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Ep.53 Dan Kenny of Suicide Silence

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and

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violence with rebel drill,

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where we interview top level MMA fighters, other experts in their fields about love, romance, dating, and that ultimate taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl. Let's talk about sex and bye. What's happening? Hot Stuff. What's up all my naughty naughty listeners we are back with your favorite intrusive and TMI podcast where we interview everyone under the sun, but primarily fighters. Today, we have an awesome bass guitar plan head begun cool ass dude. But before we get to that, I'm gonna catch you guys up with what's going on in my life like always.

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normal stuff you guys know, I'm still in PT. Good news, bad news. Good news is I'm doing multiple striking sessions a week. But I'm still there's this pain that comes into play when I throw the big gloves on. And so right now I got to just use the wraps and the pool noodles with my coach. And I was getting really upset and down on myself because I think I always have this very, very high bar very high standard, regardless of going through spine surgery or not. And the other day after I had a really good striking session, I was hurting. But then I thought to myself, like why? Why am I so upset with the fact that I'm not perfect right now. I'm five and a half months post spine surgery. And I expect to be double legging and cracking the pads super hard and having amazing workouts. But the fact of the matter is that just a few short months ago, I couldn't even you know, shadowbox let alone wrap my hands and move around and hit the noodles. So I kind of had one of those corny lightbulb moments where it was like, I just have to really try to accept that this is where I'm at that not everything is gonna be perfect. And, you know, I've said this before, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I can feel, you know, the next fight date coming. I'm not quite there yet, but I'm just gonna try to just accept that things are the way they are and appreciate where I'm at. So with that being said, you know, still a long ways away from grappling and telling you guys about my next fight date, but I'm enjoying life. This past week, I actually got to reconnect with one of my old college wrestling teammates. She didn't go the MMA route after college. She was a wrestler from an early age and she continued on the wrestling path. And she's an amazing person. She recently would did the Olympic trials. And she's not going to make the Olympic team but she's considering making another run. And we caught up and it was bittersweet. I say bittersweet, because she reminded me of a lot of things that I had done in my earlier years drinking and partying and whatnot, that hurt her as a friend. And it's kind of crazy, because, you know, I tell you guys all the time, how, you know, sobriety has brought me a lot of cool things. And I'm glad to be improving myself and working on being a better person. But sometimes these old reminders of who you were coming come into your life and this was one of those situations where we reconnected and she told me her side of Ashley back then. And I didn't even know how much of a bad friend I was. And so it was bittersweet in the sense that happy I got to catch up with her and reconnect but also reminded of what a shithead I was in the past as a friend. So you know, I'm glad that it happened. It's it's one of those things just like I talked about, you know, things might not be perfect right now, but I'm going to accept that this is where I'm at and just try and make things better and move on. And that's really all that is going on with me right now. We're finally on Season Two of the podcast. So we have an amazing guest today we're going to be doing some live streaming on YouTube that you guys can check out and you know, other than that, I'm just trying to get back in the cage. One thing that helps me get back in the cage is my favorite, a botanical bloom CBD sponsor. A botanical bloom has all products that are made with real CBD not hemp seed All other products are also lab tested and they provide a QR code on the box. So if you're someone like me, or just a regular person who wants to know exactly what goes inside your body, you can scan the code and see the results for every single product. They've got a whole bunch of different products. They've got tinctures hand sanitizers, lip balms, vapor rubs gummies with double the dosage of your average CBD gummy, and if you want to check them out, go to a botanical bloom calm or on Instagram and Facebook, a botanical bloom. Also use code Ashley MMA for 20% off all your products. A botanical bloom has been a proud sponsor of the podcast and do yourself a favor go check them out. I've told you guys this last few weeks, especially if you guys have any input on the show guest suggestions. Just want to tell me I suck or if I'm good, it doesn't matter. drop us an email. It's Ashlee a s h l e at sex and violence I will also put it in the show notes so you guys can just click on that copy paste and send me an email. We are also now accepting new sponsors so we have some cool ones coming up early June. But if you want to promote your company or your brand your product please just send us an email Ashlee at sex and violence the fights are not tomorrow. This is the first weekend that they the UFC is actually taking a break. Taking from MMA fighting calm the UFC is taking a rare weekend. weekend off as it doesn't have a fight night scheduled for May 29. Then last fight last weekend's fight. I want to talk about it briefly because, of course I'm biased but I was very sure that Carla was going to win. And my best friend Carlos bars are dominated in her fight against Yon or sorry, always kill her last name. Yon john Nan Jo. Nan. Basically just you know, took her down right away. I think she got a record of most ground strikes in one round. She also got performance of the night bonus so she definitely solidified her her spot I think for for a title contention. And also the the main event was pretty exciting. Rob font beat Cody garbrandt former bantamweight champion, but the next weekend, so not this weekend, but the following weekend. I believe the date is June 5, we have a UFC scheduled that will be heavyweight bout between jerseynew at Rosen struck. And Augusto Sekai and that's the main event for UFC Vegas. 28 All right, guys. I'm very excited about this next guest. Let's get to it. Today's guest is the basest of the deathcore band Suicide Silence. The group released their debut album, the cleansing in 2007 and in 2009, they received the Revolver Golden Gods Award for Best new talent.

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he first started playing guitar and carnivorous and then ended up playing bass for animosity before joining suicide. He replaced Mike bodkins as bass guitarist in 2008. He's from Pacifica, California and is well known for bringing superb fast playing bass to Suicide Silence crushing sound, his love for metal and all things gnarly is only matched by his love for MMA. We talk about pierced buttholes from Fort Lauderdale, touring as a vet less boners groupie tales cat butthole ears naked MMA bets, almost breaking his dick from the top bunk and so much more. Here's your guest, one of my best friends in the world. Dan Kenny.

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Okay. I was so excited.

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We have our first in studio guest. His name is Dan Kenny, aka one of my bestest friends in the world. Thank you so much for joining us back. Yeah. How do you feel? Are you excited?

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I'm excited. I haven't been on podcasts in like, a month or two a month. I did my guitar player Chris's podcast with our mutual friend Nick Vega. Oh, did you the one that introduced us to each other? Yes. Yes. Should we should we tell the story about how we met? Yeah, well, let's go right off the bat. Okay, the casino. Nick Vega introduces me to his friend Ashley Evan Smith and I said, I don't know if I don't think I was familiar with you fighting yet, but it was like a belter World Series of fighting. It was belts. Yeah. And then I was just like, Alright, cool. That's one of you probably one of the first like fighters over like, met met. And I remember, I was like, I have a question for you. You're like, what is the question? Because I bet we hit good friends. Yeah. So I was like, what's the question? I was like, What do you fight? What do you do with those ears of yours? You say What do you mean? Like does like do you? What do you do? What are some of riffs I hear those cat buttholes.

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For those of you listeners who don't know, I have tunnels or you can call them plugs, but basically, really big holes in my ears. And you can take the piercing out. And in Dan's mind, that what it looks like when the piercing is out, is the gift of a cat butthole your finger, right? Yeah, that was our first interaction. And I think after you called my ears, a cat butthole I was like, this guy's cool.

Unknown Speaker 11:02
Yeah. I have an important question for you. You're like, Oh, what is it? What is it? Laughing you're like, that's not important at all. Good question.

Unknown Speaker 11:11
Yeah, actually, I remember. I forget whoever I was with. But Nick Vega came up and was like, hey, do you guys have extra tickets? And we actually did have extra tickets. So we end up giving you and whoever you were with some tickets. And that's how you got in.

Unknown Speaker 11:25
Yeah. And then that was super fun. Yeah, I love that casino. I love going to fights there.

Unknown Speaker 11:29
Yeah, that was is always crazy, cuz I felt like we drive all the way down there from petard from here in Orange County. pachanga. casinos, like what hour and a half? Yeah. And I just Oh, we got so shit faced

Unknown Speaker 11:44
so many times at a casino. All this route is liquor slot machines. And everyone's like, just everyone's raging, got a casino

Unknown Speaker 11:52
budget didn't jet degenerate. He generated gambling. Yeah. And I think after that we just started talking casually about music and fighting back and forth,

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you know, became social media friends and got each other's phone number. And then I invited you to go and got award. Oh, yeah. Oh, man, that was amazing. You're like, I can come like, come on through. You'd appreciate it. You'd have fun. What is the golden God awards, but don't do it anymore, I'll think but it was like a metal and rock award show. And they would give out awards to like best new talent. It's basically just like any award show, but just made for rock and metal. And remember, data remember was playing if you were so bad going over them. I look over your you're singing every word of like, you fucking

Unknown Speaker 12:42
those of you who don't know, obviously, Dan is a metal guy. And a lot of times people see us together and they think Oh, actually, it's a metal head too. But the reality is that I'm a punk rocker at heart. And so there's all these metal bands playing. And then Dan's rocking out, and then I get all jazzed for a day to remember who's

Unknown Speaker 13:01
like like, 75% punk 25% metal, I guess they're like, pretty pretty.

Unknown Speaker 13:06
They're pretty poppy punk. Even, you know, like, there's some singing part like melody and a little bit of screaming but they're all there were the lightest band there for sure. For sure. I was like, and then the other bands were there. Was that the same time that Slayer was there? Probably Guns and Roses. Yeah, Ben guitar. It's

Unknown Speaker 13:24
really sick. It's like club makiya, which is actually kind of a small venue to see anybody. And I think any of the bands that big bands, they only put like three songs. Like any award show, you just, you know, just hit it and quit it real quick.

Unknown Speaker 13:35
Yeah, it was amazing. And that was all like early in our friendship that you invited me to that. You let me and Kelly go and Kelly's a really big metal fan. My friend Kelly. And we we had an amazing time. And then pretty much it was just parties and MMA fights and music festivals and my 30th birthday party. Okay, so on Dan's 30th birthday party. Oh my god, I'm How do you know? Turning two weeks? I'll be 36 Damn, we've been friends for like, pretty much seven years. Yeah, seven years. Yeah. So Dan's 30th birthday party. He's having a house party. He invites me down in Temecula, right. Yep. And we go and him and his bandmates live there. So it's total bro house, you know, metal row house. And it's just a big Ranger and we get there. We're watching the fights. And I remember who was fighting because it was Oscar Rivera versus Bruce Lee Roy. Yep. And I was going for Cisco. And you were going for Bruce Lee Roy. And we were like, Alright, how are we going to make a bet here without betting money without betting money. We didn't want bet money. That's lame. So we're like how what can we bet? And I remember we were like, okay, loser has to jump off the house into the pool. naked. Yeah. And I was pretty confident in Cisco.

Unknown Speaker 14:44
I wasn't confident at all. I was kind of hoping I lost my birthday. I'm the one who should be naked. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 14:51

Unknown Speaker 14:51
I was born my way

Unknown Speaker 14:52
dad. Getty lost the bet they God and He is a man of his word. He jumped off into the pool from the roof of the house. Yeah, nice. Yep, and

Unknown Speaker 15:00
let me tell you those walls when they hit the water they don't feel very good. Yeah, those are some of my favorite memories we have so many party was fucking insane people still talk about that one like, I'll never be able to upgrade from that party. I don't think it was a good one. I feel like such a good mood.

Unknown Speaker 15:19
Yeah, it really depends on kind of where you're at in your life. I feel like sometimes now we're like older or grown up Yeah, we adult more but like when you're young you just have no you don't really care about shits into Korea. It's like we had reggae play in the backyard. Oh, yeah, I remember that. vaguely. Yeah, I might have been drinking. Let's talk about Suicide Silence for a little bit. Everyone knows the band. You guys are the founders or creators of deathcore, which is the hardest sounding music and I can think of Dan Kenny took me to a Cannibal Corpse concert one time at the observatory. And I was just standing there and it's the the most gnarly music ever and I'm like, Okay, I'm not really enjoying the music per se but I'm enjoying the atmosphere is

Unknown Speaker 16:08
you are like a little bit like Ace Ventura when he walks into the Cannibal Corpse. Movie said, Hey, get slammed around your beers go everywhere. Yeah, everyone was nice, but you would definitely feel it if you're like, this is pretty cool. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 16:23
I love that show. And I've been to I don't even know how many suicide shows now at different venues of

Unknown Speaker 16:30
the free ticket for life thing going on?

Unknown Speaker 16:33
Yeah, I'm really excited. You know, I got to know the whole band. I think we really bonded extra in Venice was at Venice when you guys recorded. So tell us about that album real quick.

Unknown Speaker 16:44
Because Yeah, we recorded a whole album and Venice, which was right on the beach at a big old mansion at Ross Robinson's house who is known for slipknot and corn. Yeah, we we stayed there for six weeks recording this fucking thing. And then I would always bring tell people come down visit me because we have days off and you know, fucking on the bass player. So six weeks. I put the fuck you want me to play for six weeks? No, you don't need me all the time. So yeah, you came down. That was a ranger of weekend. Yeah, we party at the bug lab. Yeah, we're Cantina?

Unknown Speaker 17:17
Yeah, I you know, it's kind of a downer story. But at the same time, it's one of my favorites. I feel like, you know, we won't go into great detail. But Dan was going through a breakup. And Yikes, it was a rough one. And if Dan and I have done anything for each other over the years, it's we've always been there for each other. You know, if I'm sad, Dan is someone I can call if he said, I've been there for him numerous times. And I remember this was one of those situations where you were like, Look, I just need to have fun. recording this album. I'm very sad. So I was like, Alright, what do I need to do? You're like, just come party.

Unknown Speaker 17:56
Hang out. get

Unknown Speaker 17:56
my mind off of this.

Unknown Speaker 17:57
I still listen. If I listened. Now, I don't listen to it if I do as to it's like the mind depressed. So like, I went to rehab after that, um, you know, yeah, so it's like my diary. I was drinking when I was like, by myself at that mansion. I'd be drinking a bottle of tequila listening to fucking type of negative just to fucking crying in the dark. So for the recording of this pass out, wake up, do it again. Yeah. That album's fucking dark man.

Unknown Speaker 18:22

Unknown Speaker 18:23
I mean, I think you know, probably you tell me like whatever you're feeling at the time. It probably goes into the music. Oh, yeah. I know. You're in a dark place. At that time. I tried to come and party with you in Venice at the mansion. And I think we had a lot of fun times we met that girl page. Oh, yeah. So she was great. Yeah, we were befriended one of the bartenders. Yeah, cuz we were there a lot.

Unknown Speaker 18:44
A good thing to do. was they become more than just a awesome bartender? I don't even see her but she she's kind of a world traveler now. So good for her. That's good. Yeah, we made a lot of friends over the years for sure. We are definitely zoo. Now I go back to Venice. It just feels weird. That this is not like everywhere we go. It's just going back to that like same Yeah, but it's still cool. I went back to the other day with my brother like the other day, like months ago, before we dropped him off at the airport. And I was just like, we went to Cabo gets here for Jake. I was like, Fuck, man. I would have like six hours. Yeah, how is your brother? He's great. He's doing awesome. Yeah, he he's a pipe fitter. He fits pipes. Yeah, that plumber pipe fitter. So your brother lays lays pipe. Wow. pictures of it. I don't want to see that. Types though.

Unknown Speaker 19:33
So I do want to talk about relationship stuff. You know, it's first, let's get to know you. I will I already know you obviously. But let's tell the listeners how. What's your status? So how do you identify sexually? And then what is your relationship status right now?

Unknown Speaker 19:47
I'm heterosexual in a relationship with my girlfriend. Yes. Okay. Is her name.

Unknown Speaker 19:54
I was like, Are we allowed to say Mrs. Name? So how did you and Missy be and how long have you guys been dating?

Unknown Speaker 19:59
I met her Like probably when I first joined the band, actually, like 13 years ago or something, she was a little like she I always looked at her as a little like motorcross chick, like, it's like you're wearing Fox, she's thinks for a week. She's like, I think I ever own anything Fox or metal, Melissa or any of the bro style, I would see her at like a, like a brewery or a bar. We didn't even talk that much. I would just be like, Hi, Hayden was it? And then like, fast forward eight years later, like, I remember, you know, I always thought you're cute, blah, blah. And then I think I asked her out, and she wasn't, she wasn't partying at the time. So like, what do I how do I how do I date a girl? Yeah. So she's like, just come over, I got some wine for you. I was like, I know what that means. You want to you want to do the no pants dance. So we did the, the wine. Then we started dating from there. And then I was living in Alex's house, my drummer, and I would she would travel to see me and then I would go to her house. And then we just started doing all this fun shit. And I thought of a story on the way here of what we were started dating. We would get very drunk and we will there's a park by our house, so we'd be like, it was three o'clock in the morning one time. This is how cool she is. She's like you want to go to the park? like yeah, right when we get to the bar, she goes take off all your clothes. I was like three in the morning and I wasted okay. So then I found these pictures on my phone they took them but both of us are just naked on the swings do monkey bars home be doing like the thing where you hold the swing handle, or you do a backflip?

Unknown Speaker 21:39

Unknown Speaker 21:39
I did a naked picture. Not that flattering. Not that flattering. I was like thinking if we got caught by the police or something we could have been on Megan's Law. probably couldn't go Disneyland. Dark.

Unknown Speaker 21:52
Dark. Yeah, that was

Unknown Speaker 21:53
a child's playground. That's weird. Yeah. So how long have you have you and Missy been together? Now? I mean, it's been like three years. Three we ever put an actual like date on it? Yeah, about three years is like ain't no fucking fucking bird couple, right? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:10

Unknown Speaker 22:11
don't fuck anybody else. Okay, cool. Cool. Deal. So I wanted to ask cuz I know you guys have been dating a lot during this pandemic, you were in or you have been in a relationship during the pandemic? Have you had a long term girlfriend like Missy, or even in the past? Where you were touring a lot? I mean, that's a huge thing, right? with musicians and relationships, touring. You know, and I'm sure you obviously know the pros and cons that come with that. So I guess I just want to know, like, how do you deal with being in a relationship and being a professional musician and professional musician who has to tour and has to be away?

Unknown Speaker 22:48
Well, Missy is super lucky. She hasn't had to deal with much of that at all. That's what I thought because pandemic three years. I mean, like, first year, we were like writing the album. So I'd come home almost every single night. Okay, and then record the album that we did, like, I did like a month tour. She was like, did I mean then I did like South America a little bit never done anything long. And then we did the pandemic, obviously, she gets chemo every day. Now she's fucking sick my ass. But you have the girlfriends before they had to deal with fucking You know, this month, they have two weeks off and then two months and you're doing your whole relationship on the phone and it's rough now. I don't I can see why like, couples like that don't last because it's hard and I can see why like people man go in the military. Their wives is like a fucking fucking other guys were out of town. Yeah, dude. It's brutal, like people miss a significant others. So it's definitely hard to tour with a girlfriend. But I think as you get older, it gets easier because you're less of a walking boner, I guess. Yeah, yes, yes. Yes. But at the same time, women are walking Boehner too. I'm just talking about all of us. Yes. Young and just like

Unknown Speaker 23:56
horny. Yeah. Well, I mean, have you ever ended a relationship because of touring like didn't some girl just

Unknown Speaker 24:06
kind of take it and you might have first girlfriends by the only guy that really dumped? I've always been the dumpee but uh, yeah, she wanted to call kids and marriage thing and like, either slow the fuck down hard on touring or stop. Do you say first girlfriend? I think it's like my first real girlfriend

Unknown Speaker 24:23
and she wanted to have kids and yeah, she

Unknown Speaker 24:24
was having she has two kids now and a great husband. We still friends. She has she got what she wanted for sure. But we we weren't ready for that. I'm ready to go out with the sled next week. Yeah, I'm not fucking walking down. Church with you. So did you end that one? Yeah, I did. So like the only one I really had to add because it just wasn't for me. I sounds like you're being a good guy. You definitely would be a good guy. Yeah, through ringer for another years to lose hair.

Unknown Speaker 24:55
Honestly, have you been? I know the answer to this but have you been a good boy on tour. been a good boy with?

Unknown Speaker 25:01
I think all my girlfriend's except for like when I was in the animosity days my first band. Yeah. When you're young and you just you really start getting all that you're selfish you're getting all the free booze and all the women Yeah, like, I mean, Dallas is so like, they're forever You know, back then you cared so much about all this stuff. We get a hotel room let's fucking yeah you just try to do everything Molly crew did I love that documentary or it's not a documentary. It's a gift when we Yeah, the machine Kelly in it playing Tommy Lee.

Unknown Speaker 25:38
I don't know one but is the one on Netflix. Yeah, it's great. Pretty fun. I literally bet like I'm so like, influenced by movies. I'm like, I want to re watch that movie. Oh, okay. I gotta put something

Unknown Speaker 25:49
Don't you hate movies like that? Like you go see like the fucking you go see like a ranger movie in the theater. Right when you get out. You're like, Alright, yeah, I mean, think about for me now. You can rage but I'm like, Don't rage anymore. I don't even see I quit smoking cigarettes a year ago. I was so proud. I also see so smoke a cigarette a movie. I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 26:11

Unknown Speaker 26:12
I think it's true. It's but yeah, but see people raised in the movie. I don't know movies, like, like a party movie. Like the hangover doesn't really count. But like some movies like dad or something. Yeah, party movies in general. Yeah, for sure. Motley Crue movie, I could see like, oh, let's try heroin.

Unknown Speaker 26:28
So I was surprised that touring wasn't more of an issue. But if you were a good guy, then I guess you know, but it's not really your issue a lot of times, right? It's if your partner has insecurity issues and doesn't trust you trust issues, that kind of stuff. I'm the one out there having

Unknown Speaker 26:43
fun, you know, like, they go home into their bed every night. You know, I'm the one who's like in Dallas tonight. Yeah, fucking. And like, every show is a party. You know, everyone's there for a good time. I'm constantly surrounded by people.

Unknown Speaker 26:57
Are there a lot of metal groupies? Tons? Can you please tell me some groupie stories?

Unknown Speaker 27:03
I used to be worse. This is old dad. Guys. old dad used

Unknown Speaker 27:06
to be even worse though. Because they I feel like chicks would try to show off even more back then. I don't know how to explain it. But yes, let's get into some stories. Okay. There was this one time a big cow. There's these two girls. This is kind of a weird story. But from Peoria, Illinois. They had a reputation. They're twins. They had a reputation if you if you want to let them on your bus they'd make out with each other outside the bus right now. Right? As soon as we all heard that. You better believe the blinds came up with a bus. Everyone looked outside of us like this can't be real. It should have happened. Without them on the bus that we told them to get off the bus. They just were just like, they're messy. Okay. Drunk girls. Damn, you're really fucking fucked up twins. I thought about that story last night. I didn't even want to tell it but it was just so weird.

Unknown Speaker 27:59
Oh, that's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 27:59
What is the girl from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She's totally a stripper. How do you always remember their desk? their location because I remember like the outside of the venue. The stories are so weird that I remember the destination. Some of them adopt this one. There's this stripper chick huge fake tits. super hot. comes on the bus with her black big, strong Bob Sapp looking like like bouncer guy. pops that involves that. He might have a box out. But she comes on the bus. She's totally finally totally can tell she's a escort and a stripper. Okay, so she's like, trying to get us to pay for her. I don't think I think she's at our concert. She was just like walking past a tour bus that day. These guys play one fucking rock star chick. Yeah. So I don't think any she ever got a dime of money. But she started shipping it with something that she goes, uh, you guys ever seen a Pierce? butthole? before? What at all was go? No, I have not. Then she goes. Do you want it? We all go fuck yeah. So that she like shows us a butthole on his peers. And then she says anyway, every questions. I was like, hell yeah, we got some questions. how's it gonna go first raise my score. How's it like sort of poop about like us? Like, oh,

Unknown Speaker 29:17
like, like, like a swirly like so

Unknown Speaker 29:20
yeah, she goes that's alpha question backs. I remember that woman and I was just like, that is the grossest weirdest thing. Why would you ever push out peers like anywhere else? before that? I think

Unknown Speaker 29:35
that my question would be can you still do butt stuff? Sure. You probably can. But how does how does? Where do you pierce on a man I had this thought I I mean, we you can Google.

Unknown Speaker 29:49
The normal six people, the United States. Whatever decided to get it. Alright, these are these are crazy women. These are groupies. These are metal groupies. Yep, yeah. The I will tell story about me. This does have to do the groupie has to do with x being inside my bunk at the top bunk of a tour bus. And when I'm naked, we're naked. We're doing the thing. I'm hammered. Did that happen a lot? Like everybody would just have sex on the tour bus? Yeah, we text them to arrest me. Where else you gonna do it? But like, would you have sex on the tour bus with your other bandmates? there in the bus? Yeah, hopefully not in the bunk alley, you know,

Unknown Speaker 30:30
but were they were I don't know. Do you ever like consciously know like, hey, Eddie is next next to me. And

Unknown Speaker 30:35
I'm sure it's happened. I'm sure it's happened. But I remember being up there being drunk and I was on top bunk. This is the last tour I did a tour in the top bunk. Okay, so that is at the bottom is that like the bitch spot? No bitches in the middle of the top. We have to crawl up there. That's annoying. The bottom is the best one. I like the middle one. Okay, but that's I will never do the thing at everyone. The door was open to the front lounge. And all of a sudden, I don't know. It's hard for two people to be in the bunk. But I fall out of the bunk, let alone I don't think anyone's ever seen me naked. But they see me naked with a boner down. And I'm at the point where I'm so drunk. I don't even think I'm trying to hide it. You know, just like Hey, guys decide to crawl back up. But the falling off actually did kind of get hurt. So I don't pick the top bunk anymore. for pretty much that reason falling out. And I definitely don't want to fall out naked.

Unknown Speaker 31:29
Did you hurt your Wiener?

Unknown Speaker 31:30
I did not hurt my winner. Oh, thank

Unknown Speaker 31:32

Unknown Speaker 31:32
thank God. However bad real bad. I wouldn't. I probably would have quit touring.

Unknown Speaker 31:38
So total shift of gears. But you and I became friends because you're an MMA fan. I'm a music fan. We just clicked right. Yeah, I know. But the listeners don't but you wrestled in high school. Is that kind of like, you know the beginning of your love of contact sports?

Unknown Speaker 31:54
I wrestled like sixth grade to like ninth grade ninth grade. To the end of freshman year wrestling. I figured out Hey, let's say for me, number one because like they wanted my grades to be good. wrestling. I was like, wait, we have good grades air wrestle. So I guess wrestling podcast. I don't want to go home and do homework. Yeah. What a fucking pass out man. No, but uh, yeah, Russell for for that for that long. My brother was wrestler too. He was he was better than me. Yeah, he kept going longer. But my love for MMA came from the shirt. I'm wearing Bloodsport. Oh, really? Yeah. My mom used to work at a bank. And she she was like we this is a conference room. It was like free daycare for me and my brother. But there's a bunch of VHS is like three or four not budged by like three or four of them. But we would just watch bloodsports soul. Often. We'd watch it and then as soon as it's done, we just rewind it. Do it again.

Unknown Speaker 32:50
I can't believe I haven't seen the movie. Everyone is probably very disappointed in me. I just recently watched Scarface thanks to my boyfriend, but I think bloodsports on the list and I still have yet to see godfather. I haven't seen godfather. No, no, I'm not big on my movies. No. All right, well, I'll check out Bloodsport and then was did you get into Bloodsport and MMA before? He was four? Oh, no. Wb was before everything cuz I know you know, you wrestled you love you love pro wrestling. Chris

Unknown Speaker 33:20
g was a professional wrestler that I realized I I don't know if I'm ever going to get past five feet tall. or pass 130 pounds at the most. But now you're six foot tall now six foot tall. But still wrestling was in my cards like that. But uh, yeah, watching Wrestling was like me my brother's thing growing up. And we would go to the video store. Like often, you know, rent five movies for $5 for five nights. Yeah, that's what we had. And you guys have movies? $5 new release video. Yeah, we get all five WWF you know WCW I got five horror movies. Friday, the 13th the worst ones? I'm sure we had our our had some nights like that. But usually it was wrestling wrestling. And I remember we seen every single one. And the bottom row. There was like UFC one through eight. So then we were like, Alright, let's see what this is. You know? And then we see all those fighting and he didn't even know if it was we didn't even know what it was like at all. What what you see a cage you see two men ones big fat Samoan guy versus a fucking guy in a karate outfit. You're like this is insane. And what the hell is this? So we run it all those we've seen all of them. It's so we then we fall in love with that one

Unknown Speaker 34:33
to eight on on one to eight. You'll see one to eight on VHS. Thanks. So I think that's what it was. You're like the Oji fan? Yeah, that's is that's as classic as you can get. So now here we are. And 260 something I don't even know. 64 Yeah, exercise 266 Let's face it. You and I both know that you knew way fucking more about MMA and fighting than I probably ever will.

Unknown Speaker 34:59
I think it's While you're at the gym working out, I'm fucking googling people. No, I think if I have Asperger's to be honest with you like I know so much about metal and

Unknown Speaker 35:11
let's let me do a test. Okay, test you right now. Okay, I know I gave you this one that was an easy one. What about UFC? 202 100? Who headline was an easy one?

Unknown Speaker 35:25
I'm not good at this yeah okay that's the one that's hard for me that's actually like telling me like yeah tell you what's like you've you told me like what city the last not the last UFC but the one before that was an all I know the answer to that but the city isn't as hard and what headlines is kind of hard. Yeah, it's not hard anymore it's Apex or violent outlets now it's what's every just a couple of times a month. So it's like now it's even harder

Unknown Speaker 35:49
now we're back. No, actually this weekend is the first week and they haven't had a fight in

Unknown Speaker 35:54
months. My girlfriend is so stoked kids we could do something else yeah. Oh yeah, I don't have to do I don't have to like be worried about it where you know what time is it start get on Mrs. nerves and oh my god. She's weird. Like, total the same total opposite the like I love sports. She just like they're so boring to her like she'll watch you fight so watch Carla fight. So watch like, crystals fight. Or keep Barry Keith are so much like some of who she's met who she's fight before. But like she also watch Conor McGregor cuz he's huge or something. Yeah, but if there's like a sick fight, she's doesn't give him she'll be outside of the seat of fucking Pink Floyd. I you know, I

Unknown Speaker 36:38
thought I might know the answer this question since we're friends, but I can't think of it. Have you ever done online dating? Any kind of Tinder? Yeah, yeah. What was your experience like with that?

Unknown Speaker 36:50
Uh, the only chick I ever dated from plenty of fish ended up being like kind of a girlfriend. She was awesome. I don't think I ever had had a bad experience with that one. Did you have a Tinder like I did Tinder when I was single, lonely. Living by guitar players house tonight couldn't have done that. And I'm so picky so it actually always swiped right on the chicks that that were super hot or super cool. Are you picky? I'm very picky. And I think a matches really. So I was like, I believe this because I feel like

Unknown Speaker 37:18
fucking I remember you know, okay, I remember you sent me your picture. You're like, is this a good picture? I'm not going to show my T shirt. More tattoos. What do I do?

Unknown Speaker 37:31
Yeah, you did do that.

Unknown Speaker 37:32
There's some there's some people I see that just swipe right on every chick just so they get matches. No, that's not the way me I'm like one out of like 200 to get a right right swipe for me so

Unknown Speaker 37:41
so if you're super picky then what are your criteria? What are your pros and cons? Oh man, what are your deal breakers and what are things that you look for?

Unknown Speaker 37:49
deal breakers? I really hate bad teeth. Yeah, and I hate bad hands and like don't like bad hands. What makes a bad pair of hands? You know cuz I got some sausage fingers. Oh, no, no, that's fine. sausages are great. But I can tell you the chicks like kind of have like longer nails but don't take care of them. They might have a little dirt under them because they might be gardening or something weaker nails your nails they don't really a sweet grenades anymore. But he had this nice kept hands and feet and feet. I don't know I hate deep but do you

Unknown Speaker 38:24
hate feet? I

Unknown Speaker 38:25
hate feet. I won't even touch my girlfriend's feet. almost anywhere else on everybody except for them.

Unknown Speaker 38:32
I think my boyfriend I know he'd massage my feet but he's always like this like okay, and I'm like, I know he doesn't like either but he'll do it because he loves me so I'm like thank you so gross. Let's face it Peter fucking gross. I'm sorry for all you foot fetish fans that are listening but it's just we walk on them you know I personally train Automat every other day at least you know and bats are just made of ringworm other people's sweat.

Unknown Speaker 39:02
I had I had a ringworm on my face once I was oh my cheek. Yeah, I had infant Tyco right there. Yeah, right there. My face. I don't even have a picture of it. I don't remember it. Yeah, no, no one takes a picture that stuff i think is also Phantom of the Opera is right around Halloween, so it's kind of perfect. So when you

Unknown Speaker 39:17
were wrestling? Yeah. Yeah, of course. God. It's like, just goes hand in hand with wrestling.

Unknown Speaker 39:23
to have you on your neck. Like a scarf. Oh, they're disgusting. Yeah, I wonder why I got rewarm so much. Dirty wrestler guy. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:35
Well, okay, so feet have to be Oh, yeah. Cap cap. Great. All right. And then what else? What are some other deal breakers, a deal breakers like I unfortunately, I know sounds like an asshole. But I don't want children. You know, before me and my guy started dating. It was like, if I guy started talking to me, and he had a kid it was just like, nothing. That's just adds a whole new wrench. The situation you know, like you guys are trying to be selfish to get to know each other. But you know, you got to fucking hold hands with somebody and bring them to the beach. Yeah. would you would you have dated Missy if she had a kid? Uh, probably not. Yeah, that's just being honest. You know, you know what you want? And it's, some people would say, Oh, that's very selfish or blah, blah, blah, but I know what I want for my life and I don't want I'm definitely

Unknown Speaker 40:25
considered I consider myself selfish. Am I one of my selfish things to spending time with the people like my girl? Yeah, you know, that's your love language. Yeah, my love. I had to look those up because he really yeah, I didn't know what the hell love language was like, mine is English. I love you. I love you. Yeah. Your motor wherever. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 40:46
so we got I think it let's see if we can get them together. But it's a physical touch. physical touch words of affirmation. quality time together. Yep. gifts. And

Unknown Speaker 41:00
I think the effect might be the

Unknown Speaker 41:03
same physical touch quality time words of affirmation gifts. Oh, x. Oh, yeah, like x. Yeah, that's fine. x that help. Okay, so you like when someone else does something for you?

Unknown Speaker 41:16
No, I like to do something else for them. Oh, really? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Just to make their you know, come home. And like, oh, dogs are fed, you know? Hey, a vacuum today, dude. It's like little shit like that. Or like, hey, man went to the grocery store. I got your favorite ice cream. It's in the freezer. What? Yeah, yeah, give it

Unknown Speaker 41:35
yeah, it stopped being thoughtful. Right. And then what what? How do you like to receive love? Same thing? Well,

Unknown Speaker 41:43
I guess. No, I don't know kind of the same thing. But I also do like words to words of affirmation. Man is missing. very complimentary. Loving, babe, here and there. I know Missy and I love her. But she's. She's way she's way tougher than she's

Unknown Speaker 42:01

Unknown Speaker 42:02
She wears the pants in the relationship. I wear the shirts. Very metal. Yeah, this

Unknown Speaker 42:09
is great. All right. So deaf, missy. You know, I'm assuming she's got nice feet and got

Unknown Speaker 42:14
the prettiest little tiny little details feet. But still, you can have winner of best feet in the world and I still don't want to touch him. Mrs. Blonde is like my own feet and they're really great. They're fine. They're really, I would never let someone else cut my own toenails. You know? How do they do that? pedicures? Yeah, he had never would I ever let anyone else I don't trust them. Okay, so not only do you not have a foot fetish. It sounds like you have a foot obsession. Foot revulsion. Oh, my God, I would definitely get a foot massage though. I just don't want to give one. Well, I want to start getting to the dirty stuff. dirty dirty. Okay, we're defeaters, dirty as the guests. Well, I know we know each other, but there's not stuff we talked about all the time. So I want to ask what's one of your favorite sexual memories? Or maybe an embarrassing one? Good, bad. I thought of an embarrassing one on the way here. All right. And I assume embarrassing. It's just kind of weird. Hit us. Um, I was with the by girlfriend number two. I think we were in Las Vegas. And I don't know why we just thought if we try to bond somewhere we're no one will see us at the casino, which is a very populated place. We haven't gone to the bathroom. And we're in the handicap star in the whole time. I can't stop thinking about this is fucking disgusting. This is gross. This is weird. Yeah. And the circus sheep. So we've just as soon as we start, we stop. So that's that place. I don't know how many people have done that. That's not a good place to do it.

Unknown Speaker 43:58
I mean, I've never had sex in a bathroom because I'm too in my head about it. Like I'm just like, like, even like, yeah, like don't touch anything. You know, like you can enjoy yourself because you're thinking about germs and nastiness and everything. Yeah, but I feel like we always see it in movies. You know,

Unknown Speaker 44:14
oh my god and movies. It's in every movie, and they make it look all romantic and sexy, especially in stepbrothers. Where they were like girl cuz we hide Jhansi Riley, she's like, hey, what is the budget for woody? That she like, puts her leg up on the urdal she starts fucking walk crazy, baby. I forget that part. It's funny. Yeah, that was definitely your bathroom scene and they make it look all sexy. But realistically, you're probably smelling poopoo Oh, yeah, man. Are you spying? He's imbues good stories. I don't know. I feel like every time I have sex is a pretty good time. Pretty good. They're all free. Awesome. When did you have sex for the first time? When do you lose your virginity? I feel like I'm gonna guess I'm gonna guess. Just because you're a sweet boy like that. But I guess, like 18 I think it was almost 18 Oh, yeah, right around the end of high school high school. I wasn't really chasing girls. I was kind of or going to parties really I just wanted to be my garage and play guitar. He just wanted to rip my friends play get better guitar. Yeah. But I'm finally I was like a pretty good guitar because I can circle these parties now. So that I can put my biggest crushes back then at a bonfire ticket home when lasted about two and a half minutes that I've ever coming out think I was all sweaty do and then I came out my brother was just going into the bathroom. We had two rooms next to each other. And then he he looks at he goes yeah, he's like two and a half years ago. And then I guess it's claimed to his fame of his story of it. Apparently I said fucking Finally, man. And I don't remember that at all. To this day, he'll still be like paying fucking finally. I believe Pat. That's awesome. That is that's almost 18 I think so. I think I just made it to be still before 18 says suggest faded. That's like nice boys. Boys. I know. All my fucking crazy friends are all like 13

Unknown Speaker 46:24
Yeah, well, I just feel like guys like you know, it's like inside of you like come call you know just have sex. Yeah, just walking boaters? Yeah, guys, we get boners middle class and women you know, girls I remember as a young girl being like, okay, it's this one guy. I want to have sex with him had a crush on him. It's gonna be so nice. You like create this you know idea of what it's gonna be like, and guys are just like, I don't care who it is. I just wanna fuck. Yeah, fuck and then have like a bowl of cereal and high five of their friends. Alright, decade Are you are you ready for the lightning sex round? Oh, man. This podcast I'm very familiar. I know. Dan is actually a creative associate, I guess would be the best term is such a good friend that always. I'm spitballing throwing ideas at him. He's texting me randomly like hey, this is a good segment for the podcast. Yeah, I think you're the reason we do fuck marry kill. Maybe I'm pretty sure you gave me that idea.

Unknown Speaker 47:29
It's a fun game. And we put I play it all the time. I'll be on my house drinking with friends and we'll just come up with the most fucked up ones ever. We sell them some of the very appropriate If I can't have a forecast.

Unknown Speaker 47:41
All right. Lightning sex round is where I asked one word or one phrase and the guest has to give a rapid fire answer yes or no. no downtime, unless you feel so inclined to elaborate which we started adding that in. It gets pretty interesting when people want to elaborate on the lightning six round so let's go ready. Hmm. Okay, lightning sex round den. Kenny. Do you dirty talk in bed? Not really spank or like to be spanked

Unknown Speaker 48:05
down like I don't really like no. Biting. No choking. A tiny little bit. threesomes down. Do you watch porn? I have definitely do any fetishes like feet. bodily fluid fetish. I think the only time I pick up on a girlfriend and a shower wants to be funny. That's all he does. But no, he is weird. And poos. bondage like ropes. blindfold handcuffs. never really done it, but I wouldn't be opposed to it. Right? Any role playing? Never really role played? But I think it's cool, I guess. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:44
But stuff on you or a partner could be very fun. Do you sex toys? That can be fun to ever been to a sex club or a swingers party.

Unknown Speaker 48:54
Almost. I didn't go I got invited to go this place called the power exchange in San Francisco. He I know and I chickened out why because it's called the fucking power exchange sounding like there's no ladies there. I think there's tons of ladies there was people do sex acts funny you you could join if you want. Yeah, I didn't go you could drink there and just like chill, but like there's only a certain amount of people in who aren't doing the fucking thing. Yeah. If you're a guy, they can still there. But yeah, I chickened out. So it's sex clubs. Yeah, I don't think it's for me. Yeah, yeah. Your exchange Yeah. And are you a lingerie lover? A little bit prefer the nudes

Unknown Speaker 49:30
for that is? Yeah, the only one more step between you and sex. Okay. All right. All right. You did? Yeah, you pass. Okay, now we're gonna do the Pat Kenny. His brother gave us a fuck marry kill specifically for you.

Unknown Speaker 49:55
One marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. We're done. Oh my god,

Unknown Speaker 50:01
so I think he just knows you're such a big MMA fan. You guys have probably talked so he gave you the most powerful ladies I can think of. But you got to choose between Amanda Nunez Chris Cyborg, and Beth Korea. Oh man,

Unknown Speaker 50:18
who do you want?

Unknown Speaker 50:19
Pat was gonna give me some like, you know Gina Carano and silly so, yeah either way either way to all defend my honor it take care of me. In case I get mugged in the street. They're all gonna take very good care of you. Fuck, Patrick. Fuck you, man. Well, that's who I want to marry. Okay, yeah, that's Amanda Cyborg or batch. I think Amanda, I just realized they're all Brazilian. Yeah. I was gonna say Oh, Brazil's got the hottest chicks. I feel like who has the best English because you haven't talked to them every day. Hi, Amanda is probably the best now. I think I would marry Amanda. She's very Amanda. Amanda. I fuck Cyborg just because just like I say I've been okay. Cyborg. Cyborg folks. You? Yeah. Last time I beat us over go hard. And then I'd kill that little betcha. Go here. I'd kill her. Is she still in the UFC? I think so. She is uh, she always ends up on card somehow. Yeah, I feel like she got cut. She never even announced on the card us watching and then she just comes back. Oh, she's fine. Oh, I don't even know she wasn't even announced on this.

Unknown Speaker 51:43
I wanted to fight her. I mean I still would but a corner she wasn't in the UFC there she got back then I got injured. But yeah, I would fight her for course. I'd watch that. I think that'd be great fight. Anyway, okay, fan question time.

Unknown Speaker 52:01
I'm very excited because all these were really diverse. Not all sex. Not all music, but a good ones. Yeah, you ready? I'm excited for the fame question. Okay. At your your urs brick Slayer. What's on telly in the back while making out with all the wild wild groupies? Either Slayer live videos or an MMA fight with super sexy Ashley MMA.

Unknown Speaker 52:27
Jesus is a picture of how you live your life making out with those groupies back there. Yeah, man. It's usually all we have is either MMA or sled. Yeah, we just wash it away. Listen, hustler. Yeah, that's what we do. Live Slayer, though. Well, while you're making out Yeah, take it out like teens.

Unknown Speaker 52:49
Okay, at Mr. David Adam Tucker, what pedals Do you use on your bass rig?

Unknown Speaker 52:55
The only pays but the only bass pedal I use is a bass driver from Sam Sam. I still use that thing I try other pedals other drivers. Not nearly as sick as that thing and then obviously just a tuner but most of my tone comes from my head.

Unknown Speaker 53:09
Alright. And then at Samuel the god 90 How do you balance your relationship and music career?

Unknown Speaker 53:17
It's hard but like I said the relationship I'm in now is then so easy because I haven't had to do much touring but I guess I'll have to figure it out again when we start touring.

Unknown Speaker 53:29
Is there anything that you know what not to do? I mean, obviously trial and error and and I feel like Missy I know she needs to see is the bar is the medication I feel like Missy is the best partner that you've been with in the in the years that I've been your friend about seven years and so I really don't want you to fuck it up.

Unknown Speaker 53:47
So he's definitely the toughest and and she can she understands me probably the best but yeah, communication will be definitely key when I go back on the road Yeah, communication it's hard as fuck when you're in Europe, though, cuz time difference now. Yeah. And how long is this upcoming tour? Oh, this next tour is like two and a half months. But it's in the United States so I can FaceTime or whenever I want and also she just had a whole pandemic with you she's probably like peace I know she my count.

Unknown Speaker 54:17
Okay, at gear 666 dot underscore favorite band to play for besides Suicide Silence obviously. Who would I pick to play for favorite band to play for me? Do you ever do any like guest No. I pretty much committed guy with suicide. Yeah. Is that a thing that that you know, musicians do they do?

Unknown Speaker 54:37
But musicians like I know Alex. stuff. My gig is so good. I don't really want to go anywhere else. Yeah, but like Alex is so artistic that he can't even like take a break.

Unknown Speaker 54:46
Yeah, his drummer is you know, I feel like he was playing metal lachi metal achi and then he played with that girl from youth code. I really liked youth code isn't yet the blades Like Evans blade have his blade. Yeah, yeah. But uh, you know, like so he's like on the other end, I feel like you just yeah, primarily focus on suicide. Yep. And then Alex is over here doing a million different projects.

Unknown Speaker 55:11
Yes. I'll sleep for 12 hours so he wants to sleep for six and do something else for those six.

Unknown Speaker 55:15
Yeah. Okay. At jewel. Joel, odious, favorite bass player ever? Definitely not usual. Oh, you know. His favorite bass player Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse on Derek way of suffocation. Yeah, you introduce me so nothing bad about Cannibal Corpse By the way, guys. He the singer George corpse Gunnar Fisher. Yeah. Such a sweet guy. Nice. Guy. Sweet is again, like those sounds come out of your body.

Unknown Speaker 55:48
You're human. You look like you look at me looks like we could look like a grenade on the outside. Open the grenade is like a throbbing.

Unknown Speaker 55:56
Butterflies come out of butterflies. It's like Little Nicky when he's like released. Yeah, he's got it. At persik underscore 12 How did you feel at your first concert? Were you stressed?

Unknown Speaker 56:10
Oh my god. I was. I was only like 19 or something. My first band Coronavirus thing was in. By Santa Cruz, California at a bar. I couldn't even go inside until we played. There's like, you know, 30 people there under age. Yeah. And I was so I was playing guitar at the time when I was so perfectionist on the songs I wrote any one little even missing one note i'd fucking punch myself in the face. You know? So that's that was definitely very stressful. I don't really get stressed out anymore. But back then I would.

Unknown Speaker 56:46
I love so obviously I've been to so many of your shows. And my favorite. Forget what show it was but you know, I'm always backstage and you know, before you guys even go out sometimes, always after, but even sometimes before we get to hang out and I remember before you were like, you know taking a shot, take another shot and you're like, you're shadowboxing. You're like getting ready to go on stage. And I was like, are you going to fight? Are you going to shadowbox and you go out and you fucking killed it? And you came back and we're backstage hanging out? And you're like, I feel like you know like if this is MMA fight, I feel like the first a second round. I didn't do so good. I fucking came back and I killed it in the third round. And I'm like, You did great. You're like, yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 57:26
want that.

Unknown Speaker 57:29
Okay, let's see. We got a couple more. I forgot about that.

Unknown Speaker 57:32
I'm gonna say it wrong.

Unknown Speaker 57:33
His Instagram handle name is young man her. Herm. It's Eddie. It's my singer Eddie. How do you say his Instagram name? You man your man Herm Hearn. Yeah man Herm Hearn, and that's Eddie's singer. Good question. 80s long butts or big butts. What's the 80s long like the long back like you know like in the girls who have really long back before all but crack before like having a big booty was a thing where you did squats like you know it was just kind of like fuck booties were thing. Yeah, so you like flat booty? Are

Unknown Speaker 58:03
you like a big booty? Who the fuck would you ask me daddy? Like the sex podcast? Yeah. Oh, I like this. teenage boy but no. Nice booties, man. Okay, he knew that. Yeah. Thanks, daddy.

Unknown Speaker 58:21
At Nick Cory shout out air media and productions. They help us with our graphics. So super cool guy from Amsterdam. most memorable tour hookup story.

Unknown Speaker 58:32
Oh, boy, one fall on my bunk with the Boehner. Yeah, yes. Everybody saw your winner everyone. Everyone saw my hard winner. I think anyone in my band see me naked before you had a lot of load completely naked like that. Are you a grower or a shore? grower? Yeah, that's why I moved away from the cold weather.

Unknown Speaker 58:57
And then last fan question at t ponic. hiatus. Oh, one. Have you ever had any weird requests from fans after concerts or shows?

Unknown Speaker 59:10
Yeah, people like to. I don't sign some weird things like pregnant bellies and like they probably do they ever ask for your clothes or something? Oh, yeah. I feel like they probably were like, can I be sure Can I have a guy who wanted to collect all these? She wanted to collect band members shoes. That like after like tours, she was like sweaty shoe. That's the sexual fetish. I know.

Unknown Speaker 59:30

Unknown Speaker 59:32
Mitch, before he passed here. He definitely sold some of the shoes to this guy. for top dollar I think like he's like fucking bad. Daughter. If you want to buy my shoes fucking I'll send you my shoes and spend this money on her. As he probably has a bunch of Tom's it just smell like mitches rotten. Gross.

Unknown Speaker 59:50
I never got to meet Mitch but I've had I've heard awesome stories. And he was a very attractive guy. Was he like, promiscuous or Lady Killer? He's always married. Oh, Yeah, okay, He's

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
good. He's He's good on the road he just wanted. I think it's fun to make some have some fun little fun and make some money and for his daughter,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:08
I think that's why it's probably easier for you to be a good guy on tour because I know all your other band members, Mark was in a relationship for a very long time and he was always like, Mr. Relationship good on tour I know

Unknown Speaker 1:00:19
of us. I feel like there's times where all of us are in relationship. There's very seldom small times that all of us are single. That must have been buckwild time. We'll talk about those now.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33
What happens during single time stays. Alright, so I want to talk briefly before we jump off here about what you have coming up because you had you did a virtual tour during the pandemic. Yeah, super bad. I bought tickets just to support you guys did some funny skits. Can

Unknown Speaker 1:00:47
you still see those?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:49
You can still see them on YouTube, I think okay, yeah, search in like suicide sounds. Virtual World Tour skit. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
It was cool. It was really cool. And I'm happy you guys did that for your fans because a lot of bands didn't do that. It was just like there's nothing musical right to watch. Yeah, hold hold and you guys would out your way did a virtual tour connected with your fans took fan questions? Very, very cool. Now, where do you guys stand? I know you have a tour coming up.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:12
Yes, we have shown September in Florida. Looks like limp biskit and Wu Tang clan and machine them Kelly. It's very diverse seven nuts. It's like really random festival. And then we have like three weeks off and then we start a tour with ginger. Who is from Ukraine. My drummer is actually married to the singer of jell O yes, yes. Yes. I met her. She's super cool. She came to my house to pick up vegan supplements. Hey, what's your name again? Her name is Tatiana, Tatiana. Yeah, she's so yes, we're doing that. We're doing that tour. And it's like, October, November, December. And tickets are already on sale. And like about eight of them are already sold out like big rooms too. And I'm like fuck, like the Glasgow and LA is already sold out. So

Unknown Speaker 1:01:57
you just got to basically jump right back into crazy to figure out how to play bass again. Get my shit together. Yeah. And when does that start? When's the first day of tour?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
October 20 or something? Yeah, Wayne's gonna be in Vegas at the at the Mandalay Bay and House of Blues. I think I want to go you Chicago. Okay, Halloween.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:18
Yeah, me and the boyfriend love Halloween and unfortunately, Las Vegas. Las Vegas. Okay, good. Um, but yeah, the

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
pandemic is messed up the last couple holidays for us. So we're like, that's it the next time we can actually do something fun for Halloween. Yeah, we're going hard. Yeah, we are playing Madhouse blues. Okay. Okay. We'll do that. But yeah, so guys go on. website suicide sales. I don't know. Instagram. Google is Mitch. If you can't find tickets or something really wrong. Okay. Buy your tickets now. Guys. It's selling out. And then if you want to stay in contact with Dan or suicide. They've got all their social media handles up there. Where

Unknown Speaker 1:02:58
can we find you? At Dan Kenny on everything you ever do? So easy. Twitter or the tick tock Twitter. Tick Tock for the young kids. Yeah, no, just Twitter and Instagram. Okay. That's Facebook's personal stuff. Try to find me.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:12
Okay. All right. And yeah, that's all I want to talk about. Thank you so much for coming on the show. We're going to hang out after this because we don't really get to hang out in person too much. Yep. Yeah, that's it. Thank you so much. When I arrived, okay, right. Sometimes, you might use fine fantasy, but no.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
That is the end of the show guys, Episode 53. And I guess technically season two,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:28
do we do podcast seasons? I

Unknown Speaker 1:04:30
don't know. Episode 53. Season Two. We're on a new year. Or step in the game up very excited. We're going to be bringing you some amazing guests this year. Really want to tell you but the same time they tell you don't tell. Tell ahead of time just in case shit happens. But stay tuned. It's going to be amazing. People are going to come on talk about sex violence and pretty much anything in between. And I think if we've learned something from Dan's episode, it's that whether you're getting ready for an MMA fight Or getting ready to tour the world. Love is hard. It's going to take patience and understanding and trial and error and a lot of other things that I don't have but hope to have in the future. Like always guys, I'm wishing you the best. I hope that you find the love you deserve. And if you're an asshole, you probably need extra love because let's face it, most of you assholes just need to get laid. So what do I always tell you guys? You know, be kind be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. I want to give a special special thank you to tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kid's studio, DJ zol at DJ zol. And, as always, you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Tune in next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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