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Ep.49 Swayze Valentine (UFC Cutwoman)

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Hey guys,

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welcome back to sex and violence with rebels, where we interview today's top level MMA fighters and other experts in their field about love, dating, romance,

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and that ultra taboo subject.

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I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl,

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Evan Smith. Let's talk about

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what's up all my naughty naughty listeners, we are back with another episode of that alternative MMA journalism, the one that asked the hard hitting questions, and the ones that you may think I didn't need to know that. But you know, what do they say, if it's too hot in the kitchen, get out or something like that. So, hope you guys had a fun week. Since we last talked, I just been my nose to the grindstone PT to get this spine ready. I've got a lot of seminars booked, you know, trips planned, which basically means when I come on here, I'm gonna be telling you guys more adventurous tales. So I'll have some funny stories since I always tried to not try to but uh, embarrass myself and have something to tell you guys. And, you know, I was really thinking like, as the world opens up now, what have we, you know, me personally, I've started a podcast, I've started working for my management company as a part time agent, and reconnected with some of my friends. I wonder what you guys have done? Have you created something at nothing? Have you pivoted? Have you just made it through the struggle? You know, I know a lot of people didn't come out of this whole thing. We're still in it. But um, you know, some people didn't fare as well as others. And I'm, you know, I'm hoping you guys find some way to see the sunny side of all of this. But, you know, if, if you're still struggling, I'm sorry, I know, we're not through this. But I do feel like we're about to have a new chapter of this crazy new world that we live in, right, things are opening back up. And everyone's kind of adapting, you know, things are even more virtual and online than ever before. But really, you know, I think the biggest thing that we can all take away from the pandemic 2020. Now 2021 is that we shouldn't take things for granted. And, you know, I think right now, as we get back into the world for me, I'm not going to take anything for granted, fighting with a crowd, you know, just being able to shake someone's hand, not having to wear the damn mask, even though we should still wear the mask for a while. But yeah, I mean, I hope you guys are all doing well, and working on your well being in and excelling out there. What helps me with my well being is a botanical bloom. They are our CBD sponsor. And all a botanical bloom products are made from real CBD not hemp seed oil. And all their products are lab tested, and they provide a QR code on the box, so you can check that out for yourself. In addition to tinctures, they also have hand sanitizer, lip balms, vapor rubs. gummies, and the gummies have double the dosage of what normal CBD gummies have. So, go follow them at a botanical bloom on Facebook and Instagram. Or you can visit their website, www dot a botanical And if you use code, Ashley MMA, you get 20% on all products. Okay, guys, so I keep telling you to drop me an email, we have a podcast email, which is Ashley at sex and violence

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you know, whatever your heart desires, maybe you have a guest suggestion, maybe you want to tell me that I'm great or that I suck. You know, I'll take constructive criticism. Actually, we had a few emails come in. And my favorite one I want to talk about shout out to a girl named Savannah. I hope that's okay. I mean, we don't know your last name. So but she emailed in and she just expressed her gratitude for the podcast, which I really appreciate. And she gave me some constructive criticism. She said, the next time someone wants to elaborate on the lightning sex round that you have every episode bled them and you know, I realized like, oh, why not? You know, people want to hear the the down and dirty, right? So I'm gonna take that constructive criticism. And she also let me know that because I have been bringing up this lightning sex round and a lot of the men and women happened to be into choking during sex. She said that now her and her boyfriend are going to try that So, you know, here I am doing the Lord's work you know, more women in bed are choking each other in bed. So you know, I guess the podcast is a success. But But yeah, guys, you know, the email is Ashley that's as h L. E, at sex and violence, podcast calm. I really just want to check in with the people that matter. That's you guys, the ones that are listening to this right now. I don't care how you're listening, where you're listening. You know who you are. If you're you know, if you're a listener and you're and you're taking time out of your day, I care about you and I want your feedback. So thank you so much guys. Who we got a lot to talk about fight wise. But before we talk about this new card, we have to talk about this past weekend card you know, it It definitely is the best card that I have personally seen. And I've been in mixed martial arts for a decade now. I cannot believe the back to back just you know, edge of your seat type of fights that were on this card real quick. We'll go through them so Kumar uzman Jorge Jorge hospital, the Nigerian nightmare wins his 18th Street Fight after a brutal, straight, straight right hand kayo to defeat Jorge Mazda doll, and you know, that was a rematch, and that was that was the main event, but the rest of the card was amazing too. We had Valentina Shevchenko, who just bullied Jessica and Raj for

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he was two rounds. I

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think she Yeah, she finished her in the second round by TKO. She got seven takedowns which everyone thought was gonna be where on drudge was gonna, you know, you know, have the advantage but she did not and Valentina just goes to show that she is nowhere near anyone you know, and you know, she's amazing to watch fight. She's one of the greatest for sure. Then you had UFC straightaway. waylay versus Rose namajunas Rose regained her title, which was so great to see so it's such an emotional grateful win for her but then vice versa it's so bittersweet to see an amazing athlete like Wally you know now former champion lose in such a devastating fashion she lost by a you know, head kick in the first round. And that was real hard. Both are Sucker Punch people that you know, I work for them now. And so you know, it's weird it's a weird feeling as you really get involved and start to know some of these fighters you're it's it's hard to pick a side you know, may the best woman or man when but that was a rough one. And then you course, the one that everyone is talking about Chris Weidman vs. Uriah Hall. If you guys did not see this fight, I caution you if you are squeamish, Chris Weidman through one kick right right off the bat. Right off the bell. It will I believe it was the first fight to ever be one without a punch being thrown.

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Chris Weidman

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kicks Uriah hauls leg. Uriah Hall didn't really do I don't even think he checked the kick. It just made impact. And Chris Weidman tibia fibia, every all the bones just broke. just horrible. And so be careful if you do Google that if you didn't see it. And then lastly, I did not see this fight. But Jimmy crew versus Anthony Smith Smith got the TKO by leg kick. So this car just has all fighters saying, why do we do calf kicks? You know, calf kicks are the hottest weapon right now. I guess you would say in mixed martial arts. Everyone's working them. I'm guilty. I just bought this thing called calf guard. I haven't used it yet. But I was all jazzed. I

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was like, Yeah,

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when I get back to fighting when I get back to training, everybody's getting calf kicked. And now I'm like,

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nobody's getting

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scary man.

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I'm like, you know? I can't believe you know, we pick this sport to do high risk high reward. But then you watch things like that and you're like, I need a new job. Tomorrow we have a new UFC card I highly doubt it's gonna be as good as that last one. That's one for the history books. But we have Main Event Dominic ray is vs sorry for killing your name. It's Jerry poach ca that's probably not it. And then we've got Giga chick AZ versus cub Swanson. That's going to be an interesting fight. And then we have Sean Strickland, who's just a crazy mofo against Christoph. Joko, we have murghab Davila, she versus Cody stamen. And we have a couple girl fights on this card back to back we got poliana botelho vs. Luana, Carolina that's at flyweight, and then some early prelims are random Marcos vs. Louisiana piano and Sam Hughes vs. Luma look Bumi

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I could never be a commentator because I would kill everybody's name. So that's tomorrow. That's very Exciting. And before we talk to this guest that I'm very, very, very excited about. Let's hear from one of our sexiest sponsors. This podcast is brought to you by Ella para The adult toy store that strives to inspire and empower women, men and couples of all experience levels and interests. inspiration that can lead to a more fulfilling life through discovery and expression of intimacy and pleasure. Visit Ella para and use code rebel girl at checkout to save 15% off your order. Go ahead, visit e l l a pa ra di and use code rebel girl to save money on your next intimate purchase. Today's guest is the first and only cut woman for the UFC. And before she broke gender barriers in the world's number one MMA promotion. She did so and other promotions such as bellator MMA, World Series of fighting Invicta and King of the Cage when she became their first and only cut woman. Born in Anchorage, Alaska, she grew up off the grid most of her life. It's been an uphill battle to obtain her title. And she has had to break down some serious gender stereotypes along the way. But she's living proof that you can achieve your dreams with hard work. We talked about ring girl to cut woman online dating horror stories growing up off the grid, detached ears, sex on a construction site, surviving and attempted rape, and so much more. Here's your guest Swayze Valentine.

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It's too quiet.

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the Cymbeline

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crack some blood and

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back up with the boy I love

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cried on the streets of San Francisco. I don't have an agenda. All I do is pretend to be okay. All

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right, we have the one the only the beautiful Swayze. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Hey, guys, thank you so much for having me. So I gave you interesting intro. But I

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I mean, you and I go way back. So I want to jump into the conversation. But I guess I should let people know how we met first. I think it was 2011 if my memory serves me correct when I was an amateur fighter fighting for the Las Vegas promotion. Tough Enough. Rip Barry Meyer. And Swayze was the cut girl then were you working for them? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 12:57
at that point.

Unknown Speaker 12:58
Yeah. Well, volunteering, because you know, you don't get paid. Yeah, volunteers.

Unknown Speaker 13:01
Okay, working. I use that word very loosely. She was volunteering her efforts for the fighters. And that's where we met. And then I didn't realize until I did my research that you and I both got into the UFC in 2014.

Unknown Speaker 13:17

Unknown Speaker 13:17
that's crazy. Did you know that?

Unknown Speaker 13:20
I didn't know that at first. And then I was, I was looking it up. I'm like, No shit. I remember when I first saw you on the card. I'm like, yeah, I'm a girl in there. And yeah, like, Damn, that was we were the same year. And x dx, I

Unknown Speaker 13:35
found a picture. It was 2017. I fought in Arizona against Andrea Lee. And we have a picture together. And I was like, wow, like, we go. We go really far back. We don't talk much. But it's just so cool. Because we, you know, have been in the same industry and around each other for many years now. But for the listeners who don't know how you got into cut work, I guess you would call it? Yeah, let us know. How did you become Swayze the first and only female cut woman?

Unknown Speaker 14:05
Well, you know, I saw my first show in Anchorage, Alaska, where I lived at the time, like my first live event, just something local. And I'm like, man, I really want to, I really want to check this out. So I went in, and I bought a ticket for that night. And when the show started, I'm watching it. And I'm like, the The atmosphere is just so intense. And all the fans, you know, or listeners who know what it feels like to be at a fight totally know what I'm saying. And it was just so intense. And like, I loved every second of it. And I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I didn't know what I could do, because I knew I wasn't a fighter by any means. So I'm like, man, I don't really know what I what position I could hold here. But you know, I'll talk to the promoter afterwards and just see what's up. So I talked to the promoter, and I'm like, Hey, man, you know, I really want to be a part of your promotion, like what can I do? And of course, this was pre children as well. And he's like, well, you can Be a ring girl. I was like, it wasn't really what I had in mind. But I'll I'll start anywhere. And so he was like, I have a weekend tournament I want you to come by, and you know, be a ring go for us. So I did that. And the night of the weekend tournament, it was a Halloween tournament. I'm, I'm dressed ready to go and I have some downtime. So I'm walking around backstage and I see people rapping fighters hands. And I'm like, that is what I want to do. Because to me, being a fan of the sport, you know, there's no greater honor than wrapping the hands of the fighter themselves. And so I just went back home and I just started Googling, like how to even wrap hands cuz I had no idea. And I just started from there, man, I start wrapping hands. And we moved to Idaho. And we're about eight hours one way from Vegas. And with Vegas being the fight capital of the world. I was like, that's where I need to be. So I take my kids and we drive and spend the weekend at like Randy Couture's gym, and just rep fighters for sparring sessions. And then that's where I've met the promoters that you know, from tough enough, and then you know, networked and all that sort of stuff. And then it just took off from there.

Unknown Speaker 16:07
That's so cool. I mean, we always have these interesting background stories, right. But I can't believe you started as a ring girl. And then, you know, found your true calling. But so, you know, you work for the UFC, which is, you know, the number one organization in the world, but you've also worked with these amateur organizations, what's, you know, what are some pros and cons of working for a bigger organization as opposed to amateur besides making money?

Unknown Speaker 16:39
Sure, yeah. So I mean, amateur. I mean, you're all still learning. Everyone's still learning, not like you want to make any mistakes there either. But the higher you get, the harder it gets, you know, everyone thinks like, you know, the hardest part, you know, with getting to the UFC was getting there, you know? And it's like, that was very hard. And once you're basically I like to call the UFC like the Olympics, MMA In my opinion, and being also the only female it's like, there's so much pressure, you know, it's, I feel like I got to work three times as hard and not make any mistakes whatsoever. And it's just it's a lot harder the higher you get.

Unknown Speaker 17:19
Yeah, that's so funny. You say that Dana White told me and the rest of the fighters on the card, my first fight ever in 2014, he looked at us and said, Alright, guys, you know, he cusses a lie. Like, I'm gonna fucking make this quick. You know, everyone says it's hard to get to the UFC. And it is, but it's a lot fucking harder to stay here. And I never forgot that. I was just like, oh, okay, I'm gonna try my hardest to stay here.

Unknown Speaker 17:46
But it is hard to say that for sure. It's still a hustle just because I made it to the Olympics of MMA. Like, it is still a fight. It's still a hustle to get on cards. Like it's, it is not. It's harder. It's sometimes you're like, and maybe I should go back down to like amateur I don't know. The pressure. Extreme, man. Yeah, well, it's

Unknown Speaker 18:06
interesting to hear it's the same for all UFC employees or personnel or you know, anyone, anyone in the actual industry. It's, it's the elite of the elite, you know, and I'm very grateful. I love the UFC. They treat me well, but it's a tough job for fighters and cut women alike, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 18:25
Yeah, absolutely. But yeah, they do. They treat us right. And they're a well oiled machine. And I love every second of it.

Unknown Speaker 18:31
So I know there's probably been a million epic moments in your, you know, time stitching up fighters. But is there one that stands out? You're like, Oh, this is one that's forever going to be with me.

Unknown Speaker 18:45
Yeah, man, there is a lot to choose from, I'd have to say maybe one of the most memorable was like there was a coach that was cage side and I was cage citing those blue corner. And he was so angry that his fighter lost he wasn't happy with the decision. And his fighter lost and he picks up this stool. he smashes it on the ground and just hits me hits everybody. It goes in the cage. It hits the fighters, it was just like, holy cow man like

Unknown Speaker 19:18
was so he just threw

Unknown Speaker 19:20
a temper tantrum because his fighter last smashed a chair hit you with wood shards and other people.

Unknown Speaker 19:28
Exactly. I'm like, Dude, chill out. Yeah, that was pretty intense.

Unknown Speaker 19:33
I mean, like, the naughty side of me is like Who did that? But the other side. It's like, No, no, that's not what's important here. But Wow. Okay, that's crazy. Yeah. So okay, so anything else that comes to mind? I mean, you've any like crazy. I mean, you've dealt with so many cuts. I mean, was there ever a cut that you couldn't stop from bleeding and, you know, later, you know, maybe learned a lesson. I mean, it's so scary because you You know, I feel like, have you Okay, I guess the question is, have you ever been in there? And then later realize that maybe you could have handled a cut differently? Or is it's just like so new to me. You know, I know I'm a fighter, I get cut, but at the same time, like, I don't know what it takes to, to stitch someone up in 45 seconds or make that decision? I guess that's the doctor's call, right?

Unknown Speaker 20:22
Yeah, you know, it's, there has been a few times, because when a fighter gets cut, we go in, we got like, 30 to 45 seconds to clean them up, get them get the blood stop. And one that really sticks out that bothered me, it wasn't actually necessarily cut on the face. It was Leslie Smith's ear, and I'm sure a lot of people know about that one with Jessica I cauliflower ear and it just literally exploded.

Unknown Speaker 20:47
So bad, so bad.

Unknown Speaker 20:49
It was bad, like injury, you know, I still needed to make sure that I could close it. And so she can continue on. And then the doctor came in, I remember it was in Mexico City. And the doctor came in, and he was like, No, you can't continue unless he's like, here's a fucking cat. I don't care, let my fucking your fall off. Let's just go into Zurich, and he called the fight. And I you know, and you can't help but sometimes think that well, maybe I could have done something better. But bottom line, I mean, the doctors, they get paid the big bucks for reason, man, they're looking for other things deeper than superficial and a lot of fans or, you know, people that are watching don't understand that we're all have a part in this fight. And the doctors are looking for something completely different than what us is like cut men or cut women are looking for you know, yeah. So when the doctor comes in, or the rest stops it like that is their decision. And that's out of our hands.

Unknown Speaker 21:45
Yeah. And you just have to just like a fighter has to go with whatever the ref says, you know, you can't do anything. So, you know, I'm sure you've seen something and been like, I can fix this. And then the doctor call that off and you're like, all right, you just got to go with what the doctor says.

Unknown Speaker 22:01
Yep, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 22:02
Yeah, if anyone's seen that fight, who did she fight Leslie Smith in that fight? Jessica, I

Unknown Speaker 22:07
just got I

Unknown Speaker 22:08
Oh my God, if you guys haven't seen that fight Google Leslie Smith first, Jessica I and her ear basically almost falls off. It's so gnarly. She had a really bad cauliflower. And it got popped. But it was like detaching from her head. I don't know how I mean, that. Is that how you would explain it?

Unknown Speaker 22:28
Yeah, dude, it literally slit completely open on the top of your ear from like, the top all the way down to the side. Like it was just exploded?

Unknown Speaker 22:35

Unknown Speaker 22:36
I mean, I think the only other gnarlier thing I've seen is this past weekend when Chris Weidman broke his leg. On your right leg, you know, I'm like, Oh, God, you got a crazy job deal with.

Unknown Speaker 22:50
That was bad.

Unknown Speaker 22:51
So, you know,

Unknown Speaker 22:53
I'm wondering, I'm

Unknown Speaker 22:54
like, I know, it's not nice to ask about someone's financial situation, I won't ask you how much you make. I don't I don't care. I just want to know, is this a job that you can do? You know, can you sustain yourself by just being a cut woman? Or do you have to have other jobs?

Unknown Speaker 23:09
You know, me personally, I have to have another job. Now, financially, yes, if you're doing it every single weekend, you can absolutely, you know, make it your career. And initially, that's what I did, you know, I worked every weekend, fights all over the place. And then, you know, you move into different promotions and roles are a little different, things are a little different. And then sometimes they don't work as much as others. So me on the safe side, because I'm a single mom with children. I'm, you know, like I said, I just like fighters like, as your fighter. It's a fight to get a fight, you know, and as me as a woman and being the only woman it's a fight to get a fight as well, you know, but my fights outside the cage, you know, so it's still a hustle even for me, just because I work for, you know, a certain promotion doesn't mean I'm promised anything. That's true, though. I'm a contractor, and independently so you know, I don't I don't have that steady or promised income. So with me being a single parent having kids. I needed something stable as well. So I work at the post office, but I get weekends off. So I go travel. And do you have tea? Or you know, whatever promotion on the weekend?

Unknown Speaker 24:20
Oh, that's perfect. Yeah, that's rad. Yeah, I mean, first of all, foremost, you got to put food on the table for the two babies. Are those boys or girls?

Unknown Speaker 24:30
Two boys, two boys.

Unknown Speaker 24:31
What are their ages?

Unknown Speaker 24:33
They are 11 and 13. And I just took on my 16 year old niece, so I got three up in here. Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker 24:39
That's that's a lot of work. Sounds to me. Yeah. Well, so you travel a lot like you said on the weekends, you're, you know, you know, going all these different locations, you know, flying places. What is that like on your dating life? You know, I as a fighter. As a podcast host. I've talked to so many different people now. Especially Like pro wrestlers who have to go on tour and stuff, like, you know, is that does it make it difficult for you to date someone?

Unknown Speaker 25:08
It does, I think not necessarily for me because to be honest, like I'm a super faithful type, and, um, but it's harder to find someone else that's willing to accept what I do. In my profession, especially with me being the only female and being around these super monstrously fit men and women that are superduper impressive. They kinda if I'm dating someone, they're definitely I've run into a lot of jealousy, and it's just kind of stuck. So I haven't met that one yet that can, you know, ride with me. So we'll see. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 25:43
it just takes a very secure individual. I mean, obviously, you know, I'm a fighter, and so I'm around primarily men in the gym and everything I do, you know, even if I'm not fighting, I just like guy stuff. I feel like I'm a tomboy at heart. And so I'm always around guys. And, you know, I think it's the same with you a little bit. You just, you know, the key, I think, is finding someone extremely comfortable, you know, trusting and uncomfortable and their own their own skin. Really?

Unknown Speaker 26:11
Absolutely. So,

Unknown Speaker 26:13
you know, if you were to find someone who was comfortable in their own skin, and they're, you know, totally confident and you know, jealousy, they never get jealous. You know, okay, Swayze go on your trip? What does this person look like the ideal guy besides being non jealous?

Unknown Speaker 26:30
Well, definitely, yes. Non jealous. They have to be funny. They got to make me laugh. I mean, humor is everything. Yeah. And his life is serious enough. Um, I do, like I'm tall. But you know, I'll take at this point, I'll take whatever, you know, just handle it. Um, I don't know if I really have a certain type of I just want you to be a good person really. Looks are great, but, you know, then you have someone that's too fine. And everyone's looking at him. Like, I don't know if I want to deal with that either. So I just want I don't want him to be a good person really, like faithful honest. Just a good person.

Unknown Speaker 27:09
I'm trying to have a tall

Unknown Speaker 27:10
average as dude, so nobody looks too hard.

Unknown Speaker 27:14
I'm okay with average.

Unknown Speaker 27:16
That's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 27:17
Yeah, I was wondering like, you know, you're in this sport. Obviously, you love this sport, you can tell by your background story of how you were willing to be a greencard girl just to be involved with a sport. So would you ever considering somebody who knew nothing about MMA?

Unknown Speaker 27:33
I would in sometimes, you know, I'm on dating sites, like that's no lie. And some of them do know who I am like the athlete. What do you do for a living? And I try not to say that I do any UFC stuff or any fight stuff, because I mean, it's a badass sport. I don't want somebody getting with me for the wrong reason. Like when I was fired tomorrow, I mean, would you still be this is interesting. Yeah. Um, but yeah, it really doesn't matter. I mean, I would like them to know about the fight game, because then I think they can understand me a little better than someone who doesn't know what at all, but at the same time, someone who doesn't know what at all might, might be better because then they don't know what, who I'm around, or these sorts of things.

Unknown Speaker 28:15
This is hilarious. Me and Carla talk about this all the time. You know, we've, you know, it's just like, when you are in the limelight, and you you know, build, you know, make a name for yourself. It's this weird thing where if you're single, you have to ask yourself, Is this person dating me for me? Or are they dating me for my name? Or because you know, the idea of who I am? And you know, yeah, I mean, I guess you know, goes the same with you as I Oh, you know, you know, you're beautiful. You're the only woman in the UFC like the UFC holds this, this this notoriety? You know, this appeal. So, what has your experience with online dating been?

Unknown Speaker 28:52

Unknown Speaker 28:54
I'm sorry. Like,

Unknown Speaker 28:56
I've been on a few days, but like, the last day, it kind of scared me from doing it. Like I went out with this one guy, everything was fine. And we just have a couple drinks. And he's getting super comfortable and talking to me, which I love. So I want you to be comfortable with me. And he's telling me the story about his feud he's having with his ex, which is his baby mama Hogan and told me that he is in the middle of going to court because he's been accused of hate to say it trigger warning of molesting his child. Whoa. Which he claims is completely untrue. And he's fighting for it. But the other crazy part long story short was when the date was over, because what I heard that I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna

Unknown Speaker 29:44
flag red flag. Red Flag, abort, abort.

Unknown Speaker 29:49

Unknown Speaker 29:49
So when the day was over, he was like, I would really like to do this again. And I'm like, in my head, I'm like, Hey on. And he goes, um, you know, that is if you want to to you know go out with a rapist haha oh

Unknown Speaker 30:03
my god

Unknown Speaker 30:05
oh we help get me out of your now I mean like how inappropriate like you tell me that why you're going to court and then you tell me you joke around if I want to go out with a rapist like oh shit

Unknown Speaker 30:18
bad I can't even believe that like and that was your first date?

Unknown Speaker 30:22
No No that was like number five. Okay, okay. Oh, like the last one that was like the last one I'm like and we're gonna hold off. Yeah, of course, I'm leaving for right now because I'm not no

Unknown Speaker 30:33
oh my lord. Have you ever dated in the industry?

Unknown Speaker 30:39
I have button, not when I've been in like an active fighter because I mean, I have to stay completely neutral with all the fighters and whether you work for this, we work for the same promotion, or we don't we'll eventually run into each other at a promotion. And I don't want any other fighter or promoter thinking that maybe I'm, you know, being biased to whomever I'm dating and maybe I'm giving them an advantage and I'm wrapping their hand or that sort of thing. Yeah, I, I try to stay completely out of any fighters situation unless a they're retired or B we are not working the same promotion. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 31:19
so you are from Anchorage, Alaska. And I know, you told me when we talked before that you lived most of your life off the grid. So when I hear that I think you're Swayze like in an igloo with a fishing pole. Like what exactly does off the grid mean? And did that affect the way you go about your dating life?

Unknown Speaker 31:42
While you're close? Really.

Unknown Speaker 31:46
Kind of. So when I grew up, but we did, we had to hunt and fish for food. Oh, my dad is like mountain man Central. He wants to live off grid. He wants to be self sufficient. And I'm very thankful for that. Because that means I can live with basically nothing and be just fine. Yeah, I'm a good asset.

Unknown Speaker 32:04
And I know I always tell my boyfriend I'm like, Hey, you better be lucky. I am low maintenance as fuck like,

Unknown Speaker 32:09
I don't take much.

Unknown Speaker 32:12
Yeah. So like we lived in a cabin, there was no electricity, no running water. No, no toilet, you legit have an outhouse, you go and use the bathroom or you just go and dig a hole and use the bathroom. And then we eventually got water dug in, it took a really long time, like a couple of years because it's snow and ice nine months out of the year. So you can't dig in, you know, rock solid ice to you know, dig for water. So you have to wait for those three months that it warms up that you can actually dig down deep enough to get water. And then you're on this waiting list because everybody's waiting for water. And but then we didn't have like a shower. So we'd You know what, we didn't have electricity, so we couldn't heat up the water. So we either have to heat it up on the stove, and take like a bath that way or we would just go out back with the hose and the water is like negative 58 degrees and it goes on your head and it like instantly gives you this like freezing headache. And then we of course had to cut our own wood for our heat source. And I remember my dad would always get these bricks like like for brick houses and put them in the wood stove. Before we go to bed and get them all nice and hot. And then you'd pull them out and we'd wrap them in a towel and put them at the foot of our bed to keep us warm at night.

Unknown Speaker 33:27
You were not kidding. Like I was like No, I was kind of joking. I'm like, Oh, you live in an igloo and you're like, close. You're a survivalist. Okay, if the apocalypse comes zombies, I want you on my team, please.

Unknown Speaker 33:42

Unknown Speaker 33:43
for sure. Wow. Okay, so I'm assuming that pretty much life now is luxurious compared to what was when you were younger?

Unknown Speaker 33:50
Absolutely. I got a bathroom and a shower. I'm

Unknown Speaker 33:53
set. You're good if I could live in the lavish life. So does that affect you know, kind of like how you look for a partner. I mean, let's just face it. There are some boozy guys out there. And I've come across them and I just look at them. And I'm like, you are not interested in anything that I'm you know, like, they have different standards or they're a little bit more much more materialistic. Could you ever date someone who was you know, super into, you know, clothes and buy a nice shoes and expensive cars? Or is that just not you?

Unknown Speaker 34:26
You know, that's just not me in general. But I mean, as long as they're humble about it, I think I think we could get along. But yeah, it's, I don't know, but I don't want someone who doesn't give a shit either. You know, I mean, like, they just, I don't

Unknown Speaker 34:41

Unknown Speaker 34:41
that's a tough one. I mean, I don't think I looked for the classy people overall, because I I feel like, I mean, I have two boys. I mean, we talk about farts and poop. Not for everybody. I think about that. Often. I look at a dude and I'm like, hmm, could you handle our car conversation. Sir.

Unknown Speaker 35:05
Wow, I feel like that must have made you just, you know, like a strong self sufficient woman at an early age. And when when did you stop living off the grid? When did you get running water and all that?

Unknown Speaker 35:21
When we moved when I okay, basically it was when I got married, and I friggin moved to the state of Washington. When we lived in on military housing, you know, we had all the nice amenities and I got spoiled then. And then now I live in the desert. So I'm like, I can't do the nine months of snow and ice and cold. So give me the heat and the sun.

Unknown Speaker 35:43
You just need the struggle. Hmm. Yeah, he liked the struggle. It's been a struggle. So

Unknown Speaker 35:49
I usually ask our guests, you know, what, what kind of what did you overcome in your life that, you know, if you kind of could talk to your younger self, you know, you would give yourself advice on we've had different guests talk about different things. You know, I'm thinking, you know, maybe living off the grid was a struggle in itself. But is there anything that kind of comes to mind that you overcame in your life that you're proud of?

Unknown Speaker 36:12
Um, yeah, and it's actually more on on a darker note. It's okay, I basically, I survived and attempted rape, and that, that initially took everything from me emotionally, physically, like, I totally had a complete nervous breakdown, and didn't know what to do with myself. And I mean, like, I even got so deep in it, like, I got agoraphobia. Like, I couldn't believe how, and I was so ashamed of even like, feeling that way. And in the end, that I even let it affect me that way, because I am such a strong, independent woman, you know, and then how I grew up, like, I had nothing before, but I didn't realize even more could be taken from me, you know? Yeah. And it was, it was really scary and really hard. But I, it's still a struggle to this day, in some aspects, you know, of my mind, like, initially, like I, I, you know, would gain I gained weight, because I didn't want to look attractive to anybody. You know, and, and a lot of people who like fat shame people, for example, it's like, you don't know the struggle, they're going through, like me with an attempted rape, that has, you know, had me gain weight in because I didn't want to look physically attractive to anybody. Yeah. So that's how I like, want to wait, like I covered up, you know, so I just want people to be frickin just, just be nice. Gosh, you know, and but I overcame that. And it's something I still deal with daily, but it did make me a stronger person, you know, and the situation was really scary, because it was with a, you know, it happened with somebody who, unfortunately was in the fight world, and they're professionals. So here I am, in this room, with this professional person that could literally, if I make any noise, or if I try to get away, if I tried to do this, like he could choke me out, and I'm, and I'm done for Yeah, you know, so, you know, just even dealing with the situation. In the time it happened. It's like, survival, you know, and it's just, it was it was really tough, but I've come out on the other side, and it's still something I struggle with every now and then. But I'm proud of myself, because it has definitely made me a better person. It showed me things to look for and, and all those kinds of things. So So I'm actually I'm thankful for for surviving the experience. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:32
I mean, so Was this something that happened while you were being a cut? woman?

Unknown Speaker 38:38
Yeah, it had nothing to do with any promotion. I'm currently working but or they've worked in the new year, I guess a couple years ago. Um, but yeah, I was working this show. It was actually an amateur event in Oregon. And, um, it was with a coach that I knew. And he hasn't, he hasn't referring to the promotions I'm with so it's nobody anybody knows moment, but it was some somebody that I knew and that I trusted. Yeah. And yeah, dude, I was just like, Wow, so that totally, you know, put my trust it, you know, at risk and all sorts of things like, holy cow, but man, did I did it open my eyes of what happens when this happens? You know, it's like, Damn,

Unknown Speaker 39:19
I can't believe I mean, you are stronger than I even knew because a lot of women or men in this situation would wash their hands of this line of work like, Okay, I'm clearly putting myself in danger because I'm around these, you know, you know, very skilled, aggressive, you know, people, I'm one of the few women you know, and that shouldn't you know, change anyone's goal of becoming whatever they want to be. But yeah, you are kind of in a compromising position, if you think about it in a certain way. And you could have just washed your hands and been like, I'm done. But you persevered. You got through it mentally and emotionally. And that's, that is not easy. Wow. I'm very, very impressed and how did you do that? If you know if there is someone out there dealing with something like that, or you know, knock on wood, hopefully no, no one has to deal with that in the future. But if, if they do go through something like that, how did you work that out? How did you see a therapist?

Unknown Speaker 40:16
Yeah, I did see a therapist because I had no other choice. I mean, now I'm I was at the point where I couldn't even leave the house. I mean, just constant panic attacks, like, it was just absolutely terrible. And I did I talked to a therapist, and that was huge. And you always do people like, you know, talk to a therapist. And some people think as well, as I did at the time, like, well, how is this person going to know my problem, or you know, but they hear enough things, and they're professionals for a reason. And she helped me immensely start my recovery. And that was just absolutely critical. And again, you know, everyone has heard it before a lot of people have heard, you know, you are not what has happened to you. And that couldn't be more true. I mean, I'm not what happened to me, you know, I was ashamed of myself for a really long time that I didn't see those red flags, but they weren't red flags, you know, people, there's a real thing called grooming, they get you to trust them, you know, and they do it in ways that, you know, talking about their family and their wives and their kids, you know, to where they don't even feel as if they're a threat, that they're even interested in you, you know, that sort of thing. I mean, there's grooming is a real thing. And I was ashamed for the longest time that I didn't see those signs. And I and I felt guilty, I thought that I put myself in that position, and it was my fault. And it's like, no, so it's not your fault. If that happens to you. It's that person's fault. They're a fucking predator. And it is what it is. They're a professional. And it was not, it's not your fault,

Unknown Speaker 41:50
though. They taught you to let your guard down. That's what they do when they groom you, right? And they're being a predator. They're, they're making you put your guard down so that they can take advantage of you. And that's Yeah, that is sad. But I, we are all very, very proud of you for getting through that. And, you know, that's just, you know, I'm so sorry, you had to had to go through that, you know, but I know it, you know, it made you a stronger person. And you probably learned some lessons on, you know, maybe how to protect yourself a little bit more preventative measures and stuff, but I'm very, very proud of you. So that's how what he did that happened, by the way.

Unknown Speaker 42:29
Um, it happened about four years ago. Oh, 31. When that happened, that's not that

Unknown Speaker 42:35
long ago.

Unknown Speaker 42:36
No. And I do still see this individual. I know, you have to work with him periodically.

Unknown Speaker 42:42
Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 42:44
You know what I? Yeah, dude, like, that sucks. I mean, the industry or, you know, it's like a family, you're always gonna see him somewhere, somehow. And I just, you know, I just do my thing, and I don't grow them affect me. And but I do I do still see him to this day, depending on where I work or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 43:02
Yeah, I'm sure you do everything you can to not be around that individual. But you know, you got to be rational and do what you got to do. What are some things that you used to put up when you're younger age that you would not put up with now?

Unknown Speaker 43:16

Unknown Speaker 43:17
oh, man. I don't know. I don't I don't to be honest. Like, I didn't really have a huge experience with people when I was growing up. I mean, we

Unknown Speaker 43:27
basically, are

Unknown Speaker 43:29
right. I mean, I went to high school at some point, like, I went to middle school. I mean, I guess, when I was younger, I wouldn't put up with I did put up with some bullying. I mean, not really to myself, like against me, but others. And when you're a kid, sometimes you don't think to stick up for that person. Just because just the fear of Oh, gosh, you know, they're gonna do it to me or whatever. And now, if I see anybody being bullied, whether it's children, adults, anything like that, I shut it down. Like that's the hard No,

Unknown Speaker 43:59
yeah, yeah. And I think that's, that's why that's the epitome of being a strong individual. Right, but not just standing up for yourself, but standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. So yeah, you are the epitome of a strong woman. I love it. You know, being a strong woman and being beautiful. I know, you must get hit on by either the fighters or the fans, or probably the fighters and the fans, or, you know, these executive types. You know, when you get hit on I know, it happens. How do you deal with that?

Unknown Speaker 44:30
You know, I just used to be really hard for me to accept a compliment, because I didn't see myself that way. And so now I just, I think them you know, like, they really asked me out on a date or something, you know, I'm just like, Oh, my gosh, thank you so much. I appreciate it. You know, maybe not tonight or the fighter. I mean, I can't date you. I'm sorry, homie. Like I can't. You know, it's I just lightly just pass over it or I just say, you know, thank you so much. I really appreciate that. Like, if they say like, You're beautiful, like, Oh, thank you. So much. I appreciate that. I love your eyes too. You know, I like to kick a compliment back, you know?

Unknown Speaker 45:04

Unknown Speaker 45:05
that's awkward.

Unknown Speaker 45:06
Has there been any? I don't want to make you say who's your favorite fighter? But has Is there someone that you really, really look forward to working with who's just like a joy to be around?

Unknown Speaker 45:18
Gosh, there's so many. They're all so fun. I love seeing the people that I came up with, you know, like, seeing seeing you if I would, again would just be bombed because, you know, I've known you since 2011. Like I just really love seeing people that I came up in the industry with, you know, and I'd have to say to like the Diaz brothers, they are super chill, guys. They're a lot of fun when they're in the house. I mean, gosh, there's, there's just so many cool frickin people in this industry.

Unknown Speaker 45:49
And you've never been tempted to be like, man, it would be real nice to date one of these

Unknown Speaker 45:57
every fucking day, like, when you retire.

Unknown Speaker 46:03
I know. There's always hope for retiring. Oh, 30 taken by some wives.

Unknown Speaker 46:07

Unknown Speaker 46:10
So are these guys romantic at all? Are they you know, probably they're probably just lewd. And, you know, comment, you know, and your average guy way. But Has anyone been very romantic with you? Or I guess what's the word I'm looking for? kind of more smooth?

Unknown Speaker 46:26
No, no, there was this. I remember I was in the hallway of UFC event, this one fighter who no longer fights for the company. First time ever seen this guy? And he comes up. He was on one of the ultimate fighters. And he comes up and just like malls, me with hugs and like kisses, and I'm like, food is like, I know you are like, I mean, like, I haven't seen you before. I

Unknown Speaker 46:50
don't know, consent told me consent.

Unknown Speaker 46:53
Did I tell you? Yes. And it was just so over the top. I was like, Oh my gosh, like, I don't know if you have something like? I don't know. No, it's not typically very smooth because they don't usually hit me up. You know, in private. It's usually like when we're at an event, you know, do they get gutsy? Yeah, try to ask me out. I remember I was in the cage once after a fight and I was cleaning up my fighter. This was with a promotion. I worked in like Oklahoma. And this kid they just got done miking him up but I didn't realize he was miked up, he won the fight. And he goes, Hey, do you want to go you want? Or can he go to dinner later? And like on the mic. And so it was a televised event? And I don't even think the kid I just got out of there as fast as I could. Because I'm like, this is awkward.

Unknown Speaker 47:40
That's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 47:41
So are you a romantic person? Do? Do you need the guy to do all this flowers and romance and grand gestures?

Unknown Speaker 47:52
Um, I'm still trying to figure out what my love language is really still like? Yeah, girl. Like, I mean, I think it's conversation sometimes. I personally thought it was touch. Right. But then sometimes I'm like, Don't touch me. You know? If I'm angry, don't come at me. You know? Yeah, I think so. It kind of depends. I mean, I do like romantic people. It just kind of puts sets the mood. It's all nice. Um, I definitely am. More of a romantic I guess I could say, and I would appreciate romance back because that just you just don't really get that anymore. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 48:31
yeah. Yeah, definitely. Social media, the swiping apps just the way society is nowadays. I think I really do feel like romance is dying. So when someone makes a grand gesture, or is a little bit more romantic, I am really impressed by it.

Unknown Speaker 48:49
Oh, yeah, for sure. All right,

Unknown Speaker 48:50
we're getting down to the nitty gritty Swayze. I want to know, where's the craziest place you've ever had sex?

Unknown Speaker 48:58
Oh, my God.

Unknown Speaker 49:00
I would have to say it was in a home that was under construction. And it wasn't my Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker 49:09
You're just like, oh, let me take advantage of this.

Unknown Speaker 49:13
We were just going for a walk and the opportunity was there. And we just made it happen. That's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 49:19
So are you very spontaneous person.

Unknown Speaker 49:23
very spontaneous. Absolutely. anywhere? Yeah, totally.

Unknown Speaker 49:29
So okay, you're always around. These guys are working, you know, with blood and cuts and all that. You know, I know you have a girly side and I want to know when do you feel your sexiest?

Unknown Speaker 49:42
I would have to say, probably. Probably right before bed, I'd have to say because it's just it's the time that you can just relax and you're just ready for it. You know what I mean? Like, I just wish there was somebody right next to me that I could just reach right over and do whatever I want whenever I want so i think it's it's definitely a bedtime as well as the spot for me.

Unknown Speaker 50:08
Yeah, yeah, that's good. I'm always like, you know, face mask hair in a bun. No strip. So I'm like definitely my sexy is before bed. Okay, what is a pet peeve that you a pet peeve in the bedroom of yours. I've talked to a few girls a few guys and a big one is always hygiene, obviously.

Unknown Speaker 50:31
Oh god. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:33
hygiene for sure. I'm pretty adventurous. Like I like a lot of things like but I guess another pet peeve is someone who's really quiet who doesn't say anything you'd like so are you enjoying it?

Unknown Speaker 50:50
Yeah, it's just creepy if they if they're not very vocal.

Unknown Speaker 50:53
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:54
Have you ever been with someone who was a little too vocal?

Unknown Speaker 50:58
Yeah, I was just one guy. And after he would he would just laugh. It was like a hysterical laugh. I'm thinking. Are you laughing at it? No, I promise it's a real thing. You should google it after you orgasm. You just start laughing and I googled it. I needed to make sure it wasn't mean

Unknown Speaker 51:17
him. Well, I can speak on His behalf. I kind of giggle I'm not gonna lie. Like that's actually the first time I've ever heard someone bring that up.

Unknown Speaker 51:24
I'm like, I'm not crazy.

Unknown Speaker 51:28
I don't know you. Yeah, I do. I really hope it's like that thing too. So if you Google it that's the thing. What do you say? You're like, fuck god damn shit. Yeah, shit and oh fuck I think those are my two top Oh yeah. Oh, fuck.

Unknown Speaker 51:44
Oh fuck is universal.

Unknown Speaker 51:46
Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 51:49
Are you are you more of a submissive or dominant in Bay? You know, I feel like I want to guess but I don't know you're a strong woman but who knows?

Unknown Speaker 51:58
I'd say more. Maybe more. I think it really depends. I'd say if I had to pick one a little more on the dominant side but I'm not like dominatrix dominant like Yeah, I like to be in control because as you know, as women like we got to work a little harder sometimes. And I don't want to just depend on him to take care of it. So I just you know, get what I need. And there we go. Yeah, sometimes I definitely like them to take control because it's like, eat Be a man let's take control but I don't like them being super aggressive. Like the choking thing. No, not for me.

Unknown Speaker 52:34
Sweet perfect segue into our lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 52:47
All right,

Unknown Speaker 52:47
I'm gonna give you one word or one phrase and you're gonna rapid fire say yes or no in unless you know you feel so inclined to elaborate and then feel free. I already got Yeah. Okay. Lightning six round was squeezy. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yeah, spank or like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 53:07
Like to be think biting.

Unknown Speaker 53:11
A little bit choking?

Unknown Speaker 53:13
Nope. threesomes?

Unknown Speaker 53:16

Unknown Speaker 53:17
Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 53:19

Unknown Speaker 53:20
Any foot fetish? Absolutely not. bodily fluid fetish. No. bondage, like ropes or blindfolds, handcuffs.

Unknown Speaker 53:33
Maybe blindfolds, but not restraints.

Unknown Speaker 53:36
Role Playing.

Unknown Speaker 53:38
Yes. But stuff on you or a partner.

Unknown Speaker 53:43
I did that once. And I don't care to do it again.

Unknown Speaker 53:45
Do you sex toys? Yeah. ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? No. And are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 53:55

Unknown Speaker 53:56
All right. Congratulations. That was a lightning 6 million fans from this very popular podcast. All right. Okay, so we like to end with two segments. One is fan questions, which we'll get to and the other is Fuck, marry kill.

Unknown Speaker 54:24
Kill one go. I think we're done. We're

Unknown Speaker 54:26
done here.

Unknown Speaker 54:27
Are you familiar with the game?

Unknown Speaker 54:28

Unknown Speaker 54:29
Okay, fuck

Unknown Speaker 54:30
marry kill is I'm gonna give you three names. And you have to choose which one you want to fuck. Which one you want to marry and which one you want to kill?

Unknown Speaker 54:39
Oh, God. Oh, God. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 54:42
so you have the bloodiest fighters. And those are going to be Diego Sanchez. Nate D is and Mike Perry.

Unknown Speaker 54:54

Unknown Speaker 54:56
Well, you mentioned Nate Diaz so I got to feel like he's not gonna get killed.

Unknown Speaker 55:02
Um, okay, so Oh god, I'm have to say fuck Nadya's, then, uh, can you can't be killed? Um,

Unknown Speaker 55:10
what would my other options marry and kill? Okay, marry and kill?

Unknown Speaker 55:16
Oh, okay, wait, no, I'm gonna change that. Mary Nadya's. We will.

Unknown Speaker 55:23
Oh god,

Unknown Speaker 55:25
this isn't good to

Unknown Speaker 55:28
hear you threw me off Diego the nightmare Sanchez. Oh, Nate D is in Platinum Mike Perry.

Unknown Speaker 55:35
Okay, we'll kill Mike Perry and we'll just have to fuck the last one. Okay, next. Okay. All right. I'm

Unknown Speaker 55:42
very, very excited about these fan questions.

Unknown Speaker 55:46
You're gonna push me.

Unknown Speaker 55:52
You know, each week we have guests on and I put up the guests on social media and compile these questions. You got a lot of questions, girl, you got a lot of fans, just so you know. Okay, this first question. I'm sorry for the listener who asked this question. I wrote down the question, and I didn't write down their name and then I deleted anyway. So the question is, it may be unorthodox. But have you ever seen a cut or a bruising on a fighter in the octagon that you wish? Oh, this is basically what I asked earlier. All right, we're not gonna ask at surf and Sun 12 do you get nervous or excited before the fights?

Unknown Speaker 56:29
Both I have to hype myself up just like the fighters have to hype themselves up before they fight?

Unknown Speaker 56:34
Really? I

Unknown Speaker 56:35
felt I thought maybe like if you got too hyped, you know, you might be like, too excited. I mean, I feel like you have to have like a steady hand. You know, you might want to be calm and whoosah

Unknown Speaker 56:44
No, I am so damn nervous. Like I have to I watched like inspirational listen like inspirational things to like pumped me up to say you can do this. You are good enough.

Unknown Speaker 56:54
That's awesome. Okay, at rolling w master guns wants to know, what has your interactions with the fans been like positive or negative?

Unknown Speaker 57:05
Positive 100% I love it. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 57:08
Okay, at Amoeba underscore boy. 1988 worst cut you've ever seen. Maybe the Leslie Smith.

Unknown Speaker 57:16
We're gonna I think lovelies and take the cake. Okay. Leslie Smith. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:20
At Alex underscore. I am 112 what sort of training slash education Do you need to be a cut woman or man?

Unknown Speaker 57:31
So it's really so everything is really tight lipped in this industry. Nothing's given to you have to like fight for any information whatsoever. There's no like formal training. Unfortunately, no, you don't have to be a nurse or take any medical anything's it's really just getting into the gym, getting to know fighters in their camps and just start networking because like I said, nobody's going to give you this information on how to do this and how to do that. It's a super traditional position. I mean, like you take boxing, like they take the knowledge to the death.

Unknown Speaker 58:04
That's crazy. There's no medical requirement to be a cup person.

Unknown Speaker 58:09
There's not but if you are working in any state and you're going to use adrenalin for example, like you have to have a second's license, like the fighters have to be licensed. And then the cutman have to be licensed as well to even work in that state. So yes, you have to get a license. But it's as simple as unfortunately, filling out an application online paying the licensing fee and boom, now you can carry adrenalin Have you ever personally is my own question? Have you ever personally thought about educating yourself or taking any other courses to you know, just,

Unknown Speaker 58:38
you know, educate yourself and become a better cut woman?

Unknown Speaker 58:41
Yeah, so one thing that was super fun was I went to like the bodies Museum in Las Vegas because I wanted to see the structures that's under the skin. I mean, yes, I know, there's muscles and tendons and things like that, but I wanted to see like, everything under the skin. I think it would definitely benefit the more of the body's anatomy that you know, I think would just benefit you immensely. But being a cut woman and like working for such, you know, a great company like UFC. I mean, they have special doctors who can take care of anything, so I'm just looking for one thing, and then they take care of the rest. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 59:14
that's awesome. I've been to that bodies exhibit. That is fun. Cool. At Carlitos, bc 76. Who's your favorite? suek second? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 59:25
my friend, Carlita. It would be him.

Unknown Speaker 59:29
Yeah, I know Carlos as well. Okay, Andy 863 What's the hardest area to stop bleeding?

Unknown Speaker 59:41

Unknown Speaker 59:41
the nose The nose is is terrible. I mean, I isn't great. There's there's actually really no great spot but I hate nosebleeds first of all on anything that's on, you know, on top of the nose. It's just it's just a pain. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 59:54
Okay, few more at ch Hernandez 713. Which address Lin is harder to deal with the crowd cheering at the end of an action packed round, or seeing a fighter with a lot of damage.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:08
Seeing a fighter with a lot of damage, because, hey, I get excited. That's where my adrenaline that's where I can show why I'm here. You know why I am, you know, a cut woman because I can show my work and just shine at it. And so my adrenaline Oh, I don't even notice the crowd. I don't notice the cameras. It's strictly my fighter and like, boom, now I get to work that's perfect that that you're focused, you're focused on your job and nothing else. That's great. Okay, last fan question at Alex wendling MMA

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
Have you always been unbothered by blood?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:45
I have. I haven't really was never bothered me. What bothers me most is like ogres. And if I, when I go up to a fighter or anybody, it may got children, but we're talking about the fight industry, when I go up there and got to clean a fighter space. And there's bogies hanging out, like I instantly get nauseous or when they do. This is another pet peeve. I cannot. But when guys in general, plug one nostril in Oh, focus on the other side. Nope. That happened at one of the events I did last time. Like we're in the cage and the spider just lets it go out of both nostrils. And I looked at the wrong time. And I thought hit the mat. And I

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
can't. That's called a snot rocket. And that's it. My dad used to do that as a kid. And I remember being a little girl and he would do it in public and he embarrassed the shit out of me. Thanks, Dad.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:43
All right. Well, I know. I want to know

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
you know if you could choose to hear someone next on sex and violence with rebel girl fighter personnel, you know, other UFC staff? Who would you like to hear on the podcast?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:58
Oh, man, everybody, everybody. Everybody should be on this podcast. Waterston is super precious. I don't know if she's been on yet.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
No, she hasn't.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
I think she would be so fun, because she's a mama too, you know, and she has just a precious heart. I really like her. So I think I think Waterston, that would be great.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:19
Yeah. All right. I always try and slide into the DMS of the people who I feel like are a little more risque and will be open with their sexuality. And then I see like a mom and I'm like, you're probably not going to want to talk about but stuff but

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35
Okay, thank you. So Okay, so first tell us, you know, all of all, where can we find you on your social media platforms all across the board?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:44
So pretty much haven't gotten to the TIC Tock situation, but Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, sweetie Valentine, you can find me there. I just started up a little YouTube channel, which has been super fun. It's been more of a reality based like with my kids night because a lot of people are interested in Yeah, like what I do outside the industry. So I just kind of take people along on my YouTube channel and just, you know, in our daily activities, that sort of thing. So that's been a lot of fun. But yeah, you can just search me anywhere. sweezy Valentine, and shoot me a message and I'll hit you back.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13
Swayze, you're the coolest, you are the strongest. You are inspiring to so many people, men and women. I thank you for paving the way you know, knocking down gender barriers and just being a very, very cool individual. Happy I met you back in 2011. And I'm stoked to still know you. So thank you for coming on the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
My pleasure. Thanks for having me. I'll

Unknown Speaker 1:03:35
talk to you soon. Bye. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
Bye. Now I shall right.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
That's a wrap for Episode 49. Man we are getting we're close to our one year anniversary. Super excited. So with that episode, do not let a pretty face and a nice beautiful blonde head of hair for you. You know, strength comes in many forms and arrives from many places as we can tell, sometimes in the middle of nowhere. certain certain things come to mind when I think of Swayze story, you know, she grew up off the grid, she's gone through these hard things. And I know sounds kind of corny, but I feel like you know the phoenix rising from the ashes or the lily in the mud. Once in a rose in concrete, like all those images like, you know, it's very important to remember that the shit that happens to us is not who we are. Sometimes you feel like you are a product of your own environment. But that's not the case. There's never you know, time is never run out for you. You don't have to end up like your family. or where you come from. There's always time to change things. So I hope you guys enjoyed our show this week and I hope you have a great weekend. Please don't don't forget to check out the YouTube channel. That's now up. Thank you guys so much for tuning in and for all your fan questions. I love you guys and a special thank you to audio engineer DJ zol at DJ zol tomorrow kids studio at tomorrow kids official producer Nate Jackson at Nadir Domus and you can find us as always on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. And lastly, if you guys have not written a review, please please do so even if you hate us, write us review don't care. All those reviews help us move up the charts so that we can continue to pump out these episodes for you guys. So remember, Be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week to hear more tales and violence.

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