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Ep.45 Brookliyn Wren (UFC Ring Girl)

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Sex and

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sex and violence.

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Hey guys,

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welcome back to sex and violence with

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level girl

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where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl,

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Evan Smith.

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Let's talk about sex.

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What's happening? hotspot what's up on

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my naughty listeners? I figured I would start this episode with a funny story, a personal funny story. So last week, I was doing a podcast for April actually at blackbelt Krav Maga black belt collective in Huntington Beach. That's where we were, you know, temporarily shooting the podcast. And anyway, I did his podcast, which is called the boiler room, I believe. And I got all girly and dressed up. And if you're familiar, if you're a girl, you probably know this. But guys, if you can't, if you have a shirt that, you know, you can't wear like a bra with, you usually wear something called pasties with a little nipple cover things. And so I was wearing some pastries, and I did the interview. And then I went tanning afterwards, because as I've been talking, talking about, my boyfriend and I are gonna go to Florida on a little work vacation. And I want to get that base tan, I guess. So I'm laying in the tanning bed. And about halfway through the tanning session, I realized that I forgot to take off those pastries. So you know, pastries, they come in different shapes and sizes, you get like, you know, circular circles, you get hearts. And you know, you can get abstract and have like marijuana leafs, if you're into that kind of thing. And anyway, I just had circles. But halfway through the session, I'm like, Oh, I forgot to take off the pastries. So basically, you can imagine the tan lines that I have right about now. I guess, new boobs, new problems. But yeah, that's it for today talk. I just thought I'd tell you guys about that. Back to the show. So what I want to do this week and kind of continuing on is I want to try to make a connection with you guys, the people that are actually listening to the show. And you know, every week, I'm sending these interviews out into the universe, and I'm just starting to wonder, are they landing? Are they affecting you guys? Are they making an impact? Are they making a difference? And I've asked you guys to write reviews. And I really appreciate that, that helps a lot. Please continue to do that. But we also have a email and that's Ashley, at sex and violence, podcast calm. So what I'm asking is, I want your feedback. If you've you know if you're a fan of the show, if you have any questions, if you liked anything, anything at all, you know, even if you think there's something that I can improve on, email me it's Ashley a sh l e at sex and violence podcast calm. And actually this week is a little different. There's no UFC fights tomorrow and it's feels kind of sad, you know, but I guess we could talk about the card on the following week, which is UFC Vegas. 23 the main event is Darren till versus Marvin vittori.

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I just heard that there until had to pull out which is super sad because well any you know, anytime a fighter has to pull out it's sad but Marvin vittori has had I think he holds the record for opponents most opponents that have like pulled out due to injury or COVID. Poor guy it's so frustrating to put so much work and heart and sacrifice into something and then just have it be taken away last minute. So I feel for him, but the rest of the card is looking pretty good. I wonder who they're going to bump up to the main event. It's Arnold Allen versus Sadiq use IV go Sadiq Sam Alvey versus Julian Marquez, Sam Alvey was our second guest ever. And we're here now on episode 45. So that's pretty awesome. Nina Ansar off, which is she was also a guest I think it was like when the teens or whatever but she's fighting Mackenzie Dern and this is her first fight back since having a baby and I'm really excited to see so actually Mackenzie during the mom named as a mom, maybe that's where they messed him up. I don't know. But it's gonna be a great fight. Both women are amazing athletes, and, you know, regardless of having a baby, then we got Mike Perry versus Daniel Rodriguez, D Ra. Is someone who trades with Joe shilling at the yard which I started trading at a little bit for my last fight. So definitely rooting for deride. Me and the boyfriend always call him the Foo of the UFC. And if you guys ever follow foods Gone Wild on Instagram, if you don't, you should. It's a very hilarious there's a lot of humor around the Mexican and Latin community, and food's gone wild. So yeah, Daniel D rod is the fool of the UFC in a good way. And then on the prelims, we've got Jim Miller versus Joel so lucky. Scott Holtzman vs or don't say his last name, gamma rot and then Norma Dumont versus Bay Malecki. Norma is the girl that I just bought in November and was my last fight didn't go my way. But this girl, you know, she's strong. She hits like a frickin truck. And hopefully she makes weight. That's not me being salty. I'm just, you know, it would be nice if she would make weight because that's, in my opinion, the first part of being a professional. And yeah, so I don't know who's gonna win that one. I've heard good things about Bay Malecki tall glass of water. And then last on the card is Teresa Dano, versus you're going to Castro and you're going to Castro just a very, very nice guy. You know, you meet people along the way in this journey, whether it's when you're an athlete or work for the UFC or whatever, you're traveling, you're meeting people from all walks of life all over the world. And I forget where this guy is from but he's from a very small island where he's like, like the only MMA fighter but um, you're going to Castro I hope he wins. Anyway. Alright, so the last thing I want to talk about, before we get into our guest is the UFC. starting April 1, or starting actually think it's like this next card, the one we're just talking about April 10. It's going to be the first time that venom is taking over for Reebok and I actually got an email this morning, so I'll share it with you guys. UFC athletes will officially wear the new venom designed fight kits. Please note Reebok will continue to supply footwear, but all other fight week kits and fight night outfitting will be provided by them. Also starting April 1 and updated UFC promotional guidelines incentive program goes into effect. I read that this morning. The most significant updates to the program are as follows one adjustments to the fight week incentive payments resulting in an increase for both for all tier athletes which is awesome more money. And then two new guidelines around mass and new approved process for mouth guards. And lastly, an added program for Memorial wristbands. So the memorial wristbands I had to you know research this because it sounds very, very sweet. And you know, I personally dedicated my last fight to Nikko Jackson who had passed away. And so, you know, this might be something that I would have done if it was around a few months ago. Memorial wristbands. They may include the full name or initials of the individual being moralized and the birth and death dates. There's two sides wristbands, and only the fighter may wear the memorial wristband. And you know, I'm imagining that it's such a cool feeling, you know, getting your hand raised, and then having the wristband with your you know, your loved one or your you know, you know, whoever passed away on your wrist. It's pretty cool idea. And then I did look up all the new tier systems. I won't go into great detail but basically, you know, if you have one UFC fight to five UFC fights, you make a certain amount of money, right? And then it increases from there. And each each of us no matter where we're at on the scale kind of got either a $500 increase, or $1,000 increase the champion I think gets a $2,000 pay bump. But But yeah, more money is always a good thing. I don't know what the venom outfits will look like. I have I have some hope you know, Reebok was all right. It was pretty plain. As long as it's not bedazzled, you know, like the old tap out and what was it tap out? affliction? As long as it's not a bedazzled I think I'll be okay.

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But yeah, what's going on with me? same old same old guys, like I said, getting rid of ready for the Florida trip. You know, we're gonna go out there. Do the Craig Jones seminar. The boyfriend's gonna do the seminar. I'm still healing from the spine surgery so won't be able to participate but I'll be there to support and you know, we're just gonna lounge on the beach and relax for a little bit you know, still be working but a work vacation and I will definitely need to take my sunscreen. A botanical bloom does not have a sunscreen yet but what they do have are some amazing products and they have a lip balm, a Vapor Rub all sorts of products and they're all made from real CBD not hemp seed oil. All their products are also lab tested and have proof right there on the label and it directs you like QR code directly to The site so you can check all the tests. They've got lip balms, vapor rubs, tinctures, gummies, and a CBD method that is now my favorite. Since we are in a pandemic hand sanitizer. Go follow them at a botanical bloom on Facebook and Instagram, or check out their website at www dot a botanical bloom calm. And please use code Ashley MMA and you'll get 20% off on all those cool products. And before we talk to our guest, let's hear from our most sexy sponsor. This podcast is brought to you by ella The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and

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Go ahead, visit and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Today's guest is a UFC ring girl or rather an octagon girl. But long before she kept walked around the octagon. She'd been gracing stages for cheer gymnastics, beauty pageants and modeling. At as young as 11 years old, the Alaska born Vegas raised beauty had a chance meeting while cocktailing at a downtown bar at 21 years old. It was then that she met Dana White of the UFC and was asked to be an octagon girl. We talked about going from waitress to ring girl holding up the wrong cards. being shy with an outgoing Alter Ego who she thinks the hottest fighters are quickie sex on a hike her love of dirty talk and so much more. Here is your guest

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Hello from quick

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impact guys. Let's take get

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down to say mama you first met Brooklyn New nursing school me with hot not spending in Berkeley researching merch me by the time I was 21 to never hurt me. Hello, Brooklyn. We had a daughter Brooklyn card and when I left Bufo continue cuz you know what mommy stepped out to get thin and eat too much extra. So much soda thin is now

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okay. And now we have our first UFC, octagon girl, Brooklyn, thank you so much for joining us.

Unknown Speaker 12:45
Thank you for having me.

Unknown Speaker 12:47
How you been? I know it's been a crazy year. But how's life?

Unknown Speaker 12:53
Everything's actually pretty good. I think. For me, I was a little bit annoying in beginning of the pandemic, because a lot of things were going on for me, and then everything just kind of stopped. But I think for me the pandemic kind of let me take a step back and like really find out who I was and the things that I wanted and everything like that. And then I think really good things are happening for me. So it's been a it's been an interesting time, but I think they'll get at the same time.

Unknown Speaker 13:26
That's awesome. I mean, the UFC fights did stop for a little while so I'm sure that put a tamper in work for you. But then they picked up. And so do you have any other jobs that you do besides being an octagon girl?

Unknown Speaker 13:41
Yeah, so I model and I just recently got signed to a new agency in LA and then I also went to school last year for laser tech which is like hair removal, tattoo removal CoolSculpting skin tightening all those things. And so I just got hired somewhere for that as well.

Unknown Speaker 13:59
That's awesome. I actually got spine surgery in December and I have this oh wow scar on the front of my neck and it's about two quarters I guess that length and I got my first IPL is that what's called? Yeah, IPL. Yeah, so I got the first little laser, IPL and then I guess you have to wait every like three or five weeks, something like that. Yeah. So I could already tell the difference. So I'm really excited. So that's cool that you're certified in that.

Unknown Speaker 14:27
Yeah, I really, really like it.

Unknown Speaker 14:30
So I'm gonna ask you a very cheesy question, but I'm sure you get it a lot. But what's it like being a UFC ring girl?

Unknown Speaker 14:39
Um, it's, it's crazy to think honestly, because it happened so randomly. And so. When I started, I had no clue what to expect. And sometimes like when you're used to it, you're just like, Oh, I have to go to work. Like that's what a lot of us say was like, Oh, we have to work tomorrow. And you don't think about it as much until you like hear people talking about it a lot or people be like, Oh, I see you on TV or you see like billboards and stuff and you're like, wow, I really worked for huge org. But I love It's so much fun I work with like the coolest people and you know, I've gotten to travel so many places and watch like the best sites. So I mean, I love it.

Unknown Speaker 15:21
Were you always an MMA fan? Or you start started working for the UFC?

Unknown Speaker 15:27
Yeah, I kind of started when I started working for UFC just because I would always see the fights when I because I was used to like work in hospitality, like restaurants and things like that. And so I would see the five or like one of my friends who used to wash the pies, like every day, and I was just like, Oh my God, that's way too much blood or fat. And then it's so weird because when I first started when I worked my first bite, I was like so much more into it in person than I was watching it on TV. Like I can watch all that stuff. The only thing that I cannot handle watching is like an armbar I can't look at it.

Unknown Speaker 16:10
Everything else is fine. Yeah, any joint manipulations you can do rear naked chokes and ground and pound. No arm barza No.

Unknown Speaker 16:19
Yeah, there's how the girl been like, oh, like, cover my eyes normally tell me when it's

Unknown Speaker 16:24
over. So how how did you become a ring card girl? I mean, did you you know, contact the UFC, fill out an application go on to interview.

Unknown Speaker 16:33
Um, actually, I was cocktailing. And I met Dana there. And then anytime he would come in, I was always a server. And then like eight months after I met him. I brought them their drinks. And he was he asked me if I modeled. And I told him that I did. And then he asked me if I wanted to be an octagon girl. And I was like, sure. Then, like, he had me come into headquarters like the next week. And then I think two weeks later, I was in Kansas City or get my first site. Wow,

Unknown Speaker 17:07
that's amazing. Just like a chance meeting, I guess. I know. That's awesome. And so you've done a lot of things. I did my research on you cheer and gymnastics and modeling and beauty pageants. So you're no stranger to being in front of the lights. And something you said earlier you said Oh, I just kind of used to it. I know that it's kind of similar with my job people like wow, you're a UFC fighter. That's so exciting. But then I'm like, Yeah, I guess like I'm used to it. Now. I've had shoot want to see I think like eight UFC fights, you know? 11 total fights, but I still get nervous. You know? Right before I walk out, I get that nervous. So I know you're not fighting. But do you get nervous or anxious before you you know, do your walk around the octagon?

Unknown Speaker 17:53
Ah, no. And it's so funny. I'm not sure why I've never been nervous about it. I think the only thing that's ever made me nervous was that my first man because I didn't know what to do with my face.

Unknown Speaker 18:09
Ricky Bobby moment, what do I do with my hands?

Unknown Speaker 18:14
I'm sure levels of both of you looking at like, and then it was just I you know, now we know when the cameras on us. Like we can kind of like glance over at the screen. And then we'll know if the cameras are on us or not. But my first one I did it. We were outside in Kansas City. So I didn't know what to do at all and people were just staring at you. But like my first fight in Kansas City. It didn't bother me at all walking around the ring. I think the most things that I get nervous about are like if I trip this is going to be so embarrassing. If I hold up the wrong number, things like that. But

Unknown Speaker 18:48
have you ever done anything like that held up the wrong? Yeah, I have. Oh, do tell please.

Unknown Speaker 18:55
Assuming twice

Unknown Speaker 18:57
Oh no.

Unknown Speaker 18:58
I was like, wow, I'm getting fired. You had one job Brooklyn, one job. One job. I went to it was out here and we were at the palms. And I went to the bathroom, I came back and it was my turn to walk and we always try to keep the cards in order. There was only two of us working that night. So I assumed like as soon as I've walked back into the room, it was my time to go so I assumed that the card in front was the right round and so I just picked it up and started walking and heard someone yelling like number five number five but I was holding up number four so I'm like literally talking with it. And then really nobody said anything after so I was like okay, like God like someone's gonna call me and be like, Oh, you're fired that nothing happened and then the next time that it happens up on top, you know where they in between rounds where they have been Number of Irina's like. It'll be like round three, or whatever. So I saw round three. So I picked up the car that was round three, but it was really round two. And I'm like, why did you? Why do you hate me? But nobody said anything again. So I guess nobody noticed.

Unknown Speaker 20:17
I haven't noticed that I've been watching the fights, you know, at home. And like ESPN, or you know, Fox or whatever, like, they put the wrong, like, name, you know, person's walking out, like, yeah, very rare. But I'm just like, every time I'm like, You had one job come.

Unknown Speaker 20:32
Like, oh, and I always say that I'm like, people already are just always like, oh, they're only good for showing their bodies and holding for wrong numbers. Like,

Unknown Speaker 20:40
Oh, please. I'm a fighter, and I've made some very bad decisions and holding up the wrong number is, if that's the worst you've done, I think you're gonna be okay. I mean, there's been girls that have had nip slips, or, you know, the guys like that, you know, they get on the scale, but naked and they don't even care. They're just all out of it. Like, could be worse. So what is your favorite part about being an octagon girl.

Unknown Speaker 21:13
I really, really love watching. Like, the coolest buys, like I just, I've gotten to work. Really, really good side. But I really do love. Like traveling and meeting the fans. And I love the people that I work with. Like I was really, really nervous when I first started because I don't actually think that they were hiring when I when they hired me. And I was nervous that the girls wouldn't want a new girl. I didn't know how the fans would take me. And when I came in, everybody was like, Oh my god, we've been waiting to meet you. We're so excited. And they were like, let's take pictures, we need to get your followers. Like everybody was just like, all the girls have like, always helped me with anything if I you know, they've set me up with like, their contacts agency like anything they've we've always just been like, everybody was like really welcoming when I first started and so I love that it made it a really easy transition. And I love traveling. So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:09
I mean, when you travel with someone so or you know, the other girls, by the way, how many total octagon girls are there?

Unknown Speaker 22:17
I'm working in the States right now. I there's an inviting me. I think there's been others in other days. I'm not sure exactly how many are overseas right now. I know. I think there's like three off the top of my head I can think of but I'm not sure how many are overseas. Okay. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 22:39
was just gonna say that when you travel so much and work with someone you get really close with, like your second family, almost, if you get that that vibe with the UFC and the other girls.

Unknown Speaker 22:50
Yeah, like I said, they were like that from day one. Like, they would always invite me out and do all these things. And I'm, I'm actually really, really shy. So a lot of the times I would just kind of stay back in the hotel and be like, Oh, no, that's okay. But I started trying to like break out of that at some point. So yeah, it is because it could have gone one of two ways. I mean, when you work with girls, it could be like a chatty vibe where, you know, they're just not accepting you are welcoming, but it was never like that with them. So I'm really glad

Unknown Speaker 23:23
that you said you're shy, but I feel like I'm just assuming that if someone's done all the things you've done cheer and gymnastics, and you know, all the stage stuff, beauty pageants, like you kind of would obtain this sense of, you know, just confidence over the years. But why do you think you're so shy?

Unknown Speaker 23:42
I'm definitely confident like I have. It's so weird to explain, like, I don't know, it's so it's such a weird thing. Like, I'm very confident in myself and who I am. And like my book, like, I just, I'm very comfortable with myself. But I am very shy. Like, I'm not a person that's going to go up and like talk to you for start conversations with random people. I'm just like, very quiet when I'm around a bunch of new people. And it's like, really, kind of unless you start talking to me, probably won't say anything. But it's weird. Because when I'm in that element, like if I'm in my doing my job, or if I'm modeling or doing anything like that, it's kind of like an alter ego or something. I don't know how to explain it. Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 24:29
know exactly what I'm talking about.

Unknown Speaker 24:31
Yeah, it's like you have to like turn that on. Like if the fans want a picture with you or wants you to sign something you're like, Yeah, absolutely. And, and when I'm modeling, I can go from like, being like, I don't like taking pictures in front of anybody, which is so weird. I won't take a selfie if someone is watching me. But when I'm modeling I'll take pictures in front of anybody if I'm doing an actual photo shoot, you know, it's it's weird because everybody always asked me like Oh, did you want to always want to be in the spotlight or the celebrity Hmm, like I actually hate being it's just like something else turns on when I'm like working. It's just a different side of me. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 25:08
Yeah, I mean, you said it perfectly. It's kind of like your alter ego. It's, you know, if you're normally Brooklyn's this introvert to herself, kind of girl, when you're modeling or, you know, walking the octagon, you get to kind of be, it's like acting a little bit. You get to be someone that Yeah, right.

Unknown Speaker 25:26
Yep, exactly like acting, but with no work.

Unknown Speaker 25:29
Yeah. But you do a great job. So you are traveling a lot. And then you also said, You're not the kind of person that approaches someone and initiates the conversation. So these things I'm like, are these things that make your dating life difficult, because for me, I'm like, I'm an outgoing person, I'm gonna start the conversation. I'm actually opposite of you. I'm more, I'm actually pretty low self esteem when it comes to my looks, but I'll just fake it till I make it. But you know, I'm, I'm personable, and you know, and I'll talk to people. So how does that transfer into your dating life, you know, you're traveling all over, you're kind of to yourself.

Unknown Speaker 26:06
Um, I actually don't mind doing things by myself. So there's been like some cities, like if I get in before one of the other girls, and I just felt like going from where I would just like, go to a restaurant by myself. Like, I don't mind doing things alone, I actually love doing things on my phone, someone approaches me, I can have a conversation with anybody. So I'm like, I might not start the conversation or initiate it. But I'm like, and I don't actually talk in like, if it's like a big group of people, I'll probably be the one that's like sitting back listening. But if it's like one on one, I can hold a conversation with anybody. And so when I actually go on dates and things like that, people will be like, Wow, you're so different than I imagined, or you're like, really down to earth. Or you can really hold a conversation, which I find so weird, because I'm like, it's just I don't know, I think I talk a lot. And I and I, I don't like small talk, and I don't. And I think about everything very, very deeply. So having one on one conversations I actually really liked to do. So I actually like to go on dates a lot, because I like to know how people's brains work. And I like to talk to people and get to know them. And

Unknown Speaker 27:12
All right, so are you dating right now? Are you single? Are you seeing anyone?

Unknown Speaker 27:17
I'm single, but yeah, I've been asked out here in the

Unknown Speaker 27:22
last hour. All right. And how do you identify sexually? Are you straight? bisexual? pansexual?

Unknown Speaker 27:30
Um, straight,

Unknown Speaker 27:30
straight. Okay, so you're living out in Vegas? you're traveling, you're single? Are you kind of looking? Are you just kind of letting things happen, as they you know, as they go.

Unknown Speaker 27:42
Um, I mean, I would love to, like, be in a relationship. It's been like three years since my last one. So I would love to be able to find them on but I also am very big on not settling. And, like, I kind of know exactly what I want. So yeah, I think whenever. I think it'll flow naturally, when when that person comes along. So right now I'm just kind of letting it happen, how it happens and live in my life. Until then,

Unknown Speaker 28:12
what is it that you want? As far as let's start? Let's be shallow. First. As far as looks, do you have a type of guy, you know, tall, dark and handsome, short, blonde and buff? I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 28:23
What do you like? It's actually funny, because I think my type in my head is not who I ever usually end up dating. Because usually, it's usually like whoever I I don't know, I just kind of know when I like someone when I meet them. It's so different than how I pictured in my head. So I rarely end up with guys that are like my quote unquote, tie, but I do like guys, we're talking I'm 510. And I loved I was like, nice piece. Yeah, really nice. Smile. Just get me. Yeah. And yeah, I mean, I don't know. I just, I just kind of know when I like somebody. So looks wise. I mean, just as long as I find you attractive.

Unknown Speaker 29:05
Yeah, no, you're right. It's a lot of times it's like, okay, I like a big buff tan guy. And then it's like, you know, if you meet a guy who's not so tan, but he's sweet, and he treats me You're not gonna be like, No, no, you need to work on your tan.

Unknown Speaker 29:17
Yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:20
I get it. Okay, what about let's be a little more. Let's, let's talk substance, okay, characteristics, career wise, do you have, you know, kind of that checklist that that's important for me, for example, like I love a guy who's a hard worker. So I'm not saying you have to be a millionaire. But if I can, you know, visually see you working every day towards your goal. I mean, that's a huge turn on.

Unknown Speaker 29:46
Me too. I've always been really, really, more than anything else. Like I've never really been boy crazy or anything like that. I've always been really goal oriented since I was a kid. I've always known what I've wanted and gone after it. And so I love guys like that. Like, I love guys who are passionate about what they do. And so yeah, I don't I kind of want someone who's like, either already in their career or like, Yeah, kind of someone who's already.

Unknown Speaker 30:18
Yeah. Cuz a lot of times if you have someone who's just starting out, or maybe they don't they don't have a career going right and you're doing your own thing, sometimes there's jealousy, you know, you don't exactly you don't make time for me or this or that's like, do your own thing. And then we'll meet up when we meet up.

Unknown Speaker 30:37
It'll be like, a race, like they're trying to, like, catch up to you. And then it starts stressing them out. And, and then that becomes a problem too. So yeah, I kind of just want someone who's already in it and, and someone who is just like, successful in whatever they're doing and passionate about it.

Unknown Speaker 30:59
Have you ever dated an athlete? Whether it be fighting or any other type of sport?

Unknown Speaker 31:05
I'm not professional ones. Like back when I was younger, I dated like, high school basketball

Unknown Speaker 31:11
player or something. You did.

Unknown Speaker 31:15
You'd never,

Unknown Speaker 31:17
never a fighter never dated a fighter. Alright, that's what everyone's wonder, you know, have you dated a fighter? Okay, next question. Would you date a fighter?

Unknown Speaker 31:26
I don't think so. Only because it would. I think it would just stress me out. Like, if there's someone that you're watching that you want to win, and something is going wrong, you're like, ringside, yelling. I'm like, if I was someone, I would be having a hard time watching them fight. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 31:45
it's not fun. You know, I've done it. And I and I know that, you know, my partner and my loved ones are stressed out when I'm getting ready to fight. It's not normal to us, you know, just another day in the office, but it's very stressful for you know, our loved ones. So, is there anything that UFC says that you can't do you know, to have it have ever told you like, you're not allowed to fraternize with the fighters or kind of, you know, is that a thing? What's it called? Like? interpersonal, you know, workplace relationships? Do they ever tell you you're not allowed to?

Unknown Speaker 32:18
Um, no, never. I've never heard anything like, okay, Game on. And then

Unknown Speaker 32:24
I noticed you have an only fans, I wasn't sure if the UFC would allow that kind of thing. But I guess they don't have any say.

Unknown Speaker 32:32
I mean, they haven't said anything about it. Like, you know, they all they all follow all of us. And a few of us have one so may say, Yeah, that's right. Anything.

Unknown Speaker 32:44
I like your style. Do it ask questions later. Yeah. Okay, and then how was only fans going for you? You know, a lot of the female fighters, couple guy fighters, a lot of the guests I've had on are using only fans as alternate income. How's it going for you?

Unknown Speaker 33:02
Yeah, I mean, it's going well, I started mine, like mid January. I mean, I guess I could be like a little more about it. But when I get a little busy, I kind of slacked off a little bit. But I tried to be as consistent as possible, but it's going well, and it is a good source of extra income. Like I was very, I mean, you know, like, I was nervous to get on it. I was told that I should like last summer, and then I was a little bit nervous about I was like, Oh, I don't know, if I want to do that. I don't know how people like what people will think. And then I was just like, No, I'm grown. Oh, exactly. It is and, and, and I'm like no one else is paying my bills, and no one else is. So I got on there. And then once I saw how much I was making, then I was like, Oh, I really don't care.

Unknown Speaker 33:51
Yeah, I feel like the your worries and kind of that like self self consciousness fades. When you see the pay day you're like, and I don't care anymore.

Unknown Speaker 34:02
Yeah. Yeah. That's great.

Unknown Speaker 34:04
That's good. So how often do you work for the UFC? Do you know? Do you have like a set schedule? Do they give it to you? You know, like, January, this is your year? Or is it kind of like, they call you randomly? Like they do as fighters? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:17
Yeah. Sometimes it's random. But sometimes, we'll know like a couple months in advance, but it's usually it depends how many of us are like well now since we can't really travel now, since the Pfizer in Abu Dhabi, or Vegas. We all have to like alternate in Vegas. So now I'm working like once, maybe twice a month. Unless they're not the gabion in which case the girls from overseas work so but it just depends because there have been times where I've worked like six. I've traveled like six weeks in a row. Oh, wow. And then there's been times where I worked like three fights. for like three months. Three fights a month for like three months in a row. Or there be times where you like don't work for like two months. It just depends. Yeah, I mean the schedule.

Unknown Speaker 35:05
I guess you're happy though that they're having crowds now. Right is Houston the first one that's coming up?

Unknown Speaker 35:12
Um, Florida,

Unknown Speaker 35:13
Florida. Okay. Jacksonville. I think yeah. So yeah, so more crowds, you know, does that mean that you'll be able to, you know, work more if if the UFC is going to be able to put on shows and more places.

Unknown Speaker 35:28
I don't know. Because even before lockdowns, like our, our, how many girls they had at a time change. So when I came on, there would be like four or five of us on a fight. And then it kind of changed in like, 2018, to where only like, three of us work with it at the time. So I don't know how it's gonna be after they open back up. I guess we'll just be here.

Unknown Speaker 35:53
I guess you're right there with the fighters. We're kind of just like, we don't know what's gonna happen. Let's wait and see. Yeah. Okay, I want to ask you, cuz you're beautiful. You're around all these fighters, lots of lots of machismo. And then the fans too can be you know, aggressive. They're having a beer. Do you get hit on? I mean, I know that's a yes. But what do you do when you get hit on by either a fan? Or maybe fighters? How often does that happen? And what do you do?

Unknown Speaker 36:22
I'll say that. It doesn't happen as often as you think actually, people are way less bold in real life than they are on social media. Yes, yes. That's true. If you run into the fans, like when we used to travel a lot, and we would like if the fans would see us out they wouldn't say anything. They'll just kind of like tweet like oh just saw so and so in this restaurant. But that's like all they would do. Some people like me who will stop me on the street but they're usually really really nice person is very rare that she'll get like someone that's like rude or or nasty or aggressive in real life. on social media is a whole other story. They are different and in your DNS and in your comments. And I don't think I've ever been hit on by a fighter in person really always really nice.

Unknown Speaker 37:14
Yeah, not even like in a respectful way, like Brooklyn, you looking damn good. No.

Unknown Speaker 37:21
Not that I can think of, they're always just like really nice to me, but

Unknown Speaker 37:24
probably too hungry into you know. We're just not ourselves. But until like after weigh ins and then like our brain cells start working again. Okay. Oh, look, there's a pretty girl. Okay, so you said you're, you know, you're you're not getting hit on by, you know, the guys too much. You know, a little bit of the fans. Are you online dating? Like, how are these interactions? How are you dating? Because you said you're a little bit. You won't make the first move. So do you rely on you know, online dating apps?

Unknown Speaker 37:55
Um, no, not on any. I did just sign up for wind just what it was like, but it's one that you like, have to get, like approved for and they have?

Unknown Speaker 38:09
I think I know, I won't put you on blast. But I like I think I know what you're talking about. You have to have like, a certain degree or like, make a certain amount, certain amount of money, something like that.

Unknown Speaker 38:20
Okay, or like, be like, somebody Yeah, me somebody. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:26
I know. How do you put that nice way like no losers allow?

Unknown Speaker 38:34
Yeah, so I just wanted to see what it was like, because I've never done anything like that. And I just thought it would be like, fun to do. But yeah, I mean, I know people. I mean, I did. I can't even tell you how many DMS like it's not like a shortage of

Unknown Speaker 38:53

Unknown Speaker 38:56
Me, like getting dates or something like that is not really an issue. It just is a matter of like me liking people. Yeah. Always the biggest. I rarely like people. But when I drink I'm the complete opposite of myself. Like I'm very friendly with everybody. I'm trying to get everybody to like drink and dance. And I'm like, it's like a whole other side of me comes out. So I mean, on Sunday, I went out with my sisters in town, and I was getting my number out left and right. So I've had people ask me that sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 39:39
You're like, Who is this?

Unknown Speaker 39:44
I was like, Who is this Britney? And she was like, Oh, that's the one. I was like, Okay.

Unknown Speaker 39:49
You're like send pic please.

Unknown Speaker 39:55
Remember the next day when I was sober and I was like, Okay, I remember this one.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
So what are some of those crazy DMS? Because I gotta ask is it like, you know, the crazy foot weirdos? Or is it the, you know, you're so beautiful or what kind of people are hitting you up?

Unknown Speaker 40:13
The people who? I get a lot of people who are like convinced I'm going to be their wives, whether it's people I know or people I don't know, they're just very convinced. I have people who ask for my underwear. I've had dick pics and videos. And I'm just, yeah, I mean, even the things that some people say, it's like, I would have to literally go into my diems right now and read them to you, but it's all in there.

Unknown Speaker 40:42
Yeah, yeah. what's what's something that like, stuck at like, says stood out in the DMZ? You know, you get the creepy guys and you get you know, the love undying love. But what's something that you're just like? super weird. Like, if, for example, we had a guest on Nick de Li. And she was like, yeah, this guy on my only fans requested that I fingered my belly button. And I'm like, What? That's so weird. I mean, whatever your do, buddy. And he could have asked for other fingerings I guess so. That's good.

Unknown Speaker 41:14
Yeah. Don't worry. I thought you were going straight for the you know, the belly button. Okay. Yeah. Um, I, my message requests are always at 99 plus, so I don't even know how many are in there. So I would really have to like think or go back into them to remember like specific ones because I know if there's like a funny one that stood out. Oh, there was one I posted on my story not too long ago, I screenshotted. It was my message requesting this guy said. I said I was on something and I had posted it. And then he responded, and he said, if you want to be on TV more, I can take you on board because I'm pretty sure I'm having your baby. Oh.

Unknown Speaker 42:05
Yeah, you have to appreciate the witty ones, right? Oh, at least at least this guy tried. Yeah. So you're obviously, you know, people's celebrity crush, I got to ask you, do you have any celebrity crushes? And do you have a fighter crush?

Unknown Speaker 42:23
It's so funny when people say that because I don't want I don't even think about myself as like a celebrity. But when people were like, oh, you're my celebrity crush. I'm like that's the whole week. About Okay, well, I'll start with you just all this love my life even though he's older and he's married so no disrespect to his wife but I love him.

Unknown Speaker 42:41
Yeah, that's why crush you know you're not actively going to slide into his DMS.

Unknown Speaker 42:47
But there is one he's a soccer player and his name is Ruben Loftus cheek? I don't know. Actually, I can probably look I think he lives in the UK. How do you say is it Loftus cheek? Oh, I'm

Unknown Speaker 43:03
not even gonna try and kill that love this.

Unknown Speaker 43:08
Um, he plays Yeah, he lives in England, but he plays soccer and yeah, he's like,

Unknown Speaker 43:18
what about a fighter crush?

Unknown Speaker 43:20
Um, oh my god. When you all there are fighters fighters that I like, think are attractive, but like having a crush on one. I don't know. I'm worse than that I find attractive. I'm trying to remember.

Unknown Speaker 43:42
I mean, you know, you got your big buff guys. You got your friends listening. God knows. And you're steep as

Unknown Speaker 43:50
sometimes that way. Like when we get away, it's like, you would have to catch it really quick because someone will come out and you'll see their body and you're like, oh, but then you have to like straighten your face. Because you know what's advance?

Unknown Speaker 44:00
You You don't want to pull a Joe Rogan looking at me sheets. But you know. That's a hard job. Not you know, like all these shredded fighters and you just got to be like, eyes forward. That sounds like a hard job to me.

Unknown Speaker 44:15
Oh, well. I remember I was talking to Joe Rogan on stage one time. At the Weigh ins and people were not dming me they were mentioning on Twitter nonstop. Like what were you saying to Joe Rogan? Where were you in Joe Rogan talking about and like so God forbid I was daring one of the fighters down on the scale they would be like Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 44:34
yeah, you have like what to say in conversation with Joe Rogan. And you guys are having a love affair into on Twitter, right? You're like, no dishsoap eyes forward eyes. All right, so now we're getting to the the juicy stuff. I got to ask where's the craziest place you've ever had sex? I know you're like a shy girl. So I'm thinking you might actually win. Promises or some pretty bold

Unknown Speaker 44:57
Really? Yeah. Um, yeah, I'm pretty much down for anything but. And I'm usually the one that initiate something if we're like, like, we're in some random place because I just like, I just like to be funny. I don't know. But I was hiking one time and I did it on a hike.

Unknown Speaker 45:20
Oh, wow. That's like one of our, our last guests Paulina. She did it on a front yard. Just

Unknown Speaker 45:27
I think I read that. Like, we were hiking and I said you want to go like that there was like this little it wasn't like a full on cave, obviously. But there was like this little space where it was kind of covered. And I thought we got to make this quick. And you know, he's like, can

Unknown Speaker 45:48

Unknown Speaker 45:52

Unknown Speaker 45:53
I can drone over. I said, Oh my God.

Unknown Speaker 45:57
So was this? Did you lay down a blanket? Or did we have to make no

Unknown Speaker 46:00
I, like leaned up against the rock, and I just kind of like,

Unknown Speaker 46:05
made it happen.

Unknown Speaker 46:08
All right, that's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 46:08
So how did you learn about sex growing up as a kid? Did you? Did you have you know, the parents, like sit you down for that talk? Or, you know, do you watch a movie and realize, like, oh, the stork doesn't bring babies that way.

Unknown Speaker 46:24
My, well, my mom and my grandma both had kids young. So like my mom had me when she was 17. I was her firstborn. And then my grandma had my dad when she was 16. So I kind of always I wasn't, I kind of always like knew about it. And okay, this is gonna sound crazy. But like I sometimes used to, like, sneak and watch.

Unknown Speaker 46:49
Crazy all all kids are curious. And I found my dad's house, I don't know if it's my dad or my step mom's. And it's very different. But I found a book and like, I'm old enough to like read, obviously. And I remember opening the book. And it's like a novel, just, you know, no pictures, but it was like an erotic novel. And it was just like, you know, like, I was like, Oh my gosh, and like, I stole the book. And I like was reading it under the covers, and then like, put it back every day. And then we'll go steal it and read it under that another chapter. So yeah, I'm right there with you.

Unknown Speaker 47:20
Yeah, it was like, you know, how they used to, like, be on TV. And I didn't really know what it was obviously, but I mean, I just was like, watching then if I was, if someone was like coming, I would just like change channel, but it wasn't like an all the time. Maybe like, I had seen it on. But they they because they had kids young like my mom never really talked to me about it. I was I told her when I lost my virginity though. I never told my grandma. Like she's never gonna know.

Unknown Speaker 47:47
Like, right after it happened. You talk to your mom. You're like, Mom, I

Unknown Speaker 47:50
just had sex? Yeah. Oh, it was like, yeah, it was it was pretty soon after. Like, I maybe that same week. I told her

Unknown Speaker 47:58
when did you lose your virginity?

Unknown Speaker 48:01
I was 16. Which looking back like I've always had even after it happened. I was like, I I always thought I would wait. Like that was always my plan. I never planned to lose it that young I wasn't. And that's what I was saying is like, my grandma, because they had kids so young I they might or move always really big on like, we couldn't start dating until we were 16. And we couldn't do really anything. My arm was really, really strict. And she was just always, the way she talked about sex wasn't like, Oh, this is what happens. And then like she told us, but she'd be like, just don't do it. Because you're gonna get addicted. And then you don't want to deal with me. Like

Unknown Speaker 48:42
she kept it real, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 48:44
Yeah, but she was also very strict. But I did lose it and and I always said even before that I was always very much like a no girl. Like I didn't. I wasn't like I said, I was never boy crazy. I wasn't just out here. It just kind of happened. And I regretted it so much now because like, I mean, the guy was in love with me. So it wasn't some weird thing. It was just I was like, I feel like I'm way too young to be doing this. And I always thought I'd be at least out of high school.

Unknown Speaker 49:19
Shocking, because I feel like when I was in high school, and I'm a little older than you, I'm 33 I know you're 26 right. And so I remember feeling this like crazy pressure in high school from all the kids like, you know, by by high school. Most of my friends had had sex, and I had it and so I was just like, wow, I gotta lose my virginity. I got a loser. I'm a loser if I don't and yeah, when I was like 15, almost 16 I lost it. But I felt like and this is not why you want to lose. You're not why you want to have sex. Right? Because Yeah, feel like you have to do it should be something that you want to do. But that's interesting, because I feel like in high school, kids don't have that, like that sense that you are that you wanted to Like, no, not a lot of kids have that.

Unknown Speaker 50:03
Yeah, I'm like, I don't know what I don't know why it was, but I've always been super, super, like independent and and whatever I want. That's what I want. And that's what I'm going to get. Or if I don't want to do something, I'm not going to do it. Like all my friends know this about me if I don't want to do something, I won't do it if I want to that I will. I just have always been. And so when I lost it, I was like, wow, you just kind of did this and you knew you didn't want to. And yeah, so I mean, like I said, If I could go back and have waited, I would have but I mean it just

Unknown Speaker 50:35
yeah. And do you want to have kids someday? I mean, I know you, your mom and your grandmother had kids early? And I was just thinking, is that something you want? Or you're just like, I'm good.

Unknown Speaker 50:44
Yeah. I want like three or four? Oh, wow. Yeah, I remember when I was a little kid, my older brothers, their mom. She would always say we're gonna we can be one. And I'm like, 1010 Yes, I want. I can always have kids. But I also want to be like

Unknown Speaker 51:10
her. So you also want to be what?

Unknown Speaker 51:13
Mary married and things like that.

Unknown Speaker 51:15
Yeah, yeah, definitely.

Unknown Speaker 51:16
I mean,

Unknown Speaker 51:17
you're only 26 you got plenty of time. And it sounds like you love traveling the world. So keep it in your pants. No, just kidding. So you said earlier, something that kind of contradicted yourself. You're like, yeah, I'm, you know, I don't. I'm not like the person that approaches the guy you're let or maybe you meant like when you were drinking that you're more aggressive towards the you know, you'll start conversations and you're more personable when you're drinking. Is that what you meant?

Unknown Speaker 51:44
Yeah, I'm more. I'm definitely more personable. When I'm drinking. I'm nice. Like, if you're around me, and you started talking to me, like, you will be cool, but I just I'm not gonna go first. But even guys, like I don't approach them first. Even if it's been if I'm drunk. It's just like, I'm just more open. Like, I'll just like be making eye contact or like do counts me I'll be more flirty.

Unknown Speaker 52:10
Yeah, does that transfer to the bedroom? Are you? Are you more open in the bedroom? Are you a little bit more submissive or dominant?

Unknown Speaker 52:19
I'm way more submissive. Because I'm super dominant personality. Like I yeah, I was there. I'm like, a major control freak. And I am really strong. And dominant naturally. So I don't like to be dominant at all.

Unknown Speaker 52:37
So what are some things that you like, in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 52:42
I love Why, I mean, I think a lot of men need to realize that foreplay is so important. Like, let's just put that out there. Guys do not say. I like women talk. Like, super sexual. Like I need it. Yeah, just reckless. Just talk. Dirty talk my name but like, Yes, I

Unknown Speaker 53:06
need it. Are you so open to dirty talk that you will allow for name calling? No, no. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:18
Yeah, no.

Unknown Speaker 53:20
I let my boyfriend do it. Because we've established a very strong, you know, connection. We've been dating for close to two years now. And it's like, you know, like, I know that he doesn't really think that about me. But like, in the moment, like, he'll call me like, certain names and I'm just like, my, I've like two sides to me, like, you know, the naughty side like, yeah, call me a beggar, you know, whatever. And then the other side's like, Oh, wait, it's okay. We're having sex.

Unknown Speaker 53:47
It's happened to me one time. And like, we were both drunk, and I just was like, What did he say? Like, and I didn't want it. I'm not the kind of person that's gonna, like, ruin the moment. I usually just kind of go along with anything, but I'm like, we're gonna talk about this later, for sure. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 54:06
all right. Okay, so it's the time of the show where we'd like to play something called the lightning sex round. Are you familiar with it? Yeah, okay. All right. I'm gonna name one word or one phrase and you just say yes or no rapid fire. Okay. Okay, all right. Here we go. Lightning sex round. Do you dirty talk in bed? That's a yes. You spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 54:38
Yes. Biting. Yes, choking? Yes. threesomes No, never

Unknown Speaker 54:48
have one. Never had one. All right. Well, you're only 26 there's plenty of time. Do you watch? Do you watch porn still? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 54:57
Do you any foot fetishes like feet. No, or bodily fluid,

Unknown Speaker 55:03
like a fetish. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:05
Like a golden shower. Any What about bondage? Like ropes and blindfolds?

Unknown Speaker 55:13
Sure. All right,

Unknown Speaker 55:15
but stuff on you or a partner.

Unknown Speaker 55:18
Um, don't care for it.

Unknown Speaker 55:20
Do you sex toys? Oh, all right. Do you use sex toys? Oh, yeah. ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 55:30
No. And are you a lingerie lover? Um, I just prefer to be naked. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 55:39
I'm the same way. I'm like, I will if it's requested of me, but I would just rather be naked. Awesome. Thank you so much for playing blending sex. All right, we're gonna move into the fuck marry kill game. One marry

Unknown Speaker 55:59
one kill one. Go.

Unknown Speaker 56:01
I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 56:03
Are you? Are you ready? Okay, this one was so hard because I wanted to give you some like something that like, you know, pertain to what you do but there's like obviously no male octagon boys. No. So I was like, all right. I just chose models slash beautiful men and yours are Tyson Beckford. Okay, Fabio.

Unknown Speaker 56:27
And Zoo lander. So some are real bottles and somewhere Are you gonna fuck who you gonna marry and who you're gonna kill?

Unknown Speaker 56:37
Okay, I'm gonna type in Blackford? Of course. I might Fabiana marry Tyson. Blackford. I'm killed.

Unknown Speaker 56:53
Yeah, that's pretty easy. Okay, awesome. Okay, so we have a couple of fan questions.

Unknown Speaker 57:00
You're gonna push me

Unknown Speaker 57:05
to end the episode. And there's a lot actually like, I tend to do like three or four. And we'll see how many we get through but these were so good. Already. Yeah, I at I am filled Jr. What body part? Oh, sorry. body part that when touched. turns her on the most.

Unknown Speaker 57:26
Oh, see good ones. I'm

Unknown Speaker 57:28
like Good job, guys.

Unknown Speaker 57:31
Um, probably my met. But it would have to be like kids.

Unknown Speaker 57:39
You can't just flick you in the neck and be turned on. Okay, yeah, that's Yeah, definitely erogenous zones. I feel like right the neck. Yeah, yeah. Okay. At Larry underscore, l 321. Do you miss crowds? And are you looking forward to working arenas again?

Unknown Speaker 58:02
Yes, I'm so excited. I can't wait till we can have fans again. I actually have is really chill. like not having the fans like sometimes if you're not feeling like you look your best or you're not feeling too hot that day. It's like, it's nice when there's not a bunch of people around. But I do miss. For sure.

Unknown Speaker 58:23
Yeah, it's for me as a fighter. It's a little different. I feel like

Unknown Speaker 58:28

Unknown Speaker 58:30
feed off of that energy, you know, the yoga screaming, you know, like, it just pumps me up in a way that like it's almost like a drug. You know, like, you see the movies and like, you know, like everything kind of just like home like gets fuzzy around you. And it's it's great. It's an amazing feeling and

Unknown Speaker 58:48
energy is something different.

Unknown Speaker 58:51
Yeah. And and fight fans. You know, they're kind of like no other right? You know, you get definitely not golf fans, that's for sure. They're awesome. We love you guys. Okay, at correct. Cracow. I am pack. What was your first time being a ring card card girl like?

Unknown Speaker 59:11
Oh, it was really the fire was really good. And we were in Kansas City. So I mean, it was weird because I was walking around with like crazy. And people were stopping her and asking her for pictures. And I'm just like, What is going on? And then everything just kind of felt like it moved so fast. And I was just like, wow, that was so crazy. Because I didn't know anything going into it. I didn't know what lands would be like I didn't know what the fight was gonna be like, I had to ask them like, what do we do like no one kind of it just kind of like when it like I there was nothing that was told to me beforehand. So

Unknown Speaker 59:53
do you remember the actual fighters that you held the cards up for like the actual fight

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Know that Robert Whittaker was fighting Okay, I know that Mighty Mouse is fighting. I know that internal number some of the other main car people, I can't remember, but I know for sure that they were on that card. Nice. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
this next question is awesome. We kind of touched on it earlier. But now you have to answer at Linc underscore q w II. Who do you think the most attractive female fighter is? And the most attractive? Male fighter? Yeah, so you get female and male.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33
Okay, you know, I always say every time I see her, oh my god, is she Hawaiian? What is her name? Probably, Rachel. yet. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:47
Rachel's a mega babe. Yeah. We had her on the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
Okay, I thought so. Cuz I was gonna ask him like, did you have her on yours? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, she's

Unknown Speaker 1:00:56
she's a sweet girl. She was actually on the same fight card that I was on our last card. And she's no longer really yeah, she's not in the with the UFC anymore. That was her last fight. But who knows? You know, she could work your butt off. She's a hard worker, she may get back, you know, when a few fights and come back? And then what about guys?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:16
I'm trying to think I can actually remember I like this one in my head. I just can't remember his name. That's the only part that's why I didn't answer it earlier. Because there's like a few that I think are attractive. But there's one in particular I'm thinking about and I can't remember his name. I feel like he's Brazilian.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
What's he look like?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:37
I can think that I will say it before.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:42
Okay, all right. If you think about tell us Um, let's see. How about shit I like with a see. Some of these Instagram names are funny. It's spelled ch i t. I like, should I like, Is it hard knowing you're the most attractive woman on the card? My wife and I wish you were on every card.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:06
Oh, man. Oh, nice. Thank you. I don't think about that. So I'm not like, yeah, I'm here, bitches. And I'm fine. This one here. I think the girl that I work with is super beautiful. So I don't ever like I don't know, I don't we don't ever really think about like, like, Who's the best looking wine or anything like that. But I mean, thank you for the compliment.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
Yeah, I'm sure. I mean, it would take a lot of confidence being like, I'm the most beautiful bitch here.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
If you were like, oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43
Yeah, you probably want a very nice person. Okay, actually, this next question you answered earlier at munia Moon shadow ever been with a couple? Huh?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:55
Oh, you know, and I think if this is the same person I'm thinking of I've been asked this a few times when I do the q&a on my story. No, I haven't. Like I said, I'm not really like, posed to them. But I'm also I've also never like, been with a curls. I don't know how much fun I would be in that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
Here like

Unknown Speaker 1:03:20
but, but you're open to it. So I think that's what the fans want to hear. That's their fantasy. All right. Last question. At Jordan Ray photography, weirdest fan attempt to win your affection.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
wow. I don't even know. I don't really get like, weird. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51
no one like painted their body marry me, Brooklyn or anything like

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55
no, I don't know. I can't think of. I get like weird things. But I've never had like, someone go out of their way to do anything like crazy.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
Yeah. All right. Yeah, they needed to step it up. Well, I want to ask you a question about, like, let's say there's someone who's aspiring to be in your position, whether it's, you know, the level of modeling that you've got to or an octagon girl, what advice would you give someone because, I mean, I can't even imagine the modeling industry like I'm, I'm professional fighter, but you know, I know. It's like a completely different world of like, dedication and sacrifice and all these things. But you know, it's hard to summarize, but if you would give a girl or a guy as an up and comer who might want to be an octagon girl, or get into modeling. Some good advice.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:48
Yeah, well, this is cool, because I actually get DMS about this a lot. I I'm probably actually one of the worst people to ask because of how I got hired.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:02
You're like just bartending cross your fingers.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
Like, it's, I think that when the time is right, if, if you are trying to do it, like, I would just say you have that 100% of you confident in yourself like and this is just general advice, you just be confident or like fake that confidence until you make it be kind to people because that energy will always come back to you. treat people well. And just like, and work hard at whatever it is that you want. Because like I said, it may not come in the way that you want it. Like, I never thought I'd be a UFC ring girl. But I've always like I've put in so much work behind the scenes that people will just never understand. It's stuff that I don't even show on social media that they don't even talk about stuff that is only the people closest to me really understand how much work I've put in. And I feel like that just kind of came back to me in the form of my job. Yeah. So I feel I just, you know, work hard at whatever it is that you're doing behind and and be confident.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
I love that

Unknown Speaker 1:06:18
that's awesome. Yeah, something I like to say towards the end of each episode is you know, be be kind be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone right? Yeah, love yourself and own it but stand up for yourself also.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:33
Well, that's pretty much it.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:34
We've Where can we find you on all the social medias and your only fans account?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:41
My like, my Instagram is Brooklyn underscore Ren is at br Oh, okay. LIYN Yeah, don't

Unknown Speaker 1:06:49
get the spelling wrong, guys. I did that. It's a Brooklyn. Hi, guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:55
Yeah, Li y en underscore Ren. My Twitter is Hello Brooklyn. Which is a song by David Blaine. And I feel like it's my theme song of life. I've been putting names like in high school. And then my only fans as well it's just my name too. It's just Brooklyn rent no space.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:17
Got it and all that will be in the Episode Notes guys if you want to check her out. One question we ask all the guests who would you like to hear on the show next could be a fighter could be a girl could be a guy could be you know an exact somebody that you know is in the fight scene or not in the fight scene? Anyone?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:38
See, I would love to hear either one of my one of my girls one of the other octagon girls, because they have they have the

Unknown Speaker 1:07:49
who would who would be the best on the show who would be the most open?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:55
Any? Honestly, you could get any of them and you would hear some of the fun the most on me and I feel like yeah, I feel like any of them that you could ask you would have a good time. Okay. Or I feel like one of the like, commentator guys would be fine. Or like one of the commentator women like a like, um,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:24
we had we had Laura sanko on she was fun. Oh, yeah. Maybe like I would love Megan a levy or Heidi and draw. That'd be really fun. Yeah. And you know what the guys, it's funny. Like, it's been harder to get the guys to come on as opposed to the girls. And you think really, it'd be the opposite, right? Like guys are like, oh, I'll talk about my dick.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:45
But no,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:45
they don't want to talk to the girl.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:49
Okay, well, I will try not to creepily slide into the other girls, DMS the other octagon, girls, but maybe we can get one of them on here. You've been super awesome. Thank you for showing us a side that not a lot of people get to see you know, and I know you've been doing beauty pageants and you were nine and modeling. And there's that phrase, every overnight success put in years of work before they got successful. And that's you and and I really, really respect you what you do, and you're not just a pretty face. Thank you so much for coming on the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:23
Thank you for having me. And we'll

Unknown Speaker 1:09:25
talk to you soon. And I'm very sad. You didn't tell us your cutest or your, uh, your fighter pick. I know, you know, I know. You know.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:36
Okay, I'll say one that I do think is like a target. But this is the one I was thinking about. But I do find Israel.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:44
Okay, okay. Is he I mean and how good of a fighter he is. Right? It's like, yeah, you can be like, in my opinion can be like a solid six and then you feel like an amazing fighter and like

Unknown Speaker 1:09:55
boop boop, your date? You know, I don't like People who are coffee at all so I'm like, if you're just like coffee, I'm like, Oh, nevermind our Neiman. I'm not even a fan right now. But if I meet the person and you're really nice, I'm like, Okay, nevermind. Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:12
that's it. And you I think you and I both know that there's a demeanor a character, you know, like that alter ego that we're talking about that do you have to play up? So you're like, Alright, I get it. You know, you're being a little extra cocky, for a reason. Okay, well, thanks for coming on the show. And good luck with the rest of the year. And hopefully, we get to be on the same card.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:37

Unknown Speaker 1:10:39
Okay. Thanks for watching. Talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:27
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:50
was an awesome interview. I'm super happy that she came on the show. You know, it's it's nice to have a wide variety of guests on here. You know, sometimes we're gonna bring you fighters. Sometimes we'll bring you the pretty girls who hold up the ring card, the cards and walk around the octagon. And next week, we're going to bring you the people who report on the crazy sport that we love so much. Be sure to check out next Friday's episode. We have MMA journalists, Helen Lee and her partner, the schmo will talk about everything from MMA journalism to how they got together and their love life and their sex life. So, you know, guys, I know, dating is draining, and relationships are hard. You know, just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you know, that's it. It's easy part. It's gonna be hard forever. But I truly think that the magic of human connection is worth it. And whether you guys are trying to connect with yourself on some self love, that's okay, as well, if you're just dating, and if you are already in a relationship, I really wish the best for you guys. And don't forget to check out our YouTube now. It's going to be in the link in the show notes. You can now see and hear the episodes. Hope you guys enjoyed this week's show with me rebel girl. And remember, always Be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. And for all your fan questions as always a special thank you to audio engineer DJs all at DJs all tomorrow kids studio at tomorrow kids official producer Nate Jackson at Nadir Domus and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. And lastly, I asked you guys earlier to please please send me an email at or sorry, Ashley at sex and violence podcast calm and if you haven't written a review, no big deal, but it really really does help us so anything you guys want to share as far as criticism good, bad, I don't care. I got thick skin. We're just trying to make the show better for you guys. Ashley at sex and violence podcast calm. And let's try and make the show a little bit better. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales

Unknown Speaker 1:14:02
of sex and violence.

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