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Ep.55 Isis Love

Unknown Speaker 0:18
Hey guys, welcome back to sex environments with rebel girl, where we interview top level MMA fighters, other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance. And that's all too taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, pebble girl, Evan Smith. Let's talk about six. What's happening hot stuff. What's up on my naughty listeners, we are back Episode 55. And it is the second week of pride month when the world LGBTQ communities come together and celebrate the freedom to be themselves. We had a rad guest on last week Miss Kira batara, who is just you know, as open as can be about her pansexuality. And she gave us an awesome lesson, basically, and educated us. And you know, to be honest, part of the reason it took me so long to start this podcast was I didn't want to mislabel anyone, and then that get canceled, you know, we are in a big a canceled culture these days for saying the wrong thing. Even if you have the best intentions in mind, usually people don't care about that. But at the end of the day, you know, something I realized was, I think it's more important to have someone like myself, who may not be exactly perfect with the terminology, putting out a podcast with good intentions, as opposed to somebody who doesn't give a fuck about pronouns, adjectives, terminology, you know, equality and what not. So, you know, I started the podcast, and here we are, you know, a little over a year later, and I'm still learning, you know, sometimes I hear something and I'm like, Wow, I've never heard of that. And it makes me wonder if I'm the right person to have a sex podcast, you know, I mean, I don't want to exclude anyone. But realistically, I feel like, as long as we have our hearts in the right place, that's all that matters. So this week, I'm also bringing you a LGBTQ friendly guest. avetta. We'll talk more about that in a second. I'll let you guys know what's, what's the haps with your girl. Honestly,

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I'm so focused on that audition that I was telling you guys about last week. Long story short, I can't tell you the name of the company. But I can tell you I'm applying to be a virtual trainer. And I'm nervous because maybe I don't get it, you know, and I'm very hard on myself, you know, if I don't get it, you know, I'm gonna feel a type of way. And, you know, even though it's not a competition, I feel like it is a competition. I feel like me and these other girls that are trying out. It's like a fight. And you know, just like with a fight and fight camp, I get very focused and very narrow minded. So really, I just been thinking about that audition, it's next week. So you know, by the time we record our next episode, you know, I'll tell you guys how it goes. You know, I'm sure I'll do fine, but I'm just I'm excited about it. I feel I feel like it's a fight. I feel like I'm preparing. You know, I'm kind of busting my ass to get in shape. Since you all know that I'm a little fluffy right now. But you know, these people also know that I'm coming off an injury. So maybe they will have mercy on me and take that into consideration. Man, other than that, I'm just shooting out you know, podcast episodes every week with you guys and working towards eventually getting back in the cage at the end of the year. Not quite grappling, it just cleared to do some striking but that is good enough for me. You know, my whole thing right now is appreciating where I'm at and not focusing on the past and definitely not focusing on the future. Because I get so caught up in the future, you know, where I should be that I'm not exactly not actually enjoying the present. So, hope you guys are doing the same thing. enjoying the moment. You know what I'm going to enjoy. Tomorrow is the UFC card. It is UFC 263. They are back in Glendale, Arizona. It's the third event in the United States since UFC 248 back in March of 2020. Man so much has happened since then. But it's gonna be a great card. It is actually the second time that the main event has met is Israel out of Sanya versus Marvin of a Tory. They previously fought in the same location with the winner being vittore. So now we got a rematch with auto Sanya and vittore. For the middleweight title, it's going to be an exciting fight. If you've been paying attention to vittori Man, I just feel like this guy. He's always mad. It's just so mad. And you know, for good reasons. I know. He probably holds the record for having the most opponents pull out on on him last minute, which is heartbreaking and frustrating. So that's probably a big source of his anger. That's gonna be an amazing fight and then right below them rip on the card is Davidson Figaro versus Brandon Marino also a rematch for the flyweight title. Man those little guys I believe that last fight got a Fight of the Night It was a crazy scrap so definitely looking forward to that. And then Leon Edwards is welcoming back Mr. Nate Stockton slap Diaz I'm very excited to watch that who's who's not a Diaz fan. You know, I mean, love him or hate him. You want to watch him fight kind of like a Conor McGregor situation. The rest of the card is is awesome. You know, to name off a few we got Demian Maia versus below Muhammad, Paul, Greg versus Jamal Hill, the prelims is stacked as well. We got Lauren Murphy voce versus Joanne Calderwood. That is the fight I'm most excited to see. I don't think my fat ass is ever getting back to flyweight. But, you know, at one point I wanted to fight Jojo. I definitely I was I was matched up to fight Lauren. I believe her ankle got her and so she had to pull out of that fight. But yeah, you know, I'm more invested with those types of fights. So I'm really excited for that one. Penny can Zod versus Alexis Davis that's a bantamweight always paying attention to the Bantam way because that's you know, the weight class. I'll probably be back at the rest of the fight card, Chase Hooper versus Steven Peterson, Carlos Philippe versus Jay Cutler, it's a great card guys. Definitely be tuning into that. And you know what I'll be taking to watch the fights to snack on my a botanical boom CBD gummies. A botanical bloom products are made from real CBD not hemp seed oil. And all of their products are lab tested, and they provide a QR code on the box to track the results. So whether you're a UFC fighter like myself, and you need to make sure you know, you know what's going in your body or you're just, you know, want to know that you're getting all natural ingredients. They have those QR codes. They have tinctures, hand sanitizer, lip balms, vapor rubs, and then of course, the gummies that have double the average dosage of CBD in them. So follow them at a botanical bloom on Facebook and on Instagram. Or you can check them out on their website, a botanical Don't forget to use the code, Ashley MMA and get 20% off on all of your CBD products. Guys, please send me an email. I got a few. But I

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as of late I haven't received any in the last week or so. So really just want to hear feedback. How are you guys liking the guest? Do you think we should mix it up more? The content? You know, it's a podcast relationship is very one sided, right? You guys get to talk or you guys get to hear about me and my life but I don't really get to talk to you guys. Let's change that. How about you guys? Send me drop me a line. You know, let me know what you think about the podcast, good, bad, change it whatever. And that email is Ashley a sh l e at sex and violence. also, we have some amazing sponsors. But if you have a company or a brand or something that you want to promote, shoot us an email Ashley at sex and violence and we can you know work on work something out for you guys. Speaking of awesome sponsors, here is a word from our best sponsor. It's summer camping season. Let's talk about pitching tents. That's right. This episode is sponsored by blue chew. Blue chew is a unique online service that delivers the same active ingredients as Viagra and Cialis but in chewable tablets at a fraction of the cost. The process is simple. Sign up at Blue consult with one of their licensed medical providers. And once you're approved, you'll receive your prescription within days. The best part it's all done online. So no visits to the doctor's office. No awkward conversations, and no waiting in line at the pharmacy. Bluetooth tablets are made in the USA and prepared and shipped direct to your door in a discreet package. Guys, there's nothing sexier than confidence and Bluetooth can help give you the confidence where it counts. So if you can benefit from extra confidence when it's time to perform, blue chew can help and we've got a special deal for our listeners. Try blue chew free when you use promo code ash As h l e at checkout, just pay $5 shipping. That's Blue promo code Ashlee a sh l e to receive your first month free. Visit Bluetooth comm for more details and important safety information. Ladies, Bluetooth is exclusively for men, but the end result is something you'll both enjoy. So get your man to sign up. Today's guest is an adult entertainer and a mixed martial arts enthusiast. As an adult model and actress. She has over 120 film credits, and has also directed urination fetish pictures, and many more for her own website and others. The brown eyed beauty first began performing the explicit hardcore movies in her early 20s. In 2002, she worked for such major companies as evil Angel new sensations, diabolic and madness pictures. She's been a student for the last 17 years of jujitsu and competed in grappling matches in the organization ultimate surrender. She was also part of the movie public sex Private Lives an intimate look at the professional and Private Lives of porn performers. The film captures moments of joys and struggles as it follows her and others as they navigate their lives as artists, daughters, mothers, writers and women who have made careers in the adult industry. We talk about eating tears, ultimate surrender naked grappling strap on sucking porn comedy genre, love is love and equality, financial slaves, bitten DOM and so much more. Here's your guest.

Unknown Speaker 11:36
ISIS love thing that you

Unknown Speaker 12:25
can we are back to Episode 55 with the amazing the beautiful ISIS love. Hi, ISIS. How are you today? He I'm doing good. I'm doing good. Yeah, medium good. Medium good. Why are you only medium? Why are you not great?

Unknown Speaker 12:51
I haven't had a fantastic lunch yet. That will make me way more than medium good.

Unknown Speaker 12:57
Yeah, food solves a lot of problems. Sometimes we the The problem is just food. If we're hangry I get hangry a lot.

Unknown Speaker 13:05
I get like sleep. I don't know what it would be called sleep asleep. be hungry. Like I get hungry. Then I get like tired. So whatever that is. Up to that.

Unknown Speaker 13:17
I know you are doing a lot of twitch streaming. Is that why you are sleepy right now?

Unknown Speaker 13:24
No, well, kind of Yeah, I guess. Um, I didn't stream too late last night. I got off around 2am. So this morning. But normally I'll stream until like, three sometimes push it till 5am. So it was it was an early night.

Unknown Speaker 13:42
So I should know more about Twitch. You know, I've heard a lot about it. But I just picture people with their headsets on just gaming and talking to each other. Could you elaborate, you know what exactly is twitch? And what do you do on twitch? Can you make money doing twitch? Should I be on twitch?

Unknown Speaker 14:02
The answer the question is everything. Yes. So it twitch I guess was originally created for with gamers in mind. From what I understand, don't quote me on this, but this is just from what I understand. And then it kind of spiraled out or branched out into other things. So there's people that DJ on there. So they do like live DJ sets. There's people that do art on there. It's like they do IRL. They do like just chatting. There's makeup artists, I do tutorials on there. There are literally anything there's people that have meditation channels, people that have fitness channels, they do yoga, they do cross you know, cross platform gaming, there's there's so many opportunities on there, that I think yes, you should definitely be on there as well as well else is on there, oh cooking, but literally, it's everything. So it's like, because it's essentially your own TV broadcast. So your channel, your page is actually your own your own network. So imagine having your own channel, on, on TV, you just, it's like a plugin. So you set everything up and you can stream. I'm not gonna say whatever you want, you can stream just a lot of things. They do have a lot of rules. And it is an all ages platform. So you kind of have to be a little delicate about things that you say you're what exactly you're, you're streaming. What exactly do you do on there. So about three to four nights a week, I stream video games, a stream, mostly Call of Duty, it's a first person shooter game, I have a team, I have a squad, and I play with my squad, we have like a happy hour that we all play together. Then afterwards, I play with my subscribers. And then late night, starting between midnight and 1am I play with it's called do open party play. So I play with literally, whoever is online that wants to play. So I kind of just like not necessarily cycle through them. But if a spot becomes open, it's like an open party for somebody to join. So you're seeing lots of gaming on there. And are you making making money doing that? Or is that just what you do for fun. So it started off as a spare time thing, because I've gained pretty much my whole life. I had surgery on my shoulder a few years back, and I was like, attached to all these machines for like 10 hours a day. And I just got so bored. I was so bored, just like sitting there attached to the wall. And so I was like, You know what, I'm gonna game again. And then I started gaming, and I would talk to him like my friends while I was gaming, and they're like, you should stream and I was like, Yeah, maybe. So I started streaming again, I had streaming before years ago, and I just kind of gave it up. But um, yeah, I started streaming again. And it picked up and then I got offered from twitch an affiliate ship, which is after you stream a certain amount of hours and have a certain amount of viewers in the stream a certain amount of days, in a 30 day period. You can get an affiliate ship to be an affiliate to get subscribers and donations and all kinds of things. So I signed up and and kind of like the rest is history. But now you can get paid you get paid via your subscribers, people can gift subscriptions people can tip they're called bits. And for each bit you get, you know, a couple couple cents but it's like getting showered in, in penny.

Unknown Speaker 18:04
That's a cool so so I mean, just another fun way to make money. I'm assuming that you have an only fans. And, you know, my question with your only fans is how does that differ from shooting regular adult content? You know, maybe in studio or you know, besides said the money situation like, what do you prefer? And how do those two differ?

Unknown Speaker 18:31
So with only fans, I get to be in charge of the creation of my content, which I absolutely love. And I think that my only fans is also different from a lot of felt entertainers only fans really still do a lot of scripted things or they still kind of do these like plots or, you know, the storylines were my only fans is like a mixture of everything. It's like you take the fruit basket and you just put everything in there. I have like, my real life and they're me hanging out at my house me hanging out with my friends. Me being like a weirdo. Just like weird and like me and Mexico. You know, flashing the police officers next to me with all these like giant guns. They're just like laughing and it's kind of like more personal more more me more just the silly goofy fun me but also, I still do some storyline shoots. I still do. You know custom video requests. I still do Skype show requests on there. I still do custom photos. I do live shows on there. And it's just it's a lot of fun because I have a lot more control. Definitely a lot of creative control. And I like that I like being able to just have an idea and go oh, you know I should do that on all the fans are going to Mexico and finding like a really beautiful beach and being able to take pictures, you know, tablets and in the water and dance around and have fun and post that up there because it's my real life. It was only dancer if there wasn't only then I would be out there topless on the beach anyway. Yeah, might as well make money, right? Yeah, well, not not necessarily money you'd like and share it to the world. And everybody can enjoy it, not just me. Yeah, I mean, the mic part is great. Don't get me wrong. But you know, it's fun to just share my personal kind of wild life that is my real life on this platform. And, you know, not have to be, you know, oh, hair and makeup wardrobe to get this lighting, right. Like I don't, I don't do a lot of that stuff. I do like real, the raw real me

Unknown Speaker 20:58
on there. And it's really fun. That's good. A lot of people you know, who I feel like, who are in the adult entertainment industry. They don't have a problem. You know, being naked on camera, but sometimes they like to keep their personal life private. But it sounds like you don't mind sharing your personal life with your only fan subscribers, which is pretty cool.

Unknown Speaker 21:19
Yeah, I think one of the reasons is I'm not knocking I love all my industry people all my compadres in the industry love y'all. And, but a lot of it is the their personality, their cat, their on camera personality versus our off camera personality is sometimes altered a little bit because they're, they're in a character mode, you know, they have character, that that is their stage name that they portray that, you know, this is who they are. And then when they're not on camera, yeah, they maybe have a family or, you know, 100 cats or whatever, they would do their own thing. And, and they kind of like, keep that separate, but a lot of my real personality is, you know, part of me, like I kind of don't really change from one to the other. I guess porn and being in the adult industry was a little bit easy for me just because I am always naked. I am always running around on stuff like it's just me like that.

Unknown Speaker 22:24
Which is also why get cast in like a lot of comedy. Porn roles, like most of the poor, comedy porn rolls,

Unknown Speaker 22:35
over rediculously funny and and, and I can do those roles, because I'm just a silly person in general, what is an example

Unknown Speaker 22:43
of a comedy role? Like what would your character be? I mean, I don't understand how the two would mix. Because if I'm a guy trying to get a boner, but you're making me laugh, like, Can I keep a boner?

Unknown Speaker 22:53
I don't know, make that work?

Unknown Speaker 22:56
Um, I mean, from a guy's perspective, I don't know. But, um, for instance, let me I'll talk about two scenes I did for browsers. So I did a scene for browsers years ago. And they plot all of their scenes out of like, what they're going to be like, and one of them was like, kind of a parody from there was a TV show called the United States of Tara, which was like a lady that had all these, like, multiple personalities. And like, each of her personalities, you know, she was sexual in a different way. So that was like the plot of it. So I had to have like, all these multiple personalities. And it was, it's funny, like, everybody on sets, like try not to laugh when we're doing our lines be silly and Goofy. Um, so I did one like that. And then recently, I just had one that came out for browsers with Jimmy Michaels. And when we got our scripts, we got our scripts in January. So when we got our scripts, it was kind of the I don't know if you remember that song. Just in my pants like the song I think it's like the lonely boys. Yeah, like lonely boys are lonely island boys. Yeah. Yeah, no. juice in my pants, and then the storyboard for that script. So like the script was Jimmy Michaels had like a problem where he was constantly jumping in his pants. Every time he saw me, he was like, in the background, like, just like coming in his pants. And it's like, the whole time. It's so funny. We went through like 20 pairs of underwear that day for him. Does he really have to jizz 20 times or was he just acting like he just 20 times? Yeah, not all the time. Yeah, and a lot of it was like he had to act like he was just in his pants but like, overly do And it's just so funny and a lot of timing he, he did come quite a lot actually. Um, but the phases that he had to make were so funny because he had to do the same phases from that video. And so some people I know that watched it, they're like, Oh my god, that was the funniest movie I've ever seen for porn. They're like, it was hot, but it was hilarious. Comedy porn. I didn't know that category. That's awesome. So are you active right now. So I still I took last year off. And most of the year before, just because recovering from surgery and being in rehabilitation, for I got in a car accident. So I was in rehabilitation for quite a few years. I'm still in rehab for some of my injuries. But I am back shooting this year. So I kind of started again, I've done three scenes, and I shoot next week for browsers with all the from survivor. I don't know if you guys know who he is, as he left. Was he a porn star before survivor? But then or did he get into porn after survivor. So it's interesting, because he's a really, so he's an amazing, sweet person. And he did survivor, I believe, four times. And people know him, like his recognition was from survivor. And then he started and only fans. And this would be his first scene for major company for browsers for next week with me. So he actually went live publicly with his adult work. And he got a lot of backlash for it. And I felt kind of like brokenhearted because the kind of same thing that happened to me, I felt his pain. Because I was doing adult adult film and adult work, but I had like a regular job. And I was going to school. And a lot of people didn't know I was doing adult work. Is this when I first started? Yeah, like in your 20s. Yeah. Okay. My 19 8019 though. Yeah. And, and people found out after a while, and I just got a lot of a lot of heat for it. And a lot of, you know, negative comments. And even from my friends and family, and they were just, you know, kind of talk down to me. And I was like, I've actually been doing this for a couple years, you guys just didn't know. And I haven't changed, you know, porn is gonna change, you know, I'm still the same person. Kind of same thing that happened to him, people were back, you know, back lashing on him. And

Unknown Speaker 27:50
people, people were like, I was your fan. And a lot of people like, well, if you were really a fan, you would know that he actually did adult work prior to doing survivor. So, you know,

Unknown Speaker 28:00
so how did you get through that uncomfortable stage of everybody? I mean, I'm sure it never stops, you're always gonna have the haters and the people that support you. But, you know, initially, I'm sure you were taken back by the people like your family and friends who didn't support you, how'd you get through that and decide to continue on?

Unknown Speaker 28:17
Um, well, it had been something I was doing already. And they didn't know. And it was paying for my schooling and paying for my living and actually paying for supporting some of my family. And I just kind of kept doing it. And I found that if you take like the negative things that people are saying, and you question yourself, about it, and if you feel like you know, hey, this is I'm doing okay, this is something I'm doing to make money. And if they don't agree with it, then they don't necessarily have to be part of my life, I'm not going to fight anybody on and I'm still going to be the same person I always am. I have my own morals and my own standards of myself. And if people can't differentiate, you know, the, the quote unquote, porn persona, to the real life person, then that's on them. And it gave me actually some insight on people in general, where I was able to, I don't want to say flesh out or I was able to kind of remove the people that didn't have my best interest in mind or didn't support me. And it made me just push no push people away. I don't know how the best way to say this, but trim the fat you know, the people. Yeah, trust

Unknown Speaker 29:53
me when I got when I got sober a few years ago. There were a few people that I took out of my life and it was the best thing that I had. ever done. But but it's hard, right? Because sometimes you stay around people because you know of history and how long you've been friends with them. Or maybe they're a family member and you feel like, you know, you can't take out a family member, but you can if they're not bringing something to your life, what I realized is, it doesn't matter who they are, you got to go, I got to go.

Unknown Speaker 30:19
But then in, in the good perspective of it in the happy ending of it, you're left with these really solid people. Mm hmm. Yeah. Well, that are like, the writer die people, the people that don't judge you for what you do for work, but they, they're really, they judged, you know, the context of your character. And if that is, is peachy keen, then you know that they're for you. And if, if you're going to be around people that are judging you and putting you down or questioning what you do, and it stresses you out, or puts any kind of burden on your life, honestly, just, you know, spring clean them. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 30:58
besides the family and friends, you know, kind of adjustment period and in figuring out who's gonna stay in who's gonna go Were there any things as far as on camera that were, you took a lot of getting used to some things maybe you're uncomfortable with and, you know, or maybe you were just a fucking natural and everything was smooth, but I'm assuming there were some things that were hard to deal with, in the beginning.

Unknown Speaker 31:22
Um, and then, yeah, there were things that I, I didn't do and more because I didn't want to take it away from, like, my partners at the time, not not necessarily, like, uncomfortable doing them. But I had partners that were like, you know, I know you do porn, but you know, can you save anal for me? I'm like, Yeah, sure. I did that for a while and then you know, then I'd be single. And I'm like, you know, I'm assuming it'll see. That, um, I've never there's things that I've never done. Like, I've never done a dp with two guys. I've done dp with toys. Never done dp with two guys. Only because there are things that I wanted to, like save. Not for porn companies. But for opportunities like only fans like okay, well, now I haven't only gains not only fans is, is a well known company. And it's, it's thriving. And now, if I'm going to do a dp theme, I would rather do it for my only fans and do it in a way I'm more comfortable. And have more people are like gangbang. Same thing. Like I've never done a gangbang I've done group scenes, but never getting bang, never dp. Never blow, bang, blow bang. It's like a gangbang. But you're just given a lot of blowjobs to a lot of different people. So it's like gangs in your mouth. I

Unknown Speaker 32:48
think banging your mouth got it. Okay, well, so that's, I mean, that's actually smart. Because, you know, I don't know, if you did that intentionally, you know, back then, totally attentionally. But it's perfectly timing that right? Because now you have the creative freedom with the only fans and you can monetize any way you see fit. And that's awesome. You know, definitely nice to leave some for later.

Unknown Speaker 33:12
Yeah, like, because it was unintentional. It was like, well, I still haven't done at all. So I actually still have like a lot of things I can still do in the industry. And it kind of prolongs your lifespan in the industry because some people go in and they shoot two days, you know, two times a day every single day and they shoot everything and it's kind of like oh, well now they're for lack of better words shot out. Yeah, yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 33:37
was gonna say like, used up but that's you know, it's kind of I get the picture you know what I mean? Like people kind of always want to, you know, whether it's porn or movies or sports it's like you always kind of want to see what's never been done something different. Something new I mean, look at you know, as far as sports like, Why is everyone going crazy over this Logan, Paul Mayweather or Logan, Paul and Oscar? And it's like, it's because it's never been done. It's not that it's so amazing. You know, it's just like, you just I haven't seen that before. So you're interested. So yeah, to combine the two or you know, create an analogy I understand for sure. Do you think that you make more money on your wall? You'd not think but do you make more money on your only fans as opposed to studio shoots?

Unknown Speaker 34:21
Um, yes or no. So if I was shooting every day for studios, I would make way more money. But I don't shoot every day for studios. I've never have shot and every day for studios, with the exception of when I was a director I was you know, directing every single day but with with that, it just it it's like a quantity thing. Like if I shot every day with a different studio, I would make significantly more than I make all my only fans. But again, like I wouldn't have The creative control and I wouldn't have the freedom and I'd probably be really tired. My body probably be like, Can you shoot every day? It's not like you're just doing a makeup tutorial like your vagina 19 again, but yeah, no, um, it's if I was if I was doing studio shoots more consistently then yeah, I could make more money. My only fans, it's it's good. You know, it supports me It supports my house, my family, I still have family that aren't working because of the COVID the pandemic. So I'm able to help them. Are you directing? Sorry to cut you off? I direct sometimes. So I don't direct full ties to direct for a company called And I directed them for about two objectives for them for 12 years. Yeah, well, 12 years. Yeah. And so I would. I don't know. Like I I made more money when I was directing and shooting. But again, I was working seven days a week. Technically. If there was eight days in the week, that's how I was because I was working 16 hour days. Oh, wow. Yeah. And, but now like, I work less, I have more free time to focus on other things like my gaming and building my gaming community. My art business I have an art company that I started not that long ago I went to school again same thing like while I was recovering from my car accident injuries in the beginning, I went back to school and got certified in therapeutic art coaching and life coaching and started doing art well I had been doing art but started doing art to sell it because before I was doing it for my own you know my own free will of therapy and interest so

Unknown Speaker 36:55
yeah it's amazing what we discover or what we find to fill our time and sometimes educate ourselves while we're injured right you know i i've been injured seems like forever now but you know year and a half at least and this podcast is a product of my injury you know a lot of other things a lot of like self help books I've been reading I'm definitely not artistic whatsoever. I'm stick figures all the way but I totally understand what it's like to just, you know, you kind of go crazy so you found Twitch and gaming and then you got into selling your art that's that's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 37:35
I was able to like start an Etsy store and now looking into like NF T for for my original pieces and NF t What is that? It's Um, oh my god, I can't I don't even don't i don't know that. acronym, but it's not a fungible token. Again, non non fungible token. So it's like, it's non cryptocurrency money. Exactly. My, my audio engineer is in his in my ear letting me know, I'm not smart like that. I don't know. I'm like, What are you talking about? Yeah, so basically, I could create a create like a piece of art, then I can put it on our ft platform. And people can bid on it with cryptocurrency to, you know, own the original, or own the art behind it, they can sell a duplicate or copy it, they can make profit off of it, or they can just buy it in order to own it to own this original piece of artwork. I can build a collection they can, they can purchase, you know as many pieces as they want in in my collection. I could have it where I either sell the original or can sell copies or digital downloads. There's a lot of different ways to do it. I'm still learning myself, but this is this is something that I've gotten into this year. And last year is when I got into the Etsy store stuff so Wow. Really good with it. So many different things. That's awesome. I mean, different things there's the world is it's a digital world. We live in a digital world. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 39:14
Yes, we do. We do so much. And my boyfriend's actually trying to get me to buy bitcoin. And I'm like, oh, but like there's a part of me that's like skeptical on the other parts like, Man, I'm gonna feel like a dumb ass if you know, he makes 10 grand off of two grand or something. But I'm definitely more more cautious. You know, I gamble with $10 I lose it. My heartbreaks.

Unknown Speaker 39:39
I don't do so. All my friends love gambling. And don't get me wrong. Gambling is fun and exciting because you live in Vegas, right? Yeah, I live in Vegas. Oh my god. Okay. Go to the casino and they'll throw down you know, 10 grand or so loose, random. And I'm like, you could have given me that 10 grand and I could have been in into like stocks, or like, you know, for something or somebody something and just

Unknown Speaker 40:05
had something to show for it. You know, I know people think that it's fun in a rush, but I'm like, Oh, what a waste.

Unknown Speaker 40:11
I like Ben Graham. We could have had so many travel adventures. I could have rode a little bit shot porn and like all these exotic locations. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:21
So I wanted to dive into when you're directing. I know you're not directing anymore. But you know fetish porn. What exactly were you directing? Is there a big market for it? What different types did you shoot? armies are direct.

Unknown Speaker 40:37
So when I was directing, it was for kink calm. Before we were even kink, we were fibernet Media. So we were a building in San Francisco, that shot fetish porn. And we had quite a few websites under, under the umbrella. So kink is kind of like an umbrella, cybernetic umbrella. And underneath those names, there's a bunch of different websites that do a bunch of different variety of fetish porn or have, you know, different variation of different kinks that people might have. So when I started working for them, I was a model. So I went in as a performer. And one day, the girl that I was supposed to be working with, she was like, I don't like to be tied up. I don't like to be spanked, don't do this. And don't do that. I just called whipped us. And we generally Tiger rolls up and do, you know, spanking and paddles, and whipping and flogging and strap on fucking. And so she was like, I don't want to be hit or anything. And tied up. Okay. So the director that that day was like, I don't know what to do with her. I can't work with this. And I was like, I can't do this shoot. So um, I was like, Well, how about if we do this and this and so I ended up like, on the fly Crete, like directing and creating this whole scene. And he was like, Okay, if you want to do it, go ahead. And you can direct it kind of like a wow, like, oh, shoot, you go for it. Yeah, let's see what you got. And so it was fun for me, because I was like, we're gonna do tickle torture, because there's no spanking. And we did, it was like tickle torture, and just really rough sex scene and, and it actually worked out really well. And then after that happened, they were like, Hey, we have a website, that we, we have a domain name that we bought, we know. And we're trying to find somebody that can create a website for it, that can take the whole structure of it. So a couple people audition for it. They asked me if I wanted to come and audition for it. And it was for a website called Ts seduction. And I was like, Okay, well, like how would I, you know, format this? And how would I plot this out and how to structure this. And then I went in and did a guest test directing day, and I nailed it. And I got the job. And I directed a website called Ts seduction, which was transgender models, kind of seducing guys, and, you know, them having their first talk in their ass or their mouth or, you know, it was fun. It was fun stuff. And so I did that for quite a few years. And it was really popular. And then I started working for the company full time and other directors would go on vacation or go out of town. And so they would ask me to guest direct their websites while they were out of town so they could, you know, continue to make content. And I ended up being a guest director for every single one of the sites except for some of the newer the newer sites that they had. That came out while I was there, but although all the original sites so I ended up directing for a section submission and directing for device bondage I'd end up directing for. For whip das, I ended up directing for men in pain. I ended up directing for hogtied and abducting for a lot of the different websites that were there and then quit or got laid off or whatever the situation was, I would guess direct until they found a new like replacement it was. So I ended up like being this floating director plus directing my own website that I was the director for. And so it was a lot. I learned a lot over the years and then I end up for ultimate surrender. And it was there was a lot A lot of things that I did and so I was able to have a lot of variety and be extremely versed in the kink world.

Unknown Speaker 45:07
Now I know ultimate surrender is I don't want to say that's what got you into jujitsu, but we can segue with that. Do you want to know what it is how you got into? Okay? Okay. So website Okay, so I guess for the listeners what is ultimate surrender? And don't leave any details out because

Unknown Speaker 45:32
we'd be here all day okay. Ultimate surrender the baseline of it a grappling non scripted bikini to nude grappling website where the winner fucks the loser any way they want. So it's but it's real. It's not scripted grappling. So you guys are really grappling. We're really grappling we are really it's it's BJJ with it's just it's nogi but literally no close either. nogi no clothes, okay. We start with clothes, but they end up coming off. Say wrestle and whoever gets the submission, folks, the other girl? That's it? Yeah, so there's a point system. So there's four rounds. And our four is, you know, round four is where the winner or loser. So the first three rounds were 12 minute rounds. I believe it's been so long, 12

Unknown Speaker 46:37
rounds, I believe. I believe it was a 12 minute round. I'm trying to remember what is this UFC back in fog in my teeth.

Unknown Speaker 46:44
It was crazy. Like, I like talking about a workout plus sweating plus excitement plus hot sex. I mean, like, it was everything you can ask for, like, Where? Where could you get sex? Plus, you know, BJJ

Unknown Speaker 47:04
know how to grapple before you participated in ultimate surrender?

Unknown Speaker 47:10
No. And so every, every site and company that I had worked for prior, you know, you kind of get a script or you get to like an idea of what you're shooting so you know what you're going in to do so you know what character you have to be or what role that you're playing. And so when they asked him like, hey, do you want to come shoot for this? You know, art for our website, ultimate surrender. And I was like, Oh, yeah, that sounds fine. Whatever. Like it's just another site, you know, another fetish site. Another gay guy. I figured, like, I'd get there. And they would tell me like, what was gonna happen and like, you know, I thought it was gonna be all this fake fighting. And I get there and there was a girl. Her name was Crimson Ninja, Crimson ninja. Nobody knows who she is because she wore a mask. She had like a I want to say she had like a regular corporate job. Where there was a couple girls, the yellow kitty that were matched. There was a lot of girls that were masked because they actually had regular jobs. And they actually did it for fun. Like it had nothing to do with the money. It was literally for fun. Wow, just want that excitement. And it was awesome. I get there and there's this girl and I'm I'm probably like, at that period, I was probably like, maybe 110 115 pounds. And this girl that was there that was maybe 90 pounds. Super cute, tiny, itty bitty, Asian girl. Right? And I'm like, Oh, I got this not gonna be a piece of cake. And they explained to me the rules. I'm like, okay, so it's non scripted. And, you know, the rules are like, you put somebody in a submission, you get points for being in control. So once they're in a submission, you have control, you get control points, the longer you stay in control, the more points you get the point system every three seconds that you're in control, you get points, like writing time and wrestling. Kinda. Exactly, exactly. Okay. That on top of that, you can earn additional style points. So five points or if you have somebody in control, and you're able to do something like fingerbang them or, or, or do force kissing, or, you know, grab their boobs and stuck on their nipples. those extra points extra style points for Yeah. So you can tell and you get your style points and I was like, Okay, this is gonna be a piece of cake. This girl's like a little a little twig. She's like, so tiny. I got this. Oh my god. Never. I've never been in such a compromising position. Then in the first three seconds of that round. I was in in three seconds. They're like, okay, you know, the, you know, fighters are wrestlers. You know, fight go. They started the clock, the timer and she was like, A vine. Imagine like, just like a little monkey. Yeah, well imagine like, you know, Ivy grows on the house and like, they just don't realize it. And then all of a sudden, like you're, like, fully, like, you know, fully tangled with it that how, for me? I was like, how did I get here and I was in a position where I could not move. And the crazy thing was the thought in my head was not like, I need to get out of this or I need to, you know, do whatever the thought in my head was. Wow, if little tiny 90 pound girl can put me in this compromising position that really shows like, I need to do something to like, better my ability to gain some skills. Because what if this was a 250 pound? Dude?

Unknown Speaker 50:54
Yeah, okay, that kind of made you realize how, how vulnerable you were?

Unknown Speaker 51:00
Yes, it put me in such a state of vulnerability that I almost for one, I almost had like a little bit of an anxiety attack. But for two, it really made me think like, I need to really like, like, strengthen myself and be aware of like my body and like, you know, if I, if I ever was I wanted to like this whole different like, mind frame, it was like, it was crazy. And I was like, I need to be prepared for if I ever am put in a vulnerable position in my real life. I need to, like ready myself. Yeah. And that because of ultimate surrender, is how I got into jujitsu. Because fuck it, whatever gets you there, right? Well, after asked kicked by this girl, and then getting like, my brain sucked up. I mean, after I got through that mindset, and I was like, okay, really real. And then still like the rest of the match the whole rest of the match. I was fighting but trying to learn at the same time. And I was like, Well, how did you do that? How did you do? How did you get from here to here? How am I in this way?

Unknown Speaker 52:04
She's like twisting your nipple. You're like, hey, how do you close your hands? What kind of lock are you using?

Unknown Speaker 52:13
Like, what? How do you have just holding my legs open with your with your feet? Like what is that? I'm like, What are hooks?

Unknown Speaker 52:21
You basically got bit by the jujitsu bug. And where I mean, where did you go to train? Did you know you wanted to do nogi did you do regular gay like, you know what, what? How did your martial arts career progressed from there?

Unknown Speaker 52:36
So at that time, I was living in the East Bay. And the first thing I did was my boyfriend at the time. I went home and I was like, I know my ass kicked by a fucking little itty bitty thing. 90 pound ninja. 90. Ninja ninja got my ass kicked. He was like, What? And I was like, yeah, so he used to wrestling in high school in college. And so he was like, Well, let me show you some like wrestling things. And so he was like, showing me some wrestling things. And I was like, she told me at the end of the match that she was a, I think she was like a blue belt or a purple belt I can't remember in BJJ. And I was like, okay, so she was like, actually, like a fighter. And she had been trained for years. And ultimate surrender was just like some funding that she did, because she liked girls, but she didn't want her like her corporate company to know. So she had her mask on. So I looked at my area. And at that time, I was living in East Bay. And I found a great use by me. And it was owned by Cesar Gracie. And I went in and I ended up talking to him, I just went to like, stop by the class and he was there. And I talked to him. And I told him what happened. He told him what you were doing to everybody knew. I was like, I was like, Okay, this is a situation like, what do I need to do to train to do this? And he told me, he was like, you know, come in and train. So I ended up training and of taking some classes at that time with my ex boyfriend. And when I took classes together, and I like excelled. I don't know how or why maybe it was where my mind went during that ultimate surrender match. And I was like, I really need to, like be good at protecting myself. But also, it was an amazing workout. I met some like amazing people. Yeah. And I just trained and trained and trained and trained and I ended up training with with amazing people I trained with oh god so long ago after remember names Gabriel Melendez. Oh, wow. It shields Nick Diaz Ishmael Mota. There's just so many amazing people

Unknown Speaker 54:54
like cool that the you know, Cesar Gracie and that community was so accepting regardless of what you do for a living. Obviously, I'm you know, open accepting, but I know there's so many people out there who aren't. And I'm just glad to hear that those people in the jujitsu community in the mixed martial arts community didn't turn their back on you, or shun you or look at you differently. And that's, that's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 55:15
Yeah, they actually were, like, supportive of me in there, I had a fight coming up, I'd let them know how to fight coming up. And I would train with them like to get ready for these for the ultimate surrender fight. Crazy. And then, excuse me, um, and then of course, when my after my fight, they would ask me like how I did, and we would go over, like what I need to work on. And it was really just a supportive community that the MMA community for me was just a huge, a huge family to me, we would, we would go eat, he would, he would go to like Sweet Tomatoes because like all you can eat buffet, we would sit there for hours and eat and talk and eat and talk and eat and talk and eat and talk, wait a couple hours and then go back and train some more. And it was, it was a really good solid group of people. And, um, and becoming friends with a lot of people and like Caleb Mitchell was, was somebody that I would train with a lot. And then john Santos and then I ended up you know, training with Team Santos and then Dan black. And that's, that's my coach. That's my current coach now. So my current coach is Dan black for Team black, and that's in Vegas. And he's in he's in the Bay Area. Um, he has a studio. He has two studios. He has one in Antioch. And then he also trains out of another studio in in conquer California. And then he comes to Vegas as well. So you've been you're still training jujitsu today? Yeah, well, not jujitsu right now. But after my car accident, I had to take a break from jujitsu. But I was I was cleared to train Muay Thai again. So I'm just doing kickboxing right now until I get all my injuries taken care of. But yeah, they'll train. How long ago was that? That you got involved in jujitsu? Oh, my lord. 17 years now.

Unknown Speaker 57:11
17 years? I mean, I don't know if it's been 17 years consistent. But that's a lot of jujitsu. That's

Unknown Speaker 57:16
a lot of training. 17 years ago, I think in that time, I've taken a total of four or five years off total. Because I took some time I sprained my spine years ago, maybe eight years ago, maybe? Maybe more. I take some time off then. And then I took time off after my Carson and a couple years so

Unknown Speaker 57:39
yeah, well, I feel you on the injury and you know, just give it time try and try to my whole thing right now is just being grateful for where I'm at. And if I give you any advice or advice at all, I you know, we all have those days where we're a little more down on ourselves than normal. And when I do start to feel down I instantly remind myself I flashback to like being in the neck brace sitting in bed and just crying and asking my boyfriend to get me food. And I'm like, you know what? Could be worse could be worse. Like I'm not so bad right now. So

Unknown Speaker 58:10
yeah. When I first got in my accident and I like couldn't even walk to the bathroom and couldn't couldn't do anything I couldn't stand couldn't fit like nothing like nothing was comfortable now I'm like okay, well I can lay down and I can I can sit and get up and go to the bathroom and stretch intermittently and now I can train again and yeah, are you not training out in Vegas though because there's so many places where you could be training out there. So I'm going to connect with some people out here to see about some training places I hear I do have friends at train so I have one of my friends is actually one of the sparring coaches for Jake Paul. Sorry, my bad But no, it's okay. I I fully feel the same as the whole world does

Unknown Speaker 59:02
flabbergasted that it's actually going on. Like what is happening what is happening in the world. Okay, so you might be getting into some training out there. That's awesome. You know, once your body is ready, obviously.

Unknown Speaker 59:13
Well and I still got still like I still go back to the Bay Area. I technically live 50% in Vegas and 50% in the Bay Area. Okay. I The reason I do this split is because worked for me as in Vegas. So I can come out here and work and then home and family and the rest of my life is in California. So I do a half and a half and when I do go home I do see my coach and I train and it's it's fun and for anybody that hasn't done any kind of MMA or any kind of martial arts or any kind of anything like even just going to the gym and then if you ever find yourself in a vulnerable position That right there will change your aspect and change your outlook on everything. So I suggest doing it before you ever get put in.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:08
Martial Arts is for everyone. It doesn't matter how old you are doesn't matter your sex, gender, how you identify. Speaking of identify, it is Pride Month. And so I'm trying to make it a goal to talk to all of our guests about, you know, their sexual identity. How you, you know how you identify, and you know what Pride Month means to you. So, you know, are you straight gay by pansexual we just had a beautiful person on last episode who gave us a very good lesson on pansexuality

Unknown Speaker 1:00:44
Well, um, I have an equality tattoo on my finger. Oh, on my ring on my ring finger one of my ring fingers. Yeah. So I have this equality tattoo for many reasons for one because I have members of my family that are gay members of my family that are by members of my family that are pan's and trans and everything cool. And it for me this love is love always. Yep, totally agree. My personal identification, I am bisexual, I am open to to every gender and form of sexuality. That is that's healthy, obviously. Like, there's there's some things that I'm like, What are you doing? Okay, so, um, but literally, LGBT Q and all the above, like, I'm just proud to be who I am and for everybody to live their best life and what they want and you know what they desire. And you know, follow your heart and follow your, your your sexuality and be you and don't be scared. And it's just like the same thing as like, when I came out with porn, like coming out with my sexuality. I actually lost a lot of family members over it. But then because of your sexuality, because of porn, because of my sexuality, so I had already lost quite a few people from porn, and then coming out being like, Hey, I'm also by like, I have a girlfriend or boyfriend and girlfriend or I'm in this open relationship with four people to guys to grow up technically five, including me, but two guys, two girls. My family kind of was like, Oh, well, you deported and your oh god like okay, don't talk to us. Don't talk to the top of that. I had family that was like, You go girl, you do what you do. Don't let this person or this cousin or this. You know, I love that family member that family man. Yeah. I have tons of this part. Like tons of that part of you. I think I've only really, truly lost like, maybe four family members because there was some family members were like, and then they came back around. They're like, you know what, it's all good.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:04
If you if that person isn't, you know, supportive of the way you want to live your life.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:10
Are you really losing them? I don't think so. Not at all. Not at all. Well, that is just the weight. And I do

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
you have the other side of the family to support you even though you're always gonna have a few people to give you the stink eye? Oh, that's in life in general. Yeah. You know, so. Okay, well, I have some you know, I we could talk about sex all day and your personal life, but it is time for the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
Now, you You're no stranger to being naked on camera and sex and all these different kinks. But that doesn't necessarily mean that that's what you like. So I want to find out what you like, not just what you know what that character likes. So you ready?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
Hey, yeah, as far as being naked, I just wanna let you know I'm naked right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:02
Well, that is awesome. I do believe you are the first guest. We've had to be on the show naked. We are. We're working on our video. Darren we didn't have it. Ready. Okay, so are you familiar with what the lightning six round is? No, no, not at all. Okay, I am now kind of. I'm gonna ask you one word or one phrase rapid fire and you're just gonna say yes or no real fast. If you feel so inclined to tell a story along the way. Go ahead but supposed to be rapid fire. You ready? Yep. Okay, lightning sex round with ISIS. Do you dirty talk in bed? Definitely spank or like to be spanked.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:45
Oh, biting. Yes, choking? Yes, threesomes Yes. Do you watch porn? Yes. Any fetishes like foot or bodily fluids. I'm definitely have a foot fetish. I have a really weird fetish, like, called Decker philia What does that leave us? It's called how you say? I like like say I have like a guy or girl like tied up in bondage and I'm like fucking them or flogging them or whatever. And when they have like a release of emotion and have like, tears coming out of their eyes, I like to eat them. So, Wow, that is new

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
to be that seems a little masochistic to that be like in that category. Oh, yeah, a cry for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:38
It has to do with for one, trusting your partner enough to be that vulnerable and emotional. In that, that energy but also trusting your partner to make sure that you're okay. That they're what kind of tears they are, but a lot of it is emotional relief on the other part of the person that's crying, it's an emotional relief. And it's actually like a therapeutic healing thing, but and then, in my aspect, I like being able to have have that person trust me enough to release their emotions, but also being in a power position where I can eat their tears so crazy. You learn a bit every day. Do you like role playing? Oh, yeah. But stuff on you or a partner? Both Do you sex toys? Yes, please ever been to a sex club? Though many times a swingers party? Definitely. And are you a lingerie lover? Um, I prefer to be naked. But I do wear lingerie on the off chance that I'm not allowed to be naked. And I love when my fans me lingerie. So I have Amazon wishlist. I got tons of laundry on there. Send it to me. I'll take pictures. Hustle, shout

Unknown Speaker 1:06:48
it out.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:49
I will put all of your links. I always put all the guests links in the show notes so they can check that out as well. That is the end of the lightening sex round. I think you said yes to everything. First Person first person to say yes to everything. Really? Yeah. I got it. I got to switch it up. You know, it's

Unknown Speaker 1:07:07
a new season.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:08
I've been doing this for a year. I gotta throw some more stuff in there and maybe like eating tears, something like that. Somebody Cheers. That's awesome. Okay, and then are you familiar with the game? Fuck, Marry, Kill. Kill one go. I think we're done here. dondre Yes, I am. Okay, well, I've got a pretty good one for you. My creative associates, Dan and pat Kenny. They helped me come up with this. This is the sex tape version. So all of these people have had sex tapes. You get to choose who you want to fuck who you want to marry and who you want to kill. You ready?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:52
Oh my god. I hope I hope I'm ready because I'm so in tune with like I'm I'm so out of tune to like what's going on in the world of these are a little bit of other because I'm really bad with pop culture too. I'm like

Unknown Speaker 1:08:11
Okay, so this you got Hulk Hogan, which didn't know he had a sex tape crazy. Tommy Lee we all know with who? Pamela beautiful Pamela Anderson. And then Ray J. I guess that's Kim Kardashian. 68, buddy. So you got to choose between those three.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:27
Okay. People are gonna hate me for saying this. By Hulk Hogan. Ah, yeah, no, no. The hulkster Come on. Okay, and Tommy Lee have to fuck because I feel like he was like, really fucking eccentric and weird and wild in bed and probably has like a lot of fetishes. Right? I've met him quite a few times. He's a really sweet guy. At least for me. He was I'd marry. But then I'd have all my fuck partners on the side and let him go do whatever he wants to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:02
Boom, you killed that one. There you go. Awesome. All right. And then we love to end the show with fan questions crossed. You're gonna push me These are real people who wanted to ask you questions. Are you ready? Yeah, at bookbag Benny, funny name. When do you When did you discover your foot fetish? You are the reason I have one.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29
Oh my god. I don't even know when I discovered my foot fetish. Probably when I first started having sex, and I would be getting railed. And then I would move my foot and like a guy would like touch my foot or grab my foot and invade like, I was like, oh, oh, yeah. He's my lick my toe. I don't know if it's something that happened. And organically, organically and it was awesome. Wrap. I was like, wow, I really like this. Although I didn't know it was a foot fetish until, like in my 20s. I was like, Oh, well wait, there's things such things. It's pathetic, or

Unknown Speaker 1:10:09
interesting to hear the female like you, that's your fetish. I always, I mean, a lot of males who they enjoy touching the feet, you know, and instead of like, you know, the female getting their foot touched, so, it's interesting to hear that counterpart. You know, I'm always hearing the other side. So, all right.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:31
Yeah, I love having my feet fucked. I just like having my feet touched in general. So it's kind of it's funny. I have. I have

Unknown Speaker 1:10:40
a weird thing. I'm the opposite. My boyfriend will tell you I'm such a weirdo. Like, if you grab my feet, unless like I'm just out the shower, and I put lotion on my feet. If you grab it, like I'll freak out. I don't because its feet are so rough. And they just got that course feeling. It just gives me like, oh, like chills I don't like it at all.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:58
I'm the opposite of you. are like soft and I lotion them every night is the last thing I do before I get in bed. I sit on my bed but naked I have lotion next to my bed in my illusion my feet and I get in bed and it's over. Like Don't ask me to get up to get anybody anything because like my there's lotion on my feet. I'm only gonna get up have to go pee. But yeah, first off. I mean, I don't got like a woman feed over here, but I bet your feet are softer. Okay, we gotta like monkey toes where like, I can like open my toes and like, grab.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:35
Oh, I got those. I got those. Like really weirdly strong toes. Strong toes. Foot game strong. Okay, we got at I am. pl h Jr. What's the biggest misconception that people have about you?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:53
People think that because I do porn that I'm having promiscuous sex with everybody in the world. 24 seven. And it's quite the opposite. I haven't had sex. So in, in over a year, I've had sex with one person one time, not on camera.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:23
Wow, is that because your profession is to have sex. So you tend to get burnt out on real sex or like, you know, organic sex.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:31
So particular with who I share my bed with. That's really it. And having sex on camera is completely different than having sex in real life. And sharing. Like having sex on camera is fun and wild. And and you know, you have to have like, a connection to like, enjoy your, your co star your co performers. But having somebody in your bed or being in bed with somebody, and having a different kind of intimate moment is fully different for me. I want I want just a deeper connection. I'm very sapiosexual very, I have to have like some kind of connection. They can't be. I can't fuck stupid people. That's like the hardest thing living. And a lot of it has to probably do with living in Vegas. Because a lot of times like if I do go out somewhere with my friends and I meet somebody that's like super hot and like, I want to fuck his brains out or I want to fuck this girl's brains out. A lot of times they're drinking. And that's another thing that I don't sleep with people when they're intoxicated. Good for you. Good for you. Okay, say that they're not drunk. I just won't. And then another thing is meeting somebody and wanting to fuck them and then going, Hey, like, I really want to fuck you can you get tested on Friday so we can have sex on Saturday, it makes it like really not

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
little unromantic,

Unknown Speaker 1:14:02
romantic. So when you do find somebody that you do have an intimate connection with and a mental connection, a physical connection and all these connections with it's easier for me to go Hey, like, I would love to, you know, spend the weekend with you? Do you mind getting tested so we can, you know, have a fun weekend? And they're like, Yeah, that'd be great. And it's not just like, fucking all weekend. It's like going to dinner going and seeing a show being able to be around that person for hours at a time and have sex with them. So yeah, I've had sex. Not like the not for work sex, like personal sex once in entire in over a year.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:38
That's great that you are adamant about asking about testing. We just had our last guest talk about it. And it was in 54 episodes. The first time someone had talked about asking their partner to get tested, you know, and, you know, it's pride month and you girls are sex workers and you are the most safe and, you know, I think people should take a page out of that book and You know, practice safety a little bit more.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:03
Okay, there's so many people that I've met on in real life or on dating apps where they're just like, come over. Let's fuck I'm like, Ah,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:11
you wish. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:14
at bH UT fGr. What do you think of fin Dom? Financial domination? And Has she ever tried it?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:23
Okay, wait, is there? Is there a handle like, but fugger? Yeah, that's what it says. Okay, sorry. Can you repeat the question that you're like, wait, wait,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:32
did I hear that right? Yeah. EH, UT fGr fugger. What do

Unknown Speaker 1:15:40
you think of fin Dom? parentheses, financial domination? And Has she ever tried it?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:46
I practice fin Dom in my personal life. I actually have I have a I'm gonna call it a menagerie of submissives that I have in my personal life that they each have different roles. I have a house boy, he comes and cleans my house and I do like corporal punishment physical domination on him. I have a couple Finn subs and they are all spectrums of the range. I have been subs that are that have shoe fetish and foot fetish and they support my my shoe closet. And then I have you know, people that are financially submissive to me in taking me shopping or buying new things or loading my paypal card or using their you know, Starbucks app or their different things or people just paying for different things for me so I have Yeah, I have a little menagerie of different slaves that are slaves

Unknown Speaker 1:16:59
finally leaves financial slaves. Wow. Okay, so that's a big Yes, but that's so it gives it his name, but penny from your account just as I drain your soul. I will be inserting ISIS his wish list at the bottom guys. Okay, a few more questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:20
These are really interesting ones. This one is kind of random. At ah Loki. 748. What is the point of sucking the strap on in a lesbian scene? How are play powerplay

Unknown Speaker 1:17:36
as I love it, control and power play and domination and humiliation and all of that. So I love having girls or guys stuck my strap on. I love having them on their knees in front of me on the floor serving me in a way where for one, they don't get to touch my body unless I tell them too. They have to earn things by you know doing a good job being a good cocksucker and lesbian teams. It gets me off it powerplay it's it's it's a huge turnoff for me. I love being in control. And I love that powerplay.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:15
Yeah, I can understand that. Well, you know, even though you can't actually feel their mouth, it's not even about that. It's about just them doing something submissive for you.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:24
Which is I'm very, you know, I'm a mentally sexual person. Like turn my mind on. Yes, that power play that that sparks my mind. And I'm like, ooh, all the dirty nasty thoughts and thinking of now? Little cocksucker maybe I have my friends over forced you to suck their car. And their mind is everywhere.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:47
Okay, at DJ Danny G. Will you ever do a custom fleshlight?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:55
I don't know. Um, what I guess I would. So yeah, yeah, I would. Yeah, definitely. Yeah. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:06
Let's see. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:07
let's make this last one. Will Will I ever I don't know what I ever. Yes, I would. Okay, and then. Let's see. at bay Zoo dad Bay Zoo dad.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:21
What's the biggest misconception about sex work? Not you know, the the other question was about you but about sex work in general.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:30
The biggest misconception I think about sex work is that it's about the sex workers themselves. I think the biggest misconception is that sex workers don't have anything to offer the world or they don't have any intelligence. So I hear people say this all the time. Oh, you know, your job must be easy. You use your body for sex and like a job is actually extremely mentally and physically draining and you have to be a Really strong person both mentally and physically in order to do sex work and, and, you know, understand what's going on with your body and safety wise and all kinds of things. So I feel like our mental capacity actually has to be a little bit higher than the average person that's just going out and fucking random people. We do have to think about what we're doing and you know, our future and everything. So I think the biggest misconception is that sex workers have nothing else going on a lot of sex workers, I know, have used sex work as a platform to fund other projects. I know people that own businesses, I know sex workers that are now working at high hiring law firms, because they had used their sex work to pay for law school. So I think that is the biggest misconception of sex workers, for sure. I

Unknown Speaker 1:20:58
mean, that's really part of the reason I'm doing the podcast. It's like, there's misconceptions, not just about sex workers, but about anyone who's kind of in the limelight, right, you just, you know, from the outside looking in, you just make assumptions, you assume this is what they are. So, the podcast, just what we're doing right now, talking back and forth, you know, now people get to know, you know, a little bit more of you on a personal level, you know, you're not just, you know, sex, you know, sex worker, you do this Twitch, you have your only fans, you've been in, you know, films where they documented your life, you know, all your director, like, there's so many, so much more to you. There's so much more to all the guests on this show. So, yeah, there's always going to be misconceptions, but the only thing we can really do is exactly what we're doing. Right, have these types of conversations. And you know, just to show another side of ourselves.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:46
I know a girl who's a sex worker in LA and I met her when I was stripping, and she I was in my early 20s. And she was in her early 50s. She was a sex worker and a stripper and all the you know, all the different things in the adult industry. And she didn't need to do it, but she did it in her 20s and 30s. and was able to use that money to open up like a super prestigious salon in LA and on Sepulveda. And it's, she makes so much money from her salon from her business. she's a she's she's the owner of a company. She's a businesswoman. And she still was dancing. And I asked her one time I was like, you know, my Hello, why are you still dancing? And she said, Well, my my company's making tons of money. Her son at that time was an international model that her family had money. But she enjoyed the work and the people that she worked with. And so she did it for herself. She was like, I'm 54 like I am and I'm a beautiful woman, and I'm going to flop my beauty and I'm going to continue to do this and feel good about myself, and have nothing to do with the money because sex work already paid for her enterprise. She has a frickin multimillion dollar enterprise. He was still doing it for her for herself. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:07
A lot. Yeah. And that's probably another misconception is that a lot of sex workers? Oh, that's the only thing you can do. You can't do anything else. So you know, your life has come to this is the last thing you're like, no, this just happens to be something I enjoy.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:20
Yeah, huge. I mean, sex work has put myself through a lot of education has put my, my family my sister through school has, you know, has done a lot of things for me that have opened a lot of doors and opportunities, and I have just so many paths I could take and I'm extremely multifaceted in everything I do. Now you are for sure. If it came down to it, like I technically right now, I don't have to do sex work. I do it. You know, by choice because of things I want to do. And I kind of use it as a cushion for other projects that I that I have. And I mean, I'm not I'm not just sitting there opening my legs and I'm like what to do.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:13
Oh, no, you are you do a lot more than that. And and we know, investment. I

Unknown Speaker 1:24:19
I appreciate you coming on the show so much. I could talk about this all day with you. We should probably wrap it up. Last question is Who would you like to see next on the show? It could be you know, another sex worker. It could be a fighter. It could be a comedian. It doesn't matter. Who do you think would be a good guest to have on the show?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:37
Oh my god. I feel like you guys. Yeah, you guys. I don't know if you've already had Derek Pierce on the show. But I feel like you'd be amazing. Derek Pierce, what does he do? Derek here's his adult performer. He's done everything from vanilla porn to fetish porn, but he also is an advocate on fitness and working out and I want to say that he he trained I feel like he trains boxing, but he's just he's an amazing person in general. And

Unknown Speaker 1:25:20
okay, we will check him out. I'll try and get him on the show. Yeah, ISIS, thank you so much. I appreciate it. I'm just gonna, you know, without sounding like a pervert, I'm like, check you out. No, stay in, watch all your stuff, try and support you as much as I can. Thank you so much for being so open. You know, I am hoping to have as many LGBTQ guests on this month as possible and in general, but um, but yeah, thank you so much. And where can we find you on all of the social medias? Unfortunately, I know that your main Instagram is down right now. I hope you get Yeah, but you have backup right?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:01
I do. So most of my social medias are like for Twitter is ISIS love. It's been ISIS love forever. My Snapchat is ISIS azalia love so it's ISIL AZ e L EA. l o v. My Instagram used to be invisible startups. Now I have a backup plan. It's more startups. But literally if you search like invisible startups, it's invisible startups on basically everything so invisible stars for my only fans invisible Stardust for my Amazon wishlist invisible Stardust for my Twitch and visible stars for my tic Tock even though I hardly ever use Tick Tock invisible Stardust or I have another Twitter so there's an invisible Stardust and Twitter as well. So

Unknown Speaker 1:26:42
yeah, that's a lot of handles, we will find you somehow a lot of a lot will start us yet to find it. Thank you so much ices. I know this is your morning. So have a good rest of your day and hopefully Talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:57
Yeah, and if you don't if they if anybody wants to see anything I do. Honestly, Twitter. I always have a link in my bio. And that link has whatever my active links are at the time. So you need to get yourself a link tree, that's for sure. Oh, you're good. Yeah. My bio, it's like top my slash ISIS. Oh, yeah. Thanks, girl. Thank you so much. Talk to you soon. Bye. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:58
So much happiness behind. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:34
that's it for Episode 55. The sexy and multitalented ISIS loves proves that you should not judge a book by its cover.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:43
I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:45
at the end of the conversation there we talked about how you always assume certain people do what they do in the sex industry, because it's the last resort but a lot of the times people enjoy being sex workers. And yeah, I mean, it's it's cliche, but we should we shouldn't judge books by their cover, and I'm guilty of it for sure. I learned a lot this episode and I hope to learn more about the LGBTQ

Unknown Speaker 1:29:09

Unknown Speaker 1:29:12
Thank you guys so much for tuning in for all your awesome fan questions. Just for subscribing and listening every week. I want to give a special thank you to DJ zol our audio engineer at DJ zol on Instagram, tomorrow kids studio and Pinnacle sound they are at tomorrow kids studio official. And at Pinnacle sound. You can also find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. What do I say every week guys? I say remember, Be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. I talk to you guys next week. Tune in to hear more tales, sex and violence.

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