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Ep. 42 Nicdali "The Night Queen"

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebels, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that ultra taboo subject.

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I'm your host,

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Ashley, Rebel girl,

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Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening? Hot Stuff? What's up all

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my naughty listeners? You guys are tuning in for the first time. Welcome and prepare yourself because we're a little different than your average MMA podcast. We talk to guests about fight preparation and nutrition, cutting weight, all that kind of stuff. But we also ask the questions that no one else wants to ask. We talked about dating. We talk about sexual preferences. We talk about love, and pretty much anything else that you're interested in. But the other interviewers are afraid to ask. So we are back here at Black Belt collective in Huntington Beach. It's a Krav Maga gym that saved the day last week when we unfortunately had our previous studio studio tomorrow. Good studio catch fire. I know that sounds crazy, right? But they save the day and we're back here. So thank you to Abel and all the people here at Black Belt collective in Huntington Beach. Please check them out at www dot Huntington Beach self defense comm or at Black Belt collective Krav Maga on Instagram.

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Okay, so

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last week, we had some crazy fights. You guys know that it was a card that had three title fights. And so of course it was going to be exciting. It did not disappoint. I personally did a little betting with my because they are the best placed to set up to place your bets the parlay that I did look at me using bit betting words a parlay. For those of you who don't understand what a parlay is, is you make a bet on two different fights. And in order to win they both have to hit right so if one of those fights you know, I pick right but I don't pick the other one. I don't get the money. So my parlay was alderman Sterling and Megan Anderson. I wanted both those two those people to win right now Joe, if you guys saw the fight, won the belt in the most unusual way possible. And then Megan Anderson, she did not she did not win you know and I'm not gonna sit here and talk crap but I thought maybe she would win you know, just because she's such a big lengthy powerhouse of a woman you know, I know Amanda Nunez is the go and it was extremely unlikely but since I'm getting into more betting situations I'm trying to learn I thought okay, if I place Tony dollars down, I could win like 200 right? Well I lost my bet because she did not win so but since I am so frugal aka cheap with my money, I still have enough in my my account and I've got another chance to win this weekend. Let's let's take a look at this card this card this weekend. It's UFC Fight Night we got Edwards versus Muhammad that's Leon Edwards versus below Muhammad.

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I you know,

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when it's when it's a fight like this, I just don't bet on it. You know, there's a lot of fights on this card that are I guess you would say even money and so our I don't know I'm gonna have to probably end up doing the same thing. Do a parlay that you know, if you put like $5 down maybe you can win $100 I'm scared you know, my they're doing a deal and they've been doing it for a while but you guys should check it out right now. So if you put $100 down with my they'll give you 50% bonus match so that means you get 50 extra dollars to play with right or if you throw $1,000 down you get $500 extra free money to play and this card this week is looking pretty good so if you know your your MMA you got Ronnie Yahya versus Ray Rodriguez, corny Casey versus JJ alder all Aldrich always mess up her name. Angela Hill versus Ashley Yoder. This is the one I'm most excited about. It was actually supposed to be on last week's card but one of Ashley yoders people in her camp one of our corner men got COVID which is actually a very common thing. So they had to move the card to this weekend. So those girls are probably just itching to phi and very hungry because they've had to cut weight twice now. And Angela Hill's amazing Ashley yoders very amazing as well. I think it was originally supposed to be two other girls then one girl got injured and Ashley Yoder filled in the The other girl got injured and so at Angela Hill, so it's just like a weird fight that's finally coming together. I'm excited to see that one. Other than that, you know, you guys know I'm about a week out from getting back to the gym, how am I rehab and stuff like that I'm going to be still on the mend. But it's, you know, slow and steady wins the race. Um, you know, I'm staying busy with talking to you guys and interviewing these awesome guests. I have one trip planned in a month, I'm going to Florida. I'm just gonna check out, you know, the area out there, me and the boyfriend actually going to the Craig Jones seminar. So,

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you know,

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the boyfriend's a black belt. So it's going to be exciting for him. And I'm just going to be there watching people do leg lucky stuff and not know what the hell's going on. Because I'm not the biggest jujitsu person, but uh, maybe I'll learn some more leglock stuff. And I also heard, and I'm looking at all people in the studio with me that California is going to be opening up very soon. Did anybody else Hear that? Nobody? Okay, okay, well, I don't want to spread what fake news you know, but I heard that California is going to be opening up very soon, Texas is already open. I think Florida is already open as well, because they're crazy. But, um,

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but yeah, I'm

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hoping that California opens up and we can go back to normal life. But,

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you know, until then, we'll

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still be here, cranking out the episodes with you guys. And we also have our Patreon still going. So if you guys want to check that out, basically, you can choose $5 $50. You know, whatever you got to offer us, we'll take it, we're always going to be a free show. But the $5 gets you early access to episodes, bonus episodes,

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Be with you in the daytime.

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Girl I want to be with you outside

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the time Good day

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a Joanne's me.

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Oh, yeah. And nighttime yours Believe me Never

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All right, we have

Unknown Speaker 10:54
Nick Dooley with us. Thank you so much for joining us. How are you?

Unknown Speaker 10:59
I'm doing great. How about you?

Unknown Speaker 11:01
I'm good. I'm

Unknown Speaker 11:02
still on the mend about probably four or five more months before I'm back to like full. And then May, you know training, grappling all that stuff. So I'm just filling my time talking to interesting people like you.

Unknown Speaker 11:16
Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker 11:18
So I know you as a the Oh, g of the sport, but I feel like, you know, people don't know that you've been in the sport forever. And, you know, I know that you're retired now. But basically,

Unknown Speaker 11:33
are you? I mean,

Unknown Speaker 11:34
are you still gonna fight MMA? What's the status right now?

Unknown Speaker 11:39
Well, right now, I'm not because I'm focusing on other endeavors. But in the future. I mean, I'm still young enough that if I wanted to the opportunity was right, and presented itself that I would take it you know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 11:52
Yeah. So I mean, but what are you I know, you're focusing on some stunt work and stuff like that? Is there a little? Are you hesitant to, to do both? Because obviously, stunt work can be dangerous. And what if you get injured while you're doing your stunt work? And then you can't, you know, train for your fight? Is there any worries of that?

Unknown Speaker 12:12
Yes, there is. That's my main concern. You know, I'm basically, you know, I, I, I'm a beginner at stunt double work. And I really want to focus that until I get a little a little bit more headway in it and into the industry. And you know what I mean, like, I have a little bit more experience, you know what I mean? Because it did happen to me where I was training for jujitsu competition. And then I got injured in jujitsu. And then I was out for seven months. So I was like, okay, that lesson learn, do what you need to do in the stock world first, and then you know, to be assignable, you have to be in incredibly good shape. So it kind of goes hand in hand, as far as like being in shape, like fight shape and stuff, you kind of have to be in similar kind of shape. So yeah, and

Unknown Speaker 13:00
I know you're also, you know,

Unknown Speaker 13:02
compete, you

Unknown Speaker 13:02
want to compete in Jiu Jitsu, you

Unknown Speaker 13:04
know, so,

Unknown Speaker 13:05
if you're doing stunt work, you want to fight MMA and jujitsu. How would you prioritize that? What's the most important, what do you want to focus on? Because I feel like like you just said, you can't do them all at the same time. Because what if you get injured in one you can't do the other. Right.

Unknown Speaker 13:19
Right. So right now, don't work. And then jujitsu. And then maybe in the May, you know, once, once there's a little bit more attention. I feel like in the 105 Division, you know what I mean? Which is where I would want to compete again.

Unknown Speaker 13:33

Unknown Speaker 13:34
I feel like you know, we all know there's no adequate division in the UFC. So where would you want to fight? What do you want to fight for one? One FC over in Japan? What do you want to fight for combat day? What What would be your ideal organization to fight for?

Unknown Speaker 13:50
I'm probably like Invicta or whoever pays me the most money.

Unknown Speaker 13:56
That's what we're all thinking. Yeah. Yeah, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 13:59
it's nice.

Unknown Speaker 14:00
It would definitely be nice if the UFC added an added weight division. And I you know, there are talks. I know that back in November, Dana White was saying that he's looking at some top prospects in the Adam weight division. I don't know if you know who Elise Anderson is. We had her on the show. And she is Oh, yeah, she's awesome. She's a young up and comer needs to work on our confidence. But other than that, she's just, she's a sweetheart. She's young. And she's just a little killer on the mat, too. So I'm hoping that the Adam way opens up for her for people like you, you know, plus,

Unknown Speaker 14:33
I agree. She, I she actually was one of my main training partners for my last my very last MMA fight. I brought her out from where she was living at the time to Vegas, and she spent about I can't remember exactly how long she spent with me, but I know for sure it was at least a week. It might have been two weeks but yeah, so I know exactly. She is she's she's amazing. I I think the world of her. I mean, I agree with you. I think she needs me All right, well,

Unknown Speaker 15:01

Unknown Speaker 15:02
she's working on it and you'll and get that through life experiences right or confidence in the cage comes from more cage time. So she'll get there. But back to you. So you're working on jujitsu, you know, you're you're training for MMA, you know, probably off and on. You're not in fight camp, and you're doing stunt work. Huh?

Unknown Speaker 15:22
Yeah. So okay. I'm

Unknown Speaker 15:23
like, Oh, thanks. Okay. So

Unknown Speaker 15:24
and then I know, on top of all this stuff that you're doing, you also have a very popular only fan site. Tell us about that.

Unknown Speaker 15:34
I will, what do you want to know about it? I mean, do you want to know what kind of content I have? I mean,

Unknown Speaker 15:38
well, I want to know, first and foremost, how you you know, like, I think that you, I see you, you're very active, right? Like your posts, you post a lot you're going on Instagram, which, you know, I think is very smart. Because that leads to more subscribers on your only fans, but you know, you're doing stunts, you're doing jujitsu, you're doing MMA, like how do you have time for it all.

Unknown Speaker 15:57
And I'm also a stylist. The way I the way I balance it is, you know, one, one thing I'll tell you about myself, versus I've always been the type of person do a million things all at once. Part of it was growing up as an only child. You know, I didn't have brothers and sisters. And my mom would be like, I'd be like mom board, and she'd be like, No, only unintelligent people get bored. So she would tell me, like, find things to do occupy your time, you know, do this or that, like, you know, read, or whatever. So basically, this all stems from I, I've kind of been like this My whole life. But up until maybe a year ago, I didn't know how to manage my time, the right way. But now I do. I know that this sound like kind of like cheesy or whatever. But I found out about this thing called a time book. And basically, managers, yes, it helps you prioritize your time. So it basically like, lets you know what, it's the exercises. There's exercises like you watch YouTube videos on like mentors. like Tony Robbins is one of the one of the videos that they have on there. And basically, it just allows you to prioritize your time. So throughout the day, I'm doing multiple things, multiple things a day, you know, I'm training Jiu Jitsu, I'm doing my stuff work. I'm writing my comic book, I have a client that I do their hair. And I'm also doing my only fans. So that's all usually in one day, I do all of that.

Unknown Speaker 17:38
That's amazing. All right. Well, you brought up your comic book, you know, we only have one issue out so far, right?

Unknown Speaker 17:46
Yeah, tell us all about that. The only reason why we have one issue is like Julian, my my business partner, Illustrator, you know, we're both learning in this work. It's a new venture that her and I have taken on which she's worked on past comic books before, but only in not in the capacity that she does for me. So basically, she does all the illustration and does the Page Layout. And then I basically create the story, write it, let her know, like, This person says this, you know, and then all the characters I created, I want them to look like this, can you do this? Can you do that, you know, this is our personality. Basically, the whole mythmakers a universe, like I created the concept of it. So basically, the first issue was a learning a learning curve for both of us, you know, basically learning how to how to manage our time, so that we could create it, create it on a on a schedule, and, you know, and and learn how to print it and and publish it and all of that. Well, we have one done, but now we're working on two and three at one time. You know,

Unknown Speaker 18:56
that's what inspired you to to do a comic book, you know, you're already doing all these things. you're managing your time, pretty well, I would say. But uh, you know,

Unknown Speaker 19:05
have you always Have you always been into comics or cartoons? And are cartoons the same thing as comics?

Unknown Speaker 19:13
Um, well, I've been into comics since I was like a preteen. But I guess that's a very long time from now. And I would say the difference between a comic book, a comic book reflects the dialogue or scripts or the characters as well as the images like it's more, it has more of a story, a more adult story, more of a complex story. And then cartoons can like be a funny drawing or a page or animated show. You know, I mean, it's more it's more lighthearted. I would say. There's a difference.

Unknown Speaker 19:49

Unknown Speaker 19:50
And so Okay, so comic books would be more realistic and cartoons almost being a little bit more

Unknown Speaker 19:56
childish or fantasy.

Unknown Speaker 19:59
Yeah. Yeah, I would say I would say so not that comic books aren't art fantasy, you know. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:06
so you just say that you just got moved to, to create a comic book one day because you've liked him since you were younger?

Unknown Speaker 20:14
Well, no, it's kind of okay. So the long story of that long story short, is that basically, there was no Not to my knowledge, and there wasn't any Mesoamerican. And what I mean by Mesoamerican No, Mayan, Aztec olmecs inside inspired comic book characters, and so growing up, I went to a lot of ancient Mesoamerican archaeology, skull digs, and then one of my mom's good friends is the archaeologist. And so I learned some of the myths from him. And basically, I was and then as an adult, I went and visited and I met a my, some mind people that are still living and breathing. Their Mayan rituals and, and, and traditions. And so basically, the whole world doesn't really know about it, I feel it. And then there's a lot of mis mis information on the internet about it. What goes with what, and I just wanted to create comic book characters to reflect that culture. So they would open people's minds to those cultures. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 21:35
I mean, yeah, you wanted to help educate the masses, as well as add to the representation of that culture.

Unknown Speaker 21:43
Exactly. Sounds

Unknown Speaker 21:44
cool. That's awesome. All right. So you're doing a million things. You're killing it. Let's talk about you on a more personal level. I know you from the MMA world, but let's, let's dig a little deeper. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 21:54
So it's very,

Unknown Speaker 21:56
very forward podcast. I know. How do you identify sexually? Are you heterosexual homosexual, bisexual? pansexual? What kind of sexual are you?

Unknown Speaker 22:06
I'm, I consider myself bisexual. And then also, what's the when you get turned on by intelligence? Do you know what people kind of say? Yes, I consider my Yeah, that I'm sabeel sexual as well. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:21
yeah, that's a good one.

Unknown Speaker 22:22
I didn't really realize I was that until I started dating my current boyfriend. I'm like, oh, smart. I like

Unknown Speaker 22:30
learning something new. Oh, my God. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:33
That's awesome. So, bisexual sapiosexual. What's your current dating status? Are you single? You seen anybody?

Unknown Speaker 22:41
I'm married. You're married.

Unknown Speaker 22:43
Okay. All right. Well, tell us tell us about him

Unknown Speaker 22:45
or her.

Unknown Speaker 22:49
Well, he is a double brown belt in jujitsu. He's a coach. He's an athlete. He's a mentor. He's my life partner. That's my friend. Yeah. So did

Unknown Speaker 23:04
you guys meet through training? can see the brown belt? No,

Unknown Speaker 23:07
no. No, we met before that. When I first met, I was doing more Thai and he was doing MMA and I had no idea. And this is back in the day when people called Mma nhv. And they were fighting Bare Knuckle and there was no weight classes and no anywhere

Unknown Speaker 23:25
for people who don't know what they need to be stands for.

Unknown Speaker 23:29
Yeah, and I went to one of his practices and I, I watched this I was just doing more Thai kickboxing. I went and I watched one of his training sessions, which was the lines in Tulsa under Mikey Barnett. And I watched him train he probably at the time because he was young. He's like, I don't know. Usually I Anyway, she didn't weigh very much, but everyone was like 200 pounds or more and like, he just got his butt kicked. And then afterwards, all his homies were like, are all his training partners were like me would you want to do and I was like, heck, no, there's no chance in hell, I would ever do that. So yeah, we didn't meet doing that. But one of the things that attracted attracted me about him as like, he was into working out and that was like my basically my whole life because before I did MMA I was I played basketball on track since I was like, eight years old. So I just wanted someone that would like work out with me every day and like kind of be on that hustle, you know? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:30
I mean, it's that whether it's fitness or our music, right? We always want to share the passion with our partner.

Unknown Speaker 24:38

Unknown Speaker 24:39
Okay, I that's someone just popped in my head. And, you know, I maybe it's because my brain is thinking very traditionally but you're married and you haven't only fans, I haven't talked to a lot of guests that we have a lot of people on here. A lot of guests that have only fans but usually they're single or they're just dating around. I've yet to talk to some Someone who's married and hasn't only fans, how does your How does your partner feel about that?

Unknown Speaker 25:06
Oh my God, you're so funny. He's actually the one who talked me into doing it. Well, it's really in shock. I didn't want to do I was like, No, I don't want to do that. I don't put myself out there like that. And he's like, Well, you've always want to do playboy, haven't you? And I was like, Well, yeah, you know, I have, and he's like, well, like, they're not going to look like this forever. You know, he's, like, do what you want. He's like, think about it, think about it. And then I thought about and I was like, Yeah, you're right. He was right. You know, like, I'm not always like this when I'm 8090 100 years old, you know? And, you know, why not? Like, why not? Like, I've had such a good connection with my fans. Why not? Like, you know, share that, like, be able to, you know, have that.

Unknown Speaker 25:50
I mean, that's very cool of him. You know, I mean, like I said, it's like, more of like, my traditional thinking brain is like, males would feel some some sort of way, whether it's jealous or insecure, or territorial, like, hey, this male woman or, you know, I don't want her all over the interwebs. But he doesn't he's not like that.

Unknown Speaker 26:10
Not at all. I mean, I think it helps that when he first met me, I was modeling. You know, I mean, so I like one of the, one of the things he saw me do is like, a bikini runway show, and like some bikini runway modeling, and, or bikini mannequin modeling. And I think, you know, I've always kind of wanted to be in playboy, and that's always kind of been a part of my life. So if he wouldn't be cool with it, you know, I've had past exes that were like, Oh, my God, I could never be with you. Because you're, you're too good looking. And you have all these dudes like after you and blah, blah, blah, like, that's what I love the freedom. I love this, I like being free. I put me in a cage, and I'm gonna fucking crawl out of it. You know, like, I'm, I can't, you can't do that to me, I'm too free.

Unknown Speaker 26:57
For sure. You know. So we have a lot of freedom. That's always an issue, right? When you start dating someone and you are the way you are, and then somewhere along the way, they decide that you can't be that way anymore. And unless you're extremely submissive, you're going to put your foot down because what you and I specifically are alpha females, and we're going to say no, you can't fucking change me. So it's my way or the highway. And I know that relationships, you know, they, you have to compromise. There's give and take. But you know, if you were doing runway shows and bikini modeling before, this is probably, I mean, it's a little different. Right? But well, I don't know. Let's talk about it. How different is it? Are you just showing bikini pictures? Are

Unknown Speaker 27:35
you showing your titties? Are

Unknown Speaker 27:36
you showing everything? Is

Unknown Speaker 27:37
it showing your kitty?

Unknown Speaker 27:38
You know, like, what do you what do you put on there? You know, like, is it cuz I know that there's a spectrum, right? You know, you get people they're just doing bathing suit shoots, and then you got people doing full on porn.

Unknown Speaker 27:51
Okay, yeah. So I would say mine kind of in between, so I do implied nudity. Or, like, the way that I, I guess I would let you know more about it is is like maximum. And, like the ies cam bodies issue or you will see my whole body naked except for like, basically the naughty bit, you know, every now and then, you know, I'll be like, a nip slip. here and there. You know, like part of it. You know, I won't ever show like, full on you know, it, you know, why in the future? Just not right now. You know, I'm good. You know, you see my budgie, modeling pictures of my butt cheeks. There's selfies in my bust. My butt cheeks on all angles. Okay, okay. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 28:38
and you know, that's like, even a nipple. Some guys wouldn't be cool with that. So I still think it's pretty cool of your dude to be okay with that and encourage you to you know, express your sexuality basically, however you want.

Unknown Speaker 28:50
Oh, yeah, it's so empowering. It's so empowering. And it's made me realize like, how powerful being a woman really is, you know, and and how misguided we are as young ladies, or at least I was, you know, like, oh, sexuality is bad and blah, blah, blah. And like all this, you know, and it's made me realize like, wow, if we would teach young women to embrace their sexuality, how different things could be for us. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:19
what is what is something that you would change? What What do you know now about your sexuality that you wish you would have known back then when you were younger? What would you tell your younger self?

Unknown Speaker 29:29
Oh, man, that it's okay to be bisexual. That That doesn't mean that you're a bad person. You know, like that. That's, that's okay. It's it's, it doesn't mean that you're a bad person. You know, I grew up in a traditional Hispanic family were that was very, that was not okay. You know what I mean? Yeah, at all.

Unknown Speaker 29:56
When did you find out come to this realization that You know, bisexuality is not the devil.

Unknown Speaker 30:05
When I became 18, and I just like, did some soul searching, and I left my house. And just basically, you know, got to experience the world outside of my parents house. And I really saw that, you know, it's not the devil. It's just, it's just the difference in opinions. You know what I mean? I mean, it could be the devil to some people, but that's your opinion. And I mean, that's, that's what's great about life is everyone's entitled to live it the way they want to.

Unknown Speaker 30:35
Yeah. I'm sorry. You had to feel that way. as a as a, you know, a kid and a teen. That's, that's awful. Did you have you know, you did so you obviously didn't have any parents or family members that were supportive? What was your family life like other than that with were things pretty good. I mean, you're so you're so productive, you're so successful, and all these different areas, it seems like you might have had a great upbringing.

Unknown Speaker 31:01
Um, well, my mom did the best that she could, coming from another, like, I was born in Mexico. So we came, we migrated over here. And one thing I forgot to mention me the other day, when we were talking was I did have a good childhood. Once, once I got to America. Basically, when I was when I was a little girl, my, my father kidnapped me for my mother, and had me basically, my mom did not didn't know where I was for a year. And he would switch me to different houses or whatever, you know, and then basically to like, escape his oppression. She, she basically met and married my stepdad, and my stepdad. He's, he's American. And basically, they brought me over here and I basically had one of the best I feel like I had a really good childhood other than that other than you know, getting bullied in school and then they ended up getting a divorce just because things don't didn't work out between them. But he's still in my life. I use my dad, you know, he raised me and then she married some other jerk that you know, basically almost killed her pushing on the stairs like you know, so that's one of the reasons why I drive so hard is like, I want to be better. a better example for younger women and for for her as well. I want her to be proud of me that her sacrifice coming here to America and leaving like a good life with our with my my grandmother's family over there. They have ranches, they have cattle, they have all this stuff like that it was worth coming here for you know what I mean? Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:45
Well, okay, so you see did see your mom kind of go through some domestic violence situations when you were younger?

Unknown Speaker 32:52
Oh, yeah, it was. That's, that's probably one of the biggest reasons why I decided to take up martial arts because I said to myself, there I will never let a man do that to me to put hands on me like that. I will. I will not tolerate that.

Unknown Speaker 33:07
Did the bullying that you just mentioned. Did that have anything to do with you getting into mixed martial arts as well?

Unknown Speaker 33:14
No, yes, yes. Um, basically, I got bullied because I was the only Latino kid in my school. And you know, I had a boy punched me in the face. And then I had you gave Elisa what eight? And I was 10. I was 10. Yeah, it's funny. He is on my Instagram. Hopefully he'll slide is my idea. He'll be like, Yeah, he's a rapper. He's a rapper now but he'll find my jam sometimes. Man, I really wish I would have treated you better back then. I'm sorry. Like for punching in the face like did

Unknown Speaker 33:54
a lot Did that happen a lot? Or was that just one isolated incident where he got punched in the face like we physically bullied a lot. I know nowadays, it's more like texting and virtual bullying, which is still bad, right? But like, sucks to get punched in the face.

Unknown Speaker 34:09
No one put hands on me. But they would tease me constantly for like being Brown. They would call me dirty. Just say Mexican jokes and just constantly and then my mom got sick of it. She got sick of it because I'd come home crying. She's like, nikoli I'm sick of it. She's like next time. If you don't if you don't fight back, if you come home cry, I'm going to walk you by give you a spanking. I know that people don't do that anymore. But you know, traditional Latino houses. Anyway, I got worked in

Unknown Speaker 34:43
my grandma, my grandma would spank me with a wooden spoon. And then like, she never used it, but she would you know when like when you fold a bell in half and you like make that snapping noise. She'd be like, you're asked like make this and I'm like oh You know, like, just like that was enough to me like, and I was like, Alright, I'll do whatever you want. So Oh, no, I mean, I, I don't know I don't have kids, but I feel like if I ever did, I'm a firm believer in, in the spoon.

Unknown Speaker 35:14
I i agree i you know, some act right. That's what I call it.

Unknown Speaker 35:18
The Act Right, right. Right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:21
Some some bonus people need an act right to right.

Unknown Speaker 35:24
Oh, for sure. For sure.

Unknown Speaker 35:27
So how the bullying stuff did you pick up the martial arts and then start kicking ass in school?

Unknown Speaker 35:32
Ah, so basically, I got into watching boxing was my stepdad at the time. And, and then like, I was like, practicing my room. I didn't know what I was doing. But I was like, practicing in my room. And like, just like, in my mind, like practicing it and then so so then like, a few weeks later this one of the bullies like got in my face and like was just saying all these names and I was like, You know what? Meet me at so and so corner like when Pete were kids would meet to fight, you know, back in the day.

Unknown Speaker 36:02
Were you the first side girls,

Unknown Speaker 36:04
are you telling me?

Unknown Speaker 36:06
I guess. So the bus stop, of course. And so as soon as the bus last we got off. And then like, I just I just tried to mimic what I saw. And I ended up beating the crap out of her. And then after that, no one messaged me ever again.

Unknown Speaker 36:25
Yeah, I mean, like, I know nowadays, it's like, you know, violence is not the answer, which is funny coming from us, right professional fighters, but

Unknown Speaker 36:32

Unknown Speaker 36:33
Sometimes it is. It's like you got to put your foot down and like let them know that you're not going to be disrespected. And then after that, you know, you met you might even get your ass beat. But there's a level of respect that comes with that right from taking an SB

Unknown Speaker 36:47
Oh, yeah. I mean, felice beat my ass whenever we fought and, you know, afterwards, she was like, you know, she shut up and came to fight and fought your heart out and now we're cool. You know? So

Unknown Speaker 36:58
not a lot of people know that you and Felice herrig. Felice was actually on the show. She's awesome. She's a friend. And she, you and I, what year was the or sorry? You and her? What year was that? That you had your fight?

Unknown Speaker 37:11
Oh, man, that was I believe that was 2011. So I was like, 10 years ago.

Unknown Speaker 37:16
Yeah. And you guys also won Best staredown which should have been more aptly named hottest. staredown because that went viral. It was like, two sexy like, completely contrasting women. Right. It was like felice, like blonde hair. Like looks like the valley girl then you had like, like a sexy Ed Hardy dress on with like a blonde, you know, dark hair blonde stripe in your hair. And like that just went viral? How was that like for you to remember that? That was awesome.

Unknown Speaker 37:47
Oh, it was so crazy. Because like, back then going viral wasn't like a thing, you know? So. And then before that fight, you know, I ended up I ended up talking shit about beliefs. Because no one was giving me any love. Like I was trying to get fired so I can get by. And I was like, Well, she's getting love. Like, why don't I just talk shit and see what happened, you know? And then then it happened. And then like, I was I was out to like out viewer as a way in because I always knew that she went like, to the nine that way and she always did something crazy. These outfits and I was like, I gotta do I gotta top that. So I went and got myself at a hearty dress. That was that was cool back then. I guess. I don't care what's cool. I just do what I like.

Unknown Speaker 38:35
But it was cool back. So

Unknown Speaker 38:39
yeah. And then she got my face all the Hell no. And then we went forehead to forehead and yeah, I knew it was just crazy. Because afterwards so many people were like, Oh my god, that was so cool. And, you know, and then yeah, so many people reached out to me on at the time. Facebook was the thing and on Facebook and then my, I don't know, it's just crazy that my thought my my following on there grew and I got more fans from it. And yeah, it was crazy.

Unknown Speaker 39:08

Unknown Speaker 39:09
I'm online. You know? Yeah, obviously, social media is a lot bigger now than it was you know, 10 years ago. But man, social media can be amazing like

Unknown Speaker 39:19

Unknown Speaker 39:20
your fan base can grow overnight, or it can, you know, make you want to completely quit the sport which I failed multiple times, not from fighting ironically, just from the fans, you know, being super harsh. And I know you have to deal with the good and the bad too. So my question is what's, you know, how do you deal with the the negativity because that's a big thing. You know, like, I was talking to Elise on the podcast, and she's just not used to it. She's young. She reads every negative comment, you know, cries herself to sleep at night. Just kidding. She does. She does. You know, she takes it to heart She takes it to heart and like, you know, I do too. But you know, you and I our skin is a little bit thicker. We've been in the game longer. So what would you suggest to the girls The read that shit and take it to heart.

Unknown Speaker 40:03
Why read it as something I learned? Don't read comments like, just don't like I'm not talking about on your, your social media page, obviously. But you know why look into that? Why Why bring that into your life? Why manifested into your life you know, and even if you do if you're a person cannot help it and you have to read it. I understand that but but you got to understand these people, it's so easy to get online and talk whatever smack you want because you're not standing right in front of them. And there's people that have talked shit about me, online and to my face. They're like, Oh my God, you're so awesome. And you know, that tells me your fucking little bitch. You're a weenie. You know what I mean? You do not have the balls to put in the work and do what I do. So why the fuck do I care? What the fuck you think about me? You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah, I mean it or not out here? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 41:00
yeah. Yeah, it's, it's

Unknown Speaker 41:01
the same. It's the same. You know, I try. I try, you know, and But even as long as I've been in the game, I still read the comments, and they still get to me, but I think you know, and you probably don't do this, but I do know, a couple people that engage with them, right? They engage with the trolls, they engage with the people that you know, like you said, our little bitches that normally would never say anything to your face. But when they're behind a keyboard or behind a computer screen, you know, they feel like they're untouchable. And they are, you know, because if we could touch them, we would I mean, I feel like, you know, most of the people that are being rude or disrespectful or criticizing us, you know, couldn't do half the things that we do. And so yeah, it's good advice not to read it. And if you can, I'd say i'd i'd sprinkle extra advice on that. I just, if you read it, just block delete, like don't even respond, right. Don't waste your time. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:50
I mean, no answer is the best answer. I say. Yeah. Because you're not giving them any of your energy. They don't deserve it.

Unknown Speaker 41:58
So on the on the better side of social media, what are some of the better things or maybe some of the funnier things that you've come across from being in the spotlight?

Unknown Speaker 42:10
Um, some of the better things is just, you know, there's people that have been a fan of yours for a long time. And, you know, they chat with you about different things that you do, and they find it amazing. And so that's also inspiring, because Sure, you are pouring your heart, heart into the your endeavors, and they see that and they show you love and so that's motivating and inspiring, you know, but at the same token, there is some funny weird stuff like, oh, man, like, Okay, so this wasn't even on my only fans. I expect crazy weird, whatever on my only fans I do. But on Instagram, I don't expect to hear thing so they're asking if I could send them a video or pictures of me fingering my belly button.

Unknown Speaker 43:03
I think you're gonna end that sentence with belly button. Belly Button coming.

Unknown Speaker 43:11
You just want the belly button or like, Oh, yeah, we just I love your belly. But I just I just want to see your, your belly button being you know, I

Unknown Speaker 43:19
really try not to kink shame on this podcast, cuz I'm like, you know, hey, whatever floats your boat, dude. But like, Yeah. Like,

Unknown Speaker 43:28
do you know that part of your elbow? And they call it? Well, I don't know if this is the medical term, but they call it the weenus. Anybody? Okay, well, I've been told that this part for you people who cannot see me pinching my elbow skin. This is called your weakness. To me. That's about as sexy as the belly button or, or feet to you know, I just I don't get the foot fetish thing. I'm not knocking it. I just feel like, of all the body parts a woman or a man has, like,

Unknown Speaker 43:58
really? The belly button.

Unknown Speaker 44:01
Yeah, I don't I don't get the foot fetish thing. But I've talked to some people that are into it. And they explained it to me. And I was like, oh, okay, okay, I could see your point now.

Unknown Speaker 44:13
Okay, please explain to me because I don't quite. I mean, I'm not against a like, if my boyfriend, you know who I've had this conversation with. He's not in defeat. He's actually against it. You know, he's like, okay, he walked on those things all day. You know, but if he did say, Hey, babe, I really like your fee. I want to do some things to him. I would be on board because I love him. But I don't understand the appeal. So what did your friend tell you?

Unknown Speaker 44:39
Okay, so my friend told me basically like, you see a beautiful woman right like and you're all into her. And then you see your feet and she has perfectly and it's just like it just like icing on the cake kind of thing. Like, you see the seating and they're so like, okay, so men, you know, perceive themselves generally as like, masculine, blah, blah. They see these dainty, beautiful feet that belong to this beautiful woman. It's just like icing on the cake. That's basically how I explained it to me. And I was like, Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 45:13
That's nice. You know, I

Unknown Speaker 45:14
feel like and I've heard so what I've heard is, if a woman has nice feet, like you can tell that she takes care of her feet, then it's a good indicator that she takes care of other body parts.

Unknown Speaker 45:26

Unknown Speaker 45:26
I mean, that's just what I'm

Unknown Speaker 45:28
like, okay, I can I can see that. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 45:32
so do you have Do you get a lot of those, like, kind of requests for interesting? belly button situation?

Unknown Speaker 45:40
Oh, no, that was just like the one the one thing I do get. The one thing that is interesting to me is a lot of a lot of the guys on my only fans, they love my eyes. Just my eyes. My but obviously,

Unknown Speaker 45:56
only fans. Yeah, but that's like the normal kind of like a normal, you get a lot of requests for that right? On only fans. Can your subscribers request certain pictures or, you know, certain videos?

Unknown Speaker 46:10
Yeah, they can. They can request custom content. It's extra, depending on what it is, you know, like, there's certain ones that have been there for a long time. I'll just do stuff for them. Because they've been there for like, six months. Plus, you know, just because, you know, you're, you're showing me that kind of love and loyalty. So I'll do things free. I won't do it always. But you know, I'll scratch your back. you scratch my back kind of thing. Okay, okay, cool. So

Unknown Speaker 46:39
you're willing to play ball. So you know, your fans love you. But let's talk about you and your perception of love. I haven't really asked too many people on the podcast like, but I want to start. So what is your definition of love?

Unknown Speaker 46:55
Love means never having to say you're sorry. No, I'm just kidding. Please don't say that. You're like, oh my god. No. All right, this is kind of long winded. I wrote it out just because I wanted to be able to fully express it. You know what I mean? So. So my definition of love is the connection that the word love implies to me. Basically, that means is what I do daily in thoughts, words, actions to hang on to that connection. To be in love is kind of like being insane. You practice love daily expecting the same results.

Unknown Speaker 47:35
Yeah, that's nice. I do feel insane when I'm in love.

Unknown Speaker 47:40
Right? Yeah. Right. You're like, constantly in enamored by this person and you're constantly talking actions. You know, you do actions, you do daily things daily to show this person that you love them. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 47:57
or maybe, to the point where sometimes you'll do things that you thought you wouldn't do, but you love them so much. So you're like, Oh, you know, you know, I've done things when I'm in love that I'm like, Oh, I would never do that. What fucking loves weird. Makes you do weird things, right?

Unknown Speaker 48:14
Oh, that's 100% true. 100% true.

Unknown Speaker 48:19
Have you done anything crazy for love?

Unknown Speaker 48:23
Oh, girl. Um, okay, first, let me start off by saying, Well, let me start off with my first girlfriend that I ever had. What age was this? Um, I want to say I was 15. Okay, so I was super in love with her like, Oh my god, she was just like, at the time what I thought was like the perfect woman and you know what I mean? And so we were dating and she like, had this like romantic evening plan. I, I basically went to her house, and no one was there. So she had rose petals. She had candles lit everywhere. And then it went to the bathtub shatter, like a like a Jacuzzi type tub. And then she had rose petals, and it smelled beautiful in there. And we ended up, you know, making love and then, you know, I'm sitting here like, on cloud nine, like, just chill with her, you know, afterwards. And then she she like, she buttered me up, basically. And then she's like, hey, Nikolay, there's something I want to talk to you about. I'm like, oh, pregnant. And she was she basically like told me that she had another girlfriend and that I knew this girl was basically that she wanted to have a threesome with all three of us that that, you know, and then I thought, and then the other girl came over and then like, we talked about it and then we ended up having a threesome and it was, it was it was really cool. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 49:57
We wait wait, what my question is You were like up the girlfriend girlfriend with this girl, right? Like you guys were dating. And what? Had she been seeing this other girl? simultaneously? Yes. So even though she was cheating on you, you still had a threesome with this other girl. And that's where we come to the crazy for love thing. Okay, now I get it. You're like, Yeah, well, how was the threesome?

Unknown Speaker 50:27
Oh, man, it was really good. I mean, they were both hot. And, you know, it's always better. I mean, I don't know. It was really hot. It was just like, lots of kissing. They, you know, were well endowed in the boob area. We like, it was just it and then it's like, more attention because you have two people, you know. So like, we would rotate like one, one of you in the middle and like the other, the other one would be on top and the other one on bottom, just like, you know, you need to get love from all angles.

Unknown Speaker 50:59
Yeah. Wow. Okay, well, is that something that you're still into? Even with your partner?

Unknown Speaker 51:05
I mean, not so much nowadays. But I mean, we have invited other females into our into our bedroom life.

Unknown Speaker 51:12
Okay, that's cool. So he's cool with threesomes. And that's something you do occasionally.

Unknown Speaker 51:19
Occasionally, yeah, you know,

Unknown Speaker 51:20
yeah. What are some other things that you enjoy now? Like, you know, I mean, threesomes are timeless. Right, but what are some things that you're into now? Yeah, like, so what I normally ask the guests are like, what kind of porn? Do you watch that kind of stuff?

Unknown Speaker 51:37
Um, well, I guess I'm freaky, or whatever. Like a freaky person. I have a wide variety. I like I have a What do you call it experience palette or a palette? I have a wide collective palette. Yes, like different things that I like. I like role playing a lot of my favorite role playing is is vampire like pretending I'm a vampire. And

Unknown Speaker 52:06
please pause and tell me more about this. Because I've asked people about role playing because I know it's out there. I'm like, someone's out there be in school girl and teacher. Or, you know, I don't know what the scenarios are. But okay, so vampire. So how does this go down? Is your Are you a vampire? What is your partner?

Unknown Speaker 52:26
He's a vampire, too. You know, sometimes you not a vampire, sometimes. Sometimes I turn him into a vampire. You know what I mean? We will pretend like wine is blood and like, pour it on each other's bodies and, and, you know, dip on it, like, on our on our bodies? And you know,

Unknown Speaker 52:52
yeah, so is there like an elaborate story that you guys, like, come up with?

Unknown Speaker 52:57
Bro? Yeah, I'm an author. Of course. My imagination is crazy. I mean, I mean, it's not like, it wouldn't be interesting. If we like did it all the time. I feel like you know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 53:10
Like, so it's a once in a while thing.

Unknown Speaker 53:13
Not not a once in a while thing, but it's not like every day, you know, hiring but yeah, but it's often enough, you know, like, we do it or we do the the role playing? Oh, well,

Unknown Speaker 53:26
I just think that's awesome. And, you know, just, it's, it's, I feel like a lot of people struggle with the ability to communicate their, their fantasies to their partner, right. So like, you know, right, how did you get the courage to say, Hey, babe, I want to be a vampire. Like, can you? Can you just pretend like I'm turning you into a vampire? Cuz, you know, like, I know, a lot of people have these fantasies, whether it's role playing or bondage or something else. But, you know, it could be nerve wracking to bring it up to your partner, because what if they laugh at you? Or what if they're not into it? And then they look at you weird or something? What What advice would you give to people who want to, you know, you know, broaden their horizons when it comes to these different kinks, but are a little nervous about bringing it up to the partner?

Unknown Speaker 54:11
My advice would be, you know, bring it up to them casually, and, you know, you just just bring it up to them casually, but talk to them about it. I mean, if you don't ask the Oh, the answer is always No. Right? So ask, you know, and, and if they're not willing to do that, then you know, there's always compromise. You know, relationships are about compromise. So, I'm sure you could get what you want and they want at the same time,

Unknown Speaker 54:42
especially if you're in love with someone right? I mean, maybe if you're like just someone who might want to hold off on asking for vampire Oh, boy.

Unknown Speaker 54:49
But if

Unknown Speaker 54:50
you Right, right,

Unknown Speaker 54:51
if you've been together for a long time, just like I said earlier, right. Like the boyfriends not in defeat, but like if he like sprung this new foot fetish I'd be like, all right. I love Like let me dress these things up I guess we get them

Unknown Speaker 55:04
Yeah, I got a new pen.

Unknown Speaker 55:08
Alright, so so role playing what else are you into? I mean you seem You said you have the eclectic taste of porn. What is your favorite genre?

Unknown Speaker 55:18
I would say my favorite genre is anime is like anime porn I guess hentai or whatever I don't know if there's like a difference I'm not that much of a like nerd about it so if there's a difference

Unknown Speaker 55:29
what is the other one to animate? And what

Unknown Speaker 55:32
hentai anti? I do not know I don't know if there's a difference I don't know if there's a difference we need

Unknown Speaker 55:37
we need a Jamie who like on the Joe Rogan we like porn for me sir.

Unknown Speaker 55:46
In in the series, I have the serious side of it. One of the reasons I like it is because I know that no one being sexually trapped trafficking. No one there's no it's not like chose, you know what I mean? Like? No for without a shadow of a doubt, like, and then on the other side of it. It's like, I'm an author, as well. I'm very creative. My imagination. My imagination is crazy. So with anime, anything is possible. You know what I mean? Crazy stuff. Crazy stuff is possible. So I think part of it is like the Wonder Mayor like, Whoa, like, they were drawn to do that, like, possible, like, Wow, what a crazy fantasy like, Oh, wow. Like, whoa, you know,

Unknown Speaker 56:32
I mean, obviously they can draw draw the character to do things that maybe a normal human is unable to do? is okay, so um, you got to talk to me, like I'm a trial non trial.

Unknown Speaker 56:43
We were talking about porn, but you talk to me like

Unknown Speaker 56:46
a newbie, a complete newbie when it comes to this because anime what's the difference between anime and like, cartoons or comics? Like,

Unknown Speaker 56:55
is it all the same?

Unknown Speaker 56:57
I believe it's the style in which they're drawn.

Unknown Speaker 57:02
Because in my mind, I'm like, What anime is Japanese? Or but I know I mean,

Unknown Speaker 57:07
I believe the style of drawing is Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:10
Okay. Maybe like originates from Japan? And then probably obviously, there's not only Japanese people drawing anime. No,

Unknown Speaker 57:17
but no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 57:18
Yeah. Okay, so and then. I mean, I'm not gonna lie. I'm gonna look up some anime porn when we get off this episode. Okay, so there's an email from

Unknown Speaker 57:26
you my favorite? Yeah, send

Unknown Speaker 57:28
me your favorite anime porn. Link. Thank you very much. Thanks. My boyfriend's gonna be like, What the hell are you doing? Research Bay research for the podcast. All right, well, okay, so since we're talking about sex, how did you learn about it? Do you remember when you were younger? If you know me, I learned about it. My friends were talking about it. Some people say that their parents sat them down and had the birds and the bees talk, which is sounds incredibly awkward. How did you learn about it?

Unknown Speaker 57:58
Um, wow. Okay. So hold on to your hat is a good one. Okay. I feel like it is, um, so my mom for a period of time, she was a single mom. And so I was basically coming to that age where my boobs are growing and she's like, she's getting worried. You know, like, Oh my god, I better show her like as I talk to her about this, you know, to you. So she sat me down and made me watch this documentary called the miracle of life. Oh my god, and literally, like, it's the sperm traveling up the tips, the fallopian tube. And then the sperm meeting the egg and then it growing into a into a you know, a baby. And then at the end. Those are Themis know what I'm talking about. And then at the end of that documentary, she gives birth to a baby and like, you see that whole part? Like, oh, yeah, well, that's for sure. Oh, it was she she knew what she was doing. I still extremely terrified of childbirth. It scares. It scares me more than that. I'm like, yeah, I'm just,

Unknown Speaker 59:16
I'm good. I'm good girl.

Unknown Speaker 59:19
I would dog good enough. I'm

Unknown Speaker 59:20
good. Yeah, right. Right. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 59:23
it's in. That's the miracle of childbirth is what it was called.

Unknown Speaker 59:27
No, it's called the miracle of life. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 59:30
the miracle of life. Yeah, okay. I'm never gonna read that. Never gonna check that out. Okay, okay. We're at the part in the show. It's time for lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 59:50
I feel like we've really dug deep into your sexual you know, your sex, your sex life, but it's still fun to play the lightning sex round. So what it is, is I'm going to ask you one one phrase or one word, and you're just going to answer yes or no rapid fire. Okay. Are you ready to go? Yeah, okay. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yeah, spank or like to be spanked

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18

Unknown Speaker 1:00:21
Yes of course.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:22
Yeah. joking.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
Yeah, come on you just to make it sexy did sex jujitsu best ever?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
Do you watch porn? We talked about that. Any fetishes. Like, foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:40
No, I don't know. No, I, I would I guess role playing fetish? I guess? Is that a fetish? That's just role playing.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:47
That's what about bodily fluids?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
I don't think so.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:53
No, is blood a bodily fluid? Because it sounds like you can't enter the blood thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:58
Well, I guess I guess so. Then I guess though,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
there is a thing called blood play. Which it's funny because the more I do, this is the lightning section. Not very lightning. But the more I do my research on kinks, different kinks. I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
like, that's the thing. That's a thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
Thought I was kinky, but I am not. Okay, what about bondage like ropes blindfolds?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:23
I haven't really tried it, but I would like to get into it. I'd like to know more about it. Get into it, you know? Yeah. All right, but

Unknown Speaker 1:01:30
stuff on you or a partner.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:33
Pass on that question.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:35
Do you sex?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
Yeah. Everybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
ever been to a sex club? Yeah. ever been to a swingers party? No. And are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:51
Recently, yes. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:52
Congratulations. That's a lightning section. All right. All right. Next we're gonna play Fuck, marry kill.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:06
One marry one kill one. Go. I think we're done. We're done. We're done. Now.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:11
Since you are by bisexual, I'm going to give you a guy one and a girl one so you get to Yeah, thank you. Okay, girl. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:19
I know. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
So Dan and pat Kenny. Those are my buddies. Help me come up with these. They give you comic book characters. So since you're an animal anime, I feel like you can. This is right up your alley. Alright, so for the guys, you get to choose from Thor, Deadpool and Wolverine. You get to choose who you want to fuck who you want to marry who you want to kill.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:45
I want to kill Thor. I want to fuck Deadpool. And I want to marry Wolverine.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53
We can't kill Wolverine right? So?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
Well, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:57
Okay, all right. So the females. I think this one's more fun. So you get storm. Wonder Woman or cat woman.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06
Okay, I want to kill Wonder Woman. I want to so hard. I guess Fuck, dorms. And then married cat woman.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
I feel like you have a lot of cat woman vibes to you like you know like the night Oh, love her. So how did you get the night queen? nickname such a cool nickname.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:35
Um, so basically Nick Dooley means Knight queen. And then also also i i would knock people out like in the beginning of my career and knock people out and then I knocked some dudes out before like they were small guys, but I put them out to

Unknown Speaker 1:03:50
you know, that's pretty awesome. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:54
Okay, so last segment is a fan questions. These are from your real fans. We ready?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
okay at Hector? fg 87 says, Can you ask Nick d? From a visual perspective? She's gorgeous. But other than that, other than her looks? What makes her so attractive to people? I've been wanting her on wanting her on the show for a long time. Thanks for the amazing podcast.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:21
Um, I say that if you're talking to me, maybe it's because you can see my soul peering through. I try to be as real as I can be. Always, you know what I mean? So maybe maybe they picked that up. Maybe your I picked that up or maybe maybe you knew like all my ethnicities mixed together that I have, you know? I don't know. Yeah, duty is in the eye of the beholder, right. Yeah. What do you see?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:53
You do have a very ambiguous aesthetic to you. I'm like she could be Mexican. She could be slightly African American like, Yeah, what what are you besides Hispanic? Are you all Hispanic?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
Well, I recently did a 23andme. Okay. And I did that because I wanted to see if my mom was right, all the different things that I was but so it says, I'm not my nationality is Mexican American, but my ethnicity is I'm mainly Spanish and Portuguese. I'm Native American. Like, I'm like, 30 something percent. Native American. I'm also African American. And then I'm Jewish.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:36
Very, very good. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:39
Thank you

Unknown Speaker 1:05:40
at Brandon. In a bi l

Unknown Speaker 1:05:42

Unknown Speaker 1:05:43
No one wants to know. Very original question. What's your favorite position?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:50
I get bored of like one, so I need them all.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:53
You need them all. I need them all. Sounds exhausting for your partner.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:01
For them to work. All right. At carnival. 76. Do you like your feet kissed? And is it bad to have a foot fetish? There's always a foot guy every every every time.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:14
Ah, um, no. I like my feet kissed and no, it's not bad to have a foot fetish. I think it's endearing. Cute.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:22
Yeah. All right. And last question. From what? Sorry, at Oceanside. Oh, 920 What's the most challenging thing you've ever had to overcome?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:36

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38
I wouldn't say there's one thing I think it's like a multitude of things have probably just having that like crazy. The crazy thing of like your dad kidnapping you and like dealing with, with the trauma that comes with that. And like, having to overcome that. I think that was probably the most difficult thing. And then also, you know, being bisexual and not being able to, like, express that to your family and not knowing if they're gonna love you still, regardless of that, you know what I mean? Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:16
I can't imagine having to come out to a family that's not accepting. I would definitely just not come out. Probably.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:22
But then. But then right.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:24
It must also be super, you know, a big bummer to have to live a secret and pertino not be who you who you really are. So, congrats on being able to come out and you know, be who you really are.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:37
Oh, yeah. I mean, I'm coming out on your show. So

Unknown Speaker 1:07:41
you've come up before this, right. This is not the first Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45
Well, I've told other people but I've never told my, my, my mom. I like my family. You know? Of course my husband knows. But I mean, you know, anyway, yeah, of course, my friends.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:58
Yeah. All right. Well, that's cool. Like, I guess you're the first person who's really kind of, you know, used to this platform to come out or give that kind of information. So, no, it's Wow, I feel honored. Yay. Oh, you know, this is definitely the show to do it. We are all loving and all accepting and try and be as inclusive as possible. You know, our,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:21
our motto

Unknown Speaker 1:08:22
is Love is love. You know? And, you know, an asshole is an asshole, really. So just try and be the best person you can be. And I think you're doing great Nick Lee, thank you so much for coming on the show. Where can Yeah, where can everybody find you on the social medias? I'll also include a link to your only fan in the Episode Notes. So if you guys want to see Nick dilys buck crack, boom, click on that, link. There you go. Okay. Yeah. So where can we find you on social media?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:49
So it's at Nick Dooley, and I see Da Li and it's that way on Twitter. It's that way on Instagram. It's that way on only fans. It's pretty much that way across the board everywhere. So not too difficult, you know, to find me.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:04
Okay, and who would you like to hear next on sex and violence with rebel girl?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09
Good. I like to hear

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
anyone could be a fighter could be anyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:16
Oh, man, I might be a challenge because she doesn't speak a lot of English but can they help? Oh, mother at mother at RISD. She fights for Invicta.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
Okay. Yeah, that's that's one of your friends. I've definitely seen her. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34
Her or I don't know, like, have you ever interviewed yourself? Like do you ever do you ever like disclose information about yourself? Yeah, I mean, I

Unknown Speaker 1:09:47
you know, I disclose a little bit here and there, but I told the listeners like maybe for the 100th episode or something.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:55
Okay, well, I'll be tuning in like a

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
year away. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:01
Well, thank you so much for coming on the show. And yeah, good luck with all the stunt work, the comic book, the modeling, all that and hopefully I will see you in the cage again.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:10
Alright, maybe we'll see. All right, thanks, Nick.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:50
She's back.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:08
Your cheese.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:21
Okay, well now I'm not gonna lie, I kind of feel like role playing a little bit with my boyfriend. I wonder if I can get him to be a vampire. But, uh, I mean, come on. If sex is involved, I'm sure he's down. So, I'm excited that we got to learn a little bit more about role playing and different kinds of kinks. And, you know, I mean, come on, it's not like we want to always do missionary position. We don't always want to watch girl guy porn. And we don't always just want to be humans. Maybe we want to be vampires. Right? Have you guys enjoyed another episode of sex and violence with rebel girl, and I hope you have a great weekend. Please remember, be kind. Be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. special special thank you to our audio engineer DJs Oh, at DJs Oh, black belt collective at Black Belt Krav Maga, producer Nate Jackson at NATO Domus and our sound tech. Tony at its goodmans. You can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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