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Ep.51 Pati Fontes

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Sex and

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sex and violence.

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Hey guys,

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welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girls, where we interview with level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, romance, and ultra taboo

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I'm your host,

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Ashley, Rebel girl,

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as I talk about sex,

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What's happening?

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Hot Stuff. What's up all

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my naughty listeners, welcome back to your favorite intrusive podcast, the one where we mix MMA and TMI. We usually talk to athletes fighters, but sometimes we have comedians, musicians, lots of lots of lots of guests. Today, actually, we're gonna get into some jujitsu juicy chats. But before we talk to our guests, let's see what's going on with your girl. Basically, I'm still in the thick of my boring training, which is PT, and just going real slow and controlled so that eventually I can get back into the cage. But we've talked about this over and over and over, when I'm not going to bore you anymore. I have some better stories that I'd like to entertain you with. Actually, the first one is probably the funniest story I've told on the podcast. But um, so you know, you know, it's not boring, my personal sex life. And you know, that's obviously why I started a podcast because I'm very open with myself, open with my life open with you guys. And I'm gonna tell you a story. So the other day, my boyfriend and I were in the bedroom, and you know, things are good. And we start making out and actually he's on top of me, I'm on my back. And he starts kissing my cheek and he starts kissing my neck, and he's going lower, and he's going lower. And then he gets to my boobies. And as soon as he gets to my boobies, you know, when you're kissing someone that that noise, it's like, Okay, well, the confusion was, my dog actually heard him kissing my titties at the time. And he hears this noise. And that's usually the noise we make to call our dog into the room. So of course, the dog comes running into the room. We're naked, and he's on top of me. And we're both just like, oh

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my god, we're

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like, Rocco, my dog's name, Rocco. Get out of the room. He gets startled. And he just farts really loudly and runs out of the room. And we're both just we look at each other. And we're like, Alright, I think the mood is a little ruined, but it was not. It was not we. We continued. We pressed on. We you know, more kissing and making out. I decide. I'm like, you know what? This is a good time to use that vibrator that I got from that sponsor that sponsor used to sponsor the podcast. I'm like, Oh, actually, they don't sponsor the podcast anymore. We got to find a new sex toy sponsor. So if you're listening and you know, have one dm us, Ashley at sex and bath

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But yeah, so

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I'm like, babe, let's use the sex toys. And

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of course, he's

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like, All right. So he grabs the vibrator for me and we start doing our thing. 30 seconds into the situation where like, it starts to power down.

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And it's

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funny as hell we're trying to keep our, you know, a sexy time romantic vibe. And we just were like, Alright, let's try to get it turned it on. Alright, things are getting hot and steamy again. Powers down. We're like, all right, like we don't need this. So we continue to. But, you know, Rocco came in farted. The vibrator died and we're just like, you know what, this

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is one of those times where we just got to press on no matter what. So I thought that was a funny story. I wanted to share with you guys. Anything else going on this

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That's about it. You know?

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Go follow them a botanical bloom on Facebook and Instagram or check out their website at a botanical use code Ashley MMA to get 20% off on all products. And if you guys are listening Snake and you have any suggestions on the podcast you want to give us a guest suggestion or drop us a line about what you think about the podcast. We're always trying to improve and get better so that you enjoy each episode more and more and more. And that email again is Ashley at sex and violence

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just shoot us an email and

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let us know what you think how we're doing. The new UFC card tomorrow is pretty fucking stacked. I'm very very excited. So Main Event Charles Olivera versus Michael Chandler This is a fight that I've been wanting to see for a very long time sure everyone has title fight. We've got the rest of the main card is amazing. It's Dockery, Sousa versus Andre mooneyes Tony Ferguson vs. Peniel de roosh. Shane burrows vs. Edson Barboza, that's gonna be amazing fight. And the undercard is also pretty stacked we have OCS Alex Perez versus Matt schnell. Andrea Lee, who I fought before versus Antonia Shiv chinko who I was supposed to fight before. So that's one that I'll be watching very closely. They are to flyweights I don't know if your girl is going to be making flyway anymore, but I'll be watching just in case I can get my chunky ass down there. Well, who else we have we have Hefei elves versus dimir Oh sorry. The mere dimir is margu love is Margiela. Sorry, Gina masani Oji sex and violence alumni Jeanette danger masani vs. Priscilla kucera Brazilian check. You know Gina is an amazing chick and I feel like she's gonna pull this one off, but it's gonna be a banger that Brazilian chick is not messing around. Another amazing female fight we have Caitlyn chick Ag and versus Viviane oopsies. Are yo I really got to learn how to pronounce these these names better but I've gone for a blonde fighter. She's pretty amazing. I think she's super well rounded and she's impressive. I'm definitely a fan. She seems like a really sweet person as well. And then lastly on the card a teammate of mine Christos Jago versus Joelle Alvarez. Christos is a teammate from blackhouse MMA and he trains with the same wrestling coach Kenny Johnson shout out and he's just a really hard working guy. always hope for hope the best for him. And I hope that we can get him on the podcast as well. He's getting he just got married. And All right, so now it's time for our guest. Today's guest is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under Lucas leash, and is one of the most successful competitors of her generation. Before she was an elite Grappler she was doing ballet at as young as three years old. After 15 years of dance, she decided to focus solely on jujitsu. She moved from Brazil to California in 2012, when she was just a purple belt. After joining Lucas's Academy in La Habra, California, she earned her brown belt in April of 2013. Having built her reputation in the lower belt divisions of the sport, she earned the grappling community's admiration after her 2015 run when she won her first two ibjjf world titles. First one is a brown belt in the ghee, repeating the date a few months later at that nogi worlds as a black belt, solidifying her new rank. We talked about her secret sexpot small penis humiliation, selling dirty socks shoes and lingerie, Brazilian dating habits being in the top 1% of only fans, finding yourself before true love and so much more. Here's your guest Patty Bonta. Okay, we are here with Patty Fanta as Patty, thank you so much for coming on the show. How are you today?

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Thank you for having me. I'm doing good.

Unknown Speaker 9:03
I'm doing good.

Unknown Speaker 9:04
I'm not training like you. I think I told you we injured right now. So I'm just doing PT and all that. So tell me about your training though. I know you are a three time world jujitsu champion. That's nogi you're a black belt. You know, tell us tell us what you have coming up. Do you have any competitions on the books? Are you training for anything?

Unknown Speaker 9:26
Yes, I'm just finished my camp for Penn nogi that's happening this weekend in Dallas for the digital Federation. And yes, it's nice to have like five girls in my divisions going to be nice. And cutting wait for that being like a while I don't really fight as us this way to me. That's my way said with pandemics and stuff. My weight curves haven't been as good as these one. So as to losing weight. And then in the end of the month, there is another tournament that actually is super fight for flow grappling. Oh is number one for rooster wait over so eight, nine and strawweight and then we'll be fighting two for the tide. I don't know for I think it's third thoughts third place in the ranking or something like this.

Unknown Speaker 10:24
So at the end of the month you are a superfight and that's against Who?

Unknown Speaker 10:29
against Jessa comes from a od.

Unknown Speaker 10:32
Jessica from ao j Hmm. Yeah, she doesn't even need she doesn't need a last name. Just Jessica

Unknown Speaker 10:39

Unknown Speaker 10:40
Jessa got it. Okay. Jessa from a oj Okay, and where's the superfight gonna be?

Unknown Speaker 10:47
It's gonna be in Austin. Austin. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 10:51
Exciting. So I hope the rest of your wakeup goes good. How many more pounds? do you have?

Unknown Speaker 10:57
I just checked at 117 point seven. So I gotta be at 114 for Saturday. So you have about three points. Sometimes you go.

Unknown Speaker 11:07
Okay, you got some time. That's good. All right.

Unknown Speaker 11:10
Well, we'll be watching closely. Let's uh, let's talk about you know, you on a personal level, not just jujitsu, I know, you have an only fans. And that's actually what got my attention. Because I feel like when a male or a female athlete has an only fans, that's an indicator that they're a little bit more open with their sexuality, and that they might want to come on a podcast like this. So tell us how, why did you start your only fans? What's your experience been like with it? And is it you know, is it worth it? Is it lucrative?

Unknown Speaker 11:42
Yeah, as well, the reason why I started mostly was because I always felt like very much judged for being like, edgy jitsu teacher and for having a big following from kids, mostly, to, so I felt like I could never actually be 100% of myself, in social media or anywhere else, because I always had, like, the parents and all these people can expecting me to be a role model or something. And, but I was like, I didn't want to just sacrifice myself for that, you know, I wanted like, I always like talk by example, even as being for being like a competitive teacher, I compete as well, and everything. So my students, they get to see what we practice, mostly. So I teach by example, and I know that but I, I mean, I didn't want to have to go so like to build singers as a samurai or something. And by by the same time, I didn't want to co promote compromise with my kids and compromise with all the law has built with the young, like, a public, you know, so I thought that the only sense was a perfect way to draw a line where I have a platform where a securely can share my personal life and things with people there can actually see that, you know, yeah, I mean, by the other hand, people judge you by just having it, you know, so it goes both ways. You know,

Unknown Speaker 13:29
yeah, I'm sure you thought it was the right thing to do. Because, you know, you get to separate the two, right, you get to be, you know, what the kids look at on your Instagram, pG 13 and then on your only fans, you can embrace your sexuality show more of your feminine side and whatever you want not have to focus so much on being a role model. I totally get that I'm for that. I think that's a great way to look at it. But like you said, that's, it's, it's, it goes to show you're never gonna please everybody, right? Someone's gonna say, Oh, she has an ollie fans, you know, she's just, you know, being a bad role model. And she's being you know, people people expect, you know, look, I just said I assume that when someone has an only fans, um, like, oh, maybe they're, they're more open with their sexuality. Maybe they want to come on the show. That's not such a bad assumption. But you know, people will make the other assumption too. Oh, this person's a little more loose or you know, seletti or whatever. Yeah, you know, open with their body. I just think you know, people have to do whatever they want to do to make themselves happy and to make money right and so if that's is that has it hasn't really been making you some extra money or is it more just

Unknown Speaker 14:42

Unknown Speaker 14:43
it has.

Unknown Speaker 14:43
I always started like with like a game and like, not a game but I was like in quarantine. I wanted to add like access to all these people that wanted to talk with me but my ID like he was crowded next up of people that I actually didn't know who So I was like, Okay, I'll create this page and see how it goes. And then everything, they created it, I stayed on top 1%. And it was like, Okay, one year later, you know, you said

Unknown Speaker 15:13
1%, what have you in the 1%? Of all the fans?

Unknown Speaker 15:18
Yes, they have like a ranking and how that thing works, actually. But they rate you, you know,

Unknown Speaker 15:26
so maybe that meant that you were in the top 1% of earnings,

Unknown Speaker 15:30
maybe you make proudly, oh, money wise, or something like this? Because Yeah. And then he was very profitable, especially because, you know, we are fighters, and we don't make a lot of money. So when he got to use all the popularity that we get from fighting, you know, and getting to different and products, you know, it worked really well for me, you know,

Unknown Speaker 15:54
yeah, exactly. And that's, that's what I, in my opinion, what all the smart fighters are right? The Smart athletes are using their platform and the notoriety that they've gained from competition, or maybe being you know, in a certain organization, you you're a black belt, you're a world champion. So you're building this, this, you know, following right, so know if those followers want to pay you money, why not capitalize on that?

Unknown Speaker 16:19
Yes, and this way, like I can actually get to see like, who really wants to talk to me, and it filters a little bit more. So it good. It's good for everybody, you know, for my fans, too, because I bet they're like, there's not only like you think there's only creeps in everything, but there's people that actually they just want to like say something nice to you and be positive but with like so many spin stuff on the Instagram or whatever else. It's just hard to get to see these people and talk to them connect, you know, and it's really nice. Yeah, you

Unknown Speaker 16:50
get to connect with people as well. Speaking of the creeps, I gotta ask what is what's like a what's what's been a bad or just like a surprisingly creepy requests that you've gotten.

Unknown Speaker 17:04
I get all kinds of requests. But that they one thing that I didn't know that, that I realized that after that, and it makes total sense that she was stupid for not knowing before. It's like there is a lot of dudes that they love having a small painting. So small painting love that you make. Yeah. And they like that. You make jokes of it. Oh, yeah. This is a simulation.

Unknown Speaker 17:35
Yeah, you're right. You're right.

Unknown Speaker 17:38
That's a very, like, one of the top like requests I get. And it's Hey, it was like a Wow, it's a whole nother world. So I'm glad I got to learn so much. And

Unknown Speaker 17:51
yeah, you're definitely getting educated on things that you didn't know this before. So that's a perk I guess. You know, we have we had a guest on her name is Dominic danger. She's actually a black belt as well. I forget who under but she's a legit competitor. But she's also a dominatrix. So part of her job is small penis humiliation, and sphr. And they, you know, she just makes men feel like shit about their small dicks. And so that's interesting that you've been requested to do this. Is this something that you are okay doing? Do you say? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 18:29
Oh, I'm okay doing it. But I honestly I think I'm a very nice person. Mostly, I'm not being enough. Now. I mean, I might need to take some classes if Dominic.

Unknown Speaker 18:42

Unknown Speaker 18:44
I will connect you after the show. That will be awesome. Yeah. I mean, it's a crazy worldwide, right? One day, you're on the mat choking someone out and the next day, you're like, Hey,

Unknown Speaker 18:53
you got a small dick.

Unknown Speaker 18:59
It's not that but you know, it's cool. Also is you own your own jujitsu Academy. Is

Unknown Speaker 19:04
that right?

Unknown Speaker 19:06
Yes, yes, I opened last September.

Unknown Speaker 19:10
Congratulations. That's a huge, huge accomplishment, you know, so it's less September. That's in the middle of the pandemic, right.

Unknown Speaker 19:18
I was right in the middle of the pandemic, but my CrossFit friend and coach, he offered me like an opportunity and like was where money and time came handy. And I was like, I know it's something a little crazy, but you know what? Why not? Right? Yeah. No, now's

Unknown Speaker 19:38
the time. You know, you're you're young guy. We haven't really talked about what kind of situation I don't know if you have kids. I don't know if you're married. But if the time is right, you got to do it now.

Unknown Speaker 19:48
And how old are you?

Unknown Speaker 19:50
I am 3030. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 19:52
you're, you're young. You're a champion. This is the time to do it. And so you have a few different ways of making money. And your life which is good. You got the only fans you got your own gym, and then you also compete for money as well, right? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 20:07

Unknown Speaker 20:08
Is jujitsu lucrative does it pay? Well?

Unknown Speaker 20:12
Not really. Not really. A lot these days, you know, especially after the pandemics everything started to get a little harder. But you know you try every day if you try hard, you can get to connect and make some small answer sheets. And you know,

Unknown Speaker 20:35
yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:36
it's hard mining, but it's really like a hustle. It's a hustle.

Unknown Speaker 20:39
Yeah. And you're doing just that. Congrats. I mean, you know, small penis humiliation or you know, jujitsu classes. It doesn't matter. You do it all.

Unknown Speaker 20:51
Oh, my God.

Unknown Speaker 20:53
Tell us about what you have going on in your personal life. You know, I want to ask you all the dating questions and all the relationship stuff. But are you are you seeing anyone? And also how do you identify sexually? Are you straight gay Bi?

Unknown Speaker 21:09
I am Street and I am single. And I have a date. No, I got a date that Yeah, just some more recession as always. So

Unknown Speaker 21:24
you're dating someone right now? Just a special a special friend if you will?

Unknown Speaker 21:28
Yeah. Yes. Something like that.

Unknown Speaker 21:31
Okay, okay. Your date your you have someone who you just have you guys been dating very long.

Unknown Speaker 21:37
Maybe not a long since the end of the year. So So beginning of these years, in quite a few months.

Unknown Speaker 21:44
But no, no titles, right. Just casual read them all.

Unknown Speaker 21:47
No titles. There's no I don't know. I'm afraid of titles right now. Oh, yeah. Because yes, because I feel like I have changed in my mind a few times. And I don't want to make any decisions before I understand myself.

Unknown Speaker 22:03
That's very smart. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:04
So it sounds like you don't really know what you want. You need some time to figure things out. I mean, are you are you just trying to focus on competition and you don't really want to, you know, settle down right now or you just haven't met the right person?

Unknown Speaker 22:24
Yes, I think I'm still foreclosing, like, getting my life together, you know, with my gym and deciding what I want to do with my competition, how many how much more time and still want to compete, or what else I'm going to compete and, you know, financially to getting a stable things like that. I am very concerned with myself. So I usually try I know we can't control everything. That's why also, I the ones who need steps. So I just try get, like, get my stuff. Ready for whenever it's time.

Unknown Speaker 23:02
Yeah, no, it

Unknown Speaker 23:03
sounds like you're working on you. And that's smart. Because sometimes when we get into relationships, and we're, you know, we're still struggling with other aspects of our life, it sometimes messes the relationship, right? It makes things harder, so good for you. What kind of guys do you normally tend to date? You know, does it have to be another black belt? Or can it be a normie?

Unknown Speaker 23:28
Now Yeah, as a normie I read it even that, like I rather that the guy is already a black belt, not for nothing. That's not that I don't like to date into the communities just because I mean, I haven't met from all the guys I know like I haven't really mentioned like both actually, you know, I feel like anyways, and I usually like to meet people from different world I love like, change like network, so getting to know people from different places sounds different like so I like today to go there actually, usually not from the gees or if they train Jiu Jitsu. They're not professionally, fighters, you know, okay. And I usually I lately, lately now for the last nearly like, five or six years, I've mostly only dated American guys usually. Oh, really? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 24:23
Were you? Were you ever dating? Did you ever date Brazilian men here since you've moved over here? Or did you when you first moved over here? Was it just like Americans for here? Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 24:37
I moved in here and I had a boyfriend. He was Brazilian. And then after and I stayed with you for a long time for like four almost five years. Oh, wow. broke up. That's was when I was like, okay, no more breezy news.

Unknown Speaker 24:54
That guy must have put a bad taste in your mouth over there. Right? I am. I washed my hands and resilient

Unknown Speaker 25:01
So every season having the really dates, many repeated into these guy that I'm dating right now he's receiving.

Unknown Speaker 25:08
Okay. So it's not always the Americans.

Unknown Speaker 25:14
It was into now, right? Okay. That's why I say I don't know what I want. So who am I to be putting labels on things?

Unknown Speaker 25:21

Unknown Speaker 25:22
yeah. And I won't ask too much about this guy. But does he do jujitsu or no?

Unknown Speaker 25:28
jitsu? Yes, not professionally, like I say,

Unknown Speaker 25:32
not professionally. Yeah. Sometimes people think that it's, you know, more beneficial to date someone in the same career. But it's, it's good to know you're not really interested in that. It's more like just maybe what, you know, if they're interesting what they bring to the table, they don't have to do the same thing that you do.

Unknown Speaker 25:48
Yeah. Now, they don't have to, we don't have to the same thing. As long as you guys can understand me my lifestyle. And oh, that's what is the hardest thing when it's easier to understand your lifestyle when you're living kind of the same lifestyle. But besides that, everything else I think is healthier when it's not mixed.

Unknown Speaker 26:06
Yeah, I was wondering what it would be like to because you lived in Brazil, until you were 21.

Unknown Speaker 26:14
Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:15
So what What's it like being in a different country? You know, that's the culture that you have, I'm sure there's some dating rituals that are big in Brazil. And then you come over here, and you date these American guys that you kind of like now, and I'm sure there's like a difference in cultures and the way men approach you tell me like what the biggest differences are?

Unknown Speaker 26:39
I see, like, the biggest differences. Like, I feel like whenever I connect with Brazilians, I connect in a deep, deeper level, maybe because we are culturally closer? Well, yes. Because of our culture and our the way of our like, I don't know, maybe the way we say things, you know, and how those things sounds? make us feel? Maybe, you know, I don't know. Yeah, and also because usually when you're dating Brazilians, they are, they don't really have family here as well. So you feel more like connected as a family, you know? Yeah, that makes sense. And when you Yeah, when you need to like Americans, it's more like, it's more likely that the difference that you were different, not a bad way, but it's just like, everything is new. And I'm pretty much adapted to these see some leaving here for so many years. And it took me like about five to date, my first American you know, I did get passed through this adapt thing, but I just don't feel like he I connected in the same deep level with American guys. Even. I like them so much.

Unknown Speaker 28:05
Yeah, it sounds like when you came over here, it was easier to connect. Because, you know, this probably felt like home when you were dating another Brazilian person, and then, you know, then you start hanging out with an American guy. And it's, you know, you have to learn their their culture and the way they talk. You

Unknown Speaker 28:25
know, yeah, and I'm sure

Unknown Speaker 28:27
you know, I'm sure both cultures play games, and, you know, dating different dating rituals and stuff. Well, in my experience, I've actually, my boyfriend told me a story. And he said that, he went down to Brazil, and he was in the clubs. And there was, like, him and a friend are like, kind of trying to talk to girls. And one of the, they were like, Man, this is not working. There's kind of getting shut down, shut

Unknown Speaker 28:50
down. They're

Unknown Speaker 28:51
being like, like, they tried to talk to the girls like, Hey, how are you? And then I guess one of the girls, one of the Brazilian girls was like, you guys are doing this wrong. And they're like, What do you mean? He's like, She's like, if you want a Brazilian girl, you just got a grabber. And they were like,

Unknown Speaker 29:04
no, really?

Unknown Speaker 29:05
She's like, yeah, we like you know, I'm like, that's just how it is over here. And so I'm like listening to the story. And I'm like, wow, American women in Brazilian women are very different. You know? What What do you Yeah, is that true? Is that it?

Unknown Speaker 29:19
Yeah, it's very different like the guys actually has when they want to talk to you and they like you they just really grab your arm they grab your here Why? Your hair and weird and aggressive?

Unknown Speaker 29:31
Yeah. Oh, hell no.

Unknown Speaker 29:37
Honestly, I'm not used to that anymore. I can't stand something like

Unknown Speaker 29:43
so you you you've adapted and you've you've sounds like you've evolved from now this sounds I don't want to sound bad. You know, sorry, Brazilian culture. I'm just saying Yeah, it sounds like Brazilian Brazilian dating habits are a little more very good. restaurant Oh,

Unknown Speaker 30:00

Unknown Speaker 30:03
She and the guys they have these do one thing I don't I it's getting better. And it's I mean, it's very, very much a culture where guys can do and girls cannot double standard that a lot of relationships and issue a lot like a work too especially because I worked with a lot of resumes and I don't think it's just from Brazil. Don't get me wrong, but I just see that we have that in our culture very strong.

Unknown Speaker 30:33
Yeah, yeah, you

Unknown Speaker 30:34
know, and you just got to go into that open minded, right? You know, you came over here, and you couldn't let it's not like you could be upset, like, what are these Americans doing? You're like, well, this is their culture. And now I got to learn how they do things. So if I go to Brazil, and a guy grabs me by the arm, I'm gonna be like, oh, maybe I shouldn't punch you.

Unknown Speaker 30:54
Maybe I should just say, No, thank you

Unknown Speaker 30:57
leave me alone.

Unknown Speaker 31:00
Go my hair.

Unknown Speaker 31:02
Let go of my hair. Sounds like they're very cave cave man. Like over there. But I don't want to categorize all of them. I'm sure there's like some Brazilian guys like, Hey, I don't club my women on the head with.

Unknown Speaker 31:15
Yes, gentlemen. There.

Unknown Speaker 31:19
So okay, so tell me a little bit more. Is there anything that you think that? Well, I wanted to ask you. So in the in the jujitsu culture, you know, you know, there's a lot of grappling, obviously. So I guess it's hard for me. I don't want to offend you, but I just got fake boobies. And I'm very open with that. And I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 31:39
oh, what's

Unknown Speaker 31:39
it gonna be like to grapple with my fake boobies. But I'm like, maybe I can ask Patty. Yeah, what's it like, because I am not cleared to grapple yet. And I have a couple of female fighter friends who have them. But I'm so nervous that it's something that like, you know, people don't really talk about, it's like, looked down upon.

Unknown Speaker 32:00
It's like, Oh, she

Unknown Speaker 32:01
got fake boobs. That's bad. And I'm like, I don't think it's bad. Clearly, I

Unknown Speaker 32:05
got fake boobs. But

Unknown Speaker 32:05
what was your experience? Like? You know, not only like, how do people react, but in your physical experience? Did it like, make things harder for you?

Unknown Speaker 32:17
Um, I thought it would be healed faster than it was for me. You know, but I started working and I, I used to teach, like, for five to seven hours a day back in the time. Oh, wow. I started to teach like maybe two weeks after I had my glue gun, it wasn't really very good. For me were like, got some stitches that went bad, though, there was a lot of things. But I couldn't be at the mat. I felt like that was three months I'll be cleared out. But it turns out that I could go to the gym and could do things, but I would feel pain for about six months or so. And I've competed maybe with like eight months, but I didn't feel like I was 100% myself yet. I would say that it took me about a year to feel 100% myself and now he doesn't really bother is almost like it's not even there. You know?

Unknown Speaker 33:17
Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah. And I'm a little nervous to go back. I don't want to go back too soon. And have something like you said like a stitch or something like that happened. But I think I'm waiting plenty of time because I am going through that spine surgery. Like I told you, as

Unknown Speaker 33:32
long as you don't have this stitches anymore, and they're all gone. I think you can start doing something but you're gonna feel like a burn on your car. You know, like, the other thing too, is like, I didn't have no boobs, like, you know, so for me, it's so hard to sleep with them. Like I have to wear a bra or something. Until now like to maybe like two months ago, we face left without a bra wouldn't feel good. So I have to be like pulling them together.

Unknown Speaker 34:10
Yeah, it's okay. It's kind of good to hear that because I'm like, What? I mean, I didn't, I didn't really think it super through in the sense that like sleeping and all that I'm like, Oh, I'm gonna have to get used to it. But it's just, I think, yeah, it's gonna take about a year to fully get used to it and it's gonna be scary to to grapple at first. But you know,

Unknown Speaker 34:29
if you could do it, I could do months. I think you can

Unknown Speaker 34:31
do it. Yeah, because I was training like, three months. I was really training training, you know? Yeah, I feel like burn. Burn. That's all.

Unknown Speaker 34:42
Alright, well, I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for your input. I've been asking all the girls with big boobs. I'm like, what's your fake boobs experience been like?

Unknown Speaker 34:51
So I love them. I love my boobs. Yeah, I'm

Unknown Speaker 34:54
sure everyone on your only fans love them too. definitely helped Okay, so I want to ask you about your experience with love. We don't we talk about dating and relationships and all this stuff, but I haven't really been asking our guests too much about love. Do you remember the first time you ever fell in love?

Unknown Speaker 35:15
Oh my god. Yes. I mean, yeah, I remember my school crushes. And I remember like you, one of the guys like that I first really liked when I was like, about like, well, if he's 10 years old, I really liked him. And I dated him. But you know, just, of course, break my heart.

Unknown Speaker 35:39
Something y'all don't

Unknown Speaker 35:41
have hard time, like, feeling love. And that's very, that's why I feel like I struggle so much because I'm capable of writing. But it's really hard for me to choose the one it's like me. I don't know if I'm beaky or just reading. I don't know, it's really hard for me to feel like you're reading a love. Just goes.

Unknown Speaker 36:08
How many times do you think you've been in love in your life? If love doesn't come very easy for you? Has it been very few times that you feel like you've actually been in love?

Unknown Speaker 36:18
Yes, I only I think I only fell in love about like, three times in my life.

Unknown Speaker 36:25
Real love. Yeah. And the rest just,

Unknown Speaker 36:27
it's not that bad, right? No, that's not that.

Unknown Speaker 36:31
I mean, you know, you can't help how you feel, you know, you can't force yourself to fall in love with someone. You know, if that was the case, I'm sure. You know, all women would pick on attractive, wealthy men who you know, who never get cheated on? I don't know. You know, I'm sure. Yeah. But you know, that's everybody has a different experience. And that's why we have this podcast because it's interesting, right? There are people on one side who have you know, they're in love every other week. You know, I love this person. I'm in love with this person. And then you know, you have someone may be like you it's you know, you date but it's very hard to say I love you.

Unknown Speaker 37:12
Yes. So yes, it's really yeah, I can get to date and I can get to like and get excited about a guy really fast. But also get an ethnic next underneath interested as I think fast as I getting to

Unknown Speaker 37:30
lose interest very fast. Okay, I see, I see. Well, that's not your fault. You got to find the right guy who keeps you entertained and interested. So you have a competition this weekend, and you have a special friend that you're hanging out with? Do you Are you one of the athletes who thinks that you should abstain from having sex before competition?

Unknown Speaker 37:55
I don't really think this way. I don't know if it is affect or change anything for the guy before me honestly doesn't affect in a negative way at all. So it doesn't really matter if I have an opportunity to have sex. I will just do it.

Unknown Speaker 38:12
Yeah, we've had so many women and men on the show and we're on episode 51 not yet has one person said oh, I don't have sex. Everyone's like nope, it's okay. I don't care.

Unknown Speaker 38:27
Doesn't matter most of some people talk about their chakras and just toss around and then they don't want to like come but I don't think that it's I don't know. I mean, you see it affects me I think they are the other effects side effects affects me in most positive way.

Unknown Speaker 38:48
Yeah, yeah, there's there's definitely more perks than then downfalls. That's for sure. relaxation,

Unknown Speaker 38:55

Unknown Speaker 38:57
Worry of

Unknown Speaker 38:59
stretching, you know, there's some stretching that goes on sometimes. All right, we're gonna get a little bit more intrusive Patti. So what's one of the craziest places you've ever had sex?

Unknown Speaker 39:11
Oh, man, I you know how I'm very like I would say normal but I think the car are at the dude the staircase.

Unknown Speaker 39:28
Oh, in a

Unknown Speaker 39:28
building a staircase like so. It's kind of like public.

Unknown Speaker 39:33
Yeah, that's, you know, when you're like young and you have like,

Unknown Speaker 39:37
nowhere to go. Nowhere.

Unknown Speaker 39:41
You know, you're just like, Okay, I'm 15 or 16. And yeah, can't go to their house can't go to your house. You're like, Yeah, we got to go.

Unknown Speaker 39:49
innovator has

Unknown Speaker 39:51
the elevator. You got to make it fast and the elevator?

Unknown Speaker 39:55
No, no, but there's a elevator house upstairs where there's like the there's a fix. Say the Raiders, you know, there's usually one little room left where you don't really have the access. You know,

Unknown Speaker 40:05
I don't know, Patti, this is your secret sex place.

Unknown Speaker 40:10
I'll check it out.

Unknown Speaker 40:11
Where's the elevator room?

Unknown Speaker 40:13
Betty, what's one of your pet peeves? Like, what are your? What's something in the bedroom that, you know, kind of rubs you the wrong way? Like, for example, our last guest, she talked about hygiene, you know, when you're getting getting sexy with the guy, you guys are about to have sex and he's just stanky you know,

Unknown Speaker 40:32
is there anything? Yes. And that's a bad that's a bad thing. Mostly bad to get to be playing, you know? So you can explore if you're, the guy's not clean, you just don't feel comfortable or you know, you I think both gotta go both ways. No, I think for first as dead. And second, I don't always the connection, I have to have a minimum of that, like connection, you know,

Unknown Speaker 41:00
can be a connection. So

Unknown Speaker 41:03
you just so if you don't have a connection, that's obviously a problem. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:09
Yes. So it's usually a no, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:12
What do you mean exactly by connection?

Unknown Speaker 41:19
Usually, it's like not when I mean, when I say connection is like, I usually when I have sex, so I know that first. Usually, you know, so that's kinda connection I'll say about a deep connection or I just don't usually give like a random

Unknown Speaker 41:39
You know, one night. Yeah, yeah, usually

Unknown Speaker 41:41

Unknown Speaker 41:42
Yeah, the things

Unknown Speaker 41:44
happen because of my lifestyle. I feel like you know, and I'm really like, go out or buy or go crazy much so usually my my last time or going to the gym So usually when someone goes on the shows up on the scene near like, somewhere in my schedule, you know?

Unknown Speaker 42:00
Yeah, yeah. So you're not really like a go out party kind of girl.

Unknown Speaker 42:05
No, I mean, I like to go out and party but usually like these places doesn't really bring me people that I have to attract enough to just go out and do things. Usually when ever someone shows up in my life, do their physical therapy at a gym or you know, Jiu Jitsu or whatever I go for lunch, things like that. So

Unknown Speaker 42:27
yeah, or again, he goes yeah, it's funny. We always go out you know, thinking like, Oh, I'm gonna meet meet the guy tonight. And then it's it's so like you said, it's, it's not it's never never the guy at the bar. It's like the guy you you bump into or meet at the gym or, you know, physical therapy. primitive example. Yeah. Well, Patti, it is now time for the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 42:57
Are you are you aware of what

Unknown Speaker 43:00
we talked about the lightning six round but to refresh your memory? Lightning sex round is a one word or one phrase that I'm going to ask you and you have to answer a rapid fire. Yes, No. Yes. No. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 43:12
Yes or no?

Unknown Speaker 43:14
Yes. The only yes or no. Unless you like, unless you would like to elaborate then, you know, because slow it down. But uh, but yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:22
Are you ready? Hey.

Unknown Speaker 43:23
Yes. All right. So lightning sex ran with patties, or do you like to dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 43:34
Both Yes. Biting. Yes, choking? Yes, threesomes now, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 43:47
Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 43:50

Unknown Speaker 43:51
Any foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 43:55
No, but I'm okay with it.

Unknown Speaker 43:56
Okay, bodily fluid fetish. No, bondage like ropes or blindfolds. What? bondage so like being tied up with like a rope or blindfold or handcuffs? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 44:13

Unknown Speaker 44:14
no. roleplay

Unknown Speaker 44:18
like that, right? Yeah, okay,

Unknown Speaker 44:21
okay. Yeah. All right. Yeah. But stuff on you or a partner.

Unknown Speaker 44:29
It's a rare, rare. Yes. special

Unknown Speaker 44:32

Unknown Speaker 44:35
Very, very rare. Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 44:38
Okay, do you sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 44:42
sex. What

Unknown Speaker 44:43
sex toys like vibrators? dildos.

Unknown Speaker 44:46
Yes. All right. Have

Unknown Speaker 44:48
you ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 44:52

Unknown Speaker 44:54
And are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 44:57
Yes, I have tons of luxury.

Unknown Speaker 44:59
All right. Okay, congratulations, Petey, lightings extra

Unknown Speaker 45:04

Unknown Speaker 45:06
Wait, you sell luxury?

Unknown Speaker 45:08
Oh, why not? Oh my

Unknown Speaker 45:10
Oh, girl you were capitalizing on all the money making routes so you sell your lingerie?

Unknown Speaker 45:19
Yes, that's the smart woman right

Unknown Speaker 45:20
there because as I'm diving deeper into this, you know sexual world, just kind of like, you know, learning more because I'm just a fighter right talking to another fighter, but I want to educate myself and I'm learning that there's a very big market for all types of things. Like you said small penis humiliation, selling of pennies and lingerie and even shoes. Shoes is huge. It's crazy how much they'll pay for socks and shoes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 45:54
All right. Big food fetish around. Oh, yeah, I'm

Unknown Speaker 45:58
sure you get a lot of foot fetish requests, right? In any weird ones that any abstract ones that pop out.

Unknown Speaker 46:10
They are usually reserved for food or as no penny. humilation foods great or some people wants to tell me secrets. They cannot tell other people you know? Oh, wow, just really want a picture of me. You know? Like,

Unknown Speaker 46:27
that's crazy. Yeah, I you know, you never know what you're gonna get probably interesting every time you open your only fans.

Unknown Speaker 46:34
Yes, I love it. You know, it's entertaining every day. It's nice. And like, I'm so glad to have the guys over there. Yeah, he's over there. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 46:45
Yeah. Patti appreciates your support guys or girls, I'm sure.

Unknown Speaker 46:50
Yes, yes. I have kapos you know? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 46:53
yeah, that's cool. Okay, it's time for Fuck, marry kill.

Unknown Speaker 47:04
One marry one kill one go.

Unknown Speaker 47:06
I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 47:08
Are you familiar with how the game is played?

Unknown Speaker 47:11
So marry or kill kill? Okay, I'm

Unknown Speaker 47:15
going to give you three names. And you're going to decide which one you you want to fuck. Which one you want to marry? And which one you want to kill and it has to be only one you can't say fuck to kill one. You have to fuck one marry one kill one. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 47:30
The same are three different ones. No, no, no,

Unknown Speaker 47:32
I'm gonna give you three names. And okay, and those names are Gordon Ryan. Gary tonin and chrome Gracie. So these are all jujitsu, guys. We did a special jujitsu version for you Petey. And you have to decide which one of those you want to which one of those guys you want to fuck. Which one you want to marry? which one you

Unknown Speaker 47:53
want to kill? Go.

Unknown Speaker 47:56
Oh my god.

Unknown Speaker 48:01

Unknown Speaker 48:02
this show is never boring.

Unknown Speaker 48:05
Oh my god. That's hard because I know all of them. But I would say I would marry garden just because he's the king. And I would have sex with Gary because he's so funny. So he's probably like, no, like, never done. So. Never do time with him. And Caroll, I'm sorry, I don't know what to say easy to get. waste

Unknown Speaker 48:44
is a waste.

Unknown Speaker 48:49
Okay, thanks, Patti. I'm

Unknown Speaker 48:50
sure that was hard. Well, you didn't good. Okay. So for our last, our last segment, we do fan questions.

Unknown Speaker 49:04
And these are all real people who want to know what you have to say about their questions. Are you ready? Okay. At layth underscore s wants to know if Patti fontas doesn't mind. Oh, we already talked about that. He he wanted to know if Patty Fernandez doesn't mind a few knocks on the back door. And we already talked about this. All right at Mickey with four wise, TX big fan of the podcast I had a question for Patty. Are you considering a run at MMA? And if so, when would you like to compete?

Unknown Speaker 49:43
Oh, I've considered before but honestly right now, I don't think that's what I want to do. Because I have so much stuff going on with like, with like my life and my gym and things that I want to get done. You know, and I hopefully I don't Oh I don't know maybe that's I I've had this plan stronger before. Yeah right now right now I would say no.

Unknown Speaker 50:08
Do you train striking or kickboxing or do you

Unknown Speaker 50:13
as I've trained in boxing and whites I have for a little bit you know so I have a bit of like experienced basically experience for training and helping my friends training you know, okay and being around for so long but I never actually had a fight or competed or anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 50:33
Yeah, I'm sure you you sparred with lots of girls and you know, been helped help helping other women and, you know, but you just haven't made your switch from from jujitsu to MMA, right? Yes, exactly. Even as training this style, I haven't competed in myself or thought of it for myself just to help my friends mostly, but maybe maybe who knows.

Unknown Speaker 50:55

Unknown Speaker 50:56
Okay at Andy 863 wants to know what feels better winning a championship or an orgasm

Unknown Speaker 51:06
championships because you can have an orgasm many times but the championships there's just not as many times

Unknown Speaker 51:13
Yeah, orgasm lasts for a few knows gold is forever.

Unknown Speaker 51:18
Yes, you can have more orgasms. Forget if you want depends on you. And not just the view but me. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:28
it should be right. comes up there. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 51:31
Yeah. Okay. Yeah, Fido is something that comes usually from pain so it's very sacrificing so rewarding.

Unknown Speaker 51:45
Yeah, yeah, I'm not just on a physical level but a mental emotional spiritual level. Yeah. Okay. At DK Oh, sorry, de kaslo. Is ghee or nogi more realistic for self defense street fights, ie more likely to fight someone in a wetsuit or a suit?

Unknown Speaker 52:05
Well, of course no, he's more close to reality. But I still believe that there are things you can do with the the person is wearing clothes. jujitsu, Jiu Jitsu, you know, of course, they're adapted differently. And if I'm going to do a street fight, even if I'm a nobody, I'm not going to do the same thing. And I'm going to do nogi in a competition, you know, I got to adapt for my reality. So yeah, just jujitsu.

Unknown Speaker 52:36
We're adapting to reality. I'm probably gonna gouge someone that's not allowed you

Unknown Speaker 52:42
Yeah, well call guard. Like, you know, in those true fights or something like that. Probably. Crawling.

Unknown Speaker 52:49
Yeah, by no no pulling guard ever, but definitely not a street fight.

Unknown Speaker 52:52
But I will do that in the nogi. So it's not about the ghee or not Nagi it's about like, the strategy that changes the reality you know,

Unknown Speaker 53:03
yeah, street fight. You need to inflict harm. Competition. It's like, you can just submit them right.

Unknown Speaker 53:11
Okay, as you're not getting punches and so start from that.

Unknown Speaker 53:16
Okay, at I am Phil Jr. If you had to live the rest of your life on an island with only two other people. No current family or friends. What sex would the other two be and why? Okay, so does that make sense, buddy? So if you're going to be on an island, yeah, that's that's what he kind of phrased it very weird. So if you're on a stranded Island, desert island, you can't have any friends or family. Just two other people. He wants to know what sex with the two other people be. Would you have two other girls there are two guys there a girl and a guy?

Unknown Speaker 53:49

Unknown Speaker 53:53
Damn it.

Unknown Speaker 53:55
Don't know. I was gonna have our girl and a guy or two guys, you know? Yeah, yeah. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 54:03
Probably a girl the guy I feel like

Unknown Speaker 54:06
okay, yeah, just so I guess. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:09
At adventures 3812 Sd. What's the most interesting interesting thing to happen to you in bed?

Unknown Speaker 54:19
and interesting. The one that I liked most. I don't know. I like that. They didn't see things that has happened there was interested like, Oh guys wearing the wears for me.

Unknown Speaker 54:37
Oh, your underwear.

Unknown Speaker 54:40

Unknown Speaker 54:41
Oh, that's awesome. Yeah, that's very interesting.

Unknown Speaker 54:46
That's awesome. Okay, last question. At big Papa 666.

Unknown Speaker 54:50
It's funny. Favorite position.

Unknown Speaker 54:57
Belly down,

Unknown Speaker 54:58
belly down. All right, no one said belly down yet. All right. And then the last thing. Last question I want to know is who would you like to hear on sex and violence with rebel girl? It could be a jujitsu person or a normie. Whoever whoever you can think of who would you like to hear on the podcast?

Unknown Speaker 55:20
Oh, there's like maybe two people I would like to watch. One would be Gabby Garcia. Okay. That would be another person. Yes. Other person because she has an only friends to so she's embracing her sexuality. She has a boden's school or something like these. I think it's really cool. Oh, she does. And she's Yeah, and she's a DD to fire too and and they fired her. Anyways. And also, there is one girl who always Gordon Ryan's girlfriend. sent me a lot of Yes. Always make lots of questions and things on the internet. And I think it's pretty interesting. She's pretty open. I'm very close friends. If you hurt you, we have the only fans collab to Oh, you guys collab.

Unknown Speaker 56:17
That's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 56:19
Yeah, yeah. And I think she's really, it would be nice to be fun time. And

Unknown Speaker 56:25

Unknown Speaker 56:26
I've actually

Unknown Speaker 56:27
I've actually taught reached out to Sonny before cuz she's very, very open. I follow her on Instagram. And she's so fun because she'll say Ask me anything. And you can really ask her anything, and she will answer

Unknown Speaker 56:41
it. So I think she was like, has like, talked a lot.

Unknown Speaker 56:46
And she's fun. She's funny, because she's like a strong woman too. She's like, stop being a little bitch. I'm like, Oh, she's rough with her followers. Patti, where can we find your work? Yeah. Where can we find you on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, all those?

Unknown Speaker 57:04
Mostly as I'm on Twitter, but mostly only the grandpa's phones is on my Twitter. I'm the same thing. But I've had I've been as low there they did. Mostly Instagram and only fence. You know, yeah, my,

Unknown Speaker 57:18
I will put the links to her Instagram, her only fans and her Twitter on the in the show notes, guys. So you can click and check Patty out. And then don't forget to support her. She's competing this weekend. And at the end of the month, and we know she's gonna win. Patty, you are awesome. You are a beautiful person. I hope that you find, you know, someone that you can actually fall in love with and connect. But in the meantime, I think you're, you know, you're hustling hard, and you're doing what you got to do. And you're finding yourself so keep that in you. And thank you so much for coming on the show.

Unknown Speaker 57:55
Yes, thank you for having me. Yes, I will keep searching. Maybe I already have and I just don't know, right? Who knows? Yes, that I am going to make sure I am sure. Amen. Thank you for having me. Thanks for wishing me good luck in the tournament. Oh, keep up with my diet and everyday now. Three more pounds.

Unknown Speaker 58:17
You got it three pounds. Okay, Patty, we'll talk to you soon. Have a good day.

Unknown Speaker 58:23
Thank you. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 58:25

Unknown Speaker 59:14
In the frozen.

Unknown Speaker 59:17
Thank you guys so much for checking out Episode 51 with the amazing, interesting and beautiful, very talented I say that to Patti Fanta. That was an amazing episode. If I had to give this episode a theme I would say it would be be whoever you want to be and don't let whatever career you've chosen or society or Instagram. Let you have let you make you feel like you have to water yourself down. Patti chose to express herself on her only fans and maybe make her Instagram a little bit more PG. But at the end of the day, I think the most important thing is that she's being whoever she wants to be. And so like Patti, I hope you guys feel like you can be whoever you Want to be and do whatever the hell you want to do. I hope you guys enjoyed this week's show and have hope you have a great weekend. Check out the YouTube channel all the Episode Notes will always be there. And thank you guys so much for tuning in and for all your fan questions. Those are always always appreciated. I love you guys so much special thank you to DJ zol at DJ zol tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official, and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. And lastly, before we turn this podcast off, I always ask you guys, but it's very important. If you have not rate or reviewed the podcast yet, please do so you can do it on iTunes and pretty much wherever you listen, it helps us move up on the charts so that we can get more sponsors so that we can keep the lights on so that we can keep cranking out these episodes. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week and every week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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