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Ep.52 Gregor "The Gift" Gillespie

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, romance dating,

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and that ultra taboo subject.

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I'm your host,

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Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith.

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Let's talk about sex.

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What's happening hot stuff, what's

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up on my naughty listeners, we are back with your one year anniversary episode, I am so excited to be here. I am not gonna lie. I was a little nervous when I first started this podcast, because there's something called pod fade. pod fade is just what it sounds like. It's when podcasts fade away into the internet into nothingness. And I didn't want to do that I wanted to commit to something and have it be here for years to come and one year down. And I don't see a slowing down anytime soon. I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for tuning in for subscribing. For all the fan questions you guys give each week, it means the world to me. And this is not just a podcast. To me, this is something that at a time in my life, you know, I was a little lost, I started not knowing what it was going to be for me, but it ended up being my sense of direction during the pandemic, and during my injuries and my surgeries. And if you guys have been tuning in for this past year, then you know, we've had a lot of ups and downs, you know, in the world and in my life. And I know, you know, if we were having a personal one on one conversation, you the listener have had lots of ups and downs as well. I mean, just this past year, we've had political riots, race riots, we've had a pandemic, create a crazy election. I mean, at one point, our studio burnt down, we've had, unfortunately, family members pass away on us. We've had, you know, fight camps, you know, I've lost fights, and you know, currently winning the fight in sobriety, if you will. You know, I'm open with everything in my life. I've talked to you guys about my relationships, I've had ups and downs, it's not always sunshine and rainbows. And I've shared that with you guys this whole year. And I can't, I just can't thank you enough for tuning in. And for supporting the show. We were doing great on listeners and downloads, it's, you know, growing each week, and each each month, we get better and better. We have new sponsors on the horizon. I'm very excited to announce them, I don't want to announce them just yet. But starting June 1 in a few weeks, we have some new sponsors coming on board, we are finally going to be moving to YouTube full videos will be on there. We're actually going to be experimenting in the next few weeks with something called sling and live streaming so that you guys can actually tune in as the show is happening. So a live version and I will keep you guys updated with that. But that's that's in the future. And, you know, it's it's been a crazy year. I know you guys, if you are a longtime listener can hear me get better. I don't think I'm the best podcaster but I know I've grown and you've guys have allowed me to get better. I'm still finding my voice. I'm still trying not to use my notes and look down and read from a script and all that I'm still trying to look in this damn camera. And, you know, I know I could be a lot better, but you're growing with me so. So thank you guys for that. And, you know, I can only tell you it's going to get better. From here. We're going to keep bringing you amazing guests. We've had 52 episodes so far. That means we've had at least 52 guests plus their partners because we've interviewed some couples and guests from all over. It's not just fighters as you know, it's, you know, entertainers we got actors, comedians, adult entertainers. And next week we have my best friend His name is Dan Kenny. He is the basis of Suicide Silence a very well known metal band. So tune in for that guys. And I also want to talk about the fights. The fights are tomorrow. My female best friend Dan Kenny would definitely be my best friend but my female best friend Carla Esparza is fighting tomorrow night. This is a huge, huge fight. For her, she's on a four fight winning streak fighting girl who's on a six fight win streak. You know, okay,

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I'm getting ahead of myself. So let's let's just look at the card real quick. Right off the bat, we got a few prelims we got Ben Rothwell Chris Barnett, court McGee versus Claudio Sylvia dimir. So sorry, I'm gonna kill his last name. Had COVID versus Yancy Medeiros. That's going to be a great fight. And then the main card we got jack Hermansson versus admin Chavez, Ian shahbazi and Norma Dumont who I fought before versus Felicia Spencer at 145. Then we have a heavyweight bout Justin tafa versus Jared van Dara. And then the fight that I'm most excited about and you should be excited about is Karla versus her opponent Yon. And it's basically the number one, you know, contender spot for who's going to fight for the belt. So I fully believe that Carla will get her belt back. And,

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you know, obviously, I'm

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biased, but I hope you guys tune in that tune into that tomorrow. And then the main event is Rob font versus Cody garbrandt, which is basically a battle for the bantamweight top contender spot, because we have number three versus number four. Cody garbrandt being the former bantamweight champion. That's tomorrow, UFC, Vegas 27 on ESPN tune into that, guys, it's gonna be exciting. But yeah, just to wrap up our little intro here. Again, I can't believe it's been one year, super appreciative to all your followers, all you listeners for following us on the pot for the Instagram. And now you can sign up to her, subscribe to our YouTube and follow us and watch us live in the very near future. You know who I also appreciate? That is our amazing sponsor, a botanical bloom. They have so many different methods. They've got hand sanitizers, they've got tinctures, they've got the vapor rubs and my favorite product that I really need right now is the chapstick. They get CBD chapstick. I've got some chapped lips right now because you know your girl's a little crazy. And sometimes I just don't think ahead. I got my lips tattooed four or five days ago and I've been most gnarly, tattooed, chapped lips. So what I'm going to do, what am I going to do, I'm going to go home and I'm going to get my a botanical bloom chapstick and I'm gonna put down these chapped lips. If you guys want to find some a botanical bloom, CBD, you can go to www dot a botanical or find them on Facebook or Instagram at a botanical bloom. And if you use code Ashley MMA you can get 20% on all their products. Today's guest is an American professional mixed martial artist who fights in the lightweight division of the UFC. He's ranked number 11 in the UFC lightweight rankings. This 34 year old graduated collegiate wrestler brings a 14 in one MMA record to the table and was killing the wrestling game long before the cage doors closed. Born and raised in Webster, New York. He went to high school state titles continue wrestling for Edinboro University, where he was a four time NCAA Division One all American and won a national championship in 2007. He graduated from Edinboro with a bachelor's degree in individualized studies and concentration in psychology. He was an assistant coach at Hofstra University. As a side gig he taught private lessons to an MMA fighter. Despite having vowed never to fight he started MMA and quit his job in order to pursue a full time career in the sport. We talk about grown man wet dreams, reconnecting with his high school love, a teammate named blonde fighter and her porn scandal. sober dating wrestlers going one to 100 sex on a boat and so much more. Here's your guest, Gregor. The Gift Gillespie

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the dark backs in the stars were grabbed

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by the river moving

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The win.

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All right. We have

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Gregor Gillespie with us. Thank you so much for coming on the show. How are you today?

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I'm doing well. Thank you. I'm still trying to ride the wave from my fight a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, feeling good. Excited to be on here. Thanks for having me.

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Yeah, no

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problem. It's definitely not your average podcast. I feel like each guest I have to like, coerce them a little bit like I'll be gentle. Don't

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But um,

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it wasn't too bad though. You didn't have to twist my arm too much. It was more just kind of trying to figure out the best time to do it. I think right? Yeah.

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I think we're both busy people. There's a time difference. I'm over here in California, you're in New York. But you know it, we made it work. So thanks for joining us.

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I don't know his last name, we'll just say, Rob, but you go ghosts in darkness. Rob, is he has a clothing brand and actually who introduced me to? So are my website girl. Her name is Becca, she's in Canada. And she knows Rob. And Rob, then told me that you would be a great guest on the show. So that little MMA community circle happen. Yeah. So now you're on the show, because we have a mutual friend, I guess. How do you and Rob go way back? I know.

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Yeah. So his last name is d Piazza. So Robin, I actually went to high school together. Oh, um, his brother's sale was in the same grade as me. So I think Rob was I can't recall it. It's either two or three years older than me. But he was like, you know, they do silly things like hey, best dress best smile. Yeah, yearbook or whatever. He got class clown. And he was like, so funny. He had like an improv team. And I remember him just being like, how good could it like high school improv show be you know what I mean? But his was unbelievable. He was super funny and like, didn't care about picked it on himself or embarrassing itself. But he was just super funny. And I obviously we knew each other. We weren't super good friends then. I was closer with his brother. But um, I you know, I don't know what we reconnected you know, quite a few years back when I was looking for sponsors for fights. And you know, we hit it off now we're like, really good friends. It goes on with me. Constantly checks in on me sends me calling just all around really solid. Dude.

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That's awesome. Yeah, that's a ghosts and darkness brand. Guys. If you're wondering who we're talking about, I'll also put a link to their Instagram and website in the show notes. Great guy, great stuff. I think it fits perfectly with my brand. It's kind of tattoo we dark alternative. And yeah, it's just great, great clothing as well. I'm going to be doing a photo shoot for them. When I get in better shape and a few weeks.

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post some figgy cannon

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nailed it though. There. It's like the tattoo we I would say like traditional tattoo we kind of clothing and he always like he'll put in some of those sayings that are on like, you know, dead birds don't sing or you know, stuff like that. And I always you know, I like that kind of stuff. So

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I do too.

Unknown Speaker 12:30
Yeah, the shirt I was wearing yesterday said dead men dead men tell no tales. That's he

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has another one. Yeah, that his shirt.

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Yeah, that's his.

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Of course. That's one of my favorite ones. Actually.

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It's cool. Well, thank you, Rob, for supporting us fighters and this podcast. And I want to talk about your last fight just briefly, because that's, you know, that's the violence, part of sex and violence. We, we all saw your awesome TKO over Diego Farah, and you are 14 in one. But also, you are in your own mind close to retirement, which is crazy. Could you explain how you could be doing so well, pretty young in life, but also be considering hanging it up in the not too far future?

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Okay, so um, I gotta go off on that and elaborate a bit, I don't see myself as retiring like, right away, I, you know, I hope this doesn't come over come off is you know, headed in a different direction than I wanted to. I'm not retiring like soon, but I really can't see myself fighting past like 36 or 37. At like the latest. And I would do that if the money's right at the opponents, right. If I'm a fight away from getting a title shot, or whatever the case may be, obviously, you stick around them. But, you know, I said this to someone like a couple weeks ago, and they're asking me about the same thing. And I said, unfortunately, it was a joke, obviously. But I said, unfortunately, I happen to be pretty good at this. Or I wouldn't still be doing it. Yeah. And that doesn't mean that I don't love it. I absolutely love fighting. I don't absolutely love all this stuff that goes along with it outside the cage. And I mean, you obviously know what I'm talking about. For any of the listeners who don't. It's just such a grind like it especially I think, you know, that's probably the wrong time to ask me about this because it was literally a five month fight camp, because I was supposed to fight Brad riddle, February 13 and then started training. I got the notification, you know, nine, nine weeks out from that started right in the training camp. That one got ended up getting pushed to the end of February then March 6, March 13, March 20. Finally we got it set. We both are out there, you know, do our thing make weight and then on Saturday morning, so you know, that's literally like probably eight or nine hours before the fight supposed to take place. Right? We got a COVID protocol cancellation so then I didn't, I didn't go out of fight camp because they told me already, you're going to go right back in. So we worked it out where the next one got scheduled for whatever may 8, I get so you know, five or six weeks later. So it's like, you don't get to go on, you know, a hiatus, you're back in the training camp. So basically from two weeks before Christmas, until May 8, I was doing the damn thing.

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Yeah, it's brutal. And I totally get it, you know, because I understand what it takes to be in fight camp. And there's two different fight camps. You and I both know that you can half assed the fight camp, right? Or, yeah, you can do it the right way and be dedicated and you know, not have cheat days or rest days or party days, or whatever you want to say. And we both know both fighters, right? The the ones that are dedicated, and probably don't even call them during fight camp, because they're just so in the zone. And there's people you see him on Instagram, and you're like, are you even in fact,

Unknown Speaker 15:59
you? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:02
Right. Yeah, hold on. Are you that good? But no, I guess I kind of went off on a tangent there. But saying that, it's, I do love fighting, I really love fighting I love as you probably do, as well, I like competing way more than I like training, you know, there's no glory and winning around in sparring. But there is when you get your hand raised in, you know, in the octagon, that is a feeling that is just indescribable. For someone who's never done it, especially on the stage that we're on. It's just if you do the fight camp correctly, which is absolute misery and terribleness, then the fight win, if you win, obviously is like astronomically better than anything I can describe. You know, even like drugs or whatever you can't possibly get as high as a feeling as you do when you win a fight. Especially if there's been some adversity in the fight. So that part I absolutely love. But you know, it's a grind fight camp is just, you know, so tough if you do it, right. And I guess I guess I just finished this by saying, I'm not going to retire right away, obviously, but I won't be the guy who's 40 or 41 years old. And, you know, people saying Oh, shit, hang it up, he keeps getting beat he, you know, that is not going to be me. So. But I originally said when I when I first started fighting, I originally said 35. And I will absolutely not fight after I turned 36. And then last year, obviously there was you know, COVID and all the shit that went along with that. So I extended that by one year. So I guess that would mean the wording of it is tricky. So I'm not gonna fight when I'm 37. So if I'm 36 and, you know, 364 days, that's, you know, I'm good. Well, that's 37

Unknown Speaker 17:52
I'm not gonna hold you to anything, because you're winning, you're making money, you know, sounds like you're healthy. You don't have any injuries right now. But but it's it's awesome to hear that you don't fight for money. Clearly, it's not about that you love the feeling of winning. And you know, you just set the bar real high for yourself, you know, if you're not fighting for the championship, you don't want to be in there. And that's understandable. So, you know, some people do have these lackadaisical fight camps where you know, Mark Munoz after actually told me one time, he was like, a good fighter is a happy fighter, meaning you don't always have to hate the grind, you know, like, find happiness somewhere, cheat a little and you know, like eat a candy bar here or there, that kind of thing. But whatever you're doing, as miserable as it sounds, it's clearly working for you. You're 14 and one, you know your ranks number 11th. Now, congratulations on that.

Unknown Speaker 18:44
Thank you. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:46
do you have a new fight lined up yet?

Unknown Speaker 18:48
I don't. Um, and you just mentioned I don't have any injuries. I'm not injured. But you know how it is after a long fight camp in a fight. I'm dinged up, things are still swollen on me. You know, my shoulder hurts my knees my elbow and during that five months like camp, I had a ton of those little like nicks and things that I think anyone in the regular world outside fighting would consider an injury that they would probably stopped working out because of and we're not allowed to do that, you know, you just work around it. So I have a bunch of those that I you know, that that kind of added up and piled on during that extended fight camp. So I'm trying to just let my body get back to semi normal. And then you know, we'll start talking to the UFC about possible opponents but I think and me and blonde fighter, you know, blonde fighter, right, Caitlin Kagan Yeah. And her husband Kyle's from an era. They're two of my best friends in the world. I hang out with them, like more than anyone and they live in Long Island, fortunately, but um, we talked about it like Caitlyn fought a week after me and we were both saying like, how that's the best time of the year to fight. Because if you really think about it, you fight nay. Right? And then you let's say it's gonna be another three or four months. At least before you fight, right, okay, so, I mean, you kind of get your whole summer which is nice, you know?

Unknown Speaker 20:06
So yeah. And then if you fight again, a couple months later, you get one more fight in before the holidays, so you can enjoy the holiday.

Unknown Speaker 20:13
So ideal. In a perfect world, it would be like, you fight in January may and like, you know, like mid November that would be like, ideal.

Unknown Speaker 20:23
Come on, because let's face it, we're wrestlers. So we like to create our lifestyle around food, you know, so Oh my

Unknown Speaker 20:29
God. You know, for the people out there that don't know how many. I mean, how many like, actual holiday meals Did you enjoy growing up?

Unknown Speaker 20:39
Not many. You know,

Unknown Speaker 20:40
I started wrestling in high school. And so you know, holidays. Were my grandpa asking me why are you not eating? I don't understand. Grandpa, I have to make weight. You're not supposed to starve yourself. I'm not starving.

Unknown Speaker 20:55
I've been there. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 20:57
Well, you know, I

Unknown Speaker 20:58
I really, I think that you have the right mindset. You know, you clearly have set the bar high. You're hanging out with, you know, birds of a feather other amazing athletes. I would love to have Caitlin and her boyfriend, Kyle. Right.

Unknown Speaker 21:11
Yeah, there are like no better podcast guests than those two especially take out there. They're unbelievable. And I'll put it in a good word for Okay. Okay. They're, they're awesome. And I don't know if you know this, but they do a podcast every week to know it's called burning the boats. It's unbelievably good. They just started it, I would say they're on like, Episode 19 or 20. Now and they do on, you know, they've been doing it for half a year, I guess, about a half year, it's incredible. They're just they mix it in, like you're doing you do a little bit of fighting, you do a little bit of relationship stuff, you do a little bit of you know, whatever. It's, it's, it's a really solid fun podcast. And those two as guests will be absolutely, like, you would love that.

Unknown Speaker 21:49
That's awesome. So put in the good work, please do please do. So if you are, you know, kind of have this, you know, plan for yourself. You know, you're not really that old. Let's say you do hang it up at 3738. Even what next you know, or you spend your life on a on a fishing boat? I know you'd like to but you know, train other fighters? What do you Where do you see yourself kind of corny question, but where do you see yourself in the next five to 10 years?

Unknown Speaker 22:16
Okay, so I know, in previous conversations we've had, you mentioned, you know, a lot of fighters don't really have a plan after and they don't really know exactly what they're gonna do. And like, that is like something I would say that is the thought or like thoughts that like keep me up at night more than anything. And I know like, when I turned 30 it was literally I gotten UFC kind of, you know, at 29 right before I turned 30. And like, I had like a 30 year old midlife crisis. I remember like, I remember only making like, and again, I really want to say this that UFC pays me and like my, I have nothing to complain about. Now I get like, an amazing paycheck, and they really do take care of their athletes. But you know, what is when you first start, it's 10 and 10. Or maybe a little higher now but like I made like 20 grand, because I won my first I made 20 grand, and like had a whole bunch of expenses for it was in Brazil. So like, you know, half your paychecks. There. Yeah. And like flying two coaches out there, like an extra hotel room for a week and pray. Yeah, exactly. So I didn't make a ton of money. And I remember turning 30 and being like, Oh my god, what am I doing? Like, how am I What am I gonna do? Yeah, and I remember like talking to my mom and my mom is Is she just retired, but she did 43 years as a German teacher in like a really good district, upstate New York. And like, I always kind of wanted to do teaching along the way, like be a high school teacher, like health teacher or whatever, you know, social studies, I really like history. I actually, I was like credit a week or two credits or whatever, away from having a minor in history in college. So yeah, so like, I always thought that something that I would do. And then I also always had the thought in the back of my mind, like, you know, if all else fails, I'm sure I could apply, you know, and take the state police or county police tests, and that those thoughts have really changed over the past year or so. And I know, this is not a political podcast, and I really don't want to get into politics, you know, to begin with, but the climate of like, the universities now, like because I'd have to go back to school to do a master's in education. I just, it's really turned me off. You know, for some, you know, obvious reasons, but like, I don't really want to go back to college. And it's not about the work. I have no problem doing the work, but just the political climate of universities right now is is alarming. And, and, you know, same thing with police, like law enforcement, you know what I mean? Like, it's, I really do respect police. And obviously we need some sort of law enforcement, but like, everyone hates cops now. But you know what I mean, like, yes, yes, I don't. Yeah, so those two things are like off the table. But to answer your question about, like, what I see myself doing when I am done is, and I've talked a lot about this with my girlfriend, Christina, we, we talked about it a lot. Like, I want to, obviously start a family with her. She has a son already, who's awesome as Christopher and I'm super close with him. But you know, I don't want to, I told her I'm waiting, I don't want to start doing the kids thing until I'm all done fighting because I'm an all eggs in one basket kind of guy. So it's just how I am I'm, you know, I have a tattoo on my neck that says one or 100 I mean, they're all in or all out. So well, then what happens is if we start having kids, you know, I'm gonna neglect either my fighting or my kid. Yeah, you know, and it's like, I don't want to do that to anybody. You know what I mean, myself included, as far as like my, my, you know, job is a fighter. So, that being said, when I'm all done fighting, I want to start, you know, thinking about a family with her. And we've talked about it. She's a banker, she has a really good job at a bank. And we also have talked about buying properties. And starting Airbnb is up in like, the Adirondack region of New York, which is where we do a lot of our hiking. So Wow, they're super. Yeah, they're super popular up there. It's a it's pricey area. But it's in like, super high demand, especially right now. I know. It's not going to be like this for you know, forever. Yeah. But with the COVID thing going on, there's more people hiking and going to the mountains than ever in history.

Unknown Speaker 26:28
So Well, that sounds like you have a lot of stuff that a lot of possibilities. Other things on the table. And yeah, I I've got a feeling I'm not saying you're a liar, but I have a feeling here to fight for a little bit longer than 37 you're just doing so well. You're You know, you're ranked high. You know, I can see you being in title contention soon. And then, you know, you know, a fight falls through but then you hang on for another six months or something. So you just never know the fight game is crazy. We all know that. You mentioned Christina, your girlfriend. How long have you guys been dating? You already want to have a family with her? I'm like, wow,

Unknown Speaker 27:04
yeah, we hit it off. Really? Okay. So I gotta say this first. We have known each other since we were ninth grade. So I guess like, you know, 14 years old. Oh, we went to high school together. We were actually band together Believe it or not a band. Gregor. I actually was really good. I was like all county and saxophone but a couple years in a row. Yeah. Yeah, like so like a lot of these kids now do like private wrestling lessons and stuff. I did private saxophone and piano lessons when I was a kid. Yeah. So we were. We've known each other since ninth grade. We weren't like super close. But you know, we were friendly and cordial. In high school. We had some friends in the groups that overlap. So we, you know, we knew each other. I hadn't talked to her. And you know, so many years, though. Not since like, you know, we graduated high school, she got married to have a kid. But after my Kevin Lee loss, I think that it was November of 2019. I had gone home. And there's a place that I always get my food at when I go home. I get takeout for breakfast, and I was walking in to pick up my breakfast. And she was sitting there with a friend. And we started talking and she said some really nice things about how you know, everyone in the town still supports you don't let this one discourage you. You know, we don't think any differently. It was really it was really sweet. Yeah, I ended up like, we've been Facebook friends since high school or after high school. So I messaged her on there. And yeah, kind of just I found out that she was no longer with her husband. her ex husband, I should say, and we hit it off. So november of 2019. But uh, you know, we got close super quick. It was very easy with her. Yeah, still is

Unknown Speaker 28:49
yes, it's different. When you know someone early age, you lose contact and then you reconnect because I'm sure you guys have so many mutual friends. All those memories you can relate with. It's like, you know, kind of sometimes picking up where you left off. Yeah, a lot of stuff I'm sure has changed. You know, she got married had a kid, whatever, your UFC fighter, but you're still the same people, right?

Unknown Speaker 29:09
Yeah. Yeah. So this is like, yes, we are still missing people. And I remember telling her that like, I was like, Oh my god, you're exactly the same and you don't look a day older than I remember you. And like, the other thing that I'll say is like when we first like when we actually really started dating and like I started bringing her on my family. My sister Andrea, she's five years younger than me, but she went back and she, she kind of like Facebook's doctor, and he was just usual these days as normal. Yeah, especially like your sister. She's looking out, you know, this new girl in your life. You know, she ended up looking back. I don't know God until like 2014 when I first started like my first MMA Professional MMA fights. And I think almost every single one of my fights including the ones on the regional circuit, she would post LIKE, SHARE Picture a video of me. Yeah, like me winning or me getting my hands or whatever. You know,

Unknown Speaker 30:04
she's been supporting you ever since you started.

Unknown Speaker 30:07
Yeah. And you don't you're obviously you know, there's so many of those after you fight that you can't possibly look through, like, so I never realized she'd done that, you know. So it was really sweet to see that it wasn't just jumping on the wagon now. Yeah, yeah. She's

Unknown Speaker 30:22
like, oh, you're a fighter now that

Unknown Speaker 30:26
it was just really sweet to see that, you know, and I'm really glad my sister did

Unknown Speaker 30:30
find that and so that's me. That's very cool. Yeah, I've got a best friend named Carla. And I've literally have had to tell her before, like, please, don't tell me any I don't want to know, let me have this organic relationship with this person. So. Yeah. Carla, as far as I should work for the FBI. She's good. She's like a detective. But she actually fights this weekend.

Unknown Speaker 30:55
Yeah, she's top. I know. I saw her on UFC Instagram post this week.

Unknown Speaker 30:59
Yeah, yeah, she's gonna she's gonna kill but

Unknown Speaker 31:01
to see. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 31:02
So you guys have been dating since 2019 known each other? What's it been like for her dating a high level professional athlete who when it's time to get serious, you get serious, you know, and not everyone can deal with the sacrifices and the selfishness that it takes. You know, selfishness is such a strong word, you know, but you know, there's, you got to be selfish, and it takes a specific kind of partner to be able to deal with that. How's that better?

Unknown Speaker 31:31
Okay, so you're spot on, obviously, all those things you said are very accurate. But she obviously knew that I was a fighter from Jump Street. Yeah. And we kind of had had, like, impromptu conversation about this, you know, while we were in the midst of starting to date each other, and I let her know. And she kind of already knew this and understood it. But I told her obviously, like, Hey, listen, you know, like, dating me is gonna be tough, you know, I'm six hours away, she still lives in our hometown, and six hours away, and nothing at this point in my life, nothing is coming in before you know me accomplishing my goals. And, you know, I don't think it was much of a shock to her. I think she kind of already expected that. But she knows, you know, and we do a really good job of, you know, talking to each other, like, several times a day when I'm away, you're in Long Island, and I have a fight camp, and she, she doesn't come visit me when I'm in my camp. And I don't blame her. She doesn't want to follow me around and said that my three workouts a day. You know, I don't blame her. But we do a good job. I talked to her. Like, right when I get out of training people at night, they get out at eight or 9pm. I call her and we're on the phone. So we both go to bed. So we do that every night. They You know, there's certain points in my camp when I get really cranky. And, you know, she notices that and she'll tell me that I'm getting cranky. You know, I tried to tone it down a bit. But I think you know, she does like a wonderful job of being my biggest cheerleader, you know? So

Unknown Speaker 33:00
that's awesome. Yeah. And you're right, you know, she kind of, you know, quote, unquote, you know, knew what she was signing up for. So it's not like she met you randomly and you know, yeah, found out. But that right. That's awesome. So yeah,

Unknown Speaker 33:13
she had a one more thing I want to tell you this year. So this is like a pretty like, Cool thing that happened. But I remember it was before. So obviously, you know, we started dating in November of 2019. Like right after my Kevin Lee loss, and then I had broken my jaw. So I was out for several months before I got cleared, right when I got cleared COVID lockdown happen in Long Island, New York City area, New York in general was just like, a total mess. So there was obviously a big period of time there, where I wasn't fighting, and then the extended right camp, blah, blah, blah. So she had never seen me fight while we were dating, you know? So I asked her like, it was probably a week or two before my, you know, the bradbery Delphi which got cancelled because of the COVID protocol. But I was telling her like, Hey, are you? Are you going to be nervous when I'm fighting? And she's like, no, why would I be nervous? I'm like, well, you get nervous when the bills play. You know what I mean? Like, you're not getting nervous. Really? She's like, No, I was like, how can that even be possible? She's like, Well, I know you're gonna win. So I would I be nervous. I was just like, super sweet. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 34:15
that's awesome. Oh, that is a super cute story.

Unknown Speaker 34:19
So really sweet.

Unknown Speaker 34:21
I'm very happy. Actually. No, you said that you guys start dating November 2019. That's actually when me and my boyfriend started dating. So it was right before the pandemic hit. I had a fight in March in London, and that's when like, literally, you know, they shut down the airports and we hadn't we flew to London and had to fly right back. It was crazy. So and yeah, I remember thinking like, Man, this guy. I've only been dating him since November. But he was willing to fly to the other side of the world with me and I was like, Alright, this is a down motherfucker. How you know?

Unknown Speaker 34:52
Yeah, at that point. I was. No

Unknown Speaker 34:54
Yeah, at that point. I was already in love with him. You know, you kind of want to. You don't really want to say it too early in case they don't know. You know, say it back. But um, yeah. When When did you know that you, you know, were in love with Christina.

Unknown Speaker 35:06
I mean, I would say like, I mean, obviously I saw her at that breakfast place that one time, and we didn't like have a super long conversation, but I remember just thinking like, Wow, what a genuine thing to say to somebody, you know? Like, it was like, you know, assumably was a tough time in my life. I had gone 13 fights without a loss. I mean, the last time I'd lost it anything was in the 2011 World Team trials for wrestling. So like, That was a tough thing for me to deal with, you know, like, especially the way I lost getting knocked out. I remember thinking like, wow, that was a really organic, genuine thing to say to me. And then I remember the first couple times we hung out was right around Thanksgiving. And the first time we went and just got like a, like, burger joint food. And some of the things she just said were, like, so clever and witty, and that I just like, I don't you know, this is fun. You know what I mean? Like, I wasn't just like, well, I'm attracted to her is like, like, obviously, she's, you know, very intelligent and witty and funny. And she got my sense of humor. And it was just like, really organic from jump straight, you know? And, yeah, so I got

Unknown Speaker 36:11
sorry, you. You knew her in high school. Right? What changed since high school? I mean, I mean, I know I'm a completely different person. What were you like in high school? What tell us about Gregor back in high school?

Unknown Speaker 36:27
I was like, like, obviously, I wrestled. And it was like, you know, the biggest thing in my life and the most important thing in my life was wrestling. I wasn't, I was a smart kid. I had a lot of brains. But I didn't really apply myself. I didn't do super well in school. I did really well on the LSAT, but I didn't really care much for school. So wrestling was it. I wanted to make sure I got into a division one college had a good program. But you know, it was wrestling wrestling wrestling. Same here. Same here. And partying, and partying. You know, that was really, I was a big partier. I would say from like, 10th grade on I was anytime that I got a chance to drink and party and I did and I'm sure it wasn't the right thing for my, you know, athletic career, but tried telling a kid who's winning that he shouldn't be doing something. You know why I'm winning? You know? Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:18
So you were kind of leaving a living a double life, per se.

Unknown Speaker 37:23
Uh huh.

Unknown Speaker 37:24
That's exactly how you know, I tell my story to people. I'm very open. Obviously, I have a sex podcast. But I also talked about my sobriety. I am in July is my real birthday. But you know, my birth, you know, day, but it's also the same day. It's my sober day. So it's two years, on July 9 for me. And people were like, Oh, wow. You know, like, how did you? How were you an alcoholic, but still did so well. And I'm like, I don't know. But I started at a young age. And I was just grinding, I was wrestling my ass off. And then on the weekends, I would party so hard. And when you do that consistently, and you still when you start thinking it's okay, you know. And so I did it all the way into Actually, I got to a lot of trouble. So I stopped drinking in college for four years, but then I picked it right back up afterwards, got into the UFC as an alcoholic, you know, and, and so many people are like, how is that possible? Like, I don't know, I just, you know, it's like, when you're good at something and your heart knows and you're stubborn. I feel like unfortunately, you also apply it to the bad stuff, right? So yeah, if you go hard in wrestling, like a lot of times your party just as hard. And so I totally relate when you talk about that stuff.

Unknown Speaker 38:36
When I mean, what I like to try to explain it to people like is you see how you know i i'm using myself as an example here, but how regimented and religious and structured and obsessive I am about my routine, and my preparation for everything. Take that same focus, and aim the crosshairs at a bad thing, whatever that bad thing may be, whether it's drugs, alcohol, strippers, porn, whatever. That's the same amount of energy and focus I'm going to put into the bad thing. So I always say, I have to be careful when my crosshairs are pointed. Because if it's cupcakes, I'm going to need cupcakes. It's just how I am so yeah, I totally, totally get it and going back to that, like, in college thing was the same thing for me. I was crushing it in college wrestling, and like, absolutely destroying my body. I'm the same time like, it's incredible. I don't know the answer. Just like you don't like how I did what I did. I have no idea. It's incredible. Yeah, yeah. Did

Unknown Speaker 39:37
When did you stop drinking?

Unknown Speaker 39:40
Okay, so the timeline on that was I drank and used drugs all through college. And I always could keep it like in check. So when I needed to, like cut it out for a tournament on the weekend or make weight or whatever the issue was, I could do that because there was a reason yes to have a little lapses in drinking and drugging Then. So obviously, you know how redshirting works. I never redshirted so I went straight out of college into Australia, the high school to college, started my freshman year on a good team, I was an all American as a true freshman, and then all the way up through. And the agreement was with the coaching staff, when I signed my contract, or whatever it is the you know, the scholarship agreement, they would keep me on scholarship for five years, I took a so I took a five year school plan, like, you know, courseload. So I had a year left in school after I had used up my eligibility. So my fifth year, they were still going to pay for it. But I had to come and help coach, I still had to go to the room every day. And now at this point, though, I there was nothing to keep me from drinking or drugging or whatever the bad things that I was doing. So that didn't last very long. By November, I had medically withdrawn from school, and I went back to my hometown. At that point in time, I had been in a long term relationship with a girl who I was engaged to that fell apart, obviously. And I told my mom everything about how I think I'm, you know, a drug addict and an alcoholic, and I kind of had a meltdown. So that was in November of 2009. And I got my shit together for like, two weeks. And I like, I don't know, that's probably the worst thing I could have done is doing it like on my own. And it proved to me that, Oh, my God, I didn't do anything for almost two weeks, like, I'm not I don't have a problem, someone with a problem can't stop for two weeks. And at the same time, I was trying to get the ex girlfriend back and proving to her that I didn't have a problem. And I got it like a really nice apartment there in my hometown. And I would say like the week I moved into that apartment, it was, you know, it was actually my birthday in November of that year. And that's when I started drinking and using again, and it was off to the races. So it took six months, the worst six months of my life. I got evicted from the apartment, no one would hang out with me, you know, all the good stuff that comes along with being an addict like that. And it was May 31 of 2010. I went in my college coach Tim Flynn, I was crying to him on the phone the day before, like sobbing my eyes out. And I actually wanted to stop at that point. I remember like drinking and doing the drugs that I was doing, and they just weren't working anymore. I just couldn't even feel fun anymore, you know. And he said, Listen, because I previously got to backtrack a little I had previously, like two or three weeks before that I had gone into a rehab had done like an intake evaluation, which is you know, where they, you know, take your pee, they take your blood, they do all the protocol that you would be doing to check into a rehab. And then I never went back. So they had me all ready to go. And fast forward a couple of weeks. Coach Flynn was telling me if you don't go to rehab tomorrow, call them when we hang up this phone, I'm going to come down, I'm going to drag you by your hair that he meant it he would have. So I went in the next day. And that was May 31 2010. And I haven't done good that good. You know, it comes to struggles along the way. But yeah, yeah. So that that was my sobriety date. So 11 years, it'll be 11 years and yeah, like two weeks, I guess. Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:18
Congratulations. It's fucking easy, literally two days ago. And you know, I'm very open, and people were like, oh, gosh, but you know, I bought a bottle of wine. And there are days like that, where, you know, you know, I'm staring at the bottle of wine. And, and, and thank goodness, you know, I always win. And, you know, it doesn't happen. But it's a struggle. It's a constant struggle. And I don't think that enough of us who are on this high level of athleticism, talk about it. Because, you know, I think people who aren't on our level,

Unknown Speaker 43:50
they think that we don't have those kinds of problems. And we do. And it's not like when we get to this high level, all our problems go away. It's a constant battle, like you said, but that's amazing. And I'm very, very proud. And it's unfortunate, you know, this is called sex and violence. So I do want to talk about the fact that you lost a partner because of your alcoholism or drug addiction. You know, what is that something that's happened many times over, you know, your drinking career,

Unknown Speaker 44:19
I would say that one was the only one that was like a direct result of that. And it wasn't like, Oh, she found out that I was doing something behind your back and left me. It was more like a ton of problems that we had within the relationship. You could trace, you could trace them back to, you know, drinking and drugging, and there was a ton of like, toxic things going on in that relationship. I would say, more than half of the problems we had were stemming from the drinking and drugging. So yeah, that was a you know, and again, we were so young and we got engaged really young, who knows if I you know, if I hadn't had those problems, if this would still be the same conversation about i don't i don't think guy would have been with her anyways, we are two different people. And you know, I'm a completely different person at this point in my life. It sounds kind of cruel, but I'm actually really glad that happened.

Unknown Speaker 45:12
No, it's not cool at all. I, I say that all the time, actually, I say something even crazier. I, when I was 17, I stabbed this guy when I was blacked out drunk. And I say, I'm actually happy that that happened. And people look at me like, I'm out of my mind. I'm psycho. And it's because if that didn't happen at that time in my life, there's no way that I would be doing as well as I am now. And with the people that I am now.

Unknown Speaker 45:37
Yeah, I totally get what you're saying there. And I mean, yeah, but So to answer your question, that's the only one that I've had. That cost me a relationship to some extent, but I was, uh, that was, I guess, yeah. 2010 that one ended I didn't have another serious relationship for about nine years. Nine. Yeah, super, like hyper folk. Obviously, I'd gone on dates and like hanging out with girls, but it was just super like laser focused on the goal at hand, and I wasn't gonna let anything get in the way of my UFC dreams and accomplishing those. And again, I, you know, it takes a special kind of person, to date someone like, you know, that does what we do,

Unknown Speaker 46:20
and also someone who has the addiction problems that we have, because it also comes with its own set of responsibilities for your partner, and it's all about finding the right person, I'm happy that you have found the right person, actually, nine years of, you know, not being, you know, single, you know, you dated, I want to talk about how awkward it is to go into the dating world. After so many years of drinking. I remember the first time actually is with my boyfriend that I have now. But it was so weird to go on a sober first date. It was Yeah, ridiculous and, and even sober sex compared to no drinking and then just, you know, hooking up and then being like, oh, kind of fuzzy. Like, what was that? Like, you know, making that switch from, you know, normal party boy, not normal, but party boring Gregor to silver, Gregor and dating.

Unknown Speaker 47:14
So, obviously, that extended period of time where I hadn't, you know, had a real serious relationship. It was always awkward, like, when you're meeting someone who doesn't know anything about you, you explaining to them? You know, well, we could go get drinks on Friday. Do that, you know, and, you know, it's just, I was always super open about it. It was never a surprise with me. So obviously, there were certain people that thought that was weird. And that's, you know, that's your preference. And that's, I'm just not the one for you that when is

Unknown Speaker 47:43
the right time to tell someone? Hey, I'm an alcoholic. I have a problem. That's why I don't drink like that. Yeah, I was wondering, you know, when I first got sober, like, I don't want to scare someone away, but at the same time, I don't want to feel like I'm lying to this person. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 47:58
I pulled the band aid off right away when I was doing that. Yeah, I mean, it's who I am. It's a giant part of my life. It's not gonna be like, Hey, you got to deal with this for until I'm done fighting. And then I can have that free, you know, you know, life or we do everything fun, like, go on cruises and drink all you can. That's never gonna be a part of my life. Exactly. So I think it's, it's fair. And just to tell people right away and I don't, it usually comes up like, we're like I just used as an example, when someone's like, when you're in the dating world, and you say stuff like, hey, well, what do you want to do if we're going to hang out? Well, and they suggest something like, you know, dinner and drinks. And then I, I use that as my segue into, hey, by the way, I don't drink. You know, this is my past. And I don't go and tell the whole story right away, but I let them know. You know, pretty soon. The fortunate part for me was that, if I recall correctly, Christina like her girlfriend. You know, we're Facebook friends and Instagram friends. And I was always posting my anniversaries on there and my milestones, and I, you know, she already know, she knew that I didn't drink. Yeah, she's not much of a drinker. Either. She doesn't use drugs. I think so. Yeah, she doesn't. She does. She drinks. You know, she had a glass of wine when we were out to dinner with her family last week, but that's like, you know, that's a crazy night for her. Yeah, yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 49:19
knew right away when I got sober. I was never gonna be able to date someone who was a drinker. You know, even even a normal drinker just because I myself am so susceptible. In my early stages of sobriety, I knew I either needed to be completely single, or with someone who didn't drink and my boyfriend doesn't drink. You know, we both smoke weed, which is you know, our happy time our relaxation. I don't know if you partake in medicinal marijuana. I don't know what's going on if you want to talk about that.

Unknown Speaker 49:49
I don't and that's not because I think that it's against like the sobriety rules. I don't think that I think that it's totally fair and okay to do that. Like Especially you being a high level athlete, because I think that there are you know, the issues that you deal with just like you said are the same or greater than someone that's not a professional athlete, so I totally okay with medicinal marijuana. It's just I don't do well with marijuana it it makes me like super scared. I guess it'd be the right word. Yeah, paranoid but like it's like, millions degree it just doesn't work with me. And I wish it did. Because I think you know, it's becoming way more widely accepted. I think it's definitely a tool for some people that is unbelievably effective. But I I yeah, I just

Unknown Speaker 50:43
not for you.

Unknown Speaker 50:44
It's all good for me. It doesn't work with me. Yeah, it just makes me more scared and worried than anything.

Unknown Speaker 50:49
Yeah, well, you know, it looks like you're relaxed relaxation time is fishing. Is that your your way that you get away like I just hear you know, you're what's what's up with this best fisherman in MMA? Like what's what's that all about? You know, I know it's not really sex that's not really violence, but I got to ask, you know, what's

Unknown Speaker 51:08
it about?

Unknown Speaker 51:09
Okay, so I used to fish when I was younger, like you know, my whole childhood growing up I would say that we fished all the way up until I went to college and then I you know, was partying drinking girls wrestling that was then when I got sober I went from you know, being a complete absolute like junkie mass into, you know, little stint in rehab in my early stages in the program. And I went into like a religious like, absolutely Uber structured lifestyle, where like, every single calorie was counted and everything was perfect in my workouts. And you know, shortly after got into fighting and the same things happening with like, my structure, my schedule, and I would say, I guess it was like, right after my. Yeah, it was after my first UFC fight. Yeah, I think somewhere in there, my friend from Edinburgh college allowed to took me out fishing and we caught a muskie and I literally bought a fishing boat like the next week in backup, and it was like such a godsend. And here's why I say that. Like I've said this like phrase before in other interviews and podcasts, and it's very accurate. I was living like, like, I was like, I had a prison sentence to serve. Every single day was the same, like obviously different workouts, different days, but same schedule. And like, Sunday's were like, Saturday, Sunday was was not a weekend, it was like, I didn't like have a weekend, there was no reprieve from any of the fight life. And I think you can only do that for so long before you just like, explode. Yeah, burnout. So I think odd fishing came back into my life. And now I can say hiking is another thing that I picked up because of Christina recently. And these two things give me a little bit of like, a weekend, you know, or something to look forward to at the end of the week that's completely unrelated to my fight life on it. Yeah, it's, I don't want to say it's like my r&r because it's not really either of those things. But it's just something completely outside of fighting that I'm also obsessed with. That's I think that's good. We

Unknown Speaker 53:13
all need that. So I want to ask you about something that I don't get a chance to ask about because we have a lot of female guests. I had Alan Joe bond on a couple episodes ago, we talked about his first boners as a kid. I want to ask you what dreams kids boys? What age, you know, what was that like dealing with when you're when you're younger? I mean, I'm a girl so I have no idea. Tell me your your situation when you're growing. Okay?

Unknown Speaker 53:41
Alright, so I remember like, God, I must have been 678 somewhere in that range. Way before I hit puberty way before I ever you know, I was a late bloomer, say like 10th grade is when I finally hit puberty, but I remember like being very young. And remember, this is a different time. So there was magazines. Oh, yeah, there's

Unknown Speaker 54:01
no internet.

Unknown Speaker 54:04
I so I remember my dad was buying like the fitness magazines has these you know, big time workout guy and we had a bunch of those like fitness magazines laying around. I remember like the like, like swimsuit, portions of it where the girls are in bikinis and stuff. Remember, like, getting a boner when I was like a little kid and like being like, Oh my god, what is this? Like? You know, and then obviously, as you get older, you realize like, Okay, this is normal. But as far as like the wet dreams are concerned, I can honestly say, like, going through puberty and I think that's probably, you know, as a boy, for the most part, that's when kids start to get them and you know, they have wet dreams right as they go through their maturing phases. I never had a wet dream. I can say that. Probably my first one. This is really crazy. But I remember like, I think it was yesterday. Actually it was my fight against Jordan Rinaldi in North Carolina in 2000 was January 2000. 18 and I was super tired. I didn't sleep well that night that I was, you know, cutting weight. So for Friday, Thursday night, and I slept like shit woke up Friday morning weighed in, and I'm never going to like our weigh in dinner and being so tired. I ended up taking Uber home from the wagon dinner. That night, I slept like a rock, you know, hydrated and full of food. And I went to that, and I remember having a wet dream The night before I thought Jordan renaldi. Yeah, that's happened twice now, believe it or not. Are you

Unknown Speaker 55:29
sure it was a wet dream there? Because it sounds like if it's fight week, and you're cutting your waterway, maybe your bladder something? No,

Unknown Speaker 55:37
it was 1,000%. I remember because I can remember who I was having sex with in the dream. Oh, well, I know his back. Yeah. And there's no I know your girls. You don't know this. But there's zero mistaking what that is right.

Unknown Speaker 55:51
I'll take your zero.

Unknown Speaker 55:52
Yeah, but that happened with a Jordan Jordan when all the bite. And then I can't recall the other fight might have been the Brooklyn one a year or two later. And I remember having the same exact thing happened. Like that was a good sign. I always fight better after a wet dream.

Unknown Speaker 56:08
So all right, the ticket to success wet dreams.

Unknown Speaker 56:13
said it. Actually I said it. I said it because I had a sec stream. But I didn't have a wet dream. Before they canceled one with Bradford dominoes, like this is a good sign. It almost happened. Like we gotta hope it happens for this one.

Unknown Speaker 56:27
So I'm assuming, since you're such a regimented person that you might be one of those crazy people who think that you should not have sex before a fight.

Unknown Speaker 56:37
I don't think that I know, I don't really feel like that. I don't think that. I don't think that's something that if I were in this situation I would abide by my girlfriend isn't with me before the fight. But if she was and we're both in the mode, we would definitely do it. It's not something that I would know. I can't girls make weak legs. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 56:57
I mean, you hear that all the time? You know,

Unknown Speaker 56:59
I think that's like old school. And that's like, you've been watching too much rocky movies. Yeah. I mean, I think there's some evidence to say like, the more you jerk off or masturbate, like, the higher your testosterone goes. I don't think that that like, I think it actually does the opposite. You know? So

Unknown Speaker 57:14
there's different sciences. Right? But it's all about what what works for you.

Unknown Speaker 57:18
Absolutely. So I would say that if it was the opportunity presented, my girlfriend was with me and we were both in the mood, I would definitely do it.

Unknown Speaker 57:27
Well, you don't got to name names. But what's one of your favorite sexual memories?

Unknown Speaker 57:34
Well, I can tell you the one that comes to mind right away is my girlfriend and I we were on our my boat alone, just the two of us on a lake in near Syracuse, and we had sex on the boat, which was insanely good and fun. And that's the one that popped into my head right away sex

Unknown Speaker 57:51
on a boat. We're never never,

Unknown Speaker 57:54
never done that. Yeah. That was a fun one.

Unknown Speaker 57:58
And then I wanted to know, how did you actually learn about sex growing up, you know, everyone's got these different stories. Some people have older brothers or sisters, some people watch TV. And then some people actually get the birds and the bees talk, right and what

Unknown Speaker 58:10
what never got that never got the birds and the bees talk. I remember the first time I like, you hear bad words, as a kid, you know, it's a cool to be the kid who knows the bad words. Great. And there was a kid who was like, when I look back at it now I realize he was like the bad kid in class whose parents didn't want their kids hanging around because he teaches the other people, the other kids bad things. And I was in third grade at the lunch table. And I'd heard the word sex before but I didn't really know what it was. And that kid told me so I realized and you know, third grade that sex was what it is. But I would say I learned more through fucking trial and error and obviously the shitty fucking education that you get in health class, you

Unknown Speaker 58:58
know? Yeah, condom on a banana and doesn't help anybody.

Unknown Speaker 59:00
Yeah. Oh my God, what a stupid way to do it. You know, I think the sexual education in this country could be a lot better than it is. But you know, that's that was my experience with it.

Unknown Speaker 59:12
All right. Well, it is now time for the lightning sex round if we go lightning fast pace round where I ask you a one word question or phrase and you have to answer quickly. Yes or no? Are

Unknown Speaker 59:32
you ready? Go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 59:34
All right, Gregor. ironing sex round. Do you dirty talk in bed? No spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 59:42
Ah, do I have to say yes or no? Right? Yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 59:48
Biting. No choking. No threesomes?

Unknown Speaker 59:53

Unknown Speaker 59:53
Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 59:56
No, not anymore.

Unknown Speaker 59:57
Any foot fetish No, I

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
never understood that one. Nope, not for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
It's not for me. bodily fluid fetish. No, but bondage like ropes, blindfold handcuffs.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
Now, never call me a prude, but never was into that either.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:14
What about role playing?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:17
That's okay. In my book. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:19
but stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:22
No, not into it.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:23
Do you use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:26
Ah, no. Everyone against it.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:29
All right. ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33
No, I have not.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
And are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
I do like a good pair of you know, underwear and bra. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:40
All right. All right. That was painless. Okay. All right. And then we're gonna finish off the episode with our game. Fuck, marry kill.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:56
One marry one kill one. Go. I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:02
Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
I love that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04
Okay, so this fuck marry kill is the famous long Islander version. You get to choose from Lindsay Lohan, Rosie O'Donnell and Amy Schumer. Who do you want to fuck? Who do you want to marry? And who do you want to kill?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
Oh, man, this is a tough list. Um, you know what's crazy? I know. I'm supposed to answer these right away. But I posted like a picture of me in a suit fishing the other day. We called out Conor McGregor's, the best dressed fisherman. And Rosie O'Donnell commented on my Instagram. Like this is so strange. That's Yeah, I guess my god this is

Unknown Speaker 1:01:47
well now you can kill her.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:49
I don't want to fuck her either. But yeah, I got my like, instant. Like thought would be I have the fuck Lindsay Lohan. She cried. Yeah, I know. She's less attractive, obviously. So I'm going to fuck her. I'm gonna have to kill Rosie. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
I need to marry Amy Schumer. Alicia. All the time.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:15
No. Yeah, that's a good well, that. Yeah, that's my list. Okay. Yeah, that's a tough one, though. No,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:20
Lindsay Lohan. You know, they say the crazy girls and good in bed. That's

Unknown Speaker 1:02:23
all on.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
Rosie. Sorry, Rosie. We don't love her for her looks. And then Amy. You know, she got to live with her forever. Lee she'll make you laugh. So

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
that's a good way. Yeah. Good job. Absolutely. Okay, let's

Unknown Speaker 1:02:36
get these fan questions

Unknown Speaker 1:02:38

Unknown Speaker 1:02:44
There's some pretty good ones we got at we are alive at night. They want to know to two part question. What would be your dream fishing trip?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
Okay. Well, I'm trying to think of something that like you know, that I can't just do on my own. So a dream fishing trip. I've done halibut fishing in Alaska, which is probably what I would have said had I not done that. But I would like to do like the Goliath Grouper trips down in Florida and clay Greta is actually asked me to go down and fish with him down there. So that's something that I would consider like a bucket list type of fishing trip.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:22
Very cool. Isn't it crazy that the people that we connect with in the sport because it's wild? Because we're a bunch of fucking savages basically.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
You're crazy.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:33
I'm crazy, too. Let's be friends.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
Let's hang out.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:36
A second part of the question is since Pop's is a fucking beast, who would win in armwrestling match you or your dad.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:45
So he must have seen the picture I put up with me my dad flexing, um, I would say my dad's like 66 years old now. So I would have to say me at this point. Matt in our primes, I'm certain he would have beat me then he's, he was like, you know, my biggest like wrestling mentor. He coached me. He's the guy that got me into this sport. And he used to just fucking abuse me in high school. And even when I was really good, I was the third best kid in the country as a senior and he used to come into the room and it's fucking 50s and beat the shit out of me.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
So embarrassing having your 50 year old dad whip up on you.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:19
There's a good college. So you got to give him that wasn't just some idiot that was beating me up. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:24
And I feel like if you're a good like, you're actually a legit college wrestler. You're probably just, you know, a badass forever, but you know, my wrestling bias.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:34
Yeah. And then

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
at murie Hawk underscore 97 thoughts on possible Dan hooker matchup?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:43
Yeah, I mean, at this point, like we mentioned earlier, I want to you know, get this ball roll and on my way up to the title contention. So whatever makes the most sense to get me there the quickest. So I've always been one that kind of avoids calling individual people out or Talking about individual matchups. But if I could get someone ranked up a bit higher than him, I would probably take it. But if, you know obviously, I don't know what the UFC is going to offer me when it's time to pick a fight, but if that seemed like the best option, I would do it. As far as like matchups go he's a stand up guy, obviously. So, obviously, as a wrestler, you always consider guys like that to be more favorable matchup, they're not as good at what you're good at. But that being said, He's obviously super good. So

Unknown Speaker 1:05:34
Well, I mean, this is just my two cents, but I feel like you should change your way of thinking you're over here saying, Oh, I don't want to call people out. But your standard set for yourself is almost time limit. You're on your 14 fucking one, you're ranked 11 I feel like you should be more ballsy more demanding. And like, Look, guys, I'm not going to be here forever. Like, I'm not going to be one of these people who fights past their prime, like, I've got shit to do. You should pick a name that's gonna get you, you know, closer to the belt. And and play hardball. That's what I think you should do. Because

Unknown Speaker 1:06:04
I know. I know. And I've heard that before. I'm just like, really lousy at doing the whole call out thing. And like, I don't know, I know.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
I agree. You don't want to be fake, because that's not you. But at the same time, you know, it's like you do want to get to the bed. It's It's weird. We're in a sport where it's entertainment, but also athletics. It's weird.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:26
Yeah, it is. It's super weird. And I think you know, that obviously got super popular with Conor McGregor. And I think people kind of expected that to be the norm. And I tried it once. I literally did. I remember doing a call out on my Instagram again, of Anthony Pettis, like a couple years ago, and it was the most cringy worst UFC history. So yeah, it was so bad. So I'm gonna I'm gonna steer clear when I was I think

Unknown Speaker 1:06:53
I think all of your fans are appreciative of your sincerity and your genuineness. So I hope so. Yeah, Andy. Oops, I just lost my notes. Okay, this guy always asked questions. Thank you, Andy 863. He wants to know what's more satisfying catching a big fish or winning a fight.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:13
And is it satisfying as it is to catch you know, a fish there are a species of fish and a size fish even after that's always amazing, but like, especially this last one, and that was definitely the most satisfying and gratifying and rewarding win I've ever had in. You know, it sounds crazy, but like the way I felt after that I am not comparable to anything else I've ever won. And I think it was just an accumulation of, you know, things along the way that added up. And when I won two weeks ago, it was just such an incredible feeling. So there's nothing like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:48
I think it's a testament to show how strong that feeling is when someone like you and I you know, like addicted to drugs and alcohol like getting high right? And then we say winning. It's even better. It's like

Unknown Speaker 1:08:01
Oh shit, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:04
Better than better than drunk and it's an amazing feeling. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:08
me and me and Kyle seminario blonde fighters husband, he's you know, my best friend and we talked about it all the time. If you could like bottle up that feeling you got like, you know, the night you win a fight and into the next day. It's the highest of highs you can sell it for a bajillion dollars. You know, there's no feeling like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:25
Yeah. Okay, at poppy 705 who's the second best fisherman in MMA?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:33
There's some good ones out there. Obviously. You saw the guys that were calling me out after my win a couple weeks ago. I'm trying to think off the top of my head. You've got the guy. thug nasty. Bryce. Mitchell. Yeah. Michel bass Mitchell. He definitely is. He's a hillbilly and he knows how to Conor McGregor cannot fish at all. Then you've got like jack Hermansson is a good fisherman. Chad Mendez fishes but I would say like Rob, honestly, Clay Quigley is probably the second best.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:02
Okay. All right. Sounds good. And then at t panniculitis oh one. I don't even know what this means. What's your go to place in Rochester for a garbage plate?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:15

Unknown Speaker 1:09:16
Yeah, and Okay, so, I I'm gonna explain this a little bit, but probably like 30 or 40 years ago, a restaurant in downtown Rochester. They started serving is called the restaurant was Nick Taos. I believe it's still there. But they originally you know, they made this thing called the garbage collector a trash plate. And I'll explain what it is briefly. It's a giant styrofoam container like you know a kid go styrofoam box, and it'll have like a pile of home fries. With ounces. I don't get them because I keep them the disgusting I would never be caught dead anymore. But they were Rochester staples. So it's a pile of old friends. A pile of Mac salad or? Yeah. Connect salad. max out. Yeah, Mac salad home fries, and then you either get two hamburgers or cheeseburgers on top of it with no buns or two hotdogs on top of it. And you just have this like gravy hot sauce that they pour all over it. And you just chop it up into little, you know, it's a drunk food. It's what you go to. And they have all these places all over Rochester and they're called Hots. So like the one of my thumb was Empire hearts. They're one of the next ones penfield hats. Then you have you know, grease Hots, Nick towels, the original, but then everything after that was called whatever the town is Hots, Webster Hots, 10 field Hots, and you go there. They're open till fucking four in the morning. They probably I don't think they open until like, 6pm drunk food, you know, you would never ever think ever in a million years of touching if you were sober, but apparently, you know, after hours when you're drunk, it's you know, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:44
So I don't

Unknown Speaker 1:10:44
like mania. So I can't max out and potato salad is disgusting to me. Yeah. All right. So

Unknown Speaker 1:10:49
so that's a lot of information. But you yourself, you're not into the garbage blade.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:53
All right, I

Unknown Speaker 1:10:54
would never get one. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:56
our last question for you is Who would you like to hear on the podcast on sex and violence with rebel Girl Next, it could be a fighter. I mean, we did talk about Caitlyn and Kyle being on the show. That would be amazing.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:07
That's my, that's my suggestion. I could talk to those guys every day on a podcast and never get bored with it. It's like those two together especially, you know, it's us three, man. It is like, super entertaining. And it's super, like it's an educated conversation with a lot of little nuances. You wouldn't think applied to whatever situation you're talking about. I think those two I'll do my best to put the word in. But those two are the guests that I would suggest on anybody's podcast.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:37
Okay, awesome. Yeah, I actually I've been a fan of hers for quite a while and yeah, and you know, my boyfriend actually was telling me that her boyfriend is a wrestler. So then I you know, I mean, I know this is silly, but I would just like, instant more respect. I'm like, okay, she's dating a wrestler. Okay, good for her.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:56
He's very, very, very, very good wrestler. He's my corner. He's been a really close friend of mine since high school. He was a division one all American in college. I mean, I would argue to say that he made a better choice in colleges. He would have been a multiple time all American and most likely a national champ. I mean, his senior year, he was ranked first in the country most of the year. He's extremely good. And I mean, he was better after college to he was like, second in the US Open in only one the Pan Am's or second pan. I can't remember but he's super good.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:25
Can I ask a completely inappropriate but I guess you would expect it coming from this podcast. I recently, you know, I'm on Instagram just like you are and I come across a MMA page that is basically putting Caitlyn on blast for liking porn on Twitter and any insight into what happened there?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:50
Yeah, so I talked to those two extensively about that. But she kind of like steered into that one because her account had gotten hacked. Okay. And yeah, so it was like a lot of like, you know, hardcore porn likes and stuff. And I remember

Unknown Speaker 1:13:05
Caitlin, if you're into that, I'm not judging. I'm just saying please come on the podcast and talk.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:12
So unfortunately, it was hacked but he they handled that was so funny. Like, on Friday I made about they made means and they like posted reposting means about it. Yeah, it was just you gotta

Unknown Speaker 1:13:23
lean into it. You gotta lean into it. Right? Yeah, they steered

Unknown Speaker 1:13:27
right into that one. And it was super funny the way they handled that and like, I mean, like, there were certain people like sirm. I remember. Certain her husband I call it lesson sermon era. So I called him Yeah, someone had messaged him and been like, yo, bro, Is this true? And she's what she hacked. And then serm answered the question jokingly, like, so so she says, she's kidding. You know? The guy was like, bro, I'm so sorry, man. Let me know if you need me, bro. Like, wait, dude, I was kidding. You gotta act like she had gone to the UFC social media people and told them earlier in the week that she got act like,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:07
I mean, even if she didn't get hacked, like, Who the fuck cares what kind of porn you're watching? Yeah, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:14
That's what CERN said. CERN literally said on the podcast, this week's episode came out a couple days go on and listen to it. They were explaining the situation. And she had a germ had said like, wait. I mean, who cares if she's like, porn? cares. Wait, what are you here for before? I'm not leaving my wife because she's like,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:36
Gregor, this has been It's such an honor. I feel like I could talk to you for another hour. I have so many other questions, but maybe I can have you on the show. again in the future. Thank you for being so candid about everything, you know, training. You know, not a lot of people like to talk about retirement. It's like a touchy subject. Not a lot of people like to talk about sobriety Not a lot of people talk about sex. So you do the trifecta too. De I appreciate you know you're very genuine person and I know your fans can can hear that and see that and everything that you do so stay in touch and tell everyone where we can find you and all the social media handles.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:11
So all of them are Gregor the gift,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:13
Gregor the gift not the fisherman. Oh, no,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:17
I never really tied that in because I've made the accounts before that. But yeah, it's just Gregor the gift that's on all of the platforms. And you know, you will find a ton of fishing pictures. You know, videos on here, though, if you don't like fishing, don't go to my bait. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:33
Well, you know, I can't wait to watch your next fight. And like I said, hopefully have you on the show again. Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:39
Yes, thank you so much for having me. It was a pleasure. All right. Talk to you soon. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:22
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to just kidding. Just kidding. Okay, guys. Well, happy birthday to us. Happy birthday to DJs Oh, happy birthday to tomorrow could studio because all of us have been together for one year. This is our anniversary episode. And I just want to say thank you. Thank you for downloading the podcast for subscribing to our YouTube for liking our pictures on Instagram send again, your amazing fan questions every week, we wouldn't be able to do it without you guys. You know, it's it's been an interesting journey this past year. Sometimes I fumble my words. Sometimes I you know, I I'm still finding my voice. And I just can't tell you guys how much it means to have your support. So if you guys could please, please write us a review. Or leave us a rating that helps us move up the charts so that we can keep cranking out these episodes for you guys. You know, our goal is always to show you a side of the guest that isn't normally seen. We don't ask the normal questions. And it gets kind of risky at times. But it's important because we're all the same at the end of the day. We're all human. And we're all just trying to make the best of our time here on this place called Earth. So please a special special thank you to our writer dies DJ soul at DJ soul on Instagram tomorrow kids studio that literally burnt down and was rebuilt, which is at tomorrow kids studio on Instagram. And they were also called Pinnacle sound. Instagram will be coming to you guys soon. And I always like to tell you guys what do I say? Remember, Be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Thank you guys again an amazing, please please subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week for more tales

Unknown Speaker 1:18:09
of sex and violence.

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