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Ep.127 Stephanie "Rampage" Cline

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Sex and violence with rebel girl is presented by UFC fight pass. See the best that UFC fight pass has to offer on the fight past 24/7 stream, offering a constant channel of historic fight action all day all night. Tune in sit back and enjoy a network created by fans for fans. Step into our world. UFC fight violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance and that AlTi taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl Evans-Smith Now let's talk about sex and violence what's happening hot stuff? What is up my naughty listeners? I am back from vacation and I am so happy to be in the studio. The brand new studio XO productions Zol media entertainment. It's very cool in here guys. We're still doing a little construction. But uh, yeah, I got to post some pictures on the actual podcast page so you guys can check it out? Are you guys accepting more podcast people? Are you sticking to hip hop and all the music? Yeah, so hit him up, guys. I always put the links in the show notes. Very happy to be in the new studio. But let's talk about what last week was like for me. I have blisters on my heels on the bottoms of my feet. And that's from hiking in kawaii up a mountain. Well, awesome. Yeah, it's a mountain but up to a waterfall and it was fucking amazing. And I spent Christmas with my kawaii family and ate good food. Shout out to my aunt Pam, who made a whole vegan holiday dinner and the whole thing was so delicious. And like I don't get that very often I used to you know, have to pick a little bit here and there from other family get togethers. And that was just probably one of my favorite things because I'm a fat girl inside and I love me some food. And it was just beautiful. Seeing the waterfall and getting to do something challenging like that and decompress for a whole a whole week. We were there for seven days. So it was amazing. And I hope you guys had an amazing Christmas as well. Tomorrow's actually New Year's Eve so I don't know what I'm gonna do. Do you have any plans or? No plans? Nothing? Yeah. Yeah, me too. We're all old. We're kind of like, but it is my boyfriend's birthday. And so yeah, over. But he last couple of years we've had like, notoriously bad New Year's because one year we fell asleep. And on one year was the pandemic one year we fell asleep. And then one year actually it was the year that I got my spine surgery actually woke up on his birthday. So and I couldn't move from my neck down. Well that I don't really remember that. I remember when that happened. Yeah. So like, anyway, I was fine, because I had just gotten the spine surgery and it was like a nerve thing and a spasm and whatnot. And I know it sounds crazy. But it was crazy. It was like the worst like feeling to wake up to I just remember, you know, like screaming for my partner to come in the room because I couldn't get up. And then there was just like, he had to take care of me the whole time. I was like Happy Birthday. Take care of babies. So hopefully we do some fun. And yeah, this whole month is going to be super crazy. A couple things I want to tell you guys about January 21. And a few weeks we have the submission only Series Nine that's actually the pro team duels normally it's an individual tournament where the best grapplers go, you know, Orange County and LA is usually where it's based, and they compete for a $5,000 this pro team duel, each team, I think it's a team of three, they're competing for $3,000. And they're also doing a women's 135 or 145 pound blackbelt Super Fight and I think they still need one lady. So if you're listening to this and you're a female blackbelt or you know someone who is either a bantamweight or a featherweight contact submission only or Instagram is at submission only series and you can hit him up and get that match go and get ladies and then January 28. We have up next fighting that's a new local fight promotion. I work with them. They're so awesome. And what I'm about to tell you right now makes them even more awesome. They are an organization that truly cares about their community. And so what they're doing for this next event is a special collab with Danny Trejo, actually. And they're doing a PSA, where it's basically bad meds kill real people, and they're trying to promote a website, it's very simple. If you get a prescription online, guys, do yourself a favor. And this is coming from somebody who really should have used a website in her own life. But I digress. Go to this website, put the medication in there, put the website you know, and just check it because I don't know what the number I don't want to say a wrong number. But lots of people are dying from online prescription medication anything from you know, something simple, you know, some little medicine you're sick to, you know, cancer medicine, heart medicine, whatever it is, it's not safe guys, this, you know, it's not regulated and a lot of bad shit can happen, including death, you know, So protect yourself, protect your loved ones go to And also come check out up next fighting the number four, it's actually going to be at the Commerce Casino. And they're doing a whole collab there, there's actually going to be some people from the bad meds kill real people kind of charity event, and they're going to do some really cool. Like promotions and stuff. I don't want to give away too much. I think it might be a surprise. But if you want to buy tickets that are actually on sale right now, January 28 is the date and that's up next Your girl will be there doing interviews. And I'm actually going to be doing interviews in the cage this time. So no pressure actually don't fuck up. I am a little bit nervous. I'm not gonna lie. But they said I can wear whatever I want. So I'm looking forward to getting all fancy shmancy for you guys, and I believe it will be on fight TV. But I'm not positive. I'll have more information guys. And yeah, that's all that's all I got right now for January some cool stuff is going on in February. Actually, I'll let you know. I will be taking a few weeks off. We'll be doing a couple podcasts ahead of time but I'm going to Colombia to get some more stem cells. Stem cells are going to be doing Zol is doing the salsa is that the salsa okay? I'm gonna be going to Colombia to get some more stem cells and I'm going for to a location called I always mess this name up med Melodien med headin med 18 Maybe meta heme all the people who actually know how to say it or like capital the world? Yeah, you know, it's funny, they gave me this pamphlet and it's like, oh, you're gonna be going to this, you know, location where, you know, it's famous for this, this and this. And one of the things was not that. Not okay. But we do know that they're popular for cocaine. But it was like the best coffee in the world. Oh, yeah. But for stem cells. I my fucking body is so clean right now I stopped drinking coffee. I stopped eating bad food. I just I made my gut health on point so that the stem cells can be absorbed better and I can you know, get the most bang for my buck, right? But they said no coffee two weeks before I get the stem cells. What the fuck guys? I'm going to the place with the best coffee. But I can't drink it. Right grab yourself a bag. Oh, you're right. You're right. Okay. Yeah. And that's it, guys, you know that it's, it's a couple of events going on. I'll be leaving. But pretty much after that your girl is going to be off suspension. And then I'm ready to fucking fight in 2023. It's going to be amazing. I'm already back to, you know, training, like light train, I guess you would say but after the stem cells, it's full fightcamp Taking a fight coming back. All you guys thinking I'm just a podcaster or doing media jobs. No, no, I'm not done. Don't count your girl out. Please stay tuned. And also still looking for a sex and violence intern. If you guys have any marketing or social media experience, and you think you can help us out and maybe even little things like booking guests, and doing a little bit of research helping create new segments, that kind of stuff. Because like I said, I'm gonna have to fucking rev it up soon. And that means that this podcast might have to be on the backburner a little bit, but you guys all understand that. Right? You love me and you will follow me through my fighting journey. And if we miss an episode here or there for my training, please don't leave us. I love you guys. And I also want to remind you that you can support me

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with the microphone. So we'll be there. Microphone your whole life. Yeah, I do kind of want to do more like documentary style for my fightcamp and whatnot. But the last thing I want to do when I'm training is take pictures or videos I'm like, the fuck Mary kills we'll be all the people that are pushing too hard. I haven't like I have a big resting bitchface when I'm in the gym like I know people are like man actually looks like but I'm just like there to work and but I am a nice person. Yeah, one thing and one thing only don't forget to support the show other ways you can go to our website and buy some merch that's sex violence with rebel You can email the show. If you have any questions, guest suggestions want to sponsor the show? We are still accepting sponsor guys. Sex and violence. really quick, I still I know I said this, I think one other time, but I love you guys. But please don't ask me questions that are like, more suited for a medical professional. Only because it's not that I don't care. But I'm really not qualified. And I'm here to spotlight my fellow fighters because, you know, I like showing a different side and kind of humanizing the fighters. But at the same time, I'm just a fucking fighter guys, I'm just, I'm just doing something fun. I'm not that educated in the body, or sex and all that I have on experts. And that's who you should actually talk to. So if you have some sex questions, check out a couple of episodes, I should probably put those links in the bottom. But if you just scroll through, it'll say like Dr. so and so or, you know, sex therapist and whatnot. And those are the people those are the ones that are qualified for your questions. Please don't think it's because I don't care. I do care. But I'm just not going to be that person that's giving out bad advice, and then falls back on me for somehow you know. And also, you can support me by going to my exclusive content site. It's like only fans, but better. It's called Fan time. And that's Ashley, rebel I just did a Christmas shoot. So if you're feeling festive, and you want to see some movies, go on there. All right. And I always tell you guys, if you really want to help out the show, but you don't got any monies, you can just spread the word or write us a review or click the Follow sign if you listen on Apple so that you can find out when we're gonna when we have a new show. And that's about it, guys. All right. Let's talk to our new sponsor. Okay, guys, let me tell you about our newest sponsor of sex and violence podcast with rebel girl, EA Tax Resolutions. They are professionals that will help with tax issues and bookkeeping. Whether you're looking to settle your tax debt for less than you owe or have back taxes that you need to file, ie a Tax Resolutions can help you out. Don't believe me? Check out their YouTube channel, ie a Tax Resolutions where they show exactly how they've helped clients in the past save 1000s in taxes. Not only does e a Tax Resolutions help with tax issues, but with bookkeeping. Now, bookkeeping is commonly overlooked by small businesses, myself included as not being the most important however, this is very crucial come tax time. Instead of scrambling for receipts, all your information is organized and most importantly, accurate. So if you have a small business and you're looking for a bookkeeper e a Tax Resolutions can help you out. And remember, if you want to learn more about EA Tax Resolutions, you can visit their YouTube channel, EA Tax Resolutions or call them at their 800 Number 1-800-245-0596. Again 1-800-245-0596 Or visit them at their website, EA tax Today's guest is an American MMA fighter and jujitsu Brownville. The flyweight fighter holds a three and two amateur MMA record and a five and three record on the fight to win pro grappling circuit. She's also a purple belt NoGi world champion, a mother, a lover of yoga, travel and life. That 34 year old is currently fighting at Denver, Colorado, and we talk about using her psychology degree in dating. Youth Girl on Girl experience DadBod appreciation, soft man on the agenda, dating emotionally unavailable men being newly single, no dating within the gym, dating purple belts or higher being wined and dined desires. A good communicator. Only fan DM about eating own semen used sock requests. More for foreplay, no jack rabbits and much more.

Unknown Speaker 14:32
Here's your guest Stephanie rampage Klein Okay, and we're here with Stephanie rampage. Klein. I'm super excited to have you on the show. You are in the middle of work and you still are joining us. So thank you so much. How's your day going? So far?

Unknown Speaker 15:21
It's busy, you know, the holiday season. So I sell jewelry for work. So how are you doing? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 15:28
that's awesome. I'm like a one of those girls that buys jewelry. Like for $1 off those websites, but I actually just bought this one it's the Can you see it is like a little r g for rebel girl. And I paid like 100 bucks for it. And I'm so frugal. I was like, ah, hurt my heart. So I'm like, naturally frugal person, but that's cool. You sell jewelry?

Unknown Speaker 15:54
Yeah, very expensive jewelry, more like bridal jewelry. So diamond. Wow, that's crazy. How do you get into that? I have been in retail for since I was like 17 years old. So I just kind of transitioned from like, store, I managed to actually a men's jewelry store for a long time. Like for six years recently, and then I just left there to kind of change it up and go sell high end jewelry. And you know, I got my psychology degree, which you can do nothing with. I use it for retail psychology. managing people.

Unknown Speaker 16:31
Hopefully you use it. Yeah. to your advantage to sell some jewelry. Yeah, that's awesome. So is that, you know, you're the only other thing that you do for work? You know, because you're a professional grappler. But obviously grappling isn't paying the bills like, you know, NBA or NFL, you know, definitely not even the UFC. So, what else do you do for work besides the jewelry?

Unknown Speaker 16:58
You know, I do have sponsors that helped out a lot. That kind of pushed me through, you know, the life of fighting. So that's really helpful. And then obviously, my only fans on the side is very helpful. That's

Unknown Speaker 17:12
awesome. Yeah, so I was gonna ask you about your only fans, I love to promote that on this show. We're all about, you know, owning your sexuality and making the most of what you got. And you are very beautiful. And so definitely include your only fans link, how's that going for you?

Unknown Speaker 17:30
Really good, I kind of closed it down for a while I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I was like, in the middle of transitioning like life changes after like married life and all that stuff. I had it before. And then I shut it down. But I was making really great money on it, it's really hard not to jump on that train. But I kind of just wanted to reevaluate how I felt about myself as a single person and just kind of like, you know, make sure I was like, you know how to, like, make sure I was comfortable doing it. Because I didn't really know how I felt about doing it, I kind of did it in a different situation. I don't know how to explain that. But further without going into further detail. But, you know, I think people kind of pressured me into doing it before versus like me wanting to do it. And so I kind of wanted to make sure I felt good myself doing it. And I, you know, like took about a year off of it. So, but I only had it for a few months even before that. So took a year off of it. And then you know, I kind of just reevaluated who I was personally and how confident I was and just like what I wanted out of it. And so I took some time and I feel good about myself, I think only fans is super empowering for women, especially women like me, who came from a very, like, you know, insecure situation, like I was very overweight when I started martial arts. So, you know, I lost 80 pounds, and I like you know, I had this whole new like, feeling about myself and you know, I just kind of really found it very empowering. So I kind of came back to it, and it's very successful, actually. So

Unknown Speaker 19:12
I love that. That's great. I have a similar situation where I'd say I started it out of necessity, you know, like hurting for money, and then you know, work and other jobs picked up and I didn't necessarily need to do it anymore. But somewhere along the way, I realized that it was empowering and I felt super sexy and it gave me more confidence in my body because I too am like I talk about all the time I'm like a fat girl trapped in my body like deep down I'm always I see that chunky 14 year old girl in the mirror no matter I can be on the scale flexing on weight and I still feel like that 14 year old girl so the you know it sounds weird to say but it really helped me come out of my shell a little bit and I'm a 34 year old woman. And so, you know, I think only fans and for me, it's called Fan time. It's just like only fans, but I think it gets a bad rap a lot of the time, but it's changing, changing lives, not just financially helping you out, because money makes the world go round. You know, it's giving women confidence as well. So that's happy. That's a that's a good thing. I love that.

Unknown Speaker 20:21
I always thought about, like, it's funny, because like, you know, women have been sexualized throughout, like, the world forever, you know, I mean, and finally, women are able to kind of, like, put that into their own hands and, like, share how they feel about themselves versus like someone else. sexualizing you and like, that's why I'm like, I don't find it a problem. You know, I'm like, I just like, you know, I people. I don't know why it has a bad rap. Because I'm like, you know, how many like celebrities have been posing and maximum for how long? You know, yet no one says anything about them. But when it's someone close to and personal, it's like, you know, oh, my god, I can't believe she's doing that. Or, you know, it's like, you know, shame, shame, shame. And it's just, I find it so interesting. But that's the psychology brain and me, which I'm like, I really don't understand actually, though, like, the reasoning behind it. But I guess it's like, you know, what, do they say that closely, you'll be judged most by the people closest to you, right? Like you have like, your biggest fan is like, you know, people love far, which is strange to say,

Unknown Speaker 21:24
but for sure. So you mentioned earlier that you lost 80 pounds. And that was kind of was that actually like the reason you got involved with mixed martial arts was just to lose weight? Like, what's your origin story? How did you get into fighting and grappling?

Unknown Speaker 21:39
Yeah. So my brother in law was actually a black belt under his and gone now, actually. And since I was probably 16 years old, he's been asking me to train like, you should come train, you should come try it out, you should go. And I kind of always had like, the grit for it. I think, like, I was kind of like, in a little trouble, always in high school and stuff like that. I kind of you know, I'd get in fights. And it was just because the demographic in the school I went to was just kind of like that. So he always encouraged it, but I was like, no, no, no, you know, it's for boys. I'm not doing that. So which I regret, you know, obviously, if I started at 16 years old, I'd be a lot further, although I don't know if I'd appreciate it as much. But um, so you know, some time passed. And obviously, like, I went through all the partying phases in college, I gained a bunch of weight. Like, I ended up having a baby when I was overweight. So then that just like added, and then, you know, you feel like in this right after you have a baby, you're like, wow, like, I'm already like overweight. There's not really much I can do. You know, all this stuff. But actually, my brother in law kind of like reached back out and was like, encouraging it for my family and like my ex husband and stuff. So my ex husband actually started and then we put my son in, he was four at the time. So I put him into jujitsu. And you know, I would go sit and watch him do jujitsu. And my professor was like, why aren't you on the mats? Like, you're here anyways, you're here, like watching your kid and your husband and all this stuff. So I, you know, tried one class, and then I just, you know, got hooked, so it just kind of stuck with me. And then obviously, you start seeing like, I'm a very competitive person. So then I started competing, like, almost right away, like six months into my jujitsu, like journey, I started competing, and then I just started seeing results. And then everything just kind of trickled down. And, you know, it just kind of fell into my lap like that. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 23:43
No, that's how most people start. You know, they never thought they, you know, especially for women. It's not like we are little girls and we're like, one day I want to be a cage fighter. You know, it's just, maybe little girls nowadays, but definitely not when we were younger. And, you know, it's always I feel lucky that I happen to do a boy sport, you know, or a male dominated sport like wrestling because that got me into mixed martial arts, which is, you know, obviously a male dominated sport as well. So what made you choose to get into mixed martial arts after you start grappling? Because that's a big jump, you know, it's everyone thinks, you know, if they're not in the sport, they think, oh, grappling. In MMA, it's very similar, but as we know, it's so different.

Unknown Speaker 24:25
Yeah, well, I actually started trading Muay Thai with jujitsu because my gym like kind of offered all of it and honestly, like, I just started progressing really fast. It was just natural for me. And, you know, my coaches and stuff are always like, encouraged me encouraging me to compete and you know, I just did well in jujitsu, I you know, continuously one really big tournaments and I would pick up striking pretty quickly so I my first, my coach was like, You should do a smoker like a muay thai smoker. And so, you know, I jumped in And I ended like a competitive Muay Thai smoker. And I did pretty well even though it was when I look back at my striking now and then I'm like, that was a disaster. It was fun. And so I enjoyed it. And then I was like, you know, like, why not try to put into what I do right every single day in love into like a real life scenario. And the closest thing you can get to, like, you know, defending yourself in the real life scenario is in the cage. And so you're locked in the cage of somebody, and there's no way out unless, you know, one of you or, you know, they're stopping the fight or whatever. So, I think it's like, the closest thing to like a real life like defensive like self defense scenario. And so I was like, oh, so I did my first fight, which also was just like a blur. You know? Like, I mean, I ended up first round and minute and a half and I arm barter, but I don't even remember how I got her to the ground. On her arm borrowed is like, not like, you know, and so I was like, Okay, well, that wasn't really like what I expected. So I was like, Oh, I'll try another one. And then kind of the same thing happened in the second fight. And then you know, you go third fight, fourth fight, like you start kind of understanding to put things together and like, understanding if you actually really enjoy it. So I was like, Okay, I need like a banger of a fight to see if I really want to do this. And then I took a fight in Alabama, and I got my ass kicked by this girl, like, she hits so hard, I was like, Oh my God, I don't think I've ever been hit that hard. And, like, I still like afterwards wanted to fight. So I was like, I that's how I knew I just wanted to continue that journey. So that was fun. I love

Unknown Speaker 26:41
that. Yeah, you sound like you love a challenge.

Unknown Speaker 26:45
Yeah, absolutely. And I think I love when people underestimate me. And that's my biggest thing is like, I'm like, I'm gonna prove you wrong. First, and it's so

Unknown Speaker 26:54
nice to be the underdog. You know, like, I would so much rather be the underdog in and then come back and then everyone's all like pleasantly surprised. As opposed to, you know, you're the favorite. And then worst, worst case scenario, you lose. You're like, fuck, it feels. I do better when I'm the underdog for sure. Okay, well, so you're an amateur right now you've had, you know, five fights. Are there any signs of going pro? Or do you still feel like you need to get a few more amateur fights under your belt?

Unknown Speaker 27:26
Yeah, I mean, I, I don't want to like rush it, you know, I see a lot of girls kind of rush into like going pro. And then like, you know, and then it kind of changes the, like, trajectory of your life path. And so, obviously, the more experience I have, the better but I think I'm about there. You know, I think a couple more fights. I have one lined up in February. You know, I kind of want to fight maybe a couple more times. Like if I'm healthy. I would just want to take as many fights as possible this year, and then hopefully go pro, you know, soon. It's really hard to find fights when you're a brown belt in jujitsu, you know, so it's like, well, you know, kind of like teeter tottering on that level of like, okay, I'm probably going to have to go pro eventually or soon. So

Unknown Speaker 28:07
yeah, that that is the case, you know, it gets harder and harder, the more fights you have as an amateur. And then what are some goals you have for mixed martial arts or even jujitsu?

Unknown Speaker 28:18
Yeah, I mean, obviously, like, I'm a little I started jujitsu and like fighting a little bit late, I guess. I still am doing well, I still want to like, you know, show I can go as far as I can, you know, and MMA. I don't know if I have like an ultimate goal. Like, it's not like I am like, expecting to go to the UFC. Obviously, that'd be like, amazing, you know, but like, you know, that's not necessarily my ultimate goal. But if it happens, like I'd be like, super stoked. But, you know, I'm just gonna fight until the wheels fall off honestly, like, that's kind of where I'm at for MMA for jujitsu. I want to do it for the rest of my life. You know, it's my home, my heart. You know, I would love to go win ADCC like I went to trials and I did really well last year. And so, you know, I kind of see myself doing well again this year. So I would love to like win something big like ADCC or you know, even get invited to ACC So, ya know, where I'm at?

Unknown Speaker 29:16
Do you always compete at flyweight? Whether it's grappling or mixed martial arts?

Unknown Speaker 29:21
No, I fight MMA flyway and then grappling I fight at lightweight so 135 Okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:28
Yeah. Yeah, nobody wants to cut when you have to fight like an hour later, or whatever it is.

Unknown Speaker 29:35
weighing in and walking on the mat as miserable. So,

Unknown Speaker 29:38
yeah, well, I want to get right into the personal stuff get to know you on a deeper level. You are a badass combat sports athlete, but on a personal level, I like to ask right off the bat, how do you identify sexually? And then also what's your relationship status so we can dig deep?

Unknown Speaker 29:54
Yeah, I'm straight. Although I do appreciate women very much. I do find them very attractive. So maybe a little boy, I don't know. And I'm single currently

Unknown Speaker 30:07
Awesome. Awesome. Have we ever had a girl on girl situation? Or is that like, maybe?

Unknown Speaker 30:14
Oh yeah, like college stuff, you know, and just like, you know, fooling around with like friends and stuff sometimes but yeah, like, you know the little like, drunk fun play around so sure. Maybe so.

Unknown Speaker 30:30
Okay, so men for the most part what what kind of partner do you typically look for? Let's just start physical physical first.

Unknown Speaker 30:39
Okay physical first obviously physically fit. Like I appreciate the hard work that comes into being like, you know fit. It doesn't have to be like this ideal like perfect like building a bodybuilder by like dad are mean body builder body. But, and I also appreciate Dad bod. So I don't know, I guess like you. Yeah, I do not necessarily like overweight, which is weird because I was overweight, but I also know, like, the amount like of work I put into not be there, you know, so I'm like, I know you. So there's a difference between unhealthy and like healthy. So. But a soft guys still. That's on my agenda too. So

Unknown Speaker 31:24
soft guy. Okay. So you do kind of have a type but you know, you're willing to fluctuate a little bit. It's not like you have to date some super buff guy. What about character personality characteristics? Is there a type of guy that you tend to go for? Like the funny guy, the hard worker, the intelligent guy.

Unknown Speaker 31:42
I mean, all of the above. The knowledge is together. So I think funny is like my number one. You know, I love a good personality, like we have to click, like, emotionally and intelligently and like, you know, I think like, if you're not laughing and you're not, like enjoying your time together and taking life like lightheartedly, like I just I don't find it. Like, it just seems boring. Like I want to do that.

Unknown Speaker 32:13
What, why even hang out if you're not going to enjoy your time together? Yeah, for sure. How normally meet, guys, do you do online dating? I know, you're obviously super busy with training and work. So that's a mission in itself, right?

Unknown Speaker 32:28
Yeah. So I tried online dating for a little while, like, I think I was on there for like, probably like a month and I just topped off. I can't seem to like, connect with people that I don't, like meet. I don't know, like So personally, I have to meet somebody to like find any kind of like attraction or connection with them, even if they're like the hottest guy like I, for some reason can't even find myself like, interested in meeting them. So it's like, I have to meet them personally, which also makes it very hard because then I'm kind of stuck in this MMA world of dating, which is like, a little impossible right now as well. But of course,

Unknown Speaker 33:09
of course, did you? Oh, sorry. Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 33:13
No, no, go ahead. I don't I was just gonna say I don't I haven't really met or meet a lot of people. Honestly, I'm not like out like dating a bunch. So I also don't have a ton of time. And just like, you know, with a kid and training and like my whole life is dedicated to like my work training kid. I have to like literally plan out my date, like weeks in advance.

Unknown Speaker 33:36
Of course, yeah. What what is your mentality even going into dating right now? Are you so focused on competition and maybe your kid and everything that you, you know, aren't looking or is it kind of just let it happen? Or?

Unknown Speaker 33:50
Um, you know, I felt I thought I was like, looking for a little while. And then I realized, like, I'm not really looking. I don't want anything serious. I'm like, okay, that's why am I dating and emotionally like, like, emotionally unavailable men. Like, that's all I've been dating, like, and I'm like, I feel like I kind of like am attracted towards those guys right now, because I technically don't want anything and so I'm just kind of like going with the flow right now. And I feel like comes into my life then it comes into my life, but I'm not really searching or trying to like force it or anything like

Unknown Speaker 34:24
that. Yeah. So do you feel like your potential partner has to understand mixed martial arts are grappling with combat sports, like would you date I'm doing air quotes like a Normie.

Unknown Speaker 34:37
And normally, I would they ignore me, but I also find it very difficult because I'm like, you know, if they don't understand the amount of time that it takes for me to be at the gym, there'll be there becomes a lot of like, misunderstanding and jealousy and like all that stuff. And I just, I don't really have time for that. So I'm like, it's really hard to not date some one that doesn't understand, like the amount of time needed to spend like, being a pro, like being a professional athlete. Like it's really hard so, and I don't have all the time in the world and so that's another thing. And then it seems very selfish, you know, it's like, oh, like she's not making time for me. And it's not that I just really technically we don't have the time. So I really difficult

Unknown Speaker 35:24
mixed martial arts ever been like a specific problem, like, did your partner say, you know, yeah, you're going to the gym too much. Or, you know, I don't like you grappling with guys. Like, obviously, that's the worst kind of guy right? Where he's so territorial and protective that he doesn't even want you touching another man, even though it's this fucking sport.

Unknown Speaker 35:41
You're like, well, that's impossible. That's always gonna happen. No, I have not because I honestly haven't even gotten that far. Since being single because I haven't been single for very long, you know, dated very many people, honestly. And the few I have it's been very casual and just like, not necessarily anything and they've all been in the jujitsu world, and MMA world. So I haven't really had that issue. So I don't know. I hope I don't come across that issue, because I'm like, I don't have any tolerance for it either.

Unknown Speaker 36:15
Yeah, yeah. nobody got time for that. And you know, and then it's like, you're between a rock and a hard place dating wise, because you like you said, it's like, frustrating to date someone who doesn't understand. But then on the other side, sometimes dating in the industry can get messy, right?

Unknown Speaker 36:31
Absolutely. Yeah. You don't what do they say you don't want to shit where you eat. Only, like refused to date anybody in my gym. Because, you know, obviously, you know, you're just so close. And like, you know, once you start adding friends and all this stuff into the mix, and if anything, rocky happens, it gets a little crazy. Trust me, my ex husband and I trained at the same gym and that was not great. Yeah, for a while. Like, I just kind of like to keep that separate. And then you know, I'm sure you're aware that MMA jujitsu fight world is so small, tiny, tiny. And you're like, not a lot of women.

Unknown Speaker 37:16
Oh, you? Oh, you being that guy too. Okay, cool. Maybe I won't bring that guy.

Unknown Speaker 37:24
So it's like really all it's just so hard. It's a weird place to be. But obviously, I hope to meet somebody that like has the same interests in mind. And like is doing the same things has the same goals in mind is funny, attractive. And like all.

Unknown Speaker 37:39
I mean, we're all looking for somebody who meshes with our personality. Now, this is a really silly question, but I don't know. What's the lowest belt? You would date? Would you date a blue belt? Would you date a white belt?

Unknown Speaker 37:53
I never thought about that. Honestly, until recently, and like, I think it's so weird that there's this like hierarchy of like, doing stuff but like, I guess at a certain point, I think I don't think I would, it would bother me at any at all. Honestly, I just think that like I don't even know I would date probably a blue belt would be like the lowest rank for like, if I if I date a quitter. Like, I'm not gonna like beat someone went into jujitsu for six months and quit. You know, it's like, no, with what are they? Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 38:31
my boyfriend is a black belt. And he's obviously you know, more in the jujitsu community than I am but they say that the blue belts or like the blue belt blues or whatever, that they always quit. So I'm like, maybe date a purple belt in hire to know that they're gonna stick it out to the black belt. Yeah, and

Unknown Speaker 38:49
honestly, I probably have never dated anyone that's a blue belt or under anyway so I'm probably in my mind already thinks that so sorry blues and whites like just go far and then you know, like I just nothing against it. But it is true. Like I think like, is it like a sense of character like if you're gonna like stick to something and actually commit to it like or not so I don't know and that's not like a deal breaker but it is a

Unknown Speaker 39:18
thought it does. Like you said it does say something about who you are as a human your work ethic and your sense of, you know, just dedication and for me, my partner like I said, it's like, I don't give a fuck about his jujitsu knowledge I love that he's that dedicated to become a black belt like that's a great characteristic so would you be weird you out to have to like show your boyfriend like how to do a move. Here babe, let me show you this sick.

Unknown Speaker 39:51
Sick I feel like I'm pretty good at jujitsu set to show a lot of guys a lot of notice getting

Unknown Speaker 39:59
love Have all the all the white and blue belts that heard you say, like, Oh, I'm only gonna date purple enough, they're like, I'm gonna get my purple belt.

Unknown Speaker 40:09
That's my goal. No, I know, I that wouldn't bother me. I think it's, I think it is just like you said, it's a character thing. It's like, you know, like, what, like, when you see someone that's dedicated their whole life to something, and like, and you understand what it takes to like, you want to, like, connect there. And so like, I think it's like, it has nothing to do with like, the rank or the knowledge or anything. It's just like, what I know that it took to get there, you know? And so I kind of just like, I can appreciate that. And I and I connect, like on a deeper level with that.

Unknown Speaker 40:45
I agree for sure. So you and I are pretty much the same age 34 and 35. And I love asking, what is something that you can tell your younger self about dating or love or even sex that you wish you knew back then?

Unknown Speaker 41:02
Oh, my God, a million things. Yeah, there's too young and I had a baby way too young. I would just say wait, like experience life like the what you like, the amount you change between 20 and 25 is insane. And the mountain you change between 25 and 30 is insane. And so that gap between even 20 and 30 I can't even I'm like, I don't know how to even, like, explain that to another girl. But because you think you know so much. But like experience life experience sex, like do not feel shamed. I had sex with the same person for 13 years. So I didn't experience life and sex and that my own sexuality and all that stuff. And I lost a lot of myself in those years. But I am grateful for them. Obviously, I learned a lot as well. So yeah, I would say experience as much life as possible. Don't feel shamed about yourself and about how you feel in life and, and your sexual sexuality and on any of that. So,

Unknown Speaker 42:10
so now that you're a mom, and how old is your kid?

Unknown Speaker 42:15
He is nine. He's about to be 10 in March. So nine,

Unknown Speaker 42:19
nine. Yeah. So you know, you said you haven't had a lot of post, you know, divorce kind of a dating experience. I was going to ask because I just don't know. But I feel like it might be harder to date as a single mother like, and when when do you tell your new partner? Like what date? You know what time frame? Do you tell them that you are a mother? Do you do it right off the bat. So they know. You know, like, Hey, I told you or do you wait?

Unknown Speaker 42:46
Yeah, I mean, I'm always upfront. So I mean, almost everyone knows I'm a mom. And my son is like my number one priority. You know, and I honestly don't introduce my son to men. And so I don't want him to have like, unless it's like, serious unless I would know, it's very serious. So I haven't had like that issue yet. But it is hard to date as a single mom at my age because I did have kids young. So like my son is like almost grown. I have people asking like, do you want kids? And I'm like, Oh my God, no, I already had already went through all. I don't want any more kids. I love my son to death. And if I could do duplicate him I would. But you know, it's so it's like, finding people that my age that even have kids, like a lot of them don't even have kids yet, which is crazy. You know, and so it's that's really hard. And then them understanding what it is to be a mom. And then of course guys, they always think that like, you need them to take care of your kids. So they're like anti dating women with kids. And you're like, No, I can take care of my own son and my son has it been fine. And like I paid all bills. I don't need your money. Like, you know, yeah, I don't need you to emotionally support my child, you know, so it's just like, so frustrating. But you know, I don't blame them. It is probably scary to jump into something with someone that has a kid but, you know, it is hard to explain like, No, I'm an independent person and I have my shit together. And I I know what like that is so and then dating people with kids that are divorced. You know, it's like they don't they either like, I don't know, I don't necessarily I haven't even had a chance to because I haven't even met a lot of people my age that even are like that. So it's always like a lot of older guys and I'm just not necessarily attracted to older men, which is strange.

Unknown Speaker 44:41
What's your what's your cut off?

Unknown Speaker 44:44
Um, I don't know. Probably like 37 That's okay, you're 34 you're like, I'll go a couple years. No, like, No, I'm just kidding. You're like

Unknown Speaker 44:59
we had didn't go to high school at the same time, like pretty much.

Unknown Speaker 45:03
I don't know, I guess like 40 I don't I'm just not that attracted to older men. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 45:08
Okay, what about younger guys?

Unknown Speaker 45:11
I am attracted to younger men, which is a problem not like too young. It's like the cut off there is like 2720 I have gone out with a guy that's like 10 years younger than me. And that obviously was

Unknown Speaker 45:22
But you knew you're like, This is a fuck boy. You know, this was a bad boy. And he was really good at his one job. And then I'll see you later. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:34
Exactly. That's what I mean is like, I don't even know what I'm looking for. Honestly, I mean, if I met an older guy that obviously had a ship together and was, like, attractive, and like, you know, I guess like for me, like, like you said, like, I'm dating in the MMA jiu jitsu world, and the older men are usually like, married or taken.

Unknown Speaker 45:53
Choose, and it's like, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:59
Like, I don't even know what I like, or what I'm trying to do.

Unknown Speaker 46:01
Yeah, you are. It's interesting, because, you know, now that you've explained a little bit about your situation, we can kind of get more of a picture. It's like, you were married for a while you had a kid. And so that is limiting, you know, sexually and experiencing life and all that. But, you know, like you said, you're also on your goal, right? You want to keep competing and you're, you know, already have your kids so you're busy. So it's like, I understand you want to experience more, but it's like you can't drop the ball on the grind and the hustle. So I hope some kind of cute meet cute happens to you. And you know,

Unknown Speaker 46:34
I am a hopeless romantic. I do. Yes. Like, I love romance, and I'm just like a sucker. So,

Unknown Speaker 46:42
okay, give me a little insight knowledge, like, Okay, I'm a guy. And I'm like, Alright, I want to, I want to try and get at Stephanie, like, Would you prefer like a candlelit dinner? Like, what's your perfect date? Are you more of an outdoorsy girl?

Unknown Speaker 46:56
No, I prefer I'm definitely a little bougie. So I like prefer, like, wine and dine situations. So getting to know each other. And, you know, communication is huge for me. And like, I'm a talker. So like, if you're not a talker, I'm not turned on.

Unknown Speaker 47:13
Yeah, you know, there are people like that I have a really good friend who's like this, like, full of energy full of life kind of guy. And I'm friends with his girlfriend. And she's kind of like, you know, like, I just want to connect on a deeper level. And then he's like, Ah, she wants to talk to me all the time. You know, like, she loves you. She wants to connect. And some guys, that's just, that's really hard for them. So I understand what you say when you mean, you're very you know, you're a talker you want to communicate. Oh, yeah. And so yeah, I understand what you say when you mean, you just want to communicate and sometimes men, they're not the best communicators.

Unknown Speaker 47:53
Yeah, and it's not that I need like, constant communication. But like you said, like, personalities sense of humor. You know, that's all like a turn on for me. And just like, you know, when people ask me, like, about myself at a deeper level than, like, surface level, that's, like, you know, that's, like, my ideal, like, they you know, and like, if we can laugh together and like, enjoy each other's time, you know, so

Unknown Speaker 48:17
they're showing that they actually want to get to know the real you. Yeah, not because like,

Unknown Speaker 48:22
I play I love outdoors. I love you know, to hike. I love to, like, you know, go do go to a movie, like all that stuff. But I feel like it kind of takes away from like, you know, getting to actually know each other on like, a deeper personal level. So

Unknown Speaker 48:36
yeah, it's sucks because you said you're like, yeah, the younger guys. Oh, no. And then you're like, I want to be wined and dined. I'm like, Man, that's really hard. If you flip flop that you'd be good to go, but not too many.

Unknown Speaker 48:50
Lehman said to my friend the other day, I was like, oh my god, I have to stop with these like couch surfing like just to have any, any and I'm like, Oh my God. I'm like paying for half our day. Every time I'm just like, This is

Unknown Speaker 49:07
what is okay, besides going Dutch on a first date, which I'm, I have like a weird thing about me. Like I like offering you know, like showing I'm all independent. Like, I can go Dutch and but then it's like, if the guy picks up the tab like no, I got it. Like, that's a huge thing, right? Like, yeah, and so I always kind of do the tester but besides like a guy making you pay or something like that. What's like one of the worst date experiences you've ever had.

Unknown Speaker 49:37
Oh, man, you said you you didn't do

Unknown Speaker 49:39
too much online dating. So I'm like, was there a reason for that?

Unknown Speaker 49:44
Yeah, I did have one date where I didn't know the guy very, very close, but it kind of ties into the paying thing. Obviously, I will always offer to pay half just because that's just like, like you said, just like what I and I would not even be upset if someone have accepted me to pay half. But the guy, so we had a bill is like 100 110 or like $110 or something like that. I don't know, he gives me a 50 in cash, and then I pay the rest. And so then like, I have to pay the tip to, like, you didn't even like pay. Like you're half.

Unknown Speaker 50:24
Oh no, yeah, that's not gonna work out.

Unknown Speaker 50:29
And then afterwards like that's the best date I've ever been on and I'm like, Well, okay.

Unknown Speaker 50:35
You must have not got on very many dates, buddy. Yeah, if you had to describe yourself, you know, just not just physically but you know who you are. How would you describe yourself?

Unknown Speaker 50:48
Oh, yeah, sorry. So I guess I am just kind of easy going friendly. You know, I don't have a lot of hate in my heart. I've been through a lot, you know, and so I can kind of relate to people I have a lot of empathy. So I just, you know, I enjoyed a laugh, but I don't take life too seriously. So I feel like I'm just easygoing.

Unknown Speaker 51:14
What are some turn offs? You know, obviously we talked about you know, not dating too old and you know, not dating white belts. But for me, like I always say like, a huge turnoff is like a smoker, not weed, but cigarettes are for me, like obviously my partner and I like we don't want kids that's that was never on our list of to do's and so before we got together, I was like, yeah, no, kids, like obviously you have a kid so it's different for you.

Unknown Speaker 51:40
Right? I would say also say cigarette smoker. I just cannot do it. That would be like a huge turnoff for me. I'm also someone that is like, grouchy like just like I can't stand like people that take life way too seriously. That's a turnoff someone that's just like, he has no goals or ambitions you know? Yeah. So I think that's why I'm like, I'm attracted to like fighters and stuff I just know how much like that takes and what kind of like goals and and like structure you have to have to be there so but yeah, other than that, I don't really know I'm sure I'll find a lot.

Unknown Speaker 52:28
Oh, Godspeed, girl. Yeah, I want to ask because it's always a funny weird thing. But, you know, female fighters you're a grappler as well. I know. You get some weird DMS. What? What are the creepiest? Like what's the weirdest DM you've ever received?

Unknown Speaker 52:46
I mean, obviously like I mean, there's a million I mean, how like, how in depth you want me to get like a DM on my only fans or a DM and Instagram? Give

Unknown Speaker 52:59
me one in one like what's the craziest on only fans and then what's the craziest that you've gotten on Instagram?

Unknown Speaker 53:05
Okay, um the craziest and honestly the most disgusting I am like whoever this was like Get off my page

Unknown Speaker 53:18
you know keep please keep paying the subscription

Unknown Speaker 53:22
now literally told me that like he in his office that he jerks it and then eats his own

Unknown Speaker 53:34

Unknown Speaker 53:37
wow work and I was just like and then he said he one time director and and came on on his assistants food and gave it to her.

Unknown Speaker 53:49
Oh my god that's creepy. Oh my god

Unknown Speaker 53:55
I ever tell anybody that again? Like I was just like, I was terrified. I was like if that ever happened to me I think I would like strangle somebody I'm like oh my god

Unknown Speaker 54:06
yeah That's so wrong with you. I literally kicked off like yours

Unknown Speaker 54:19
That's so wrong all right. I don't think that Instagram will top that weirdness god yeah. What What about all Instagram God?

Unknown Speaker 54:27
I mean, honestly, Instagram is just the same old stuff like can I buy your I guess this guy like literally would not leave me alone about buying my socks. And it was like he wanted me to wear my socks for like multiple days and like sell them you know and sell them which whatever, but like it was so like, I just found it so tedious and like I'm like I do it. I'm a martial artist and I'm aware of sock this sock for for five days, but I don't I don't wear socks. working out so I just found it so annoying honestly, it sounds like it I don't want to sell you my socks. It's like way more work than even

Unknown Speaker 55:11
all the all the crazies come out for sure that's the that's the downside of having that kind of a site, right?

Unknown Speaker 55:19
Yeah, you're like, wow, I thought I knew everything about everything and I just don't I know I'm shocking.

Unknown Speaker 55:26
Do you personally have like a crazy side I always ask like, what's the craziest thing you've ever done for love? And if not crazy, then maybe like romantic?

Unknown Speaker 55:37
Huh? Hmm. What sucks is I was married to someone I wasn't in love with for 13 years. So I honestly there hasn't really been anything I've done crazy enough for love or, you know, anything like that. So? I don't know. I'm hoping nothing like too crazy. Like, I'm like, I'm not I'm not really like a jealous person or kind of, or crazy or anything like that. Well, I mean, probably in my own way and the differ but I am not jealous. I'm not like, insecure, like you said like, it just is. So it's hard for me to say what I would do for love. Yeah, 13

Unknown Speaker 56:19
years is a big chunk of time. It's a huge chunk of time, especially in that emerging, you know, 20s into your 30s type, you know, like timeframe, that's when we should be. You know, I always say like, everyone should have their whole face and you sounds like you didn't get to have your whole face.

Unknown Speaker 56:38
Stick completely missed it

Unknown Speaker 56:40
completely. There's still time for that.

Unknown Speaker 56:44
What about that? Now?

Unknown Speaker 56:47
What about romance? You said earlier, you were a little bit of a hopeless romantic. Do you like do romantic gestures? Or do you remember like, someone someone ever did one for you?

Unknown Speaker 56:57
I would I would do romantic gestures. I think that like, like, now in our society, like, everything's so fast paced. And it's like, now, gratification. So like, I don't think people realize that, like, romance comes like over time, you know? And so like, like, obviously, like there's that like, you know, lustful romance, but like, you know, I find it romantic for someone to do like, even just like simple things. Like if someone were to bring me lunch at work or something like I'm like that super romantic, or, like clean my house. No, just kidding.

Unknown Speaker 57:33
It sounds like your love language is acts of service.

Unknown Speaker 57:38
access areas and words of affirmation. And, you know, obviously, we all like to feel beautiful and all that stuff. I think that and you know, I do I would love like a little like romantic, like dinner like wine and dine me and like, you know, bring me flowers, all that stuff. So that's always like a plus. And I love like, my type of romance is like Pretty Woman romance. You know, like, a sweet. Eat someday. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 58:07
I always tell my boyfriend like, oh, that's one of my favorite movies. I used to watch it with my grandma. And then I'm like, Wait, that's about a prostitute. Right, Thanks, Grandma. Laying the foundation early. So you had like, like I said, a big chunk where you were just in a relationship and being a mom. And you know, now you're single and your kids a little bit older. So do you have something specifically on your sexual bucket list?

Unknown Speaker 58:34
Hmm. Oh, no, I guess, like, bigger and better. Yes. I don't know. Obviously, like this, you know, someone, like, I don't know, like, I hate like, just rushing into facts. Like I would love if someone like actually, like romance me. And then like, you know, like, did it just skip foreplay, and just, you know, just like, it's everything's so like, Oh, it's just like bone. And you're, like, you know,

Unknown Speaker 59:12
but I think that probably also goes back to the age of men. Because I feel like young guys are just like, oh, jackhammer, and then like, older guys know that there's a build up and, you know, foreplay is very important. And, you know, just like that, they're just better at sex. And, you know, in some ways, unless they're too old, in which, you know, you got to find the

Unknown Speaker 59:36
older guys. It's just like, too old, like, you know, I sell high end jewelry. And so I see, like, really old men with like, these really young women, I just can't, I'm like, I am not attracted to those guys. And I also know what they're like, because I deal with them regularly. And I'm like, No,

Unknown Speaker 59:54
yeah, yeah, they're probably like super in particular, you know, particular what they want. And yeah, yeah. Bucha Yeah. Okay, well, you are a grappler an MMA fighter in certain people have these rituals, right, like abstaining from sex before competition. Is that something that you agree with? Or, you know, do you have any any kind of rituals like that?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:16
I don't, honestly. You know, obviously, like, I just don't like, I tried to, like go to bed early, like every day when I'm in camp and like, you know, ELD and not drink and like all that stuff. So no partying, but I don't really have any rituals. And I don't know if I believe in the like, no sex thing, especially for women because I have read that like, you know, sex like produces like more testosterone and women. I don't know. Yeah, so I have been better that Yeah, so I need more sex is what

Unknown Speaker 1:00:47
I agree because I feel like you know, you should do whatever makes you happy and sex as long as you're having, you know, protected sex, then nobody's getting hurt. And you're literally releasing good chemicals into your brain. And with those good chemicals, we feel better. We recover more. So yeah, more sex equals better. My opinion. Have you ever been asked to do something like too weird or too freaky in bed that you know? How to say no, thank you, sir.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
No, I don't think so. Honestly, I just don't. Like I said, I don't have a ton of experience, which is interesting, but I'm probably the freakier one in bed honestly. Too much have people noticed.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:33
Has a guy ever said that? You know, you know, he didn't want to do something with you that you were into?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:39
No, I don't think? I don't think so. I haven't really far like I said, it's always seems like so like the few people I have after my my, like ex husband. It's just like so like, random or rushed, you know, and just not add right?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
Now, so Well, at least you know what you don't want now. Right? Yeah, exactly. So do you have a pet peeve in the bedroom? I love asking this because we've gotten all different types of answers. It can be anything from you know, bad breath to, you know, sticking in about back door without asking.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:18
I guess both of those would be bad much. But I think like, like I said, like rushing, you know, without like, even like, wanting to like, like, Sue being super aggressive in the beginning. You know, like, obviously, we all like a little aggressiveness in the middle or, you know, and stuff but yeah, in the beginning, and just like rushing into it and just I don't know, I've had like a couple of experiences, like where I'm like, dude, like, chill out, slow down. Like it's okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:51
There's just like, no build up to it. Yeah, I understand. And like men, if you know, guys listening, I feel like most men know this. But like, why is foreplay important? Well, there's a lot of reasons. But also, women get wet when they get excited. And the more foreplay the wetter we get, and if we're not wet, guess what? It doesn't feel good. You know, and it's gonna be hard for you to to get it in there. So it's like, do yourself a favor and go slow, like, slow down. I actually, I had a sex god, I don't sex. She's like a sex guru on the show. Yeah. Susan Bratton. She was you know, basically a sex. Sex. Dr. Tony Robbins. Yeah, like a Tony Robbins of sex. And she just, yeah, motivational and educational. And she just explained this whole, you know, kind of theory about going slow. And then she even gave us like, like, like a pump count for guys and all that. We were like, wow. And then a couple of guys messaged the podcast, and they were like, thank you so much. That worked. And I'm like, oh, slow down, guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
Like more? Like they're watching like ridiculous corn and not like, yeah, actually, I mean, standing what women really want and need so

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
and I also feel like I don't you tell me but like, most guys, when they talk to me, you know, initially, they're always like, Oh, I bet you like, you know, because I'm a female fighter. So they think like, Oh, I bet you like it rough and aggressive. I'm like, I'm a lady. You know, like treat me like a lady. I don't want to. I don't want to fight in the bedroom. So I guess my question to you is, you know, I'm sure guys probably expect the same thing but is you know, the bedroom where you like to be dominant as well or do you prefer to be a little bit more submissive in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:49
No, I'm definitely more submissive. So I definitely am not. I mean, I guess I can take control of the situation but not like I'm not like you You know, whipping men and like meeting them if that's what you're up to but yeah, I I am definitely more submissive and then

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
well this definitely feels like a good time to transition into the lightning sex round so for you listeners who don't know what that is, it's basically a rapid fire yes or no segment where I asked if, you know, one question or one phrase and she can answer yes or no. If you want to elaborate stuff you can if not, we'll just keep it moving. Okay. Okay, awesome. So lightning sex round was stuff here we go. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank are like to be spanked. Like to be spanked, biting.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:55
Oh, huh. Yeah, I think with the right like pressure, like if you're biting me. Like no.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:05
Okay, choking?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:07
Yes. I like to be chipped but which that isn't weird. I think like all women do. I don't know, the most,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:14
I would say, with my statistical analysis here on the podcast, you know, I'd say most females do say yes. But then, you know, the demographic of guests with a bunch of fighter girls, you know? So it's like,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:29
I'm saying I'd like to reach out or just estranged?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:33
I don't know. I don't know. There definitely have been some guests that said no, but I'd say majority, especially if you are into like jujitsu and you you don't have a partner who knows how to do it right then. Yeah, because also just like what you're saying with guys that are just too aggressive or too fast. They don't want to slow down. There's also the guy that chokes you too hard. And you're like, wow, now we're fighting. You know, we were talking but now we're fighting. Okay, threesomes

Unknown Speaker 1:07:04
Yes. Do you watch like, have I? Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:08
Would you have you know, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:11
Yeah, I would. Okay. Or maybe circumstances right circumstances? Probably couldn't be like, emotionally connected to the guy. I don't know. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:21
I feel like, like, the newer generation is like all about like polyamory and like, I love everybody. And like, that's great. I'm not like making fun of it. But in my heart, I'm like, my, like, I don't want to share

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
a problem as like I say, yes. Because I think it's, but then I'm like, also like, Man, I don't know. I don't want to share actually. So. Yeah. Like I watched that. Teeter tottering motion right there.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:46
Yeah, you don't really know how you're gonna feel until you're in the moment. Like I watched some porn. I'm like, ooh, that's hot. And then I'm like, what if I saw this in front of me, it might not be so hot. Literally, any fetishes like a foot fetish. Now, no, no, no. Do you watch porn? Yes. bodily fluid fetish. Oh, I just remember that guy that said, Oh, my God. That guy has a bodily fluid fetish for show. Okay. Roleplaying.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:21
Yeah. Yeah, it can get like a little awkward. I think sometimes. But yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:26
If you like have a you know, you're in the moment and then your partner is doing something that's not very sexy. You're like, Oh, don't laugh. Don't laugh. Yeah. Okay, um, but stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
I would. Okay, either, depending on the situation. Like, obviously, like you said, I'm not gonna like, I don't know. I don't even want to elaborate

Unknown Speaker 1:08:51
on sex toys. Do you use them? Yes. Ever been to a swingers party or a sex club?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:58

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
that's got to be on your bucket list. That's got to be on there. Now's the time.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:05
I know. Just like the right people. I don't know for sure. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
All right. And then lastly. Oh, sorry. No. Lingerie lover. I know you are seeing your Instagram.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:17
Yes, I absolutely am. Like a fashion lover. Honestly. So yeah, I just

Unknown Speaker 1:09:23
Yeah. Body hair. yea or nay?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
Oh, yeah. And no. Depends. Like if it's too excessive. No. Like, if it's maintained. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33
So yeah, I'm all about the manscaping Yeah. And then lastly, have you ever ever been caught having sex or masturbating?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:43
Um, yeah, I mean, I guess like, What do you mean caught like, walked in on? Yeah, I mean, I guess like when I was like a teenager. I was like, five Exactly. But no, I mean, I haven't really had to hide sex from anyone's Yeah, like am I gonna pass woman? Sex with my son at my house? So? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:05
that's such a cock block. Dang. Bummer Well, that's the end of the lightning sex round. Congratulations. Hopefully that wasn't too bad for you. Okay, the last two segments are a game of Fuck, Marry kill. And so fan questions Are you ready to play? Fuck marry kill marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. Okay, so we gave you UFC black belts, since you will be a black belt in the very near future. And okay, you get to choose who you would fuck who you would marry and who you would kill out of this game. You get Bryce Mitchell. Ryan Hall and Tony Ferguson. Oh

Unknown Speaker 1:10:57
that's a good I probably okay. Sorry. I do I obviously Okay, so I would marry Ryan Hall. I would probably kill Tony because he's a little while. back brace Mitchell.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:16
All right. All right, country boy in bed. Okay. All right. So for all the listeners who are not going to follow us over to the UFC fight pass platform to hear their exclusive fan questions. Where can they find you on all your social media? Your only fans link or anything else that you want to promote right now?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:34
Yeah, my social media is obviously rampage. BJJ I don't really I'm not really active on anything else. And my Facebook is more for my family. So nothing there and then my only fans link is teh dat underscore BJJ and then I don't know what else did you ask? Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:58
If you want Yeah, well,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
I am fighting February 11 For rise and then I'm also have a pro grappling match on January 27. In Detroit for grapple on the temple.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:11
That's amazing. Okay, so are those going to be streamed anywhere? Or do we have to be there live?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:18
Yes, they will be streamed and I'll put a pay per view link out once I get all the information I believe the grapple in the temple is UFC fight pass I want to say so

Unknown Speaker 1:12:25
awesome. We'll see UFC fight pass that is literally where we're about to head to to answer these fan questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:53
Okay, guys, that's it for episode 127 With Stephanie Klein. What a cool girl. You know, I love having on a variety of different athletes, but I still unfortunately, I feel like it's mainly MMA fighters. And then I bring on a jujitsu girl. And she was an MMA fighter as well. But you can tell that she's more of a grappler as you know, is her thing for sure. And her background. And it's just nice, because it's everybody's different. Everyone's got a different background. And like we said in the episode, just because someone looks a certain way on their social media doesn't mean that's actually who they are, or all they're about. So keep tuning in guys, you know, this is this podcast allows you to get to know some of your favorite athletes on a deeper level. And if you're a real fan, I think that's what you should probably care about. So, UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at UFC fight backslash Sign Up Next week we have on a very cool guy, Andre Afro monkey you'll he is a former UFC fighter up next fighting LFA and most recently, BYOB extreme Bare Knuckle fighting veteran. He, I think he has like 30 fights, maybe even more move 40 like 30 to 40 fights. This guy has been doing it for a minute, and he's always active and he's got a great personality, I actually got a chance to get to know him a little bit while he was fighting for AppNexus fighting the local fight promotion that I tell you guys that I work for now. And just a fun guy and I'm really, really excited to have him on the show. He's very open. So he's one of those kind of people that I know I'll just ask one question and I won't have to pry and dig deep. He's just a an easygoing guy, so stay tuned for that. Don't forget also you can check out our website sex violence with rebel You can check out my exclusive fan site that is Ashley rebel And you can also rate and review the show because that helps us out a lot. Thank you guys for all your fan questions and for tuning in every single week. I love you guys. And I also love DJs oh and check him out at Instagram at DJs or tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official and you can always find our podcast Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley M M A. I hope you guys enjoyed this show. Remember, be kind, be grateful but do not take shit from anyone. Talk to you next week with a new guest and more details of sex environments. Bye

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