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Ep. 59 "Lucky" Lauren Murphy 

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Sex and sex and violence.

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Welcome back to sex and violence rebels,

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where we interview top level MMA fighters, other experts in their field about love, romance, and all other subjects. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl. Now let's talk about sex. What's happening hot stuff, what's up all

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my naughty listeners were back. And I had an amazing birthday. I got I just, I guess, brag about it. I turned 34 Phil on like an old lady. But the boyfriend surprised me with a really cool, I don't even know what you call it. It's called the Mad cap. motel. And it's in Los Angeles. I live in Orange County, so about 45 hour drive. And he got a whole bunch of my friends together and surprise me. With two tickets to this. It's basically I would check it out at Madcap hotel on Instagram. But basically they created a room. It's like a warehouse with like 18 different rooms that you can walk into. And each room is a different theme. So like one room would be like a sky theme. And it would just look like you were just in the middle of a sky, or one was like a disco theme. One had like mirrors that had different illusions. And it's a really, really cool thing I think is you know, like a place you take someone for like cool pictures and content. And then afterwards, we all went out and played some games and we you know, did some smoking of you know, the marijuana's. So it was just a really good time. It was a chill birthday, but it was the best birthday I'd had. In years. There was no crazy partying and drinking and stuff like that. It was just small, close friends having a good time. lots of laughs. And it was fun. But I got to be honest with you guys. quickly after my birthday, I'd say like, the next day, this really weird,

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girly, feminine mental thing happened to me and the guys, you're you're not gonna understand, but maybe some of the girls out there will. I started thinking I'm like, Okay, I'm 34 You know, I'm not quite 40 yet. My boyfriend who is 31 a couple years younger, I started thinking about kids. And I know, you know, I've said it a million times. I don't want to have kids. I'm not I don't wanna have kids. That has not changed. But something that changed in my head was, what if my boyfriend changes his mind? So I started having this like, really introspective, introspective conversation with myself. And I was like, Oh, you know, am I gonna be with this person. And then, in a couple years, he changes his mind. But I'm some, you know, wrinkly dried up, prune of a lady and can't have kids. And you know, it was just a weird mental thing that I went through. And I thought to myself, probably a lot of chicks who don't want to have kids. But you know, society says that there's something wrong with you, if you don't want to have kids. They probably go through this a lot. And I listen to other podcasts. And, you know, I know I'm not alone. But that's just something I wanted to bring up. Because Yeah, I'm happy. It's my birthday. But then it was like so much weird contemplation about the future. And maybe that will have maybe that won't ever happen again. But I have a feeling like, you know, probably every birthday until I'm 40. I'm probably gonna think about that. But some other cool stuff happened. So last week, you guys listen to Uncle Joey on the podcast, which was a definitely a big goal for me. And then last week, he mentioned our podcast on his podcast, the joint. So I felt very cool to have that happen as well. And then this week has been a really good week for my injury in my rehab, and, you know, my training. If you guys listen to me every week, then you know, it's been a really rough road for me. I actually contacted two of my teammates, Christos yorgos and Alan giovane. Both I used to train with at blackhouse MMA, and they got the same surgery that I got it was their c six c seven disc replacement. And both of them I asked them kind of like Hey guys, I'm seven months post surgery. When did you guys start to feel some kind of pain relief and how did your rehab go? And both of them were like, Oh, I felt better after a few months and I went back to striking and then You know, Christos I think even took a fight 10 months after, which would mean like, in three months, I'm fighting. I'm nowhere near that. So, I don't know what's really happening inside my body. I know each body is different, you know, I've had years of wrestling, you know, affect my situation and maybe I'm worse off than those guys were but I'm trying to stay positive because, you know, it's seven months in the big picture of life. That's not that long, but to an athlete who's used to training hard grapple, wrestle, punch, you know, every day of our life. It feels like it's been three years in these seven months, so I'll keep you guys updated. I think I might have a new doctor's appointment with my surgeon. I'm not I'm not booked to see him till September, but I think I gotta move that up. But yeah, that's really the update with your girl. Things are going good. We're gonna keep cranking out these episodes. If you guys didn't watch the fights last weekend for the UFC fights you miss an amazing card not just Dustin Bori a and Conor McGregor but the whole card was great. Of course we know McGregor injured his leg in the second third round. First round Oh, God was the first round Yeah, thanks DJ.

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But it Yeah, the first round but it didn't look like it was gonna go. MacGregor's way regardless of the injury, and then the other two fights that I want to talk about what Gilbert burns Stephen Thompson Wonderboy? I yeah, I do love Wonderboy who who doesn't love him he's just seems like that he would win the award for nicest MMA fighter in history him and Mark Munoz seem like the two nicest people on the planet. And so but I did pick Gilbert burns to win. I should have did a parlay because I also pick tied to Vyasa, who ended up beating Greg Hardy and then drink a Shuey on the cage. What a fucking legend. I love that. You know, I think it's just not just because it's a beer, but it's like it's his culture. It's his thing. It's what he does when he wins. I love that so much. I love that somebody put hot sauce in his shoe as he was walking back to the locker rooms. It was a great card. And then the card this weekend. Tomorrow we have Islam maka CEF versus Tiago Moses. And then the fight that I'm very, very excited to see is Marion Reneau versus miesha. Tate, they're co headlining, and I just, you know, marry me know I fought her years ago, very, very tough woman. I love her because she's over 40 I think she's 41 or 42. Now, and this is supposed to be her last fight. And then we've got miesha Tate, who's a little bit older as well and her late 30s, a mom of one or two kids, I think, to actually she's making her return and she's like the opposite. You know, I think Marian, you know, is on her way out, she's retiring and then meesha coming back from retirement and has her eyes set on gold. And I love that I love that. You know, the girl that we are about to talk to is a little bit older and she's has her eyes set on gold as well. So I just think you know, with everything that I have going on in my life, you know, the pandemic, my injury, turning 34 it's very inspiring for me to see these older fighters still killing it still fighting on the highest level, and still really very possible that you know, Misha could come back and take the belt from either Amanda. I think she's actually only going to be banned away. I don't think she would ever make it to fly away. But yeah, that's an exciting card. Then we got a few other fights on the prelims we got Amanda limos and I always mess her name up. But Montserrat Ruiz and Anderson de Santos versus Myles John's Anderson and I trained together at Timo Yama A few years ago, so hopefully he wins. Guys. If you want to write me an email, I would really appreciate it. Stay tuned for the very end of this episode, I'm going to be reading you a fan email that someone sent to me. And maybe I will read yours. If you write me. 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She's number three in the UFC women's flyweight rankings and number 13 in the UFC women's pound for pound rankings. She was a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter season 26 and won five straight fights after a two and four start her UFC career. She is now 15 and 14. Living a sober lifestyle and proving that a rough start is not the end all be all. We talk about Alaskan dating odds seven to one having a kid at 17 love at first double leg, the husband coach relationship, sex in a Nike dressing room and so much more. Here's your guest. Lucky Lauren Murphy.

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Okay, we are here with Lucky Lauren Murphy. Lauren, welcome to the show. Thank you so much for coming on.

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Hey, thanks for having me. This is awesome.

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I you know, it's funny, I was excited to have you on initially, but then two days before we recorded this episode, you got booked for a title fight. So I'm like, I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I mean, you're lucky. For me, I've got prime Lauren Murphy time, and I'm super appreciative for you coming on the show. I know you got big things on your plate. Now. Let's talk briefly about your amazing success. These last five fights you had a two and four start to the UFC, which I love. And let me explain why. I think that your story about you know, having a rough start and then coming back and have you know, going on a win streak and now getting a title shot is a lot more relatable than someone who comes in as 15 and oh, knocks everybody out and then you know wins the title. I think that you are, you know, somewhere between, you know, a top level fighter and someone who you can relate to, and I mean, obviously you're top level fighter, but I think that your journey is really inspirational and the Talk about how you got there. Obviously, it's been a long journey. But my biggest question is what would you attribute to your success from starting off so rough in the beginning of your UFC career to this five fight win streak?

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I think there's a lot of things. So I give a lot of credit to the coaches that I have though. Um, so when I started fighting, I did my first four fights in Alaska. And I had a coach named Pat Applegate, who I really loved and he was he was a great coach. And I'm really lucky that he was basically my first coach. I mean, I had had some other coaches, you know how it is when you start, you just listen to anybody. And I was just really lucky enough to have Pat and he was a very good coach. He wrestled for a really long time. He was a black belt in jujitsu, and he just had a way of putting things that I could hear he had a way of making the sport fun for me. And, you know, I was always a really driven athlete, and he respected that but I am so I shouldn't say I was always a driven athlete. I was not always an athlete. In fact, I had no athletic experience when I when I first started MMA, but I was always like a hard worker. And so when I did start doing MMA man, I was there all the time, I showed up to the gym all the time. And, you know, I was new, I wasn't good. And I worked with a bunch of guys that didn't really want to work with me. But I showed up a lot. And I tried really hard and I worked hard. And Pat really respected that. And so he was always really good to me. We did four fights in Alaska, I want all of those, which was awesome. And that was like the first I mean, this is my experience with the first sport I ever played. And then I moved to Florida with my husband and pat moved to Texas. And so I went to Texas to get my blue belt from him in 2012. I was still a white belt. I wanted to get my blue belt. I didn't really have any plans about like continuing to fight. And in Texas, I met a guy named Alex Cz, and he was coaching with Pat and so just through a series of events LFA offered me a fight while I was out here I was a brand new, like brand new blue belt. That was my fifth fight. And then I was signed to Invicta it and I started working with Alex seasoning and Pat and we got to eight and oh we went to the Invicta championship, we won the Invicta belt. And the thing that I really liked about those guys was that they won. They always believed in me and they recognized like my strengths. And then they always had really good game plan for me. They knew how to train me. I always felt like going into a fight. I knew exactly what I needed to do. I felt like I knew what was going to happen because they had always prepared me so well. Eventually, Pat moved to the east coast. And just through another series of events, I moved out to Arizona with my husband, we started training at the lab, which was a very big gym. It's a it's a great MMA gym. I mean, it's it's really a it's a good. It's a tough room, full of like really good athletes, tough fighters. And I was still pretty raw when I got there. And so I think I just kind of got lost in the mix. And that's when I started my UFC career. And like the confidence that I had had going into fights previously wasn't there anymore. I didn't feel as well prepared. I didn't really have any, like game plans going into fights. I just didn't feel very confident at all, you know, and I think that affected a walk. And so we lived in Arizona for about five years. My son went to high school while we were out there and I promised him like we're not gonna move while you're in high school. So we stayed up there. And then when he graduated high school and moved back to Texas to be with my original coaches, and I've been winning ever since. So the guy that Yeah, the guys that I work with right now Alex's name I'm nine and oh with him, you know? So it's it's pretty crazy.

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It's so funny that you say I was I was really raw still when you got to the UFC, but you were what eight, you know, you know, champion in the Invicta bandwidth champion for Invicta FC. But you still say you are so raw and obviously that shows your humility and your ability to look outside the box look outside yourself and you know, really pick yourself apart. And so it's just crazy the way life works and you can you know, come full circle and come back to the people that you know really got to the dance, right because those were the same people that got you to the Invicta FC bill which probably propelled you into the UFC, right?

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Yeah, yeah, I believe when I won the UFC belt we kind of are the Invicta boat. Not yet Not yet come

Unknown Speaker 19:42
down. I like it I like it.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
I was eating oh and like we kind of knew I was gonna go to the UFC. It was like I was eating Oh was six finishes. And to be honest, like I did, I really want To go to the UFC I didn't want to like, I mean, at the time, I was like, I want to go to the UFC. That's where like all the good competition is like, I want that to be part of my career. I, you know, and looking back now I'm like, man, I wonder if I could have like, hung out and Invicta a little bit more. Because the truth is, I'd only been training for four years when I got into when I got into the UFC. I've been training for like, three years when I fought for Invicta, and I was fighting tough girls, you know, that were, you know, ranked in the top 10 and that have a lot of experience. And I had not been training that long. And so there were a lot of lessons that I needed to learn. And I really did have a very raw 3d style. It wasn't like a super refined pretty style of like kickboxing Jiu Jitsu wrestling, I just didn't have the experience to to fight like that, you know, and I'd only been sober like a year. So, I mean, I was wrong. Yeah.

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It's not just you, you know, I mean, I can only speak for myself, but to relate to your situation, I got into the UFC. In December 2014. I was Pro, I believe, in 2011, ended 2011 or 12. And I was only three, you know, when they called me to, you know, for my UFC fight. So, you know, a lot of just because, you know, we started years ago, a lot of that type of situation happened, right where it was, the female talent depth wasn't there. So it was a lot of women getting into the UFC with not that many fights or just not quite ready, but you don't tell the UFC know when they call so you just, you know, take that chance, and then you learn on the fly, which is real rough job to learn, you know, on the job. And I totally, I hear you say that, and I'm like, that's exactly what happened to me. And, you know, I think now as we're, you know, the year 2021, it's girls have been, you know, starting to train in their teens, which is fucking crazy, right? Because, you know, I started when I was 23. And you started when you were 26. So we look at these girls, I'm like, Oh, you little pitch, you're gonna be so good. By the time you're like 25. So I totally hear what you're saying. And it's crazy how that could happen, how, you know, we can get to the highest level of competition, but still be so green and have so many things to work on. Especially because mixed martial arts is so diverse right? wrestling, grappling, striking, conditioning, all the stuff that goes into it. But so basically, you're saying that it really took you this path, you know, this cage experience traveling all over the United States and, and just you needed to learn those lessons really, right.

Unknown Speaker 22:37
Yeah, I really think so. And I mean, that when I lived in Arizona, I went to infor, but I don't really regret my time there. Because when I trained at the lab, man, that is a tough room at the lab. And I mean it when I say that there's like some of the best athletes in the world are there. My grappling definitely improved a lot while I was at the lab, and but I just I'll never regret having that time spending that time. It's such a tough room where the bar was raised so high, you know, and I did get beat up a lot while I was there, and we like paid my dues. But I hung in there and you know what, I will never like I could go anywhere in the world now and feel confident because I know how much time I spent in that room on the MMA team at the lab with guys like Benson Henderson, you know, Kyler Phillips is on that team, Mario Battista has sparred with me many, many rounds. Toronto Maui is out there. Casey Kenny, just so a lot of just a lot of really good fighters. But when I first got out there, it was like Scott Holtzman, Tim Welch, Brian barbarina. Benson Henderson, you know, even like Joe Riggs was out there. And it was just a tough roomful of tough guys and tough women, too. And yeah, I just won't ever regret that even though my record in the UFC started out poorly. It's okay with me. I think I just needed that experience, you know,

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yeah. And I don't know, you get to different opinions with going to different gyms, right? You go on one side, it's like, Oh, you got to be loyal to the same person, you got to have that chemistry over the years. And neither opinion is wrong. But then on the other side, I feel like maybe you and I, you know, our, you know, same same way of thinking because all these different experiences, different coaches, different training partners, different facilities, different ways of fighting, really let you understand, what is your way Who's your favorite coach? Who are your the teammates that are best for you? And so, you know, some people like, oh, there's this girl, she's jumping around a lot, but that's just life. You know, chances are, you're not going to go to one gym and stay there forever. You're probably not going to meet the first partner in your life and marry them. You know, like, exactly does it work out that way? You got to test the waters a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 24:57
Yeah, and MMA is such a diverse There's no one person that knows everything about every facet of the sport. And I think that sometimes like these really big MMA gyms that are kind of like one stop shops and offer everything, it's like, that's going to work for some people, but it's not going to work for everybody, but just because everybody, it's just such a diverse sport. And there's so much to know, there's so many different styles, there's so many different sports within MMA, you know, so I just, yeah, I think it's important to find people that you click with, and even out here in Houston, I train with Alex seasoning, I would consider him my head coach. But then I also have a striking coach and involved her as I grapple with my husband, I go to a different gym altogether to do my strength and conditioning. So I am I drive a lot out here and I end up going to like three or four different gyms throughout the week, just to get those different looks and styles and hear different opinions and work with different coaches that I work really well with if I even have like a separate coach for wrestling that I go wrestle with twice a week. So yeah, I think in this sport, it's okay to just have such a wide variety of books and coaching styles and coaches, you know, there's no one person that's going to have it all. Yeah, I agree.

Unknown Speaker 26:10
I totally agree. And I think the fact that you're saying that and you're about to fight for the belt is proof that it's not wrong, you know, there is no one right path to gold. It's it's individual for everyone. And so, I'm excited. I think your story, you know, starting out rough and then going on a winning streak. It just it's giving so many people, fighters, people who don't fight people who are thinking about, you know, training or picking up mixed martial arts, a lot of hope and a lot of inspiration. You mentioned that you were only a year sober. Was that when you got into the UFC?

Unknown Speaker 26:47
No, I was a year sober when I started fighting for Invicta. Okay, so I actually, I drink a lot and took like I was really into pills for a long time. Anyway, when I started fighting, I was drinking and I think take I think if I would think I was taking a lot of pills than two. And I did a couple fights actually like that. In fact, one of my fights I had a shot of tequila before I went out there you know, I was like, get wasted after the fights. I was usually pretty good about staying sober before the fights like four weeks before I fought I would usually do pretty good about staying sober. But ma'am, after the fight, it would be on and I would go to the gym, man. I was at the gym drunk sometimes and just insane. I'm sorry. Go ahead. Oh, no, I think I got sober in 2000. I think I think my I like count my life. No more drinking day. Like, like New Year's Day. 2012. I'm pretty sure. So I'm trying to remember if it was 2011 or 2012 2012 counting on my fingers. I'm like, So tonight, nine years now? Nine years. Yeah, I would I would honestly have to go back and look, but I think I did drink during 2011. I'm pretty sure. Yes, I did. I did. Because I got a lot of trouble in 2011. So I think like the end of that year, I was finally able to be like no more. I don't want to drink anymore. I had met Joe. And he was super, super important to me. I really wanted to be with him. And I just I plan to remember thinking like, man, he's not gonna want to be with me if I'm a total drunk, you know, we're taking pills or like, you know, my wife was a wreck at the time. And so, and this When did you meet him? I met Joe in 2010. And we started dating in 2011. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 28:37
so did you. I mean, it sounds crazy. But whatever, whatever works for you. Did you basically get sober so that you could keep your boyfriend at the time now husband?

Unknown Speaker 28:50
Yeah. He did play a big part in it. He really did. I mean, I wanted to get sober. I knew my life was a mess. I mean, I like I didn't have a license, I had like gone to jail for a DUI, I had gotten kicked out of nursing school. Like, there was a lot going on. I knew I wanted to be sober. And I knew that I wanted to quit drinking, and I was really just having a hell of a time doing it. It's like, that's kind of the sign of an alcoholic, right? It's like, if you want to quit drinking, and you cannot, then you know, you probably have a problem. And that was my case, but just nothing was really motivating me. And then I met Joe and honestly, I was so in love with him. And I I was like, This is my chance to be with a really good man. And if I don't like if I'm just like this, if I'm taking pills and I'm drunk all the time, I'm gonna really you know, this might be like, my only chance a great guy in my life and he loved me a lot. And he was really good to me and, and, like I was super attracted to him like just like could not keep my hands off of them. I never thought that I would have a relationship like that. I never thought I would, you know be so In love with somebody where it was like, he made me laugh. He made me feel good. He's like spoiled me. I could mean I could just go on and on I brilliant. Like, yeah, I'm very in love with my husband. And so yeah, when I met him, I was like, man, I really want to be with this guy. And so I want I want him to love you know, I want him to love me like I he's not gonna love him if I'm a wreck. I'm a wreck. So. So yeah, he was amazing to me. Yeah, even when I was drinking, he was really good to me. But I knew it wouldn't last if I continued.

Unknown Speaker 30:32
I want to I want to dive deep into Joe, your husband. But before we get there, let's set some foundation.

Unknown Speaker 30:41
You know what I mean? So what was that does that?

Unknown Speaker 30:48
So what does your dating history pre Joe look like? You know, obviously, you were drinking. So you were having problems? You know, with a lot of things in your life. You know, I personally, you know, two years sober. I know, the struggle myself. And there's usually a lot of red flags that we choose to just, like, I don't see him docm can't see him, you know, and we choose to ignore, but what was it like, you know, your dating experience in your teens and your 20s? You know, like those first few boyfriends? When did you you know, get, you know, I guess, would you start being boy crazy and start dating boys?

Unknown Speaker 31:25
Oh, I think I'm pretty normal in that regard. When I was younger, that, like when I was a teenager, and in high school and stuff I dated. I dated some boyfriends. You know, just different guys that I knew. None of them were terrible to me. I wouldn't say any of them were great. But they were teenage boys, you know. And so, like that. I just think it was kind of an age thing. I think, you know, I got my heart broken a few times. And I just I think that's kind of your typical teenage love story. Kind of? Yeah, um, when I was when I Oh, let's see, I think I was 15. I was 15 when I met my son's father. And I was I was, you know, crazy teenage girl about him. I got pregnant, I think, Oh, actually, I must have met him when I was 16. And then I got pregnant just when I turned 17. So I had my son when I was 17. Oh, yeah, Mama. Yeah, I was Yeah, and just immature. Obviously things with my son's father didn't last but we have a relationship for probably, you know, four or five years maybe even six. It's, it's hard to remember now. And it was like kind of your typical really young adult together as teens. Like we we both drank a lot and did some drugs and stuff. And so we did kind of have a crazy relationship, but I don't think like, like my dating choices got super bad until I was older. Like in my 20s like even Max's dad was okay to me. He wasn't you know, god awful. And we had a you know, I love Max, obviously. So I think like the end of my drinking when I was in my 20s that's when I really started ending up with some really like poor choices. Yeah, this is all in Alaska, right? Yep. I lived in Alaska for 30 years. So.

Unknown Speaker 33:08
So what's the dating scene like in Alaska? I'm a California girl born and raised a very spoiled in that regard with weather and you know, bars and festivals and stuff like that. When I think of Alaska, I just think like, you like mushing over to one igloo and to like, be like, what's up? And like?

Unknown Speaker 33:27
Like, oh, yeah, like, I need a hot toddy in my igloo.

Unknown Speaker 33:32
So. So there's a bunch of, there are some bars in Alaska. And this is like a thing that goes around Alaska. And maybe somebody can look this up. I don't know if it's true, though. Like, we always say in Alaska, that there's seven men for every woman in Alaska. Like, it's like, you don't even have to try your chick. And there's dudes just falling all over themselves to date the women there because it might be true that there's seven times more men in Alaska than there are women. Yeah. That would have to do with like the work scene up there, like people that work on the North Slope and stuff. Yeah. I wonder for sure. I know that I know. It's crazy. So anyway, that will give you that'll give you like, some insights. For your self confidence, right? I'm telling you, girl like yeah, until like the advent of social media dating was super easy. It was easy to have self esteem, but like, yeah, it's not you know, in Alaska. It's a beautiful place. Really. The summers are pretty nice. The winters are brutal. There's a lot of good martial artists up there. A lot of good wrestlers. They're really really yeah, some really really good jujitsu players have come out of Alaska. Um, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 34:48
I don't think Alaska gets enough love. I was doing my research on you. And, you know, compiling some of our fun segments will we'll get to later in the episode, and I googled famous Alaskans. And really wasn't a lot that popped up that many and then I googled famous Alaskan athletes. Not a lot of popped up either. And then it was just like, like, I feel like more Alaska needs to get a little bit more love because if you're saying there are like there's good wrestling up there. We don't know about it over here.

Unknown Speaker 35:19
Oh, yeah. Yeah, there's some really good grapplers one of the first females to ever win. Like a nationals, I think and it was COVID was, uh huh. Yep. She's from Alaska. I know that because I'm a wrestler. Oh, that's awesome. Yeah. Okay, so yeah, she's from Alaska. Jared cannoneer. is not from Alaska, but he trained in Alaska. Oh, this clip? Yeah, this clay is really, really high level jujitsu player. She is actually fucking killing it right now. And I think she's an ADC. Right? She is. Yeah, exactly. All right. So

Unknown Speaker 35:58
Alaska wasn't as rough dating as I imagined because the the males outnumber the females. That's not bad for women. It's hard if you're a man. All right. So you had some normal relationships in your teens? Then you kind of started dating some douchebags in your 20s. And then Joe came along at 2627 when you start doing

Unknown Speaker 36:22
how'd you guys meet? at the gym? Actually, we met sparring. And wow. Yeah. And he was he had wrestled growing up, he had wrestled all through school and a little bit for the Air Force. So he was a pretty good wrestler, and I had a few pro fights. And somehow we ended up you know, just sparring like you do like sparring on a day. And he was like shooting double legs. And I didn't even know what that was. And so I poked him right in the eye, because I just, you know, you put your hands on the shot, and I didn't know how to talk to him. And I, I gave him a huge black eye. And I saw him the next day at the gym. And I was like, Oh my god, I'm so sorry. Did I do that? Oh, I'm sorry. It was just started talking and like I kind of loved him ever since.

Unknown Speaker 37:06
Violence does solve everything. That's awesome. So I mean, pretty much it was love it first double A and then you guys continue this relationship. So what was this is super personal. But that's what the show is all about. I'm wondering how did Joe feel? Because your son max at this time must have been at least 910? somewhere around there. Yeah, he was. He was 10 years old. 10 years old. So you know, I'm always curious. I don't have any children. When is like the right time to introduce your new partner, to your your child? And how did that work out? You know, did Joe was he psyched about your son? Was that did you wait a while How'd that go?

Unknown Speaker 37:53
I think I did wait a while. And at that time, like I said, I was kind of going through it. And so my son actually lived with his dad at the time. And I would go visit him and stuff. And I'm like, you know, anchorage is pretty small. And so we didn't all live very far from each other. But I do remember after a while of Joe and I dating I think max had met him before we even started dating. But after a while of Joe and I dating like I think I went over to his dad's house and I brought Joe and we all had a game night one night. Like, that was cool. Like sometimes we would just stop by and say hi. Um, but what knew Joe was like the guy. Well, not when I knew because it was like, ladies take note. I worked on a fire crew. The first summer that I was dating Joe. I worked on a fire crew and I was gone a lot for that summer, I was just off in the wilderness fighting fire. And Joe and I hadn't been dating that long. It had been less than a year. And while I was gone, he went to my my kids dad's house and asked if he could take max to a movie. And Max was 11 years old. And it was like I didn't ask him to do that. He just did it because he wanted to. And he grew up with a lot of brothers and sisters. So anyway, he took max out to a movie and like, they had a really great time. And I wasn't even in town. Like I didn't even know they had done that until he like sent me some pictures of them. Like they were wearing 3d glasses together. Yeah, I was like, Oh my God. Oh, wow. That's

Unknown Speaker 39:18
so cool of Joe. That's like 10 gold stars, right? For sure. I think yeah, if I was you, I would have been like, Alright, this guy's ready, you know, like ride or die. He's down for the, for the whole situation in the whole package. That's awesome. Cuz I'm sure that must be, you know, nerve racking when you're a single mom and you've got this young kid and you know, you just, you know, I don't know, like, I'm always like, kids, like I'm so happy. I don't have to deal with that. Like headache. You know, I know kids are amazing, but that's so cool that Joe just, you know, automatically was was down to kind of like, you know, adopt and be like a step dad.

Unknown Speaker 39:59
Yeah. I right off the bat and a lot of people feel like that, you know, I mean, even as a parent, sometimes you're like, I suck. I don't know what to do like. It is it's a nerve wracking thing sometimes have kids. Yeah, it's, it's can be really difficult as a single mom or single dad to find a partner, you know,

Unknown Speaker 40:18
but you guys have been married for eight years now. Yep. Eight years together for 10. So obviously, you know, Max's grown man now, you know, he's in his 20s. Yeah. He just turned 20 last month. So you got this grown son and you guys just like this awesome little family. I'm wondering, has Joe is your jujitsu coach, right? Yeah. has him being your jujitsu coach. My partner is also my jujitsu coach, by the way. Does that ever have its, you know, troubles? You know, like, some people are like, Oh, I love sharing the mat with my partner, other people. They just they won't do it. How do you know, obviously, you're successful. But what's that experience been? Like? Was it just always smooth sailing? Or did you guys have to work on that?

Unknown Speaker 41:08
pretty smooth sailing, but like, it took us a while to figure out the coach student relationship. Yeah. Yeah, it was like, I've always loved training with Joe. But sometimes it's hard for me to like, well, it's not hard anymore. But we had to go through this period where, like, I had to be okay with him, you know, telling me what to do sometimes like, and I mean, like, in a different way than a husband and wife, and not that he ever yells at me or screams at me. But sometimes he's got to tell me like, you are not doing this, you have to go over here. And you have to move your arm like this, like, you know what I mean? Yeah. And I have to be able to hear that without being like, Fuck you. You didn't do the dishes last night, or whatever, you know,

Unknown Speaker 41:49
I know exactly what you mean.

Unknown Speaker 41:52
Like, it took some time for us to figure that out, and how to you know how to talk to each other. But he really doesn't make it easy because he's patient. And I think on my end, I make it easy, because like, I would do anything for Joe, like, I know, you can tell just by talking to me. Like I'm pretty crazy about him. So for sure. For sure. It makes it it makes it a lot easier.

Unknown Speaker 42:13
Yeah. There's one thing I want to talk specifically about, you know, if you're not having trouble with your coach, or your teammates, is there anyone else you've ever had some problems in the gym with? You and I spoke before this episode, so I'm digging for this dirt.

Unknown Speaker 42:31
Yeah, well, I know we had talked about how sometimes like being a female on the MMA team. And actually sometimes I'm really grateful that Joe's there because of this, but sometimes being an A female on an MMA team is hard. And it's not always because like the men are going to be bad to you. Because I think a lot of men do respect the limits, but sometimes their girlfriends or wives who do not train, or who are newer in the sport or something like sometimes I think they I think there could be some cattiness in the gym sometimes because of that. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 43:07
I haven't had too much experience with this, like, you know, the wife or a girlfriend, you know, coming up to me and actually saying something to me, but I've had my male teammates say, my girlfriend doesn't want me to roll with you or this or that. And I'm just like, why? Cuz you know, the last as you and I know, and a lot of other martial arts enthusiasts, if you've ever done any kind of grappling, you know, the last thing on your mind is sexual. Anything sexual. It's just thank you. Yeah. It's like, I don't even know if I could flip that sexual switch. Like, even with my own boyfriend, when we're grappling. I have such a competitive nature inside of me that I'm like, Oh, no, it's not time for sexy time. Yeah. So it's just like, I can't even fathom how that would be possible. But I've got, you know, I've had my teammates say, Oh, my wife or my girlfriend doesn't want me to roll with you. So, you know, in that regard, is that what you mean? Or do you has has a wife or girlfriend come up to you and actually said something?

Unknown Speaker 44:11
I've had it. I've had both. I've had men tell me before, like, my wife doesn't let me roll with females. Like actually, there's a black belt that was doing a seminar one time at a really small gym A long time ago. And it was there. And I I went up to him. I was like a blue bow and I you know, he's doing a seminar. I just he was rolling with everybody. And so I went up and I asked him if we could roll. And he was like, my wife doesn't let me roll females and she was like, sitting right there. I was like, oh, and it was bizarre to me. I was like, You're kidding me. Like you're a black belt doing a seminar, you know? Yeah, it was a it was whatever, you know, and then she kind of jumped in and she was like, Oh, no, it's okay. It's okay. You can go with her. Like, I don't know. Maybe she was. Yeah, maybe she was okay with it. Because Joe was there. You know, Joe and I are obviously together and so maybe she just felt like Good. That's I don't know, good enough? I don't know. But um, yeah, I've had that happen before. And I've had a couple of like, like coaches wives or friends, wives or something like that, or teammates, wives get kind of pissed. Like, I think you've developed like a relationship with your teammates. Like, when you're trying to earn the respect of a man on a fight team, like, you're gonna end up leading and sweating and crying with these guys. And eventually, you know, they're gonna respect you. And I think sometimes women resent that. But there's like a place that that like their partner respects another woman that they cannot be.

Unknown Speaker 45:36
Yeah, they'll never get Oh, yeah, they'll never get to that level, because most likely number one, they don't want to. And then you know, number two, it takes years and years of hard work and dedication and sacrifice, to be able to do what we do. It's not easy. So yeah, I can see how they feel a little left out or jealous in that regard, because it is a very, very strong bond. You know, like you said, bleed sweat, cry me for sure. Cry. And, you know, the guys just like, Oh, God, but then over time, you know, they see you not give up and your persistence and your passion. And you're right, you know, that's when the respect comes in. So I just think you know, these women, they'll never understand that it's, it's all business.

Unknown Speaker 46:19
No, but yeah, yeah, yeah, it can definitely be hard. I think for me, like, I don't even blame them. Sometimes I try to imagine like, like, what if, Joe? I don't know, started doing some sport that I don't do. And it was full of women like, what have you started? Like, it's hard to imagine if it was a gymnasium. It was like fucking horseback riding, you know, or something like that. And it's just a sport that I don't do, and I don't understand. And then he's hanging out with all these, like, beautiful women that like, can talk to him about this thing that I can't talk to him about. He's like, you know, understands them and respects them for doing something that I don't do and that I can't do. You know, and I'm like, I wonder if I would feel jealous. And you know, a little part of me honestly, probably would, I don't know if I would act out on it. But I just can't understand how there could be some envy there from, from, you know, a husband or a wife, for sure. I

Unknown Speaker 47:12
understand it as well, you know, I don't like it, but I understand it. I always try to do that to you know, put myself in, in their shoes, do the flip flop. And I know like with my little alpha territorial news, if you know, my boyfriend was just rolling with like, 1015 chicks coming home and, you know, a picture of him surrounded by 20 chicks with their shirts off. And he's just like, I'm like, good, either. So understandable. So yeah, Want to get real mushy with you? When did you know that? I mean, I you just told us when you knew Joe was like, you know, along for the ride, but do you remember when you fell in love? You're like, Oh, I love this man.

Unknown Speaker 47:54
Oh my gosh, honestly, like really early, really in a relationship. I was like, I want to marry this guy. I was like, I this sounds so crazy. I probably would not normally say something like this. But I literally used to pray that like, I would just tell God, like if if you just let Joe and I end up together somehow, some way I'll never ask you for anything ever again. But I did. I was crazy about him. I'm telling you. And my my friends and family loved him. And that had like, literally, I don't think that's ever happened. You know? Even my mom was like, oh my god born I love this guy. He's great. Like, dude, you got to keep this guy. Don't fuck this up.

Unknown Speaker 48:35
Don't get your shit together, Lord this guy. Don't, don't do this to us. We need this guy in our life.

Unknown Speaker 48:45
We can totally understand, you know, it's like, friends and family members. You know, like, you know, I haven't always been with my amazing boyfriend. And sometimes you bring around people that are undesirable. And your friends and family are just like rolling their eyes. And you're just, you know, so when you finally do bring someone who's so awesome around, you can see it and they're just like, please,

Unknown Speaker 49:06
this is the one. Don't miss this. Yeah, I know. And I have felt that way about some of my friends too. So I recognize that then I was like, See? See? He's the guy right?

Unknown Speaker 49:16
You and Joe are great together. You've been you know, married for eight together for 10. And you dif definitely feels and seems like it's a new thing, which I think is the goal, right? Just keep that passion no matter how long you've been together. What do you attribute to that? You know, like keeping things fresh, not even sexually just just love and romance. And you know, like what, what would you say is one of the reasons why you guys don't get tired of each other why the marriage has worked and why you thrive and can sweat and bleed on the mat without wanting to kill each other.

Unknown Speaker 49:50
Yeah, no, I hear you. Well, exercise really is big part of it. We get grumpy if we don't. But I guess the First thing that comes to mind, I think is because we're super like goal driven. So we're always trying to, like, our life is pretty exciting. And we do a lot of stuff. And like, we're always trying to achieve big goals. Like, I'm trying to be a UFC champion Joe's in the military, and he's trying to make chief to me, yeah, it'd be a huge accomplishment for him. You know, we'd like to open a gym at some point, like he's working with Derrick Lewis, and Derek's gonna fight for the title this year. Crazy. Yeah, so it's like, we have a lot going on. And I think that in itself really keeps stuff exciting and fresh. And it's, it gives us not only some, like, like purpose, but it also gives us something to be proud of. So like, I'm proud of Joe, when he achieves these things, and I want to show him off. And so that's one of them. And then another is like, he's super, super patient. He really is a very patient man. And, and like, you can ask anybody that knows. He's very patient, which helps a lot. You know, he doesn't get annoyed so easily with me, or, yeah, he just has a Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:02
that's great. So I mean, I was stalking you, like, I always do my guests. And, obviously, I know you live an exciting life, you know, being a UFC fighter, you know, obviously, there's a monotonous grind to it. And after a while, can get, you know, exhausting. But I was scrolling. It's like, oh, we're in Europe, or I mean, sorry, we're in Egypt. And we're, you know, cross training and doing all these exciting things. And I think that's, that's definitely, you know, a key because you guys are experienced, all these things are experiencing all these things together, and making memories constantly. Bless. Your son is out of the house now, right?

Unknown Speaker 51:40
Yep. Yeah, he actually moved to Alaska. I moved back to Alaska. As soon as he graduated. He really missed it. So yeah, he's got his own place. And he's got a roommate. He's working at a restaurant. Yeah, he's working at a restaurant right now.

Unknown Speaker 51:55
I feel like I need to visit Alaska, because I just, I just picture igloos. And I'm like, what's up? They're like,

Unknown Speaker 52:02
I need to Oh, yeah. Go check it out. Because it's really nice. Especially in the summer, if you go in June girl to blow your mind. It's it's one of the most beautiful places in the United States.

Unknown Speaker 52:11
I will I will visit for sure. someday. So you mentioned that Joe is in the military now. You know, excuse my ignorance, like he's active, inactive. What what branch like, does he have to go away on certain trips? Like, how does that work out?

Unknown Speaker 52:27
Yeah. So he was active duty for like 11 years, and then he's been in the reserves for the last five or six, six. And so I honestly am not super clear on. Okay, he's in he's in the reserves. So he's doing the one weekend, a month, two weeks a year thing. And he does it out in Phoenix. That's where his reserve unit is. out on Luke Air Force Base. So anyway, one weekend, a month, two weeks a year, he has to go back out there. So he flies from Texas to Phoenix, like, I don't know, 10 times a year, 12 times a year. He gets a couple months off here and there. But yeah. Anyway, so he flies out to Phoenix, like, basically the first weekend of every month and works out there. And then he comes in, and he wants to be Captain Keith Jesus. And it will be that's the highest rank that is possible for him to achieve in the Air Force. And yeah, he's pretty young to he's pretty young to get there. So he's not there yet. But he's working for it. And yeah, he's gonna positive he's gonna get it soon. Yeah, what is? How old is he? He is 3636.

Unknown Speaker 53:35
Yeah, I don't know much about military stuff. So I can't really speak on it. But it looks it sounds like you guys are both just grinding hard for your goals. And you guys are doing something right. You both are just moving up the chain. I saw I stalked him as well and saw that he is competing and grappling and winning matches. And that's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 53:55
Yeah, he's a talented Grappler he doesn't have much to compete lately, because he was just hit. The gym was just crazy with both me and Eric fighting. But um, yeah, he is a talented Grappler and a talented competitor. That's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 54:09
So now I'm going to ask some intrusive questions. You guys been together? 10 years. What's one of the craziest places you guys have ever had sex or just one of like a crazy sex memory that pops out.

Unknown Speaker 54:23
The first one that comes to mind is the Nike dressing room at the Nike store. Oh, wow. The first one that comes to mind, but if you get if you give me like 10 minutes, I could probably think of more but that's the first one.

Unknown Speaker 54:36
That's ballsy. That's like where you guys I mean, were you scared or were you like after we get caught fuck it

Unknown Speaker 54:44
Oh no. I really excited about it was like a thing. That's what I'm saying. If you let me think about it, cuz it was a thing. Like I could not keep my hands off of Joe when I first met him. And obviously he felt the same way about me. We just had a crazy crazy connection when we first met to where it was like Not even like chemistry, it was like an like an explosion like, yeah, we were crazy by each other sexually for like, several several years like we still have a really good sex life but yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:13
Okay, so sex at a dressing room that's never heard that on the show. That's awesome. When you Who gave you the birds and the bees talk Did you hear it from friends? Do you hear about on TV? I love to ask people how they found out when they were younger about sex. Some sometimes they have older siblings and like they get it. You know, they hear that way. How'd you hear about sex?

Unknown Speaker 55:36
I just threw up friends. Like we would all get together and snicker and yeah, yeah, probably occurred. And I'm sure I don't remember my parents ever giving me any kind of talk.

Unknown Speaker 55:47
Okay, and then some fight related type questions sex fight related. So obviously, we're alpha male alpha females, Joe seems like an alpha male fighter Grappler. When it comes to the bedroom, are you more dominant or more submissive?

Unknown Speaker 56:03
You know what? We're pretty even Actually, I would say is about 5050. But he lets me pick which I really like I like so if I'm really in the mood to get after it, then yeah, yeah. You know, sometimes I'm like that give me a background.

Unknown Speaker 56:19
Usually, like how it works with men and women, because, you know, men, it's like, they're ready to have sex all the time. And women, it's like, you know, we have to be in the mood, usually, right? Usually, like men with women can have higher sex drive than men. I'm not saying that. But I feel like the guys usually just like whenever you're ready, just let me know. Okay, so do you. You know, there's that whole myth that fighters boxers and MMA fighters should abstain from sex before a fight. You've got this big title fight coming up? Will you be abstaining? Or is that something that you don't follow?

Unknown Speaker 56:55
I don't follow it. Really. I just do it. I feel like, if I feel like getting down then yeah, and then sometimes it's even harder like that. Like, you know what I mean? It just kind of all depends what kind of mood I'm in. But yeah, five week rolls around, and I'm just really tired or I'm having a hard weight cut, or if I'm stressed, and Probably not, but some weeks I'm like, happy to get after it.

Unknown Speaker 57:16
It's it's a roller coaster for me. Because the way that I realized what happens is that when I get in really good shape, I want to have a lot of sex because I feel really good about my body and I'm confident and then there's like a point of diminishing returns where I'm like, still in great shape. But I'm like, you know, you start like the cut. And then I'm like, okay, like I'm tired and hangry and I'm like, okay, we're gonna have sex, but you got to do all the work. Okay, so it is now time for the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 57:54
Born you're familiar with this, right? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:57
Are you excited?

Unknown Speaker 58:03
The lightning section for you listeners who don't know it's rapid fire questions where I asked Lauren one word or one question and she just answers yes or no. If you feel like elaborating on a certain question, you know, feel free but you know, you can also say Yes, sir. No. Are you ready? Yeah. All right. All right. Lightning sex round with Lauren Murphy. Here we go. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Do you spank or like to be spanked? Yes, biting yet to a little bit just trying to draw blood here. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 58:41
chokey threesomes no can't do it. Yeah. Do you watch porn? Yeah, well, I have I would say I watch a lot less anymore. But

Unknown Speaker 58:58
yeah, okay. And then any fetish any foot fetish? No, bodily fluid fetish. bondage like ropes, blindfold handcuffs. I want to say I'm not against it. I'm deaf. So I will give it a I give it a go ahead. Yeah. Okay. How about role playing? Ah, I don't know. I like to all the way is I'm gonna give that a pass.

Unknown Speaker 59:25
All right. I like that.

Unknown Speaker 59:28
But stuff on you or a partner? Okay, I want to answer. Do you use sex toys? Yes. ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 59:48
I don't think so. No. And then are you a lingerie lover? Yes. All right. Congratulations.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
People are like so nervous for that. And I'm like, you know you can plead the fifth that like you did no big deal but yeah, that was an awesome lightning sex rad Are you ready for the next game that we're gonna play? It is called fuck marry kill one marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. All right. Okay, so I looked up those Alaska people not a lot so we're gonna do famous people from Houston for you. Are you ready? Oh shit. I get to choose who you want to fuck who you want to marry and who you want to kill out of the undertaker pro wrestling, Kenny Rogers country music and Michael straight hand from the NFL. I told you I wasn't gonna throw you under the bus because I was like, oh, there's some couple like people that you know, but I was like now I'm just gonna make it a little hard for you because you got sexy Kenny Rogers?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:05
Shit, I don't I've never seen Kenny Rogers. I can't like place his face, but I guess I'm gonna have to fucking marry Kenny Rogers. I'm gonna fuck The Undertaker. And then I'm gonna have to kill the guy from the NFL.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
Alright, good job.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
I don't even I don't even know who Michael Strahan is.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:22
Oh, you don't? Okay, a big guy gap. gap too. But he also does some TV stuff now too. Well, Oh, really? I saw him maybe I'd be okay. marrying him. Wow, I don't know. I mean, you're gonna be taken care of financially, whoever you marry, for sure. definitely wouldn't own Kenny Rogers because he's like, super old and yeah. Oh, no, I

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
don't like the old balls. Okay. I'm gonna change my answer, and I'm gonna fuck that. No, I'm gonna marry the NFL guy. Kill the old guy. And fuck The Undertaker.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:57
That's good. That's good. Okay. All right, we're gonna end the show with a few fan questions. Ready? Cross? You're gonna push me?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:11
Yeah, okay, at zacky B. Have you ever been attracted to a coach or trainer? Um, no, really? I met Joe pretty early in my dream career. So. Okay. And then at fight insight podcast. How does her grown son feel about having a sexy fighter mom?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
I don't think he's ever thought of me as sexy. He is definitely different having your mom be a fighter. I know. He's proud of me. But um, it's definitely different. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
Did he ever have any qualms with your fighting? I mean, was he worried about you physically? Or did he understand like, hey, it's a sport. It's just not life or death? Really?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:51
No, I think I think he really doesn't, like ever want to see me get hurt or hit. And so I think like that aspect of it actually makes me like, I really think he doesn't like it. So he doesn't really ever watch me fight live. Sometimes we'll watch it like, afterward if he knows I've won. So he seen me fight, but I think it's hard for him. Yeah. Oh, that's cute. Cat.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
At I am p h. l Jr. Do you think there's a pressure to build a strong social media following to get bigger fights? Oh, that's a good question. It is a good question.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:28
Yeah, yeah, I think a strong social media doesn't hurt. You know. And so I think it's important to be yourself in. Yeah, it's hard to say like, I know, a fighters that don't have a strong social media presence and they get big fights. But I think it is pretty important, especially for women. to at least give it an effort, you know? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
I saw I think you posted that you reach 30,000 the other day, right? Yeah, I was so proud of myself.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
I think it's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
But at the same time, like, I want you to win so bad for so many reasons. I've said it before I resonate with your story and your background. But I can't wait to like have all these people who are not following you be like, oh, like to see who you are and experience you because, you know, 30,000 is a lot but I feel like you should have so many more followers. I feel like so many more people should shouldn't should know who you are. And you know, and follow your journey. So I'm excited for your fight. But

Unknown Speaker 1:04:33
thank you. Yeah, I appreciate that. Well, I hope so. I hope they remember me and they know who I am. Oh, they will know at the end of it. I hope we'll never forget me.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
Next question at Leo underscore s. Ci 968. Who was your favorite opponent to fight?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:50
Oh, that's another really good question. I really enjoyed fighting BB Han check. And I will never forget my fight with Andrew Lee ever for as long as I live. Why is that? It was just so like, it was such a big achievement for me. Like I knew how tough she was, I like it was one of those things where I just felt like I really rose to the occasion not only for the camp but for the fight itself. And like it was something that I knew was going to be a big challenge and just to go out there and do it and like, do such a good job. I think I'll always just be so happy about that, that I knew how bad it was going to like how bad it was gonna hurt to fight or not like, I don't know, I just thought I was like, showed a lot of bravery, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
Of course. Awesome. Okay, at drew Schaefer 639. I'm not really sure I didn't watch the tough season. So I'm not sure what this question means. But do you have any kind of relationship with Eddie Alvarez after tough?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:44
No, no. Okay. I'm not really sure I had have to go back and get into that. Even worth it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:54
So I'll kado favorite memory from Invicta FC. And what are some of your favorite fighters? I guess the two part questions sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:03
Okay, um, my favorite memory from Invicta gosh actually have a lot I enjoyed my time like all my fights and Invicta but I'll never forget fighting Caitlyn Jaan on short notice that was that's probably my favorite moment and Invicta like that it was such a big chance for me and I did it, you know. So that's probably my favorite Invicta moment and then some of my favorite fighters are like Forrest Griffin and Anderson silver like the old school ones. And then I really like like Shane Burgos and Calvin cater. Those are some of my favorite guys to watch right now. Awesome. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:38
the last fan question is a two part one big supporter of the show at she fights to media. Will winning the UFC flyweight championship feel better than any orgasm you've ever had in your life? The hard hitting questions Lord the heart. I hope not. I hope I have some really good as good as a good answer. And then the last second part of the of their question is Which do you prefer sex before or after training? Oh, sorry. Which do you prefer sex before a training session or sex after a training session?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:19
Oh, good question. Gosh. I'm gonna say before I like that good question before I can't do it. I'm just like, okay, I take nap now.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:32
Yeah, like, I can't do that.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
Okay, and then my last question for you, Lauren. Is who would you like to hear next on this podcast sex and violence with rebel girl? Oh. Who do you think would be a good guest? Who'd have some stories for us? Julia Vila Oh, she's actually going to be a guest in the very near future. Oh really already have already ever booked? Yeah. Do you know her personally cuz I've been following her for a few months. And she just seems like a fun sweet person.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:11
Ya know, same thing. I don't even think I've met her in person but like we've talked about getting together to train before online, you know, and yeah, I don't know. She just seems like I follow her too and just seems like she has a super fun personality. So I tune into that. Okay, well, we

Unknown Speaker 1:08:26
all know you've got much bigger pressing things to get to your fight is on September goodness I'm looking at right here. Winter fight. Tell me

Unknown Speaker 1:08:38
September 25 in Vegas, September 25 in Las Vegas at the UFC 266 T Mobile arena. Yeah, T Mobile arena.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:47
I'm sure that they will be packed it's probably already sold out. I don't even know if Tickets are on sale now. But thank you so much for coming on the show. Where can we find you on your social media handles so we can get you some more followers

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
on Lauren Murphy MMA and that's like on everything. Twitter, Instagram, I'm not on Facebook that much so don't even bother with that. But yeah, Twitter and Instagram Lauren Murphy MMA.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
I can't I can't thank you enough. I can't tell you how excited I am. You know, you are here my pick for a lot of reasons. You and I were supposed to fight a couple years back. Oh, yes. Right. Yeah, I think was like 2017 or 18. And I had scrolled up in our DMS after you had to pull out because of a foot injury. I messaged you, Hey, you know get better soon. You're super sweet. I'll never forget I read the message. You said hey, I'm sorry about pulling out but you're not someone that I take lightly. So I would want to be 100% and I just thought that was so fucking sweet. I was like, Okay, get better so we can play each other. Play around with it. Yeah, it's not fun to fight injured. But thank you so much for coming on the show. I wish you the best of luck in everything. Tell Joe. He's a fucking gangster. He's killing it as a jujitsu coach and a husband. And yeah, well, I'm sure you and I will run into each other very soon. I hope so. Thanks a lot for having me on. Ashley. I really enjoyed this. Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:18
That's a wrap on episode 59. With lucky Lauren Murphy. I really like that girl. If I ever have to fight her. We won't have a beer afterwards. That's what I used to say. Wow, I automatically just said look, we'll have a beer. Okay, we won't have a beer afterwards but we'll we'll hang out afterwards. She's the kind of person that I can definitely see myself hanging out with or maybe we'll just go cross train some day. But guys, so this week I'm going to do something different. I'm have decided to redo one of the fan emails just because feels good to, you know to hear one of your emails. And so I want to let you guys know that I appreciate your emails by reading some of them. This week. I am going to read from Tim last name withheld. Hi Ashley. I hope things are going good and you are managing to get slowly back to some training or making yourself just rest and recover without pushing too far too fast. I just wanted to write a little feedback for the podcast, you tend to ask for it. So I figured I would fire in an email. The podcast is great. I really like the content the mix of MMA and fight chat people's personal stories and also normalizing sex. More people need to talk about sex positively. So seeing it hit streams like the MMA community is great. Yes, women watch porn. Yes, women love sex. And that is normal. Even the feet fetishes. Haha. It is also great hearing about people with different styles and ways of loving. For example, I now know what non monogamous and polyamory are after one episode, and I haven't appreciated those nuances before you learning alongside the community feels like a positive two. Thank you for not judging guests on anything they say and making the interview a safe place for them to be open. I don't know if you have heard risk podcast, but things that they are good for hearing people telling stories, typo that wouldn't typically hear in a safe place. Thanks for the content and all the best with the recovery and future employment slash films. Exciting. One final thing, you won't have much time to read emails and respond lies I will always respond guys. So no pressure on this one. I remember you speaking about not having a strong role model male role model in your life to one of your guests, and that it would have been good to have that in your life. I am a non alpha male and expecting our first we won with the missus soon. I wondered if there were some specific things that you singled out as having missed there. They could have be obvious answers, but it felt like an interesting flow follow up question and that it missed. It was missed in the flow of the conversation and I selfishly want to make sure I get it covered as I am the male in our relationship, love hearing the chats, keep them coming. Take care and stay safe. Tim.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:05

Unknown Speaker 1:14:06
there's a little longer email sometimes I have short emails or longer emails, but I just wanted you guys to know that I really, really appreciate the feedback. And yes, I will respond back I know it might not be super timely because sometimes a little bit more busy than other times. But in this case, I sent him back an answer and he sent me an email back and he appreciated it. So thank you for your emails, guys. I really appreciate them. I love you for all your fan questions and for always tuning in. And I want to give a special thank you to DJ zol our audio engineer at DJ zol on Instagram and tomorrow could studio at tomorrow kids official on Instagram and you can always find us at sex and violence with rebel girl and please follow our backup page. It's at sex and violence with rebel girl number two, just the two at the end of that. And that's it guys. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Hope you all have a great weekend or a little deviants. And what do I always say? Remember, Be kind, be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. I'll talk to you guys next week. More tales of sex and bye bye

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