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Ep.46 Helen Yee & "The Schmo" Dave Schmulenson

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Hey guys,

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welcome back to sexy violence with rebel group where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and ultimate taboo subjects.

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I'm your host,

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Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Let's talk about sex and violence.

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What's happening? Hot Stuff.

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What's up all my naughty listeners. We're back tomorrow kids studio. And last week, I got a lot of love for the weird random story that I told you guys. So I figured I would tell you another story. And this happened the past week. So my life is always interesting. And sometimes embarrassing. So the boyfriend and I were going out to dinner because California just reopened as far as indoor dining and all that. And I was feeling like looking all girly, and I dressed up and I was wearing I think it was like, not a dress. But anyway, I had no pockets. And that's very relevant to the story. So keep that in mind. So anyway, so I the other part of the story that you need to know, which is kind of funny is that there's an app called ham horn. And it's literally just an app that is a horn. And since you can't see it, I will play it for you just got a giant button when you download it. And you press the button, you hear this. Let me turn up a little bit. And he goes okay, so you can tap it slow. Pretty fast. Okay. All right. That's the ham horn app. All right, back to the story. So I have this ham horn app, because a few years ago used to be I guess, a guest on a podcast called the donkey show podcast rip. And we would always just drink and talk about MMA and, and just play this sound randomly. So anyway, I forgot that I had this app on my phone, and I'm at the nice dinner. And so I go to the restroom and I'm like, Oh, shit, I have no pockets. So I stick my phone in between my armpit and my side, like kind of like in between my boobie in my arm, just to hold it. And I pull my pants down. And as I'm about to sit down, like literally right before my cheeks hit the seat or the seat cover, you nasty bastards. It goes off. And it sounds like this full volume in the women's restroom. And I scared the shit out of myself and not gonna lie peed a little bit on myself. You could hear the other ladies in the stall next to me like oh, Lord, okay. Oh, God. And I'm like, oh my god. So, yeah. All right, back to the show, guys. So last week, I asked you guys, if you could do me a favor, if you are moved at all by the show, if you think I'm doing a great job, even if you think I'm doing a shitty job. I think every piece of criticism is constructive. And we're just trying to make a better show for you guys. Even if you guys have suggestions on guess what you think we should do for the year anniversary is coming up? We're on episode 46. And so I'm bad at math. 52.

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Yeah, 52 weeks, that's 52. So that'll be our year anniversary. You know, if you want to email me at, it's Ashley as h l e, at sex and violence any kind of input you guys have, that'd be awesome. We just want to, like I said, make the show a little bit better. Also, we are now on YouTube. So if you want to check us out there, the show notes we'll have the link and then just a notice to all you guys who wanted to possibly be a Patreon member. We're gonna put that on hold for now. So you know, stay tuned, we're going to be creating lots and lots of bonus content. But right now we want to focus on giving you the best free content. So we're going to just put that on pause for now. Okay, so tomorrow we have the we're back to the UFC. And it's good card except, like always, we have some unfortunate last minute changes. And it's the main event. Darren till vs. Martin vittori was supposed to be the main event at this UFC Vegas 23 but unfortunately, Darren till has a broken collarbone. So he is now out. And Kevin Holland is stepping in on think 10 days short notice which is pretty awesome. And I think he just fought less than a month ago that three weeks ago. Yeah, like three weeks ago. Thanks, TJ Oh, he had his first loss in I think he was on a five fight winning streak before that so you know, maybe this will be his chance to get back on track. Maybe it was a bad choice to take a short notice fight against a very high caliber athlete like vittore I do not know we'll see that's gonna be super exciting and the rest of the cards great to go Arnold Allen vs city excusive sam smile, and Sam Alvey who is on the show versus Julian Marquez go Sam Nina asinof. She was on the show as well. She's a new mama she has her first fight back after her popping out of kid versus Mackenzie Dern also a mama. So that should be interesting. Mike Perry versus Daniel Rodriguez, D rod. Hopefully he wins and then the prelims pretty good too. I'm personally invested in the Norma Dumont versus Bay Malecki. You know, maybe I'm a little bitter about that loss, and I just want to see what happens but you know, I hope she makes wait like I said last week and the bay girl I've heard really great, really great things about her as well. So I'm interested in watching that fight. And yeah, this will also be the first time that the UFC has the new venom, UFC fight kits. So venom is now taking over for Reebok. Reebok will be the shoe outfitter, I guess but everything else will be venom. They somebody leaked some photos. I saw them today. We're not bad. You know? I don't know. I think they're the equivalent of what the Reebok outfit. You know, the fight kits were. It's not anything too crazy. Like I said last week, I just don't want bedazzled, you know, busy kind of crazy, old school affliction type stuff. As long as it's nothing like that. I'm okay. And also April 24, a big big landmark time of the landmark. I don't know, a really big date coming up is April 24. That's when the UFC will now be having crowds again. If everything goes as planned knock on wood. And oh, does not sound like

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what's going on with me. Currently. I'm in Florida on a beach somewhere. Kinda. We're recording this episode early. So when you hear this episode, I will be on a beach somewhere in Miami, enjoying the weather. Hopefully staying away from the bajillion Spring Breakers that are out there and doing the Craig Jones seminar as well as the boyfriend will be teaching a seminar on one of those days. So it's like a work vacation trip. Much much needed. And yeah, they a botanical bloom still doesn't have a sunscreen. Come on guys, but I will be packing all my other goodies. They have lots of things. They have a cucumber, melon scented hand sanitizer. It's my favorite product by far we are still in the pandemic even though sometimes it doesn't feel like it. And you know, I'm going out to Florida so I sound like a hypocrite but I'm gonna take my hand sanitizer with me and spray my hands every time I go somewhere. A botanical bloom has lots of goodies. They also are always made from real CBD not hemp seed oil. And all of their products are lab tested and they provide a QR code on the box so that you can scan it and track the results. In addition to hand sanitizer, they got lip balms, chapstick, vapor rubs, tinctures, gummies, and those gummies. They are very strong they have double the dosage of your normal CBD gummy. So go follow them at a botanical bloom on Facebook and Instagram, or check out their website WWW dot a botanical bloom calm. Don't forget to use code Ashley MMA and you get 20% off on all products. Before we talk to our guest a word from our most sexy sponsor. This podcast is brought to you by Ella para The adult toy store

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visit and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Today's guests are sports journalists who found love amid the traveling interviewing and reporting. Dave schmal Ensign co host of the schmoes zone created the schmo as a fresh perspective and a new alternative to what is occurring in sports today, a term he coined as sports comedy. Helen de the other half of the schmoes zone podcast is a Las Vegas native, a bilingual Mandarin reporter Former two time state champion and nationally ranked swimmer. He is also the producer, host and creator of eyes on the game. She's worked for Las Vegas Sports Network and affiliate of ESPN, and Fox Sports as well as top rank boxing on ESPN and many more. We talked about traveling the world as a couple discovering porn at age six, Olympic swim team training, sex in an abandoned storage room. Fuck marry kill couples edition and so much more. Here are your guests Helen Yee and the schmo.

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Doncaster say

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more bandwidth but they don't know nothing.

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Don't know. Don't know. Don't know never run around like a bad thing. Come in, but

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then come in. Don't

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don't don't keep coming. or stop ever.

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I still get sick. I'm still good.

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still get together don't feel better. Still, that

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was still best. All right, we

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have Dave schmoll, Ensign and Helen, you with us. Thank you so much for joining us guys.

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Thank you for having us.

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Thanks for having us. Now. You see Ashley why schmo is easier to save in small and thin? Yeah, I

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mean, is that why you are the schmo instead of Dave Schmeling said

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I can't say that's the biggest reason why but that certainly contributes to it. It's easier it rolls off the tongue better. And you know it works.

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Well. Let's get right into it. You know, I'm gonna ask you about all your your love life later. But let's let's talk about what you guys do and reporting all the journalism the traveling the video. You Dave, let's let's talk to you first. Okay, the schmo. It's sports comedy a toy coin, you have term term you have coined sorry. Where did the idea of the schmo come from? Tell us tell us about it.

Unknown Speaker 12:36
So I've always been a goofy weird guy growing up, it was just love sports. And I grew up outside of Chicago. So I really appreciate the Chicago Second City legends the john Belushi is the Chris Farley. So Mike Meyers. Yeah. And, you know, Harry Carey, he was a legendary broadcaster with huge glasses. So I love comedy. And I love sports. And I put those two together, because trying to work in corporate America and grind my way in the traditional ways of sports broadcaster, you know, I ran into a lot of different issues, a lot of red tape, a lot of corporate politics, and I saw where the digital world was turning, and I figured I could do it better myself, but no one was going to give me a chance. So I created the character to honor those legends of the past and have a modern digital twist, and to really draw the personalities out of the athletes and the people that I interact with. So that's kind of how that was birthed.

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That's awesome. How long have you been reporting? When did you get into sports journalism?

Unknown Speaker 13:36
So I got into sports journalism. When I was in college at the University of Arizona. I covered our basketball on our football team. I graduated in 2012. from University of Arizona and Tucson, so I was doing it back in around 2011 in 2012, and tried the traditional route. I graduated college, I interned at Comcast SportsNet Chicago to time I pretty much paid to intern because I wasn't, wasn't getting paid, and I had to pay to park downtown and I picked up two degrees in personal training to pay the bills. And I just grinded my way and found my way out west in California and kind of just worked in sports production and made connections and found my way to becoming the schmo at my last job in corporate America while that USA Today sports,

Unknown Speaker 14:22
and now you're just a one man show you go on the road as the schmo and not Dave, are you working for any networks? Or is it just independently?

Unknown Speaker 14:35
It's just Helen and I, we kind of, you know, obviously we're dating and that's what we're going to get into as well. But we've joined forces, it's a two man, woman slash man woman team here. And we write produce, we edit we book the talent, we film for each other. And we wear a lot of different hats. And essentially, it's like we both run our own little individual production companies that we have have each other with.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
That's awesome. Helen, I know you have been doing this for a while as well let us let us in on some of your background, how'd you get involved in Word this love of sports journalism come from?

Unknown Speaker 15:12
Yeah, so I was a swimmer, basically my entire childhood, I was a competitive swimmer, an athlete, and a lot of my former like, rivals, I guess in swimming or training partners. A lot of them are now like pro swimmers or current Olympians. So, you know, my love for sports started off. When I was an athlete, basically, when I was very young, and I love watching sports, with my dad, whenever I wasn't training and swimming, and I was always very shy growing up, I hated talking to people, it was my biggest fear in life, I wish I was invisible in class, and that no one can see me and the only thing you know, if I were to talk, and felt comfortable talking about were sports. And that was the only thing that truly made me happy. So long story short, my swim career came to a sudden halt. For reasons kind of unknown, but for years, I kind of lost my identity because I grew up just, you know, thinking one day, I want to be an Olympian, I want to be a pro swimmer. And that's and swim in college, go to USC, and that's what my focus was my entire childhood. So when my dream was cut short, I didn't know who I was anymore, because I identify just, you know, being a swimmer my entire life. And I hated being shy. So I created my own sports radio show when I was 22 years old, because this podcast asked me if I wanted to, like be part of their show with two other women. But I told them, I would only do it if I could talk about sports, because I didn't want to talk about anything else. And I wanted to challenge myself because of how much I hated talking to people. And basically, he said, I was not good, like I sucked at what I did. And that lit a fire under my ass. So I created my own sports radio show. And in the beginning, kind of like what David said, I mean, I was paying say, I was working full time jobs, how to save up and pay my own on air time. My own broadcasting time. But yeah, so just been doing it ever since. Because for my love of sports and my hate for speaking of people,

Unknown Speaker 17:40
that's amazing. And not a lot of people can conquer their fears and reinvent themselves. All because, you know, they just want to change something about them about themselves. Dave, I think that you kind of did a similar thing by, you know, you create this character, you kind of you saw that you needed to maybe set yourself apart. And so you invented this character. And, you know, you guys are now working together, which is amazing. And you have you guys, have you worked for any other promotions together? Or is it just ever since you guys met? Has it just been Helen and schmo?

Unknown Speaker 18:16
Yeah, so was the promotion we kind of do together now and created is the schmo zone podcast where we co host it together. And we started it last February, right before a month before the pandemic hit, which was a blessing in disguise, because that was our saving grace of the pandemic. But it also gives us a platform where we can be ourselves. So I'm not the schmo. Most of the time on the podcast, I could be myself when we talk about the behind the scenes of our lives, and of the grind in production, and how we make it work together and just navigating through, like I mentioned before the red tape, because there's a lot of it in this industry.

Unknown Speaker 18:53
Yeah. Is that a weekly podcast? You guys do?

Unknown Speaker 18:57
Yes, it's a weekly podcast. We put out an episode every Tuesday. We'll have one out in a little bit a few hours from now. But you know, this is actually we took about a week and a half off because we're currently building a podcast, a new podcast studio right now. So it's going to be better than ever. And it's just the grind putting it all together. How are you guys balancing with?

Unknown Speaker 19:20
Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 19:21
sorry to cut you off. But balancing. I mean, I was just gonna ask you guys travel and do all this reporting. But how do you stay consistent with the podcast?

Unknown Speaker 19:30
Yeah, it's, it's pretty much it's a mental thing. It's just it's something that we add to our schedule. We know we have to do and we we just grind and we find a way to, to come across, you know, what's trending, what's what's, what's relevant to what we're talking about. And we find the right guests for that and we're only 60 episodes in. So we're still fairly new to it, and we enjoy learning as we go.

Unknown Speaker 19:56
Well, we're over here at 46 or 47. So You guys are ahead of us for sure. And I'll definitely be checking it out. So you guys talk about every all sports, or, you know, do you focus on one in particular?

Unknown Speaker 20:10
We definitely focus on on MMA, because that's where our largest audience is. But we've, we've crossed over, we've done boxing, we've had NFL talent on there as well. You know, once the Raiders open more back up, because we're based in Vegas, we'll kind of focus more on NFL and have a lot of Raiders and football players walking through as well. But we definitely I would say during this pandemic focused on MMA, because what Dana White was the first one to bring sports back and have it back consistently. So it always gives us something to talk about. Yeah. And then we did want to during Super Bowl Weekend, yes. And we did launch it on the 20 2020. We launch it in Miami during the Superbowl weekend. Yeah, it

Unknown Speaker 20:49
does seem like the pandemic has been uniquely successful for you guys. I knew you. I guess it's been a year, two years. I don't know how long we've known each other individually. And we had this talk the other day, you guys were when I met each of you individually, you were kind of both just starting out. But now I kind of scroll through your Instagram and see some of your articles and videos and you're hobnobbing with Dana, why you're just got these high level, you know, athletes on all the time, what what was the change? Besides, you know, everything shutting down? Like what was the root of all your success this past year?

Unknown Speaker 21:28
Well, um, I would say the biggest turning point for my career in particular was asking Dana, the 165 pound weight division question at the seasonal press conference in Atlanta for UFC 236. It was the first time where a lot of different people, and actually you knew me, as I was grinding, I was doing the same stick. I was hustling just as hard and just people didn't weren't aware of what I was doing. That changed. When I finally asked my first question at the press conference, got the last question. And Dana finally saw who I was. And it started sticking and people started understanding where I was coming from. But what I would say is, what the pandemic and why we've had so much success is we just weren't weren't afraid to adapt. If you don't adapt, you die. We were willing to change up what we do. We definitely did some more digital stuff. But we also were risk taking, you know, obviously, we're cautious. But we've been going to nearly every single UFC event. And still and still giving the fighters a platform, another platform, another outlet. But the thing that what Helen and I credit ourselves on the most is what we do is we want to make the athlete or the person we're interviewing, feeling feel good. We want them to see their personalities, we want their personalities to shine, we're not going to give the same generic boring question, oh, you won this fight. You lost the site, how does it feel the same? You know, the same standard six to 10 questions you get sure we'll sprinkle that in, or that's relevant news. But we're also going to do whatever we can to showcase their personalities. And I think during this time, especially during the pandemic, when people want to turn to sports, as an escape, not talk about politics, or any of the BS that's going on. I feel like they can tune into our content to get that.

Unknown Speaker 23:12
Yeah, that's awesome. I feel aligned with you guys. In that sense. That's exactly what I want to do. I want to give the athletes that I have on sometimes we have other other experts on not just athletes, people like you a platform to talk about things that are not the norm right you know, when you guys talk about things, you know, that are sports related, but you kind of try to tweak it and make it unique. We're over here asking fighters about their sex life or you know, people like you about how'd you guys meet? Speaking of that, let's let's dive right in. You guys are dating. I want to know all the cutesy details. How'd you guys meet? How long have you guys been dating?

Unknown Speaker 23:52
Who's who's answering that question?

Unknown Speaker 23:55
looking at each other? To answer because, well, here's the thing, right? We kind of started Should I tell her about when my transmission froze? Yeah. Well, that was order fun. Well, that

Unknown Speaker 24:10
was like right before right before okay, but but I would say like, we definitely started paying attention to each other. That was that that it was in California, November and December of 2018 2018. It was when the john Jones fight against Gustus and the second one got moved from Vegas to to Inglewood last second. At the forum.

Unknown Speaker 24:40
I remember that when we started, mostly, you know, it's crazy. Oh my gosh, I just thought of it too. Because during that fight, remember, I was trying to interview you and then my car broke down. I don't know if I remember. I don't know if you remember, but I remember it.

Unknown Speaker 24:59
Yes, because I do remember that because you never you're in the morning. You never flake you're very, you're always punctual. And then you you're like, I'm so sorry, I'm not. I do remember that. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 25:10
Oh my gosh. Well, the reason I bring this out, because it ties into like how David and I met, like, I don't know why it just vividly like pops in my mind. So yeah, I was I wanted to interview you, and I was actually driving to go interview you. And then all of a sudden, I don't know what was going on with my car. I mean, and I so try that now, because I unfortunately got a new transmission, like put in it. So then during that drive, I just felt like when I was accelerating or hitting the gas pedal, my dad's like, my car was getting slower. So I was like, I need a pull off to the side, like, my car, you know, something's wrong with it is about a stop. And then thankfully, I pulled off because I was driving on the freeway actually heading to meet you. And then I pull off to the side. And my car just like stops, literally like it won't turn on or anything. And I'm like, crap, like, I feel so bad. Like I need, you know, I don't ever want to like flake and I've never done that. So I was like, I just I feel terrible. So my cars, that entire trip, and I was covering boxing and the UFC. It wasn't working. So I was like, What do I do? So I didn't take it to the shop, and then try to Uber to get everywhere. And so during the press conference day, it was a press conference, right, David, where I'm like, running late, and I'm just so exhausted, because like I drove there myself, like, so I was a one woman band at the time. And I just, I was so stressed out. So I get to the press conference a bit late. And then I look at David, and I've never seen him before. So sorry, Dave, I never seen you before. So then, you know, I was like, Oh, this guy was harmless. But like, okay, whatever. And I'm just stressed thinking like, Oh my gosh, new transmission, it's gonna cost me like an arm and a leg. Like, it's, this is not ideal. And so I sit next to David, and I remember telling him about my car, and what was going on and then but you know, I just like felt comfortable talking to him. But we didn't really like do anything. That trip is just me kind of telling you what was going on. Because you at the time didn't want to give me a list. You know, it

Unknown Speaker 27:48
was a well, no, I mean, I at that time, I was dealing with so many issues. I was living on my brother's couch. And I was going through so many struggles on my end. And part of the deal with living with my brothers helping me out because I was really struggling back just even a few years ago, before things started taking off for me. I was watching his dog. So I was on dog walking schedule. And I couldn't really do anything because it was the only promise I had for my brother, he'll take care of the rent, I just need to take care of his dog. It's like a child to have a picture of his dog. And that's kind of what limited me. But then a month later when we really started meeting was it was we were back in LA at the same forum actually in January for a Bella foreflight card. And I decided to meet her out with her friends for drinks. And was it Glendale or Burbank, I think we're in Burbank. We went out for drinks. And we met and I was very polite like I normally would be and Helen sent me a text. You don't have to be afraid of me. And the rest is history because then you know, I knew that the gloves are off. For one pursue someone and I never had to this day and age. I live by the saying you can't shit where you eat. Well, Helen was the exception to that rule and she became the first girl I ever dated in this industry.

Unknown Speaker 29:11
And we've been inseparable ever since and from that press conference till that bellacor fight. We miss each other anything other Manny Pacquiao at that boxing event so we like would text here in there. And then am Manny Pacquiao is open workout. And then Anderson Silva had a media workout too. And I remember David like just wanted you know, a quick interview with Anderson Silva and again I was so one woman band so he was like all I need was his 92nd Queen just to interview Anderson so I'm thinking in my mind Oh gives me like 90 more seconds to set up my camera and all this stuff. So I said yes, but that was like, basically after my car incident to in between the boater incident Ever since Yeah, we hung out at both tour or after sorry for drinks. We've literally been inseparable ever since. And it's been like the easiest, like relationships and easiest like friendship, just easy thing I've ever been in. Like, I never had to think twice about how to act and, and I am kind of weird too and they just sees everything in and accepts me.

Unknown Speaker 30:26
That's awesome. What What do you mean? You're a little weird? I mean, I guess we're all kind of weird in our own way. How would you? What kind of weirdness Do you have going on Helen?

Unknown Speaker 30:35
Oh, no, no, I mean, I know this is you know, a sexual podcast, but no, just like, my personality. I think. You know, like I said, I'm very shy. And and I'm trying to work on it always and very reserved. But I do have you know, like, a weird side like the side of me that you know, game to 217 pounds that was eating a lot of food. Loved WWE grown up just like you know, into, just like, how would you describe it, David? So we're new.

Unknown Speaker 31:14
Awkward. geekiness is probably the best way to describe it.

Unknown Speaker 31:18
I like to use the word quirky, some quirky characters.

Unknown Speaker 31:23
But weird is cool, too. For anyone out there listening who's also weird is cool. It's a good thing. Yeah, nobody

Unknown Speaker 31:29
wants to be normal. Normal is boring. So that's good. And it seems like Dave, you are more of an extrovert. Do you? Do you guys tend to like each other out in certain areas?

Unknown Speaker 31:41
For sure, I consider myself an introverted extrovert. On the outside. Everyone just thinks I'm just rambunctious, I'm allowed and everything like that. But that's what I use the Schmoe character for because myself on the inside Dave's phones and I'm, I'm relaxed person sweatpants t shirt all the time, like the flow under the radar. But, you know, obviously, when I'm with my close friends, I like to clown around when I'm with Helen, which I'm with her all the time I clown around. I am a clown. But I'm a reserved clown, I save the schmo for all the extroverted side of me, for the most part.

Unknown Speaker 32:20
So you guys are always around each other, you keep saying and I was gonna ask you like, oh, how do you make it work? Because I'd say in any other situation, if you have two sports journalists, you would be you know, I'm going to Kansas, I'm going to Texas. And so it would be maybe conflicting schedules. But you two are different and unique in the sense that you now work together. And so you're always together. So I guess the traveling and conflicting schedules is never a problem.

Unknown Speaker 32:48
True. I mean, there's always a balance, everything in life comes with a balance, and we're still working towards finding the balance with everything. But for the most part, we always travel with each other. There's been few times where I'm hired for an assignment and I go solo, or I go with a different team member or someone that I trust the film and, and create content with. But for the very most part, like, you know, Helens brand adds so much value to any situation. So to have a situation where two heads are better than one if you bring both Helen and I you get more bang for your buck. So I think a lot of these organizations understand and see that and we obviously work well with each other. And it just, it's it's works pretty seamlessly when we're with each other and we're creating content.

Unknown Speaker 33:36
Yeah. And you're both Las Vegas based.

Unknown Speaker 33:40
Yes, we both live together in Las Vegas.

Unknown Speaker 33:42
Yeah. Okay, so you live together. I'm assuming if you live together, maybe you guys have already said The L Word.

Unknown Speaker 33:50
Yeah, yeah. That was a very long time ago, when David actually worked in set it on accident.

Unknown Speaker 33:57
I was the first to say it. I did. It did come out of my mouth. It probably at the time. I thought it was premature. But I'm not one to mince words. And I say how I feel. And I guess I said at the right time.

Unknown Speaker 34:13
So happy.

Unknown Speaker 34:14
That's great. And I'm assuming you said it back. You're like, all right.

Unknown Speaker 34:19
Yeah, I was like, Okay. I'm not the only one that's feeling these feelings. Yeah, me too. I love you.

Unknown Speaker 34:25

Unknown Speaker 34:27
how long into the relationship? do you say it? Dave?

Unknown Speaker 34:32
I would say what was it within the, like, three months into the relationship? I think it could have been sooner, but it was I would like to say it was around three months into the relationship.

Unknown Speaker 34:44
Yeah, me and my boyfriend said it very early on too. But you know, when you know, you know, right.

Unknown Speaker 34:51

Unknown Speaker 34:52
So I know you guys are always traveling and you know at these press conferences and whatnot, but what about a real date Do you guys have I remember having like your first real date.

Unknown Speaker 35:03
Yeah. And actually, we try when we, when we're traveling to the cities, we know we're working most of the time. Like, we try to have a date night, we tried to like, okay, you know, set this aside, put the phones away, this is going to be the date night. And that's the beauty behind it, too. It's like, there's no other person I'd rather share these memories with like, we've been already to Melbourne, Australia, we've been to Tokyo, Japan, we've been to Europe, we've obviously been all over the United States, and we fight islands, we get to share these memories together, we're quarantined together. So there's never like, Oh, I don't get to see you. I don't know what you're thinking, like, Helen and I know each other on such a personal level, that I feel like it's expedited a lot of things that most relationships, it takes naturally a lot of time to develop just because of a situation of the pandemic and the situation, the nature of our jobs together.

Unknown Speaker 36:01
And I also think it helps the fact that, because we're in this rare situation that we work together, we both understand what each other does, you know, so it's like we understand, like, what we both have to go through because of what we both have had to endure, like even before we met. So even like when David said, you know, there's no one else he'd rather share these memories of like, I obviously share the same sentiments, but it's really nice when he understands to, like these moments like to if you try to say to anybody else, or someone who for example, if they're not a fan of sports, or this or that, like they wouldn't really understand. So and just to summarize, we both have been in relationships where our significant others can't understand how important this is to us. Like we're both workaholics, Helen and I are always thinking work mode, work mode, work mode, and

Unknown Speaker 37:01
we call it work mode. And we call it relaxing, downtime, free time, anytime. But we're always in work mode. So when the other ones in work mode, we'll never be upset at that other person, because we know exactly where that person is coming from. And I know and how I can second this. And all of my previous relationships, that's always been the line that that always seems to get crosses. Like, I love what I do. And I love the path of creating content and talking sports for a living. It's just been hard to find someone until I met how and that fully understands that. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 37:38
I think that everyone has that whole don't shit where you eat Kappa type of mentality, right? until you meet someone in the industry. That's just fucking amazing. And you're like, I don't give a fuck what the cliche term is, this person is is worth it. Right. And that seems like what you found with Helen, and I have fighters and actors and comedians on here all the time. And one thing that's similar across the board is you want someone to share your passion with which means usually dating in the industry, right? Yeah. And so it's, you know, whether you're a fighter or a journalist, there's nothing like not having to explain what you're going through or have the person just know because they've gone through it, they've cut weight, or they've, you know, traveled a million places to get to a press conference and then miss the press conference, because this thing didn't work out. And so I can only imagine that you to just get each other on a level like no one else ever has.

Unknown Speaker 38:35
For sure.

Unknown Speaker 38:36
Well, that's awesome. I want to dive into a little more risky topics now. It is called sex and violence. So hello, do you are the more introverted so you might be a little shy. But how did you guys learn about the birds and the bees growing up?

Unknown Speaker 38:54
David, I'll let you go first.

Unknown Speaker 38:56
So my or one of my best friends growing up he had this older sister that she was probably a teenager was the time we were six or seven. We'd always go in his basement and we watch everything from like Chucky from Thrasher movies, to scream to everything. And like R rated movies x rated movie so I was probably six or seven when I came across like my first porno type of scene. Oh, for sure. I got exposed at a young age. I grew up in a cul de sac where all of us guys or parents or my parents were working but we're all similar age. We all had older siblings that were similar age, we always do stuff. We always go fishing at the pond or explored the park or rollerblade places and stuff like that. But I just remember being at my buddy's basement and this type of content was on and it was the first time I realized Okay, yeah, this is a this is what the dick is for and where it goes and when I'm ready sooner than later. I'll know what to do. So I got I just got exposed to it thrown in the fire at a young age.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
No, that's that's not so abnormal Helen, I hear you kind of go on six. But I guess my boyfriend was up at night watching HBO, like the sexy channel on HBO when he was really young too. And I was like, What? That's crazy. But then the more I hear, it's like, I feel like boys get subjected to porn and you know, like sexual kind of visual, you know, whether it's a movie or whatnot at an earlier age than girls do.

Unknown Speaker 40:31
Yeah, yeah. A real sex on HBO. I remember watching that when I was 12.

Unknown Speaker 40:34
Yeah, that's real.

Unknown Speaker 40:36
It was called real sex. It was. They'd more talked about it than showed it. But they definitely showed like, nudity and stuff of that nature. And like sex seminars, they had all that discussion.

Unknown Speaker 40:49
Yeah, I've never seen it. But that's exactly the show that my boyfriend was watching when he was young, too. So what about you, Helen?

Unknown Speaker 40:58
Well, I don't know if my story, David, but Well, I am born and raised here in Las Vegas. But growing up, I was in a very sheltered household. And even earlier when I mentioned like, why I quit swimming. I mean, there was no real reason why, but my parents like to shelter us. So anything which revolved like sex or anything to that nature, my mom would like, freak out, like, why wouldn't know don't want to Don't, don't listen, like she would really freak out. So it was, I guess, kind of taboo or whatever, just something like my parents would like not talk to us about and this is growing up. I mean, obviously, now it's different, because I'm almost 30. But at the time, it was just nothing. Like they would even like magazine covers, just like try to not have it like, no, we're understand, just try to be, you know, kind of oblivious to it. But I'm just growing up in Las Vegas and seeing all these like, you know, strip clubs and even the billboards, right? Like, I remember ours, probably, I don't know, 910 years old. And you look at these women on the billboards, and they're just, you know, it's like a very busty woman, and, I mean, they're just selling sex all over the city. So of course, you know, I'm thinking like, what the hell like, okay, but my parents would never talk about it or want to, or anything, but I mean, I guess this city has exposed me to it. But aside from that, I mean, my sister, you know, there would be maybe sometimes she was like, talking about it, like, if I got it, you know, a bit older, but yeah, I mean, I guess that was my first real exposure to it.

Unknown Speaker 43:02
Yeah, yes, Las Vegas is, you know, just Sin City, right. It's just how could you not figure out what sex is at an earlier age? I don't know how old you were. But yeah, Sin City. I can't even imagine not

Unknown Speaker 43:19
having like, David, I understand why parents would not want to raise their kids in Las Vegas. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 43:27
yeah. So you guys live in Las Vegas now. So you know, sexy stuff aside, when you guys aren't traveling around and you know, reporting and doing your career stuff. What do you guys like to do together?

Unknown Speaker 43:41
Oh, hi. What's your take? On Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 43:44
we love I love to go on different hiking trails. We just came from Zion. We just did Angel's landing, which for any hiking enthusiast, so I highly recommend it. Really fun and exhilarating. You take chains to to climb up the last half half mile that are bolted in there and don't look down if you're afraid of heights. But that's fine. We like to hike. Obviously traveling is a huge passion. So we get to blend passion and pleasure with the travel and seeing new different cities. And I got Helen enjoying working out so I got her enjoying the workout. So David's hobby, believe it or I like to sweat every single day. It seems like my thing so I just like being outdoors. We love to eat we love to eat and try new foods that so especially especially when it comes to like an ice cream. Like like ice cream and popcorn are my two biggest vices when it comes to food. So always try a different gelato custard or ice cream spot.

Unknown Speaker 44:47
We love working. Yeah, yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 44:49
found the you guys Workaholics. You mentioned hiking and my mind is perverted because I've been having sex talks with people for almost a year now every week and our last Guest had sex while she was on a hike. That was a Brooklyn rent. That was her craziest spot. Where's somewhere crazy? Have you guys ever had a crazy sexual adventure together?

Unknown Speaker 45:13
We did. We were thinking about, we're thinking about that the other day, where it's been the craziest spot. And this is a great podcast to reveal that we were in, we were in New York City. And you know how busy and dirty New York is, especially before the pandemic, I have a friend that lives in a nicer apartment complex, but we're staying with him for one of the nights, we did have a hotel room, and we're not going to have sex on his couch, we're going to respect him and all that kind of stuff. So there was a in the bottom floor of this apartment complex there was like, because it's New York, these buildings are old, you we just went through this pathway, we went through this pathway over there was construction, could have been a former apartment unit. Could be storage. Now it looks like it used to be like it's obviously vacant, but they're using it for storage, apartment building, whatever. We walked through it. Kind of scandalous. But that would say it was in this dirty closet slash storage room, on the first floor of this apartment building. And I'm sure you know, it's just, I don't know, as a kid, I liked hot lava and hide and seek and seek other places. And I feel like this was would have been a top notch Hide and Seek type place. So it was like an abandoned area and the first level of this apartment building. That's the best way to describe it. Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 46:42
like it. Okay, that sounds fun.

Unknown Speaker 46:45
So, Dave, you're

Unknown Speaker 46:46
a little bit more extrovert, Helen. Little bit more introvert. If I had to guess I would guess that Dave is the more Randy the more horny of the two. But who usually initiate

Unknown Speaker 47:02
Well, how often is one of those quiet, horny type people

Unknown Speaker 47:07
in quite a windy day? Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 47:10
you know, there's our give Helen her credit. There's plenty of times where she initiates but she's the type where she'll initiate. And then it's up to me to pick up the slack and then to take over as the aggressor and go from there. So it's like, it's like, she's like the seed planter. And I'm the executer I would say for a lot of different ways. I think that's a good way to describe it.

Unknown Speaker 47:31
That's smart. Because Sorry, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 47:34
No, yeah, no, that's that's a good way to put it.

Unknown Speaker 47:36
Yeah, it's a good way to put it. I feel like the reason that that is may not maybe not with your situation. But if I had to generalize, I feel like men are horny. 110% of the time. And women, you know, we have our moments of, you know, excitement where we want to get it on, right. So it's like, the guy is just kind of always like, tell me when I'm ready. Tell me. And the girls like, as soon as we show any kind of sign of, you know, intimacy. The guy's like, all right, it's on.

Unknown Speaker 48:05
Exactly. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:07
Well, the funny thing is, and I'll give Helen her credit, she is never shy about when she wants it.

Unknown Speaker 48:13
Yeah. Okay. So, Helen, I feel like you have this job that you just, you're in front of the camera. You're talking to so many people, and you still feel shy, huh?

Unknown Speaker 48:25
You know? Yeah. I mean, that's why when I said earlier how I save it, like he sees everything. So he definitely sees my non shyness. And also that's how I knew like, and I'm sure a lot of people always wonder, oh, well, why does? Why do you like this smile? Or I like David because I can be 1,000,000% myself, like, he's seen every part of me and he sees Where? I'm definitely like, not shy. But yeah, in general, I think it's just I don't know who I am. what's what's, uh,

Unknown Speaker 49:01
I mean, are you surprised by that day about? I know that, you know, you kind of you probably assumed that dating a fellow journalist would have some perks. But what are some things that you two kind of are surprised to find out about each other or about your relationship?

Unknown Speaker 49:18
Yeah, no, I, I analyze everything. And I guess a lot of things make more sense. By the way, she was raised, you know, she has an older brother and an older sister and a younger brother. So she's Sam, with somewhere in between. Her older sister is that much more outgoing personality

Unknown Speaker 49:36
than how we talk

Unknown Speaker 49:41
about our sex life and stuff like that, and Helen will get all red and I'm I I'm all I'm an open book like I'm I'm not shy, reserved. We are humans. We win love. We live one life. We all have sex with to procreate and to enjoy for pleasure and whatnot. So we're all trying to get through Do this thing out out of life as much as we can, because we're all going to die one day, you know. So that's just my mindset with it and everything. So with Helen Yeah, I mean, I think initially, I was definitely surprised that she was as reserved as she is like, but the way she is reserved and public is different than behind the scenes of me, because she's not nearly what people think she is in public is she they think she's reserved or not like that, because she's not reserved or shy around me. It's just totally understanding our temperament. And that's why we get along so well. Because I feel like if we're both the same personality, and we're both, so Oh, I want this and outgoing and so much at the same time, we would clash, but I feel like we fit together well, because there's a balance.

Unknown Speaker 50:46
Yeah, I agree. And, you know, people always say like, opposites attract? Yeah, you know, I feel like it just kind of depends on the on the people, because I feel like you have to have a little bit of similarities, but also enough to kind of, you know, relate to each other and even each other out, right. Me and my partner, we have kind of like that time bomb factor, kind of like little bit of a temper, but I think it works because we both have that in ourselves. So when the other person starts to get a little, you know, upset, we can recognize that right away. And we're like, all right, I would probably get upset in that situation, too. So we were a little bit more understanding.

Unknown Speaker 51:25
For sure, like at the beginning of our relationship, she hated the fact I like to get stoned. And then she realized that I have such a temper, and I'm a type A personality, where when I get stoned, it makes me a Type B, it makes me chilled or makes me relax. So then, now we're at the day and age, she knows where I get upset about something because we're always in high stressful situations. Like, go take an edible, go smoke and smoke a joint, you know, so she gets it

Unknown Speaker 51:49
all even by him like the other day. I'll bring home frozen custard, because I know when he gets stoned, she'll get really hot. So I heard. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 52:00
that's awesome. Does that still bother you at all? Helen? Are you just kind of like, Alright, he smokes no big deal.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
No. Yeah. Well, at first, like David said, definitely. I mean, because I've had, like, some of my unpleasant experiences when I tried a little edibles. And I went like crazy in terms of I just had a big meltdown. Like started crying. Walk down steps. Yeah. David could walk down steps. Yeah, I was just, I don't know why it always is, like, not a good experience for me. So yeah, first, you know, I was just, I didn't understand it. But then after knowing him and going on what like two and a half years, I completely understand and I support it as long as you know, it's healthy like or it's not like bad for his body or anything. Which I'm sure it isn't. So that's fine. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 53:02
that's good. I mean, I'm I'm a firm believer in smoking, you know, whether you smoke or eat it or whatever, I switched from drinking I used to drink heavily and you know, next July this coming July will be two years sober. And especially for athletes. It's just so much better. And you guys are both into working out and being active. So I am pro marijuana on this show.

Unknown Speaker 53:26
Oh, and congratulations. On the New Years. Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 53:32
I mean, yeah, in July Yeah, yeah, it's definitely never thought I would be a sober person. That's for sure. You both knew what I was drinking.

Unknown Speaker 53:40
Yeah, I have nothing against marijuana and I smoked before you know it's just like the edibles and stuff and it just edibles bad experience for me. For some reason, but yeah, I have nothing against people who like smoking weed.

Unknown Speaker 53:59
Yeah, no, I remember when I first started dating my boyfriend, he was a very, very big smoker. So like, wake up smoke, you know, you know after dinner smoke and it was just like the house was always smoky. And I'm just like, but even though I like to smoke every once in a while, it was just like something I had to get used to. And now it's like, the house is filled with smoke. And I'm like, are I just you know, making my way through the cloud of smoke go to the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 54:24
Yeah, well,

Unknown Speaker 54:26
it's the time of the show that we like to play Fuck, marry kill

Unknown Speaker 54:37
one marry one kill one go. I think we're done here. Done.

Unknown Speaker 54:40
Are you guys ready?

Unknown Speaker 54:43
As ready as we can. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 54:45
this is fun because you guys are a couple so I gave you some couples to choose from so together you will tell me which couple you would like to fuck. Which couple you would like to marry and which which copy couple you would like to kill?

Unknown Speaker 54:57
Are you ready? Yeah. All right. You

Unknown Speaker 54:59
Have Ross and Rachel from friends, Jim and Pam from the office, and Gomez and morticia Addams from The Addams Family.

Unknown Speaker 55:10
Oh, so we we have to

Unknown Speaker 55:15
Yeah, yeah. You want

Unknown Speaker 55:18
to confer?

Unknown Speaker 55:21
Yeah. Who do you Who do you like the least of that bunch?

Unknown Speaker 55:26
The friends people.

Unknown Speaker 55:28
You want to kill people? You tell me?

Unknown Speaker 55:31
Who do you like the least?

Unknown Speaker 55:33
I'm letting you decide.

Unknown Speaker 55:35
I guess the friends.

Unknown Speaker 55:37
You like the lease? You want to kill them?

Unknown Speaker 55:38

Unknown Speaker 55:39
She wants to kill the friend.

Unknown Speaker 55:40

Unknown Speaker 55:41
What about the Addams Family? Well thought The Addams Family

Unknown Speaker 55:45
got it. They're probably.

Unknown Speaker 55:48
Yeah, probably. Yeah. Key and then we'll marry the office, because I feel like they'll hold down the fort. Well, yeah, they

Unknown Speaker 55:54
were all right. That's pretty good, guys. All right. Let's do some fan questions in the show.

Unknown Speaker 55:59
Cross. Ready? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 56:09
All right. At David Hernandez. 77. wants to know, when's the wedding?

Unknown Speaker 56:15
Certainly after COVID Helens training for the Olympic trials for 2024. I think I think there's no set time set no set date. We're letting nature take its course we're in no rush for the for the wedding date, per se, but it will be there when it's ready.

Unknown Speaker 56:36
Are you really trading Kelan for the

Unknown Speaker 56:39
2020 That's amazing. I heard a lot of work. Thank you. Like even this morning, we train. So I'm like dead tired. Like my body beat up. But I love it. I love being able to, you know, pursue like childhood dream. And actually it was because of David. So I can't take any credit because when I quit swimming, what like 13 years 13 years ago, and then I thought I would never swim again. And when I met David, he told me and encouraged me to pursue this. So that's what I'm doing. Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 57:20
love that. What a sweet guy. Okay, Andy 863, who is the easiest UFC fighter to vibe with?

Unknown Speaker 57:32
David can go for you always making me go first.

Unknown Speaker 57:35
I the ones with the best personalities. Ben asteron. The Colby Covington. Henry so Hutto, they can't come to mind right off the bat. Oh, Kevin haulin easy and he's fighting this weekend. You You're easy to vibe with. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 57:53
Okay, all right. And

Unknown Speaker 57:54
how about you, Helen? Yeah, I agree. And also because I feel kind of bad when I pranked him with some chicken feet. Gotta give a shout out to Derrick Lewis, Floyd Mayweather senior, he was awesome. And I credit him for a lot in the beginning of my career. And breaking confirming the news to me that his son was coming out of retirement to fight Conor McGregor, which changed my

Unknown Speaker 58:22
life. And and last shout out to all the UK fighters to like Darren kill Michael Bisping. I just feel like the people from the UK and Australia, just that side of the world, their accents, it just makes it fun. There's

Unknown Speaker 58:35
so many great while it's hard to just hard to name like one or two. And we're just we're grateful that there's so many awesome personalities. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 58:45
think that I mean, you guys would have the best perspective on this. But I think that there are so many interesting, and characters in mixed martial arts as opposed to other sports. But I don't know. I mean, I'm not reporting you guys are the ones that are on the frontlines talking to all the fighters. What do you think? Do you think mixed martial mixed martial arts has the most characters

Unknown Speaker 59:07
Yeah, combat sports and in its entirety and a pro boxing in there too. Because all these individual sports are as you know, yours only as good as your next fight. You know, you don't have these team environment. Yes, you're part of a team but only you're locked in the cage. You know, you don't have like, you know, other team members, you know, fighting with you inside the cage, like other sports like a basketball or football, baseball. So I feel like I get along with these fighters and combat sports athletes because they just get it. They come from humble beginnings. For the most part. They're not spoiled and coddled, like some of those other teams sports and I definitely agree with that. Yeah, that's

Unknown Speaker 59:47
that's a good way to see it. Helen, I think this next one's for you. It's at fret when Mac if the schmo was not in an if the schmo was not an act would Dave still have a chance

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
1,000,000% I fell in love with Dave. And he is, even though when he is himself, I do see some shmona which means the schmo is definitely a, an extension of who he is. But I just thought that he's just a truly hard working humble, like a very, very kind person and someone who's a man of his word, everything that he's since we met everything he said he would do, even from something that would like to small things mean the most of me, like, you know, telling me he would call me out a certain time when we were dating long distance he always did. And I just I was, you know, everything about him? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:48
Being being reliable, not just in a relationship and work and anything is really important. So Oh, good job, Dave. All right, at big bald Bill 95. As an interracial couple, do you guys get weird reactions from people? If so, how do you handle that?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
I don't think so. I

Unknown Speaker 1:01:08
never noticed I I think

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
it's interesting because I haven't had that I've never felt that way. Mean, either. So maybe it's just hard how I was raised as well, just being around so many different types of people from all different walks of life, different backgrounds. But I personally, have never felt that way. Maybe I just naturally tone it out if I would feel that way. But to this date, I've never felt felt that.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:39
I mean, it's kind of a hard question, right? Because they're not saying it. So how do you know that they're looking at you and thinking that right? I guess a better question might be, has anyone said or made a negative or, or even commented at all, on the fact that you guys are an interracial couple?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
To date? No, which is, I guess, maybe surprising to people, but it hasn't happened yet. Thankfully, thankfully,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:03
it's a good sign. There's some some non racism, you know, out there. Things are getting better at 666. Eddie, why do you hate Ariel helwani?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:17
You know, it's funny, I don't hate area helwani. But it's, it's a situation where, you know, we are grinding for everything we do. We have no network support, and I'm looking to be the best in this industry. And obviously, he likes to have the title of being the best in this industry. I have no malice or hate towards anybody. And I'm not looking for handouts, or anybody. But what I was just trying to do until I was trying to do is do something fun for charity, something competitive, something that's outside of just generic reporting. So I challenged him to a charity grappling match, he didn't want that was a big basketball fan, a big basketball player he claims so I challenged him to a charity basketball game. But you know, he's just someone who refuses to give anyone else a little bit of shine of recognition. So I wouldn't say I hate him. But I find the with it. Because, as you know, actually, he's an agitator. He likes to agitate at other people and questions. And as I thought it would be fun to give them a taste of his medicine. And, you know, I don't live by any rules. And so I did that, but I don't hate him. Yeah, I have no malice.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:31
That's pretty smart of you. To be honest. I would watch the grappling for sure. basketball. Yeah, you know, but uh,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:38
say yes. Aereo.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:40
Ronnie box, he would he's got helwani boxing he claims so i would i would do boxing if he doesn't want basketball or bat. But the truth is, he doesn't want anything athletic or competitive. So it is what it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:54
Let's get you an aerial and then we'll get hahns and Dominick Cruz, and we'll just do a giant charity of right

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
100%. And I think troller would put that on to.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:07
Okay, a few more questions at Tay W. Starling. She's Oh, Bare Knuckle boxer. We had her on as a guest. She's amazing. Do you ever get jealous of each other? And if so, how do you deal with that kind of a situation?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:21
Oh, I'll let Helen answer that one. No, I

Unknown Speaker 1:04:25
think because we understand and support each other just and understand what we go through. No, I mean, it's just

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
I would say before I met Helen, my early 20s my late teenage years. I had my crazy side. And that's like the way I approach work. I approach that to living my life and being free and that type of sexual freedom, whatever it is, you know, I've been in work mode for the past few years and met Helen and work mode. I'm not a jealous person. I have zero Elysee, I love everything about Helen. I love who she is. I love how she looks. And I'm very happy with my situation and I don't live life having regrets or holding jealousy towards anyone because, you know, what? What's the point? You know, I, like I said earlier, like, life's too short, like, so I need that those types of feelings like, I don't let them get to me.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:23
That's good. I was just thinking that, you know, Helen, you are very beautiful. And I'm sure you get hit on by fighters or people that you're interviewing. And now that you are a duo, someone who's being interviewed and you know, hitting on you might not know that your boyfriend is 10 feet away. Has that ever happened?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:42
No, it's painfully not.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46
I'm just trying to think I mean, I'm sure there's there's fighters and we've seen it that's their, their chest, or whatever. But everyone's been very respectful, at least in front of me. I have no idea when I'm not there. And I'm sure I've been there. I've been in their shoes and all that kind of stuff before. But I've never felt anyone's ever disrespected me like that. I could easily happen any day. And there's a lot of fighters that can take me. So it is what it is and we'll see if that they ever come.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:18
Alright, last question. Andy Ah, 863

Unknown Speaker 1:06:23

Unknown Speaker 1:06:24
What's the best jacket you own?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:27
Oh, how can I not say it's the schmo jacket that was custom made for me about a year ago that I actually whipped out at the vystar arena with no fans and the first event back last year was at UFC 249. It's got to be that jacket that shout out to Team blazers UK they made a custom schmo jacket and waistcoat that's got a very beautiful picture of the schmo face on and they just repetitive patterns. It's purple kind of reminds me of like something the Joker would wear and Batman. So that's got to be my favorite jacket.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:04
That's cool. Okay, so something that I asked everyone at the end of the show, who would you guys like to hear as a guest on sex and violence with rebel girl?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:15
Oh, Mike Perry and his girlfriend.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19
You know what? I slid into their DMS but they didn't hit me back so put a good word in for me if you see him.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:27
I will see him this weekend open in a good word to Mike.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:31
I can't believe he's fighting Daniel Rodriguez D rod. He trains with Joe shilling at the yard. And that's where I was just training for my last fight at so I'm rooting for D rod but still want to interview my parents.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:47
Yeah, see rod D I've watched the rod fight at like charity events smash global before he's in the UFC. Yeah, he's a he's an this is gonna be an entertaining fight. They are both guys that aren't afraid that are going to come forward that would prefer to leave the site standing. It's going to be Bangor.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05
Yeah, you know who also the fun guess. Who's the raw dog King here and sell

Unknown Speaker 1:08:12
the raw dog guy? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
So wait, what's

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
the raw dog thing?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:18
Oh, man, I everything is you got to ask him everything with dances. Hashtag raw dog. Really? Raw dog? Yes. You'd be perfect for the show. Is it?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:28
Is it the same meeting in the UK? Or is it a different meeting over there?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:33
No, it's the same meaning.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:35
All right, Darren to I mean, I know he's dealing with a broken collarbone right now. Maybe I can get him on while he's healing.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:42
Slide into those do

Unknown Speaker 1:08:44
I'm gonna slide. Thank you. Okay, so first of all, where can we find you? The schmoes zone I want, you know, where can we? You know, Hear that? Is that on iTunes, Spotify?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:56
Yeah, it's on iTunes, Spotify, anywhere you download your podcasts and also on the schmoes YouTube channel for the video format of it. We put the full episodes there, as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:06
And what about your handles for social media as well?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:09
Yeah, follow Helen and Helen eSports. For Twitter for Instagram, Helen eSports is also on YouTube. That's a YouTube channel. And then for me, I'm the schmo. 312 for everything social and Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, whatever, and, and the schmo on YouTube.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29
Awesome. Yeah, all those handles and links will be in our episode notes, guys, so you don't have to remember them. Thank you guys so much for coming on the show. I wish you the best of luck with the podcast, with all your traveling and reporting and most importantly, with your relationship. It's very, very hard to find someone that makes you better not just, you know, relationship wise, but in life, and it seems like you guys really push each other to be bettered, so congratulations on that.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
Thank you and thank you for having No phone.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
No problem. Talk to you guys soon. Bye. That's the scoop on MMA is cutest couple. And it's a pleasure to interview the people that usually do the interviewing in our sport takes all kinds of people to make this crazy sport work. And it's I'm grateful to have some some good humans reporting on it Really? Next week we switch back from interviewing interviewers to interviewing athletes. Be sure to check out next Friday's episode with pro wrestler Zetas ng. And don't forget, check out our new YouTube channel, which is always listed in the show notes. subscribe and stay tuned for visual content. We are now treating your eyeballs just as good as your ears. I hope you guys enjoyed this week, this week show And don't forget, be kind be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. And for all your fan questions like always special thank you to our audio engineer DJs Oh, at DJs Oh, tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official producer Nate Jackson at Nadir Domus. You can find us on Instagram at sex and violence rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:58
And lastly,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:59
as you turn this podcast off, ask yourself, have I written a review? Have I rated the podcast? she asked me every single week. I'm just gonna do it. So go leave us a review. It helps us out a ton. And subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and bye

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