remember him back then. I remember he had a really pretty Hispanic girlfriend. Like, I know, I'm all done up right now. But like normally, I'm a super tomboy, right? And I I remember looking and I was like, Damn, I'm not pretty enough. And he was looking at me and I had a guy and you know, like, we were looking but and then just came back around six years later.

Unknown Speaker 38:50
Okay, thanks. All right. Um, through your saunas, though. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 38:53
it's great. It's great. You know, so you never know maybe you already met somebody that you're you're gonna be with in the future you just don't know.

Unknown Speaker 39:03
What's out but okay, so he was a YouTube blackbelt. Right. So this is right. So now say Did he fight or never fight not fought? He fought a few fights. Yeah. Okay. Now, as a woman, do you see guys who like say he didn't know jujitsu? Say he was just a regular dude did not combatives at all. Would you still talk to him? You still?

Unknown Speaker 39:23
I haven't dated? normies No, I mean, I did like a skateboarder guy and a musician and stuff and it doesn't do the same thing from a lay departs As an alpha male who is just knows how to wrestle and fight and like they train and they eat right, like, that's, that's the vibe I want. So that's what I'm looking for. But I do have you know, friends, especially guys who date girls who don't train, but it seems like with the females, we desire someone with a similar lifestyle.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
A alright, that's fair.

Unknown Speaker 40:03
So do you do the online like Tinder, bumble, any of those things?

Unknown Speaker 40:06
Yeah, of course. That's like my Uber Eats it. Yeah, of course.

Unknown Speaker 40:12
Like my Uber Eats

Unknown Speaker 40:16
again. Yeah, that's like good, but like, sometimes the quality is not there. But it's cool.

Unknown Speaker 40:21
It's cool. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I don't know. I actually never did online dating. Actually, no, I did plenty of fish do remember that.

Unknown Speaker 40:30
That's all my data, you just lie to me.

Unknown Speaker 40:32
We'll play your fish was like so old. And I did it for a little while and actually met a boy and we dated for like a month, and I shut down my account. And then that didn't work out. And then I reopened it. And you know what, somebody's I've said this on the podcast before. It's embarrassing. Someone was like, they wrote me a message. They're like, this is not the real Ashlee Evans-Smith She wouldn't be on plenty of fish. And I was like, yeah, she wouldn't delete. So I just I felt like oh, okay, once you reach a certain like status, or like notoriety, or whatever you want to call it, you know, like, you're not allowed to be on those things. But since then, they've created Raya, and like these other dating apps that are for like, someone who, you know, is famous, I'm doing air quotes, guys, like someone who's famous, or if you make a certain amount of money, which is pretty fucking shallow, I feel or do you do like, have a specific dating app that you like, like Bumble, where the girls can actually reach out to you first?

Unknown Speaker 41:34
Um, no, I wouldn't. I guess it's easier for me, you know what I mean, like, a bumble because the girls had a teacher at first. So you know, it's just like, whatever. But it's all pretty much the same. I think you know what I mean, like, but some girls don't like hitting you up, right? Like they want the guy to be the aggressor. So it just depends right on the situation on the girl.

Unknown Speaker 41:53
Yeah. So if you had to choose between online dating and meeting a girl in person, what would you choose?

Unknown Speaker 41:59
Definitely a person. Right? Because like, there's no we don't want to go to like, this whole whole thing. Like, are you crazy? Are you real? Data, your pictures? You know, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 42:10
you're still gonna go through the whole Are you crazy thing? It's just, you gotta like, wait, because sometimes they show it early, right? And sometimes they wait like a month. And then they show you

Unknown Speaker 42:19
the what's on them from like, past experience right now is this this?

Unknown Speaker 42:22
Course? Of course, we're talking about past experience. I had one fucking dude who this is the worst. This is the worst part. I can. I mean, I hate saying it. So a month into dating. He started dropping the N word. And he was not a black man. So you hit your racism from me for like, a month.

Unknown Speaker 42:44
I'm like, I'm out. You know, like in rap songs, or was it like?

Unknown Speaker 42:48
No, it was like, I was talking to someone and he got mad. Okay, and it just that was it for me. Yeah. And I was like, Okay, I'm out of here. But it was like a month. Like, holy shit. Like, how did I not see this before?

Unknown Speaker 43:02
Yeah, that's not gonna be a deal breaker.

Unknown Speaker 43:05
That's a deal breaker. So what are some of your deal breakers fail?

Unknown Speaker 43:08
deal breakers? Dang. That's tough. I try to I try to be pretty accepting of everyone. Right. But like, off the top of my head deal breakers. Besides making me wait three hours?

Unknown Speaker 43:20
Yeah, you have extremely high standards. So let's hear these deal breakers.

Unknown Speaker 43:26
I don't know. Is pretty feet. Is that come out? He's pretty feet. Pretty good or nice? I think.

Unknown Speaker 43:35
No, I mean, you know what you want. That's like me saying I want I don't want to date a short guy. It's just preference. It's okay. You know, like, especially like, would you consider yourself into feet like foot fetish? Kinda a little

Unknown Speaker 43:47
bit? Oh, wait, you say foot fetish. Hey,

Unknown Speaker 43:49
man, we don't we don't yuck anyone's yum on this show. Just so you know. So it's, it's all good?

Unknown Speaker 43:55
No, but I mean, like, so I worked in a strip club for like, when I was on the come up on the regional circuit, of course. So I worked in a strip club, and I got used to girls like looking like super like, nails done, toes done looking sexy. Like, you know what I mean? So then when I got like, the normal world with the normies, like, you know what I mean? I'm not seeing like, some of them. Don't do that. And it's like, what what do you mean your nails are done, your your toes are done, but I get it because they got like, you know, different lifestyles was like, kind of need that.

Unknown Speaker 44:30
I mean, that's that's not that bad. You know, I've definitely heard guys have different expectations that are even harder to meet. But yeah, just if that's what you're into, that's what you're into. Would you say that kind of that look, you know, because you know, I'm not going to be shallow. Like I got fake titties myself. But like strippers. You know, they have a certain look, is that the look that you like?

Unknown Speaker 44:51
I wouldn't. I wouldn't say fake titties are nice, he

Unknown Speaker 44:58
said every man in the world You

Unknown Speaker 45:01
know, just I just like a female, you know, I mean, I guess I'm with dudes all day. You know what I mean? It's just like, and they like smelly dudes. So like a girl that's like, feminine, but like still like, you know what I mean? She'd be on a fight or whatever. But I mean, just like nails done. toes done smell good. Hair. Nice. That's it.

Unknown Speaker 45:21
All right. No, it's not too much to ask. I don't think so. You know, there's definitely going to be some girls with busted nails on here listening like what the fuck, you know, but I'm like, sir. Okay, besides the physical attributes, what do you look for in a partner? You know, for me, I was all started off for you. Like, when I was younger, you know, I was like, good Dick, and like, a nice body. And now I'm older. And I'm like, Oh, good. Dick does not make the world go round. You know, it's like, that's very important. But for me, a huge turn on is when I see my guy and he's busting his ass, whether it's training, you know, He's opening his own gym. He's doing these things like that fucking gets me excited. Like, that's my oh my oh my god, that's a turn on to me. And that's those are just characteristics, you know, like work ethic and whatnot. So, besides Lux, what are you into?

Unknown Speaker 46:11
Yeah, I'm in the I'm in the same boat. Like, I think when you're younger, it's like, oh, she's hot, fat ass. But now it's like, oh, credit score and our own house. Like, you know what I mean? Like, so as you get older, like, I think you've maybe become less like physically shallow. Maybe. I don't know. Me, I have a little bit and that's why it makes me like a homebody thought because I'm like, Oh, she's hot. I want that. But like, this girl's cool. And she's like, it's got to fit together like, work ethic is important. You know what I mean? Like lifestyle, you know? And just, I mean, every girl is individually different. They bring their own strengths, right? Like something that may be cool with this girl may not work so well with this girl like, lifestyle wise. So

Unknown Speaker 46:55
I don't know I don't think that like as you get older, your your look expectations go down. I think they probably like for me like they definitely don't like I'm, I always joke. I'm like, I'm shallow as fuck if you don't look good, and if you're not keeping it tight, like me and my guy. We're always like, we're gonna keep it tight forever. Right. Okay, keep it tight. But, you know, it's like other expectations rise too, you know, so, I don't think you get shallow or get, you know, lower expectations or anything like

Unknown Speaker 47:22
that. Yeah. Okay, that's fair. That's fair.

Unknown Speaker 47:26
What about like, common interests? You know, like, Would you date a girl if she didn't know what the fuck fighting was? Or maybe if she didn't really like it? She's like, Oh, I don't really like fighting. But I really I like you.

Unknown Speaker 47:38
Oh, yeah, that's normal. I mean, girls, most of the time girls don't even know MMA. No one ever made. Like, I'm sad the point like I'm like, do you know you see is like, oh, what's the one buying McGregor?

Unknown Speaker 47:55
McGregor. Oh, and then me. It's like, Ronda Rousey. I'm like, oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 47:58
cut. Damn it. So um, so yeah, I think I think sometimes it's good to get away from that a female that's maybe I don't know, that doesn't really know a sport introduce you to it. But if you're willing to like, work with it, like, Okay, this is your life. Let me try to get involved. Okay, this is your life. You know what I mean? That type of deal.

Unknown Speaker 48:18
Yeah, as long as she just takes an interest in wanting to, you know, be there for you and help you and all that.

Unknown Speaker 48:24
Yeah, I understand that. Yeah, I'm gonna be here on occasion. He just got to be your friend. She was like, super dope with that. You know what I mean? Like? Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 48:31
have you had an ex corner you before?

Unknown Speaker 48:35
No, absolutely not. I can do that. Could you have you done that?

Unknown Speaker 48:38
Yeah. How was that? It's like, it's the best feeling in the world. It's like who the fuck do you want to go to battle with the person who would die for you? Like, I have someone right there. hate that person doesn't care. No one in the world cares more about me. Yeah, him not even me. You know, and that's just the go good feeling. You know? And then obviously, he's got fucking skills to back it up. He's not like, get them baby. You know, he's like, fucking grab the arm fucking drop your hips. You don't like, okay?

Unknown Speaker 49:08
That's when you say that sounds badass and cool. But me. I'm like, I kind of just like, because of my girl. I'm thinking like, I mean, let me let him most of the time go to the fights because I don't want to be worried about what she doing in the crowd. Like, is she okay? Like, does she kind of see things like that? So mentally, I'm like, if you go Don't tell me I don't care. I just want to be there. I just want to be there. You know what I mean? Present like finding,

Unknown Speaker 49:34
ya know,

Unknown Speaker 49:35
you said that something about us

Unknown Speaker 49:37
that I like I told you before when we spoke, you got to do whatever is right for your own mental health. You know, and if you know that having your partner at the fight just makes you think about one extra fucking thing. Don't have them go or just be like, Hey, tell me you're not gonna go. But really go but don't tell me you're gonna go tell me right now and in my face, you're not gonna go there. Yeah. Yeah, so this is a weird question. I remember asking Tito Ortiz this because he's just fun person to ask questions. But when you got into the UFC, did you have any groupies? Any people that were like, Oh, hey.

Unknown Speaker 50:18
Well like I tell my because I live with roommates. They corn right and he aspires to get your sees sign in the bookstore. And like, I didn't know. Like it's like a toss up right so like, I thought I was gonna do you see, I'm gonna get so much pussy. Like, unlimited.

Unknown Speaker 50:38
This is gonna be rainy vaginas.

Unknown Speaker 50:41
As I was thinking and then I'm like, okay, boom, sick by first fight boom, sick by second by winning three fights straight. I'm like, a DMS are kind of drawn. You know what I mean? Like, I appreciate that, but like, that's not what I'm looking for. Yeah. And so I mean, like, of course, I get a DM or two. You know what I mean? But I thought I was just gonna be like, I didn't know the middle was so middle. If that if that makes sense. You know what I mean? Like, I thought it was gonna be like,

Unknown Speaker 51:09
killing it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:11
but but but I was next round last weekend and I should have shot my shot. But I did. I'm so upset. That was last weekend, too. So you said you were what last weekend? Were Rihanna. Last weekend with we were in the we're in the club. Right? So Dylan was this unknown to you? This is like off the off the RIP. So Dylan, he's like the man. I didn't get us club boomerang at the table. And there's just there's a What's your name? Gigi? The model? Okay. You don't talk about giggy she's like some world famous model. GG. giggly. giggly hobby or something like that. Or

Unknown Speaker 51:48
GG? HUD? DG HUD? There we go. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:54
GG ID and we got Rihanna on the other side. And I mean, like they're like arm distance, right? Because Dylan hooked it up. Like this is got crazy. Wow. Doing Dennis. So what do I shoot a shot my shot. I dropped the ball. I'm so upset. If you see this, Rihanna. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 52:09
Like, I don't feel Rihanna. Yeah, bro. That's like, oh, the rocks over there. Hold on. Hold on. Let me go hit on the rock first. Because he doesn't have every fucking beautiful woman just like Oh,

Unknown Speaker 52:25
that's weird. But you ASAP Rocky daughter. I can beat up ASAP Rocky. Does that a rapper? He's a rapper.

Unknown Speaker 52:32
Yeah, but you know, I think our brains work like that. Because I literally do the same thing. Like, I look at a girl and I'm like, I could take her. Yeah, you know, but like, you know, it's not caveman era. It's like, all right, I can beat him up. She is mine. We would kill it in those times. So have you ever dated a fighter girl? Like dating in the industry?

Unknown Speaker 52:56
David? Ah, no, I have I have. No. Yeah. Now. So I brought up so back whenever I was talking, I was chatting with this guy. And he was like, I was because I was thinking, Oh, who have to train with like, what do you do to girl because at the time, Jim was at all but do could you imagine her rolling with dudes all day and stuff like that? And me. I'm like, You're right. Maybe I'll just stay with the norms.

Unknown Speaker 53:23
I'm getting with the with the three hour thing. And now with her rollin with dudes, you feel like you are a little bit of a protective boyfriend? No, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 53:35
No, no, no. Little bit, but I mean, um, that was like years ago. I think I'm okay with they're rolling with us now. I think yeah, for sure. Right. Because,

Unknown Speaker 53:44
like, I mean, I don't know if you have any. Actually, you're at Sanford. And I don't think there's an it's a women's they're women there. There's one. There's one. Exactly. I was actually looking to move to Florida and train there. And my manager told me that they were like, oh, yeah, no, no, ladies, and I was like, What the fuck? Like, I bring something I bring something strong.

Unknown Speaker 54:09
What's I just Yeah, I guess it's crazy. I don't make the rules. No,

Unknown Speaker 54:14
I'm just busting your balls. It's all good. But what I was gonna say was, you know, your girl, let's say that you did have some female teammates. You're training with them? You know, would you what if she would got all butthurt? You know?

Unknown Speaker 54:26
But her posts.

Unknown Speaker 54:29
Like she got mad that you're training with females like, Oh, you're in her guard or you? You guys are doing sexual positions. You're like, look, that's the last thing on my mind. When I'm in someone's guard. I'm like, Alright, how the fuck do I get out of here?

Unknown Speaker 54:41
For sure. No, that's fair. That's fair. But I guess I was just I was a couple years ago, maybe growing up. So I think I'd be okay. I'm down to try it. Maybe. All right. All right.

Unknown Speaker 54:50
So, we talked about your DMS but like, you know, have you ever gotten any weird ones from females or males? Because you know, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:58
Besides the occasional dick pic, you get dick pics too. A couple of guy from California sent me a couple. Yeah, it's not.

Unknown Speaker 55:07
You're like this is not what I expected getting into the UFC. I was like,

Unknown Speaker 55:12
this is this is not it. This is not.

Unknown Speaker 55:15
Okay, so what about abstaining from sex before a fight a lot of people, they say like, oh, you know, does it make you it doesn't? What does is it takes your testosterone away. I don't even know what they say about it anymore. But

Unknown Speaker 55:29
I was talking to Tim Kennedy years about years ago about this, he said actually boost your testosterone. But fight week. Um, I don't know. I'm so worried about the weight cut. And I mean, if I'm down this, my girl is not there. Whatever. Most of the time, my girl like I told you, whatever is not there. But I mean, if a smash comes it comes like maybe not like fight night, but like are like the day before weigh ins or you know what I mean? Like, but yeah, it's like Monday or Tuesday, possibly Wednesday.

Unknown Speaker 55:56
So you're not like firm like I have to cut it off. It's like, if it happens, it happens. Because some people they really do believe that, you know, saving, you know, helps them or whatever. Maybe even your genius. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:10
Not I don't believe in that. I think there's crazy stories, right like Mike Tyson. He'll be smashing all night and stuff. So

Unknown Speaker 56:15
yeah, yeah, I heard the story about Mike Tyson. I've said this on the podcast before. One of his old security guards. He wrote a book I forget. I don't remember the name of the book, but it's out there. And Mike Tyson used to have women hiding in the bathrooms so he could have sex with them right before he went out to fight. And when he was when he would asked about when they asked him like why why did why do you do that? I think it's crazy. He's like, because if I don't know what come you know, like, I will kill that man in the ring. And now he walked out and literally he's told the security guard he said, Okay, now this man can live and you go out and fight and beat that guy's ass and I'm like, No, I swear to God I swear like it's my I speak the truth. I swear it's the book. Got it? What do you say it again?

Unknown Speaker 57:10
Do you sustain like do you not do

Unknown Speaker 57:12
no I'm all about whatever makes you feel good, you know? And so if I'm cutting to 25 Definitely not only because I'm like, like a fucking mummy just like it's so dry. But I probably could like bantamweight, you know, and I'm, you know, definitely not going to be on top. You know, I'm gonna be like starfish and ended up or something. But so I've been meeting I've been wanting to ask this question. And when we had our little pre episode, phone call, you're like, I'm an open book. So I'm like, I'm gonna hit you with it, Phil. So for boys, obviously. Do you remember? I don't say I don't want to say your first boner but like an embarrassing Boehner story, because I know guys young guys be getting boners in school and whatnot.

Unknown Speaker 58:02
Yeah, no, I mean, I do remember first Brona it was second city for sure.

Unknown Speaker 58:07
Oh, you remember your first Boehner okay. Oh, that

Unknown Speaker 58:09
was decades ago. That's crazy. But it was definitely Sex in the City. And it was I think her name is Carrie the blonde Yeah. Very Yeah. Yeah, I was you used to just all all night because we come in at night right?

Unknown Speaker 58:28
Like really, really sexist At what age was that? He has always saying that that show's been on for like 20 years. Yeah, that's where is like, I don't know if you're like exhibitionist or not but where's like the freakiest or the most wild place you've hooked up with someone.

Unknown Speaker 58:53
It's freakish on most places. I'm pretty pretty vanilla man. I'm sorry. Like I cuz I've been in relationship so long and like I'm just getting into all this freaky stuff. Maybe like a sex club. Maybe that's like the frequency Have you have you been noticing this club? are you why are you judging?

Unknown Speaker 59:10
No judging No, no. I'm so excited because one I've never been and I you know, my guy and I we talked about it you know, but it's just like a big step especially with your partner not you know, if you're like an individual like okay, crazy night you know, but like to like go watch, you know, have sex in front of people. You know, like, Whoa, that's a big step. So were you alone? Or were you with someone?

Unknown Speaker 59:33
Yeah, I went along with a buddy my friend whatever we checked it out. Of course, because you're crazy fantasy right? You watch porn. You watch the shows and movies and this pops up right like so. So there's one down here we went checked it out, and it was insane. Still is insane. Like it's just crazy that this happens you would never know. And it's like completely normal looking people like you would expect like, barbarians and teacher and just like, just wild. Yeah. Yeah, with your guy just in front of you.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
Uh, well, I think at first it would just be us. You know what I mean? Like us to go there, you know? Yeah, cuz like I've never done that like I'd never be sex in front of another person you know with my partner. Have you?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:17
Sex in front? Yeah, after going six calls, but I mean, like, Well, wait, so you want to do baby step? You're not just gonna I guess you can't just dive right in. Yeah, once you like you just see like, it just happens like I feel I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:31
So what happened when you went? Did you go have a drink? Make eye contact with the girl be like all right, well, we're going

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
I don't really drink so Oh. So we walk into so there's like, a normal section, dance and blah blah blah normal people then there's like a playroom. And like It's like huge room cut off in the section like single guys. And then like couples saw the couple comes over to the single guy section. That means they're looking at me. They're looking for single guy. Yeah, so it just like without getting too crazy. He's just like insane like the mm brain? I'm thinking about it. And just like cuz you see like,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
did it did a couple did a guy asked you to be with his wife.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:15
I seen a guy X and other guy to be live. Yeah, I seen that. So it was just, it's crazy. Because I don't get the dynamic. Like, is it really for the guy? Is it for the girl? Is it for the both like, cuz you can see the guys like turned on to it. You don't? I mean? Yeah. Now is that just words him and him like because I heard that because watch porn and make some amount, whatever, you know, I'm talking

Unknown Speaker 1:01:37
about I think it just depends. You know? I mean, I would like to, I hope that it's for both people. You know, you would like to think that like both people are enjoying the situation. Not like, oh, man, my girl really wants to get bone. So I guess I guess I'll take her to the sex club. You know, like, that's not sexy. But but

Unknown Speaker 1:01:54
but then it makes him like because you'll see all these younger girls and this guy may not get it off. So he takes his younger girl there and she has fun. him seeing her have fun makes him like happy, which I

Unknown Speaker 1:02:06
love. I love that. You know, it's like that's such an untraditional relationship. And for me, and that's having this podcast and like talking to people and their different experiences. Like I love celebrating uniqueness and just doing whatever the fuck makes you happy? You know, like, yeah. All right. So you don't have any kind of like, wild places. You're not really an exhibition like that, right? No, no, no favorite quickie story that, you know, like back in the college days or anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
Eva quickie story. No, give me example. Like what's your favorite quickie story? Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
like, Okay, you're, you're out somewhere with some friends and everybody left and it's just you and your girl and you're in the alley and you're like, oh, let's be crazy. You just have sex in an alley or something. Or, you know, let's see Chris leavin was on the show. He said that when he was on the Ultimate Fighter, they all went to a club, and that he met a girl and they had sex in the bathroom. And then all the guys came in. And we're like, trying to tickle his balls under the door and stuff you know like that's a crazy quick All right, you guys were all not Criss leaving.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:21
That's Wow, that's funny. But I mean quickly. I mean, my sex is always like seven minutes.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:27
Oh, my bad. Yeah, he heard quickie. He was like, What do you mean quickie? I don't do quickies. Do you have any pet peeves in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
He's in the bedroom. Um he's in the battery. And

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
you know a girl is just not putting in the work. Someone who wants to receive but not give

Unknown Speaker 1:03:49
bad breath. Not a thing. That a thing do you? Do you receive my gift?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
Wow, you have been blessed if you have never been with someone who's just like, come on. Like what about me? Lucky.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:05
Geez. If that has happened, I probably blocked it out. From my mind. Like, received but I gave I don't know. But I'm a giver. So like, it's standard. But um, any pet peeves? Whoo.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
Smelly vagina. I don't know. Throw it out there like

Unknown Speaker 1:04:25
OB GYN is are not good. I haven't had too many. I'm blessed. Because I think it's relationships. I mean, some relationships. Maybe. Smelly vaginas?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:35
Yeah, yeah, no, that's that's, that's good. No pet peeves in the bedroom. Pet peeves, girl just as long as you're naked and in the bed. It's all good. We feel good. You Earlier you said that you were a giver. I really want to know because so Uh, you know, eating Pussy is a must, you know, like, giving, like, Duh, but some dudes don't do it. Say to

Unknown Speaker 1:05:09
Jason that you post the same thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:13
Some but some guys don't do it now is eating ass on the same level or is that

Unknown Speaker 1:05:19
they're like the same thing. It's like kids I kiss Yes. Because it seems like and that order,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:26
but some people are like oh yeah, eating Pussy is great. Oh no, I would not eat Yes. And I Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:33
Like no definitely definitely that's one thing I like that I mean, yeah, that's your thing. I mean now my

Unknown Speaker 1:05:43
Hey, it's okay if that's your thing you know let me turn earlier you mentioned that you don't drink which is super rad you know I not necessarily like everyone who doesn't drink has a problem I just look back now and I'm like, man, it just doesn't fucking get you to your goals any faster. You know. And it's very rare when you meet a fighter who's not an extremist like us. It's usually like, if I'm wrestling and fighting, we just go you know full Pogo and with drinking and drugs and all that other stuff, too. So my question to you is, what if you meet a girl? She's super cool, really hot, but she's just drinking all the time. Is that a deal breaker?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
What do you like? On the weekends? You mean just like every day?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
I mean, okay, maybe she's not drinking at 9am But like every like dinner, she has a couple glasses of wine and sometimes she gets shitty sometimes she doesn't. For sure. She's drinking on the weekends because that's her thing. And I figure like, you're in Miami, right? Hey, yeah. Party Party insulins? Right?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:51
Yes, my name is different. Definitely a different breed of woman for sure. But,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:56
but you're kind of woman. Like all done up, right? I mean, you Okay, so I did a little bit of research on you. And super cool that you went to Thailand and trained for a few years and you've been to some different gyms and stuff and you really gotta, you gotta move around to find your family. You really really do. And when you've been in the game long enough, you realize that at first you feel bad switching gyms, you're like, Oh, no loyalty, but then it's like, you're the motherfucker that's getting in there. Try not to get your head knocked off. So do whatever you got to do. Right?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:27
And if people love you, they understand that they are Yeah, go do you think sorted out? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:31
exactly. So you've been around what a place you that you've lived city has the most beautiful women

Unknown Speaker 1:07:39
has the most do. It's got it's gotta be Miami. Right? It's got it. I guess not even

Unknown Speaker 1:07:47
Is there a lot of fake booties in Miami.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:51
Hey, that's all there is. What do you mean? I would

Unknown Speaker 1:07:54
like to think that a lot of girls are putting in work to I want to believe that girls are just squat.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:01
Okay, yes and no, but yeah, definitely beautiful woman in Miami, but it's kinda like the women are different. Like okay, so like, I'll tell you so I went on a date with this girl. I don't know, like, maybe a month ago and this just like example, right? So I feel like Miami gets a little more materialistic because like, so when on this date, boom, pay for dinner. Boom. I don't know maybe 2150 But 150 But she's never she was so she was like married for a long time. She's never gonna know if she sees this who's I'm talking about tonight for a long time. And she's never been to like a setup. So I'm like, I'm gonna put you on girl. Boom. Now assess club the way it works is like you buy a membership you pay a nightly fee. So boom, ticket to the six club. It has to be maybe like 250 So I mean, I know this is like a second date type thing on a second day like we're gonna say club fed you bah blah. Then I don't drink what she drinks so we went to the alcohol sorry, give us some alcohol didn't even hit me with the pump fake. Like you know, like all paid for this. Like

Unknown Speaker 1:09:03
no, I don't I don't do the pump fake. I do the real deal. Yeah, and I've been in a lot of trouble from my girlfriends who are Oh, you better not pay you know like, and I'm like, It's it like you said it's like at least I've never heard it called that the bump DJ is always like over

Unknown Speaker 1:09:25
with the pumping and I'm like now I got this chill out

Unknown Speaker 1:09:31
okay got it.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:35
What's so damn with the pumping where alcohol boom then I remember it drove like an hour to pick it up some crazy whatever. Dude and the end of the story boom, boom, boom whatever nothing happened which is okay happened cool, but like pay for everything. Sexy girl was like Miami like it's just like super crazy materialistic, sexy, but like, I don't know. I'm gonna where I went off on that.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
Did she not put out?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:03
I mean, I blocked her when I got home didn't have

Unknown Speaker 1:10:09
Okay. Does not like not getting his way.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:14
What's that mean? It's like, okay, so don't give me any more just okay is your thing right? But like he would have been fake.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:20
Yeah. So are you upset that she didn't like it at least like try to like fake the pay or did she? Did you guys not hook up that night? We did not hook up that night. Oh, it's a double whammy that was wrong.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:35
And I got the pumping up I bet. Yeah, like,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:39
I actually yeah, that that was just used you. Damn. Well, at least that's what it felt like. Right? You know? Like you don't Yeah, you don't make the gesture. Yeah, okay, I get it. I'm not saying you always got to put out you know, but yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:55
you know that's not you don't have to I mean

Unknown Speaker 1:11:00
that's that's the term of the of the day pump fake. I love it. So feel it. This is a perfect transition into the lightning six round you're new to the show, but it is a rapid fire. Yes or no section. Actually, there's one question that's like, Have you ever been to a sex club? So when we get to that, we'll just keep it moving. You ready to play? Okay, lightning sex round with Phil. Here we go. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank are like to be spanked. Spank biting. Sorry, yes. Choking.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:44
Getting into it. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:45
threesomes Yeah, sure. You're like, if I've been to a sex club, of course. Yeah, for sure. Well, I mean, Devil's threesome, or, you know, good Christian threesome, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
What's, uh, what's what's different?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02
So Devil's threesome? Is the two dudes and a girl and the good Christian threesome is to Oh, sorry. The Christian is to two dudes and a girl. That's the good one. That's the good one. Good girls. Yeah, my God. Okay, Christian, two girls that a guy devils is the two guys and a girl.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:18
Yeah, of course. That's like college needs. It's nothing.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:21
Okay. All right. Got it. Do you watch porn? Yes. Any fetishes. Like fetish?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:30
Why did you tell us any parishes fetishes fetishes? Maybe some milk but now they're not mostly just like girls my age? I don't know. It's weird.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:42
What's your? What's your age? Limit? Like would you do like a 5050 6060?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:52
You look random course. Okay. All right. But I mean, keeps us together.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:58
Oh, yeah. JLo is eau de J No, you're not gonna get a lot of JLo 50s though guys, come on. Talk about Rihanna.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:08
Miami you ever know you're

Unknown Speaker 1:13:11
out there owning

Unknown Speaker 1:13:14
what about bondage like ropes, blindfold handcuffs.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:17
Do I know like so I like I said I'm a pleaser. I'm a giver. Like soccer goes down for that like alright, let me try it but like me, I take it up weapons all day. Like you're gonna whip me like

Unknown Speaker 1:13:29
whipping but like restraints, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:33
shame me.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:34
Yeah, like tying you up, like tie you up handcuffed you up? Like, they're like six ties. And now I see. Yeah. No, no, I did.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:44
I could do it for the girl but me. I don't. I don't think I'm down for that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:47
of course. I mean, I think certain personalities that like have a problem relinquishing control. It's a certain kind of personality, especially, especially with a lot of fighter guys, I think. And females too. It's like you don't want to be held down. You know? Our whole lives is like get off your back. Okay. Role playing.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:09
Role playing. I haven't been haven't done it Bobby down. That'd be that'd be I feel like I'm more awkward though. I just probably just laughed the whole time.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:18
That's exactly what I say. I'm like, I would try and then I'd start giggling and like you can't have a boner when you giggle so it's bad stuff on you or partner?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:29
Yeah, no brainer. Got it? I mean, like, like, not like in but like we can. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:38
we don't mess around. Okay. All right. Cool. Do you sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:42
Me personally, like do I know on females? For sure. Okay, all right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:47
Are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:49
I'm a fan. As I grew older, like I appreciate it. Normally, I'm just like, rip it off. But now. Yeah, for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:56
Yeah. Body hair. Yay or Nay?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:59
Bye. Uh oh actually, like I mean, it's exotic like so like sometimes you see like on a, like, an adult film. Yeah. And you see all this exotic like on on my car vagina or something. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:12
but like, like a nice little triangle or you know, like

Unknown Speaker 1:15:15
this exotic. He's different now

Unknown Speaker 1:15:17
different. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:19
Well, I'm so proud probably shave.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:20
Have you ever been caught having sex or masturbating?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:25
Or having sex? Having sex? And I'm sure I got caught masturbating somewhere some but if

Unknown Speaker 1:15:36
you don't remember that it wasn't super embarrassing. Probably. You're probably like, whatever. You got me. Okay, well, that was a lightning sex round. Thank you so much, Phil. It's always fun. We're gonna play Fuck, Marry, Kill

Unknown Speaker 1:15:57
marry one kill one go.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:58
I think we're done. We're done here. I'm gonna give you three names and you're going to tell me which of these ladies you would fuck? Who you would marry and who you would kill? Are you ready? Yeah. So since you are a fan of the rock, you walk out to his walkout music Correct? Yeah, I decided to give you female W WWE stars. And they are sable Trish Stratus and Marlena are my Lena.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:25
So we Fox table Mary tryst Stratus and kill Marlena. Okay, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:35
yeah, I'm so pretty solid. I don't honestly like I'm not super into wrestling. I've become friends with like a couple wrestlers this this last year so I'm like getting into it but were you big into WWE grown up? I was

Unknown Speaker 1:16:47
a huge fan but it was like a different time back then were like the rock and stone cold and like x pack and dude is your d Generation X like now it's like, different way different. You know what I mean? Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:58
you don't like the characters or what?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:01
I just like you fall out of it. Right like your your life. He just goes from stages and like I think like, like we said before, like I feel like as kids like little boys or little girls like you. Wrestling's like part of it. You know what I mean? age but they still have a huge fan base. Oh, crazy.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:16
Trust me like I've had a couple of wrestlers on the podcast, and the fans that reach out and like write questions and then I've had to go support my girl actually, she's wrestling. This Tuesday, guys at the Irvine improv if you want to come check out my girl's data saying I'll be there supporting her at the Irvine improv at 7pm. But yeah, you just gotta like, I love my girl. You gotta you gotta put your friends you know, you got to put them up. But yeah, these fans, these wrestling fans, they are fucking diehard like, you know, I've saw like these little kids like crying when the wrestler would lose but you know, like they're just and then they just grow up and they and they never stop believing, you know? People Okay, so speaking of the fan questions, let's get to those right now. Actually, before we get to those for the listeners and the viewers at home who will not follow us to the UFC fight pass platform where can they find you on all your social media? Or if anything else you want to plug right now?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:17
Yeah. Oh, anything else want to plug you can just follow me on Phillip paws. H AWS my twitter twitter is Phillip Hall same but I keep it like pretty standard pretty much. Yeah, okay. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:33
you on the tick tock now.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:35
Tick. I do have tick tock. I'm trying to trying to figure it out. Like what I want my ship to be like what I'm planning for because I'm not gonna be there. Tick tock.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:43
Yeah. I feel like literally everyone I talked to who's like around our age. We're like, I have it, trying to figure out how the fuck to use it. I don't really have time for another fucking app. But everyone tells us that I'm missing out on all this marketing. I'm like, god dammit. I'm not dancing, that's for sure. No, no. Dancer. Or you look at me I'm punk rock girl. You look you're out in Miami. You know? I'm like that's a club place right? Yeah, I don't dance obviously.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:14
I'm gonna go to 11 I'm gonna try

Unknown Speaker 1:19:15
Yeah, you're not gonna pull any ladies. Sorry Phil that's it guys for episode 122 with Phil. No. Hi pause. I love it. Even though he filled in for Dean. I'm just super glad we had him on the show. Like, you know, I didn't know him at all. Who knows how long it would have been till we actually got him on the show. So that was a good thing actually. Also, guys, UFC bypass it is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence and original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at UFC fight backslash sign up earlier we gave you guys a whole boatload of information about UFC fight pass. If that doesn't sell you on it, I don't know what Well, next week we talked to Phoenix carnavon She is a media personality cageside reporter martial artists commentator fitness professional and actress she has been featured on Showtime sports axis TV, X TV fights, UFC, unfiltered CNN, MTV, ESPN spike to B and Fox. This lady is a very talented, you got your like, what? She's not a fighter. Yeah. Okay. I like to bring different MMA personalities on trying to get like referees I want to get you know, I don't know if a judge would be interesting. There's probably not a lot actually. I don't think there's any female judges. Yeah, cuz Felicia, oh, og Blackbell she was she's trying to become a female judge as she just judged the amateur fights at up next recently. Yeah, I love it. I just love women trying to break the break the glass ceiling there and trying to get into different areas. So yeah, so we're gonna have on Phoenix. Check her out next week. Dean Thomas will come on the podcast still he rescheduled? I think it was December 1. So if you're interested in hearing Dean's episode, that will be December 2, because we record on the first Yeah, so without. And if you don't know who Dean Thomas is he is a retired UFC fighter. But now he's a UFC analyst and commentator. And yeah, yeah, he, I feel like he should be in the UFC Hall of Fame if he's not, and she's super funny and in on social media as well. So I think his personality is gonna do really well in this podcast. Don't forget to check out the website sex violence with rebel Pick up a shirt hat doesn't matter. Anything. Actually, I want to tell you though, people have been buying some merch lately, and I really tell you guys buying shirts and stuff like that, you know, I get a little notification and I'm like, oh, yeah, so what

Unknown Speaker 1:22:13
about a fucking show? Cuz the season to be buying? Ah,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:17
yes. Good. Good. Okay, guys, if you know somebody who likes this podcast, you a perfect gift would be a sex and violence of rebel girl beanie because it's cold. Or we got the tote bags on there or a phone case. Check it out guys. For hot chocolate. Yeah. And then if you want to support us by checking out my exclusive fan site that is Ashley, rebel And, yeah, just share this podcast. I tell you guys that every week, but have you done it? Have you? You should. Please, guys, I love you. Thank you so much for the fan questions and for tuning in. And a special thank you to audio engineer DJs or at DJs on Instagram. Tomorrow good studio at tomorrow kids official and you can always find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Hope you guys enjoyed this week's show. We'll be back with Nick a new guest next week. Remember, what do I always say? Be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit.

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