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Ep.41 Diego Garijo (Lola Pistola)

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sex and

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Hey guys,

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welcome back to

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sex and violence rebel girl where we interview top level MMA fighters about love, dating, romance, and the ultimate taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl. Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening the hot stuff?

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What's up on my naughty listeners? We apologize for missing last week's episode, circumstances beyond our control prevented us from bringing you your weekly dose of deviance. Our studio burned down Well, it didn't burn down it caught fire. I know it sounds crazy. But tomorrow kid's studio caught fire. So we you know, we're kind of in limbo right now. But rebel girl How are you still recording this and bringing us this awesome content? Well, because the people here at Black Belt collective Krav Maga in Huntington Beach. were super nice and let us use their studio. Please, please do us a favor. Check them out at www dot Huntington Beach self or black belt collective Krav Maga on Instagram at Black Belt collective Krav Maga. It's here in Huntington Beach. It's a really cool facility brand new like all the bags and math, it's you just got to check it out. So if you're local to Orange County comm check it out or check it out online. The boyfriend actually had an event SOS his jujitsu event that he normally puts on April, it was He's the owner, he actually saved the day because the previous event location or the event venue, sorry, kind of backed out last minute they had some troubles and able save the day for SOS submission only series and he did the same thing for us here at sex and violence. So from the bottom of our hearts, all of us that sex and violence with rebel girl. Thank you, April. Thank you blackbolt collective this studio here is pretty legit. I am speaking on a think like $2,000 microphone right now. So if I sound very clear, that's because of April. But other than that, you know, like, you know, we're trucking along. We want to send some positive vibes out to DJ soul, just like all of us. He's going through some family stuff right now. And we love him and miss him and hope that he gets, you know, back in the studio ASAP. So at DJ soul on Instagram, send him some love. What else happened this week? Well, I lost some money. You know, I'm always talking to you guys about my they are the best online gaming, it's where you should be placing your bets because you get a 50% bonus match on your first deposit with code rebel girl and if you use that basically deposit $100 you get $50 in free money, you deposit $1,000 you get $500 in free money to gamble with that is awesome. So anyway, even though we lost money last week, we still have another chance this weekend. On Saturday there is a three title fight card so that there's three title fights on the card and the rest of the card I'm looking at it right now like Okay, so the title fights are UFC lightweight, Heavyweight Champion yon bloco I always kill this guy's name sorry. Yawn yawn. Yawn Okay, let's just say y'all you guys know I'm talking about and then we have UFC UFC middleweight champion Israel out of Sanya. I'm really gonna you know out of Sanya is undefeated, you know, after that fight with Kosta like can he be in? I don't think so. So I'm gonna pick Israel on that one hopefully win some money, but I think he's probably going to be the favorite anyway. And then the next title fight we have is UFC women's featherweight champion Amanda Nunez the ego versus Megan Anderson, the Australian tattooed badass. So, you know, I'm actually I know sounds horrible. I'm trying to learn how to bet Right, right. So if you put $20 on a really big underdog and that underdog wins. You just you just make money. So I'm like, I'm willing to lose 20 bucks if I'm going to potentially make $300 So, you know, I love Amanda Nunez and she's probably gonna win but I'm just going to roll the dice and probably bet some money on Meghan, with my bookie army Sorry, my Yes, UFC the next fight is UFC bantamweight champion, Peter Yon vs. Al Jemaine Sterling. I, you know, I just think al Jermaine is gonna win. When this and when the bill has been in the top five forever, and then you got drew Dober versus Islam maka, maka, Vich. Versus Alexander or sorry. And then you got Alexander

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Rancic versus Tiago Santos that's going to be a good light heavyweight bout. Dominick Cruz, who we actually talked about in this next interview, is going to be fighting Casey, Kenny. And then you got Joseph benavidez. Back in the cage. We got Tim Elliott's back in the cage. They're not fighting each other. But that's just to name a few. There's quite a few more fights on this card. You know, so far, you know, we're only in March, but probably one of the best cards of the year. Okay, what's going on with me, you know, still trucking along with my rehab, two weeks away from being back to PT, which I'm very excited about, you know, I'm not going to be suplexing people are sparring very hard, but it's a start, you know, I'll be on the bike and lifting those like five pound grandma weights. You know, I'm still doing the PT for my spine surgery. So I'm just happy, you know, because what I realized recently was, I'm not upset that I'm not in the gym, you know, I just want to work out. Frankly, I've been working out since I was 15 years old wrestling, starving myself, cutting weight, all that right. It's not that what I'm kind of upset about is that Tom's a chicken, right? I'm 33 I ain't no spring chicken anymore. And, you know, let's face it, you know, when you get to this point in your career, every fight could be your last, you know, not because, you know, I want to be morbid, but you know, you know, the old joints, the pain is greasy. And you know, look, I got one injury. So I'm just really, you know, I just want to improve, because every day that I'm on off the mat, and I'm not on the mat, I'm not improving, right. So it's not really like, Oh, I just want to work out. It's that I know, as an athlete, we have a short window. We can't be, you know, fighting in our 40s and 50s. Oh, nurse, you know, Randy Couture's. And,

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you know, I

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think Holly home is now 40. And they're killing it right, or she's killing it. But for the most part, I think after 3536, you kind of start to see a big drop off. And, you know, I'm 33. So I just have this sense of urgency, and this fire that's lit under my ass, basically. And another thing I was thinking about is, you know, I want to win fights, because I love the sport, and who doesn't like winning. But when you win fights, you get this platform, right? And people listen to winners. And of course, I want to be listened to and I and I want to like you know, not to sound too mushy, and corny, but I'd like to leave my legacy, right? I like to put some positive change in the world. Well, no one wants to listen to you if you don't win fights, so I got to win some more gun fights, before I can get people to really care about what the fuck I'm saying. So I just been kind of trying to stay positive. It's very disheartening on an athlete when you're, you know, bedridden, and you can't do what you've been doing for the you know, your entire life. And you guys hear me some days, I'm a little bit more positive. And some days I'm a little bit more morbid, but I'm in a positive mode right now. And I've gotten a lot of support. So also, if you want to support the podcast, we are now on Patreon. If you guys haven't checked it out, the link is in our episode notes. We always post it there. And for just $5 a month, you get full video versions of the podcast. You know, some may say I have a face for radio or podcasting. I don't know. But if you don't think that, then maybe you want to check the videos out and for five bucks. You also get a shout out on the show, like I'm gonna do right now. So our new Patreon, Patreon Patreon. I don't know. Anyway, our new Patreon of the week is our be Provost Ryan, you are one of the good ones, sir. Thank you so much from all of us at sex and violence. You are what keep the lights here on in the studio blackbelt collective right now. So thank you guys, if you want to support us, you know, just listen if you want to support us a little more and give 510 dollars to get some extra goodies. Sometimes we do bonus episodes, shout outs obviously like I just did some freebies on merge, you get one on one video calls, live chats, you know, if you want to just hang out and have lunch or do a q&a and ask me anything, something like that. We have different tiers on there. So you can go and sign up. And as always, please rate and review the show so that we can be I think in that like 200 Top 200 range. That just means more people get to listen and the show, you know just does better on there. And that's about it. Oh wait, we have a new sponsor that I want to talk about. They are a CBD company but they're you know, right now let's face it. The market is very saturated with CBD. It's like CBD, bath bombs CBD armpit you know, like Under Armour with the gall deodorant like CBD everything. Well, it's not really like what type of product it's the quality right? Do you want to just get some CBD from The corner store or do you want to get something that's super legit? I want to get something that's super legit mainly because I get tested by the UFC randomly and I can't be putting some crazy shit. You know that's in my body and it's tainted and then all of a sudden, oh, Ashlee Evans-Smith and tainted, you know is in the news like I've been in the news enough, I don't want to be in the news anymore, at least for anything bad. So, a botanical bloom, that's what it's called. You can check them out at a botanical bloom on Instagram. Basically, their products are made with real CBD, not the hemp seed oil. And the common benefits to CBD as we all know are the aches, the pains, the Arthritis and all that right. But people don't talk about it helps with sleep, epilepsy, anxiety, and depression. And let's face it 20 2020 focus all up 2021 still a little shitty, not gonna lie, things are still closed unless you're Texas, but you know, so CBD helps in a lot of aspects. And they have different you know, I don't think they have deodorant yet. But they have the liquids. They got the bombs, the tinctures and they have for all you out all you people out there like me who are fat girls edibles, they got 1000 milligrams, which is actually usually double of what the standard edibles are, I think it's like 250 to 500 milligrams. So they're priced competitively and they're just, it's a great product actually have scannable QR codes that you can, you know, little loop and then you can see the lab results like when it was tested. All the results just pop up. So just go follow them at at Oh sorry, a botanical bloom on Facebook and Instagram. They're at a botanical bloom or a b o t a n IC A l bloom calm that sounds like a jingle wasn't supposed

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to be a jingle.

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And lastly, before we go, here is a word from our other sponsor. This podcast is brought to you by ella The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples have all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit Ella para and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead, visit el la pa ra di and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Today's guest is a fighter, painter and all around entertainer. Bare Knuckle boxer by day drag queen named Lola by night. Born in Guanajuato, Mexico, the 41 year old was smuggled into the US as a child. He served several prison sentences in his youth before his career as a professional fighter took off in 2006. He recorded seven victories in the ring until a detached retina put his progress on ice. But even a partial loss of vision won't stop him from fighting. In the ring. He is known as the ferocious dose pistola to guns, but on the drug scene in San Diego. He's the notorious Lola pistola we talked about tucking his junk with duct tape process serving rockstars the pains of waxing dming dick pics for entertainment, but stuff for straight guys. The difference between cross dressing and being a drag queen and so much more. Here's your guest, Diego horio aka

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all right we have Diego up Don't kill me if I say your last name right gurriel

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you gotta hold it up already. All right.

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And you are from Ghana helado

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mahato damn it I suck. Can you tell him why?

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Thank you so much for coming on the show Diego. How are you?

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It's really my pleasure to be here.

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Cool. I'm just gonna jump right in. There's so much to talk about and so little time. So tell us about The situation you were a former mixed martial artist you're now a bare knuckle boxer. But something happened with your retina it detached and you have proceeded on truck truck along and you're still fighting What happened there?

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Yeah, oddly enough, it happened during sparring, not during a fight and just so people know how dangerous it is, you know to train for MMA alone. It happened with big gloves and headgear. So it can happen to anybody at any time. I do think I have some kind of maybe like predisposition to to retinal damage, because when I did have my yearly physical, they would always find little, little tears, not detachments, but they would be like, Hey, we can laser this or cryogenically, you know, you know, seal it up. And I would always keep getting cleared. But I do remember that, like, almost every time I checked, they would find a little tiny tear. So, you know, I am more predisposition than other people. I was sparring and I saw an uppercut just come right through my guard. I remember the punch actually in a wedge right in my eyeball my right eye. And I saw this bright white light. And it was like disconcerning but you know, like, you know, trade, you know, good fighters were trained to like keep a poker face. I didn't say nothing. I mean, we cuss Right. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Fuck yeah. Oh, fuck. Yes. Excellent. Okay, I just did an interview this morning when they were like this is PG live on TV. Don't say anything. I'm like, fuck already sweating. Yeah, I said, fuck, I was like, that was fucking bad. And as the day went on, and this is important, because this fighters here this, like, you know, they'll know this sign to look out for if you ever experienced this, I started to get a flashing light in my eye over the course of the next couple days, and it was like, you know, two, three times a day it was like I would notice it would come on here and there. And I called the guy that always did my my checkups. And he was like, Yeah, sounds like you should come in. And I was like, I'm really busy. You know, like, one time I broke my leg and I walked on it for three days because Brandon Farah called me a pussy. There's no way you broke your leg. Like you check the kick is fine. I was like, okay, you know, like walk it on it. And it just kept getting more and more swollen. And, and finally, I went to the doctor, and they're like, Oh, yeah, it's like it's fractured in two places. Like, you know, Caroline's, but definitely broken. Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 17:35
I don't think you're the first man who has tried to muscle through an injury.

Unknown Speaker 17:40
Oh, yeah, walk it off. I try to walk off a broken leg. So I mean, just you have a scope of my personality, you know? And so I was like, okay, okay. You know, like, I'll come in next week for the checkup. I'm really busy right now, over the course of like, one or two more days, it went from blinking once or twice a day, to several times a minute. Like it was just blinking, blink, blink, blink, and I called him up. He's like, fuck, dude, come down right now. And I came down. And as soon as he checked it, like I could tell, like his whole persona changed. And he was like, really nervous and didn't want to tell me anything. And he goes, You know what, I'm not really sure I know exactly what it is. But I think you need a second opinion, you need to go to a retina specialist. And I was like, Fuck, okay, and he said that up for me the next day. So I go to the retina specialist, instantly. I know, it's fucking bad. Because as soon as I walk into the fucking building, I look around, and everybody's 70 years old. Oh, god. I'm like, Oh, shit. When you get old, I guess your retinas just turned shit in, they just detach while you're watching the prices, right? You know, like, so. And I was like, the only person under 60 there. So I was like, Fuck, something's really bad here. So I go and I and I see the doctor and he takes a look. And almost instantly he goes, Okay, I got some bad news for you. Okay, what is the doc? And he goes, if you don't get surgery tomorrow, 100% chance you go blind in that eye. And I was like, Oh, fuck, I was like, not 90% you know, 100 100% chance to go blind. And I was like, Fuck, like, right there. I wasn't even thinking about the rest of my career or anything. I was just thinking, Fuck, I'm about to go blind. Yeah. So that that new doctor, to me, it turned out to be like, one or two miles away from where I was living at the time. And my wife was like, I can drop you off. I don't want you driving. But I can't pick you up because I got to take the kids to a field trip for school. And I was like, she was like, do you want me to miss us? And no, I want you to go ahead, take the kids no problem. So I'm there and I just get this devastating news because fighting is my life like adapt. At that time. It was what was literally killed, like keeping me sane and from killing myself. I say thank you very much he scheduled you know, I go Yeah, let's please schedule it. Whoa, you know, we'll see you tomorrow. And I walk out of there and I start walking home. And out of nowhere, I'm not fucking kidding. It just starts raining. Like, I just got these devastating as fucking news. And out of nowhere, like a black cloud just appears over my head and starts raining as I'm walking home for the first time, like, I'm a fucking 30 year old and it's like you haven't you know, you drive everywhere you forget what it's like to just have to fucking walk. It's like a kid in college. And like, like in high school again, I'm Fuck, and I'm just like walking home and it's raining. And I get home and I'm dealing with all this shit. And you know, we have the operation. It's local anesthesia. And at some point, what they do is they basically so a rubber band to your eyeball. And what that does is it squeezes the eyeball in such a way that it pushes the retina back onto the wall of the eye, it's like a wallpaper once it comes off the wall, it stops transmitting the information to the brain. So you can have a partial detachment and you have a blind spot or you can have a full detachment and it's just all white, you don't get nothing. So the I know a few people, like you know, Bisping had it done before he lost his eye and Alan Belcher had it done. And the other part is, after they put the rubber band, they want to shoot an air bubble in there to keep pressure exactly where the detachment was to make sure there's enough contact that it's going to reattach. So everybody's different because it depends where your detachment is that you gotta lay in such a way for two weeks, or set that it's going to be directly where it needs to be. So for me, that meant I couldn't lay down. I had to sit up for two weeks with my head tilted to the left. Wow. And I almost went fucking insane. Like, I couldn't talk in sleep. I saw Alan Belcher. His was in the back of the eye. So he had to lay on a massage table with his face face down through the hole for two weeks, so I don't know how that was for him. But mine was fucking brutal. Like I if I don't sleep, I consider myself a tough guy. I can walk on the broken leg for three days. If I don't fucking sleep, I start losing my mind. almost instant for sure. I'm not saying I have any kind of situation that's even similar. But I recently two months ago got my C 67. Dis replaced and so spine surgery. And I was in a hard neck brace for two weeks. It was like I was in prison. I was in a prison, you know? And I'm just like, crying you know? for no reason. I

Unknown Speaker 22:34
just want to be out of it. It's just you know, I can't even imagine what that must have been like. So where do you Where do you go from there? You know your your healing and whatnot. You know? What happened? Are you partially blind? Are you okay? Now?

Unknown Speaker 22:48
the eyeball was first of all so fucking swollen At first, the eyelid couldn't even close over it and I had to like lube it up with like, especially loose on my eyeball when fucking dry out. The recovery was like pretty rough. For me. I don't know if everybody's is so invasive. Like I said, you see the needle, you have sedatives, but you're on local anesthesia for whatever reason they need you to be you see the needle go into your fucking eyes. And I actually went on to become very good friends with the doctor and we still talk to this day. But he goes a little FYI for you. Diego. He goes, nobody had ever talked to the entire operation. You said it was like two hours long and I wouldn't shut the fuck up. I was asking questions the whole time about his diet and how he works out and shit like that. Wow. Yeah. So eventually, I started to recover. One particular incident like a few, like a few weeks after that when I thought I was like normal and started to go out. I was this is another thing somebody might learn not to do from me. I went to a friend's house to watch UFC I hadn't been out of the house very much and we were like my I was still swollen but much better. And he was telling me like, oh, maybe you should smoke some weed. You know, that's why coma patients smoke it because it reduces the eye pressure, you know, inside the eyeball, but the way it turns out it does that is by dilating all the blood vessels. It gets so big that there's not as much pressure but it fills up with blood. So I'm like, Oh shit, maybe I'll try this. I'm smoking a joint. And every puff I take you could literally see the eyeball getting bigger and redder. Like it was like like eventually his kids saw he was like, fuck uncle Diego. looks terrible. like everyone's like yeah, stop bro. Like don't smoke anymore weed. Yeah, maybe clear

Unknown Speaker 24:38
it with your doctor before you do anything.

Unknown Speaker 24:40
Yes guys if you're out there and definitely you know, ask questions or at least fucking weapon D or Google that shit.

Unknown Speaker 24:47
So now what's your what's your status now? Are

Unknown Speaker 24:49
you fighting? Are you like is everything back to normal with your eye?

Unknown Speaker 24:53
Well, here's the thing. I've always had a real bad stigma to a stigmatism in this eyeball so I always had shitty vision in one And I always got cleared. So now, um, it got slightly worse. So I'm like legally blind in the eye. But I still get, I could still see out of it, I could see shapes. I've always had shitty visions, or whatever it is, it's like pretty close to the shitty vision I've always had. It's a little tiny shittier. But the last couple times that I went, they still cleared me. The concern that doctor had was, he said, because you've had retina problems in the past, I'm scared, your other retinas gonna detach? And then if we can't fix it, where will you be? So that's why I retired the first time which was about, I'm gonna say, eight, nine years ago. And that's because I had three children at the time. And, you know, I was like, I had a family to support and I was just like, I'm being selfish if I continue fighting honestly, if I was single didn't have kids at the time. I 100% would continue trading with the SEC. Yes. And I still do you know, like I still do I got cleared for the BK FC five and I'm still like,

Unknown Speaker 26:05
so what's, you know, you still have your three children, you know, you still have to support them. You're a father. You know what, what gave you that spark? You know, you're like, fuck it. Let's keep going with even the risks involved?

Unknown Speaker 26:17
Yes, well, I was a big fan of the movie snatch with Brad Pitt, where they showed, you know, travelers and in the culture of Bare Knuckle boxing. And then as time progressed, I saw other documentaries and I was really in love with the concept of, of just old school, no gloves bare knuckle. I was started as a jujitsu guy. I quickly became a brawler, and and fell in love with the brawling aspect of it. I'm not a tactician. I am a pressure fighter. I walk forward. And oftentimes in sparring. I make people that are way better than me crack just because I won't take a step back. Yeah. So yeah, and I'm not good at multitasking in life in general. So MMA was never like it was I loved it. But if I had BK FC, or Bare Knuckle boxing, you know, when when I was at the peak of my game, I probably would have concentrated on that. Yeah, yeah. So when I saw, yeah, when I saw that, it was like coming back around. When I retired from fighting the first time, I felt like I did it, you know, for other people for my family, but I didn't do it for the right reasons. And because I didn't have a backup plan, I was like, Oh, I'm gonna get into the UFC one day and fucking, I didn't have a I like I dropped out of college to become a professional fighter. So I felt very depressed. I had to go get a job. I got the only job that I was able to really get into where I could make a good living for my family, which was I ended up getting into serving papers. Because originally I google jobs where you could you know, make your own schedule. I still wanted to train a lot. You mean like a process server?

Unknown Speaker 27:51
Like you've been served? Yep. Got it. Yeah. Express every time even.

Unknown Speaker 27:58
Dude, as soon as that movie came out, it was like, right around the same time that I was googling that job occupation. And I was like, Oh, fuck, I'm gonna try this. And I got into it. And it was the craziest fucking job because I I couldn't get my my rush anymore at the gym. I was getting into serving these crazy papers. So I developed this reputation for being like the craziest process server in San Diego and they would send me on all the crazy missions that nobody else wanted to do. Oh, what

Unknown Speaker 28:23
was the craziest one You did?

Unknown Speaker 28:25
Fuck, dude. I ruined a concert. I ruined fuckin Mick Fleetwood was at the belly up tavern. And, like they gave me zero. Notice he was with the Mick Fleetwood experience. It wasn't a Fleetwood Mac show. He's the drummer. They call me up and then they're like, Hey, we need you to serve Mick Fleetwood. And I'm like, Oh, shit. When and then they're like, at 7pm. And I'm like, it's five. And they're like, Yeah, we got your two tickets. Hurry up and I'm like, Fuck, I didn't have a plan to go backstage or anything. So I'm like, fuck I get there first. I first in line a fucking it opens. I'd like seven first doors opening act. I go right to the front. On the barricade. Like I level with the stage right? Yeah. So there's two opening bands really short make comes out. It's like nine 930 he plays a set and it's like no, he came out like I think around eight it was a real short opener. And right around nine is when he like took a break and came from the back drumming to the front of the stage and I looked around and everybody was like it was an old crowd It was like 60 plus and I was like, oh shit like maybe they want to go home early. This is it you know like this might be the end of the show. So I jumped over the barricade. And I'm I level right with the stage is elevated and I yo mC mC mC and he looks down and go You've been served and so the papers on his feet. And just then the fucking bouncers jump on me and Beto for got me like four against one. And they don't know what I said. They don't know what I do. I could be throwing a fucking anthrax envelope on his feet. You know, and it's like the cartoons where it's like a cloud and you just see fist coming at me versus like all four of these bouncers. And of course, I'm not Superman, they fucking beat my ass and track me outside. And then I pull out my little badge and they're like, What the fuck are you doing? I was like, I had to serve. His fucking manager comes out and fucking demolished you piece of shit. You ruined the show, make us backstage cried. He says he's not coming back. Here like the crowd inside. The show is over.

Unknown Speaker 30:34
Here, like my work here is done.

Unknown Speaker 30:37
sneak out the back end. buted Dude,

Unknown Speaker 30:40
that is crazy that you Okay, we've only been talking for what, you know, 15 minutes, 10 minutes now. And I'm like, there's so many aspects of your life life that are interesting. And I don't want probably gonna jump around a lot here. You know? Yeah, we got to otherwise we'll never get to the end of it. But I do want to I do want to touch on the fact that you are an artist. You are a painter. And am I wrong? And you know, I try to do my research. Are you a tattoo artist as well?

Unknown Speaker 31:08
Yeah, I do tattoos. My favorite form of income is selling a painting. There's nothing like, you know, people have their money and they can spend it on anything. And they choose to spend it on my art. Like, to me that's the most touching thing in the world and really motivates me, you know?

Unknown Speaker 31:26
Yeah, it's, I mean, for me, it's, you know, like, That, to me is when somebody is a fan. And they tell you that, you know, you have inspired them to get in shape or to change their life or, you know, take a self defense to protect themselves or something like I'm like, what I'm doing with my life. There's a purpose, you know, it just feels really, really good. Oh, that's awesome. Yeah. How long have you been painting in tattooing?

Unknown Speaker 31:48
Well, I started my art journey as a small child that was named after Diego Rivera, which is famous artists. He was born in the same part of Mexico when a white though, my whole life, I thought I was going to be a career artist. I wanted to go to college and be a graphic designer. And then I didn't have the best support structure at home, I got into drugs and crime and everything just kind of went downhill for me. And my focus was always art. But the first thing that saved me from that was fighting. It was I fell in love with the sport of fighting. And that's kind of what pulled me out at the time. Like my hobby was like motorcycles. And I was like, crashing them all the fucking time i doing stunts. And everybody's like, oh, Jake is gonna die on a motorcycle one day like that. That easy, you know. And then, when I fell in love with with MMA, it was crazy. It was like, I stopped riding. Like, I was like, no matter how much I love motorcycles, I was like, I want I can't fucking like risk my life. Like I want to spend it in the cage, you know. And right around that time. Also, Frank Mir had gotten into a really bad motorcycle accident and almost severed his leg. And it was like, a couple years before he was ever any good again, you know?

Unknown Speaker 32:54
Yeah, you're like, I can't die. I gotta fight. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Wow. Okay, so you've been doing art since you're a kid and tattooing. And then Okay, we're just going to jump topics. You have? I don't even do I call it a character a personality? There's, there's a another side to you. You dress and drag you are? And is it okay to say you are a drag queen?

Unknown Speaker 33:19
Yes. Okay. I would I think that is appropriate. I know, a lot of stuff is about labels these days. And you gotta like walk on eggshells with a lot of people, but I believe drag queen is an appropriate way to put it. And I would say, that's my alter ego. You know, I was raised with a single mom, we had a lot of feminine energy around the house. It's funny, because even though I got into all this crime, shit, and it was into fights and all this stuff, growing up at a house, she had a lot of gay friends around and just because you're gay doesn't mean that you're feminine. But there was a lot of feminine energy in my household. And I saw it as very normal because I didn't have a masculine figure to tell me that that wasn't okay. You know, like, most machismo families are like, Oh, she dressed that kid up like that. He's gonna turn gay. Like, you know, like, I have a picture where it's like, I'm four years old, and I'm over my pajamas. I got a bra and panties. And I'm like, in heels, you know, like, they would just like, dress me up. And I would just like sing and you know, like, I love Whitney Houston. I love Madonna. Like lash. It's my jam. Yeah. Yeah. So even before drag was a part of my life. Like, I always had that energy like I was, I felt very comfortable singing or dancing as a woman, you know? Yeah, I find it entertaining. It's super fucking enjoyable.

Unknown Speaker 34:39
So how did you go from four year old Diego wearing your mom's bra to Lola pistola on the drag scene.

Unknown Speaker 34:48
So honestly, it came through in a way through my MMA friends, because, yes, so Dominick Cruz did this class one of his friends Jimmy Harvison got him involved in this emotional intelligence class. And Dominic loved it. And he got our MMA coach into it, Eric don't fear and he loved it. And at the time, like, I had quit serving papers, and I was trying to make a really make my art career, like my main source of income. So this class has a lot of aspects to it. And it's like, also personal coaching to help you get your career off the ground or help you you know, like, achieve, you know, certain personal problems you want to get over. It's really amazing class. And during one of the exercises, they wanted me to do something outside of my comfort zone, in the creative region, because they said, because your for your career, I had set a goal to do 40 paintings in 100 days, they go, what can you do, that's also creative, because they'll be like CEOs, they go there, and they just want to do business stuff, like, Oh, I'm gonna I want to sell 100 houses and 100 days of assumption. I don't know. Yeah, you know, so they're, like, force them to have a creative goal to, you know, like, oh, maybe you'll learn to play the guitar. And I said, oh, maybe I'll do a drag show. I don't know why. I had no idea or no history with it. Like, other than my feminine upbringing. It just came out of my mouth. And everybody there seemed so excited. Everybody was like, Oh, my God, that's amazing. A fighter doing a drag show, you know, because the class is a lot about showing vulnerability, you know, and it's like, and it shouldn't be seen as a weakness to show femininity. I should that's not the point at all. And I think, you know, that's like a weakness because vulnerability is not like that. It's, it's a much more in depth concept about how we express ourselves and be know that it's okay for us to be ourselves into humans have problems and we're not perfect, you know, so we can relate to every aspect of life. And the feedback I got was automatic. It was like everybody was into it. And different people from the class were like, Hey, I'll help you get outfits. I hope you do a photo shoot. I take everything in my life. dead serious. I take everything to the extreme. I don't know why I'm like, right, exactly. So I wasn't just like, Oh, I'm gonna put on a little show. I signed up for a contest at a restaurant in San Diego called lips. It's like a cabaret and all they do is drag queen shows. Yeah, and I gave myself like, I think a month or something like that. To learn to walk in heels. I did dance classes in heels. I got my full body wax. I got my ears pierced. I didn't want to press like a clip on. You're going to fall off and I was dancing

Unknown Speaker 37:27
balls to the wall.

Unknown Speaker 37:28
Yeah. Got like a bomb ass wig. my stylist friend helped me pick out the outfits. I got like the best makeup artists I could find. And

Unknown Speaker 37:40
he went you did it?

Unknown Speaker 37:41
You're gonna do it. Do it right.

Unknown Speaker 37:43
100 that's what I'm about. So like,

Unknown Speaker 37:45
Did you win the contest?

Unknown Speaker 37:46
I got second place is a pretty good place. The person that got first place came up and gave me some of the winnings and said, Oh, baby, she's like, you won that shit. She's like, She's like, I they picked me because I come here all the time. She's like, but you were you want that like, Oh, wow. And and the manager came up to me and was like, Hey, man, you did really good. And you brought a really good crowd in your energy. She said, anytime you want to come back and perform the doors are open and lips, you can come back here and book a show whenever you want.

Unknown Speaker 38:18
That's so cool. Wow. And so you know, from there, were you just like, hooked? You're like, I want to do this consistently. And, and I mean, I this is my this is very probably ignorant question. But is drag like hobby based? Or? I mean, you said there's a money like, do you do it strictly for fun? Or do you think it's like a, you know, alternate source of income?

Unknown Speaker 38:38
Well, I haven't got paid for it in any way yet. But when I saw how inspiring it was to a lot of people, I definitely wanted to keep it in my repertoire. Because a lot of people reach out and say, Man, I find your story inspirational. It is helping me be more open with my family, about either my sexual identity or, you know, x thing, whatever, you know, like everybody has skeletons in their closet or not things that are bad, but you know, like things that they they're scared to share with people because, yeah, people are so judgmental. Yeah. Well, you had a sorry, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 39:10
Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:12
You got to go.

Unknown Speaker 39:13
Okay. Well, you know, you brought up sexuality. And so, you know, you did mention that you've had a female partner before. And so I think, you know, I have a very, very open mind with a lot of things, but I'll just be honest, you know, I'm even guilty of it. I assumed like, oh, he does drug he might be a homosexual or bisexual or pansexual. I don't know. Right. So is it? What is your sexuality? Are you heterosexual? How do you identify?

Unknown Speaker 39:41
Yeah, I hate putting labels on anything. And I think that's what's getting us into a lot of problems as a culture because I read this book about tribes. I think Joe Rogan talks about it a lot. And it's just that I don't know what it is about human nature. But as soon as we get into a majority, we like to exclude them. minority. Yeah, it's pretty fucked up. It is. And I don't know why we're like that. We're like that since we're children were like that it's fucking adults. And that's what we really needs to stop. And if labels, it's what's fucking causing that we just realize that everybody's different. We should all do whatever the fuck we want. And as long as nobody's hurting you, or impeding what you want to do, it should you know, it shouldn't be a problem. As far as the fucking label goes. I mean, I don't know if it's like you want to say it's like a spectrum. I'm mostly heterosexual, like, I haven't had any experiences, other than, you know, Sis, hetero women. But I also don't want to lie and say like, man, I haven't. I've seen trans women that I think are beautiful. And like a lot of people would not be open to that. It'd be like, Man, that's gay or whatever. I don't give a shit. I just think like, I've seen it. I worked at a porn store. I've been exposed to all kinds of shit. I think there's beauty in all walks of life. But I also don't feel comfortable saying like, Hey, I'm this or that because honestly, I've never been with anything except for sis hetero women. But I definitely feel like there's a gray area there, you know?

Unknown Speaker 41:09
Yeah, for sure. You know, are you familiar with the Kinsey scale? No, what's up? So the Kinsey scale and God, I wish I was more versed on this. I think I need to go back in and researches this more because it it's I mean, I talk about it on the podcast. So often it comes up so often. So human sexuality, the Kinsey scale is like, you know, on one side, you have like, straight and then the other side, you have like gay, but like, for the most part, like everybody kind of falls somewhere on that scale, maybe a little closer to the straight side, maybe a little closer to the gay side. But like, you don't have to be on one side or the other. You know, like me, I'm guarantee I'm pretty like far on the straight side. But every once in a while, I'm like, That girl's got some nice titties. I'm like, oh, okay, that's probably leaning towards the other side of the scale, you know? And it's just like, everyone's so set on being, you know, in this little box specifically, this is exactly how you have to be. And it's like, it's okay to go outside to color outside the lines to go outside the box. It doesn't have to be exactly a certain way. So yeah, you're, you know, you're an educated guy, you know, and I think you would enjoy research the Kinsey scale.

Unknown Speaker 42:08
Yeah, look into that, for sure. But I mean, I just think it's so ridiculous how hetero men are so defensive about it, and so close minded. And it really to me, it just shows insecurity, you know? Because, I mean, this is just a quick analogy, but I know a lot of straight guys don't watch porn, right? But nobody's watching no little dig porn. Hey, everybody wants to see a dude with a big ass hog fucking real in a girl, you know? And it's like, what's going on? there? You know, like, you know, it's like most of the people that buy or watch porn if anybody pays for it anymore, but it's definitely you know, straight men is the majority of it. Yeah. And it's like, definitely, like they're not buying if some dudes not like, you know, packing crazy heat. And it's like, I don't know, you want to live vicariously but you're also like watching it. You know, you're watching this dude.

Unknown Speaker 42:58
So please tell me you seen a tiger King?

Unknown Speaker 43:02
Oh, yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 43:02
did watch it. Okay, you know, the part where the tiger kings like, you know, he I forget. He asked the straight guy. And he's like, you know, you watch porn. And he's like, yeah, and he's like, what kind of porn you watch. And he's like, you like, you know, Guerlain guys like, Alright, well, do you watch the porn with the little dick or the big day? He's like, the big dick. And he's like, Well, yeah, that's great.

Unknown Speaker 43:23
Yeah, exactly. Man. It's like, it's so funny. We have such a double standard, where, oh, it's okay for girls, you know, to be gay, or watch gay porn or watch, you know, other women, but it's not okay for men to do it, you know? And it's just like, fuck, dude, all these little things is what's holding society back. You know, we could just learn that we're all fucking human. And really think about it. What bothers you about somebody on their own personal life doing something different than you? It's so fucking close minded.

Unknown Speaker 43:53
Yeah, it is. You know? So we're talking about the drag scene. And I have a question. I thought to myself, you know what, just research this before you ask him, but then I'm like, No, I want an honest answer. And so what's the difference between a drag queen and a crossdresser?

Unknown Speaker 44:09
Okay, that's a good question. And a crossdresser is more of a fetish. Unless it's like a sexual identity thing. Because you know, now we're getting into the age of like, gender being gender fluid, and some people identify as different, different. Different sexual personalities. Like for example, you can be born assist male, which means you were born male with male anatomy, and identify as female and if you dress in women's clothing, you're not really a crossdresser because you're just identifying as what you feel you're on the inside. So you're making your outside matcher inside a cross dressing. It's kind of I don't know, it's always real touchy, but it cross dressing in the past has been seen more as like a sexual fetish, were usually you know, it could be both ways. But usually people think of men dressing in women's clothing, and it's like a sexual fantasy that they find arousing, which of course is different from being trans. And being a drag queen. It's more like a performance art guy. Now, of course, you can be a drag queen and be a crossdresser and also be trans and be gay, you can all those things are like sub divisions of things, you can

Unknown Speaker 45:29
really be one.

Unknown Speaker 45:31
Yeah, exactly. You

Unknown Speaker 45:32
can be a next, you know, just like we're saying, it's all like, everything

Unknown Speaker 45:35
is not one set. It doesn't Yeah, it's not everything everybody wants, the society wants to put everything in a box and have everything kind of like, easily drawn out and mapped out so you can understand it. But sometimes it's hard to understand, and that's okay. And, in my opinion, what we're doing right now is the most important thing. I'm openly and honestly just saying, I don't understand this, tell me what it told me about it, you know, and you're just saying it's okay. Thanks for asking. And you're informing me. And I think that that's why these conversations are very important.

Unknown Speaker 46:04
It's exactly you're exactly correct. That's what people need to do is get informed. And all man somebody, one of my tattoo clients said the best thing the other day, they were posting about their sexual identity, and how they grew up in their home and how they were had difficulties with the identity that they were assigned at birth. And they said on their post, you don't have to understand it, you just have to respect it. And that is such a vital piece of information, because we can relate this to fighting when cashes clay became Muslim, and changed his name to Muhammad Ali. A lot of people didn't want to validate that request on it, you know, and be like, I'm gonna call them caches clay, and it was kind of like, a derogatory term to be like, hey, that's no longer my identity. But if you're forcing to say it, you're, you're doing something negative to that person, you know, whether you realize it or not, you know? So, it's something so simple. Like if I said, Hey, man, you know, I, the person, let's say, the person that named me, Diego abused me, and that I don't like that name anymore. And I want to change that name. And you refuse to because of your close mindedness. Like, think about how offensive you're been to that person? Yeah, it's like, you don't have to understand what makes my name hurt me. It's like, you just have to respect it. That's great. That's

Unknown Speaker 47:28
a great way of Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I am. Many years ago, now, I fought a transgender fighter. And a lot of people were like, you know, in the interviews, or people will, you know, when her and I and you know, and, and I think that she and blah, blah, blah. And then like, a lot of people will be like, Whoa, why are you calling him? Her? I'm like, because I respect that person. You know, like, yeah, I'm gonna fight this person, but I respect that person. And it has nothing to do with what happens inside the cage, you know, just on a human level. You know, I respect this human's choices to want to be called her, you know, she and that's the way it is. And you're right. It's just that you don't have to understand it, just respect it. I love that.

Unknown Speaker 48:11
Yeah. And I respect that you did that. And that's great. Like you said, you know, like, every once in a while, I guess you do get some of those opponents that are so bad, or once so much publicity that they talk so much shit that you can't respect them. Yeah, that happens. But I think for the most part, right most most of us MMA fighters are fighters in general, pretty nice people and respect our opponents, you know, until they give us a reason not to

Unknown Speaker 48:34
exactly I like to be, you know, cool outside the cage, and then fuckin animalistic inside the cage, you know, and it just, you know, and that takes control. Because, you know, a lot of people do look at their opponent, like all this motherfuckers trying to take food off my table for my kid, and I'm just like, I'm actually they're just trying to, like, do exactly what you're trying to do. So I just respect that person, you know, so, I don't like over respect them to the point where I'm gonna let them like big sister me or beat me, you know, I'm putting a spin on them if I have to know but at the end of the day is just my fellow fighter and you know, who more not to respect someone in your same field, you know, who you know, the hard, you know, the the exact amount of work that they have to put in, it's like, Damn, it's a lot and no one else really gets it. unless they've done it themselves. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 49:24
Okay, sleep on the couch. Yeah, they don't get it. Real quick. I want to say that's you and me on one side of the spectrum. And on the whole other side, we have Nick Diaz. Oh, yeah. It's my favorite fighter, by the way, and I was training with kj noons A sparring with him because he needed southpaws when he was fighting Nick Diaz the second time Oh, yeah. And I forget I think it was if it was the first or the second time but he saw it. It was it was in Hawaii the fight. And he said he saw Nick walking across the street and Kj was with his family. And Nick was like, Fuck you, bitch. I'll fuck you tonight. And he was like, I didn't get it. Like why was it so bad? Just Nick, you know, that's what I love about him. He's one of my favorite fighters. He's the opposite of mentality, just like I gotta get through the entire time when I'm not gonna win. You know

Unknown Speaker 50:10
what, that's just what you said. It's like, it's like, some people have to hate their opponent and they know that that pulls, like I said, an animalistic warrior side out of them. So it's like, you know what, like, even though that's not my jam, like I do respect that certain people have to do what they have to do in order to win. And one of my really, really good friends, she will be like, yeah, this bitch and she did this. And I'm like, Do you know her? She's like, no, and I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 50:33

Unknown Speaker 50:34
Well, fuck her. Yeah, you know, he's got to be a good friend. You're just like, Yeah, fuck her. No. Okay. Well, back to back to a Lola. You know, obviously, it's, it's new for a lot of people, you know, like, the drugs we have seen has been around for many years, actually. I think it was like about a year ago that that show? Have you seen it, it's called pose on Netflix.

Unknown Speaker 50:55
I have not, but I'm more likely to start watching some of that stuff, because my kids watched some of it. And

Unknown Speaker 51:01
it's cool. It's very historic, too. So I think it's the 70s. And there's some real cool actors, and there's, you know, I think it's really cool that they, they pulled from actual, you know, drag queens, and there's some transgender actors in there. So you know, that I think it's really cool that they're actually represented in this Netflix series. And it's like a series. So each show goes on. And, you know, it kind of shows you the, the underworld of like, the drug scene, and like, how it was really a community too. And so you just you learn about the whole thing. And, you know, people like me, who are, you know, kind of sometimes detach from that, or anyone it I think it's beneficial, just just to learn, you know?

Unknown Speaker 51:46
Yeah, yeah, I'm surprised. Nobody has mentioned it to me yet. I'm probably going to check that out. Because as the community embraces me, like, it only makes sense for me to learn more about the community and, you know, know more about it and be more active in it.

Unknown Speaker 51:59
Yeah, yeah. Okay, well, so Lola, and I have so many questions. One question to ask is, I'm sure you do, but do you get hit on by men or women? And if you do, how do you react?

Unknown Speaker 52:13
Well, that's an interesting question. Ever since the vice article came out, which like, it was going in different countries, and then the US one came out, and it went nuclear, having nothing but nonstop traffic to my page, and even like, offers for movies and TVs are coming through, which is really interesting. Because that, of course came like 8000 followers almost overnight on Instagram. And with that also came a lot of, you know, proposals from men and women. And it's just funny how, like, women are always so much more coy about it and cute. You know, they're like, Hey, what's up? How you doing? Do you know, but a lot of men like I mean, being a man, I know exactly how it is, you know? And, you know, once testosterones all fired up, you come on super strong. And usually I try to answer every single dm You know, I'm very thankful that people support me. And, you know, my art sells right now, as of right now, I'm not in any major galleries and selling only through my Instagram. So I have to go through all the DMS to see who's interested in buying a painting and stuff. And yeah, I mean, there's a lot of guys in there, too. And then I Hey, what's up, boo, and then do like, I'm trying to be friendly. And then like, two things later, like, Hey, can I see your dick? Like, you know, like, way more coy about it. You know, that's kind of funny, that manner, just like, yeah, let me see that thing, right. You know, like, you know, like, I gotta get over it. I gotta, I gotta, I gotta be honest, like, I in life in general, I think I've always been a big flirt, you know, with our married or not, or in a relationship. And I don't mean anything by it disrespectful to my partner ever. It's just the way my personality is. So no matter who is on the other end, if you're giving me that kind of attention, I'm probably going to flirt with you. I'm not, you know, rude to anybody. I don't shut anybody down. I appreciate the support and the love and admiration from people. Yeah, but uh, that being said, I'm not gonna lie at the beginning of COVID I was bored and I was like, emailing a lot of not emailing but dming a lot of dick pics out. Not not to strangers, but like, I was just bored at home at the beginning and I was like, shit, you know, like, what am I gonna do? And I was like, so all that shits out there, you know? Like,

Unknown Speaker 54:31
as online is what you're saying?

Unknown Speaker 54:32
Yes. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's not it's not gonna be any surprises, you know, like, I do make the big time and the videos are gonna come rolling in because I was definitely bored at home and keeping myself entertained chatting with like, fucking everybody online and I got

Unknown Speaker 54:49
a random question that just popped in my head. So, you know, people have different definitions of what cheating is right? You know, it's just like some people are like, you can look at another woman as well. Cheating and you're like, whoa, whoa. And then you got the other scale, right? It's just like, Oh, my ditch. My dick didn't touch anybody, you know, like, that's, you know,

Unknown Speaker 55:07
that's cheating.

Unknown Speaker 55:08
So are sending dick pics? Where does that fall? Is that okay? Is that like, Hey, I'm just entertaining myself, like you said or?

Unknown Speaker 55:17
Well, that's between the partners right at the time at the time I was single. Okay. Okay. So I mean, I mean, but you can establish boundaries. That's the cool thing about life these days that we can have open conversations about everything, you know, and I think it's okay to have a open Fantasy Life. Honestly, I prefer monogamous relationships. But, I mean, I don't want to say that I have a double standard, but like, sometimes I know, I if my girlfriend was flirting with somebody, I would probably get a little bit. You know, jealous, too, but I gotta understand, right? So I gotta cut her some slack. Because I know that I do it as well. Yeah, yeah. So as long as there's not a double standard, then then then you can live with it. You know? I mean, I think it can work in in a relationship as long as you guys set up your boundaries first. And me personally, it's like, and flirting is almost second. It's like the second part of my nature, like just like breathing. So it's like, it's gonna be really hard, but like, my partner does know that I'm committed to them. And honestly, I do prefer like, monogamous relationships. Like, I'm not one of these people that's like, oh, man, all these like requests that came pouring in. And I want to, like, fuck everybody in my DMS. Like, I mean, and like, in theory, it's like, oh, it sounds appealing, you know, to a man like, I definitely have like, a higher sex drive than most people. I think I have, like my testosterone. I've had it checked. It's pretty high. You know, that's all. Yeah, most of them. I know. That's another issue. Like, tell me when you want to talk about that? Because I have some, some things about that. Now I want to talk about right now let's talk about it, dude. I don't know if all fighters have, I'm not gonna name any names. But I know, definitely, I knew a few fighters that told me that they had no boners during camp. And, and honestly, I think that that's the first sign and this is proven. It's the first sign of overtraining. And I think as MMA fighters as a community, since I've retired from MMA, boxing is a lot easier. It's like you only do one thing and you don't have to kill yourself like you got you do what you have to do to be a good boxer. That's it. And it can be very simple. And the rest of the day can be very relaxing, and you can recover a lot better when you do MMA. We have to you can take a boxer in good shape, and you make them do some burpees he's fucking gas. Yeah, and vice versa with the wrestler, you know, so cardio is like very specific. Sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 57:35
There's so many disciplines that we have to train and get it all in because we want to be well rounded. You can't have any holes in your game because if you are then you're exposed, you're gonna get fucked up, you're gonna lose the fight. So, overtraining, I'm guilty of it. My boyfriend's constantly like a pull back, pull back. And, you know, thank goodness, I don't got a winner. So I'm gonna deal with but I guarantee I would probably have some serious Ed because I'm always at the end of the just like, overtrained exhausted, you know, I haven't gotten my adrenals checked in a camp, but I'm sure my adrenal levels are all through the roof and stuff. So actually, this is news to me about the, you know, lack of Boehner situation.

Unknown Speaker 58:15
Yeah, I mean, I've definitely talked to some people. I never had actual like, Ed when I was training full time, but I never, I always like was, in my head. I always thought it was smart to leave a little bit in the gas tank. And I was always trying to spend a lot of the day recovering, you know? So, but I definitely have talked to different people who have said that like, Yeah, dude, during camp, I get zero fucking boners. And to me, like I've read, because I really got into weightlifting after my MMA career. And then I've read that definitely, with Olympic athletes, and almost any kind of sport, if your bones are going down, you're considered overtraining. And I think for MMA, it's really a big problem across the board. I know things are starting to change a little bit more now that I've been out of the game. But I think athletes should really consider you know, like, Randy Couture as he got to the end of his career. He was like, I wasn't lowering the intensity of my training. He's like, I was just lowering the frequency.

Unknown Speaker 59:10
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I, you're right, you know, now, nowadays, things are a little bit better. And that's always the case. Right? Like, you know, as time goes on, you know, things just get a little bit better, a little bit more scientific. And, you know, back in the day, it was like spar, seven days a week. We don't know what the fuck CTE is, you know? And, exactly. Okay, you know, you spar, you know, one to two times a week, you know, then you have your technical days. And, you know, you said it yourself, you're like, I don't really do technique, I just go go, go go. And, you know, that's very old school. But now, thank goodness, you know, we kind of have a different approach for the longevity not of our career, but like our brains, our you know, our lives. Right, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 59:50
I wouldn't want my kids to go through the beginning of MMA, like, I don't want them to be fighters, but if they really wanted to in their hearts, I would support them because I know what it's like, but I wouldn't want them to fucking train the way I started to train dude, we used to do like 10 minute pride rounds on the ground with like MMA gloves with punches to the head, rolling Jiu Jitsu giving each other concussions like every fucking day. Like we used to train like savages, like shoot box type shit, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
So I want to talk about, you know, more, you know, the show is called sex and violence now we're gonna get down in the nitty gritty actual sex.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
So let's do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:26
My question is, you're this extreme guy, right? What you know, and And trust me, I am too I don't you know, you've seen me, you know, shaved head tattoos, you know, fighter like, I don't know, whatever I

Unknown Speaker 1:00:38
love. I really love it. I

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
do it a lot. And so, does your aggressiveness in the ring transfer into the bedroom? Or do you tend to be like, you know, I've been aggressive all day, I'm more, you know, laid back, you know, let her take over kind of situation.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:53
You know, it's funny, because going back to the subject we just had, like, I noticed that after I retired from MMA, and my sex drive started to go up. And especially since I found in my opinion, the diet that works best for me and my hormones. And when I incorporated weightlifting into that, you know, like, man, my sixth I just kept going way, way up. I'm pretty sure that my testosterone right now natural testosterone unaided by anything other than food and exercise is higher than I was probably when I was 18.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
Yeah, people forget, and people don't know that your diet and the rest, you know, the sleep, you know, like, all of that is so important.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
Yeah, but my sex drive is through the roof. And I like it all kinds of ways. You know, like, I'm tired. I still want to have sex. I just maybe want to have slow tender sex. But if I a fuck, man, if I woke up and I'm full of energy, oh, I definitely want some choking in there. You know, like, of course, everything would consent of my partner. Yeah. Like, yeah, like, you know, I told her, like, it's very important to have a safe word. And, you know, we have those boundaries, like we use that, you know, a lot. And, I mean, whatever she want goes, you know, like she as aggressive as she's feeling at that day.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
So, you know, I know Lola is a character that you have and, you know, you dress up when you're doing these shows. Have you ever been in Lola's, you know? costume on off that's you know, costume, you know, attire and gotten freaky with your girlfriend.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:29
I have not honestly, like whenever I do, Lola, it's always like a long day of shooting or a really long day of something. The makeup is like, you know, my hat's off to all fans out there that you know dress like that or do their makeup every day. And if you're a straight guy and you got a sis head woman out there that does that for you. Oh, you better appreciate them. You better get them flowers bring it buy him dinner cuz that shit is murder the makeup process you know put it on removing it the heels. Holy fuck. Oh, god, what

Unknown Speaker 1:03:02
is your least favorite part

Unknown Speaker 1:03:05
of drag? The makeup removal? Yeah, it's just yeah, it's really fucking vicious to get it off because especially for for drag. It has to be a lot bigger than you know most people's daily makeup. So the removal process is really brutal. When you pop off a nail. Oh, I hate that feeling. If you have an acrylic and that shit pops off. Like it's just like an anxious thing that I have. Like, I don't like it when people touch my nails like an upward motion. Like I had a girlfriend. I would always like rub my nails like upwards like that for somebody that would freak out.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
That we started this conversation you're like, Yeah, I got like a detached retina from this uppercut. It was like whatever and you're like, oh, but I broke a fucking nail and it hurts.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:47
Yeah. The waxing was fucking gnarly. But I can live with that. I never waxed my armpits again. Now I shaved him. Yeah, like, the first time we wax them. Like they were like, legit bleeding like 40 year old Virgin and shit. I was like crying Kelly Clarkson. Yeah, so I love I love it once I get all dressed up. Like I tried to never pick up my makeup until it's completely done. And once I do see it like I can't stop smiling and I'm just like overwhelmed with this feminine energy and I love dancing and smiling the whole time. Yeah, but yeah, as far as GETTING JIGGY I've always been too fucking destroyed and devastated at the end of the day to do anything and like get up.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:25
Yeah, it's so funny that you have that. It's great. You know, I'm not saying that every man should do drag but I'm saying maybe you guys should just one day just be like, Hey, this is what like we have to go through as women you know, we don't have to but you know, there is a lot of pressure from society and our family members or our partners sometimes you know, like to to look a certain way is just like oh, like the process is tedious and then as like you said, not just putting it on taking it off and then you know, I don't know if you have sensitive skin. I do so like right now I'm wearing foundation. I do it like maybe once a week for like podcast shooting, but then if I don't take this shit off right away. way my skin breaks out right so then you got to do this acne and all blackheads and you're just like Fuck my life it just never stops.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:07
Yeah, I break out every fucking time because I always you know shaved my face and I'm not used to shaving I do have sensitive skin and every time I do drag the next few days, man, it looks like fucking somebody with stt sat on my face I guess it was real fucking bad and it oh my god, like one of the last two photoshoots I did my makeup artist convinced me to shave my eyebrows which we had never done we always glue them down but it takes like a fucking our to do it properly and we were like at this long ass shoot. And he was like, oh, sugar, he's like, we gotta do something because we gotta be here like another six hours. I was like, fuck it shave. Oh, yeah, they grow back really slowly and tell me that are they back now to their full regalia. All right,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:56
I want to ask, okay, what is something that's kind of like one of those heartfelt questions? If you could tell, you know, the general public, the listeners, you know, imagine everyone's listening. What's one thing you would want people to know about? Drag that, you know, like, the biggest misconception, you know, something that you would like to kind of set the record straight about?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:21
I mean, I would have to say that's the biggest misconception. People see, oh, man, I forgot their name. But there's a I just saw a guy on Instagram who has 305,000 followers. And he's a white. married man. Matt, completely masculine, heterosexual. But he likes to wear heels and skirts to work.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:46
I think you cut out so I'm sorry. What I'm getting is did you say that? The misconception is that if you do drag that you're homosexual,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:56
yes. I think that's the biggest misconception. Okay. And drag.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:59
Yeah, yeah, that's, you know, like I said, beginning of the interview, like, my, my brain went did the same thing. I'm guilty of it. You know? What your like, your Oh, yeah. My wife and kids. And I'm like, wait, wait, what? Okay, all right. And then, I want to know kind of about Lola, like, did you know how sometimes actors they will create like a whole roll for someone even if they have like one line? I did a little tiny, tiny, tiny bit of acting, but like, Did you like give Lola a background or, you know, like, a history or anything like that?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
You know what, that's a very interesting concept. And I might get into that into the future. Cool. It's just like, once I get my makeup done, and I look in the mirror, I just feel more feminine. And I can tell like people tell me like, you don't stop smiling. I usually don't smile most of the day, you know, like, you know, I can't stop smiling. Once I'm in the makeup. I'm like sashaying everywhere I go, shaking my ass. It just it like embodies me like it takes over you know, the spirit takes over the spirit moves me. But other than that, I don't have like a like a backstory for her. But like, the way the name came across was actually hilarious to me. And at the time, my wife was like, helping me try to figure out the name. And she was like, you know, what were you thinking? And then my fighting name is dos be stole laughs Yeah. So cool. Diego dos pistola Rico, which were the people that are zero Spanish. Yeah, is the two, you know, two guns. And so she was like, What if we do a play on that? And actually, we were going to name our first daughter, Lola. But we ended up changing our names. So we've always loved that name. And Lola in most cultures is like short for something. But we were just going to name a Lola. We didn't give a fuck, really. And so when she said, Lola, how about Lola pistola to work with your fight name? I lost my shit. I was like, Oh my God. That's brilliant. Yeah, like it's great. Like, that's so fucking amazing.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:58
Cool. Well, it's time for the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
Do you know how it works?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:11
Yes. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:09:13
I'm gonna read you a question. Or sorry, I'm gonna read you a phrase or a one word statement about your sexuality and you just have to answer yes or no. rapidfire All right, ready? Okay. Okay. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Do you spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:31
Like to spank I do not like to be spanked, biting. Yes, choking. Yes. threesomes haven't maybe once when I was in my very young in my teens.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:47
Yeah. Well, you know, little Yeah, I'm the same way I'm like, I'm a little bit too alpha for that. My mind mine. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54
Okay. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
Very little. I used to I just don't have Yeah. I'm sorry, forget it's lightning round. No, it's all good.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:01
Any fetishes like foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:06
Man, I love smelling my partner. Like, like I like dirty sex. I want you to have to shower after sex now before sex.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:15
Yeah, pheromones. It's strong for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
Yeah, yeah. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:10:18
if the smell is is like a kink? What about bodily fluids?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:24
I've done the pee thing every once in a while. I mean, I don't want to fuck with poo at all. Like, whatever. That's, I don't know about that. I don't fucking it's not.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
bondage like ropes or blindfold?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:36

Unknown Speaker 1:10:37
Role Playing. Well, don't do that all the time, actually.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
Yeah, a little bit. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:41
I'm into that. All right, but stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:46
Both and I gotta say like this. I do have to fucking deal for this fucking point. I'm brought into fucking hetero males. stopping a fucking was. Listen to me. Just because a girl sticks something in your fucking ass doesn't make you gay. It doesn't make you fucking not hetero. It's our girl. If you like girls, and one of them fucking lyxor but if you're lucky enough to have our girl make your butt to the caravan. budge. Let her fucking do it. Be open minded. Shit feels amazing. And that does not make you gay to me. It's so fucking stupid for somebody to think that because a woman touches your butthole that makes your day. If you enjoy some shit in your butt. That does not make you gay. Liking men makes you gay. Being confident in your sexuality. Stop being a fucking hater and putting people down because you're insecure. That's it?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:40
Perfect. All right, moving on. Do you use sex toys? Yes. ever been to a sex club?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:50
No, I don't think I've been to an actual actual sex club.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:53
Or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:54

Unknown Speaker 1:11:55
And are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:59
I like it. But I also like just when a woman's dressed in her regular clothes and you kind of sneak a peek. I think sometimes that's even more sexy to me. You know why? And I'm gonna elaborate on this one. But I used to work at a fucking porn store. And I got burnt out on watching fucking porn, and I would get home and I would just tell my girlfriend to just put clothes on. I was like, I don't even want to see you naked. I just want to like pull it down a little get in there and like see the clothes on? So like, if I can become just burned out? Yeah, I was gonna say you can always raise beautiful, but it's not necessary.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:30
Yeah, it's just like anything that you said. So you can get burnout on it. So yeah, well, that was a lightning sex round. Congratulations. You did great. Okay, our next segment is called Fuck, Marry, Kill. Marry one

Unknown Speaker 1:12:51
kill one go.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:52
I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:54
Are you familiar with it?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:55
Yeah, I'm dreading this part already. Let's go. Nah,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:59
it's not too bad actually. So like, I on this show. I'm always like, Okay, I'm like, what's the word? I'm conflicted. Right? I'm like, I want to be like, edgy and alternative and just looking, you know, whatever, open and inclusive. But then I'm also like, Who? I don't want to, you know, say the wrong thing or offend anybody. So, we went up, Pat and Dan Kenny are my buddies. They're my creative associates. And they helped me do this one. So they didn't go too bad. They just did. Dolly Parton, Cher and Madonna.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:32
Okay, let me ask you a quick question. When you say Mary, do you ever think about it as like, well, I get to fight this person more often? Or do you think about it like personality wise, because that's what you want in a marriage.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:42
I think you have to marry them. It's like a sexless marriage. You know, you only get a fuck the person you choose to fuck you marry with a sexless marriage and you just killed the person you kill.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:52
Okay, I and I'm gonna have to say fuck Madonna. Okay. Murder Cher, unfortunately, sorry. Sure. And I would marry Dolly Parton. She seems like a great person.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:03
Yeah, actually, there's this really cool podcast shout out to Lena Dunham and Alyssa Bennett. They have a podcast called the C word. And what they do is they spotlight every a lot of women at from one woman from history. So like, you know, they did, like, you know, God, what's her name that Mike Tyson's girlfriend. And they do like, Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:22
I just been given.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:23
Yes, exactly. And then Judy Garland and Clint Eastwood's ex wife like so. You know, society has been deemed them crazy, right. And I was listening to one on Dolly Parton. And like, she's just a sweetheart. And I was like, oh, like she's a really cool person.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:38
was actually even better about my choice.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:40
Good job. That's good. Okay, now the last segment is called fan questions. These are pretty cool. They're from real fans. Are

Unknown Speaker 1:14:53
you ready? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:55
So first ones from we are at we are alive at night. Where do you find your influence? For the drag queen characters

Unknown Speaker 1:15:04
everything the makeup is like that wasn't my specialty. So my makeup artists, I give them a lot of creativity. I tell them what vibe I'm feeling and they come up with a makeup look. But that for example, the first show I did, it's usually based on the music that I want to do. My original I love Whitney Houston, I love when my baby and I wanted to do on every woman which I don't know might be a plate Outback song, I don't know. But that like when I said I'm gonna do a drag. So that's the first thing that popped into my head. And I went shopping for a dress that would match that song that would have a Whitney Houston five, and I saw this dress, and I fell in love with it. But it was not the dress for that song. So I came back it was way more tropical. It kind of people said it reminded him of a mermaid. So I picked the song for that dress. And that was my first performance and that was I went with Celia Cruz lobby that's one cabinet. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:58
That's cool that you you match the outfit to the music. That's really cool. I love music. So like, I mean, yeah, I could see how that would be really fun. Oh, by the way, the C word that podcast they do Whitney Houston as well, which is such a was a sad one. Really sad. Oh, yeah. All right. And at Carla Esparza one, she wants to know the two part one How do you conceal your mustache and beard when you dress in drag?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:26
Oh, yeah, I remember her mentioning. Actually. It's pretty simple. We shave it. Unfortunately. I hate not having facial hair. And luckily it goes back pretty quick. But uh, yeah, we don't we don't conceal it. We just I do a close shave, which like I said, usually leads to me being severely broken out the following day.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:45
Yeah, God because Matt just like you those open follicles and then just packing in the makeup. Right?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51
Yeah. And I see where she's coming from. Because she's like, man, if you have a concealer tip where you got a mustache like is that what exactly?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:59
Is that Matt?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:02
And then a second part is where can we check out your artwork?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:06
Oh, right now the best place to find it is on my Instagram Diego curico at Diego Grieco one word, I'm fucking shadow banned. So you have to put in the whole fucking name no space to find my profile because Instagram fucking hates me. The algorithm fucking hates me. So that's the best place to find my art. You send me a DM I post paintings weekly, they usually sell pretty fast. I am looking as I get more exposure to get into some finer galleries and I mean that's the future of my art careers. That's what I live for. So yeah, I really appreciate that question.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:42
You can only you can only what is it 13 castles for so long.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:46
Exactly. That's,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:48
that's really cool. That are not cool. But that's really funny that your shadow banned because sex and violence our podcast page has just just say we piss some people off too. So don't worry about

Unknown Speaker 1:17:59
that. I notice you have the backup account too, which is not a bad idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:02
Yeah. Honestly. My boyfriend told me that and I was like, No, no, no, but like, it's so smart. You should you should you really should. Especially since you've got your art career going on. You know if someone's like, really wants to buy a painting and then they just disable your account. There's always a backdrop.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:18
Yeah, exactly. I'd be done like without that I would be fucking dead.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:21
Yeah, it's crazy. How much fucking weight we put on social media these days. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:27
yeah, I love all my everybody that like talks to me and supports me. I love the support on Instagram. But I love creating but I hate having to be on it. And especially the way that algorithm works. So it's a nightmare. It's like a necessary evil that we all have to deal with are sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:44
At hula underscore, underscore, burl. What inspires your artwork?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:51
Oh, usually, I think that's where all my negative emotions go. If you know me, like you spend time with me, I'm pretty happy go lucky 90% of the time. But fuck, man, I did have a rough childhood. And when I paint I feel like that all those bad feelings come out. Because like sometimes I've had my partner be like, fuck are you depressed? They look at my art. They're just like, it's so dark. I've had people say, Man, I want to buy one of your painting so bad. But my wife says like, there's nowhere where we can hang it where it wouldn't disturb the kids. And to me, that's like, the biggest compliment ever. Because I'm like, Fuck yeah, that's what I was going for. Yes, art should push limits and to have people have an emotional response to it. I'm hitting the mark, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:39
Yeah, yeah, actually,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:40
it's funny you say that? able the guy who is letting us use his studio right now. He was like, Yeah, I was looking at the profile of your next guest and man, he's got some intense artwork. You know, that guy's like, been through some shit. And I'm like, yeah, that's what that's what that artwork says to me too. So you're getting your message across Diego.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
Thank you, that makes me really

Unknown Speaker 1:20:02
happy inside, at Scotts gram scotter grams, Scott, two gram, would you ever apply to be a contestant on RuPaul drag race. Also, I'm a massive fan of combat sports and a massive fan of drag. I never thought I'd see the day where the two art forms were performed by the same person. And I'm so glad there's a professional athlete out there rocking in both worlds.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:25
Wow, that is so inspirational. Definitely, you know, I'm thinking I would like to do one more fight before I retire at the end of this year. And that would be the last one. Absolutely. If everything lines up, right. I have my art career. I have a lot of interest in movies and tv deals. So I'm just open to everything. One of my favorite creators, David Lynch, started his life wanting to be an artist and a painter, and transitioned into film directing. So I'm just open to this journey. And as long as I can live off my creativity, I'll be happy guy, you know? Yeah. So if RuPaul calls me up and wants to do a show, I'm open to it. You know, I got a manager now. I've had to go fucking Hollywood because of all the fucking people sending me offers. So it's definitely a possibility. Cool. Thank you so much, Ashley.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:14
Okay, moving on. I got a few more and I want to get to these people's questions. I really had to narrow them down just because you got a lot like, it warmed my heart they're as, as great as social media is, it can also be a very ugly place, unfortunately. Right? And so, but I was just so blown away at the positive messages that I got for you. And I'm just like, you know, like, there's, you know, one or two douchebags but, you know, I can post a big titty fucking girl and some guys gonna be like, Oh, she's gross. So I'm like, Alright, cool. You know, you can't please them all right here, but Okay, so moving on. I'm at underscore, underscore, underscore. Oh, and I underscore underscore underscore. What's your favorite food slash dish, and I'm just a fat girl. So I want to know.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:03
Well, if we're gonna talk about cuisine in general, I love French cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Korean cuisine. I'm really open minded to trying new things. And I usually love things that are not very, like your norm. Like, I don't like the usual sushi that you get with like Philadelphia cream cheese. I like very original ship. I like to taste the fish. I like not to beans, which like a lot of people don't like, you know, they have a fermented taste, and it's very sticky like webs. But honestly, I'm a current. I'm a huge carnivore. I tried everything. In hopes of becoming a better athlete. I experimented with every diet under the sun, and I've given them all a fair shake. And I'm not saying it's the best one for everybody. But for me, a meat based diet has increased my testosterone increase my recovery time. When people ask me like, how do you know you got it down? I go, basically, because I get a bonus a day and I never felt like if I don't eat carbs, I never fucking fart. You know. So like, I think that definitely means your digestion is working. Well, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:12
Wait, okay, I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:23:13
not gonna get it.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:14
Okay. Okay. This next one is I'm so excited to ask it because I'm wondering. So at row 55 phumi. Do you tuck? And if you do, do you use duct tape?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:26
Oh, good question. For some of the shows I had done I didn't need to touch us the outfit it wasn't necessary. But I recently did did a photoshoot in in like, lingerie bodysuit, and we did have to talk so I came prepared, we had shaved everything down. And we did use duct tape. And it's, it's an experience. It is definitely and my makeup artists who is a beautiful artist in general. He's a beautiful person. He's also very talented and has done drag in the past. Carlos de beauty on Instagram. You know, if you ever need your makeup done in LA or San Diego hire that guy. He's amazing. He helped me out strapping it down the first time I needed to do it. And he was there supporting me the whole way. And then later, you know, I took it off and I was like, gonna put it in the trash can eagles. Baby. He's like, you gotta keep that he's like, that's your first time. You gotta like, put that in a frame and I took it home. I take it dead serious. I'm like shit, he's right. You know, like, I'm gonna take this whole I'm gonna be like, yeah, shadowbox.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:36
Oh, classy. What is this? This is my wiener tape for my first tuck

Unknown Speaker 1:24:42
conversation to have with the kids.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:44
Yes. Okay, at t Pontic itis oh one. Do you get nervous before performing at a drag show? Or Oh, sorry. Do you get more nervous performing right before a drag show or right before a fight?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:58
Wow, that's a really good question. I gotta say in you know, I try to be as humble about everything as possible. I know I can be a little narcissistic sometimes my mental game is like, way better than how technical I am as a fighter or anything. I think there's something wrong with me legitimately like, there was a movie about this documentary about this free climber and they did a scan of his brain. And they figured out that like, he climbs like the world's fucking highest mountains with no ropes and shit. He could die at any second. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:25:26
I remember I didn't watch it, but I heard about it.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:30
Yeah, so they did a CAT scan. And the part of his brain that deals with fear is a lot smaller than other people. I'm not lying or exaggerating, I think I might have that I really don't get nervous at all, even before a fight, or even before a drag show. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest compliments I have ever gotten from anybody in the fight community, which is a person I really respect is Barrett Yoshida. Oh, yeah, he's been through Abu Dhabi combat club, the tournament, fuck more than anybody ever has, at his age. He's still one of the toughest competitors out there. He's fought in Japan, he's fought all over the world. He knows some of the best black belts. We were at an after party once, I think it was Andy Wang have fought in in King of the Cage. And we were in a hotel room afterwards. And they were discussing the nerves, you know, fighters. And I was like, in the corner having a drink with a friend and Barrett was on the other side having this discussion. And somebody said, Well, everybody gets nervous before a fight. And Barrett like very loudly points to me across the room and goes not that guy.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:38
Cuz I remember we were backstage at a total combat watch, and I fell asleep before the fight. And they came to wake me up and they're like, Diego, wake up, you're on it's five minutes, and I just get up and I'm like, Oh, shit. Okay, let's go. And I just like dust off my hair. And I fucking get out there and, and just like shadowbox for two seconds before I run into the cage. Yeah, that's

Unknown Speaker 1:26:58
crazy. That is crazy. But I mean, whatever is going on inside your brain is perfect for what you have chosen. Do you know because a lot of people will be afraid to step in the cage. A lot of people would be afraid to do you know the motorcycles back in the day, and shit ton of people would be afraid to show their feminine side, like you do with drugs. So maybe something's right with you is something's wrong with us.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:22
I don't know. But I'm not gonna say their name. But I do know a UFC fighter who I respect the hell out of By the way, because he said this. He said he doesn't sleep. Good. Two weeks before a fight. He's just too nervous. Oh, yeah. And now that might sound to some people like man, that dudes a pussy or scared or? I don't know, because he's PC these days. I apologize. I'm 41 years old before you cancel me. But she I respect the fuck out of him. Because even though he's fucking terrified and nervous, he still gets enough fucking cake. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:56
this is the way that I see it is that if you're not nervous, and won't, you know you're an exception, but like, you know, most of the time. If you're not nervous or worried about something, you probably don't care about it. So you know, the more you care about something, the more you love something, the more you want to be successful or good at something, the more you think about it, and you know, yeah, people have we're human, right. We have anxiety and emotions. And so I you know, I resonate with that person. I'm just like, so torn up at like, you know, I'll be normal and then just I'm thinking about the fight. You know, the woulda coulda should have what if what if my boyfriends like, calm down? I'm like, you know, still got three weeks away. Okay, okay, it's everything's gonna be okay. You know, but, but ya know, I've

Unknown Speaker 1:28:37
been I was backstage with Paul patello when he was gonna fight Tim Sylvia at this like small promotion that fell apart. It's where I fought Jen's Pulver Oh, and yeah, that's crazy. Fucking dropped him in 68 seconds and then I can teach him when he was on the floor. So I hope you're not a terrible like crazy crazy. Hey, I was a huge fan of him because I'm a south pole. And I grew up watching every fucking southpaw. Colbert. It was a dream fight. Yeah. Yeah. And it's your job. It's okay. Yeah, but I love the guy. You know, like, he's been an inspiration to me, like, you know, in that fight where he stepped it up and beat BJ Penn. A lot of people don't know about that. That's an amazing fuckin fight. I was at that fight, you know, warming up backstage. And Paul brintellix was like throwing up in trash cans and throwing himself around. I'm like, What the fuck is wrong with this guy? I was like, oh, like this guy's been in the UFC. Like, he's like making me uncomfortable. You know? Like, just relax. Like I told my manager anytime he's always like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:50
All right, well, our last question. Who would you like to hear next on sex and violence with rebel girl?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:57
Shit, give?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:58
Oh, that'd

Unknown Speaker 1:29:59
be great. I love Nick. Yes. He's like one of my one of my favorite fighters of all time. And he's just such a fucking character. And I think I really admire people that are different than me. And he is really fucking the polar opposite, you know? So I got I would just love to see him. And as much as I love him, you know, he can go on a good rant too. Yeah, yeah, so it's like, fucking good luck asking him about but sex and let's see where that shit. So

Unknown Speaker 1:30:26
you know, I would ask, I'd be like, tell me about but stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:30
Right, exactly. I would love to see that

Unknown Speaker 1:30:32
I could talk to you all day. But that's the show. Thank you so much for coming on. Just Lastly, please tell everyone, even though your shadow band, where can we find you on social media? Do you have any websites? Where can we see your art? Where can we get tattooed by you?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:48
I definitely am like not good at multitasking. And there should be websites and all that should coming up real soon. But for sure, you can always find me if you look up the spelling of my name, no spaces. Just one word. Diego Grieco, on Instagram. That's it. I don't have anything else. I do have like my tattoo pages called let's add more black. And I have a backup page called slowhand. Killer. But you can usually find those like, if you follow me, you'll see that I post you know stuff about my tattoos and my stories. I post you know, some slowhand killer content. Sometimes I put more more of my off the wall poems there and stuff like that. But yeah, for now, Instagram is gonna be the best way to get ahold of me. Diego Grieco

Unknown Speaker 1:31:33
Yeah. And we'll put all the I always put all your links in our show notes or episode notes. So anybody listening, you know, you'll have you know, Diego's information in the show notes of this episode, which will be airing Friday. So tomorrow, so this is so exciting. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I wish you the best of luck in everything that you do. Thank you for being so open. And so the opposite of toxic masculinity, right? You're just fucking you are who you are. And I appreciate it. Diego. Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:04
Ashley, thank you so much. This has been one of my favorite shows that I've done, because I have been getting the same exact questions on every single thing that I've done. I've been doing Morning News, and it was a pleasure talking to you. Also, sex is one of my favorite topics in the world. And I could talk about it all day. So thank you for what you're doing too, because you're being open minded, and you're starting those conversations that hopefully open up people's heads and let's see what their response is to some of the things I said today. You know, hopefully somebody tries some bad stuff out there. That doesn't feel good about it. My new mission in life.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:37

Unknown Speaker 1:32:38
Thank you, Diego. Talk to you soon. Thank you, Ashley. Have a good day.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:43
Just this whole guitar and an empty bottle of booze. I don't blame him because he run in here. But the meanest thing that he ever did was before he left he went named me Sue Well, they must have thought that it was quite a joke and it got a lot of laughs from a lots of seems I had to fight my whole life. Some girl would giggle and not get ready some guy laughed and I said I'll take it easy for a boy Well, I grew up quick and I grew up mean my fist got hard my whisk got keen, rolling from town to town to hide my shame. When I made me up to the moon and stars Thompson bars and kill that man that give me that oh well that was Gatlinburg in mid July, and I just hit town and my throat was dry. I thought I'd stop and have myself a broom. At an old saloon on a street of mud there at a table vielen stirred such a dirty mangy dog named me Sue. Well, I knew that snake was my own sweet dad from a worn out picture that my mother had an unused scar on his cheek and his evil eye. He was big and gray and old. I looked at him and my blood ran cold and I said my name is su

Unknown Speaker 1:34:23
dam Gina. Okay, that might have been our most interesting episode yet. I mean, it was in my opinion, that was our most interesting episode, I learned a lot, which is fun, you know, you want to be entertained and educated. And so I mean here on sex and violence with rebel girl. We pride ourselves on inclusiveness, and I know there, you know, this episode might not have been everybody's cup of tea, but I don't give a fuck about those people. You know, I mean, I do I love all of our listeners. Don't get me wrong, but there must be some talk about things differently. Then what you're used to right? It can't be, you know, just like Diego said everything can't be in this little box. It's okay to color outside the lines. It's okay to talk about people that are different. And I really like to think the show is educational, loving, little comical, entertaining. I try to be a little inspirational, and edgy as fuck. So, I think we accomplished that this episode. In you know, overall, let's face it, love is love. If you're an asshole, you're an asshole. And we have a simple motto here. Remember, Be kind, be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. And for all your questions. I hope you enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with me. Rebel girl, special thank you to audio engineer DJs all at DJs all black belt collective at Black Belt collective Krav Maga producer Nate Jackson at Nadir Domus you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA and our guest audio engineer at it's the good mints on Instagram. So please subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and

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