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Ep. 60 Anthony "El Torro" Birchak

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Sex and sex and violence.

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and all each of these subjects. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex. And what's happening hot stuff.

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What's up on my naughty listeners, we're back with another awesome and very, very intrusive interview. But first, let's get some little details out of the way. I wanted to let you guys know about an awesome event coming up. So right now it's Friday, you know, you're gonna party hard. But don't party too hard. Because this Tuesday, in LA, there's an event called save our summer. And it's event that's hosted by the academy LA. So that's around that Hollywood area. And what's going to happen is there's going to be jujitsu music, booty burlesque, it's model industry night. So you just got hot chicks walking around. If you want a part of this action, go to www dot the grappling and grab your tickets now. It's a huge venue. Tons of very famous DJs and music play there. So it's just like a very cool experience. You've got a mixture of just everything. That's fun, right? So jujitsu music, as entities and models walking around. So I'm going to be there doing interviews for something called in jitsu, which I'll talk more in later episodes. But yeah, I'll be there with a microphone, maybe, you know, interviewing some of the competitors and the people that work there. And then maybe we will get some, you know, spectator interviews as well. Again, I'll have all of this information that I just said in the Episode Notes. So if you want to grab tickets, you know, I'll give you guys their handles. It's at Academy underscore LA, and then the jujitsu event is at submission only series on Instagram. This is their fifth event. It's a 16 man tournament, the lightweight pros sub only so pretty exciting. But yeah, check that out, guys. I'll be there. Hope to see you guys there. Also, this week, we are bringing back the free sticker giveaway. How does that work? You guys write a review on Apple, iTunes, Spotify, whatever you guys listen. And then just screenshot that, send it to our Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and with your address as well. And then we'll mail you some free stickers. And then another update just on me. I've been telling you guys about my rehab started acupuncture, which is crazy. Not gonna lie, I don't really know if it's doing shit But at this point, you know, seven and a half eight months post. Really it's seven I guess but it feels like you know, three years seven months post spine surgery. At this point I'll you know fucking give me a crystal if that will heal me and I'll put it to my forehead. I'm just trying to do anything I can. I also started a new training regimen, I guess you would call it it is basically a functional patterns. Shout out to mark Matsumoto over in Orange County. It's called biomechanics at biomechanics. Shit Actually, I just put the link in the show notes as well cuz I'm not sure their Instagram, but it's functional patterns. So it's these different types of movements. Still using lightweights here and there, but there's a lot of cables. And I'm new. I've only done it twice now, but I feel like Like I said, Guys, you know, I'm just trying anything I can to get my body in fight shape and healed up and it's going pretty good. So I'll keep you guys updated with the acupuncture and the functional patterns and all that. And other than that I just wanted to talk about last weekend's fights, really is what about one fight? You guys know what fight it is that miesha Tate in Marion Reneau fight was fucking awesome. I mean, I didn't really care who won. I just wanted a good fight. And that's what we got me she came back and just, you know, did what she set out to do. She was victorious and her return. She is inspiring to so many not just women. I mean, yeah, she was off for five years, but she also popped out to children. I don't think that the announcers talked about that enough. They were talking about, oh, yeah, guys, I forgot. Actually, I was even going to bring this up until I just remembered but did anybody else notice that? I think it was john Anik. Or somebody was like, Oh, yeah. miesha Tate. She's still nursing right now. And me, my boy My friend, my friend, AJ, we're all watching, and we all start cracking up. We're like, Did john Anik just basically say, Yeah, those titties, they still got milk in them. Those titties are full of, you know, like, basically what he was saying. And I was like, he couldn't have like, segwayed into like, miesha Tate had two kids, you know? She's got me back. It was just like, she's still nursing. Those titties. They're full of milk. I thought that was very random. But yeah, it all it can't be all commentary. Gold. It's okay, john. But yeah, we

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got that I was amazing. My friend AJ actually AJ Jenkins. I wanted to mention her. She was watching the fights with me. She used to train with meesha she's an Oji of the sport. She literally is just like meesha just like cat zingano a trailblazer. And today Well, technically yesterday, you guys are listening to this on Friday is her birthday. So everyone go follow at AJ Jenkins 22 I'll put her in my episode notes. amazing, beautiful person. She is a veteran of the sport of women's mixed martial arts. And now she's doing something even cooler. She's a referee, a sanctioned god what certified sanctioned referee Thank you Daesil sanction referee so she's doing kammo she's doing some pro boxing and pro MMA fights. I hope. I know actually in my heart. I don't know when but we will see her in the UFC, octagon reffing and it's going to be fucking awesome. I'm trying to get her on the show. But until then, guys, go check her out at AJ Jenkins 22 wish her happy birthday and just follow and support women who are doing badass things. And speaking of badass things, we've got the new this weekend's card tomorrow is pretty awesome. former UFC bantamweight TJ dillashaw has been away on suspension. He's making his return. And he wants to get back to that 135 pound belt. But the streaking Corey San Hagen who my money is actually on Cory. He is going to make sure TJ doesn't do that. And so that's a barnburner of a headliner. Very excited about that fight at 135. Then we got a really cool man card. We got Aspen lad versus Macy JSON JSON always mess up that girl's name I'm sorry, Macy at Bantam weight, my weight class so I'm always you know, paying close attention. Tyler Phillips versus Rowley on Pavia Darren Elkins verson Derek miner, Miranda Maverick versus Macy barber super great fight to young up and comers at flyweight, that's going to be a very, very cool fight to watch Mickey Gall versus Jordan Williams shout out to Mickey Gall trained at the yard for a little while and he just seems like a very nice guy. So I want him to win. The prelims Brendan Allen vs. Puna Soriano love Puna shout out Sucker Punch fighter as well say management company really want Puna to win that one. Ian hainich vs nazara Dean, Emma love and Randy Costa versus Adrian Nunez. We got a girl fight on the undercard sidora Eubanks versus Elise read that one is going to be good as well. That's also a bad way. And then lastly, another bantamweight fight is Deanna belvita versus Hannah Goldie. Now I'm not sure why this says bantamweight. Because Goldie has fought at flyweight before. Maybe she bumped up for some reason or some COVID shit going on. Who knows? But of course, we're going for Hannah because she is sex and violence with rebel girl, Yvette and we love her. She's such a sweetheart. But yeah, that's that's the fight card for tomorrow, guys, it's gonna be a really good one. I'm excited about that. And if you guys want to write me an email, talk about the show, suggest a sponsor or working together in some way or suggest a guest, we have an email, it's sex and violence drop me a line and actually I've started reading some of your guys's emails at the very end of the episode. So stay tuned for another one that I'll read. At the very end of the show. And our sponsors always we got to show them some love so a botanical bloom CBD if you guys have not checked them out, please do so. They're a real CBD company not made from hemp seed oil. All of their products. This is the best part in my opinion, are lab tested and they provide a QR code on the back of the box. Because if you're like me and Bousada comes knocking or if you just want you know to make sure you're putting good things in your body, this QR code scannable QR code is super awesome to have. later in the show. We will be talking about a funny husana story so stay tuned. They also have tinctures, hand sanitizers, lip balms vapor rubs gummies anything, any method you can think of getting CBD into your body. They have it follow them at WWW dot a botanical use code Ashley MMA and get 20% off all products, guys they've been having some issues with With their website, I'm sorry about that. But you know, stick with it. Times are tough. There'll be up and running very soon. And let's not forget about our sponsor who wants you to love better and love more this summer. It's summer

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Dude, no worries, man. Thank you for this opportunity to talk to Smith. I've always been like, man, I want to get on that podcast, but I don't know how much I'm willing to fucking devote.

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Yeah, that's everyone's thought at first, I think is like, Damn, like, do I want to put my personal life out there? But then you weigh it. And I feel like most people, they understand that there's a benefit to opening up and showing a different side then just how was this training camp? How's the weight cut going? yada yada yada, right,

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dude? Well, for sure. I mean, everyone's fucking and we're, you know, most of us are fighters. So, you know, sex and violence goes hand in hand. Yeah,

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I thought it was a good title. I thought it was a good premise for the show. So let's talk about the violence aspect of sex and violence. I'm super. I've always been a fan of yours. You're a great Grappler obviously, I you know, I have a wrestling background and so I always say what the grapplers You're my homie. But when I was doing my research, I was like, Damn, bro check is fought for UFC, you know, rise in bellator there's any any promotion legit promotion you can think of you fought for them. And it's it's really, really awesome. So I know that you're coming off a loss in April was your last fight correct?

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Yes. And yeah i was a that was a UFC Fight Night against Tony graver.

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Yes, yes. And before that you had to fight a teammate, which we've never had somebody come on and talk about that that must have been very, very hard. But I want to talk about where you're gonna go from here. You're super talented. You're relatively young, you're my age are 35, right? Yeah, yeah, I'm 34. And we just spoke the other day, our little pre call pre episode call about how you and I both have only had one surgery, our entire combat sports career. So I'd say that even though you fought for all these promotions, you and I both, you know, we're better off than some of these people who have less fights under their belt because we haven't taken that much damage physically. Would you agree?

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Yeah, man, you know, and that's the thing, like, you know, we'll come back and talk about the Gestapo thing in a minute, but the whole injury thing, um, it kind of amazes me, because, you know, I treat my body like a fucking dorm room. And it's kind of just, you know, you know, I drink a smoke you know, I eat shitty when when I'm not having anything go and then when I say shitty, like, I have a burger every once in a while, but for the most part, it when I look at everything, I guess it would fall under like paleo, you know, and with the majority of it, but like when you know, when I'm trying to you know, just be a fat slob, it's it's pizza, it's, you know, a couple burgers here and there. You know, but like, for the most part, even eating chicken wings, or a chicken wings, you know, not breaded, and, you know, ultimately the the worst thing is, like, sometimes it's getting fried and stuff like that. But at the end of the day, it's it's, you know, chicken and meat. It's something like that. Um, but I'm always having, I noticed that I haven't really I gravitate towards high collagen, high, you know, connective tissue stuff like I love. Beef tendon fun. I love you know, ribeye steaks, and I love eating the fat cap. I love eating, you know, the tendon and stuff like that. So, um, you know, I was trying to talk to a couple of nutritionists. Yeah, you have a really good, you know, collagen supplementation, which is, you know, or nutrition plan, which is going to keep those connective tissues nice and strong. Mm hmm.

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Yeah, I think diet and the way you treat your body, offseason plays a big factor, but I'd be lying if I said, I was one of those people who was good, you know, in fight camp, out of fight camp, you know, me, you know, besides the last two years, you know, highly known for boozing it up, you know, even maybe possibly in fight camp, who knows? But I think it's important. Yeah, our diet has helped us out a lot. I'm on the opposite end of the diet spectrum than you, you know, I'm, you know, I was vegan. Now. I'm pescatarian. So, I don't do dairy. I don't do any meats besides fish. And then you over here, you're just sucking the bone broth out of

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animals. I bro. Like, I eat everything. You know, I mean, people are like, Oh, you should really look to you know, getting away from red meat. And this, that and the other. It's like, Okay, look. So here's the thing, I grew up on a ranch, I grew up on a farm, like my family grew up on a ranch grew up in a farm, when you look at genetics, right, or your family obviously grew up processing certain foods. Because the food that my grandma's grandma made my grandma made, right, and the food that my grandma made my mom made and the food that my mom made, I'm now making, so your body grows with these things. You know, I mean, if I all of a sudden just took the shit out of my system, I would shock my body. You know what I mean? And I always talked about like, how I remember when Aaron Simpson was in the UFC, he was doing good. And I don't remember hearing too much about him being vegan. But as soon as he went to World Series of fighting, I saw, you know, he's really pumping a lot of the vegan stuff. And that's when I kind of noticed that the climate is green. And I was like, I wonder if taking me out of his, you know, Regiment, you know, shocked his body to a sense that, you know, the performance levels weren't the same. But I mean, I don't know, that's just something that came to mind that he could have been doing this whole time. And just never, you know, outright public about it. But he grew up in antelope, Arizona, which is another small town, you know, where usually it's ranching, you're eating meat and beans, and, you know, chicken and fish and stuff like that. And I always thought, like, if you all of a sudden decide to change something so drastically in your diet that has been in your family for generations, generations, and is obviously coated into you, it's probably going to be a really big shock. You know, I mean, I feel like yeah, sort of.

Unknown Speaker 19:43
Yeah. I mean, I feel like whatever works for you, works for you, if this has been working for us for the last 35 years. Keep it up, right. You and I are both, I think at the same chapter in our lives, right where we're like, All right, we're a little bit older. We've had some fights. We have now have this injury that we have to deal with. We're both doing PT, what's your plan moving forward? You're not signed with the UFC? You know, are you going to try and be signed with someone else is this you know, Chapter closing on your career? What's going on?

Unknown Speaker 20:13
Man, this is such a crossroads, right? Because I've done I have done a lot, you know, there's things that that there's things that I set out to do. And Mercedes always tells me, you don't ever look back at what you've already done. And you know, that's it's fucking done. What's next? I'm the exact same way. I'm always like that. No, that's done. Yes. Next, you know, I mean, how can I continue to push you know, the envelope and be one of the most active experienced athletes to ever come out of Tucson, Arizona? Yeah, you don't want to rest on your roll. You don't want to rest on your laurels you want to continue and even then, you don't I mean, like I'm humble and I'm a realist like I won you know two World Championships and it's like, I didn't set out to you know, I didn't I set out to be the you know, one of the best guys in the UFC and when the UFC World Championship, and you know, I came pretty close, you know, between nonmuscle Neda, and like, that whole you know, knocking out Joe Soto and then you know, fighting Thomas almeyda. And like Thomas almeyda, fighting Cody Garber and Cody Garber fighting for the title. I know that's MMA math, but you're not I mean, if I beat either one of those dudes, I'm right there in that fight with tj. But if you understand that math, then you understand how close you were and exactly and that's what that's what drives me fucking right is like, God, I was one or two fights away. Yeah. And, you know, but and I'm, that's the thing that drives me is like, the whole reason that I became a pretty decent MMA fighter was because I was supposed to be our high school's first four time state champion. And I didn't win not a fucking one. Right. So that left a really, really bad taste in my mouth. You know, I was really focused on girls in the social life, rather than, than putting my miles in and fucking doing the shit that I was supposed to be doing. I was still, you know, one of the best wrestlers that come out of Arizona, but it's not. It's not what I should have been. I didn't live up to my potential. And that left a very bad taste in my mouth. So when I had this opportunity to kind of, you know, revamp myself and do mixed martial arts, that's what I set my goals on, you know, and it was like, dude, I could, you know, I may have not won a state championship. I'm gonna win the World Championship. I'm gonna win a major world championship. I love that. This last little this last little stint in the UFC left a really bad taste in my mouth. You know what I mean? They made me fight Gus. Yeah, they knew that we were teammates at Xtreme couture. And, you know, they didn't even bring me back at what I left the UFC. They brought me back, you know, at just 12 and 12. And I when I left the UFC, I was at 1616. Oof, I did so that sucks. You know, I

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mean, I'm like, Okay, now he's talking about pay pay scale, guys, if you if you don't understand, sorry, no, it's okay to show 1212 to show 12 to win was what he's getting now. But he was getting 16 and 16. And that's fucked up.

Unknown Speaker 22:44
You know, and then when I went and fought and rise, then I was getting, you know, 22 and 824 and 10. And, you know, 26, and, you know, 12. So, they didn't even they didn't even match what I was, you know, already set a value app. And so on top of that, Gustavo fight, man, like I just had this conversation with somebody on there that's competing against, you know, one of the 10 planet Tucson, guys. And I was like, Look, if we raced cars, I would see you on the track. You know, if we played tennis, I would see you on the court. But we do jujitsu, we wrestle. So I have to see you on the mats. And there's no offense, and there's no personal grudge for somebody trying to take an opportunity for the biggest stage in the career. It's huge for both of us. Yeah. Right. So it should not be offensive that I find a teammate and mean to start a talk. He called me and he goes, You know, I love you, right? And I go, Bro, I love you. And he goes, Okay, he goes, so this is the thing. Let's go out and fight. Let's knock each other's heads off and get a you know, a performance bonus. And we'll both have money for Christmas. And that's how I saw it. You know what I mean? He goes, Hey, look, I get to stay in the UFC you get to get back in the UFC. We both make money for Christmas. This is a win win. You're not I mean, but then with the second matchup with Tony gravely initially was supposed to be Johnny Eduardo. And they called me on four weeks notice for that he no one was on the card, no one fell off. It's not like Johnny Eduardo had an opponent and he couldn't make it there. So they picked me up. They were just like, hey, let's make this weird matchup of Johnny Eduardo versus Anthony birdshack on four weeks notice. Right? So I said yes, because Johnny was like, 42 he hasn't fought in three and a half years. You know, so me getting into shape and four weeks as possible him getting into shape and four weeks is gonna be a lot harder. And if you look at how he's lost, like Matt Lopez and a couple other guys, he's lost by submission or ground upon loss to a good wrestler, you know, alginate and choke them, not to kill them on the ground. Like there was a lot of perfect, perfect stylistic matchups for me. Anyways, his visa got fucked up. And they were like, well, we're gonna push you back to the Francis and Gandhi was steep a mojej card and I said, Great, I'll be this will be my first pay per view card in the UFC. That's tremendous. And I get an extra weeks of training that we came in when and Johnny Eduardo never got his visa fix. So they they go, well, we're gonna put you on a plane back Did you sign and we'll try to get you on something else, you know, I mean, they called me as soon as I land and they go, Hey, Tony gravely had a guy pull out, are you down for that fight and I go, I mean, when I look at everybody that he's lost, he's also got submitted and choked. You know, so we said yes to that, but it just wasn't enough time to prepare for a wrestler of that level. And I just I got grappled fluff you know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 25:22
Obviously, also you and I both know in our hearts that you know, you feel like you know, people think you have an option but do you really have an option? You really just take the fight

Unknown Speaker 25:32
you don't know the play? Don't know when you say no, they go cool. Then you're released. We're already over roster if you don't want to fight we don't need you. Yeah, you're not I mean, and your backs against the wall. So it's like, okay, fuck, cool. I'll take this fight. Yeah, you know, and, and they don't know. The UFC didn't know that I went in there with a torn labrum. You know what I mean? And I still made that show happen. Yeah, if you look at what I got caught with, I got clipped with a left hook, because I couldn't keep my right arm up. And I mean, like a wire, you're preaching to the choir, that's a set up so the fucking labor from the labor on which allows the arm to you know, rise up and rise and drop wasn't there. So I was like, My hand was by my titties the whole time. He caught me with that left hook, you know, and then that's what he ended up finishing the fight with was with another left foot. Um, you know, and it's like, that's that left such a bad taste in my mouth. It's eerily reminiscent of what I felt when I didn't win the titles in college. And, you know, I'm looking at Bella Torre rising or even one FC and like, this fucking sport owes me some shit. I I've put my dues in what this sport owes me is a fucking house. I don't own shit. I don't own a car. I don't own a house. I rent everything. I'm still paying shit on a fucking shitting Nissan Sentra. This sport owes me a fucking house in a fucking car that my family can use. And that's what this sport owes me. I'm not gonna walk away from this motherfucker to like, get well, I

Unknown Speaker 26:55
just got chills. Okay. Well, you know, that's, that makes me happy. You know, and I think a lot of people listening who, you know, I put your name out there. And people were writing to me saying, Oh, I love this guy. He's an exciting fighter. And so I don't think the fans are ready to see you hang it up either. And so I mean, we're, we're older in fighting, but we're not that old. And I think, you know, Misha, and this book in Marion Reneau fight that just happened was a perfect example. It's two chicks, obviously. But, you know,

Unknown Speaker 27:24
those but here's the thing about girls is, honestly, your guys's expiration date is a little later, you know what I mean? I think so I think because of that, because the divisions are so small, and the talent pool is just not there. I think the the, you know, the, the, when you look at the landscape of female fighters, that's a reason like Tara larosa stuck around for so long. You know what I mean? She was a really good fighter. And, and she still was able to put on banger shows. And she was good for the up and coming girls, you know what I mean, I just think the talent pool for the ladies isn't there quite yet. And I think you guys have a little bit more time on your bodies than the Goddess. Because these motherfuckers that are coming up. Like I look at the bantamweight division in the UFC, and I'm like, I remember there was a time I was like, I could beat that guy. I could beat that guy. And now I'm realistic. I'm like, clock deck is tough. Fuck that kid tougher. You know? Yeah. What I, what would I get with that? You know,

Unknown Speaker 28:16
I mean, there's also some young chicks. They're like, 2122. And I'm like, God, damn, I don't even start training until like, 2324. Yeah, exactly.

Unknown Speaker 28:25
And that's around the same time that I started training. I'm 1212 years deep into this. And these kids are not doing this at 1617, making their pro debut at 18 in the UFC by 22. And it's like, lock.

Unknown Speaker 28:38
Well, I'm happy that you're not gonna hang it up. You know, this, this road for both of us, the PT, the rehab. It's fucking annoying. And we're fighters at heart. So I know, we both just want to get in there as soon as possible. But I think we're going to be smart about it. And what hopefully both of us be back in the cage in 2022.

Unknown Speaker 28:54
Yeah, I mean, that's, that's my that's my thing. You know, like I said, the sport owes me a few things that that I'm not gonna fucking leave until I get

Unknown Speaker 29:02
I love that. Let's shift gears into the the sex but, you know, not quite that topic yet. But I want to talk about how you were raised. I know it's kind of mushy. But you were raised by your mother. Your father died. Yeah. At four years old.

Unknown Speaker 29:20
Yeah, so my dad died when I was four. Um, we were living in Tucson at the time. I live in Tucson now, but my family's from a very small ranching and mining town south of Tucson. so small that were one of the original five families that built that whole area. Wow. Now Now, you know, it's almost the comparison of what Henderson is to Las Vegas. It's huge. Okay. And you know, you used to be able to walk into Walmart and see everybody and now you walk into Walmart and don't fucking recognize a soul. You know, and it's like, um, after my dad died, you know, my mom remarried to one of her high school friends that she knew for a long, long time and he worked for the pecan orchards. You know, and it just was like, it was, obviously it wasn't the same. You know what I mean? Like I saw my mom struggle a lot, you know, the guy was an alcoholic. And it was just her constantly battling with his alcoholism. You know what I mean? And my mom is such a sweet lady. She's such, I, my mom is like, the biggest goody two shoes, and I came out like the worst fucking motherfucker that could have ever been given to her. You know what I mean? And, you know, she struggled a lot, but one of the things that we both kind of gravitated and latched on to was my wrestling career. You know, and that's why like, I'm Brian, both of you know, I'm just saying my mom, like, my mom was like, Okay, if he's gonna be into this, like, I'm gonna drive them all over the fucking country to do this. And I mean, yeah, yeah. So it was kind of it was kind of the escape for both of us. That's awesome. Yeah, I know. But my mom my mom worked for she worked for a realty office and then like, like a home loan agency and stuff like that. And you know, I remember I remember like, having my uncle's pick me up and taking you to go do a roof here and there, and then taking you to wrestling practice and not coming home till eight o'clock at night. You know, my mom's still barely getting off. And then it dude, it was a fucking battle. You know, I remember being at home at like seven years old by myself six years old by myself, trying to make you know, microwavable pizzas and hot pockets.

Unknown Speaker 31:20
So did you have that male role model in your life? I know that for myself, personally. Same situation, kind of with wrestling, you know, the family environment not being there. So when we started wrestling at a young age, it was everything, you know, and then the coaches for me personally became like, father figures. Did that happen for you at all? Or was it more? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 31:41
of course, you know, my mom, my uncle art was was my longtime wrestling coach and my older brother, Victor. Um, but, you know, my uncles did a very good job of stepping into that role. You know, my uncle renamed my uncle, my uncle, my uncle, Victor, they all kind of took over, you know, they say it takes a village, you know, raise a child. And that's kind of exactly what happened to me is, you know, they taught me the trade of roofing, they taught me the trade of construction. They taught me all these little trades and things that I'll use later in my life, you know, what I mean? How to Be a man, you know, whatever that means, today, you know, to me, it was how to do manly things, how to hunt, how to fish, how to how to survive, you know, I mean, how to live off the earth, how to talk, girls, baby how to talk to girls, kind of, you know what I mean? But, but then, you know, it's like your uncle telling you, not your dad. like fucking Uncle Joey said. Yeah. And it's like, it's like, that's exactly how that is. I mean, it's like, so fucking uncomfortable. And it's like, oh, no, no, oh, god, like, I'm not like that. You mean like, oh, you're gay? And I'm like, no. Like I have right I have girlfriends. There's not a girlfriend.

Unknown Speaker 32:49
So this is like no your uncle's were kind of like the the stand in father figure. But mainly raised by your mom.

Unknown Speaker 32:55
Yeah. And, and you know, my mom, I remember my mom kind of having talks with me like some like, you know, when you're with these girls, like, you got to be safe. Yeah, my mom fucking kind of love No. Other freshman in high school. This fucking senior that I was seeing at the time. This is fucking crazy. Okay, so the senior that I was seeing at the time, we never did anything more than just kiss and like, kiss on like, neck and shit. But she found this No. And she's like, Oh, do you know? Do you know how they're gonna go? Yeah, no. She goes, do you know she's like, your fucking second or third cousin and I go Oh, fuck, man. Fucking Mexicans related to fucking everybody, bro. Like, dude, it was horrible. And like, she said the same thing. She's like, hey, my dad said like, my, my, his cousin is your uncle's cousin. To cheese. Like that's, that's not my first cousin. You know? I mean, but that's still too fucking close for me. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So, like that. Those awkward as fucking things happen in a small town with, you know, obviously a predominantly Mexican community. But I remember like my mom, finally she like that and be like, Listen, like, if you're starting to do these things, you need to be safe. You know what I mean? And like, you know, and I remember buying my first fucking box of condoms and just being like, what the fuck? You know? And it's like, I don't really know how my other some of my other friends are, like, all of you. My dad bought me a box economy of the day. And you know, so just like, when I see like kids talking about Uh, hey, my dad did this me. My dad did that. It was like, that was always something that was fucking eating at me. You know what I mean? So like for me to figure out how to talk to girls. When I really had like legitimate questions I would ask my older brother. You know, I mean, like, or my uncle Renee. But it's still anytime you're asking your uncle. It's more of like getting your balls busted than fucking advice, you know? For sure. So, since you're more confused at the end of the fucking conversation that you weren't going into it? Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:56
And you don't want to really be honest for fear of getting made fun of Right, exactly. So having this you know, your mom being like kind of, you know, main parental figure, do you think that affected how you dated women or looked at women or the certain women that I chose?

Unknown Speaker 35:13
ash, I think it's still affecting me to this day. You know what I mean? Like, I saw my mom struggle so much with relationships, and marriage that, you know, me and Mercedes have been together from a fucking 11 years now. I proposed you know, on Mother's Day, we she was like, she's just kind of hit me with some sad shifted that she's like, well, in May, right, she's, like, you know, is the anniversary of being engaged, and I go, Jesus Christ. You know, for like, two or three years, she was dragging her feet then for like, a couple years after she did that. I was like, well, maybe she doesn't want to mentor me. Maybe I'm just a fun little ride she's having. And, you know, like, I see it though. Like, with my mom struggling with not only the alcohol relationship that she had then and then she got a divorce. And then she made another Dude, that was a piece of shit alcoholic. He was a great fucking dad a great stepdad. But then was he a fucking shitty husband and a spouse? You know? So like, I saw all these things, and I was like, maybe this sitting for me. You know what I mean? Marriage? Uh, yeah. But when I was like, when I think about all the relationships that I did have, you know, they were long term, like, it wasn't like a two week relationship here and there like my son first mother, we were together for years, the girl that I was with after her, we were together for like, four years. And then right after that, I was like, Fuck, I've been locked up for like, eight years with these bitches. I fucking, you know, so I went on just this hoeing spree, after those four year relationships, you know, I mean, I was like, Fuck this. And I was working at sports story. Literally fucking around with every girl and every department, the only girl that I wasn't fucking was the girl in the apparel department. She was like a fucking 15 year old lady. You know, I mean, so it's like, none of the girls knew about each other. But like, I was like, there was actually girls that I cared about. And I saw like how self sabotaging I was, and choosing sexual things like happening. And I'm like, man, I really liked that girl. Meanwhile, I'm like, yeah, I'll meet you tonight. You know, we'll fucking we'll link up tonight. And it's not it's not that girl. You know, I mean, like, I remember telling my friends I dude, the chick that I was talking, you know, she's fun. But the girl that I really fucking truly cared about is a roommate in the next room. And then I mean, it's like, you know, and, and that thing was like crazy. Because, like, there was like, a month where I literally was with five different girls a week, you know? And it was like, Okay, this is really sick. This is less healthy than me not thinking I need to be in a relationship. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 37:35
yeah. You I feel. I mean, maybe that's just us. But I feel like everyone has that whole phase. And it's usually because they don't really know what they want. You know, you think maybe you, you know, it's just, it's just a weird time in your life. Because I think that most people would agree that after their whole phase, and they find someone that they truly love and want to settle down with, like, that's much better than I'm a player or, you know, I'm a free spirit or whatever. It's hard, because, you know, finding someone is hard no matter what, but, um, did you find Mercedes after your whole phase?

Unknown Speaker 38:15
Yeah, well, fucking both of us. Were kind of in the middle of this whole phase. Right? Like, but you knew each other, right? Because, yeah, oh, my God, let me go. Yeah, so I know it's gonna be difficult. So the whole phase happened, right? And like, both of us were fucking balls deep in it. She was doing her thing. She just got out of a 10 year relationship. I just got out of two four year relationships. You know, and it was like, both of us were like, Alright, cool. I'm fucking, I think I was 2425. And Mercedes. You guys is his wife right now. Currently, he's six. Yes, she's six years older than me. So she was like, 30 something right? Okay. And, ah, man, I just remember talking to her on Facebook, because I started this is when I made my pro debut. My family wanted the $250 you know, fucking cage side VIP VIP seats. And I've been asking the promoter about this right? And I was like, hey, look, my family wants these fucking really expensive tickets. And you guys keep telling me that these you know, $100 tickets are as as expensive they get. So one day I see this. This chick on fucking Facebook going Hey, guys, you know, so and so for Wi Fi. You have these eight $250 tickets and I and I go Yo, I've been fucking begging this goddamn organization to give me these fucking tickets. Like Who the fuck are you? How do you have them? She's like, Who the fuck are you? And I go I'm fucking fighting on this show. What the fuck do you do? And she's like, Oh, I'm a sponsorship attainment person for this. So I just shifted gears real quick and I want to obtain some sponsorships. She goes How do you go from fucking insulting me and ask me who the fuck I am to asking me to do you a favor. And I go I just thought it was a good time to fucking shift gears. So we end up kind of having this little this little love hate relationship right and she's like, just this little playful banter and we still haven't done anything. Mercedes He's tried to fuck me for two and a half years. And I kept saying no, no, no, absolutely not. No. Right? Well, what why? I just, I was just terrified. You know what I mean? she was, she was an older woman. She was she. She had been a stripper, and I was like, she this fucking girl is gonna fucking tear me apart. You know, I'm still barely 20 I was like, maybe I'm not maybe I know how to fuck. I really don't know. Who knows. Okay, you know, like, girls lie. So maybe I do. Maybe I don't. Okay, everyone tells me I'm the best. Maybe I do. Maybe I don't. I don't know. Okay, I'm not gonna have her be like, god damn, you fucking suck. No, she was gonna be honest to ship and then you got to see her because you guys are working together pretty much. Exactly. Right. So. So for a long time. She was trying to get at me and I wasn't having it. I was really mad. And I was like, hey, look, I have this girlfriend. I'm in a relationship with her. I care about her. And she's like, whatever, dude. Okay, so she ends up getting me eight sponsors at $250 each for this one fight. Nice cuz I used to train at this. Yeah, I used to just that's two grand right so I used to fucking be at this at this spot. And the fucking It was a shitty ass old gym. You we've all walked into that gym with duct tape on the bags and yeah, you know, fucking nails poking out of the floor. Yeah, okay, and I was training with Drew thicket. And in the middle of his heavy bag was a metal rod that went all through. And as I kick through the padding, I fucking racked my shin on that goddamn rod and immediately sat myself down. I have this giant goose egg on my shin. Just a giant bone bruise and a contusion, right. So I call Mercedes and I go Hey, I just have to let you know like I have to pull out of this fight. You don't What the fuck? You better fucking man up and I go dude, I can't walk. You know? How am I gonna fight this dude? You know, I was barely two and oh at the time. And this dude fucking three in three. So he's already he already has as many lot more losses than I have fights. You know? So she's like, you better suck it the fuck up dude. Like you're you want to do fingers boys. Like I know you guys are tough like suck the fuck out. Like all Mercedes I can't fight the answer's no. She's like, Fuck, you didn't talk to me for two years. Two years. didn't talk to me for two years, at least a year and a half at least a year and a half. Okay town too salty. So she just fucking completely cut me off from going from trying to get at me to fucking not talking to me at all. Right? So years go by I finally see her at a weigh ins. And she she lost a bunch of weight. Shoot. And when I say a bunch of weight at the time, she's only like, 180 she dropped out like 165 she's got a fucking thick ass on her. And like I saw her at Wayne's one day and I was oh, what's up? You're still mad at me. She's like, no. So kind of started chatting her up. Okay, let's put a pin in that. When I was 13, my brother used to take me down to Rocky Point Mexico, okay. And we used to go every day from this place called sandy beach, which had

Unknown Speaker 42:50
jjs Cantina and like a couple other like jgs Cantina is like the famous thing down there. But in sandy beach, there's this place called it's just called Fox remember the bar. But every day at 1pm had a wet t shirt contest. So my brother, my cousins would take me to get me drunk as a little 1313 1313 years old drinking in Washington Navy. Maybe? Maybe 12 maybe 12. Okay, okay. Okay, so 13 let's say 13 because I remember the year before that is when I met Mercedes when I was 12. So 13 were in awkward. Say, Hey, we're gonna go see our friend Mercedes. And I go, Okay, cool. So she's doing the wet t shirt contest and two Live Crew song comes on. We want some say. So I love that song. Alright, so I'm my little drunk ass is fucking dance and it's turned on she she fucking comes on stage. And they're pouring fucking, you know, water on her. And I remember the color of the bathing suit. And I remember the color of her bottoms. And it was fucking purple with a neon pink or fluorescent like coral orange. semen edge. Okay. So I go Hey, I Racine. I got yours. Yeah. When you were like, last year when you were like 12 and you're hanging out at that house party. She would be there. She had platinum blonde hair. And I go Oh, fuck, she used to have a tongue ring. So I remember at that house party, I was walking to this party again. Little 12 year old bouncing off the walls. drunk and I come across this girl a big fake titties blonde hair and a tongue ring. And I'm like, hey, yeah, you know, you got telling me? Like, you ain't even fucking tall enough to ride this ride little boy. So she just fucking ice. Right? And I was like, Damn, so I'm still just having my time just trying to fucking hit on her when I was little fast forward back to this. We start figuring out placing things and I was like, dude, I swear to God, I go, Victor. Yeah, go you. You went to school. My cousin Christian, right? She's like, yeah, that's my girl. I go okay. Her brother Victor is my cousin who I call my brother. And she goes, Oh, yeah. You know, they used to come into tans all the time and hang out and bla bla bla bla bla we have known your family for a long, long time. And I go Okay, did I met you in Rocky Point? She goes, No, you Didn't and I go yes, I fucking did. I met you in Rocky Point at the wet t shirt contest at Manny's and she goes, No, you didn't go to bitch I fucking did I swear to God, no years go by we have our we have our son together jet. Okay, and I'm laying on the bed I'm in the shower and she's laying on the bed trying to breastfeed jet and she had jet like under the arms. She was like bouncing on the bed. She's like, Hey, we want some boo bees. I Dart out of the bathroom button. And I was like, it was you. She like looked over. She's like, I've tried to keep it a secret all these years like now Fuck that. I knew it was fucking you. Playing this fucking cat and mouse game since I was fucking 12 years old. That's crazy. Again, she was six years old. I mean, when I was 12 she was 18 you know what I mean? Then I met her again when I was 22. She's fucking 30. And it's been this little. This weird little cosmic thread that has attached us this whole time. That's amazing.

Unknown Speaker 45:59
I mean, I don't know if you're religious. I'm not religious. But I do like to think that sometimes certain things are meant to happen no matter what. And it feels like from the story that you Mercedes were fucking meant to be together. It was like, maybe they'll meet this time up to young. Maybe they'll meet this time up Mercedes fuckin, you know ghosted him. Well, here's the here's

Unknown Speaker 46:17
the thing. Here's the thing that happened that I was like, Damn, I care way too much. And it had to be, you know, having sex and fucking late night calls and one night stands. You know what I mean? So one night. One night, my brother Fred was fighting in in Phoenix, and she was cage side. And like I said, she had big fake titties. And she wore this, this weird little low cut sweater top halter top. And it's like in November. So Fred ends up losing, we ended up having to go to the after party anyways. And, you know, she's talking to me, and we're kind of just conversing. And we go to the bar, and she's like, She's like, what do you drink and I go Budweiser, and I was like, well do tequila. She goes to Budweiser to tequilas. And I go, do you drink Budweiser? She goes, No, those are both for you. All four of those are for you. And I go off. So she gets me drunk that night enough to let my let my guard down. And you know, that was the first night that we had sex. And so she ends up having her little first MMA smoker thing like where she's seriously been training. I had told her like, Hey, no one takes you seriously in the gym. Like, I'll train you. You know, so I'll hold mitts for her show her Jiu Jitsu and wrestling and chins up having her smoker. Right. And they're supposed to she ends up winning and beating this girl. We're supposed to go to this restaurant that she worked out called maize chicken. And it was a chicken and waffles joint. Well, they have this like little booth area that was kind of like a VIP area. And they serve liquor and stuff there. So they wanted to do that I had to go meet a friend at a bar next to the University of Arizona. And everyone, I guess Mercedes said that at the restaurant was like, Well, where's burrtec? Where's burger if they just come? He had to go do something. So they end up doing dinner and I'm still at that club talking to my friend that I went to high school with her parents were having like a tough time. So she really needed to talk. And I'm there at the bar, just kind of, you know, talking to her. As we're leaving. Mercedes is walking in with one of my one of my college wrestling teammates. And she saw me like, open the door and push the push the girl through the door with my hand on the small of her back and she just fucking scowled at me. She's like, Oh, so this is where you're at? And I go, I was honestly like, yeah, my I said my friend, you know, her parents are kind of going to she's like, whatever I'm gonna fuck. So anyways, she has she has sexual my teammate that night. All right. And I go, that's just I was like, I normally I was like, I mean, whatever. You know, homie, Hopper, whatever, you know, whatever. I would have told myself to make myself feel better. But that's not what happened. I was like, Fuck, man. I was heartbroken. I was gutted. And I was just like, like, I care way too much about this. Feeling like damn. Yeah. So like, after the first time, me and Mercedes had sex, we like, I'd be you know, out, she'd be going, she had to wake up at his breakfast joint at like, 6am every day to go be, you know, be on shift. I would call her at like, 330 you know, and when we were done, she'd have to jump in the shower and go straight to work. I'd be there for three, four hours. You know, and it's like, we did that for a little while. And then I you know, I did that whole bar thing. And she she did her thing. And I go, Wow, I haven't had my heart broken in a fucking long, long time. And I knew that that was the thing that and so like, for a little while. I didn't really fuckin talk to her. We were kind of just back and forth. You know, she let me know like, do we weren't dating like we were just, you know, you're just something fun. She goes, I expected you just you're just the flavor of the month. You know? And then I was our damn bro fucking just filled him. Yeah. So I ended up talking to you like, I'm sorry that that's what you felt like. And I find myself apologizing for something I didn't really do. Yeah, I mean, but it was like, like, obviously her her enough to try to hurt me. So that's when both of us realized like, okay, I was hurt by the fact that she went with her instead of me on my fight night. And you are very hurt by the fact that you know, I went with your boy instead of you on that fight night. So both of us are so fucked up and hurt about this. Why is that? Obviously we care about each other. You know, so from that day on, like, I was always at her house, I was always there. cooking dinner. The first night that I cooked dinner, I set her house on fire.

Unknown Speaker 50:45
I had, I had fucking all four burners on the stove going I had ribs at 500 degrees boil in the stove, and something underneath the stove caught fire. And I did the classic don't do and I threw water on it and the whole fucking stove went up in flames. fuckin Oh my god, the next door neighbor came over with a fire extinguisher our whole kitchen in fucking living room is just cloud a fucking fire extinguisher. Mercedes tried to go in and save the ribs that I was making. She ends up like passing out due to smoke inhalation. So I run back in, pick her up in my arms and run outside and, and, you know, put her on the trunk of the car and kind of revive her a little bit. And that was like the first time that I cook dinner with her. But those were the things that like, led to her relationship now, man, it's fucking crazy.

Unknown Speaker 51:32
It's crazy. And you know what I've noticed about your relationship that I could never do? Because I don't know. I probably just get butthurt too easy, but you have a an awesome playful relationship where you tease each other and clown each other. Does that come from the kind of like the age differences? She's kind of? I feel like you guys have always had that playful back and forth from day one.

Unknown Speaker 51:55
Yes. From day one. It's been like that. You never know. Hey, you're not wrong. motherfuckers get hurt, bro. Like there's, there's fucking hurt. There's sometimes. Like I tried to explain to her like when roasting somebody you don't I mean, you're like, haha, you know, you know, fucking lazy bones Mercedes over here. And then when she wrote she's like, that's what your dad's dead. And you're like, no, that's what you don't know. That's helped me in life. That's how Me and my friends roast each other. And I go, No. Like, it's supposed to be playful. You literally were like, yeah, that's why your dad's dead. My fucking

Unknown Speaker 52:31
cry. Oh, God. Yeah, Mercedes. Seems like she's always out for blood. I remember. Like, you know, we're all friends. Whatever. We go back from jujitsu. And I remember talking to my boyfriend, Mike, who you guys are all friends with and used to train with? And I'm like, yeah, I'm just really happy that Mercedes like Mercedes likes me because I feel like she's someone that you really want on your team. You don't want her against you. I

Unknown Speaker 52:52
feel Oh, dude, she she hates all girls. I can name three girls that she's she's okay with hanging out with and it's you, Casey O'Neill and Amanda from 10 plan to Las Vegas. You know, I mean, and obviously, obviously the girls at our gym, but other than that, I made a list. You know, she didn't have she didn't have friends when I'd be like, she would be mad at me for going out. She's like, where are you going with? I'm going out with my friends. Like you knew I was a fucking social butterfly. When we got together. I go Why don't you go out with your friends? And like she would say some shit. I'm I realized that she didn't have friends. Like I was her best friend. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I mean, and like I listened to that clip with Uncle Joey and like the, the biggest thing that that me and Mercedes fight about we realize this during the pandemic, cuz I'm only took a week off from the gym or two weeks off from the gym when the pandemic hit. Me and Mercedes relationship got 30 times better overnight. Okay, and let me tell you why. I realized the only thing we argue and fight about is the fucking gym. So when the gym wasn't an issue, we were lovey dovey affectionate holding each other kissing each other in public, being fucking teenagers grabbing each other's asses, you know, in food lines and shit. Yeah, like, we went back to that like playful teenage shit, you know? And it's like, oh, this, the fucking gym is the issue. And you're referring to the fact that you guys run a gym together, we run a gym together. The here's the here's the thing. A lot of people don't know, right? She's my wife. She's the mom. She was my manager for very many years until I went under house. And I had to go under house because she quote unquote, fired me from a difficult client. She goes Fuck you. Do you know? How many houses she get to where and when? When did we ever get to where the lover husband wife hat never. Yeah, it was she's my fighter. She's my athlete. She's my manager. She's my, my, you know, PR person. It was it was always business talks and never like, hey, how was training for you today? Like, it was like, Nah, you didn't push yourself today? Like, I watched you bitch. Like, I know you were slacking. You know, I mean, and like, when I got home, it was just it was the same. You know? And it was like, okay, when are we getting this chance to actually truly be lovers. Yeah, you know, and the pandemic brought that back for you guys. Yes, yes. That's because it was, bro I was able to teach my son how to ride a bike motherfucker seven, right? And she goes, she was like, She's like, wow, he's doing so good. And I go Yeah, he's fucking damn near 14 buys what he should not ride a bike. I mean, it's pretty self explanatory. So like, I taught him, you know, I was able to teach my seven year old son how to ride a bike for the first fucking time because I had time I love you know, I was able to lay with her and take her, you know, I know everything was closed down, I would still take her on dates like to places you know what I mean? It's important or

Unknown Speaker 55:40
we've talked about, we've talked about how partner like last episode, Lauren Murphy, her husband is her jujitsu coach. You know, my boyfriend's my Joe Murphy. Exactly. So and that happens a lot, right? You guys took it to like fucking 10 other levels where it's like, coach and athlete manager and athletes so like, I'm surprised you guys are still married little Oh, like happy and joke around and bust each other's balls. I love that. I love it. So

Unknown Speaker 56:06
this much. This is the thing is like both everything we both Well, the passion, the fucking sex to everything that came back. You know, we were able to distinguish fucking from sex sex from making love and it was like, oh, like, everything was now you know, sometimes we hate you guys like hate fuck each other. You know what I mean? And like, it became more of like, Nah, let's This is like love like, I love you. Let's make love a slow this down. Let's take our time. We got nowhere to fucking be. Everyone's fucking close. Yeah, you guys, for how many years now? 11. Why? I mean, we've been like in Arizona. It's common law. Right? So we've been together for 11 years, I think. Seven or seven or eight seven or eight. Yeah, common law. You know, but she deserves a ceremony. I deserve a ceremony. We deserve this fucking You know, this grandiose thing. Oh, so you've never had that? we've ever had that. Dude. Never had time, bro. We never had time.

Unknown Speaker 56:58
Yeah, for sure. You guys got kids, you know, like and fights and shit going on? I get it. I know, I get it. So over the pandemic, you're starting to rekindle the flame. You know, the flame never went out, obviously. But you got to spend a lot more quality time. What were some things that helped you out? Maybe in the bedroom? What do you guys kind of rediscover specifically?

Unknown Speaker 57:21
It's always really, like you said earlier right? Is like she's you know, she's fucking fiery. And like, it was always very scary for me to try to do anything other than just like, hammer away at her. But like, once we started talking to each other, and like, kind of fantasizing, you know, roleplay like, celebrity like Could you imagine if you you know, so and so locked in fucking what would you do? You know, it's like, or what would you do? If so and so was watching us do this. Yeah. How's that perfect

Unknown Speaker 57:51
couple for that? Because you guys roast each other and go back and forth. And so you guys know how to not get butthurt like, I feel like most people Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 57:59
but not or not don't hold the hot dog. There's been some fucking times where like, it's getting hot. It's getting heavy. And you say the wrong fucking name. And it just stops clunk. No, no, fuck that bitch shall never be in this fucking room and I go, oh my god. Here we go. Okay, let's refocus, refocus, dig still hard pulls you still wet. Let's focus. Don't worry about that person that I brought up. Just fucking keep it moving. Like that, you know? I mean, it's like, Oh, Jesus wrong person.

Unknown Speaker 58:26
That's crazy how the pandemic really helped you guys though. Because you hurt you hear so much about divorce rates were up and all these things. So that makes me so happy. I want to use

Unknown Speaker 58:38
the escape was each other. Right? It's like, yeah, the escape was each other while the world falling. While the world around us was falling apart. Me and her were like, this is this is familiar. This is what's normal. This is what we need. This is what's good. I know. So it was like, latching onto each other again. You know, because, like you said the flame was never gone. There was just so many things fucking kind of keeping that flame low. Yeah, fucking jam, fights management. Maybe she made a decision in my management career that turned me off to her as a person and sexually, essentially, you know what I mean? Like, when people make bad decisions? You like a hot person. Such a dumb motherfucker. It's such a turn off.

Unknown Speaker 59:19
Yeah, yeah. And it's funny, you know, attraction and sex has so much to do with other things, right? Like how you conduct yourself. Your decision making skills. Yeah, it's unattractive if you do some dumb shit. And so I totally understand that it's not all about how good the person looks. Or if they come onto you or whatnot. Yeah, you can be turned off very easily by some people

Unknown Speaker 59:43
like she she hates like, there's times when like, you know, when she gets her attitude, that's a turn off for me when but when when she gets turned off by me is when I get drunk. You know what I mean? Like, borderline, not even sloppy drunk. There's just times I'm like, I'm just, too. It's not even that sloppy drunk. It's just like, I'm just too much I'm too energetic. I'm too and she's like, fucking ugly. You're fucking idiot. You look like a high school kid. Yeah, yeah, I can't get that. For sure. And and so she's like a fucking gross and I'm like, hey, let's do a fuck now. Like I wanna you know, I want to fuck the man you're not this fucking 16 year old retard. It's, she's seen every version of you the fuck Exactly. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:27

Unknown Speaker 1:00:29
let's segue to the lightning sex round. For those of you listening who don't know the lightning second round is a rapid fire one answer questionnaire so I'm gonna give him a phrase or a question. He's gonna answer

Unknown Speaker 1:00:50
the only kind of sex I have actually just lightning lightning. Horn kind of sex. I have lightning quick for Mercedes. Okay, lightning sex. Rowdy ready to go. Yes. All right. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Do you spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:08
The last time I spank she asked and I don't like to be spanked. But normally she doesn't like to be spanked. But if you asked I do it. I love that. Biting. Yes, choking? Yes. threesomes No, not with each other. Do you watch porn? together? Yes. All right. Any foot fetishes. Ah, I've been telling her like I want to get my feet rubbed while she blows me. That's like been my biggest thing lately is I want a foot massage. Like imagine imagine a glory hole for your fucking hold your feet to go through. On the other side. Someone's positons rubbing your feet but you're getting your dick set on this side. So she's doing both things. No. Someone else in the room? Got it. Got it. Got it. But you guys have never had a threesome together? No. So it's kind of that's why the whole the foot gloryhole thing came up where my feet are. There's a wall obviously my feet on the other side. And that lady doesn't know I'm getting my dick sucked on the other side while she's rubbing my feet on the other side.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
What if you were on your back getting your dick sucked. And your feet were up in the air? And she was rubbing your feet? No, she doesn't have long arms. Nevermind.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:15
What do you see a fucking What does she fucking Stretch Armstrong? I can picture it, everybody. All right. Moving on. Okay, any other bodily fluid fetish? bodily fluid. I do like I man. To say it vertec just Yeah, when we when she squirts it fucking It drives me fucking wild. Awesome. bondage like ropes. blindfolds, handcuffs. Nah, we live we live a dangerous life. Some happens. We got to fucking be able to get away real quick.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:44
Yeah, you might run the fucking house down. roleplaying. I'm not so much. But I do like this fantasy thing that you guys were doing kind of like, you know what if like, I like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:55
Yeah, but it's but I've never been like, Hey, I'm a police officer. I'm arresting you. I don't like that. A lot.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:04
All right, but stuff on you or a partner? Not on me. Do you sex toys? Yes. ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
Yeah, fucking master Eddie had our 10 Planet Eclipse at a sex club there in LA. What kinds of weird fucking chairs and cages and really Rocco had a what was the event? Eddie Bravo had the 10 planet Christmas party at like a satanic sex club. under some bridge in LA. under a bridge in LA. Wow. Yeah. She's like, could you imagine like people just like cabbies. There's like these weird little cabanas with like these weird crucifix sex chairs and like kit clamps and get clamps and like all kinds of shit I'm trying to get. We've never. We've never like no one. Let's go to that. We just kind of showed up and it was that.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:50
All right. All right. So you were there by association? And yeah. And then lastly, are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:57
I do. I do love the, the classic look of like lingerie, and being able to take that off of like a garter belt and stockings. Yeah, like a garter belt. You know, a tatty, something like that. Where it's like I'm unwrapping a present. Yeah, I mean, but it's a sexy set of wrapping paper for sure. Okay, well, congrats. You got really mad at me. She She used to create clothes back in the day. And we were just recently in Cancun, and you know, it was the first time that I was able to take her on a vacation and I was trying to be sexy and I grabbed this fucking thing and I just for her and I started going down on her and immediately got shut down. She's like, hey, motherfucker. I made this this is a one time thing I go this I'm fucking down here trying to make you happy. She's I know but I really worked hard on this thing that she just shredded open like the Hulk. And I go Oh, so do I keep doing Should I walk away? What the fuck? Keep doing it. Keep doing that. I was like,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
Damn Yeah. We I feel like they should make some lingerie that's really beautiful but just kind of like those male stripper pants which just like break away, like snap away lingerie.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:09
Yeah, but I mean imagine imagine some fucking dickhead right you're wearing you know La Perla or something super expensive. And this dude just brew rips off. You're like, I spent $400 on this whole thing You asshole. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:05:22
would never But yeah, I can imagine I yeah, I probably if I did that I would give like a disclaimer like warning. Don't fucking mess this up because it's $400

Unknown Speaker 1:05:32
like this fucking buttons on it for a reason ticket. All right,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:35
it's time for Fuck, Marry, Kill. Kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. I'm very excited about this one. You are a 10th planet blackbelt. So my friends Dan and pat Kenny who helped me out with these. They gave you black belt edition. Are you ready? Dude? No, no, no, no, no. These are female black belts. Okay, so you got to choose between these three people who you want to fuck? which one you want to marry? which one you want to kill? Okay. All right. Mackenzie Dern BJJ black belt, Ronda Rousey Judo black belt? Amanda kivus BJJ black belt and Judo black belt? Go

Unknown Speaker 1:06:23
fuck Rhonda Mary Mackenzie kill Rebus. That was easy. Damn, really? Okay. Yeah. I heard Ron is a fucking savage in the bed. Damn. I mean, I feel like you'd be hard for I've seen. I've seen McKenzie Dern Wayne and like, the skimpy bikini ever. And she looks soft. And and inviting. Invite. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:46
Okay. All right. That was these fan questions are fucking awesome. Normally I'm like, and they're okay. These are some great ones. At Pat Kenny. The homie says, You are the star of your very own mixed martial arts action movie. Who would you pick as your sidekick? Rob Schneider, Alex Baldwin, Tommy Chong, or Danny DeVito.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:07
Easily Rob Snyder bro. easily. Really? Yeah, you have to have somebody that's that's hard and fucking superhero. Ask like myself, and then comedic relief like Rob Schneider.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:18
I thought Danny DeVito would be fucking awesome. I've been watching. It's Always Sunny a lot. And I'm just like, ah, even in his old age, just hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:27
Now Rob Schneider had me fucking rolling the other night. He tweeted when I really hate to say this, but who's the who's the Brazilian girl with the fucking cricket in the UFC? Oh, I do know who you're talking about. Yeah, so Rob Schneider tweets a picture of it goes down. I didn't know I was fighting tonight and raw

Unknown Speaker 1:07:46
money but also Oh, poor girl. Yeah. Okay. At dr dot sorrow. It's what's more difficult for you to come back from physical setback like an injury or a mental setback, like a loss. Great.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
So the mental setback, right is the physical setback. So like this, the labor injury, right? Eventually the body's going to heal, it's going to do what it's supposed to do, but the mind will still think that you're injured. And until you make peace and confidence that that arm is indeed intact and does what it's supposed to do at the level of supposed to do it at the mind will never truly heal. And that was the hardest thing that I found out was having the mind heal from a physical injury? I hope that answered the question. Yeah, totally.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:30
And very wise, Anthony very wise. Okay, next we got a little mess this up at enter. Enter ridurre MMA, you and your wife into other couples.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:44
So like, that's one of the things that we talked about, right is like, that's some of the fantasy things that like we would play is like, who who if we were going to swap Who? You know, I mean, like celebrity wise, you know, fighter wise, you know, just regular people wise. You know, and that's like one of the things that we've talked about like that's kind of been something that that has kept the spark really hot lately is just kind of that that fucking banana. Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:14
yeah, that's the one could you give us some insight on like, if Mercedes was gonna give you a hall pass? And you were gonna give her a hall pass? Who would it be?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:23
You know what's crazy is like she's leaving the Vegas on tomorrow morning at like 5am and I already had in my mind like an idea of like to tell them like look, dude, I know you're going out there without me and like, it's been kind of stressful lately. Like you know, if you fucking do something, here's a fucking let me find out about it. But go ahead and just fucking whatever you got to do. Because like the tension of stress of everything has been so much lately, like, fucking do what you got to do. You know? I mean, but yeah, like it would be hard. Like if she gave me a hall pass and I gave her a hall pass. Like, there's really no, you probably wouldn't want to know about it right? Like, it might mean no should definitely be like that dude rolls with her every day. Jesus fucking Christ. You know? Yeah. You know, so I definitely wouldn't want to fucking know maybe I don't know, maybe it would maybe I wouldn't. I don't know, maybe 10 years of marriage you guys will cross that bridge. Yeah, but I mean, that's a that's a rough one, right? Because like if you give someone a hope even even as like the person making the decision on the hall pass, like what if your initial instinct is to do this one girl but that's really the fucking it's not gonna be good because maybe then she has attachment issues and maybe like she falls in love or not. I mean, it's Yeah, it can get messy very fast. It can get very messy very fast. So like that's one thing that that I would be like, at least if it's another couple like both of those fucking idiots jumped into it too. Yeah, for sure. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:49
then you got at unfollowed Adrian, is it gay if it's in a three way? Jesus. This is the hard hitting questions that we like to ask

Unknown Speaker 1:10:59
here bro. What are we talking? What are we talking about? Like? I'm like okay, yeah, I guess y'all have to be mature right y'all y'all signed up for this thing? So if you guys are like doing double penetration and your balls touch you'd fucking knew what you signed up for bro there's a fucking two millimeter membrane separating you fucking moron. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know i mean if you don't want to be gay than if you don't want to be gay than beyond the other end of that person and then the other person be on the other end of that person is classic Eiffel Tower keep keep your distance Yeah, Eiffel Tower. Yeah, there we go. I mean, six. We're talking about social distancing, bro. Social distancing is crucial.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:36
crucial. Perfect. Okay, at Eric Prospero underscore how many. You know, he's one of my students. Okay. How many times have you grabbed someone by the Gooch during a roll or competition?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:53
Okay, Ash backing me up on this one when you run the half Nelson. Right. Okay. And sometimes that person's really hard to turn in the back. Have you not seen someone fucking? Literally just grab a handset a dick and balls and fucking lift that person over by their hip?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:08
Hey, look, I've had to do what I've had to do. And if someone gives you a funny look, they just didn't want to win bad enough.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
Like, look, you know, I'm saying like, Hey, I'm here out here. Got here to win. I'm here to win at all costs. I'm trying to get pins and if your dick and balls happen to be on the fucking bad end of a grab, that's not my fault. Good answer. Okay. Oh, I guess in a number of times, I would say maybe three and a match three or four.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:34
All right. All right. Then we got one from at submission only series. Why is at birth Chuck means the best place to go for people who love and hate for Chuck.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:44
Why the fuck is he fucking marketing? So what am i piece of shit purple belt started this fucking burn check beams, plugin account. And now people just submit like, first off, it started with him creating the memes. And then obviously, people fucking hate me so much. Or they want to roast me so easily that they started submitting. So he didn't have to even come up with his own fucking original content anymore. People just started giving him so much shit to work with.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:17
But I love this because I feel like this is the perfect example of your personality and Mercedes personality. Like we haven't hung out. You guys live in Arizona. We live here. But you guys are just always joking around. And I'm just too sensitive. Like I couldn't take that shit up. Be like, What do you mean, my

Unknown Speaker 1:13:34
fast? There's been there's been some means that I'm just like, please don't post that. And they're like, Oh, you don't like that one? I go, No. Okay, it's going up and I go, yeah, you gotta act like you don't care. But um, but I mean, at the end of the day, like I'm a big I'm like, like I said, if you can't look in the mirror and be honest with yourself, you're a special kind of fucking weirdo because at the end of the day, as an athlete, you have to look into the mirror and you have to realize your limitations. Also not not stifle your dreams, but realize there's going to be a lot of steps to get to that goal and achieve that dream. And if you can't also look in that fucking mirror and go god damn, I do weird shit. I say weird shit. I fucking act like an asshole. I'm easily be able to make be made fun of and if I can't laugh at that, then you don't realize you're a fucking asshole.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:20
You gotta be able to laugh at yourself. For sure. We're gonna end time. We're gonna end this episode with one last fan questions from your wife at Mercedes 10 p Tucson. Ask about the Bousada story.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:37
I have I have to but I think the one she's talking about is the Vegas one. The last one that happened. Okay. All right. So this is kind of lengthy, but I'm gonna fucking get into it. So I'm staying with a friend of Mercedes who who dances for EDC. And her husband is a EDC DJ. And they're, they're right there in Henderson. And so One day, they're always out and about and doing their they're doing their thing. So one day I'm at the house by myself and I'm just kind of looking through, you know, pictures and deleting means and deleting videos that I had on my phone. They're just kind of cluttering Shut up. You know, sometimes you got a lot of downtime in camp. Oh, yeah. And so I'm deleting videos and I start coming across like, you know, videos of me and Mercedes having sex or her blowing me and I didn't start touching myself or anything like that, but I did, you know, chub up and just started getting kind of fucking excited. And just as that happened, someone knocked on the door. And was they're always ordering Amazon shit. And they're always getting Amazon packages. Every time I come home from a training camp that all these Amazon packages, they're so that Amazon drops them off. So they knocked again, and Okay, it's probably one of their friends that stopped by I'm sure, keep chilling here. doorbell rings. Fuck. So I got up and I looked through the people I see the guys, you know, in Sydney on his shirts, as you saw to open it up and he's like, What's up, dude? up right now and I go, I can pee right now. So he's that guy come in. So we kicked in. And, you know, he has to watch you piss. And so, you know, I went my thing and I start pissing in the scuff, I immediately notice that the consistency of my pace is a little fucking different. And I go fuck Alright, so I fill up this fucking cup because I had to pick fill up the fucking cup and we go to the table. And you know, we're listing off all my supplements and you know, doing all this stuff. And he ends up fucking up. So we have to go through all my supplements again, and I had all my phone research. It was like 30 different things, versus the worst. took forever, right? Yeah. So I'm like, I forgot what you know, was this fucking Pisco. Finally we get to the end result. Okay, I need you to take the sample, put it in SAP and cup number A, or a couple letter A. And I put it in and I pulled a cup away and it was fine. I was like, Okay, cool. He didn't fucking notice. You know, and like, I he goes, Okay, now take the rest of that and put it in sample B. So I opened sample B and I start pouring the rest of the fucking piss in the cup. And as I pull the fucking thing away, this giant jizz rope on the edge of the fucking thing and it'll all fuck. And like, I'm trying to shake it off. He's like, Oh my God. What is that? Oh, dude, I'm so sorry. He's like, I must have given you a contaminated, contaminated cup. Do you have an idea of what it is? What do you mean? You have an idea what it's like fucking five seconds before you got here. My wife sent me some fucking videos and he goes, oh my god. Say no more. He was like, I get it. I was like, so you got a fucking semen sample to mine. And like his face, bro was just so how do I proceed? He was like, Okay, I'm okay. He goes. You know what? Just seal that up. Just seal that right up. Fucking no problem.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:54
Like, there's nothing about pre come in the notes here. So we're one thing we're good to go. You know, I'm like, Oh, dude. That's a great story. That was well worth it. Wow, who saw that? clip man. As much as we love and hate love or hate Osada. We also appreciate them because we don't want to fucking, you know, be competing against any fuckin steroid monkeys. So I get that, but there's so many stories about wisata coming at like the worst fucking moments, but I think the worst moments, it's like,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:21
it's like that ring that they gave us the aura ring. Yeah, it's like, Hey, he's beating off right now. Go ask him to fucking go ask him to check. Or hey, six in the morning. He just got up to take a morning piss go knock on his door. Yeah, fucking. But the last the last you saw the agent. I feel bad for him too, because my Tucson agent is a female. So she has a male chaperone who's just a volunteer who doesn't get paid. He just showed up. And they showed up later than normal. So I started taking my morning piss. So yeah, she shows up. She's like, hey, I need you to pee in this cup. I literally just pissed. She's like start drinking water. But an hour and a half goes by. And she's like, dude, she's like, we have to go and I go, Well, I missed my plane flight already. So you guys are staying here till I have to piss. Yeah, and I go, I can piss I go, but because I gotta take a shit. And she's like, Well, usually if you've got to poop, you gotta pee and I go, Okay, well, we can try. So my study agent had to watch me take a shit and I tried to make it most. I tried to make it the most quiet like little plot. But I had fucking I had a chili burrito the night before. Oh, so as I tried to release it when he was the loudest most audible turd ever. And I looked at him in the eye. He had two masks on and a PP shield and I can see him gagging Oh my god. So so like, I and then like it comes time we're like, oh, fuck, I can pee. So I back my ass up I hadn't wiped yet I back my ass up and I start pissing in the cup. But a little bit of shit on my African on the back of the fucking toilet. So he fucking goes. Any fucking starts walking right? And I fucking end up cleaning up getting everything done. He had walked into the fucking living room stopped watching me So as I come out, I tap on the shoulder Mike Mondays. Am I right Kayla? And he's like, Can I please be excused? And she's like, Caleb, we need to finish the test and he's like, Can I please be excused? She's like, God, Yes, fine, go outside. And she's like, God, I really don't know why he's acting like this. He's usually a lot more professional. I go, ma'am, making eye contact with a grown man take the most violent shit ever. Probably puts you off on a Monday morning. My days, am I right? I fucking I make a fucking earn their pay I get everywhere. Oh, next time. Next time. It's gonna be blood and urine.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:36
Holy fuck.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:36
Anthony. What a

Unknown Speaker 1:20:38
great note to end on. Thank you so much for sharing all your stories about SATA and your wife and you know growing up. I can't thank you. Enough. All of us. Hold

Unknown Speaker 1:20:51
you dog. I'm an open book. I don't really hide anything from you today.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:54
I fucking love it. And and I really, you know, obviously we're homies, but we'll always you know, kind of just be hoping for the best. I hope you heal up soon. I'm going to try and heal up and hopefully we'll we're both back in the cage and 2022 Where can we find you on all the social medias? I know you don't have a fight coming up normally say Oh, your next fight. But what about social media?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:15
No. I mean, if you guys want to be entertained by the best memes in the world, my Instagram story. It's at a bird check MMA. Okay, okay. It's also not for the faint of heart. There's some shit in there. And then on twitter at aber check of me as well on my Facebook fan page is for slash Anthony Burch Chuck. I'm super interactive with all my fans, guys. I fucking talk to everybody. And little fans, friends, family. Everybody can get it.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:42
Let's give a shout out to Toro. Tech MMA as well. anybody listening? Who's in the Tucson, Arizona? Do you just train fighters? Do you train normal people? What's going on there?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:51
No, man, we do everything. We have a smokin Summer Special right now. So obviously touratech mixed martial arts is my brand of MMA and I'll have all the coaching and techniques that I've learned and stitched together to make me uniquely me. And then obviously the jujitsu is 10th planet jujitsu, Eddie Bravo. And Casey Halstead, you know, have some of the spiciest shit out there in the world right now. Yeah, so we're, you know, I have pro fighters but it's not just who I train, I have soccer moms, soccer, dads, you know, I have, you know, people just looking for self defense people for you know, just looking for a culture and a vibe. You know, the pandemic kind of split everybody away from their norms and their natural people. So, you know, a lot of people are looking just for a tribe to be a part of and, you know, I keep telling people that like, I don't sell jujitsu, I sell a culture, I sell a vibe. You know, we're here doing our thing in Tucson. So if you're an average Joe and you're just trying to get started, it's awesome if you you know, if you want to learn self defense, or if you you know, if you're an up and coming guy that wants to you know, make it to the UFC or belts or someday, you know, I can make that happen. And if you guys follow at 10 p Tucson, that's our jujitsu page and then at Turrell tech and MMA fuckin

Unknown Speaker 1:22:54
beautiful, Anthony, thank you so much. Have a great weekend. You Dude, I appreciate you having me on man. I had a lot of fun. Hey, I hopefully you me, Mike Mercedes. We can all get together soon, but not like that. Yeah. Well, you know what I mean?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:08
We'll be out there soon. I know. We're gonna be coming to one of the SLS tournaments. Yeah, yeah. Awesome. Talk to you soon, buddy. Cool day. Bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:47
Me and my homies like to play this game. We call it our track, but some call it the train, we all would line up in a single file line and take on turns at Western girls behind but every time it came to me, I would share it out. Because I saved my day. And with good stuff. The stuff was saying stop saying that quick or y'all are busting me out. I say don't hide it. Just divided as please don't knock it until you tried it. So to all of you bitches and hoes, let's have sex and do the Rambo.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:46
I love that episode. I had a feeling before this episode that it was going to be one of our funniest ones, but I didn't want to hype it up and then have it you know, be a dud or something but thank you so much to Anthony for being the most candid, I think anyone has ever been on the show about all bodily fluids, sexual functions and whatnot. Before we go, guys, I wanted to read one of our fan emails who, you know, just wrote in to give some feedback, which I very, very much appreciate. And if you guys, you know, right in maybe one day, I'll read your email. Hey, Ashley just started listening to the podcast with Joey DS have to say I am so damn happy for you. Two years of A is a hell of an accomplishment. Today is actually my 10 months sober birthday. I started trying to get sober January of last year. And finally in September 2020, I decided to stop fucking around. Anyway, not trying to make this about me. I just wanted to tell you sincerely appreciate your shout out to the sober crowd at the beginning of that podcast. It always means so much to me when I hear the acknowledgement from people who know how hard it is firsthand. Anyway, I am so proud of you. I'm proud of all of us. And it feels amazing being a part of the sober community love the podcast, and I really enjoy following along with you and the parts of your life you share. I really wish the best for you in life and of course, insects and violence. Thanks for being you, Steve. Damn, Steve, you got me in the fields. I really, really appreciate that. It doesn't matter what you guys write in about whether it's about sobriety or the podcast or whatever. I think that it's hard to have a direct relationship with you guys because I'm just talking the whole time. So the email, sex and violence podcast at gmail gives us an opportunity to have more of a two sided relationship. I love you guys. I love you guys for tuning in every week and for all your fan questions. Thank you so much to Special shout outs DJ soul at DJ soul to American studio at tomorrow kids official and Pinnacle sound at Pinnacle sound OC. You can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl. Also follow our backup account because sometimes we piss people off at sex and violence with rebel girl number two at the end and myself at Ashley MMA. I hope you guys enjoyed this week. I hope you guys have a great weekend. Are you sexual deviants out there. Remember, Be kind, be grateful, but don't take shit from me. I'll talk to you next week with more tales of sex and bye

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