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Ep.50 Kiera Hogan

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence rebels,

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where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love. Dating, romance.

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Ultra taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl.

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Let's talk about sex.

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What's happening? Hot Stuff?

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What's up? All You naughty naughty listeners, we are back with another episode that has you asking? Did she really just ask that or?

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this is not like any other podcast I have ever heard before. Sometimes we talk about you know, sexy, sexy, sexy stuff, mushy stuff. But sometimes we do get, you know, to the nitty gritty, hard to listen to stuff. So whether you know you're in the mood for sex talk or violence, it's always going to be entertaining regardless. Hope you guys all had a fun weekend. You know, your host is slowly getting back to fighting shape. I'm now up to two striking sessions a week. Whoo. Still fluffy over here. But, you know, you guys know the spine surgery. I keep saying it's not. It's not something I can take lightly. Right. So if I hurry back too soon, I run the risk of hindering, you know, the the long term effects. You know, if I go back too soon, then maybe reinjure myself and yada, yada. It's the whole thing, right? So as hard as it is to not train. I think it's the most important thing for me right now to just ease back into the gym, and it's gone pretty good. But the other day, I actually got to take advantage of not being in fight camp. I am happy even though I do miss the gym. And I reconnected with my childhood best friend. She She's awesome. And I got to introduce my my boyfriend to my childhood best friend. Which if you know, my best friend, she is quite the character. So what end up happening was she lives in Hollywood. I live in Orange County. I brought the boyfriend and one of his friends actually to come meet her and we went to lunch. And we go to this place called Gracias Madre delicious, boozy vegan food in Hollywood, right? And we're sitting there. And I remember looking over and my boyfriend is taking a video of my best friend drawing a picture of a dick, where you would sign your name after you pay for your meal, you know, in little signature spot. And my boyfriend's like, Oh, this is great. And at that moment, I was like, oh, they're gonna get along just fine. But, um, but I think I tried to explain to my boyfriend how it's, I guess the best word would be? Yeah, a little different and eccentric that my friend is in a lovely way. But I think he realized also how eccentric and lively she is. We got to her house. And, you know, you guys know, new titties. But she's got these big old boobies that she's had since sixth grade. I remember seeing her and thinking to myself, whoa, she's got some big boobs. And you know, I didn't never got boobs until well, very recently. So I go over to her house and we're all hanging out and she just whips her titties out to compare, you know, new boobies versus Oh, gee, natural boobies.

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You know, the boyfriends like, Oh, God, avert his eyes. And, you know, that was a perfect example of like, this is my crazy friend. She will whip whip her titties out. With no warning. But yeah, it was. It was a great weekend. We had a lot of fun. There's some other stuff I want to talk to you guys about nothing. Nothing too crazy is going on right now. You know, I I just I just hope that we get a real good guess for our one was it one year episode that's in two episodes. So we had somebody lined up but now we kind of scrambling to find someone. But regardless, I'm very happy that we're we've made it this far. There's something called pod fade, where podcast start and then somewhere along the way, they fade out for whatever reason, maybe it's finances. Or, you know, it could be a million reasons, right? The pandemic who knows, but we're here we're doing the damn thing. And thank you guys so much for for taking the ride with me. You know, I don't know where we're gonna be this time next year. I sure as hell hope that we'll be right here talking to you guys. I don't know where we'll be, but I do know that a botanical bloom is my favorite CBD. A botanical bloom products are all made with real CBD, not hemp seed oil. And all their products are lab tested and they provide a QR code on every box to track your own results. In addition to tinctures, they also have hand sanitizers lip balms vapor rubs gummies. And now they just came out with a vape. So I'm very excited to try that. Go follow them at a botanical bloom on Facebook and Instagram or check out their website, www dot a botanical bloom calm use code Ashlee as h l, e, m, m a, and you can get 20% off all products. Guys, if you have any ideas, you know suggestions on who you want our one year episode to be if you have any suggestions on how we can make the podcast better any feedback at all. If something is resonating with you, if you feel some appreciation and you want to drop us a line, it doesn't matter. We have an email now and that's actually a s h l e at sex and violence, podcast calm. I'm just trying to connect with you guys try to make the podcast a little bit better. And also we are now accepting applications I guess you would say we are in the process of trying to gather new sponsors. So if you have a company or a product or service that you would like to promote on the podcast, again, that's Ashley a sh l e at sex and violence, podcast calm and you could just you know, talk to us and let's try and work something out. Our Youtube is still up and running. We are slowly slowly getting that together. So stay tuned. And tomorrow another amazing UFC card is taking place. It's pretty exciting. There's a female headliner that's going to be Marina Rodriguez versus Michelle Waterson. This is a last minute headliner. It was originally supposed to be Cory San Hagen versus TJ dillashaw. I don't know why that was postponed. I need to do more research. Sorry, guys. But this a hen hen later this main event with Watterson and Rodriguez. It's actually going to be at flyweight instead of their normal straw weight weight classes. I'm assuming that's because it's short notice. And then we also have Donald Sironi versus Alex Murano, and Burano is stepping in on short notice to replace Diego Sanchez. You know, if you guys are big, hardcore MMA fans out there or actually probably just, you know, a casual at this time, it's probably common knowledge that the UFC and Diego Sanchez are going through some crazy battles right now. And all I can say is I really hope that, you know, Diego ends his career. I mean, it feels like it's pretty much ended with the UFC now that he is been released from the UFC, but I hope they settle their dispute very soon because it seems to be getting very ugly publicly. The rest of the card is pretty awesome as well. We got Neil magny versus Jeff Neil. Maurice green versus Marcos Rodrigo De Lima, Diego Fira versus Gregor Gillespie. Oh, Gregor Gillespie. I don't want to give him give anything away, but

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he's gonna be on the podcast.

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And Angela Hill versus Amanda hemus. That's an exciting matchup. Those are two scrappers Of course you want Sucker Punch, Angela Hill to win the undercard is amazing. We got Ben Rothwell. Every time I say his name, I think of his evil laugh. No, I'm not gonna do it for you guys versus Phillip Lin's. We got Kyle the caucus versus Phil Hawes. Ryan binoy, who is a Menlo College alum. That's where me Carla few other my homies went versus Oh, I'm gonna kill this guy's name. zecora Zachariah. I don't think it's Zechariah Yeah, I'm sorry. That we last on the card opening opening the whole card is the homeboy Christian Aggie Lera versus carlston Harris. I don't know who you are, Mr. Harris, but you're going down. At Christina Aguilera is a beast. I've trained with him personally many times. been punched in the face by him very hard. he's a he's a killer. And uh, you know, he's an OC, local, one of my former teammates and I hope that he gets the win tomorrow. Today's guest is a 26 year old professional wrestler from Decatur, Georgia. She started watching Wrestling when she was just 10 years old and knew by the time that she was 14 that she wanted to be a pro wrestler. She broke into the wrestling scene as a backstage interviewer announcer in 2013 and started her ring career in 2015. She's current wrestling for Impact Wrestling, and alongside her partner Tasha Steel's she is one half of the knockouts tag team champions. They are called fire and flavor. After coming out publicly in 2019, her girlfriend with her girlfriend, she began living life as her true self and on a apologetically to boot we talk about fish nets to contain her booty learning about the birds and the bees by paperback surprise menstrual cycles, strict Southern upbringing, friends playing Cupid through text message watersports in the bedroom and so much more. Here's your guest, Kiera Hogan.

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Morning crime junkie kissed me

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out. She said that she loved me. Kiss me.

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Kiss me. Kiss

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me kiss forever.

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We have Kiera Hogan on the show with us. Thank you so much for joining us. How are you today?

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I'm doing good. Thank you for having me.

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Thank you. I'm excited to get to know you. You are our third wrestler on the show. And I feel like I'm slowly getting to know more about the wrestling community, how it works and all that there's some similarities to mixed martial arts. But tell me more. Tell me how you got into wrestling. Why you picked this crazy sport. I mean, I picked mixed martial arts and everyone always asked me why why. So I want to know why you picked professional wrestling?

Unknown Speaker 11:50
Well, you know, wrestling is just a very carny, chaotic industries very like cutthroat and unpredictable. But when I was growing up, and I was watching it, I was just very attracted to the athletic, like glamorous theatrical mixture that wrestling is it's just a very complex mixture. And I was so attracted to that even from a young age, like, I was just, and then I saw there with women. And I was like, oh, my goodness, women are doing this and getting slammed around and jumping off of ladders and doing all this crazy stuff. I was like, you know, by the time I was 14, and I was super obsessed with it. Like I literally told my best friend at the time, I was like, I think I'm going to be a pro wrestler, like, I think I really want that to be what I want to do when I grow up. And then from that point on, that's what I was dedicated to. I played soccer for 10 years when I was in school and stuff. I didn't go to college, and I didn't like play in college or anything. But I was always a super athletic kid. My dad always had me and my brother both in sports. So I was I was a little prepared, but definitely not as prepared as I thought when I first got into wrestling, but I knew wrestling was going to be for me, regardless of the outcome.

Unknown Speaker 13:02
So you do have a brother, I was gonna ask, you know, did you wrestle around with your brothers? That's what I did. I knew that I loved wrestling and kind of roughhousing an early age. And then later in life, I found mixed martial arts. But did you guys did you and your brother wrestle or watch pro wrestling together?

Unknown Speaker 13:18
Oh, definitely. He was the one who got into it first with my dad. So him and my dad were the ones that watched it constantly. And then I saw them watching it. And then I got more obsessive, my brother and we will watch wrestling together and he would beat me up and then I would get mad, but I became the Pro. So now I can handle myself.

Unknown Speaker 13:36
Yeah, you're the one who actually is a professional, so I'm sure they do they still mess with you.

Unknown Speaker 13:42
Oh, he does sometimes, because I'm only 411. And he's like 5758 so he always feels like he bothers me. I'm like his day little sisters,

Unknown Speaker 13:51
your 411

Unknown Speaker 13:53
for 11 and a half and a half.

Unknown Speaker 13:56
Has that, you know posed any problems as you were trying to become a professional wrestler? Did people look past you just because of your size?

Unknown Speaker 14:04
Oh, I felt like people underestimated me in a lot of different ways. When I first got into wrestling, like because I'm a southern girl. I'm from Atlanta, I'm from I'm from, you know, the South like people automatically assume I'm this like, sweet Southern girl, which I am but from the Dirty South, you know, the haters. Like, I got a little bit of grit in me. So I feel like people always underestimated what I was able to do. But I was I'm like super afraid of heights. And because I'm small people always when I first started training, assume that I wanted to do everything off the top. I wanted to fly I wanted to do all this stuff. And I was like, hold up. Wait a minute, give me a second to get the basis down his foundation. First let me work up to that and maybe we can try it but I overcome every obstacle I've been thrown at me.

Unknown Speaker 14:47
Are you known for flying now high flying high flying stunts?

Unknown Speaker 14:52
Oh, actually, no, I think my kicks are what are like my most signature thing because I played soccer so I kind of tried to transition that So my wrestling ability because but I actually want to like learn how to do cakes correctly because I've never done like kickboxing or like mixed martial arts or anything and I want to get more crisp at doing that. But I only go off the top rope every now and then or for special events like pageviews and stuff but because I'm small, I kind of keep it in my back pocket but my cakes,

Unknown Speaker 15:21
girl come to Orange County. I'll show you some mixed martial arts.

Unknown Speaker 15:24
I'll teach you please, please. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 15:28
you are from you said Decatur, Georgia. And that is about 20 minutes from Atlanta.

Unknown Speaker 15:36
I'm from the east side of Atlanta. Yeah, east side of Atlanta. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 15:39
so what was the culture like growing up was was wrestling big in you know, the area that you grew up in?

Unknown Speaker 15:47
I'm not necessarily like I guess when like all my friends that I grew up with, everybody watched it as a kid. Everybody says I now To this day, I watched wrestling as a kid. So we all watch it as kids, but not necessarily in my like neighborhood or where I grew up. My mom and dad grew up watching it with their grandparents. So they knew about wrestling. And they knew that once me my brother got into it, they knew a little bit about it. But they weren't like, super involved in it wasn't like a big thing in my community. Like, I guess the traditional sports in the south would be like football and basketball, you know, stuff like that. And then I played soccer too. And nobody was really interested in that my mom didn't even understand it. So she never really even went to my game. I kind of was always outside of the box. I was just like this black sheep in my community, honestly. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 16:32
know exactly how you feel. I was on the Boys High School wrestling team, which is weird. And then I went to college for wrestling. But you know, that was in 2005 to 2009 there was only I think six collegiate women's wrestling programs. So I was just a weirdo back then. But now look at us, you know, making names for us.

Unknown Speaker 16:53
Not doing so bad. Right?

Unknown Speaker 16:55
Exactly. I'm saying make a name. So you

Unknown Speaker 16:58
were in women of wrestling. Wow. And then now you are in impact? How has the promotion the change in promotions been? Do you prefer one over the other? And then additionally, is WWE always the goal for all wrestlers?

Unknown Speaker 17:17
Um, I mean, WWE is definitely like the biggest of the big I mean, at one point it was the only company like big wrestling company around but now in 2021 there's like a lot of big companies and on TV, you don't necessarily have to go to WWE to make it per se. I that was always my dream growing up because that's what I look forward to but I also grew up watching impact was back then it was known as TNA Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, okay, and I was a huge knockout fan like so big on the knockouts because they were so different. They weren't cookie cutter, the girls had tattoos. They were doing hardcore matches, like, these women were busting their asses. Like I was so obsessed, and I made like YouTube videos about it as a kid, like, I want to be a knockout people need to recognize a knockout and stop thinking that the Divas are it like I literally I'm in I bled for those knockouts honestly very interesting to finally see me here in this spot and impact in TNA, you know, and I mean, it's, it's wild, because that's something only as a kid, as a kid as a 16 year old kid, I was like, I want to do that one day and that 26 years old, I'm sitting here saying that I'm doing it. So I mean, impact is always like, a dream. It's always still like, honestly, a like I honestly don't even sit and think about the things that I would talk about as a kid. And now looking at I've done being in the position that I'm in. So I mean, WWE, like I say that has always been the dream, but I feel like I've had so many dreams that I've been able to accomplish. So I mean, I feel like the sky's the limit for me when it comes to what company I want to go to and why was not the traditional company why was just a wrestling company that was based off of another show glow. And they made it into a actual wrestling series where it wasn't all just actual professional wrestlers. It was kind of mix of pro wrestlers and actresses. So it had a really different vibe from anything I was used to. And that was an interesting experience on its own and a lot of people can't even say that they've done that so I've been able to do a lot of things and without it just being WWE and until I feel super accomplished.

Unknown Speaker 19:37
yet why limit yourself I what I hear is you know, the sky's the limit. It sounds like if you set your mind to a goal, you achieve it you want it to be in TNA aka impact now and now you ours and only at 26 years old. So yeah, maybe you'll make it to the WWE but from what I hearing is, you know you're going to go wherever the road takes you and that's a great mindset to have It's funny you bring up glow, because I remember, it's before the pandemic. Gosh, I don't know when the little series came out on Netflix, but I got so involved at you. I'm sure you watch the series, right? I was obsessed. I was like, do I want to become a female wrestler? Yeah. What would my real name be? What would my costume be? Would I still be rebel girl should I keep? That show really turned me on to women's wrestling? More than I ever had had been. So it's funny that you mentioned that. But I want to talk about something that is very prevalent. Because we live in a society where it's more normalized to come out, right? You don't have to really hide your sexuality anymore. But unfortunately, it still happens. And you know, some people go their whole lives without coming out. You did so recently 2019 you did it publicly? In a very badass way. Can you please tell us what happened?

Unknown Speaker 21:01
So I mean, I thought I was gonna be one of those people, honestly, that were that that was going to just hide it for my whole life because of the situation I was in and where I was in my life. Like, I was just like, I guess this isn't for me. Like I wasn't very comfortable or confident in who I want it to be fully at that time. But I met my girlfriend Well, actually my girlfriend now at the time at this time, she was my friend, three years prior to us getting together and we were really close. And but when I first met her, I always had this feeling like I always I just I had this gut feeling the first time I met her, I cannot express to you enough that I'm a Virgo, and I trust my gut. So I was like, there's something about this girl. I don't know what it is. I don't know. I mean, I think she's cute. And she's athletic. She's flipping off the top rope. Like, she literally is like one of these. She's a wrestler, a female wrestler that does a lot of things that like a lot of females Don't do like she's doing backflips off of ladder, she's coming off the top. She's doing all the things that I'm afraid to do seriously. And I was so attracted to that adrenaline and her name, and wow, his adrenaline. So I thought that was fun. But I was always so attracted to that. Like, I just I always knew there was something special about her. And three years later, we we got together at a convention called wrestle cave. And we she was just my road dog for the weekend. Like we just, we linked up and we just were having fun together. But it was different. It wasn't like how it normally was like, I finally, like just I feel like it was a mutual connection. And we could both feel it. But neither one of us wanted to admit that we could feel it. Because we're both very like, I guess at the time, we're both insecure in our in our feelings and where we were in our lives and in our like past relationships. And where we like, had this connection at the convention, neither one of us could, like, let it go. Neither one of us could deny it, even though she was in denial that I didn't even like girls. And I was in denial because I was afraid of rejection. So neither one of us even said anything.

Unknown Speaker 23:17
So she thought she thought you didn't like girls. And did you know Yeah, did you think that she didn't like girls either.

Unknown Speaker 23:26
I just didn't know her situation. And I'm just not the type. I wasn't the type of the time to be like, hey, you like females? You know, like, I was just scared, like, and I wasn't even confident in myself to even own up to that. So it was just kind of like, I'll keep it a secret. It'll be a little crush. You know, whatever. Like, but I mean, I told my friend Jamie. He, she now. She just she was just there for me. And I literally was just like, Jamie, I have a crush on my girl. Her real name is Priscilla. But her ringing is deamonte. And I was like I really have a crush on her. I really want to kiss her but I'm so scared. And I don't I can't tell her like I just can't. And she was like, Girl, you better go ahead. You better tell her you tell her I was like I can't I can't. So like a month later. She put us both in a group chat and told Priscilla that I liked her. So I was like, Are you serious? I think this is she literally thought it was a prank. Like she thought we were pranking her eye she was like no there's no way like here likes me No this is a prank our yard puzzling me. I was like No, like, this is serious. And then you know from there we just started.

Unknown Speaker 24:41
I can't believe I okay. I have so much to say. First of all, is that a cool thing that your friend did that? Like you know what? These two are taking too long to get together. So let me just

Unknown Speaker 24:52
I like Cupid. Yes for that.

Unknown Speaker 24:56
I mean, it's cool. It worked out but like what if it did it What if The amante was like, No, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 25:02
You'd be like,

Unknown Speaker 25:03

Unknown Speaker 25:05
I was afraid. I was so afraid.

Unknown Speaker 25:09
Well, Jay, Jamie probably had some insider information from Priscilla. Right. And she probably knows she's these two bitches like each other. Let me just play Cupid right now. So that's cool your friends part for sure. So, when you It says, you know, you say you went out you came out publicly, did you make an announcement like to the organization? What do you mean, exactly publicly when you say you came out publicly?

Unknown Speaker 25:37
Oh, so I, I went through an experience when I was younger, which made me not want to come out to anybody. Like, that's why I just was like, Okay, I'll like it'll just, I know what I am. But I'm going to hide it because of what I went through. So PTSD, I didn't want to come out, like at all. But when I met my girlfriend, we started talking, and dating, and she just made me feel like, I could achieve anything. And I could be anybody I wanted to be. She didn't make me feel like I had to hide who I was, or tone down who I was, like, whatever I wanted to be, she was going to let me be issues of love me for it like, and I just wanted to honestly just scream it from the top of the world that I love this girl. And she made me feel this way. Like, that's literally how I felt. And I didn't want to go through the what I had gone through before. Well, not even what I had gone through before just the drama that I had gone through before. I wasn't ready to resurface it with my family. So I was like, let me just like I was in, I was at a taping in Canada for impact. And only a few of my friends really knew at the time like my knockouts locker room knew at the time. So my friends, Tessa, Tessa Blanchard, Jordan grace and Alicia Edwards. At the time, we were in the locker room, they were like, you just seem so happy. You seem different. Like they knew everything that I had been going through that scene How sad I was, I was so stressed, I had lost so much weight from being stressed from my past relationship. But they could see how different I was and how, how motivated and confident that I wasn't myself. And they were like here, like you're so different. I was like, I'm just happy, like, I'm super happy. I'm happy to be who I'm with. I'm happy to just live life and just, I'm just in such a good place. And they were like, I think you should like announced that you were pursuing like they were just they were just not pressuring me, but just giving me the confidence because I kept telling them that I really wanted to come out with I really wants to come out with her. Like I'm sick of hiding it. Like I'm sick of trying to like front who I'm with. I just want to be open with myself and with the world. Like why should I have to hide that and they were there for me and they just, they supported me. And that literally just gave me that extra boost of confidence to be like, you know what? I'm gonna tell the world I'm in love with this girl. Like, I don't care what anybody says like, I love her. She's my girlfriend, and I want the world to know, because she made me feel

Unknown Speaker 28:04
that way. And you made an announcement at a promotion.

Unknown Speaker 28:08
No, I'm Oh, so I made the announcement on Instagram

Unknown Speaker 28:11
that's on Instagram.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
I posted it on social media. So yeah, Instagram, I made this long. We did a whole photo shoot, though I had like his, because you know, we were hiding. Yeah. And once we came out, I like was able to post the photo shoot and everything. It was really cute.

Unknown Speaker 28:28
I don't put myself on blast. I love this woman and I don't care. Who knows.

Unknown Speaker 28:33
And I didn't tell her that I was gonna do it. Like we had talked about, like coming out together. But it was always kind of like a dream. Like maybe one day, maybe one day, maybe one day, we'll be comfortable. And she doesn't really like to put her relationship. She was not the type to put our relationship out in public. Yeah, she was very private. And I wanted to respect that. But I also want, like, I kept talking to her about wanting to come out together because I love her. And I want people to know that we like I just I want it to be I want her to be as comfortable as I was. And when I posted it. She first of all was terrified. I was like, Oh no, I posted it. And I didn't really tell her like, but she she couldn't believe one, the response that we got, and she couldn't believe like how it made her feel. Because then she didn't want to hide anymore. She didn't want to be private anymore. She didn't want to hide her feelings. And she's a cancer and she's a crabbing. You know, she keeps everything inside. She, for her to even take that step for me was a huge step for her. And then she made a post about coming out and she wasn't really open publicly either until me so we helped each other in that way

Unknown Speaker 29:47
well as a cancer. And I can say that, that could have went either way she could have been what the

Unknown Speaker 29:53
hell or

Unknown Speaker 29:54
you know, it could have happened you know, like it did. Were in such A beautiful way it gave her the courage and the strength to to accept who she is and be out publicly. And that's awesome. So did everybody. Were you met with positive? All positivity? Or was there any negative backlash? How did you? How was the response from the fans and the wrestling community?

Unknown Speaker 30:22
So when I stepped out of the locker room, first and foremost, I was immediately like, like, I had positive feedback from everybody, my boss, everybody, like, so much. So that impact a few months later gave me a whole coming out tour. Oh, whoa, for our biggest, our biggest pay per view. They gave me a whole coming out tour where I had interviews, I hosted a drag show. I had my own like coming out party, kids that were it like I was able to speak in front of kids, I went to the center on Halstead, which is in Chicago, which is the gay right like the gay center in Chicago, like I was just they accepted it so much that they gave me a whole like, series of things to do for our biggest pay per view by myself. So my company for one, I will always, always, always, always remember impact for even doing that, because they didn't have to do. They didn't even they really didn't have to do that. And they accepted it above and beyond. So that was my company, my my peers, my co workers, they all were very positive. I got no negative feedback. And online, it wasn't even like I was I was terrified online, because like I said, so I was really scared. But honestly, the fans were so accepting of it, like the little bit of negativity, it didn't even outweigh all of the positive things that I got from so many different people from, from different companies from different places. And but, you know, my family was a different story. Which is, I mean, I kind of expected it, because of the way that I did it. Like I like I said, I didn't talk to anybody about it. I didn't even tell my family. But it was because of what they put me through before like, I was 14. And I had was dealing I was doing something with this girl. We were like girlfriends at the time. And we weren't telling anybody. And then we got caught. And we were on the dance team together and they kicked us off. And then I was at home because I was being bullied by all these girls at my school, I got death threats, my mom literally had to pull me out of school. None of my parents, even my grandmother who took me to like, a parking lot to talk to me about it and asked me why I was gay. Like, it was it was just unacceptable in the south, like it is just not a thing. But my cousin, my younger cousin, my, she is openly lesbian. And she came out long before I did, she came out in high school. And she didn't even care about what anybody said. And she was living with my grandmother at the time. And that, that I even thought about that when I came out online because I was like my cousin who's younger than me is living her life. She's a part of the Navy. She's living her life. She doesn't give a fuck about what anybody thinks. And that's exactly why I wouldn't be like, I have to hide who I am stop lobbying for my grandmother's sake. Like she lived her life to her best. My mom lived her life to her best like why can I write?

Unknown Speaker 33:29
Well, why was there these double standard with your your cousin and you How come your cousin seems to be accepted. But you got all this backlash and, you know, took into a dark parking lot.

Unknown Speaker 33:42
I mean, neither one of us was like, I don't know what her actual experience coming out was. But for me what I when I went through that experience as as like a younger child, they made me feel like it was just unaccepted. But her mom also, like my mom wasn't acceptable about it at that time. But when she came out when she did her mom accepted her for who she was like, I know that has to help her to neither one of my parents were accepted of it. When I first came out, they both called me and they were like, I'm getting all of these messages from people saying you posted this online. What is this? Why is this? Right? Like so unacceptable? Like they were so mad? Like, I understand because I didn't talk to them about it. But I also don't understand why you come at me with these heightened emotions, knowing that what you're saying is not actually what you mean. So that was a whole thing. And then I finally have to sit both of them down separately and talk to them about it. My mom told me she knew. My mom told me she knew she was like girl I remember that thing in middle school. You thought that was just you just so high that I was like, Really? So you knew this awesome. She's like, Yeah, because I used to bring over Priscilla as my friend. And she was like, I knew when you bring her over. I was like, are you they say anything Yeah, let me That's what I'm saying my wife, she's like, because she came out online first, she couldn't even step up to me as an adult, which I understand. I should have just handled it like an adult and said, This is who I am to her face to their face.

Unknown Speaker 35:13
Who really? Aren't you an adult and kids, you choose to come out and live your life however you decide, yeah, last time I checked, you're 26 years old. And to me, you don't got to tell mommy and daddy, I'm gonna do this. Is that okay? Is that okay? No, like,

Unknown Speaker 35:27
that's how I was raised. Like, literally, that's how I was raised my mom. They didn't both me and my brother. Even though I want to be super independent. I want to be by myself. My mom is always even when I was on the road, she was like, make sure you tell me when you get it. Make sure you tell me this I my mom, I've been traveling for like, seven, eight years now. Can you please stop checking. But I mean, they both now, the both my parents. They both Now, first of all, are completely different. Because they remember how I was when I was in my last relationship was was with a man. And they love Priscilla. They respect her. They respect me, they respect us. Because when I moved out and I we moved in together, and they just respect the growth that I've had been with her like, I felt like for the longest, they didn't respect me because of my childish behavior. But until I was able to actually act like an adult, instead of just trying to talk like once, they finally respected me, and I feel like they respect who I'm with and what I'm doing. And they respect Priscilla as an adult. Like, I wasn't trying to have a childish relationship, knowing who I was, I wanted to be with like, fulfill and grow like we're so is. She knows what she wants. And I was like, I just want to be open and honest with her because I want to be in an adult relationship with her. But they absolutely adore her. Now my brother calls her says, like my brother, my brother upfront loved her. Like my brother doesn't care. My brother loves me. Regardless, he looks up to me because of everything that I've done to open the way for him to be able to do whatever he wants to do. Like, yeah, my family now they all they really all support me, my mom, my brother and my dad. My grandma.

Unknown Speaker 37:13
A little harder, a little harder to get her to come around, huh?

Unknown Speaker 37:15
Yes. She still is like, like super on the fence. She's, she doesn't really accept me or my cousin being gay, which is fine. She always told us when we were growing up, she was like, if you ever come out gay, get tattoos or piercings. I'm just telling me like, she literally told us at a decimal. So it was it was always going to be hard. Yeah, it was always gonna be hard for us to do anything. But all four of her grandkids have tattoos, piercings, and two of them are gay. So she should have she shouldn't have said that.

Unknown Speaker 37:43
You do that to yourself. Grandma herself as?

Unknown Speaker 37:48
Well as sad as a beginning as a sad as the beginning of the story is, you know where you were made to feel that way you got bullied. You know, PTSD is a perfect word. You know, right. You You felt for the rest. You know, up until very recently, you felt like you couldn't be who you really were because of how your family dealt with it and how you were bullied and all that. And that's sad. But, you know, this is a 180 for your family to accept you the way you are. And I know a lot of other people, a lot of people listening to this. That's not the case. Unfortunately, their families, you know, they never come around. They never just accept them for who they are. And that's sad. So I'm very happy that that's worked out for you. And you mentioned that you had a boyfriend prior to being in a relationship with Priscilla now is is Priscilla, your first female lesbian relationship?

Unknown Speaker 38:39
I in my adult life, yes. Like I had, I had I would have like secret girlfriends in like high school and stuff. But yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 38:48
Okay, cuz I just got so many questions. I'm like, oh, man, like, you were with this boy. We won't say his name. Let's just call him. You know this boy. Right? You were with him for how long?

Unknown Speaker 39:04
Five years, five years. And while you were with him, that was him right at a high school. Like literally, I graduated high school and that was

Unknown Speaker 39:11
okay, so this is pretty much your your only long relationship. Yeah. And, you know, you knew this whole time that you were actually lesbian or bisexual.

Unknown Speaker 39:26
Um, I just knew that I like girls. Like I always, like, from the time I was maybe 13. I knew I was I was bisexual at the time. Now, as an adult. I don't like to label myself. Like I don't like to put myself in a box because I feel like I've always been in a box. Yeah, I don't really like to say I'm bisexual or lesbian or I'm gay. I'm just like, I like girls. My girlfriend is who I liked. That's who I'm with. But I he even my ex who I was worth. He knew I liked girls. But he just keep in it kind of difficult for me to be with him. Being like that?

Unknown Speaker 40:01

Unknown Speaker 40:02
I mean,

Unknown Speaker 40:03
so so I don't know, I don't want to touch on any two sore subjects, but you're with him for five years. Was that a healthy relationship for you? Or, you know, I can't imagine being with someone but, you know, you know, if you do feel like you're bisexual, then maybe it wasn't as weird as what I'm thinking. Because in my mind, I'm like, was she into girls the whole time, but she was in a five year relationship with a man that must have felt like you were

Unknown Speaker 40:27
trapped, almost, I felt trapped. Yeah, that's the exact word that was coming out of my mouth. I'm like, I don't know, I felt because in the beginning, like the first couple years, they were great. They were healthy. Like I told him up front, maybe in the first like, month or so we were talking that I like girls, okay, I don't care. But towards the end, because of like, like I said, I got right out of high school with him. I felt like I wasn't truly being myself, and I couldn't be myself with him. And it had nothing to do with him. It just, it was how I was living my life and the things that I was going through, I was traveling a lot for wrestling, and just seeing a lot of the world and the country. And I just wanted to explore myself. And I felt just trapped in this situation. And towards the end, it did get toxic because of like I said, I was traveling and I wasn't home, and you know, just stress on on the relationship. But I don't feel like me liking girls was always an issue. But for me, it was always something that I thought about.

Unknown Speaker 41:32
Yeah. So you, you, you ended that five year relationship? And then how much time was there? between partners between the boy and Priscilla?

Unknown Speaker 41:43
Um, well.

Unknown Speaker 41:46

Unknown Speaker 41:48
actually, towards the end, maybe the last few months of my relationship was when me and Priscilla were at wrestle came together button. Nothing happened. We were just like talking. And like I said, we just had this really strong connection, like, and that was it. So maybe May, maybe a month after I broke up with my ex, we started like, I mean, we were always like, talking but not really because she was in her own relationship. And like, we were just both in situations that were complicated. And we both felt trapped. We both felt like, we didn't know if this was it. Like is this really there has to be something more and and we found each other and we're like, oh my god, there is something more there is something stronger. Like there is something. There's there's a feeling that you get when you're with the person that you love. And it's not just feeling complacent. And we both felt like that in our relationship. So I mean, like I said, maybe it was like a month after I broke up with my ex that we like officially started talking because I just I have my feelings were so strong for her that I couldn't hide them. And I couldn't hold them back. I wanted to be with her. I want to talk to her. I want to be around her I I just wanted this feeling to not stop. So I think it was just a month, but we didn't get together for like, months, months, months, months later, when we officially got together. So you

Unknown Speaker 43:19
mean by that there was really not that too much downtime from going from that long five year relationship to now being you know, in one with Priscilla, right.

Unknown Speaker 43:28
Yeah, there wasn't really much time down at all.

Unknown Speaker 43:31
Yeah, you're like a is that? Do you feel like you're the type of person who loves to be you know, with someone? I mean, you know, I'm thinking like, you know, maybe you seems like you've never had any time to be single or be on your own.

Unknown Speaker 43:48
And I haven't, and that is, and I've thought about that too. Even before I got with the hill. I was like, I need time to myself, which like, so we had a long distance relationship only say that I live in Atlanta, and she lived in Miami. Okay, so we had a long distance relationship. And I was still living at home at the time she was living on her own with in her own situations. So I, I mean, I had time to myself, but I also was sharing it with her. Like, like I said, I was traveling, we didn't really, we would like, I would go to Miami, she would come to Atlanta very rarely, because we have very busy work schedules, but we will also try and get booked on shows together so we could spend time together and stuff like that. But I mean, I always do think about just being by myself. Not that I necessarily need anybody. I just it always just kind of happened that way. Yeah. Like it wasn't like I was searching for like I said, like from the beginning before me and facilities we got together. It was a feeling that I always had. So I I knew from the jump that there was there was going to be something there with her. I just didn't know when and that's just kind of what happen. If I square me for silicone relationship is like faith. It's a crazy cross fate story. Like it's so crazy.

Unknown Speaker 45:08
It always happens when you least expect it, right?

Unknown Speaker 45:12
Yeah. When did you want to hit you the hardest?

Unknown Speaker 45:15
When did you know that you loved Priscilla? Do you remember when you're like, oh, man, I'm totally in love with her?

Unknown Speaker 45:23

Unknown Speaker 45:27
maybe, maybe like, maybe like, two months into talking. Like she said, I love you first. She was the first one. Yeah, she was the first one to say I love you.

Unknown Speaker 45:39
Was that a scary situation? Because it was, it was the first time saying I love you to a female.

Unknown Speaker 45:46
Definitely my first time saying I love you to a female. It wasn't scary for me because I felt the same way. I just hadn't said it out loud. Because I was I was always and I'm still this way. I'm saying like I was. I'm an over thinker. So I literally will sit and make situations up that probably aren't going to happen. Because you know, I'm a Virgo. So literally, that's what I would think about I was just thinking, well, maybe if I say she loves I love her, she'll run away or something. Like I would literally think about things like that to myself.

Unknown Speaker 46:17
Because I'm a cancer and I do that too. So like a lot.

Unknown Speaker 46:22
The same way. She's an overthinker. And she like put situations in her head and I have to like, bring her off the edge. She has to bring me off the edge. I think that is like a verbal link. And

Unknown Speaker 46:32
I think it's just a woman thing. Really. I

Unknown Speaker 46:33
think they probably

Unknown Speaker 46:35
think all women just overthink and, you know, like, you're not in a relationship with a man anymore. But, you know, I do feel like men have a little bit easier. Like what they what they say is what you get, you know, like, if he says yeah, he feels a certain way. Don't read into it. He probably just feels that way. But with girls, it's like

Unknown Speaker 46:53
she could be feeling it's way more complex. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 46:56
way more complex.

Unknown Speaker 46:58
Okay, well,

Unknown Speaker 46:59
I wanted to ask, you know, you said you've been in different female relationships when you're younger, but this was, you know, the most serious one animal in the only public one. Do you remember your first time having sex with a guy versus your first time having sex with a girl?

Unknown Speaker 47:17

Unknown Speaker 47:18
How did they differ? Tell us. I'm sure they were not both magical. Both both, you know, first times are always awkward, but I'm like, oh, man, like, you know, first time with the guy. For someone who knows she likes females must have been way different than, you know, someone like me who I know I liked boys. So all right, still gonna be awkward, but at least I didn't feel. I don't know. I'm just I'm so curious of how that happened.

Unknown Speaker 47:43
I mean, my first one was a boy was very awkward and is very quick. So comparing that to my first time with a female, I'm going to go female firsthand, because it was way more intimate. I just feel like that's the thing with female females is like not saying that. All men can't be that way. But from personal experience, I feel like females are more intimate and they want to take those smaller steps to be more sensual. And because they know that feeling they want that same feeling. So it's kind of like giving it and give getting it at the same time. But like I said, My first time was so quick. And like, to the point.

Unknown Speaker 48:24
How old were you? Your first time with the boy versus a girl?

Unknown Speaker 48:28
I was

Unknown Speaker 48:30
15 my first time with a guy and with a girl? I think I will. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 48:46
not like super long afterwards?

Unknown Speaker 48:49
Yeah, no, but I definitely think female first time I feel like just females understand things more obviously, because you're the same one in the same but that's why it's extra complicated because you're one in the same and then you don't understand and then it's a mood change in inches. It's emotions between females are all over the place.

Unknown Speaker 49:11
with that. I mean, I don't want to sound sounds like your family was kind of strict but maybe just strict when it comes to being anything but straight. You know, I was did they teach you about? Oh, they were strict. Okay, cuz I mean,

Unknown Speaker 49:25
did you get the I grew up in the south with my mom gave me a book,

Unknown Speaker 49:30
a book, what kind of book

Unknown Speaker 49:36
she, she didn't even like she gave me a couple of books about like, being a woman and puberty like it wasn't really about like sex. really talk about sex. She was just like, we're calling them but we didn't have like a sex talk. He handed me a book and then my first period she I was terrified because nobody told me what my first period would be like so my mom, something's wrong and she's like, you're fine. You just got your period. I'm like, you know, we'll be good to know what's going on with my body and I just have to read it myself.

Unknown Speaker 50:10
Did you? Have you seen the movie? Carrie? Yes. You had a carry moment where you're like, I'm dying.

Unknown Speaker 50:17
I literally thought I was dying. I was so scared. Like, I was coming home from school and everything. And I had I had to wear uniforms. I was in khaki pants. Oh, no. I'm like, Oh my god, I'm dying.

Unknown Speaker 50:29
She's like, threw a book at you. She was like, read this.

Unknown Speaker 50:35
Like, literally Southern rays. Read a book, read a book.

Unknown Speaker 50:40
Okay, that seems like it was not a fun time for you. I'm sorry. You had to go through that. So What about now? Okay, you're in this relationship with Priscilla. You guys are? How long? Have you been together? By the way? Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 50:53
Oh, we've been together officially, almost two years.

Unknown Speaker 50:57
Two years. Okay, cool. So, you know, I'm, I'm no psychologist, I'm no sex therapists. I'm just a girl who likes to fight and talk about sex. And so, but all the books are like, you know, usually, relationships do really well, when there's a strong male energy and a female energy. And, you know, it can go back and forth. It doesn't always have to be, you know, the woman having the male energy or, you know, vice versa. And I'm like, Alright, when you have two females in a relationship, does one person always have to have the male energy? Or does it you know, female energy have to? You know, I'm wondering how that works out with you, too. Do you feel like one has more of a feminine energy versus the other.

Unknown Speaker 51:40
So actually, we emphasize this conversation a lot, because before getting with her, I always have this, this misconception that, like you said, there always has to be a female and a male energy like, but there were were roles. Because I came from a straight relationship I came from where there were rows, I'm the female, he's the middle. So when we first got together, for one, Priscilla does already have a very intense energy, she definitely has a more masculine energy. So I automatically assume that she will be taking the masculine role in the relationship. But Priscilla is definitely like, she has a very strong masculine energy, but she's also very soft. So she doesn't, she's not always the one to take charge when it comes to being masculine. Like, even though that's what she gives up. And that was my misconception about her. And that's why we talked about it because I was I was telling her how I was so comfortable being in this dainty little female in my straight relationship that when I got with her I was, I thought that that was still the role that I had to be in, but it's kind of like, I have to be not that I have to be but I'm comfortable being both like I'm comfortable being the big spoon, I'm comfortable. taking charge, I'm comfortable being the initiator when it comes to certain things, you know, like, I just grew into learning to that we both kind of played the same role, even though when you look at us, you would assume that she is the the top in, you know, female relationships, even though we kind of are both the top and the bottom.

Unknown Speaker 53:21
Yeah. That's good. Yeah, I mean, that's new for me, you know, like, I only only experience I have to draw from our my heterosexual relationships. And so, you know, I'm asking these questions I really want to know, I'm like, does there have to be a male energy and a female energy? And you're telling me that no, it doesn't there doesn't have to be, you know, these clear cut gender roles, you know, even in a lesbian or a gay relationship. It's really about kind of just being one of the energy you want to want to be if you feel more of a masculine being who you are. Yeah, if the male's feeling a little bit more, you know, feminine energy, you know, I know that sounds funny to all the males out there. Hey, no, I'm not feminine,

Unknown Speaker 54:01
you know? Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 54:04
It's different.

Unknown Speaker 54:05
Well, that's you can be a little soft there's nothing wrong with that. Like, if you stopping yourself like it's okay if you want to be cuddled like it's okay. Yeah, but I don't think

Unknown Speaker 54:13
they want to talk about how soft they want to be or how much they love cuddling. You know, they're like, No, I am man hear me roar. I do not cuddle. But you know, I know some some man that cuddles, but we won't get into that. So. Okay, so we talked about the title of the show where it's the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 54:41
The lightning sex round is where I asked you one word, one phrase and it's rapid fire. You answer yes or no? Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 54:49
Yes. All right.

Unknown Speaker 54:50
So late xx round with Kira, do you dirty talk in bed? Yeah, spank or like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Like to be saying cuz I got a lot of ass.

Unknown Speaker 55:02
Oh god buydig

Unknown Speaker 55:06
Um, no, no choking?

Unknown Speaker 55:13
No. threesomes

Unknown Speaker 55:17

Unknown Speaker 55:18
Do you watch porn? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 55:22
Any foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 55:25
No bodily

Unknown Speaker 55:27
gestures. You love anything on her body? Any bodily fluid fetish?

Unknown Speaker 55:35
Um, yes.

Unknown Speaker 55:37
All right. And then bondage like ropes or blindfold.

Unknown Speaker 55:42
No. Role Playing.

Unknown Speaker 55:46
Yes. But stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 55:50
No, no. And

Unknown Speaker 55:52
do you guys use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 55:55
Yes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:57
I can't imagine

Unknown Speaker 55:59
ever been to a

Unknown Speaker 56:01
sex club or a swingers party? No. And are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 56:08
Yes, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 56:10
All right. I'm gonna add chance you want to elaborate on the whole bodily fluid fetish thing? Because, you know, no one has said Yea.

Unknown Speaker 56:18
me. I mean, I'm just interested like,

Unknown Speaker 56:22
you want to allow

Unknown Speaker 56:24
a long time. Sometimes it can be a water park in the bedroom. That's how I'm gonna say.

Unknown Speaker 56:32
Awesome. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 56:34
now it's time for Fuck, marry kill.

Unknown Speaker 56:44
One marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 56:48
Are you familiar with this game?

Unknown Speaker 56:50
Yes, I am. And I'm nervous about

Unknown Speaker 56:53
this. Why are you nervous?

Unknown Speaker 56:56
Because I know you're probably gonna have some good ones. And you know, yeah, I'm not about killing nobody, but I know that.

Unknown Speaker 57:04
Nobody's feelings will get hurt. It's okay. Okay, so this is from my creative associates, Dan and pat Kenny. Thank you guys. They gave you the female pro wrestler version. So you have to choose between these three women who you want to fuck who you want to marry and who you want to kill?

Unknown Speaker 57:19
Are you ready? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 57:22
you got Trish? Trish Strauss, sable, and Lita? Is that a hard way? Or is that an easy one?

Unknown Speaker 57:35
I honestly think that's an easy one. Okay. So I think our Mary is Trish Stratus Oh, sorry. Stratus. Oh, see? I'm not sure Stratus you're fine. Ricky

Unknown Speaker 57:50
Ricky cave is

Unknown Speaker 57:54
definitely married. True. Hey, Trish. Leah was always hot to be blowing up because I literally love red. Like I was obsessed with red hair growing up before I had blue hair. I had bright red hair. And then I had fine hair. So I was always obsessed with red hair.

Unknown Speaker 58:11
So I had red I had bright red hair in high school. And I only remember the leader girl because the red hair too so I would totally Exactly. No, I think I'd marry her.

Unknown Speaker 58:23
Okay, but this is about you.

Unknown Speaker 58:25
Lena Let me tell you so Vito when she was in, like wrestling, she has this. She was in this relationship with this guy. His name is ej and he's a rated R superstar. And this thing is the rate at our superstar. So back in the day on TV, and had won the WWE Championship and he had a live sex celebration. Whoa, TV wish leader. Big. I'm gonna be googling that

Unknown Speaker 58:53

Unknown Speaker 58:55
You definitely should look at that. They were like, but they literally like push the envelope when it came to stuff like that. Like that's why he was the radar. Failure was like this punk rock redheaded chick with tattoos and a song out and stuff so I'll fuck.

Unknown Speaker 59:10
Okay, all right. So you marry Oh, that means you gotta kill sable. Right?

Unknown Speaker 59:14
And then I'll kill say boy even though she's a lead.

Unknown Speaker 59:19
Okay, awesome. Good job. We're gonna end the show with some fan questions from your fans.

Unknown Speaker 59:25
You're gonna push me Are you ready? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 59:33
Okay at Gino for rato wants to know, what is it like to be openly lesbian in an ego driven business and having her girlfriend work for a rival company?

Unknown Speaker 59:46
Well, now, AWS impacts aren't technically rivals because we kind of work together like AWS is kind of working with impact on me. Technically, we're not rivals and there's never rivals. There's not like a rivalry in our house. Hold on, like, Priscilla, for a long time wasn't at a company at all. So I'm happy that she has a job where she does because AWS is a multi billion dollar company and she's making very little money. So that's never been an issue. I love being in a relationship with a nother wrestler, my ex was also a pro wrestler. Okay. It does have its ups. It has its ups and downs. I mean, like you, you told me you did in the industry. Like, it's just, it's hard, you know, because we travel a lot. And when we first started dating, like I said, she was in Miami, I was in Atlanta, she would have shows here, I will have shows there. Like, it is hard. But now that we live together, and honestly, it was bittersweet, the pandemic but we had just moved in together. And we literally had a chance to just live in our in our house together for a year and get comfortable and get to know each other even more because we were long distance for so long. So I mean, I love like, like I said, I love being in relationship with her. It was her being Leslie like, it has no effect on me. I mean, there have been times where there have been conflict about like us wrestling because like I said she wasn't always open about her relationship. So like I said that, that that was a problem from the beginning, but we talked it out and now we're open about it because I was comfortable with.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
Okay, I did do my research, and I saw you and her in a match against each other. And I was like, Huh, is this pre relationship or post really early during the relationship?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:35
Like during the relationship was literally a storyline about our relationship?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:42
Oh, that's awesome. That's awesome. did was that different than any other match? You ever competed him because it was someone you love.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:52
Now I wrestled my ex a few times he had a hand in training me. So I wrestled him a lot when I first started but wrestling her it was wrestling him was one table wrestling and Priscilla and the way that we did it like I said there was a whole story. She was in like this rival game with this girl that had beat me up a couple matches before like, she gained up with her and I'm like, What's your problem? So then we had a match and it was just if you have a chance I think you should watch it it actually is a story like there's a whole story within the match. About like her not her not wanting to hit me and I'm just like, fuck it I'm gonna beat you up because you was that girl and you shouldn't be with her like, you should be on my side. So

Unknown Speaker 1:02:34
it was fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:34
I love wrestling her she's an amazing wrestler.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:37
Alright, I will check it out. All right, then we have at Michael Messina wants to know what's the strangest requests you've had to turn down in a custom matches? And I guess for the listeners who don't know explain what a custom matches before you answer this question question.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:54
So custom matches are where fans can make their own like storylines for a wrestling match between anybody it can be female it can be male it can be a male and a female it could be attacking masculinity you pretty much book your own fantasy wrestling match. Very

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13
cool. You

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
can have a whole it can have a whole backstory like you can have its own title your own promotion is what literally whatever your mind can think of it is like I say your own fantasy booking the weirdest things I've gotten like I mean every once in a while people don't want you to wrestle with like shoes on and once you barefoot it or they don't want you to tie if I were fishness when I wrestled so they're like, we don't want them to fishness on I'm like, okay, that's fine. Like I only wear fishes because like I said I got a lot of ass size. So I keep all of that in because I don't want to be jiggling all over the place. So I mean, and then obviously like people want to want me to be in like wanna wrestle and like dogs and stuff, but I've never done like swimsuit wrestling or song wrestling or anything like that. Like I said, I have too much acid. I feel like I was I don't get paid enough for that.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:09
Got it. Got it. Okay at Jamal Johnson 77106 who inspired you to become a wrestler?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:19
So my biggest inspiration is making games. What is it? Mickey games Mickey James and she is a legend. She's been wrestling for a very long time she she was previously in the WWE. She actually just got released very recently, and I'm heartbroken because she didn't deserve that but that's okay because I still have not been able to wrestle her. So I'm hoping that now she's my idol. Like I've met her so many different times. I feel like every time I see her It's like she my like wrestling on my wrestling like family or something because I've been watching her since I started wrestling and She's seen me in so many different times in my life in my career and she remembers me every single time well, especially now because we're in the same business but she literally saw me grow up so that's my idol. That's, that's my, like, I love her like maybe James. That's the woman I give like, now all of my inspiration for my career, but definitely a lot because she was always so true to herself. Like, no matter what character she got, no matter what they wanted her to do. She was always herself and that's always what I aspire to be and I'm very happy to say that I'm doing that and it does definitely have a lot to do with it. Well, I

Unknown Speaker 1:05:34
love your mindset and I think that phrase work until your your idols become your rivals is perfect for you because I can definitely see you wrestling her and being like check another goal crossed off.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:47
Yes, definitely. That's the plan.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:48
All right at remar underscore Thomas favorite matches from impact.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:55

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57
I'm sure your favorite matches that you've been a part of.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:02
So one, I will say one of my favorite people to wrestle at impact is Jordan grace. I know a lot of people probably say that, but I love being in the rain with her. We're rivals and you know, she's got my titles right now. Okay. I love wrestling her like I love her mind. She always has ideas. She always pushes me to my limits, even past that. Like I've just had some fingers with her, like, on TV for pay per view or whatever. Like I just had a lot of Bangor's was Roman. I don't think I don't know about a particular Matt. I do remember the match. We have we wrestle in the 2300 Arena, which is a legendary Arena in wrestling, the old ecrb Arena. And we had a like I said a banger that night. And that was when I was going through tariffs are changing. Like I said, she just pushed me to my limits. And the crowd was like cheering the whole time. So I think that that's one of my favorite messages. Okay, well,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:06
my last question is, who is you like to hear next on sex and violence with rebel girl? It could be a wrestler, you know, another athlete not you know, someone you just want to hear their personal story?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19
That's actually a good question. Because I let me just say, I really enjoyed this interview. The questions and the whole setup like it's, it's, like I said, it's something that is something very different than what I'm used to, like, I just do wrestling podcasts all the time. And they ask me the same wrestling questions. And I love this setup. Like, I think, I don't know if there's a particular person, but I just want so many people wrestling, in particular to come on here. Because I mean, a lot of wrestlers just aren't open, like they want to be wrestling is such a secret society is so like, carnian, you know, and people don't want to be open. And it's like, why not? You're a person at the end of the day. Like, there's things that you like, and there's things that you don't like, Why can she talk about it on on like, a regular basis, though? I feel like a lot more wrestlers should come on the show, and maybe you can be their therapist.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:09
Well, it's not just wrestlers that have a hard time talking about it. It's everyone you know, it's the way our society has made sexuality and sexual identity. It's just Oh, don't talk about it. You know, and I'm, like you said the South is real bad, apparently. You know, I was fortunate to grow up in California, where we're on the liberal side, and we talk about shit like that. And hence, I made a podcast about it. But yeah, to spread the word until you tell all your wrestler, friends, girls and guys. They're both welcome. It's a podcast that just, you know, likes to embrace who we are, whoever that is. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm going to go Google some stuff about Lita, and was that guy, the rated x guy, and I'm going to Google your edge. And then I'm going to Google your match with Priscilla. And, yeah, I'm just gonna, I really appreciate it all the stuff that you talked about. It's It's not easy to talk about your path, especially when you have something that basically gave you PTSD. And so thank you so much for doing that. I hope that somebody hears this podcast and gets inspired.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:15
I definitely agree. And that's all one I literally have a fire to inspire tattooed on my arm. That's all. I literally ever wanted to inspire other people to live their life the way that they want, because I've had so many people inspire me like Mickie James. I want to be that for people. So I appreciate you for letting me come and tell my story. Tell us

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
where we can find all your social media, Twitter, Instagram. Oh, and you have an only fans. We didn't even get to talk about it. But I'm sure we get to see all that booty that you're talking about on your Ollie fan. So where can we find you? across the board on all those social media handles?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
Well, you can find me on Instagram at Hogan knows best You can find me on Twitter at Hogan those with three. Like he said, I have only fans I'm sure if you just look up here home and you'll be able to find me because that's all it is. And like you said, there's a lot of booty on there. I bought about I like to smoke on there because you almost stoner so. I like to do live wire smoke. I'm here because I feel like I can't do though Instagram. So I don't want to stop. And my only thing is that, you know, I just can't do on my Instagram. Sometimes

Unknown Speaker 1:10:26
for sure. Thank you so much. And yeah, hopefully, we get to see you wrestle all What's her name? The one Nikki. Nikki de miguez very soon, so keep working hard. I will talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
Thank you so much. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:43

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
Thank you guys so much for tuning in to Episode 50. We are closing in on our one year marker very fast. It was fun to learn more about wrestling. Since I am kind of a rookie in the wrestling scene. I don't really know much. But the more I learned, the more I'm starting to enjoy the sport, and awesome to learn about our guest Miss Kira Hogan.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:53
I love that

Unknown Speaker 1:11:54
she has found a way to be herself even though she had a hard past. I think she's doing what she loves. And she's inspiring people along the way. I hope if you are out there and you're listening to this, and you resonate with not being allowed to be your true self. I hope that this gives you the strength to do so. And just know that Yeah, whoever you want to be you can be whoever you want to be. There's it's not too late. So yeah, thank you guys so much for tuning in. I hope you guys enjoyed this week's show. Don't forget to check out our new YouTube channel and a special special thank you to our audio engineer DJs or at DJs or tomorrow Good studio at tomorrow kids official you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and me my personal page at Ashley MMA. And lastly before we turn off the podcast if you guys could please please please rate and review the podcast that moves us up on the charts so that more people can discover the podcast and then we can produce more episodes just like this one. Remember guys be kind

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