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Ep.67 Abigail Mac

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl, where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and that all do seven subjects sex. I'm your host Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence. What's happening? Hot Stuff.

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What's up on my naughty listeners, we're back with another episode. It's been a pretty fun week. I've got some fun tidbits to share with you. Let's see, I did something fun for once. It's not all rehab and injury stuff. I went to see Eddie Bravo live at the rec room in Huntington Beach. Actually, I've never been to that venue before it was really fun. It was, I think it's on the newer side. And they have a whole bunch of games. It's like a blend of a comedy venue and Dave and Busters. So me and the boyfriend were like, Alright, let's make this a date night, please go see some comedy and then play some laser tag. And they have like a VR set that we didn't get to play. I've actually never done it, but I'm excited. And that was fun. You know, I went kind of not expecting the most out of Eddie just because I think he's an awesome guy. But I'd never seen his stand up. He was fucking hilarious. And the whole, I guess, you know, the, the genre or the the whole category of comedy is conspiracy theories. And the name of it is called tinfoil hat comedy. And I wasn't really sure if I was gonna dig it because I know a few things that are conspiracy theories, but I don't research. I don't dig into it. I hear things here and there. But But anyway, it wasn't all conspiracy theories. And the ones the jokes that were about conspiracy theories were fucking hilarious. So if you guys can, I would highly recommend going to see Eddie Bravo, and Sam Tripoli, and there was a few other opening acts that were also hilarious. And actually they did. One. One guy had a young female UFC, UFC fighter joke. And I didn't see any other female UFC fighters in the crowd. So I felt personally attacked, but it was hilarious. And I have thick skin. It was about fighters, female fighters and their menstrual cycles, so I won't give it away. Guys. It was TMI. This show is TMI, it was awesome. tinfoil hat comedy. Eddie Bravo, Sam Tripoli. Check it out. I think they they're doing a tour right now. And then upcoming event, I want to tell you guys about his submission. Only series and USA grappling are putting on an event in Los Angeles, above the skyline of LA. So it's going to be on a huge, it's on a rooftop overlooking the whole skyline of Los Angeles. It's going to be six super fights, different jujitsu matches. And then in addition, the World Team trials for USA grappling are going to be held the same night. So the winners of the USA grappling team trials will then go on to compete at the worlds in Serbia. That's That's too little over two weeks away. You guys can get tickets. I think they go on sale tonight. I'll have a link in the show notes for all that. And it's on October 9. So if you guys want to check it out, you can buy tickets. It's a really cool venue. You can watch some you know nogi Jiu Jitsu and then USA grappling. They are basically trying to get grappling into the Olympics and it's a really cool endeavor. I think that's going on. They like few things that I want to tell you about that my you know, spark your interest are they have a one they have an NCAA Division One champion who's making him his submission grappling debut. He's looking for a partner so I mean, opponent, not partner, I guess dance partner, whatever you want to call it. And there's 205 superfight a 145 Super fight with row row sauce. And then the main event is a 175 pounds super fight with Andy vermelha. Who if you don't know who that guy is on the jujitsu scene, he's super entertaining. He's just an exciting Grappler to watch. So check that out submission only series five, and they are also doing the USA grappling World Team trials October 9. So injury update I am doing good with the rehab, acupuncture, massage all that. But in two weeks, I'm getting a actually I'm getting my x rays and MRIs for like then nine months post op. So just make sure everything's going good with my spine surgery. If you guys are new listeners, new followers, you don't know I got a spine surgery back in December, I'm nine months post surgery. And it's just been a very fucking slow and tedious road back to the octagon. But always keep you guys up to date with what's going on. I'm going to get that I'm going to get a PRP injection in my neck, which sounds crazy, but i've you know already undergone, you know, spine surgery and spine up and epidural shots before my last fight. So this should be nothing. I've got PRP in my elbow before. So I know what to expect. I'll be in pain probably for like a week to 10 days. But eventually it should help the healing process along. But yeah, I'll keep you guys up to date with that just every week getting better closer to get back in the cage trying not to eat too many potato chips, you know, normal life of a fighter who's on the bench. And then something that is very heavy on my heart. Last week I spoke about Susie fritton of the UFC. Her passing she passed two weeks ago. And today I'm actually on my way out to Las Vegas to go to a celebration of life. I don't think they want to call it a funeral. But yeah, a celebration of life will be tonight in Las Vegas, and I'm looking forward to saying my goodbyes to Susie. I honestly haven't been to a funeral slash celebration of life since my grandmother who passed away. Man, I was a junior in college. So 2008 Wow, it's been a long time since I went to a funeral. I've been very lucky to not have any, anyone close to me pass away. I know that's not the case with many people this past year and a half because of the pandemic and normal life catastrophes. So if you've lost somebody, my heart goes out to you. And yeah, I don't really know what to expect. I am already a crybaby. So, lots of tears, I'm probably gonna have to wear lots of waterproof mascara. And it'll be good. I know, there's gonna be a lot of people who loved her there because she was such a kind, beautiful, giving, you know, till the till the very end just such a giving person. I know there's gonna be a lot of people that I know there. So it will be good to say goodbye, and then see some friendly faces as well. And on a lighter note, guys, the website is up. So if you guys want to go check that out. That is sex violence with rebel sounds weird, not sex and violence, sex violence with rebel girl calm, because some douchebag tried to steal our website. So check that out. If you want to stay up to date on the episodes, there's transcripts on there for the audio impaired. If you want to do an article about us or you know, transcripts are always available. I think that's very important. We've been doing that since day one. And now there's a place to check them out. Also, we have gear, shirts, hats, water bottles, a whole bunch of crap on there that has the sex and violence with rubble gold logo, I worked with least four different designers. So tons of different designs. There are mainly punk rock influence, which you know, if you guys know me, I love punk rock. And that's my style. I think I'm gonna this next, the next go around, we might do some different styles so that you know, it's not just a punk rock type of logo, but But yeah, check that out sex violence with rebel And tomorrow, actually, I'm going to be in Vegas, but I don't think I'm going to stay. I think I'm just going to do a quick turnaround trip. I think actually, I think I'm gonna drive out Friday today and then just drive back tonight. That's what I think but who knows, maybe I might stay one night. But tomorrow the fights are actually in Vegas and they are live for a live crowd UFC 266 on pay per view. So if you're not going to be in Vegas, you can check it out on pay per view. UFC champion Alexander volkanovski and Valentina Shevchenko defend the respective titles in front of a live crowd in Sin City. So also the fan favorite Nick dheas. He makes his long awaited return de Jaisal is going up. Oh.

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And he's taking on the hard hitting MMA legend. Robbie Lawler. Robbie Lawler. I'm a big fan of Robbie Lawler as well. Are you going for? He's a fan of both. But who are you gonna pick? Oh, you already know my colleague, boy. You're going for ideas. I'm going for Robbie. make a bet. Oh, yeah. Okay, we're shaking hands. We're gentleman's better. Sure. Gentlemen is better do we want to put some make it interesting? We want to do?

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No, no. Okay, we can put money down.

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Okay? Okay say one of us has to make a funny post. I like money so Okay, so fine. I got $5 Robbie Lawler and DJ Saul's got five bucks on Nate Diaz. So we'll see who wins. The rest of the fight card is pretty awesome. We got volkanovski versus Brian Ortega. I know volkanovski is awesome little powerhouse but T city. I got TCT going for DC Yeah, this is all too Okay. Then we got the women's flyweight championship on the line. Valentina. One of the best out there. She's taken on Lauren Murphy, sex and violence with rebel girl alum. We got to go for Lauren. I know. We're both going for Lauren. I know. Guys. crazier things have happened. Her name is lucky Laura Murphy. If she does this, it will be awesome. So I'm rooting for Lauren. Curtis blades versus jairzinho rozenstruik. That's gonna be good one Jessica on drudge versus Cynthia calvillo. Cynthia was on the show as well. We're going for her. In the prelims are stacked as well. We got murghab devilishly versus Marlin Marius. naza. Raw hopper Ross versus down hooker. Ooh, got to go for 10 hooker. He's so fun to watch. Jamil. I'm so sorry. Abba Durkin Ma. That's probably not right. Krista Kok versus Chris Dukakis. And then Ooh, a flyaway fight. I'm really interested in Roxanne mata fari. Versus to Leah Santos. I was supposed to fight to Leah in Uruguay and I I hurt my knee sparring and got a got knee barred by an A hole. And I had to pull out of that fight. And so every time I see someone I was supposed to fight like her. One time I was supposed to fight the sister ship Tango sister. What's her name?

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What? Enter Nina, Antonia. So every time I see someone I was supposed to fight, I'm like, ah, anyway, so um, pay close attention. And then the other prelims, just it's a stat card, there's about four or five more fights on the card. Check it out, guys, super entertaining fights that are going to be put on tomorrow night. If you guys want to email me the email is sex and violence You guys can send me whatever you want. If you have any questions about the show guest suggestions. And if you have a company or a product that you want to promote on the show, we are now accepting sponsors. Speaking of sponsors, we are proud to announce our newest sponsor of the podcast, perfect sports. When choosing a supplement company, most would think it's an easy choice. But it's not. It's a matter of pride. You have your goal set to become who you were meant to be a decision, a moment in life when you decide to be more, to be great to use everything you can to be more than who you were. I choose perfect sports as my supplement company. Because perfect sports has been dedicated to providing top pros and athletes with the absolute highest quality nutritional supplements for over 18 years. Since 2003. Perfect sports has been the choice for the most dedicated and discerning MMA and physique transforming athletes who demand the very best. Perfect sports is known for their product, diesel, New Zealand whey protein isolate. It's a pure grass fed, pasture raised protein that comes exclusively from the isolated island nation of New Zealand, virtually free of lactose with a 90% protein yield. Even people who feel that they might be sensitive to dairy, love this protein. I'm really most excited because you guys know me about their newest product, the diesel vegan that we'll be ready in about a month, so stay tuned. But they aren't just a protein company. They've got products for bulking and leaning out products for strength and recovery, pre workout, or health and wellness to keep your immune up during these unprecedented times. Buy online at www dot perfect and use code rebel girl for 20% discount. Connect with them on social media for all their latest product releases and giveaways. That's at perfect sports tm again, connect with them on social media for all the latest products and giveaways at perfect sports. Tm choose perfect sports be great. It's summer camping season. Let's talk about pitching tense. That's right. This episode is sponsored by blue chew. Blue chew is a unique online service that delivers the same active ingredients as Viagra and Cialis but in chewable tablets at a fraction of the cost. The process is simple. Sign up at Blue consult with one of their licensed medical providers and Once you're approved, you'll receive your prescription within days. The best part, it's all done online. So no visits to the doctor's office, no awkward conversations, and no waiting in line at the pharmacy. Bluetooth tablets are made in the USA and prepared and shipped direct to your door. In a discreet package. Guys, there's nothing sexier than confidence and blue Chu can help give you the confidence where it counts. So if you can benefit from extra confidence when it's time to perform, blue Chu can help. And we've got a special deal for our listeners. Try blue Chu free when you use promo code. Ashley as h l e at checkout, just pay $5 shipping. That's Blue promo code Ashlee a sh l e to receive your first month free. Visit Blue For more details, and important safety information. Ladies, Bluetooth is exclusively for men, but the end result is something you'll both enjoy. So get your man to sign up. Today's guest is an adult film star who's been in hundreds of adult films and on magazine covers such as penthouse and hustler. She's won many avian expos and Pornhub Awards Won being female performer of the year. She herself hosted the x biz awards in 2020. She's a fleshlight girl and is one of the top earners on only fans. We talked about not Power Rangers power Bangor's accidental face parting happily married sex workers real life stalkers open relationships vs polyamory pegging men of power, Lenny Kravitz, booty and much more. Here is your guest, Abigail Mack.

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face a god mom.

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And we are on with Abigail Mac. Abigail, how are you today?

Unknown Speaker 17:26
I am doing wonderful. How are you?

Unknown Speaker 17:28
I'm awesome. I love love being in the studio. It's one of my favorite things to do. I'm Oh, I don't know if I'm quite making money yet. But let's just say it's my job. So I love my job.

Unknown Speaker 17:41
Well, they say I love what you do. And then hopefully you can make money from it eventually.

Unknown Speaker 17:45
Yeah, love what you do. And you never work a day in your life. But oh, I don't think that's true, because I love fighting. But there's a lot of fuckin work that goes into fighting.

Unknown Speaker 17:56
Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine the training.

Unknown Speaker 17:59
So I want to learn all about you. It's, it's so fun. Because, you know, you get, you know, in your 20s and your 30s and you're doing whatever job and then you, you're like, Oh, did I choose the right profession? And, you know, not saying that I wish I was an adult entertainer. But I wonder like, how do you get into the industry? You know, was it something that you want to do for a long time? Could you give us you know, I don't want to say brief but you know, be detailed if you want to. But how'd you get into the industry?

Unknown Speaker 18:31
Um, yeah, I think that a lot of people have a very different experience. Everybody's kind of on their own journey. I don't know, if a lot of people I've met a couple of women who's like, Oh, I want to be in porn, you know, since I turned 18. But for me, it was super random. I was in college, not really sure what I wanted to do in college. And I was that way, even in high school, you know, the make you take those tests, like, what do you want to be when you go? Oh, this sounds horrible. I don't want to I was never one of those people. Like you fill out the job applications. It's like, do you take orders? Well, do you like working for other people? And I was like, absolutely not. When people tell me what to do. I just lied on all job applications to put myself through school. You know, so, like, I always knew I wanted to work for myself. But porn wasn't really in my reality. You know, when I thought of porn, we didn't really grow up in that age where you could just get on the computer and watch porn is usually just like magazines, or a little bit more hidden than that because the internet wasn't like a thing until I was in high school. So yeah, I was just in college. And I remember I was waiting tables and taking classes here and there. And I was feeling stuck. Like I was taking classes, nothing really stood out to me. I just didn't love what I was doing. I was kind of just waking up mindlessly every day going, What is life? And I did use Craigslist. I'm not really sure Craigslist is still around. But I found apartments on Craigslist, we would find old furniture on Craigslist, things like that. And I would go and peek at the jobs every once in a while. And this girl posted this photo, and she was just like laying on a couch in this beautiful lingerie set. going, Hey, do you want to make money every week? Here's my contact. I'm like, What is this girl doing? I'm like, What do you mean, make money. And she's like, from home. She was my age as well. So I randomly messaged her back. I don't know why I did. I think I was just feeling stuck and lost. And she's like, Oh, I'm a webcam model. I'm like, I have no idea what that means. What do you mean your webcam model? She's like, Well, how about we meet at a bar? And I'll just tell you what I do. And you can get to know me a little bit better. And see if we vibe. I'm like, Okay, sure. Sorry. I remember I was at work. And then I walked across the street to this little local bar, still in my work uniform, and met her and she told me all about webcam and how we can make money together and how it's so easy. And the success that she's seen from it because she was putting herself through school as well. And so I was like, Okay, I'll try it, whatever. And a couple of weeks later, I went to her house, and she turned on the webcam. And we kind of did our thing. And I remember I think in one day, we each made like $1,000 each. And I was like, to me, I can make $100 and tips. I was like yes, this is a great night. So that was mind blowing. For me that was mind blowing money. I was like, What is this world? What have I gotten myself into. And so it became this weekly thing where I would just drive to her apartment, we would have fun together. It was really light. It wasn't very intense. It was like, very playful. We would, you know, take our clothes off and just have fun and interact with people. And we were making really, really great money to a point where she's like, you need to make your own account. So you can do this at your house too. And I started doing that. Then I quit my job that I was working as a waitress. And I started doing webcam every weekend either with her or on my own time at my house. And then someone found me on webcam. It was a company in Los Angeles and like, Oh, you should come down and shoot for mainstream porn. And I thought to myself, that's sketchy. They're trying to murder people. I had no idea. I was very uneducated about all of this. I was I had no idea what I was doing. How old are you? I think I was 21 or 22 years old. Okay. Still just very. I don't think people realize how young 21 and 22 you actually are like your Yeah, basically, you have no idea what you're doing. You barely even know how to pay your own bills.

Unknown Speaker 23:27
Yeah, I can't even I sometimes I think about myself at 21 I'm like, how did I survive? I like I don't know

Unknown Speaker 23:36
how we're here. Yeah, it was. It was tragic. But we're here. And so I actually this girl that I was doing webcam with she had came to Los Angeles and shot some girl girl stuff and solo stuff. So I asked her and she's like, Oh, that's actually legit company. I know them issues giving me some insight to management agencies and things like that. So I agreed to do this one shoe here in LA it was just a solo thing. Very playboy ask. Easy work. He flew me down. I shot for two days in Malibu, because I was not living in California at the time. And I was like, Oh my god, this is amazing. Like, this is so much fun. I can't believe that you can get paid to do stuff like this. I thought that I would be more nervous or it would be more nerve wracking for me. And it wasn't at all. Taking off my clothes. I guess I was a little like, hesitant because I didn't know how to pose my body correctly. And I just like, in my mind, I just wanted to look good and do a good job. But it was easier than I thought and I remember it coming back and talking to my man and going like, Listen, like this is something that we could pursue. This is a way to you know, make more money and maybe we should just try this out for a while. And so at that time I didn't have enough money to pay off my lease. So I had to stay where I was living for about six more months, six to eight more months. And then we packed up a van and moved to California. And then I just started doing porn.

Unknown Speaker 25:14
And that was in like, studio setting. Right? production. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 25:19
I mean, yeah, mainstream porn, I guess you would call it. Yeah. For companies.

Unknown Speaker 25:23
Yeah, you and I talked briefly before, and there's seems to be a big switch nowadays with, you know, the ability for content creators to just do their own thing versus go to a studio and shoot with a production company? And do you think that there's, you know, most creators like yourself, or are doing productions? Or are they just doing it on their own now,

Unknown Speaker 25:48
I think a lot of people are doing it on their own, it really depends on what people want to do. So I know girls, that the shooter, girls and guys, and non binary friends that shoot their own content, and they still work for companies because they like it. And I really do believe like, if you love something, that's what you should be doing, regardless of money. So I know people that only want to do scenes, because shooting your own content and making that is a lot of work. I think people like oh, you just put up your phone and you do something and like, no, there's like, there's outfits, there's scenarios, you know, usually have to get camera equipment and everything. So it is a lot more work than people think that it is

Unknown Speaker 26:35
I'm sure it is.

Unknown Speaker 26:37
Yeah, so I think it just is a personal preference. I do know that people that don't want to work for other people just have really got into content creation, because you do make more money on your own. So is a good outlet.

Unknown Speaker 26:52
You said, you know, when you first started that you were a little nervous to take off your clothes, but you didn't know how to pose but I feel like there would be some other things that people are nervous about. Sometimes people don't want their families to find out or their significant others. But sounds like you had a partner who was into you know, who was supportive and let you do this. And then were you worried about your family finding out at all? Or was that something you didn't? You didn't care about?

Unknown Speaker 27:24
I guess I was a little worried about people in my life, not just my family, but maybe friends just thinking of me in a different way. But I've also had this attitude towards family and friends that it's like if you don't accept me for who I am, but you're not really my friend or my family and I don't care. I have always been this kind of like, it's my way or Fuck you.

Unknown Speaker 27:50
I love me. That's very rebel girl esque over here. I read my nickname is rebel girl. And I've had the same mentality. And I urge people to have that mentality. You know, I think too many people do. What is Oh, I'm doing using air quotes, but like, okay, and society, and yeah, I mean, even being a female fighter, it's like, oh, that's not lady like, you know, being an adult films. Yeah. Working in porn, like, Oh, that's taboo. And that's why we love to talk about these things on the podcast. So I love that if you're not gonna stand by me with what I want to do, then bye, Felicia.

Unknown Speaker 28:26
Yeah, and a lot of my family, I am adopted. So my adopted family isn't like my real family. So it kind of put me in this mindset that, you know, blood isn't technically your family, your family is who loves you and supports you no matter who it is. And I really learned that from a young age. And so my adoptive father is very, I guess, stubborn like I am and very, he does things the way he wants to do them. And so I think it just rubbed off on me. And I'm a non traditionalist. Even when I got married, I didn't tell my family, we just went to the courthouse and did it. And he's like, I told him, he's like, I didn't see it any other way. He's like, I knew you're just gonna do what you wanted to do. And I'm happy for you. So I've always just kind of, Hey, this is what I'm doing. This is what I did. They're like, Alright, like you're expected for me now.

Unknown Speaker 29:22
That's great. Yeah. I mean, there's obviously not everyone has had such a easy going family situation. So 100% That's great. That's awesome. And you so you're married?

Unknown Speaker 29:34
I am married. So I've been with my man. Oh my gosh, 1313 years,

Unknown Speaker 29:43
is the same guy you were with when you first started doing porn? Yes. So

Unknown Speaker 29:47
we were together years, years before I started doing anything. We met in college when I was 19 or 20 years old, and I didn't get into mainstream adult until I was 23. And so we kind of have been through this journey together every step of the way.

Unknown Speaker 30:06
Yeah, that's amazing. And I have so many questions just because, you know, that's not your traditional relationship, right? It's, you know, a man and a woman. And if the girl talks to another guy, the guy gets all, you know, alpha and aggro about it. But this is the total opposite end of the scale the spectrum where your husband is okay with you having sex with other people as a profession. So has there been problems with this? Or were there just clear lines? Like, how did you navigate this in your relationship slash marriage?

Unknown Speaker 30:42
Hmm. So, um, like I said, I am a non traditionalist, and I'm that way, we are both that way, in our relationship as well, where we're not dominating people, we don't own each other, I don't believe that you should own another person. They are, they are their own person, right. And so it was interesting, and it wasn't easy to navigate. First of all, we are always concerned about safety, about being safe on set, being safe around other people, you know, being careful, also being safe with our bodies. So when you're having sex on camera, you want to make sure and the industry is really good about this. But you're getting tested every 13 days, making sure you're not, you know, hurting yourself in any way, making sure there's always consent. So safety was always a huge concern. And then also, before I would do anything he's like, Is this what you want to be doing? I never want you to go on set and do something that you don't actually want to do. He's like, I would rather you go and have fun and have a great experience, because sex should not be involved in any sort of like, negative way, you know, you should never have a negative experience with sex, if you can try to avoid it, because that causes trauma. And that can really affect you for the rest of your life. Yeah. So I feel like those were our biggest concerns. And while I was shooting mainstream, like I told you on the phone, I did it really slow where I was webcam, and then I only wanted to have sex with women at first, because that's what I was comfortable with. And so for years, I only had sex with women. And I remember sitting down with my husband, and he's like, is this something we should talk about? Do you prefer to be with women? Because if this is like, you know, like, something, you know, you should be open and honest. And like, I love women, I do prefer, I don't know, having sex with women, I am more sexually attracted to women, but I am bisexual, I love men to just something draws me to fucking women. I don't know what it is. It's just who I am. And so that's why I did that for so long on camera until I finally slowly branched out and taken the penis as well. And there was that conversation where we sat down, he's like, Okay, well, you should make a list of people you feel comfortable working with. Because if you're going to go, you need to go and have a good experience. I think like, that's the thing that he was most worried about, that I was gonna go have bad experiences. He's like, so you should do what you want to do, you know, and go have fun. Because if you're not having fun, what's the point? You know? Yeah, so it was very supportive in that way. And then very early on, I started shooting, shooting content, because back there, there wasn't like an only fans, but you could have your own website. Websites didn't really make a lot of money. But it was a way to have your own content and kind of build that for yourself. And then once the only fans dropped years ago, me and my man we actually shoot together. And so we shoot our own con together, content together, we shoot with other people, and then he shoots with other people as well for their sights too. So a lot of people like Oh, how is a man supportive? Well, he was supportive, but also we were also shooting content together. He was shooting content with other people as well. So we are both sex workers. Okay, it

Unknown Speaker 34:27
makes a little more sense now. I mean, just because I think for someone like me to wrap my mind around that type of relationship, only because I haven't seen it heard it, you know, been exposed to it. It's so different. But my next question was going to be when you got into sex work, did he as well?

Unknown Speaker 34:48
Yes. So he didn't in the beginning, because we didn't know what where we are going to take this. At first. It was kind of like, Oh, I'm going to try this. Feel it out. See if I like I like it. And then I did it for a couple years. And it's like, oh, well, this is a good way to make money. And then when I branched out and started shooting, boy girl content and shooting my own content, the money became so valuable, where we're like, oh, wow, we could really make this into a brand. We could really make this into a career, and we can really make this into a future that we could, you know, sustain the rest of our lives with. So,

Unknown Speaker 35:28
yeah, are you what is your husband's name? If you're comfortable saying that, Zach. Zach, so if we wanted to see his work, how was Zach?

Unknown Speaker 35:37
Oh, um, well, if you want to see his work, you can just go on my only fans.

Unknown Speaker 35:41
Got it. Got it. Okay. Yes. So we do everything together. Okay. So I was gonna say, Are you he's active, you're both active, still creating content, right? Yes. Okay. So it seems like such a symbiotic relationship that you guys have going on? Has there been any types of kinks? Any any struggles, in kind of navigating anything that, you know, has been an issue in this, you know, your kind of unorthodox relationship?

Unknown Speaker 36:10
100% there's, yeah, nothing is ever been perfect. And it hasn't at all in people that say that it is, or out of their minds. Because like, we were raised, both add on, or maybe it was just the millennial era, where our parents are boomers. So we kind of get raised in a little bit religion a little bit more conservative, you know, that lifestyle, I guess. And so everything was kind of branching out for us, it was like learning something new. So we've had lots of kinks or we could request to do some videos, where it's like, oh, we want to see you guys do a bondage thing. And at home, we're not really into like, hardcore bondage or anything. So it's a process. We're like, Okay, what are you comfortable with? This is what I'm comfortable with? Do you want to shoot this? Okay, I don't want to do that. I'm okay with shooting this. So it's always a conversation. And I think communication has been our Savior, because we always sit down. Listen, I'm comfortable with this. How do you feel about it? Okay, well, let's compromise and how about we do this? And so we never do anything we're not comfortable with doing?

Unknown Speaker 37:26
That's good. Yeah, I'm sure. Maybe communication was the issue at first. And then, you know, just like with any relationship over time, you know, you know, each each fight each each, you know, confrontation, you know, at the end of the day, I hopefully you take something away, right? How to communicate a little bit better with each other. Yes. That's great.

Unknown Speaker 37:48
communication can be really hard and effective communication can be even harder.

Unknown Speaker 37:53
Yeah. And it's not just men, women are hard to communicate with at times as well. So 100% not bad mouthing the guys, it's, it's both sides. Yes. So you talked about how, you know what you like, and your personal life isn't necessarily the same as what you do, you know, on set on camera. And I'm wondering, I feel like because, you know, some stereotypes out there about adult film entertainers being swingers, my first thought is, oh, they must be in an open relationship. But I know that's not the case. not always the case. How is it? You know, if you guys, you guys are married, but is there any kind of, you know, unwritten rules in the relationship? Since you guys are sex workers? You guys are more free with your bodies? What's that like for you guys?

Unknown Speaker 38:48
So the only rule with us is if we want to do something else, we talk about it again. Yeah, so a lot of people say like, oh, you're fucking someone else. That's cheating. And I feel like what a lot of people get upset about more than actually having sex with another person is going behind that other person's back lying to them. Yeah. And hiding hiding a huge part of themselves from that person. Right? Because if you're hiding something, what else are you hiding? Why are you hiding that from me? You don't trust me? You don't trust yourself? It becomes so much deeper than just sex, right? Yes. And so for us if you know somebody wants to do something is always we talk to each other first. And I think that's so important. I feel like I'm not everybody's going to be comfortable with fucking other people totally understand that as well. But if you are interested in you know, being with a person but then also playing with other people, you know, sitting down and talking to your partner, hey, these are the feelings that I've been having. Is this something that you would be comfortable with? Would it make you more comfortable if you were a part of it? Would it make you more comfortable if I left the house, or I have them here, you know, and just really diving into it and talking about boundaries and comfort levels between the two of you, and figuring out a solution, right? Because if you have this huge urge to do something that urges and going to go away. So it's really important to talk to someone that you love and that you respect about that. And so, yeah, communication is always been you know, it for us if we want to do anything with other people. And like you said, what I do in the industry is not that I don't want to do it, but it's not exactly what I do at home, right. So I will do things in porn, like, I don't know, doing an aggressive boy girl scene when really like, No, I just want to be the little spoon for a while. Back and forth. You do have those moments, but it's just like, that's not what real sex is. Right? porn isn't real. Let's go ahead and debunk that. Yeah, it is entertainment. We are actors and actresses. It's fun. Yeah, it is fun. Can you have those experiences? Yes, you can? Is it realistic to think every experience is like that? No, it's not. It's, uh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 41:16
It's crazy. Because there's so much access to adult content for the younger generation. You know, I'm like, oh, man, I'm so glad I don't have a kid that, you know, some of these younger children are going to log on to the computer and have access to porn. And then, you know, that's what they think sex is, you know, like, okay, so when I have sex, it's got to be two guys on one girl choking her like, Oh, no, this is this is not one, you know, sexes. And so it's crazy. There's, there's so much out there. And people start to think that, you know, porn is what real sex is. But just what you see on camera is it doesn't always translate to what actually happens.

Unknown Speaker 41:57
Yeah, porn. porn is entertainment. You know, it's, it's not real. It's entertainment. Everybody is paid actors and actresses. And you know, I can't really speak on raising children. I do not have children of my own. But it's so important to educate your children and talk to them about sex. And I feel like that's a huge responsibility that parents need to be willing to take on and also putting child box if you're going to let your kids you know, have access to, like iPhones and the computer or whatever, like you need to make sure to block certain sites because they're going to be curious or if the are curious, talk to your kids, man. You know, because the school education system is not teaching them anything, didn't teach me anything when I was in school, it seems like they're making even more laws to not teach these kids and not making sex education accessible to them. So just like talk to your kids. So I have to say about that

Unknown Speaker 42:55
more communication with your children with your partner. I want to take a quick break to thank our sponsor, perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative with their flavor options. their newest flavor of diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season, perfect has come out with a limited edition. pumpkin spice latte flavored protein. pumpkin spice latte provide the spicy and savory aromatic tastes that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember, guys, this is a limited edition. So make sure to get your orders in soon, inventory will be going quick. As always, this new limited edition flavor provides you with the same benefits that diesel always does. Its third party tested for banned substances and is the highest quality that protein can be. Order yours now by heading to perfect And using my code rebel girl for a 20% discount. Now back to the episode. What's one thing that you wish you knew early on in your career that you know now?

Unknown Speaker 44:00
Well, one thing

Unknown Speaker 44:03
What's one, let's say the biggest thing that would have helped you out, like, you know, a couple years went by and you're like, geez, I wish somebody would have told me so and so blah, blah, blah.

Unknown Speaker 44:14
I guess I guess I wish I would have just and this wasn't a huge deal. But like don't take any advice from anyone. I feel like in the industry, it's a lot of people like I was just trying to figure it out. And a lot of people think they know something, but really not a lot of people do. Do your own thing I wish I would have just and I did after a couple years I figured it out. But in the beginning just like do your own thing. build your brand as fast as you can and then shoot as much as your own content as you can. I did start really early. I did get very lucky. And I started shooting content my second or third year in the industry. But I'm almost like when Say, Hey, take take control of your brand faster, build your social media faster. And I mean, you can kind of look at anything go, Oh, I wish I did this. I wish I did that. But yeah, I guess that's the only thing I would say is like, focus on you focus on you more.

Unknown Speaker 45:16
Yeah. So what is your feeling with the explosion of personal content creation, like only fans and, and all this as opposed to when you first started the traditional studios and in productions like that,

Unknown Speaker 45:30
I think it's absolutely wonderful, I think it's great. It's so great, because you know, if you want to be a mainstream actor or actress, you can still do that there are still plenty of companies to work for. And if you don't want to have like your own content, or do all that work, you don't have to. But if you're a person that maybe never wants to show your face and only wants to do it part time, you can do that. Or if you're someone who works a real job, but wants to make a little bit extra money on the side, you can do that. It's just making it accessible for so many people in a very safe way. Because you never have to go on a set. No one is ever touching you, no one's doing anything that you don't want to do. So it's really great, because it's on your own terms. content creation is exactly what you want to do, whenever you want to do it, however you want to do it. So I really do feel like it is the most at most ethical way to make and consume adult content. So I don't know, I think it's great. And it's great that people can make money however they want to and not someone telling them to.

Unknown Speaker 46:47
Yeah, yeah. And I mean, I am assuming that you've had to deal with some creepers in real life, maybe, you know, involving, you know, your personal information getting out there and whatnot. I know, you must deal with tons of creepers in your DMS all the time, what are some tips that you would give to stay safe in that type of situation for the for the ladies or fellows that are, you know, creating their own content? Yeah, I,

Unknown Speaker 47:15
there are a lot of little tricks and tips that you can do. First, never put your real name out there, always try to create a stage name first. Try to make your adult life and your personal life completely separate, like separate social media accounts. So they don't really cross each other. If you ever accept mail or anything like that, go get a peel box and put it under a stage name. So it doesn't get traced back to you, or go in with a partner or a friend where they can put it under their name. There are a lot of little tricks like that. If you have like an Amazon wishlist, always hide your address, put a stage name on that as well. So little things to just try to keep yourself safe, I think are really important. There's a lot of little things like that, like you have to fill out paperwork in the industry where you have to put an address, where I've always created a business address. So it doesn't mind never have written my own address on anything. Because we have had instances where people have stolen paperwork and leaked people's information, which is horrible. But if my information is leaked, it goes to a business address somewhere I don't even live. So there's there's like little little tricks where you can keep yourself safe. So I guess just thinking about that, you know,

Unknown Speaker 48:43
on a, you know, not a happier note, have you had to deal with any kind of scary situations where you know, you thought your safety was at risk?

Unknown Speaker 48:54
Unfortunately, Yes, I have. I mean, at first, and this is something like if anybody decides to get into adult work, actually, I don't even think it's adult work. If anybody decides to be a influencer, or someone on the internet that people pay attention to I'm sure you've dealt with this as well is people from your past will try to spread your stuff everywhere, right? Like, oh, did you see this person they're doing this now posting pictures or videos or whatever. And I did have that happen. When I first started I had a personal Facebook and then I made a like a business, Facebook, you know, to try to keep it separate. And I remember someone where I was working was trying to post pictures of me on my personal Facebook that he had found on the internet. And at that point, I'm like, you know what, I just go ahead and deleted Facebook and like, I'm not gonna deal with this. This isn't anybody's business but my own and so I kind of just nip that in the bud really, really quick. But as far as Like safety things. Usually people are super chill and super cool. And I love talking and meeting people, you know, you're just like, hey, kind of grab a photo or how you doing or come I, we had a really nice person come up to us at dinner and they're like, oh, we'd like to have your dinner like things like that. And oh, thank you so much. That is so sweet. But I did have one instance of I was at a tanning salon actually asked coin to get a spray tan when I was still performing, which is awful, but I did it. And I remember I was sitting there and this person next to me kept on like staring and looking at me. And so I was like, Oh, that's kind of weird. I was kind of just looking at them from my side eye. And so when I got up to leave, I noticed that D got up right away, because they're just sitting there like not really talking to anyone not doing anything. And like that's kind of odd. And so they were following me. So I kind of walked like to the corner. I stood there, I didn't go to my car and they walked in stood just like five feet from me and just stood there. And then when I walked in my car, they started following me to my car. And so I like hurried up, got in my car, lock the doors, and I saw them just like standing there. And then he got into their car and I pulled out fast. But then I had to stop and you were right behind me. And so I was driving they're following me every turn the follow me. So luckily, I knew the neighborhood really well. And so I was just like we've an embargo and until I lost them and then I parked in a grocery store parking lot, waited, didn't see them and then went home.

Unknown Speaker 51:31
Oh my god. Yeah. Scary. Yeah, that Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:35
I didn't. I didn't you know, maybe they just wanted to say something. But I'm like, you know, I'm not going to drive home. So we don't know where I live. It's

Unknown Speaker 51:42
not the way to go about it. If you want to say something that's Yeah. Do you think that you should have called the police or, I mean, I owe you got away. And I feel like I probably would have done the same thing. Like, you know, that adrenaline and kind of, you know, start, you know, kind of like fearing for your life. And, you know, yeah, but at the same time, I'm like, Yeah, what would be the best move if you are being followed by someone?

Unknown Speaker 52:09
For sure. And lucky. Luckily, I lost them in under 10 minutes. I think that if you would have kept following me, it would be a good idea to call the police like, Hey, this is the license plate number, following me for sure. But I do feel like at the same time, like I wasn't even thinking about that. And that's something that people don't even realize, like when you're kind of panicking and freaking out like your first thought isn't to call the police. Your first thought is I need to get away and you're like, Oh, yeah, you know, yeah. Yeah. If you ever if you ever come in a situation where you feel scared or you feel threatened, call the police step.

Unknown Speaker 52:47
Oh, man, that's scary. I was my simple question was going to be like, Oh, do you get any crazy messages in your DMS, but that's way crazier. That's Yeah, that's on a whole nother level. That's a true stalker. Yeah, sorry. You had to deal with that.

Unknown Speaker 53:05
That's okay. happened so it's fine.

Unknown Speaker 53:10
Wow. So we had a guest on Kira batara super awesome girl and she is very vocal about being polyamorous. We talked you know about your open relationship and how you're, you're bisexual, would you consider yourself to be polyamorous as well?

Unknown Speaker 53:28
Um, well, polyamorous is kind of, it's a little different, right? Because and correct me if I'm wrong, it's kind of it's you and your partner. And then one other person that you're kind of seeing, like dating and seeing they're coming over a lot?

Unknown Speaker 53:42
Yeah, I would say like, it's, you know, I mean, and I am only learning on the fly here with my guests. But similar to what you said, you know, more of like a relationship, not just a hookup type situation where, you know, lots of love, not just physical love. That's what I think it is. But yeah, okay. Okay. Because those, yeah. Okay. Okay. And, and yeah, you know, like, we're all learning together. Because every day, you know, terminology changes and stuff like that. And we're just, I'm just trying to be very inclusive and learn. It's just so interesting.

Unknown Speaker 54:19
Yeah, it's very interesting. I would say we're more open. So we're not really looking for, like a romantic relationship with Oh, yeah, we are while we care about everybody and everybody I should say I because I can only speak for myself. I care about everybody that I come in contact with. And I think after care is so important, and a lot of people don't talk about that. But yeah, I'm not really looking for like a very deep relationship, a friendship, for sure. But on a romantic level, and this could change at any time. This could change in the future. But right now, it's really just fun, and it's purely sexual.

Unknown Speaker 55:01
Okay. Yeah, that makes sense. And that totally does clear it up, you know, because, you know, I'm learning you know what gender fluid is in polyamory and and and you know, open relationships and stuff like that. So yeah, that that makes it very clear you guys are married but open to, you know, bringing in others possibly on a sexual level,

Unknown Speaker 55:23
right? Yes, we love to bring in others on a sexual level.

Unknown Speaker 55:27
God sounds so scientific I know but it's so hard to get confused. It's like, Oh, this person likes girls and guys you're by Oh am I'm Paulie Wait, wait, wait, I'm so confused.

Unknown Speaker 55:38
Yeah, yeah. And that's what we were talking about that too I do consider myself by but I also am like okay, but am I sexually fluid? Or am I pansexual? Because I am attracted to non binary people. I am attracted to trans people as well. And so I don't know, it's hard to define yourself. And I do feel like you can always change that, you know, like, you can say thank you or something, and then it's totally okay to think something else tomorrow, or a couple years down the road or to change your mind or to feel different, like 110. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 56:14
Isn't it crazy how people they just think like, okay, when you're 13 years old, and you're straight, you know, if you change 510 20 years down the road, that's so weird. But what I liked when I was 13, is not what I like now. So why? Why can't it be the same way with sexuality? Why can't we grow, evolve, learn, learn new things and discover what we like, because I remember thinking to myself at 13 years old, okay, this is the boy I want to be with for the rest of my life. And that's it. I'm like, Oh, God, that would have been boring. So, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 56:51
yes. You think a certain way. And I think when you say you said like learning and experiencing new things. So I could do something tomorrow that I've never experienced before. And it could be a revelation for me. I'm like, Oh, my gosh, I can't believe I've experienced this. And I really do think the adult industry for that. Because while I was having a wonderful sexual relationship with my husband, getting into the industry taught me things that I didn't know that I was interested in, but I didn't know that I liked I didn't know were part of my sexual personality. And so it's really expanded my view on sexuality. And it's really taught me a lot about who I am sexually, even though I am still learning. It has really opened my eyes to like a whole new world of that.

Unknown Speaker 57:44
Yeah. What are some of your favorite sexual acts? Because I know, like we said, just because you do certain things, you know, in a scene doesn't mean that's your favorite thing to do.

Unknown Speaker 57:55
Oh, yeah. Well, I feel like in my my personal life, I always thought that I was more of a switch personality to where I'm more of like a push and pull, like, you take control, I take control, you take control, I take control, that sort of thing. And then being in the industry, I realized that I am more of a top. I like to be in control all the time. Okay. And I had no idea and usually just with women, but I had no idea I was like that, like I didn't know until I started performing that. That is what got me off by pleasing other people is really what I enjoy doing by controlling other people sexually, really mentally got me going. And I had no idea that it was a part of my sexual personality at all, do I always need to be a top? Absolutely not. But I do know now that that is something that I really enjoy doing. I didn't know that I was into like pain pleasure kinks, and not extreme pain, pleasure kings. This is something I actually wanted to ask you about. Since you are a female fighter. We must like pain a little bit is like not forcing pain, but things that are kind of strong and things that are pushing boundaries can be a really big turn on. So I don't know everything is kind of just like a learning experience. But I did want to ask you that. Like yeah you into like, like if you do have a pain, pleasure kink.

Unknown Speaker 59:33
So the question that I like to ask because we do have a lot of combat sports athletes, whether they're mixed martial artists or boxers, you are a special guest. We you know, basically it's like 90% athletes and then we sprinkle in, you know, adult film stars or actors or comedians and that kind of stuff. But we normally ask, Are you more on the aggressive side or the submissive side? It's kind of like an umbrella term right? Like it Yeah. All over the place. It's not like I am aggressive. But um, but for me personally, with my partner, I like to be more submissive because I am such a strong figure in my normal life, right? Like I wake up and in my life is all about getting stronger and working out. And, you know, kind of like I embody a strong woman like the alpha female. And so with on a sexual personal level, I love when my partner takes that role, and I can kind of let my guard down and just be submissive, and I don't have to, you know, be this alpha female. And so, but you said a term switch, what did you call it? Switch, switch, switch? And I? Yeah, I guess I am that. Because every once in a while, I do like to be very playful with my partner and kind of, you know, he's a black belt, jujitsu black belt. So he's, the more he's the stronger, more dominant person, but I like to pretend like, Oh, I'm controlling you now. And it's like, you know, he'll play along. But, uh, but yeah, like, I do like to just, you know, put down my guard and be more of a submissive, you know, be controlled. Really?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
Yeah, that's wonderful. And also, you have like, this big following, and you have your podcast to where, like, you are in control of so many things. I bet you it's just nice to let go. Just let go of all the control.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:27
Yeah. And I think, you know, like being very introspective and personal here, like, I am two years sober. And a lot of the times, I think, like just a little light bulb went off. I enjoyed drinking so much, because I lost control, you know, and in my normal life, I had to have so much control and be strong and do this. And then it was like, when I drank and partied, it was like, fuck it, like whatever and just could just let go. And now I can do that sexually with my partner and don't have to drink but Yeah, all right, that makes a lot of sense. Fine. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
goosebumps is very insightful, very you

Unknown Speaker 1:02:02
I'm like, Well, I'm learning things about myself with all of you guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
Yeah, they do notice a huge to do a little bit of like sugar daddy stuff. And it was always the really big like level CEOs guys with lots of money that wore suits in were in control of like, big corporations and stuff. They were always the ones that wanted to get pegged. Oh, they were always the ones that wanted to be submissive and they were just wanted to lay there and just like be controlled. So either like tied or pegged, or something like that. Do you want to do like ultra ultra submissive.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:50
Do you remember the first time you had to do a pegging not had to do but the first time you did a pegging thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:58
I had never done a pegging scene in mainstream adult film. But I have played around outside of that. Where we did like pegging fisting stuff. Yeah, I remember it. He was, of course, there was a conversation before with consent and boundaries and everything. But he was just a man who has such an intense job and has so many responsibilities. I think he too, he just wanted to let go. Like he just wanted to just almost disassociate for a second. And just forget about everything besides pleasure, I think.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
Yeah, that's it's so interesting to me. We had on a guest, I forget when number episode, but her name is Dominic danger. And she's a dominatrix. And she just, she's, oh, like, she just educated us on all these different things. And pegging was really interesting to me. Because, you know, people traditionally in society think, oh, you're being pegged as a male. You're gay. But that's obviously not the case. That's not true. Yeah. Yeah. And, yeah, and it's just, you know, she actually said something similar on the podcast that it was a lot of, like, very wealthy, very high powered, air quotes, powerful men that were like, wanted this Uber submissive thing done to them. super interesting.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:27
Yeah. And I think everybody can kind of relate to that, in a way, not getting pegging pay. Yeah. You know, you go through daily life, and you're just thinking, like, I have to make breakfast, I have to go to work. I have all these responsibilities. I have all these errands to run. I have to do all this stuff. And then someone asks you, what do you want for dinner? And it's just like, I don't know. I don't know what I want for dinner. I just want someone to decide for me. There's always that feeling where I'm like, Oh, I wish someone could just Side form it just put a plate of food in front of me or something. I feel like we all have those kind of feelings where it's like you want to just give control to someone else. When you the control is in your hands You decide.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:15
I want to ask you, it's kind of a silly question, because I asked Kendra this. Kendra, last the girl actually who recommended you shout out to Kendra last time. We love her so much super, super beautiful person. And I'm always so impressed with her MMA knowledge as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:36
Oh my gosh, she knows she's a super fan. Not a fan. She's like, involved? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 1:05:42
saw her actually. She was doing some interviews, I think at like Bare Knuckle fights now. So really proud of jumping headfirst into the mixed martial arts world.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:51
She loves it.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:52
She loves it. So I asked her if she had ever had an embarrassing moment on set. And she told a hilarious story about someone spilling lube on the floor, and she slid across the floor in a pile of lube. So I'm like, what's the chance that Abigail has a funny story? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:13
Oh, my gosh, well, sex is always funny, right? You're always gonna have embarrassing stories. We're revolving around sex. From these stories. I feel like I've told before, but there's always there's always tons of stuff. Oh, my gosh, what can I talk about? Well, I did you know, girls only for a very long time. And facesitting is hugely popular, which I love facesitting It's great. Like, there's no better position to be incorrect to have this beautiful woman sitting on your face. But sometimes you would spread them open. He'd spread them open a little too hard, and they'd fart on your face so many times, not once. This has happened more than once. And you know what? I just like, I don't get upset. I don't get angry. I'm just like, wow, like, we're really good friends now. And I appreciate you so much. Fred's like, it's funny because it happened. Think of like, you know, I think maybe people that haven't been in a relationship for so long, like, this is the kind of stuff that really happens to someone for years and years and years. Like, there's going to be spit, there's going to be farting. There's going to be queefing. Hair, there's, you know, all sorts of smells and everything like this is real life people. Okay. Like, like that is just how it is. And so I guess that's happened. It was really funny, I guess is hopefully the word embarrass, but it was very funny. I fall when I wear heels. I hate heels so much. And the all

Unknown Speaker 1:07:59
the time all the time.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:03
I literally take slippers to set so I walk around and slippers and I hold my heels in my hand and I put them on when I have to wear them. Because I've fallen countless times on set. Like you could ask any sort of producer like oh, yeah, she just falls all the time. That's why she was she's called all the time. Yes. I don't know. Besides embarrassing. There's, I don't know. I feel like there's been lots of things. Oh, I have. I guess this wasn't embarrassing for me. But I guess people were shocked. But I did it. I was doing like this Halloween esque scene where I was in the middle. We were literally in the middle of a forest. We're on someone's property. So we knew where we were, we was completely legal. And I had this like witch circle built around me and I was pretending to have like a seance by myself and I wind up having sex with this man. And I was on my period at the time. And a lot of people don't realize that when you're on your period. You still do scenes. Some people don't a lot of people do and you just take sponges you shove sponge up your vagina and so blood doesn't come out. Okay, like, those are facts.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:13
Yeah, that's real life. That's real life stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:17
very uncomfortable. It can be really uncomfortable for me, and it can really be uncomfortable for the man as well because when the penis hits it, it can almost be chafing because it dries out your vagina. And then it can hit it and it's just it's uncomfortable for both parties to where we were in the scene. And I was actually with a really good friend, male performer of mine. I'm like, Listen, you're uncomfortable. I'm uncomfortable. My period is almost over. I'm taking this out. So I just reached up into my purse and I threw the sponge into the woods and we so much better I'm like I know it's like it's fun. Any if there's any bloody guys let me know it's

Unknown Speaker 1:09:58
what a trooper. Do you have a favorite co star?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:03
Oh, favorites. favorites are always so hard because there there are so many wonderful people that I've met in this industry. Let's see. I'll name a few.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:15
Yeah, not anyone's feelings.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:17
Kendra. Last Of course is when my she knows she knows I'm I'm always hitting on her on the internet. Dive for that booty. I don't know if anybody's told you this, but Kendra les butthole does smell like cinnamon. I don't know why.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:32
I did not know. I

Unknown Speaker 1:10:33
don't know why. I told her she knows. I haven't been able to work with her vagina Stevens. I'm obsessed with her. I think she's one of the hottest girls I've ever seen in my life. I think I'm just like obsessed with girls with big booties. I don't know why.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:49
We all have a

Unknown Speaker 1:10:51
That's true. That is true. I love Demi soutra I love Chris Scott. I love Vanessa their cruise. Oh my gosh, there's so many good ones. Evelyn stone. Black as

Unknown Speaker 1:11:07
are all female.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:10
All female ones non binary.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:12
Do you have a favorite male co star?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:15
Oh, yes. My husband, Zack. He's my favorite. You know, I have to be honestly that. That is true. He is my favorite. Because when you're with someone for so long, I can actually have sex with him on camera and have an orgasm. And I feel like that's really important. A lot of times in the industry, you're on a really hard surface. And they're spreading your legs open so far. So they can see the penetration with the digs going into like the side of your vagina. And it's like what is happening? Yeah, because having an orgasm isn't just like, oh, you just put your penis inside me and I come that's not know that. Because usually like you need clitoral stimulation, or you need to be hitting a very specific spot. And I think most people realize that. So there's a lot of times in the industry when I'm having sex in a scene, and the orgasm just doesn't happen. I fake it. Okay, that's real. But when I'm able to have sex with my partner, and when I'm able to have sex with Zach there is like, we don't have to open up. There is no rules. There is anything we have to follow. We're just having sex. We're just trying to make each other feel good. And this is another reason why I love creating my own content, is because I'm like, Oh, wait, that feels really good. Let me grab a vibrator really quick. And I'll just I'll just keep going. I'm going to come so I can actually show people what we do in a female having a real orgasm with a man. I feel like that is so important to show people what that actually looks like. Because a lot of porn, people will tell you that they're having a real orgasm, a lot of times they're lying.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:59
Yeah, there's not enough talk about penetration and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. Cuz that's what I need. And I had a podcast sponsor. They don't sponsor the podcast anymore, but they treated us very right. It was called Ella para de, and they sent me this little toy that goes in your pussy, and then it also vibrates your clit. And wow, yeah. And so like, while me and my partner having sex, that's, you know, in there too. And like, just, I'm like, this is a magical land I never knew. I'm like, okay, like, We're not leaving the bedroom anymore. Thank you sex toys. No, and it's not because my partner wasn't adequate. Like, he's amazing. But it's like that simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation is so important.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:50
Yeah, we'll leave them studies and most women do not can not have an orgasm from penetration alone. It is not a thing. I think about 20 to 30% of women have occasionally experienced an orgasm from penetration only, and we need clitoral stimulation. And it doesn't matter if he has a dick from God. Exactly. Yeah, he's perfect. Like, we need more than that. And that's why I'm like, in porn, it'd be more realistic if there was like a Hitachi or if there was a vibrator incorporated in the scene.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:25
Yes. And it's it's so sad because like a lot of things. We don't talk about it in society. So the women feel like they're crazy, or there's something wrong with them for not having a penetration orgasm. And then the men, if they don't give their partner, their female partner, you know, orgasm through penetration. They feel like there's something wrong with them or their dick or you know, something and it's like, it's not that we're just not talking about the right thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:52
100% and this is goes back to sex education. No one has been educated in porn is not an education. additional

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
tool. Definitely not.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:01
Let's just go ahead and say, Man, men, there's nothing wrong with you women. There's nothing wrong with you. Educate yourself. Explore your bodies.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:10
Yes. I love that. Well, I want to talk to you for another hour, but it's time to play. Fuck marry kill

Unknown Speaker 1:15:25
one marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done. We're done. Yeah, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:30
answer a few fan questions. Are you ready? Okay. Yes. Okay, so I'm gonna let you choose. Would you like the rock? Fuck, marry kill or the hip hop?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:41
Oh, oh, I don't know. You choose you choose?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:45
I don't know what kind of music do you like?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:48
Oh my gosh. Um, honestly, I like a lot of different music. I sometimes listen to transcendental music. Sometimes I listen to EDM music. Sometimes I listen to like really sappy r&b. Sometimes listen to French music. So all over the

Unknown Speaker 1:16:09
place where you are with the way you are with sex is the way you are with music.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:13
I like I like a little bit of everything. Got it? Okay. All right. Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:17
I'm just gonna choose for you since I'm more of a rock, rock and roll type of girl we're gonna do the rock. Okay. So okay, you have three people to choose from. Who do you want to fuck? Who do you want to marry? And who do you want to kill? Tommy Lee slash. And Lenny Kravitz, go.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:37
Oh my god, fuck Lenny Kravitz. No. Marry Lenny Kravitz, because that asked all my booty girls. That was a sexual awakening for me when he was in that music video with a towel and he walked by with his ass. My God, what videos? What is that song? I don't remember. It's like all of my lab. Where have you been that song?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:07
We're gonna have to figure that out after the show is all figured out.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:09
He's gonna tell it's look it up. It's incredible.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:13
I'll do my research.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:15
I would, I would marry him. Okay, and then Tommy Lee is kind of funny. I would fuck him once. Like back in the 80s. If I was alive in the 80s I would fuck Tommy Lee. And then slash I would kill him. So I don't know much about slash.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:29
Okay. All right. Yeah. Awesome. Okay, so we have a few really good fan questions. You're gonna push me

Unknown Speaker 1:17:42
at underscore DJ, only 94 underscore, can we expect new scenes with dread?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:51
I would love to do new scenes with dread and I get this question all the time. So dread lives in California. I live in Florida. So I go back to California about six to eight times a year. So I would love to shoot with him for our only fans soon. It just depends on when I get back there to shoot. But yes, I would love to.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:12
Okay, at underscore indie punk 27 underscore actor, best place to buy lingerie and pennies.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:21
Oh, that's a really good question. If you want to buy bras and panties that a lot of people don't see I love Etsy. I love Etsy for so many things, but they have really good lingerie. If you want something very girly. I recommend for love and lemons. If you want something very high end I recommend honey brunette. Those are kind of Yeah, those are my go twos for different reasons.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:48
Got it. Yeah, honey. Say to get honey Bridgette. Right, honey, Bridgette? Yeah, I follow them on Instagram. I've never bought any other lingerie but they have a lot of cool leather things that I like.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:58
He just released a new like blue bondage one. It's really hot.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:02
Okay, I'll check it out. Okay, at we are alive at night. What's your favorite porn parody? And what's one you wish you could make?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:11
Oh, I'm gonna have to say my favorite porn parody was one that I was in I our I did a power bangers but it was Power Rangers. We did power bangers. I was the Yellow Ranger. It was awesome. Oh my power bigger outfit. To bag. The shoes were men shoes, and you can see out of the helmets or breathe out of them. So it was a great time. It was horrible. Like and then we had to do like fake fighting scenes which you know that fighting scenes in corners so good and so

Unknown Speaker 1:19:49
realistic. I've never seen a fighting scene in porn. But if

Unknown Speaker 1:19:54
you want to laugh and be like, what am I watching? Go watch a fight scene in porn.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
I'm gonna I'm gonna go for sure power bangers after this. That's

Unknown Speaker 1:20:03
scribble power bangers. Okay. Oh my god it was so it's so bad that it's good. So that was my favorite and if I could do a parody they should do like, like game of bones instead of getting old. I don't even know if you've made that or not me Have I haven't seen it. But I want to be like a game of bones parity good

Unknown Speaker 1:20:27
play out? Where's that? Okay, we got a RL Larson 2001. While conventional actors have schools, workshops and coaches to have to hone their craft, how do actors in your industry get better at their skills? Or do their job? Well,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:48
you know, it's by watching yourself, hmm. Which can be very hard to do. But like posing and all other things like that, I feel like watching your scenes, looking at your poses, things like that. Learning how to open up learning actually about lighting, so you know how to place your body correctly. So I guess just like experience really helps watching your stuff really helps. And then figuring out who you like to work with. This is where I kind of think people should have like a yes list or a no list. No, I don't work with these people. And not even because you don't like them, because maybe you don't have the greatest chemistry. And then having people like, Oh, yes, I love fucking these people. It's going to be a really good time, we're going to make a really good scene together.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:37
Okay, yeah. And you know, you've I mean, I'm sure you're very familiar with this. And I'm, I don't know if it's a myth or not, but I do, I have heard that some men's. You know, they're bacteria on their penis, MC doesn't mix well with the vagina. And it's like a pH balance type situation. Have you heard that where it's like,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:57
oh, that's 100% that is science. So if you're especially doing a lot of cream pie scenes, so everybody's pH is different. And so when you're with your partner, you can say your partner is you know, coming inside of you, that is one pH going inside of you all the time. So maybe it can affect you at first, but your body gets used to it. And so you don't get affected after a while, being in the industry saying you're working with multiple partners a week and you're doing a cream pie scene or whatever you're getting so many different pH is that your body can't get used to it, which can cause bV, it can cause yeast infections, urinary tract infections, a whole host of different things. And so it is better if you work with you know, the same people all the time. This can happen with women too, though, because women have different PhDs. So if you're rubbing your vaginas together, or if you're sharing toys, that different pH is also going to go in there which can also cause infection. That's why after care is very, very important. Always go to the bathroom always clean. And then I do know people that will do with water or boric acid after seeing to help help keep their pH regulated.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:14
Did you say boric acid boric

Unknown Speaker 1:23:16
acid? Yes. What

Unknown Speaker 1:23:18
I mean, I failed chemistry. What is what is what is happening? I mean, I think of like douchey I think of like, what is the summer's Eve or?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:28
Yeah, it's never ever ever used those products are so bad for you because they're filled with fragrance. And you never want to put fragrance in your vagina. You never really want to put anything in your vagina unless you have to. So, aftercare I think just like taking a shower and going to the bathroom is the best aftercare that you can do and not using any sort of soaps with any fragrances and never ever put soap inside of yourself. Most people know that but some people do not. Whatever everything that has a fragrance in it is a no no that's a no no zone you don't put any fragrance in your body it will really really affect you especially things like summer's Eve the are the worst. I have never used boric acid personally, but so so many of my friends do and they swear by especially if you're very sensitive. Please do not go and do this unless you research it yourself first or ask your doctor where you can get it at CVS and you can dilute it in like water or whatever put it in a douche and then put it in your vagina and a lot of people swear by it but please do your research first.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:31
Thank you pro tip. Yes. And if you don't know ladies do not put anything like she said fragrance in your Yahoo Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:40
Yes, I never put anything in your you who without researching or asking your doctor first.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:45
Good. Good tip. good tip. Okay. At Gino Ferriero, do you ever do super heroine play?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:53
I have before. So I have a couple of friends who are fetish models. So we did one, where it's like she was Wonder Woman, and I was like someone else. I did one where I was Wonder Woman, and like, we get tied up and like, gosh, what do they call that mind control stuff? chasms and things like that. Yes. I don't remember what superheroes I've been. I know, I've been wonderwoman and another superhero, but I don't remember what the superhero was.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:26
Do you do enjoy having to act, you know, like, okay, you know, like, obviously, you're performing and doing sexual acts. But then it's like, now you have to act like you're being mind controlled. And like, is that something that you look forward to? Or you're like, Oh, I kind of just want to be sexual and not have to act.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:45
I think it really depends on who you're with. So like, if I'm with a friend or someone that I really enjoy being around, I think is hilarious. I think that being cheesy and being silly is absolutely hilarious. It's kind of the same thing with like, the power bangers thing. So cheesy. so dumb, but honestly, on set every single day, we were literally in tears laughing the whole time. So it was like, it's an experience. You know? Like, it's funny, and it's fun. Like we're getting paid to like Power Rangers and fake site and have sex like, Yeah, kind of hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:20
Those are my two favorite things. laughing and having sex. So yes. Okay. And at Andy, ah, 863 what's the best the magic stick? Or the magic tongue?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:36
Oh, like, what's better? What do you prefer?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:39
I guess would you rather have someone you know, a partner with an amazing dick or someone who is experienced that kind of Lingus?

Unknown Speaker 1:26:46
Oh, kind of thing is 100%. Yeah. Okay. Yes. That's the mean, the magic stick is bad. We love the magic stick. The magic stick. But without other stimulation. If I just had a magic stick, I would never have an orgasm. And that would be sad.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:02
Yeah, it would be.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:05
Because orgasms are important.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:07
To more fan questions we got at carnival. What do you think about foot fetish and attention to your feet? There's always one guy.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:16
Yeah, I think that. First of all, I think kink shaming is horrible. And we should never kink shame, as long as there's consent. And as long it is not against the law. Yes. So I think that kinks are 100% natural, and they're 100% Normal. You just have to find a person that is Intuit as well. And that gives you the consent to be who you are. So I think it's great. I love it. Awesome. As long as they asked me like, Hey, are you into this? And I say yes, then awesome. I have great feet. So I love my people.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:50
Okay, last fan question at dukey underscore, shrink pants SB was oh, we already we already asked that one. Okay, that's the last fan question. And then my last question for you is, who would you like to hear next on sex and violence with rebel girl? It could be a fighter adult film star, someone you know, or just someone you would like to hear more about.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:14
Have you interviewed Paige Van Zandt? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:17
I have not but I would love to get her and her husband on at the same time I think that would be really fun.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:24
I just think that would be great because she does only fans now. Oh, and I watched her transition to where like she was fighting and everything and then like I saw she started in only fans with that is so dope that is so awesome that she's like on only fans so like that's just very interesting to me. And

Unknown Speaker 1:28:41
there's there's actually quite a few high level female fighters that are on only fans now. Jessica I Jessica Penny Kira batara pearl Gonzalez, just so many girls are saying fuck it, you know, just because I'm, you know, a high level female athlete doesn't mean I can't, you know, have extra income from, you know, basically just embracing my sexuality and I love him. I don't have one because I'm lazy. And like you said there. I know. There's so much work with the lighting and the lingerie and the makeup and the hair. And I'm like, I'm just lazy. I just want to talk. I want to go on the podcast. But yeah, but I love that women and men are embracing their sexuality doing something that's, you know, not in society's normal standards and getting outside the box. I love that. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:33
And also an only fans, you do not have to take off your clothes. You don't have to be naked and you don't have to do sex work if you don't want to.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:40
Yeah, you can do whatever you want. I know that. I think it's Jessica. I said she's like yeah, I just smoke weed and show my butt cheeks sometimes. It's like

Unknown Speaker 1:29:49
I love that. I love that. I'm gonna I'm gonna go subscribe right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:53
Awesome. There you go. Just have a girl. Where can we find you on your only fans, Twitter. Instagram anything you have all your social media handles?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:03
Well you can find me on social media on Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok Ms. Abigail Mack that's m s a big Ai L m AC. You can check me out on YouTube just check out Abigail neck. You can buy my fleshlight and then my spicy site My only fans is Abbey fans calm.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:23
Thank you so much. We've had such a good time. This has been super fun super educational and yeah, I I'm gonna subscribe in and check it out and watch power Bangor's for sure. Later today. Yeah, yeah, but

Unknown Speaker 1:30:41
text me please text me after you watch it and tell me how ridiculous it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:47
I'm gonna print out a poster and have you signed my power bankers poster.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:50
I will sign anything that you want.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:53
Thank you so much, Abigail. Have a good rest of day. Talk to you soon. Okay, bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:16
to smile reflect you know which route is fine. If you really want the gateway to be as fine as I can be.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:00
That's it for Episode 67. That was fun, hilarious educational. I love having adult film stars on because Come on. I love sex. You love sex. That's why you listen to this podcast. Stay tuned for next week's guest. She is the CO owner of hybrid performance method 25 time world record holding power lifter turn professional boxer. She is Dr. Steffi Cohen, DPT, and I had to look at what look up what that was. Because I'm a dummy. It's a doctorate in physical therapy. So she's going to be a great guest for next week. Before we go, I wanted to read you guys a fan email. I tell you guys that if you want to write in I always respond. And yeah, whether it's a guest recommendation or a question you have whatever, it doesn't matter. This week, I want to read this email. It just was very touching. So here goes. Hi, Ashley. I just wanted to let you know how much your podcast means to me. It has really given me such an escape during the craziness of the pandemic, and of the world craziness. I must admit I was apprehensive about it when I first heard that you're going to start a sex podcast. But after I started listening, I realized it wasn't what I thought it was going to be, and started to realize how sex is connected to so many things in life. It also reaffirmed why I love and connect with the fighters that I do, as hearing them all speak on their lives and struggles or even their personalities are similar to my own. My favorite episodes so far have been Jessica Penny and Elise Anderson, as I feel that they both have the same kind of personality as me. But they are both at different stages of growth as people and that just gave me so much more confidence in the fact that I am on my own stage and place and that's okay. To be honest, your podcast has really helped me become more comfortable in my own with my own self throughout the last year, and some of the acting acting classes I took. That's very cool. Even though I have been a diehard fan of yours for years and years, I honestly had no idea about your struggles with alcoholism. And I am so proud of you for firstly being sober and for as long as you have but also the fact that you are so open and honest about it is really beautiful and important for others to hear. I also love how you're always so transparent and real and where you are in your journey every week. And I know it's been super hard for your injury and long recovery and not being able to fight or train 100% sorry for the super long email. I guess I just needed something to do while I was in lockdown here in Australia. But I do want to thank you again for always being there for me and for all your support for all that you do for the sport. Hope to hear from you soon. Sending lots of love. blink WoW, that email when I first read it I'm not gonna I'm not gonna lie guys, there are times where I'm like, Why the fuck am I doing this podcast, I could be spending my time doing other things and yada yada whatever. But this is One of the main reasons I do it, it feels so good that you guys are out there and you're listening. You know, it's really resonating with some of you. So thank you to this fan who took the time to write this extremely heartfelt email. I really, really appreciate it. If like I said, you guys feel free to write the email is sex, Ashley at sex and violence. Yeah, so I hope you guys enjoyed this week's episode. Thank you for all your fan questions and for always tuning in every week. If you want to pick up some gear. If you want to check out the transcripts or re listen to an episode visit www sex violence with rebel Special thank you to our man DJ zol at DJ zol tomorrow Good studio at tomorrow kids official and as always, you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl in my personal account at Ashley MMA. Thank you guys for tuning in. What do I always say? Be kind be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Talk to you guys next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and violence.

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