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Ep.136 Hector Lombard

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl presented by UFC fight pass the show that interviews top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl Evans-Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence

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what's happening hot stuff? What's up my naughty listeners? We are back in the studio after taking a two week hiatus. I just needed a motherfucking break. I really did. I if you're a long term listener, you know that I returned home from Colombia a month and a half ago. I don't know how long all the days blur into no one now. But I'm finally pain free. And it's the best fucking feeling. And now I the only issue is I'm trying to slowly ramp up my training and not overtrain or reinjure myself or burn out. And in doing so I just realized I'm doing a lot of extra stuff. That isn't absolutely a necessity right now. And even though I love this podcast so fucking much and I love connecting with you guys. And I love connecting with the guests and I love spotlighting my co workers. And you know, I feel like I'm making a little bit of a difference. I sure hope I am. You know, I hope that some of you guys listening to this look forward to it every week because I look forward to producing it and putting it out there and coming into the studio every week. But recently, it's become a little bit of extra stress for me. So I just decided to pull back so you'll be getting one to four episodes a month, I'm not going to make any promises could be two could be three I don't know. So be a little inconsistent until I fight this summer. But I'm not stopping the show. So I just want to start off by saying that because I truly appreciate you guys. And I do know since I've been doing this podcast for a few years, that if you miss a week, downloads, subscribers listens, go down. And you know, that's a bummer. But what are you gonna do? I gotta put my training first right now. And I think anybody who's rolling around, yeah, so we'll just come to my gym and yeah, it's all just come into the gym and get some content for you guys, but I think yeah, I mean, you guys are MMA fans and combat sports fans, you understand? Your girls 35 coming back from injury like it's fucking now or never it's make or break. And I'm not taking that in a stressful way. I'm just trying to be extremely smart in my old age, not old in life, but old in MMA, so, but things are going good. I really can't complain. I'm a little extra goddamn sore, because that was the most time that I had ever taken off. But, you know, I just really maybe it was after that last podcast with mindset, Mike, but I really been focusing on my gratitude, and just waking up every day and trying to see the silver lining, you know, yeah, you can wake up sore, and you can wake up thinking about all the negative stuff, but I've just really been focusing my mindset on what I have to be grateful for, what the positive things are in my life. And really, I have so much to be grateful for so many opportunities in front of me that all the other little negative shit doesn't even matter to me right now. So anyway, I'm a happy girl back to training. And I will keep you guys updated. I know that someone told me that there was some talk on the forums recently about me getting back in the cage, which I'm like, All right, you guys still remember who the fuck I am. That's great. Okay, so here's a couple things I want to tell you. Before we get to this week's guest. This guy is a legend and it's going to be a great episode but some kind of housekeeping stuff. It's been two weeks so let's catch up. Last time we spoke I believe I was about to go do u n f that's up next fighting six and that was a very A special event not only because it was at night and I got to dress up like Joan Jett, the queen of rock'n'roll, but it was another collaboration event with stop bad meds which is a PSA to raise awareness about the fact that today's drug scene I know that sounds crazy, but it's just scary. You know, like in the 70s people were doing cocaine and it was like, Yeah, cocaine and, you know, then people start lacing stuff. And now you know, fast forward, it's even worse. It's, you know, the drug fentanyl seems to be in everything. And it's affecting if it hasn't affected you directly, it's probably affected somebody six degrees of separation wise, my partner, he recently this weekend, we're going to a funeral because one of his longtime friends passed away from an all fentanyl overdose, it was in something and it's just the saddest thing. And this guy was in his early 30s, two young kids, a wife just got a promotion. And he's gone now. And it's just so so sad. And you know, I didn't know him. But you know, like, sooner or later, like we're all connected with somebody who's affected by this drug situation and stop bad meds. Such a good good organization. And I'm so grateful to work for a fight organization like up next fighting that collabs with those types of PSAs and organizations and it just feels really good. So if you actually want to know what that's about go to safe dot pharmacy and all you got to do is type in your prescription and get it verified. You could literally be saving your life or someone else's. This goes cancer medications online, you know, anything anything. There's there's obviously there's a million diseases there's a million medications, but just be careful guys. irony of your girl who got suspended you know, talking about being careful with supplements and whatnot. I know I get it, I get it. But take it for someone you know, it's just like, learn your lesson from somebody else or from you know, a story that you've heard unfortunately, don't let it be a personal situation that happens to you. Okay, that's a little bit of a downer. Let's bring the mood back up. Some good news, man. I I have never been so proud of a partner in my life. You guys all know I'm mushy. mushy. I'm in fucking love. I've been dating my partner. For thing. It's like three and a half years now. And in that time, you know he is a 10th 10th planet jujitsu black belt under Eddie Bravo and Casey hosted and he's been trying to open his own gym. It is open tent planet Whittier is now open guys. If you are looking to train and you're in the OC area or LA area and you want to get in some jujitsu, some wrestling, and even judo, they have it at 10 planet Whittier, that's where my home base is now. You know I'm really excited to work with a new judo coach His name is David Forgive me all you Armenian people because I'm going to butcher his last name right now but aka Zol helped me out here. David right there. Arm Armenia names they always say to get around K. Yan VT Ira hora. Kya Yeah, yeah. All right. All right. No, no, no, no, no, not gonna work here anymore. Just kidding. I met him and classes actually start you to classes start this weekend. This Saturday, I won't be attending this one because of what I previously told you guys about the engagement that I have. But the following Saturday, so excited to add judo, into you know, the training regimen of already do jujitsu and wrestling and striking and whatnot. So I did judo when I was in college. And we you know, they had a summer class summer program over at Stanford fell in love with it, but was already going to college for wrestling. And if I could do anything over again, I probably would do more judo in my career. But you know, it's never too late. So I'm really excited to do that. If you guys want to check out the schedule, know the pricing, the location, it's all at join 10 p All that stuff. All that information has already been in the show notes because Allama man, and I want to help his business grow as you know, as well as just the 10 planet community as well. You know, since dating a 10 one a black belt, you really get an inside look into how kinda like just strong they gang bang for each other. And I mean that in the best way like they have each other's backs. And it's a really strong community, and I'm grateful to be a part of it. Oh, and if you're a 10th planet, you know If you're a Bluebell or higher in the 10th planet community, there's free Wednesday night competition classes. With Coach head Mike, with head coach Mike Wilson. Yeah. And that's it. I just want to tell you guys that you know, my schedule our schedules trained, changed a little bit. But for the better just know if I'm not talking to you, if you're not listening to me and your headphones. That means I'm in the gym somewhere, sweating my booty off, trying to get ready for my comeback. My mother fucking come back. I posted this thing the other day. And it said, this comeback is personal. It's an apology to myself. And that one, just that meme, you know, stupid memes but that, you know, sometimes you see one and you're like, This was made for me. And that one felt so on point. You know, I just feel like, obviously you long term listeners know I'm very open about my sobriety. I am in July, I will be four years sober, can't even fucking believe that. If I can do it, you can do it. That's all I gotta say.

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But now, it's like I'm looking at this combat. Like, like I said, you know, not like an apology, I guess. But more so of like, okay, we might have fucked off a lot in previous years. But you know, better late than never. And now, you know, maybe yeah, a little bit of an apology for taking my opportunity. Lighter than I should have. And it just feels so exciting. I've never been so hopeful. I've never been feeling so positive. It's been many years since I felt like this. And I'm just happy guys, and you probably hear it in my voice. And if you know me in person, I'm probably looking a little disheveled just because I'm training so much. But in my heart, I really am just so happy. And I hope all you guys are doing well in your hobbies in work in life and in love. And with no further ado, I just want to remind you lastly to please if you can and if it's if it's your thing If not no worries, but I have an exclusive content sites alike only fans but different called Fan time. Very cool site. If you want to check out some sexy pictures and videos and connect with me one on one. That's the place to do it. It's www Ashley rebel If you want to support the show, there's a website sex violence with rebel That's where you can get all of our merchandise. Listen to back episodes. I think he can like get like signed pictures now. I think I added that a while back. And if you want to email the show that sex and violence I love guest suggestions. I love questions, sponsorship requests, whatever it is, that's the email to do it. And please just like and review the show, you know, I think you can give us some stars read a review and haven't sent out some stickers in a long time. But if you want stickers, do the review, DM it to our Instagram handle which is at sex and violence with rebel girl all spelled out and I will send you some free stickers. Okay, let's listen to one of our sponsors. Okay, guys, let me tell you about our newest sponsor of sex and violence podcast with rebel girl. EA Tax Resolutions. They are professionals that will help with tax issues and bookkeeping. Whether you're looking to settle your tax debt for less than you owe or have back taxes that you need to file, ie a Tax Resolutions can help you out. Don't believe me? Check out their YouTube channel, ie a Tax Resolutions where they show exactly how they've helped clients in the past save 1000s in taxes. Not only does EA Tax Resolutions help with tax issues, but with bookkeeping. Now, bookkeeping is commonly overlooked by small businesses, myself included as not being the most important however, this is very crucial come tax time. Instead of scrambling for receipts, all your information is organized and most importantly, accurate. So if you have a small business and you're looking for a bookkeeper, ie a Tax Resolutions can help you out. And remember, if you want to learn more about EA Tax Resolutions, you can visit their YouTube channel EA Tax Resolutions or call them at their 800 Number 1-800-245-0596. Again 1-800-245-0596 Or visit them at their website. EA tax Today's guest is a Cuban Australian and American MMA fighter Bare Knuckle boxer bodybuilder and former Olympic Judoka who competes in the light heavyweight division. He's competed in the middleweight and welterweight divisions as well in Ultimate Fighting Championship Eagle FC pride deep Bare Knuckle FC Bellator where he was the inaugural Bellator middleweight champion, as well as the end doggerel BK FC cruiserweight champion and has amassed in MMA record of 34 and 10 and a bareknuckle record of three and one. He is a fourth degree black belt in judo and represented Cuba in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. We talk about fighting at six years old, cutting ties with be KFC bare knuckle on the streets of Cuba, inventor with 17 patents, overcoming and an abusive childhood. Mom cut up ex girlfriends underwear status single forever, Miami plastic bodies, the gold digger long game, the Fidel Castro of girlfriends, deal breaker smelly women, anti handcuffed foreplay and much more. Here's your guest Hector Lombard.

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We are here with Hector Lombard Hector it's a pleasure to have you on the show. I am a big fan of everything you've accomplished from your Olympic you know Judo career. Obviously, you fought in a ton of different organizations and MMA and now you're a bare knuckle boxer. I just want to get right into it. You're 45 And it doesn't look like you're slowing down at all like what is your what's the next few years look like for you? Are you going to continue fighting a bare knuckle like you're just active as ever?

Speaker 2 16:49
Like I say in the past, I wanted to be a martial artist, which is like I didn't want it to be just an MMA fighter. I wanted to do judo. I wanted to do BJJ I competed and do an Abu Dhabi. I lost in the semi final against Western it with this guy. Sandro Rivero, the USA is about 17 times world champion. And I felt like being in the semi final. But it was like a very weird decision. Hometown decision, but competing BJJ NoGi compete in MMA benaco All of it.

Speaker 1 17:53
So where do you want to go from here? You know, I mean, you've had an extensive career. Are you thinking about calling it quits soon? Or do you have plans for more Bare Knuckle fights? Do you want to keep doing, you know, Masters division in jujitsu competitions? What's the future look like for Hector?

Speaker 2 18:14
I think I think and this is my take, right? You should retire when you can no longer you can no longer move. Or you you know, have reflexes no more. Or your body's telling apart. As long as you feel healthy, as long as you use strong and happy decided to do it. I don't see any reason why you should stop.

Speaker 1 18:42
Yeah, yeah, there's no age limit. And yeah, everybody's body is different. You can have someone very, very young, who has been wrestling and you know, doing hard things since they were five years old. They could be more beat up than someone who's 45 Who took better care of their body didn't have as many injuries. So you're right. Okay, so it sounds like you have hopes you know, you have goals to continue compete of actively. Do you want to?

Speaker 2 19:11
Let me ask you a question. Is the rain stomp. You get you guys get to heat the rain?

Unknown Speaker 19:17
No, I don't hear anything.

Speaker 1 19:21
We have really good microphones here. And I have my audio engineer who takes out background noise so don't worry about that.

Speaker 2 19:28
As long as doesn't come because I don't want to sound the sound of the rain.

Speaker 1 19:34
No, no, you sound great. Okay, coming in loud and clear. So you fought the last fight on record is about a year and a half little little less than a year and a half ago for BK FC. You are the former inaugural cruiserweight champion. Would you like to get back in there and get your belt back?

Unknown Speaker 19:54
No, it became see though,

Unknown Speaker 19:56
okay, okay. And why is that?

Speaker 2 19:59
I felt like Got it, you know, getting off the topic. I'm super happy. The UFC came back and smashed the whole, the whole competition. And it's funny because you know when dynaway says at the end, it's a new shipping in the house. It's a new shipping hood. Who don't do that? Because honestly I create I create a movement for benaco in Florida, we had a movement going on. And you know, they they took the fight for me. You know, that's besides the amount of unfair stuff they did to me. The guy that didn't make weight he's never made weak.

Unknown Speaker 21:00
The guy this is Lorenzo hunt. They

Speaker 2 21:04
Yeah, they allow him to take the belt from me at the press conference, stuff like that left and right and destroy me or taking the pie away from me. They thought it was going to do me a damage which is the more damage to the self you know now all that moment of PKCS out all that you know, enthusiasm. Oh, that an EP or they had they I created Yeah, from BK LC. Is that so now? No, even if you guys spend $20 million they're gonna get that back is over. But what I like the most is USC to go over and smash the competition. And I say like two days before this gonna be the biggest event of USC history. So as to be happy about that.

Speaker 1 22:06
All right. All right. So would you consider doing Bare Knuckle for another organization? Did you really enjoy bare knuckle is one of your favorite. You know, you've competed like you said Judo jujitsu everything like where does Bare Knuckle fall is your heart and

Speaker 2 22:21
I used to love so much. Being Apple is you know, he comes you know, and they, you know, I always I always used to fight back or when I used to live in Cuba. And it's part of me. It's part of my boss.

Unknown Speaker 22:44
So used to fight like industry.

Speaker 2 22:48
All the time. Yeah. I used to fly benaco all the time. Since I was six years old. We have to school. Let's go and fight baby. And we used to fight back all the time. So I felt like okay, you know what I gotta do? I gotta do this. Because it's part of me. And it's funny how they, you know, they did it to me, you know? It's just unreal. And once again, I never lost stuff. I never lost supply. They took that away from me. I was saying that. Back in the days when I when I grew up in Cuba. We used to buy all the time ban apple. And, and I said to myself, You know what, I gotta bring back my memories. I'm gonna fight for what I love the most, which is PKC because I always always because if I was a little kid, and I had a movement, it was a movement around here in the state of Florida. Everybody, every single person. You should talk about being now all that spirit is dead. Now you don't have that anymore in the state of Florida. He's dead.

Unknown Speaker 24:10
He killed

Speaker 2 24:12
he doing that to me. He destroyed his own company. His way. They that week. They didn't do advertisement nothing they week. They are supposed to fight. That cloud. We already saw on that didn't do advertised. They sold out in one week.

Speaker 3 24:36
What they did, you're saying they gotta be able to do that again. Okay, so

Speaker 1 24:41
let's pick it back up. Explain to me what you were saying about David Feldman right? The owner of BK UFC, he lost out by losing you on the roster, right?

Speaker 4 24:56
For real, he wants to do that. Hey, the other guy had to be a champion

Speaker 2 25:03
associate that never gonna understand because you know, it's not even like a likable guy. And he'd never done anything in, in in any other combat sport.

Speaker 1 25:17
Maybe it's something internal maybe he's willing to get paid less. Maybe it's something like that.

Speaker 2 25:23
I know. But the reality is very simple. And let me ask you that question because you're a businesswoman. If if you have to choose between a person that brings you globally, a ticket sells and brings you in the state of Florida is sold our venue every single time that you put that guy in the roster. Which one you rather have a guy who take the fight for 30,000 or a guy who take the fight for 250,200 50,000? Because

Unknown Speaker 26:00
you can make your money back?

Unknown Speaker 26:03
Right? Yeah, it's it's no brainer.

Speaker 2 26:06
You know what I mean? Like, I never understood that, but I'm pretty sure like is other reasons behind that.

Speaker 1 26:16
So you've cut ties with BK FC completely, you will no longer fight for them?

Unknown Speaker 26:21
Of course, you know.

Unknown Speaker 26:25
Don't do me wrong.

Speaker 2 26:27
You know, in okay, if I lose if I if I were to lose the fight, you know, for real. I will be happy. I was still fighting for thing. I was trying to get a rematch or whatever. But I didn't lose

Unknown Speaker 26:37
that fight period. Yeah.

Speaker 2 26:39
And the things they happen during that period. Yeah. You know,

Speaker 1 26:46
yeah. Like you said they didn't commit yourself. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Just just disrespect. Disrespect

Speaker 2 26:51
so much. Across the board. Yeah.

Speaker 1 26:55
All right. Well, it sounds like you still are going to be active. You know, I can't wait to see who you fight for what type of martial arts it is. But do you have some goals that you can share with us moving forward?

Speaker 2 27:11
As so, so many people know, I'm an inventor before anything. I like to invent stuff. And I have a bunch of inventions that I wanted to put in, in the in on the market.

Unknown Speaker 27:27
Yeah, like patent.

Speaker 2 27:30
Yeah, have 17 patent. Oh, wow. And yeah, and, and away, I want to stop putting all my products because they basically sitting there on the shelf. And you know, I need to push these bras that are great.

Unknown Speaker 27:44
Yeah, yeah. And now you have the time if you

Speaker 2 27:47
Yeah, told me about now. I want I want to get your sponsor guys by this company right here. What is it? You guys have any endorsements or any company? There's

Speaker 1 27:57
also other podcasts? No, we are always looking for endorsements. What is built you sure

Speaker 2 28:02
you are gonna get you buy involved with this? These people? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:06
Are they a supplement company?

Speaker 2 28:09
This is a drink energy drink. Has no caffeine. Or no artificial colors. No artificial

Unknown Speaker 28:20

Speaker 2 28:25
Like zero fat, zero transplant. Zero cholesterol. I mean, I honestly didn't know because I'm trying to sell this product. By this is the best drink I've ever had.

Speaker 1 28:41
And this is one of your inventions. And it's something you created. No. Oh, no,

Speaker 2 28:46
no, this is a friend of mine. Okay. And I don't gain any money out of this. But I will I you know you guys do. Doo and be endorsed by this product. Because both of you guys agree. He is great. And you guys are great.

Speaker 1 29:02
That's awesome. Yeah, let's take let's talk offline.

Unknown Speaker 29:06
I set it up.

Speaker 1 29:08
Okay, well actually, I have used one of your inventions, champ raps and they are pretty Yes. Pretty fucking awesome. I like those and that's one of the 17 So you do have some good inventions I know already. funny.

Speaker 2 29:22
It's funny that you mentioned that because you know, I was going to ask you like you know if you like me to sing, you know some of my products. But you know, talking about the shutter. I saw Ferreira putting a sock under under his rap I might do Why are you doing Why are you putting a sock in it? You know? Yeah, he was putting a sock

Unknown Speaker 29:51
Yeah, you need champ wraps. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:52
Go get my camera. Maybe.

Speaker 1 29:55
That's awesome. All right, Hector. Well, I hope you get some Have those patents and those inventions out but let's talk a little bit personal. I don't you know, I know the Wikipedia stuff, you know the stuff that you read online but I want to know a little bit more about your personal life and like, you know how you grew up a little bit. This podcast is about love and dating and romance and sex. So I'm going to talk to you about that stuff. But let's take it back. Everybody loves sex. Everybody loves sex. But let's take it back. You know, everything starts from when we're children right? So if we have this awesome relationship with our parents and they teach us about sex and love then you tend to have like a better experience right and then if you don't like myself you know you learned the hard way so I want to know what was it like for you did you have someone tell you about the birds and the bees sit you down give you that talk What was it like growing up

Speaker 2 30:56
going to keep it very simple for you to get my point I would I would I would in which to nobody the way that I grew up it was the most horrible thing that anyone can experience and I wish that to knock it to nobody period you know grew up you know with a dad they hate you and and totally in your face I hate you motherfucker. Pinochet and he will well the show me every day no reason at all I will be sleeping in nursing you know the the the fact that will work with me up you know with the with the bell or with whatever beating me up

Unknown Speaker 31:45
just so masochistic just abusive.

Speaker 2 31:49
Yeah, for no reason at all. He just it was a person that hates his life and I was you know in his life and so for that point he just hated me do

Speaker 1 32:01
I'm sorry that's horrible. What about your mother? Yeah.

Speaker 2 32:06
My mother she know a very smart women which is like she would do whatever my dad would would tell her to do and she just follow orders so I didn't have any

Speaker 1 32:25
help at all. Yeah, she's no help at all just a submissive woman to her husband.

Speaker 2 32:31
And this is this is something that I tried to explain to the audience and I can try to say these a lot of people don't understand your family is no your blood sometimes you have a person that is really related to you they hate you. Sometimes you have a person that is related to you whether it's your mother your brother, whatever it is that they don't like you at all you know sometimes you have a friend or a person that you met and on the way they you would do 10 times more things than then then you collaborate

Unknown Speaker 33:07
related yep

Speaker 2 33:09
you know it's like breakfast these these this thing that is so called family is like breakfast everybody thought like you know having breakfast is the most healthy meal of the day it's not your break every time that you have breakfast you crashing your body you destroying your energy levels the minute that you have breakfast you the screw your whole day you know I feel super great now they have stopped having breakfast have any for days and my body function properly without having breakfast and we are being added to NATO with with that stupidity that is called you break in your fasting because the fasting is the greatest thing that the body can do will go through Yeah, yeah. Fasting when you when you do in your fasting your body's healing itself Yeah, yeah. So are you breaking up you're breaking your healing you you break in your your your body healing

Speaker 4 34:17
because fasting you you you healing your own body

Speaker 2 34:23
as you breaking bread for breakfast, which is break the fasting you destroying that healing?

Speaker 1 34:33
And so in relation to family, you're saying that everyone thinks that family is so healthy so great, the number one number one but in all actuality, that's not true. family can be just as toxic and bad for you.

Speaker 2 34:50
Totally in no say every every family out there by my family was a solo a lot of people don't want to believe in it. What I'm just trying to say I'm not on my family, but have me not on my family ever, you know, the end thing for me? Yeah, yeah. So I have to do all that thing on my own.

Speaker 1 35:09
So how did that affect you? As a man later in life when you started to have relationships in your teen years and your 20s and your 30s Did you find that because you were raised with that abuse that you had to

Speaker 2 35:26
put it this way? I, after all, this happened to me, I got my mother in America. And she couldn't function properly, like she may Mullah super miserable. That she must keep us MySQL salah, you know, you know, like, you don't even know what he's doing. Because you want to go back to Cuba where the Cuba is. I think you forgot. You know, how Cuba like, yeah, yeah. And she was two months

Unknown Speaker 36:07
to get her citizenship.

Speaker 2 36:09
And she goes, you know, if, you know, send me back to Cuba got him from, you know, under a bus? Oh, no, no, no, no. All of them and hold on a minute. And then I get your ticket. And you're going back to Cuba, she went back to Cuba. And the second day, she called me she said, I want to come back.

Unknown Speaker 36:31
Miss second day. Oh, no.

Speaker 2 36:34
The second day she was in Cuba. It what I'm telling you is like she wasn't she wasn't well, in her

Unknown Speaker 36:40
mind. Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Speaker 2 36:43
I understand Wasn't she wasn't a stable, you know, and, and I went through a lot. Yeah. Yeah, I went through a lot of when she was here, you know, she was even talking about relationships. You know, every girlfriend or every person that I have a relationship with, she would go and cut the clauses of, you know, get the quiz and burn the underwear.

Speaker 5 37:08
Your mom did that to you? Yes, yes.

Speaker 2 37:11
I'm talking about craziness of craziness. You wouldn't be with me, right? And then as they owe you underwear, you will be cut off in pieces.

Speaker 1 37:21
Wow. Okay, so mentally unstable. totally got it. How? That's crazy. Yeah. How long did that go in your life?

Speaker 2 37:34
I don't want to freak you out. I don't want to freak you out with so much news.

Speaker 1 37:40
Well, I mean, it is what it is. And unfortunately, even the bad shit that happens to us in our lives. They make us it makes us who we are. I've been through some bad shit. And honestly, I am grateful for that, because I'm a tough pitch now. And I have the thickest skin. And I'm not saying that, you know, I'm happy that that happened to you and that you should be grateful. But, you know, do you think that because you endured all that as like a young child that that made you kind of this tough man that became this champion later in life.

Speaker 2 38:11
I truly, I truly love the way I truly love the way you kind of like, put it together. When you use say, You know what, you know, everything that happened? It probably got you stronger. I'm okay with that. I can live with that. Something that I cannot live with? Is when they are no they is up there. Right. It was happening for a reason. Everything no habit for a reason. Yeah. You see, this is like another at the tree nation. They you know, we they, they system had created. Know, everything doesn't happen for a reason. If we, if we your dog gets run over by a bus or whatever. It was the reason why you those, you know should get

Speaker 6 39:02
run over now. Yeah, you know, everything happened for a reason. Yeah.

Speaker 4 39:07
You know, you see these these people they go to the

Speaker 2 39:11
war in Vietnam or whatever, they come back and, and, and they in the widget? You see the guy in the wheelchair saying like, everything I've not ever seen before. For you to be, you know, you cannot be able to walk.

Speaker 1 39:26
Yeah, sometimes. Sometimes the world is just ugly, and that's the way it is. Alright, sorry, Hector. Number one. I like that.

Speaker 2 39:39
I love this drink. I love this drink. I swear to God, you know, I wouldn't. I wouldn't repping something that I don't like, you know, even like, if I'm on Instagram, or whatever. When I post about products because I truly believe it. That's good. I truly believe in it.

Speaker 1 39:58
That's good. Hector Changing the topic. What is your current dating status? Are you in a relationship? Are you seeing someone? Are you single?

Unknown Speaker 40:08
Single for the rest of my life for the rest of your life?

Unknown Speaker 40:11
Whoa, no one has ever said that.

Unknown Speaker 40:15
Okay, why is that?

Unknown Speaker 40:19
Bad the spirits.

Speaker 2 40:22
And I came to the conclusion that I'm better on my own.

Speaker 1 40:30
I want to ask you something very serious right now very serious. You are very open about your childhood. And that was so you know, like, it's just no matter who hears that that's painful to hear. But you are a very successful person. And you seem to be very happy. You know, like, you appreciate life, and you're grateful. How did you get like that? Like, after having a childhood like that? Like, there's someone listening right now? And they went through that same thing you did Hector? And I want I want to know, like, how did you get to be this successful happy person from that?

Unknown Speaker 41:07
I can I can. I can. I can tell you so quick. MMA. Let me explain. Let me explain you super quick, stupid.

Speaker 2 41:19
People don't give a fuck when you cry. People care when you laugh. People care when you happy people don't give a fuck up. Or when you crying and

Speaker 4 41:28
you, you, you, you, you. You pleading guilty? sociate if they don't give a fuck. They're gonna You're skip.

Speaker 2 41:39
I don't want I don't want I don't want to listen to this bullshit. Skip. Yeah, when you set for that people care? Yeah. People don't care when you fighting ugly, they don't matter. They're going to skip that page. They're going to skip that page. That's why you see, it shows it on Instagram and social media. They don't care

Speaker 1 42:04
when you cry. Let's get back to the question that I asked you earlier. And it was you touched briefly on it. And it was about being single forever. Now, that's a hard statement. I understand. You know, you've had your, you know, ups and downs with relationships. But why give up on love? Like forever? Tell me why.

Speaker 7 42:24
I love giving up on love her. She's giving up on relationships, which is different. Okay. I mean, why a person cannot be with me without getting married?

Speaker 1 42:33
No, no, I think that you can be me and my partner. Actually, we're in a relationship, but we don't have any desire to get married. Is that so? You're willing to meet someone though?

Speaker 7 42:45
I would date Yeah. Okay. 100%. But I know we're gonna get I'm not gonna allow anybody to control our relationship in and this is what people doesn't understand. Like, the minute that you sign those papers, you know, like all the party's gates in bow II a relationship?

Speaker 1 43:03
Yeah, we don't need no government, we need no rules. I don't like that. I don't like that. I think you know, you can do a very nice ceremony, if you want to bring your friends and family together to kind of like, represent your love or some crap, but I don't I don't believe in getting married either. So would you tell us a little bit about how you had that? Why you have that mindset? Was it a bad experience with one one woman or multiple women?

Speaker 7 43:28
Let me play your song, for example. Okay. My second, my second ex wife, right? She goes to me, you know, at that time, which is like, thanks to her because she was freaking lunatic. My career went downhill. And this is what I'm trying to explain to other fighters. Do you need to get involved in our relationship? Whoever is going to be with you is gonna be with you. So she goes to me. You know, I'm always, always late. I was on my way to talk. I was saying I was like, 25 wins, right. And I was about to sign a huge contract with the EEOC. And right after signing the contract, she she goes, you know, like, you know, now we need to stop thinking about getting married and hit us up to escalating and then ended up saying like, Oh, you know, now we cannot have sex anymore. You know, I'm very Christian.

Unknown Speaker 44:36
My she always Christian.

Speaker 7 44:40
I don't even know. Hey, that was that was the the, the, the start that she was playing? Right. The paper that you will play. You know, I'm very Christian, you know, and I don't want to be fornicating

Unknown Speaker 44:56
but you will already you were already fornicating right.

Speaker 7 45:00
She was already fornicating she Polycase someone beginning to I don't even know, you know, they they should change their name. Because she was way for the cake.

Speaker 1 45:13
So all the sudden Did she hit you with the I don't want to have sex unless we're married.

Speaker 7 45:19
Yeah, I should walk away from that day. You know? Yeah, that's a red flag to me goes or you know okay you know for stupid me dumb me and when you know we follow up with the wars and you know she took a bunch of stuff that I have my you know it's funny that you you so Christian Dinah you super happy to take butcher butcher machine? My business everything. So I'm telling these guys like all these women are gonna come with different angles. Yeah. They gonna come from different angles to try to play you. Yeah, because they we play. Yeah. You know,

Unknown Speaker 46:04
I was gonna end they gotta go ahead.

Speaker 7 46:07
Yeah, some so they play the game. For simple like, let's say, I'm a woman. And or let's say I'm a guy, right? And Ashley has a big future. You know, she's like, 20 wings straight, blah, blah, blah. She's killing the game. She's about to sign a contract with the UFC. And she said she got to start making a ton of money. I know. She's gonna be a champion. Yeah. And not with you. For the right interest.

Unknown Speaker 46:39
Yeah, for not the right reasons.

Unknown Speaker 46:41
You know what I mean? I'm, I'm just, I'm just

Speaker 4 46:45
baking you. Yeah. I'm going with you with the flow. See where you gotta be out

Speaker 1 46:52
there. She's playing. You're playing the long game, you know that she's playing the long game? Yeah, it's like a long game, gold, gold digger long game.

Speaker 7 47:01
And then they gotta say, like, look, you know, what were you when you had nothing? Blah, blah. But no, you're not.

Speaker 1 47:06
Yeah, yeah. Because they know, you know, they saw the potential. They saw the talent. They knew, they saw how hard you work. And they knew it was inevitable that you would be successful. And so that if I just stick it out, it's kind of like, a woman or a guy, I guess? Who gets with a really old person? And they're like, they're almost

Unknown Speaker 47:24

Unknown Speaker 47:27
And I'm gonna get all their money.

Speaker 1 47:31
Yeah, yeah. Okay. Well, Hector, it sounds like you had some bad experiences with some women. Have you ever had a partner? That helps your career that was like, Hey, let me make your meals for you. Never, never. Man. It's the best Hector. That's what I wish for you. You know, someone who understands, that's your goal. Just because you're in the gym, it doesn't fucking matter. It doesn't mean that you love them less. They don't get affected by how hard you work or how much you love your sport. They don't take it personal. It's a great thing. And I think that I don't want you to give up on that. Because you can find that for sure.

Speaker 7 48:11
Well, I mean, I will never say never, but I know like for the fact that is going to some silly what I'm gonna say but the the image that I portrayed is going to be always that you know, this guy came, you know, whatever it is, it's got to make it happen. You can like,

Unknown Speaker 48:38
like, like, maybe you attract a certain kind of woman.

Speaker 7 48:42
Yeah, it's funny. It's weird. But I the way that I handle myself, you know, like, I'm always like, so confidence. I'm always so short. And they like this guy got done. You know, he got he got it.

Unknown Speaker 48:57

Speaker 7 48:58
So I have to be a little bit small for simply February with you. You know, maybe I gotta wait for you to see if you got to split the meal.

Speaker 1 49:11
I do I do that. I always always offer because I want to gauge his reaction. You know what I mean? If he's like, oh, cool, thanks. Whatever. I'm like, okay, note to self. Or if he's like, Oh, wow, like, thank you for offering but no, I got this mic. Okay, even better

Speaker 7 49:31
than I do. Honestly, that is unheard of, you know, that is what I swear to God, I swear like, you know, whatever it is up there the security being or whatever it is. That I never had that in my life. Now, I it's the women they're gonna say to us today out of 2200 times that we'll be going out and we you know, we go to dinner. She goes, baby, I got this today. Zero,

Speaker 1 49:58
do you think okay, so I just had on Alex, Bruce Leroy caseros, who's from Miami as well, we're talking about him growing up and women and how they kind of used him for his body and whatever. And I said, Oh, you know, but women in you know, certain places are different. And he said, not in Miami. And so maybe, you know, you should broaden your horizons and get out of Miami a little bit. I mean, he

Unknown Speaker 50:28
is everywhere.

Speaker 1 50:29
It is everywhere. It is it is. It is yeah. So, you know, what is your is your kind of woman, maybe the kind of, you know, okay, so what is your favorite kind of, you know, person to date? Do you have like, characteristics, you know, not just looks, but like, what's, what attracts you like, personality wise to someone?

Speaker 7 50:52
Or me? No, I'm just chilling. You know, I know even like, she's looking, pursuing anyone. Yeah, nothing. I'm just like, whatever. You know, sometimes I even laugh because when you really sit back and see how the game they these women, especially Miami, they play, it's just a joke. You can tell that this is up to something that is just a joke. pm, I always used to joke, just the way that they dress. And the stuff that they put around, you know, like, the the makeup, the fat lips, the fake everything. Whatever you like, do should stay away. Unfortunately, they are the ones that are normal. They know industry. They know. Yeah. Yeah. They don't even know where they are.

Speaker 1 51:45
Well, that's why people prefer on. Oh, okay. But you know, like, you can do online dating and you don't have to go to the bars. Because a lot of the time, that's what people do. They think they're gonna go out, they're gonna drink and they're gonna find their, you know, perfect, mate. But is your perfect mate getting drunk on a Saturday? Or are they sleeping in? Because they're waking up early, to work out and to do something healthy? And then how are you going to meet that person? So maybe online dating is for you?

Unknown Speaker 52:15
Again, try that out.

Unknown Speaker 52:16
Have you never done it?

Speaker 7 52:18
No, I'm stuck with technology. Okay, technology. Well, not really good with be online or? Yeah. For me, I find it a little bit weird. You know, like, to sci fi, you know, like, it's Wait, I never done it. But I might I might go that route.

Speaker 1 52:36
I like that you're open to it. I really do. And there's there's different ones too. There's certain platforms that are like, Okay, this is for people who make a certain amount of money. You know, just, I mean, I think that's good, because then you know that it's she's not a gold digger. She has her own job. This is where she went to college, and she's looking for someone who also makes their own money. Do you know what I mean?

Speaker 7 52:58
Or, you know, my ex girlfriend, one of my ex girlfriends, right? The one that she she was versus CFO. She was making you know, some money. And you know that she was a joke too, though. You know, remember that the story that was telling you that I you know, I will make a comment about you, whatever, you know, like because there's no more like, you know, you do a subsidiary cigar the more support you have the people that you know, he goes, or you know, way you i think i i wish you happy birthday. One point. Why are you wishing a Happy Birthday, blah,

Unknown Speaker 53:37
blah, blah, that girl?

Unknown Speaker 53:39
She told you to block me? Yeah.

Speaker 7 53:44
So what I'm saying is, you can never win. Like, you got to sue Mr. Kerr, that she sat there to get your money. There you go and start dating a girl and she ended up being in a costume. Or don't follow this girl don't follow this way. You know, let me see you Instagram. who you talk to you? I was like, Joe, you need to? You need to shoot.

Speaker 1 54:11
Yeah, you need. Yeah, yeah, there. There are women who have good qualities who are confident in themselves, who also make their own money. You know, and I mean, we all have our issues. It's like, which issue do you want to choose? You know, some women, you know, have low self esteem. And maybe that's an issue but all right, it's making more sense. So you don't advise athletes to be in relationships while they're still competing?

Speaker 7 54:44
At least if it's just the proper one, which is very rare in this DNA

Unknown Speaker 54:49
to find

Speaker 1 54:52
better. So how is your mindset changed over the years? Right? You know, you're in your 40s how Is your mindset about love and dating change from your 20s 30s and now your 40s

Unknown Speaker 55:06
I feel like it should be.

Speaker 7 55:09
And I don't want anybody to get offended with this, but I should still feel like you guys should treat this as a sport till you know the right one. Yeah, just go out and you know, and use things the same way they want to use you. You skate how sexy whatever, you know, don't chase anything. She's shit out.

Speaker 3 55:32
But I think yeah, go ahead

Speaker 7 55:36
and let it go. Let it go and see where it goes. But you know, I see like, guys, they start dating a chick, right? And then two weeks later, they, you know, I'm pretty hooked up with the girl about to share, bro, just chill. Yeah, you know, since I've gotten good, you know, really good. Okay, but she's like, you know, give that time?

Speaker 1 55:55
Yeah. Yeah, I think people want to get into a relationship with women, but not so much men. Men don't want to be in relationships, especially when they're young. They usually want to try and play the field as much as possible and be unattached as what I see. But I feel like yeah, that's good advice. Because especially when you're young, you don't know what's out there. And if you settle down very young, you don't even you know, what kind of life experiences do you have at that point?

Speaker 7 56:22
Look, listen. And I will often offend you because you are American, but American women going downhill. Okay. The reason why I'm saying this is because, uh, guys, the guys in America were American people. And okay, like, why guys? Even black guys, they moving away from America. And then going to South America, they're going to Colombia, they go into Spain, they're going to Europe to get a women because they understand that women here the first thing they do complain about everything. The second thing they do they everything they do is better than anything else. And they don't cook. They don't clean.

Unknown Speaker 57:17
I mean, do we? What do you want me for? It's just,

Unknown Speaker 57:22
it's just a joke. I make

Speaker 7 57:25
jokes. So they little by little people, especially guys. start understanding like yo, Ash is better. Find a girl in Colombia and or in Cuba or whatever. Just be with them. They at least they're going to treat me better.

Speaker 1 57:43
Damn. They are now exporting their partners.

Speaker 7 57:49
Yeah, I went to Europe and you had no idea I went to the club. They chicks they were paying the drinks. You will see that in America. No, no, they will pay my dream say you're relaxed. Come down. You know, I got this. I got this. Hello? Whoa, what the file No,

Speaker 1 58:08
Hector, is it's not? Is it about money? Because it's probably not about money, right? Or is it more about the actual gesture and how you act and how grateful you are? And how you show respect? Or is really is it about the money? Do you just want a woman to pay for you?

Speaker 7 58:22
No, no, it's not about the money, but it is it for me. When I see like, for example, you are a woman right? And you expect me to? To pay for everything. Everywhere we go. I feel like you you truly believe you better than me. I feel I feel like you you like okay, you supposed to be paying for everything because otherwise I can get somebody else.

Speaker 1 58:46
Maybe to do it. Maybe she has some traditional type mindsets where like the man takes care of the woman you know, but then she probably doesn't act like the case though. Yeah,

Speaker 7 59:00
like, let's say right? I'm with you. You know, hypothetically right? I'm with you. You are an American. And we go out you know, I have to be that judgment all the time. Open the door of the car. Say this the CHE when you gotta see whatever, pay the bill.

Unknown Speaker 59:24
We go back home.

Speaker 7 59:27
You ain't gotta cook for me. You ain't gotta clean my my my you know I gotta do my watch.

Unknown Speaker 59:37
So we're supposed to be equal.

Speaker 7 59:39
We're supposed to be equal there. But and then when we go out for dinner, you you the money you pay.

Speaker 1 59:47
What if your partner what if? Okay, we're dating and what if we split the bill? And then we go home? And I don't do any of the cooking any of the cleaning. Are you happy because it's equal or And do you want me to do half the laundry? How does that work?

Speaker 7 1:00:05
My opinion, right? This is hypothetically, let's say we together, right? And a way to display my bill, I want to pay all times, but I also want you to be the women that you're supposed to, you're supposed to be. Take care of the house. Do the cooking, do the laundry, take care of me. So and then when I go out, and I'm super happy, I know you deserve me to, you know, to pay the bill. This is my point. But in this society today, she ain't got none of that. She gotta take care of none of that. In a way when you're still going out. You take care of everything. And then on top of that, you got to pay the bills. You know, the whole system is a nightmare.

Speaker 1 1:00:54
Yeah, yeah, I understand. Okay. Well, what about sex before competition? Do you abstain?

Speaker 7 1:01:02
I mean, I never okay. When When? When? Competition. You don't care? I think. No, I think that if you rest if you rest. I know seeing that it's gonna do any

Speaker 3 1:01:21
will affect you. Yeah. Yeah. It's not gonna do anything bad. Okay,

Speaker 7 1:01:25
but I don't I know fighters, they will stay like amongst them. Six weeks without sex, stuff like that. You know,

Speaker 1 1:01:31
I haven't heard I haven't talked to anyone who does that. And I've been interviewing fighters about their sex lives for the last two and a half years.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
already. Yeah. Nobody has guided

Speaker 7 1:01:42
I don't fight as they don't have sex for like, four weeks.

Speaker 1 1:01:45
Really? Okay. All right. Yeah.

Speaker 7 1:01:48
I don't want to mention names because, you know, I don't seem that it's gonna be nice of me. But I know for a fact they brought you know, don't don't have sex for weeks minimum.

Speaker 1 1:01:58
Do you have any? Do you have any rituals or you know, superstitions that you do leading up to the fight? Or maybe don't do

Speaker 7 1:02:07
i at the beginning, I was a little bit superstitious. Obviously I come from Cuba, you know, we have like, you know, so much endurance in that country that you kind of like a attaches to you, but and then I ended up just being me. But the beginning you have the superstition like oh, you know, if you identify blue? Oh, you know them? You know, I don't like the blue. I was like the red?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
Blue corner. Red Corner. Yeah, yeah, put it now you understand

Speaker 7 1:02:35
that? superstition is created by fear. And you got to see a lot of superstition. People out there superstitious people that all they have is fear. They being race with fear. You know, don't do that it's going to happen, this can happen to you don't do this that can happen to us. So they're creating a fear around these people. And that happens a lot with poor countries, you know, Cuba, Puerto Rico, to any country that is very poor. They create that fear that

Speaker 1 1:03:18
superstition? Yes. That's interesting. I wonder why that is why poor countries are more superstitious.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:25
Because you ended up being more inner.

Speaker 1 1:03:28
Just uneducated, I guess and they don't understand. That's created in their mind. There's no reason to fear that.

Speaker 7 1:03:36
Yeah. So superstition is based on fear. They create the fear on us. So you become very superstitious. Very similar to religion, though.

Speaker 1 1:03:45
Make sense? Hector? I gotta ask because it's sex and violence is Rebel girl. Have you ever been asked to do something too weird or too freaky in bed that you were like? No, not today?

Speaker 7 1:03:57
Yeah, I got this girl. She goes and she says, Oh, let me put the handcuffs on you. I say hey, you know you you put the handcuffs yourself. When you come to me, you know what if you want to stop me and I'll do something? Yeah. To defend myself. Yeah,

Speaker 1 1:04:12
well, that is perfect. Because that's actually a question that I asked in the lightning sex round. I want to before we get to lightning sex round, I want to ask you a few more questions. What is your biggest pet peeve in the bedroom? Now we've had people say anything from as little as a bad breath, you know, all the way to a partner who only wants to receive they don't want to give you know.

Speaker 7 1:04:36
I mean, as long as you you know, I'm feeling my my biggest my biggest is the girl that smell. Oh, yeah, of course. Yo, one day, you know. going yo, stop, stop. Stop. This guy's got some shit down there.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:52
Do you ever tell a girl you told a girl put your clothes back on?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:55
I will tell you right away. Oh,

Speaker 5 1:05:00
Did you see in a nice way at least like maybe maybe like let's go take a shower together? No

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
baby. No,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:07
no okay, okay.

Speaker 4 1:05:13
No baby no more op Joe. Oh, goes off please.

Speaker 5 1:05:20
God actors too old to be nice. He's like fuck it.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:24
No I don't want to wish malls at one second.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:27
No smelly vaginas

Speaker 1 1:05:35
Hector, do you remember the craziest or, like weirdest place that you ever had sex? Maybe somewhere in public or, you know, just a random place?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:48
In the boss, you know, after the club. Where else in the cloud?

Speaker 3 1:05:56
It's easy to do that multiple times in a club a few times in the club. Multiple times multiple times.

Speaker 7 1:06:03
Okay, yeah, I used to be I used to be a club in Australia back in the days used to being Australia. I used to call the bathroom.

Speaker 3 1:06:11
The bathroom. No, the bedroom the bedroom. Okay.

Speaker 7 1:06:15
And y'all that that was my favorite place because she had bed and stuff.

Speaker 1 1:06:20
Oh, they have one of those in San Francisco and it's called the supper club. And there's beds and then dining and you can eat and then you can go do other stuff in the bed. Yeah, on the vocal. Yeah. Wild Wild stuff. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38
Look, I think it was all feel like that time for the lightning second round. All right

Speaker 1 1:06:50
Hector, we're gonna play the lightning sex round right now, which is just yes or no. I'm going to ask you something and you just answer yes or no. And it's rapid fire. If you feel the need to, you know, tell me a story or elaborate. I'm not going to stop you but just yes or no for the for most of them. Okay. All right, here we go. Lightning sex round with Hector. Do you dirty talk in bed?

Speaker 3 1:07:16
All day long. All right. Spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:21
Llama spank. Okay, biting. Oh, no,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:27
really? No. Okay, choking.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:31

Unknown Speaker 1:07:32
Sometimes, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
Oh, I lost my place my bad threesomes

Unknown Speaker 1:07:41
ever she's down to it.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:43
Do you ever do threesomes with a partner? Like a girlfriend?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:52
We're both times yeah. Okay. She's down to a I'm good.

Speaker 1 1:07:56
Okay, because sometimes you know, people will do threesomes, but not with someone they're actually dating because it can get messy. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:02
I had a girl that she received in bringing the girls out.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05
Oh, that's that's ideal. That's perfect.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:07
Okay, yeah. Some

Unknown Speaker 1:08:10
winner chicken dinner. Okay, do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:18
Yeah, sometimes? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20
Any fetishes like a foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:26
Not really. I find that a little bit weird.

Speaker 1 1:08:27
Yeah, I'm not Yeah, it's yucky. But you know, I try not to on this show. I say we don't yuck anyone's yum. You know, whatever. Okay, bodily.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:37
I never never been attracted to that.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
Also, I feel like because we

Unknown Speaker 1:08:41
are judging anybody

Speaker 1 1:08:42
we just do. Yeah, of course. But we are fighters and so I feel like we see dirty ass feet all the time, you know on the mat. And we know like they're just ringworm and sweat and blood and ya know?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:55
You like to do it. You know? Listen, I'm not judging anybody.

Speaker 1 1:08:58
Whatever floats your boat, man. Yeah, okay. Bondage like ropes, blindfold handcuffs.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:06
As long as it's on me,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:08
okay. Okay on the girl. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:11
got it. What about role playing? What is that

Speaker 1 1:09:15
role playing like? I'm a school girl and you're the teacher or a police officer? I

Unknown Speaker 1:09:19
love that.

Speaker 5 1:09:21
You like it? Awesome. what's your what's your favorite characters to play?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
I like the nurse the

Unknown Speaker 1:09:28
nurse and doctor.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:31
Oh, come on. Come on, say baby.

Speaker 1 1:09:35
But stuff on you or a partner? What is that? Anal but stuff? Oh yeah.

Speaker 5 1:09:42
Why not? Okay. Ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Speaker 7 1:09:48
A bunch of times I remember when when I the first time that I came to ATT right. The lumber used to own a to a hotel he used to call him up right in front of the swingers club. And we used to go with it and I was like, man. I like him, but I didn't like it because he was kind of like kind of a weirdo. It's definitely

Speaker 1 1:10:17
you know, it's like, yeah, I've actually never been to a swingers club, but I've had people on the show heard stories, and you know, especially if you're there with a partner, it's like, I don't know, I don't know how that would go.

Speaker 7 1:10:30
Yeah, I was just kind of like, you know, I weigh like, a few times, and the last time they you know, kind of like, got some do like, looking at me and shit. I was like, What the fuck? We should be weird.

Speaker 1 1:10:43
Yeah. Yeah, I forgot. You're gonna have to deal with that. Right? Because guys are looking at you, too. You gotta be real secure.

Speaker 7 1:10:51
Yeah, it was kind of weird. But yeah, we had a one right in front of the hotel that we used to. We used to stay in especially me because I came for California. Because I was training at the CSC SW with a proposal. Okay. Yeah. And I drove all the way to to Miami to start training in America. So we have a house and they have a house. She's new. And the lumber says you can sell my home. And you know, you you want to search the area. Yeah, explore that. But hey surely we should go all the time? It was right. You know, it wasn't maybe like two minutes walk? Yeah,

Speaker 5 1:11:35
that's awesome. Okay, have you? Oh, are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:41
Oh, I love like

Unknown Speaker 1:11:44
okay, body hair on your partner. Yay or Nay?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:49
I don't I hear at all. I don't really hear me.

Speaker 1 1:11:52
Yeah, I'm the same. The less hair the better. I've ever been having sex or masturbating?

Speaker 7 1:12:02
No, I'm pretty open. I even turned my girls like, Listen, I love to masturbate. So even when I'm into this into the into intimacy, yeah. I'm just doing it. You know? Because,

Speaker 1 1:12:12
yeah, me and my boyfriend have have talked about it's like, if you fall asleep, and I'm horny. I'm gonna rub one out and he's like, Oh, yeah. I'm like, Okay. Like, we never like walked in or done, you know, but I'm like, I'm going to you're going to it's fucking human nature. Yeah,

Speaker 7 1:12:28
exactly. For me, it's a turtle. You know, they assume you must have been in the shade. Like this is like, yes. I like that.

Speaker 1 1:12:34
I think something that people don't like, do enough. Because it's like, people think it's weird, but like mutual man. Hey, listen, listen.

Speaker 7 1:12:41
Let me explain something. Most people are gonna say to you. No, I don't. Because probably embarrassed that saying, look, it doesn't look good for them. Okay, but behind the scenes.

Speaker 1 1:12:53
Come on. Oh, everybody is you know, yeah, everybody is

Unknown Speaker 1:12:56
so many fake mother focus up there.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:58
Yeah, I mean, for me, it's like, I like talking about this stuff. Because

Speaker 7 1:13:02
you're honest. You're honest. Is it different between us? You know what we do? We open book, you know?

Speaker 1 1:13:07
Yeah, but I think people appreciate that. They appreciate the honesty. You know, people hear other people do it and they feel less weird. I love that shit. Yeah. Yeah. All right. That was it for the lightning sex round. And we are moving on to your fan questions right now. But for all of the people listening who are not going to follow us to the UFC fight pass platform. Where can they follow you on social media? If you have a website? I know you have 17 inventions? Maybe.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:34
So tell to come Yeah, tell the fans where to find you

Speaker 7 1:13:39
can find me at Hector Lombard? This my Instagram and all my Twitter.

Speaker 1 1:13:45
Okay, and then anything else you want to promote right now?

Speaker 7 1:13:50
I want to promote the funnel scoop. What is it? I have to say you some Okay. Send me your address. I sent you a bunch the finance group champ wraps and soon the drink belt. Yep,

Speaker 1 1:14:08
got it. Okay, well guys, as you know, I always put all of my guests links in the show notes. So if you're driving or doing something right now and you're just listening, don't worry. Don't crash. You can check it out later

Speaker 1 1:14:37
All right, that's it for episode 136 with Hector Lombard, what a motherfucking legend. It was so great to have him on the show, guys. UFC fight pass is the world's premier combat sports streaming service with over 200 live events, the largest fight library in existence, original shows and more. Sign up for one year and get half off for limited time at UFC fight backslash sign up and next week and Oh buddy, we don't. I will talk to you guys in two weeks from now, like I said in the beginning in the ash update of the podcast, I'm just trying to prioritize. And I recently found out from my therapist that I am a perfectionist, I did not know that about myself, but I'm happy that I know it now because a lot of the times when you are a perfectionist, and I'm realizing this, you you're hurting yourself, you know, everything doesn't have to be perfect. You can, you know, set the bar extremely high, which I always do for myself. But if you fall a little short, that's okay. You don't let it affect you negatively. You just keep on going and that's kind of what I'm working on. And you know, I don't want to be a crazy weird perfectionist with this podcast and burn myself out and then you know, I was a jack of all trades and a Master of None and I get my fuck and ask beat in the cage. Ain't gonna happen today guys. Not today, Satan. So just know I love you. I'm not abandoning you. Please keep checking in for new episodes. I will try to be more communicative on the Instagram page as well. Like Hey guys, new episode next week or or whatnot. Alright, that's it, guys. Love you tons. Check out our stuff, sex violence with rebel Ashley rebel And be sure to rate and review the show because it really does help us out. And that is about it. All right. Thank you guys for tuning in every single week and for your fan questions that are always available in the UFC fight pass platform and a special thank you to audio engineer DJ Zol at DJ XO on social media, new handle actually as well. It is at ZM underscore

Speaker 5 1:16:55
I NC Damn, di NC right

Speaker 1 1:16:58
IFAK new handle at ZM e underscore I NC Inc. We got it. I got I'm gonna write that down right after we get out here. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:12
Maybe that's wrong? I don't know.

Speaker 1 1:17:14
Don't listen to us. All right. And then as always sex and violence podcast at rebel girl and myself, your host at Ashley MMA. I hope you guys enjoyed this week's show. Have a great weekend all you deviance. Remember, be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. I'll talk to you next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and violence.

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