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Ep.54 Kyra "Mogwai" Batara

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Sex and

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sex and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence rebels, where we interview level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and not all too taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Kevin Smith. Don't talk about sex violence. What's happening? Hot Stuff. Welcome back, my naughty naughty listeners. We are here again. Just asking guests more personal questions and you could ever imagine an interviewer or a podcast would ask sometimes we have athletes sometimes we have musicians, actors, adult film entertainers. This week, we have a tiny terror named mogwai. But before we talk about that, let's tell you that it is pride month and I want to read you a quick little excerpt about Pride Month. What is Pride Month. It is when the world LGBT communities come together and celebrate the freedom to be themselves is what we all should be right. Pride gatherings are rooted in the arduous history of minority groups who have struggled for decades to overcome prejudice and be accepted for who they really are. Gay Pride or LGBT Pride is the promotion of self affirmation, dignity, and equality and increased visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender as well as queer and social groups. Now, that is a mouthful, but basically we are celebrating this month all different genders and sexual preferences. So this guest is amazing. But like I said, Before we talk to her what's going on in my life. You know, I always tell you guys about the PT situation. That's still a thing. I'm still a few months from getting back on the grappling mat, but I have a very cool opportunity. I'm not allowed to say what company but I'm going to be auditioning for to be a virtual trainer. I know that sounds silly, but it's something that I think might be a good segue post fight career, right? You know, we talked about on this episode and a lot of other episodes, what us fighters are going to do when we're done fighting and I think sometimes we forget to think about that until it's too late. And this podcast is kind of me thinking about life post fight career and this opportunity with this company that I can't say would be an opportunity to continue my you know, being in the fitness I guess, lifestyle as well as still get to box a little bit and maybe even do some MMA so I'm facing my own struggles right now. I'm still got that injury. I'm going to do this audition in two weeks. Not in the best shape, but it's such a good job and I I'm going to give it my all right we what does that phrase we miss 100 shots way. How's it go? How's it goes? Oh,

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you miss 100%

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you miss 100 shots that you don't take Thank you DJ so yeah, so I'm gonna do that. My birthday is next month, July 9 for all those you know who care out there. I don't really care too much about my birthday as well as so much that I care that it's my sober birthday. It'll be two years of sobriety for me for you maybe not you know not that big of a deal for me Holy fuck is a big deal for me. You know, it's quite the accomplish accomplishment and I am I'm very proud of it. So trying to figure out what I want to do. It will actually be my first birthday that I'm celebrating sober with friends. You know, the pandemic took a lot of holidays and birthdays away from us last year and the year before basically. So now I'm like, Okay, do I want to go to a bar and celebrate my birthday slash sober birthday with my friends or do I want to create something different? Maybe get everybody together and paint ball? I don't know some thinking about that. But uh, yeah, you know what would make a good birthday gift, a botanical bloom. All a botanical bloom products are made with real CBD, not hemp seed oil. And all of their products are lab tested and they provide a QR code on the box to track the results. They have tinctures they have hand sanitizer, which is crazy. lip balms vapor rubs and gummies with double the average amount of dosage of CBD. You guys can follow them at a botanical bloom on Facebook and Instagram or check them out on their website. ww a botanical bloom calm Don't forget to use code Ashley MMA and get 20% on all products. This is your weekly reminder to email me if you really like the show and you got something to tell me maybe a guest suggestion or maybe you want to be a sponsor for the podcast. You know, we are always looking to get better. So if you just want to you know, tell us what you think of the show. That's okay too. And the email is Ashley at sex and violence that's my name as h l e at sex and violence so this weekend the UFC is back they took a short break one weekend off, and they have a big boy night heavyweight headliners we've got sorry for the mess up of the names but Josie Rosen struck versus Augustus the guy. I'm probably gonna kill a lot of these names. But while Harris who I'm always rooting for versus Marsan type era, Roman dolla dice versus loriana strip holy Miguel basil versus Santiago Ponzi Bo. Gregory Rodriguez who is a teammate over at blackhouse MMA versus dusko torto Vic, and then the prelims is pretty awesome too. We got Montana Dela Rosa versus irion Lipski Tanner Bowser versus earlier Latif. We got Mason Jones versus Alon, Patrick or Alon, Patrick. And then another black house teammate of mine, Tabitha Ricci is filling in last minute for Mariah maryrose and she's facings Manon, for rot. And then the last on the card is Jordan Levitt versus Claudio. point is I always mess up his name, even though he was a former teammate of mine at Timo Yama. He's a young Peruvian kid who

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he was really on a winning streak there for a minute then he got injured over at Timo Yama. And so I'm very happy to see him back and I'll always be rooting for him. All right, let's, let's talk here. A word from our sponsor before we talk to our guest, it's summer camping season. Let's talk about pitching tense. That's right. This episode is sponsored by blue chew. Blue chew is a unique online service that delivers the same active ingredients as Viagra and Cialis. But in chewable tablets at a fraction of the cost. The process is simple. Sign up at Blue consult with one of their licensed medical providers. And once you're approved, you'll receive your prescription within days. The best part it's all done online. So no visits to the doctor's office. No awkward conversations, and no waiting in line at the pharmacy. Bluetooth tablets are made in the USA and prepared and shipped direct to your door in a discreet package. Guys, there's nothing sexier than confidence and Bluetooth can help give you the confidence where it counts. So if you can benefit from extra confidence when it's time to perform, Bluetooth can help. And we've got a special deal for our listeners. Try blue Chu free when you use promo code Ashley as h l e at checkout, just pay $5 shipping, that's Blue promo code Ashlee a sh l e to receive your first month free. Visit Bluetooth comm for more details and important safety information. Ladies, Bluetooth is exclusively for men, but the end result is something you'll both enjoy. So get your man to sign up. Today's guest is a mini mixed martial artist. She has 13 years of mixed martial arts training with over 300 jujitsu and wrestling matches and a total of 16 MMA fights. This strawweight resides in Sin City Las Vegas and holds an eight infor pro record in 2019. She was ready to hang up her gloves after being cut from the promotion combat the Americas while on a six fight win streak under their banner. But she recently decided to step back in the cage and is now fighting for bellator MMA in an upcoming bout June 25. After this year of using only fans as her main source of income and completely changing her life. She's no longer fighting with the intention of being in the best in the world. But to prove that women can be both sexy and powerful accomplishing anything they put their minds to. We talk about Polly tribe z guard sex position pansexuality at its finest boss bitch championships six partners in one night and so much more. Here's your guest don't feed her after midnight Kira. mogwai but Tara fast guy

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bad goes give it well. Fast I am bad girl. Bad girl. Bad Girl

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dashboard. Take care

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Okay, we have Kira bataar with us on the show. mogwai. Thank you so much for joining us. How are you? Thanks so much for having me. I'm been looking forward to being on your show. Yeah, actually, a shout out to Adam hunter for giving me the recommendation. He did it. I don't know what number show he was on. What was he on Zola? Maybe like the 20s. Yeah, it's been. Yeah, it's been a minute he, he was back. Yeah, he was on like, maybe like Episode 2021, something like that. And I knew you were gonna be a good episode. So I feel like I've been like, waiting to get better at interviewing people. And you know, just refining the art of podcasting. So, we've been a year or a year in now. And now I feel ready to talk about all the things that you do with yourself, which is super interesting. But first, let's just jump right into MMA. I know that, you know, I know all about you. But let's talk about what you have going on with Bella tour in on June 25.

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Yeah, so I thought I was retired. I thought that I was done with MMA. I was on the sixth fight win streak on top of the world with combat. I just got an armbar finish with a girl that had stepped in. Last minute, two weeks notice. She was actually supposed to fight somebody else on the card and I was supposed to fight Angela ganya. And so switch up opponents but still got the armbar they're super happy about it wanted me to fight. Two months later, that next Monday, they gave me a call and told me that I got cut. So it was very confusing time I needed that to kind of see what I wanted to take a step away from Mma COVID hair. So it really allowed myself time to heal my body enjoy the holidays, for once in my life. I'm a wrestler, so I'm used to like not eating on Thanksgiving, Christmas birthdays. This is the first year that I got to eat whatever I wanted, and it

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was great. But I'm ready to jump back into Oh, man, you're preaching to the choir sister when it comes to wrestling and cutting weight and all that. So I know what that's like. So they cut you on a six fight win streak right before the pandemic hit. And then basically this whole pandemic has been kind of like this journey of trying to figure out what do you still want to fight? Do you want to pivot and take another route for your life but but you've decided to jump back in?

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Yeah, so it's actually the year before COVID hit? Which was great because then I was dating a wrestler at the time. And so I actually got into like the WWE style wrestling indie wrestling. Oh, no. It was amazing. I was like, this is a great transition for me. I was able to get on Kevin crosses promotion called Natural Born Killers. When against gentleman's Ani what, it was just amazing. I was like, This is great. Maybe this is my new route. So it is something that I am passionate about, and I'm thinking about still doing. While I'm still doing MMA,

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we love some Jeana masani on this show. She's amazing. Her and Tim are on the show. I just love her so much. But that's cool. And I know her brother Dave also does pro wrestling and whatnot. I think that might be something that she'll do post MMA career, I've always been intrigued in the fact that it's physical and we're still kind of fighting, but it's, you know, not as physically demanding as MMA and really getting punched in the face.

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Yes, yeah. And they actually have this other organization called lingerie fighting. And so it's basically like pro wrestling, but in the MMA sense, and the girls are in lingerie, like, Oh, that's perfect for me.

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I have heard of that. And I think I you know, start following their page because I have two Instagram accounts, my personal page, and then the sex and violence podcast page. And pretty much the sex and violence podcast page looks like I'm a sexual degenerate because it's just like MMA. You know, like lingerie fighting league like sexy girls, you know, like, Okay, this is my scandalous Instagram, but that's cool that that's an option, right? A lot of us too late in our MMA careers. Think about Oh, no, what's the next step? I mean, hence why I started this podcast. I ain't no spring chicken. So I need to figure out what I'm gonna do after fighting as well. So congrats on at least being ahead of the curve in that sense, you know, you can only fight for so long, right?

Unknown Speaker 15:10
Right. And you can only fight so many times a year to

Unknown Speaker 15:12
this is very, very true. I know that you're making money doing other things besides fighting, which we'll get into later your only fans and whatnot. But June 25 Bella tour, how did this come about? Who you fighting? What's the game plan all those kind of basic bitch questions for fighting.

Unknown Speaker 15:32
It's funny, I was totally in the mindset that I was retired, I was going to focus on jujitsu. A big goal of mine is to get my black belt. So I recently had started going back to training, but most my workouts consist consisted of just weightlifting, doing cardio, Pilates, nothing crazy, definitely didn't throw on any glove. And I had ran into one of the old guys that I got certified with at UFC gym years ago. And he had asked me if I was thinking about fighting again. And I told him no, not right now. If, if the right opportunity comes, I've been approached by a few organizations they offered me like, really low balling the salaries and like I'm not trying to take a fight just to take a fight. Yeah. And I know my worth, I know where I stood with somebody pay, this is what I got paid. I'm not going to take a pay cut. And I was like, Yeah, I got to stand my ground with that for sure. And I told them, I was like, Look, I had three concussions in one year, the year that I got cut. So for me to go back and fight for pennies. It's just not worth it for me right now. And he was like, Well, look, if you want to fight, you need to tell yourself like you need to speak it into existence. You got to have that mindset of Yeah, I'm gonna try it again. And the next day, I had made an Instagram post and I was like, Look, guys, I'm ready. I'm ready to fight again. It's in my blood. This is what I want. And then the next day, Bella Torre contacted my mom. What? Yeah, it's mild. Can you hear things like this and speaking within existence and manifesting, but I'm like, No, this really happened and I can't believe it. But so always praise to everyone like know, if you want something, you have to speak it into existence, whether it's a vision board or putting it in your notes or writing it in your journal. But it's crazy the way the universe works. Yeah,

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as I get older, I'm leaning more towards believing in manifesting and visualization and speaking into the universe because we're living it right. You can say no, no, no, but if you a lot of times, if you say it and you think about it, and you wish for it, and hope for it and work for it right, then it happens. So I don't know if it's, you know, Frou Frou or whatever you want to call it? Or if it's legit, but yeah, good for you for manifesting that or at least, you know, at least getting lucky right putting it out there. Yeah, the timing was was fucking perfect. So for good for you. Plus, I mean, you are like you said, You are in a six fight win streak. You're, you're super cute, you're a little mogwai You know, you're marketable, you're just a ball of fucking energy. And, and you're colorful in, in many ways. And so. So yeah, they probably were like, look at this chick, you know, plus pandemic, you know, is an amazing breeding ground for new talent because you're either ready, or you're not. And those people who are right on the cusp of the UFC and bellator like yourself, the ones that stayed ready. This is the time where they're, they're making their way in there, and they're, you know, getting these opportunities so good for you. And then all right, who cares? I don't care too much about who you're fighting, but what's the name? And you know, what's your game plan going into this fight?

Unknown Speaker 18:44
So her name is Lena I can't pronounce her last name. Okay. Yeah. I remember someone asked me on Instagram, and they're like, um, so are you ready to smash Lina? And then her last name? Sorry, I'm sorry, Lina. If you're listening. Like, I was like, hell yeah, I'm ready to smasher. But also, can I buy her a drink after? Oh, is she a cutie or what? Super cute. She's so cute. Like, she's more time world champ. So I know she's got really good striking but wrestling is my bread and butter. I know. That's where I strive in MMA. So same game plan, take her down, quick finish.

Unknown Speaker 19:26
That's the goal. That's awesome. Do you think that your layoff has you know is gonna come into play on this fight at all? I mean, it's been over a year at least right.

Unknown Speaker 19:36
been two years. I thought 2019 April. Okay. Yeah. So a little over two years. Um, I don't know you're a wrestler. You know, like it's in our blood. Let's see we get on the mat and that's where we strive. This is where we belong. And, um, I I do believe in ring rust, but I think that I honestly just have so much mat count. under my belt, I get in the cage. And I'm like, No, this is where I belong.

Unknown Speaker 20:05
And a lot of the times people take this for granted. But layoffs aren't always a bad thing, you know, we grind so much for so long, it's an opportunity to reset recharge, rekindle the file fire that that once was, was lit in us when we first started this sport that can easily go out from just day in and day out, getting punched in the face and beating our bodies down and starving ourselves and all the other amazing things that come with this sport. But I we're all going to be rooting for you, especially after, you know, hearing your story. So, but let's talk about you on a more personal level. You know, this is called sex and violence. We talked about the violence aspect. Now let's talk about the sex aspect of it. So are you first of all, how do you sexually identify it? That's something I like to ask everyone just I don't want to assume that you are straight by gay, whatever. You know, how do you identify?

Unknown Speaker 21:02
So I identify as pansexual. It's not something that I say to everybody all the time, I don't really believe in labels. But I do identify as pansexual. Because I don't care about the gender of someone that I'm interested, I'm really attracted to energies. And being that it's Pride Month. And labels are important just to help educate people, but then also help people that maybe they don't know what their sexuality is. So I'm very openly expressing to everyone that I do identify as pansexual cool, you're right, you know,

Unknown Speaker 21:39
I feel like pansexual the irony of the phrase pansexual is that most people don't like labels, but that's the label that they choose. If you got to choose a layer, you know, that's their label, it's pansexual. You know, I've done my research because I knew I was going to get a slew of different guests, you know, all across the board, men, women, all different genders, all different ethnicities, sexual preferences, but in your own words, you know, how would you describe pansexual? You said it right now your own you're just you're attracted to? Doesn't matter the gender and energies. But what's the difference between pansexual and bisexual? Like?

Unknown Speaker 22:18
So I'm pansexual is just like an umbrella term for bisexual. But I think as being bisexual, it's typically you like, two different genders where whether you like men and women, or you like women and trans women, or anything, two or more. And bisexuals are usually they're attracted to that person, either because of their gender, or they know that, oh, I am attracted to this man, and knowing that he has those body parts. And for me, like, it doesn't matter what body parts you have, I don't care if you're how you identify, I just care about how you connect with me.

Unknown Speaker 23:05
So the connection and the energies that we have between each other cool, would it be okay to say that, from what I'm understanding? bisexuality? Is it a little bit more based on physical attraction and pansexual is more about the overall attraction. It doesn't have to be basic doesn't have to be just the gender but you know, like you said, energies and you know, other things that are attractive?

Unknown Speaker 23:33
Correct? Yeah, I think pansexual you're just more open to anybody and bisexual you can be a little pickier. Got it? Yeah. Yeah. And I mean, there are bisexual people that would say, No, no, I don't care either. But like I said, it's just an umbrella term. One.

Unknown Speaker 23:47
One thing I did read, and I thought was cool to mention, because people, you know, I hope that we're educating someone right now, I hope someone's listening to the show. And they're like, ah, pansexual did not know that was a thing. But I read that, you know, a lot of the misconception with pansexual terminology is that, you know, people hear that and they think, oh, pansexual that means you're attracted to anybody. No, not necessarily anybody. It's that you're open to anybody. But not everybody, right? Yes. But there's no prep, like you don't have a preference. Got it? Got it. Okay, so you identify as pansexual and then what's your dating status? Are you seeing someone? Are you single?

Unknown Speaker 24:24
So I am I'm very single. I had a two year relationship that ended very badly in February. And it Yeah, so I think that's what's also gonna help me just bring the fire to this fight.

Unknown Speaker 24:42
Well, without without giving Oh, so so you're gonna kind of transfer some of that animosity towards your ex into this fight is what you're saying?

Unknown Speaker 24:50
Not so much animosity, but I would say just like, no, like, I'm a boss pitch and I don't need you and I got this and I'm a motherfucking champion. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 25:01
sometimes it's not like, I mean, I don't think I've ever went into a fight, wanting to prove wanting to win just for someone else. But you and I both know that there's a lot of reasons why you want to win and proven a motherfucker wrong is real, real motivating, you know, whether it's an ex, or an old coach, or some fucking troll on Twitter is just like, come on a winner for a lot of reasons. But Oh, good for you. Okay, and I don't want to give this you know, x, too much spotlight. We don't know what he did. But, you know, why didn't it work out? Was it something that had to do with your lifestyle training, you know, you're getting back into fighting.

Unknown Speaker 25:41
Um, so this is where I also like, some kind of identity that I've been dealing with lately is, I feel like I'm more gender fluid. And how I was in my last relationship is I was basically the man in the relationship. I was I bought the house, I had the car, we drove all the time, I paid pretty much all the bills, and it got to be a lot and the communication just wasn't there anymore. And he lashed out on me So technically, I guess he broke up with me because I had asked him if he could help me pay bills. Who knows? I don't know. There's many reasons. It just a lot of anger issues, a lot of miscommunication. Pull your own weight in a relationship. You have to go 5050 in a relationship.

Unknown Speaker 26:30
Yeah. So it sounds like this dude just wasn't pulling his weight. No. Okay. Well, I'm sorry to hear that. But you know, if he was the one who, you know, broke it off, but it sounds like he did you a favor.

Unknown Speaker 26:43
Yes. Yes, sir. Truly embracing being a badass bitch.

Unknown Speaker 26:47
Awesome. Did he have any issues with your, you know, being open sexually at all?

Unknown Speaker 26:53
No, not at all. And I do thank him for helping me express myself sexually and really understand and come to acceptance with a lot of things that I had tried. So um, yeah, that's great that I was in a relationship with like that. And it was very encouraging with only fans and discovering what I wanted in a relationship. So I hate to bash like exes or anything. But yeah, for that.

Unknown Speaker 27:20
I mean, with any, you know, relationship, whether it's a friendship or whatever, you know, if it's, you know, for that time being or if it's forever, they always teach you some lessons, right. So, I like to have no regrets, you know, no regrets and, and just, you know, try and try to learn and be a better partner after every situation, right? So I think you'll know maybe now in the future moving forward, maybe be more vocal with you know, your partner needing to pull their weight or whatever it is, right? Yes. So with with being pansexual you know, I was reading up a lot and polyamory kind of goes hand in hand. Would you call yourself polyamorous as well?

Unknown Speaker 28:02
I do. So, being that I'm single, I would say I'm so low poly being that I don't have multiple partners right now. I am very single believe in poly relationships and I'm I would say ethical non monogamous. So that means that being said, like if I'm dating someone they know that I'm dating other people or if I'm sleeping with someone else, it's something that is discussed it's nothing that I'm trying to hide from anybody I'm not cheating on anybody it's all agreed upon.

Unknown Speaker 28:35
And that's what polyamory is right it You said it perfectly ethical non monogamy so multiple partners but there's no shading is going on. Everybody's in the know. Everyone knows the situation going in. Correct. Okay. Or was that the situation with your with the last guy you got? He knew you were pansexual were you also seeing multiple partners but openly?

Unknown Speaker 29:01
So he didn't really want to be poly we were more just non monogamous. We were in the lifestyle which a lot of people know is swinging. So okay, we were swingers, what is the difference between poly and non monogamous? So poly? Well, they kind of go hand in hand. Some people would say that the same some people identify them differently. But non monogamous would just mean that you are exclusive to one partner. And then polyamory goes into more of creating more than one loving relationship. Oh, so

Unknown Speaker 29:39
it's not just about sex? Yes. Hmm. Okay, because I just feel like polyamory I'm like, Oh, you guys just all want to bone each other. I get it.

Unknown Speaker 29:48
I guess that's not it.

Unknown Speaker 29:49
Yeah, that would be like non monogamous or there'd be in the lifestyle slash swingers. Okay, polyamory goes more into your dating multiple partners.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Wow, okay, I have so many questions. I'm over here like, you know, I got one relationship we're committed, we're monogamous, but like that itself, one partner has its own hiccups, right? its own battles. And you know, you have to give that person attention emotionally, mentally, physically, you know? And so yeah, how do you deal with having multiple partners and not? You know, what's the word, you know, leaving someone out on a certain level, whether it is physically when you're in the middle of sex, you know, like, hey, you're loving on someone else. But you got to make sure everyone gets enough love or even mentally and emotionally. You know, what if you have multiple partners, and someone needs to call you, but you're on the phone with your other boyfriend, girlfriend?

Unknown Speaker 30:45
Yeah, it's a lot. And that's why I do think that polyamorous people are some of the strongest people I know, just because they can't be jealous. Well, you can't Of course you have you have the right to be jealous. But it's a lot like seeing your partner with someone else. You have to be accepting of seeing your partner happy without you and dating someone else and doing what they need to fulfill themselves. And you can create any rule that you want in your relationship. So for me and my ex, for example, he wasn't okay with me dating other people. So I didn't go out on dates with other people. But we would bring people over he brought it with me sleeping with other people. But he didn't want me to have feelings with other men or women or good anybody. Okay. Um, yeah. And so for me, like, I don't think that I personally would do that again. It was really hard for me, I have so much love for everybody. And I think that dating is amazing. I think that it's a it's a way of connecting with people. It's a way to learn more about yourself. Learn more about other people. Um, but I never say never. I'm definitely open to any opportunity. I could be monogamous one day for all I know. But right now, like I am Holly, and I'm super open to whatever comes next for me. Honestly, I kind of feel like I'm in this like unicorn stance where I almost want to date a couple. Like, that's like my main focus right now is like women and couples is what I've been drawn to mostly lately, but it always changes my mood.

Unknown Speaker 32:21
It seems I mean, I don't want to presume but I'm assuming that maybe a majority of your life, you weren't pansexual. And so now it's like almost palate cleansing. Right? You're like, I've had lots of dudes. Let's try a couple or more girls. You know, what? When did you realize you were poly?

Unknown Speaker 32:40
Ah, well, so I've been interested in women from a young age. So I was probably like, 16 when I really was like, Oh, yeah, I like women, too. Um, but it wasn't until I want to say two or three years ago, when I started being open about it and telling people Hey, I am bi like, I am interested in women as well. And I think it was because I was in mixed martial arts that I was kind of like hush hush about it. But that's also a big reason why I was hush hush about relationships, I had never been in a serious relationship. So ever. I kind of was, um, until three years ago, three years ago is when I first started, like, actually getting into a relationship. And all before that, like I dated a guy that lived in Minnesota. And when we were together, it was great. And when we were apart, we saw other people so I feel like it was like I I was Paulie before I knew I was Paulie.

Unknown Speaker 33:37
Yeah, and, and correct me if I'm wrong, but the last few years. I mean, I know Polly has always been a thing but yay for Pride Month, but also yay for these last few years. I feel like just you know, the the openness of society or society being okay with people being open sexually has just grown and exploded, you know, that. Obviously, there's a huge transgender movement going on right now. But just embracing whatever sexuality you are. And I started hearing about Polly these last few a lot more these last few years. So maybe you felt like it was an Okay, time to, you know, let people know that you that's how you identify?

Unknown Speaker 34:17
Definitely, yeah, I think over the past years, there's been more books, more podcasts using a lot more people. tic tocs helped a ton. Really? Yeah, I feel like Tick Tock because they're like less than a minute videos. And so a lot of people's attention spans just aren't there. So they're not doing the research of Oh, I'm going to sit down and read this book on polyamory. Oh, I'm going to listen to this podcast about being non monogamous. I'm going to research about being bisexual, but with tic tocs. It's like less than a minute. You watch this video, and you can either identify it or realize like, Oh, that's not what I am or Oh, this is something that I would be interested in. So I feel like that's also helped a ton with people opening their eyes. So

Unknown Speaker 34:59
ticking Tick tock, not just a bunch of dance moves and young kids on there. Okay, good to know, I feel like I'm showing my age but just like Tick Tock. I'm like, oh

Unknown Speaker 35:08
god, it's

Unknown Speaker 35:09
just one more app I don't want to learn, but I feel like I need to jump on the boat. Finally.

Unknown Speaker 35:14
You're all you could do like a whole like house transformation in less than a minute. That's how I'm like organization hacks less than a minute.

Unknown Speaker 35:22
That's what I need. That's cool.

Unknown Speaker 35:24
You mentioned earlier about 16 years old was when you knew you're attracted to women. Was that when you had your first, you know, girl on girl experience, or was it much later in life?

Unknown Speaker 35:36
Yeah, I, I kissed my first girl at 16. And, um, that's definitely when I was like, Alright, yeah, I'm interested in this. Is that did you kiss a boy before? That was a girl you kiss? Oh, yeah. I mean, I lost my virginity at a super young age. Like I lost my virginity at 13. And, uh, yeah, that I went into high school and I was one of the only girls on the high school wrestling team was me and one other girl so I was just surrounded by guys. locker room talk galore. So story of my life. Definitely put me into like more of a dude mindset. I'm just gonna go sleep with this guy. No big deal.

Unknown Speaker 36:17
Alright, so you've had this, you know, sexual experience up to this point, like a lot of sexual discovery is what I'm realizing. But you know, now you're comfortable with with who you are. And you know, you're single. But are you trying to just stay single? Are you doing the online dating thing? What are you doing?

Unknown Speaker 36:35
So I jumped back on Bumble. For anybody that doesn't know, it's a dating app where the girl has to make the first move, which I appreciate. Because sometimes, like all the imagine with people and guys can come on kind of strong, sometimes. You don't say. So it definitely like it gives you the opportunity to weed those out, create the connections and decide, am I going to message this person or not. And I probably downloaded it maybe a month ago now. And I connected with a few people, meaning that we messaged back and forth. But the only person that I've actually hung out with from my matches on Bumble is a guy that I had slept with two years ago pretty consistently. So it's kind of like, Hey, you look familiar.

Unknown Speaker 37:26
Let's just jump back right where we were two years ago. Nice. Did you guys go out? Or is that like maybe something you'll consider later?

Unknown Speaker 37:34
Um, I don't think that we would ever date honestly. We're really cool. Like, I'll go to his place. He comes to my place like it's great. We

Unknown Speaker 37:45
text maybe once a week. And that's that. So are you looking for very well, understanding?

Unknown Speaker 37:51
Are you looking for another poly partner, someone who's, you know, wants to live that lifestyle? I am. Um,

Unknown Speaker 37:59
I don't know if I want it right now. Especially now that I'm in fight camp. You know, I have like kind of took like taking a step away from dating apps where I was just swiping and being like, woohoo, can I go on a date with but now that I'm four weeks out from my fight, I'm like, okay, I really don't have time to message people or connect with people the way that I want to being that my main focus is just winning this fight. So I think after my fight, I definitely want to start dating again, I'm looking to make some intimate connections. I have some friends right now that I have really good connections with emotionally and sexually. But they're not people that I see myself dating later on just more so part of my poly tribe, if you if you say that,

Unknown Speaker 38:45
okay, poly tribe, I love that terminology. What is it? What is a poly tribe? Is this something that you have coined? Or is this something that I need to throw into my vocabulary because it's actually a thing.

Unknown Speaker 38:56
So I've heard the term thrown around here and there, I don't know if it's like an actual terminology. Like what my friends say. Um, I mean, I've heard different terminologies, whether they're people say like, Oh, this is like, my poly group, or this is my lifestyle group. This is my tribe. But yeah, I have a group of people that some of them are dating, some of them are married, and some of them I'm just hooking up with or some of them I just kiss when I see. And that would be like all in the community where we all know each other. We're all friends. And that would be like our group.

Unknown Speaker 39:36
Okay, so one thing that comes to mind that's not so sexy to talk about, but I think it's important is safe sex, you know, protected sex. So, poly tribe, you know, most people, if you just say swingers, I think that's how they'll understand the vibe of situation. You know, the closest thing that they can understand most people, poly tribe, how do you make sure everyone is safe? I mean, what if you go to some Party and people are having sex, but they're not wearing protection. You know, like, how do you? Is it mandatory? You know, can you explain a little bit on that situation?

Unknown Speaker 40:10
I'm actually so happy that you brought this up because it was something that I wanted to talk about. Cool. We get such a bad rap for being like, oh, all the swingers, you guys probably all have chlamydia. Like, oh my gosh, like, it's probably the safest bet to be part of like, a swinger or lifestyle or orgy party, whatever you want to call it, then to meet someone online and just hook up with them. There's not enough people that are comfortable to ask their partners as someone they're dating, like, hey, when was the last time you're tested, I just want to make sure that we're good to go. And a lot of people are really uncomfortable with that. But being part of the lifestyle being in this community, it's something where most of them are married, or they are in committed relationships, or they just really care about their health, and which is great, and you're sleeping with multiple people. So I think that's so important that if you're going to sleep with these people, you need to be tested regularly. And all the parties that I do attend, I make sure that their parties that you get cleared before you even stepped foot in the door. So nobody that has not taken a full panel STD test is not even allowed in that house.

Unknown Speaker 41:20
So you have to like, you know, instead of like showing your ID at the door, you got to show your STD test. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 41:26
we're we'd like be in like a group chat. Like, we'll all be in a group chat, like, Hey, guys, we're gonna have a party this weekend, make sure that you submit your your full panel test before. And so you either have like, your tests on your phone, little screenshot paper, whatever it is, but everyone just make sure that they submit their test results before going in. And that's not to say that when you go into these parties, you're going to sleep with everybody. And that's another misconception that a lot of people have that. Oh, you go to these origins, fuck 50 guys that night? No. Like, maybe like so. I don't know, I think a lot of people just need to familiarize himself a little bit more and try to understand try to learn about it, if it is going to be something that they shame. And I think it's important for people to understand because then they might be more accepting of it, or they might want to even try it. But I think that now that I'm dating again to and being on on Bumble, and one thing that I would ask partners before I go on a date is like, hey, when was the last time you were tested. And I think a lot of people read that wrong, as in, I'm just trying to hook up with that person. But you don't know where it's gonna go. Maybe things go really well. And you sleep together on the first date. And I don't want to be in a position where your clothes are coming off and we're hot and heavy. And then I'm like, hey, by the way, like

Unknown Speaker 42:47
your any dude with a boner is gonna be like, Yes, I yeah. Yeah, I mean, girls, too. You know, they can be horndogs too, but wow, okay, I'm just so happy that you're so comfortable talking about it, because I don't think I've ever asked a partner. Hey, when is the last time you got an STD or, you know, STI guess what you're supposed to do?

Unknown Speaker 43:12
If you were to do yeah, if you were to ask people do a survey, I guarantee, one out of 10 people have asked a partner like, hey, when was the last time you were tested?

Unknown Speaker 43:21
Yeah, we should definitely put more emphasis on sexual health, rather than all these other things, you know, we'll talk about but yeah, no, I mean, it's definitely something that you know, not just in the poly tribe, but you know, if you're having sex, you need to be getting tested, right? Yes, stay safe friends, for sure. I want to keep talking about swinger parties. But I also want to showcase your only fans and and why you got into that what you're doing. Exactly. You know, specifically because I was, I don't know, just drawn to your Instagram recently, you know, actually, this past year, I've really kept eyes on you, you just look like you've been thriving with your only fancy. There's a lot of there's a huge movement right now, right men, women, and a lot of fighters that are, you know, utilizing only fans, but some people are killing it. And I feel like you are one of those people that have you know, monetized it, you know, in a whole nother way. So, tell us how you got into it and why initially.

Unknown Speaker 44:21
So, only fans was something that I had nothing like I had no knowledge of whatsoever. I knew that it was the site that was known for porn, but that there were actually like athletes that were doing, whether it be like a jujitsu technique, or there were singers doing behind the scenes before they make their music videos. That's pretty much all I knew about the site. And at the time, this was last year right before COVID hit. I was working three jobs. I was crying because I didn't know how I was going to pay my rent that month. And then there was news that we were going to go into quarantine soon. And I was like, if we go into quarantine, I am so fucked. And I remember calling Cleveland Clinic if you guys aren't familiar with Cleveland Clinic, it's a brain study here in Vegas, but you take like four hours in the clinic so they can research your brain. And you get $100. Yeah. Everything Yeah. And then you get all your information, which is great if you're a fighter, but for me, I was like, Oh, it's $100. I need $100. If we're going into quarantine, I'm going to need this money. And I was just in that desperate position where I was, like, really freaking out. And I was like, You know what, let's do only fans. And I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't start only fans with intention of like, yeah, I'm starting only fans. I'm making porn. We're gonna make millions. Yes. Like, I just knew it was a paid platform. It was a way that I can make income. I had no idea what I was going to pose for the whole like first two, three weeks, the most I showed was like my thong string while I was baking cupcakes. I was just like, I had no direction whatsoever. But I was like, This is fun. I'm having my fans on here going live. I was doing little shows of me like singing random songs and taking cupcakes and painting my nails. And it was just like, a typical live feed. And then once we were like, deep into quarantine, I was like, You know

Unknown Speaker 46:21
what, fuck it.

Unknown Speaker 46:22
Let's just go all in. And I indeed went all in.

Unknown Speaker 46:28
And what exactly is all in for for those of us who don't have an imagination?

Unknown Speaker 46:34
So I did make some some sex tapes, guys. Sorry if that like offends you, or you're a super against it? Or you're gonna call me a porn star now?

Unknown Speaker 46:44
I don't I don't think anyone listening to this podcast is is gonna be Yeah, they're just like, let me get that link.

Unknown Speaker 46:52
Yeah. So I mean, I thought it was just it was fun. Like, I I'm very open sexually. I love sex. It was never a secret to anybody. But I was like, hey, what if we filmed this? Like, yeah, this is fun. It was never like a stage thing. It was never like, Oh, hey, grab my camera. Like, let me give you head. It was like, No, like, if we're in the moment, things are hot. And that's what I had always done. Like always, but if I'm with a partner, and I think it's kind of hot, like recording stuff sometimes. So I'd be like, hey, grab the cameras. You can watch this later. And so it started all kind of like that. And then eventually, it was just like, oh, wow, like, we kind of have a lot of material now. start selling this.

Unknown Speaker 47:36
All right. Okay, so my first question is, you probably started off alone, you know, and then gradually brought in partners. You know, so do you just, I've only been on I've never actually logged on and and subscribed, you know, or paid someone's membership. I know, you can show a butt cheek basically, what Jessica? eisah? She does, and then I feel like you do full on, you know, full sex with, you know, men and women, correct? Yes. Okay. So, I guess, you know, how did you start bringing different partners in? And how did you phrase that? Like, Hey, would you like to make some money? No, I don't know. You pay them. I know if they get a cut. How's that work?

Unknown Speaker 48:21
Um, so I was with I was dating my ex at the time, we were together and we were quarantined together. So it was literally all we did was watch Netflix, have sex and eat pizza? Sounds like there's no complaints here. And then I was like, Oh, well, I love dressing up. I love accessorizing. I love you do and I got into a little alter ego, where I made a VIP page where, okay, you can only get my sex tapes. If you've been subscribed to me for over a month. That way I can build some trust. And that's kind of where I'm at right now, too, is that I did have some stuff leak on Twitter, on Reddit and other sites. And so I'm trying to figure out where I want my videos posted and how I want them. And so I am in a position where I want to make sure that these fans that I have are creating a trusting relationship with me where they're not going to be like, sign up, hey, give me a sec state like no, that's not how this works. Like you sign up to my only fans. This is going to be like a relationship. You need to build my trust. You need to date me, you need to like get to know me and then we'll, we'll see later down the line. So that's kind of like how I started with that. But I was in a relationship so we were building content together. We pretty much had threesomes pretty consistently in our relationship as it was. And almost every girl that we had threesomes with, we're always down to shoot content because they're like us. The sex is great. Sure. No one ever asked for money or anything or like I pretty much convinced any girl that we did. With to create known fans, but

Unknown Speaker 50:02
I do I do see that you're also creating your own kind of campaign, which is called the beauty. I'm sorry, I don't have it in front of me right now. But what am I? Bartlett champions? Yeah, boss bitch championship. I'm sorry, I didn't have in front of me. So So what is the boss bitch championship.

Unknown Speaker 50:22
So I wanted to create something for how we are quoted as sex workers, whether people are having sex or not anybody that hasn't only fans is almost labeled immediately as a sex worker. And I know tons of girls that aren't having sex. And only fans, I'm pretty sure all the girls that you've interviewed on here, none of them have actually done a sex clip on only fans, I could be wrong, but they're no less. That's about it. Yeah. And so, um, I mean, a lot of us or just immediately labeled the sex workers. And I think it was hurting a lot of the girls emotionally and just not understanding like, I don't want to be a sex worker, but I'm on only fans and like, you can be upset, like, if you wanna be a sex worker, be a sex worker, like, nobody's gonna shame you, other than people that don't know, or they're just like, not informed of what you're doing. And if those people are surrounding you, like, leave them, you don't need that in your life, you don't need that negativity in your life. And so I wanted to create a brand or a platform or some kind of environment for these women to come together with like minded women that are in the same industry, and just build them up, make them happy, make sure that they have friends in the same community as them, but then they're also still getting that bag. And so I was like, What could I do, and it was something I thought of a really long time. And me being a wrestler, I was very familiar with the tournament style 16 man brackets, four man brackets, eight man brackets, and I was like, I want to do something with a bracket, I want to do something that's like a championship. And then I love games. I'm super in touch with my inner child and I was like, Minute to Win It games. Let's do Minute to Win a games, all in our lingerie, all for this championship title. And so I put it together on like two weeks notice I invited over like eight all my fans, girls, I think there's five of us total that showed up. And we just played these mini games, and we're all in our lingerie, we're all hyping each other up. We're all just having the best time ever. And it was honestly like the best connection that I've had with women in a long time. And they all just kept thanking me saying how this is a great opportunity to meet other creators that way, they can either create content with them later down the line, or they can help each other out with shout out for shout outs. But it was just a really good opportunity for these girls to feel better about themselves to get extra content that's not sex content that they could still post on their page, and then have a good time.

Unknown Speaker 52:52
That sounds very, very fun. I love games. I'm definitely in touch with my inner child as well. And it is hard as you get older to make friends, right? It's good. You just

Unknown Speaker 53:02
have a fighter edition one but you have to go to Vegas, okay, I don't take my clothes off, but I'll come it's gonna be fighter editions are all going to be in like, fourth rounds. And like, whatever your fight is so good. Perfect. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 53:15
That is so cool. I really like your entrepreneurial mindset with your only fans. And you're right. A lot of people just get, you know, chunked into that, oh, she's a sex worker. And since you did bring up the fact that you're now labeled a sex worker, but you are back in contract with a high level promotion like Bella Torre, do you ever worry about them saying something about that? And I only bring this up because I just remembered when you said none of our other guests have probably had full sex. Actually a male guest Tyler good john, a bare knuckle boxer. I'm not sure if he still signed with them. He had full sex. He was doing porn on his only fans. And that was some that caused friction between Bare Knuckle and him. And there was other friction that went on, I believe. But that's neither here nor there. So are you worried and concerned with backlash from Bella Torre, or even backlash with I don't know just people in the industry at all?

Unknown Speaker 54:12
I am it is something that I have really thought about. And I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do about that. So far, I haven't had anybody approached me about it. I've talked to my manager about it. And he he loves that I'm a sex worker. He loves it. I'm super open about it. He's like, I don't want to be in a position that I go back into fighting and I quit only fans just for people to say Oh, see, she was just desperate for money. And that's why she was in only fans. Now that she's fighting again. She doesn't want to do only fans. And that's not what I want people to think I don't want people to think only fans is an easy way out or it's a quick buck. And then once you're doing something else, you don't need it anymore. It is something that I'm passionate about. It is something that I love doing. It's not anything that I'm doing against my will. It's not something that I think is a quick buck, it is very challenging. It's still a business. But if it does interfere with Fighting, fighting is going to be my first love. Always. I'll take fighting over anything any day. And so if that means just not making sex tapes anymore, I'm sure that's fine. Because when I would go back to it, right, when that, what was that,

Unknown Speaker 55:24
you can always go back to it. I mean, you and I know, we got the short window, you know. But I mean, really, as long as it's, it's funny, because our window for fighting is based on, you know, kind of like how well we stay, you know, how well we treat our body, you know, injuries, whatnot. And then your only fans and any kind of sex work, I think is also based on how good you look, you know, because you can look, you can be older and still look good, it doesn't matter. But then you can't really be older and a fighter because it's just an internal thing your beat up for after so many years. So I think that's smart of you to always put fighting first because that window closes closing all the time for all of us. Yeah, and only fans sex work, whatever it is, as long as you still keep it tight. I think you're good. You know,

Unknown Speaker 56:12
I want to ask you, speaking of keeping your case, something that I wanted to bring up. I think that this is a huge issue with, I don't want to say men and categorize men, but mostly men have said this, that, oh, you're such a slut, you must be so loose, sleeping with all these men is something that I'm trying to shut the fuck down. Like, there is no nothing that a woman does when she's sleeping with 50 different men versus sleeping with one guy 50 times. And I need people to understand that.

Unknown Speaker 56:44
I think you know, a grown ass man who says that is probably just insecure and not comfortable with what you know you're doing. Maybe he's even a little jealous. But anyone who's smart knows that the vagina is resilient and stretches back. And like you said, it doesn't matter if you're having sex with this many people or this many people. Yeah, pussies are great. So yeah, but yeah, it's good that you said that. Yes. And that's just something that's, you know, I think people men specifically are always going to use as ammunition against women because of their pre spirit or, you know, doing whatever is not so socially the norm sexually and basically, Fuck that, you know, I think you and me and a lot of women who are, you know, people who are more, you know, for the progressive movement of sexuality, I think we don't generally give two fucks about what they say, but hopefully that will fade out. You know, yes, loose vagina phrase, but I want to know, you know, so I guess I could subscribe to your only fans. But could you tell me, you know, a little bit about what you are into, I know who you're into, you know, it's a broad spectrum. But physically, what are you into? What are some things that you like, in the bedroom? specifically? Things

Unknown Speaker 58:00
I like in the bedroom? Hmm, um, I don't have like any specific kings. I feel like a lot of my friends in the lifestyle are either like, really into like, BDSM make home bunnies. So they're either like submissive, but I'm like, I I'm not really into that. And there's even a test that I did and I was actually gonna send it to you. So you could like, just so you can get some knowledge of it and like, see other things that people like kinks that people are into? I know I will. I will right after this. And maybe I try it out. Like take the test yourself. Okay. But, um, I took the test and I was like, I don't know I'm not like, really into anything. Super kinky, I guess. Um, I mean, I like group sex. I that's something I love. I love three songs. But um, I think that I really like away from kink. Something that I like, is just like playing with temperatures. I like playing with like wax or ice or like when you blow on me like oh my gosh, if you're having sex, you have orgasm and they blow on your back like on your lower back after you just game. Oh my god. guys take note

Unknown Speaker 59:09
I'm writing. I'm writing this down right now. You mentioned being submissive or dominant? You know? That's a question I always ask because you know, men or women you know, most people on here are very alpha right? You know, we're fighters, jujitsu people, you know, even you know, metal guitars metal basis was on here last week, like, are you submissive in the bedroom, even though insists you know, in your normal lifestyle, you're kind of a dominant woman.

Unknown Speaker 59:36
That's what I always thought was really interesting about me that I was really trying to hear out because before I would always tell people, I'm submissive with men, but um, I like a submissive women, a woman for me. And I'm like, I don't know. But then now that I've gotten older, and I've slept with more, more women, more men. It's not not so much the case anymore. I think it's More so the energy that they give to me. So, I like to either balance it or sometimes like, I'll play and I'll like fight back with it. But there's not like a specific position that I like to be in. Like, if you're forcing me to be submissive, I'm 100% not going to be submissive.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
Yeah, that's our natural fighter in us. Like, what do you want me to do? Okay, what about any like pet peeves? You know, it's always interesting because what someone likes may not be what another person likes and what someone doesn't like maybe exactly what the other person does, like so are there any bedroom pet peeves that you have?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:44
Have you um,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:49
I really don't have any like crazy pet peeves. I like dirty talk. And they kind of like, if I'm dirty talking and they're not talking back. I'm, I'm pretty much over it over me like, like, be in the moment and like, talk to you and then give me nothing in return.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
You're like, Look this.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
This is not a monologue, right? This is a two person scene or for you like three person scene, I guess. Yeah, I mean, I like

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17
when people are a little verbal. So like, Oh my god, it feels so good. Like, that's all you have to say. Really? Like, just open your mouth a little bit. I think we're all on the same page. Nobody wants a dead fish and nobody wants someone to be like a mute. So yeah. My god my one thing my one thing that like I will never forget is that I went down on this girl and she called me mommy. And that was like an immediate like, Okay, I gotta go.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:43
I know. It's weird, though. How come it's weird for a girl to call you mommy. But it's sexy. When a girl calls a guide daddy. I think like if she called me Daddy, I'd probably be okay with it. Honestly. She called me mommy. I was like, I don't know how I feel about this is not supposed to be therapy. I gotta go.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
Okay, well, I feel like we're getting towards the lightning sex round. You're familiar with this show? So I don't have to explain it to you. But for everyone at home. Lightning sex round is where I asked either a one word or one phrase question and you have to answer rapid fire Yes or no? Ready? Okay, ready. Lightning sex round with Kira. All right. Do you dirty talk in bed just talked about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:38
Yes. Love it. Spank or like to be spanked? I like spanking. I don't like a stinging spank, though. Yeah, don't make me forget. Don't leave a handprint. Yeah, biting. Yes, choking. Yes, threesomes Oh, hell yeah. For you. Do you watch porn? Yes. What kind of porn? Do you watch? I guess you could watch any kind of porn but do you have a specific love? I honestly love subscribing to girls all my fans like it's just it's fine. Like I'm supporting other women now like Oh, you're only fans? Yeah, that's sweet and pervy. Have you good for you? Are you into bondage like ropes blindfolds? Um, not really, occasionally. Not not like I did a shabari seminar, which was really cool. So that's the role play. So learning how to tie people. Oh, it's not something I'm really into. But occasionally,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
very cool. Okay. And definitely you'll find someone to come on and talk more about that. ropa. Guy shabari shabari. Okay, well, Note to self. And what about role playing? I'm not really I think I am too goofy to roleplay Alright, but stuff on you or a partner? Yes. Do you use sex toys? Yes to money someone sponsor me.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
ever been to a sex club? Yes. Many

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
know you've been to swinger parties. And then are you a lingerie lover? Mmm, that's a funny thing. Like, I

Unknown Speaker 1:04:14
like playing dress up, but I feel kind of uncomfortable in lingerie. Like, I'm like, I don't know, I like being naked.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:22
I like the sexy feeling of lingerie. But it's very hard for me to get that because I feel like you know, you feel me on this. I'm either cutting weight and like none of my clothes fit because I'm not used to being this like in shape and skinny. Or I'm a thick voluptuous woman and I've got like the lace or the cutting into my thigh and I'm like, this is not sexy. I don't feel sexy.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:47
I always like that weird moment because I'm not in a relationship. And so if I'm like, dating guy, I'm like, when is it appropriate to me be like, I'm just gonna wear lingerie under my clothes and then come over and take it off and then I'm like sexy, but then you're just going to take it off in two seconds anyway.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:01
Yeah, if you do it too soon, I feel like they're like, Whoa, this girl's fucking freaky, you know? Yeah, there's probably never a good time. I never never a bad time to surprise your partner with lingerie though. It's

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
probably okay. We need

Unknown Speaker 1:05:14
guys on your show to like, explain when to approach the whole lingerie situation and how to do that

Unknown Speaker 1:05:20
this is totally random. But, you know, speaking of letting someone know or telling someone, when do you tell someone that you are pansexual or polyamorous? I mean, if you like the poly thing is big. Right? You know, pansexual Yeah, you know, obviously, you're into them. So it's not that big of a deal. But like polyamory, you know, you probably need to let them know, upfront, like, hey, like, the lifestyle that I choose is non monogamy. So when do you do that?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:46
I have that in my dating profile. So it's definitely something that I'm like, Hey, this is what you're dealing with. When you match with me. This is something that I am like, I'm not gonna be I'm not paying me. This is who I am. And it's the same thing where if I'm with a guy that I didn't meet, or girl, whoever, if I meet someone, either online or in person, and we start talking where I feel like if we go on a date, maybe something will happen. It's around the same time that I'll ask them like, hey, when was the last time he got fully tested? Like hey, I'm pansexual and I'm also polyamorous, so it's around like the same conversation. I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:23
think that's an exciting bag of information. Like oh man, what am I getting myself into? Okay, cool. Well, the next segment is fuck marry kill

Unknown Speaker 1:06:42
one marry one kill one go. I think we're done.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
We're done here. I know you're familiar with the game but for those of you who are not I'm going to give her three names. She's got to choose which one she wants to fuck. Which one she wants to marry and which one she wants to kill. You ready? Oh yeah, this is the one I'm nervous for no no Don't be nervous. You know I know we know a lot of the same people and in the industry and yada yada but i thought you know what, let's keep it light hearted. Let's go Logan Paul. CM Punk. And I really hope you've seen this movie but Kevin James from here comes the boom

Unknown Speaker 1:07:17
Oh my gosh. Okay. Logan Paul has to die. This guy okay, I think a lot of us can agree with you on that. Step down.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:29
Yes. Now,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:31
what am I dealing with? Let's see. So now you're left with American fuck CM Punk fuck cM palmen marry the Here comes the boom guy. Cuz he's hilarious. He'll make you laugh. Yes, he's super fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:46
And you probably don't want to bang him because he's not you know? He's not Mr. January Okay, cool. So now some fan questions crossed. These are all real questions from people that wrote in on the Instagram. Okay, at Kimber bill, how important are your fans and supporters to your drive to win and your motivation to train.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:16
So I love leading by example, I love the energy that all my fans give me it really feels like it's all of our win when I win. So I definitely tried to make that a community and that's why I do post so much on Instagram. And I try to get everyone involved doing I'm not a fighter where it's like no I'm gonna stay quiet and then just when fight comes here I am like no, all my struggles are put online. My breakup I put online any hardships that I'm dealing with. A lot of people saw that I just adopted this dog the stray dog but I had broke my phone my laptop I infection like anything little that I feel like somebody could either connect with or be like, Oh, man, this happened to me too. I'm not alone and or just send me over good energy. I'm all about it. So it is really important for me to have that fanbase and build that community.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:11
So I'm so happy that you do that. So many people you and I know they just put on the good times that the good posts, right like, Oh, this happened to me this you know, filter this we're just filtering our lives and we're only showcasing the best parts. But one thing that I told myself when I started this podcast was that obviously I'm going to be 100% open with the listeners that you know because I'm wanting the guests you to be so open so how can I not be so open? And part of that openness is talking about the bad times? You know, I've talked about struggles in my own personal relationship you know, body dysmorphia that I you know, I struggle with you know, as far as you know, my injuries, you know, all the things that are not Oh, you don't want to talk about it because it's not nice. I think just like you're saying it is so important. To talk about because you never know who's going to resonate with that right and that brings right and so, so good good on you for doing that. It's so important. Oh good. Yes. And then next we got Nick Corey, shout out to air media he does our graphics. What are the three most attractive female fighters in no particular order? Who is a good one? Tracy Cortez. I love you. Think about that. chases a little cutie Yeah, Episode Five. Oh my goodness. Like Tracy, are you gay? Hey, she's on the show. She said she was open. So maybe slide into those DMS. I actually was watching a show last night and Eva Longoria came up and I was like, that looks like Tracy Cortez.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:55

Unknown Speaker 1:10:56
she's so pretty. I was like cut Damn. Okay, so Tracy Cortez number one? Yes. Rachel ostrich. Surprised anybody? Come on. Look at them. They're amazing. Girl. Yeah, she's a beautiful. Yes. And then my third

Unknown Speaker 1:11:10
huh? Who? Who else? And those are like my top two? Hmm. Trying to think now. I don't really watch like women's MMA on it. Okay, well, those are the top two. That's good.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:27
All right. And then what about at Heather Webber joker? What advice would you give your younger self

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
to not give a shit what other people are saying about you? I feel like I've battled so long with just trying to figure out like, what if this person thinks this of me? And what if my mom is gonna be upset with me if I do this? And what if this person doesn't talk to me if I post this, and I always cared so much about what other people were gonna say about me. And I feel like that's what took me so long to really come out and figure out who I was sexually who I was, with my identity, everything just because I struggled for such a long time trying to please everybody else. And knowing that I was always in the always in the public eye with fighting since I was 13 years old. So I was doing interviews since I was 13. And so I was constantly like, man, no, I'm like this cute little girl next door. I was the cheerleader. I don't cuz like I'm all about my family. And that was the image that I was trying carry with me for such a long time that when I did do something, quote unquote bad or when I was sleeping with someone, like I was like, oh, shoot, like, I hope nobody finds out. I can't post anything about this. can't post drinking can't pose like any type of cleavage or anything sexy. And it was really just something that I think I created in my own head. I don't think that anyone actually cared. Like, I know there's a few people that they they're still to this day, like, Oh my god, I can't believe you have only fans. I can't believe you're doing this but I feel so much better now that I've just fully embraced who I am and stopped living for other people.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:07
I think it shows a little bit that you were suppressing your sexuality and just who you really want it to be and living this PG lifestyle and then, you know, I feel like you kind of just had you know, the last couple of years sexual exclusion. And not only do you get to be who you want sexually, but just do whatever the fuck you want. And you know, yeah, I mean, Rebel girl like that's literally what I'm all about. So congrats. Just be you girl. Yes, thank you. We got a at it is at j barril. underscore 240 favorite position.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:46
Oh, I like to call a guard. You would for us non jujitsu. I'm on my bag. And I like have my Lake leg up. If you're a jujitsu guy or MMA person. Like you know, you know this position you know the Z guard. I think I know you're talking about but I'm not. Okay, z guard. Okay. Like the man would be on his knees and then the woman would be on their back and then you'd have like your I'll say my right leg out because that's, that's the solder was passed. So he's like, straddling one leg. Yeah. So he's like grappling one leg and then your other like top leg is kind of off to the side. Again, like you're doing like a lower back stretch. Got it? Okay, definitely. I know you're talking about, okay. Someone has a name for this position. I just always fuzzy guard. I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm a fan of this position.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
Okay. All right at House of Joshua, what is considered too big? If you subscribe to my only fans, you can see the sizes of my dildos. Good answer link in the show notes, guys. I'm at assan underscore gorilla, what turns you on? Good question.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:06
Ah passionate people, somebody that talks about what they're doing in their life and they are so fucking passionate about it like, that is the biggest turn on for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:17
Yeah, yeah, yeah, draw. I always say drive. And like work ethic. You know, like, later in life, you know, it wasn't always that obviously I dated a lot of fucking losers. But you know later in life, I realized that that's the thing that matters the most. Not exactly where someone's at at this moment, but where they're trying to go and where they hope to go and their dreams. I'm like, okay, blows me out of the water and then seeing them work towards that. I'm like, woo, Lady boner. Right? They better work hard in the bedroom do that. And I do feel like those go hand in hand some lazy motherfuckers in life. Most likely they're gonna be lazy in bed, right? Go after what you want. Okay, at us. Also all kado What's your favorite submission? armbars armbars all day. All right. At I am Phil Jr. What's the most? He phrased it kind of weird. What's the most number of people you have had sex with at one time?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:22
Let me think back to my last swinger party, lifestyle party or tea party, whatever you want to call it.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:29
12344 maybe six, six and a half. All right. All right. Night girls.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:41
It was a fun night. And okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:44
so this guy's gets a two part question. The second part. So good question. Money is exactly the same. But you can only do one only fans are fighting. I guess you already You already said this fighting right. Yes. Fighting 100%. Okay, fighting. And then my quote last question for the show is always Who do you want to hear on here? Next, you know, could be a fighter doesn't have to be a fighter could be anyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:08
Who do I want to hear? Huh? Lets me think I'm gonna follow Mike. Let me look at my Instagram real quick.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:21
I mean, we've already had Rachel on we've already had Tracy. Oh, you already had her on? What about some guys that are like, you know, what's in the spank bank?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:31
It would be fun. Okay, um, I think my friend, Christopher Mark gray.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:37
He's part of,

Unknown Speaker 1:17:39
I guess you would say my poly tribe. And he's like, total ethical playboy is how he like, calls himself. Okay, what's his Instagram handle? His name is freak hustler. At free, like, yeah, you'll love him.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:57
Okay, and then Where can we find you on all the social media handles. I'll also include all your links in the show notes as well as your only fans.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:05
Yeah, so Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, it's all the same. It's just my name here. avatara. And then I also have only fans calm slash cure avatara which is just my MMA page. So that's where you can see me cutting weight. You can see my Body Transformation during the camp. All the behind the scenes, all my workouts, everything if you're a fight fan, and you don't want to see me naked if you don't want to, like you just want to support me. Shoot me over five bucks helped me pay for my gas for the week. That's where you can go do that. It's really fun on there. I do a lot of logging and But then I also have my fed after midnight page, so only fans calm slash bed after midnight is where all the naughty stuff goes down.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:48
Oh, that's such a cute little play on word since you are mogwai that's very cool. Yeah. Okay, cool. Well, I'll put all that in the show notes. If anyone wants to get in contact with or connect with you on the social medias. I've had such a great time interviewing you. I want to continue talking. I have so many more questions, but maybe we'll save that for after your next Bella tour when on June 25. Yeah, yeah, I had so much fun. All right. We'll talk to you soon. Thanks, Kira. Okay, thanks. Bye. She'd like to meet ya. Better watch out when she's leave. No one sweet

Unknown Speaker 1:20:18
That is it for Episode 54 I cannot think kiros so enough for being on the show and being so open, it takes balls or ovaries, whatever you want to say to come on here and just tell it like it is everyone is always trying to put their best foot forward or, you know, filter their life per se on Instagram and whatever we put out there. So thank you to her. Thank you to all our other guests. Thank you to you guys for tuning in Week after week for all your fan questions. And for supporting the show. I think Kira is on a mission to prove that you can be sexual as well as strong and you don't have to pick so one thing is true that I've learned is a determined woman is something that cannot be beat. And when you embrace your sexuality and monetize it, you know that's even better. So thank you guys again for tuning in. Shout out to tomorrow could studio at tomorrow kids official DJs Oh ramabai room at DJ zol and huge shout out. Like I said to you guys for always supporting us. We are still continuing to work on our video our YouTube. We're fine tuning some things. If you guys want to email us again, it's Ashley at sex and violence rate and review us on Spotify, Spotify, iTunes or wherever else you listen so that we can move up in the rankings and bring you guys more shows. And as always, Be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Subscribe to this podcast and tune in next week tomorrow to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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