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Ep. 64 "Filthy" Tonya Evinger

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebels, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about dating, romance and that all these other subjects.

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I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Let's talk about

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what's happening hot stuff. What's up all my naughty listeners, thank you for tuning in or tuning back in if you are a consistent listener, I really, really appreciate you guys. Let's see how was your week. I hope you had a great week for me. I did a couple fun things. I did a quick turnaround trip to Las Vegas where I got tattooed by my homeboy Ryan Jenkins. My leg is kinda it's got like 10 to 15% left, you know, it looks finished. But every time you ask the tattoo artists, they're like a little bit more a little bit more. I really feel like he's trying to extend our friendship, make sure we always hang out because I always feel like we're getting close to being done. And then every time I go back, he's like, yeah, we're gonna need one more session. One more session. But it's fun. I really enjoy getting tattooed. Not the actual process of getting poked in the leg. But, you know, just shooting the shit with your artist. And then obviously, the finished product is amazing. And he's at at Ryan Jenkins tattoo if you want to look him up on Instagram, and then also my homeboy here in Orange County. If you guys want to look him up, it's near his tattoos. And that's at niz tattoos. And that's in his Korea at one drop here in Orange County. Those are some amazing artists if you want to check them out, then, yeah, I didn't really do too much this weekend. One really fun thing was I got to see live comedy stand up comedy for the first time in at least a year and a half because of the goddamn pandemic and you know, worldwide. whatever is going on right now just fucking all the bullshit. And so you know, things are starting to open back up. I know la Los Angeles is still kind of wonky. Sometimes you can go to an event, sometimes you need a vaccination card, but here in Orange County, you don't need to wear your mask and you don't need a vaccination card. So we went to see Brad Williams, he was the shit he nonstop labs from beginning to end. And his openers were pretty awesome as well. He had, gosh, I'll put their

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Instagram links in the Episode Notes. But Adam Ray, I think is his former podcast hosts and he was really funny. And then a few other people JB ball and Madison's something, but yeah, they were all really great. Even the host he was he was really good. So yeah, go support stand up comedy. Brad is an amazing stand up comedian. He is the guest for Episode 56 of sex and violence with rebel girl, if you want to backtrack and listen to that if you have not already. And then next week, I try not to give away the guests in case you know, next week's guest in case things fall through but fuck it. Tito Ortiz is coming on the show. Very excited. Just a pioneer and another Trailblazer of the sport just like the guests that we have on today. So you know he's been in the sport for a long time we're going to talk about a lot of things I'm sure everybody's gonna tune in for that one because he's just been around and you know, he's, like I said one of the oh geez of mixed martial arts. So tune into that next week and then I'll actually be traveling the following week to my hometown to do a quick turnaround trip gonna go home for one day to Ukiah, California. Then I'm gonna be a bridesmaid and my homegirls wedding in tamales. tamales, not tamales like Mexican food.

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And that's going to be not so fun wearing the dress but just fun getting to see one of my best friends in the world marry her best friend, and you know, have her happy ending that she's always wanted. She's actually prego like, really pregnant. She's gonna be eight months, maybe even nine months pregnant on her wedding day, which is crazy. I still remember her telling me when we're in college. I'm never gonna have kids. I'm like me too. And she fucks

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sold out.

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But I'm happy for her having kids getting married and all that. But yeah, that's gonna be a fun trip. I'll probably have interesting stories to tell you guys when I come back from that. And I also want to let you guys know that if you support the show, share it and write a review or a rate it on Instagram, sorry, on Instagram on iTunes or Spotify, any of that stuff. We will give you free stickers just screenshot your review or your rating and send it to our Instagram at sex and violence rebel girl, and yeah, also your address and we'll mail you some stickers. Tomorrow the UFC is back. I'm very excited because last weekend, they didn't have fights. It's always weird when there's no fights on Saturday night, since they always crank them out. But this weekend we have UFC Vegas 34, which is cannoneer versus gassed alone at the apex center in Las Vegas. The main event is number three rate contenders contender Jared cannoneer against number nine seated Kelvin Gastelum and the CO main event is clay Guinta versus Marco Madsen. Two grapplers are going to lock horns there. The rest of the card looks pretty good but I'm not gonna lie to you some of these most of these names I'm not too familiar with Parker Porter versus chase Sherman the big boys 155 Austin Hubbard versus Vince Vince Patel 125 little guys, Andre Pinto versus Brandon Roy ball actually Brandon Roy Vall he said he would be a guest on the show so let's hear for him I guess 145 we got Austin lingo vs. Louis Saldana, Brian Keller vs Domingo parte de Oh, we got a bantamweight female bout which you know my weight class so I'm always got my eyeballs on that be Malecki versus Joe josiane Nunez and then we got 205 Fabiano Ciaran vs. William night, Ignacio baja Mona's versus Roosevelt Roberts and then last Ramirez, bro Hama sorry buddy killed your Dame vs. Sasha pelland T. cough. Yeah, damn. That card. I'm not too familiar with the girl fi Bay. Malecki have seen her around, obviously, the main the main event and the CO main event. You know, everybody knows those names. But I feel like a lot of fighters on this card are up and comers. So that should be good to watch. Guys drop me an email for whatever reason, if you have a guest suggestion, if you have been listening, and you're like, man, I really wish Ashlee would ask the guest about blank or, you know, add this in, or here's an idea for a segment. I know, podcasting is a very one way form of communication. It's not like I can hear you guys right now. But I want to I want to hear you I want to create a two way communication. So boom, there's the email, it's sex and violence. And if you guys have any businesses, or a company or a brand that you would like to

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For our listeners, try blue chew free when you use promo code, Ashley as h l e at checkout, just pay $5 shipping. That's Blue promo code Ashlee a sh l e to receive your first month free. Visit Blue for more details and important safety information, ladies, Bluetooth is exclusively for men, but the end result is something you'll both enjoy. So get your man to sign up. Today's guest is an American mixed martial artist who began her career in 2006. She's competed against some of the best women in the sport all over the world, and is undeniably one of the pioneers and trailblazers of the sport at warriors challenge 21 on June 3 2006, she fought Jennifer Tate. The fight was the first women's bow ever sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission. She competed for the Ultimate Fighting Championships. elitek see Raging Bull and Invicta Fighting Championships and was the Invicta bantamweight champion. Born in Washington and raised in Odessa, Missouri, she played football and wrestled while at Odessa High School in Missouri. She went on to wrestle and earned her degree at Missouri Valley College. She was a three time national champion and senior team member, a six time top place or at the pan end games, and gained numerous accolades, while in her 15 years of wrestling. In 2004, her weight class was removed from the Olympic competition, at which point she moved from the Olympic Training Center to Sacramento to begin fighting. We talk about Bare Knuckle MMA. Folsom street fair, fun. Personality overlooks the Laura sanko kiss. hot girl doggy pile, pillow princesses and so much more. Here is your guest, filthy Tanya Avenger.

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We are here with filthy, tiny evercare I mistakenly called you triple threat, but I'm sure you have a few nicknames By this time, right? Yeah, yeah, these are the nice ones. These are the nice ones.

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I like filthy filthy these different uh, so yeah, but thank you so much for coming on the show. Really appreciate it. You know, without blowing up your ego. I really am honored to have you on just because you are a trailblazer pioneer. I didn't know the fuck MMA was when you first started. So you have, you know, cleared the path for for women like me, and then all the chicks that are gonna follow me as well. So thank you. Let's talk about some interesting stuff. I want to know about your MMA career. You know where you're headed from, from here on out. You know, you've been in the sport since 2006. was your first fight correct? Yeah.

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The first one I got paid for Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 13:36

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Yeah, yeah. So first, first professional paid fight in 2006. You've got 27 fights under your belt now. And are you currently signed with anyone in your organization? Nope. UFC released me after my last fight. But I mean, obviously, it's nobody's fault. And my own thoughts. You really shouldn't fights but

Unknown Speaker 13:59
oh, well, you know, I have a hard time fighting for them. So it is what it is. Yeah. I mean, it's not the only organization in the world. Do you have any other ideas for what's going to happen next for you?

Unknown Speaker 14:14
Well, I'm still under contract with Invicta. But I don't really know what's going on over there. Because

Unknown Speaker 14:22
I just, you know, the girls are really young over there. So I don't know if it's a it's a record thing, or if it makes sense to pay me to fight. You know, some of those girls so I mean, I kind of understand that side of it, too. But I fight anybody on any promotion at any way. As long as the weight as long as the table. You know, I mean, I don't I'm not not that cherry picker kind of person. I don't give a shit. Yeah, I believe that wholeheartedly.

Unknown Speaker 14:49
I mean, are you having anyone kind of rally for you an agent and a manager? Are you just kind of seeing what happens? No, I pretty much do it myself.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
It's funny, I just, I don't really deal with managers, but for the most part, they all think that my image sucks, and I suck. And then they all have so much shit to say. And I'm like, dude, I just, I'm just not that cookie cutter fighter. So I don't like just because I don't fit in with everybody else or the way everybody's doing things. Like it's just, you aren't trying to sell me the right way. So, you know, I get it. Everybody wants that easy ride and, and, you know, girls sell themselves However, they want to sell their career and teach their own. I don't I don't care either way. I mean, like, whatever, whatever. Making money, man. Yeah, I mean, I'm totally with it, too. I kind of feel bad a couple years ago, I was. I said some shit about a girl. I said, as she she's overly sexual. She uses her body, you know, now I have a fucking sex podcast. And I'm like, you know, that was that was wrong of me. And it probably wasn't even motivated by her real intention. It was just I didn't you know, I had beef with that girl. And that was something I just said. But now, you know, when the shit hits the fan, at the end of the day, all I care about is like, Hey, are you doing something to pay my bills? No. So whatever I have to do to pay my bills is none of your business. And I feel like with you, you know, you're probably right. They're not marketing marketing you the right way. Yeah, you know, you can take a girl and put some lipstick on her and sell her that way. But I love filthy. I love that. The idea that you don't fall into any category that you are super unique. You're this girl who does whatever the fuck she wants, says whatever she wants. And yeah, I understand from a manager's point of view, it's hard to your time bomb, kinda, you know, you know, you're gonna say you're like, Oh, shit.

Unknown Speaker 16:40
Yeah, but I, you know, I feel like more people that work with me, like, obviously, I have this weird image. And then before they work with me, they're like, Oh, shit, you know, and then after they work, and you're like, dude, you're super easy to work with. You take whatever five. It's not like, I'm just, I think just my image. And what people think about me is completely different than how I am and I don't really care. You know, they don't know me, or they don't want to get to know me. So I mean, no reason and trying to sell myself to them. They don't see what I what I have put out there. I just don't care. Yeah, I agree. And I think that, you know, lately, I don't know, maybe like the past five years specifically. It's so mixed women's mixed martial arts specifically is so heavy on

Unknown Speaker 17:24
Instagram and social media and marketing yourself that way, it's become so important, when at the end of the day, it really doesn't mean shit. When you're in the cage. You know, like, how many followers how many likes all that bullshit. You know, like when the cages doors closed? Can you fight and you know, from 2006 when you started, you had your first fight and the cage door closed till now, the social media and the landscape of mixed martial arts has changed so much. In your opinion, how has it changed? In what ways?

Unknown Speaker 17:56
Oh, well, I mean, you can see it nowadays too, even with with the new promotions and I hate dropping names because they don't want to pay me to fight so I

Unknown Speaker 18:05
don't want to give any free promotion. Yeah, but you know, in certain types of fighting that's coming out you know, they're they're paying girls, you know, 200,000 or five quarter million dollars and fight like tomorrow, man. Like, it's just so crazy to me and and don't get me wrong. I think fighters deserve a lot more money than we're getting. We're like the lowest paid like sport out there a nice size for women's sports in general. You know, oh, yeah. But MMA is just super low. And I think it's just crap. But But then the watch just where the medium ranges and then like, these girls getting paid an outrageous amount, and you know why they're getting paid. I see what you're selling. Yeah, I don't get that they won't let me fight those girls and I'll destroy that whole fucking weight class. They want to fight them. But I mean, I'll fight the TIC Tock. Guys, you got to

Unknown Speaker 18:53
throw in like, like circus fights is shit. Like, let me find some fucking dude, man with the bullshit rappers and shit and then I'll fight. I'll fight all them fools. Yeah, you know, like, let's sell that fight. I feel like that's what they're leaning towards. You know, it's such a circus nowadays. And, you know, maybe you don't have an agent, but pitch that to triller or these other things that are, you know, going down. Have you ever thought about Bare Knuckle?

Unknown Speaker 19:20
Yeah, that's exactly what I'm talking about. Okay. Oh, my bad. They mean, oh, they offered me trash money. And then they're like, they're like, Oh, yeah, yeah, we'll pay you. I said, Well, you got to pay me at least this much. Because I know I can go to this promotion and get this much right now. So and they're like, Oh, yeah, yeah. And then they come back with like a third of that pay. And they're like, well, we want to give you a real easy fight, bro. I'm not asking for you to fight. The second I like I won't even get an agenda that like I'm gonna take off this many months to train. Then I'm gonna go bust my hands and to be off this Really? Yeah, you want me to take like kiss my ass and they're fucking not I'm glad I don't want to fight the biggest fear. I don't care who they are. I don't I'm not I'll go fight the best person who got on the roster.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Yeah, I don't care, you know, so I'm glad you have that perspective, you know, because you definitely seem like one of those people who are just too tough for her own good, but you have to take into consideration with bare knuckle the longevity of the sport. You know, I've got friends that are moving over or have moved over it. I'm just like, Oh, girl, let's do it. You know, like, Yeah, no, don't do that. But I mean, I got that one. That's Bare Knuckle MMA and I'm like, What? Wait, wait, wait, wait, I haven't I haven't heard about that. What is this nazma doll he's got it. It's called

Unknown Speaker 20:33
gain bread is what? They only have one event they're getting ready to have a second event. Bear

Unknown Speaker 20:39
Yeah, so I was like, hell yeah, I could do that. Like I don't have to get hit in MMA I guess I suppose fucking do it. They're like, they just didn't want to they said they said they're grown and then the matchmaker said they weren't trying to pay that much and blah blah. So I mean, I get it I understand it all but to me like that is going to be huge, over just basic Bare Knuckle because it bare knuckles turned into a circus over there. So I just feel like you know,

Unknown Speaker 21:08
the MMA style is going to be huge and they could totally jump right in and compete with them right away but they don't have the money yet or don't want to put the money down yet to really bring in some big new fighters you know, and I get that I get that but you how many down as bitches let's just face it. Are you gonna be like sure all jump in the cage to do a bare knuckle MMA fight? Do they really think that? At least like good fighters and established fighters like yourself, like they could probably get? And it's just like I said, the longevity? Like I don't see it. We can't really gauge it yet. Because how long has bareknuckle been around? It's brand new. Yeah. And I walk they're paying me as much as they're playing paid up. Fucking fight anybody? Yeah, I really, I really will take one of those circuits fight so I don't

Unknown Speaker 21:54
have money. I'll fight anybody. I can see you. I can easily see you. Yeah, I'm gonna be scrolling through Instagram and be like, oh, there's her fight. She's login. I tune in for that. For sure. I know. You're not backing on male versus female Bare Knuckle fight. That's it. That's what we're leaning towards. That's that's not even like, if I was to see that now. Scrolling. I'd be like, Whoa, all right. Yep. That's where we're at now. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:19
Okay, well, I hope you get a fight whether it's MMA, Bare Knuckle, Bare Knuckle, MMA Fuck, I just want to, I want to see you fight. And I love that you're still you still have that passion in your heart. How old are you now?

Unknown Speaker 22:32
Well, I just turned 18. So Oh, that's good. That's good. You're legal now. So you could just keep on trucking. Yeah, you know, I'm 34. And I have injuries, and I'm young in life. But sometimes I'm like, Fuck, like, in my old sport. And anytime I find another fighter that's older than me, and they're still going, they still have that passion. I love it. Because I'm like, No, age is just a fucking number. As long as you still want to do this, as long as there's still passion in your heart. That's all that matters. And I don't want to ever do it just for a paycheck either. You know? Yeah. Well, the girls, I think, I think when it comes to guys, they they can get beat out. Because you know, just the younger guys are stronger and faster. And that makes a big difference. But when you're talking about the girls, and I think the girls just get better just because we're winning. Yeah, the girls are strong, and they're fast or whatever. But they're really not that much more athletic, you know, than the knee and I'm 40. So they're really not that much more athletic, in my opinion, or they might look better. I've obviously got the best body but they might look better. But aside from that, I think knowledge wise in the girls side is just it definitely takes over. So I think the girls compete better the older they are. I agree. I agree. I think you know, sorry guys, but they are a little bit numbskulls when it comes to taking care of themselves. You know, like, whether it's sparring, you know, multiple times a week, you know, without headgear or something or not doing the right recovery or not eating right. And I just think women traditionally we take better care of ourselves. And so there's that aspect as well. And then I don't know if he pop out. Okay, I think it's just the testosterone in the strength and see, I think it's so drastic when they're younger to when they're older. Like, I just think it's just a huge drastic change. You know what I mean? Yeah, sure, if you want to think about it, okay, you're right. Yeah, I find no, yeah. I don't know. But I just I feel like that in and women. We just were more thinkers in there. So once we started to get that, like that age and get that skill and stuff like that, we beat them on, you know, experience alone, you know, Yeah, I agree. And then there's that whole mom thing. Like, I don't want kids. I'm not having kids. I don't know what your stance is yet on kids. But they say after you have a kid it's like you get that supermom strength. I don't know Misha just came back after having two kids, she beat Marion Reneau, Marion Reneau was on her retirement fight so I don't know how good of a gauge that was. But yeah, women are seem to start peeking in their 30s you know, getting better and better. Yeah, exactly. So

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Moving on to your personal life, you know, I don't think it's a secret that you are lesbian or gay and you, I'd say that is a big part of your image. You know, you're very open about your sexuality. And I love that.

Unknown Speaker 25:15
So where are you at right now? relationship wise? Are you seeing someone? Are you single?

Unknown Speaker 25:20
Yeah, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 25:23
I'm single, like every other day.

Unknown Speaker 25:27
We've been together for about four years. So thinking how to see you can always tell.

Unknown Speaker 25:33
Dating girls. Mm hm. I hang out with him for a while, but I don't really like to put a label on it and date anybody because I don't want to have that.

Unknown Speaker 25:41
I just don't want to have that tied down. And anybody tell me what I do. And I have to answer to people and this and this and this. But you know, every once in a while, I'll get a girlfriend and you can always tell cuz I told him I

Unknown Speaker 25:52
my online

Unknown Speaker 25:54
harassing a hot girl?

Unknown Speaker 25:58
How nice of you.

Unknown Speaker 26:01
Yeah, thank you. Yeah, like that. That's good. That's good. To have all the girls that are up. So we're like, perfect. Yeah. Well, you know, the podcast is called sex and violence. So I want to know, all of the personal stuff. So when did you come out? And was that hard for you?

Unknown Speaker 26:22
Uh, well, I don't think I ever really like came out, in a sense. I just,

Unknown Speaker 26:27
I just was in high school. And, and now I know, I look back and oh, my God, I had a crush on all these girls.

Unknown Speaker 26:34
But I was just, I would just lived in a town where it just wasn't a thing. And my dad was so anti gay and bla bla bla. And he just, I mean, the talks he gave us were just so horrible. But you know, I think when I graduated high school, and then when I went to college, I'm like, Oh, fuck it, I'm going to be who I want to be. Because none of these people know me. And I think kids nowadays you kind of see it too. Like, they're, they're in high school, and they think that's real life for the rest of their life. You know? Yeah. So detrimental. Like, everything is so life and genetic. And then when you get out of high school, you're like, holy shit, there's this whole world and I don't give a shit about anybody that was in high school. And so, you know, I was like, fuck it. I'm just gonna be who I am. And none of these people know me anyway. So I didn't like I'm losing acquaintances, or friends or people are thinking bad things about me in my hometown. You know, I just didn't care. Yeah. And so we talked about like, going to high school and being nothing but like an athlete. I didn't do anything. I was literally just a fucking athlete. I, you know, my grades were good. So I could play every sport. All I did was play sports like crazy. And then it says, I went to college it a month, like that's when he went crazy. But you know,

Unknown Speaker 27:43
so no party to

Unknown Speaker 27:45
me, my senior year. Once I made the national team, I made the national team for the senior freestyle team when I was a junior in high school. So I was like, the youngest one ever to do it. Now I'm on the scene, and I just, they wouldn't be playing sports or like what you get paid professionally involved in law. So it would not be play, run track or

Unknown Speaker 28:07
anything. wrestle nothing. So I was just like, Well, fuck it. Yeah, my senior year, I had a couple parties.

Unknown Speaker 28:14
So you go to Yeah, you go to college? Missouri Valley, right? Mm hmm. Yeah, we rest I wrestled.

Unknown Speaker 28:23
2000 and shit. 2005 2009 was when I was in college and went to Menlo College and we wrestled Missouri Valley seemed like every other week, because there's only fuckin six Collegiate Schools at that time. So yeah, Missouri Valley, the cumberlands fucking I think Pacific and Oregon had won. It's not there anymore. But yeah, the good old days, and now. It's, I think it's still the fastest and biggest growing sport is women's wrestling. Yeah. Which I love. Well, I never really wrestled. I wrestled with a team a little bit here and there when I first started but we always had shithole coaches that were trying to fuck all the girls. Or Yeah, I mean, it was it was a big mess over there. Or like the only reason they had them when they got rid of that one coach. I guess one of the girls made him resign because he was it was just a big old mess. And then they got him in his they trapped him and got him to come meet some of the girls because he kept being a dirtbags. And so anyway, they made him resign. And then the men's coach became the females coach. Head coach them too. And he was just a piece of shit there. Was he just feeling how the girls team too. They had two times a title nine bullshit. Yeah, so he didn't really give a shit, you know, but it is a private college. So when I went there, they couldn't take my scholarship. So me and Clarissa Chon and, and my girlfriend at the time, we were all national team members, you know, at the time, so we just went and trained after the guys wrestling was down at bay and then I never wrestled, I wrestled on attach the whole time. Oh, wow. Okay, we just went to freestyle tournaments, you know, and whatever. Yeah, I just I just recently saw Clarissa Chan's Instagram pop up in my feed.

Unknown Speaker 30:00
And she's still still killing it still wrestling? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, her body must just she's got that aging body that never die.

Unknown Speaker 30:08
weighs like 50 pounds too, I think.

Unknown Speaker 30:11
So you're in college and you're out and you're just, you know, don't have anything to hide. That's amazing. Did you ever go home and then have to? You'd have that talk with your dad? That seems like it was probably the worst fucking thing in the world.

Unknown Speaker 30:30
You cut out real quick, Tanya, did you ever have to go home and have that talk with your dad?

Unknown Speaker 30:37
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, I just I know.

Unknown Speaker 30:40
My dad at all. So

Unknown Speaker 30:43
we just sit in a room and we won't even talk to each other anything. Like we do not have a relationship. I just we just don't get along. There's a million reasons why he doesn't like me and a million reasons for my kids. So we just one thing, but

Unknown Speaker 30:57
now I just kind of let it be. You know, I always had kind of a girlfriend all through college. I dated the same one. So, you know, she was home with me all the time. And I heard that. And my brother and I were driving in a truck. And like, Tanya, I know and I'm like, No, what? And he's like, I know. And I'm like, I don't know. He talked about like, they're too embarrassed to say something. I literally don't have to tell you shit. If you can't say the goddamn word. I'm not gonna Yeah, you know what, bro? Like?

Unknown Speaker 31:26
So you know it. I just don't, I just didn't feel like I had to explain myself. And I just didn't want to and I don't even care. But everybody, all my friends. Everybody knew everybody that I was friends with in college and stuff. And then the couple of people that I stayed friends with in high school they all knew so it wasn't like I had to explain myself to any of those people. Yeah, yeah. So you date the same girl in college? You guys break up at some point? Do you? How would you sum up your dating history? I know you said earlier that you don't really like to be in relationships, kind of like don't want the responsibilities of having to check in and all that. Yeah, what's your dating history been like over the years?

Unknown Speaker 32:05
Oh, my first girlfriend we probably dated from maybe 2001 to 2008 to about seven years.

Unknown Speaker 32:16
And then it kind of went shorter and shorter and shorter.

Unknown Speaker 32:21
I just then I dated a girl for like, you know, four years maybe? And then I dated a girl for a year and then a girl for like two years and then this girlfriend like four years so I'd like to date for a long time. Yeah. Wait a second. You are a relationship person. Yeah, totally relationship person. I'm but I don't like to. I think that probably shit ton more girls a lot of girls date. But I did. If I don't see myself like being with you. It's just the whole process of breaking up and it says it's too much on me and I feel bad. And then I'll end up staying with a girl because I feel good. I just Nope. I'm not even gonna put myself through this bullshit. So I'm like, Hey, we can be friends. But there we are. Absolutely not girlfriend.

Unknown Speaker 33:10

Unknown Speaker 33:13
I just had done once. I'm just done talking to you or done having just done so I just, it's just easier that way. Yeah. Are you a part of this whole swipe left? swipe right new generation of online dating? Are you traditional like to meet someone in person?

Unknown Speaker 33:28
Oh, I'm on Tinder for sure. You're on Tinder for sure. Yeah, but girls don't they don't hit me up. I mean, some girls hit me up on Tinder, but most of them will go hit my Instagram up and they'll be like, Hey, is that you on Tinder? And then I'm like, Well, if I was cute, then yes. If I wasn't a No, that wasn't me at all.

Unknown Speaker 33:47
So like it's weird. They won't hit me up on Tinder. They'll go to my Instagram and be like, dude, bla bla bla if you need him. Or, or they'll see me at a club. But to be honest, I a lot of people, a lot of girls that I pull are straight girls, and they I don't know. I'm just way cuter in person when they meet me. Why? Why is that? I wonder?

Unknown Speaker 34:09
Straight girls, my personality. I pull straight girls like crazy. You have a masculine demeanor about you. That is just very I don't know like you command attention. I feel like anytime I've been in the room with you a couple times at different events. And maybe it's just because I looked up to you as a you know, younger fighter but what's your kind of like your I don't wanna say pickup line but you know, some people you know, the guys are real straightforward pickup line. What's always works, here we go.

Unknown Speaker 34:45
I'm always like a raw buyer drink because that's what I do. And then always be like, we'll chat for a little bit and then I'm like, Hey, I'm either gonna stab you with a knife. I'm stabbing my fingers. What do you want? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 34:57
they literally always choose fingers.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Almost always to speak

Unknown Speaker 35:03
up anyways.

Unknown Speaker 35:06
That's one way to pick up chicks tie. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 35:10
That's awesome. Okay, well, this relation I don't I, you know, because it's funny so I mean obviously I'm not really gonna stab someone over Yeah, yeah. Yeah, no and I was gonna say like some people's, you know their thing is, is make a girl laugh or make a guy laugh or joke around right you know, some people are like flaunt their money flaunt what they have, you know, like fuckin big league somebody like whatever it is, you know, but

Unknown Speaker 35:37
since you post the straight women I'm like, what is it that these women are like attracted to my sense of humor I'm telling you and because they perceive so we get around our boyfriends.

Unknown Speaker 35:48
But no, I seriously think that I'm super girl thing I'm super funny, but um, they always hate me at first. They always hate me. My girlfriend hated me at first sandwich. She thought I was a creep.

Unknown Speaker 35:59
Like, I cannot believe this drill saying this about me and blah, blah, blah, blah. But I'm just like funny and then all my buddies think it's funny that way I act but no, we joke around about it. And I'm not pushy at all. I don't know, not really pushy or anything I just didn't funny. And then later on, like, we hang out a couple more times. And it's gone from there.

Unknown Speaker 36:19
I was gonna say what is your type, but it sounds like straight girls are your type? Yeah, definitely they are. Do you have besides straight girls, you know, do you have a type? Or is it kind of just all over the board? You know, some people are like, Oh, yeah, you know, I like, you know, these physical characteristics, right? And some people it's like, oh, you know, I'm with different people each time. It's not really. I don't have a type. Do you have a type? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:45
I like pretty girls. Like pretty girls. Obviously. I I'll take the girl just based off how she looks. But then as soon as I talked to her, I'm like, Oh, she's a horrible person. And I'm real big about like,

Unknown Speaker 36:59
people don't think this but I'm like she she's about like, I don't like girls that sleep around in LA like really sweaty girls, too. Huge turnoff to me. I don't like girls that

Unknown Speaker 37:09
I just they are just they thought like a really young like, Daddy little personality. Like a little school girl or something. Like too much drama. I don't like anything like that. I don't know, I just I definitely always choose offer their votes right away. But then you gotta have a really cool personality. So I mean, you're human, right? There's no one out there being like, I'm looking for a good personality. You know? They're not. Yeah, yeah, that's huge. I mean, I talk to a lot of pretty girls. And I'm like, No, and my girlfriend did it. Hey, would you do you want to hug her? Or what do you think? All right. I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 37:43
I could not stand hanging out and talk to you never. We can't even Yeah, you never hooked up with the girl even though you're like, she's kind of stupid. But she's so hot.

Unknown Speaker 37:54
Right? I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 37:57
So you're really bad at chicks? Dude. That's great. That's great. Because unfortunately, I have been with some guys where I was like, idiot. But you're so hot. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:10
not proud of that.

Unknown Speaker 38:12
You're dating guys. Why is it not? For girls though? Yeah. No, come on. Girls. What? Like when a guy you got just got accepted there? Some of them are just, yeah, come on. I've definitely heard some of my guy friends be like, this chick was so hot. But like, every time she opened her mouth, it was horrible. Yeah, I've been on 10 dates. I'm like, Okay. All right. You could have cut it off a while ago. I got them off right away. I'm like this go see, but I cannot hang out with her. And even be friends with her. So I'm sure you're probably annoyed with some of this. The same questions over and over. But I gotta ask. There's some people I want to ask about Laura sanko the epic kiss just because she was a guest on our show, sweetheart. You know, we know that it was all in fun and games. But what was your mindset going into that? What happened afterwards for you? Do you regret anything? Would you have changed anything?

Unknown Speaker 39:10
was the first time I got away with great you know, Oh, God, I get literally constant constant messages about how I raped raped this girl on a Rachael Ray later.

Unknown Speaker 39:21
Yeah, like you guys are so he's only rape if it's Yes, literally the stuff they say about me is ridiculous. But I don't it's it's like they've never kissed the girl for the first time. I don't I don't know. Like I don't know who really. I mean a lot of people that ask I guess I think that's just uh, yeah, I mean, we'll you know PSA like hashtag consent is cool. Yes, yada yada. But at the end of the day, most first kisses are like, oh, like you don't say anything like you're feeling that sparkle you know that like kind of feeling and then you just go for it and sometimes pushing me away and yes, sometimes you know, you go for the kiss and then you're rejected.

Unknown Speaker 40:00
You know, it's usually the guy that's rejected or whatever or you know, but he is you got to be faster than her.

Unknown Speaker 40:10
I mean, I love that Laura sanko was like, yeah, it was crazy and funny and you know, like, she has nothing but good funny things to say. It's not like something she had to go to therapy for. Yeah, but yeah, like, what did you plan that out ahead of time? For the listeners that don't know what we're talking about? Tanya? How many years ago? I don't know you're in

Unknown Speaker 40:33
now, I don't even know me. 1017 maybe Yeah, like handful years ago. One or fight and then in her post fight speech kissed interviewer cage interviewer Laura sanko and just got fucking blown up into a huge, huge thing. And Laura say thank material guys, paving. Check it out.

Unknown Speaker 40:57
Do I have no more? We're sorted from the same hometown area. You know, so I've known her for a long time and and i flirt with her constantly, unreal constantly, even before she mean everything. So it's been a constant.

Unknown Speaker 41:16
Like just me every all time harassing her with you know, all kinds of

Unknown Speaker 41:22
pickup lines or whatever you want to call them. whatnot. Yeah, but um, yeah, so it's been on for a long time. And and, you know, she, she's got a good personality, and people don't know her not know me. So you know, whatever. And then I, I always make jokes of all the stupid shit I'm going to do. And I might interviews after my fight was out of out of control. And I never know what the hell I'm saying. Sometimes they wait till the fights over and then I get come back into interviews. And by then they let me smoke weed behind smoked in like two months. So I'm so hiring to know how I'm breathing.

Unknown Speaker 41:53
Sometimes it's just too much. But um, I don't know. I think I kind of planned it right before and I was like, I went on the tour for a second. My boss was like, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, grab me the app. Yeah. Oh, my God.

Unknown Speaker 42:06
Like, they all like literally lived through.

Unknown Speaker 42:10

Unknown Speaker 42:12
to do it, I just wanted to win most of the year, because every year somebody wins. And the fan will win for a damn costume or something. I'm like, God, damn, and I'm not here for anything. I can not win any award for anything.

Unknown Speaker 42:25
So I'm like pocket. And then of course I kiss her. And then we go back. And I was in so much trouble. I mean, Shana was mad me, everybody. No reason Shannon didn't even see it. She was walking to the cage to give him a belt when it happened. And then everybody texted her, that would never happen in my ocean, you know, people from USC, and everybody was texting all this stuff, saying all this stuff. And she was just like, she didn't know what happened. She didn't see it. And so she was mad at me. And then she came and we did at the hotel, and I'm standing a group of our people on the side and we're all smoking weed, of course. And she comes around in my corner, man walk towards the tide and try to make like a wall. From over TV. She's like, move out of the way guys.

Unknown Speaker 43:09
Oh my god, fuck. So they just start up and move and then she comes over and talks to me and she's like, I haven't seen it yet. And ball rod and said she wasn't too mad. Then she watched it. She said she watched it a couple times. And it wasn't that that wasn't as bad as everybody made it sound but

Unknown Speaker 43:24
more came back right after I talked to her and she said, Dude, people are going crazy online. So we take that picture to show that we're actually friends and it's no hard feelings or whatever. And you know, and people don't know they're just so offended and I think it's real jealousy that they didn't get to kiss her but

Unknown Speaker 43:42
they don't even know. They don't even know sure my water when I'm dehydrated. So that's in touch on her lower back in a bun.

Unknown Speaker 43:52
Yeah, you always lead on you're always shooting your shot. You know, I mean, I think you are a big old flirt. That's definitely Yeah. Because the the Gina Carano. And you know, like, I just, you know, I've done my research and whatnot. And it seems like if you got a hot opponent, you make it known that you think they're hot. And I'm feeling is that you shooting your shot. Just inadvertedly Yeah, no. Gina hung out a lot after we thought too. She's a good time. Yeah, yeah. Dad Hey, not like on that kind of level but I would have happened. We start drink we'll have like a drink contest and I never win.

Unknown Speaker 44:30
me back to my hotel room to a meeting and I'm puking drooling down my own shirt.

Unknown Speaker 44:37
It's been a rough time. Every time I suck it up tear like that's it I'm gonna get her then you wake up in your bed alone. You're like Damn, this is what every every hot girl like Yeah. This girl tonight. And then and then I'm like, Well, I better just wait for one more drink to get my nerves down and I'm like, oh shit where she goes, you know? Or I'm too drunk and and wake up the next day and I'm laying in bed sleeping in bed with their butt.

Unknown Speaker 45:00
I passed out when she went to the bathroom. Oh my god, damn it.

Unknown Speaker 45:06
That's it's such a cool thing. In my opinion. I love that when you can fight someone, and then have a drink afterwards. I mean, I don't drink anymore. But everyone used to say like, Who do you want to fight? I'm like, I don't care. I want someone who's gonna challenge me. And then we can have a beer afterwards and be like, Damn, there's no, not very many bitches that do this. And not very many bitches that are good at this. And not very many that are also cool and can just go Hey, at the end of the day, we're just doing what we love. Trying to make a paycheck and you know, no hard feelings. Yeah, that's cool. What about

Unknown Speaker 45:37
miesha? Tate?

Unknown Speaker 45:39
Oh, we're not friends, for sure. Oh, no, no friends. My bad. My bad. Sorry. No, no, no, no. I have a lot of girls though, that when I fight them, they get crushes on me after I fight them. So then they'll hit me up afterwards. He's like, hey, you're so strong.

Unknown Speaker 45:58
One time when I was in high school, I was on a Boys High School team. And I beat I pinned this boy. And I've been a couple boys. You know, not like I was always winning every match. But like, you know, like, especially but my junior senior year pinning boys was you know, not that big of a deal. And one boy, I'll never forget. He's the only boy that ever did this. I'm sitting at the fuckin bleachers. And you know, I'm like, you know, putting my sweatshirt on all that stuff. And he comes up and he's like, That was so good. That was really great.

Unknown Speaker 46:24
Do you want to hang out later, and I had just pinned to it. Like, I was like, I didn't even have the words to like, be like, bro, like, that's very unattractive that I just beat you up. But that's what it reminds me of when you say the chicks afterwards. After you beat them. They're like, ooh, so strong.

Unknown Speaker 46:44
So yeah. Do you have a celebrity crush? You know, like, you know, it doesn't have to be a female UFC fighter. But if your girlfriend Well, you guys already have a seemingly very cool relationship. But you heard of a hall pass? Does your girlfriend ever say you can have a hall pass with like a hot girl?

Unknown Speaker 47:05
Oh, yes, I get a hall pass for any hot girl. Any hot girl. Okay, well, who's your number one, you know, celebrity crush. You see her at the fucking show? And you're like, babe, it's it's a three way and

Unknown Speaker 47:17
it's a three way so it's gonna be a big foursome. Oh, God. Okay, me and more sanko and Jess and Natasha all the ring girls from Invicta. You know, saying it's just us all piled up on top of me.

Unknown Speaker 47:31
It's like princesses and P you're the P. princesses on top of you. Yeah, got it. Okay. Sounds romantic, Tanya. Yeah. So, sex talk. I want to know any what's the craziest place you've ever had sex? Oh, gosh. You seem like you might have a crazy one. In the vault that you want to tell me?

Unknown Speaker 47:55
I don't even know. I don't even know crazy places. Maybe you don't remember?

Unknown Speaker 48:02
A lot of times I don't remember.

Unknown Speaker 48:04
But I mean, there's girls that I had sex with multiple times. I had sexual for a long time and then I've never I don't remember having sex with them one time. Like one time I remember a barely an image of me and then having sex. And then the rest the time I just saw popped up on every time we had Damn you alcohol.

Unknown Speaker 48:23
Oh my god. Damn, she was so hot. Remember Guinea of it? You know, I've had sex. There's so many times crazy.

Unknown Speaker 48:30
Whatever, scared I can't remember any of the crazy places might have been good.

Unknown Speaker 48:37
Well, I feel like if they remember and then your reputation, you know starts to grow as either good in bed or bad then you know, you know, even though you don't remember you still got a good rep Rep. So you're like, all right. I'm putting in work when I'm blacked out. Yeah, yeah. What is a bedroom pet peeve of yours. We've had you know, lots of people on some people say, you know, like hygiene. You know, people who are just musty stanky or unforgiving lovers, so they want to receive hair but don't want to give her that kind of thing.

Unknown Speaker 49:08
Oh, I know. I we talked about this night trying to think about I even asked my girlfriend. I was like, What? bothered me? I don't even know. I don't even care. You're like, I don't care about anything. I don't care about anything. No, no. Like no lazy lovers. Like you know what? I'm a total giver. So I don't even give a shit about that. Oh, that's. That's good. Yes. So well. What's it called? Like a pillow princess? Is that what it's called? Yeah, my girlfriend

Unknown Speaker 49:37
is a pillow princess. Just like a gay thing. Like it's like when one girl doesn't want to do any work or is it? If you I think it's definitely a strange thing to like my friend. I'll call her. Okay, um, yes, Mesa Dubai. Give her face all the time. Whenever. She doesn't have sex with him ever. She's like, I don't feel like

Unknown Speaker 49:59

Unknown Speaker 50:00
You're dominant, obviously dominant person aggressive. Are you dominant in the bedroom as well?

Unknown Speaker 50:06
Yeah, I choke them all. choke them off.

Unknown Speaker 50:10
I'm gonna I'm gonna segue right into our lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 50:25
So for those of you listening that don't know what the lightning sex round it is a one word one phrase rapid fire. I'm gonna say a phrase or word and Tanya has to answer yes or no. Are you ready, Tanya?

Unknown Speaker 50:38
All right. Lightning sex round are do you dirty talk in bed?

Unknown Speaker 50:44
No. Do you spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 50:48
I spank biting. I don't like I don't like it. I'll smack you crush it. Oh, God. I believe in

Unknown Speaker 50:57

Unknown Speaker 50:59
I bite Yeah, I buy. What if someone bites you?

Unknown Speaker 51:04
Yeah, I don't like I don't like when people do stuff that hurts me makes me angry. I like to do all kinds of stuff and people got it seems like it brings out that fighting side of us. You're like, oh, whoa, whoa, yeah, that flip that switch could get flipped real easy

Unknown Speaker 51:18
to think about as a kid. I don't like that shit. Oh, okay. PTSD, PTSD. joking.

Unknown Speaker 51:25
I choke a lot. Got it. threesomes Yeah. Always choke them. They always think they don't like to be choked. But I'd always say it's over. They're like, Oh, that's so awesome. And now they just grabbed my hand and put it on this and I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 51:40
Alright, threesomes

Unknown Speaker 51:42
Uh, yeah, I'm cool with that. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 51:46
A lot? Yeah. Any fetishes like foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 51:51

Unknown Speaker 51:54
I don't think I do but I'm my girl has every fetish you could probably think of. Oh, that makes her fun time. Box is huge is like huge sex. Toys and stuff.

Unknown Speaker 52:08
What about fetish like bodily fluids?

Unknown Speaker 52:12
No, I don't mind people. At all. Alright, germaphobe Oh, yeah. bondage like ropes blindfold.

Unknown Speaker 52:21
I don't really carry the way my girlfriend like all that stuff. Oh, you're just a team player. Party. You're in front of people and higher up and I call it a jaw. strengthener she calls it a gag ball. just rang.

Unknown Speaker 52:38
Potato Potato. I've tried to force it onto my buddies. And they aren't starting to stop and I'm always telling Josh right.

Unknown Speaker 52:46
Okay, role playing?

Unknown Speaker 52:49

Unknown Speaker 52:51
uh, yeah, sure.

Unknown Speaker 52:55
But stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 52:58
Not on me. I would. I would definitely eat a nap. Got it. And then do you use sex toys? I know that sex box probably. Yeah. ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? Yeah, million of those. Oh, I have to hear a story about that. And the last one. Are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 53:18
Um, well, I like them to be naked. But my girlfriend, Dre. I don't care either way. Yeah, it's just one more thing.

Unknown Speaker 53:28
Yeah, I don't even care what they have on.

Unknown Speaker 53:32
Take it off. Awesome. So this I gotta ask since you said you've been to plenty swingers or sex clubs. swinger party. Which one?

Unknown Speaker 53:42
Um, well, last night I went to the Folsom street fair one. The Folsom street fair. Yeah, that's just crazy. Tell me about that. Uh, well, we went to this microchip.

Unknown Speaker 53:56
You know, as opposed to, instead of Cisco?

Unknown Speaker 54:00
Yeah, I've been there. I used to live went to Menlo College so I would go to ride again.

Unknown Speaker 54:06
I guess pretty crazy. So we went to this has been event or whatever and it was like a it was a two day thing and the first day was like some weird party at this club and the second one was in a club and so we go in and it was us and whatever one of my girlfriend's friends it was literally they had sex sweets everywhere. They had the stage as me after getting whipped

Unknown Speaker 54:30
so bad they were like looting and shit they had all these tables where they're making people do all this like torture issues shit. They had this one thing like it was like a horse saw like that or whatever you sit lay over I guess and strap them down or whatever. Feed them and

Unknown Speaker 54:50
dumb last one we went to but I'm like, Oh, I'm not cool with it all. But are you more of just like a spectator or do you participate in the crowd? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 55:00
Don't give I don't give a shit either way, but like, I'll be right back if she leaves and sometimes she's like, put my backpack

Unknown Speaker 55:10
like we're gonna go out here and get over the road so go down here

Unknown Speaker 55:14
same period. And then she wants to try out everything so well your girlfriend's

Unknown Speaker 55:20
port for support for

Unknown Speaker 55:24
Yeah, you're like I don't mind it. Yeah I don't mind it and then when I lived in California was so

Unknown Speaker 55:31
I love that we're gonna end the show with a game and then some fan questions. The game is fuck marry kill Are you familiar with it?

Unknown Speaker 55:47
One marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. Yeah, sure. So the three days I'm gonna I'm gonna give you our Gina Carano miesha Tate and Laura sanko Whoa, your dog.

Unknown Speaker 56:04
So, my dog

Unknown Speaker 56:06
who you want to fuck who you want to kill and who do you want to marry at a Gina Carano miesha Tate Oh gosh.

Unknown Speaker 56:13
Well, what's the kill nation state obviously, uh

Unknown Speaker 56:20
I could do Gina Carano for the fucking or things like that. Mary? Yeah, Laura sanko seems like wife material for sure. Yeah, got a good sense of humor. All right, some fan questions already crossed.

Unknown Speaker 56:39
At I am Bundy. body part that when touched in whatever way turns her on the most.

Unknown Speaker 56:47
Such that they want to know what body part on me. We all are.

Unknown Speaker 56:52

Unknown Speaker 56:55
You like a nape of the neck girl you would like bottom of your butt cheeks?

Unknown Speaker 57:02
You could brush my shoulder and I'm like

Unknown Speaker 57:06
I don't know. The hot girl. I don't know. I felt a little window. my elbow. I'm ready. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:15
Okay, I love that. I love it. I love that answer. Okay. Lance underscore 737. Who's the hottest spider then and now?

Unknown Speaker 57:27
I don't know when then means but back in the day and then now.

Unknown Speaker 57:32
It's got to be the same girl. No, I think it means like back then. Who was the hot you know the hot chick and then now who's the hot chick was back in the day? Obviously for sure. And then

Unknown Speaker 57:43
now that there's so many and I don't even know none of the names.

Unknown Speaker 57:51
So many girls

Unknown Speaker 57:54
don't know.

Unknown Speaker 57:55
Just the first numbers first hot fighter chick that you know you're like, oh, whenever her picture pop up. You're like yeah, like in those?

Unknown Speaker 58:03
Oh, well. I would have to say lower sample but she doesn't really fight anymore. She saw me hot girls. I don't know either names. I just I'm like, Oh, fuck that girl. That girl. And then some girls. I'm like, Ah,

Unknown Speaker 58:16
now I can fight and I'm like, Oh, fuck. Yeah, you're that's how it is for me as well. You know, someone's like, semi attractive and they go and they fucking win their fight and exciting fashion. You're like, Oh, you just went boop boop boop 10 points higher.

Unknown Speaker 58:32
Okay, some reason I'm attracted to you. They're exactly at Gary. W MJ. Have you ever hooked up with a friend's girlfriend? Ooh, scary.

Unknown Speaker 58:44
Yeah. Oh, bummer. Yeah. Yeah, well, I mean, I don't think they care. A lot of my friends asked me

Unknown Speaker 58:52
Dang. Must be nice.

Unknown Speaker 58:55
If not my app you wouldn't even believe

Unknown Speaker 59:00
told me to fuck their wives. Oh, I won't put anybody on blast. But that sounds fun.

Unknown Speaker 59:06
Yeah, I will get you in trouble. At faster faster pushing boots. What the heck? Who were your idols coming up? And who helped you the most in your career? Good question.

Unknown Speaker 59:20

Unknown Speaker 59:22
it's like a village to build me. I'm around like crazy. Um,

Unknown Speaker 59:28
so I don't know I think I started out with Uriah and

Unknown Speaker 59:34
Nick Diaz train cross train with both those guys so at their gyms or whatever. So them and then I think it

Unknown Speaker 59:43
came shamrocks. I kind of

Unknown Speaker 59:46
went into my own, you know what I mean, when I was there.

Unknown Speaker 59:51
So, I don't know those are probably the three that the three top places I can't really say anybody's specific because I move all over and train with everybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
Yeah, yeah, it's you know, like you start one location and the people, the coaches, the teammates, the skills that you learn along the way. It's it's a compilation of who you are today. And you know, sounds super bored. Yeah, do you? It depends on Yeah, I get super bored at a certain place. And then also, I have to feel really comfortable there. And if anything feels off, I'll lose. Like, I just, yeah, that's the whole reason. I feel like I got

Unknown Speaker 1:00:27
too complacent. Yeah, that's important because there's some people who are loyal to a fault. And some people who move around without any kind of loyalty and one is not worse than the other. But it's I feel like it's about finding that happy medium. Like you said that comfortability that people who are looking out for you your best interests. Yeah, you know, the good teammates to push you, you know, not just beat your ass and not the people that just fucking crush and unless you're, yeah, unless you're a badass gym, and you're bringing people over. For me, I just, I like to smaller gyms, I get better, better coaching there, I get more attention. I get training partners that aren't trying to hurt me. You know what I mean? And my coach is usually a little more humble, and they'll bring people over from a train or I'll go cross train and they won't be so butthurt you know, so yeah, I feel the same exact way there. I was at this gym for five years called sub fighter, MMA and Laguna, very, very small hole in the wall, taped up bags, but it didn't matter. It was just you got some good I haven't had really fucking good coach and a couple handful of teammates that really just wanted the best for me. You'd beat you up until you couldn't get up and then kind of pick you up a little bit and then, you know, be doing some more and you're like, Fuck you. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:40
Okay, everybody limits and are making me work but not breaking. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. A few more questions, and then I'll let you go. Let's see. We've got at Kuru, comma, POC. What's the biggest lesson learned from your time in the cage?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:58
Oh, goodness gracious. biggest lesson learned? I don't fucking know. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
I don't shit. I don't know what losing socks. Yeah, I mean, every every opportunity is like your last. So it's really weird. Like, I would say, like, literally every fight has got to be you got to almost

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
pull out every problem or every issue that you have. And in this fight to all your abilities is literally one loss or during your entire career. So

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
it's been a struggle. Yeah, this sport is definitely one of those things where you don't really know what you got till it's gone.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:40
I feel you on that one. We're gonna end with one fun question at Jordi. photography. weirdest fan interaction.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:50
Oh, geez.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53
I don't know. I don't know. I hit a I don't know I get come on to a lot, right.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:02
turtles that are fans of mine. Like, cuz I always do that. Like, where I'll go out in the crowd and like, take pictures after my fight. And everybody kind of rallies around and waits for me to come out. And oh, yeah, it makes it makes a huge scene a lot of times, but a lot of my fans are our girls, and they're super touchy in all up all over me. So. Yeah, never the weirdest, you know, I feel like they probably are extra touchy with you because they they're like, yeah, cuz you seem like a person who's a little bit extra touchy. So like, it's okay, you know, so you're probably just molester

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
prep of a girl.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:40
How to Get her

Unknown Speaker 1:03:43
real real.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:45
Hey, girl. Hey,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:49
Tanya, thank you so much for doing the show. Where can we find you all your social media handles or anything you want to promote or plug now's the time to do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:58
Yeah, just

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
just my my, you know my own name on online. Nobody's trying to be me so fine. And then I got my Instagram. I don't really get on Twitter. But I'm on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Just there. And then.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:14
Yeah, that's about it. It's all at Tanya Avenger. Correct? Yeah, yeah, got it. Well, I hope you get a fight soon. I really I don't care if I see you MMA Bare Knuckle Bare Knuckle MMA. I think that

Unknown Speaker 1:04:28
the Who? Whatever organization signs you it's gonna be an awesome fight. So keep in touch and hope you get a fight soon. Talk to you soon. Yeah, me too. Appreciate it. Bye. Bye. I hate boys.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:44
So fucking much.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:49

Unknown Speaker 1:04:51
Y'all fuckin

Unknown Speaker 1:04:56
Why you gotta be like this. Why you gotta pull that shit saying that you can't

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
Hang on with your friends. It means

Unknown Speaker 1:05:03
the boom when you wait so I want to hook up this buckroe thinking you'll hit it well No sir. Ah Hey boys.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:13
So fucking much

Unknown Speaker 1:05:18

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
Y'all fuckin the

Unknown Speaker 1:05:26
way you think that every girl wants you back is you dated I hate to break it to you but that thick is overrated. Your ego veil inflated. Alright, that is it for Episode 64. Tanya, oh, filthy Tanya Avenger.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:45
I knew that she was gonna have some good stories. And my favorite thing about her is that she doesn't give a fuck about what anyone thinks about her. Not any organization or an agent or social media. And I really, really love that.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:00
So I'm really looking forward to seeing her fight again. I love that she still has that passion and whatever it is, I'll be tuning in for sure. I love you guys for always tuning in. Thanks. Thank you so much for all your fan questions every week special thank you to audio engineer DJ zol at DJ zol tomorrow could studio at tomorrow kids official Pinnacle sound at Pinnacle sound OC, and you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself. At Ashley MMA. We also have a backup Instagram account that is at sex and violence with rebel girl and the number two after it because there are Karen's in the world and you never know what's going to happen. I hope you guys enjoyed this week's show. Have a great weekend. Watch those fights, have fun. And remember, be kind be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Talk to you guys next week with a new guest

Unknown Speaker 1:06:56
and more tales of sex and violence.

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