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Ep.56 Brad Williams

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebels, where we interview love with MMA fighters and other experts in their field about love, dating, romance, and that all too taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl. Now let's talk about sex. What's happening? Hot Stuff? What's up all my naughty listeners, it is still Pride Month. So check out something that's LGBTQ. What is Pride Month, you may ask? Well, it is the month where the world LGBT communities come together to celebrate the freedom to be themselves. And here on sex and bonds with rebel girl we feel like we are a very inclusive podcast we try and celebrate Love is love. And so maybe you tuning in to this podcast is the way that you're educating yourself. Lord knows every single time we have a guest on I feel like I learned something. So I hope you're celebrating in some way or educating yourself. What else we got going on this month we? Well, if this is your first time tuning in, let me explain. We have a podcast where we sell we talked to fighters. And we talked to other individuals as well. But it's not about their career. It's more about their personal life, love dating, romance, all that stuff. And I also tell you a little bit about myself. So this week, I've got some good news and some bad news guys. I auditioned for that job. And I think it went well. I'll figure out the outcome in about one week. But I also got a movie roles. And I'm very excited about that. I'll be filming next Thursday. But if you are a long term listener, you understand that that's the time that we record this podcast. So I love you guys, but I will have be taking next week off to film the movie role. But then the following week is July and we will be coming back with an amazing guest. I'm not gonna let you guys down. So just stay tuned for that. What else do

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I have going on? That's really it. I think I'm going to rest my body next week since I just been going nonstop. Still healing from that injury. If you're a longtime listener, I talk about it all the time. I think about seven months post spine surgery, but I'm back to hitting pads hitting the bag. Not quite grappling yet, but easy does it. And I wanted to let you guys know, I always tell you each week please drop me an email, whether it's about your input on the show, guest idea, a fan question anything like that, or even a potential sponsorship relationship. We are now accepting applications. For sponsors if you want to promote your brand or your company or anything like that, the email I didn't know this, I'm sorry. And thank you to the fan who sent me a DM in Instagram, and let me know the email was not working. So we have a new email and that is sex and violence. all spelled out sex and violence. So, tomorrow, we've got an amazing card. I won't be able to watch it because I'll be shooting that movie. It's the first day of shooting, but you guys can take a gander. It is UFC 29 and it's headlined by Sung dzong and Dan he gay. We have a leschi olynyk versus sergej I'm sorry, guys. I'm killing these names. Spivak two means versus Danny Roberts, Davey grant versus Marlin Cheeto Vera. Whoo. Cheeto Vera. I trained with him at Timo Yama. He is a really, really cool dude. I'm always rooting for him. Bruno Silva versus Wellington Thurman and Matt Brown versus Diego Lima. Ooh, that one is gonna be a good fight. I'm really excited for that one. Pre lambs got a whole bunch of great fights as well. Two female fights Casey O'Neill versus Laura Procopio and Vienna, Jen roba vs. Conoco Murata. A few other great fights Julian Rossa vs. Song whoo Troy, Rick Glen versus walking Silva it's a great card guys. Definitely watch it. 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Try blue chew free when you use promo code Ashlee a sh l e at checkout, just pay $5 shipping. That's Blue promo code Ashlee a sh l e to receive your first month free. Visit Bluetooth comm for more details and important safety information. Ladies, Bluetooth is exclusively for men, but the end result is something you'll both enjoy. So get your man to sign up. Today's guest is one of the funniest most in demand comedians working today. He started doing stand up at age 19 and 18 years later, he's still touring. He was born with a contra pleasure a type of dwarfism, which is which has never held him back. He's appeared on numerous TV shows including legit David tells comedy underground. Sam and Cat live at Gotham The Tonight Show Jimmy Kimmel might have misia and many more. is one hour comedy special fun size was the highest rated stand up comedy special on Showtime in 2015. A year later he followed it up with a second special called daddy issues. It's airing prompted the New York Times to write no one is doing more hilariously than Brad Williams. In addition to stand up he has become a dynamic on air personality. His show is highly regarded and Robin Williams called him Prozac with a head. His ability to make humorous observations on disability relationships, sex and race are winning over audiences and proving anyone can overcome their shortcomings. We talk about his Grindr date with ginger bear Smurf experiences praying before he lost his virginity role playing fails, dating little people three way dating apps and so much more. Here's your guest comedian Brad Williams

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We have comedian Brad Williams with us today. Thank you so much for joining us, Brad. How Are you?

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Oh yeah, doing great. Thank you so much for having me. You have very enthusiastic fans. Do I? How do you how do you know that? No, the second that you announced I was gonna be on the podcast, I got many questions on social media in terms of like, how did we meet? How do we know each other out like, and then? I don't know if it was like cheat codes in terms of like, how they couldn't meet you. Yeah, you have you have many fans who have very strong opinions about you. Oh, I guess that's good. Well, yeah.

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I'm so stoked to have you on the show. I've been a fan of yours for a while now. I've seen your latest special and I know that you're a new father. So I kind of just want to jump into that. Congratulations on that.

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Thank you. I had very little to do with it. I did what came naturally to me. I think I think I can say literally, and my wife did all the work she she she grew the baby and what what what a baby she grew. So yes, but thank you very much. It's been you know, it when they say like, when's your ideal time to have a kid everyone says during a worldwide pandemic, right?

Unknown Speaker 11:20
You're asking the wrong person. I tell all the listeners I am anti baby, not baby in general, but anti baby for me. I'm just, I will never be a mother. And it's not not my bag. But I'm happy for you. Congratulations. How is being a father turning out? Is it everything that you expected? Or is it different?

Unknown Speaker 11:40
I mean, it's certainly different just because, I mean, there's more poop. No one could ever really emphasize to you how much poop that there's going to be. But at the same time, when when my when my guy but he's asked me about it. So you're like, changing diapers and stuff? Like was that like I go? Yeah, cuz it's, when it's your kid, you just, you don't care. You just do it? Like, there's no second thought about it. There's no like, oh, what will you know? Will? Do I do this? What is my image look like, if I clean this now you just do it. And also, it makes my wife very happy that I do it. Not in that I do it. Like not the actual action. More like, the happiest I've ever seen her was when our daughter just confetti cannon pooped in my face. Like, flat out. She got out of the bath wife handed me the baby. And you know, they say never looked down a barrel of a gun. And that is very good advice. I would highly advise that. But thankfully, I was you know, it's time to get very clean. I'm I'm still taking the showers from it. Yeah, that's good. That's just kind of, that's just gonna what happens, and you just, you just gonna have to roll with it. But I'm glad you said that. You don't want kids. So you're not going to have kids? It seems logical. But you would have no idea how many people don't want kids? They're like, God, I should have one. No, no, you shouldn't. It's really hard. It's really frustrating. And if you don't, there's a lot. There's a lot of poop. Yeah. Yeah. If you're like, I, if you're like, I want to have a baby, but I don't want my life to change. Then it's like, Okay, well, you can either get, you know, spend a metric f ton on nannies or don't or don't have a baby, because that's that's how that goes.

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Yeah, I guess you probably expected you know, a lot of things. You're smarter than some and you knew what was coming. You didn't know about the pandemic? Did you expect to kind of be a touring comedian while your wife was pregnant? And then maybe take time off? Did you plan for that? Or was it

Unknown Speaker 14:08
Yeah, that's what I thought was gonna happen. Everyone's like, oh, man, you freaked out about being a dad ago. Now. I'm on the road every week. It's fine. I got two months paternity leave. And then after that, I'm going back on the road and then world shut down. I went all that put that put a monkey wrench into my plans. But, um, I don't want to downplay anyone's pandemic in terms of what they went through or the or the kind of suffering they had to endure or continue to endure. But for me personally, just speaking for myself, there could be no better time if you had to choose the time because it forced me to be home. It forced me to be there for my daughter and witness really fun moments and be there for her first words. Which which was daddy Hi. Very happy about That that's a that's a that's a win for me. And yeah, I got to be there for that. So, there's never a good time to have a pandemic. But if I had to choose a time, I got pretty lucky in terms of how that worked out. I didn't, you know, because I feel bad for the kids that like they've missed their senior prom or typical graduation or like those, those kinds of life moments. I feel bad for those kids. And, and I always feel bad for parents that had like, eight year old kids or nine year old kids where it's like, oh, now No, no, now you have to be entertaining. Like for these kids. That seemed bad. Like, like, we just had a baby. She just rolled around yet that you dangle some keys on, you know, in front of her face. She's happy. So it worked out for you. Yeah, it wasn't that bad for us.

Unknown Speaker 15:53
And I bet your wife was stoked to have the help as well. I mean, you know, I did my research. I do know your wife is um, she has background in mixed martial arts. I've got a ton of questions I want to ask but I guess first what about you Do you have any background in anything any kind of combat sport? I do know you're a WWE fan? How about me? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:15
Yeah, yeah. Well, not a ton of MMA just because if I find someone that's probably not going to go well for me and there's no there there's no dwarf MMA yet there absolutely. Should be we would watch that in a heartbeat right? I mean, all you know these Paul brothers, they're getting millions of dollars for all their amateur boxing exhibition so all I'm saying is how much money because like me and we man make if we wouldn't add it in the ball pit of a Chucky cheese like we bought, like we probably make make some good coin. No. I'm a fan. I'm certainly a fan of MMA. I wrestled in high school. So I'm familiar with that aspect. That's awesome. That's my first love is well, how long did you wrestle you wrestle four years? How'd that go? Just one year, because then I became a theater kid. And that's always a really fun conversation to have with your guy buddies and your dad like, well, you're quitting the wrestling team. Why? I've got to dance. You know, one time, I did both as well, theater and wrestling for There you go. Now, I'm jealous. I had to pick one for how the timing kind of worked out. But uh, no. But I wrestled It was a great experience, I would highly advise anyone who is thinking about doing something in terms of self defense. To do wrestling, just it's very, it's insanely practical, you will use the skills that you have. And it and I know this because my wife's emphasis is Taekwondo. She has told me multiple times she's like, Oh, she's like, if I get into a fight with a wrestler, and I'm a Taekwondo person, like, I'm screwed. Like, it's a wonderful, it's a great art. It's very practical, and you will and you will use it. Like, it's not like, if you're like, oh, self defense, I'm gonna do fencing. It's like, no, that's not, you won't exactly have your foil ready at all times. So probably not the best idea. No, it's, it's an insanely practical use. And I got some great stories out of it in terms of I once made a dad cry because I beat his son. And that, that was awesome. I loved it, because I just, I just knew that, well, this is gonna follow this kid for the rest of his life. You know, the dad is good, like, you go to the bar, his friends are gonna be like, hey, how's your son, the giant killer, you know, stuff like that the kid probably got older and had to go to therapy because every every time he watches Game of Thrones, he gets triggered. It just be something crazy like that. So that that was an insanely proud memory. And I just really respect him. I'm a I really respect wrestling. I respect the discipline it takes to do it. And the fact that especially fighting that's, I mean, how our pure in sport is that like that, like this is pure sport as you can, hey, you versus me. Let's see who wins it. There's no, in general, the ref can't bail you out. You can't lose too many fights because the ref like maybe they call it a little early. But overall you are probably getting beat down at that at that time. So yeah, I really I really respect MMA and how and I love the because I came from wrestling. Uh, I love the rest I love the wrestling aspect of it like the ground God. Yeah, like some people find that boring they just want strikes No, I love I love the ground game because that's, that's like the the science of it. Like there's so much going on in the ground game, that if you if you know what's happening, which obviously you do, you, you can see all the all the things that either the man or the men or the women are trying to do or positioning to do. They're trying to stop from happening. Like it's a whole different chess match down there. It's great. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:48
just like with anything, when you understand what's going on, and the skill level it takes to do it, then you watch it, and then you have so much more appreciation. I remember watching football and being like, What is going on? And then yeah, in college, I had to learn it because I was gonna play the powderpuff and I was like, all right, tell me who's Am I a blocker? Am I a big person? Am I one of those past ones that run ventually The next time I watched football I was like, all right now I'm invested now I understand what's going on. So yeah, and and you know, grappling not maybe not wrestling but jujitsu, for sure. It's one of those sports where you can do anyone can do it at any time in their life. You can, you know, be super young, you know, four years old, or, you know, as long as your body can take it, you know, 80 years old, and your you can you know, do that. And then when you watch MMA, you're way more invested. So I got a random question for you. And put you on the spot. If you were a fighter, an MMA fighter. What would your ring name be?

Unknown Speaker 21:49
Oh, probably go with Half Pint bread half pie? Well, yeah, I can just imagine Bruce buffer like, it is a great feeling. Yeah, like, like the end. And now it's time for me to ask question. Are you like, does that does that really pump you up? Like, if you're over in that corner, and you hear that announcer just do just do that big fighting like that? Does that make you kind of go Alright, here we go. Like does that like let like that fire you guys up?

Unknown Speaker 22:25
I'm not gonna lie. Just Just you saying that. And I like close my eyes for a second. And I pictured that moment I got chills. It's the best. I imagine it might be those little butterflies right before you walk out for a set. You know, like, It's bittersweet. We're like, Fuck, I hope I don't bomb I hope I don't get knocked out. But then you're like, there's only one way to find out and you just conquer your fear every single time and it's just like, dammit, why do I do this to myself? And afterwards, that adrenaline rush, you know, like the praise? You know, whatever it happens. It's like, it's worth it. It's a crazy career choice for sure.

Unknown Speaker 23:01
here See, here's the thing that I'm always amazed that and why. I mean, there's obvious reasons why I can never be a professional biter. But just but just the mindset of like, even if this goes well, like because you're because you're because you're fighters so you know this, like, even if this goes well, you're probably gonna get punched in the face a few times. Like par for the course. Yeah, like the like, the only way that doesn't happen is if you just have some insane like, or a hospital fight with charges and you give one knee or one elbow done. But like, on average, yeah, you're gonna get punched in the face like, because some people ask me as a comedian, they go What's it like knowing you could bomb I'm like, that's nothing do people just stare at you in silence? I'm fine with that. I'm, I'm totally fine with that. And now that I got a wife, a baby, and a mother in law all living in my house, I kind of enjoy the silence sometimes. But like for you guys to know, like no, I'm about to get hit in the face by someone who's only thought for the last depending on the training time to for six months has been to punch me in the face. That's been their only thought. And now they're gonna go do that. Like, like, I don't know how you get your mindset ready.

Unknown Speaker 24:22
I mean, it takes a certain kind of individual to be a stand up comedian, correct? Sure. And it takes a certain kind of individual to be a professional fighter and it's something you know that it's very rare. It's an animalistic kind of, you know, defending you know, everything, you know, you're basically fighting to put food on the table and it's kind of like, you know, like back in Gladiator times. It's like that's, that's who you are. And so, you know, you have to be all in and then you sacrifice so much and you take so much time out of your life preparing and then when that night comes in You know, you're like a beast that's caged and you know they ring the bell and then you're let loose and you're literally hungry from you know, fasting and you know cutting weight and it's just, you know if I did that to you if I trained you for two months straight and told you to diet hardcore and told you that if you don't win this fight, you don't make money. You there would be a whole nother side to Brad Williams. You wouldn't be funny, man. You'd be crazy.

Unknown Speaker 25:27
No, I totally get that, uh, from the perspective of that's kind of how I view hecklers is if someone heckles me, I view it like, oh, you're literally trying to take food out of my baby's mouth. Exactly. Because you're trying to make me have a bad show, which in turn is gonna make me not get booked not sell tickets, not have a career not have a life. And so by you heckling me, like I make that connection of you're trying to you're you're you're trying to make my baby starved to death in the crease. So I have no, I have no filter in terms of like, or no hesitation or no compassion, really, for the kinds of things that I say or if I say that you're on a date, and like in a in a guy heckles me and he's on a date with a woman, I have no problem saying like, wow, like right now in your in your dates head. She's thinking how much better it would be to be with me instead of you. And that makes that makes that makes male fans very mad. I found out No, shut the fuck up real fast. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, it's it. It's funny because I don't really have like zingers for hecklers. I just like try to break them down psychologically. Like, the last the last guy that really heckled me. I told him, I was like, Oh, I know what's happening here. Like you're the funny guy in your group. And everyone says, You're the funny guy. And everyone says, like, oh, you'd love to go through stand up comedy because you're funny. So obviously, you're gonna love other funny people. And now you're seeing someone be way funnier than you and now you feel like your whole identity is crushed and yours second guessing how you're gonna please your lady and how your friends gonna view you and like, the guy had the guy was like, I just ripped out his spine cuz he just kind of stood there. Like

Unknown Speaker 27:27
that's a deep comeback. That is a psychological mind. fuckery Good job.

Unknown Speaker 27:33
Yeah. Well, it's just because I've seen it so many times. There's, there's literally categories of hecklers, where you they usually fall under a few categories. Usually it's that guy. Usually, it's sometimes the the average female heckler. If they is probably heckling, because they didn't really want to go to the show, or they or they just went because it's like, oh, it's a fun thing. Let's go out, but they didn't really realize that the fun thing means no, no, you stay quiet. Like, you know, like, you don't talk you don't look to your friend be like, Oh my god, that's so true. That's you bitch. Like, you don't do that. Like, like, get caught. Like, like, it kind of throws it off. So once you once you understand what they're thinking, then you understand how to defeat it. It's very, like, it's very, like when you prepared like you were going into a fight, you know, like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 28:31
you have to know your opponent. Sometimes, you know, on a physical level, sometimes their background and even like on a psycho psychological level, and some of the greatest fighters of all time, you know, skullduggery, they, you know, get to their opponent before, you know, mentally before they do physically. That's so interesting that you're so ready. And some for me sometimes when a heckler, you know, a heckler does their thing with a comedian, and the comedian fires back. I love it. I'm just like, Yeah, good. That's what you deserve. Bitch.

Unknown Speaker 29:01
It's because we always want to see the good guy wins. Yes. That's what we want. And when when there's a heckler, that's the bad guys, we so we want to see the good guy win. Because even if the comedian isn't necessarily doing that, well, you want to see the comedian succeed. And the person yelling out is obviously trying to prevent that. So yeah, it's a very sort of our natural instincts of storytelling of what of what we're locked into. I'm really curious, before before your fights, I know that you have to sell a fight in terms of like, that's how a lot of the sort of rivalries happen in terms of the thrash talking and stuff, but is there a gamesmanship into you thinking you can get an advantage if you say some things on Twitter about your opponent that just that just wreck them like just like that will get they'll throw them off their game? Is that is that your style at all?

Unknown Speaker 29:59
Not One bit, you know, but I do, I do understand the psychological aspect aspect of it. But for me personally, since it's not who I am, that doesn't come natural, I've decided that I'm not going to force it and try to be this character. Because unlike WWE with mixed martial arts, you can kind of stay true to who you are, you know, if you're smart, you'll, you'll find who you are, and kind of enhance it, as opposed to create a completely different personality. And because the fans can see right through that they know when you're being fake, and if you're being, you know, authentic, then they appreciate that more so than you being over the top and, you know, tweeting, you know, your mama jokes or, you know, whatever. But yeah, he's hilarious. I, you know, I follow fighters that talk trash and I'm just like, That's hilarious. That's great, you know, but it's not my deal. I don't do it. I don't have to create, you know, all this, this chicks slept with my boyfriend, you know, I don't have to create some kind of animosity. I drive. I want to win so bad for so many reasons. I don't need to do that. But you know, it's definitely a style and it's super interesting. And I would be lying if I said, certain fighters that do that don't, you know, get a little more attention because it sells fights.

Unknown Speaker 31:13
Sure. And then my next question is, has there a sorry to like, flip it around, but I'm fascinated. I I know a lot of professional wrestlers. I don't know that many pro fighters and when I talked to them, they don't really want to talk about fighting the same way. Sometimes I don't want to talk about comedy. So I get it. But uh, no, like, have you ever had a fight where at the at the end of the fight? Like cuz of course it's sportsmanship to shake hands hug fist pound Hey, good fight. Have you had Have you had some fights where in your head? You're, you're like, No way in hell am I shaking that ditches and no way.

Unknown Speaker 31:52
You know, there was only one girl that I've fought that I in my heart really didn't like. And, you know, I beat her after, you know, we fought and then I beat her. It went through rounds. I won by decision. unanimous It was great. And after that I like all my animosity just melted away. I was like, Okay, I'm not mad at you. I don't hate you anymore. Like, and then I gave her a hug afterwards. And I just said, like, I looked whispered in my ear. I was like, hey, like, thank you so much. I really respect you like, and, and that was it. You know, like I like it was almost like wild west times where it's like, Hey, you and me we're gonna do all at noon. You know, like you just yeah, or we're gonna fist fight in the winter winds. And then our beef is squashed. And in that was that. And I'm I feel like even though I am a professional fighter, and we're looked at as barbaric. I feel like I'm more of a loving person and understanding and caring and a little more humble than people would believe. Oh, professional fighters. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 32:53
absolutely. I would 1,000% agree with that the fighters that I've, that I've met and then I know are absolutely more like that. And I don't know if it's because you guys know the consequences. Or like, or you've built up in, you've had to be so disciplined to get to where you are. And when you're coming up in training, like if you're popping off whatever, like, yeah, you're gonna get punched in the face, you're gonna get, you're gonna get an armbar you're gonna get something done to you. So you're like, I've definitely noticed that fighters are more disciplined, but it but it's almost like, do you have to break the rules, you know, in order to know them? What it's so kind of like, the same thing where I've noticed with comics, when comedians meet each other, like we say, horrible things to each other within the first minute, like men that have we just insult each other like, Oh, that's what you're wearing? Like, oh, what do you look like? Like, we just do that? And then I've had times where I've paused and went, like, wow, I just met you. I really shouldn't have said that to you. And they're like, No, no, it's fine. This is what we like. But it's because comics, like, because like, I've never I'm not saying that. I'm not saying they don't exist, but I've never met a truly, like racist comments, or homophobic comic or anything like that. We just make fun of everyone, but we make fun of them. Because we know it's coming from a place of I'm just trying to make you laugh. I'm not trying to hurt you. Now. Like I said, there's there's absolutely, probably exceptions to that rule out there. I'm not trying to say that it that we're all that all comedians or angels. We're not. But, uh, well, yeah, like,

Unknown Speaker 34:40
I'll tell you right now that the thing about real fighters not being like that, you know, the way that you're saying is because, and your wife probably knows this and she has mixed martial arts background. It's rooted in in respect, and discipline and things that people you know, normies quote unquote, I'm using air quotes. They don't associate with MMA, but it's really respect, discipline, you know. And when you have that, and you learn that in the sport, you know, by the time you fight professionally, you know, most people are bowing to their opponent win lose draw. It's it's about respect. And, yeah, that's probably why the real fighters that you know, aren't like that. Yeah, speaking of your wife, I do want to get back to her. How did you guys meet it? Was it a fairy tale story?

Unknown Speaker 35:29
Yeah, it's a fairy tale story. If you browse the website, Pornhub. I'll explain. So I'll tell you, I'll tell you the full story there. There's a much abbreviated stage stage version of this, but I will tell you the full story. So I was living in San in San Francisco. I was on a morning radio show. On this show. I just moved to San Francisco. I didn't know anybody there. So to meet people, we decided to play a game on the radio show to help me meet people. The game was called Tinder or Grindr, and us every every day, I would flip a coin. And based on what it would land on, I would go on either a Tinder date, or a grinder date. And so the first day I flipped the coin, it lands on Grindr. I'm like, all right, so I'm making Grindr profile. It may it may, it may still even be up there. Um, for those who don't know, Grindr is gay Tinder. Tinder. So I go on Grindr. And and I'm not gay, but I thought that this can be fun. So I go on, I go on Grindr. I make a profile. I neatly match up with a very large, redheaded, bearded man who tells me only to refer to him as ginger bear. Ginger bear and and, and I told him from the beginning, I didn't like I. I didn't try to fool him. I said, Hey, this is for a radio show. I'm not gay. I'm straight. But if you still want to go out and have a dinner, have a drink. I'd love to and he goes, Yeah, let's go. What's up? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 37:21
Ginger bear.

Unknown Speaker 37:22
I know what a great guy. And I want to tell you this. It may have been the best date I ever went on. Like, he was so nice. He complimented me he told me I was handsome. Paid for stuff. And I'm like, wow, like when it's when it's good. I can see I can see. Wow. Like, like, like, I'm not gay at all. But I felt like I kind of owed him something. At the end of the night. I have a lot of sympathy for for straight women that go out on dates with dudes and they're like, wow, I don't like this guy at all. But he was so sweet. You know? Do I put out don't I put? Yeah, it kind of puts you in a weird Oh, weird scenario where I was like, man, like, I don't know, maybe if I just don't make eye contact and wear a glove? I I don't know. We Jr. Baron. I had a great day. I still have his number. I still know. So the next day on on on the radio show that I was on. We talked about that. How was your date with ginger bear and I talked about it. Someone calls in and goes Hey, you guys doing Tinder grinder and I go Yeah. And they say well, have you heard of three Ender? And then like, render with a Hello, stranger. I don't know. He goes, Oh, that's Tinder for people trying to have threesomes. Oh, I've never heard of that before. And I'm like, Well, I'm not. But yes, I'm going on this thing right now. And I'm absolutely gonna try. Yes. Hold while I make my profile. Yeah, absolutely. And just so you know, I'm not lying through render is not render anymore, because Tinder sued them for copyright infringement. Now, the app is called field F, E, l. d. So there you go. But yeah, so I go on this website. I match up with two women. And we're all and we're all going to go on a date together. And then one of the women does not show up for whatever reason, I still don't know. And I messaged the other ones say, hey, looks like we lost one. Do you still want to go on a date with just me? And she's like, yeah, yeah, sure. Let's try it out. So we go, and we go, and we go on a date. And the whole intention of the date was to meet just to you know, make sure we don't have like, something crazy going on. Like make sure we're not insane and then go have fun. But literally, like two minutes into the day, I was like, Oh crap, I like this girl. She's awesome. And that is how I met my What's the best first aid story ever? Wow. Yeah. How crazy is that crate? I

Unknown Speaker 40:09
mean, it could have been so different. The other girl, you know could have came. Your wife said, No, I'm more into the three thing not you know, one on one and yeah, and then I mean, I'm assuming she obviously had feelings back. Did you guys still go?

Unknown Speaker 40:23
No, no, not not that night. We did all three date rule. But yeah, it was. Yeah, it was just kind of weird. We we both thought we both thought it on the first day like dammit, this person is cool. I like them. Sucks. I mean, he

Unknown Speaker 40:44
knew right off the bat. You're like, This girl is fun sexually, for sure. She's not a prude.

Unknown Speaker 40:50
She's not boring. That's absolutely. When people say like, I can't believe you married that one. I'm like, Yeah, when you find when you fight and when you find an attractive Asian woman who loves three ways. You lock that kid what do you what else? Are you waiting for? What's going to come along better than that?

Unknown Speaker 41:09
I don't know. So yeah, that's, that is a that is how I met my wife. I love that. And you, so I'm gonna pronounce it wrong. Probably a contra pleasure. Is that how you? Wow, you got that? Right. 800 page laser a kind of pleasure

Unknown Speaker 41:26
or dwarfism? Yep. That is the type of dwarfism that both myself and my daughter have a Does your wife have a contemplation? No. She's a tall lady. And that's how you know I'm really funny. That's how you know I'm really good at my job. Like, Brad. You're a comedian. That's all you know. You're good at a lot of things. Mostly. Yeah. I just wanted my wife is a well, that's who I go to bed with every night. So yeah, I guess I'm good at my job.

Unknown Speaker 41:52
What do you think's going on? He just look at her point to her. Yeah. Have you always dated taller women? Or you know, have you ever gone to another dwarf?

Unknown Speaker 42:01
Oh, yeah. For a while, that's almost exclusively what I did. It wasn't till I turned like 25 where I got a little bit of notoriety from stand up and a little bit of money to where I started dating tall women. I I had no confidence to date all women, I was always I was always friendzone. So there was no, yeah, like, it just, I had no confidence even talks to all women. But then once I got stand up, and I was started getting good at stand up, that gave me the confidence to finally approach tall women. And thank goodness, because that was fun.

Unknown Speaker 42:40
Did you tell women or did they approach you? Because for me personally, I'll just say a funny man is extremely attractive. You know, you all you have to have physical good looks to but it's it's so attractive. So I can see women flocking to you because you're this funny guy. And then if they're attracted to you, as well, or did you just get the confidence and say, okay, new new goal? I'm going to conquer it. Yeah. A

Unknown Speaker 43:07
little from column A little from column B, it was absolutely when when someone sees someone on stage control, be funny. All that controlling audience have that kind of confidence that you need. Yeah, do that successfully. Yeah, that can be very attractive to the opposite sex or the same sex, whatever. So yes, there was some of that, sure. But there there was some of me going out be like, Oh, that's a cute girl at the restaurant or the bar. I'm gonna go talk to her for a little bit and try and kind of how that worked as well. So yeah, little from column A little from column B. There it was, I certainly had some fun while I was single, it was it was a great time. And it's weird. Every now and then. Not Not that I go out on dates, but I'll go out to a bar or a comedy club and I'll hang out at the bar afterward or something. And I'll end up talking to talking to women and a vast majority the time all it does this make me go Oh, I love my wife very much. I don't sometimes you have to go out there and see what is out there to be like, Oh, no, I really like what I have at home. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 44:23
you know, a similar situation with me. Lately I've been being the the ear, the shoulder to lean on for a lot of my female friends and even more so now that I have this podcast. They're like, Oh, Ashley loves to talk about love romantic dating. And I'm like, No, do you guys know I love my friends. But I feel like it's always like, Listen to what my guy did listen to this. Listen to this and it makes me go wow, I'm going to I got to keep her you know my guys. Yeah, any of that kind of crap. And so I come home sometimes just give him a hug. I'm like, I love you. Don't leave me please. So 1000 Have you ever dated in the comedy industry? That's a question I like to ask all the fighters as well. But you know, have you and what were the pros and cons of that?

Unknown Speaker 45:11
I did one time. I'm only one time. And it was a, it was a good experience for a little while. And I didn't date it. I didn't date anyone of note. So this woman actually stopped doing comedy about three years after we stopped dating. So it's not like she's out there now. Or I can name a name or it's nothing like that. But yeah, I got it started off great. But then, as what as I've heard this happen many times with comics, when they date each other, one gets more successful than the other. And there's a little bit of jealousy. And there's a little bit of, well, you're going on this gig, get me on this gig or get get me a spot on the show, or can I open for you? Or can I do this? And sometimes sometimes that works. I I know situations where it has this particular time, she's like, well, I should open for you. And then in in my head, I go, you're, you're not

Unknown Speaker 46:17
good enough.

Unknown Speaker 46:20
And I can't I can't say that. Yeah, no, that don't do that. Oh, cuz I'll Crusher and I want to do that. So, but yeah, it didn't work out. And based on that experience, No, I will not date another female, obviously, now that I'm married, especially but even when I was single. No, I'm not going to. That's not that's just not for me. There's amazing examples of it going well, like your Moshe cachers and, and Natasha leggero. That's awesome. But yeah, and then if you break up then, especially if there's still if they're as successful as you are in that same realm. Yeah, you're gonna see them around, and then you're gonna see them around with new people. And that's gonna sock. So I would not do that. If I was, like, I don't know, a fighters date, just because it's like they get it's the same kind of discipline. Oh, it happens. It

Unknown Speaker 47:21
happens very, very, very much, you know, but I'm sure there's pros and cons. Right? What if that girl was pretty good? Or, you know, like, a good comic? And yeah, she understood what it was like to be touring and preparation. And you didn't have to explain like, Well, you know, got to go see you later. And, yeah, you know, like, there are benefits dating someone in the same industry for sure. But do they outweigh the cons? Because just like you said, if it doesn't work out, you know, there could be some jealousy or resentment or or whatever. Yeah, it's always a coin toss, right? Yeah, absolutely. So you've had these experiences with your wife on online dating? I mean, was that the first crazy time? Or do you have any other bad, good dating online dating stories that you would like to share with us? Oh, man.

Unknown Speaker 48:16
I mean, there's definitely a few stories where the woman went on a date with and you could tell that she just wanted a free meal. Like she just, she just wanted to go to dinner. And like, like, have dinner with someone, have them pay for it? And then or maybe I misread the situation. Maybe I was a dick. I don't know. I don't think I was but well, if she

Unknown Speaker 48:43
was like rushing like, Hey, hey, let's let's talk about this at the restaurant. Hey, hey, let's order. Hey, gosh, I'm eating not while I'm eating. You know this? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:50
This situation correctly? Yeah. No, they're there. There was there's a few like that. But no, I got in kind of right. When online dating was still kind of like, Oh, you met him online. Like now it just feels like it's almost weird if someone doesn't meet online. But yeah, and I'm glad that I did. I'm glad that I'm not experiencing it right now. I'm glad that I'm not on one of those apps like Riah. Which is the celebrity dating app. I have heard of this. I have not been on it. And yeah, I don't know. It sounds intriguing to them. They're like, Oh, well, I'd loved I'd love to match with Ben Affleck. And it's like, I don't know, I just don't want that. And now there's like this. Because when I met my wife, I was known but certainly not as well known as I am now. I wouldn't want to be in a situation where I'm, I'm being like, wow, anything that I say can be like, because I've seen scenarios where we Just match with a celebrity. And also dude, they just match with the celebrity and then they like screenshot it and put it up like, hey, this match was so and so or this is what so and so told me and it's like, oh god, no, that's I don't want that.

Unknown Speaker 50:15
Yeah, my little story is I was on plenty of fish. And I went on there and I matched with a guy we dated for about two months, you know, close the account down. And then we broke up two months later and then reopen the account. first message I see when I get back. And this is, you know, have plenty of fish. I don't even know if that's around still. But yeah, first message I see is, oh, this is not the real Ashley Evan Smith. She would never she's a UFC fighter. She would never sink this low. And I would just like, Oh, my God, I was like, delete, delete, delete. Yeah, I would never think that occur, like, but that's so bad. Because who's to say that we're not allowed to create this online dating profile to make our lives easier and find love. But oh, no, you got too many followers. No, not allowed. But maybe, maybe that's where RIAA comes in. And, you know, no one's gonna shame you for that.

Unknown Speaker 51:11
Oh, yeah, no, no, no, totally. And there's like, things you do to not get kicked off. But yeah, I'm I'm just glad that I'm, I'm glad I'm married. Yeah. Yeah, I am. I am. Back out there.

Unknown Speaker 51:24
Yeah, yeah, I am, too. And, you know, you you know this as well as I do. I've been looking up all the different kinks. I'm trying to, you know, familiarize myself so that when someone comes on, I'm familiar with it. And I'm just not Oh, what's that? And I know that you are a whole genre of fetish. And so my question is, have you ever been on a date? And you knew that that was kind of what the girl was on the date for?

Unknown Speaker 51:50
Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Absolutely. How did you figure it out? Well, I mean, there was one time when a woman told me during dinner that she wanted to paint me blue.

Unknown Speaker 52:06
Like a smurf?

Unknown Speaker 52:07
Yeah. Oh, wow. It didn't happen. Like, it wasn't until she told me a few things. And I'm like, all right. Oh, you bowed out? You didn't do No, no. Yeah, you know, that's not that's not happen. But no, there's only a fetish. There's definitely that. And here, here, here my whole thing. Here's my whole thing with that is I tell people that and then they go like Well, have you ever like hooked up with a woman who just wanted to date a little person or she's wanting to bang a little person? I go Yeah, absolutely. I did. And they're like, what she was just with you? Because you were dwarf like don't like Don't you feel exploited like now? I was coming. I did not feel exploited as long as two consenting adults and she wants that and I want that. It sounds awesome. Yeah. No, there was a few weeks ago, I was in a city and I ran in I ran into one of these women who literally just wanted to check it off the bucket list. And she went to the show. She can see she came back to my show and came with her current fiance and when we met afterwards I do meet greets afterwards. She flat out told the fiance like hey, this is the guy where this guy slept with right before I met you because I just wanted to get that off my bucket list I just want my he did not Yeah, I just want to bang a little person. And I'm like Ah, this is weird. And the guy just kind of laugh like Okay, oh no wow I felt horrible that's crazy yeah what the balls of this woman Yeah. But you know at the same time I like if it if you are an amputee and someone just wants to do that one time and you the amputee finds them attractive and is down with it and as cool as hell yeah. Go out.

Unknown Speaker 54:15
Fine. You're like yes, I was exploited in all the right ways. The best ways possible.

Unknown Speaker 54:22
My my wife has a has a phrase and I love this phrase and it certainly applies in this this particular scenario. The phrase is don't yuck my yum. Yeah, like To each their own. Yeah, if that's if that's what makes you happy, like, if someone likes anchovies I'm not gonna be like, Oh, you like answer? Oh, why? I like them like anchovies makes me have to eat anchovies. No, just okay. Enjoy your anchovies. I don't eat them. So no, that could apply That could apply to whatever, it's whatever your kink is, whatever your fetish is, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone and as long as everyone's consenting adult. Awesome, except fun. I might have some questions in terms of how you got into certain things. Yeah. Like, hey, like, you know, I'm still a fan of, you know, your stance, you know, missionary with eye contact, I get a lot of delight out of that. It's fun for me, it works. For some, for some people, they need a whole lot of stuff. Just, you know, go on the F mention Pornhub. And you'll find some categories where you're like, wow, that's crazy. But so I guess my question is like, how do people like how'd you get into that? Like, I? That's, that's my curiosity is whenever I find someone with a certain kink, it's not why you enjoy it. It's, you know, like, let's say you're a furry. How did you like one day? Yeah, you had never done that before. Then the next day, you were dressed up as a pink bear, and meeting someone who was dressed up as a tiger and you guys were doing stuff, you know, okay.

Unknown Speaker 56:09
I feel like my, my guess is that this is kind of why, you know, I stopped watching porn is when you do something a little more extreme. You're, you know, even in life, it's like, for me in fighting, you know, like, oh, like, What's even more extreme than fighting? You know, like, when you when you kind of like, take it to the next level. I think human nature is just to want to see what's next. What's next. What's next. And you know, a lot of like, you know, porn watching too much porn watching can desensitize you. And so it makes your real life situation not as appealing, you know, maybe it takes you longer to come or it's just like, you lose interest. It's like, that's not what I want to do be so you know, artificially stimulated that real life is not stimulating me. So I seen that maybe the furry it started which is watching some kinky porn and then you know just snowballed into now. There was no, there was no balling. Oh, wow. I see what you did there. So this is probably a stupid question, but no, do you watch porn? And if you do, what type of porn? Do you watch? Do you watch more porn?

Unknown Speaker 57:19
No, I do not. I I've seen more porn. I don't watch more porn. And the main reason is, if I want to see more foreign, I would have sex with my wife next to a mirror and look at it be like, Oh, look at that. Foreign right there. Free 99 son 70 bucks. Now um, I'm pretty vanilla. I'm pretty vanilla with my stuff. Like I it's, you know what I like now is I like the stuff that looks like it's a movie like there's a shout out the company. I don't care. there's a there's a company called a vixen. And they shoot. They shoot their stuff. very glamorous. Very. It's like a movie. It's It's It's great quality. It's it's because some some people like things that are like very real life. Like very like, let's try it. Let's try to get as real as possible. I like the fantasy. I'm like, Well, I'm watching porn because it's a fantasy. Let's Let's go all out. Let's go crazy fantasy. So yeah, they shoot it very glamorous. All the actors and actresses their quote unquote characters live in like these mansions and it's all these these lives that like no one actually as so. Yeah, that that that would be my thing is I like, like I I like it to be. I almost want to be so good that while it's happening, I stop and go. Wow, the cinematographer. Awesome. These are great angles. Yeah, like I like oh my god, how are you getting that tracking shot? That's, that's kind of what I want it to be. That's the kind that's kind of stuff that I watch.

Unknown Speaker 59:05
Yeah, that's probably an evolution from you know, I'm sure young guys are just like, as long as there's a wiener going in a hole. I don't really care. And then, you know, eventually, you know, you're like, you know, Brad Williams you're like, what's the plot plotline? What's my character motivation here? Yeah, I didn't do it. What's one of the craziest places or the craziest place you can think of that you've ever had sex? golf course. Oh, that came right off the top of your head. You knew that?

Unknown Speaker 59:34
Yeah. Golf Course. Uh, not during the day when there was other golfers there. But uh, yeah, golf course. At night snuck onto a golf course with a lady that that was fun. wife and i on a hike in Hawaii, where we just, I don't know. It was we there was a there was an amazing You

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Yeah, I think hikes do it for people. We had a guest on I'm forgetting who it was. wasn't too long ago. But yeah, they said that they were just on a hike and then they just kind of wandered off into the Yeah. Oh, it was the UFC ring girl Brooklyn Wren actually had her. And she said she was on a hike. And she said, Yeah, they just did it in the woods. And it was romantic. And I made jokes about bugs in there. But you know, but

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
you're sure like, yeah, yeah. Yeah, for that. Yeah. For that reason. Don't ever actually do it on the beach. Do it? in the hotel, looking over the beach. Yeah, but not on the beach. You don't you don't want you don't want that much sand.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
This is not a very sexy question. It's awkward, just as you know, same as it is in real life. But how did you learn about the birds and the bees? You know, and when did you lose it?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:54
Okay, oh, oh, yeah. So, um, my I never had the quote unquote, talk. My, I guess my mom told my dad like, well, he's your son. And that's more of a guy thing. So this is you like I'll handle I'll handle our daughter, my sister. But you, you you handle Brad. So my dad's solution to that was to go buy a book called what's happening to my body book for boys. I will never forget the title. And like, the photos were. I mean, at the time, because we didn't have the internet. But the photos were the closest thing to porn I've ever had.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
What age were you by the way?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:42
Oh, God, I had to be like 12 or 13? Like good age. Yeah, yeah. And yeah, I was having my body book book for boys. And then I remember it specifically because there was a chapter on masturbation. And the chapter was like, by the way, it's completely normal to hang out with your friends. And ask them if you'd like to masturbate together? No, it didn't say yes, it is. Who is the author of this book? You can look it up what's happening in my body book book for boys. Now? Yeah, it was like, it's perfectly fine to masturbate with your friends and all masturbate together and masturbate each other and I'm like, okay, which, like, now that I'm older. Yeah, like, it's the thing I said before, if everyone's down for that very one consenting adult. Okay. But like, if, if you're a young, like 13 year old, straight. It's kind of weird to just look at your friends like, Hey, I mean, I guess the game's not on. But you guys want to jerk off and said the other room? Yeah, that's Wow. Thanks, Dad. Yeah, and I'm reading that going. My parents have no idea what's in this book. Yeah, no way. I'm like, did you even read the book? Probably. Not at all. Yeah, so that's the book that I quote unquote, learn from sex and learn about sex. And that chapter, I will always remember like, literally normal. Go jerk off your friends. Nice. How long after you read your book? Did you? Oh, geez. I was a late bloomer. Yeah, I didn't lose my virginity till age 20. And when I did my girlfriend the time who is a little person, or, you know, my girlfriend is a little person was I don't know the proper but anyway. Yeah, it is worth a and she was very religious. And we have been together for like, two years. And she had always said wait till marriage wait till marriage. And I was I was really fine with that. Because I was always friendzone and I was like, Okay, well, I'm dry. That's probably what's gonna happen for me. I'm probably I'm probably gonna be a one and done type dude. And then one day, she calls me up. And she goes, alright. This is gonna happen. Like, we're not. We're not waiting. I'm like, Okay, good. That's good. Yeah, you, um, and then she lived in San Francisco. Wow, I have a San Francisco tie. And again, she lives in San Francisco. I live in Orange County, California. So like when she called me. I remember I drove up like the next day, and then stay at her house. And right, so things are getting to that point. And right before we start, she looks at me She goes, Okay, we have to pray. And I'm like, What? Like, we have to know. I'm like, I'm all right. For what like? He said, like, what like like, Why? Why? Why are we praying and you No, you have to, we have to tell God that, you know, we're doing this and how much we love each other and how much and I'm like, and by whenever she goes, we I go, Okay, so like, you know, we we was made, I've got to do this. So, before I lost my virginity, I prayed I got down I I got down on my knees and not in the sexy way. And like held hands with her and prayed and was like, forgive us father. We're not doing this to spite you. We're doing this to honor you. We're doing this I really love each other. But but but and like, maybe do this. And I mean, taking a step back. It's like, at its core. It's very sweet. But I mean, you're a woman, so you've never had to pray with with an erection. It's weird. It's weird.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:57
For this, the most hilarious scene I'm picturing you both on your knees with you with a boner and just like please God, I just really wanted

Unknown Speaker 1:06:05
sex. Yeah, two dwarves one one with a boner. Like in that, in that 20 year old bone or two? That's like, that's never going down. It'll be up there for seven hours. You let it? So yeah, that's, and then sex happened. And then three months later, she called me up. And was like, yeah, it's not working out. And I was like, all right. Because she wanted me to quit stand up and I didn't want to. So yeah, she's like, you're doing stand up, that's fine. You're obviously have your own plans. So I'm gonna do my own thing. I go, Okay, I guess breaking up. And then literally, like, right after the phone call the next day. I checked her my space. Yeah, my space kids.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:54
I do.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:56
For my space had a photo of her and a new dwarf boyfriend the next day. Whoa, that to timing bitch, right? I'm like, Oh, this was not recent. Yeah, this was not like, Oh, you've called him up like, it was. But I laughed because, um, and I don't want to say the URL. But the URL is very funny. Because you actually, for those of you don't remember, you can kind of like your profile name and Twitter. You could say, you, you could choose the website, URL and her. I won't say it exactly. So don't even try and look it up. But the URL that she chose while we were dating, was something along the lines of I love Bragg. Ha. And I thought that was really funny. Like, I remember seeing this, her with the new dude and then just laughing because I go when he goes to her MySpace page, he's gonna type in I love bread. Hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:58
Yeah, that's the virtual equivalent of dating a chick and then going down on her and seeing like, Brad next to her vagina tattooed.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:06
Yeah, you're like, oh, Brad. 30 been here. Yep. They're done. That was that was my losing virginity story.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:15
That is an awesome story. I mean, add in and so well, but I'm I'm very happy that you weren't a pushover and say I love you so much. I'm going to quick stand up comedy, because look where you are now. And frankly, I'm selfish. I love your comedy and make me laugh some more. I'm looking forward to your next one.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
Absolutely, no. And, and yeah, I'm I'm glad. I'm very glad that I chose to keep going down the path of stand up comedy. I really, I really like this job. It's a lot. It's a lot of fun. I'm amazed at like, athletes like yourself, and other pro athletes because like, I'm 37 right now. And if I was a pro athlete in almost any sport, I'm done. Like, there's, like there's not too like now with sports science. Obviously, you would like the Tom Brady effect. Some guys are going longer. Some women are going longer, but for the most part, like pro athletes 37 like you're over the hill like yeah, your bet your best years are behind you and your that's not gonna be something you get to do too much longer. I can't imagine someone I can't imagine someone like a coach or a GM or a company or whatever. It is walking up to me like Hey, man. Yeah, you're cut from stand up comedy. Can't do it. Like, you can't do it like the young kids anymore. I hope you save your money. You're like, yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
a rough one. You know, I turned 34 in two weeks, and that's getting old for fighting not old in life, but old and fighting. Specifically since I've been wrestling and using my head as a you know, fifth limb. You know, just post in it. You know what it's like, you know, you know your head is one of your first lines of defense and you just use it like a cavewoman and so I just had spine surgery and who knows how long my body will hold up and but hence this podcast right and me Yeah, trying to do other things doing auditions because I can't fight forever and you can't be a professional athlete forever. It's something that we all you have a short window. And if you're smart, you'll try and line things up so that there's no lag time, right? You can just kind of transfer into the next profession or way of making money. And let's hope that this podcast blows up and let's hope I get a whole bunch of rolls. But uh, you know, yeah, it's, it's, it's scary. It's, you know, there will come a day where I have to hang up the gloves or whatever you want to say. But that is not today, Brad.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:39
Well, just don't just don't pull a Gina Carano. And you'll be just fine. You mean what she said? We won't go there. But yeah, I probably Yeah. Well, and and I may regret asking this question, but it's a it's you, you don't learn until you talk to people who have had these experiences. And there's an experience you've had in your life that I am that I'm actually very curious about, just for my own personal knowledge, and my own personal growth. And I want to know your take on it. And if you don't want to answer it, you don't have to, you can certainly you can certainly cut this part out. Or maybe you've answered this question so many damn times. You're just like, I don't want to talk about this anymore. So bad. Shoot. Alright. You fought? Fallon? Fox, correct? Correct. All right. And for those who don't know. Fallon Fox, a transgender female, born male, transgender, female, MMA fighter. And I know, there was a lot of controversy when she was fighting, because people were like, it's a chick versus a dude. And it's like, the the dude's gonna win. And but and you fought and spoiler alert, you won, right? Yes, I did. Yes. Now, when? When that situation was brought to you when that offer was brought to you what was going through your mind? And why why did you accept the fight? And did you have any thoughts about not accepting the fight?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:22
Yeah, no, this is a question that everyone in their mom likes to ask Brad, because it's so unique. Yeah, you know, I fought her in 2013. And no one was talking about it at the time. And then, you know, there's kind of like a lag for a few years there. And now most recently, these last few years with, you know, just things changing. Politically, just every everything in the world is changing. And the transgender athlete thing has been popping up a lot. There's new laws that are being you know, maybe I don't even know what's legal what's not legal yet. But it's, it's a big thing right now. And so I was dealing with a lot back in 2013. And then most recently, I've been getting tagged left and right in these new things. And sometimes I'm like, Man, I'm a fighter. I'm not like a political activist guys. I want everybody to be happy, like, but yeah, here's my take on it. And I never have any problem talking about it, because it's something that happened to me. And the reason I started this podcast is because stories have an immense amount of power when you share them, and you know, salutely someone can be inspired. Someone can feel not so alone, you know, and the list goes on and on. So when I took that fight, no one knew it was an eight woman tournament and 2013 featherweight tournament. And no one knew that this woman was a transgender. She didn't, you know, divulge that information which I think now it's it's not legal anywhere, maybe still Florida, but there was no rules. So I don't even know we go in Florida. So you're fine. Yeah, I think that's the law. Everything is legal here during the fuck you want. But, you know, back then it was kind of like, I don't even know if she like, you know, quote, unquote, like broke the rules, because there was no rules. Like, if you are transgender, you have to tell us like there wasn't a rule. So, you know, I don't even know if technically she you know, broke any rules. But you know, she didn't let the organization know. And so we're on opposite sides of the bracket. She wins her first round, I win my first round. The semi finals come. My girl was 15 pounds overweight. So Ironically, the commission Florida State Athletic Commission said Oh, no, that cannot happen. And then she wins her semifinal rounds, and then boom, we're in the finals together. And then before we fight someone out her meaning that she didn't tell the organization someone like a reporter or someone like called in and said, Did you know that this person, you know, was previously a man, and you know, no one knew so that tournament got put on pause. The Commission debated you know, do we want let this happen? Joe Rogan and Everyone in the MMA community was in an uproar. It was like this should not happen. Because she was also winning fights in a devastating fashion. She was just yeah, you know, crushing girls. And so, you know, I knew what I was getting into. And nobody, I'm saying nobody but me and my coach thought I could win the fight. And if I'm really honest, really only my coach thought I could win the fight. Because I'm a good athlete. I'm like, Alright, you tell me what to do. And I'm going to go in there, I'm going to do it. And I do believe in myself, trust me, but I believed in myself a lot more after that fight. Yeah, so well, wouldn't you know, I went in there, and I took the fight, even though I was scared, you know, but some of the most rewarding things happen after you're nervous and want to vomit everywhere. And then you do it. And you're like, Okay, that was good. That went well, you know, but it could have, could have not went well, well, also. And the mindset I had was, Hey, this is a win win for me, I go in there, and I and I try to fight this person. And if I lose, it's like, you know, what, I had the balls to get in there and put my skills to the test, again, someone much stronger and little faster, you know, but but not a better fighter. And then if I want, it was like, wow, I get approved the whole world wrong. It was $20,000 for my second profile, which is unheard of. And then a belt, you know, like a Bella, my second profile. And it was like, you know, I'm such a small town girl, like, I and I have big dreams, I just wanted it all. And then the mixture of my coach at the time, Adam Lin, he believed in me, and he said, you're better, you know, she may be stronger and have a few other advantages, but it doesn't matter. This is not the type of sport where the bigger, stronger person wins. It's the more skilled person. And we do have weight classes for a reason. And we were the same way. So I went in there, it's a crazy fight, you guys should watch it because in the second round, you know, I'm fighting in Miami, big arena. And I have mounted in the second round, and I'm raining down punches, grounded pound, boom, boom, boom. And the ref is, you know, standing over us. But the crowd is so loud, you can't, you can't hear. And so the bell rings, but the ref doesn't hear it. And so he pulls me off, I start celebrating my coach start selling at the Reno start celebrating. And it turns out that we got to go another round.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:19
So the ref comes over, he's like, Oh, actually, you got to continue the fight. And my coach said something that I'll never forget, at the time, he looked at me and he said, Hey, you just beat her. Now you get a beater two times. And so if you look at pictures, because that's what I did in the third round, and go in there, and you know, take her down again, mounter to ground and pound. But if you look at the pictures where the ref pulls me off, I'm holding up like a backwards peace sign. And a lot of people were like, Whoa, like, that means Fuck you. And like the UK, like, what is that all about? And that's saying, I beat her two times. today. Yeah, and that was the story of that situation, you know, and it was crazy. And then obviously, it was something that blew up my name and boosted my career. And you know, I took one more fight before the UFC. But of course, the UFC heard about that Joe Rogan heard about that talks about it on his podcast, consistently, you know, I'll get tagged every once in a while, and I appreciate the shout out and the love for sure. But just a crazy situation, you know, because I have so much love for anyone who just wants to be who they feel like they are inside. But there's a very, very gray line when it comes to contact sports. And it's just about safety at the end of the day. And, you know, that's a big reason I didn't start this podcast was because, you know, I didn't want someone to think that I was, you know, ignorant because I don't know all the verbiage and in the right pronoun sometimes and like, oh, cancel, cancel Ashley. But, um, but here I am, you know, I'm just trying to learn I'm trying to, you know, include everyone as as much as possible and and educate myself as well as our listeners.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:02
I love that. That's a fantastic answer. And I look in the reason why I asked that is because I don't want to be one of these people that when they're giving an opinion about something, like they haven't talked to people and they don't know, they don't know the experience. They don't they, they they haven't walked a mile in that person's shoes. So thank you your answer. I I that's great. And that and I love hearing that perspective. And I in at the end of the day, by fire fighters gonna fight you know, that's all

Unknown Speaker 1:19:40
I wanted to do, Brad, I just wanted to fight and make some money and put food on the table that's uh, you know, and then all sudden, I was like it was with what do you think about this? I'm like, Ah, man. But you got to rise to the occasion, you know, and you got to you got to step up and I stepped up and I'm not against anyone being Anything but but you know who they want to be. I'm very adamant at saying that love is love. You know if you feel like you are, you know, you know a man on the inside but you're born a woman do what you got to do to feel good. You know that that's all I care about.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:15
Good. And that that is that is fantastic. Ah, we end on such a high note I love you

Unknown Speaker 1:20:23
know, I gotta I gotta ask you if we can play our normal fuck marry kill game. Oh, yeah. Okay, so we got sidetracked. I'm so sorry. But we're gonna start with the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:39
You are a great super open guest. I created this game. This segment to make people who are a little more uncomfortable talking about sex able to you know, talk about what they're into without actually us saying the words. So lightning round. I'm gonna ask you one word, one phrase question and you're going to answer rapid fire Yes or no? Are you ready? Oh, yeah. Cool. Lightning sex round with Brad. Here we go. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Do you spank or like to be spanked? A spank biting?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:14
with permission? Yes. choking. with permission? Yes, threesomes Oh, we know about you. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:22
we know you watch porn, any fetishes like foot fetish? No. bodily fluid fetish.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:29
No. And more more for the cleaning involved. Yeah. Any bondage like ropes or blindfolds? Uh, handcuffs and blindfolds are fun. All right. Role Playing. It's tough to roleplay as a little person, because it's not like, there's certain roles for fun. Like, oh, my dream was to be with a football player. I put on some pads or something. I just look like a Pop Warner kid going out there. And then that that's a whole new level of kink that you don't really want to talk about. Stop. Stop laughing. Yeah, right. Right. Not even legal. So okay. Yeah, I'm not. I'm not so much in the roleplay one time. One time my wife and I, we were in Hawaii, we wanted to have fun. And we and we did this thing where I'm like, oh, let's do that thing where like, you go to a bar and like, Oh, yeah. And then you act like you don't know me. And then I like pick you up at the buck. That did not go well. It was like, when I say she acted like she didn't know me. She acted like she didn't know who the fuck some bouncer comes up. He's like, is this guy bothering you? Yeah, like, Yeah. It was so bad. So yeah, we didn't we didn't do anything like that

Unknown Speaker 1:22:57
ever. All right. All right. Moving on. But stuff on you or a partner? On never tried either? Surprisingly.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:05
All right. sex toys.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:07
Not opposed

Unknown Speaker 1:23:09
sex club.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:12
Yes, swinger parties. Yes. And are you a lingerie lover? Yes, but not to the point where I'm like, oh, wow, the stitching in that and the color? No, I I when I when I was younger, I never saw the point of lingerie. I was like what like all your like, admire the wrapping paper. You want to get the gift on. But now as i as i get as I get older, and I've had my and I've had my wife for we've now been married for years together and together total seven. Like now it's like, oh, lingerie is a fun way to be like, Hey, I'm cheating on you. But I'm not cheating. Yeah, or maybe like a wig or something I've never done yeah, I'm not opposed to it though. Yeah, lingerie and wigs. Go for it. All right. That's it. Lightning sex route. We're gonna move into Fuck, Marry, Kill.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:14
Marry one kill one. Go. I think we're done. We're done here. It's a game. I'm

Unknown Speaker 1:24:18
going to give you three names. And you're going to tell me which one you want to fuck who you want to marry who you want to kill? hypothetic good. We know you're married. You're okay, so you got Don't kill me Brad. You got a wall woman version. Okay, tell actresses you got Gina Davis American actors six foot tall. Brooke Shields, American actress six foot tall. And finally Sigourney Weaver American actress, also six foot tall.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:44
I mean, you could say tall woman but also like 80s hottie edition or rigor edition. Gina Davis. Oh, okay. This is your show. Sorry. Go ahead. Yeah, so here. So here's my next question. And this does change This does change my answer. Is it current? Gina Davis, Sigourney Weaver. What was there one again? Yet current or is this like they're all in their prime? Okay that that certainly does change. All right, man so you can't you can't kill Sigourney Weaver because she's fucking Ripley. Okay. And you you literally can't kill her she will kill you. So and man so gore like people forget like Sigourney Weaver. Ghostbusters. Yeah, that's my first image of her is Ghostbusters. Like look at that woman that that's fantastic. me Okay, I would in their prime fuck Brooke Shields. I would marry Sigourney Weaver and I'm so sorry Gina. A League of Their Own was so good Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. Great. Fantastic. You still look fantastic. Yeah, she does. You tried to be on the on the Olympic team for archery. I think it was Wow, no, no that then she and then she kind of got into politics recently. And so and I don't know. I hate to I hate to kill off Geena Davis, but if I had to. Okay, that's okay. I get you three bombshells. So it was hard. So sorry, Gina. I know you're a big fan of podcast. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:26:41
I'm gonna Gosh, I'm not gonna take up more of your time. I have a couple fan questions, but I'm gonna just have to pick some of the best ones. You're gonna push Marwan? Well, el guapo 9211. wants to know. Will you ever do anything in the wrestling related?

Unknown Speaker 1:27:05
Oh, all right. Um, how do I answer this without aiming anything? I'm trying to. Oh, hell yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:15
I know when things are in the work. You're not allowed to say anything. So we'll just leave it at that. I'm sure everyone. Yes. Super excited. That's Yeah. And keep watching at W. Okay, yeah, we've had some females from there on the show. So how exciting. I hope you work with them. Oh, yeah. Okay, we got at RL Larsen. 2001. Oh, man, how hard is it to not get caught checking out every moose knuckle in the room.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:44
The height joke. It's, it's not hard not to get caught at all. I just stare straight ahead. That's it. Like that's it. My head is at a normal walking position. I'm seeing a lot of that. I'm seeing a lot of boobs. I'm seeing a lot of sack and a lot of mail area as well. And that and that's fine. But yeah, not really hard not to get caught. I'm just just kind of just kind of like a nice, it's kind of a nice bonus.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:16
Awesome. At air media promotions. Shout out he does our graphics. Would you rather bomb on stage or step into the cage with an MMA fighter? Oh, bomb on stage.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:28
I have bombed on stage many times before. It's fine. I'll live I'll go I'll go on another stage. Late later that night or the next or the next night and do find a MMA cage with a with like, like, like, even if someone who was approached by if like john Jones was like, Hey, you take one punch and you get $5 million. Be like, Yeah, no, no, no, no. never wanted to be a millionaire. Nevermind. Yeah. And like, yeah, cuz like what's good? What? What's good is the $5 million. I have to eat all my meals. To Good point.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:05
Good point. All right, last question. Adam, underscore Pat Kenny underscore, who are some underground comedians that you would like to promote?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:14
Oh, what a great question. Okay. Give it back. Give it back. I love I love questions like this, because there's so many fantastic comedians out there that some people don't know. And it bums me out because they're so talented. They're so funny. So I'll just go first, all of my opening acts that I regularly use and that's a guy. There's a dude named JB ball. He's my normal opening act. He's, he's gonna be way more famous than me. He's already better than me, in my opinion. Hop on the JV ball train, okay, before he blows up. Carmen mirallas really funny. No Holds Barred like the Cuban Roseanne I'm walking and she she's out of Florida. Carmen Morales there's a I have a few communities of Florida now that I think about it. There's a guy named Mike Herlihy. Mike is spelled MY ke he's weird. Johnny Acosta actually used to be an announcer for WWE and the stand up john Acosta Oh, he's great kind of eye opening acts and I leave him with his buddy out. Oh, and then some other comics that Fahim Anwar, he's out here at the Comedy Store. He did a sketch special with Hassan Minaj called like goat face or something like that. Yeah, he was one time named variety top 10 top incompetent watch. He's not as big as he should be. He should be huge for he Manoir he's fucking great. He always has new jokes. A female side of Lera bytes. She's a comic here at the Comedy Store. She was on the Joe Rogan podcast Rogan kinda I don't like saying discovered her but certain but certainly gave her a career boost. She's awesome. So yeah, those those names Awesome. All cotton mirallas giant acquisto my curly he. And then for he Manoir and, and yeah, Lera bytes. The first the first four names, you can find them opening for me. So when I go to a town near you, come see me. They'll probably be opening for me if they haven't already moved on and started in started headlining but yeah, all all those are great comics. And I'll give you and I'll tell your listeners advice. When, because, because I have friends that call me they they go they go to comedy clubs, and they call me sometimes be like, Hey, is this comedian any good? Here's my general rule of thumb. If you see a comedian who's booked there, because they are a celebrity, and by that, I mean, they have a TV show, they had a famous commercial, they're, they're a YouTuber or something like that. Oh, they did. They did a movie that wasn't a comedy, but they're fit like, that person is probably not going to be as great. When you see a name that you have no idea why the hell they are there. Go see that person. Because that person's there because they're funny. Because they have this insane movie or YouTube channel or they were a character on TV should know they're there because they're funny. And I say this as advice. Until I get a movie or a TV. Go see been deleted?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:49
Yeah, I would equate that to like, you know, would you rather watch someone like Logan Paul fight or someone you knew? earn their stripes by, you know, years and years and years of training? Who's going to be the better fighter to watch?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:03
Absolutely. The Celebrity fighter this the, the celebrity conics. Now, of course, there's exceptions to wear, like Bill Burr as a celebrity, but he's a celebrity for being a comedian. That's what he does. Yeah. And stand up. Got him there. So I'd say those people Yeah, what yeah, that of course, you know, they're good already. But if, if you like, I don't want to say any names. I'm trying to I'm trying to get someone who doesn't do stand up that I can use that exact. Okay. Like, if you saw Oh, Alec Baldwin is going to be at the improv. Let's go see No, don't. Not gonna be good. It's not gonna be good. And, and Alec Baldwin is an amazing actor. He he can do that fantastically well, but he's not going to be good at stand up. He hasn't put in the time. He isn't putting everything out. So unless you hired some just amazing writers. Or, you know what, let's use a let's use a better example. If you're like, oh, the little British boy from the Charlie Bitney video. Oh, yeah, y'all he's all grown up and now he's doing stand up. Yeah, don't don't go What's he gonna do? Charlie Bit me when I was too late. Don't don't don't do that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:34:18

Unknown Speaker 1:34:19
don't don't don't see the celebrity comics see the comic or see see the name that you don't recognize because that person is there because they are funny. But yes. Okay, check out. Check out all those names. I said, I love questions like that. Because there's always amazing comedians coming up. There's me, there's amazing comedians working and there's, there's comics that I see them work and I go, holy shit, I have to I have to step my game up because this person's coming up and I want to make sure that I can keep tabs with them. So yeah. Oh, great. Great question. That's what my favorite questions dancer right.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:56
I normally ask you know, the guest last question of the show. Who would you like to see? But then I feel like you'd literally just gave me like 20 names of maybe future guests for for my podcast. Oh, who would I want it? Yeah. Who would you like to hear to see on the show? Maybe it's a comedian. Maybe it's a fighter. Yeah. Oh, Baba, Baba. Baba Baba. Well, you said, yeah. You said you had some wrestlers on, right? Yeah, they, they, oh, gosh, it's all Impact Wrestling. And I think a W. Nothing from WWE. Because those guys and their legal situation is real strict. They can't do stuff. All I could hope for is maybe like a web person who is no longer in the WWE and not in their life away.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:47
I would say I think you'd have a great time talking to a good personal friend of mine. He's in a Ew, he's got the best nickname and all the pro wrestling his name. His name is Lance Archer. And his nickname is he's the murder Hawk monster murder. He's got a red, he's got a red Mohawk. And he's like six foot 768 and he's just built like a brick shithouse. And but he but he can also fly. He walks that he tightrope walks to the top rope and does a backflip off of it. It's insane. So yeah, he's a great guy. Great dude. And he's a good Christian boy, but at the same time has a wild side. So I think he'd be a really fun interview for Okay, we'll

Unknown Speaker 1:36:37
get him on the show. And then where can we see you? Do you have anything coming up? Just plug any of that as well as your social media? Sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:46
Um, basically what I have coming up is I like all of us spent a year at home. The bill the bills kept common, the Asian dwarf baby, my daughter, she she's got to eat and she and she'll probably go to college at some point. So yes, I'm back on tour back on the road. I'm feeling like a damn madman. Go to good Brad Williams You can see my complete tour schedule list. And if you want daily updates, follow me on twitter at funny Brad, follow me on Instagram at Brad Williams calm and hopefully by the time this comes out, I will have started my tech talk. I'm so late on this. Eventually I'll get to it. This comes out tomorrow. So if I can get on it. Well, it won't be up. But yes. Try. Try to follow me on all those social medias See, see my tour schedule? And just in general, go see live comedy. We're Yes, we're living in a world where we're so careful. We're so cautious. We're so censored on on social media because we don't want things taken out of context. People are craving stand up comedy because that's the last bastion of free speech unless someone has a cell phone camera.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:02
said to

Unknown Speaker 1:38:03
go see goes to stand up comedy. Have fun, go. support the arts support, support people that are out there doing it. Support MMA support. Everyone who followed a passion and is now trying to feed their families through their passion. It's a really good thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:24
Thank you so much for being on the show, Brad. I know I've taken a lot of your time. You know, you could probably get a go wipe a lot of poopy but right now There you go.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:35
Yeah, that Yeah, how many people go like yeah, just did a really fun podcast now what to look forward to poop.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:42
That's my wife. Me and the boyfriend. I gotta come watch you as soon as we can. We hope that you're going to be in the Orange County area soon. I can't wait to come see you arrive.

Unknown Speaker 1:38:50
Irvine Irvine. I'll be at the Irvine improv in August. I think the first second week of August. love to see I'll look for the fit, tattooed.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:03
Yep, yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:04
I will not be heckling You don't worry. Please. All right. Have a great day. Bad Thanks. Thank you. All the small things, true care. two things.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:34
One, lift your ride. Best trip.

Unknown Speaker 1:39:41
I know you're be at my job. Watching, waiting. A rate I will not turn the lights off. Carry me

Unknown Speaker 1:40:00
have that conversation with better than I could have ever hoped? I think it's one of our longer episodes but I just I couldn't bring myself to end it. I feel like I could go another hour at least interviewing my guests never ceases to educate me, entertain me. I really hope you guys enjoyed this week's show. Have a great weekend all you deviants thank you so much for tuning in for all your fan questions. special special thank you to audio engineer DJ soul at DJ soul tomorrow kids studio at tomorrow kids official. And you can always find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Remember guys, Be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from me today next week to hear more tales of sex and violence.

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