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Ep.63 Juliana "Killer" Miller

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence the treble, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about dating, romance and all these subjects. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex. What's happening? Hot Stuff. What's up my

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Welcome back to the show. I hope you enjoyed last week's sexpert, I know, I learned a lot of things that I'm going to try to implement into the bedroom and my relationship. And hope you guys did as well. It was fun to get, you know, someone's professional opinion about a lot of things that I was really, really interested in. And it may not have rang a bell with you guys or struck a note or whatever the hell that phrase is, but I thought it was great. And I want to keep bringing you random experts, you know, sometimes it might be on sex or relationships or, you know, something along those lines, I think the next expert that I'm going to bring in is a nutritionist. And I know that sounds weird, but they say that you can, there's a diet that helps you have better sex, and I'm just gonna leave it at that stage, dude, keep listening to the episodes for that expert coming up. I know, I've been talking to you guys about a lot of different things. You know, one week, I'm telling you, I'm in a movie. And then the next week, I tell you, I'm auditioning for a virtual trainer job. And then the next week, I'm doing something else. And I truly am passionate about each one of these things. And I'm not done with fighting. But I am in this chapter of my life where I'm doing things like this podcast, that are trying to set myself up for life after fighting. And another one of those things I did over the weekend was a technical comedy workshop. And it was super fun. I learned so much. I have so much appreciation for comics. And then I came to the conclusion that no fucking way do I want to be a stand up comic. It basically would be like starting all over as an amateur fighter and getting my ass beat over and over and over. And, you know, fighters I mean, comics don't have you know, they don't have physical contact but the verbal and emotional and mental abuse and and battery that goes on getting booed off stage potentially and, you know, bombing quote, unquote, bombing on stage, I don't think I can handle that. I'm too fragile. Even this podcast is. You know, it's one dimensional. You guys are in the crowd yelling back at me right now. So it's nice and cozy and safe. And I just don't think I could be a stand up comic because of that. And he's not where my heart lies, but I loved it. And I had a great time. And I want to let anyone out there who is interested in being a stand up comic if you're in your baby stages. There is a very cool technical comedy workshop going on in Huntington Beach, California. You get to have one on one. Coaching and critique from some really high level comics. Ironically, I ran into a sex and violence alumni, Adam hunter where has been a guest and he's a well known comic. He's traveled all over the world and performed he has a UFC. I guess it's a UFC special or no, it's a comedy special on fight pass. But he has a lot of comedy, UFC related jokes, and just a really great guy and a friend of mine. And I didn't even know he was going to be at this workshop. We ran into each other. He was like, No way you want to be a comic? And I'm like, No, no, actually, No, I do not. So but I'm gonna put all that information in the show notes if you're in the LA or Orange County area and you want to have one on one coaching and it's just like a workshop. So you kind of talk with a handful of professional comics and other buttoning buttoning is that a word? Other up and coming comics and you do your set or a set you may be working on and get these professional comics to critique you. Ahmed Ahmed was the coordinator of this and some other cool comics were Faraz Oh, I forgot his last name. Oh no. But I will list all the comics that were a part of it. Rachel Sterling, I believe her name was, and a few other like, you know, comics that I hadn't really heard of. But after I looked them up, I thought they were very funny. And I learned a lot. So moving on, guys. Another thing that happened over the weekend, I had a very eventful weekend, and went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. I know that sounds creepy and weird, but I guess it's a thing. I'm from Northern California, originally lived down in Southern California for 10 years, have never been to the Hollywood cemetery before. So what happens is they have a huge projector and they show tons of movies. The one we picked this week was The Big Lebowski, which I love. And it was a great experience in just going to that cemetery alone. It's beautiful. It's, you know, it's like, fuck

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you money. You know, people literally are like, I have so much money that even when I'm dead, people are gonna come from all around and see my forever flame or my monument or whatever they have built once they're deceased. And it's just a really fun event. You kind of camp out not on the actual graves, but there's like a lawn area. And there were 1000s of people there. I know. Not very COVID responsible, but I hope, you know, maybe everyone was vaccinated? Probably not. But I ran into a friend from high school, who I had not seen in 18 years. And that made me feel really fucking old. But it also made me realize that I've come a long fucking way from my small town, and high school wrestling and being so insecure with my, Nope, still pretty insecure about my body. But I have grown up a lot. And I've done a lot of cool things with my life and it was cool to reconnect with an old high school friend. And right now I'm actually in Las Vegas getting tattooed by the amazing Ryan Jenkins who works at seven tattoo, best best tattoo artists and Sin City, I will have his information. You guys ever want to come out to Las Vegas and get tattooed. And lastly, last little thing I want to tell you guys, I've been telling you every week but haven't really been getting any. So I'm just gonna drill it into your heads. Please, please, please rate and review us on iTunes, Spotify, pod chase or wherever you listen. If you're listening right now and you have not written a review. Please go do it. Please write what it helps us move up on the charts and, you know, get more attention on the podcast. We can keep dishing out these episodes for you guys. So last weekend since I was at the Hollywood cemetery watching the dude, I did not get to watch the amazing UFC fights but I heard that we have a new interim heavyweight champ. That's surreal. Gone.

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Gone right teachers welcome.

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Okay. Yeah, so congrats to surreal. I definitely actually very, very happy I didn't get to watch the fights because every single person I thought was gonna win last. So I'm a new gambler and I would have lost not a lot of money because I usually only gamble like five to 10 bucks. But you know, that's a footlong right there. So Subway sandwich. Tomorrow. There's also no UFC fight. So I missed out two weekends in a row. But the following weekend, we it will be UFC Vegas 34. That's August 21. And that's at the apex Arena in Las Vegas. We're gonna watch Kelvin Gastelum and Jared cannoneer, who was a middleweight bout that's headlining really excited for that one. I'm sure the rest of the card is great, too. But I don't want to talk about that until it gets closer because COVID fucks everything up, let's face it, you know, we could have 25 fights and then have half of them fall off. So no fights this weekend, guys do something cool. go hang out in a cemetery and watch The Big Lebowski or something else. And if you guys want to write in and let me know of a guest suggestion, or pretty much anything if you want to talk directly to me, you can email me sex and violence if you want to sponsor the podcast, because you know, these lights don't stay on for free. Then you can slide into our DMS and let us know that you want to work with us as well. We have a lot of amazing sponsors. One of our sponsors is a botanical bloom CBD. All a botanical bloom products are made from real CBD not hemp seed oil. And all of their products are lab tested and provide a QR code on the box to track results. So if you are big brother Bousada, like I am and all the other UFC fighters, or if you just want to know what exactly goes into your body, the QR code, scan it, check it out. The list is right in front of you. They've got tinters hand sanitizers, lip balms vapor rubs gummies everything you can think of with CBD in it and please follow them at a botanical bloom. On Facebook and Instagram at a botanical bloom, and don't forget to use code Ashley MMA that's a sh l e. MMA and you get 20% off all products. And let's not forget our sponsor who wants to help you love better and love more this summer. It's summer camping season. Let's talk about pitching tense. That's right. This episode is sponsored by blue chew. Blue chew is a unique online service that delivers the same active ingredients as Viagra and Cialis. But in chewable tablets at a fraction of the cost. The process is simple. Sign up at Blue consult with one of their licensed medical providers. And once you're approved, you'll receive your prescription within days. The best part it's all done online. So no visits to the doctor's office. No awkward conversations, and no waiting in line at the pharmacy. Bluetooth tablets are made in the USA and prepared and shipped direct to your door in a discreet package. Guys, there's nothing sexier than confidence and blue chew can help give you the confidence where it counts. So if you can benefit from extra confidence when it's time to perform, blue chew can help. And we've got a special deal for our listeners. Try blue chew free when you use promo code. Ashley as h l e at checkout, just pay $5 shipping. That's Blue promo code Ashlee a sh l e to receive your first month free. Visit Blue for more details and important safety information. Ladies, Bluetooth is exclusively for men, but the end result is something you'll both enjoy. So get your man to sign up. Today's guest is a professional mixed martial artist and combat sports athlete. She competes in the flyweight division and fights out of San Diego, California, currently signed to Invicta FC. She brings the six and o amateur record and a two in one pro record to the table. While she's just starting to build her MMA record, the 10th planet BJJ purple belt has racked up numerous W's in grappling and combat grappling as well. She's competed in sports since the age of seven. She was a high school soccer softball and track and field athlete before getting into contact sports. We talk about kissing toads sex experiences at raves attempted killer Miller 3am dating app fails sex at Six Flags, log rides, one position ponies and so much more. Here is your guest Giuliana killer Miller off my new Okay,

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we are here with the amazing savage the beautiful killer Miller thank you so much for joining us Giuliana. How are you today?

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I'm doing awesome. How's your day been so far?

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Crazy. I'm jam packing my schedule because I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow to go get tattooed.

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I we are recording this podcast early. So the people listening right now it's Friday for them. So we know we're in the future technically. But today's good, and I'm really excited about our conversation because I've wanted to have you on the podcast for a while now. I've been creeping your Instagram and checking out all your competition and your sexy pictures and I just thought sex and violence was like the perfect podcast for you to be on.

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It is. Well, so let's talk about excited. Cool. Thank you so much. Let's talk about your fight career.

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I know you are two in one unfortunately you're coming off a loss that fight was in May. But I don't know if you have anything lined up right now. You know you're signed with Invicta Am I am I right?

Unknown Speaker 14:23
Yes, I am currently signed with Invicta. I do not have anything coming up per choice. I want a little hiatus. First off cuttingly is sucks and your body goes through a lot for that. So I just want to compete a little bit without torturing my body. So I'm doing a bunch of jujitsu competitions. I have like six more lined up. And then shortly after I'll be taking a fight again, but I'm just gonna travel and I want to eat good food while I'm doing. Oh,

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yeah, you are five seven, right? Yeah, and yeah. Yeah, by seven and a half, that's pretty much what I am. I'm like five, seven and three, four. So I just saved five, eight. But yeah, I remember cutting to 120 fives, which is what you fight at, right? Yeah, it's just so rough for this height and you, you are way more lean than I ever have been. And so what I see here, you say, like, Oh, I gotta cut a lot of weight. I'm like, you don't even look like you have that much weight to cut. So how much do you code to get down to 25?

Unknown Speaker 15:28
Um, it depends. Like, if I've been drinking beer, I'll be around 150. So 25 pounds. If I've been like, healthy and competing, which like is where I'm at right now. about like, 20 Yeah, that's actually similar to what I was cutting. Dang. Okay. It's like, a fun journey all the time. Like, it's, you know, every once in a while, I can see how like mentally it can help you and stuff but I just did a lot in a row. And yeah, I'm like, enjoying having my body back.

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Yeah, I was doing my research and I read that you originally signed with Bella tour, but COVID you know, mess some things up. And then you went with Invicta Bella tour came back at you with a fight and you were already booked with Invicta, correct? Yeah, so what you know what organization What's your goal? I mean, obviously Invicta amazing feeder program into the UFC bellator sponsors galore possibilities. What's your goal?

Unknown Speaker 16:33
To be honest with you, it is of course world champion. But I don't have a distinct destination where if I don't make this name, I didn't reach my goal. A dream of mine has always been to fight in Asia, anywhere in Asia, I love Asia, Japan would be really cool. Singapore, really wherever. But yeah, I've always wanted to find Asia and I love one championship. I think that they're an incredible event. And I love all their champions, and I've been following them. So that is definitely a dream of mine. However, I have friends with risen, and there's a lot of opportunity. So wherever the wind takes me where I feel comfortable at the time is where I want to be champion. Invictus really amazing. I have one more fight with them. But I don't really know exactly where I'm going, I'm staying open. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 17:30
I know you're really young in your career. I like that mentality. You know, it's nice to have goals. But it's also really good to have that flexibility. Because if you don't, you know, if you don't get signed with the UFC, or if you don't get signed with this promotion, you know, you can feel bad, but really, we feel bad. You know, if you get signed with

Unknown Speaker 17:49
a world champion, wherever they put me, I think it's just like creating which one I want. And I'm just gonna go for the best opportunity. I think people try to go in a direct streamline. But the problem is, is there's always rocks the stream is never perfectly straight, no matter like, what path you take. As you're going you're going to be hitting things. So I'd rather just like slow with the bumps, and then be like, well, this is still helping me end up where I wanted, which is World Champs so one way or another I'm going to get there.

Unknown Speaker 18:18
I love that. Asia is that. Have you been there before? Why? Why is Asia so? top priority for you?

Unknown Speaker 18:26
I visited Asia once for 14 days after I won my last amateur fight before going pro. I was actually supposed to go with my friend Carlos Gonzalez. We love Perl. Yes. I cannot say enough nice things about her. But it was just a really, it was a I don't want to say too much about it. But I ended up going on the trip alone. She was going through some family stuff. So I hung out with this girl Conoco, Marotta she's actually in the UFC now I believe and I trained with her at V Lee for a week. It was incredible. I had a lot of fun, but what I found that was extra special is he didn't even know me. loved me. I mean, I would be walking with Conoco and her mom like just going to get groceries or sushi or whatever. And people would stop me and be like, Oh, you're so beautiful. Can I take picture with you? Yeah, I feel like it was it was women. It wasn't even just men like men mostly just stared at me, but they were like, kept a different at like a distance you know? Yeah. But um, I realized that I'm special there. And it's like, you know, I we have so many beautiful women in America. And here you know, let's be honest, like I'm cute. I'm hot. I'm sexy, but I'm not. You know, like in reality And here everything is like bigger is better and huge movie or whatever we're like they're exactly how I am. I was seen as special and like, everyone was really nice to me and I could tell they just loved me. So I'm like, you know, if I got famous here I'd have a really sincere fan base. I just think it'd be a cool place to explore. I saw a live one fight one championship while I was there, Angela Lee fought on that card. So to Garry tonon, I went to an A jujitsu seminar there. And it's just different people are really respectful. Like here. It's like you reach the ground and you're holding for 10 seconds acaba boo you and scream and it's like so harsh. We're in Japan and in China is not like that. People just sit and watch the fights. And then you know, they clap a little bit when you do well. But it's just more about the sport and less like drunk people that believe they know exactly what they're talking about, but have never stepped in a goddamn cage or shouting at you. I thought that was really cool. It was just so they respected the sport so much that I'm like, Man, I'm like, man, I want to fight here one day. I knew I was going to I felt that energy.

Unknown Speaker 21:22
I love that. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 21:23
mean, why not go somewhere where you're really appreciated and you know, the the sport itself is respected. That sounds great. I've never been I definitely would love to go there sometime. I know DJ soul has toured over there before. So you train down in San Diego. It's San Diego combat Academy, right? Yes, Richie Martinez is the head jujitsu instructor. They're awesome. You train at 10th planet. You are a purple bell. You're surrounded by high level fighters like Lima MacFarlane, Liz carmouche. Just the list goes on and on. And I'm wondering like, you know, obviously skills and techniques, but what are some other types of lessons or just things that you appreciate from being with all these high level women.

Unknown Speaker 22:10
I have learned a beautiful and special lesson from all of them. First, I want to start with programs Allah, she's been a huge influence in my life for so many different things. I mean, from her, I learned how to be a woman how to like get cute before you're going out and always get my nails done and how to take care of my skin like things that I didn't know, as well as some martial arts journeys. She is so key on detail. And if you do it wrong, you'll sit there and do it 10 times until you do it right. She's a really hard sparring partner. And I've taken away a lot of becoming this beautiful sexy fighter I am today kind of came from my lessons with pearl. With Alina lay. I've seen her travel all over the world. I followed her all over the world watching interviews, and she is so good about connecting with her family and her culture. And she's so enriched, and the life of giving back to young women. And I've learned a lot about an inspiring path of giving back in the sport and becoming more than just a champion. In aspects of life. I trained a lot with Liz carmouche I learned a lot of my hardest physical lesson training with her. Let me be honest, like, she hits hard and when I started, I didn't know how to punch. And then the first few months I got my ass beat so bad between these three girls that like I was literally like, I should fucking quit every single day for two months. And I had a friend in the parking lot that would be like No, just give it a chance. Um, but I got to see Liz carmouche fight Valentina Chef chinko in lytic y and that was a very life changing experience for me too, because I saw the way that UFC treats their fighters and I've seen the way other promotions treat their fighters and I feel like UFC gives you a lot of images online that help you get followers and stuff but sometimes I feel like they're a little harsh on their athletes and I think their athletes should be getting paid more you know and stuff like that. So I'm blessed because I got to see behind the scenes of all these different promotions and see the positives and negatives of them all and like mistakes they've made in their careers. My teammates have shut down and talk me through it. So now when I make In choices in my life, I've always got, like, two people that will give me the most solid advice. And they've been there and done that. Yeah, I'm beyond grateful. very blessed.

Unknown Speaker 25:13
I understand exactly where you're coming from. I grew up with one brother and no older sisters really. And so I didn't, and no female figures in my life either. So when I started fighting, I was very tomboyish still am, right. I, like, Oh, God. So then I have I had other female fighter friends, that would be like, hey, like, you need to, like, look good at weigh ins. And you do this, and you do this and like, the men don't understand, because it's not a part of their process. And, you know, looking good or whatever. It's not a part of their sport. But it's the hard reality, harsh reality that, you know, the better you look, you know, the more followers you get, yeah. And the more followers you get, the more sponsors you get, the more sponsors you get, the more money you make. And so it's a vicious cycle. But like, you know, there's a method to the madness. And I'm so grateful for those older female fighters who schooled me and I feel like that's what pearl and ilima, Lei. And Liz physically did for you. So that's cool. It's such a huge female squad out there in San Diego. Another thing I was researching was, you had been quoted as to saying that you'd had a rough past and me just being the open, very open person. I'm like, oh, what kind of rough pass? Did she have? All my listeners? They know that I'm very open about my rough past. You know, I haven't always, basically I didn't get rebel girl nickname for being an angel. Right. And I know that you have killer Miller nickname. And I don't know if that's related. But I wanted to dig a little bit into your rough past. You're not alone. I'd say 90% of fighters men and women have some sort of rough past and fighting is their outlet. Is that how it is for you as well?

Unknown Speaker 27:11
Yes, and no, I'm growing up. My parents, my dad specifically was very abusive. And we lived in a home that wasn't clean. And we weren't rich. We weren't popular, like got picked on a lot at school. My parents always wanted us to be on like, medications for things. You know, they said I had ADHD, OCD, impulse control disorder, just like I could go on and on have a list of like six things that were supposedly like, wrong with me. So I was off and on medications a lot. Growing up, and I got myself into, you know, not a toxic relationship. I mean, I think growing up we've all had that one toxic relationship. That changed the course of your life, right? Just one. Yeah. I've only heard the word. You know, like, I I hopefully I'm not alone on you're not you're not trust me. I just, yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 28:34
joke. I say just one because you know, that whole phrase, you gotta kiss some frogs before you meet your prince. Unfortunately, it's fucking true. And, you know, sounds like you met a fucking toad.

Unknown Speaker 28:47
You know, um, so this this actually changes my story a little bit of like, I'm definitely gonna gonna explain the killer million stuff. But speaking of that, like I when you did research on me, I was like, okay, long do some research on you. The person is my tone you've actually come into contact with recently. Like at an event. We react with your toad.

Unknown Speaker 29:11
Yeah. It's a small world man. Spoon.

Unknown Speaker 29:14
Yeah, literally, like I looked at a picture, like a tag picture. I was like, Oh my God, that's him. And it just made me laugh. Because it's like, yeah, it's we are in such a small world. But yeah, so you know, my Toad is a huge part of my story. Um, I used to be a little raver girl. And during my little raver girl phase, I would just get all kinds of crazy and I met somebody that started getting me into jujitsu. While I was so pretty crazy at the time, some crazy shit happened and I wanted to fight. All that crazy shit happened. I ended up getting arrested. Isn't it? I was gonna talk a little more about it. But to be honest now I'm kind of shy to get too into that story. But something went on. And there was a fight a physical fight. And we both basically just like tried to kill each other in different ways. And I was one ended up getting arrested and because of the charge, I got charged with assault. So when I started fighting, I was like, fuck this, like, I'm just mad, and I want to punch someone and I don't want to go to jail for it. Like, just let me fucking hit somebody that deserves it. Like, if someone's getting into a fight with you, it's like, well, you know, you're here to hurt me. I'm here to hurt you. fair game. Yeah. And so I started fighting, but when I started fighting coach Manolo, due to this story, you know, if we hang our person, I'll get a little more in depth. I just got a little shy, but no worries. me. He named me attempted killer Miller situation. And my whole amateur career. I'm like, attempted career. So you can see one of my videos, Joe, Daddy Stephenson is commentating and he's like, she tried to kill someone, you know. And I like, how was in the kit. Like, it's so funny. Like, I just looked at him. And I was like, you know, and I would fucking try to do it again.

Unknown Speaker 31:26
You said that in the cage.

Unknown Speaker 31:28
No, I said it to him before the meeting, but like, cuz he, you know, they'll sit down and talk to you about what you've, you know, like, yeah. refi interview? Yeah, the pre fi I sat down with him. I was like, I would do it again. But when he said it, I was in that corner where I could hear him and I just like, in the video, you see me look down at the commentators without me like laughing I'm like, Fuck, yeah. Phil did I shit again. I'm glad nothing really too bad happened from it. Because that was a crazy part in my life. You know, I was a little raver, we were both doing drugs. We were way like, our age difference was very, how many years was 30? Oh, yeah, that's a big gap. And yeah, it was how old? Were you at the time? I was 16. Yeah, your brain is not even fully developed at that age. It was. It was very, it was very bad. In toxic, but, um, you know, that was also a very fun time in my life. I think like later on in the podcast when we get into a little more of that. He said, I can like, you know, I don't regret going through what I did. But yeah, they call me attempted killer Miller, because I got crazy fluff one day, and I was like, I'm gonna fucking kill you. But I know. Well,

Unknown Speaker 32:52
I mean, if you know, just so you don't feel alone, you know, I have my own history. The listeners know a little bit about it. And so you're not alone. And I'm not saying every female fighter deserves

Unknown Speaker 33:06
time. But nobody, nobody deserves to die, like ever. Any sort of thing like that. But it's just like, I think that's why having an outlet for violence is good. Because eventually you at a point you'll have enough and it'll be like, you know, a fuck you and being able to deal with it in a healthy way, which I can now Thank God. Yeah, it's very important, but and I feel like most people that are fighters have had an outburst like that at least once in your life. Like,

Unknown Speaker 33:33
I'm sure, yes, I can speak I can only speak for myself. But yes, I know I have. I have plenty of fighter friends. And I know they have as well. It sounds like you were very young. And then at a young age, you also had an abusive father, like you said, and then it's, you know, I'm no site. I'm no psychologist, but it's no surprise that you ended up with an abusive partner much older. You can, you know, chain some things together there and see if there's a link, you know, you are how old now? 2525 You know, like 10 years later, a whole decade later, you understand that? At that age, you're very impressionable, you were doing drugs. You had a lot of anger. You found a way to harness it now. So let's focus on you know, not so much killer Miller. But Juliana, Juliana, are you seeing anybody? Oh, and how do you identify sexually you like boys, girls, boys, girls?

Unknown Speaker 34:28
Um, I like boys the majority of the time but like, if I'm drunk enough or Adam, or you or something, and I see a really hot girl. I'm like, oh my god. boobies are so fun. You're really hot. In my little raver days, I definitely had a lot of fun with women. Um, but I still would say I identify as straight but like, that varies when drunk, you know?

Unknown Speaker 34:57
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's be on Ever we've all had a situation or to where we were in deviated. Okay, and are you seeing anyone? Are you single,

Unknown Speaker 35:09
I'm single, but I'm like remaining open. Uh, I mean, like, I don't have any titles. And I'm currently like looking for a relationship, so I'm calming down. But when that doesn't work out, I definitely have my phases where I like to just go out and have a lot of fun.

Unknown Speaker 35:33
So you said, You're calming down because you want a relationship right now, as opposed to

Unknown Speaker 35:40
I'm just like, while I'm traveling the world and stuff. Like, there's a lot of hot guys at events. Like sometimes you're gonna have fun. And, you know, I definitely was pretty open and wild. And just like when I'm like, I'm still single, but it's like when I'm single, just having fun. Um, I definitely, like have a few different people I go see and stuff like that. But fuck, buddy, it's this point. I want to just like focus on making money in my career. So I think keeping more time to myself is important, unless it's gonna be like, for a good purpose.

Unknown Speaker 36:20
Yeah, so really just only making time for someone if they maybe add value to your life.

Unknown Speaker 36:26
Yeah, and vice versa.

Unknown Speaker 36:28
Yeah, yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 36:30
I mean, I asked all the female and male guests, what is it like dating in the industry? Do you date other fighters? Do you try to stay away from that? I mean, across the board, it's usually bad news. You know, you got to see someone in the gym later if it doesn't work out and all that kind of thing. What's it like for you dating wise?

Unknown Speaker 36:50
Personally, I do not date guys in my gym. I hooked up with one once and and it's so bad. I was like, never gonna. And I'm not looking to date a male MMA fighter like I don't want to spend all day every day doing what I do with my significant other. I think that it would be cool for like us to have our own lives in the spectrum of like, we get to come home to each other and stuff like that, though. I want to spend a lot of time together. I would like to date somebody who trains but not another fighter. It's just to be honest, it's it's kind of difficult because it's like, if I ever see anyone in the jujitsu field, I'm literally like, the first thing I think is like, which one of my friends did you bang? Because we've all been around. Let like, for instance, let me tell you a funny story that happened to me other day, I'm training and there's two other girls. We were in a group with three. I started talking about this guy's jujitsu match. And she's like, oh, no way. I used to date him. And then the other girl next to me started laughing laughing. And I didn't say anything about me, but I'm facepalming and I'm like, God, Damn, this guy had a three out of three. And one group in the same gym. Like, I was just like, oh my goodness, like, this is why I don't think I want to date a jujitsu dude, because it's like, I don't want you know, it to be like my ex's friend or something, but I'm going to date seriously. So I'm looking for an athlete. That's like, a little bit away. Like, yes, I want them to know jujitsu and a little striking, but it's like, they could be a professional athlete or military. Something that's about us but yeah, out of my world, because I don't want to you know, like, it's, it's different if you don't know the person they've been with, but when it's multiple people like that, I just think it gets a bit incestuous.

Unknown Speaker 39:03
Yeah, like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 39:04
there's always some

Unknown Speaker 39:05
like six degrees of separation. Right? Right. You know, somebody knows somebody who hooked up with somebody and it's just in order to stay away from that. It's just, you know, don't date inside the community, the industry, whatever you want to call it, and Okay, so you want a guy who kind of knows but he's not actually a professional fighter or jujitsu guy. What about looks you got a certain type, but

Unknown Speaker 39:27
honestly, I thought I did. I thought my type was like, Oh, baby blue eyes and like, not super tall, but like mid height because that's the kind of guy I was dating. But recently, after my last relationship, I've been exploring and it's like, You know what? I like big, strong, tall guys. I like brown eyed I, I like I like a little bit of a dadbod you know, I've actually done my science I have you know what girls listening? You're fucking welcome. I decided to get some experience. I was like a Russian, I'll experience that for once you have a question about Russia and I'll tell you what it's like, you know, Hawaiian, Hawaiian was a big one for me. I went to Hawaii and I took a little trip with this guy. You know, you can ask me, my, you know, it's just like, Well tell me what ethnicity has been the most fun? It depends, like, the most fun and weird sexually are the most fun like to go out with and like, do things where this is a sex podcast, let's talk sexually, who's been the most fun sexually. Okay, so the most, like the most freaky and wild was definitely he was white. Yeah, but we were together for a long time. So I feel like we got to explore more, but also, I've had a few wild experiences with Mexicans too. Um, so I would say like a Mexican American mix right there.

Unknown Speaker 41:08
Okay, so you're traveling all over and you meet these guys? It sounds like either these guys have no problem coming up to you? Or are you the one that approaches them? Are you not shy? Are you just get these guys,

Unknown Speaker 41:21
I'm picky. So it's, it's not like every time I travel, you know what I mean? But if I meet someone, and we vibe, you know, I'll be down. Um, yeah, I don't sometimes I look for it. And sometimes I don't, it depends on where I'm at, in my life for because like, I go through phases, where I'll be like, you know, I really want to find somebody that as soon as I retire, I can have a kid in a family. And so it's like, if I'm in that kind of mood, and I'm kind of talking to someone, I will shut down and I will not talk to any guys, I'll do my own thing. But say like, something went to shit with that relationship. And I'm like, Well, I'm fucking free. And it's like, I will Yeah, if I see someone hot, I will walk right up to you and be like, hey, like, I'll start talking to them. And I'm pretty friendly.

Unknown Speaker 42:14
I love that a woman I'm the same way. You know, I've, I've never I used to be shy. But then at some point, I was just, you know, I feel like men can do your shot. Yeah, shoot your shot, man can be brutal pussy sometimes. And, you know, I'm like, in my head. I'm like, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna have us miss out on this chemistry, because you're being a pussy. So, yeah. So I have no problem approaching a guy. So that's good to hear that you do too. Besides traveling, and not being in the gym, or not dating in the gym? And then sometimes you travel? What about the whole online dating thing? You're 25? I got 10 years on you? I'm not I never did the online dating thing. Are you over there swiping left swiping right on on in Hawaii, or?

Unknown Speaker 42:58
Oh my gosh. So to know, like, remember how I talked about phases. When I'm in a wild face, sometimes I'll be drunk, and it's 3am. And I'll think it's a great idea to redownload Bumble or Tinder. Everyone taught at that point. So I just keep swipe writing in the hopes of like, Alright, someone will be here in 30 minutes. And, you know, I'll wake up and send them home. Quick food. It doesn't fucking work that way. You know what I mean? So that I wake up in the morning, and I'm looking at the guys that matched with me, and there's like a fucking 100 off. I don't know which one to choose. I've got anxiety because half of them aren't as attractive as I thought they were and I shut down and I don't want after three days, I reopen that shit. And so giving out my number, and then like, by that point, they're already like, Oh, this girl didn't respond for three days. And the cute ones that I do, like, I didn't shoot my shot at the right time. And miss it. So that was when I was like, 1920. Um, did you ever go on any dates? Like did? Did he I went on a few. I've had like, really awesome dates and also a horse. No, wait on like, four and like three of them were? Okay. I'm gonna tell you the bad way did I weigh on maybe like second, and like, two or three of them soft and like they lied about their height or like their looks. I just like less. And some of them were fun, but they ended up being crazy. So I just kept telling myself like, I should learn my lesson from this. I'd rather meet people in person. I'm an in person do

Unknown Speaker 44:40
yeah. And since you are not shy, it's not really a big deal. You know, you travel the world. You're You're Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 44:46
I think I deserve what I want. Like I work really hard. So it's like, and I'm a good girl. I'm honest. I'm loyal. I'm hardworking. Like, if I like you, I will be about you. But if I'm wild, I'm being wild. I think I'm just like, a very open book.

Unknown Speaker 45:03
I think a lot of states here wild and they think like, oh, scandalous, bad, like I've been wild in my life and there's nothing bad about it. My whole thing is like embrace your sexuality, live your life the way you want to live it and fuck anybody who says you're doing it wrong. So I love that you understand that you go through these phases. And as long as you know what you want at that time, that's all that matters.

Unknown Speaker 45:29
I want you to know what half these people have probably never even experienced a threesome and two you say? I say sir, ma'am, you are fucking missing out. I want you to experience a threesome at least once in their lives. That is something I would consider wild. You know what I mean? Yeah, it's just like, I think everyone should live a little and sexually at least try something outside crazy. Yeah, outside the kids.

Unknown Speaker 45:56
Yes, yes. Just do something outside the sexual norm. Get outside your sexual comfort zone zone. Flat there. You know. So you were young and stupid, like all of us at one point, and now you understand kind of like the path you're going on, and what you want. So what's something now that you won't put up with that you used to put up with back then?

Unknown Speaker 46:21
Um, I'm like, a three strike book with every step of the relationship, right? If we're like talking, I'm like, three strikes on my fucking I'm not gonna date you, you know, but if we start dating, like it's like, I there's a lot of different things. I hate being lied to. I hate like, people being cowardly. Like, oh, I'm gonna say all these things and not do it. That to me is just like deal breaker. fuckin I don't. Yeah, like, I don't fucking have time for that shit. Just be straightforward with me of like, it is what it is. Another deal breaker is not having ambition to do the things that they say they're going to do. Like if they're not a go getter? Yes. Why the first year second date? I'm fucking over it. Um, yeah, I am open to like, I want to find love. And I don't think that love has any shape or size. So that's why I said my type varies. You know what I mean? Like, if I fall in love with someone the color of their eyes, or the height, or their height, none of that's going to matter to me. It's going to be like that emotional connection that I just feel that, you know, extra special. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 47:38
I agree with you on a lot of those things. My biggest thing everyone's like, no, come on. You're shallow. You care about looks. I do I very I really care about looks. But the if I had to, like put the number one thing that turns me on its ambition, just like you said, and that that heart has to be a go getter. Yeah, you want to go like Dude, hard workers, just, you know, when my guy is like, grinding hard, and he's coming back from training. And then he he's got a meeting to go to I'm just like, oh, Lady Boehner,

Unknown Speaker 48:08
you know, Lady Boehner. So I think for us, we're very wild and ambitious, who like you want your man to be working equally? If

Unknown Speaker 48:20
not harder? Is your energy. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 48:24
I agree. I totally agree. I love that you're, you're you know, you call yourself wild. I just think you're you're unapologetically you. And that's what I hope that more women and men would be you know, like, stop caring so much about society. What they call is normal or what you should be don't you don't have to fit in this fucking little box. Right. So you said I want to go back on the rave scene because you hear rave and then you just know craziness is going on. So when you were in your raver scene, what are some crazy things that you look back now and you're like, Whoa, that really happened.

Unknown Speaker 49:00
Um, I have done almost everything you could imagine. I go go dance. I had three songs. I was in an orgy before. I just like, I tried a bunch of crazy wild stuff. And I don't regret it. But now there's definitely a lot that I'm like, Oh, you know, like, been there and done that. That's not what I want in my relationship. But now, you know. Yeah. Now I know. I had too much fun though. You know, I, I came from like, a really crazy place where I didn't know how to feel accepted. So it was cool to learn how things that other people like, and kind of just experienced that while I'm young. So now As an adult, I can come down a lot. I did a lot of drugs. I partied not like any crazy drugs, but just like Molly while we're out mushrooms party stuff. Yeah, party girl stuff.

Unknown Speaker 50:14
Oh god,

Unknown Speaker 50:15
I'm sure that led to a lot of crazy experiences sexually. What? Do you have any crazy? Where's the craziest place you've had sex?

Unknown Speaker 50:23
involving a rave? God. Okay. So one time, I was like backstage with one of the DJs. And they're like, you know, cuz there's like 1000 people in this little like it was it. It was on Old Town actually, right by where I work. It was a rave called somewhere loud. So there's like 1000 people in there. And the stage one about ankle high. So you could see people's feet. If you looked under the stage. Well, one of the guys was about to be performing next. And he's like, hey, like, there's no one backstage. Come here Come with me. And I was like, under the stage, I called under the stage. And he walked up to it and put his arms behind the DJ booth. And I was under there. And I was like, giving him head during the middle of a rave like it was so hot, because they all could have seen if they looked down but nobody saw we never got caught. Going down. I'm like, I'm like checking in sick or having fun. And then he looks around to see when when nobody was coming. And then we like went under there really quick. And then we ended up going upstairs and we we went on the roof. Like it was crazy. But it was just like that was a wild place. My second craziest wild place during this phase was actually Six Flags, Six Flags. That's a family girl. When I graduated high school, he bought me tickets to Six Flags. I went with some of my best friends. Four of us we all went. And it was on a Wednesday and there was no one there and everyone was leaving until all the rides had no line. literally no ride. We rode 32 rides in one day that day. Holy shit. Anyways, it's closing. It's your last ride of the night and we decided to go on, you know the water one with that big wheel that spins. No, I don't. There's six flags. There's this slide this right. It's kind of like the log right. Something right or something? Yeah, yeah. Rapid waters or something?

Unknown Speaker 52:40
Yeah, something like that. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:43
Rapid waters. There's nobody in line just the workers and it's me and him alone on the rapid waters. And we get on there. We start going I start kissing him. I was like, you know what it would be really to sit on your dick. So I just like, I was like playing with it. And then I just because I'm on a bathing suit, until I just like, sat on it. And they started like, you started having sex a little bit. And then the lady was like, Hey, no sitting next to me, like jumped off and went to my side. And I think we both just looked at each other. We're like, laughing so hard. So that was like a really fast one. But no fucking regrets on our nose. Like, that's crazy. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 53:32
so what are some things that are pet peeves in the bedroom? I you know, I love that you are wild and explorative and free. What's like something that's just so annoying? A lot of people say like, you know, hygiene like, oh, someone who, you know, doesn't smell the best or someone who's a taker, but not a giver, if you know what I mean. So, like any kind of things that rubbed me the wrong way in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 53:58
Yes. Obviously, number one is hygiene. Like you need to smell nice and look nice. And I want you to give me attention and stuff like that, but it's like I fucking hate it if it's super quick. I don't know who doesn't fucking hate that. But it's like, bro jack off before I get here like would one job bro. Seriously fucking like, it's just like, I'm just like, like, yeah, it's your fucking job to be like, Alright, if I have a hopper coming over I've had sex while like just fucking rub one out and then like, give us a little bit more pleasure because it's like female blue balls dude, because it's like you fucking know and then we're like, oh, well this isn't fun your shits all sensitive. sitting there like you know what now and it's just yeah, whole waiting period until they're ready to go again. That could be we're adults here

Unknown Speaker 54:55
that could be not not that same night that could be you know, because some Some guys you know, they're like, right back to it like the the bounce back is fast. And that's like, you know, commendable, but it's not the same for all for all guys. And so you might have to like that maybe it for the night and then you're like, well, I'll see you later,

Unknown Speaker 55:14
dude, I will literally go in the shower. And if there's not a removable showerhead, I'll be like pizza, I'm going home because like, I will get so frustrated, I get so frustrated. This is why I like I'm picky about the people I choose to sleep with. Because I have had reviews from people I'm pretty good in bed, but they have to allow me to be the space to like, make myself feel good. And so it's like, I need somebody who can like, give me a little time you know, like, start start with a little foreplay and have a little fun. Yeah, run up a little bit. Come on. Another pet peeve is men, the want to stay on the bottom the whole time. Like if I'm kissing you and I crawl on you and I start writing your big. That's really hot. But one position ponies fuck is wrong with you guys. Position pony. Listen to me, listen to me. This is supposed to be for fun and you're gonna choose one angle. I could that does not make sense in my brain. I'm like, I want to go here. Here over here. I'm gonna put my leg over your head.

Unknown Speaker 56:24
You're like I'm flexible.

Unknown Speaker 56:27
I'm gonna twist the other direction. I need you to like pick me up be a little aggressive get on top you like now now. Now I run the fucking show. Let me control the whole time. You know, and I can end on top. That is fine. But we got to move around a little I want you to be putting me all over the place against the wall on the floor. I'm trying to experience the room you know?

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Yeah, no, no lazy lovers for sure. So well, I'm assuming that you are just as dominant in the bedroom as you are on the grappling mat. I mean, but then it could go it could go via you know, either way. I know but what is it like for you? Do you like prefer to be submissive or a little bit more dominant?

Unknown Speaker 57:10
100% submissive, I really like if if a man will not grab me and take action if a man won't kiss me first. Like when it when it comes to like the sex part. I will make all the moves leading up to the moment but I do not like being dominant in bed unless they asked me to like I've had one guy asked me to tie him up and I just my purple belt and like it was sick, he couldn't escape. That was not escape. He couldn't get his arms out. Like I almost thought about like leaving because it might be funny. But I didn't tie him. That was that was the only one. It was only one. So And besides that I like I want the man to like, you know, like, I'll just be laying there and will go to sleep without sex. If he doesn't grab me like you have to want me you need to show me that you want me if you're not showing me that you want me I'm like fine, someone else will. Someone else will want me like, I'll be flirty and stuff like that. But I yeah, I don't know what it is. But I just want to be dominated. I want the man to be begging him to be like, robbing me and controlling me. And like, if I do get on top or something, I want him to be like, I want you to do this. Like I I like I like being told like little things like that. So it's crazy. I'm like super submissive, and But

Unknown Speaker 58:38
yeah, I mean, and that's that sometimes is how it goes, right? We are such alpha females that in the bedroom. It's like, Alright, I'm just gonna let my guard down and be submissive for once in my life.

Unknown Speaker 58:50
But I'm also a pleaser, because I know I'm good at it. Like, listen, if a girl ever tells you I hate low job, this is gross. It's like, let's be honest, bitch, you suck. Like, you're good at that. And you saw their face, and they start coming and they're fucking shaking. You're like, Damn, I'm good at this. This is fun. So it's like,

Unknown Speaker 59:11
training, right? It's like when you first start training and you really suck at it. And it's like, you're getting beat up. You're like, this is not fun. And then you start picking up the techniques and you're like, you know, you

Unknown Speaker 59:20
start beating people you're like, Oh, this is cool. What you're good at something. It's a lot more fun.

Unknown Speaker 59:26
Yeah. So like, I don't like I will you know, I I guess I will take action on that. Like if we're like, making each other feel good. Like I'll definitely I have like positions I'm dominant. I think that like yeah, I don't know, like I'm dominant. But I'm also I'm just, I guess a wild card.

Unknown Speaker 59:50
All right. Well, let's let's do the lightning sex round because I want to get to the fan questions. I love how open you are. You are definitely one of our more open guests and I can talk to you all day, but it's time for the light six rounds.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:08
What that is is a one word or one phrase question rapid fire. You just answer yes or no. Are you ready? Yeah. Okay. Lightning sex room. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Spank are like to be spanked. Yes by like to be sweet. Got it biting. Yes, choking? Yes, threesomes Yes. Do you watch porn? Yes, any foot fetish? No. bodily fluid fetish. swallowing sometimes got it. Nice. bondage like ropes. blindfold hands.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
That would be I'm still I don't know very well, but yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
I love that you use your purple belt. Role Playing? Yes, but stuff on you or a partner? Sometimes, do you use sex toys? Yes. ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? No. And are you a lingerie lover? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:17
Congratulations. You have completed the lightning round. Okay, we are gonna play Fuck, marry kill. Are you ready? One marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
Okay, fuck. Marry kill guys. For those of you who don't know if you don't know. Do you even know the podcast? Come on. I'm gonna give Juliana three names. It is the jujitsu edition. And she's gonna choose which one she wants to fuck, which one she wants to marry and which one she wants to kill. All right, your people are Ryan Hall. Jeff Glover and the 27 time black

Unknown Speaker 1:02:01
belt will champion Hanako lo Raja. You have to choose Rob Ryan Hall. Hanako larhonda and Jeff Glover. We've had Hernando on the show. He was awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:25
Okay, so chill Jeff Glover. Bad Jeff. Yeah, kill Jeff lover. I'm fuckin Otto. And Mary Ryan cuz I feel Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:41
Got it. Okay. All right. That was so hard. Good job. Okay, and now we're gonna end the show with some fan questions. You're gonna push

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
you got quite a few girl. You got some dedicated fans out there. You ready? Yes. Okay, at MMA, everything, everything. What are your short term and long term MMA goals? We touched briefly on this. We know you want to be a champion, I guess yeah. What are some short term goals?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
Short term is to win a few fights. In the FIA World champ. long term goals is event flee via commentator and his Phantom in a field like either a commentator or a reporter. Or hosting my own shows.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:34
Yes. I love that. I love that. Okay, at Golden Age 92. What's the best thing to do to get good at jujitsu fast

Unknown Speaker 1:03:46
and have fun doing it make it playful and fun. I started to do to with my ex and we would literally in my first year of jujitsu, we would clarify, at home on the bed, I would have so much fun just drilling basic stuff all the time over and over. I just spent time doing it. But I made it fun. Instead of like, Oh, I have to do this like fall in love with it. When you start falling in love with Jiu Jitsu you have a lot of fun. Another thing is to work on your balance. Maybe like using a ball or something. But balance is actually a really important part of jujitsu and learning how to fall and how to not get hurt. How to not get hurt is a big part of our sport. So you got to learn how to move your body so practice body movements, have fun while doing it and just drill all the time. And also don't be a bitch if you're not injured if you're if you're not interested. You're not hurting, you're tired you're sitting out so my rule always say yes, if I'm not injured I will never ever say no to a rule unless it's some 400 pound guy and I have a fight coming up. But I always roll with everyone so don't be a bitch good for you girl. Great

Unknown Speaker 1:04:55
advice. Okay at combat underscore sports underscore coverage. What do you like doing more MMA or jujitsu?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
It's different. I love competing jujitsu more but MMA is taking me where I want to go. My vision is actually to create a platform where self defense is incorporated into all kinds of different school districts. And in order to accomplish my goal, people have to know who I am. That's the thing if you want to change the world, if you want to make this world a better place This podcast was talking about you know, like, obviously sex and violence, hence the name, but I actually do care a lot about making a difference in the world and changing this place. And here's the thing jujitsu it's very rare you make a name like that for females and just jujitsu. However MMA, I can move up the ranks much quicker, much faster. So I love the idea of mixed martial arts. It helps me get to where I want to go faster, but as far as passion, I hate getting hit in the fucking face. on people. It's fun. Oh, yeah. People till you get fucking hit in your face. And you're going home, you can't breathe. My belly hurts like, dude, it sucks. Like, I love to get to if I just did you know, but I also love MMA, it's a different kind of addiction and a different kind of taking me to where I want to go. So I take phases to do both.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:28
That's an awesome answer. Yeah, yeah. And you're totally right in order to change the world unfortunately, you've got to you know, quote unquote, be somebody and you know, maybe you can be a well known fighter and then do whatever you want to do. Whether that is you know, you said self defense, incorporating that into jujitsu somehow, you know, whatever, whatever your goal is, I love that you have a plan, you know, you gotta

Unknown Speaker 1:06:53
basically I'm just going to help change the world as far as people that have abusive lovers, parents, drug addicts, parents, I'm going to use different forms of martial arts to help a lot of kids go through a healthy programs that help them avoid traumatizing futures like that's what I need to do with my career and I will do whatever it takes to get me there.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:17
I love that I

Unknown Speaker 1:07:18
love that you've used your own life experiences and decided that you're not don't want other people to have to go through that good for you girl. Okay, you at that Webster dude at for least favorite sex position? That's a weird question. This favorite sex position? That's kind of hard. Like we'll we'll go back to that one. Okay, okay. At dragon underscore dojo. What's your favorite anime? If you watch it? Um I remember the name Naruto. I think it's a show I've seen a few times but I'm not like big into anime.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05
Okay, at s underscore Kennard if you were given three wishes what would they be

Unknown Speaker 1:08:14
my first wish would be that I'm children young children didn't have to go through traumatizing experience and everyone was given an equal opportunity to grow up healthy and happy and decide what they want to do with their own lives like if I could have one wish Yeah, I would end trauma for for kids just trying to become adults. My second wish would be that I find my soulmate and somebody like I can I can live my life with and somebody that is like is monitored It is me to do something to make this world a better place so that way like together we can kind of superhuman. Yes, and your third wish my third wish is to be a world champion. in all aspects of what I'm training I want to be a world champion Jiu Jitsu I want to be a world champ. I will be I will be a world champion jitsu and I will. That's more than just a wish.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:21
So okay, at DSD underscore cwap favorite non sexual activity to release sexual frustration besides fighting.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:32
Non sexual activity to release like mass does masturbation count. Like that's so sexual and sexual? So I mean, like maybe I think like, do you have a secret? Okay, okay. Yeah, like Yeah, yeah, um, I really like intensive like, if I'm going through something that's like fucking on my head, something like that. A really intensive cardio. So either like kicking the back Like 200 times in a row to where you're sore and hurt and trying to breathe or a hard sprint, or it goes to the same one. I'm just genuinely mad. Like, when I'm fucking pissed off and I'm trying to make myself feel better. I'll do something that's like intense cardio, because it's like, you just release so many endorphins, within that workout by trying to like breathe hard and calm your heart, heart rate down, it just like gets everything pumping in, you tend to feel a lot better.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:27
Yeah, exercise is the most under underutilized drug out there. For sure. And then last fan question s re 8383. Do you feel pressure to get a boob job?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:41
No, I like my body. And when I get sick, I get really sick. My mom is pretty thick. So my dad's skinny athlete, but I know that if I gained like 10 pounds my chest my booty will be so perfect. So I mean, awesome. Well, we

Unknown Speaker 1:10:58
love you just the way you are. And last question from me. Who would you like to hear next on sex and violence with rebel girl? Has pearl been on yet? Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:12
Oh my gosh, I didn't hear that episode. Um, I would like to hear Tracy Cortez. She's been on? What? Yeah. Oh my gosh. Oh my god. I felt like such a fuckin I was like such a shitty phone right now. Oh, it's okay. We just started being friends. Um, who would I like to see next? Have you had Manolo Hernandez on your podcast? Actually, I

Unknown Speaker 1:11:43
haven't. But he said he would. He wanted to be on and I said I do want to bring in some coaches and different personas. And since you know, he's such a fucking character. So funny and open. He's such a character. I actually you know what, we may have him on the show. So okay, and then just tell everybody you know, we want to follow your journey and all your while that openness so where can we follow you on social media, all your handles.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:07
Um, you can find me on killer Miller MMA calm, or killer Miller MMA for Instagram and the website if you want to see something sexy. But before we go, one thing I wanted to say is just like, you know, on this podcast, it is about the wild side. But that's not like everything about someone's character, you know, so like, you guys saw a little bit of my craziness character, but there's also just like, a huge side of like, badass, awesome accomplishments that like, I want to, like inspire young women to be the best they can be and learn how to defend themselves and like self build confidence and stuff like that. I stand up how I would prefer to be remembered.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:55
I think you've definitely showcased both sides. I think you've let us know that you have high ambitions to be a champion that you want to change the world. But you know, it's okay. like fuck, it's okay to be open with your sexuality and you don't need to apologize for that. And part of this podcast is to try to squash that stigma. So just keep being you girl. Thank you so much for doing the show. Keep killing it. You're gonna be pretty soon brown belt black belt and World Champion. I know it.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:21
I have something really hilarious to tell you. So I'm gonna just have to give you a call and after this. Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:29
Okay, awesome. Thank you so much. And yeah, good luck with everything girl. Talk to you soon. All right, bye. bands and mega mega spins cache. The magic of grass. Hey, God, money. The trash. Good day back there. Baghdad. Baghdad. So that's it for Episode 63 with killer Miller. Man I knew that this was going to be a fun and very sexually open episode. And I know Giuliana is one of our younger guests. We you know we've had the full split drome, and I think she's very worried about coming off as overly sexual. But, you know, that's not what this show is about. This is just one part of who we are, you know, our sexuality and who we choose to be physical with does not define us completely. And Giuliana is a beautiful example of how you can be wild and free and open, but still want to change the world with your passion. And I know that she's going to she's young, and driven and motivated, and I'm inspired by her so I love you guys. Thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you for your fan questions that you send in every week. A special thank you to my audio engineer DJs Oh, as always holding it down. You can find him at DJs on Instagram. Tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official. And you can also check out at Pinnacle sound OC. You can find us on Instagram at sex and violence rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. I hope you guys enjoyed this week's this week's show. Hope you all have a great weekend. And remember, what do I say? Be kind, be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. I'll see you guys next week with a new guest and more tales of sex.

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