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Ep.47 Zeda Zhang (Julia Ho)

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and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their field about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject.

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I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl,

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Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex.

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And bye.

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What's happening? Hot Stuff.

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What's up

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all my naughty listeners, I am back from Florida where my buns did not get brown. Unfortunately, we picked a week that had lots of rain. But that's okay, cuz Let's face it, your girl's been out of the gym for four months. And I was not excited to put that bathing suit on even though I did spend many hours trying to find the right one. to debut these two days on the gram. It'll be a little bit longer before I post any bikini pictures, I want to get back in shape. But other than that, it was a pretty good trip. You know? Was it wasn't the best trip? You know, I'm not gonna come on here and lie. We had some good food. We met some great people. The boyfriend did a amazing seminar at 10th planet West Palm Beach. Beautiful area fun people. But um, yeah, Miami, it's kind of like, the humid, dirty part of LA. Like, it was fun. You know, don't get me wrong, but I came back and I was like, hey, California, you ain't so bad. So it was nice to get away. And probably the, my favorite part was unplugging mostly from social media and work and, you know, just putting my phone down. I think we, we get caught up in swiping, you know, just not swiping left and right. But like, you know, scrolling and checking Instagram and checking your email and, you know, text messages and not living in the moment. And basically, I got to do that for a little while. And it was nice and me and the boyfriend got to connect and just enjoy each other without our phones being in front of each other's faces. 24 seven, and cute Cuban coffee. Fuck Yeah, super awesome. Shit is way better than Starbucks. I you know, I'm one of those chubby monkeys who's like I'm getting a coffee, but it's really a 5000 calorie espresso that's basically like a milkshake. So Cuban coffee gets the job done with fewer calories, and just strong as hell.

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Yeah, it was just a good time, you know, the boyfriend smoke some cigars down there. I realized I'm at a different part in my life. So it wasn't like we wanted to go to the clubs and drink and dance and whatnot. But um, but we experienced you know, you know, part of Miami, a part of Florida. And, you know, I think my favorite part was smoking weed on the balcony during the warm rain, you know, just relaxing and being on vacation and enjoying each other. And it was fun, you know, and lots of sex like, of course, what's new, but um, but yeah, my Florida was cool. But the coolest part of my life right now has got to be the fact that I am cleared to punch and kick again. And I still got a booboo finger from my fight, but I think as long as I treated, okay, wrap it up, and, you know, just don't go balls to the wall. I'll be okay. And then Fingers crossed, you know, nexor or spine surgery. You know, PT goes good. And I will be able to grapple in June, July and back in the cage at the end of the year. So, you know, you guys have been with me from the beginning. And you guys, you know, you heard me go through the surgery, you know, do the show on the neck brace talk about the PT and now it's like, We're finally here at the light the end of the tunnel. So hopefully a few more months we'll be back in the cage and you know, celebrating getting back in the wind column and all that good stuff. Actually, on this trip, I took my CBD because, you know, I just love CBD. It's got all these amazing benefits. And what I did was I used the CBD tinctures I dropped it in my Cuban coffee and tasted good. And a botanical bloom, my CBD sponsor. All their products are made from real CBD not hemp seed oil, and all their products are lab tested. They've got a little QR code right on every package. You just scan the code and you can see the results yourself. In addition to tinctures they have hand sanitizer, lip balms, vapor rubs and gummies that have double the average dosage of CBD should go follow them at a botanical bloom on Facebook and Instagram at a botanical bloom, or check out their website, www dot a botanical bloom, calm and use code, Ashley MMA, and you'll get 20% off all of your products. So if this is your first time tuning in, this is not for you. But if you are a repeat offender, I mean listener, then this is for you. And I basically want you guys to touch base with me. Please interact. I'm gonna give you my email. It's not my personal email, but it's the show email. It's Ashlee a sh L. E at sex and violence. I want to know what you guys think about the show. We are nearing our one year mark. And I want to I want some feedback. Are we doing good? Do we suck? You know, do you have guest suggestions? Do you have any questions? You know, I want to connect with you guys on a more personal level to make the show better. So you know write to me, Ashley as h l e at sex and violence, podcast calm, I will put that in the show notes as well. And yeah, just drop me an email. Also our YouTube is up and running. The link will be in the show notes. And I just want to let all of you Patreon subscribers know that we are putting that on pause for now to focus our attention on YouTube to get that up and running. But we will be back and we'll give you some awesome bonus footage. For example. We are going to have Felice herrig back on the show for the bonus episode on Patreon in the future and she's going to tell us all about her new only fans. Just for her feet. A foot only fans. Yeah, what's a funny name? We can call that foot? Yeah, like fully fans. But yeah. So what's today today is always Friday, and usually the following day we'll have a UFC fight card. Well, tomorrow is just the same. We have a new UFC card. It's ESPN 22 or UFC Vegas 24 they have like two names for it now it's kind of weird, but yeah, it's it's great card. Really it's the headliner is Robert Whittaker versus Celt Kelvin Gastelum. I really hope Kelvin wins. He's an OC guy. We used to have the same strength and conditioning coach john Walker, whoop, whoop. And, you know this this fight is actually a long time coming, because Whittaker was supposed to originally fight Paulo Costa who had to pull out deer due to a severe flu. And then Fun fact, you know, he was replaced with gasoline. And the fun fact is that Whitaker was actually going to defend his title against gassed alum and UFC 234, which was February of 2019. But he had to pull out hours before the event due to a collapsed bowel and an internal hernia that required an emergency surgery. That sounds painful.

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Sounds like he probably couldn't even do without pain and I feel bad for him, but Alright, we're good to go. Now. Tomorrow, Whitaker versus gasoline is headlining, and then the rest of the car looks awesome too. We got Dzhokhar close versus Jeremy Stephens, Andre of Lawsky Pitbull versus chase Sherman. Trey Sherman's coming off a win. We got Abdul Razak, Al Hassan. I think I killed that name. Yeah. Versus Jacob mckuen. Alexander Munoz versus Lewis penya. And then the prelims we got a girl Tracy Cortez versus Justin Kish. Oh, I'm very torn just because Justine compete a train that blackhouse my gym and Tracy Cortez is Sucker Punch, say management. She's been on the show just a sweetheart of a girl. So I'm going to close my eyes and just, you know, be the best woman when we got also Lupita Godinez versus Jessica Panday, who was on the show early on as well. Go Jessica, she I really really want her to win so bad it's her first fight back after a few years I believe. It is also a rebooking. She was supposed to fight Hannah Goldie who was on the show, but had to pull out because she got COVID so if you've ever been in the position of having a full fight camp, having your opponent pulled out last minute or or something happen, you know, COVID, whatever. It's heartbreaking, and it's just the biggest letdown and you know, your body, your emotions, everything you're dealing with. It's just a roller coaster. So I hope that she's had another good camp where she picked at the right time, and I really hope that Jessica wins this fight. The rest of the card looks amazing. We got Anthony birdshack filling in last minute, who's taking on Tony reapply. So yeah. Anthony birdshack 10 planet black belt. He's the homie and yeah, this is an the second time that the new fight kits will be worn. They look exactly like Reebok. Let's face it. But we are getting a little bit more money because of it. So yay more money. And next weekend, it will be the first ever crowds, you know, first ever show with crowds again since COVID. And that's in Jacksonville, Florida. We all know Florida be crazy. So hope that that is gonna still happen because I feel like that's just the door opening for, you know all the other shows to have fans eventually. And before we talk to this guest, let's have a word from our most sexy sponsor. This podcast is brought to you by Ella para The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit Ella para and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead, visit and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Today's guest is an Asian American professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist. She's currently signed to major league wrestling, where she was the first female wrestlers signed to the promotion. She was previously signed to WWE where she appeared on the NXT brand under the ring name zeta. She competed in the first ever Mae young classic in 2017. During her time with WWE, she made her MMA debut back in 2011 and is currently to an O Here are a few other trailblazing feats she's accomplished. She was the first Asian American female signed to WWE, first female wrestler signed to major league wrestling first Asian American wrestler to tour Asia, and she competed in the first ever NXT women's Royal Rumble. Zheng has competed for promotions in Taiwan, Singapore, India, South Korea and Japan. We talk about five years without sex masturbating in front of her grandma, long term fuck buddies, watching hentai as a kid, losing her v card on a baseball field, triple x toll requests and so much more. Here's your guest, Julia ho are better known by her ring name, zeta day. Watch.

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So we have zeta Zang on the podcast today, girl, thank you so much for fitting us in in between your training sessions.

Unknown Speaker 13:25
Thank you for having me. I'm excited and listening to your podcast and oh my gosh, just so much good stuff on there.

Unknown Speaker 13:32
So you have heard the podcast before, right. So you know what you're getting at? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 13:35
yes, definitely.

Unknown Speaker 13:38
Okay, well, besides all the sexy talk, I do want to know about your career. I know you're an MMA fighter as well as a professional wrestler. Let's talk MMA first. So okay, are you still competing? Do you have aspirations to compete in the future? Are you still training?

Unknown Speaker 13:55
No, I don't compete anymore. You know, I almost competed when I was in Taiwan during this COVID thing really? Just close. Yeah, cuz I was missing it. And I'm like, you know, it wouldn't like, like, go on my record at all. So I mean, not like, it really matters. But I was just like, gonna do it for fun and see, you know, but it didn't work out. Timing didn't work out. So, but no, probably won't be competing anymore. I'm very, very injured. About he's very much out from it. And I am doing pro wrestling full time. So I have to think about that and not getting injured.

Unknown Speaker 14:33
Yeah. And I assume that whatever organization you're in, probably doesn't want you to compete, you know, simultaneously in case you get injured, right.

Unknown Speaker 14:42
Yeah. So, recently, I actually am a free agent now. So I'm free. But yeah. So you're not in the safety of my work. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 14:52
So you're not signed with an organization at the moment?

Unknown Speaker 14:55
Yeah, I just left a major league wrestling there. on good terms, they're really cool and stuff, but it just I was stuck in Taiwan. I didn't know when I was gonna be back and then COVID they had their show shut down for a while. So yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:12
So, you know, I'm sorry if I sound ignorant, but I am an MMA fighter. I know a little bit about wrestling. So I may be asking you some like dumb questions, but bear with me. Oh, not

Unknown Speaker 15:21
at all. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 15:22
So when you're in contract with a wrestling organization, is it just like fighting where they're like, Alright, you have X amount of matches, and then after that we'll you know, renegotiate your contract and sign you for a new contract or cut you. How does it work out with wrestling.

Unknown Speaker 15:39
So every company is different. When I was with WWE, it was just salary base. So you got paid whether you wrestled or not, of course, the more you got injured, the more likely you are to be released. And that's what happened. So I got injured and then released from my contract with WWE. Later I toured around Asia and stuff and then got signed to major league wrestling. And their contract is exactly like a fight contract. It was like they their contract, they had it where I was guaranteed a certain amount of fights or matches within a year. And for whatever rate, you know, but when I'm not fighting where I'm not wrestling, I don't get paid for that, you know, yeah, um, but they are more free than WWE. Like I'm able to take other bookings outside as long as it's not for TV since and Lw is a TV show. Of course, I can't go on another TV show that's wrestling based. Yeah. Make sense? No, that's Yeah, that's where I'm limited. But as far as being pretty free to wrestle elsewhere, like other smaller shows, it's okay. Or I'm allowed to do TV, if it's in another country, if it's not a competitive country that's going to be competitive towards their show. Got it? Yeah. But because of that, like, you have to really weigh out your pros and cons. It's like, Is it worth me going to wrestle at a small show and risk getting injured? Where I can't wrestle for my contract? You know, you have to take that into consideration.

Unknown Speaker 17:15
Yeah, in that regard. It's exactly like in mixed martial arts, and I feel you on that. Okay, this is a silly question. I recently went to my first Lucha libri show now. Oh, my gosh, which one? Um, oh, god, it's called Lucha vavoom.

Unknown Speaker 17:33

Unknown Speaker 17:34
dude, that's the first one I've ever went to. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 17:36
Okay. I'm

Unknown Speaker 17:37
a fucking fan for life. I wish I could go every weekend. You know, for those of you out there who don't know what it is it's burlesque mixed with wrestling. And it's just I've actually never been to a normal wrestling show by match. And, you know, so I feel like my, my excitement and entertainment standards are very high, you know, cuz with Lita libri. Or Lucia, boom, you get titties and wrestling. So my neck My question is, like I said, it's probably silly. You know, what is that? more of like? a comedy type of wrestling and yours is more serious are? How would you explain the two?

Unknown Speaker 18:24
Yeah, so there's different styles of wrestling. That's what's so fun about it. Because there is no right or wrong way. There's something for everyone. So for a good wrestling show, usually a whole show, they wouldn't have your comedic match, they would have your serious match, they would have your like fancy flippy matches. And that's what makes the show so interesting. Because there's something for everyone. Yeah, um, but there are shows out there where they know their fan base, they're like, they like this. So this is mostly the matches that we're gonna have. for, you know, when I was with WWE, it was more of it was more based on your character. If you're a serious character than you're more serious, they'll throw in comedic matches and stuff here and there. But it was dependent on the character and what they needed at the time. That makes for major league wrestling. They were more serious, they were very like that. So there's a style of wrestling called strong style, and strong style is the closest style to MMA, that would be more my style. Okay, so it looks very hard hitting and everything. And majorly wrestling has a lot of that they actually have a few wrestlers on there that do have martial arts backgrounds, and they were wrestling for them as well as having a lot of Mexican wrestlers, which specialize in the Lucia libri style, which is very flippy there's a lot of high flying, high flying Yeah. So It's a mix of the two. As far as comedy stuff, they're not very comedy based. They're, they're more like the serious wrestling type show.

Unknown Speaker 20:10
So you are a free agent. And my assumption is that the WWE is the UFC of wrestling, right? It's the highest promotion, the most notorious. So is it every wrestlers, specifically you? Is it your goal to get back to the WWE? Or are you just happy with whoever treats you? Right? You know, cuz I know, there's a lot of MMA fighters out there that they would even say, I'd rather be in the UFC, at the top level, the pinnacle of mixed martial arts competition, instead of bellator, where I might make more money.

Unknown Speaker 20:45
Oh, you know, I used to look at it that way. And I think, I think everyone should strive for that, you know, I'm lucky that I got to go there. So it's really helped me out a lot. Now where I wrestle, you know, I, I get bookings, because of it. I feel like the best situation to be in WWE, is if you're already a very famous wrestler, if you're already famous out there on the Independent circuit, then you're going to be treated very well in there, and they're gonna, you know, cater to you. But it's kind of like, being in the music industry. You know, if you're already a famous singer, and someone signs you, they're gonna push you because they know you can make sales. But if they like, like, Okay, this person has potential and they sign you, then they'll end up shelfing you. So that's the thing that sucks is if you're going during this shelf, you're just making the lowest salary, and there and you don't get to show up on TV as much, which means you don't really get royalties either. Because everyone's goal is to be on TV, and to make royalties. So you can get a check constantly. Because at the end of the day, like, Yeah, I do love this. And a lot of people love this. And they, they would do it, even if it was no money, but at some point, you kind of need to look at the money. Because you only have one body, you only have one body, and if you hurt it, you're not going to be able to do the stuff you love. So you better be smart about your bookings. And what you take, are you going to get paid for it. If I get injured at this booking? Am I going to be covered? Am I gonna have enough money for medicals? Because the thing is, you don't get free medicals. You know, you got to pay for injury unless you're with WWE, and you have your own doctors there, but they only cover your injury if you got hurt at their promotion. So if you're outside getting hurt, it's the same with UFC. Right? They're not gonna help you if you slip and fall. Yeah, exactly the same. Yeah, so you better have money, you don't have that backup money for when your body's injured. So gotta be smart with that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:52
there's a lot of similarities. You know, it's it's so ass backwards in a sense that, like you said, If you already have a name, they want to promote you and push you right. But if you're this up and comer, trying to make a name for yourself, they're like, fucking sink or swim, bitch,

Unknown Speaker 23:05
you know, you're like, yeah, it's very much like that. So it's like, yeah, I'm glad I went there. But do I want to go back right now I don't feel like it's my time to go back right now. I still want to explore the Independent circuit and explore what's out there and build my name up more. So that way, when I go back in, if I go back in, I would have more leverage with my money, my pay, how I want to be promoted my character like everything. I like to have more control of that.

Unknown Speaker 23:35
Yeah, you sound like you have a plan. That's amazing. That's awesome. You mentioned the music industry kind of being similar. And I know you dance and sing. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

Unknown Speaker 23:47
Yeah, so um, I used to sing, I still do it now here and there, but not so serious. And my focus is pro wrestling, and eventually into acting. But with singing is just something I've always loved ever since I was four years old. And finally I started pursuing it out here. When I was I was doing both MMA and music at the time when I moved out to California. And then when I got signed with WWE, is when I was like, Okay, I'm not allowed to do music because when you sign with them, they kind of own your home. So they do own you. You're not

Unknown Speaker 24:23
allowed to do music. No. Why?

Unknown Speaker 24:27
Because they don't want they I heard that is because they don't want you to make money off of their name. So for example, if you because I had my contract looked at actually by Nathan, you probably know Nathan from blackhouse. So he does all the UFC people's contract and he looked at my WWE contract and he was like, Whoa, this thing is exactly like the UFC contract, but more strict. It's like a mix of the UFC contract and the Disney contract together. Oh my god, so WWE contract. So imagine how strict that is. Um, but basically they own your name they own whatever you do. You're not allowed to have a YouTube you can't have a twitch. You can't have your music so I had to take down all my music that I had put up. Yeah. And your whole thing is just your pro wrestler for WWE. That's crazy. Yeah. So I gave up on the music thing because I had to, but after a while, I started doing it again. Of course now I don't really have the time to. So now only do music if it's going to help my pro wrestling. So I'm working on my insurance music now. For my walkout. That's awesome. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 25:45
hopefully, whatever organization you signed with will let you use your own goddamn music.

Unknown Speaker 25:51
Yes, exactly. Exactly. Because I wasn't allowed to before either. You know, the song that I came out to in WWE was actually, I helped produce it. It was two songs, and I had to fix it because I didn't like their stock music. So I ended up getting a producer and remixed it and all that. But of course, we're not allowed to take credit for it. Because, you know, they own it. Yeah. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 26:19
I don't know if I told you this, but um, so Blake troupe? We both know him?

Unknown Speaker 26:23
Oh, yeah. Blake's awesome. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 26:24
he is a wrestler as well as a mixed martial artist. Great guy, interesting character of a person. And he's he sent me a application for the US Army. Sorry, the WWE like a TV show tryouts.

Unknown Speaker 26:39
Yeah, they tell you this. I heard about it on your podcast.

Unknown Speaker 26:44
Okay. Yeah, I will I try it out. And, you know, they wanted me to do it to be on the show. And my manager talked to the UFC in the UFC. similar situation, there were like, you got to choose one or the other, basically. And I was like, Okay, I'm not done fighting mixed martial arts. And then I was like, well, by the time I am done fighting, I'll probably be too old, or beat up to do pro wrestling. But I always thought like, wow, like, what would I? You know, what kind of music when I come out to? Would I be the good girl? The Bad girl? Let's face it, I would be the bad girl. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 27:15
that's a good question.

Unknown Speaker 27:16
Are you the I think it's the heel or the hero? Or do you play face or heel? Baby Face?

Unknown Speaker 27:23
Yeah, I was a baby face. And I still have a baby face every now and again, I'll play he'll, like be a heel, but it's not really my character. You know, when you're in there, you you have to be fluid and be able to do both. But, um, I mean, I would love like, as I'm because heels and babyface, they have different ways of doing a match. So heels, usually the veterans are heels, you know, because they really know how to guide a match. And at the time, because I was so new, I didn't really understand how to go and guide someone. Um, so I would, I didn't really want to do heel stuff before because I wasn't ready for it. But now I think I would like to do it. It's a lot more fun to be here because you don't have to stay so strict to the rules. Because the baby phase you can't cheat. Before he'll you can make up stuff and you have more freedom to just do whatever you want. That sounds fun. I mean, that's a lot of fun. But it's it's more fun to heal, actually.

Unknown Speaker 28:31
But does each organization tell you you have to be babyface or you have to be heal? Or do you get to choose, you know, each match or each quarter? I don't know how it works.

Unknown Speaker 28:42
Well, I'm usually you get booked as you are unless you're in WWE. If you're in WWE, then if they're gonna have a storyline and they want you he'll or want you baby face still build dictate that. Okay, um, some other organizations might do that, too. But I feel like a lot of other organizations, they're more free to let you do you. Because they hired you as a wrestler. So they already know what you can do. So they want you to do the best of what you can already do. That makes sense.

Unknown Speaker 29:16
Yeah. Like why, like, strengthen your strengths, right? Why try not to Yes, you're pretty good in one area. So so just build you up at what you're good at, basically,

Unknown Speaker 29:25
yes, unless, you know, unless you play this character for too long, and then it gets boring. And no one wants to keep seeing the same thing. Yeah, because the thing with wrestling is you could you could do this for like 15 years, they want you to do it for a long time. So 15 years, you can't be the same person. You know, it's like your real life. Being a pro wrestler is literally like playing yourself, but on a bigger scale. So throughout a human's life, you're always going through changes. And people want to see that. That's how that's why people get so invested. Good and pro wrestling. That's why it's such a niche market. And the fans are diehard. They love it because they really connect with the person. I've seen you grow.

Unknown Speaker 30:09
Yeah, it's you get to watch someone's evolution as a character in front of your eyes and that's pretty, pretty exciting. And I've noticed that the fans are like, yeah, Die Hard live and die. You know, like, everyone wants fans like that, you know, just

Unknown Speaker 30:25
do pro wrestling has the best fans. Honestly, like, I feel so bad for MMA.

Unknown Speaker 30:30

Unknown Speaker 30:34
I was about to say it's like, you know, sorry everyone listening who's obviously you know, MMA fan, but, you know, I feel like sometimes I feel like sometimes you know, me like I love you know, GSP or I love this or Ashlee Evans-Smith and then he fucking loser fine. They're like,

Unknown Speaker 30:50
I never liked her anyway. Fuck. GSP do better punch him in the face. I couldn't find better. Guys, guys. So

Unknown Speaker 30:59
what happened to go actually go?

Unknown Speaker 31:02
Yeah, what happened to that? And then each bite

Unknown Speaker 31:04
you have to like, earn their love back. You're like, No, no, I'm good enough. Love me. With pro wrestling, you know, you'd like you know, take a shit for like, 10 matches, and they're like, don't worry. Zaida we got your back and you're like,

Unknown Speaker 31:17
yeah, yeah, pro wrestling fans are awesome. Like, they're really great.

Unknown Speaker 31:22
So I asked all the guests, you know, mainly the females. But we have had some male guests that have had an only fans. Are you partaking in the only fans explosion that's happening right now?

Unknown Speaker 31:35
Oh, no, I'm not only fans, but I'm on something kind of similar. It's Patreon. Oh, so it's similar. But, I mean, it's basically the same, but it's just the history of the websites or app that came out because only fans was geared towards like one demographic, whereas Patreon was more geared towards YouTubers, YouTubers who you know, started it started being harder for them to make money off YouTube. So they all moved to Patreon.

Unknown Speaker 32:08
Okay, I what I like my, like, perception of each platform is like, only fans was like a naughty, like, yeah, you know, kind of perception, you know, x rated platform and then Patreon is more like for artists as far as like music and you know, entertainment and stuff like that. But obviously, either or, you know, you can do either or, depending on what you're trying to put out there. So on your Patreon, are you putting out just music or like, what do you get if I signed up to be a Patreon viewers.

Unknown Speaker 32:43
So the thing with Patreon, because I'm so busy, and I travel around so much, and I usually film everything that I do on a daily basis. Of course, I'm not gonna throw everything up on my Instagram and my, like, YouTube and stuff. So Patreon is a nice way for fans to get to see like, in depth, things of my life, like the behind the scenes I'm doing, they stay up to date on details of what I got going on. They're the first to know about things I got going on. Like I literally just made my new gear. And no one knows what it looks like. But my patreon people do, and they get exclusive discounts and they also get chances to win like a day with me at Universal Studios. Yeah, like I've actually hung out with a fan at Disney like for full day and we just went on rides and

Unknown Speaker 33:37
well like did you have third person there to like, you know, make sure they don't you know, crazy fan kill you

Unknown Speaker 33:44
know, I will kick their ass.

Unknown Speaker 33:47
Yeah, it's probably

Unknown Speaker 33:48
Luckily, you know, luckily it's in a public place. It's in Disney. You get scan when you go in. Yeah, guns and knives and stuff. They should be more scared of me. So

Unknown Speaker 33:59
cover and cover your drink, you know, and just takes one little roofie in here like

Unknown Speaker 34:06
that's cool.

Unknown Speaker 34:06
Let's let's talk about zeta on a more personal level. How do you identify sexually Are you heterosexual homosexual pansexual

Unknown Speaker 34:15
I'm hetero history straight. Yeah. I strictly dickly

Unknown Speaker 34:20
I've had guests on here and they're like wait, a hetero. Which one is straight? I'm like, just homosexual. Just tell people you're homosexual.

Unknown Speaker 34:30

Unknown Speaker 34:31
Okay, she said that once by accident. I was like, home away home. Oh is the same.

Unknown Speaker 34:37
Oh. All right. So you're straight. Are you currently in a relationship?

Unknown Speaker 34:44
No, Sally, I am very, very single.

Unknown Speaker 34:47
Very single. What makes you so extremely single?

Unknown Speaker 34:51
Well, I think a lot of times, it's just how my schedule is I'm really busy. I'm literally running to like four different gyms for training. And then I have stuff going on middle. And then just merchandise sales takes up a lot of my time. And now I have YouTube, YouTube, oh my gosh, the editing takes up so much frickin time. And then half of like, Well, I have a lot of fans in Asia too. So I have to translate everything in Chinese for them to be able to understand what I'm saying. And I can't read or write Chinese. So I'm here using a translator. Just that takes me like, all frickin week. So everything takes a lot of time.

Unknown Speaker 35:32
Basically, what you're saying is a nobody got time for dick.

Unknown Speaker 35:36
No, ain't nobody got time for it. I just went home and I like do myself and done over with and go knock it out in two minutes. Damn it.

Unknown Speaker 35:46
I know you're I mean, I follow you on Instagram. We know each other from from black house and training. So I kind of feel like I know you on a little bit more personal level. This is a lot of guests. Come on here. And that's This is our first time talking. But I've been following you for at least a year we've known each other you know, before the pandemic about a year. Yeah, yeah. And so I you know, I've been following you. And I was, actually I wanted you to be one of our first guests. But you were over in Taiwan, right? Yeah. And you were like I promised when I get back then I was like, I would hit you up and you'd be like, what more buttons than I'm like, All right. So like, I know you're busy. And no, no, no, it's it's good. Like it you know, you're busy. you're traveling, you're hustling. How would you even begin to have a boyfriend? If you're going from country to country?

Unknown Speaker 36:30
That's the thing. I really can't like, no guy would be cool with me just been gone a whole frickin year. You know, I was gone a year in Taiwan. And every time I tour, it's at least like about three months. No one wants to be with someone that's going like three months at a time tour for wrestling. Right? Yeah. So and the thing is like, Is that

Unknown Speaker 36:52
Is that normal? Three, three months? Is that average average tour for a wrestling promotion?

Unknown Speaker 36:57
No, it's not. But it is for Asia, I would say usually they want someone there for two months. Because the thing with Asia is it's not there isn't as much wrestling like it is in the US where there's two to three shows going on every weekend. So you can really make your money's worth by being there only a couple weeks. But in Asia, you get like one show a month. So you have

Unknown Speaker 37:24
to like you got to stay longer.

Unknown Speaker 37:26
Yeah, you have to stay longer and fill your time trying to find shows and other parts of Asia to make it worth Asia. Yeah, exactly. Because I'm when I'm in Asia, I don't just stay in one part of Asia. I'm flying all over to different Asian countries. And whatever countries that's nearby how cool. Yeah, it's cool to you know, be able to see the world many different types of people. Yeah, but it's just yeah, it's shit

Unknown Speaker 37:50
for the dating life.

Unknown Speaker 37:52
Yeah, totally.

Unknown Speaker 37:54
Well, what about, okay, maybe I'm going about this all wrong. You're not in a relationship. So if you live this kind of jetsetter lifestyle maybe you're like a wham bam, Thank you, ma'am. kind of girl. I mean, are you just been celibate for the last year?

Unknown Speaker 38:09
You know, I go through phases. I'm, I'm very on or off. Like when I'm on. I'm like, super off. I am super off. And usually, it's like when I'm really busy. I don't even think about sex. Like I've actually gone through, like five different dry, dry smells. Really like? Yeah, the longest I went was like two years almost with no sex.

Unknown Speaker 38:37

Unknown Speaker 38:38
yeah. And another time, it was like eight months. Another time was another eight months and our time was eight and a half months. That's literally like almost five years of no sex when I could have been having sex. You know, five years. Yeah, things are just down there. Like, I mean, but it sucks because like, I think as girls, it's a little bit harder to just do the one night stand and be fine. You know, I've done it. I'm I'm not gonna lie. I've definitely done it a few times. But it it's half of it is physical, but the other half is very mental. And if I'm not into it mentally, I can't really get off. I can't really enjoy it. So I'm just kind of like, I'm dry. Like, I gotta go. Yeah. Like it's not fun that way. Yeah, no,

Unknown Speaker 39:32
you're right. I think you know that for women. It's it's more of a mental thing, the more you actually are attracted to someone for who they are, and not just their physical characteristics. You know, like, you have that connection, that's chemistry that spark and then we can literally get, like I said, Get off in and enjoy the sex more, you know, the physical aspect. In men. I don't think it's the same for men.

Unknown Speaker 39:56
It's really not. They're just built differently. They're just like, oh, Whatever, and it's good for them. But for girls, it's like I've had people who are super bad at sex, and I still enjoyed it because I enjoyed them as a person. But then there were people who, you know, who are pretty, probably okay, but I just didn't feel that into it because I wasn't really into who they were. Yeah. So it really depends, you know, I would rather be with someone more long term. So, because I can't have that type of life with how my work schedule is. I end up just having like, long term, like exclusive booty calls, I guess if that's what you call it.

Unknown Speaker 40:43
Yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker 40:45
kinda like a boyfriend, buddy. Yeah, like a fuck, buddy. But you're more on a, you're like a friend at the same time. And it's like, we agreed to be exclusive. And I'm not going to get mad if you decide to go get with someone else. But just let me know, just be honest. Just communicate. And that's why I asked, okay, like, if you want to go get with someone else, sure, just let me know them at least, like, I'll know when to stop it, you know. But if later you wanted to, you stop seeing that person, I wanted to come back then sure, I'm open to that too. But I'm not gonna get mad at you and be like, Oh, you cheated on me. I'm blah, blah, you can't be with anyone else, you know, because we're technically not together. At the same time. We're respectful enough of each other, to be exclusive with each other and let each other know what's going on. If we're not feeling then just let each other know.

Unknown Speaker 41:40
With these with like, you know, fuck, buddy, or what else do booty call you know, like a, you know, consistent benefit, whatever your benefits? Yeah, that's a nice way friends with benefits. Like, have the lines ever got crossed? Or, you know, miscommunication. Have you ever fallen for a Friends with Benefits situation? Or has someone you know, kind of been like a zeta? I just want you forever? And you've been like, No, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 42:09
You know? Yeah, like, there's been, you know, most I've only had two relationships in my life. So ever. Yeah, like ever to actual like, Guys, I could say I called boyfriend.

Unknown Speaker 42:26
And you're my age. Correct. I'm

Unknown Speaker 42:28
3033. I'm 33. I'm 34. In July, July.

Unknown Speaker 42:32
July. What

Unknown Speaker 42:33
first? My birthday is July 9. cancer. Yeah. You know what's funny? Our zodiac sign cancer. Looks like it says 69. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 42:45
it does.

Unknown Speaker 42:50
But wait, so that means we are a week apart. We're both 30

Unknown Speaker 42:54
a week apart. That's crazy.

Unknown Speaker 42:59
I know. Finally the world is opening up. So by July we can partay Oh, yeah. And you're finally back in town from Taiwan.

Unknown Speaker 43:06
I know. I'm here now. Okay. All right. So

Unknown Speaker 43:09
back to the show. Anyway, um, so you have had two boyfriends and your 33 years?

Unknown Speaker 43:16
Yeah. So it's like the rest of the time. Of course, I got leads, you know, the rest of the time. They're all like, Fuck, buddy situation. Yeah. Um, but the thing is, like, I always wanted to just like, because I'm so loyal to the fuck, buddy. I'm gonna catch feelings at some point. And it has happened where I've been hurt. And I realized it was my fault. It was my fault. Because I we started off as that. And there was no, we didn't talk about becoming more. So if I caught feelings, that's kind of on me, you know. But I realized, like, I shouldn't allow myself to get hurt over it. Because this is how it started as if we talked about it differently than Yeah, it would make sense. It would be messed up. But since it was never talked about, and we agree to have it just be casual, then I have no reason to get mad. You know. So eventually, whenever I start finding myself catching feelings, then I would start discussing myself. And, you know, I will let them know sometimes, you know, depending on how it is. I mean, I wouldn't let them know so directly, I wouldn't be like, Hey, you know, I'm starting to really like you. So I'm gonna stop seeing that would just be kind of awkward. Yeah, it would just be kind of like, Oh, I won't text as much. We won't see each other as much, you know. Yeah. Because I'm trying to wean myself off of my feelings for that person. And then eventually, if I plan to, if I'm flirting with someone else, and I plan to see someone else, I will just tell that fuck buddy. Like, hey, Let's take a break. I'm gonna go see someone else. Yeah, everything's just

Unknown Speaker 45:05
so much strength. You know, I feel like I, I am a prisoner of my emotions. You know, I don't think I'm, you know what they call like an empath, empaths empath or whatever, but all I know is I am sensitive as fuck. And you know, if I'm sad, I wear it on my on my sleeve or wear my heart on my sleeve. If I'm mad, you can see it. I'm happy. I'm really happy. So sometimes I just feel like, you know, for example, if I was you in this situation, and I started to catch feelings, there would be no way for me to like, cool, calm, be like, yeah, this is cool. I'm gonna step away like, like, when I love I really love and you know, so I just feel like that takes a lot of emotional strength for you to be able to recognize that that you're starting to catch feelings. And then step back and be like, Alright, pivot. I'm gonna get away from this person. Like very almost dude. Like, you know, like, good job.

Unknown Speaker 45:57
You know? I? I am. It's weird. I've always been a tomboy. So it's weird because I am very like a dude. I'm actually surprised. I don't like girls, because everyone thinks I'm like a dude. And did a girl. Yeah, like, and, guys, it also is very hard for me to find a guy who is accepting of who I am, because they feel like, I'm just too much like a bro. And it just, I don't know,

Unknown Speaker 46:30
I started treating you like a bro like punching in the arm leg. Good game, you're like, Oh, I want to be treated like a lady.

Unknown Speaker 46:38
Yeah, I feel like they get intimidated, because I'm too much like a guy. And then I have all these guy friends. So I don't know why they they just yeah. And I end up having to go for the Super manly men's but then they don't have the feminine side that I look forward to. I like a balance. I need a balance. Yeah, I don't like when a man's like super, super alpha and everything has to go his way. Because then we'll just put has an argue.

Unknown Speaker 47:09
Yeah, that's true. That's very true.

Unknown Speaker 47:11
Yeah, they have to, I feel like everyone should be well balanced. It shouldn't be one way or the other. It's a you should know when to the like a leader. But then at the top at certain times, you got to know how to be giving. And, like, let your partner you know, control the situation if they're, you know, having bad mood or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 47:34
Yeah, you got to be a perceptive type of person. Right, you know, know, when it's time to take the reins and know when it's time to relinquish you know, power per se, you know, like, yes. So, yeah, that's, that's interesting, a lot. A lot of people come on here, and, you know, females that are, you know, strong women like you and I who are in a male dominated sport. And they tend to say that they like a strong man. But he also has has to have a sensitive side, right. So yes, we want the best of both worlds.

Unknown Speaker 48:04
Definitely. Like, I feel like the perfect guy would be like, a nerd on the inside. But like a jock on the outside. Yeah. So you're like an athlete. And you're like, very confident, but then like, deep down, you're really like a nerd. And you're really sweet. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 48:21
cuz you want, like, as I get older, you know, like, Fuck, I'm like, why am I wasting my time with these, like, you know, dudes that are just like, I pick things up and I put them down, I pick things up and I put them down. You know, like, I kind of want a guy who's gonna be like, Hey, babe, let me help you get to the next level in your career in your competence. You know, like, just whatever, you know, communicate better. And ever since I kind of turned the page and started looking for that type of partner. I found him and I'm just fucking like, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 48:53
I know. You're your boyfriend's steals pictures on Instagram. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 48:59
I mean, we have our problems. Don't get me wrong. We're not perfect. But I think, you know, I've said this before on the podcast, like once I stopped drinking, and started valuing myself a little bit more as corny as it sounds. He came into my life, you know, he was kind of always around. But um, you know, it's like that phrase that you attract what you put out? How

Unknown Speaker 49:19
tough is that? Yes. No, it's like, yeah, it's a law of attraction. Yeah, a lot of times did you know

Unknown Speaker 49:24
I was true, I started valuing myself, I put my head down. I was grinding hard, I got sober. And then boom, this great person came into my life. And I was like, did I do that?

Unknown Speaker 49:35
Yeah, he definitely did. You do that. It's like,

Unknown Speaker 49:38
I'll take all the credit. But I want to talk about these two boyfriends that you had. They must have been amazing for you to actually take time and you know, out of your busy schedule and and see the value in being with these people. Were those interesting relationships or were they not so great ones?

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Ah, well, the first boyfriend I was really young. So, at a young age, I've always wanted to have a boyfriend because I was never the girl that guys like, though I was a nerd growing up, I got bullied my whole life. So really? Yeah, like, I was not the girl that guys liked. I was always told that I was ugly. And so I just had really low self esteem growing up. And I just always wanted to be like, what you see in movies? Oh, you get a boyfriend? Everyone has boyfriends. Why don't I have what you know. So I wanted that. But I felt like when I hit puberty, and I, because I got made fun of so much for how I looked, I really put in the effort to try and look decent. So I started caring about how I dress. I started like dieting and stuff like that. And then when I hit puberty, it's like, I started to look semi attractive for guys. So they would start hitting on me and stuff. But guys that age, I was young, like I was in my teens. So guys in their teens, they don't care about like, whatever. They're they're just trying to get some you know, so they're just here trying to hook up and every guy that like, tries and talk to me, they would be like, Oh, hey, you want to hang out? You want to get together? Like, I fucking hate those terms. I know what that means. It's like Netflix and chill. Yeah, exactly. Old school, Netflix and chill. You want to hang out? There's no I want to hang out as my own date.

Unknown Speaker 51:39
Yeah, you know, maybe like a lady dammit.

Unknown Speaker 51:42
Yeah. And I'm just like, why is it that every single time a guy tries to, like, get with me? It's not for something serious. I'm like, Is it me? Is it? I didn't know what it was. So finally, well, my first boyfriend. I met him when I was working on my parents restaurant. And I was 16. At the time, he was much older than me. And And the thing is, I looked a lot older for my age at the time, I looked like I was in might look like, I was like 21. But I was really like 16. So I would get all these like 20 something year olds that would like, try and talk to me. But as soon as they knew about my age, they would stop talking to me, which looking back I understand now. I don't want to go to jail. Yes. Time. I was like, Well, if it's not about the sex, then why would it matter? Why don't you want to just get to know me as a person. Like, that's how I looked at it. I'm like, it shouldn't matter what age I am. You should want to know me as a person first, then because I think of it like, you're worried about going to jail because you're thinking about having sex with me. Yeah, which is true. So, um, I met this dude, he was 21. I was 16. And he basically asked me out on a proper date. And that was the first thing that took me by surprise. I was like, wow, someone actually asked me on an actual date. And then I remember I gave him like a really, like, short kind of shitty response. I was like, Well, I'm 16 problems that and he goes, Yeah, he didn't even hesitate. He was like, no. And that's when I knew, like, okay, maybe he's trying to get to know me as a person. He's not thinking about the sex, he actually wants to know me. So So I gave him a chance, even though he wasn't my type at all. Um, he, he was not my type at all. But he

Unknown Speaker 53:36
was the first guy who showed you some, like enough respect to ask you out on a real date. You know, wine and dine you?

Unknown Speaker 53:43
Yes. So I felt like I was treated like a lady. So we went on a date and stuff. And then, um, you know, I'm very, I don't know why but I've always been very, very picky. And I'm very, I was very much a three strikes, you're out type person. Um, I give a lot more chances now. But back then, it was literally like so strict. You really got three strikes. You fucked up three times. You did something I don't like three times. Like I go skiing. I'm gone forever. You're gonna never talk to me ever. Yeah, I was like that. So but the problem is back then. I didn't communicate. I kept everything bottled up inside. I didn't know how to communicate cuz, like my family. They were always busy at work. I'm the only child I didn't have friends growing up. So I didn't know what communication was. If something bothered me, I dealt with it alone. So basically, he did stuff that like got me pissed off. And I basically didn't say anything. On one day, I just stopped talking to him. And his persistence of calling me. He called me like four days straight every day all day, and I ignored his calls like every day and then the fourth day I finally pick up I'm like, What He goes, Did I do something wrong? Like, and I just stay silent on the phone? He's like, if you're mad at me, I'm really sorry for what I did. I don't know what I did. But if there's something wrong, you need to communicate with me. Because if I don't know, how am I supposed to fix it? So the fact that he said that it made me realize, like, Oh, so you can't just, like do shit without letting people know. So that taught me that I need to communicate. So, um, we ended up lasting for a long time because of the communication. But, you know, things ended up going bad because at first, he tells me that I need to communicate with him. And if there's something that bothers me about what he does, and then I start doing that, whenever something that happens, and I think we think i think that we've talked it out, but ends up he's keeps doing the same shit. So we keep arguing over the same stuff. Like it never gets changed. Like he says little change doesn't change. Yeah, so it became like this on and off thing for almost six years. I was in for like five and a half years. So it was like a very love and hate relationship. And I realized like, even though I mean, I will regret it. But he was very insecure, then that affected our relationship, because he would always he would always do stuff to make me feel bad. And yet he turns around does the same thing to try and make me jealous. Like he wants to make me jealous. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 56:39
mean, I don't want to sound negative. But I mean, that seems like someone who's 21 years old, and who date's a 16 year old, you know, yeah, is probably insecure, and think that he probably didn't think he could get a girl his own age or something along those lines. So I mean, that seems like a red flag right away. Right? But you know, you're 18 you're falling in love with this guy who's treating you right? I can understand I lost my virginity to a guy when I was like, on my 15th birthday, and he was 19. So Potato, potato, you know? But yeah, okay, so you were in this relationship for six years, you obviously became legal at some point? Yeah. Is this a relationship that you end up losing your virginity to? Or with? No, I

Unknown Speaker 57:23
actually lost it like, before that. Like always, you know, I learned about why didn't never properly learn about sex. The first time I

Unknown Speaker 57:36
do any of us ever properly learn about sex. True. True. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 57:43
I remember when I was four years old, like me. I was three. I think I was three or four when I first saw this, like nc 17 movie, where like, literally every five minutes was a sex scene. And yeah, and then, ever since then, I was like, that's what I want to do. At that age. Could

Unknown Speaker 58:04
you grasp what what it was really going on, though? Or were you just like, they're wrestling naked?

Unknown Speaker 58:10
No, I felt

Unknown Speaker 58:13
horny. tingly down below.

Unknown Speaker 58:16
Yeah. Yeah. It tingle down below and I just knew what to do. Like for so I started masturbating for Yeah, no, you know what I

Unknown Speaker 58:26
you know, I have no guest has told us about that early of masturbation. But you know, I I'm a, you know, guru of sex podcasts now. And I've heard plenty of other people interviewed and yeah, as early as three and four. Some people start masturbating and like they just kind of know, you know what's going on. I feel like I was just looking like a little girl until like, probably my preteens just like didn't know what was going on. But I've heard stories where like, little girls were like, humping their their teddy bears. And

Unknown Speaker 59:00
yeah, it's like, physically, you know what's going on. But mentally I didn't know it was considered something, I guess. Bad at that age. I didn't know it was like, considered bad, or whatever, at that age. So for you know, I just went with what was natural. I'm like, this is my body. This is what I feel. Oh, touching. This feels good. So I'm gonna keep doing it. Yeah. And it was so funny because I was literally four. And then I'm there like masturbating in front of my grandma. My

Unknown Speaker 59:35
grandma was like, looking at me and she goes, stop doing that. Buddhists. Buddhists watching

Unknown Speaker 59:45
Oh, my God is watching.

Unknown Speaker 59:51
And that's when I realized, like, Oh, I'm not supposed to do this. That was when I realized that but I didn't realize it was something that I I'm not supposed to do then I just like hid behind a chair and did it anyways. But you see right over through the legs of the chair.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
your grandma's like spraying you with a spray bottle like Stop it.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
Stop it, Buddha's washing.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
Oh my God, that's hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:23
Yeah, and then like when I was little, it's so funny. Um, so I saw that movie. And then more on top of that my parents my mom bought me these animals that turned out to be hentai

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
was what?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
It was. It was sex animate. Sex animated film. Oh, that's hentai? Yeah, that's hentai. Basically anime.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:48
But it's cartoons.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:49
Yeah. And they thought my mom thought it was a cartoon, but it wasn't. And that's what I saw as a little kid who's so it actually traumatize me where I hated anime. I thought all anime was sex related. Until I was like in high school. I was like,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:06
Oh, my God, that's hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:09
So for a longest time, that's my thought. So I was introduced to it like very young. And, um, yeah, it was just something I always felt like I wanted to do. And I felt like it was something that I needed to do to be an adult. Because as a when I was young, I come from a very strict Asian background. So like, back then my parents were really strict. And they're super cool. Now I'm really, really close with them now. But back then we didn't get along. Because I was born in the US. They're immigrants. You know, they held on to their old school, like traditions, discipline, yeah. And traditions. Whereas I grew up in the US. I'm just like, Why is everyone else able to do this? Why I'm not why am I not allowed? Yeah, this isn't fair, you know. So we butted heads a lot. And I was like a rebel as a kid. Because I wasn't allowed to do stuff. I had to sneak out to do stuff. And I just wanted to hurry up and grow up and be 18 years old. Because I felt like I could be an adult and move out and be on my own and do my own thing and not be controlled. So at a young age, I was doing everything I could to try and learn to be older. So I started everything young. Um, so yeah, my first time, you know, it was with the older guy. And he were I mean, luckily, we're both legal. It was older guy. We're in our teens. And, you know, it was nothing romantic. It was all set up. It was literally like a fuck buddy situation. Yeah, he was just like, okay, let's meet up and let's do this. I will teach you everything that you need to know about sex. Oh, my cool. All right, when we literally planned this and just met up at the school baseball field and, like, experienced different things. You know, experimented. I've had sex on top of a baseball.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:01
what's called the dugout. Oh, the dugout.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03

Unknown Speaker 1:03:05
One time when I was in high school.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06
I bet that didn't feel good. The dirt flying.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:11
Gum bad dirt in my bag.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
so What about now? I mean, I feel like Obviously, I'm a very sexual person, and I got this podcast, I enjoy sex. I kind of own it. Do you consider yourself a sexual person?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:24
Very much. So. Um, like I said, I'm on off. I don't? I don't know. I think I maybe it's because I'm so on off. It makes me kind of go crazy when I do get it. And then when I don't get it, I'm just like, totally, like in the zone. Work mode.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:41
Grind grind grind? Yeah, yeah. So I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
really one or the other. But when I'm. I don't

Unknown Speaker 1:03:48
know. I get it. Girl. I remember the same situation. When I was not looking for a boyfriend, I was like, I'm just gonna do me. It was like, you kind of get into a zone of like, you just don't even think about it. You forget how great it is. Right? And then the first time you hook up with someone you're like,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
Where has this been my whole life? Yeah, I just don't want to keep doing it. Yes, yes, exactly. I see what sucks is the to boyfriend I had. I feel like I have bad luck. When it comes to sex. It's like, the guy never wants it enough. And I'm always the one that has to initiate, and then they get mad at me and then make me feel like the dude. And really, you're just like a dog. Yeah, they make me feel like I'm a guy. It's like, I'm a girl. And I feel like I've worked really hard on not looking like ugly, or whatever. It's like, why don't you want to have sex with me? But I feel like I'm always the one that's having to ask for it and they get mad at me. For one thing, and I've even had guys say to me, like on several occasions like I feel like all you want is just sex. If you like all you want to do is just have sex with me. That's all you want for me. Like I'm just like, Why the fuck am I hearing This out of your mouth is something that gender roles reversed. Yeah, so I freaking hated it. Oh, so it's always been like that. And

Unknown Speaker 1:05:11

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
you're not alone girl. You're not alone. I do honestly think my 47 episodes here with all this research that female athletes, which is horny motherfuckers like, you know, we're just That's true. You know, Andrew, I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that when you're an athlete, you have higher testosterone, higher testosterone, higher sex drive, so if we want to get scientific about it, but also like, we're like, I it's animalistic, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:40
Yes, I actually know I have higher testosterone because I got when I had a nutritionist. He took my blood every week, and he tested it. Yep. Um, and he says I have naturally very high testosterone, which is kind of good and kind of bad. The bad part is it gives me really bad menstrual cramps every month, because your testosterone like the levels are so high. So your estrogen has to also go up to match match it. So when it comes down, it makes it come down really hard. So you get really Moody, super moody. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:12
yeah, I have I also I think, you know, any smart, professional athlete, male or female who has the resources and money should get their levels tested. I got mine tested. Because, you know, I was vegan for so many years. And I just wanted to check things out. And then I found out I had high estrogen, slightly high estrogen and slightly high testosterone, which just like you said, has its pros and cons. Right. So like, yeah, you know, as as athletes, we're like, we actually enjoy the higher testosterone for a lot of, you know, like recovery benefits and yeah, like that stuff. And then yeah, our sex drive does increase, but fuck, we are some moody bitches.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:49
Fortunately. And I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:06:52
sorry, boyfriend. I'm so sorry. Okay, it's my favorite favorite time of the show. It is time for the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:10
You're familiar with this? This part? Right? Yes. Okay. All right. I'm gonna ask you one phrase or one word you're gonna do rapid fire. Yes or no? Are you ready? All right. It's time for lightning sex round. Do you dirty talk in bed?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:26
A little bit Not really. Don't get too overboard with it.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:29
Spank or like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:31
Like to be spanked biting?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:33
Definitely choking. Lightly threesomes

Unknown Speaker 1:07:39

Unknown Speaker 1:07:39
Do you watch a lot? I

Unknown Speaker 1:07:40
was single. Maybe? I don't know. Maybe?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45
You guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:45
Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:47

Unknown Speaker 1:07:48
Any foot fetish? No bodily fluid fetish.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:53

Unknown Speaker 1:07:54
bondage like ropes or blindfolds?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:57
No, I

Unknown Speaker 1:07:58
don't like being restricted. I feel like I'm gonna fight someone to do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:03
Role Playing.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05

Unknown Speaker 1:08:07
I'm indifferent to it. Maybe

Unknown Speaker 1:08:10
you probably do enough role playing in your fucking work that you're like, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:12
be me. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
All right, but stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:19
on me a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:20
Do you use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:23
No, I mean during sex.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:27
Potato Potato, I guess you know, I recently with our amazing sponsor, Ella para de. They gave me my first ever sex toys at 33. And I'm like, whoo. And I you know, I brought him into the relationship. And my boyfriend was like, obviously game. So that was the first time that I had ever used on a solo or with him.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:46
Oh, well, then yes, I've definitely used this solo. But never with a partner. No, not with a partner. Well, that's because it's kind of I mean, I'm sure it'll be great. But I feel like it's cheating. I want them to be good without it first,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:59
then we can

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
incorporate it. No good before that. It's like a That's true. lazy.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:05
ever been to a swingers party or a sex club?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
No, but I used to work at a club and it was like all swingers that would go there.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:19
You saw some crazy shit.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:21
I didn't. They didn't get naked. But like, they were just some some woman was in the guy's bathroom trying to grab all their dicks while they're trying to pee. Like stuff like that. You know? That's a horny lady. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33
And are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:37
I'm pretty sure every girl likes to look sexy at laundry. It just makes you feel sexy.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:41
Not me. I swear to God, I feel like I've never found lingerie that's flattering. It's always like pinching into my muffin top or fucking titties falling out. I'm like, why? Yeah. And then it's like, you know, the guy to like, take it off. And I'm like, I don't need one more step between me and sex.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:59
Well No, I

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
wear laundry for myself. Yeah, I just like, like if I do a photoshoot I like shooting in laundry. But like for sex, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:10
I'm okay I just need extra work. I need to work on my self esteem you know, just because you know we weigh in and then we're like Alright, this is me in shape. So for like 510 pounds out of shape or like I'm so fat and I just you know, I know that my self worth should not be represented on this the number on the scale but yeah, we're all got our problems right

Unknown Speaker 1:10:32
now bro. You look good. Thank you guys got the thick

Unknown Speaker 1:10:37
I am thick is

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
good though. It's

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
not fat.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:42
I know that my boyfriend's like if you could just stay this way. I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:45
God dammit I need for the pushin.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:48
I know it's too much good. You know what? My bad I cut you off too early. We forgot to play Fuck, marry kill.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:04
One marry one kill one. Go. I think we're done. We're done. We're done here. Oh, yeah, let's

Unknown Speaker 1:11:10
do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:11
I just was so excited. I looked at the clock. Okay, I knew it was gonna be easy to interview you. You're just so fun. Okay, so for Fuck, Marry, Kill. I'm going to tell you three names and you got to choose who you want to fuck who you want to marry who you want to kill. Are you ready? All right. Okay, so this is thank you to Pat and Dan Kenny my homies who helped me out with this. This is the wrestler version. So you got to choose between the rock Stone Cold Steve Austin and john cena.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:40
I would definitely marry the rock. I would fuck john cena and

Unknown Speaker 1:11:48
sorry, so cold.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:52
He's the one that like smashes the beers together and then like he seems like a cool person to hang out with. I don't think I could like do around that all the time. Yeah, he's like your beer all over me. Like, imagine you're having lost

Unknown Speaker 1:12:08
a shirt. You're having sex with him. And he's What's his tagline? Oh, he

Unknown Speaker 1:12:13
was hell. Yeah, but you know what's funny? I just thought of something. So I got all these weird fans that just send me like Duke picks. This one fan sent me a dick pic. And he had the pop figurine of Steve Austin next to it. And then he wrote Hell yeah, Hell

Unknown Speaker 1:12:33
no, I guess

Unknown Speaker 1:12:36
what now? I always think of that.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:39
What that's that's fucking crazy. What is like one of the weirdest dm requests you've got or not equal requests? Like, you know, unsolicited

Unknown Speaker 1:12:47
message. You want to talk for another five hours.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:51
So what's what's one that you're like, Oh, god, this one will I'll never forget this. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:12:56
there's this fan that said, I get a lot of weird like, I get a lot of foot fetish fans. I

Unknown Speaker 1:13:02
don't know why.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:03
But this guy he said he wanted to. He first hit me up and was like, Hey, I really liked your I think, I think they'll ever like your feet. I want to suck on your toes and suck on your big toe and have you stick your toe in my ass and like, move it around and then take it back out and let it suck. Oh, my basin suck his own shit off my toe. Okay, all right. Yeah. That was like there's a winner. That's a winner.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:37
Sure, felice. Police has been on the show, please. Harrigan? She's, yeah, she actually monetized her foot fetish fans and made it entire only fans just for her feet. That's cool. And she's killing it. And I asked her if she would come on the show to just talk about that. And like do like kinda like a bonus episode. And she said, hell yeah. She said, hell

Unknown Speaker 1:13:59
yeah. Hell yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:04
Okay, I have a few fan questions for you.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08
You're gonna push me

Unknown Speaker 1:14:13
Got some time.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:15
Damn, right. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:17
So at she fights to what type of combat sports athlete Do you prefer in the bedroom? BJJ black belt, professional wrestler or Olympic gold medal boxer.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:29
Definitely a BJJ black belt. You know, they know how to get all up in the crevices and nice and tight. Yeah. Definitely that I'm dating a black belt. So

Unknown Speaker 1:14:41
I concur.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
Yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:47
Describe your sex drive by using a wrestling finisher. This is from the same person at she fights to

Unknown Speaker 1:14:54
oh my gosh, this will be a power bomb from the top row.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:57
Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:58
That's aggressive.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:02
powerbomb off of like a 10 story building that would be

Unknown Speaker 1:15:07

Unknown Speaker 1:15:07
Okay at Spencer plata? Will you ever compete in what we're talking about that? Let's see Ricky Melendez at nine. When are we going to see zeta back in ML w again? Well, sadly,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:21
you know, I am a free agent now because I am healing my knee and also doing some movie stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:31
So, you goddamnit you were training today? Are you taking it easy? Are you going too hard?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:40
I'm going as hard as long as my knee doesn't pop out.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:46
You just like me and every other fighter. You're like, I'm fine. My legs broken. I'm fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:52
Yeah, there's no ACL

Unknown Speaker 1:15:55
at Shawn Shawn defied. How did you get to keep your WWE name? Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:16:02
my name in WWE was actually zeta and they copyrighted zeta, but it's not Zetas. Zane. So technically, it's, it's not the same. Okay, you know, because there was another guy that was in WWE with me. And he went by Alcott. What was his name? It was like, faulted Fulton. But when he got out, he changed it a little bit. It was still Fulton something.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:28

Unknown Speaker 1:16:29
that's a custom write a loop. All right. Yes. Or maybe if you change the spelling a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:36
Yeah, that could work too. That's smart. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:39
At nasty Nate train. Where's our producers name is Nate and our audio. Our audio engineer was like, is that you buddy? No, it's not. That's Nadir Domus. Okay. At nasty Nate train. Worst injury you have ever suffered?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:03
Oh my gosh. There's so many I would say like, my ACLs are fully gone. Yeah, both of them are gone. I have no ACL my LCL is messed up. PCL is myself. My shoulder was completely torn off. So that has a shoulder surgery. Um, yeah, there are a lot of injuries my back. I tore my glute muscle my ass

Unknown Speaker 1:17:25
up. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:26
I broke. So yes, my glute muscle is torn. I have a broken rib.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:36

Unknown Speaker 1:17:37
lots of shit all fucked up. all fucked up.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:39
Maybe I don't want to go into professional wrestling after him. Okay, at peppers, peppers and onions nation, which UFC fighter do you think would do well in the pro wrestling scene?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:54
Oh, I would say oh, there's a few that. Well, Blake truth is already going in pro wrestling. He's definitely fit for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:07
I think they say UFC fighter Blake is an awesome

Unknown Speaker 1:18:12
UFC fighter. I would say

Unknown Speaker 1:18:16
Adi Sanyo.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:18
Oh yeah, he's a he's a character. Israel. Yeah. He's a character. Yeah, I think he would be best. Yeah, he has. Yeah, he's a good character character. And his moves are like beautiful. Yeah, very agile. You got to be very agile.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:33
Oh, God, I hate jumping like, you know, like boxes like fire hose. And my strength and conditioning coach Travis. From Apex shout out. He's always like, if you ever want to do pro wrestling, we got to get you to jump but I'm like, I hate Giambi.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:47
I hate jumping through so much. I'm definitely not a jumpy person. I know I stay to the ground.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:53
I got some new titties and now I'm like, now I hate jumping more because they're gonna be harder.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:01
You know? That might be okay. And throw your tidies up at the same time, the weight will push you up.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:10
Okay, at King underscore Taylor underscore Tei Who was your idol growing up?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:18

Unknown Speaker 1:19:19
I would actually say my dad, my dad, my idol. That's all Yeah. Cuz like my parents, you know, they came to the US with nothing and to go from absolutely nothing to be able to have a business to be able to put me through school and all that. You know, it taught me a lot about working hard.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:39
Yeah, I love that. I you know, we gave you an intro before you came on. You know, you've you've accomplished a lot of firsts, especially as an Asian American. And I think that's amazing. And you know, I'm sure your dad and your family are super proud of you.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:56
Yeah, now they are which I'm happy. Yeah. Very cool. Yeah, they weren't not supportive of that before, but now they're super supportive.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:05
Well, that's awesome. That's cool. I'm happy that you guys reconnected. Because not everybody does that with their family. So it's, I'm glad you guys have a good relationship now. That is the show girl. Thank you so much for coming on, please let us know where we can find you on all the social media handles on your Patreon. Where can we listen to your awesome music and we just want to stay up to date with anything that's zeta.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:28
Yes, there is less stuff on Instagram the most Zetas e da underscore ZHN G and I have all the links on my bio that has my Patreon, my YouTube, my

Unknown Speaker 1:20:42
whatever, take that, whatever. And guys, I'll always insert her links, Patreon all that in the show notes. So you don't have to remember, just click on the show notes afterwards. And who do you want to see on sex and violence with rebel girl next?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:57

Unknown Speaker 1:20:59
let's say it's a guy definitely Blake troop, like just such a good character. He's such a he's such a great person, actually. Um, you've met Blake, right? Yeah, I chatted with him. He was there. And he was there when you were there. I mean, yeah. So Blake, and if it's girl, I would say Tae Conti. She was in WWE with me and now she's with AWS and stuff. So she's, she has a really cool around to

Unknown Speaker 1:21:26
Awesome. Well, I just want you to continue grinding and you know, ain't nobody got time for men right now. That's okay. I hope to see you in the training room very soon. And we'll be following your career with whatever organization you join.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:42
Talking to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:45
Bye, girl. Bye. This

Unknown Speaker 1:22:02
girl you die.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:39
That is it for Episode 47. And as we near our one year anniversary of the show, I'm reminded of all the amazing guests we've had. I mean, zeta is just one of many humans we've had the chance to connect with. And whether you're a serial dater, like some of us or more like zeta and prefer your alone time or a Friends with Benefits situation. Keep in mind that we're all more alike than we realize. Fuck the labels screw social media shallowness. I think we're all a little crazy. We're all a little lost. And I think we're all just looking for happiness. sharing our stories, experiences and life lessons helps us remember that. Don't forget to check out the new YouTube channel. The link will be in the show notes. Hope you guys enjoyed our show this week and have a great weekend. All you deviants remember, Be kind, be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. Thank you so much for tuning in and for all your fan questions as always special denki to audio engineer DJs all at D Jaisal. Pinnacle studios tomorrow kids studios at tomorrow kids official producer Nate Jackson at Nadir Domus and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley enemy. And lastly as we turn it PopCap podcast off if you can please go rate and review us it would helps us out a lot. It helps independent podcasts like us get discovered and signed and get better sponsorships so please subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week and hear more tales of sex and violence.

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