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Ep.68 Dr.Stefi Cohen

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel girl where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and all these other subjects. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex.

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What's happening hot stuff what's up all my naughty listeners we are back It's October 1. So happy October happy spooky season Halloween season. I love it so much. I am big into Halloween. I love dressing up I love the candy cuz I'm a fat girl and I love all the scary kind of spooky creepy decorations. And today you can't see it because it's an audio podcast but I'm drinking from my this is a cup that I did at a paint party with some of my girlfriends a few years ago and it's supposed to be like bat wings But anyway, I guess is the most festive cup I could find. So yeah, let's see what's going on with me before we talk to our guest it's actually been a very chill week for me because if you are a continue listener, what would it call that you know, avid listener if you're just you know, always every weekly listener I love you guys first of all, and then you know the whole spiel with my PT and my rehab and yada yada so update waiting to get a PRP injection in my knee and spine so just got to take it easy and it's the worst because I didn't realize how much of an active antsy person I was until this injury so I've been watching some Netflix and if you are a continuous listener then you know that I recommended last season the show called love on the spectrum and okay so the premise is it's a bunch of people on the spectrum with autism so the spectrum being you know, slight autism to severely affected and it sounds weird i know i know but I literally cried almost every other episode it if you think finding love and you know being in a healthy happy relationship is hard for you. If you're not on the spectrum, imagine what it's like for someone who doesn't get social cues or has issues you know, just taking care of themselves and it's a tear jerker. So if you're not willing to cry or be mushy, then don't check this out. But I watched I binge watched season two, there's one guy on there who didn't find love the first season and I swear my eye was like jumping up and down for joy for this guy when he found love on season two. I hope there's just a season three it's just a really good watch. So check out love on the spectrum season two, this is not an ad to just me giving you some wishy recommendations. And besides, I've been watching my boyfriend has convinced me that all we should watch is Scarface godfather casino Raging Bull. I love I love it guys like obviously, Uber tomboy. I love fighting I love fucking I love talking about fighting and fucking but every once in a while, give me a mushy show. And he he did he let me watch love on the spectrum. But it's probably back to the first 48 and you know all the other crazy stuff we watch. So what else did I do last week I told you guys I was headed to Susie's funeral. And I did, I went and it was very, you know, hadn't been of to a funeral since my grandmother's and this was a celebration of life versus a funeral where everyone's sad and crying and going up to a casket. And it wasn't like that. It was just a small get together. Some of the very, very close UFC production crew, ESPN, people that loved and worked with Susie just got together and had some cocktails, and talk to share their stories about why she was such an influential figure, even though she was behind the scenes. And it was really great. We all just stood around and told stories. And it was the biggest thing that I took from listening to these stories was that Suzy was the kind of person that made you feel like she was your best friend. You're her best friend. And then you get together in this room and you're listening. You're like oh damn I'm not special, Susie had a lot of best friends, but she made you feel special. And it's it's like that, that phrase that saying that they always talk about people will remember how you made them feel or white. People always remember how you made them feel not what you did something like that. But yeah, like basically, you know, it's not so much you know, how much money you have or where you take the person or what you know, but it's it's how you make that person feel. And Suzy was the Queen at that she made you feel special and loved and, and well, we will miss her so won't get mushy again, you know. But yeah, I just don't ever want to forget Susie. So I think it's important to talk about the people that we have lost along the way so that we don't forget them. But moving on to something a little bit more cheery. I have good news for you guys. Next weekend. So not this weekend. But the following weekend. There is a really cool event. It's called submission only series, and USA grappling World Team trials. Now if grappling is not your thing, that's fine. Still come anyway. It's in Los Angeles next weekend, there's going to be DJs there's going to be a party there's going to be what's it called for good and what's the guy when they spin around on the ground? Beep breakdance and and be boys. Thank you. Thank you DJ. So it's just a really big event. Not like any other grappling event that you've ever seen. It's a party, it's a party, and it's also a competition. So come check it out. I'm gonna put the link to buy tickets. Tickets are cheap. It's in Los Angeles, it's on a rooftop overlooking the entire skyline of downtown Los Angeles. Like how fucking cool is that? And obviously I'm a little biased because the boyfriend you know, is the president ceo whatever want to call it of this event, submission only series, but I'm also biased because I'm gonna be hosting the event. So if you want to come watch me on the mic, you know, basically saying stuff like all right now for the 135 Division, purple belt, blah, blah, blah. Come check out the event. Yeah, it's gonna be a good time. And then the fights. We got to talk about the fights. Why? Because your girl won some money, and there was a great card. The UFC champions Alexander volkanovski and Valentina Shevchenko retain their respective titles. And unfortunately for resort Robbie Lawler Robbie Lawler rained on the Nick Diaz party. Oh, boo. Okay, you can't see it but that is a crisp $5 bill the bad paid

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what am I going to spend this $5 bet all right, I will rub it into heart. It was a great card and yeah, those are those are the highlights but let's talk about tomorrow's card. Okay, so UFC Fight Night 193 takes place again in Las Vegas. It's former light heavyweight contender Tiago Santos. This whole card is kind of like people who have who have lost a few trying to get back on the winning side so Tiago Santos, he's no different. He's trying to fight his way back from a three fight losing slump against Johnnie Walker and Johnnie Walker and wants to get back to his winning ways because he himself is coming out, coming off a loss a TKO loss and he lost two prior bouts as well so that's just going to be an interesting fight with two heavy hitters and then in the CO main event we got Kevin Holland the probably number one trash talk in fighter of all returns a six months after he suffered two decision losses in a space of just two weeks. That was crazy. I remember him taking that short notice fight thinking that ain't good my man that ain't good. You need time to rest relax and go over the game plan and learn learn what you did wrong from the last one. So you know, maybe he'll get back on the winning streak when he takes on Kyle to caucus who has lost two of his last three fights in the UFC as well. And then after back to back submission losses, the pressure is now on for cowboy the Brazilian cowboy Alex aloevera. he locks horns with Nico price who has gone winless in his last three bouts so like I said guys, just a whole bunch of like, I think this cards gonna be fucking awesome because everybody feels like their job is on the line and I know what that feels like I'm coming off to losses myself. Let's just say whoever I lock horns with Ty you know, take on. I'm fighting for my job and that's a different kind of fight you know. We never want to be there that's a shitty place to be but it's also entertaining. You know, you put it all you there's no being gun shy when you've got nothing to lose. So also some a few fighters I'm not super familiar with our meesha krynica versus Christoph Joe TCO. And he the Christoph he just lost recently to Sean Strickland, who I feel like he's taken Everybody so those guys locked up and then we've got a really good fight female fight. We got number three ranked bantamweight contender Aspen lad who brings a five in one record. She's now going up against Macy chess on who? her in her last two. She won her last two fights. And she's actually on the verge of a top 10 spot is what I see there. So number three taken on a potential, you know, top 10 spot fighter. And yeah, I've actually dammit that Banham way yeah, that I mean I feel like these are two girls that I could easily fight when I make my return. So I'm going to keep my eyes peeled on this fight. And then open the card is our boy Alexander Hernandez. He's an ojio sex and violences rebel girl, man I think he was like in the first 10 episodes, something like that. But yeah, he takes a short notice fight which kind of scares me but that guy's always game. He's going up against a mike Breen Brendan Brendan Breeden, Breeden. And, yeah, he's Mike Breeden brings a tenant, three career record, but you know, Hernandez, Alex has been in there with some of the best and yeah, we're going for Mr. Hernandez, the prelims we got davante Smith versus Jamie malarkey. Hilarious last name that's malarkey. Joseph Leckie versus Jared Gordon. Oh, we got we gotta go for Jared Gordon. He's a sucker punch guy. Super inspirational guy always talking about his sobriety and his battle with addiction. Just very vocal about it. I love that about him. And then we got another go fight. And to Nina show chenko who I was supposed to fight at one time versus Casey O'Neill. Think that's King Casey right? So no, no. Yeah, she Yeah, she's King Casey O'Neill I believe that's her. She's killing it these days. She's Yeah, she's out in Vegas think she's under brown belt. Now under Casey Halstead was a former jujitsu coach of mine. And then we got Beth betch. Korea versus Cal Rossa, very, very excited to watch this fight as well. Douglas Lima versus Oh sorry, Douglas Silva day on drudge versus gitanyow perello. And then lastly, we have Alejandro Perez vs. Gianni Eduardo yeah I'm excited for this card like I said I feel like it's gonna be a lot of people that have a lot on the line so yeah proving ground type of card Yeah, guys, we have a website and we also have an email the website is sex violence with rebel girl calm not sex and violence. I know that sounds silly. But check out sex violence with rebel girl calm for gear, we got t shirts, hats, phones, all that kind of stuff. You can also catch up on the previous episodes and you can write us an email or you can just go ahead and write us an email sex and violence you can talk to us about anything we you know take suggestions for guest we answer questions and it's all me guys. So you know, if you write to me, I will write back and may not be super timely if I got a lot going on. But I do take the time to write you all back. And at the end of each episode, I've been trying to spotlight one fan email. I will be doing the same thing after this episode as well. So stay tuned for that fan email at the very end, and maybe I'll read your fan email in the future. We are also proud to announce our newest sponsor, we've been working with them for last few weeks, but they are perfect sports. When choosing a supplement company, most would think it's an easy choice. But it's not. It's a matter of pride. 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Today's guest is a 25 time world record holding power lifter and the first woman in the history of the sport to deadlift 4.4 times her body weight. She's recently made the crossover from powerlifting to professional boxing and she holds a one Oh and one record. This multi sport athlete also played division one NCAA soccer for San Diego State and for the Venezuelan Venezuelan men's national team for five years. The 29 year old Doctor of Physical Therapy and exercise physiologist co owns hybrid performance method and owns her own fitness meets streetwear label named hybrid legacy. She's an author and podcast host to round out her skill set and we talk about embracing femininity as a tomboy, the date from hell via mom j day experiences and research dominating in bed, dick pic, PowerPoint presentations, Hispanic courting expectations and much more. Here's your guest Steffi dynamite. co

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All right, we are here with Steffi Cohen, I'm super excited to talk to you. Thank you for coming on the show with us. How are you today?

Unknown Speaker 18:35
Thank you so much for having me. I'm doing fantastic. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 18:38
Awesome. So let's just get right into it. You are an amazing record holding power lifter, you've recently made the transition into boxing. Your one Oh, and one. Unfortunately you had a draw your last fight. I've never had a draw. I know that must have a mixture of emotions, not quite defeat, but not what you expect it or not what you wanted as far as outcome. So yeah, how do you feel about you know what you've accomplished so far? And what are your future goals for boxing?

Unknown Speaker 19:10
Yeah, so I actually I hate the word at transitioning from one sport to other because it's more like it's a progressive kind of thing that happens over long periods of time. I see it more than adaptation. But yeah, I mean, obviously bittersweet result after that, after that fight, but initially, after the fight was done, I felt disappointed obviously because it wasn't the result that I wanted. But honestly looking back at just how long I've been in the sport and how long, how long I've been fighting professionally for which is since June of this year. You know, just having the courage to face an opponent of that caliber, a girl that is strong That's fit that's been fighting for 10 years, that has almost eight years of boxing experience and a bunch of MMA. experience and an amateur curriculum. You know, just stepping in the ring with someone like that, I think is is was already a win for me and the fact that it ended in a draw. And it was a super close fight. And I was able to showcase kind of what I've been working on. And some of the some significant improvements from my first fight. I'm really, really happy with the result.

Unknown Speaker 20:21
Yeah, I think it's that's a great mindset to take for sure. Even when we lose we, sometimes when we learn the biggest lessons, and I'm excited just to see where you go from here. So it sounds like if you don't like that word transition, that means that you're not breaking away from lifting, you're just adding something new into your repertoire. I mean, are you going to continue to try and break records and compete in powerlifting? Or do you want to solely focus on on Boxing?

Unknown Speaker 20:51
Probably boxing for now. But I mean, I don't I don't count powerlifting out yet. I'm not ready to court holy let it go.

Unknown Speaker 20:58
Yeah, I mean, I've done my research on you. And if there's anything I can say, it's that you are capable of juggling many balls, you are, you know, very educated, you're traveling all over your training people. And so let's talk briefly about the hybrid performance method now is this a gym is what is this? And what is your role in it?

Unknown Speaker 21:21
So we started, I started with my fiance, we started having performance method about almost six years ago now, we are an online platform that distributes online workout programs that are affordable and accessible to anybody that are centered in strength. So initially, we started with one program, which was the hybrid program original, which was a combination of Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and body bit functional bodybuilding. And we grew that quickly to about 16 different programs that you get included in your membership. Now, you know, we transitioned from being a two person team, so just me and my fiance, Hayden, and being essentially coaches to being a 60 person team for over 60 people team, and being more in the software as a service business, SAS business. So we have a bunch of software engineers that work for us full time in our headquarters. And we right now we work on developing technology, both for ourselves to distribute our programs, and also for it to be used for by third party users and other coaches that want to have a similar offering and a similar service. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 22:36
So when did you start the hybrid performance method?

Unknown Speaker 22:40
This was six years ago. So pretty much Yeah, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 22:44
In those six years, you've added 60 trainers, whether in person or remote slash virtual, and now you're training people on location as well as virtually

Unknown Speaker 22:57
no, no, we don't do it. We everything that we do is online. And the people that work that work with us are in different areas like customer service, we have a bunch of nutrition coaches that do one on one training that's kind of a sister company to to the training service that we offer. There's marketing media. Yeah, I hear moderator apparently moderators, yeah, yeah. gym Member Area, gym stuff, etc.

Unknown Speaker 23:26
Okay. Yeah, I, I wasn't quite sure exactly what it was. At first, I thought, Oh, it may be a gym that I can go train get trained by her or another trainer. And then you maybe branched out and adapted to the the landscape of, you know, 2021 because of the pandemic, and just, everything's a virtual world, but it sounds like everything is online. And yeah, that's so amazing. In six years. I heard you say fiance, so I'm going to ask you about that. It sounds like you have been in business with your fiance for the last six years. But when did you actually get engaged?

Unknown Speaker 24:03
So we got engaged in 2018, October 2018. And then we had wedding plans, but then COVID had, Oh,

Unknown Speaker 24:10
of course. Okay, so he's your he's your, your partner, your business partner. But I want to know more. I did, obviously while doing research. I did find out about Hayden, but I didn't know he was your fiance at the time. So I want to know, how did you guys meet? I'm sure it was some sort of training and then when did the sparks actually actually start flying?

Unknown Speaker 24:34
So he was he owned a company called working against gravity. When we first met 2015 that did something similar to what we're doing now. But it was only nutrition. So he was he's from Canada originally and was doing a US tour, just visiting different gyms and offering the services and networking that kind of stuff. And one of his stops was hearing in Miami for there was an Olympic weightlifting competition that I was participating in. And so was him. And he slid on my DNS. And at that time, at that time I was selling singlets. So it's like the uniform that we use for Olympic weightlifting. I was making them in Venezuela and reselling them here. And he just slid in my dance and pretended that he wanted one. And I offered to take him around Miami, him and his friend Francesco, who was what his best friend, and now one of my best friends, too, so I took him out. We grab lunch, and the rest was history.

Unknown Speaker 25:30
That's amazing. So you're originally from Venezuela? He's from Canada. Your romance starts in Miami. Mm hmm. All right. Well, what attracted you to him initially, obviously, he approached you by sliding into your DMS the typical method of dating nowadays, but you know, when you went on that day, it could have went poorly but what what did you see in him that was like, Okay, this I'm gonna give this guy another date.

Unknown Speaker 25:55
To be honest with you, I was at a point in my life where I wasn't looking for really any relationship. And I've, I've always been kind of your typical tomboy, your typical wingman or wingwoman. You know, I'm usually the girl that's hooking up friends with my girlfriends, I'm not really ever interested. Or I kind of just, um, the guy's best friend. Always. So when he first started talking to me, and we hung out a few times, I genuinely thought that he was interested in my roommate or like some other friends, but I kept trying to, I kept trying to set it set him up with one of my friends until he had to tell me straight forward like no, I want to date I'm like, Oh, well, that's strange, I guess. I guess we can go out on a date. But no, I I was really attracted to how driven and ambitious he was, you know, being only 22 years old at the time and, and already having, you know, a six figure business and being super successful. That was in obviously his how kind he was how genuine here was supportive. There's a lot of redeeming qualities of Hayden that kind of checked my boxes at that time.

Unknown Speaker 27:09
That's great. Yeah, you seemed like in order to be so successful in your sports career and your academic career, you got to be very focused I know this anyone who's attempted to do something great and be great knows that you can't get distracted by anything even love and it seems like you were very focused so much You didn't even realize that this boy was trying to talk to you which is adorable. And yeah, you're just you're a focused woman and I've always been the tomboy myself. And sometimes that happened to me as well a boy would be interested and I would just look at him like What's wrong with you? I'm not a girl. So and now I found a partner in my life we've been together a little under two years, but I think it's probably similar to you and your fiance where I've never been in a relationship where we push each other on a business level physically in our in our respective sports and then emotionally you know, we also connect as well. So do you think that your fiance, not fiance when you started this business, but do you think that this relationship has helped propel you to the next level whether it's financially business wise, sports wise?

Unknown Speaker 28:22
Oh, absolutely. I think like you said, having somebody that respects and understands your goals and who is committed to encouraging you and pushing you to achieve them is is one of the most powerful things yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 28:38
I totally agree. And it's an it's a weird thing to say right? When someone asks you like what attracts you to your partner and you're like, their work ethic and you're like, I was talking like butts but okay.

Unknown Speaker 28:52
Especially as a girl i think i think it's rare to to find a guy that that is okay with kind of giving you your time and space and and encouraging you to spend time on yourself and develop professionally and personally and is just there for the ride you know, because I've dated people in the past that just don't understand why I can't go out to the movies on a Friday because I have to max out on Saturday because I have a competition they just they just don't get it you know? Yeah, and that's one of his biggest redeeming qualities for sure. Especially now with fighting you know, you know how intense it is the training and how much more seriously you have to take it because you're stepping into a ring with somebody is trying to take your head off. Yes. And I'm just super appreciative of him in that sense because he's just 100% understanding you know, I have a complete I changed my life around for this sport. I'm going to sleep at 10 the latest we're getting up at six have doubled training sessions a day. And he's, you know, been super supportive comes to my trainings brings me water, wipes my head with a towel, super cute.

Unknown Speaker 29:59
I love That yeah and that's something we talk about on this podcast a lot. It's very hard to date someone or be in a relationship when they don't understand what you have to go through. And in order to understand what a fighter has to go through a lot of the times you just got to be another fighter there's no explaining it it's very difficult. It's very selfish at times. And so in my opinion, or Yeah, it's it's best to try and date in the in the industry in the community, whatever you want to call it, but it definitely has its downsides as well, before Hayden, did you have any, like you said, misfortunate, you know, dating situations where you were dating someone, and then maybe you had a breakup, because they just didn't understand what have been some struggles that you've had to face being such a focused, you know, driven woman.

Unknown Speaker 30:53
I think in terms of boyfriends, I always kind of dated not necessarily like from the fitness community, but people that were that, that centered there or that had fitness at the core of their life. To a certain extent, they always kind of understood me, but most of my horror stories come from dating I, my approach from from dating was similar to me interviewing people for a Job. Job was Steffi Cohen's boyfriend. So I created a, I create a profile on I'm Jewish. So I create a profile on j date, which is a Jewish dating site, okay. And I made it my hobby literally was my, the thing that I did on the weekend, finding a boyfriend, finding it, but not necessarily that it was research. Like I saw it as research to see what kind of men there were out there, because I had come out of a really long relationship with my high school sweetheart. And I was, you know, I just moved to the States. And I just wanted to see what was out there. So I went on, Oh, my gosh, just so many dates every weekend or every other weekend, a few of them just to really get to know kind of what's out there. And what do I like, what do I not like? You know, what should I aim for that kind of stuff. That's awesome. You

Unknown Speaker 32:11
do took a scientific approach today. And yeah, that I mean, it sounds silly to say this and I sound like I'm kind of stroking your ego, but that's why you been successful in the things that you do because you prepare accordingly right with anything, and you do your research, and you know what you're getting into? Unfortunately, I have not always done that. It's just been like, rolling the dice and kissing a lot of frogs as you would say. But Congratulations, it worked out for you. You did your research, maybe there's something to that. J day. Now how is that different? Besides the religious aspect than other dating apps? Have you ever messed around with Tinder or Bumble? Or? I know there's so many

Unknown Speaker 32:56
that was before my single time. But I mean, I had friends that were using other or other softwares at the time, I don't think there were apps but I think j day just because you mean you wouldn't as even as a Jewish guy, you wouldn't go on j day to just have a hook up. Usually people you know older guys are more mature guys that are looking for either a long term, a long term relationship, long term commitment or marriage. You

Unknown Speaker 33:27
know, you went on j date. Does that mean that you were opposed to dating someone who wasn't Jewish? Or was that just something you were trying for? But if you know, let's say if Hayden wasn't Jewish, I don't know if he is. He's not okay. So you were open to dating someone that you know of a different religion.

Unknown Speaker 33:46
Honestly, at that time in my life, my I come from a very, very traditional conservative family. And my mom, just, she kind of was in my ear the entire time telling me that I I better marry someone Jewish than that, and I wanted I wanted to make her happy. Not only that, but I was financially dependent. So I guess, you know, she was driving the car. I was just a passenger.

Unknown Speaker 34:10
Yeah, yeah. Now life is when you're young for sure.

Unknown Speaker 34:13
Yeah, exactly. So and, and also, I didn't want to disappoint my mom. You know, I was just, I was trying to be good trying.

Unknown Speaker 34:20
Yeah, yeah. Did you have any horror stories? I gotta hear if there was like a date that stuck out, maybe you got catfished or one guy, you know.

Unknown Speaker 34:31
One I'm going to try. I'm going to try to make this a shorter story because it was absolutely insane. But after I had gone on hundreds of dates at that time, whoo, my mom. My mom was like, Listen, I have a guy. He's a nice Jewish boy from a nice family. He is studying to be a lawyer at Harvard. I would love for you to meet him. She wants to set me up with it, you know, a blind date on like, oh my god. Okay, I guess I'll go whatever, what's one more date you know? So he ended up going on the They had a great conversation initially we we hit it off really sweet guy and then all of a sudden we just started acting really weird like talking about nonsense about how we're going to go to India and ride on elephants and move there to Thailand and have have orphan kids and just crazy talk.

Unknown Speaker 35:20
This is the first day the first date

Unknown Speaker 35:23
Okay, just but just things that made no sense like it wasn't an eloquent dialogue whatsoever like either he got extremely drunk off of a glass and a half of wine. He got a psychotic break look at some weird drug org he tried to roofie me and repeat himself so to this day, I don't know okay, I ended up we ended up leaving the restaurant and he had like a like a crazy attitude change from the moment that we were upstairs having drinks at the rooftop to downstairs looking for get trying to get back in his car. He got super aggressive like sort of just like walking away from me screaming at me in the middle of the street, like Get the fuck away from me. Like that was like Oh my, I call my mom like, Yo, this guy's crazy. I don't know what you want me to do with him but I'm going home. And so she pretty much she called his parents and asked me to take bring him back to my place because he couldn't drive back you know, I thought he was drunk. Oh, yeah. ended up taking him taking him on a cab. The guy tried to rip like the cabs face off like literally reached in between the seats and try to take take his face off because he thought he was wearing a mask. Some crazy, crazy crazy stuff. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 36:40
that sounds like drugs vo show. Or some machines.

Unknown Speaker 36:46
I don't know. That was a short story. But it this whole thing. When from 10pm ish, or we went to dinner 9pm 10pm he starts acting weird. I didn't get back home until three in the morning because I was chasing him around the city in Chicago.

Unknown Speaker 37:02
I mean, I I respect your mother. I'm sure she knew his parents. But at the same time, I'm like, What about stuffies safety you know this, this man is clearly unstable, whether he's drunk on drugs or crazy. You know, I'm like, you are five foot tall, correct? Yeah, you're strong woman. Okay, there's no no doubt about it. But I don't know. Excuse me. I don't know how tall he was and how big he was. But that just sounds like that was not your responsibility to be babysitting this guy. So you have a big heart. I can tell. Or maybe you're worried about your mom, you know, giving you crap, but that's a

Unknown Speaker 37:36
good one. I guess I just wanted to make him Get home safe. But the best part of it all is that the next day his parents call me and pretty much try to insinuate that I drugged.

Unknown Speaker 37:51
Okay, yeah, like

Unknown Speaker 37:52
you have to be kidding me. Listen, I know that you think that I come from the jungle because I'm from Venezuela. Mexicans, trafficking drugs or something? I don't know. But I can promise you that that was not the case. I didn't do anything.

Unknown Speaker 38:05
Oh, that's that's a great story. Yeah, that's crazy. Okay, so you do the J day and you meet Hayden. You've had some crazy, crazy dating stories I can tell. And just like with anything, we learn over time, what we want and what we don't want. Is there anything you would tell your younger self? I mean, you're 29 You know, when I was 21? I thought I knew everything. But what what kind of lessons did you learn that you wish you could tell your younger self in the dating scene?

Unknown Speaker 38:41
Honestly, I would just say just don't settle for Don't settle for less than you deserve. And shop around before you settle.

Unknown Speaker 38:50
Yeah, yeah, that's good advice. I think, especially as we get older, as women, there's a lot of pressure from society to hurry up and get in a relationship. And if you want kids, you know, then it's like, hurry up, get married, have the kids all before you're 40. And it's a lot of pressure. Like why, you know, I'm a big advocate. Sorry, go ahead. Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. I'm a big advocate for I don't even believe in marriage. I don't want to get married. I love my partner. But I don't think that we have to get married to spend the rest of our life together. And I don't really a kid person. I love kids, other people's kids. I love teaching kids wrestling, but as far as my own vagina, I don't want to pop any kids out. So I I like being a voice on my podcast on my platform like Hey, hey ladies, you know, you don't have to have this you know, in the box, you know, white picket fence, lifestyle, you know?

Unknown Speaker 39:43
Well, I you we just became absolutely Best Friends of talk. No, I I absolutely i can i can 100% share that perspective as well. Like, you know, I've been in relationships dated enough people to know that that yes. If you don't, you don't necessarily have to get married and do everything so formally in order to have a healthy, long lasting relationship, and honestly, in most cases it it just I honestly don't think that the old school model of marriage and relationship works in today's day and age. No. And in parallel to that, to allude to the point that you made as well. I feel like as women we live on this made up timeline, right that I don't know what, you know, our teachers, our parents are on. I don't know who wrote this for us. But we're living on this timeline that's so specific. It's like, okay, by you graduate college, you work for a couple years, you find yourself a man, you get engaged by 26 get married by 28. have kids by 3031? And then, and then you live for your husband? I don't know. Yeah. And honestly, when when I because I got engaged at 26. So I was I was on track. And then didn't end up getting married because COVID are this and that. And for a second there, it freaked out, I panicked a bit. I was like, Oh my God, my life, I'm wasting my time, my life is going to ask me. When am I going to get married? What if I can't have just all these questions in one day? I just honestly snapped out of it. I had like an epiphany moment. And I was like, Wow, that's so stupid that I was even worried about that. Just because what my mom keeps asking me when I'm getting getting married, like it's my life is my timeline. I decided, no one else can decide that for me. And it doesn't really matter. No, it doesn't.

Unknown Speaker 41:37
Yes, I agree. And I think we're on the same page. And I do I'm not you know, I don't think people that have kids are getting married, I don't look at them and go off soccer. You know, I just think, you know, there shouldn't there's no mold for everyone. Everyone's different, you know, and as you know, time goes on, it's coming to the you know, the light that you know, you don't have to be so like I said, you know, in this mold in this box, and I love I love it. I love that you have that mindset as well. And I think then, yeah, one thing I want to ask you because you've mentioned your mother a couple times, and you are from Venezuela. I love hearing how other countries, their cultures depict sex. So did your mother. Were you raised by your mother? It sounds like maybe you were and what how did she talk about sex and boys and relationships? You know, cuz sometimes it's some some crazy stuff, especially if there's a religious undertones.

Unknown Speaker 42:37
Yeah, so like I said, I'm Jewish and pretty traditional. On top of that I'm Hispanic so you're expected to like live at home until you get married? There's no such thing. There's no such thing as living with your boyfriend before getting married. That's really frowned upon. Yeah, yeah. And man like I had so many issues with my mom when I started dating Hayden because of that because Hayden moved in with me obviously from Canada there was no point on him getting his own apartment or anything like that. So he moved in with me and he wasn't Jewish and that generated a ton a ton of conflict and, and distance between my mom and I, but yeah, I mean, from a young age I was I was told to pretty much like abstain from sex until I was at least 18. Which I did. Oh, and yeah, and yeah, besides that, like it wasn't like no sex until marriage but it was like no sex unless you're in an actual relationship kind of thing like that's how I was brought up

Unknown Speaker 43:40
Yeah, yeah, that's a it's a lot of lot of cultures especially with like I said, religious you know, upbringing and influence. Okay, so you lose your virginity Did you? Did you like on your 18th birthday? You're like, that's it. Time's up. Time to go or was there it was something like

Unknown Speaker 43:57
that. Honestly. Not like the day off but looking like that.

Unknown Speaker 44:02
Okay. And you know, I was doing my research and there's a fine line, you have your own podcast, what's it called?

Unknown Speaker 44:09
A hybrid Unlimited, the hybrid unlimited.

Unknown Speaker 44:10
And so I'm sure when you have a guest on you do your research, but you don't want to do too much research because I feel like it takes away from the organic pneus of the conversation. So when I did my research on you, I didn't want to do too much research, but I did find this little blurb online. It's from some crazy, like stalkers, like kinda it's like, they did a little profile on you and it was like Steffi Cohen she's a, you know, weightlifter this, this this and she doesn't talk about her romantic life. So there have been rumors that she's a lesbian and I'm like, oh, and so now I'm like, I my biggest question. My biggest takeaway from that is, did you intentionally keep your personal life from the public eye? And if so, why? Totally good reasons. But I want to hear from you.

Unknown Speaker 44:58
I think that guy Literally lives under a rock. I post about a post about Haiti pretty often not as of late, because I'm trying to, I'm trying to rebrand a little bit and I've found that, you know, Instagrams constantly changing the algorithm. So I'm just trying some different stuff. But up until, like, four or five months ago, I used to post him pretty much every week. So I know what he's talking about. All right, that's, yeah, you know, I think that being a public figure and being on Instagram, a lot of girls abstain from posting their personal relationships or their boyfriend or their significant others because they're afraid of how that's gonna impact their following you know, people think that they're taken they look at them differently and I don't know it's like this weird thing No, it's honestly it's a thing. It is but but honestly, one out of respect for my partner I always make sure that I'm presenting myself as not available whether it's like posting them posting it on my stories or on my feed or appreciation goes birthday post, whatever it is, I think our respect it's, it's important and also you want you don't want those followers anyway, I think I always say there's a difference between being popular and being influential. And also the type of the type of people that just want to see you posting half naked are not the type of people that are going to buy your services or support your brand or or, or be there in any sort of meaningful way for you when you're in your development. So either way, you know, I think if anybody who's an influencer who listens to this, if you're in early ship post about it, I agree.

Unknown Speaker 46:39
I agree. That's a great point. The respect aspect, as well as you know, you're probably getting rid of some followers that you don't want any way. The type of followers that are sending you unsolicited dick pics, you know, yeah, I have a female fighter. I've got lots of girlfriends man is crazy in their inbox. Do you as a like you said very influent influential figure in the fitness world in general not just in fighting but you know overall, you have a million followers. I know you have some weird dm stories what some creepy weird ridiculous dm stories you can tell us

Unknown Speaker 47:23
Okay, so it's surprisingly I don't get that many dick pics. which honestly what the hell is that about but I obviously have gotten a few of my favorite ones or the ones that want to make it more formal and send them as an email everyone's like I opened my computer first thing in the morning I'm having my coffee you know put my glasses on. I'm like I'm gonna check my emails it's time to be productive whatever and I open an email and it's several things like wow what a formal kind certain things exactly what I want

Unknown Speaker 48:01
PowerPoint and a slideshow he's like here you see this is my morning wood and if you click on the slideshow you'll see later the day it gets better

Unknown Speaker 48:12
contact me for more contact me for more

Unknown Speaker 48:15
information below thank you very much

Unknown Speaker 48:19
very much but not as far as requests go I mean people are wild it might might the weirdest one I got was this guy who asked me if I could send him a video of me wearing high stiletto heels and stepping and these are his words stepping on a tiny paid creature

Unknown Speaker 48:38
like well I don't live animal

Unknown Speaker 48:41
I don't know you interpret that

Unknown Speaker 48:44
no I don't want to I don't want to oh my goodness you know the reason I ask is because you're a strong female figure but we've also had on a dominatrix who totally different than what you do but a very strong woman that she's a she was a black belt and she was a power lifter as well. So her worlds were they aligned weirdly but and she was very successful and what she did but she would get some crazy job should actually get paid for it like crazy gigs you know because she was a strong woman so I was thinking I'm like I wonder if Steffi gets some crazy requests from guys wanting to be dominated really

Unknown Speaker 49:26
want no I mean I've gotten requests by people or by guys asking me if I would one carry them

Unknown Speaker 49:33
yes that's exactly what she does. The men want to be picked up and even if you know cuz she she's a very strong woman and so are you. She can clean them. Wait, yeah, that's clean. No, yeah, clean. Yeah, clean. And what's the one who push it over their head? Oh, God, a jerk. Jerk. Yeah, like, like, fully over extended over their head and she showed me pictures. I've seen it. I'm like, that's the thing. Like Yeah, they want strong women to pick them up and carry them

Unknown Speaker 50:00
India and the other thing is they want they want me to squeeze their heads with my with my thighs.

Unknown Speaker 50:05
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Which seems very dangerous because you're so fucking strong

Unknown Speaker 50:10
on fat Really? Yeah like you're gonna end well for them.

Unknown Speaker 50:14
You don't want this guys you don't want this yeah okay so here's the part of the show we get little intrusive you know it's a sex podcast. What's one of the craziest places you've ever had sex?

Unknown Speaker 50:27
craziest places I've ever had sex I have to say under a bridge in Nova Scotia when I first started dating Hayden

Unknown Speaker 50:35
under a bridge in Nova Scotia All right. Okay, and then what's one of your pet peeves in the bedroom? We've got you know, the gauntlet here from smelly vagina to you know, I'm giving lover or, you know, kind of pillow princess they don't want to put any work in. What about you any pet peeves?

Unknown Speaker 50:55
biggest pet peeve? I would say is not enough foreplay.

Unknown Speaker 51:01
Yeah, just want to go straight to the action without warming up the engine.

Unknown Speaker 51:05
Yeah, that's not how it works. It's not how it works. Guys, like come on. You gotta you got to put in some work before you know you gotta like, work your way in kind of thing.

Unknown Speaker 51:15
Yeah. And I think sometimes it's hard when you're in a relationship because especially not that Yeah, I guess they get comfortable a little bit but you know, you're they're lazy, they get lazy like they're working hard, you're working hard. And then at the end of the day, they just want to like just do it and I get that sometimes we do just want to do it. But you know, females traditionally we we want to be romance wine and dine me and make me feel good.

Unknown Speaker 51:41
That it's fine for you know, every once in a blue moon that you're tired, whatever. But I think that if you lose if you Stop flirting with one another and you lose the romanticism and and guys towards girls, if you stop being chivalrous, and if you stop being, you know, having like kind gestures and kind of like, what's the word I'm looking for? Gentlemen? Just traditionally, call forwarding, courting. Is that is that a word? Yes, courting? Yep, yep. Yeah. Once you stop courting your girlfriend and your significant other it's over. Like I've been, you know, I've been with Hayden for six years. And there's been times where he he's he's done that to me. And it just completely kills my sex drive. Yeah, it's like I'm even interested.

Unknown Speaker 52:26
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you've got you've got to put the effort in. Even if you are tired. What is something that gets you in the mood? You know, for me? I am a sucker for a butt massage. Even if I'm sore. I'm like, I don't want to have sex. Please just run my butt. My partner will rub rub my button. I'm like, I want to have sex now.

Unknown Speaker 52:47
Man, I don't know I have many, many. I think kissing honestly. Just like a nice slow, loving kiss.

Unknown Speaker 52:55
Yeah, yeah. My partner is very passionate with his kissing. And I feel like sometimes I'm the boy I'm like, yeah, yeah, yeah, Kiss Kiss Kiss, let's get to the good stuff. But he's like, no, he'll, like grab me. And like, like, like, stop me, you know, like, and kiss me long and passionately and I realize I'm like, oh, like this is his thing. He likes this, you know? So you're, uh, you know, female fighter, weightlifter, record holding, I want to ask you are you traditionally more submissive or dominant in the bedroom? Only because as a female, you know, kind of like an alpha female myself. A lot of people were like, Oh, she must be just like a rough and tough kind of in the bedroom. But really, I do find myself being more submissive. Because it's like, at the end of the day, I can just put my guard down with my partner. Is it similar for you?

Unknown Speaker 53:44
I like to mix it up. But I would say that I'm more dominant than submissive.

Unknown Speaker 53:48
more dominant than submissive. Yeah, but go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 53:52
But it's more so it's more so influenced by my partner's preferences.

Unknown Speaker 53:56
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Is your does he kind of like let you take the lead? He wants me to okay. Yeah, that's good. That's a good chemistry right there. Yeah. So I think it's time for the lightning sex round.

Unknown Speaker 54:17
Basically, it's a rapid fire answer a question and answer session a segment where I asked you, you know, example Do you dirty talk in bed? You just say yes or no. And yeah, we'll go from there. Let's do it. Alright. Lightning section with Steffi Cohen. Here we go. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Do you spank or like to be spanked? Yes, biting. No, joking.

Unknown Speaker 54:43
Yes. threesomes No.

Unknown Speaker 54:46
Do you watch porn? Yes. Any fetishes like foot fetish? No, bodily fluid fetish. No, any bondage like ropes. blindfold handcuffs. Yeah. Role Playing. Yes. any bad stuff on you or a partner? Yes. Do you like sex toys? Yes. ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 55:11
No, but I'm dying to everyone Oh

Unknown Speaker 55:14
All right. And are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 55:17
No, I think it's a waste of money yeah

Unknown Speaker 55:22
awesome that's a that's a lightning sex rad Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 55:26
it's it's different for everyone. Some people are into everything some people call themselves boring but on this podcast I do not kink shame. I love finding out about you know different things that people are into. Just like what we talked about earlier. There's no clear cut mold for everyone. Right? You don't have to do what is quote unquote normal. And yeah, thank you for that stuffy. You want to play? The fuck? Marry kill gay with us? One marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. Okay, so I'm gonna let you choose Would you like to do actors who have played boxing roles or classic strong men?

Unknown Speaker 56:12
Shit, I feel like I'm not going to know the actors because I'm so bad with names.

Unknown Speaker 56:16
These are pretty big names. If, but you're very focused. So maybe you just don't watch movies at all. You want to do?

Unknown Speaker 56:25
Like your classic strongman.

Unknown Speaker 56:26
Okay, okay. Yeah. So it's up your alley anyway. All right, fuck. Very cool. So I'm going to give you three names and you want to tell me who you want to fuck who you want to marry and who you want to kill? Okay, you got Jay Cutler. Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Unknown Speaker 56:42
Okay. Mary Arnold. Okay. On top Jay Cutler

Unknown Speaker 56:48
you're gonna kill the Hulk.

Unknown Speaker 56:51
Yeah, no. Yeah, not

Unknown Speaker 56:55
okay, I think he did have some kind of like Lisp right? Oh, I'm going to hell nevermind sorry. DJ so he was

Unknown Speaker 57:05
going to hell Okay, moving on to the fan questions.

Unknown Speaker 57:17
So these are all real fad questions Steffi put them on our podcast Instagram page, and these are from some of your fans Ready? Ready? At Miko or Mike Miko the perfect lift perfect knockout or the perfect orgasm choose sorry repeat them perfect lift perfect knockout or perfect orgasm you got to choose

Unknown Speaker 57:42
perfect knockout

Unknown Speaker 57:44
Oh, I like that I like what your minds that okay. At Davey brands do you enjoy overpowering slash beating up your partners in bed? Of course there's always one right.

Unknown Speaker 57:57
The I enjoy it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 57:59
Yeah. Oh, you just made that guy's day. Tonka underscore 1915. underscore, is there any sexual tension on competition day? Or is everyone grouchy and focused? Good question.

Unknown Speaker 58:15
Um, no, I feel like everybody's focused.

Unknown Speaker 58:18
Yeah, yeah. It's the same way with fighting. I remember someone a long time ago was like, Oh, you're like, in between somebody's legs in jujitsu? Do you ever think about like, No, I'm literally thinking about not getting choked out and hurting that person. It's not sexual, whatsoever. Actually, that reminds me I did want to ask you, I saw you training with Paige Van Zandt. You are a woman who I feel like you could do anything you set your mind to? Do you have any desire to transfer into MMA eventually.

Unknown Speaker 58:50
I mean, honestly, I would love to, but I'm, I mean, I'm, look, I joined cross a CrossFit gym when I was 20. And I found it overwhelming to try to get better at multiple or try to get good at multiple disciplines that I had never done in my life. And I was 20 years old. I'm 29 now and in order to fully master MMA, you got to know at least five different combat sports. So realistically speaking, I'm never going into MMA because of that reason I just don't have I'm not willing to I'm not willing to sacrifice make the sacrifice that that would entail. Yeah, I would I would I like to Yeah, but realistically, no,

Unknown Speaker 59:30
I can tell that you're a person who if you're gonna do something you're gonna fucking do it right. And so I know you would like dive headfirst into Jiu Jitsu dive headfirst into wrestling dive headfirst into boxing and it just doesn't sound like you have that many hours in your day. You've already doing a lot already. Okay, moving on. At 96 What's your Who's your favorite training partner?

Unknown Speaker 59:54
My favorite training partner? My buddy Jake Bostwick.

Unknown Speaker 59:57
Okay, I thought you were gonna be machine Satan. Hey, My fiance

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
No, I don't like training with him

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
is that's a great question has there? I have my partner's a black belt in jujitsu and I'm a professional MMA fighter so people are like, Oh, perfect, right and I'm like, sometimes it causes more of a headache in the trading room and in the bedroom than I want so I'm like, Yeah, I love my partner. That's super skilled. But I'm like sometimes I don't like to mix the two

Unknown Speaker 1:00:29
it's a it's a tough one for me it was it was hard when I was doing powerlifting I loved having him around but if I was having a bad day I would find myself taking it out on him. Yeah and then that was just like create so much unnecessary tension like I don't you know, it's not appropriate for me to lash out on him the way that I did I did but at the same time Yeah, it's understandable I have a competition in three weeks and I just busted my knee or whatever the first person there is him and so I ended up lashing out at him when he has nothing to do with it's not fair. Yeah, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
Yeah, it's good. It's hard You know, you guys been together for six years I'm sure the first couple years in the relationship were hard to navigate business love and training right? Because they're all different and you all kind of have to wear you have to wear a different hat for each one. You're not going to be lovey dovey squatting like he got this baby at she fights to media to two part question number one if sex was a food, what do you think it would be? Random?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:33
Why'd you I think it would be okay. I think it would be Have you ever had a type of passage called ketchup pepper?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:44
No, but it sounds delicious by the way

Unknown Speaker 1:01:47
it comes it's a long kind of angel hair pasta that comes inside of a massive cheese and aged cheese. And they put it in a hot from from like right from boiling and they put it in there and all the cheese melts into it and then they put truffles in it. Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
Yeah, that's that's sex in your mouth right there.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:12
Okay, pleasurable mouth experience.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:15
Okay, part two, sex while listening to music or sex while eating.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:22
While listening to music.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:24
I just pictured fat bastard from Austin Powers. Just like having sex and eating food. I'm like, oh no. You should be separate. Yeah. Okay, then we got at Eliza Lena 98 fun question. Very bad sex for the rest of your life with someone you love. or split $500,000 with someone you hate. Oh, that's a hard one because I like money. I like sex.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:55
I think bad sex with someone you love

Unknown Speaker 1:02:59
that's a good answer but dang beds. Okay, all right.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03
Yeah, it didn't say that. You have to be faithful.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06
Oh yeah. or sex toys Hey sex toys. Coming to the rescue at fight for fun favorite city to have sex in and favorite city to fight in.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:19
There ferrets did have sex and ferrets city to fight in. I haven't fought yet in Miami but I think that'd be my favorite city to fight and because so many people would come Yeah. favorite city to have sex and honestly, anywhere in Europe I find Europe to be so romantic. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:39
yeah, yeah, I did to

Unknown Speaker 1:03:41
somewhere in Italy.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
Yeah, I went to Italy in Greece for a USO tour. It's called pro sports actually but I only got to see you know, like a little little blip of it because I'm teaching the soldiers most of the time and I came home and I was like I want to go to Italy or Greece with someone I love you know like it's just I can tell we would have an amazing time there. Yeah, so one question I didn't quite get to ask you it's something very near and dear to my heart because I've had to be in a male dominated sport my whole life I was a female wrestler on a Boys High School team. And then I went into college wrestling where I was around women but still a male dominated sport and now mixed martial arts right? So I'm wondering you have been you were a soccer player and then you got into lifting and now you do boxing. What's it been like to kind of you know, kind of navigate your own femininity in a masculine world for me I had kind of like a realization in my college years that you know just to be to fit in with the guys I didn't have to you know, look like a guy and that's when I kind of started to like, you know, play around with makeup and that kind of stuff and you know, not overcompensate my masculinity to like, be one of the guys and I was Wondering your take on that?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:02
Yeah. You know, I honestly I found myself sexually and kind of let my more feminine side show more it was last year only I spent the majority the majority of my life like I said, like a tomboy and hiding that feminine side just because I felt like it made me look vulnerable and that it wouldn't allow me to be taken seriously by people in sports. I played in a guy's soccer team. Oh, for a lot of a lot of my youth. So I did really feel like I had to look and behave like them. You know? That was in

Unknown Speaker 1:05:41
the choir girl.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:43
Yeah, I kind of carried that mindset over with me for my entire life pretty much and felt really uncomfortable doing anything girly. I hated when I skipped so many weddings like of my girlfriends because I was so uncomfortable wearing dresses, and I felt like that's what I had to do like wedding dresses and exaggerated makeup and heels. And I just felt so ridiculous wearing it like it was not me at all. And then it was interesting. So during the lockdown, I met this couple names Mike and Christina, they run this page. It's called around the time studio. Oh, yeah, I've heard of them. Yeah, they're super cool. Yeah, I met them at one of my friend's house randomly. And they were telling me what they do and that they take pictures and they showed me some of the pictures that they've taken. And obviously there were they were risque photos, but beautiful, like really artistic. And they said oh you know you're a beautiful girl. Like if you ever want to do a photo shoot like that. I would love to do it for you. And I was like me. I'm not like I remember thinking to myself, I'm not like those girls like I don't look, I don't look I'm not sexy like those girls. I don't look like that. I can't put on a bathing suit and posts like that, because I just won't look good. Yeah. And I said, Okay, yeah, thank you. Like I don't I don't know if it's like my cup of tea, but I'll think about it. And I ended up doing it because I said what's the worst thing that can happen is I go there, and then I don't use any of those pictures, like those pictures don't see the light and it's fine. So I ended up doing it. And I remember when they were taking pictures or maybe a one point Mike pointed, or he showed me the the screen of his camera to show me how the pictures were coming out. And I almost couldn't recognize myself because it was it was just not how I saw myself but is how he was seeing me through his lens. And it was it was it was powerful to get to a moment of realization of like, I am like those girls like I I know that I have a very kind of intense and prominent masculine side but I can also have a feminine side You know, there's nothing wrong with showing that that kind of stuff. And I started exploring that side more my sexuality and doing a lot of research on sexuality objectification of woman empowerment, those kind of hot topics that are going around now. And that's actually what led me to start writing my next book. We can talk about that some other time. But

Unknown Speaker 1:08:09
Wow. stephie I think everything you do is researched and planned out and methodical from dating to pictures and how you promote yourself and you have you're killing it. I won't take up much more of your time. That was our last fan question. My last question to you is, if you could hear anyone else on my podcast, sex and violence with rebel girl, you know, who would you want to hear about? It could be a fighter or a bodybuilder and anyone

Unknown Speaker 1:08:37
they know Lynn Bailey, who's that? She is a female bodybuilder. She pretty much paved the way for figure competitors like they pretty much opened a bodybuilding category for her because she had such a unique physique. Yeah, and she she infected the world of bodybuilding in a really positive way. She's She's absolutely stunning. She's beautiful. She's super feminine. And she has an insane body and an insane drive and has a pretty cool business with her husband as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:11
Wow. Yeah, maybe we can get her on the show. She sounds really inspiring. And it's always great to see people's different journeys in their sexual lives. Yours is super interesting. You sound like you recently had that kind of sexual awakening and just kind of embracing your feminine side, which is amazing. You're very beautiful. And even promoting this episode. I literally just said on my social media, I said this woman embodies strength and beauty and brains all in one package. So thank you so much. Where can we follow you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, any of the social medias?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:46
You can follow me on all social medias at Steffi Cohen,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:49
that's all and then how do we hear your podcast?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:53
Just look at it or look up. Look it up on Apple podcast or Spotify. It's hybrid on the minute

Unknown Speaker 1:10:00
Should we look out for a book that you're ready?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:03
Yeah. So well I just released my first book on was a January of this year, it's called back in motion. It's two manuscripts about my story with back pain, it has some, it has some other athletes stories in there. And then the kind of their research history of back pain, how did we get to where we are in our thought process about these injuries? And then what the best what the best plan is for anybody who's experiencing debilitating back injury. So the book that I'm working on now is, I think it's going to be called my social experiment or something along those lines. And it's going to talk about it's going to dive deep into the psychology of the female athlete paradox, which is essentially what we were talking about that dichotomy in woman's mind and female athletes minds were there, they're embracing their masculinity, and they're afraid to show their feminine side so there's kind of this tug of war in our brains between being an athlete and being feminine, and we don't understand that they can 100% coexist in the same body in the same person. So it's a it's a deep dive into that phenomenon.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:13
Wow, I'm very happy I asked you that last question. I was like, yeah, we're getting close on time. I was like, I'll just throw it in there. That's great. Yeah, so I don't know you know, you don't know me from Tom dick, Harry. But I am struggling right now I am nine months 10 months post op from getting my C six c seven artificial disc in my neck. And so your first book sounds like it's right up my alley. I'm gonna check it out. And this next book sounds like it's also right up my alley. I'm gonna include all of these notes, and links in our show notes, guys. So if you want to check out any of this stuff, all of stuffies social media handles and everything she's working on will be there as well. You don't get to write it down. stephie You're amazing. You're inspiring. Thank you so much. Is there anything else you want to tell the listeners about anything before we take off?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02
No, thank you so much for having me. It was a blast. Alright, keep killing it. Girl. I'll be watching your fights. While back you'll never go back to bed. Baby One Two.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:08
That's it for Episode 68 with Steffi Cohen, aka dynamite, the amazing record holding power lifter who made a pretty awesome transition into boxing. I think she has a bright future I can tell by the way that she goes about anything in her life. She she's she's all in and I'm excited to keep an eye on her watch out. definitely gonna check out the books that she's coming out with, because I really do feel like that part. In stepbrothers where he's like, did we just become best friends? I'm like yes, and it's very rare to meet a female in a male dominated sport that has the same mindset so I'm gonna check that out they're feeling very very inspired right now. But yeah, guys stay tuned for next week's guest I gonna give you a little teaser it is bazooka Joe I hopefully I'm don't kill his last name, but Val Val Cellini VAT aleni valid aleni he's Italian if you couldn't tell. He's the former glory kickboxing Welterweight Champion. So we got a male guests coming on. I'm excited to talk about all his experiences. Before we go I really want to read a fan email from you, from you guys. When you guys out there. I'm gonna withhold the name just for you know, confidentiality purposes. But here goes the subject of the email is this podcast rules. Thank you. I found your podcast back in June and have been catching up and listening to the new ones ever since. It's great. You're you've really come into your own as an interviewer. The one critique I would have is to try and cut out the nervous laughter you've definitely gotten better at it. I like the questions and the interview format, the intro and the outro music you play is so good you and or DJ zol pick awesome songs. Thank you very much. I like the personal updates before the guests. I'm a big fan of you. As a fighter before the podcast, so I appreciate the updates. I also like when you talk shop with other fighters, I eat that shit up. I find talking shop is so interesting, regardless of the industry. Here are my suggestions for future guests. And then he goes on to give some pro wrestlers, some Olympians, and some fighters. And some of these people I haven't talked to, but they haven't been interested and other people. These are some really really great ideas. Some returning guests would be great as well. Thank you, you rock. Bob hook on Bob. Bob, thank you so much. I appreciate the the fan email so much. I always tell you guys to critique me because I want to get better. I don't want you guys to listen to the podcast and be like, ah, she kind of sucks at this and you know, this, this aspect and you tune out. I'd rather hear from you guys, take the criticism, tweak some things and keep you on as a dedicated listener. So to answer your email, Bob, hey,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:05
I appreciate it. But

Unknown Speaker 1:16:06
it's hard to keep a straight face when you're asking somebody about their butthole sometimes you giggle I will try to keep my giggles to myself. I love my job. I love this podcast and so I giggle when I'm happy. And then the other stuff Yeah, I really appreciate your input. I like that you appreciate the music. Yeah, that is a joint effort for me and DJ zol he gives me free rein to put any music I want. One time I asked him I said oh do you think I should add more rap and hip hop because that's right up his alley but he said no, I think you should keep it true to you be authentic. Use the songs that you like so that's why you guys don't hear a lot of hip hop is because that's not really not really my thing. But we are going to leave this episode with a hip hop song so

Unknown Speaker 1:16:55
that's about it, guys. Thank

Unknown Speaker 1:16:56
you so much. Yeah, don't forget to check out the website, pick up a hat shirt, whatever support the podcast because all that money does is mean we can keep putting out episodes for you guys. Thank you for the fan questions. They

Unknown Speaker 1:17:08
were pretty good this week. I really really enjoyed them. There's

Unknown Speaker 1:17:10
a lot of fun ones. And yeah, thank you just for tuning in every week. I love you guys. Special thank you to my man DJ soul at DJs old thank you for that $5.02 hour good studio at tomorrow kids official. And you can always find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. I really hope you guys enjoyed this week's show. What do I say? Be kind be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Talk to you guys next week with bazooka Joe and more tales of sex and violence.

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