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Ep.133 Sabina "Colombian Queen" Mazo

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What's happening hot stuff, what's up my naughty listeners we are back in the studio. I'm very excited. This is actually our first full video episode. So please excuse us as we work out the kinks and tweaks and whatnot. But we're started we're getting on it. And we can't tell you exactly where this content is going to be. But you know that we are partnered and presented by UFC fight pass. So a lot of cool things are going to be happening on there. And this is the part of the show where it's before the guest interview, and I call it the ash update. It's basically what's going on with my life, you get to know me your host a little bit better, and gives me a chance to talk about whatever the fuck I want to talk about. And right now, I'm probably going to keep it very short and sweet. So we can work on the technical aspect of the episode. But there's things that I tell you guys every single week, and it really does help our show. And if you're a longtime listener, then you're probably tired of hearing it, but I'm gonna say it anyway. So please check out our website, which is sex violence with rebel Not sex and violence, somebody else took that. So sex violence with rebel We have merchandise that's where all of our library or catalog is you can hear every single episode we've ever done. What else is on there? There's links to autographs if you want autographs, consigned pictures, different things like that. And anything you buy, obviously helps the podcast grow and pays for studio fees and stuff like that. So check us out on sex violence with rebel And then if you want to email us that's sex and also sex and violence And yes, I do see every single email on there. I checked them and I answer back in last year being a perv, then I don't answer back. But sometimes I do actually. So email us if you have any guest suggestions, you would like to sponsor the show, we are always looking for new sponsors. Or if you just have like a funny story, or even some comments about the podcast, you want to critique us good or bad, I don't care. I'm always looking to get better. And then lastly, if you guys could pretty please rate and review the show. This takes two seconds, and it makes the world of difference for us. So go to your Spotify, Apple Deezer pod chaser, whatever it is, go give us a little review. Give us some stars, it doesn't matter if it's one or five, you know, whatever your input is, we appreciate it. And it helps us move up on the charts so more people can discover us and listen to sex and violence. And yeah, so that's about it. And I'm gonna do one quick sponsor read right now and not really sure if you guys watching the video will see this but the audio podcast you guys will definitely hear this sponsor. Okay guys, let me tell you about our newest sponsor of sex and violence podcast with rebel girl, EA Tax Resolutions. They are professionals that will help with tax issues and bookkeeping. Whether you're looking to settle your tax debt for less than you owe, or have back taxes that you need to file. EA Tax Resolutions can help you out. Don't believe me? Check out their YouTube channel EA Tax Resolutions where they show exactly how they've helped clients in the past save 1000s in taxes. Not only does EA Tax Resolutions help with tax issues, but with bookkeeping. Now bookkeeping is commonly overlooked by small businesses, myself included as not being the most important however, this is very crucial come tax time. Instead of scrambling for receipts, all your information is organized and most importantly, accurate. So If you have a small business and you're looking for a bookkeeper, EA Tax Resolutions can help you out. And remember, if you want to learn more about EA Tax Resolutions, you can visit their YouTube channel, EA Tax Resolutions or call them at their 800 Number 1-800-245-0596 Again 1-800-245-0596 Or visit them at their website. EA tax Today's guest is a Colombian mixed martial artist who competes in the flyweight division. She's a UFC veteran and the former two time LFA flyweight champion. The Brazilian jujitsu brown belt holds a nine and four record trains out of Black House MMA and is looking to earn her way back into the UFC. We talk about her LFA title fight and UFC returned benefits of training with other women loves a bearded man, her new love for all things nutrition, clean teeth, a must dealing with machismo man, daddy's girl feet, DMS and unwarranted dick pics, starting her own podcast, risking career for love and much more. Here's your guest Sabina Colombian Queen Mazo?

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All right, so we are here with the amazing the talented, the beautiful, Sabina Mazo. Sabina, thank you so much for coming on the show. How are you today? And is that your brand new car?

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Yeah. Super excited. I'm not excited to have to do the interview in the car, you know?

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Well, if you're gonna do it in a car might as well be your brand spanking new car.

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Yeah, yeah. But yeah, I'm super good. I'm happy. I'm a little sick, because of this crazy weather. But, you know, I'm good.

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Okay. All right, good. Well, I'm so excited. You know, you and I are teammates. And I've been actually wanting to have you on the podcast, but I wanted to, you know, pick, choose the right time. And it feels right now. It feels perfect right now, because I actually just got back from your home city of managing Colombia. And I really fell in love with it. And so let's just talk about that place for a second. Because I haven't got to tell you that I just, man, the people there, they were so friendly. You know, like in here in America, I think everybody kind of stays in their own lane. Over there. You go into the elevator. And everybody's like, when a start is like, you know, they greet you and you're like, Do I know you? You know, and I'm like, and you get out the elevator. They're like, goodbye. And I'm like, Dude, I know that person. And then everybody does it. You know? And there's a couple things like that, that I noticed. And I'm like, wow, this is a really cool place.

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Yeah, well, you you by telling me that it just reminds me of home. Because I'm so used to live here now. That at the beginning, I did have that shock. Like, why is people so rude to me? Like, why are they having like a bad day? But it's normal? You know? But once? Yeah, whenever I go back, I feel those little differences were people really, I don't know, they they, they try to beat you or like have a conversation. You know, if you go to a store to buy something, you always end up talking about your life to someone that you don't even know. Yeah, so it is kind of nice. For sure. I want to hear you liked it. I

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do. Oh, man. Yeah, everybody was very warm. That was something that was very different. The weather was perfect. And I guess they call it the city of eternal spring. Which is, it was perfect. It was like great weather. We went horseback riding. That was my first time horseback riding ever had a really good experience. We went to a

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party, which is a horseback riding because what we do there normally is that well, you can just horseback riding normal, like a nice trip through nature. Or there's this other that we call Carl data that you go in the horses. I was back riding, but there's one of the horses with music, and everyone is drinking and it's a party horseback riding. I'm not trying to say the great thing with animals but yeah, it's a typical thing. We use it.

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Wow. No, I didn't know that. That was a thing. That sounds even more fun. I think you know, because we're tourists and I told them that was my first Time, you know, on a horse, it was a really intermediate trail. I really, you know, I was like galloping at one point. And I thought to myself, like, oh, I can do this, but then you just, if you have never ridden a horse before, and you don't know how to do it, it's kind of almost like painful, you know, like, you get really sore. And if you got big boobies, it's just too much bouncing.

Unknown Speaker 10:23
Yeah, honestly, I

Unknown Speaker 10:24
should have worn a sports bra. I was like, this is not, you know, it's just too much.

Unknown Speaker 10:32
But it was a really good toe.

Unknown Speaker 10:34
If you go through in August, we have, it's called pretty close. And there's like, they close all the streets, and they show like this kind of art made by flowers. And after all those flowers, like they pass with those arts, everyone is like horseback riding through the city. So it's pretty fun.

Unknown Speaker 10:54
Oh, and you know what, on one of the tours, I the horseback riding tour, I found out a lot of history about the city and the country and whatnot. And I'm probably going to say this wrong, but the Sagittarius is

Unknown Speaker 11:08
so good. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Unknown Speaker 11:11
Okay, yeah. And so those guys used to be basically like the old school, human Uber's. You know, like, they would have like this big chair on their back. And then people would like, sit on the chair, and they would just carry people around. I'm like, wow, exactly. Yeah. So I learned a little bit about where you came from. And I really liked it. And I, I do want to go back eventually. Because, you know, half my time was spent getting poked in my spine and my arm and my knee and whatnot. But you know, you know, all that.

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Yeah, can show you a little bit deeper in the in the coach.

Unknown Speaker 11:45
Yeah, because we actually, I wanted to play it safe. So we just stayed in the big mall. You know, el Tesoro, there's a huge mall there. And it's really nice area. But we didn't go out into the actual city too much. So it would be nice to have a local show us and that okay, so speaking of you being a local, I found out one thing, they said that there's like no racism there, like people don't care, you know, if you're black, white, whatever, doesn't matter. But they said that there's something. There's like, a class system there, where it's like, you're in class one to six. And they said, and I was like, What do you mean? And they're like, Well, you know, it's kind of like, if somebody in class one wants to date somebody in class six, that's not going to happen. And I'm like, you know, like, is that true?

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Though, I mean, it really, it is kind of just a little bit too dramatic that way, but going back to the racism, I I never felt this kind of racism, you know, I only felt that when I came here. By being like, or Latin American, or, because I speak Spanish. But when I when I lived there, you know, I grew up Minnijean is a city where you have black people, white people, you know, brownish, that you have everything God because we're a mixture, you know, we are there was a people, the local people, and then the Spanish people came in, and there was just a good mixture of it. So no, there's not a lot of racism there. And in that sense, definitely not. And about this, the classes, yes, you can see that it's more like money wise, where you see the division. But the dating part? Not that much to be honest, because the bad guys in Colombia are the ones that have like more women, right? And you see the lower class, like the more bad guy kind of style. So not necessarily about that. No,

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yeah. Okay. Okay, maybe my tour guide was being a little dramatic there. Speaking, since we're talking about Colombia and the culture, I wanted to ask you how sexuality is approached, maybe, you know, in your family, but also just in, you know, in your culture in general, because, you know, for example, I had on our teammate, Tabitha Ritchie, and she said that in Brazil, it's no big deal. She went home and she told her parents about you know, the first time she lost her virginity, you know, just not a big deal. But if you tell someone here in America, oh, yeah, I lost my virginity. And then I went, and I talked to my parents, people were like, they like gasp like, No, we would never do that. So I'm kind of wondering like where, you know, Columbia kind of falls in that scale.

Unknown Speaker 14:37
So I think it's hard to generalize, because I think it's family to family. Everyone is different. And it depends on the class you are in. It really depends on a lot of stuff. So it's hard to generalize, I would say. Yes, it is a little bit more open minded culture. In some sense. I personally had experiences I'm having a really open relationship with my parents. You know, we've talked about drugs about sex about absolutely everything since I was very young, you know, I used to my parents used to party and they didn't have like someone to take care of me. So I went to the party with them. And I had to sleep in the chair while they were like drinking and, you know, I saw a lot of stuff. So I was pretty, you know, I don't know, open about it since I was very young. So it was, yeah, in my case, I think it was pretty open. I always have conversations with my parents about it. But yeah, that's, that's me. I have a lot of friends, which is totally the opposite. They have to hide until now. And they cannot talk even about sex. So it depends.

Unknown Speaker 15:46
You're right, you're right. You know, and it is hard to generalize an entire country, you know, but yeah, I just wanted to know, your personal experience. And actually, now that you mentioned your Dad, I've seen him twice in the gym. And he lives in Colombia. So you guys must have a good relationship. Right? He's coming over flying to see you. Oh, yeah. Right. That's awesome. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 16:07
love my dad. I love I mean, I have a good relationship with all my family but my dad, he, he gets along very well with me. You know, we're very similar personality, the personality and everything. So yes, he goes he comes here. He visits me he likes to watch you know me fight and whenever he has like a chance bombs, my mom as well. So do you have brothers and sisters? I have one sister. She's older than does she do only five years?

Unknown Speaker 16:35
Five years. Does she do any sports? Was she like?

Unknown Speaker 16:39
Oh, no, we're completely dependent. Like we don't even look alive. Really. We she doesn't like sports. She's a businesswoman. She's like, smaller.

Unknown Speaker 16:49
big boobs.

Unknown Speaker 16:52
Super different. You know, even design like everything.

Unknown Speaker 16:54
Yeah, yeah, that's okay. So let's get along. Okay, that's awesome. Let's talk a little bit about your fight career and I, I know what's going on with you. But I kind of just want everyone to know, you know, so your UFC veteran, you are the former LFA champion two time LFA flyweight champion, super exciting. I always wanted to train with you because you were local. And I remember actually, before we started training at Black House, I contacted you through Instagram and was like, hey, you know if you ever want to train your Alright, Kings MMA, I believe. And here we are. Now we're teammates. And I just, you know, I gotta tell everybody that from day one, when I went to the gym at blackhouse, I've been coming back from my injury. So I would kind of like, you know, be lingering on the mat and watching everyone do full training. You were always there early. You were always there later than everybody. And you're always just out working people even when you were injured. And so I'm super excited, because I know, right now, it's a important time for you. But let me hear from you. What's got what do you have going on that fight wise?

Unknown Speaker 18:01
So I'm starting with like I my last year was one year ago, they marched Well, in the UFC. So I naturally I had to take that year off just because of adapting I was finally in a good team. For me. I'll go more like into details. But yes, I was in the UFC right now. I'm like in my row back to the Gipsy. I'm going to fight like in the LFA. Again, for the belt. If I have to defend it, I will. And then my plan is to go back to the UFC. So that's why my goals like fight wise. But yeah, I was gonna fight in December for the belt, I got injured, like you were mentioning, so I had to, you know, restructure everything again. I don't know, I'm very passionate about my sport and what I do so for me, it's not hard to train. I mean, for sure, there's days that are hard, and there's things that I like to, but I don't know, I feel like a wheel like a fire on me. So it really doesn't let me sleep. It's like, I wake up and I'm ready to go, I have to train and then I work I rest, but everything is focused to fight. So yeah, I don't know. It's like, it's already my lifestyle.

Unknown Speaker 19:22
I love that. And, you know, I wish that, you know, five, six years ago, I had the type of focus and fire like you said, that I do now because now I'm older. I'm 35 and I feel the urgency, you know, so I wake up with that same fire and like, there's no time left and I look at you and you're 10 years younger than me and you have that same fire as if it's the end of your career, as if you know, you're 35 We're getting towards the end, you know, and so it's it's exciting to watch you train. Do you have an actual fight? Signed ain't

Unknown Speaker 19:59
Yeah, so Oh, I do have a slide for May 19. I just don't have appointment yet. I mean, there's been issues with it, but I'm focusing on that date, if it happens, or not, whatever, but I'm doing everything towards that by the future, I'll have an opponent soon, yes or no, just to, you know, make adjustments in the game plan and strategy. But overall, I'm training, you know, because I, you know, things can change. Last minute, you can change a bone and right away, so, yes, it matters that you have like someone in mind. But at the end of the day, if you're not putting the work, and you're like, oh, no, I'm just gonna get ready when they tell me Well, I'm gonna fight. That doesn't work for me. You know, I really don't believe I never believed in fightcamp in some sense, for sure. You need to timeframe to prepare your training and to, you know, make all the math and all the things for a week. But I don't believe on like, Oh, I'm gonna start training for a fight. You know, I train, I train because that's what I do. And I like to fight. And I like to show my work, but I'm not going to just get ready for.

Unknown Speaker 21:08
It sounds like you are you live live by the motto. Stay ready. Wait, what? How's it go? Stay ready. You don't gotta get ready. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, well, how has your training been going? Obviously, you're at blackhouse. What's it like training for you at blackhouse? And then do you train anywhere else?

Unknown Speaker 21:29
Yeah, so I like a lot of training blackhouse there's a really good group of girls, we train over there. And I really like that, because it's that competitive part. And I really see that improvement, you know, training, for example, with, let's say, this week, I was with Peter and we were rolling. And the same attack I did didn't work. So now my mind is like, motherfucker, I don't have to adjust my game to make her top. It didn't work. Now she's tapping me or what is wrong? You know, what can I do to get better? So that like, very, it's a nice, friendly rivalry to have. Yeah. But I need that, you know, I really need that. Because when I went only with guys, or there was two things, or they go too soft, were like, we're not evolving, and it's okay. Or were like, they were really putting the work. And yes, that was what it mean, that was teaching me to be you know, resistant and like, be tough. But I was not really working anything with it. You know, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:36
it's really hard to, you know, execute your skills against a man, a professional male fighter who's not going to soft on you, you know, like, you really have to, as a man with a female partner at the high level, you can't go full speed most of the time, you know, because it's just, you know, we're different. So yeah, I can I personally understand that struggle as well. And actually, Jacqueline, Calvin, Dante, is how you say, say last name,

Unknown Speaker 23:06
Tao kanji in Portuguese way better. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:10
But yeah, you know, you and her, you know, these are like some women that are my size and like, you know, a decade younger than me, but as as, like, scary as it is for me, because I have, you know, a lot of weight on my shoulders coming back and the urgency and stuff like that, it's also so exciting, because that's what we need, right? Women are sighs on the highest level, that you know, some days, you know, you guys are gonna beat the fuck out of me. And some days I'm going to get the better of you. And at the end of the day, we just appreciate that we're helping each other get better, and we don't take it personal. And I think that's actually something that women who if they're not professional, you know, mentally they do that, you know, they it becomes an unhealthy rivalry and it's like, No, bro, I'm your teammate. I'm here to punch you but make you better know

Unknown Speaker 24:00
exactly. I mean it's hard not to look at that way for me. You know, it's hard not to look at that way. So that's why I feel so good where I'm at right now. I have the right people. You asked me for other gyms I do train my jujitsu in another place in Gracie Baja Northridge with Victor's to video. Basically, all the rest they do everything in the blackout site. I have everything I live so close the gym, thankfully, because I'm there like almost 24/7

Unknown Speaker 24:33
Yeah, I was just gonna say I thought you right now you're like, I live close. And I thought you're gonna say I live in the gym and I was gonna say yeah, I seen you You're always there. You will do live in the gym. It's awesome. Yeah, so I know you got you know the LFA title fight. Me you said right.

Unknown Speaker 24:50
Yeah, thank you. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 24:51
And then so besides fighting you said you know you love it. There's a fire but what else kind of excites you you know, are you into other things? What are some other hobbies? And also kind of what do you want to use your platform for? You've been to the highest level in the UFC, you're gonna get back there, it's just a matter of time, what do you want to use your platform for?

Unknown Speaker 25:12
So I do have another passion that I'm trying to right now work more towards it. And it's nutrition. You know, when I first came here to the US, I went to college, I went to study nutrition. So I really like it. I never really worked with it just because of time because I was, you know, I'm just sort of focusing Biden in that day. But I'm in a, in a time of my life, where I learned that I can do multiple things at the same time. You know? So definitely, nutrition is something that I really like, and I would like to work with it in a future not. I'm not, I'm not sure with fighters but with people, because I don't know, I feel fighters were very complicated. And it's a different world. With people Yes. Just, I don't know, I feel like I pass through a transformation, when I lose weight, the way I want to look, and that makes me feel so powerful. And I feel I should share that with other people. I want people to feel that way, you know, to have at least, you know, the tools to to wake up like with a, you know, liking you

Unknown Speaker 26:30
confidence. So confidence.

Unknown Speaker 26:32
Yes. Competence. And the past year, around. Yeah, the past 910 months, I started to do like, lifting weights and changing my nutrition. And it completely changed my body and completely changed my mind and my training and my life, you know? So I'm just starting, again, 10 months that I've been in this process, and I already saw so much that I'm like, excited to see how is it going to be like in the future, and maybe, you know, maybe you should share this with others, and they can transform themselves.

Unknown Speaker 27:05
I love that. And like you said, touching on what you said, like I thought I couldn't do two things. But nutrition complements what you're doing right now with fighting. So the more you read, and the more you learn, and the more you spread the knowledge, you know, it's just like, coaching other people, right? You may think you don't have time to teach other people. But when you teach others, it's just reinforcing. You know, the stuff that you know, it's good for you. So that's perfect. I love that. And I love that you said maybe not with fighters because people always say, oh, you're a fighter. You want to open a gym later. I'm like, No, I don't want to open a gym.

Unknown Speaker 27:41
I don't I don't think so to be honest. Do you want to be a teacher? Oh, yeah, no, no, that's perfect. Well, I don't think

Unknown Speaker 27:53
maybe you can into nutrition and you know, like personal training as well. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 27:59
I do that actually. I teach. I don't teach fighters I teach people martial arts. I teach jujitsu. Why today or wrestling or MMA? So I can implement that actually personal training with the nutrition that's behind you.

Unknown Speaker 28:16
So you're a full time fighter, personal trainer, and then you've got your own, you know, hobbies. Do you have time? I guess I should ask you. What is your current dating status? Are you seeing anyone and yeah, a lot of fighters come on the show. And they say I'm just too busy to even see anyone. So what's your current dating status?

Unknown Speaker 28:36
So there's not actually a too busy? Because I always put this example. Imagine the people that are fighters that have kids. That is time consuming. I don't have kids. I don't have dogs. I don't have anything. So I actually yeah, I mean, it's nothing. But yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:56
Okay, okay. Oh, I can tell it's new by the way. You said that. Yeah. She's like, by someone.

Unknown Speaker 29:05
But yeah. Okay. I think we have time for everything is just managing times for sure. Yeah. Yeah, you can.

Unknown Speaker 29:12
So what is your opinion? I love asking some of the same questions on the podcast because they're just so relevant, like dating in the industry. A lot of people say, Don't do it. And a lot of people say it's hard not to, you know, almost impossible when your day like you, you're 24/7 in the gym pretty much. It's like I don't have time to go to the bar to meet somebody or to the movies or whatnot. So what is your opinion on dating in the industry pros and cons?

Unknown Speaker 29:42
Oh, that's, that's a really hard one because I think I'm in the middle row. I already had an experience, you know, dating someone I used to train with. And guess it's hard not to date someone because again, you're the host I'm here in a gym, I don't usually go to bars. I don't like dating apps, I basically, always in the street, like random, something happened for, or in the gym, you know, in the industry. So it's hard not to. But it's very hard. I think it really depends on who you're dealing with. You cannot generalize for sure, but it's complicated, because you're seeing the person almost all the time at home, if you already live with the person in the training session, and like, sometimes, it's hard when that person is giving you like commands and say to someone, you You're, you're training. So the person is giving you commands all this time, and then you go home, and, you know, what, when is that going to change? You know, like, try to separate all the roles? Yeah. So it is it is very complicated. In my case, in my experience, where I already passed, it was not a great idea. But I think I cannot generalize, I think, again, it's, it depends on the person who you're with, and how the how mature the person is,

Unknown Speaker 31:09
yeah, what are some benefits, some pros, in your opinion of dating someone in industry, another fighter, or, you know, a coach, or someone,

Unknown Speaker 31:20
I think, just the passion you got, if you share the passion with that person, yeah, it can be very beneficial, because you can learn with it, you can, you know, share your thoughts and, like, grow with it, or ask, you know, techniques or whatever. So I think that's actually really good, because you kind of put in that extra work by talking with that person. So I think that's something good, also, the person is going to understand your sport, you know, that person already passed through fights, or in that person was no, if you feel, I don't know, too tired after trainings, or you're exhausted, or you're cutting weight. So a lot of people don't understand that. If you ask them, you're dating a doctor, maybe that person is like, what is this? What is going on? You know, all

Unknown Speaker 32:11
with all these things.

Unknown Speaker 32:13
So I think that's actually a good thing because they can understand and really deal with, with a different point of

Unknown Speaker 32:23
view. Yeah, there's so many weird and unique aspects to being a professional MMA fighter, that it's exhausting sometimes having to explain to a new person. No, I'm not starving myself. No, I'm not cheating on you with the gym. No, no, it's just like all these weird little things. That when you meet someone and they're in the industry, that's definitely a pro and my, my opinion, like you said, it's just like, Okay, you get it, it may not be easy for you to get you know, some people don't like that we're, you know, giving all of our time to our sport, you know, because it is a very selfish sport, but it is what it is. So, you're seeing someone I won't pry on who that is, but I want to know, What's your type? Like, what do you like, physicality wise? And then also, you know, what's sexy to you characteristic wise and personality?

Unknown Speaker 33:15
Okay, one of the things that I'm going to talk about the outside lane, but one of the things that attracts me the most is when someone it's like, very dedicated, you know, when someone really gives it all I don't like the lazy one. I don't like I don't like the guy that is, you know, doing halfway things. No, I need the person that is in the top. So I think attitude for sure. Something that it is a it is a it is the most important thing of it. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:54
I I agree. 100% You know, I always joke around I'm like, Okay, if you would ask me 10 years ago, what I like and a partner, I'd be like, he has to be funny and good in bed. And now I'm like, you know, my boyfriend of over three years like the sexiest but the times that I think he is the most sexy is when he's either like sweating like training hard come home, and he I can you could just tell he worked so hard. Or like just watching him like achieve his his goals because you know, firsthand. You see them work hard and it's just like, That, to me is sexy. You know, someone who's just like constantly working hard to improve themselves. Yeah, I get what you're saying. For sure. So what about physical looks?

Unknown Speaker 34:42
The physical Ugh

Unknown Speaker 34:45
You know, I like beard when they have beer.

Unknown Speaker 34:47
Like a beard. Yeah. Do you do DJs Oh yeah, I like that. I like I think

Unknown Speaker 34:58
I think there's is back to physical but there's just some, some things like has to be a clean person that changes everything like a good smile. Not to like clean tea. I cannot deal with that. No.

Unknown Speaker 35:14
Yeah, I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 35:17
You're tall. Do you like a tall guy?

Unknown Speaker 35:20
Yeah, but I already dated people like, a little bit smaller than. Okay. It's not that. I mean, it's not. It's not something that I looked at much things others.

Unknown Speaker 35:32
Okay. All right, just one. And you mentioned before, that you don't do online dating is that because you did it one time and had a horrible experience? Or you just don't like the idea of meeting meeting someone that you've never met in person?

Unknown Speaker 35:47
Okay, so I'll freak out. First of all, there's so many crazy people out there. Imagine that in the worst situations ever? I don't know if it's because I grew up in Colombia and like, you have to be aware of everything you have to be aware of who's walking, if something bad is gonna happen. I don't trust a lot of things. You know. So just the idea of dating someone that I don't know. But just seeing a picture. It just freaks me out.

Unknown Speaker 36:15
That's good. You're probably very unlikely to get murdered. Good for you, Sabina.

Unknown Speaker 36:24
I think the worst thing, imagine something can happen. What can I do? Like, yes, I fight but whatever they have a gun or not? I don't know. I don't know. I so I freak out. I don't like it. And it just, I don't know, I like a lot. I'm kind of that old school. In that sense. I like the I like the meeting the person. I like the conversations. I like to look, you know, I like that kind of style. So I don't I don't think I don't think I like that.

Unknown Speaker 36:57
Yeah. Well, you know, online dating is not for everyone. Then you get people who get catfished you and you know that their pictures are 10 years old. You know, it's just yeah, it's a scary thing. For sure. So I don't blame you. You mentioned since you're from Colombia, and it got me thinking At what age did you come over here?

Unknown Speaker 37:18
I came when I was 18 years old.

Unknown Speaker 37:20
Okay. So yeah, so your whole life, you know, before he became an adult or whatever, yeah. So I can see how it will be a culture shock for you. How long did it take you to adjust to the difference from Colombia to the US?

Unknown Speaker 37:37
Well, I'm still adapted.

Unknown Speaker 37:39
I didn't get it. No, no, it was it was actually very smooth.

Unknown Speaker 37:43
I don't know, I have so many goals in my mind that it didn't fell apart. I didn't feel like there was like something super hard to adapt or like, being all in my family or something. I do. I did start in my life, like, going out and start very young. So I also it was not a show, I felt like I live a lot of stuff when I was there. You know, I started drinking and partying and all that phase of life very young. So whenever I was 16, I was like, Okay, now I'm going to focus to train now. Wow. Okay, so, so yeah, I mean, it was just different culturally. You know, these I don't think that much I see young kids here drinking like with 14 years old.

Unknown Speaker 38:28
Oh, yeah. No, it's that's common for sure. So why did you clean up so early at a young age, that's amazing. Most people, you know, they party into their, you know, mid 20s. And then they get close to 30 like myself, and they are like, Oh, shit, time to get it together.

Unknown Speaker 38:48
I found this sport. And I didn't want to party. Like I wanted to wake up early to train and if I was drinking, I was not going to you know, do a good training session. So it was that fashion of training that made me kind of stop you know, partying and drinking and going out late. But again, I did it for enough time. Which I at the end of the hour, I didn't really enjoy it anymore. It didn't really make sense.

Unknown Speaker 39:22
Yeah, that's awesome. So what's the biggest difference from Colombian boys to American boys do you notice like a big difference are the same same guys are guys Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:38
I never I never say you did actually, like an American to be honest with you. Oh, no, I never but just by the approach is super different. Like I feel here guys are a little bit more shy. Also, I'm a pretty big girl and I can be intimidating, I understand. But guys are very shy. In Colombia, like they right away, they're gonna, you know, we say Pete open in Spanish, they're gonna give you like something they're gonna say, Oh, how are you pretty or what, you know they're gonna do this approach. A little bit more aggressive. Let's say that here. Yeah. Well yeah, I think that is very different.

Unknown Speaker 40:26
Do you prefer that approach? Would you prefer the male to be aggressive so that you, you know, don't have to do so much work?

Unknown Speaker 40:34

Unknown Speaker 40:35
I mean, not too aggressive but yes. I feel like if you like someone, you should be able to approach and you know, get my attention by here. And I don't know, I yeah, I think I think I just prefer the person is straightforward to it, you know, not not in the mean, like straightforward in the mean, like, I don't know saying something or trying to have a conversation.

Unknown Speaker 41:01
Yeah. And I, you're right. It's just it's very different in different countries. And I've talked to a lot of different people. And actually, my boyfriend, I think he was the one that told me when he went to Brazil, he noticed that the men, the men there, like in the club that were like, so aggressive, they would just go like, grab a girl by their arm, and like, grab her to dance and the girls. And then actually, it was it was funny, because he said that later, he was talking to one of the Brazilian girls. And she basically was like, yeah, like, American guys. Like, why don't you guys like if you like a girl just like, go grab her. Like the girls were so used to it over there. And I was like, Yeah, different cultures.

Unknown Speaker 41:43
Very different. No, no, not to that level. And I put on level but yeah, I mean. Yeah, I don't know. Maybe just the ones that I met here. They're very shy.

Unknown Speaker 41:53
Yeah, yeah. Maybe you're just a badass woman. And they're like, literally. Yeah. So what's it been like, you know, in your words, dating as a female combat sports athlete, and you know, and then one that's been on the highest level? Do you feel like you said like, Are men intimidated by you?

Unknown Speaker 42:14
Oh, yeah, I do feel that. Yeah. I feel they're intimidated. I'm not gonna say all of them, but there's definitely this is especially when you say the profession like the I am already big and everything in there. Whenever I say MMA fighter for sure. There, you could see it in their eyes.

Unknown Speaker 42:36
Yeah. Has being an MMA fighter ever. cause trouble in your relationships? Ah,

Unknown Speaker 42:49
not really, not really. I mean, I feel like every with everyone that I've been there already know who I am. What I do for a living? So, not really, no,

Unknown Speaker 43:02
no. Okay, that's good. I love asking this question. Because, you know, a lot can change in five years. 10 years. And so, you know, I know you're only in your mid 20s. But what did what did you use to put up with in the dating game that you will no longer put up with today? You know, like, what have you learned in your love romance, you know, and sexual experiences that you know, maybe we used to put up with but no longer will.

Unknown Speaker 43:30
So, I will not put up with I made a lot of mistakes. I did the same mistake couple of times actually. And I always forget how to say this word in English is the opposite of feminism. How do you say that

Unknown Speaker 43:42
masculinity. masculinity? Like being like, kind of to like,

Unknown Speaker 43:48
not feminist? Not feminine. Sorry. No. Yeah. Like, when the first because in Colombia, you see that more in South America? Right? When the when the when the guy like, the things he has the control of everything and like the woman is just for or have kids? Or you know, they denigrate the women. Yeah, put it like in a lower level. Yeah, that kind of attitude. I cannot I cannot do that anymore. You know, I? Yeah, I did that. It's more actions. For sure. I'm just trying to explain the word that I don't even know how to say it in English. No, Spanish is much easier.

Unknown Speaker 44:25
Yeah, that was much useful. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it doesn't matter what culture there's machismo everywhere. Yeah, everywhere. For sure. Okay, so you're saying that your problem in the past was that you tend to pick partners that had that personality?

Unknown Speaker 44:46
You usually the person that is this way they look. You know, they look, they can protect you in some way. But I mean, usually is just insecurity and that's why They are. That way. That's why they kind of have to put up with this attitude to put you down so they can feel up. So I will not that's definitely something that for my future, I don't, I don't want to choose a partner that has this kind of attitude, then you can you can see it from far away. You know, I feel like the past I was just too blind and like, no, maybe this is nothing, I'll just let it pass. But it's what,

Unknown Speaker 45:27
what are Yeah, we call those red flags, right? Yeah, what are some red flags that you can see in a mail and kind of raises awareness that this guy, this guy might not be the right one? Like, what what is, you know, kind of shown you in the past, like, oh, okay, I'm not gonna get with this guy, because he reminds me too much of an ex boyfriend or something.

Unknown Speaker 45:54
Okay, for example, if you're having a discussion, right, and the person starts to, for sure, raise their voice, you know, and try to have the control in aggressive manner. Even if it's just a scream, you know, I feel that it's definitely a red flag. Or, also, like, trying to avoid conversations. I think that's, that's a must, you know, like, like, that's a red flag. Yeah. If they tried to avoid a conversation or like, try to stop to talk to you for days, if you're dating already someone, and that's a red flag for sure.

Unknown Speaker 46:37
So yeah, like, if they like ghost you or ignore you for a while? Yeah. Yeah, that's just immaturity and trying to play in some kind of mind game, you know. And it's funny you say that about the machismo? And then that kind of covering something up because yeah, in my past experiences as well, some of the toughest men I've met have been the biggest babies to like, you get badly out in the world. They're so fucking tough. And then behind closed doors, they're like,

Unknown Speaker 47:10
What is this facade that you're putting on? You know, why can't we find a happy medium here? You know?

Unknown Speaker 47:17
Yeah, that's awesome. Um, so have you dealt with the regular creepers in your DMS? I love asking this because fighter girls, we get some weird ones. Have you gotten any crazy DMS lately?

Unknown Speaker 47:31
Yeah, I mean, always the beat pictures. There's that's a super common one. But I don't know, I feel like the people that follow me, they're super respectful, to be honest. I mean, rather than that and take pictures or whatever. People are very respectful, you know, of my work. And even in the comments. There's not a lot of hate, which I appreciate for sure. Because, you know, it's a good environment to be in like the post and you see the comments. There's not a lot of hate.

Unknown Speaker 48:03
So yeah, I don't know, I don't really know why.

Unknown Speaker 48:06
I did notice that. I didn't notice that actually, you know, because I'll always do about a week of posting for my next guest to kind of get fan questions and whatnot. And some people's fans are ruthless. And then other people's fans like yours. Very respectful, but also like very kind of they seem very diehard, you know, and a lot of obviously, you know, Columbian based fans. I'm like, I don't know what this says, but they seem to think it's positive. There's a lot of hearts in here. But yeah, that's good. I'm glad you don't get too much hate. No. I mean, but you're also not one of those fighters. That's like, doing crazy stuff. And bringing, yeah, do you know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 48:51
Yeah, I feel like it's yeah, it's what I show was, well, they in social media, I'm not to just show my work, you know, maybe I should share a little bit more about my life and everything. But yeah, it's just a matter of time, to be honest with you, because I don't mind sharing my life is just, it's a little bit tough to manage everything that I want to do like in one single day,

Unknown Speaker 49:15
dude, it is crazy. I have to make a list and it's like, okay, like training, this, like my nutrition. And then I'm like, Instagram post, like, I have to put it in, like write it down and make it a priority. Because as you know, we are marketing ourselves. And the most important thing is always the training and the fight, but the UFC and the way that our sport has evolved, it's like social media is so fucking powerful. So you have to make it a priority. You know, like, obviously not number one. But you know, if you don't make it a priority, then you miss out on sponsorships, podcasts, you know the UFC, you don't have enough followers

Unknown Speaker 49:55
and your careers, to be honest, when I what I left the UFC, I really wanted to focus in the social media in some sense, because I know that's a tool that's going to help me to go back. You know, I have a fan base in Latin Americans very strong in my social media. And I know that's a really good thing, you know, people really follow me and want to know about my career. So and I appreciate that so much that I really want to invest in and keep people with what I'm doing. The way I think as well. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 50:30
so And okay, so that's perfect. I'm glad we're transitioning into this, because you want to, you know, show people, you know, let people in a little bit more, but obviously, it's time consuming, because your priorities are on point, you know, and that's good. But you are also you've done modeling in the past. And so I thought you would have like one of these only fans or a fan time, like an exclusive content site, not saying, you know, showing your boobies or anything like that. But what you can do on those sites is, you know, personal video, video personal like, diary videos, you know, you can talk to the fans interact with them. And then you can also be making money. I feel like I work for one of these companies, because every time a guest, especially a female guest comes on and they don't have one, I'm like, you're missing out on money. But so what my question is, What is your thought on only fans or fan time? Are these exclusive content sites? And would you ever get one?

Unknown Speaker 51:28
I think it is, for sure a good tool. You know, anyone can do whatever they want, if they want to do like any content, if it's sexes, that sex, if it's training, whatever. I just feel like to do it. If I ever do it, I have to do it. Very good. You know, I don't want to just occasionally put like, some videos there, you know, because, because No, I don't like to do things halfway. So yeah, I don't really have to I don't have that much time. I'm with an idea. That hopefully soon I'm gonna have it but I'm gonna have like a podcast. So I'm already I'm already too busy to do all these things. And then another thing you know, so not right now. I don't think it's something I will do in the near future, but I'm not close to the to you use it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 52:25
Okay. So you're saying that you might do a podcast but not in the near future?

Unknown Speaker 52:30
No, the the like this website. Oh, thing you were talking about the podcast? Yes. The podcast very soon. I mean, in the next couple of months, I think I'll have at least the first episodes versus okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:43
Yeah, this is the perfect time to tell your fans that are listening. What is the podcast gonna be about? Do you have a name yet? Like, plug it right here? Because then my fans will listen to your podcast?

Unknown Speaker 52:54
Yes. So I cannot release absolutely anything about it. Because I'm trying to, to to get the right people to buy the idea actually. Okay. So not not yet. But I think it's a it's very exciting. It's going to be for sure with not only MMA, but the focus is going to be MMA fighters in it. But I think I think it's a great idea. I think it's a different way to talk about life in, you know, in this kind of podcast and interview, let's say. So, yeah, hopefully soon I can release all that information.

Unknown Speaker 53:34
Really? Well, maybe I'll have you back on after you. You know, have your podcast up and going. So this is kind of a hard question. Philosophical. What is your definition of love?

Unknown Speaker 53:48
Okay, I, that's a really hard one. It is, right? That's a really hard one. But every time I think of, or the people, or my sports, I feel that love, you know, so I think it's love for me, it's that fuel to do things. You know, I usually I'm not too fake, you can see on my face or I will say to you, I don't do stuff because I do it. You know, I really have to have that love to do it. So I feel love. It's that fire that you know, keeps you moving in life. Because if now you would just you know be like, kind of sleeping and surviving. Yeah, you'll be survived. You're not be living actually. So yeah, I feel I feel love whenever I do my sport, whatever I find whenever I train, whenever I'm with people that you know, make me feel that way. So yeah, I like that.

Unknown Speaker 54:46
Okay. I like that. I like that. You added you used your sport and MMA to talk about love. I'm like, well you love this bucket sport. I thought you know

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Oh, yeah, I feel bad. No, not the sport is the one that gives me the most actually, for the past two years and a half. Well, no, like, yeah, the last two years, I kind of lost that for the sport. You know, I was not in a really good time of my life. I had like a really, let's say, toxic. I don't like that word, but whatever toxic relationship. So I felt like I lost that power to fight. You know? And that will I didn't, I thought, because yes, I wanted to for sure. I signed the contract. Not no one signed it for me. Yeah. But I did have felt the same thing as I feel right now. Or as I used to feel before Oh. Because I was, you know, my entire life outside the sport was messed up. Yeah. So it was taking my energy to really focus in the sport. Yeah. So yeah, I think that's why I put that example with the love with the sport, because that's what I feel the most when I do it, right now, and I know that love because I stopped filling in for a little bit. Yeah. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 56:18
that I'm so happy you brought that up, because I don't know if men are the same way. And I don't want to, you know, generalize. But obviously, you know, females we are the more emotional due to our hormones, right? You know, like, sorry, guys, just science, you know, you got to put up with us, we're more emotional. But I was wondering, like, do you think that men are just as affected by their relationships, and their ability to train, like, If a man has a poor relationship with a partner, male or female, and then he goes on the mat, in my opinion, in my experience, they just get to it, they can just fucking, you know, they leave it off the mat, they go, they train, you don't really see it affect them. Women, on the other hand, myself included, and I, you know, I would like to master this someday, but I'm just a very passionate person, when I'm not okay, with my partner, and I have to be on the mat, it is so fucking hard to focus. And to get the same output, you know, to get the same experience on the mat. Compared to like you said, if I was just happy, you know, what do you what are your thoughts on that?

Unknown Speaker 57:29
Yeah, you know, I think at the end of the day, one affects the other, your fight, affects your life, or your life will affect your fight. I think it doesn't matter really. If you're, you know, guy or woman, I think, for training for sure. It's very personal, like each one is going to be different women, in my case, and the people I see, it does get affected a little bit more, you can see it a little bit more clear than when it's, you know, passing through something or when my ex boyfriend, we fly, whatever, he could just go and train and I was, you know, messed up. I could train but my mind was not there. So I was not really trained. Yeah. So yeah, I mean, it's, it is kind of hard. And I think that's where kind of maturity comes not because of how you're going to deal it in the mat. But how you live your life with your partner. Because at the end of the day, if you can just solve things and live, for sure there's going to be fights and everything. But if you can live your life in a peaceful way, that's that's the solution. Why you do have to, you know, focus on how I'm going to deal with my emotions in the mat. Know, the fucking emotions aren't on the problem problems that we're fighting all the time. You know, so, I think I think it's more from there, right? Yeah, I think it affects everyone.

Unknown Speaker 58:55
Yeah. Do you think that it's beneficial to stay single while you're actively competing?

Unknown Speaker 59:03

Unknown Speaker 59:05
not that. Not that we want to right because you can't control how you feel you meet someone. And you know, let's say you're in like a single status, you know, you just can't It's magical in you know, like, the attraction, you can't fight it. If you're gonna fall for someone you're gonna fall. But let's say that we were robots like part of me sometimes things like, I just wish I could just turn off the part of my brain that feels love and passion so I can focus on my sport.

Unknown Speaker 59:33
You know, I think I'm not. I think I had both experiences. You know, when I, when I moved here to California, I was very young, but I had a boyfriend, which I trained with him in Colombia. And we were together in long distance, but we were together. And I did very good in my career, being with him not being single And times I was single I really good too, you know. So I think it depends on how you are with how that matches with the person. Yeah, you know, if it's, if it's a relationship that it's growing you up, and not only partner, we're talking to your partner, but also your coach, you know, it depends on how you have your relationship with your coach, or with your trading partner, or with your family, you know, I am a person that I'm super close to my family, I would not have like a mind if I'm fighting with my family to go to train. So I think you really have to watch out with the people that you are with, you know, that say, like the five people you are always with, you have to be careful because you're going to start kind of adapting to them, and you're going to start getting things from them. So you have to be careful who you were you with the whole time. That makes

Unknown Speaker 1:00:54
a lot of sense. And that's interesting that you say you're close with your family. So if you were fighting with your family, you wouldn't have that same ability to train. For me, I think, you know, a little light bulb just went off in my head. I'm like, I'm not close with my family. And I know, that's a reason why when I have a partner, he becomes like my family. And so that's why I get so affected. I'm like, You're everything to me, which is probably not healthy. But it's like, so I'm happy that you have and you know, a lot of people do have that ability to separate separate it and like leave it off the mat. Right? Sometimes it's just so hard.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:32
Yeah. All right. Sometimes it's hard. I feel like my family, they have been like, that support since the beginning. So I can't imagine, you know, being like without them, you know, those are the people like I, I really reach out when I'm going when I'm back when I'm every single day. There's no day I don't talk to my mom or my dad.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:55
Oh, really? There's no Yeah, that's a close relationship. That's awesome. Okay, so sorry, you are a alpha female. And I love asking this question because most fighters that I have on here, we're a little crazy. You know, we're just very extreme people. So I like asking what's the most romantic if you're kind of like a romantic or what's the craziest thing you've ever done? Oh, my God. We I spilled my drink. And I didn't even notice in DJ Zola's cleaning up right now. Oh, no. Oh, god. Okay. Let's continue this interview. I'm sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:38
So what is the what was the question with the most romantic? What's the,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43
you know, some people they aren't very romantic. They don't like do grand gestures. So if you're not romantic, then maybe what's the craziest thing you've ever done for love?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
No, I'm pretty romantic. Okay, you know, I have my phases. I don't, I'm not, I cannot live with myself. Because it depends on what I'm feeling the time of the month, it really depends on a lot of stuff. But I'm pretty romantic. You know, I, I always like to let the person know that I'm thinking. You know, I'm thinking of them. So I know. Or I buy like a I don't know, the, let's say the bubble gum that that person likes. I know which one is and again, I know the type of coffee the person drinks. So I you know, I get that. Or just, you know, nice message. So I tried to do this for me. That's romantic. I don't know if that's pretty much no, no,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
that's I mean, a lot of people say it's the little things that count. And that's exactly what that is. And as you're saying that I'm like, Yeah, my boyfriend is romantic, I guess because he's he does that I have like my favorite GM Hubba Bubba and you can't find it very many places. It's the best car but yeah, and he'll he'll if he sees it in the gas station. He'll grab it from and be like, I got your GM. I'm like, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
That's, that's for me. It means a lot because now like, whatever they're gonna buy you whatever, GM, you know, no, they they're thinking of you. Yeah. So I like to do this kind of things. And crazy thing I did for love. I almost gave up for my entire career for someone so I was thing I have done in my life. I will never do that again.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
Was that for the toxic relationship guy? Yeah. Oh, man. Tucker, she's okay. It just puts it puts the picture. Oh my god, it just makes it a bit gives us a better picture of what that was, like, you know, like, for to be in that type of relationship and also willing to give up the thing that you're so passionate about, you know, sounds like you have never found someone that you love as much as MMA.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:52
Yeah, definitely not.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:53
Yeah, I love I mean, not that I love that you don't have it found but I love that you are so passionate about your sport. Yeah, I think So sex and violence, the sex part here? Do you abstain from sex before the fight? You've heard that myth that, you know, for men, it makes her legs weak or whatever. And sometimes they say for females that it actually benefits us. What's your preference?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:20
I'm a very everyone says that I'm a very hard person to read. Because it, I feel like I don't have Google, it really depends on the camp. It really depends on my attitude. And in the fight week, let's say, for sure, not in the fight day cuz I want to kill someone. I'm all sometimes I'm nervous. So I don't want to even talk. Or sometimes I'm super relaxed. But I'm like, focused. So I don't have a rule with it. I've done it and fight week. There's but but I can definitely say that it is harder as the week's go closer to the fight, because I am cutting weight. I'm super tired of all the trainings. And I think sometimes the last thing I'm gonna think about is sex, you know, so, but there's other times where it's the opposite, like, I'm cutting wind and everything, but I have energy, and I'm going forward for the last four weeks. So it depends. I don't know, it depends a lot in in the day. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:26
Yeah. I? And I also think it depends. I haven't really talked about this on the podcast. You know, I just I always ask this question, but I just realized, it also depends on where you're at, in the relationship with your partner, you know, if you are fighting with your partner, and you know, or they don't understand that you're grumpy, because you're hungry and sore, you know, it's like you're bickering. I'm like, the last thing I want to do is have sex with you when we're fighting. So yeah, definitely. Have you ever been asked to do something too weird or freaky in bed that you remember? And you're like, Oh, my God, no way. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:07
no, I don't I don't think so. I don't think so. I mean, I've been I'm only 25 years old. And I don't know, I had like, very long relationships. So the people there? I don't know. Not too crazy. Not really.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:23
So that is that, you know, kind of like your style, you monogamous person, like long term relationships.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:31
That's the pattern. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like, it's not. It's not like with intention, because whenever I'm single, I'm like, No, I'm gonna I gotta see what options I have. Yeah, you know, what? I don't I can't I for some reason, I don't. Especially after my last relationship. I was I'm not gonna you know, get anything. No, I have some standards, and I cannot get I'm not gonna get comfortable with anything, let's say. So, together, right person, usually I fell in love. So then I started relationship, you know, because I'm too picky. And then now I want to be with the person. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:12
it's what did I say? I said, it's like magic. It's like, you're like, I'm gonna stay single. And then when you meet someone, and there's chemistry, it's, there's nothing you can do about it. But it's also beautiful, right? Because you think, you know, especially after a, you know, a hard relationship, you say to yourself, like no, like, it's gonna be a minute before I date someone, and then you find yourself in a relationship, right? Again, what's the longest that you stayed single if you are constantly in relationships? I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:08:44
like, over a year and a half now like, yeah, like, like a year, let's say, a year? Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:51
I'm actually kind of like that as well. I have I usually I'm not single for very long, I don't know something inside of us. I think, you know, we crave that connection and that long term bond.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:03
And also, I feel like, as an athlete, as MMA fighter, you don't want to, I don't think it's beneficial. If you're with a lot of people, you're like, dating a lot of people just because of your time or for me, it's impossible, you wake up at 6am I have to do all my stuff, and I get back home, and I'm sleeping like 1030 11pm So the whole day doing stuff. If I'm gonna take time to date here and there, and there's that it's gonna take a little bit of focus out of, you know what I'm doing. So I feel why that happens that I'm, I have someone for long term because it's more you know, if it's more to my lifestyle, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:51
yeah, I was gonna say convenient, but that's not the right word beneficial. For sure. beneficial. Yeah. Okay. What is your biggest his pet peeve in the bedroom. You know, some people don't like bad breath. We talked about you like, you know, clean teeth. I am the same way if you have bad breath, I'll tell my boyfriend like, I want to make out with you so bad. Can you brush your teeth and he'll be like, okay, and they'll just go brush. And then I mean because like most men, you know, they if you tell them to they will but yeah, like that's a that's definitely one of my pet peeves. What's anything could be anything you know, sexually. Our funniest one is a guy slipping in the back door without asking. Not fun. Not cool, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
Well, um, no, they've been pretty respectful in that sense. But for sure. The teeth the bad. I have to wash my teeth. Every time I eat. I'm like that. Oh, okay. Okay. Yeah. Right now I am on another level, but

Unknown Speaker 1:10:52
definitely having a healthy body.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:57
What else? Oh, for sure. After training, if I'm dating someone take a shower. I'm not I'm not going to. I'm not going to take a shower. Because it's only your sweat. Unless you are you know, we were lifting weights and, and whatever. It's your sweat. I love it. I love it. Yeah, but come on. You roll with this, guys that I don't even know if they take shower or not. No, no, you're not gonna touch me. So I'm pretty bad with

Unknown Speaker 1:11:27
Yeah, I don't think I you know, like, God. I'm trying to think you know, but I really don't think I've ever had sex with a partner after jujitsu because that's nasty. But I have want to say Yes, I definitely have like hit pads or lifted weights you know, just sweaty, your you know, and

Unknown Speaker 1:11:47
that's fine. But But what is not a fine is that you're rolling in your No, you're just barring you just despite, come on. No, no, no, don't touch me.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:57
I don't want ringworm on my vagina, get out of here. The other day, my boyfriend and I were in the sauna. And it was like, packed, right? Like a 24 hour fitness. And you know, there's like people sitting on the bottom one people sitting on the top one. And he was sitting on the bottom. And I was sitting behind him. And I didn't realize it. But like, my sweat was like dripping on him. And then like later, we walked out, you know, we're talking in the car. And I and he says something about? Yeah, your sweat was dripping on me. I was like, oh, sorry. He was no, I loved it. And I'm like, Oh, you're gross. But it's, you know, some people that's like, Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:36
it's fine. That's good. That's good. Why not? A lot of people swipe there.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:40
Yeah, no, that's nasty. So in the bedroom, is that a place where you actually can be, you know, not so much of like a dominant female? Would you prefer to be dominant or submissive in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:54
Both both. Yeah. I mean, again, like, it depends on how I feel in the day. And I think you should be like, I like to be like that, because there's some days that I have a little bit more, you know, that wanting to dry, you know, yeah. I want to be more passive. So it really depends, again, and whatever. But I do feel there's always someone a little bit more passive or aggressive. And I'd say I've been Yeah, I think I've been a little bit more passive,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:31
let's say, Yeah, and it sounds like that would make sense because it sounds like you traditionally historically, chose the machismo guys and those guys to be even though their mother fuckers they're good fuckers. They're good in bed. You know, like you son of a bitch. If you were to Yeah, maybe stuck around a little bit longer because of that, but you know what, move it on to the lightning sex round. Here we go.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
So Bina, so for those of you watching who have never seen the lightning sex round, it's just a rapid fire. Yes or no segment. But Sabina, I want to tell you that I've gotten in trouble from the listeners. If you want to elaborate on one of these feel free if you don't, no worries. Okay. Okay, all right. Here we go. Lightning six round with Sabina Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes, spank are like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:37
Like to be spent biting you so so? Not, not tomorrow? No

Unknown Speaker 1:14:44
little bit. Choking. Little little threesomes

Unknown Speaker 1:14:53
Not a fan. No.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:55
Do you watch porn? Yeah. Any fetishes like a foot fetish? No bodily fluid fetish.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:07
I don't know what is that

Unknown Speaker 1:15:08
so like bodily fluid could be anything from saliva come semen. We'll leave it at that. Yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:15:18
I don't really know. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:20
Bonded which could be like ropes or blindfold or handcuffs.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:26
Ah. I'll like try it. I'm not I'm interested but I don't know. Yeah, we're open to

Unknown Speaker 1:15:31
open to it. Role playing. No. Yeah. Gets silly. But stuff on you or a partner not a fan. Do you ever use sex toys? Yes. Ever been to a swingers party or a sex club? Never. Are you a lingerie lover? Yes. Body hair yay or nay? No, no, no here and have you ever been caught having sex? Or caught masturbating? Oh, yeah. Oh, no. So so

Unknown Speaker 1:16:12
there's no words. But yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:14
Okay, well, that was the lightning six round. Congratulations. Okay, so we always end the episode by playing a game of Fuck, Marry kill, and some fan questions

Unknown Speaker 1:16:32
Mary want to kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. Now with the Fuck, Marry, Kill, we always say we don't really want to kill any buddies. You know, it's just a game guys relax. But Sabina, I'm actually going to give you an option. Now I have two friends that helped me out with these. And they give me you know, different categories or additions, right? So you can either pick between Colombian fighters, or, and now I actually chose the Colombian fighters because the first one they gave me were actors who played drug lords because they thought Colombia, Pablo Escobar. And when I was in meta gene, one of the things that I learned was that people in Colombia do not like being associated with Pablo Escobar, because there's so much more, you know, and so I'm like, oh, okay, so be that. Do you want to do actors? Who played drug dealers or Colombian fighters?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:28
Wow, we'll go with the actors. I don't like to be. I mean, you cannot deny your past whatever part of the school I was there, but there's so many good things nowadays, but I don't care. Let's go with it.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:40
Got it. Okay, cool. Let's do it. Actually, because besides you, there's not a lot of legitimate.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:48
They were gonna say like, no, well,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
well, the guys that I found, I had to dig deep. It was like, you know, I won't say their names. But like this guy. He lived in Colombia for two years. But he has like the flag, the Colombian flag and I'm like, you know, or one guy. You know, he lived in Colombia, like from age like 10 to 14. I'm like, Why do you? Okay, whatever, whatever. But I was like, You're like the legit Colombian queen. You know, like you are Columbia. So alright, here we go actors who played drug dealers. Oh, you might have to use your phone or something to Google this but Johnny Depp obviously. We know. Yeah, I can see you. Okay, okay, so first off we have Johnny Depp from below and you obviously know Johnny Depp but you may need to my favorite. Okay, cool. And then bunnies co Del Toro from traffic. You don't know what Benicio Del Toro looks like? Oh, yeah, no, so much. I think he's cuter than joined up. But and then finally, Al Pacino from Scarface.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:59
Oh, so it's fun to kill and marry. I'll marry Al Pacino. Okay, I'm going to a dodo. And I'm gonna fall Johnny Depp because Johnny Depp is the best.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:14
I don't know. He seems like he may be a machismo guy. I think you're picking traditionally.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:21
What's wrong with you, man? You just said

Unknown Speaker 1:19:24
it's in your blood. You're just like, oh, he seems real toxic. Oh, give him to me. Just kidding. Okay, that was fun. So, right now we're gonna switch over to the UFC fight pass platform, but for all those people who are messing up and not you know, subscribe to the UFC fight pass platform, please tell them where they can find you on all your social media. When your next fight date is how they can watch that and anything else you want to share right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:52
Okay, so social media, Sabina muscle, everywhere, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. My next fight is May 19. It's going to be through UFC fight pass, and probably going to be for the gifts for the LFA but out in 125 pounds

Unknown Speaker 1:20:08
I love it and I'll put all those links to her social media like I do every episode guys so if you're driving and you want to you know stop and pull over don't worry you can always check later

Unknown Speaker 1:20:45
that is it for episode 133 With Sabina Colombian Queen Mazo. I love getting to know people every single week. Even someone like my teammate, you know, I didn't know that about her. It's fun getting to do the research, and then elaborating on topics that you just don't talk about in the gym. Right? So, guys, I gotta say it UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence, original shows, and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for a limited time at UFC fight backslash Sign up now. Next week, we have an awesome guest. We have Mike Moore, aka mindset. Mike, if you check him out on Instagram, it's at mindset underscore Mike, he is a mental coach. Now we always have combat sports athletes. But as you know, in the intro, we say other experts in their fields and this guy, he's in MMA, he's in wrestling, and he is an expert in his field I'm really excited to have him on. He's actually a former FBI and certified crisis negotiator. So that makes his story a little more interesting. Yeah, he works with UFC champions, different athletes and whole teams. And he also has a website that you can go to called wrestling Created by wrestlers, for wrestlers, it's very beneficial. I've checked it out. And as I get back into the octagon, and I'm in New fight camp after two years, I'm so excited to really tap into the mental side of things as well, because I think that's going to be, you know, the winning factor for myself. So I'm excited to talk to him get some tips and some tricks and whatnot. And then also guys always going to tell you, please don't forget to check out our website. We have merchandise, we have all of our back catalogue of program episodes on there. So if you ever want to hear anybody, sometimes you guys will request a guest that we've actually already had on I should probably make a post because guys we're at episode 133 We had UFC fighters get Bellator PFL we've had it all males females coaches Cut Man, we've we've actually no, we have yet to have a cut, man, but we have one coming up and I won't say who. So check that out, guys. And then if you want to email us that's sex violence, sex and violence If you want to give us a guest suggestion or sponsor the show, you can always email us there. And one thing I forgot to mention in the intro, Please support my exclusive content site. It's like only fans, but better is called Fan time. And that's Ashley rebel That's where all the naughty pictures and videos are. And yeah, all that just goes to putting more money into the studio and supporting my fight career and whatnot. So thank you so much guys for that. And yeah, always tell you guys every week. I love you so much for the fan questions. They really make the show so much better. Those are on the UFC fight pass platform you can go over to their platform and check that out. And just want to say thank you to DJ Zol for always coming in clutch. Sorry about spilling that grande matcha on the ground. I spill. I'm so sorry. I'm gonna clean it so you can check him out on Instagram at DJs or and tomorrow can studio we got the new studio I hope you guys liked the new background. Check them out at tomorrow kids. Tomorrow kids official on Instagram and our Instagram is at sex and violence with rebel girl we have a backup account because we're only shadow band and whatnot and Karen so please check out our backup account that's at sex and violence with rebel girl with the number two on the end. And you can always find me at Ashley MMA and that's always in the show notes. So this has been the first full video episode I really hope you guys enjoyed it. It's a little rough. I know it's not I'm not gonna lie. I know that but stick with us. You know we nail down the audio format we will nail down the video format and you can see You knew is way back when so that's it guys remember, be kind, be grateful but don't take shit from anyone. I'll talk to you next week with a new guest and more tales sex and violence. Bye

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