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Ep.61 Julia "Raging Panda" Avila

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl

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where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and boy do taboo subject

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sex. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl,

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Evan Smith. Let's talk about six. What's happening? Hot Stuff?

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What is up all my naughty listeners? We're back with a new episode. I'm very, very excited. But let's talk about what's going on with your girl before we interview our guest. So last week, I told you guys I was going to be doing some interviews at the submission only series number five in Hollywood, California. Guys, this event was amazing. I you know, I'm sure you guys might have thought of it. You might have thought no way. But I'm telling you that you missed out big time. There were performers. So obviously there was a jujitsu tournament that in itself was great. The venue was very cool. But there were booty burn less there was a sword swallower some guy who won Russia's Got Talent. There was a Kappa fight a Kappa guerra Phi Kappa Kappa where what else was there? There, these musical acts were really eclectic, like, you know, some kind of techno European pop. And my favorite part was that this type of event put a whole bunch of different genres of people in one room. And if you're like me, I made new friends in areas that I never thought I would I'd never thought I'd be friends with a what this guy I was talking to was a electric trombonist in a European pop band, like what, what is that?

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And afterwards, we're mingling outside at this venue, which was beautiful. And it was just a really, really cool event. If you guys aren't sold on it, I would check it out. It's going to be on fight TV, the app. It's all put a link here in the show notes. It's going to be airing live on Saturday, well, sorry, not live, but it will air. How do you what do you say like, the first time it airs is going to be on Saturday on the app. And it's it's going to be definitely worth watching. If you are local to the LA area, Orange County in California, and you're thinking about going to the next one, I would definitely check this out to see if it's something that would interest you. And I think you know, each one's going to get better. This was the first one at this venue. So check that out guys. And then also something really cool happened to me. at that event, I got to interview all these competitors and other people for in jitsu, which was a fun experience. But I ran into somebody who made me realize that he basically changed my perspective on my current injury situation. And I'll tell you what happened. So this gentleman who's older, you know, he's probably in his 50s. He is the president of USA grappling and he's been in the wrestling scene forever. He was I believe, a wrestling coach, maybe for the national team. Anyway, we get to talking we are bonding over wrestling and we're shooting the ship. He finds out about my injury and I tell about my my discs getting replaced in my neck and all this. And I tell him I'm very disheartened. I'm very every day I that I still have pain. After the surgery. I feel like a little rock is put on my shoulders like oh, I wake up more pain today. You know, I'm not better. And then the next day I wake up and there's another little rock and another little rock every day that I have pain and so I just feel like the weight of my weight and the weight of the world is on my shoulders because I'm not healing and every day that I don't heal I feel like this window is closing for me to follow my dream. And while we were talking he told me that he knew a girl who I think she's Olympic qualifier. I'm not sure exactly her accolades, but super high level wrestler, Allie Barnard. And he says, Yeah, she just got that same surgery, or not just but she had that same surgery, and it took her a year and a half to be on the mat. And okay. And I know guys, you may hear that and go Dang, like, that probably made you sad. No, it made me so fucking happy I literally got teary eyed because I had been comparing myself to my two guy teammates who were back in the cage seven and 10 months after their surgeries. And so, you know, I know I probably shouldn't be putting so much weight on other people's situations, you know, I have a, my own situation, my own injuries and it's different. But now I can just take a breath and not feel like you know, I'm not going to heal it made me so happy because I feel like I just extended my timeline I have like so much more hope now. It hasn't even been a year and this girl Olympic level athlete was back on the mat killing it a year and a half later. So I think I just need to fucking pump the brakes, Take a chill pill, mellow out whatever you want to say smoke some weed and, and just trust the process. I think I'm doing all the right things as far as PT and acupuncture and you know, hugging crystals on my forehead, whatever. You know, I'm doing all the right things. I just got to stay positive. And that's unfortunately one thing I wasn't doing these last few weeks. You guys could probably hear it in my voice. I was like, oh, still injured, still injured. So that was a really cool thing. I just had to kind of get that off my chest. Any of you guys out there struggling with injuries. I guess moral The moral of the story would be do not compare yourself to someone else's injury because that's their body and this is your body so Alright, that's all I want to say about that. And other than that,

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that's all I really have to say we're doing the free sticker giveaway. So if you want a free sticker sex and violence rebel girl, just write a review. So Spotify has a section iTunes has a section. Most podcast platform apps have a section right the review screenshot that sent it to our Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl. We will with your address, we will then mail you a sticker or two back and then this this UFC card this weekend is very cool, but it's very short. Unfortunately we've had some fights fall off you know story of our lives with the pandemic this past couple of year and a half. And this card is no different. There was a really big fight in my opinion because Sam Alvey is a sex and violence with rebel girl

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He was our second ever podcast guest and just a really great guy who I know personally his fight was cancelled. And then the CO Main Event I'm gonna kill this guy's name

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shimmy Oh, rubber ducky, but

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not gonna I'm not gonna I'm not gonna fight this weekend. Versus Crikey Chris Dukakis that fight at heavyweight was also scrapped. No, I tried finding reasons most likely COVID but I don't know for sure. What's left over is still a pretty good card and that is headlining we've got UFC middleweight, Shawn Stricklin will look to beat the divisions top 10 when he collides with number eight ranked UFC, sorry, Uriah Hall and Uriah versus Shawn. That's a fight that no matter what happens, it's going to be action packed Uriah Hall flashy, super talented. Sean Strickland. I think all that guy knows is fighting. I'm trying to get him on the podcast. I've actually been like hounding him because he's so interesting with the way that he thinks I would love to have him on the podcast. Maybe we can get him on here. And then the rest of the card is great as well. We got Ronnie Yahya fighting young Whoa. Cheyenne buys versus gloria de pollo. That's at strawweight. Jared Gooden versus Nicholas stoles. Nicholas stole is a stole z. He is a last minute replacement. And Brian barbarina versus Jason wit. And also sorry, Zachariah atisha versus Ryan binoy. Oh, Ryan Benoit. He is he went to Menlo College, same college I went to. So yeah, so 12345 fights, no 123456 fights. That's a pretty small card. I don't know what they're gonna do if they're going to scramble to, you know, put some fights together last minute or just be the smallest UFC card in history. But that's what's that's what's going on tomorrow, guys. So tune into that and tune into submission only series on fight TV, they probably are not at the same time. If they are flipped back and forth. Who cares? drop me a line. drop me an email write to me. Tell

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me what you think.

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Unknown Speaker 14:09
Thank you, Ashley. I'm so excited to be here. I can't wait to expose myself exposed in the best way possible, though. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 14:18
So you and I actually, we're not gonna officially but everyone's like Ashley, how can you interview these girls that are in the same weight class in the same division in the same organization? And I'm like, it doesn't really matter to me because you and I talked on our pre call. I feel like it's such a small percentage of women who not only do the sport but actually make it to the top level. And in my opinion, I'm like those are probably the girls that I'm going to get along with the most. So this is not weird to me at all. This is fun. This is exciting. I feel like we're probably gonna have a lot of things in common.

Unknown Speaker 14:52
Oh my gosh, absolutely. And you know what, even if we do fight I'm sure it will be okay out of each other and then you know and like love each other afterwards and That's absolutely what this game should be. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 15:02
I totally agree. I don't drink anymore. But I used to say, Hey, I just want to my ideal opponent is someone who's gonna challenge me who we're gonna put on a really good show. And then afterwards, you know, win or lose, you know, win lose draw, we could have a beer together. So now, you know, I can't say like, have a beer together anymore. But you know, like having a soda a drink something and just, you know, appreciate that. We're two strong women. And we are, you know, still, sorry, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 15:29
No funny story about that one of my opponents, I broke her nose and ended up winning the fight. And it was a TKO second round, and she had to be rushed to the hospital. So I found out her address, and I sent her a nut tray, because you can't ship alcohol across state lines. I was like, here you go. Cuz you got to be a little nuts to get in the ring. And we follow each other. And we're friends now.

Unknown Speaker 15:50
I love that. Yeah. You and I, you know, we started following each other on social media. And I've been scouting girls to have on the show, because I know this podcast is not everyone's cup of tea, and I'm like, Oh, this girl, Julie, raging panda. And like, your personality on social media comes across as very goofy and carefree. And I'm like, I'm just gonna slide into our DMS and asker. And you're down.

Unknown Speaker 16:15
Yeah. I mean, that's me, Goofy. You've been in the UFC for a little over two years, right?

Unknown Speaker 16:22
Yep. And in that time, fun, but crappy fact, you've had you probably know the exact number I was trying to read it off online and figure it out. But six to seven opponent changes and date, you know, actual event changes because of a plethora of reasons, right? COVID injuries and whatnot, not you, but other people and other situations, having you reschedule rebook all your fights.

Unknown Speaker 16:48
So my first year in 2019, I had all my fights rescheduled so Penny was a short notice on her 2020 I had nine canceled or rescheduled. Wow. Yeah. Okay, and this year at one rescheduled

Unknown Speaker 17:05
gotta hope this year is better than than 2020 for you. Well, 2020 was a shit year for everyone. So I'm sure it's gonna be better for you. But you've had you've really, you know, made waves in the division in a short period of time. Your last fight was June So, you know, less than a month ago, you gotta win over is her name Julia as well. But

Unknown Speaker 17:27
do you pronounce it Julia?

Unknown Speaker 17:29
yet, so you pronounce it Julia and I jokingly say that we were fighting for the rights to how to spell it.

Unknown Speaker 17:36
Because hers is like JUIJ a, and I'm like, Is that like a crazy Lithuanian spelling? But you still just say it. Julia or?

Unknown Speaker 17:45
Yeah, you still just say it Julia. Or something like that. But she still says that, Julia.

Unknown Speaker 17:50
Julia. Every time I hear the name Julia I think 51st dates. Julie. Oh, no, no, sorry. Not 51st dates. Never been the Wedding Singer. Julia gulia. I thought it was never been kissed. No. Julia gulia. with Adam Sandler. Yes, yes. Yes. Okay. I heard that all the time growing up. I love avid sailor. So anything love that? Awesome. So do you have anything lined up? next fight coming up?

Unknown Speaker 18:19
Not yet. Everyone seems to be booked up or recovering from something. So you know, I'm just taking my time enjoying life. And you know, the difference between now and like being in fight camp and being out of fight camp is just my diet. So really, I just keep on keeping on?

Unknown Speaker 18:37
Is there anyone in the division that you want to fight? You seem like such an easygoing person. I imagine you're going to be like, Nah, give me whoever. But, you know, you're also very driven. So is there someone that you want to fight? Maybe not right now or, you know, or somebody in the future?

Unknown Speaker 18:54
I want to climb the rankings. So whoever is ranked above me is fair game. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 18:58
Okay. Okay. And I know, you know, you and I both have that same kind of easygoing mentality. It's nothing personal, you know, but anyone standing in my way of the bell is gonna get it.

Unknown Speaker 19:07
Absolutely. Absolutely. And I feel like they would do the same. And honestly, if I like you, I'm willing to I actually fight harder. Because I want you to respect me, right? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 19:20
Yeah. Yeah, I've never, I've not that I can think of I don't think I've ever had the, you know, situation where me and the opponent were really close. You know, I definitely always respect my opponents. And I've even got someone that I didn't like, but I've never not respected because, you know, even if we don't like someone's personality, I think you can agree with me that to make it to this level is a lot of hard work, and it takes a lot of skill. And, you know, that earns my respect in that regard. Oh, yeah, for sure. definitely agree. I want to talk a little bit about your other job or I guess you know, recently you are, you're no longer a geologist but you were formerly a geologist.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Yeah, so I have my degree in geology, and I got it from UC Santa Cruz. And I worked in the oil industry for 10 years, I worked on a rig, I worked in the office, I find oil, but due to the pandemic, and I'm sure a lot of listeners can relate to this, I did lose my job. Last September, it was really funny. I lost my fight. And then a week later, I got laid off. rain pours. And so, you know, always look at the bright side. So you know, it's a blessing in disguise, I got to rehab an injury that I got from that fight. That took several months to get over. And here I am, you know, a brand new fighter, and I feel great. I feel better than I've ever felt in my old age. And, yeah, I was a geologist. For a long time for over a decade. Now. I've aged myself. And now I'm a full time fighter.

Unknown Speaker 20:54
I don't want to go too in depth. But like, this is my such a meathead thing for me to say, but I'm like, Alright, so like you look at rocks all day, like what exactly did you do? You found oil? You said,

Unknown Speaker 21:06
Yes, I used to look at Rock. So we would, when I was a out in the field, we would be drilling. So it's live actual drilling on a rig. And I would identify the rocks as they were going to the subsurface so we can find oil. When I was in the office, I would map out different things. So and it's all at the subsurface. So I would help interpret logs and organize the data and all that. So I went from gathering the data to interpreting the data and organizing the data for other company geologists to do. Got it. Okay. And

Unknown Speaker 21:40
then something we didn't talk on our little pre call was about your new endeavor. I'm not sure if it's just acting or acting and stunt work, but I've seen some things on social media. What's going on with that? Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 21:53
I'm in a movie. It's a supporting role. It's a big supporting role. I've never done any acting before. And it was a lot, a lot of fun. It's called it was originally called bikinis, guns and drugs, but it's now called the squad.

Unknown Speaker 22:09
I like the first name, like, bikini bikinis, drugs and guns.

Unknown Speaker 22:14
Yep. And I had to tell everyone, like start with a caveat that it's not not a porn. Not a porn. All right. All right. Darn, sorry. I made fun of all the time. They're like, Oh, did you finish that porn urine? at a point out of porn? Let's Let's not spread that rumor. But it's the squad it's there's a trailer out. It's super dope. And it's it's a it's a really good film like the trailers. Really good. Alex, I'll send it to you. Okay. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 22:46
yeah. And then I'll put that on our social media guys. So you can see that after this episode, or maybe when this episode comes out, as well. And, you know, is this something that you want to do? Moreover, was it just, you know, like, I had an opportunity, I did it, I'm just going to go back to focusing on fighting, or are you going to be like me, similar situation where I had an opportunity this past year, so to do some small roles. And now I'm like, Hey, I'm not going to say no, and close the door if more stuff pops up. But also fighting for me will always be first until I do retire.

Unknown Speaker 23:20
I am on the same page as that. I do love acting, I didn't think I would, and I didn't think I'd be any good. But I got a lot of really good positive feedback. So maybe there's an avenue there for me, especially like, with fighting, I do plan on you know, starting a family within the next five to six years, five to seven years. So it might be another way for me to make money for for my family because I'm a provider and that's what I will always do. strong

Unknown Speaker 23:51
female energy provider. Even if I had someone taking care of me, I would still want to provide I would want to contribute I think that it's such a gratifying feeling. You know, not that like you know, women or men who are house moms or housewives or whatever you know, are stay at home moms stay at home dad. That's that's a thing. That's a hard job. But that sense of gratification that comes from bringing home the bacon is awesome. Absolutely. Okay, so let's talk about you said you're gonna have kids five to seven years. How old are you? Because you also said your your old earlier?

Unknown Speaker 24:28
Yeah, I'm 33 and I have some some gray streaks in my hair. It's not it. I didn't do it on purpose. A lot of people that I do like my front piece. Now I'm like, Why? Why would I ever dye my hair white in the front? Like, I don't? I'm not an x men. Not nothing against people. But no, I am 33 years old. My birthday is in May. So I'm notorious, you know. I like long walks on the sea. But yeah, I want to see this thing. Drew, I want to be the champ. So that's, I have to find the right people. And because of my record, like I, I get two fights a year, I'm not gonna be able to climb the rankings within the next year or so. So, realistically, my, my career has five to seven more years on it to get to where I want to go.

Unknown Speaker 25:17
Got it. So you have this all mapped out. I mean, obviously, we have a plan, and then life happens, obviously, pandemic and other things, right. So ideally, you in the next five to seven years, your champ, and then we pop out a kid, but by that time, you'll be in your 40s are you ever worried about not being able to pop a kid out then just because I'm 34, I just turned 34. And I'm like, you know, if I was gonna have kids, I would feel a real sense of urgency. But since I don't want kids good.

Unknown Speaker 25:49
I do. But I also realized that I'm an exceptionally healthy individual, especially with my career. And so I take care of my body. But you know, there are treatments and opportunities for me to try to have a child or if not, there's always adoption. And I would love, love, love, love to adopt a child. But I am also hoping for creepy twins. You know, the ones that can find? If I do have fertility treatments, like there's a higher chance of me getting that. So

Unknown Speaker 26:27
really, I know there's some crazy stuff going on with picking the gender and stuff like that. But you can choose to have twins.

Unknown Speaker 26:34
Well, you can opt to have more than one egg inserted to have a better viability. Because, actually, yeah, so my brother, him and his husband are actually working to having a child and so he's telling me all about it, and a whole bunch of things that occur during the process.

Unknown Speaker 26:57
Very cool. Very cool.

Unknown Speaker 26:58
That's awesome. When someone else goes through such a life changing event before you do you get the cliff notes. You're like, okay, but what was it really? Like, tell me?

Unknown Speaker 27:07
Exactly, exactly. So I'm learning through his experience. That's

Unknown Speaker 27:12
so good luck. Good luck to your brother and his partner on that endeavor. Hopefully they get creepy twins if that's what they want. What about you and your, your partner, you guys?

Unknown Speaker 27:24
What's the story? You

Unknown Speaker 27:25
guys are married? How'd you meet? How long have you been married?

Unknown Speaker 27:30
Alright, so my husband and I is my best friend. We have been together for Oh, gosh, I want to say about nine years. But we have been married since 2016. So that's five years. It was a whirlwind romance. I walked into his office he was a in engineering tech over at an oil company and within a month we were already living together and ready to move across the country with each other. Within six months. We got complimentary tattoos and now he's stuck with me.

Unknown Speaker 28:08
I That's intense. That's a month moving in together six months tattoos.

Unknown Speaker 28:14

Unknown Speaker 28:14
what what is the tattoo? I got to know. Obviously, I'm a tattoo lover. This is an audio podcast. If you guys can't know you can't see me, but it's covered in tattoos.

Unknown Speaker 28:26
So Me too. I love tattoos. I love artwork. We have so I have a heart lock on my ribs. And he has the skeleton key to it. And when we lay side by side, it's on our preferred side. They touch so Oh, whose idea was that? It was so we had a whole bunch of ideas. And we ended up with this. It was kind of a collective idea. Okay, all right. That's super Q and then, you know, he so he's an engineer does he train. He was an engineering tech. So sorry, little caveat there. I'm not an engineer. He helped the engineers and he trains jujitsu. He started training. I want to say like six months after I invited him to my first tournament, and I told him, Hey, if you want to spend time when we first started dating, I told him if you want to spend time with me, this is what I do. And you have to be okay with it because it's a male dominated sport. And he's just always been the biggest supporter for me. I knew nothing about jujitsu started learning everything about it. And I was really upset because he started dropping knowledge that I didn't know. Hey, I said you can get good but not better than me. Yeah, I rank him and I pull rank on him. pretty often, actually. You mean? Oh wise? Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. He is one belt below me. But so sometimes I'm like, shut up. I'm a brown belt. You respect me. Now he's super knowledgeable and he's one of my My coaches my corners. He does all my strength and conditioning and my diet. So he's a pretty great dude.

Unknown Speaker 30:07
Yeah, so a big thing we talked about is when that kind of a thing happens when your partner becomes your coach, trainer, nutritionist, you know, whatever, right? some good things and some bad things happen. Some pros and cons. What are the pros and cons in your opinion of having your partner working with you on such a intense career?

Unknown Speaker 30:30
pros. It's free. And I know it's going to be good, reliable information, not just someone that something somebody read off. I truly love you. Yes, exactly. He wants what's best for me because it's going to be what's best for us in the long run. Cons he's an asshole. greatness. And he is expects nothing less than he knows how to draw lines. And I don't. He can be my coach and my husband separately. And sometimes I need him to be my husband. And he knows he knows when I he knows what's good for me sometimes better than I do.

Unknown Speaker 31:18
That's a sign of someone who really loves you. Yeah. I've lucked out. I totally agree. And I've got the same situation going. And sometimes you look at them, like your partner, but they're wearing the coach hat or the nutritionist or whatever, right? And you're like, Hey, be nice to me. And they're like, no, and you're like, you know, can complicate things. And just love me. So you are highly educated. You know, you're you're dating someone who is educated. sapiosexual being attracted to intelligence seems like that might be something you know, up your alley. What are some other turn ons and turn offs for you?

Unknown Speaker 31:59
turn ons are passion. Like I love anyone who's passionate. If you're passionate about pickling. I just, I want to hear about that. I want to know everything that you do how you grow the plant where you get the plant how you pickle? Is it vinegar? What are you doing? Like, I just love passion. And I like people to try new things. I think those are two huge turn on spermy. And I find that in a lot of people I think that's what marries me to MMA because you can't just be okay at MMA. You have to love it. Right? You have to be passionate about it. Off entitlement, oh boy, oh boy, oh, boy. I cannot deal with entitlement. And I think that my generation especially it's where we started losing it. And people feel like they deserve things rather than earn things. I'm first generation American. So I came from nothing, and I know nothing but hard work and good work ethic. So it's it turn off or just entitlement and people being shitty, just shitty people in general. Like, welcome. Yeah. Well, that makes sense. Yeah, I'm

Unknown Speaker 33:23
on the same page with you as far as passion and specifically, just like relentless hard work. Like no matter what, like getting up early, and, you know, like staying, you know, busy, even if there's a pandemic, like, you know, kind of pivoting and no matter what happens just being resilient. And I've seen that in my partner a lot these you know, this pandemic, probably a lot of people this has been sink or swim and yeah, it's just so attractive when someone you know, something bad happens but someone finds a way to make it work I'm like that's who I want to spend my life with. Like a survivor so what is gonna work hard no matter what.

Unknown Speaker 34:04
That's who you want on your survivor team, right? Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 34:07
my zombie apocalypse team, if you will. So what about pre marriage? I know sometimes a little taboo to talk about but you know, maybe you weren't always this well polished, put together. Rock scientists and bad so the cage if you had to sum your relationships, pre marriage, how would you sum up your relationship history?

Unknown Speaker 34:31
Oh my gosh, I'm a serial monogamist I wish I had you know my thought phase. I didn't.

Unknown Speaker 34:40
I never used that word thought. I'm like thought thought thought not like like thinking but thought as in like, like ratchet. Is that our thought? The same?

Unknown Speaker 34:50
Yeah, well, no, no thought is more of like, like a video girl. And ratchet is like a video girl after the party guy. It okay ratchets like more beat up like like ratchet and then like, that's just like just be holding it up. Yeah, yeah, I get it. Okay. Sorry, continue. Again, I'm old and haggard. So don't call yourself old. I'm a year older than you. It hurts my feelings. No, I didn't have like a crazy dating life, but I do enjoy people and like, I'm super like, friendly. And I enjoy physical touch. So like, I kiss my girlfriends. I kiss my guy. Well, I don't kiss my guy friends to an extent I kiss my gay guy friends. Because sometimes that's not okay with my boyfriend's in the past. But my husband now. It was so funny in the movie. Actually, let me tell you the story. So I have a kissing scene right? Super quick. And the girl that I'm kissing, she goes, Hey, I've never kissed on camera. And I'm like, Oh, yeah, me neither. I've never made a movie like that. I just find we're good. And not a porn. Because I've also never kissed the girl. Oh, my. Oh, really? Like, bro, you gotta up those numbers. Mary is more girls than you like, What? What's your problem?

Unknown Speaker 36:20
Wait, so you're married? And are you still kissing girls? Is that okay? Why not? I mean, cool husband. Look, I've you know, met a lot of people in my life and my 34 years I've seen men totally fine with their female partners kissing other women. Then I've also seen those males say it doesn't matter. Another person is another person. And who am I to judge? You know, it's all preference. But uh, cool to know that your hubby doesn't mind a female pecker too?

Unknown Speaker 36:51
Of course not. No. And it's not like it turns them on or anything. He was just like, whatever. Julia being Julia. And it's, it's fun, whatever. Like it's all. We had a Halloween party and I was just running around and I was making fun of my friend. And I was like, hey, I've never kissed you. I'm like, come on, come to kiss. And Morgan, she goes, No, no, I'm I kiss you. My girlfriend's here. Like, yeah, I can kiss her. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 37:22
I do have friends that when they have a few drinks, everyone's getting loved on I have a guy friend actually one of my best guy friends. He's very lovey. And before I before I introduce him to my introduce him didn't my boyfriend he, I was like, Look, babe. I'm pretty sure he's straight. But when he has a few drinks, he's gonna get very loving. And he's like, Okay, fine. And then afterwards, we got home and my boyfriend was like, Wow, he is very touchy feely. I can love you, like, kiss on the cheek, like grab me real tight. But I think that's a great, you know, if alcohol brings out your true self, then you're just one of those people who has a lot of love inside.

Unknown Speaker 38:00
Yeah, I mean, it could just be an average Tuesday, and I could just want to kiss you, but. And for my husband, like, like I said, I'm a very goofy person in general. And so for him, he's just like this. This is what I'm married. Like, I'm okay with it. Yeah, yeah. You indication with me? Say it again. If he does, if he has an issue with it, like I really try to respect people's boundaries, so I wouldn't ever do that without someone's consent or like knowing prior but and also with my husband, if anything ever bothers him that I do. He is quick to check me and let me know.

Unknown Speaker 38:40
Yeah, communication, open communication. No, hold anything back. Is is huge. You know, it's so corny. Like the key. The key to a happy relationship is community open communication or trust or respect, or probably all those but I feel like communication is the biggest one holding things in that bother you is just it's always going to come up and fester boil over at some point. Absolutely. All right. Well, you talked briefly about I think it was your love language. You said do you like physical touch? Yes. Do you know? Yeah, do you know your partner's love language as well as your own?

Unknown Speaker 39:16
Okay, so my love language is a fixed physical touch and acts of servitude. And for my husband though, I did ask him because I wasn't sure what his love languages and I'm so sporadic and how I show my love is like no, I don't really have a love language, but you show me like in different ways, like you. You do stuff for me. You tell me you love me. You threatened me. Like All right, cool. So yeah, yeah, so acts

Unknown Speaker 39:50
of acts of service and physical touch. Yeah, I love those as well. And I'm really big into was it fizzy after nations are like, okay, we're words of affirmation. So like, tell me,

Unknown Speaker 40:04
I'm pretty Tell me you love me all the time.

Unknown Speaker 40:08
Like, okay, I love you, you know, like, I do always need constant reinforcement, which I know can get annoying. But, you know, that comes from someplace, right? You know, you like physical touch and acts of service for some psychological reason. Maybe, you know, maybe you don't, but that's your love language. And if your partner can know that early on, I feel like that. That's a huge step, you know, to a successful relationship. Oh, yeah. He

Unknown Speaker 40:35
learned that real quick, especially when he started doing jujitsu. Like, I would like him to be there. And I knew, that's why I invited him. This is something that I do. And if you're here, like, that's all I asked from you. Um, yeah, the quality time, right?

Unknown Speaker 40:52
Yes, yes. Yes. That's awesome. Yeah, I love that you guys share that. So we're gonna shift over a little bit. We've got a whole bunch of fan questions and some fun games to play at the end. But there's not really a good transition. But what did you lose your virginity? Oh, yeah. Okay, so I was 16. It was my boyfriend at the time, we were at his place. And his parents were at home. And it was, you know, pretty quick. He was a virgin too. So neither of us knew what we were doing. And all of a sudden, his parents showed up, and he throw me in the closet. So you have to hide in the closet. Did you have to stay there for a long time? No, not too long. It was one of those slidy closets too. So he didn't even close it or anything, because I didn't have any place to be. So I was just standing there for a while, like, in his bloody closet. And then he tells his parents He's like, by the way, my friend is here. I'm like, oh, friend. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. That's got it. So yeah, I mean, that was it. Yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker 42:02
never like a magical story. But we have heard some real interesting stories. I think my favorite one was Hinako. Little Raja 27 time world. blackbelt. And I don't know if you know who that is. But he his story was really interesting. And one of the episodes. So you lost your virginity at 16. Before that, obviously, you knew what sex was, you know, what age did you kind of start learning about sex and the birds and the bees? And did anyone give you a talk? Or was it just something you picked up at school? Or did you watch a movie?

Unknown Speaker 42:36
So I was a latchkey? Kid, right? My parents were always working, you know, being first generation like, they had to work to provide. So it was my brother and I and my brother's older, and I'm going to date myself right now. He went to blockbuster and rented a movie, right? And it was, yeah, block. Where VHS went to die. Yeah. So he went in, he goes, Hey, you know, Jessie's? banno. So that's the character she played, but Elizabeth Berkley, who played Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:13
So he's like, she's in this movie. I'm like, cool. So we start watching it. And it was showgirls, and

Unknown Speaker 43:22
showgirls is a movie where ish. Demi Moore, isn't it?

Unknown Speaker 43:28
No, no. The Berkeley Oh, are you know what? Demi Moore, isn't it? Yeah, she was the other show. Oh, my gosh, that never clicked.

Unknown Speaker 43:35
Okay. That's Thank you, DJ. So he all the boys listening right now. We're like, Demi Moore is in that and every man my age knows. Awesome. Okay, so show girls. That was kind of how you started putting things together. And it's about strippers, right? Yep. Yep. Vegas showgirls, show girls. Yeah, show girls got it. Okay, so that's how you that's a fun way to learn. I guess how old were you? I Gosh, I want to say I was about eight. Something like that. Hey, yeah. So your parents were always working first American first generation Americans. You know, how did that affect your, you know, kind of your upbringing with, you know, the development of like, finding out about sex and then dating boys, you know, because I myself also, I mean, I wouldn't know if I would say latchkey but yeah, just parents that were doing their own things. Definitely neglectful, you know, but you end up for me, it was like, you end up doing a lot of things. Sounds so corny, but like on the street? clmv like kind of learning about things the hard way. How did your parents always work in affect you?

Unknown Speaker 44:41
Um, well, you know, for a long time it was I did hold a little bit of resentment against them. So you know, I got into my party scene and everything but I quickly grew out of that. I grew up very fast. And then I just dived into sports and That was my opening to, to combat sports that I did on on my own. I remember being 12 years old and saving cans to buy my first punching bag, and I still have that punching bag I love. And I lived in California, I was born and raised in California. And so you can recycle cans to get money. Yeah, you can't do that out in Oklahoma. It's very foreign few. And it's, you spend more money to do that. But I saved cans for I want to say like, three months, and I bought my own punching bag. And, you know, that was my introduction to getting rid of some of my animosity and my introduction to combat sports. And I was just kind of like, beating things up and right and I was pretty good at it. But I never really got into it until I finished college. So I didn't start combat sports or martial arts training because I didn't have the opportunity to my parents never signed me up for anything. It was always just school stuff. So I did a lot of sports in school I was you know Allstate in three different sports. I did 11 out of 12 varsity sports in high school. Yeah, I'm a natural athlete athlete. Yeah. Rules, right, because I never had a background in it. I was just super athletic, super natural athlete. Awesome. But, um, yeah, it was a it affected me more emotionally. And because I was so involved in sports, I would always date like, a football player or wrestler or you know, a thrower like, I was always in a relationship. And I never just dated, it wasn't a priority. For me. I didn't consider myself a pretty girl or anything. So I was never a sexual.

Unknown Speaker 46:48
Well, what I what I was thinking and you tell me if you know, you can relate. I feel like as I've gotten older and kind of like been very introspective about my childhood in my past and how that affects my development as an adult. I'm like, okay, so with neglectful parents, you know, you don't get that same amount of love. When I joined a sport, it was like, Whoa, like a family like this, you know, attention and praise and these life lessons, cuz I wrestled, you know, you did other sports, you know, but it's the same situation, right? Where you're getting all these things that you're not getting at home. And then I've also been very honest with myself, and I'm like, you know, I did have a whole phase. Why was I always searching for that, like love and attention? I'm like, Well, I didn't really get a lot at home. So I'm like, that makes sense. So that's kind of like why I leaned into those questions of like, okay, your parents weren't around, like, do you think that had an effect on your dating life?

Unknown Speaker 47:41
Yeah, that had a huge effect on my dating life and how I, how I strive for people's acceptance. And I was actually homeless for a large part of my high school career. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Cuz I spent so much time at school that my mom saw, I was hauling around. She's like, I know, you're fucking around. I know, you're, you know, you're doing drugs. You're doing this, you're doing that. And I'm like, dude, I'm the top of my class and the varsity athlete. Like, I'm not doing anything. So I would, she'd kicked me out. And yeah, so I strive for people's attention. I really want that that acceptance and love of the coaches, especially I crashed out a bunch of their couches and stuff I would rotate through shower, at the gym,

Unknown Speaker 48:28
or at the pool. coaches are just for me, and obviously, for you, and probably a lot of athletes. They're like little friggin guardian angels that just pick up the slack when parents or other family members, or loved ones in general have, you know, dropped the ball. And that's awesome. I've definitely one of my first coaches, Eugene Jackson, former UFC like oh, gee, he let me sleep on his couch. Same thing. I lived with him and two of his like two of his sons and his nephew and nephew in East Palo Alto, just because I was just like a young girl just graduate college and didn't really have that much money. And he was like, yeah, you could save money crash on my couch. I'm like, MMA guardian angel, like a gangster with a heart of gold.

Unknown Speaker 49:14
Again, I try to be that because I'm a coach and a gym owner now. So I really try to be that for my students, even though they're grown. A lot of them are older than me. But I try to be that beacon of light that I I always had and, and wanted.

Unknown Speaker 49:29
It doesn't matter what age you know, I think there Unfortunately, there are people that are lost and in search, you know, they're missing something well into their 40s 50s 60s. And so, you know, just because you're super old at 33 doesn't mean and you're younger than them doesn't mean that you can't be that. That missing piece for them. That's awesome. I didn't know you had your own gym.

Unknown Speaker 49:53
Yeah, yeah, I got kicked after my fight got canceled in March. I got kicked out the next day. And so a bunch of the gym members that were at that previous gym followed me. And me and six other people opened up a gym in two weeks. I really

Unknown Speaker 50:11
don't want to, like ask this because it's such a gossipy question, but, you know, if you don't want to answer It's fine, but why did you get kicked out? I'm like, You're such a hard worker. You're so friendly. Like what did you do to get kicked out of a gym?

Unknown Speaker 50:25
Yeah, um, so I think our black belt started creating stories in his head. He sustained an injury while while rolling with me and was okay with it and then progressively didn't get okay with it. I didn't do anything malicious. He actually moved the wrong way and hurt himself very, very bad. that exact day stop the class said, I'm okay. Nothing happened. It was an accident. You know, we don't do knitting here. We do combat sports and injuries happen. And it just progressively got worse. And when, when, when, when my fight got canceled, I came back. We were training because we were prepping for one of my coaches who had a fight the next week. And Duran m yelled in front of God and everyone and kick me out.

Unknown Speaker 51:18
So okay, that guy's got some issues. But yeah, that's neither here nor there. Back to the topic at hand. So sex. Have you tell me one of your like, craziest places you've ever had sex? Laura Murphy just told us she had sex in a Nike dressing room. I was like, that's awesome. Just Just do it. Oh, gosh, no. The craziest place I've ever had sex. I'm pretty vanilla. As far as like, sex places. Let's see. A beach in a tent. out camping. Yeah, I guess camping. wilderness. He gets your gets your horny, huh? Do it for me. Do it for me. I knew it Rockstar do that's hilarious. Okay, well, you and your hubby have been together for five years married but closer to a decade. Almost right? You said nine, nine years. Yeah. So anything you do to spice things up in the bedroom after So, so many years together?

Unknown Speaker 52:27
Oh my gosh. And so we every once in a while we'll we'll get excited and order a whole bunch of toys. And then what the hell did we just buy out once and I'm like, I'm too tired for this. I'm gonna pull them or

Unknown Speaker 52:44
I love that. I

Unknown Speaker 52:45
recently like before, this, you know, this podcast, which I've only had for a year, I had never used sex toys. Which is crazy because I'm a very sexual person. And I got a we got a sponsor that is no longer sponsoring the podcast but Ella para de they were pretty good. They were very good to us. And they sent me like three sex toys. And I picked one for specifically for my boyfriend. It was a cock ring. And I was like, babe, if I get this, will you wear this? And he's like, like, very, like hesitant, but like, because he's like, kind of like because I love you. Like,

Unknown Speaker 53:21
I'll put this kakori God and I'm like, I love

Unknown Speaker 53:24
him. You know, so it came and like

Unknown Speaker 53:26
I was all jazzed and just his face was like,

Unknown Speaker 53:31
but like for me, I was like so like it made me feel so good that he was willing to do that. Like he wasn't really all in and I'm like this guy loves me.

Unknown Speaker 53:41
Absolutely. So that's the type of real we have to I love that like every once in a while it's like hey, you want to try this or you want to try that like we don't use sex toys regularly like it's just not something for us. But every once in a while you're like oh, oh, look at that. I'm sure okay, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:01
Do you

Unknown Speaker 54:05
do you abide by the no sex before a fight myth? Oh sorry rule I don't know if it's a myth whatever whatever it is. It is what it is but do you do you abstain?

Unknown Speaker 54:16
No, no man I fuck after weigh ins like before I'm like rickety and a bag of bones. Break it is the appropriate term. But like afterwards, I you know, I have so many carbs. I just have so much energy. I like to work out after wins. So I have a surge of testosterone. Actually, after weightlifting you should try this. You have so much testosterone goes surging through you. And if it's a really heavy lift or like a really hard session, you should really try boning. Really, really. I have a sex podcast and I've been Fighting for a decade you don't think I've had sex after a hard session? always support only on days that end and why? That's awesome. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:12
So I, obviously you and I understand but, you know, for the listeners who don't know, after you weigh in, you get a pig out and you get this like she said, it's just like a surge of energy. You've been depriving your body for so long, and I'm still I'm still like, kind of, like, like, takes me a little while to get my body back. It's probably because I, you know, cut so much weight as a you know, not not smart, but you probably do it right. And so it's probably like, as soon as you put that food into you, you're just ready to go. So that's, that's awesome.

Unknown Speaker 55:43
That's hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 55:45
It is now time for the lightning sex round. You ready, Julia?

Unknown Speaker 55:58
Next round,

Unknown Speaker 55:59
so I'm going to ask you one word or one phrase rapid fire you just answer yes or no. If you would like to elaborate that is totally fine with us. Are you ready? Yeah. All right. Let's clicks around with Julia. Do you dirty talk in bed?

Unknown Speaker 56:13
I tried and it didn't work out. I ended up just laughing. It's not for everyone. Do you spank or like to be spanked? I used to but now I'm old so that I don't I don't want to Ouch. Mouse biting. No, choking. No, I don't want to get beat up. I want to get I want love making. Yeah. I do that all day. nobody got time for that already. Did that.

Unknown Speaker 56:38

Unknown Speaker 56:40
I would if he wanted to. Preferably with but I mean, it's up to him. Awesome. All right. And then do you watch porn? So there was a porn reality show that we watched. It's super funny. Highly recommend was it called What was

Unknown Speaker 56:58
it called? Because we had a guest on that was on a porn. I don't know if it's a reality show. It might have been a documentary is a reality show.

Unknown Speaker 57:06
Okay, so what was it called? Julia?

Unknown Speaker 57:07
I don't remember. I just thought it was super funny. No, we don't. I don't watch porn. I would but it's mostly for like, you know, how unathletic people watch the Olympics.

Unknown Speaker 57:25
watching porn is like watching the sex Olympics for you. Yeah, yeah. I'm like, Okay. All right. Moving on. Got any fetishes like foot fetish? No, no, I'm not really not into feet. How about bodily fluid fetish?

Unknown Speaker 57:43
No. bodily fluid grosses me out. Like, reproductive fluids grossed me out. I like sweat. I like a good stinky man.

Unknown Speaker 57:52
But that's weird. I actually, it's funny. I was having sex with my boyfriend. And he's like, I just like the one of the first times we ever had sex. And you know, like, when you first get together, it's just like, the guy's like, I need to make a statement. And he's just like, dripping sweat on me. And he's like, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. And like, kinda like in my head. I'm like, boom, I kind of like it just because I'm like, he's like, working hard. And I feel like that's from us. Being on the mat. Working hard. Like we're just used to it. Like sweat doesn't bother us. But I feel like your average woman is like,

Unknown Speaker 58:24
Yeah, I love that. I love that. But I don't like spirit or like, semen. That kind of grosses me out. Okay, what about bondage like ropes, blindfold handcuffs. I we've tried it. Again, not for us. I'm exhausted. Let's get it in. Get it done getting my role playing. No, we haven't tried that one. All right, but stuff on you or a partner? We would or I would if you want it, but I have but it's not something that I enjoy or interested in.

Unknown Speaker 58:58
Got it. And then do we already know you sex toys. Awesome. When you guys are feeling What about? Have you ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? Oh my god. Yes. Yeah, story story, please.

Unknown Speaker 59:10
Yeah. didn't actually I was at American nationals. I triple their Lubo. So as years ago, years ago, years ago, and we went to this pool party, or hotel that we were staying at, like, Oh, yeah, it was so much fun. I was wearing a panda swimsuit. My husband and I were just, like, enjoying it. And I was super in shape, because I just competed. And this couple you know, we were waiting in line and waiting to get drinks. And this couple, like, started pummeling. I was like, Oh, hey, where are you guys here for the tournament? And they're like, No, no, we're, we're here for the party. What let's say are you with and I'm like website. What are you talking about? Yeah, this is a swingers party. I started looking around. There was so much plastic, fantastic and, you know, tissues, there. We were at this swingers party. Okay? And everyone was super friendly. super nice. And we're like, no, yeah, we're not swingers. I'm sorry. And they're like, Oh, no, it's fine. Let us tell you about it. I'm like, okay, but we're not gonna Yeah. We got invited to a couple other parties. I actually get invited to a lot of sex parties. Um, I think people think would be fun. Which, you know, it is fun. I've been to a couple of them. gay pride parades. Dogs on bikes at Burning Man.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:36
Burning Man. Oh, yeah, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:38
Want to go so bad? I've

Unknown Speaker 1:00:40
never been so good girl. You need to go. That's awesome. So you got accidentally we're at a swinger party.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:48
Yeah, it was an accident and like I didn't partake I've never partook in any of them. But yeah, we end up there and fun. Every last question lingerie lover. Oh, gosh, I have I don't like my body. So I'm a never nude. Really? You don't like your body? No, I'm not a pretty girl. I've never considered myself a pretty girl. So it's um, it's uh, I know sex sells and you know to get to be recognized in the sport you have to sometimes that's what's expected. So I've tried to be cute i'm not i'm not a cute girl. So I don't don't do laundry.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:33
Yeah, I mean look

Unknown Speaker 1:01:34
like I think and I've talked to other females about this and males it's not like yeah, sex does sell Okay, we can you know as entities everyone's gonna like that one but at the end of the day, I think people are always gonna appreciate you just being you and if that's goofy Julia with a stripe in her hair who doesn't really you know like to put on lingerie or that's cool that's that's the authentic Julia that's what they appreciate. That's what they like.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:59
Yeah, so I'm and I'm confident I'm just I don't I don't think I'm a pretty girl but I am a confident girl so I don't do long lingerie. I think it's great. But I don't I don't personally do it. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:13
I think you're beautiful if it makes you feel any different but it is now time for fuck marry kill Are you ready? One marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. This is a this is a really fun one. So since you are you know a little goofy a little wacky. I thought How about we give her the the wacky fighter edition. So you have to choose between these three names who you want to fuck who you want to marry who you want to kill. And your people are Diego Sanchez. Charles Charles Crazy Horse Bennett and Jason mayhem Miller.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:58
Jason mayhem Miller I don't think I know him. Oh, wow. Julia,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:02
you are not that old if you don't I guess maybe you're probably just not very deep in the MMA culture because mayhem was like that's like a staple I guess what would you call it like a like a icon I guess of MMA back in early 2000s. He just looked them up. him adjacent mayhem Miller, you may remember, you may remember the show bully beatdown. Now, it was like a pretty cool show is like somebody getting bullied and then they bring that bully on and they have to fight a real MMA fighter and Jason was the host.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:39
Oh, that's awesome. Okay, I would probably marry him just based on principle. Okay, okay. Well, you know, you may want to Google some Jason stuff, but okay, you're gonna marry Jason mayhem Miller and then what about who you gonna fucking kill? As long as he doesn't talk, I'll fuck. Diego.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:59
Okay, okay, and then you're gonna kill Crazy Horse. Yeah. All right. Got it. It's hard when you don't really know who they are. But if you look them up later, you're gonna be like, oh God, who did I marry? What am I doing with my life? Okay, here's a couple fan questions crossed. You got some great fan questions. So hopefully we can get through all these. Easy one right off the bat at Canis dot arbutus favorite submission?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:33
Favorite submission? armbars that's, I'm Hunter. I love armbars I finished one of my pro fights with an armbar but I love jujitsu and so that's

Unknown Speaker 1:04:44
that's my favorite. Got it. Okay, and then at rolling w master guns. Best pickup line you've ever heard.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:52
Oh, you have beautiful eyes. Can I touch them?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
Okay, at George In sin Han, who was your favorite MMA, MMA fighter growing up? I get asked this question a lot. And I'm like, I really didn't become a fan until like, you know, of fighting until like, 2324. And I feel like you may be the same so maybe your first MMA, you know, the first MMA fighter that you really liked?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
Well, yeah, I don't follow the I didn't follow the sport very much until I started participating in here and even focus on my own division. Yeah. I, you know, for what she did with the sport, Gina Carano. Oh, God, what a baby. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
know. You know, she was like, the rock she she did for the sport. What Ronda Rousey Did you know A generation later? Yeah, yeah. Awesome. Okay. And then at she fights to media, these guys always have the best questions. If you could create a sexual position called the raging panda. How would you describe it to someone?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:59
Oh, my gosh. Oh, boy. Okay, so right off the bat, I want to say reverse cowgirl. And then you jump off and turn around and go boop.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:16
So you because you're silly, and that's hilarious. Okay, that's a good answer. Part B, if you could choose one fighter in the UFC to see naked at weight on the weight scale on the way in scale? who would it be and why? Oh my gosh.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:32
Probably me cuz I would do like PCs or something. And just like, not tell anyone that I was gonna go naked and just do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:40
God that would that sounds like since you don't you know, you just told us that you're kind of like uncomfortable with your body. Like that sounds like it would be the most like, like, the worst thing in the world?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:52
Well, no, I mean, I I actually. So this is a thing that I was talking to a couple of people recently. I have no fear. Like, right. I'm not I'm not afraid of most things. So, I mean, for a good time. Yeah, I'll do that. I hugged my last opponent. They said no touching. I'm like, wow, I'm not gonna hurt her. I'm just gonna hug her. That's awesome. I know. I

Unknown Speaker 1:07:12
told you if we ever fight, we can be friends. But you we have to wait till after to hug because I gotta have some kind of like, a little bit of animosity. Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:21
oh, you know? We can eat like fake fight if you want. No, no, we're really fighting. Because I respect you remember, you're like, if I like the person. I'm gonna bring it even more. No, I mean, at Wayans we can like

Unknown Speaker 1:07:34
Oh, yeah, yeah, got it. Okay. And then the last one for at she fights to media. Julia, could you give Ashley? Evan Smith a porn? Oh, if Julia could give Ashlee Evans-Smith a porn name? What would it be? I'm nervous. Oh gosh, I don't know. I don't even really know porn names cuz I know stripper names like diamond. Or like chastity. Engine chest. Ginger, okay. Okay, I'll take it cuz she's the sexy Spice Girl. Yeah. Weird like cumin. cumin. I like I'm more of like a tomb raider or a girl. Because to make so good and healthy for you. Like a curry. Curry. Okay. Two more questions at jelly beans with a lot of Z's bad sex before a weight cut or good sex before a bad weight cut. Bad sex after a good way to Yeah, we could. Yeah, cuz a weight cut could fuck up the whole fight. And we only got this small window for us old bitches. Apparently. Last question at CD h 1994. Are your emotions are your emotions, a strength or a weakness? In your case? In parentheses, I think it's a strength.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:03
I think my emotions are a strength because I'm very in tune with them and what I need from myself and from other people.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
Yeah. And I mean, you said you lack fear, which is perfect for this sport. A lot of that. A lot of the you know, what do they call it when you're really good inside the training room, but you can't put it together. In you know, in the cage, like a training star guy,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:28
there's a word for it. But

Unknown Speaker 1:09:30
that fear that performance anxiety gets the best of them. And then they they're not even the as skilled of a fighter on fight day as they really are because of that fear. So you're ahead of the game.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:43
Well, I'm sure it'll kick in one day, but it hasn't yet and it hasn't been very many avenues of my life. I have no fear of failure. I fail a lot and often, but I also succeed and I grow from all of my successes and failures. So I try to to exemplify Being a good role model for other people, just by being a positive person and being fearless. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:07
yeah, I think it's evident that you're just you no matter what, you're not going to conform, you're not going to put on some lingerie and shake your ass just for followers. And I think everybody appreciates that. And I really appreciate that you've been on the show. My last question to you is, if you could have here anyone, anyone on the show on sex and violence with rebel girl, who would you have as a next guest?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:30
Oh, my gosh, I'm Nina Nunez. I want to hear about her experience with having a baby and all of that either either her or McKenzie Dern. So Nina has actually been on the show, but that was she was pregnant. And so you get to hear about her doing in vitro and all that kind of stuff as well. So

Unknown Speaker 1:10:47
she's like an episode like it maybe in the teens or the 20s way back there. I got so lucky to have some really cool friends in the sport that are like, Oh, you've only had two podcasts? I'll do it. You know, if you want to go back and listen to that one, but I think we could have her on with Amanda, you know, and they could talk about now having a kid together, and then their relationship together. I think that would be a really good one.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:13
Yeah, that's super dope, especially having to, you know, top tier fighters, fighting on the biggest stage being moms and, you know, writers like within, like, in, in this world. So. Yeah, I think that'd be really cool to hear their perspective on that. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:11:30
agree. Okay, where can we follow you on all the social medias? See more of your bikinis, guns and

Unknown Speaker 1:11:39
drugs? Yeah. Hey, Panda fans, you can follow me on all social media platforms at raging panda MMA. I'm super interactive on Instagram. And I really like to try to respond to all my followers as much as possible. I am a busy girl. So sorry, if I can't get to all of you. And I will be having a YouTube channel coming up soon with instructionals. So that'll be cool. There's a lot of really good things in the works. You can follow at the squad on Instagram to get sneak peeks on the movie that I'm going to be in and yeah, just live life to its fullest and be great.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:18
Thank you so much for being so genuine. And we're really appreciate it. I will put all her links in the show notes, guys, if you want to check that out. So you don't got to, you know, fit, you know, fumble with your phone right now as you're listening. And yeah, thank you. I hope to see you soon. Maybe even in the cage one day.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:36
Awesome. I would love that. Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:38
I'll talk to you soon. Thanks. Bye Come on. Baby. that is a wrap for Episode 61 with the raging panda Julia Abdullah.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:48

Unknown Speaker 1:13:48
I knew that this episode was gonna be you know, hard to have because she followed Anthony El Toro birdshack who if you guys did not listen to Episode 60 Do yourself a favor, go back. Listen to that one. It's got to be one of our most hilarious up there with Hernando larhonda it's just a great episode. And this episode was great as well it was very genuine and down to earth and you know, covered the whole spectrum. And I think that's a very, like one of our strengths as a podcast is that sometimes you're gonna get a goofy Anthony birdshack crazy sex story vibe and then the next one, it may be a little bit more warm hearted and talk about things that are not as graphic. So thank you guys for always tuning in every week. Thank you for your fan questions. I love you so much special thank you to my amazing audio engineer, DJ zol You can find him at the Jaisal on Instagram, our studio. Tomorrow get studio at tomorrow kids studio on Instagram and Pinnacle sound at Pinnacle sound OC and you can always find To us at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA, we have a backup account that's at sex and violence with rebel girl, the number two because sometimes we make people mad. And what do I always tell you guys remember, be kind be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. Talk to you guys next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and violence.

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