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Ep.44 Paulina "Fire Fox" Granados

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Sex and

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sex and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to Section balanced

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where we interviewed top level MMA fighters, other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance.

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All these subjects.

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I'm your host,

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Rebel girl. Let's talk about sex.

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What's happening? Hot Stuff. What's up all

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my naughty listeners we are back here at tomorrow kids studio in Santa Ana, California. No, not the last one. The last one burnt down. Remember crazy. And thank you to Abel from Black Belt collective over in Huntington Beach. They saved the day they let us record in their studio for a few weeks. But we're here we have a new setup a new location. It's pretty awesome. You guys are gonna see if you're watching this on YouTube. But yeah, it just feels good to be back in the studio with the we have the band back together. We got DJ zol prep apparel, they had all those back, and we got our producer Nadir nomis over there say Hi, today. Everybody's back in the studio and it feels really really good. You know, life has thrown us a lot of curveballs. But my team has stayed strong and that means a lot and you know I hope you guys are staying strong through the pandemic through whatever life curveballs you have going on. But yeah, we're back we're going to give you some great content this episode and we're just gonna end March off right i think you know, get back on track. Also March is March Madness and since March Madness is here, and it has officially begun It is now time for you to shoot your shot and score big on the nonstop action with Yep, my bookie select the winners from 63 tournament games in the my bookie bracket contest for a chance to win $10,000 in cash prizes. And it's only $1 to enter. Yes, I said $1 guys $1 to enter it doesn't matter whether you're filling out multiple brackets, betting the national championship winner or simply looking for players in game props. My bookie has got you covered. Sign up today at my and use promo code rebel girl to secure a deposit bonus up to $1,000 that's promo code rebel girl to claim your first deposit bonus. There's UFC college ball, NBA NHL, no matter the sport no matter the minute from tip off to buzzer my bookie puts the action in your hands in game live betting bet anything anytime, anywhere with my bookie and last weekend I did play some bets. I don't know if you guys did but it was a crazy card. We had Derek Brunson headlining with Kevin Hall and everyone in their mom thought Kevin Holland was gonna win. I won I picked Brunson pretty awesome. The Gregor Gillespie fight or, versus Brad riddle got canceled. I don't know. I think somebody got COVID Unfortunately, the title yassa fight was awesome. I picked Ty he won against Don talay Mize and Adrian Ian is beat Gustavo Lopez I did not win that one I picked Gustavo Lopez so song cannon lost to max Griffin. I lost that one. I did not pick max Griffin and Cheyenne byes that was this one was a great female fight. She fought mana strapped I really know I'm butchering her name. Ruiz her Instagram handle is kanehara mad could go mad. She was Nick Dolly's friend who took a last minute fight I think on a week notice or something like that. And she just worked Cheyenne buys just chick is a really good boxer Cheyenne buys and koneko mad just fucking tossed her on her butt and just had her in a scarf hold for like three rounds and it was pretty interesting fight. You can tell that connais ha she that's her move. She was doing it over and over and you know buys in the second and third round knew it was coming but she kept getting it over and over and over was it was pretty awesome to watch. I think she's a world champion wrestler from Mexico, but do not quote me on that. So and her wrestling really showed in that fight. I hope to have her on the podcast actually. Cuz Nick deleasa that she would translate it would be our first

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foreigner I guess you know, foreign language speaking guests. That's being translated. So we're gonna see we can do that. I'm not sure if that would translate well through a podcast, but we're gonna try and make it work. And then on the preliminary card, Mary Renaud loss to Macy chess on which was shocking. I actually picked Marian and then Julia Abdullah did not I get to fight Julia. Okay, I'm gonna kill her name. She's a Russian girl. stole your Ranko Julia stole your Ranko actually passed out on the scale. It was the scariest thing I had ever seen. It's all over the internet forums. She passed out twice. She walked up, you know, she kind of was staggering. And she just fainted. And then she started to converse. And they actually had her step on the scale a second time. And the same thing happened. She started convulsing on the scale. She fainted and started convulsing even worse the second time. So it was just it was really weird because clearly the first time she stepped on the scale and fainted, you think to yourself, alright, this girl can't fight. So why would she step right back on the scale. Some weird things happened on that card and that was the weirdest thing. I never seen someone faint on the scale and then Converse. It was scary. And I heard she's okay now but you know, if it's a weight cut issue, I really hope that her and her camp are going to get that under control because that's scary. And the new card is tomorrow. We have the heavyweights headlining at steepy versus Francis and ganhou. I'm definitely not going to bet on this fight heavyweight fights, just takes one punch and then it's over. And then you have Woodley versus Vincent de Leakey. That's gonna be interesting. And you have Sean O'Malley versus Thomas almeyda. I think this is Thomas's first fight back in a few years. He had eye problems going on something with his his retina so I really, you know, wish the best for him. I know what it's like to not fight for a long time. William night versus Alonzo minnifield. That fight almost got canceled since night got COVID but actually, they got a last minute fill in. And it's LFA lightweight champion fab Fabio Ciaran probably kill in his name, but um, that's cool. At least he can fight because Jessica Penny and Hannah Goldie. They were not so lucky. Hannah Goldie, who we had on the show. Just got diagnosed with COVID. And so Jessica does not have a last minute opponent. So feel bad for her. She cut all the way I think she weighed in. And, you know, now she doesn't get to fight but they are rescheduled to fight on April 17. And we will be watching because that's two of our former guests. Some other fights on the card are the Gillian Roberts versus Miranda Maverick fight, which was supposed to happen a few months ago. I think one of them got COVID and so now it's rescheduled. It's on tomorrow night. That's gonna be exciting to watch. Jillian is a sex and violence rebel girl alum and Miranda, Rob Maverick is part of sucker punch my management company so I'm like, Oh, I don't think I'm gonna bet on this one. But the whole card seems really, really good. I'll be watching them and just kind of relaxing. I'm getting ready for my Florida trip with my boyfriend and about two weeks. And since I'm finally back in the gym, I've been trying to you know, look good. So I can have some fun in the sun down in Florida for about a week but I'll probably have to wear one of those like sarangi things around my fat ass because we've been able to work out for four months. And we're going down there we're going to do the Craig Jones seminar, some jujitsu stuff, I won't be able to do it, but I'll be able to watch and then Mike my boyfriend Mike Wilson is teaching a seminar in West Palm Beach. So any of you guys listening if you're in the Florida area, Miami, all that West Palm Beach 10th planet is going to be hosting Mike Wilson the black belt under Casey Halstead. I think that is April, like ninth or 10th something around there. And then we're just going to be hanging out and enjoying you know, getting away because this is my first trip. I think since the pandemic. I mean, I went to Vegas to get tattooed for that's like a four hour drive. But yeah, so the first legit trip and so I am much due for some relaxation, but I'll still be working I'll probably still be doing you know, notes and whatnot. Oh,

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I actually did get an opportunity this morning. to commentate for an amateur fight over there. I think it's called like XNXFN or something like that my friend all have set it up. So I'm going to be doing my first ever commentating job I think I'm just gonna do one girl fight. But yeah, that's gonna be fun as well. And yeah, probably just have lots of hotel sex and enjoy each other on vacation. On my trip to Florida. I'm also going to be taking my a botanical bloom products. They do not have a sunscreen yet but maybe we'll talk about that. But I'll be packing my lip balm, my tinctures and the Vapor Rub for sure. All a botanical bloom products are made from real CBD not hemp seed oil. And all their products are lab tested and provide a actual code that you can scan to check the results. They've got lip balms, vapors, tinctures, gummies, and a CBD. A method that is not very common, but very needed right now is hand sanitizer. You know, all those hand sanitizers you guys have and they kind of strip your hands and make them really dry and they smell like alcohol. He's just kind of gross. This one moisturizes as well as smells like cucumber melon, so that's better right? Go follow them at a botanical bloom on Facebook and on Instagram at a botanical blue, a botanical bloom, and their website is www a botanical use code Ashley MMA and you get 20% off of all products. And before we hear our guests, let's hear our sexiest sponsor. This podcast is brought to you by Ella para The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit Ella para and use code rebel

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at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead, visit e l l a pa ra di and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Today's guest is a tiny Texan that's been living in Southern California for the last seven years but has roots in central Mexico. After years of physical abuse drugs and alcohol she discovered MMA it's been 12 years and now she trains alongside some of the top athletes at Alliance MMA in San Diego. The Legacy FC combat the Americas and combat jujitsu world's veteran discovered women's MMA Trailblazer Gina Carano years ago and after that Firefox was born. We talked about the downside of dating athletes making the first move, emotional intelligence and her love life, sex in the front yard, learning to be dominant in bed having babies with or without a man, purple dildos and so much more. Here is your guest, Paulina, Firefox, Grenada.

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What's the been the time and I heard that there was suddenly came from

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the cache. cache like last night with the mechanika Act right. Opposite

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parties back No, this is bad person not the belly band.

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up Dennis. Dennis Upton stuff is up, up, up. Up, up, up.

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Up, up, up. Make the party hat I can make your

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day to party like

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taking Japanese head

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on the karate chop.

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All right. We are excited to have Paulina on the show. Hey,

Unknown Speaker 12:51
girl, how are you?

Unknown Speaker 12:53
I'm great. I just got home from practice. So feeling good. We had a drill day today. So it was nice. Nice. Like chill practice.

Unknown Speaker 13:01
Yeah. As opposed to hard sparring day, right?

Unknown Speaker 13:05
Yeah. So let's talk about

Unknown Speaker 13:08
your fighting career. First, I know that you're an atom way I looked up your record. And what I'm realizing is that you're kind of like me, I have 11 fights now. And I've been fighting since 2000. Professionally since 2012, or 13. So you know, that's averages out to like, one one and a half fights a year, you know? And I'm like, yeah, your record. I'm like, Oh, she's kind of like me. So what's going on in your career? You know, have you had some injuries? Like, you know, do you just Are you okay, with only fighting once a year? What's going on with that aspect.

Unknown Speaker 13:41
So like, in the beginning of my career, it's actually kind of hard to find fights. And then, you know, I signed with combat there. And they made a couple fights happen. But while I was with them, there was like, two yet two fights up, fell through. And then I had like, this agreement with the president of the company, and he pretty much held me hostage on my contract for like, a year and a half on. And I wasn't, yeah, I wasn't able to fight. So that was a relationship that went sour. That kind of sucked. You know, he basically told me after my one of my losses, he told me that I should quit fighting. And I was like, rescue. Wow, don't tell me Don't tell me what to do. Like he's ever like, been hit in the face, probably in his whole life. So he doesn't know what it's like. Yeah, fight and stuff. So

Unknown Speaker 14:32
well, that's just bad business. Yeah, cuz I mean, it's not like yeah, help people. Look, we're talking about it, you know, and now it's going out to the interwebs. And we know that the President said that to you. Like that's just bad business in my opinion. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:46
he he really messed up, you know, my, my confidence at the time, you know, that wasn't like exactly what I wanted to hear, but I know that I shouldn't take things Personally, so I just feel like I've just been getting better and better and I recently signed with Invicta. Oh and Shannon. Yeah, she really believes in me. And she's, she told my manager, she plans to fight me in May So, okay, I'm excited about that.

Unknown Speaker 15:16
Yeah, that's coming up. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 15:19
know. I've been I've literally like I've never really stopped training. I've kind of tapered down and like, not been so crazy hardcore because I don't want to like burn myself out. Yeah, but I've just been keeping my cardio up keeping my weight low. Just, you know, actively working on. Just being athletic. I teamed up with leck method here in San Diego. When they train like Jordan Burrows, and they train all these like NFL and football. I mean, sorry, NFL and baseball players. So what is it? We're just like, call it a whack method. He's actually David whack was the creator of the Bosu. And he's like pulsar, these pulse thingies that we've like been working a lot of movement with and like tiny. Oh, wow. So it's like really scientific. Yeah. And I've been like doing a lot of that kind of stuff. Because I used to do a lot of like, I'm gonna do 100 push ups. And I'm gonna do you know, like, squat presses and all this crazy shit. And I was always like injuring myself for going hard for no reason. So, I've been a little bit smarter about the way I train. You know, I'm 33. So I gotta be a little more intelligent. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 16:27
mean, I'm me to 33 right here. And so, you know,

Unknown Speaker 16:31
I like to say, I'm

Unknown Speaker 16:31
not a spring chicken anymore, but I'm nowhere near the end of my career. What about you? I mean, it's been two years since you fought you. You're gonna fight for Invicta in may possibly. What are your future goals? How long do you want to fight for? Where do you see yourself in a few years?

Unknown Speaker 16:47
So like my my life plan, I like this life plan written out. I actually want to have kids by the age of 36. Oh, wow. I told myself Yeah, as I told myself, like, if I didn't have a boyfriend, or if I wasn't married, I was literally just going to pick a pick a mate, that I felt qualified, you know, all the things that I'm looking for in a man who would

Unknown Speaker 17:09
like and babies.

Unknown Speaker 17:11
Yes, exactly. So that's my, that's my plan. But you know, sometimes my plans don't always work out. But I just kind of, like, put that goal on myself. And, you know, I don't want to be an old mother, either. I already feel like I'm gonna be kind of old. So I was like, Okay, I'm 36. That's how I'm gonna have kids. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 17:32
I mean, have you thought about freezing your eggs at all?

Unknown Speaker 17:36
I like I thought about that, too. But the thing is, I don't want to be like a 90 year old mom, either. You know what I mean? Oh, well,

Unknown Speaker 17:45
the only reason I bring that up is because I have a friend who who did that. And from what I'm kind of understanding is that as you age, your eggs age with you. So if you freeze the eggs at a younger age, like right now you're 33 as opposed to, you know, having your eggs frozen later, or trying to get pregnant later in life, you're kind of ensures that you, it might be easier for you to get pregnant. You know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 18:11
I actually don't have any knowledge with that. Thank you for sharing it for sharing. So now keep that in mind. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 18:18
I feel like any woman who really wants to have kids, but is is enveloped in their work or their personal life or whatever, they got something else going on. It's a great option if and you know if you can afford it, because I do know it costs a pretty penny.

Unknown Speaker 18:32
Yeah, yeah. And like, you know, some of my friends are like, oh, like, why don't you have kids and fight and I'm just like, dude, I'm like, 100% and kind of person. Like, I don't want to. I can't imagine myself being a mom and fighting. You know what I mean? Like, I would want to like, be there for my kid all the time. Make sure that their future is taken care of, but they're getting all the attention they need, so I wouldn't I wouldn't be like a mom champ kind of person. You know?

Unknown Speaker 18:58
Yeah, no, my meet me there. I'll yeah, I don't know how to do it. I mean, did you hear me She hates coming back.

Unknown Speaker 19:06

Unknown Speaker 19:07
yeah. So she's

Unknown Speaker 19:08
already like, established she already like successful establish like, maybe like, if I had kids, and then I made a comeback. I get 40 maybe that'd be cool. But like, I don't see myself doing that. Well, I

Unknown Speaker 19:20
mean, the one of the the sad things for Adam weights is that there's no Adam weight, female division, especially not men, but there's no female Adam weight division in the UFC. I imagine that would be a goal of yours if the UFC added an atom weight division. How do you feel about that? Because there are talks about?

Unknown Speaker 19:40
Yeah, and it's actually like a bucket list of mine. I told my you know, I felt like I would just love just to have one UFC fight and I'd be happy with that. Yeah. And I would actually be willing to take a short notice fight at 115 because I mean, I walk around at 115. So I wouldn't even have to like worry about making way, you know what I mean? So I would be down for that to actually, I mean, I did a I did. I did combat worlds. You did too. I, I took up a spot and the flyweight tournament, which is two way classes above me. Oh, my four days notice. So I'm game for whatever, you know, like I don't know, shake

Unknown Speaker 20:17

Unknown Speaker 20:18
I'm a combat athlete. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:20
yeah. You're a fighter. You're a real fighter. You're not going to be like, Oh, yeah, I'm not feeling good. My weights too heavy. If there's an opportunity to fight, you're gonna take it. I love that. Yeah. And you're What? like five foot five to five? Somewhere around 252? Yeah, two and a half.

Unknown Speaker 20:34
Oh, my half inch because

Unknown Speaker 20:37
my best friend Carla is like five foot and she's like, I'm five one. And she's like five and a half or something. I'm like, you can't round up. Like, if you're close to five foot you have to round down.

Unknown Speaker 20:48

Unknown Speaker 20:52
five, two and a half. So you Yeah, I noticed you had been taken some jujitsu competition. You know, you're on a layoff or fighting. And now we know why because of the contract thing. Did you make it a goal to just compete in jujitsu? So you could improve your game?

Unknown Speaker 21:10
Yeah, and I just wanted to be active and like have like, you know, when you get those nerves before fights, I just wanted to keep that like, in my system. I don't I don't want to like, I don't know how to explain it like I wanted to. You didn't want to. Yeah, exactly. And jujitsu is always kind of been like, the thing that I always needed to work on. So I just use that time to, you know, to get better.

Unknown Speaker 21:37
And keep that mindset.

Unknown Speaker 21:40
Yeah. And it's fun. Like, it's fun. And I love like the jujitsu community, and I made a lot of cool friends. And I don't know, I feel like now I love jujitsu and stuff more than I do striking. Like, I think I'm more creative with it, you know? So yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 21:54
feel like you make stronger, especially female friendships in jujitsu than you do in striking because it's like, you know, you're grappling and it's all fun and games, and then you're like, I feel and this is my opinion, and then you put the gloves on, and I'm like, Oh, it's go time.

Unknown Speaker 22:11
In the back of my neck.

Unknown Speaker 22:13
Yeah. And it's just like, you know, I don't know if she wants to get boba with me. I just really punched her in the face Really? But would you jitsu I feel like it's more of like, camaraderie and like a sisterhood community.

Unknown Speaker 22:26
Yeah, it really is. And and I actually made like, a really really good friend and destroying Giuliana Miller. She's like, a really bad as to just two girls who also fight MMA. So like, you know, me and her like little like grappling buddy. Like she invites me over to 10th planet and I go learn from them. And yeah, I just I love the sisterhood. And in that community, it's really awesome.

Unknown Speaker 22:48
Yeah. Is a she's 10th planet and who do you train your

Unknown Speaker 22:51
your jujitsu with? Victor by hetal. He's, he was training out of Alliance. But now he opened up his own gym called one legacy. And I actually received my purple belt from him. And then I do a lot of nogi with Eric ers. He's like a black belt also. So yeah, I just kind of I like to learn I like to learn from black belts to give them a black belt. I'm like, teach me something. Of course, anything. Yeah, you

Unknown Speaker 23:18
want to learn, you know, your, you want to learn whatever discipline from the best of the best. So that's why we, you know, what's the word? Not navigate but radiate? What's

Unknown Speaker 23:28
the word look for?

Unknown Speaker 23:29
We kind of congregate toward black belts, because they're experts. Right?

Unknown Speaker 23:33
Exactly. Yeah. And like, sometimes I go to Otto's, pick the brain, and then you know, go to 10th planet, I'll like even just meet a friend of a friend who's a black belt, and I was like, start asking questions or, or, you know, like, like, what would you do if this happens? So I just like to just have a lot of tools in my pocket. No, good.

Unknown Speaker 23:50
It sounds like you're a real student on the sport because they say you should always ask questions, ask questions, the more questions the better. And when they say it's like, there's no stupid questions only.

Unknown Speaker 24:00

Unknown Speaker 24:00
something how's Yeah. I was gonna ask you where you do your striking, but I think you have a second job. What? I've seen some stories, some pictures on your stories and on your social media. Do you work at a boxing gym?

Unknown Speaker 24:16
Oh, yeah. It's called the boxing club. A few fighters that come out of there, like Giovanni sathyan. He's a, like, 26 year old boxer. And I kid Ryan Garcia sometimes goes there. And what's that big guy's name that just that thought and then he beat that guy. Then he fought him again. That loss.

Unknown Speaker 24:35
Oh, that guy.

Unknown Speaker 24:37
You know, talking about the big day. forgot his name,

Unknown Speaker 24:41

Unknown Speaker 24:43
Yeah, and he beat that big. Guy Ruiz be Joshua. Joshua. Yeah, yes, that's Anthony Reeves. Go there sometimes, but I don't learn from them like my striking is from I actually learned a lot of my striking through my First coach, his name is Freddy marine. And he trained under Maurice Smith. And Mary Smith is like old school like UFC champion, like, have you heard? Yeah, heavyweight champion? Oh, wow. And yeah, now I learned from Eric go piatto and dominate. I get a lot of a lot of tips and pointers from those guys. What's it like chocolate daily? Yeah. What's

Unknown Speaker 25:20
it like training at alliance with all those high level people around you?

Unknown Speaker 25:26
Like, really, I don't know, I feel like I'm like the little sister. Like, their, their level is. So like, these are just so they're just babies, you know what I mean? And I'm, I'm just always asking questions and trying to learn from them. And I watch them and I try to mimic what they do. And I just, I'm very open to feedback. And I just, you know, take it with, with everything, and I just work on the things they say I need to work on. And it's pretty gnarly, because, you know, Jeremy and Dom, and co jerrika. Very, like, what's the word I'm looking for? They're very, like spiritual and like, into, like, philosophy and stuff like that. And like in the mindset, so they've actually helped me a lot with that part of fighting also, the mindset. Yeah, the mindset. Yeah, that's cool. How have they just

Unknown Speaker 26:18
sat down with you and had conversations or is, you know, they're like,

Unknown Speaker 26:22

Unknown Speaker 26:24
yeah, we only talk about stuff like, Well, sometimes we'll go to coach Eric's house, and like barbecue and, and we'll just like, sit there and talk about stuff, like different stuff about, you know, why how we feel during fights, like after fights will go to 1000, watch the fight, win or lose. And he'll just ask us what we felt in those moments. And we just try to like, pinpoint what went wrong or what went right. You know, something

Unknown Speaker 26:49
so important, you know, people don't, a lot of people and myself included, when we finally do it, you know, we have to go back and work on the things that we need to work on. Even if we won the fight, right? It's important to go back and you because you can always be better. You could have, you know, done something a little bit better, or saw a different opportunity. But I'm really bad. I hate watching my fights win or lose. Do you enjoy watching your own fights?

Unknown Speaker 27:14

Unknown Speaker 27:16
I really do. You're like, damn it. We're like that. Like, when I you know, I'm in the fight. Everything seems kind of slow. And then I'll watch myself and I'm like, shit, I'm fast. Or Damn, I got hit really hard that time. Like, I don't know. It's fun watching myself because it doesn't even feel like I'm watching myself kind of thing. Yeah. Oh, that was me. You know? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 27:36
I'm the opposite. I'm like, I felt like I was going way faster than

Unknown Speaker 27:42
I thought I looked a lot better than that. Oh, okay.

Unknown Speaker 27:46
So, you know, I had some of those. And some of those moments to believe me. But yeah, to focus on the positive. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 27:52
I should do that more.

Unknown Speaker 27:53
So you have only fans page. And you are one of many girls in the women's MMA scene that's been just flocking to the only fans model to make a little extra cash. How's that going for you? And how'd you get started doing that?

Unknown Speaker 28:10
So it's actually going very well. Like, I'm having a lot of fun with it, to be honest with you. And so it all started, you know, like my friends Justin Beck, a got it first. And I was like, man, I could never see myself doing that over blah, right. And I remember my older brother one day was like, why don't you get an only fans and your older brother? Basically? Yeah, he basically said like, you're already posting as pictures anyways, and we don't want to see him. So you might as well base the people that want to see it, pay for it, like something along those lines. makes more. And I yeah, and I felt like I got his blessing. And so I went back and I deleted like a lot of like, my sexy pictures pretty much. And I left a couple of them that I was like, little teasers, you know, to read them to my only fans. And I started one and it started off kind of slow, because I didn't really want to promote it on my feed. I was like, Oh, I'm just gonna put it on my story because I don't want like people to see it, you know? And then like, oh, and then one day I was like, fuck it like I need to make money dude, like pandemic happen? Like, I was hurting for cash. Yeah. And so I just started like, promoting it a little bit more and a little bit more. And now it's like flourishing, and I'm not doing anything I don't want to do you know, I control everything about it. So it's been fun and it's been like fun to get comfortable in my skin and be sexy. And that's always been something I had a hard time doing before as being like feminine and sexy, you know, so it's kind of given me like confidence and money in my pocket and it taught me a new Jeep so that it didn't really Yeah, I just got a cheap 2021 Jeep Gladiator. So

Unknown Speaker 29:52
congrats again,

Unknown Speaker 29:53
forever. Well

Unknown Speaker 29:54
plug plug your only fans what's How will we find you on there?

Unknown Speaker 29:58
You find me at Paulina Granada. It's the same as my Instagram and my Twitter. It's like I use the same name for all platforms.

Unknown Speaker 30:05
All right, well, I'll have to check you out on there. I'll put the link in the show notes, guys. So if you want to see another side

Unknown Speaker 30:13
Yeah, you want to see some sexy yoga. Like booty. torquing Oh, is

Unknown Speaker 30:18
that what we get? We get some twerking videos. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 30:20
get twerking videos. You get little sexy shower videos.

Unknown Speaker 30:26
All right.

Unknown Speaker 30:27
Oh, the fun stuff.

Unknown Speaker 30:28
Are you a dancer?

Unknown Speaker 30:31
I'm not a dancer. But I like to dance. Yeah, I love to dance. Like, if you're looking for me at a party, find the DJ in the dance floor. And that's where I'm at. Yeah, literally, I'm like, I love love to dance. I'm always watching Tic tocs learning how to, you know, learning new moves, so I can be like, using them on the dance floor. I love music. I wake up every morning, and I put on like a hip hop like top 40 playlist. And I just started dancing in my room. It's like my warmup before I go train.

Unknown Speaker 31:02
That's cool. So I want to talk about your personal life. All right, are you single? Are you dating anybody? What's going on there?

Unknown Speaker 31:11
I'm single but dating if that makes sense. I'm like, just trying to you know meet people and see like what the perfect match is? I guess? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 31:21
you're just

Unknown Speaker 31:23
you're out there shopping around. Yeah, basically window shopping

Unknown Speaker 31:28
window shopping. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 31:28
some stuff on also, but you know, keep it the windows up.

Unknown Speaker 31:33
How do you identify sexually? Are you straight bisexual or pansexual? I straight straight. Okay, so you're shopping for guys right now? What? What would be your ideal guy physically?

Unknown Speaker 31:47
I know guy. So the perfect boyfriend. be successful in his field? well groomed, good hygiene. Clean like a clean person. What do you mean do you want like physical and you

Unknown Speaker 32:09
know you like a tall dark and handsome Are you like a buff? blond haired guy like surfer guy. Do you want you know i don't know you like Latin men.

Unknown Speaker 32:18
I so I've like dated kind of like all across the field. But what I've noticed that I'm most attracted to and I like guys, of course are taller than me. But usually 5858 and up. And I really love like when guys have like silky dark hair. I love like silky dark hair.

Unknown Speaker 32:38
dark hair. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 32:43
I love like brown like big brown eyes. Like Hazel or hazel eyes.

Unknown Speaker 32:47
I just pictured you like, like on the dance floor like, like subtly like petting a guy's hair to see if it's silky like

Unknown Speaker 32:53
alright, I

Unknown Speaker 32:53
could talk to you.

Unknown Speaker 32:56
Like, I love good hair. Like

Unknown Speaker 32:58
what about a dancer? I mean, since you love dancing, do you like guys that are dancers?

Unknown Speaker 33:03
Um, it doesn't really matter. Because I feel like I like to be the center of attention. So as long as I can dance on him, you know, as long as like a dance on him. It's all good.

Unknown Speaker 33:13
What about dating someone in the same profession? So fighters, coaches, other athletes.

Unknown Speaker 33:22
So, I've done I've like, made that same mistake, but I have dated like within the gym, and I don't know, fighter guys are just, I feel like they're just players. You know what I mean? It's hard. Like, yeah, and like, I'm just like, maybe they'll change for me. Yeah. Yeah. Every, like, famous last words. Yeah, then, you know, sometimes they're like, they're good or whatever. And then I'm like, now you're fucking player. I'm like, fine. Yeah. So I'm like, trying to like, meet out guys beside me guys outside of the industry. But it's so difficult when that's all I'm around all the time. You know?

Unknown Speaker 34:06
Yeah, I do. I'm right there with you. I mean, my boyfriend, jujitsu black belt. So I'm like, guilty. Yeah, we met. And, you know, we made it work. And we're good. But yeah, it's, it could be good. And it can be bad, right? Because if it doesn't work out, then you got to see the guy on the other side of the mat. And you're like, I don't really want to see my ex boyfriend right now.

Unknown Speaker 34:29
Yeah, tell me about it. I've like made the mistake of dating in the gym. And I'm just like, oh, what I do see your face every day. Sometimes it is sometimes I'm like, I feel like they're just there cuz I'm there. You know what I mean? I like tell myself that story.

Unknown Speaker 34:44
Here is my gym. Yeah, yeah, I think we've all done.

Unknown Speaker 34:51
Yeah, it just sometimes it was like, too much time together too. You know what I mean? And it kind of like gets boring. I feel like sometimes like always Where because the gym is like my, like, my me time sometimes, you know, and if it's like, I'm that guy, my boyfriend and he's at the gym, and then he's like, when he's there when I get home, you know what I mean? It's like, I don't really get like that me time. And, and then with fighting to like, I had this experience with an ex boyfriend. You know, I was like, coming in my career and he was just starting out. And I felt almost like he was like bitter about it. Like, oh, you only? Yeah, I don't know, he was bitter. He was like, you know, it's easier for you to find fights because you're a girl and just like stuff like that. You know what I mean? If that sounds like the fuck up. Yeah, I'm a good fighter. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 35:46
that's, that's just toxic all together. If someone really loves you, they need to be happy for you, you know, pushing you to take every opportunity not like, Well, I'm not there yet. Wait for me.

Unknown Speaker 35:58
And the crazy thing was, it's like, bro, I've been fighting for like seven years longer than you you know what I mean? Like, I put the work in, like you just started like, it's not just gonna fall in your lap. I put the work. Yeah, I mean, what makes you? Exactly, they just like see the tip of the iceberg. They don't see like, what's underneath all the work. And the hours that I put in, you know, that's like another thing too, is like, there's levels and sometimes like the partner might be above or lower. And I feel like it causes friction sometimes, you know?

Unknown Speaker 36:27
Yeah. I mean, yeah, people don't see the sacrifice. Because, unfortunately, on our social media, you know, we all want to make ourselves look good, right? We don't, we don't post our struggle. We just post like girly pictures. And then, you know, pictures of us fighting and winning and then, but there's a lot of struggles that people don't see. But your boyfriend he does see the struggle. And that's why I think it's there's absolutely no excuse for someone to not support you and want you to achieve your goal, even if it is kind of leaving him in the dust a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 36:56
Yeah, so that was like a big issue with that. So what do you put the bad taste in my mouth?

Unknown Speaker 37:02
I cannot imagine. Yeah. What are you doing these days to try and meet guys? I mean, it is pandemic, you know, social media kind of rules all but do you still go out and like meet guys in person? Or is it just an online thing?

Unknown Speaker 37:15
So I've like, I've only met like one, like one online person. And I do know through like, Instagram I dm Oh, but I probably won't do that again. Because it didn't really end well, I guess didn't end bad. But it's, I feel like, aren't even listening right now. But

Unknown Speaker 37:41
imagine he's not okay.

Unknown Speaker 37:44
He probably is listening, but I don't care. He just like, I felt like he just knew a lot more about me than I knew about him. And so he like, likes to be more than I liked him because he was brand new to me. But he'd been following me for I don't even know how long. He posts like two pictures. I had like, 1000s of pictures, you know what I mean? So it just created this weird dynamic. And I didn't like it. You know? I just like to meet guys or organically, like if I'm like at a bar or something, or if I already know them, but I haven't like, dated them. You know what I mean? I've always been attracted to them. I'm like, hey, like, let's hang out or something. Usually, it's me like, making the first move. And I like to make the first move. I really,

Unknown Speaker 38:26
yeah, you said you you know, you don't really open up too much. And you know, embrace your sexuality. So I kind of figured you for someone who, you know, waits for the guy to make the first move.

Unknown Speaker 38:36
Oh, well, when I like a guy. I usually make the first move. Because I can like tell I can like tell when a guy likes me. You know what I mean? And then I'm like, all right, like,

Unknown Speaker 38:45
Yeah, kind of move in there. He's like, drooling and staring at you.

Unknown Speaker 38:50
I think he likes Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:52
Yeah, I didn't. I didn't really get comfortable with this until recently. Like, I've gotten a lot more confident like these past two years. So that's a lot more brave.

Unknown Speaker 39:03
What happened in the past two years that kind of made you come out of yourself?

Unknown Speaker 39:08
So I actually went to like this emotional intelligence course. Whoa, whoa, hold

Unknown Speaker 39:13
on. Is this the same course that Diego took? Oh, yeah. Cuz we just started to Diego Lola, Diego kareo. episode, I don't know two episodes ago. And he said he took this emotional intelligence course. I okay, if you tell me something cool about this course. I'm gonna take this course because what it seems to have brought out of people is amazing. So okay, sorry. Sorry, I interrupted continue.

Unknown Speaker 39:39
Okay, yeah, it's the same one. It just like, made me aware of my power. And like, everybody has different powers. You know what I mean? But I, I realized, like, I'm actually a very powerful influencer. And if I really want to do something, I always get it done. And I'm a beautiful woman and I accepted that you know what I mean? For a long time, like, I was very insecure. And I would post up that I felt like other people thought was sexy, but I never felt that myself. So it just like made me like realize like, my power and in myself, and it made me just love and appreciate my, my good and my bad. Whatever comes with that, you know, so love that

Unknown Speaker 40:22
I feel like that is where I'm at currently, you know, like, someone's like, Oh, you look so good. I'm like, Oh, I'm just posting this because I know it's gonna get likes, but I feel very insecure. Or I'm focusing one wrinkle on my forehead and my makeups done, and I'm looking, you know, my boobs are all pushed up. And I'm like, you see that? Like, I'm getting old? And I'm like, Oh, cool. I'm really happy that that kind of changed your outlook on yourself and on life and on dating. And so now you're kind of the go getter in the backseat, huh?

Unknown Speaker 40:53
Yeah, and it just got me out of like that victim mentality, I'll always like being a victim of something, you know what it means that got me out of that victim mentality. And it like taught me that I'm responsible for everything in my life, like everything. So I just keep that in mind. And I make no conscious decisions for my future. And that's how sometimes I'm just like, Alright, I'm gonna have fun, I'm going to do this. And that's it. Like, I'm not going to regret it tomorrow, because it happened already, you know, stuff like that. So

Unknown Speaker 41:22
So what are some things that, you know, maybe have changed since this this course? Right. So, like, maybe something you you wouldn't put up with? Or what wouldn't you put up with before, but now, I'm saying that wrong. Sorry. So in after this course, have you noticed a change in like, what you'll put up with in the dating scene?

Unknown Speaker 41:43
Oh, yeah. Like, I don't like let guys put me down or, cuz I felt like I used to, like, give the little a lot. And I would always let it slide in like, or I would, I wouldn't be able to use my words. You know, I would just like Be quiet and like, just let people like disrespect me men and women. And now I just, I'm just like, You know what? I got to bring out that bitch sometimes. I gotta be that bit. You know, I gotta be that bitch. Like, yeah, and like, you know, people treat you accordingly. So I started just showing up differently. And yeah, so I know, I get treated way better now.

Unknown Speaker 42:26
That's good. Yeah. So you just allow,

Unknown Speaker 42:30
yeah, stand up for myself. And if something doesn't serve me, I'm really quick to like, exit out of my life. Like I cancelled things all the time. So

Unknown Speaker 42:39
yeah, that's good. It sounds like you're really putting yourself first and making yourself a priority. Maybe you were just too nice before that's what it sounds like. Yeah, I was I was definitely a people pleaser like definitely a people pleaser. That's good. So you know, you said you get a you probably won't go on any more dates through Instagram. But I gotta ask you because I know a lot of fighter girls deal with the creepy troll guys. Do you have that problem? Or a guy's just asking for foot pics? And you know what? I mean, you have the only Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 43:11
yeah, so like, yeah, I still get the creepy guys on on social media. So I just literally just copy and paste my only fans leak. And I send it to them and I'm like, I'll answer your questions here. Pay me smart Yeah, I just I just use it as a source of income and I don't take it personally like some people get mad about I'm just like, you know what? Poor creepy probably like four grand fat Dude, that dude that has no game you know what it means? I just like take them to my only randomly. I'll talk to you there

Unknown Speaker 43:42
you are a nice person cuz most people are like fucking deep and you're like, Nah, poor little creepy pervert.

Unknown Speaker 43:50
Doesn't get no booty.

Unknown Speaker 43:54

Unknown Speaker 43:55
Let's talk about sex. What is one of the craziest places you've ever had sex?

Unknown Speaker 44:03
pages places probably on a front yard or in a front yard. And also in the corner of a kitchen.

Unknown Speaker 44:11
Okay, what happened in the front yard story? let's just let's focus on that one for a second. Your front yard somebody else

Unknown Speaker 44:18
right yard?

Unknown Speaker 44:20
Somebody else's front yard? always like that. Even my own somebody else's front yard for you? Yeah, so this is why like, I don't drink anymore. I haven't drank in a while. Like I don't drink because I'm a fucking horndog. And I'm horny. I mean, when I'm drunk. I when I'm drunk. It's like, that's not Paulina. That's, that's Patricia.

Unknown Speaker 44:45
You have an alter ego.

Unknown Speaker 44:47
Oh my god. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 44:50
Yeah, like, you know, I was just drinking with a friend and just got really drunk and then we just got it on in the front yard.

Unknown Speaker 44:57
That's it. You're just like, fuck it. Do me right here.

Unknown Speaker 45:01

Unknown Speaker 45:02
told me it was nighttime at least. So you had some kind of Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 45:05
yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:08
It was at nighttime. And now that I think about it is this actually happened twice. Oh, remember this also happened in high school when I was really really drunk. I had like this guy, best friend, but he was actually just like my buddy. And yeah. Get really drunk with him. And then we did it on his dress and the front line.

Unknown Speaker 45:28
I feel like you might be a secret exhibitionist. You know, you're just like, or maybe you just like the thrill of maybe getting caught. You know, the people are into that. They'll just have sex in like public places. Because they know it's like, the possibility of getting caught is so hot.

Unknown Speaker 45:44
Yeah, I don't know. I think so though, cuz I've always like thought about like, like, if I'm in a hotel and has a balcony. I'm like, What would happen if we had sex here? You know, but I've never done that. It does cross my mind all the time.

Unknown Speaker 45:57
I've done that. I know that someone's probably seen a little speck of me like in the window. But I'm like, oh, you're too far unless you have binoculars in which case? I'm fucked. But you know what?

Unknown Speaker 46:10
That's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 46:12
So how did you do you remember how you learned about the birds and the bees about sex? When you're growing up? Did you like, you know, did your parents sit you down? Did you watch a movie?

Unknown Speaker 46:22
So I remember I had like this early memory of my dad watching Arnold Schwarzenegger movie with Sigourney Weaver called True Lies. I know. I remember that. And like, I remember there was like a sex scene that my dad like made us cover our eyes.

Unknown Speaker 46:41
Wait, is that the way it was always like, that's not the one with Jamie Lee Curtis. Right.

Unknown Speaker 46:46
Oh, or maybe Jamie Lee Curtis. Maybe a DVD? critici I get those. Okay. She's

Unknown Speaker 46:50
a secretary. And her life. Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 46:53
Jamie Lee Curtis. Okay. Yeah, sorry. Wrong. Long lady. short haired lady. Okay. Okay, continue.

Unknown Speaker 46:58

Unknown Speaker 47:00
Yeah. And I remember like, we always watch movies in our living room, and my dad would like put the blanket over our head is like something crazy happened. Like, even if they were like making out if you like, didn't want us to see them making out you know, you like, you know, told us again, dude like to not watch. And I remember I was like, at my feet were like, by their head. And so like I like, in my head was like by their seat. And I remember like peeking in like watching the video was happening. Because I was like, why can't we watch?

Unknown Speaker 47:29
This you want to watch?

Unknown Speaker 47:31
Yeah. And then I remember that at the end of the movie, something happened. And I made a comment about something that happened in the scene. And that's when my dad realized that I was watching. There was no way of me knowing that and like I remember I said it I was just like, all innocent. You know, like I said it had no idea. And I was like I was like, pretty. I'm pretty sure I got smacked. I don't remember. block that added my memory.

Unknown Speaker 48:02
Okay, so that's how you learn. Thank you Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold taught me about Jamie Lee Curtis.

Unknown Speaker 48:11

Unknown Speaker 48:11
so what is

Unknown Speaker 48:12
uh, my first

Unknown Speaker 48:15
your first sexual experience was with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Unknown Speaker 48:19
Hyper corn.

Unknown Speaker 48:22
So what's something that that you won't put up with? sexually that you may be used to put up with when you're younger?

Unknown Speaker 48:30

Unknown Speaker 48:31

Unknown Speaker 48:33
I mean, I, I've traveled a lot sexually actually. I mean, I've been like, I've been like, tied up. I've been, I do but stuff.

Unknown Speaker 48:48
No, no, I mean, I mean, no good. Like, for example, like, when I was younger. You know what? I know, when all of us were younger. It's like, oh, like to get a guy to go down on you. You didn't expect it because you're like, Oh, it's okay. It's okay. But then you get older and you're like, no, motherfucker. If you don't go down on me. I'm not gonna go down on

Unknown Speaker 49:06
Oh, or Yeah, yeah. So, so yeah, that's actually something I don't put up with. I dated this guy for like, four years. And he never did that. And I was just like, why? Like, why and I think it was like, part of his culture. Maybe like he I don't know, he thought he was better than me. Bro, like, probably like, would like make me like, sorry, I'm getting too intense. And he's maybe such as dick like crazy. Like, he was like, freaking gag me sometimes. And I was like, why about me? You know? He never like, worries me. So I never Yeah, yeah, that's so so he did. He did one time but it was like after I broke up with him and he was trying to get me back. I want to know why he did it like one time

Unknown Speaker 49:49
what culture is he from so I can be

Unknown Speaker 49:54

Unknown Speaker 49:55
who's Russia? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 49:56
Russian Armenian Armenian Armenian

Unknown Speaker 49:59
army. Our median, the Donate box.

Unknown Speaker 50:01
Is that what's happening?

Unknown Speaker 50:03
I guess not

Unknown Speaker 50:06
our median? No,

Unknown Speaker 50:08
I boxes, okay.

Unknown Speaker 50:14
Okay, so you know, you seem like this nice sweet girl, but you're also a fighter. So it's always interesting to see, you know, men or men or women. If they kind of transfer that aggressiveness into the bedroom. Are you more submissive or more dominant in bed?

Unknown Speaker 50:30
I would say I'm 5050. Yeah. Like I like I like to, like, get off first or whatever. And then after that, I'm like, I'm super submissive. I'm like, relaxed. Like, you could do whatever you want. Now, we're good. I'm good. You did? Right. As good as so. But yeah, I would say I'm like a little bit. Oh, yeah. Now Now I'm like, 5050. But, you know, two, three years ago, I was more submissive. Really?

Unknown Speaker 51:01
I think I feel like this course. is life changing this emotional. What is it? emotional

Unknown Speaker 51:06
maturity or EQ? intelligence choice center? Yes. As far as choice I know, University. It's actually what's called you got

Unknown Speaker 51:14
to send me the link isn't in person or online course.

Unknown Speaker 51:19
Oh, it's like all in person is awesome.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
And it's down in San Diego.

Unknown Speaker 51:24
in Vegas.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
Oh, it's in Vegas. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:28
Is it like a

Unknown Speaker 51:29
lot like experiential training? It's really cool. I love it.

Unknown Speaker 51:33
How long does it take you to complete?

Unknown Speaker 51:37
Well, I'm doing a second course now and actually day goes into my class. Oh, cool. This one that I'm this one that I'm doing now? is a six month course. But the other ones were only like a weekend. It'd be like weekend courses. Yeah. Three days. Four days? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:53
yeah, I can do that. I can drive out to Vegas for emotional intelligence course.

Unknown Speaker 51:58
Yeah, man. It's intense. It's fun, though. Like, it really brings out like the city weird stuff out of out of you know, so

Unknown Speaker 52:06
we find out a lot. I just

Unknown Speaker 52:10
kind of it now. Yeah. Like what? You know what? What makes you tick, basically?

Unknown Speaker 52:17
Yeah, that's crazy. All right. Well, let's, let's finish off our episode with the lightning sex round. Are you familiar with this?

Unknown Speaker 52:34

Unknown Speaker 52:34
Okay. I'm gonna ask you one word or, you know, one sentence and you just say yes or no. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:42
Okay. All right. Ready?

Unknown Speaker 52:43
Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes, like to be spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 52:50
Yes, biting.

Unknown Speaker 52:53

Unknown Speaker 52:57

Unknown Speaker 52:59

Unknown Speaker 53:02
Do you watch porn? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 53:06
foot fetish? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:11
You know what? I think I do. Yes. Nice. Feet are good.

Unknown Speaker 53:14
All right. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 53:15
What about a bodily fluid? Fish?

Unknown Speaker 53:19
Yes. Oh, right. Wait, wait, wait, wait, Timeout. Timeout, buddy for a pee? Yeah. No, no, like, no, not IP. No. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 53:27
Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 53:28
How about like, golden showers?

Unknown Speaker 53:30
Yeah, golden showers. Okay, I should just be more specific golden showers.

Unknown Speaker 53:34
No, no.

Unknown Speaker 53:36
bondage like ropes or blindfolds? Yes. All right. Role Playing.

Unknown Speaker 53:44
Never done it. All right. I'm open to it, though. Yes. All

Unknown Speaker 53:46
right. But stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 53:49

Unknown Speaker 53:50
Do you use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 53:53
Yes. ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 53:57
No, not that I'm aware of.

Unknown Speaker 54:00
Maybe when you're done. And are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 54:06

Unknown Speaker 54:07
All right. Congratulations at the end of the lady.

Unknown Speaker 54:11
cracking up.

Unknown Speaker 54:15

Unknown Speaker 54:18
Every question you say yes. You just can tell you're like, Oh, I'm a freak. I'm more of a freak.

Unknown Speaker 54:23
I know. I'm really freaky.

Unknown Speaker 54:30
There's a lot of people that are like they started I start talking and they're like, yes, yes. They're like, I shaved that there's so many yeses. I'm like that's awesome. You know you're open to try new things and you're in touch with your sexuality. It's yeses are good nor even golden showers. Golden showers you do you boo.

Unknown Speaker 54:51
To warm though it's too warm. I feel like

Unknown Speaker 54:54
people learned the different things. All right. I'm

Unknown Speaker 54:56
not I'm not here to

Unknown Speaker 54:57
shame. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 55:00
you're right. You're right. My bad. All right, it's

Unknown Speaker 55:02
time for Fuck, marry

Unknown Speaker 55:03

Unknown Speaker 55:11
One marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here

Unknown Speaker 55:15
where I give you three names and you choose who you want to fuck who you want to marry and who you want to kill. Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 55:21
Okay, yeah. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 55:22
I gave you the Texas fighter edition. You've got Derrick black beast Lewis. He's from Houston, Texas. And then you got Kevin Trailblazer Hollin from Fort Worth, Texas. And you've got super sage. northcutt from Katy, Texas. Oh, gee.

Unknown Speaker 55:41
Well doubt a very sage.

Unknown Speaker 55:43
Yeah, he seems like a sweetheart. such a sweetheart.

Unknown Speaker 55:46
I'd marry sage. Yeah, I'd marry sage. Definitely. Oh my god. I could Oh, I don't want to kill Derrick Lewis. But he fucking break me I think in the bedroom. But I thought Derrick Lewis. And then I'd kill I'd kill Kevin haulin

Unknown Speaker 56:03
got to go.

Unknown Speaker 56:04
All right.

Unknown Speaker 56:04
That's a good word. Yeah, you know, I should have known you would pick Sage because he I've met him in person a few times. And he's like, the sweetest person. You kind of think like, you hear an interview and you're like, Okay, that must be an act. He's not really that nice of a guy. And then you meet him in person. You're like, Where did you come from? You are sweetheart.

Unknown Speaker 56:22
Yeah, I've met him a couple of times, too. You know, because we both like foster legacy and all that. Oh, yeah, man. He is just so nice. Like, and it's like genuine nice. Like, it's not fake. Like, he's just so nice. Yeah, totally marry him. To me.

Unknown Speaker 56:35
Looks like an action figure. You're not used to like a guy looking like that. Aesthetically. Being that nice. You're like, What? Are you gonna be an asshole later? Or like a couple days? When's that gonna happen?

Unknown Speaker 56:46
Yeah, that's so funny.

Unknown Speaker 56:48
All right, time for a fan question and

Unknown Speaker 56:50
you're gonna push me

Unknown Speaker 56:56
You ready? Yeah. Okay, as she fights too. They always have the best and this Instagram they promote female fighters whether it's MMA or Jiu Jitsu or even WWE so if you want to support some female fighters check out at she fights to what type of combat sports athlete would you be? In the bedroom? Or would you prefer in the bedroom? Like if you're dating somebody? Jiu Jitsu black belt, a gold medal Olympic wrestler, or a gold medal Olympic boxer.

Unknown Speaker 57:29
Definitely the guy with the best hit. That's, that's a wrestler. Yeah, I'm gonna go with the wrestler. All right.

Unknown Speaker 57:36
It was an easy one. But I think all the jujitsu people out there are gonna be like, offended but okay. Dana White calls you and asks you to pick up one fighter. Oh, to pick one fighter you would like to punch to punch in the face for the first ever women's Adam. Wait bow in UFC history. Who would you pick?

Unknown Speaker 57:59
Adam wait. Yeah, I think there's

Unknown Speaker 58:02
a lot out there. I know. I know. Elise Anderson.

Unknown Speaker 58:06
She her I think her

Unknown Speaker 58:07
Okay, I think her. That'd be a great person. I hope you both get into the UFC. And I hope you've both fight each other. And I hope it's a draw because I love you both. Ah, all right. Describe your sex drive by using a movie or a song title.

Unknown Speaker 58:26
I want to say to you

Unknown Speaker 58:30
that's good.

Unknown Speaker 58:33
Okay, at gate inator with all the amazing female training

Unknown Speaker 58:40
lab in his name. He's actually a really supportive guy.

Unknown Speaker 58:44
Only laughing Did I hear somebody else laugh I know. It's my

Unknown Speaker 58:47
producer, the audio engineer.

Unknown Speaker 58:50
Shut up guys.

Unknown Speaker 58:53
Okay, with all the amazing female trading partners you have who has taught you the most in fighting and in life.

Unknown Speaker 59:01

Unknown Speaker 59:02
yeah. And Oh, hell. Yeah. What a cool girl. She said she would be on the show when she's not in fight camp. And I'm like, so never

Unknown Speaker 59:10
good. She's always fighting and I can't buy now. You got you got to catch early right now.

Unknown Speaker 59:14
I know. I showed

Unknown Speaker 59:15
her up right now. And she's always doing so much stuff. She's got

Unknown Speaker 59:18
that new cool podcast with Karen Bryant. You know, she's doing commentary sometimes. You know, I think that's a cool thing for her so proud of her.

Unknown Speaker 59:26
Yeah, me too. She's just, she's just awesome. He's like my role model.

Unknown Speaker 59:32
She's cool. She's a cool person. And she's a great representative of the sport. You know, she doesn't take herself too seriously. She's always joking around. I love her funny little videos.

Unknown Speaker 59:41

Unknown Speaker 59:42
she's awesome. Okay, at solitary animal. does size matter? And if so, what measurements?

Unknown Speaker 59:51
You know, they just have to know how to work it but my bill goes seven inches. So you know, they're right around there and they see happy

Unknown Speaker 59:59
sure like I just measured you pulling your shoulder out and like something like this.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
So then I was like this

Unknown Speaker 1:00:06
doesn't have to be pink. It can be a real color but

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
actually purple. Oh, okay, my bad

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
at Andy 863. top bottom or doggy

Unknown Speaker 1:00:21
top? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:23
I remember you saying like, first right?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:26
Yeah, top play up top.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:30
My top game wrong what's the perfect first date from you? And this is from at Juanita underscore 5577

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
perfect first date. So I've always wanted like a guy to like pick me up with flowers. I've never liked to had that. I get to pick me up with like flowers and like treats for my dog. Oh, adore for me. Beautiful kids, my forehead, hold hands. And it takes me somewhere to eat really good. Not like she doesn't have to be like fancy but not like fast food either.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:05
Yeah. Yeah. That's hard. You know? Cuz you gotta if it's the first day you got to really know the person and then they're probably just gonna be creeping on your profile to see what kind of food you like. And that seems like that was it? Yeah, for right.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
Yeah, well, it's like, I just want to be able to go somewhere where I can dress up because I don't like get to dress up all the time. Any chance I could get to dress up to like, it's awesome. So if you took me somewhere I can like dress cute. Like, you can't really you can't really dress cute to go like to jack in the box. You don't need Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
or even like, you're like in heels in the tacori. And you're like, well, this is good food. But

Unknown Speaker 1:01:42
yeah, yeah. Okay. With nice aesthetic. Nice aesthetic place.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:47
Okay. All right. Yeah. I feel like it's so easy for guys to buy flowers and give them to you. And it's like this grand gesture. Right? But like, it's, it's like outdated these days. These days. Guys. Don't do that anymore. I mean, you know, my boyfriend does here and there, but I feel like generally, guys don't do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:07
Yeah, I got some for Valentine's Day. That was really nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:11
From the guy that you're dating

Unknown Speaker 1:02:14
know, from somebody else. secret. But yeah, you can call it that. But I've never like I've never gotten like flowers on a date. So that I feel like that's like those like something you see in movies kind of thing that I've always liked.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
Oh, it's a real life woman. I hope that for you. I wish that for you. Alright, last fan question. At Jordan Ray photography. Does being a fighter make you a better lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:44
I mean, I don't know any different. But I would assume so. Because I remember hearing a guy say that. This is really this sounds really bolder. I remember hearing Sure. Okay, yeah, this guy said no female fighters book better than regular girls is exactly what he said.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:05
I'll take it.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06
Alright, well, maybe, maybe, maybe so. Alright, so it's definitely Yeah, definitely made me like, I had very good cardio. Let's just say that.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
Yeah, I mean, I feel like any athlete is gonna put more work in because like you said, you know, they're a little bit more in shape better cardio. You know, I've been like, out of shape having sex and I'm, I'm a professional athlete, and I've been on top and been like, okay, you take over so I can only imagine a normal person feels like you know.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
So okay, who would you like to hear on sex and violence next?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
I would like to hear Angela overkill Hill.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:45
Yeah. Come on this God.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:48
We got to get her on. Yeah. So funny. good stories, too.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
Okay, I really really cool and then please tell everyone where they can find you on social media on your only fans all across the board.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
As you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and only fans is out Paulina grana, too. And for those of you that don't know Spanish the to his dose. That makes sense for nodose Paulina granade to

Unknown Speaker 1:04:18
put all your Oh wow, I just got that. granade to ganados got it. Okay. Yeah, cuz I was following your Twitter earlier and I was like, it's good not to. Oh, ganados got it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31
People have actually come up to me and they're like Paulina bra. And I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
isn't that weird? People have come up to me at like UFC fights and stuff. They're like Ashley MMA, and I'm like, my name is Ashley. But I do MMA Yes. That's

Unknown Speaker 1:04:46
fucking awesome. I

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
swear to God, I'm just like to get the I did name myself like on my Instagram name. Like, I don't know something. I could be worse right? It could be worse. Yeah, yeah. Oh, thank you so much for coming on the show. I wish you the best of luck. for your next Invicta fight, we'll be promoting it whenever, you know, it's announced. We like to stay in touch with all of our guests and kind of promote them. And, you know, this is a platform just to, you know, another another platform for you to kind of connect with the fans on a different level. And I hope you got to do that today. I hope you get to, you know, you're just very successful in the future. I can tell you're putting in lots of work, but you've had, you know, trouble finding fights, whether it was the weight class thing or the contract thing. So, I wish you the best of luck and looking forward to whatever the future holds for you.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:33
Thank you. I had so much fun. This was really fun actually. sharing my freakiness with the world.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:40
Embrace your free girl. It's all good. All right, we'll talk to you very soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:48
Do you want to see me brandy? pet the kitty coming caddy? Thank you man. Call me daddy. He talked too much he's too chatty.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57
I'm semi

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
flexible, so elastic, but

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02
don't you dare bend backwards?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
Better and kiss him being a bitch is

Unknown Speaker 1:06:09
my kink. What the

Unknown Speaker 1:06:12
fuck up process. I'm a king.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:16
It's gonna hurt it'll say speaking of blood in the same currency. Boom,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:40
Episode 44 in the books that was so fun getting to hear all about Paulina Firefox Granados. I'll definitely be rooting for her. And I hope she gets that shot in the UFC, Adam Wi Fi maybe against at least Anderson, I don't know, you heard it here first, if it happens, I seem to become a fan of all these girls. And, you know, why wouldn't I be it's it's awesome to get to connect with these girls and guys on another level. And so you know, you're cheering for them anyway. And now you just, you know, their struggles, you know what they're all about. And so you just, you become a fan of them. And I think that's part of the show that I really, really love is that the connection and the connection that I get to help you guys with you know, I'm forming more of a bond with you and the kiss. I can't believe we're coming up on a year of doing the show. And I really want to do something special for you guys. I don't know if that's going to be you know, myself interview doesn't seem that great. Or maybe just picking a really cool guest. So if you guys have any ideas, dm us at sex and violence with rebel girl on Instagram, you know, we're always open to your input your criticism, even good or bad. I don't care. You know, we try and make the best podcast ever. So we welcome all your input. And I hope you guys enjoyed the show this week. You know, we're back in studio, the balls rolling again, we're just gonna keep cranking out the content. Things are opening up here in California. Hopefully things are going good wherever else you guys are at. Maybe you're getting vaccinated, maybe schools are opening and your jobs opening back up. And if things are still hard, or right there with you guys. So remember, Be kind, be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. Thank you guys so much for tuning in for all your fan questions and a special special thank you to audio engineer, DJ zol at DJ zol we could not do this without you. And tomorrow kids studio at tomorrow kids official producer Nate Jackson, Nadir Domus and you can find us on Instagram like I said at sex and violence rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. And lastly, please, please, please rate and review us on Spotify, iTunes, wherever else you listen, that helps us get in the top 200 and then more eyeballs get on us. You know we could keep cranking out the content for you guys. So subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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