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Ep.131 Stephanie Simon

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening hot stuff, what's up my naughty listeners, we're back in studio. We're actually recording this a little early. But uh, if you're listening every Friday morning, then it is guests Friday. So tomorrow, which will be Saturday, February 25. You guys are local to Orange County, you should check out the Commerce Casino it's going to be holding up next fighting number five. And I will be doing my thing again in the cage and cage side. Basically their cage side corresponded. I guess that's my job, my gig. And I love it. It's so fun. It really is the perfect side gig while I get back into the cage, not interviewing actually fighting in the cage. And so you know, just getting to know the local fighters on a deeper level. It's the same stuff that I'm asked every single time I go fight but you try to spice it up a little bit come from a place of actually knowing what the fighters are going through. And I just love it. It's it's a fun gig and if you guys haven't been to those shows yet up next fighting, they're new, but they're really putting a lot of work into kind of the pomp and circumstance the entertainment aspect there's always some kind of intermission where it's like a cool musical act or you know, lately they've been doing a charity event where they are in collaboration with Google this event is called stop bad meds I love it because it's a good yeah, it's a really a really, really powerful and important thing to be a part of. So you know, when I go to work for this fight company actually feel even better knowing that, yeah, they're putting on dope fights and good entertainment, but it stands for something more and it's a basically a public service announcement that lets everyone know that you can check your online pharmaceuticals by going to safe dot pharmacy. And that's it. You know, just check your pharmaceutical drugs that you get online, you'll be very surprised at how many fakes there are. And if you check them find out it's a fake, you could save a life and possibly your own. So spread the word as well as come to a show a live show. They're super fun Commerce Casino. You know, if you guys are gambling, or you know if you guys are gamblers, you can go and gamble ahead of time or afterwards and it's just a fun event. And this next card let me tell you my top three fights the main event, obviously it's going to be a banger. That's Albert, the Malaysian warrior mirallas former UFC fighter he is defending it's his first title defense for the Featherweight championship versus another local guy, Javier Garcia and this guy is really really really good grappler he's been on the scene for a minute and so you know, no matter what happens you know, this fight is gonna be entertaining. And then Co Co main event I guess would be Francisco Cisco Rivera taking on Chris, the real deal, Beall? I don't know much about the real deal bill, but I do know that Francisco Rivera never disappoints he's swinging for the fences every single time. Actually, the last time I saw him fight was in the up next cage. He actually lost to Cody Gibson for the bantamweight title, but it was a really great fight. And I did notice that he had like, developed more into like a more skilled, more patient fighter so who knows maybe he's not always, you know, just swinging for the fences. But no matter what, it's going to be an exciting fight for sure. And then me grant a root on yen. He's a Olympic Greco Roman wrestler believe he was a silver medalist. He's just a really, really exciting Fighting guy to watch fight and I don't know who he is going up against. I think they are working on an opponent for him. And then lastly, I want to mention that for the first time ever in u and f history, we have two women stepping into the cage. I don't know these ladies, but their names are Britney Victoria versus Mackenzie Jean. I know. One of these ladies is more of a grappler I think she's at highest end and then MMA high said MMA, and then the other one is more of a Muay Thai girl. So that's always a fun matchup. Yeah, it's, you know, traditional grappler versus striker. And I'm always going to each his own fight. Yeah, yeah. And so it makes for a good matchup for sure. Especially when they're kind of green. And they're, you know, and holding nothing back. So I love that. So that's actually tomorrow, guys. Tickets are available at up next Check it out. Or maybe just go to the door. I'm not sure if it's going to sell out. General Admission probably sell the last few times has always sold out. But if you guys want to be bothered and get some VIP tickets, you can probably Yeah, it's pretty. It's good. Yeah, it's not a huge, huge plays at the Commerce Casino. But it does get packed in and I think that makes for a fun time. So alright, guys, that's all I really have to say right now, if you guys are consistent listeners, you know, I got back from Colombia a week ago. And I was feeling a little nauseous. That's done, thank God. But I do feel a little like, just a little, like, not quite. Like, how to explain it. Normally, I wake up and I'm like, Oh, good morning and have like pep in my step. So you just slightly laxa days. Yeah.

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laxa days are called good words. And you're not fully out of it. But you're like, yeah, no,

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I don't want you to feel Yeah, I don't want to say I'm out of it. It's just, you know, after stem cells, they say everybody's different. And me personally, what I've experienced is the nausea for about a week or so sometimes a little bit more. And then also, I just, I don't have that like natural energy. It's like my body still kind of, well, you're having a battle in there. Yeah, I do feel I can feel it. And I'm like, my body's like, starting to come back to life fully. But I'm back to training you and physical therapy, which is very important. I just want to go right back to training. But I'm trying to be smart. And so yeah, we're finally there, guys, and I get off suspension in March, which is right around the corner. I'm so excited to just not talk about that into that website for checking here. Yeah, guys, that's another point. You know, if there's anyone who should be telling you to check your meds online, it's me. You know, anyone can be fooled. And it's easy to it's hard to spot a fake sometimes and even when you're not trying to do anything naughty, you get tricked. So check your meds online. And yeah, even the athletes the UFC fighters we all know that there's a website you can go to called Global If you're UFC fighter, and you don't know about the website, you are in trouble. Yeah. But that's it guys. I'm just on the road. I'm, you know, on the road to full recovery, I feel fucking awesome. I will be getting back in the cage at some point this year. I can like feel the UFC that they're calling very soon. So all I can really do is just keep my mind right and keep training progressively in a very smart fashion and keep getting ready for when they do call me. So yeah. Let's get to our guest. We've got some awesome sponsors that we'll talk to first but oh, you know what, before that, let me remind you guys like I always do every single week. Please support the show by going to our website sex violence with rebel girl, it's always in the show notes. You can always write us an email at sex and violence It's the same I really appreciate even if you guys tell me hey, I just wanted to let you know that you know, I listened to the podcast and you know it helps me that would be amazing any kind of feedback or if you don't like a segment on the podcast, you know, I'm open to constructive criticism. So check it out guys share your opinions and please rate and review the podcast I say it every week but it really does help and we are going to full video very soon I lost track of how many times I told you guys that but your girl cannot procrastinate any longer. So I guess I'll yeah, I'll say that if anyone out there. Um, you know, I have an editor currently, but really trying to figure out you know, if if he has time for that and you know, it's gonna be a good fit financially. 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We talk about US Marine Corps dreams as a young girl being an over the phone sugar baby desires organic meet cute, baby boomer mentality on Tinder Cuban food and plantains, hating Christiansen bisexuality discovery five instrument musician abstinent and its benefits. Seven year dry spell sapiosexual Ain't nobody got time for love and much more. Here's your guest Stephanie Simon

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Okay, all right, we're here with Stephanie Simon. I'm super excited. I have been creepily stalking stuff on social media for I don't know, it's feels like it's been a year or something. I don't know. Something like that. Yeah, something weird like that.

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I think who is this famous lady following me? Like what the heck is this? I gotta follow her back. She seems dope. So thank you for having me.

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No, it's yeah, actually, it's unique because I usually just have like this criteria of guests. I'm like, Okay, try and get someone with a lot of followers. It's, you know, sounds like an asshole move. But it's obviously like, you know, a business thing to you want to get like the most eyeballs and whatnot. But I kept coming across your page, because you were the perfect guest, in my opinion. You were like, super entertaining. You did multiple sports, you know, and I'm curious about your status in the military as well. I'm kind of like a dum dum. I'm like, Are you a Marine? Are you the Navy? I saw? Yeah. So let's just jump right into it. What Yeah, what are you currently, you know, like, what's your status in the military? And then also, tell us a little bit about right now you're going for basically Olympic gold, potentially, right?

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Yes, ma'am. So I'm currently a first lieutenant in the Marine Corps. I'm a reservists. So I went from like the active duty status, which is every day you know, you're in the military, working in uniform to basically like, temporarily once a month doing the whole military thing. So that being said, I still am under there, you know, I'm under the umbrella in the service still. So with that, like for example, next week, obviously being out in the woods somewhere doing an exercise and training in like the Tampa area. So I had to like mentally prepare Hey there, cuz I have not done that in a long time. Because, you know, towards the end of my Marine Corps active duty career, I was on the boxing team, and on the boxing team sleeping out in the woods, and you know, that's not gonna help you, by any means. So we didn't do any of that no, go into the field, nothing like that. So it's been a long time, but it's the name of the game, you know, even as a reservists somebody that's only doing this stuff once a month, you still have to meet requirements, you still have to do certain types of exercises and training. Yeah. And from my college experience, actually went to the Naval Academy, which is a military college where at the very end, you can kind of decide between going the Navy route. So even though it's called the Naval Academy, naval officers and Marines come out of the Naval Academy, both so I was crazy enough to pick the harder crazier, just more intense branch because I wanted to, you know, do the more physically challenging job, which as a Marine, it's very much focused on mostly physical, mental toughness, you know, that not saying that navy or other branches aren't like that. But the Marine Corps like pride prides itself on that, like physical aspect of things. And that's what drew me into that. So

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do you think that you chose the Marine Corps? Because you're like myself, and you have a crazy wrestler brain? And oh, yeah, you like a challenge? So you're like, Look, if I'm gonna do something, I want to know that it was the hardest shit out there.

Unknown Speaker 16:33
Absolutely, um, I remember being like a sophomore, junior and hearing people talk about the summer training for future Marines. And they were like, Yeah, you have to have a 90 pound, like pack on your back and walk for 10 miles, like hiking, better, fast pace. And like, they do all this crazy stuff where they do this obstacle courses. And, you know, they fight each other. And it's crazy. Like, I remember hearing that when I was a lot younger in college. And I'm like, sounds great. This sounds like this would be kind of a good fit for me. So absolutely. I really do like that. Like I said, the physical aspect of being a Marine,

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and how was your family? You know, shocked when you wanted to join? You know, do you have any kind of family background in the military?

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So my dad, yeah, my my, my father was a Marine Corps officer. Funny, funny thing is that in my mind, from like, sixth grade on, in my mind, I was going to be a college wrestler college wrestling, college wrestling. That's what I wanted more than anything. By the time I was like a sophomore, I was looking at all these different schools, but there's really at the time, there's only like, five, women's wrestling starting to pop off over the past five years. But in 2011 2012, when I was like a junior senior, like, there was not a lot of schools that had women's wrestling. So my options were limited. And because of that, you know, my dad, the one that was a Marine for 20 plus years, he kept like, hey, you know, you should think about being an officer, you should think about the Naval Academy, you should think about, you know, serving in the military, this, this could be something great, you know, the Naval Academy is one of the best schools in the country. Hard to get into, it's like 7%. But if you make it through that, the, the benefits and the you know, the things you can gain from that. It's like, way, way more than you're gonna get by going to a, you know, a random school that you don't really know anything about that you just kind of found somewhere online because the head women's wrestling, like not, you know, trying to crap on anybody, but I didn't actually have a school in mind at the time where I was truly passionate about going to because I wanted to be at that school. It was just like, Okay, it's got women's wrestling. And you go, girl, you're

Unknown Speaker 18:51
preaching to the choir, right? Yeah, that's it, literally. I mean, I'm older than you. You're 28. I'm 35. In 2005, when I graduated high school and was going to college, there was four or five teams and I went to Menlo College because, yeah, I'm from UConn. I'm from California, and I didn't want to travel too far. It was a private college, which I'm still fucking paying off. But that was the trade off, right? It was like, go to like the lightning thing like Cumberlands, Kentucky, Missouri Valley, you know, or stay in California. And there was limited options. And it wasn't because I was like, I'm been looking forward to this private business school. My whole life was exactly No, like, I just wanted to wrestle. So exactly, I understand completely.

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Yeah, it's so it's like, literally, that was my mindset was just Well, this has, this has wrestling, so I guess I'll go there. And then, you know, after more thought, I ended up going to the Naval Academy for what's called Summer seminar, physical week where you get to go see what it's like, and I went and I enjoyed it. The very end of the day Summer seminar, they tried to like emulate what it would be like to be a freshman at Academy. So they got us all in a wall and they started screaming at us. And this lady asked me a question about some stuff I was supposed to know, because they gave us a little booklet with all this information about the rates and the rinks and the history. And I remember she asked me something, and I had no idea and I was standing there, right? You can't have any emotion. You can't have any expressions on your face. You just have to stand there like this. She asked me a question. And I said, we only have five basic responses we can we can use. Yes, sir. No, sir. I'll find out. I forget that her to I don't want to see her be like I said to her, ma'am. Oh, yeah, ma'am. No, ma'am, ma'am. Yes, ma'am. I said, Ma'am, no, ma'am. I don't know. But I'll find out. But the answer is to question you know, and she just goes and looks at me and like, stares into my soul. And she goes, you'll never walk these halls. You will never walk through these halls. In like, by heart sank. And I was like, dang, she really thinks because I didn't know there's one question that I'll never walk through the Naval Academy halls. And I'll never be good enough to be a midshipman. Like, that's awful. How dare you? Yes, I will. You know, and so, um, but yeah, by the time I was a senior, you know, I'd finished my application to the Naval Academy. I think maybe that whole incident kind of inspired me to be like, I'll prove you wrong later.

Unknown Speaker 21:24
Yeah, but yeah,

Unknown Speaker 21:26
for the, for the jocks, or the, I guess the more athletically inclined people, they usually get sent to what's called the Naval Academy prep school. And it's a year long, it's about a year long in Newport, Rhode Island. It's really just like a foundation school to get your academic level, I guess, to like, the baseline of what the Naval Academy wants. Because although I had good grades, I failed all my AP exams. When I was in high school, I, like I was not at the academic level, I needed to be to actually go straight into freshman year at the Naval Academy, because, you know, a lot of people might not know this, but the Naval Academy, your baseline courses, thermodynamics, electrical engineering, you have to take all these different leadership courses, you have to take calculus, I took calculus 123, chemistry, physics, and that is just baseline that is not including your major. So they just kick your ass at that school. So if you are not ready, if you think that your 3.5 GPA in high school, in your honor, roll, whatever, would be enough to get you through that place. You're wrong. And so I was so grateful. Looking back that they sent me to the prep school. Yeah, because I would have failed out 100%. But it failed out. If I hadn't gone to that school. So. But the funny thing too, I'll keep going. I don't want to stop. This is good. But um, when I was at that prep school is when I was like, Ah, I had an epiphany. I will be the Naval Academy's first female wrestler. Now we'll change history. I'm going to change history. I'm going to be the one. They will make a program for me. Yes, they will had all these really like unrealistic goals and expectations. And pretty much all that got shot down. They're like, yeah, where do you want school? We have a men's team. We're not going to start a women's team. And that's kind of how boxing like fell on my lap by accident. So we can get into that, too.

Unknown Speaker 23:25
So basically, you initially had your heart in wrestling, but they were like, you can have boxing?

Unknown Speaker 23:33
Yeah, no, they were they, they were like we have boxing. We had jujitsu, but we're not going to start a women's program. There's not even enough women here at the school that are interested in wrestling for us to start a program. And so then in my mind, I was like, okay, so boxing kind of her a little bit about about it. I also know that every freshman is men. Another thing we have to do, we have to do wrestling, we have to do boxing as a class, every freshman has to do one semester of each. And I was like, Okay, I validated the wrestling class, duh. But I want to like validate the boxing class, so I don't have to worry about it anymore. So the only way to do that is if I do this boxing thing in the summertime, okay, let me just do this boxing thing, figure it out, see how it goes. I just want to validate it and then kind of by again, by accident, in trying to validate the boxing class. I ended up really liking it. And we had like a big smoker where all the freshmen were in a big, big Alumni Hall, like big room where, you know, the rings in the center, and they just got all these crazy freshmen kid screaming stuff. And I thought someone that at the time was not the most popular. You know, you could want to color the B word, but not the nicest. You know, we were all kind of all over the place. Were Young, like 18 years old, so, but she's awesome. She's a marine and everything that she was a badass, but it was like kind of a rivalry and it was fine and I went crazy. And then got that run. and had that like realization, and this is actually this is I think this might be my calling. This might be my calling. Yeah. And that's kind of how it started. I love it. Okay, so it's such an interesting journey, right? You

Unknown Speaker 25:15
think you're gonna do one thing and then he, like, makes you pivot, but it doesn't necessarily mean that that's not what you're supposed to be doing. So, you know, and obviously, it's paying off. Fast forward, you know, you are a six time national champion, you're about to make a run of the 2024 Paris Olympics, which is fucking amazing. You know, I won't. I'm sure we could talk about that all day. But, you know, where's your mindset? You know, is this closest to the Olympics, you know, that you've ever been? And when when did you decide that? You know, Olympic gold was was a dream of yours.

Unknown Speaker 25:49
So I can date back to the moment I even thought about the Olympics. He was at the Naval Academy think sophomore junior year. Yeah, it had to have been sophomore year 2015 is right before the Olympic year 2016. At that point, I had one collegiate national. So I've won three collegiate titles, three national titles, so they're different organizations, you know, you got like college, then you have like the big time. Yeah. And I remember thinking of the idea of being a USA boxing national champion. And I thought, you know, I might be a like a star in the collegiate ranks, but I'll probably never get to that point where I'll be at the National Champion, USA. And as I remember that moment, I was standing outside, thinking, I was like, that's kind of a dumb idea. You know, take take a step back. Now, Stephanie, like, that's you being a little bit too cocky there. And, lo and behold, I transitioned into the, like the elite level boxing at around 2018, couple years after I graduated Academy. And I was like, Well screw it, like, let me give it a try. Let me try to do this thing and started getting back into boxing after all my initial Marine Corps training. And by 2019, you know, right before the 2020 Olympics, is when I tried to qualify for the Olympic trials. And to do that, I had to go to the eastern qualifiers, and place top two, okay. This was my first elite level national tournament, and my coach can come with me, and I went, I was pretty much by myself. He called someone to help work my corner. But I went there, not knowing anybody. I was so unprepared that I didn't know that you had to wear either red or blue. In the corners, you were red corner, you know, you were red, and blue corner. So I had my frickin black trousers, my black tank top, was about to go in the ring. You know, I was getting ready to like, warm up and someone looked at me was like, What are you wearing? Like, what do you mean? What am I wearing where my, you gotta have red or blue? And so I like, look for like a like, I'm like running around like, okay, they're selling them over here. So I go over that. This is like, 30 minutes before. I'm supposed to fight. Yeah. And I'm literally buying by uniform you're supposed to wear for the fight. So I get in the ring, I do pretty well, I end up winning my first fight. And then this is really gonna be cool. Because this is like, like, perfect. Textbook rivalry. My second fight I identified in this groaning Mo, she's the girl that I now and trying to compete against to make the spark Team USA. So I first met her in the ring in 2019. Right? This is a different weight class, different situation. And she beat me in a split decision for one split. And that's when I basically kind of accepted like, maybe, maybe I don't have what it takes to be at this level. I don't know, like, Dang, this sucks, you know, because that was the first time that I you know, I kind of I don't I don't know what to say I got out class, but I got schooled up a little bit. And it was a realization This is a different level. In college. I College. Some of my my national championships were one fight, because there was like two girls in the entire country. Yeah, you know, it is Yep. And so that was the end of 2019 You know, didn't qualify for the trials. 2020 happen crazy COVID stuff. And then 2020 is when I get an email about the United States Marine Corps boxing team. And that changed my life because the growth and development I had on that team. You know, that's on that team is when I finally like one of my first ever national level tournament like the real nationals. I won the national Golden Gloves and 2021 and then in 20, the end of 2021 we had multiple national championships in one year because of COVID things were like moved around time wise. I won the my first ever USA national boxing championships at the end of 2021. And then fast forward a year later. I wanted again in 2022 so all the He's thoughts of negativity and all these thoughts are like, I'd never be good enough. Within a year or so of his life, I guess. I'm now qualified for the Olympic trials, and 100% and elliptical full. I don't care what anyone says, I don't care what the situation is. Now, I'm competing for that spot. Still, I'm currently, you know, I'm not the number one. Technically speaking, I did not make it. Because I did not make the team per se, but I will be back at the Olympic training center next month, and a lot can change the Olympics is in like, you know, a year and a half. So things can change things that happen, I'm going to continue to work as hard as I can to just be ready. And yeah, I qualify for the trials, which will be in December. And we're just pretty much going from there. I can kind of tie in the MMA stuff as well.

Unknown Speaker 30:56
Yeah, this is exciting, because, you know, I wanted to know exactly where you were at with boxing. But when we had our little pre episode call, you blew my mind and said that you're actually thinking about transition into MMA, but obviously, now you've got this amazing Olympic opportunity in front of you like, what is the road now? Like? Are you going to focus on you know, boxing for a short time and then make your MMA transition? Or will you simultaneously start training for MMA?

Unknown Speaker 31:24
So I'm still trying to decide on that, but I will, you know, kind of sprinkle in how this MMA thing happened in 2019, is 2020. I discovered a MMA gym in North Carolina where I was living. And I started going there for BJJ. And for MMA, and I really started liking it because the wrestling background, I also did taekwondo for eight years, and I, yeah, eight years. And then I had the bag, the boxing background, too. So in my mind, I was like, why wouldn't I do her fit? Perfect. So I started it. Yeah, I started training in it. Starting to get really good. I was like, Man, this is my future. In my mind, I was like, as soon as I am done with the active duty Marine Corps side of things, I'm gonna go into MMA, I want to I want to get my first Emmy fight. And this is all during the beginning of COVID. So while I was trying to get my amateur MMA fight, not only is it an issue, because I was trying to fight 145, which for women trying to find a 145 Amateur female, especially in North Carolina, like good luck, if you'd like to pin on it, good luck. So I could not for the life of me get an opponent. Like I'm trying I'm like, John, John soldier was my coach at the time. Bellator fighter. I'm like, man, just let me know if you hear anything or, you know, can you call this guy and say, Yeah, I'll, I'll look up some, some stuff and try to see them get you something. And after, like, a couple of months, I'm like, Man, I'm just gonna, I'm not gonna get a fight. So let me let me just rethink this thing. And then, in 2021, after I won the first USA nationals, I decided I was like, Okay, I already signed with first Ron management. They're out of Florida, they, you know, they're a management company. They deal mostly with MMA fighters. I was like, already signed with them in 2020. In preparation for this MMA thing, it's time. And then right leg, started thinking about it some more, talk to some of my mentors. And explain to me, which is a great, great point that having an Olympic pedigree, having an Olympic background, changes your life, especially as a pro, because there are certain opportunities that you will get people that aren't at that Olympic status. They don't get there. Like we're not saying that you're screwed if you don't get the Olympics, but if you have the opportunity, and if you're number one in America, you might as well take, you know, take that opportunity, and actually go for it, take advantage of it. And realize that like this Olympics thing comes once every four years, and you're right there. And so I had to kind of do an ego check. And I was like, alright, well, I guess I'm going to take a break from MMA, and focus on boxing. And so that's what I did, but this whole time, I think about MMA all the time. I love MMA. Like I was telling you earlier, I watched Chilson and YouTube videos and Michael Bisping, and I'm keeping up you know, The Ultimate Fighter Conor McGregor and what's his name? Come on now. Chandler Yeah, Chandler they're gonna be fighting each other and coaching. I'm like, I'm all in terms of being a big fan. I love Charles Oliveira the ultimate underdog. Okay, like I love I love it. And it's like I said, it's something that I had planned on doing. But life kind of just took me all over the place. What

Unknown Speaker 34:38
a what a cool detour, though. You know, and I totally agree with whoever said that to you. It's like, this is an opportunity that comes you know, I won't say once a lifetime because every four years but ya know, like, we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, you know, let alone in a year from now, especially now that we've dealt with COVID Yellow Holy shit. And now we got aliens. Come in. I don't know. Like so they go egg on the beach. Yeah. So like, I don't know what's happening you better just take opportunities while you can before the aliens, you know, program vanquish our planet, or whatever. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 35:12
I started limited.

Unknown Speaker 35:13
Like, yeah. Okay, so I love that. And obviously, I want to see you, you know, reach your your Olympic dreams, but very excited for your MMA debut whenever that is in your 28. You said,

Unknown Speaker 35:28
yeah, so now young, but in the women's, I feel like in the women's side of things, we can be a little older. Yeah. So that's,

Unknown Speaker 35:34
I mean, I'm 35. And I'm still rocking it. So I think that, you know, as long as you take care of your body, you know, and you seem very smart. And so let's get into how smart you are. Because I didn't realize exactly your process when it comes to, you know, being focused and how you kind of divvy up your time. All I noticed when I was stalking you on social media was that not only were you talented athletically, but you could play the guitar and you were singing and you're very animated. And I'm like, this girl is a character and I'm like, thank you. When did you have time to be musical athletic and have a love life? So let's get into it. Like, I want to know more about you on the personal side, like, right off the bat. Tell me what's your current relationship status, you know, single in relationship, whatever. And how do you identify sexually? Okay,

Unknown Speaker 36:27
I'm single or than a preschooler and buy, buy, buy, buy, buy, and sync? Yeah, yeah, do the cheesy, cheesy way of saying it, but got

Unknown Speaker 36:36
it. Okay. Okay, so you're single right now, I love I love that because it's, you know, the best person to interview. Are you currently looking? Are you so focused on your Olympic dreams that you're like, Fuck anybody that comes my way.

Unknown Speaker 36:51
Right? I have not been looking for the past see for about seven years. And this is the part where you guys are going to be probably a little bit shocked. Maybe not? Probably not, if you actually go to my Instagram and realize there's not a single person I'm holding hands as they're being cute with. I do not have time. Even if I did have the time. I feel like I could not give my full attention and like, affection to somebody was trying to do all these other things. Because I'm not I'm now not only trying to get my career in boxing popped off, but I'm trying to also become like, marketable in the real world. I transitioned out of the military where, you know, I'm still a reservist. But in the Marine Corps, you have a guaranteed paycheck on the first and 15th you have stability, you have health insurance, you have everything, you know, you have people telling you when your appointments are, and people telling you where to go what to do. It is like a very easy life in that sense. Now I'm a civilian, right? And I'm like, okay, so I got to figure out how to make money. I had to figure out how to do this boxing thing. Like, relationship. Yeah, right. Yeah, right. I'm living with my frickin aunt and uncle. Am I supposed to have someone in like, you know, my aunt uncle's house? No, you know, so where there's

Unknown Speaker 38:14
a will there's a way stuff? I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 38:17
But yeah, I, I, I'm not gonna lie to you, though. And I'll you know, I'll be completely honest, like, I do sometimes get sad. And I think about like, men, it would be nice to actually be in a relationship with someone and to love someone because I am a very loving person. And I feel like, if someone were to date me, they have a lot of fun because I play five instruments. I'm crazy. You know, I am an entertaining person. But I also have like, a, I have a heart. I'm like a teddy bear. I'm a fighter. But deep down, I'm actually like one of those people. That's kind of soft, a little bit. So yeah, like, am I gonna say get envious? And I'm like, fuck them for being in a happy relationship. But I do. I'll be scrolling. I'll be like, watching a movie in my town. What would that be like? You know, that'd be kind of cool. You know, if I could date someone and travel the world with them. Yeah. But realistically, like I said, it's just, I just don't have the time. And I don't think I have the energy because I can barely do it myself.

Unknown Speaker 39:20
Yeah. And I think you and I talked before how, in order for you to have a partner, it would take a special kind of person, someone who basically catered to your every need and was available when you were available, which is real sporadic because you do so much stuff. Oh, yeah. You know, I told you before, it's like that ability to just be like, hey, like, I don't have the time energy, you know, or effort to give to someone is a selfless thing. And it's really nice, because a lot of people just say, Fuck it and they give someone half, you know, half their love or half their time and that's not fair to anybody. So, you know, not at all. When was the last time you had A relationship.

Unknown Speaker 40:02
Um, so I was in a thing in 2016. And, you know, I know you like entertaining stories. So I do one other thing, a couple of things I don't drink. And I haven't since 2016 2016 was a big year for me, for many reasons. But um, so, back when I used to party a little bit more and drink and have a good time. I remember after one of my collegiate national tournaments, you know, I had met someone at the tournament, this guy was like, super tatted. Like, he had a weird style to him. But he almost had this like confidence to him that I was kind of drawn to. So, you know, I saw him we started talking a little bit changed numbers. His brother was actually at the Air Force Academy, and he was a boxer as well. And after I won my fight, I went crazy. And freakin this was in Seattle, two, which is like, two hours from where I grew up. I grew up in Washington State. I probably should have mentioned that earlier. Born Atlanta, raised in Washington State living in Miami, but um, I guess, you know, we had a lot of fun. And we like, were, I was blackout if I'm being played on this. Yeah, that was my first time like being that drunk. And I am not proud of it at all. But it was so bad that he ended up telling me everything, and nothing too crazy happened. But like, he told me like, Yeah, you don't remember, like, we were at the club, you know, kissing and all this stuff? And I'm like, I don't remember any of that. He's like, Yeah, at one point, we were in an Uber. And this guy saw as like, you know, being physical in the back. And he was like, let me just, I can just drive to this bridge, guys, like, down beneath this bridge, and you guys can do your thing. And I won't watch. Wow. So he's like, he's like, you know, and then we got out of the Uber immediately and just walked to your hotel because I got to the crib. I was like, I remember that. He's like, how do you not remember that? We were talking? I'm like, No. And so he told me and we were on the phone. He just told me this whole romantic, fun, great night that we had. I'm like, alright, well, if all that happened while we were while I was intoxicated, then maybe I should try something out with you. Maybe you're the one.

Unknown Speaker 42:18
But I had to see you when I'm like, actually sober. So I know, you also talked about what's the craziest thing you've done for love.

Unknown Speaker 42:26
So I ended up you know, we're talking, talking texting and stuff. And I was like, I want to see you, you know, and meet up with you. And I flew out to see him for 12 hours. So my flight there and my flight back was the same day. Just to like, hook up and hang out. Yeah. It was like the most ridiculous thing I've ever done for like another person just to see if like, actually liked them. And I thought to myself after that, you know, things didn't work out. But I was like, if I was willing to do that, for someone that I've known and met one time, what the heck would I do for someone that I'm actually in love with? Like, that's kind of a scary thought. Yeah. So I think that was one of the first realizations that like, I'm kind of a zero to 100 type person. And if I'm not careful with the partner I pick, or the partner that ended up being with, I might like, buy them a house that I can't afford to buy them a car and be like, I love you, you know, something crazy. You know, like, I don't even know what Yeah, at that time, you know, I'm like 21, so still young and never really dated people in high school either. So I was like, let me just like not date people and not hook up with people. This is not going to be good for me. Not with my personality. So already

Unknown Speaker 43:45
just tell that early on. You were like I can get myself into trouble by being too in love with someone.

Unknown Speaker 43:51
Oh, yeah, for sure. And not like obsessive like, I want to wear your skin. I love you. What are you doing right now? Gosh, can I can I bite your fingernails? I freaking lick your toes. Not like that. But just like, like if they called me or they needed something or they were like, Oh my gosh, like, I'm all the way out here. I gotta see you and I'm in the middle of a training camp, getting ready for the Olympics. And I'm like, Okay, I'll make it happen, or drop. Everything I'm doing. I'm unfortunately in no one took advantage of this, but I'm one of those people. If I were to be in love, I would drop everything for to help that person. And something similar did happen later on in my life where I was very good friends with someone. And it started kind of becoming more than friends like not physical but and then I started seeing those qualities come back. Like you know the person really wanted to talk to me all the time. Like we had like an Instagram conversation. We had a Snapchat back and forth. We had Facebook back and forth. We had text messages back forth. Then this person created a group chat with me to other my friends. It was like I noticed or noticing that I went from Oh, we have A lot of things in common too. Now, I could tell that this person kind of wanted to talk all fucking day. Yeah, from literally the morning, we wake up till night and I would just do it even though it was crossing my boundaries. And I didn't feel comfortable constantly talking to this person all day long, but it was fun. But I, in my mind, the back of my hand, like, this is not good. Because I might even living my life. I might even in the present moment. I'm like, not, I'm just rushing to my phone rushed into conversations to speak to this person. And I'm not really Am I being me? And so yeah, it didn't, it didn't work out. It didn't work out. And I think God, you know? Fine,

Unknown Speaker 45:44
yeah, you sort of yeah, you recognize that that's a characteristic flaw that you have, like, it's hard for you to maybe not be a people pleaser. Because you want to make people that you care about happy or you know, whatever it is 100% I'm no psychologist, I'm not you know, picking you apart, you know, but it's like that. That's like, usually not a bad quality. You know, it's like,

Unknown Speaker 46:06
what it is psychology driven 100% You are 100% right on that and I grew up with you know, a parent that was like that, and I'm not going to shame my parents for that. But like, you are programmed the first seven years of your life you're programmed to to accept as reality whatever you're seeing around you so when you see a people pleaser for seven years, and you see someone that's got a good heart kind of get walked over sometimes. Yeah, they it becomes normal. And we as people, like we kind of resort to what we see growing up in sucks.

Unknown Speaker 46:41
Oh, of course, I've definitely, like forgiven my parents, but like, sometimes I'm like, going through my life and I see like a healthy adjusted like, child. I'm like, damn you parents. You know, like, oh, I mean, I forgive you. I forgive you.

Unknown Speaker 46:54
Exactly. Know. Exactly. So. But yeah, I I know that I have more growth as a person that I have to get to. And I need to, you know, as a fighter, right? We don't have a lot of time. No, no. So in my predictions, I'm going to be done punching faces getting punched in the face potentially kicked in the face, kids in the head, Shin face, you know everything. By the time I'm 3334. Okay. And in my reasoning for that, too, is because I want to get into entertainment. I want to be an SNL I want to be on shows I want to be an action movies. And I love Ronda Rousey. And I don't know if she's watching this, I love you, girl. But the acting skills girl. Like facial expressions, we got to see him. We don't see him from a lot of fighters. Unfortunately, fighters tend to be very stoic and very. Oh my god, where's my son? Yeah. Ah, it's like, Dude, you're, oh my gosh, is bad. You know, and I don't blame I don't blame people for that. I understand. Like, it's different worlds. But for me, I feel like what I bring to the table is kind of like you said earlier, I do have the artsy performer aspect to me entertainer aspect to me, and I want to couple that with being a fighter that's decorated, someone that can actually back it up. Yeah. And then I think at that point, in terms of relationship, you know, romance. I'm not saying that I'll just magically have time for it. But I'll say by that point, I'm worried about the stress of being a fighter and having to train three times a day having to die having to mentally prepared to get inside of an octagon, or a ring. That alone is a different type of energy and a different type of stress that I truly don't believe any other athlete can understand. Unless they fight. Of course, you do not understand basketball, football. I'm not saying it's not stressful, but it's different when your life is on the line, of course, and it's so hard to try to do that and to be with someone like to try to navigate through that career and try to you know, decent one. So like I said, I probably do it after my fighting career.

Unknown Speaker 49:10
I totally understand that and a loophole that, you know, myself included, and fellow combat sports athletes, we try to think okay, if I just date someone in the industry, right, like another boxer or maybe another wrestler or something, this person then will understand the sacrifices, the time constraints, you know, the moodiness, you know, but then that can be the worst case scenario as well. Because when you have two people who have to be selfish, nobody has time for anybody. So yeah, I totally understand so you've just taken I mean, is it safe to say abstinent?

Unknown Speaker 49:49
Yes, 100% I have no shame in saying it. You guys are probably like is she thinks she's a damn nun. Yeah, I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 49:56
I don't think you're a nun but I'm I'm I'm impressed. Just at the fortitude, the mental fortitude and the physical fortitude, that only

Unknown Speaker 50:06
mentally it's only that it the fortitude mentally and physically is only if you have the urge. And I guess by nature, I'm not a super super like, oh, I want to, you know, I don't want that as like I don't think so I have no one clip set but I don't have like the crazy urges I don't, I must say that I don't think about that stuff. But like, I don't have the urges on my thinking like, I don't because of my personality. I feel like

Unknown Speaker 50:34
it's weird. This is just my own experimenting, talking. But like, okay, so you know, right now let's face it, you're in a dry spell, right? Yeah. But if there was a little bit of rain on the plains, you know, like, there was like, somebody barking up your tree. And then it's like, oh, and then you remember kind of like, oh, like, right, that was fun, you know, like, then you kind of start to be turned on. But I think you're such like, in like, tunnel vision, you know, like, dry spell that, like you don't even have those urges, which is good. It's like, Hey, if you want to stay focused, and like accomplish all your goals, and you think, you know, being you know, that sounds intense, but like being alone, you know, but like with, you know, not having a partner is going to help you then yeah, I would say just stay focused.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
For sure. And not I can, I can definitely agree with that. And the craziest thing too, is that my mind is so conditioned in a lot of ways to just think about fighting and training that a lot of times someone will show signs that they're interested in me and i It'll go over my head completely, really, and it'll take somebody else to be like, girl, you don't see it. You can't tell. And I'm like, Oh, I guess so by that point is I moved on? Yeah, I don't even a lot of times, I don't even notice that's really bad. So I don't notice it.

Unknown Speaker 51:56
Obviously, you're a social person. Let's say somebody's trying to flirt with you. You don't notice it. But what to you are turn ons and turn offs, you know, I know you're not actively looking for a partner. But what is something that you you know, undeniably is attractive to you whether physical feature or characteristic.

Unknown Speaker 52:14
Okay, um, I really like intelligence. So I don't mean like Brainiac. You know, Einstein, or like, something like that. But if, if I'm like texting someone, and they sound like, really dumb. Like, oh, wow, I'll put some I put like an emphasis on something like, I take a stance on something. They're just like, yeah. Yeah, I agree. And they don't have like a deep, deep thought. Yeah. And I can't think critically, like, I want to be able to have a conversation with someone for hours. I think that's like, beautiful, you know, if I can talk to you for three hours about all sorts of stuff. I'm all about it, you know, but if you don't have the ability to take a stance on things, and to think critically, and to actually, like, have an argument with me or even have a debate. I don't have time for that. And then obviously, like, I like athletic men and women alike, athletic bills and everything. I'm not talking Jack, but I do like, you know, definition and what else?

Unknown Speaker 53:28
Our last guest was? Our last guest said she was like, I like my guys to look like they eat a bunch of steroids. I was like, oh, okay, I appreciate the honesty.

Unknown Speaker 53:40
No, no, no. Actually, I'll give you a good story. So my childhood crush was Hayden Christensen from Star Wars. And the first time that I realized that I was bi was actually when I watched Star Wars Episode Two, which I'm gonna lie to you guys and tell you that all my passwords are changed but all my passwords all my accounts used to be Hayden. It was the year that Hayden two dozen two because that was episode two came out. So I tell you, I was obsessed with hitting Christiansen. I was obsessed. But I remember one time I just like go on Google and look at every single picture that there wasn't there to go to the bottom of the say like, that's it. There's no more pitches ever than I give us that. But um, I remember watching. Yeah, good old Google. But I'm watching Star Wars Episode Two in the scene where the big battle scene in that arena where him and Pat ma are being cute in her shirt like gets ripped. I don't know if you remember that part. Like one of the animals scratched it in her shirt gets ripped. She's like, and then you can see her like stomach and I was like, Oh, that was but I was like seven years old.

Unknown Speaker 54:47
Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker 54:49
Hey, name. Pardon me? That's cool. I don't know if I like to be her. Yeah, never want to be her or if I were gonna be with So I realized that I don't like which one do I like more to pat me more or hitting Christians and but honestly, like 10 Christians, so that was honestly when I realized like, yeah, definitely not at seven, seven, I was seven years old.

Unknown Speaker 55:14
So you realized it at seven, when were you comfortable telling people publicly or family members or anyone that you feel comfortable with?

Unknown Speaker 55:22
It was I was a junior in college. So it was a lot later. And then I told my mom actually not that long ago is like 2019. And I have a good story about that to the whole parent thing. When I was and the reason why it took so long is because I didn't feel like I would, it would go well be expected. Yeah, I was more worried about my my mom's reaction and I love her death. She's probably gonna watch this be like you. Oh, dare you speak with me that I think this is important for for people just because I'm sure people listening to this will relate to it. But I remember I was in third grade. Yeah, third grade. And I, you know, I had a crush on this girl. And I decided I was like, Okay, I'm gonna write a love letter. And we're gonna do this love letter. I wrote a love letter. And I just like, found an Altoids can somewhere in the house and I put the letter in the can and I just, like, left it somewhere. Because as a kid not paying attention. And my mom found it, and saw that it was to a girl, that a boy into the I wrote it. And she was mortified. She doesn't remember the story, which is a crazy part. But um, she was mortified. And I remember the guilt that I had. I remember feeling like legitimately like, oh, my gosh, this is not okay. Like, this is not okay. And then aside from that, there was an incident with a girl in our neighborhood, where she like, tried to, like, do something with me, like, she tried to, like, get on top of me or something like that. I was like a little kid. And we're the same age roughly. And I didn't know what to do. I was just like, awkward, right? And I think her sister or someone saw and then started telling everybody in the neighborhood that I was like, a weirdo and cream and all this stuff. So pretty much anytime that I was faced with like, you know, maybe I like girls and boys. Something really bad happened. Yeah. And, you know, the mom thing, and then the neighborhood thing and people talking crap about me. And then kids in the neighborhood not talking me anymore, because apparently that whole situation was all my fault. You know, of course, people are going to, you know, like, take the side of their sibling. But at that age, a very young age, I was conditioned to be ashamed of like, who I was. And so yeah, after that I like I never ever considered, you know, dating girls or you know, anything like that. Honestly didn't date guys either, though. So like I said, like, I'm boring as hell. I did not date anybody. And I think it could have just therapy. But it probably had everything to do with my childhood. And so in, in middle school and high school, I was in jazz band. I was in marching band. I was wrestling. I was in Taekwondo. I was in the Key Club. I was in cross country, I was a football player. I was in track and field. I had no time. And I purposely purposely did all these like activities and things. And I was always busy and purposely staying busy so that I didn't have any distractions. And I learned that again, at a very young age. Just make yourself busy, distract yourself and nothing else that you will have time to do other stuff. So you're like

Unknown Speaker 58:52
you're kind of making yourself so busy and like running from potential like love. To be corny.

Unknown Speaker 59:00
I think I think before Yes, but now I do. I have a little bit more time. In my schedule right now, I do have a little more time. But I think in high school and even at the Naval Academy, I think a little bit of that had to do with me just trying to not make time for other stuff in the academy. I was. I wasn't just like boxing, I was a track and field captain. I was in the glee club where we traveled all over the country and performed and like we sing at Detroit Lions football game, like all sorts of stuff like that and and then I was also in an acapella group within the glee club called the Riveters and we would do our own practices. So a normal day was wake up boxing training, school lunch, lift with the track team, school, track and field practice, boxing practice. Bleaklow practice then riveters practice, which is the little and then I stopped my homework at 930 at night, which I was taking Damn 20 credits when I went credits right Naval Academy's average courses. Hey guys, so when I tell you I didn't have time, I did not have time. Yeah. And it's like, it's just like, I guess a reoccurring theme where I'm like, it was just, it was so too busy.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:14
Well, okay, so, you know, I know you you're staying focused, but just the lover and the person I just love love you know, and whenever someone and you're already excelling on your own, you know, like with the right partner, because I have a healthy partner, and I had my whole years and I had all my crazy shenanigans. And then when you find a healthy partner, it like blows your mind. Because it for me, in my experience, it was like, I didn't believe that you could be with someone and still achieve your goals and not sacrifice something you don't I mean, and so I'm wondering with you, because I'm just like a mushy, you know, hopeless romantic. I'm like, what if, like, maybe like online dating, like, what have you just let someone know, like, I'm a busy bitch, but I'll give you a little bit of time. Like, is there still hope like, Well, okay, number one, have you ever done online dating? And number two? No, no online dating?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11

Unknown Speaker 1:01:14
Because you can be lazy because, Oh, sugar.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17
That's the only online dating I've done is okay, I'll be your sugar baby. But I need the information for this transaction and not and not even physical stuff. Like they're like, just talk to me every day. Have a conversation with me and give me attention. And I'll pay this amount. Okay, so what payment method? Are we using? No. So I need I need to do this. I need to use this type of am I never heard of that. Yeah, well, there's only thing I can I can use. I'm really sorry. And then that's happening eight times. So that's the most romantic Wow, type of DMS, and DMS and online dating that I'm doing is those types of situations. So I understand you're saying,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
I'm just wondering if maybe online dating is in the future, potentially, because you could be like, only looking for something real casual, you know, like started as like a casual thing. And then if that person is cool, and understanding, like maybe move it to more? No, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:13
Oh, yeah, that's gonna be a tough one. Or you're not the first person to recommend or to, you know, bring up the idea by any means. So I've thought about it. I've considered it. And I don't know, maybe I'm hard headed in that sense. But I guess in my mind, I'm like, I I almost wanted to have an old fashioned way. You had an airport? To airport, I'm sorry. And we looked at each other. And we're like, hey, okay. It's like a high school musical or somebody dancing. Yeah. And then, and then from there, I get married? No, but I want it to happen naturally. But I think the new naturally is not what it used to be. Because we're in a cyber world. Now. You know, you know how it is. So I think in my mind, I almost have a baby boomer instinct to think that online dating is like, oh, that's for that's for weirdos for their meal. It's not? Yes, for them young kids. Gen Z, millennials. I think that's probably I'm a progressive person. But when it comes to that, I'm pretty not progressive in that sense. So yeah, I think that I need to revisit some

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
I know, you know, maybe not on like, you know, the fuck buddy apps or whatever. But I know some of them are more legit than others. You know, just Yeah. I'm always just trying to like put yourself out there girl, but also stay focused.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:41
Yeah, yeah. Christian Mingle? Because you mean? Yeah, I wouldn't be a good candidate for that one. But anyway,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:48
so I know you are abstinent. But you know, if you were seeing someone, do you believe in abstaining from sex before competition? Is that something that you've ever practiced in the past?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
Before competition?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
Yeah, because everyone you know, especially with boxers, it's like, the kind of old myth of like sex the night before makes your legs weak and whatever. And there's some guys that say that, you know, they do notice the effects after they come and you know, testosterone levels are lower and whatnot. For females, we usually statistically, I've been doing this podcast for two years and 99% of the female say that it helps them you know, we're more relaxed. You know, it's a release of serotonin, all the happy chemicals and whatnot. You know, what's your take on that?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:33
Um, I usually don't like to deal with people. I don't like to be around people a lot before competitions. I think personally. It would not be a good thing for me. Like even when I'm like traveling with the team. I like to have my own room, sleep in my own bed. I do my own thing. I don't like to be around. People like to meditate. Meditate in prayer, pray. And I remember the last time I did would have a roommate before a tournament. It like gave me anxiety because I had another person there. And even though they cared about me were friends like, nothing wrong with that, but it I kept feeling like, Okay, do they see me being weird and like singing to myself and dancing and like praying, meditating like, this is I can thinking and worrying about the person and not being in my own little world and for me, I need to be in my own world before I go out and compete. So honestly, I don't think it'd be good for me. You see,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
like, I don't know, you seem like someone who really needs her space. You know, like, yeah, when you do find that person. You know who whatever they do. It seems like that's something no matter what that you, because I'm a clingy bitch. I'm codependent as fuck like I'm like, everywhere. I know. But that's not everyone. And it sounds like you need to be with someone who allows you your space and who is in all over you all the time. Like, that seems like yeah, very important factor for success in a relationship for you. For

Unknown Speaker 1:06:01
sure, no, that's a great point. And even I think about it now. And I'm like, not that I don't love my family. And then not that I don't love people. But I like I don't FaceTime people hardly at all. I'm talking like once a month. I don't frequently call or talk to I'm not like regularly talking to people unless I'm sending my Wordle. You know, Wordle is no, which is again, an online game, and you have to figure out a word. I like send someone like that I got the word, right. I'll send a group chat that every day. But I don't have constant communication and like a constant narrative or storyline, or like it has I don't, I don't have that continuity with people. And I don't know if that's just my personality, or if I'm just like, kind of cold hearted a little bit sometimes. But I think having space is very important to me. I think you're right, I just I don't like to constantly bombard people and people don't want them to be in my stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:02
It sounds like you thrive when you stay in your own lane. And there's nothing wrong with that. And it's not like you're some super sad person, you know, it's yeah, you just understand that?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:12
Hopefully not? No, no, not.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:16
To me, it just seems like you understand your personality traits. And you know that, you know, not being in a relationship is going to get you to your goals faster. And for me, like say no more, say less. Like, that's, that's all that matters. You know, I'm a very goal driven person. And if my partner was impeding me from reaching those goals, he knows that he would be the first out the door, because who are wrong? Yeah, like, who are we without these goals? You know, like, I don't want to just be someone's girlfriend or just, you know, like, I think, you know, for me and my goals, that basically, for me, it's like, that's who I am. That's my legacy. That's, you know, that's what people how people are gonna remember me. And that's important to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:58
Absolutely, absolutely. And timing management. And we talked about this, where, you know, I'll be sometimes in my room trying to learn a song and the guitar trumpet or something like that for like, two hours, and they go crazy, all for just one story on Instagram. And it's like, like, like we talked about earlier. I know my personality. And it would be it'd be difficult. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it would be difficult to be fully, like committed somebody without kind of like putting boxing or training or those goals a little bit to the side. Not that I can't compromise it people. But I do like to, like, I have a goal if I have a plan or a vision. I like to like go for the Nevada, you know, work it out with somebody and well, I don't want to live there. Or oh, man, that but you'll be gone for six weeks. Eight weeks? Yeah, I'll be gone for eight weeks. What? What do you What? What?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:59
Excuse me? Yeah. Go train. Not the fun side of relationships that compromise and what yeah, definitely having to let someone I'm a very independent woman, and to be in a healthy relationship where you, you know, hey, I'm going here. Hey, you know, like, it feels not independent. I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:18
I'll do what I won't. But then I'm like, exactly. Damn it. I

Unknown Speaker 1:09:21
love you. So I gotta tell you what I'm doing.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
Exactly, exactly. No, it's true. It's true. But

Unknown Speaker 1:09:28
well, you know, I honestly even as crazy as it sounds, and I could never do it myself. I really respect that you understand the way your brain works. You understand? You have a short window for the goals that you have set for yourself, and nothing's gonna get in the way not even love and I love that girl. I love that so much. Thank you. Let's end this show with two fun segments. One is a game of Fuck, Marry kill. And the last is some fam questions that we pulled from online. Do

Unknown Speaker 1:10:06
you want to kill one go? I think we're done. We're done here. Okay. Oh, boy. All right. So keep in mind you guys, hold on pause. You all know, I didn't say it earlier, but I'm still in military and still Marine. Yeah, so I had to be careful. I had young marines that watch me that watch what I'm doing. And I've also been in trouble before for social media misconduct, because sometimes I get a little excited. And I say things and call people out and I shouldn't. So just, it's going to be the PG 13 version. Don't be disappointed. I'm sorry. I just had handled it.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
I understand. And now that you and I have talked, you know, like, obviously, like, I'm holding back from asking certain questions, because I respect the situation that you're in. And, you know, I can't imagine what it's been like, I feel like you've been in some kind of military scenario since you're 18. Right. So fucking decades of being in a male dominated, you know, industry where, you know, I can't imagine I can't imagine I've been in MMA for a very long time. And sometimes females get the short end of the stick, but I imagine you've got an even shorter end of the stick in the military, but we'll just leave it at that. I'm ready. All right, this game is really fun. We're not really trying to kill kill anybody. It's just a fucking game, guys. But I'm gonna give her three names, and she's going to tell me out of those three names, who she would fuck, who she would marry and who she would kill. Now, we, we didn't want to get you in trouble. So we stayed away from military people, but we're like, Alright, here's some boxers and

Unknown Speaker 1:11:42
presidents and presidents and presidents.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:47
Okay. You have Andre Ward, Roy Jones, Jr. and Oscar De La Hoya. You're gonna choose from Mary Hill.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:56
I'm killing it. He got AB implants. I can't do that. He has one those are implants. AB implants. He

Unknown Speaker 1:12:05
did he really? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:07
The man is constantly in the flexed. Yeah, it was another all across dress. And that's cool. I'm down for that. But it's the is the Abin plants that you're gone. Oscar. I'm sorry. That's real. He

Unknown Speaker 1:12:17
really did have implants.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:19
Yes. You have to look it up later. It's hilarious. I looked at the picture. I'm like, Okay, there's no definition anywhere here. Your arms look like old man's arms. But then out of nowhere. You have a six pack. And it's not moving because their abs when you breathe. Yeah, they flex and they not and they don't flex. Right. They? I guess the word is that. His are always moving around. Dude, this is bad. But anyway, yeah, he's gone. Oh, my. Okay. I'd marry Andre Ward. Emery Andre Ward. And then I guess, me, me and Roy, are

Unknown Speaker 1:12:51
you banging Roy Jones? I

Unknown Speaker 1:12:53
guess Yeah. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:53
Yeah. Well, thank you for playing in that game. Okay, that was the I was the only one that's the only game we're gonna play and before Okay, so for everyone who listens to the show, they know that this is the point where I ask you to tell us like all your social media handles. What should people look out for? I know you're training you know, you have a tour camp coming up at the Colorado Training Center. I don't know if people can follow along or anything else you want to plug plug it right now before we head over to the UFC fight pass platform. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:26
Steph Simon. 94 ste pH. Si mo n 94. That's Tik Tok and Instagram.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:33
Guys, guys before let me stop real quick. Because if we didn't get a chance to talk about like, you're the acting or you know, I know you play five instruments. But guys follow this woman. She's so fucking funny.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:48
I prepared for this. I'll end with a song. I'll sing for you guys. It's very end. But yes. Okay. That's great. Yeah, so my now I will say to you that I am trying to make a shift on my social media to be a little bit more serious, a lot more serious. Just because I'm trying to freaking get sponsored. And I know I have the resume and the story but I don't have like companies look at my page and be like, What is going on? Like you're wearing a wig in that video? You're playing the trumpet in that video. I think your marine like what what are you why are you dressed up like Kamala Harris and why are you dancing and heels but jump roping and heels too. So I have so much random stuff on my page for those you that you know, look it up.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:29
But I don't I don't. I think honestly, there's my two cents. And we talked briefly about this when we spoke on the phone but it's like you're doing everything that other people are scared to do you know like you're being authentic and real and goofy and and I think all you maybe should do is just take a couple legit photo shoots or you know, like, what you're not goofy, you know? Because you're beautiful. You're beautiful stuff, you know, and I just don't think that you have time because you're so fucking busy playing 27 instruments and 27 sports and whatnot, but a couple girly photo shoots, but like, please don't stop being the real funny, authentic you because that's what got my attention. I was like, This chick is fucking hilarious. And I didn't care how many followers you had, you know, I didn't care that you didn't have one of these girly photo shoots, like, Whatever you do, just keep putting the good content out.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:23
I appreciate it. I appreciate it. Yeah, I'm trying to figure that out and balance it, for sure. And I don't want people to be like, are you change smiling anymore, but going off serious. But yeah, I'm getting, I'm getting a lot of help with, like I said, getting better. Like footage and a lot of good stuff coming out. So follow me, I promise you will not be disappointed I have amazing photographer videographer that I'm working with. And we shot 11 hours of content on Monday 11 hours, I switched outfits like 10 times to like make it look like I was there different days and stuff because it basically wanted to get in one shot. And once you like a month of different I guess like material content. So like working, yeah, working really hard on that. And and then my YouTube is stiff Simon or Stephanie Simon 123. And on there, you have all sorts, all sorts of videos. I've been putting up more shorts, more videos on my covers, I do a lot of music covers, I cover a lot of different songs and artists. And those are like one of the things I love to do the most, I have what's called a loop pedal, which is like a little machine where you sing into it, and you can press the machine and it plays a loop over and over again. So I harmonized with myself and then I can make a beat. And then have the melody. So I basically make a one person band, these are things that like I promised you guys know, the fighters doing the stuff. So, a when I make it because I will, um, I feel like it's going to be cool to be able to mix all that into my fighting persona and everything like kind of like the duality of the artists more vulnerable side and like, person that's not compared. So

Unknown Speaker 1:17:06
I think honestly, stuff, you know, you you will make it I think obviously, you've been successful in pretty much everything you put your mind to. And so it's only a matter of time before I see you explode on the MMA scene. And I'm excited because we don't have a lot of characters like you who are fucking super skilled and who can, you know, play the instrument and be super, you know, silly and do skits and whatnot. So, I think that when you have the platform of MMA because it's so fucking popular right now, and I'm grateful for that, you know, like mixed with your personality, you're going to explode and I will be like, I found her first. I found her first. No,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:43
no, it is. I, I when I saw your podcast, and I saw who you were, I thought to myself, you know, she'll probably interview me when I get in the UFC or I'm like, eventually, you know, actually legit followers. She'll probably interview me later on the road, you know, for now, you know will follow. I did not think that you would be willing to speak to me with frickin 4000 followers in my uncle's house in my uncle's house. Like, this is cool, man. Wait, wait till I freakin tell my mom. So I appreciate that so much and free believing in me and for all the positivity. Yeah, no worries.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:47
All right, that's it for episode 131 with Steph Simon, I knew that was gonna be a great guest. I just had a feeling. And I'm really happy that I just branched out and just asked a random person because it's it's hard to find someone with a buttload of followers, and you know, with a huge name, and then also they have to be comfortable talking about sex, and maybe they're in camp and it's just hard sometimes to find good guests. And I find that not always the guest. It's not always the guest with the most followers that has the best stories or is the most inspirational or even the most entertaining, so it was not disappointed with stuff. And again, like I tell you every week, UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events. The largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at UFC fight pass backslash signup. Okay, next week. I am very excited about this guest it's been a minute since we've had a male on so alright ladies here is a guy a male guest we have Alex procerus, aka Bruce Lee Roy. He has been in the UFC for a minute now he has 3434 Pro fights. He's been professional since 2008 and is currently number 15 in the UFC featherweight rankings. Very, very excited to talk to him. He was on a, like a five fight win streak until pretty recently. I think he lost forget who he lost to. But now he's back in the win column again. But yeah, I just remember thinking like, Damn he, he lost a couple and then came back and went on like a tear like a firefight tear. And now he's like, last 111. And I'm just excited to talk to him. He is a fellow plant based eater, which if you guys don't know that about me, then I guess I've done a good job of not talking about veganism. I guess vegans and plant based people, we are notorious for letting you know that we are plant based. But yeah, I'm excited to talk to him about that, because there's not a lot of MMA fighters that are plant based. So it's kind of an interesting topic. And of course, we'll talk about sex violence and everything in between. Stay tuned for that one, guys. Thank you so much for all your fan questions for always tuning in and for supporting the podcast by buying merch at our website, sex violence with rebel by sending us all of your guest suggestions, or just sending emails, and that is sex and violence. Thank you so much, guys. And lastly, any of you guys who subscribe to my exclusive content site that really really helps out and I'm just grateful that that is doing so well because then I can put more time into podcasting and cranking out more content for you guys training and getting back in the cage, physical therapy and all the other stuff that I need to do because that site is doing well. If you want to check it out. It's Ashley rebel over 18 It is the naughty site. So check that out guys. And lastly, please rate and review this show or just send it to a friend because word of mouth is definitely the best marketing. I love you guys. Thank you so much. And a special thank you to DJ Zol at DJ Zol on Instagram tomorrow kid studios app tomorrow kids official and you can always find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl all spelled out and myself at Ashley MMA, both of which were shadow banned recently. I'm not sure what we did. I mean we're always in trouble but that was interesting. Normally it's just the sex and violence page that gets shadow banned but your girl my personal page was shadow banned too. So I don't know always on the shit list. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. I'll talk to you next week with a new guest and more tales sex and violence.

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