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Ep.125 Jason Ellis (2)

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Okay, I tried to blame it on the studio and all the technical stuff, but I forgot my fucking laptop. But I'm making it up to you guys today, because this episode was fucking awesome. It killed. He's awesome. But before we talk about the guest, let me tell you about what's going on with me. I've had a really busy week, just buttload of podcasting. I was on the staph infection podcast with our former guest comedian, Steph totalav. Funny, funny woman, the podcast. I don't know when it's coming out. But I will definitely tell you guys, when it's available. I was on the Jason Ellis podcast yesterday. And that's coming out in the future as well. And I want to tell you very quickly about a couple events that are coming up January 21. So next month, you have submission only Series Nine, that's the pro team duels. I keep talking about this to you guys. And if you are a fan of grappling, then you know these tournaments are super fun. They are in Roseville studios in downtown LA. So it's really like a different vibe. It's not like a high school gym. And it's it's not bougie either. It's just a very chill vibe. There's a bar, I mean, it's a fun place. So check it out at submission only series on Instagram. And if you want to get tickets ahead of time, it's submission only January 28. That's up next fighting number four, you guys know I've been working with them as their cage side commentator just doing the post fight interviews and I'm absolutely loving this job. I definitely see this as something I will be doing far far into the future. And this organization is the tickets guys. It's brand new, but they're really killing it. They're putting a lot of effort into kind of the pomp and circumstance of everything meaning, you know, the fights are great, and the matchups are amazing. The you know, it does not disappoint. But in addition to that, there's always some kind of opening ceremony and they do a lot of just kind of like cool stuff surrounding it if you guys know what I mean. So check it out. If you don't know what I mean, check it out as well. Tickets actually are not quite on sale yet, but it will be at the Commerce Casino. And when they are on sale in the very near future, you can get those tickets at up next check them out on Instagram. At up next fighting. We are still looking for a sex and violence in turn. I have hit a couple of you back and haven't done very many interviews. 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And I always tell you every week guys, please do it if you have not rate rated rate You did rate and review the show for us. It takes two seconds but it really helps us out. And if you're listening right now on Apple podcast, stop, pause, pause the show and go click in the right hand corner, little arrow sign the plus sign so we can, you know, basically get little updates for whenever we have new podcasts and all that crap. And it takes two seconds and it helps us out. Okay, that is it guys. Now let's talk to our guest. Today's guest is an Australian skateboarder fighter comedian. podcaster New York best times author of the book, I'm awesome. A dad, a husband and a proud member of the LGBTQ fam. He was the host of the Jason Ellis show on Sirius XM, which aired from 2005 to 2020. He is currently the host of the Jason Ellis show and co host of Hawk versus wolf alongside skateboarding legend Tony Hawk, his most recent endeavor, stand up comedy. We talk about new only fans account adventures, the edge of choking in bed, his inspirational sexual journey, epic training with Dominick Cruz, ending sex trans and gay stigmas birthday foursome with wife, Dick adrenaline dumps, shutting internet haters up sexual bucket list, Whitney Cummings, communication for healthy open marriage, new sex etiquette from being a bottom difference between a power bottom and a bottom paying on friends dreams of attention. Here's your guest, Jason Ellis.

Unknown Speaker 6:58
We're here with Jason Ellis for the second time one of our only returning guests actually, Jason, thank you so much for coming back on the show.

Unknown Speaker 7:07
Thanks for having me. Thanks for being on my show,

Unknown Speaker 7:09
too. Yeah, that was a blast.

Unknown Speaker 7:11
You were really good guest was I? Yeah, I get weird with fighters because you know, sometimes when especially just athletes in general, they you know, they're they've been doing sport their whole life. They don't talk for a living. But yeah, I keep forgetting that you have a show that you? You did really? Well. I thought you did. Anyway,

Unknown Speaker 7:32
thank you. I mean, also, you kept it pretty basic as far as like fighting talk and stem cells. Like if you ask me about other stuff, I'm going to sound like an asshole. But I know about fighting.

Unknown Speaker 7:44
Right? I mean, I don't really know. I didn't know what else I was gonna ask you.

Unknown Speaker 7:48
When you when I first walked in. I think you guys were doing a Patreon and you guys were talking about jellyfish and how they eat from their tentacles. And I was like, What the fuck

Unknown Speaker 7:56
are you guys talking about? Yeah, that's, that's my fault. I just wanted a lot of wait.

Unknown Speaker 8:01
No, it's all good. I need to

Unknown Speaker 8:03
make the mushrooms and all that stuff just in my space get it mind always comes up with stupid that's that's how the show got big was. I think my first show ever where I was just a DJ, I was talking about how Slipknot should make a cereal. And there should be a pizza burger where it's a burger. But there's a slice of pizza in the middle. I was I was always just making up. What if you thought of the dumbest shit ever? That was kind of my job.

Unknown Speaker 8:33
Mushrooms or marijuana or

Unknown Speaker 8:36
not back then that was just wait. Just wait. I don't I didn't. I did a lot of mushrooms. And I was a kid. But not for not to help me in any way just to be high. Yeah. And then when I stopped doing drugs and stopped drinking, then I micro dose and then I did a cup I don't really like trippin. I don't like being completely gone.

Unknown Speaker 9:00
You know? I like it. But there's always this sick period beforehand that I have to go through. And I don't know if everybody goes through it. But I always throw up and I always make sense that I fight it and I just have to let it happen. I'm like, No, if I feel sick, I'm gonna fucking fight it as hard as I can. And I guess there's just like some kind of technique where you just go with it. And I don't really know how to go with the fucking flow.

Unknown Speaker 9:24
I think it's practice but then you have to fight a lot before you can feel good about it. relaxed about it.

Unknown Speaker 9:31
For sure. So it sucks, but it's also cool. Yesterday on your podcast. We talked about a few things that I want to talk about on my show, but I guess we can pretend like I don't know. But the last time we spoke was two years ago and you were preparing to fight Louis J Gomez. Yeah, but this motherfucker let the fans know what happened.

Unknown Speaker 9:53
Yeah, I mean, I don't really know for sure. He posted one video saying that when he runs it's hard to run. You If he can't, but he didn't hurt it, you would know this to, like listen to listening to him say it. He said that his knees are, he can barely run. And he doesn't know why he didn't hurt them. He didn't get them tweaked. They just got so sore that he could no longer run anymore. And I feel like, for me, if there's an injury from running, where nothing popped or made a noise, it just like started to ache. You're a bitch. Like that's, that's not enough. Like, it's something needs to go being and you go, ah, and then you go to the hospital and you get an MRI and they go, yeah, you tore your blah, blah, blah. But he didn't even he's like, I got an x ray and other say, and I've got a torn meniscus, but I have to get an MRI and I'm like, You're so far behind Trump, you're not trying to fight like you're not trying to find me, it was very apparent that he was already trying to bow out he's no longer returning my text messages. So I don't know what he's doing. Maybe he's secretly pretending not to train so that I don't train. And then he's like, Yeah, I'm still in.

Unknown Speaker 11:14
as fuck,

Unknown Speaker 11:15
it won't make no difference. I could get off the couch right now and beat the shit out of that guy. I don't need any cardio. I'm not worried about it. But I will.

Unknown Speaker 11:25
Go ahead, you guys are planning to fight in 2023. What was the date April,

Unknown Speaker 11:29
April 8, like it's my event. It's already it's happening. That's the other bad thing about it. The main event is now I think cancelled, but I don't know, because my, the guy I'm fighting will no longer return my text messages. I told him get an MRI. And then if it is if you do ever torn meniscus, you can get PRP, and then you can get cortisone shots. And you can do a six month camp and you can fly. That's what I would do. And I wouldn't run I would use the bike, maybe swim, like I already have. That's when this is official. And he actually gets back to me and says, I can't fly because I've got a torn meniscus. I'm going to ask for the MRI. Then I'm going to get my MRI on my both my knees and show a doctor both of them and ask who has the worst knees. And when it's officially I have the worst knees. I'm gonna go on a fucking tear on this guy. Because I put in, I'm too old. I'm 51 I've got like, I've got a bunch of shows. Kids, my wife, like I got a lot of comedy. I'm trying to do stand up. I'm trying to like write jokes. But instead when I wake up in the morning, I think about how I'm going to beat the shit out of this guy and how worst case scenario how I'm gonna get out of it and make him pay for it. Like I put a lot of mental. I had I was gonna fight I've been apparently we've been fight we're gonna fight for I think two years now.

Unknown Speaker 12:56
Yeah, two years. We were talking about it. You had knee problems. I was.

Unknown Speaker 13:00
I had a knee. I had a cadaver knee replacement.

Unknown Speaker 13:03
And I watched you heal from that. And that was badass. And I've been following you ever since and we've become friends and now my boyfriend is your jujitsu coach and life is crazy. So if you fight Louis, what about a stand and opponent Are you just really want to beat Louis's

Unknown Speaker 13:23
I don't even really want to beat him. I'm kind of past. Fighting. Like I don't have anything else to prove. I don't Jim I'm doing an interview. Yeah, he does it all the time, especially when I'm doing interviews. He's names Gimli but I call him Jim or Jim Lee or gimpy. He has many names.

Unknown Speaker 13:47
I can hear. Yeah, shut up, Jim be well, you don't have anything to prove. And that's why I was gonna ask you It's like your 51 Not that that's too old to fight especially since we can all understand that you're probably more skilled than Louis and would probably beat him easily if he's not training and he's bitching out over knee tendinitis or some shit. It sounds like

Unknown Speaker 14:09
you got what it is. So yeah, I know what it is. You just

Unknown Speaker 14:12
You just swim or you buy? Air Dine or you just get the shit done. You know, you have a real fighter mentality. Jason. He does not. He's a comedian. Obviously,

Unknown Speaker 14:22
as my good friend Eddie Jackson, who's a real fighter he has been telling me for the last two years is like I'm telling you, this guy is not what you think he is. He's he's not about that life is how Eddie that's how he talks. It he's like he wants to act like he's going to be a part of it because that's what I told him the same thing. I was like if your knees are hurt. This is the game this is the fight game. Like everybody who fights good guys bad guys. They're all heard. This is the game like you never go in like feeling like man. I'm 100% Yeah, my training camp. No one hurt me. Like bullshit. Everybody's hurt. but it's here, like, how much do you want it? And I was like, I'm trying to give you a taste of a real fight like I've like people have given me. Yeah. And you don't want to do it because you're injured. It's just it's, I can't believe that I said yes. In the first place. I should have known that this was all bullshit.

Unknown Speaker 15:21
Whatever. Now you could focus more energy on the stand up comedy on the other podcast that you have. You've got the Ellis podcast, obviously. But you also have Hawk versus wolf with Tony Hawk. How is that going?

Unknown Speaker 15:34
It's going good. We actually moved podcast production companies, and we just signed with Melka they do Mike Tyson's podcast. Oh. So it's been it's been a lot of work. And we because we shifted, we have no reads. So we're not making any money right now. But we're investing and we believe that the show has a lot of potential, and so does Melco. So it's like rebuilding again, at an early stage. It's kind of annoying, but I think it'll work out.

Unknown Speaker 16:07
So what's I haven't checked out Hawk versus Wolf. I have obviously the Jason Ellis podcast, but what is it about? Do you guys have on guests? Is it just open form?

Unknown Speaker 16:16
It's it's either just Tony and I talking about skateboarding and in life. And then yeah, we have guests. That's the other reason we signed with these Melkor guys, because they want to they're giving us a list celebrities. Every episode. Net right now, every now and then we get like a Rodney Mullen and everybody loved that. That was like, half a million, half a million downloads. And then Bobby Lee was like a quarter of a million. But then some of the shows are like 40,000. And I'm like, that's not good as bad. So we're trying to do, right, the only person that can do that is Tony Hawk. Yeah, that's it. Nobody else can book Rocky Mountain.

Unknown Speaker 16:57
What's it like working with one of your best friends on the podcast?

Unknown Speaker 17:01
It's not a job. It's the easiest, most fun thing that I get paid for. Or I used to get paid for whatever you want to call it. But yeah, I love talking to Tony. off the mic doesn't. So it's, it's a dream come true to me, because he's been. He's the king of skateboarding. And I'm a skateboarder. And I'm the I'm the co host of the show that Tony Hawks on. It's pretty cool.

Unknown Speaker 17:28
It's about us. So I want to know, is it okay to bring up what we talked about at the end of your show? Talking about maybe you are sharing some stuff on Twitter, your new endeavor making money? Oh, yeah. Okay, so you now have an only fans, correct. All right. Tell us about that. Because that's one way to make money. I started my own fan time, which is basically like only fans, but different. A little bit better.

Unknown Speaker 17:55
Yeah, well, I feel like the difference is, I know, you tried to argue with me, but you're really hot. And I'm really not. It's, I feel like most of my audience or didn't want to see my penis. So I don't think I'm getting too many fans on only fans that are from the Jason Ellis show

Unknown Speaker 18:16
that you just started, right?

Unknown Speaker 18:18
I did. I did just start like two weeks ago. Yeah. And I hired a company and I go on there now. And I see that somebody's talking as me and you know, because they talked to me and asked me what I like and things that I'll do and all that kind of stuff. And I'm pretty much up for everything. I've always been. I don't know what I don't want to say anything negative about it. But I'm pretty crazy. I like all kinds of stuff. And I'm not ashamed on it. So

Unknown Speaker 18:46
when you try anything once?

Unknown Speaker 18:49
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Maybe twice to make sure. I love it. So that that's weird. It's weird, but I but I do like it. Like, even without the money because there isn't any of that right now. It's something that if everybody disappeared, and I didn't have any opinions, I would do with a big smile on my face. I'm very proud of of, of the things that I like to do. I feel like sex is some sort of like, oh, you know, how could you expose yourself and I might ever like your dad. Fuck your mom, dude. Your main like, it's people have dicks and vaginas. Like, I've got one and you probably knew I had one the whole time. And yeah, I put it in things. I don't know. Everyone, everyone has their own thing. And if you find that offensive, you don't have to look at it. Yeah. But it's something that I've always wanted to do. I don't know if I know the only thing I've always wanted to do was I've always been in Poland looks really cool to me because I'm really I really like sex. It's like a sport and like, I love MMA, and I think about it a lot and I watch it a lot. I don't watch porn that much, but I do. You know, there's there's a skill to it when you especially when you're shooting like there's things you've got to do. And when you do them well, you it's kind of like winning a fight. Like, it's like you did a really good job. Yeah. And the person that I'm usually working with his has been doing this for a long time. They're like, Wow, good job. And I'm like, yeah, thank you. I feel good about myself.

Unknown Speaker 20:26
It's great to get praise in the gym. But it's even better to get praised in the bedroom for sure. Right.

Unknown Speaker 20:31
And it goes both ways, because I have failed as well.

Unknown Speaker 20:36
In no way. Be in the bedroom.

Unknown Speaker 20:39
Oh, I'll tell you. It's only happened one time, and it was the biggest time my 51st birthday. My wife rented this crazy mansion, like such a crazy house. And then, you know, I have a lot of friends in the industry. And Katy obviously has a lot of friends. She has only fans. And she organized three really hot tattoo girls, and Katy. So it was four girls and me. And a filmer.

Unknown Speaker 21:09
So what happened?

Unknown Speaker 21:13
Okay, so as soon as it started, it was like a long day. And I thought it was gonna start at lunchtime, but it didn't pop off until about five in the afternoon. And by then, they like had a few drinks. And then it was sort of like, I don't know, where they're like, let's go. And they're like, they'll be in the bed and then you'll come on the bed and then I might Okay, and it was just

Unknown Speaker 21:33
like a lot of pressure with Katie directing. You

Unknown Speaker 21:36
know that the cameraman was okay. Yeah. Which was uncomfortable. I didn't really know him. And now now I'm like, here's my butthole Do you know like, that was uncomfortable. And I think I got a little nervous. And my my dick wasn't working that well. I was like, No, not now. Like, times you and may did with fucking lead. Not this one. This is the biggest one of your life. No, there's no way for chicks that hot or ever gonna want to do this again. Fucking blew it. Ah, so I got a little I got the the one girl that it was just so hot. I didn't even know her until she got there that day. So I started doing it with her and everybody else is around grabbing me everywhere. And I might I think I might have like, almost finished enough to like, make it go down even more. And then I was like, Oh my God, you're you're soft around for hot chicks on video. So I like pulled out of this scene. And then they finished by themselves. And I was just fuck. I was so like, it was my birthday. So I was trying to stay upbeat and one of my friends who was on the bed she was like, Don't do it. Jason, you're okay. It's not a big deal. This happens to people and I'm like, Ah,

Unknown Speaker 23:03
okay. That's a lot of fucking pressure. Jason. That's what they also mine.

Unknown Speaker 23:09
But I just told you that my, when I do well, in these situations, it's such a it was I lost the fight. I lost the fight. Actually,

Unknown Speaker 23:20
I understand mentality. I understand that. And I

Unknown Speaker 23:23
was like, I prided myself on being a champion of that particular sport. And I fucking lost

Unknown Speaker 23:30
but there's always rematches. There's always rematches. You know,

Unknown Speaker 23:33
I told them that. I don't know if they're damn for it. But I was like, I want to find that rematch. It's not make a promise. It's about mate.

Unknown Speaker 23:41
So did you do like, learn your lesson about the camera guy.

Unknown Speaker 23:45
I just know, I didn't eat all day. Because I thought that we were going to do it in the morning in the nervousness. And then we were shooting photos the whole day where I'm naked, and they're naked. And they're all just like, holding on to me and stuff. And I was like, Is it happening right now? Like, am I am I supposed to get hard right now? Because I don't know. And they'll get used to it. Yeah, I think them being so used to it and me. Not being used to it. And these ladies being so fucking hot. And I was like, should I like grabbed one of them right now? Or are they you gonna suck me off right now? Because I'm not sure. Am I supposed to be hard for the photo? Or am I supposed to be

Unknown Speaker 24:24
your dick? What was your take? Like getting hard and then going down and getting hard and going up? It was like a dick. adrenaline dump. You know what I mean? Like,

Unknown Speaker 24:31
oh, wow, maybe? I don't know. I don't know what it was. But it was

Unknown Speaker 24:36
because he just got so excited. And that you know, and he's just like, when it was time to shine. He was like, fuck you, Jason. It's not gonna happen.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
Yeah, maybe that's what happened. But either way, whatever happened. It was fucking terrible.

Unknown Speaker 24:48
With the camera guy, so I'm fucking insecure as shit, especially about my body. And the first time I had to get like, you know, half Niki in front of this guy. His name was Eddie. I was super embarrassed, but then I kept working with him. And now I'm super comfortable. So I'm wondering if we just keep the same camera guy, you know, he's already seen your butthole you know, you know, like no worries. No,

Unknown Speaker 25:11
yeah, I know, I filmed something after that later that night, and I was back. Okay, so I think it was just I ate some food. And there was like an hour break. And then there was another person that came that wanted to film with me. So that one was it was a great birthday

Unknown Speaker 25:31
party ever.

Unknown Speaker 25:33
It could have been better actually. Could have been better.

Unknown Speaker 25:38
It's all good. So what something about only fans and being a new porn star I guess if you will. That has you are?

Unknown Speaker 25:49
What star is a little over the top you can put star on the end of it.

Unknown Speaker 25:53
Okay, porn. Entertain entertainer, adult entertainer. Yeah. So what's something that surprised you about it that you weren't expecting? Hmm. Besides maybe a little bit more shyness than normal?

Unknown Speaker 26:15
Well, I It's I think different people filming with different people. Some people are just they put the phone in a spot and they go, and then some people have proper cameras. And they want to do a couple of minutes from this angle, then stop reset the camera then. And then more from this angle, different position. Like some people put a lot more work into it than others. Yeah. In the ones that put a lot of work into it. Or I liked that more, because it seems like more professional and I feel like when I feel like it's more professional, it seems like it's more important to rise to the occasion. So I feel like I do better when somebody's filming in a way where I'm like, Oh, shit, this is like, serious. This person's putting a lot of work into it. I better step up to the plate like I better do really well. So I feel like that. Those are the things that I notice some people are some of the girls that I've worked with are pretty laid back. It's just like, Okay, go and I'm like, we just were just fucking right like this is this isn't even Do you even know that there's a camera like? No, then some people are very serious about it.

Unknown Speaker 27:26
Is Katie always there?

Unknown Speaker 27:28
Nah, no, not all the time. We film a lot together. Most of her only fans is is Me or her by herself or her with a couple of her girlfriends. She's less of a you know, I'm not very picky. You know, I like everybody. I am like, I've never had sex with her. So yeah. It might not be like sometimes Katie's like, really? And then like when you can say no, because she's like, I kind of want to, and I'm like, Okay, well then No, but if it was me living by myself, I probably say yes to everybody. Because I haven't had sex with them yet. I want to know what it's like.

Unknown Speaker 28:08
Well, that compliment earlier. I'm just gonna take that and throw that.

Unknown Speaker 28:13
I didn't, but I don't want it. You look so

Unknown Speaker 28:14
beautiful. Ashley peope I think everyone's hot.

Unknown Speaker 28:18
Don't didn't say that. I didn't say that. Okay, I said, I said I would probably have sex with everybody. I'm not saying that. I think they're hot. Okay. I'm saying sometimes. There's sometimes it's not the look, sometimes there's a, like, I feel like a connection with somebody where I'm I'm pretty sure if we had sex, it'd be really good. Yeah. And they're not like, whatever your domain your, your, your classic, beautiful woman or, or, or, you know, trans men, trans women and guys, like I feel like it's more of a a sexual connection that I feel before we do it where I'm like, I can tell that this is going to be fun. Yeah. Yeah. So that one, I've always been like that. I used to do this thing at the airport where if I was in the line at the airport for a long time, I would look at everybody in the airport and try to decide who is the second person that I'd want to have sex with the most in the line? Effect always. Yeah, cuz the first one's easy. You know? It's like some super hot chick. It's like yeah, because I want to show her the most okay, but if it but then I look for all the other people on there and I might well that that person. Yep. That's the second person that I would. And it's usually not that hot. Something weird. They might have something. Just some weird thing big ass or just one thing or like a really flat as just something something really weird. I'm like, ooh, I've never done that.

Unknown Speaker 29:47
Are you into anything weird or specific right now?

Unknown Speaker 29:56
Weird, Wolf. I think since I've been In filming I've because I now I know that you talk to the other person about what they like and what they don't like. And sometimes, especially my look, I think a lot of women think that I'm going to be aggressive,

Unknown Speaker 30:14
and I wouldn't assume that.

Unknown Speaker 30:17
Right? But I don't. I mean, I can do that. And sometimes I do like doing that. But a lot of the times, I'm pretty soft and slow and passionate. Cut. I don't want to I kind of like that more. Like sometimes my wife wants to get this is weird saying this, but she's just walking around in the kitchen, but Hey, Katie. Ashley says hello. But sometimes is it okay? If I say like to be like a sloth sometimes. Just say what you're gonna say. She likes to be treated like a little whore.

Unknown Speaker 31:00
Oh, yeah, my calls me is dirty little slut all the time. You know what we're fighting.

Unknown Speaker 31:05
Okay, so sometimes, so sometimes I think that, that, that comes out, but I'm still a little and untrusting of myself when it comes to, you know, like some girls who like, you know, choke me and I'm like, Yeah, okay. And it's like hotter. And I'm like, Are you sure? Because Because you mean a couple more pounds and you're gonna get lightheaded? Because I know enough from jujitsu? I'm like, if I put this forearm across this bit, and push on it, you're gonna fucking faint. So and some girls are like, yeah. Like, you're calling my bluff and it's working. I don't want you to go out. Has

Unknown Speaker 31:47
someone else ever asked you like, please put me out or have you done it?

Unknown Speaker 31:54
No, I got a pretty damn i Thanks to jujitsu and fucking a lot. I feel like I can feel your body start to you know, when you know when you started to get choked, and you feel like the fuzzy thing. Come on.

Unknown Speaker 32:05
Yeah. Like or there's like, you know that noise where they're making? You're like, okay, that's not

Unknown Speaker 32:13
the Adam's apple. That's the other thing. I've learned the Adam's Apple Push. That's not how you choke. You push, you can push on here. But all the pressure needs to come into the side. Yeah, because you're gonna hurt the Adam's apple. Sorry, you're gonna hurt the trachea? Well, depends on who you're begging. Exactly. Yes. Yeah. But yeah, I feel like I'm, I'm more like the last person I worked with. They said that, you know, I don't really, I don't really like being choked really hard, or whatever else. Like, just so you know, I'm not, like dead set on being aggressive and slapping you around. And they were like, oh, oh, then yeah, if you want to be really soft, that'll be great. And I was like, okay, cool, because I liked doing that. And they were like, really? Like, yes, really? I remember thinking like, oh, yeah, they thought that I was going to come in and be like, cooking. Your main like, take it your bucket.

Unknown Speaker 33:07
Well, Jason, I mean, look at me. Like, I would think that most people probably don't think I'm a delicate love. You know what I mean? They probably don't think I'm a school girl. They're probably like, Oh, that'd be she looks like freak in bed or something. Right?

Unknown Speaker 33:20
Right. I mean, okay, yeah, but when I see you, I'm like, I don't judge you for that. I'm like, You got a lot of tattoos. You're very fit. Sure you might be into that stuff, but this is super weird again, because I love your boyfriend. Sometimes. I think that maybe you guys just have romantic six that nobody calls anybody a slot. Nobody gets slapped in the face. I either one would not surprise me. Don't think that you're just oh well rebel girl just wants to be beat the fuck out. I don't think that I never thought that. No, I

Unknown Speaker 33:53
think everybody probably wants a little bit of both maybe no yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:57
I really I feel like we're really similar and we're all hiding because nobody wants to get called out for being the thing that not everybody does. Yeah. But I feel like everybody wants a little bit of everything just like just like all of us

Unknown Speaker 34:14
you've come so far in your sexuality journey if you will, you know the first episode we had you on for you listeners it was episode 12 We're out now on 125 So go back give that a listen. It's such an entertaining listen because I didn't really know your full story and now the man that I am talking to you right now just all confident talking about banging on only fans. I'm like wow, what a journey it's been.

Unknown Speaker 34:40
No, I'm not that confident. I'm just doing what I what I love and you know I I think from having like a heart problem and being in doctors offices and being on the on the on the bed with heart monitors and people telling me that I might need a heart replacement and you know, real death scares where I was like, okay, so I might have a couple more years, I probably won't. But it could happen, like, my heart could stop. So I'm not living it for your opinion, like I'm living my life. I don't know how much longer I've got, and I'm doing what makes me happy. And I know I'm not hurting anybody.

Unknown Speaker 35:21
No. So in fact, you're doing the opposite in my opinion. You're my opinion, too. Yeah, you're given other people, you know, someone to look up to and go, Hey, if this guy can do it in front of all these people, why can't I do it? You know, even behind closed doors?

Unknown Speaker 35:37
A little bit? I mean, I feel like the, like, I don't mind posting sex stuff on Twitter, and someone's like, really? You're gonna have sex with a trans girl? And like, yeah, yeah, she's really hot. Like not, and you can all it's official, I like trans women suck about, I don't care. I want to live my life. I could same as you know, my kids get older. They're like, Dad, did you really do that? And like, yes, what I wanted to do, you don't have to do it. Yeah, like, just if you put when you get older, and you want to do what you want to do, and everyone's telling you don't do it. Fuck everybody else. They're not living your life, like, this is your one life on this planet? What makes you happy?

Unknown Speaker 36:19
I love that. I do want to go back to the trans thing. But before so when did you get the hard news? Is this old news? Or is this something new? Because I didn't know. Okay, well, I had not to bring the show down.

Unknown Speaker 36:32
It's okay, my heart went into afib, maybe over 10 years ago, and it got shocked back in. And then I had a procedure called an ablation where they go in your groin, and they fuse some valve in your heart. And sometimes it's successful. And sometimes it's not, but it was successful. And I had like one of the best cardiologists in the world working with me. Because at first they diagnosed me with heart disease. And then I went saw a specialist and he was like, you don't have heart disease, you've got this thing that a lot of people get an alcohol can trigger. That's another reason why I quit drinking. But I had it go into afib, I think three times over the period of 10 years, and then the last one was, like three years ago, I think something like that. And that was when they were like, if I was you, I would take it easy on the drinking, because that could trigger it. And that's when they said that I might, my heart is getting bigger, and I might need a heart transplant in 10 years. So when I'm 60, I'd have to have a heart transplant. And then I got on these pills, these hard pills that are supposed to slow your heart from growing, and they make you tired. So it's harder to like do stuff now, but my brain can beat my Heart Any Day. So I just get up and do it anyway. But that and not doing HGH, oh, the doctor said, your heart stopped growing. And he thinks that I might be fine. He's like, if you keep taking this pill, and you don't do the HGH, you have it's gonna stay the same size. And you might I he thinks that I don't need a hot replacement all of a sudden. That's amazing. Right? But it's never going to I have a thing. My heart jumps a lot irregular beats. A lot of people have this. But you know, it happens to me like 10 times a day. And when it happens, every time I go, is this it?

Unknown Speaker 38:41
Oh, shit. That's what it is. That is so so now I really truly understand the mentality of like, I'm going to do whatever the fuck I want to do, because maybe Tomorrow is not promised. Tomorrow, I promise for anybody. But you know, when you have fun, exactly. It's hard to skip every 10 seconds.

Unknown Speaker 39:01
The way I say it, as long as I don't die, it's a blessing because it constantly reminds me that this is my one shot. And whenever you're going to do with your life, and what experiences you want it to experience, you better get to it. Yeah, so that's why another reason why Louis J. Gomez is a bitch because if I'm gonna do sprints, you know, like to me, my doctor said I could do it. He said, I don't know what's going to happen. But as far as I can tell, you have a healthy heart. So you could do a fight. But honestly, if I was not to redline my heart, like three days a week for the rest of my life, I don't think that that would be that bad. I would kind of actually prefer that. Like every now and then I'll go spar and you know, and I'll do it but if you just keep pushing it, just keep pushing it. I don't like that. I would rather not do that. So

Unknown Speaker 39:58
I was really all for Have you kind of last hurrah, this fight? I was really excited. I was telling Mike like, obviously, I was hoping he would corner you we go out there would be awesome, right? Me too. But now I'm like, Jason, please Slow the fuck down. I like you. I would like you to stick around for a little longer. So I don't know about that fight. You know, you said it the other day. He said yesterday, you know, I don't have anything to prove. And you don't like why? Take a chill pill for a little while? Well, I

Unknown Speaker 40:25
told you that I wanted to give him the opportunity because I love fighting. And it's way past my I'm way past my prime. And there's a lot of people in MMA and boxing all that stuff that have given me a taste. Like you want to see what it's really like to fight somebody at a high level. Yeah, I do. I really do. And they've, and they've given that to me, and I feel like it's been it's always been a silver spoon. Way have been treated where, you know, Keith Jardine is a friend of mine, he spotted me. And he was like, I started going hard on him. He was like, Oh, really. And then he like, you know, beat the shit out of me. For like, you know, Jake Ellenberger is and, and Uriah Faber and Kid cubs and Forrest Griffin, Shane Carwin. Like all these people that have that have given me a taste. And I feel like a little kid in a candy store gets Christmas like these are the people that I look up to. And their Dominick Cruz took me to his to his gym, and like, was like, you can stay at my house and watch it and they started spying me and like really trying to hurt me. And then after the sparring, he was like, you're gonna win this fight. And I'm like, how's that he's like, because I wanted to see what you would do if I blocked you and how you're gonna react and he's like, the way you react it tells me that this guy has no fucking chance because there's no quitting you like and that's the one of the biggest parts. So he's mentally preparing me and physically preparing me like showing me this. He's like, this is what I do. For fightcamp It's like a secret don't show anybody likes little sprinting that he has on a treadmill. Like, he really passed down a lot of stuff. And I and I look up to Dominick Cruz and for him to, like, Give me his time, like and, like, fully his time was, you know, like, we went to the gym for a couple of days in a row where he was just about JSON. Like we were sparring, like just learning stuff while sparring working on the bag like footwork stuff like little drills at one point he showed me a drill and then I posted it and then you write a favorite was like haha, you think that's going to work you're not you don't have Dominick Cruz's legs and I was like, fuck here like I'm, I'm doing this guy is sharing cool shit shirt, it probably won't work because I don't have his footwork. But it was just those experiences are like the greatest experiences in my life. Like, I'll never forget, those are so cool. But

Unknown Speaker 42:59
you know what with Louis, you know, I don't think like you have that fighter mentality where you like being tested. And you know what I mean? Like Louis could be like, a normal person where they get into the ring with Dominick Cruz. And it's the worst fucking experience of their life. You know, they're like, I never want to do that ever again. You, you me, you know, a lot of our friends are crazy. Fucks and we're like, let's do that again. You know, I almost died. I love it. So maybe Louis is not like that. If he's, you know, got knee tendinitis. And he's already over here kind of complaining. You're trying to do him this great favor of show him what it's like to experience this thing that most people don't get to experience. But he may not want it. So why why waste your good heart years? You know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 43:45
Yeah, yeah. But like I said, if he calls me tomorrow and says, My knee is good enough to fight, I'm gonna be pumped because it's, it's a good way to go out. I want one more I want. I want to find somebody that always you know, blah, blah, blah, I could probably beat this guy. And I could probably beat that guy. And, and I'm like, you know, Jason Ellis is a 51 year old skateboarder. It's not that big of a claim to beat me. But I just want him to know, like, I will destroy you and just know that everybody else, the real fighters in the world, they run circles around me. So recognize and respect these athletes because you will never be them. You know, that's the thing that I always knew. I'm pretty tough for a normal guy. But I've always you know, I remember talking to Logan Paul, and he's like, I can beat this guy can be that guy. Do seriously, be honest with me, because I know I can beat your ass. And I'm not claiming that I can beat fucking you know, meet all the people you claim. He's like, You think and I'm like, I suck in No, dude. And he wouldn't he won't fight me. I went to his podcast. I was like, I'll fight you today. I brought my gloves.

Unknown Speaker 44:57
You told me that you were that you could be a disaster.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Yeah, I know I could. Logan Paul

Unknown Speaker 45:03
the that's the one that's been beating all

Unknown Speaker 45:05
the JJ calls the sounds good. I could beat his ass to

Unknown Speaker 45:10
love it. I love it. Well, shit.

Unknown Speaker 45:13
I would take that fight they go okay they go hey man you want we want to scrap I'd be like yeah for my career show I'll fight

Unknown Speaker 45:19
you and definitely for content for comedy purposes, right?

Unknown Speaker 45:25
Yeah I can't I mean dude those guys are so big if I can't lose even when I lose for sure like Ben aspirin but I mean I that's not gonna happen to me. I'm 1 million times better than Ben Ben aspirin at fucking boxing.

Unknown Speaker 45:39
Jake Paul and Logan Paul. Conor McGregor with the red Penny night hmm like everybody's lucky I guess to fight them.

Unknown Speaker 45:47
That's why I've that's why I've never asked for it because I realized that I'm nowhere near famous enough it doesn't even make any sense. Good for you guys. You know, like him fight boxing UFC fighters. I did that. Yeah, I did that first. Like I fought. I fought. Shit. Who did I knock out? I had a proper boxing fight with who's the guy in the UFC in the Ultimate Fighter and he didn't make weight and he cried. Everybody made fun of him.

Unknown Speaker 46:18
Down. That's all.

Unknown Speaker 46:20
He was, uh, who knew?

Unknown Speaker 46:23
Not not not let me bang bro. That's what you're thinking. No,

Unknown Speaker 46:26
no, no, no before before. Let me bang bro.

Unknown Speaker 46:31
What's let me bang bros name.

Unknown Speaker 46:32
He's like, he's, he's good. Like that bare knuckle. He's good. Knocking out Kimbo. Right,

Unknown Speaker 46:40
Kimbo Slice. I believe he knocked out Kimbo I think they're different weight classes.

Unknown Speaker 46:44
Yeah, they're way different way. Like, it's Ben. Let me bang bro has a shaved head now. He doesn't have pink hair. He's got some really bad tattoos.

Unknown Speaker 46:59
What's let me bangbros name

Unknown Speaker 47:03
I know right? Guy fair.

Unknown Speaker 47:07
He made to the UFC is doing all this. Let me bang bro. That's his fucking

Unknown Speaker 47:12
game. Rudy, go, Hey, go. Is that Rudy? Go? No, no, that's, that's who I fought. So Gabriel to get used to train a team quest. And they would always put because I was in the protein because because I'm a skateboarder and people being nice. Dan Henderson befriended me and so did Ryan Parsons. So now I'm training with all those guys. And they would always pair me up with him because he was the lazy one. That wasn't as good. So it was fair for him to fight me. And he used to beat me up every every weekend. And then somebody on the Jason Howell show cold, like I was gonna bug somebody and I was like, give me some names. And someone said gay Rudiger. And I was like, Yeah, I could beat him in a boxing fight. Somebody tells Gabriel to go, Gabe has my phone number calls me. And he's not joking. He's very aggressive. He's like, talking shit, dude. And I'm like, What are you talking about? It's like, people are telling me you think you could beat my ass? I'm like, people brought your name up. Could I beat you in a boxing fight? And I said, Yeah. And he's like, Oh, yeah. And I was like, Yeah. And he's like, I'll fucking fight you right now. And I was like, dude, calm down. I thought we were friends. And he's like, No, I'll fight you. And I was like, okay, and I remember the whole training camp, thinking, you know, this is where your mouth gets your Jason, you're about to get your ass handed to you in front of all your fans. And I put a lot of effort into that camp. And he didn't because he thought he was gonna fight the same guy that was rolling around with him at Team quest. And I knocked his ass out.

Unknown Speaker 48:41
Awesome. That's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 48:43

Unknown Speaker 48:45
roll the right here.

Unknown Speaker 48:49
Yeah, right hook and then when he went down, Forrest Griffin was dressed as Sasquatch. in it. It's Ellis mania. Oh, my God. So when he went down in the count was over Sasquatch forest. Griffin jumped in the ring and pumped his but he he humped his butt while I was still kind of trying to wake up to that. Yeah. Firstgiving used to be at Ellis mania a lot until the UFC. The UFC. Were like stop going to that event. Jason is an

Unknown Speaker 49:26
idiot do not associate with those shenanigans over

Unknown Speaker 49:29
there. I think Dana White is like if you work for Dana White, like you can talk to me now on here, but if you go and my boxing ring, you'll be fired. So I fought your way Uriah Faber Uriah told me later on that Dana called him and freaked the fuck out on him. Like he got in a lot of trouble. And that was the last time that anybody in the UFC ever got in the ring and Alex mania because I also respect and why I love the USA. I don't want to bum out Dana White when I heard that I'd made Dana White angry I was like fuck, like I don't even text him anymore about getting seeds because I'm scared that he's gonna tell me to fuck off

Unknown Speaker 50:10
what's your opinion on slap fighting Oh spit out his car Wow that was

Unknown Speaker 50:20
a pinion I just told you I didn't want to piss off data why okay my best me my opinion of slap fighting How do you not

Unknown Speaker 50:28
piss off Dana White and be honest about this? Like, like we all like we all like our jobs, but at the same time like what the fuck? What is what, what, what

Unknown Speaker 50:40
my favorite thing about it was now I'm going to bury him is when he said Well the difference is now when we buy slap fighting is we're going to make it safer than it's ever been. And I'm like everybody's getting knocked out. What do you fucking talking about? How do you make it safer? Like they go to get medical attention quicker? You're still giving people concussions guaranteed? It's a guaranteed not like, oh, I might get you get in fucking here, for sure. And everyone's like, standing still and not rolling with it and receiving a pop on the side of the jaw is our concussion. There's no way that you didn't get a concussion from the first slap the end.

Unknown Speaker 51:23
I just don't understand it. We'll leave it at that.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
It's because of us. It's because the public will watch it. It will be huge because of it. I bet you guys more than me. I'm fucking

Unknown Speaker 51:33
guilty of it. I've been scrolling, you know, you're scrolling on Instagram. And then you see two hot chicks super hot chicks. And they're just like, no, like, I think she took it like a champ. But I'm like, damn, I don't know if I could take that. You know? And then I'm like, oh, no, I'm watching it. You know, like, I'm a viewer. I'm like, Fine, I get it.

Unknown Speaker 51:53
I just feel like maybe it's a young man's game. Somebody that doesn't like read it doesn't read. It hit my head skateboarding and motocross and then fighting and now it's kind of you know, I don't I used to spa anybody in everybody. Any day. If anyone asked me, I would just say yes. And it would be full speed. I used to train at Fortune boxing and he would say to me, Justin fortune. I fucking love the guy. Always will. But he is too tough. Like he would tell me. I remember one time, a pro skateboarder came up who had been trading for about four years. Pierre Luc getting on X X Games guy like, like the fuck, real good skateboarder and he got into boxing us. A he got into boxing heavily, like training five days a week and he came up to LA to spy me. And I didn't realize that he wanted to spy until he got there. I thought we were just gonna like train together. He's like, let's move around. I was like, move around. What do you mean? Like sparring? I'm like, okay, so I put my mouth guard in and I get under the ropes. And Justin gets in my corner. He goes, Listen, you need to knock this fucking cat out. Right? If you don't know if this canal or fucking knock you out, got it? And I was like, oh, oh, okay. But But I remember I wasn't trying to knock him out. But if I had all of Justin would have been proud of me. And I'm like, That's not cool. Like Pierre Luc is like, I don't know, one ad in and isn't as good. And it's like, yeah, come up to my gym, and I'll give you brain damage can talk him? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:36
We got to be smarter than that. You know. And we I said the other day. It's like, someone taught me about CTE last year, and I know it sounds like Oh, you didn't know about it before that. But no, of course, I didn't want to fucking read about how I'm willingly putting my brain in danger every single time I step into the cage, but I accidentally had this conversation with this person. And now I know all this shit about CTE. And I'm like, that's why I'm so upset about the slap fighting. Like, what the fuck yeah,

Unknown Speaker 54:03
that that would be? I don't know it. Look, I feel like a lot of people, depending on who you are. Some heads can take a lot more slaps than others. I really do believe that you know that you're a fighter. There's people out there that can get hit. And I'm like, it's not doing the same thing that it does to some other people. But I think eventually, if you keep going, it gets everybody. So there's got to be a time where you go, okay. I've received probably, you know, half a million punches to the face. Let's fucking let's let's hang it up. And I think the people that don't, people that train really hard people that fight like for real all through the week. You know, I've been to boxing gyms where I can tell some of the boxes are punchy, and they're in their 30s. And I'm like, you're gone. You're gone. Yeah. So my theory is like, well, I'm looking at my brains work and I'm like, if I start to I mean, I have been worried about I do forget things. I forget people but I've been smoking weed since I was like 14. So I've always been pretty dumb. And I now that from the show and getting sober and like hanging out with smarter people and kept getting little pieces of information from a lot of brilliant people that I've brushed into, or bumped into, in, in my brain sort of switched on a lot more, I have a lot more intelligence. I'm a lot more common sense. So these days, it's like, let's just fight anybody on my I'm not fighting anybody. Like

Unknown Speaker 55:33
I think that comes with age as well. Right. We just getting smarter, and maybe some of the micro dosing. I've started micro dosing as well. I do. I think that helped. I can't notice a difference yet, but I'm hoping that it's like healing.

Unknown Speaker 55:46
When did you start your week because I haven't taken by today

Unknown Speaker 55:49
when I had. When did we have Ian McCall on last?

Unknown Speaker 55:53
That's the last time he helped you out. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:57
Literally, I had that conversation with Ian and I was like, so what we're talking about? I'll meet you at your house.

Unknown Speaker 56:04
Yeah, to call him.

Unknown Speaker 56:06
Yeah, yeah. And shout out to our ghosts. Check them out at Argos. Argos Argos on Instagram. microdose mushrooms. So let me talk to you about your comedy because I fucking love it. I've seen you live. I'm a fan. Yeah, awesome. I really, really come in, laughed my fucking ass off. And I tried to be really harsh. You know, like, from a friend point of view. I'm like, Okay, let's, let's see how he does. And I thought you killed it. I thought you exuded confidence. Confidence, even though you've talked about not having confidence. You looked like a pro up there. I really I really? Yeah. So how's it going? You got stroking your ego. It's helping, but I loved it. I had a great time.

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Yeah, I love it. Thank you. Yeah, I'm trying it's, it's a little bit like surfing because the ramp isn't always there like to get gigs. Because it's really just practice, you know, and you can't get practice doing it in your living room to yourself, you have to be in front of crowds. And it's hard to get in front of crowds. And it's kind of lonely, because I don't know anybody. And I usually just go and stand in the corner until my name is called out. And then I go up, and I do my thing. But I would say

Unknown Speaker 57:18
though, because you seem like the kind of guy that would make a friend at the grocery store.

Unknown Speaker 57:24
Terrible like that.

Unknown Speaker 57:25
I really, okay,

Unknown Speaker 57:26
super anti. I did not know that I get uncomfortable, I get insecure, I'm very confident and also very insecure at the same time. So if I don't know the room, and I don't know, the people, this is their thing. I'm just like, I've only been in it for a couple of years. Like I'm not worthy. So I just, it's

Unknown Speaker 57:45
better to have that mentality, though, than to go into a new scene and act like you're fucking the shit. Nobody likes that guy.

Unknown Speaker 57:52
And I've already got a bit of a name. And I know how comedians are with people that are getting a silver spoon run at this, like I'm getting, I didn't do Yeah, I don't do open mics, I do gigs, because I get gigs. And with my amount of, of years of, of the art of comedy. I'm very fortunate. And I don't want to, you know, I don't go past my time. I'm always very respectful for everybody. Because this is they're tough, and I want to learn, I just want to be good at it. And I And if you're good at it, and you do a bet you have a bad night, you don't go to hospital, you don't have to get a surgery. You just you just go to sleep, you wake up and try again tomorrow. So I feel like this is something that scares me. And I care about it deeply. And I also feel like just like with podcasting. Some of my jokes are about being bisexual. And I feel like the more I talk about that, the more people can understand that. There were people to wear regular people too. It's like you fight and you skate. And you like chicks and fire but you also don't mind a penis from time to time. Yeah, people are like, What the fuck is that? And like it's just like it's what it is. It's not I'm still me. Like whatever you thought I was before I said that. I'm still me is we're not bad people. We're just we like different people to sleep with.

Unknown Speaker 59:18
I think now's the best time for you to be you if you know what I'm saying. Right? Like, I feel like the landscape of society is a lot more accepting more accepting than it's ever been of bisexuality. Tran, I

Unknown Speaker 59:33
disagree. I disagree. I think that there was a time there were look like it was moving in the right direction. But I think from all the politics lately with the don't say gay and all this stuff, a lot of people that are Republicans, I don't I don't want to hate on Republicans, but there's a lot of people that if they're in power, they're going to make it difficult for us to live the same life as everybody else. You know, like the drag queen shows being threatened by bad boys and all that stuff. It's just like that that happening and Kanye and all these other fuckheads talking about stuff. It's it's making the dumb people out there be like, yeah, what is up with homos in their in their shit and I get it a lot because my show being a fighter and into motocross and all this other, you know, headrow stuff. A lot of people especially just read, I just posted on Instagram yesterday, I've been crying last night and this morning, because a lot of people I call you know, used to be funny now all you do is talk about sucking dicks. And like I try to make secondary stories funny as well. I think it's really the bit that they don't like is that it's got gay stuff in it and i i But I also get 1000s of messages of people where I've helped them come out and be whole. So to me, it's worth it. But it's also a huge weight to carry because I you know, I got like 40 people telling me, you know, shut up FG and I know it's only 40 You know, and there's 5000 people that are like, you're awesome. Thanks. Keep going. Yeah, but it hurts. You know, my mom texted me last night. I don't we don't talk that much. But she texted me and said maybe I should stop talking about gay stuff. Oh, yeah, that's so real. That really fucked me. Well, I'm sure myself

Unknown Speaker 1:01:30
please, please stop. Don't stop talking about sucking dicks, because I think it's fucking awesome. I think your comedy. It's not all about suck index, guys. Just so you know. Good. There's other stuff too. But yeah, like, what a better way to talk about it then with comedy, you know? Because people are so uptight about it, like, fucking laugh at yourself. Make a joke about it. Don't stop

Unknown Speaker 1:01:53
me send me the video of you just saying that. I want to just play it whenever I feel down.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:59
I will because I think it's important. I think it's great. And our brains do the same thing. I'll get a post a sexy picture, whatever. And lots and lots of love. And the one person says, You look like a man you have a huge head. I look at my boyfriend. I'm like, is it really that big? And then I started to have a complex about my huge head and I'm like, Fuck,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:20
yeah, it affects you. I feel like being on there is. That's the other thing. I think. I'm always trying to talk to my fans and trying to help people if I if I can. Because I read everything. That means I have to get the DMS of, of the of the hate and it depends on the day to sometimes I'm not ready to hear about how wrong I am for being me. It kind of lets me down. Like, I feel like the human races is letting me down. I'm like, wait, where it's, it's, it's 2022 What do you mean, we're, we're wrong, like or, or it's uncomfortable for you. So if I talk about, like, you know, licking purses and slapping the titties and I mean, the other night, I blew blood on all the ladies. That's funny. But I can't do that to a man. And I don't think people realize they're saying I feel like people kind of say it where they're like, Yeah, enough of the gay show. I liked it when you were funny and like, nothing's changed. I'm still funny. It just that part is a part of my life. And that's always been my show. I don't everything in my life is on the show. I don't hold back. That's been the whole thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
They're just uncomfortable, but do not change because of other people's views or opinions of you. And you know, this, you know, fuck, look at you look at us, you know, it still hurts. We still have hearts. We still have feelings. That's why I started this fucking podcast because I was very tired of my fellow fighters basically being dehumanized through social media. And I want to put a spotlight on people and kind of be like, Oh, we're all fucking similar, or very different. But we have similarities.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
Right? Hey, I just never I never damned anybody for their being who they are. And in telling them how offensive they are. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:18
I don't understand people going out of their way to write something negative on someone else's social media. Like you gotta be a real piece of shit. To take time out of your day to make someone else feel bad about who they are when you can just go on and do your own thing. Like what the fine you can unfollow me. Yeah, yeah. Easy, easy peasy. So in comedy, what's been the biggest struggle because you know, like you said, you said you enjoy it, but I know people bomb.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
I don't mind. I don't mind bombing. I feel like Hamlet the biggest struggle of comedy is. I mean, I want things fast. I believe I've got the skills but I don't Have enough reps to be that person where I can do 90 minutes in a room and just kill no matter what country or state. I mean, there's a lot more work to be done. And it's hard to get spots. So I think I'm so close, like every time I do a set now a lot of people like man, you fucking killing it. Like, can you do a show for me and I might yet I just show for anybody. I think a lot of people think, like little clubs don't ask me because they think and I'm not trying to shit on bread and shot, but it comes up where people like, Oh, you're like, you know, maybe your skateboard with Tony Hawk. And now you think you're gonna do comedy like, and you're just gonna step past everybody and you don't have to, you know, stay in a room with two other guys because you have money to get your own room. You're not You're not living the life that you're not doing the heartbeat at the start.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:54
You don't really get a lot of hate from other comedians about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:59
I don't, I don't know. I don't know if they hate me. It's just do you feel

Unknown Speaker 1:06:03
a vibe?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:04
Sometimes? Yeah. Sometimes I like look, when I've said like, I would totally do your show. And they like really? I'm like, What makes you think I wouldn't do your show? And they're like, I don't know, man. Pretty big time. And I'm like, okay, that's terrifying. I'm not big time. Like I'm not. I don't think that at all. And I'm not like I'm not. I mean, I don't have a fleet of Lamborghinis in the driveway, I'm, I pay my rent to live in this.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
It's hard for luxury Fathom because I think people think in order to do the things that you do some of the screens, you just plug in, showed me a picture yesterday of you underwater, grabbing like a Python or Anaconda Anaconda, underwater, and it was just like the most epic picture and then you go and you say, Oh, that guy has low lows. Confidence. You're like, What the fuck? No, no way. You know, it's hard to picture us somebody who's like, Oh, I'm just going to wait here and wait for my spot to go up. Like they probably expect you to be arrogant or cocky with kind of the Sona right? Yep. Yes to secondly talking to you. And you automatically know you're more down to earth that and then that you're grounded.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:18
Yeah, I did a show last night where I just sat there by myself in till the guy was like, Alright, you're gonna be up next is the name of the guy you have to do introduce after you. And I was like, Okay, thank you. And then I did it. And then I left. How to go. It's good. I'm always pretty good these days. I love it. What's the I could be way better? That's my I don't see. I'm like you're holding your own. But you're not bill burr. And people say do bill burr is a fucking legend. I'm like, I know. But I'm not in this. Because I want to be like, just some decent hangs out at the bar. Yeah, I want to I want to master it. I want to be really good at it.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:54
If you if you're in the UFC, if you're not fight if you're not going for the belt. Why fucking be in there? Right. Right. I guess. So. What's the end goal Netflix special?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05
I guess that doesn't. I'm so far away from that. That doesn't even put

Unknown Speaker 1:08:11
your high bar with the bill burr. You know, I'm thinking I love setting my goals high. Because even if we fall a little short, at least they're higher than they were if we set them low, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20
I think I mean, I mean, then, like having a Netflix special is more like that's like money and fame. I care more about being good enough to have a Netflix special. I don't care about the special I care about. I would love to have gigs. Every week, every weekend. And I go everywhere, anywhere. And when I do my gig, I kick ass. Everybody laughs her ass off. And I go home. Really? That's what I want.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:51
Yeah. And you wouldn't mind all that travel?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:54
No, no, I mean, a little bit. But I it's the game. I want to be in the game. Yeah. And I want to live their life. Like I want to put in the work. I just want the skill. And I want to display

Unknown Speaker 1:09:07
it and have your experience. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:11
yeah. Okay, good job, or you will be a job like every now and then I get real good gig like where I get like, give me like they fly me out. I get paid a lot of money. But just to have it as a career on top of all the things that I've done. The level of success is not as important as this the ability I just want to be. To me if I can be top three skateboarder in the world have a few MMA fights, you know, race cars, I've done a lot of things made a giant radio show wrote a book. Yeah, and then to do stand up and be decent at it. All those things. Like when I looked back on it, I'd be like, dude, check you out. You don't like Don't be so insecure. You're actually pretty fucking good.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
Who's somebody that you would love to open? Not for

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02
Oh, wow. Well, I feel like I've already done that I already I did a show at the Comedy Store where Ryan Sickler had me as the host. And it was Anthony Jeselnik. Christina present ski Tom segura. Like fucking everybody. That's, that's a giant Tim Dylan and me. And then after it Tim Dylan was like, Man, you're really funny. You want to do a show with me? And I was like, This is the greatest moment of my life. Yes, I will do a show with you, Tim Dylan,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:38
I won that fight that comedy show. You won that one, and you got a knockout. And he was like, Oh, that was a badass knockout. Come to a knockout on my show.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:46
That's exactly how I

Unknown Speaker 1:10:48
saw it. That's yeah, I like it.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:50
To be one of them. And that will be the coolest thing ever.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:53
Yeah. I mean, you're well on your way. You know, you're putting in the work. And I think that's what I hear a lot. I listen to a lot of podcasts. And I'm got a couple of comedian friends. But it's just all about putting in the work like with anything, right? Yep. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:07
And then the more you do it, the more you become like a part of the little thing because I can tell like when I go now I've got a couple of friends couple comedians like hey, Jase. Am I a you know me? Like? Who's somebody that any Letterman says hello to me at the Comedy Store and every time she does I go fuck it. I'm cool. I'm gonna do some stand up to it feels cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:31
Okay, total pervy question. Who would you want to bang the most in the comedy scene? This may be too close to home though.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:43
Oh, that's easy. Whitney Cummings. Oh, okay. All right. So right away. And yeah, I calm down a little bit because my wife thinks it's a bit creepy. So i i don't i If she wanted to, I totally would. But I am not trying to.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
Why does it gets creepy?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:03
I don't know. Katie. Why do you think it's creepy that I want to fuck Whitney Cummings so bad.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:08
He just asked her. Hey, wait.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:12
What? Why do you think it's creepy that I want to suck Whitney Cummings so bad. Oh, it's not creepy. It's a little desperate. There you go. See, so I'm backing off. And like I think she's really cute. I think that her mind and being such a talent and so driven. Like I watched her do a special the other day at the Comedy Store. She invited Tony and myself. She's good friends with Tony's wife. But just watching her run the whole thing and be super funny. It was attractive. And I also think that she looks really hot. So

Unknown Speaker 1:12:49
all right. And Katie doing comedy too. She did I thought something like that and she was fucking

Unknown Speaker 1:12:57
killed it so it was in the car on the way there. She was like you really wanted to do stand up and like you're doing stand up. We already told people you're doing it. And then when she got up there, it was like I never seen anybody's first time be that good. Really? Anybody?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:15
Yeah. She had the confidence. She just kill

Unknown Speaker 1:13:18
everybody said it to everybody like Dr. Drew was and he was like, man, your wife seriously needs to do stand up. I know. Right? It was it was it was. I mean, I live with a fucking blew my mind. I was. I'm not trying to be insulting, but it surprised the shit out of me. No, I was like, I know she'll do okay, but I didn't know she was going to be that good. Timing. That was weird.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:42
That sounds something that you don't pick up unless you've had lots of experience. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:47
That's what usually is the case. Yeah. But I think from her being on the show, and in kind of understanding that, you know, if you're saying something, there's got to be something funny to it. And you better do it right now. I think maybe that helped. Because I know that. My Show. Doing this radio for 20 years. Definitely helps me to stand up.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
Yeah. And I'm sure a lot of your fans know, but Katie's kind of like the woman behind the camera for you on a lot of your podcasts. Right?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:16
She's my producer.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:18
I love it. I love it so much. Do you think kombucha help your relationship

Unknown Speaker 1:14:28
No, no, it's not gonna hurt it. Okay, but I don't I don't know if

Unknown Speaker 1:14:35
you and Katie just seems so like this. The bond that's there and the trust. I'm like, How the fuck do you get to that point?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:44
It wasn't easy. Really? More More wasn't easy for her than me. Yeah, cuz, you know, wanting to have an open relationship where I want to bone everybody and Katie's like, I'm super picky. So it's if you do like the The the hit list. I'm up here and she's here so it's not even. So that's, that's like I said it's more difficult for her than it is for me like if she was sleeping with dudes all week. It would be hard because sometimes it is sometimes she's. If she's with a guy I get jealous

Unknown Speaker 1:15:18
so you can veto right? Yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:21
Yeah, who wouldn't veto her? Have you ever vetoed someone? No, I haven't.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:28
That's pretty rad.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:31
One person that she talked to that she didn't sleep with, she had like a, she went on a date with them, and they texts like love emojis to her and I saw it. You're like, nope. I don't like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:46
He could send you an egg. Today, but no love emojis.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:50
Exactly. Yes, I get it. This is a sixth thing that I love seeing

Unknown Speaker 1:15:54
what has helped you guys kind of strengthen that or grow that trust.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:01
By fucking up and, and sitting down and talking about it and realizing that like, not being completely honest, is in the end gonna hurt more. So because we do like, like the people I sleep with, especially if it's like a regular person. I do care for them. Like I used to be different. I used to be able to just switch off and have sex with somebody and it was almost like a drug. I was just getting my dos but now there's there's a mental connection. I don't just sleep. I don't just let randoms Blimey, well, that's not true. But most of the time, I don't let that happen. That used to be the only way I wanted it. Okay, I have like, I have one guy that's not really you know, a marriage. I don't have a boyfriend but he's as close as it's gonna get. And I love the guy. And he loves me.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:54
I feel like that's the way better than why because safety purposes as well and convenience and comfortability.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:03
That is another that is terrible. Because in the gay scene, sorry, gay guys. But there is a lot where man we it's very hard to say no. So we just do it. Yeah. And STDs are fucking everywhere. There's a monkey when you get it. Right, if you get an STD, and then you give it to your wife. That's bad. Yeah, yeah. And that's happened. So I don't I don't do that anymore. Like, I'm very, like, on Grindr. If somebody wants to hook up, I'm like, we'll be talking for a while before I contemplate that. And you're gonna need to show me a test where you test yourself and prove that you've tested yourself. And you're on that tip, because if you're not, it's like, dude, what do I need to test for? I don't have anything I might get blocked. Yeah, perfect. Yeah. You just you have to be as as worried about it as me for us to play.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:57
How often do you get tested? And what How often would you recommend if you're having consistent and casual sex like you sometimes do?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:05
Well, if you work it because now I get tested more? Because if I film with another entertainer, I we both get tested before we do it? Okay? Yeah. The only person I don't get tested for is Katie, and this one guy. Nice. Okay. Everybody else that I played with gets a test.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:25
This is a pretty broad question. But how has your outlook on sex changed over the years like from 21 year old Jason to 51 year old Jason

Unknown Speaker 1:18:40
why I think that I'm a lot more considerate. I don't even remember 21 year old Jason and I but I don't think that it was very considerate considering my track record. But I think in the last only couple of years, maybe even two years, where I've just given up on trusting people, there was so many people that I that swore that they would, you know, stay clean. And if they were a little concern, if they'd hooked up with somebody, they get a test. But nobody tells the truth. Everybody's all the people that I've trusted in that way have given me something. So pretty cut off that, that there's just the guy thing I get most of the time when a guy is like, Hey, you're super hot. Let's hook up that's, it's just not worth it anymore. It's just a 5050. And I'm like, it's not worth it.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:32
Yeah. Because even if you wrap it up for sex, you know, oral, Nobody wears a condom with oral, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:38
I mean, you can stain you can still get it from a blow job.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:41
Yeah, that's what I'm saying. So yeah, you would have to put the condom on your dick and no one does that. Yeah. Right. So yeah, you've had a million wild sexual experiences and you're working a lot right now. We want to share your favorite recent work experience.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:03
Oh, yeah, I would say. So I have a I have two trans friends. Sorry, one trans friend and a non binary. They live with each other. And I've always hooked up with one of them. And their partner just recently was like, does Jason want to film with me? And I've always thought they were very attractive. And we shot a couple of weeks ago. And that was everything I thought it would be.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:38
That was really cool. And we can catch that on Twitter.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:42
A little bit, and she's definitely the sorry, they are definitely on my only fans.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:47
Awesome. All right. I'll put all the links on the bottom here, guys. So you can check that out? What's your biggest pet peeve in the bedroom? It could be as small as bad breath or as big as Oh, we can get in the back door without asking.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:06
That's insane. If anybody did that they would be switched

Unknown Speaker 1:21:10
off. Oh, you clearly have never been a woman before.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:14
Well, that's another thing that I've learned, I think from being a bottom has shown me because guys have done that where I'm agreeing to it. But when they go to put it in, they just went yeah, and I'm like, What the fuck? You can't do that. And immediately I was like, Wait, you've done that. It will go before? Oh, yeah. It's always like II and you okay, and then we'll then we'll go but yeah, that that one is. I'll say that. It's like I said, it's never like some random guy that's gonna burn me. That's not happening anymore. It's somebody that I know.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:52
So are you always the bottom? No, no, I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:21:55
usually the top. Okay, okay. I'm like, I guess the night I'm trying to learn the name. I'm good. I'm a I'm a switch switch. Yeah, so I can do both but I'm a power bottom and a power top.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:09
So what's the difference between a power bottom and a regular bottom?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:13
I'm still in charge. Got it. Okay, you're topping me but I'm still calling the

Unknown Speaker 1:22:19
shots. Okay. Yeah, because I was going to ask you I like to ask because a lot a lot of fighters on here right very masculine personalities even the females is the bedroom somewhere where you either one continue being dominant or let your guard down and be a little bit more submissive?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:34
I do I definitely am. I am totally into letting my guard down and being submissive but there's still an element of control in it. It's the I don't know how to explain it but it's not I'm never mean I'm not very girly as a bottom it's more of a

Unknown Speaker 1:22:53
maybe you're into pleasing your partner. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Okay, this feels like the perfect transition into the lightning six round Do you remember the lightning second round from last time

Unknown Speaker 1:23:10
done I got brain damage

Unknown Speaker 1:23:12
Okay. Lightning second round is just a rapid fire yes or no section where ask you a question you say yes or no? But I got in trouble with my fans for going too fast if you want to elaborate on some of this feel free Oh got it all right, here we go. Lightning six round Jason Ellis. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank are like to be spanked

Unknown Speaker 1:23:36
more of a spanker being spanked maybe a girl could do it. Like slap me in the face. Or something like that. That might be okay, but I don't want to a man to slap me.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:54
You know we have an ad I should add that like face slaps I don't have that on here. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:24:00
I learned this from someone was like slap my face and then I slapped him and they were like, Okay, there's a way to do where you where you don't know what you get to get on the cheek? Because I was doing the I would slap your head. You were doing

Unknown Speaker 1:24:18
like slap fighting like UFC slap or was it UFC? Is that literally what it is UFC slide. I don't know. Crazy. Okay, how about biting?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:32
Yeah, yeah, yeah, by the shit out of people choking but that's only if you are into

Unknown Speaker 1:24:38
that. Oh, yeah. You're not going to just write down when you start.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:41
Exactly. I don't just bite people. I bite people that I know want me to bite them. And

Unknown Speaker 1:24:45
that's the difference between 21 year old Jason and 51 year old Jason. I wasn't invited when I was 21. But I mean, necessarily just doing things without asking maybe.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:55
Exactly. Yeah, more. I definitely Either you tell me verbally or i You You get me to the point where I understand that that's what you want got

Unknown Speaker 1:25:05
it. Choking we talked about this little it sucky

Unknown Speaker 1:25:09
three. So you can show me two reasons is my favorite three or four of you. Yeah, I want always wanted to attend some that's like the thing that I've wanted since I was probably 30 or something like it just sounds like the coolest thing ever.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:23
How many people have you slept with at one time? The most

Unknown Speaker 1:25:27
five Summers is good as I've done. It's pretty good. It's pretty

Unknown Speaker 1:25:31
good. It was pretty good. It's good to have high highs set the bar high with 10 leftover Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:37
Yeah, a little bit. Like I don't really sit down and watch it. And more like I watch my friends on only fans for like a second. I don't like jerk off to porn anymore. I feel like I don't waste. Man. So disgusting. I don't waste my come on myself. I'm 51 I got a lot of people to have sex with. I'm not wasting it with my

Unknown Speaker 1:26:02
hand. That's a great place to be. What about any fetishes? Like a foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:12
No. I've had sex with girls feet a couple of times. And it was more like oh, okay, cool. I'll try that

Unknown Speaker 1:26:20
they liked or you wanted to see if it got

Unknown Speaker 1:26:23
me liked it. Okay. Yeah, I'm not I've never thought you know what? I know what I want. And that sucks and fate. It's never been my, that's never been my thing. If someone's got really big titties, bang in their titties into their mouth is pretty cool. But once again, it's more like a person's got huge titties. And if I ever had sex with her, I'm gonna definitely try those. It's not like my finishing move or anything.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:48
Got it? What did I be missing move? Like, it's a wrestling show. Yeah. It's not my money shot. Okay. What about bodily fluid fetish?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:01
Yes, beating and paying. I mean, this is hardcore to view actually. Drink Katie's pee sometimes, like we sometimes are friends. We have a couple of girlfriends that we know really well, like really good friends. And we've had some pool parties where we're drinking a lot of water. Because you got to do that. If you're gonna do that. Everybody's paying on everybody. And that's more of a funny thing. Like, I feel like I'm kind of laughing half the time while it's happening.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:36
I would love to see that. Yeah, cuz it's okay. All right. Send me the video. He's like, 1099 on my only.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:49
It's $5 it's pretty cheap. Wow, really? Why? Oh, because these people are advising me. This is what you do to get an audience. Yeah. And then you do the DNS of the hardcore stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:03
Yeah, that's what they told me to. Okay. How about role playing?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:07
I would do it. But no one's really asked me to do that. I don't know if I'd be any good at it. Because i i It's not like a thing that I fantasize about. But if somebody wanted me to roleplay I would be excited about it. Because it's like a thing I've never done. And I would obviously want to be good at it. So yeah, but I don't know what scenario someone would bring up where I go. Oh, yeah. Okay. I'll be that.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:34
Be a police officer and arrest me. Yeah, I would do that. All right. And what about but stuff on you or a partner? Yeah, all day. Awesome. Ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? Oh, yeah. All of the above?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:49
JT and I used to go to this weird one in Palm Springs, where it's like mainly older people. So Katie and I were way harder than everybody. Okay, but one time, we saw these two nurse, nurse couple, like the guy looked like Bill Gates, and the lady looked like Bill Gates, his sister. And instead of having drinks, they both had Starbucks coffees. And, and Katie and I were like, look at these two, like they are the most opposite to us than any other couple could ever be. And then we started talking to them, and the guy was a scientist that he like, he like, made his own lasers and shit. So Kenny was really amused by his laser conversation. Okay. And the lady was, yeah, she really short here and she was like, I don't know what she did. But she was also a ridiculous nerd. And she was super into me. And at one point, we went into a room together and I was banging her and he was banging Katie. I looked over at Katie and I could tell that like Bill Gates wasn't doing packing and he wasn't doing it. Yeah, there was a lot of thing but he was so excited that it was cool for me to watch because Katie was kind of, like, this guy was like, Oh my God, and I was like, I know right blown

Unknown Speaker 1:30:08
away by Katie. Yeah, that

Unknown Speaker 1:30:11
was we had a little, we had a little thing with them for a while she would come over to the house and I would bang her and she would go see him. He didn't. Oh, she didn't. Yeah, she just

Unknown Speaker 1:30:23
because, you know, seemed like she wasn't into him. Right. That was my question. So you know, what happens if you you know, have this awesome night plan and then it turns out the guy's not pack in like, do you just kind of roll with the punches and do other things or you're not going to just leave?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:42
Ah, well, I think before we get to that, when that when it comes out, and it's not very big. I usually go with what Katie is going to do. Like Katie could take one for the team. Or she could be like, Absolutely not. In either one. I will respect

Unknown Speaker 1:31:00
what a what an awesome partner to have. Okay, how about lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:07
Yeah, I mean, I guess I don't fetishize about it, but I think it's super hot when girls have a really, like, sexy, expensive lingerie, like the whole head to toe kit. Oh, yeah. I think it's really hot. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:29
And then last questions ever been caught having sex or caught masturbating?

Unknown Speaker 1:31:35
Oh, yeah, for sure. I got caught having sex in in my parents house when I was maybe 15. And I had a girl over the fence near the train tracks and I was boning her. And I heard somebody climbing up the fence. So I jumped off her and I had my pants around my ankles and I just like, squatted in a bowl. And I looked up and it was my stepmom and I was like, oh, and then I looked over the girl and she was still lying on her back naked. Oh my. She's like get inside. Okay, so that was that was terrible.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:14
Awful. Okay, well, that was a lightning six round very graphic doesn't always get that graphic but thank you for elaborating. Jason. I loved it. The next few parts of the show are a game of Fuck, Marry, Kill and then some fan questions marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. We're done. So Fuck, Marry, Kill. I'm gonna give you the choice. You have two categories. You can either choose from MMA chicks that would kick your ass or tattooed Aussies.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:52
I don't even know tattooed Aziz. Oh, yes. You do. MMA gyms. I do.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:56
These are MMA chicks.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:58
Well, then MMA chicks for sure. Yes. That's like my number one. Anybody I would want to sleep with who's a celebrity? It would be a UFC fighter. Obviously not you.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:07
Perfect. Well, this these are right up your alley. You got this? Who would you fuck? Who would you marry? And who would you kill out of Megan Anderson, back Rawlings and Jesse Jess. All UFC fighters. Well, former and some current

Unknown Speaker 1:33:24
Wait, Jesse Jess. Jessica. Clark, right? She's fucking hot. Yeah, yeah, I really like her.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:32
Would you bang Jesse Jess. And then who's getting killed? Megan Addison

Unknown Speaker 1:33:36
is tall as hell such a sweetheart and also probably one of the sexiest women I've ever seen in my life. Just being that big and strong. It's, I've always wanted to have sex with somebody who could defeat me and never happened. I've had sex with China. I thought she was going to win but China. I like Black Chicks. So what was the other one?

Unknown Speaker 1:34:04
Megan Anderson Jessie, Jess and Beck. Rawlings.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:08
Yeah, I would kill back Rollins. Cuz, sorry, but just doesn't do it for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:14
Got it. Tough one, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:19
It really is because I would marry both of them. I guess I would. That's tough. Yeah, no, I would. Okay, I would. Yeah, I would fuck, Jessica, because she's hooked up with a skateboard friend of mine. So I don't want to marry her. So yeah, I would fuck Jess and marry Meghan Aniston.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:46
Got it. That was a fun one. That's it for episode 124 with Jason Ellis a second time he's been on the show. What an awesome returning guest. He never disappoints and I really feel special because my podcast is not that big we are growing but he's famous as book and I think DJs all said he was on Logan Paul's podcast like four times. So

Unknown Speaker 1:35:58
definitely looks like a few

Unknown Speaker 1:36:01
for like three or four times and that is the biggest, most listened and watched podcast out there. So very appreciative of him for doing our show. And if you guys didn't know, UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 Live Events the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at UFC fight backslash sign up. Okay, all you dudes and probably some ladies are gonna get really excited for this next guest next week. i Her name is Paige 12 gauge Van Zandt. She is a former UFC fighter turned a bare knuckle boxer and Aw, pro wrestler and she's just a hottie with a body. So she's going to come on the show and I think that those numbers will do very well because who doesn't want to hear a baby talk about her sex life. She is married but they seem like a very open couple. I've seen them do some photo shoots on her only fans and whatnot. So very, very excited to have her on the show. Stay tuned for that next week. And if you guys want to help us out with any you know, merch and whatnot, you can always go to sex violence with rebel If you want to send us an email, it's sex and violence and exclusive fan site at Ashley rebel Thank you guys so much for all your fan questions. They are always so good. And you can always find them on the UFC fight pass platform if you guys have not switched over, come on. It is a great platform with some really, really good content on there. There's different shows and whatnot. You guys will enjoy it. I promise. I love you guys. That is it. Special thank you to audio engineer DJ Zol at DJs. On Instagram, we're actually in his living room right now because big things are happening for at tomorrow kids official on Instagram. We are changing locations. And I don't know can I say anything about it right now? What can I say? What can I tell him?

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Two stories? Well, it's two stories. Multiple studios hit the man my new companies, all media entertainment will be running out of there and just excited. News five will you

Unknown Speaker 1:38:21
be doing? Will you have spots for other podcasts or other artists? If so, how can they contact you?

Unknown Speaker 1:38:28
Just go to DJ ZOLE on anything and hit the DM.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:33
All right. All right, guys. That's it for this week. I love you so much. Please check us out on social media at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. I hope you guys enjoyed this week's guest. I know I did. Remember, be kind be grateful but don't take shit from anyone. Talk to you next week with a new guest and more tales of sex environment.

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