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Ep.69 Joseph "Bazooka Joe" Valtellini

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence with rebel comm where we interview the top level MMA fighters and other experts in their field about love, romance, dating, and that's all too taboo subject sex. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about what's happening the hot stuff. Hey, hey, what's up all my naughty listeners, we are back new episode new guest. I'm excited that we are staying consistent. After a few weeks ago, we lost you guys for about two weeks, we didn't get to interview anyone because a COVID. And you know, scheduling changes. So I'm happy that we're consistent. We're going to try to be consistent all through the holidays, too, which basically just means we got to schedule appropriately. But yeah, don't worry, we are not going to let you down for the holiday season. And yeah, let's see. Okay, so if your return listener, then you know, this is the spiel at the beginning of the podcast, where Ashley tells you what's going on her life. And if you're new listener, now, you know, so what's going on with me? If you're returning listener, you know, I'm on the bench recovering from spine surgery, blah, blah, blah, I'm tired of talking about it. I'm sure you're tired of hearing about it. But it's the reality. And that's kind of why I have time to make this podcast. So I guess it's bittersweet, right. And I'm not going to talk much more about it. I'm just going to say if you have not seen the documentary called untold deal with the devil. It's a documentary about the life of Christie Martin, specifically when she was in her prime boxing in the 90s. And then into the early 2000s. And what she dealt with,

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I'm over here crying about a spine surgery, this woman, against all odds was stabbed and shot by her husband, ex husband now, and then trainer. And she lived to tell about it. And not only did she live, but she fought six months later, this woman is amazing. Last August, she was inducted into the female women's Boxing Hall of Fame. And I watched her interviews, I watched this documentary, I literally cried with inspiration. And you know, someone like me, who is an athlete struggling with an injury, it just put everything into perspective. And I just felt like, you know, anyone dealing with adversity should watch this quick like hour and 15 minute documentary. And just realize that anything is possible, the human mind and the body are resilient as fuck. And this woman, women in general are amazing, powerful, powerful creatures. And I should have more positivity and hope. So if you haven't seen that documentary, I have just so moved, I want you all to watch it. And I've been pretty good at getting on getting guests that I want to come on the podcast. So that's my new goal. I'm going to reach out to her. I'm going to pitch the podcast and crossing my fingers. I want to talk to her so fucking bad for so many reasons. A part of the documentary, you know, it's it. It basically tells you all about her life leading up to her boxing career, how she got into the sport, and then it also dives deep into how she had to hide her sexuality from her family. And then she actually on the other side of that not only she have to hide her sexuality in her prime, I think, you know, I'd go as far to say that she bad mouthed homosexuals, even though she herself was one. So to me that that makes her the perfect guest for sex and violence, right? She's a female fighter struggle with her sexuality overcame adversity. Oh, I'm just, I'm inspired. I know I keep saying that. But watch that. I'm gonna shut the fuck up about my situation. I'm gonna keep grinding away with my PT and acupuncture and massage and anything I can do to get better. I told you guys a few weeks ago, I'm entertaining the idea of PRP shots and stem cells, which I will be doing but yeah, I'll talk more about that in the weeks to come. Other than that, I just been really busy getting ready for an event that I'll be hosting. And if any of you guys are in Los Angeles this weekend on Saturday, you should come support submission only series six of the superfight pros. In addition, it's the USA World Team trials for USA grappling. So that means that there's going to be a few awesome superfight nogi Jiu Jitsu matches, which I'll be hosting. And then after that, you go straight, we go straight into the USA wrestling, sorry, USA grappling. They're a new organization, because basically what it's trying to do is get grappling into the Olympics. How cool is that, and this is the trials. So the winner of this event, and each weight class will then get a free chip to compete at the worlds in Serbia. And not only is that cool, but the location and the event itself is going to be a big party. So there's going to be like 18 different DJs there's gonna be food vendors. And it's all held on a private movie studio lot in downtown Los Angeles. So you'll have to go up an elevator and then it's on top of a like a big building a skyscraper skyscraper. Yeah. And you can overlook the entire downtown Los Angeles. So it's going to start at 2pm and go all the way till midnight. Obviously there's not going to be matches going on that whole time. But there's going to be you know, intermissions. And like I said, music and food it's just a giant day slash night party. So I'm going to put the episodes I mean, sorry, the links to all those that to buy tickets, and all these details that I just said in the show notes. If any of you guys are local, or want to travel. Tomorrow, it's in LA Yeah, I'm gonna put the link and you guys should come support. If not, then you can kick back and watch UFC Vegas. 39 and that's McKenzie Dern vs. Marina Rodriguez. UFC returns to the UFC Apex in Las Vegas with critical women's strawweight contender about McKenzie Dern is ranked number four, and Rodriguez is seated number six, and they're facing off I feel like that's potential title implications. And then the rest of the cars pretty rad. We got Randy Brown versus Jared Gooden Tim Elliott booboo, we loved him versus Matthias nikolaou. Sabina mazo versus Mariah appa GABA. GABA a gap of her Yeah. Okay. And then feel haws versus Darren Wynne and the undercard got Chris Gutierrez versus Phillippi Corollas. Alexander Romanov versus Jared lindera. Charles Rossa vs. daymond Jackson Lupita godine Godinez vs. UFC newcomer Silvana Juarez, she's actually replacing Sam Hughes. She was pulled from the card not sure why. Steve Garcia versus Charlie ontiveros that's the first fight on the card. So I'm not gonna lie there's a few names I recognize in there but a lot of newer fighters I think, but yeah, that should be a good card I won't be able to watch it because I'll obviously be hosting the SOS six event in combination with the USA grappling World Team trials on Saturday. Yeah, that's all it's really been going on. I just been busy with the podcast and yeah, you know, physical therapy and all that kind of stuff. I actually, I guess you know, this is a sex podcast can tell you guys a funny story in my sex life. So the last two weeks, I noticed that my partner and I have been working so hard, we get up really early, you know, good morning kids eat some breakfast just grind away on our laptops. I go to physical therapy. He goes here he goes there and we're just working so hard and for the first time in our almost two year relationship. We went like three or four days without having sex. I know a lot of you are probably like, booboo three or four days but for us that was a long time and so I didn't say anything to him at first and I'm like, dang like why are we not having sex is is the spark lost? And I'm like no, we're just working so fucking hard. You know we get in bed and then we're just like, and I'm we're out. We just too tired, just too tired. And that happens in fight camp sometimes, but not for three or four days. And so I told myself, I didn't tell my partner but I was like, Alright, I'm gonna just jump his bones tonight. That's it. And then I wake up and go about my day and get in bed. Same thing. I feel like we should insert that SpongeBob clip right here. One hour later.

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And yeah, it just didn't go so like, basically I'm like, Alright, that's it. I'm gonna start having morning sex. And so we did the last couple of days, but I'm the type of person that if I have sex in the morning, I just want to go back to bed. I don't know. Are you? you listening? Are you a morning sex person? I feel like some people, it's like cup of coffee, like, wake up have sex and they're ready to go. me it's like, you know, I also you know, I'm very vocal about smoking marijuana, but I never wake up and smoke weed cuz I would be unproductive. And it's the same thing with sex. But you got to do what you got to do. So lots of morning sex has been happening lately. Yeah, that's that guy's side note, the website is up and running. We've got sex violence with rebel That's where you can check out all the gear that we now have. And you guys can email me sex and violence send me guest suggestions, questions, just want to shoot the shit, it doesn't matter. Or if you have a service brand company that you want to promote on the podcast, we are now accepting sponsors. Speaking of sponsors, when choosing a supplement company, most would think it's an easy choice, but it's not. It's a matter of pride. You have your goal set to become who you were meant to be a decision, a moment in life when you decide to be more, to be great to use everything you can to be more than who you were. I choose perfect sports as my supplement company. Because perfect sports has been dedicated to providing top pros and athletes with the absolute highest quality nutritional supplements for over 18 years. Since 2003. Perfect sports has been the choice for the most dedicated and discerning MMA and physique transforming athletes who demand the very best. Perfect sports is known for their product, diesel, New Zealand whey protein isolate. It's a pure grass fed, pasture raised protein that comes exclusively from the isolated island nation of New Zealand, virtually free of lactose with a 90% protein yield. Even people who feel that they might be sensitive to dairy love this protein. I'm really most excited because you guys know me about their newest product, the diesel vegan that will be ready in about a month, so stay tuned. But they aren't just a protein company. They've got products for bulking and leaning out products for strength and recovery, pre workout or health and wellness to keep your immune up during these unprecedented times. Buy online@www.hp perfect and use code rebel girl for 20% discount. Connect with them on social media for all their latest product releases and giveaways. That's at perfect sports tm again, connect with them on social media for all the latest products and giveaways at perfect sports. Tm choose perfect sports be great. Today's guest is a former glory kickboxing Welterweight Champion, the Canadian born champ started Taekwondo at the age of seven, and was obsessed with martial arts and Van Damme. After he found muy Thai, he racked up numerous titles and wins and finally in 2014 became the glory Welterweight Champion. In a sad turn of events, he suffered post concussion syndrome and in a selfless act of respect to his fellow fighters vacated the glory welterweight title, less than a year after obtaining it. outside the ring. He's now a glory commentator, gym owner and coach. We talk about 10 second Kaos fueled by heartbreak activity girls, sexy female fight braids, traditional Italian households, old school gender roles, the pressure of continuing the family name, fear of being catfished, and much more. Here's your guest bazooka Joe vatta Leni Zhu, Zhu, Zhu, Zhu Zhu.

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Okay, we are here with bazooka Joe. Joe, thank you so much for joining us. How are you today?

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Good. I'm excited to be talking to you a little bit out of my element that I've talked to about some topics that we're going to be discussing, but I'm excited for it. Yeah, this

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is the kind of podcast that touches on all the risky or taboo topics. One of them kind of is you know, the first topic I'm going to talk about is not as taboo as sex or relationships, but injuries, fighter injuries, and I want to just jump jump right into it. I know you experienced something very rare in your career with the post concussion syndrome and that you were the champ of glory kickboxing back in 2014. without going into too elaborate, heartbreaking detail, could you just explain what happened?

Unknown Speaker 15:19
Well, yeah, I mean, I think I mean, you could probably speak for this like I would say, even like seven eight years ago, like the idea of concussions was like non existent, like people used to come up to me and be like, Hey, Joe, you know, concussions are real and now I'll never get them they're fine. Like we always brushed them off and I think he had to do that. And then it's just my my career was one that went really quickly it was kickboxing really wasn't known in North America, it's actually illegal where I'm from, it's still illegal. That is that you can fight UFC in Ontario, Canada, but you can't do professional kickboxing

Unknown Speaker 15:53
that's still to this day.

Unknown Speaker 15:56
Still to this day, that's crazy to do UFC in Ontario but

Unknown Speaker 16:00
you can't do professional kickboxing and that just goes back to outdated rule sets.

Unknown Speaker 16:06
Absolutely like I mean New York had problems with that in the past but Canada is still really outdated with it so I never got to fight at home and that stuff so I had to fight international and I had a Taekwondo background so I really and just where I'm from and and it was like a tough growing up so I had that little tough mentality growing up so I wasn't intimidated to fight anyone so when I started fighting I just would take any fight and next thing you know, I was the fastest rising world champion of all time in kickboxing so crazy things but I fought guys with 100 professional fights and I just went right after them and I was just one unlucky shot in my world title fight that gave me some concussion like lasting symptoms so like I was actually stuck in a dark room for a couple of weeks where I couldn't get out look at light and then basically just seeing my family how supportive they were and very close to my family that I decided that you know, giving my belt away was better than seeing my family have to struggle with seeing we compete all the time. So that's the main reason

Unknown Speaker 17:08
Yeah, I thought that was really selfless of you to vacate the title and you didn't know at the time what was going to happen fast forward it's been five six years are you ever going to fight again? What are you doing with your your athletic career? I know you have a gym, I know you're a commentator, what's going on besides being in the ring?

Unknown Speaker 17:31
Well, I think getting on to the commentary gig, I got to get more TV time I got to speak in front of a camera more and I made significantly when I tell you it's a lot more money then I was competing, that it was a no brainer for me. So doing that and then I got the opportunity to go on Joe Rogan's podcast which blew my you know popularity up a little bit more so it just gave me more options to kind of stay out of the ring and now I kind of want to be you know the one pushing the fighters a little bit more. But I go back to fighting I'll tell you right now I'm better than I ever was. I looked at all the current UFC guys like I look at fights I'd want like I would fight anybody in the UFC right now that would be more of my wanting to go back if they would give me an interesting fight. I've actually spoken to some of the people in the UFC, it was kind of, you know, offered some stuff, but it's just not financially worth it for me to give up what I have now in that so if someone wants to give me big ass money, then it's a different story. But right now I'm happy. You know, talking on TV,

Unknown Speaker 18:35
would it even be worth it? Because I mean with the post concussion syndrome, I feel bad saying this, but I really had never heard of it until I researched your situation. So does it go away? Are you good to go? Would you even be cleared? Or would you be risking it all just for that excitement that we sometimes get addicted to?

Unknown Speaker 18:56
Well, I think the main thing with head injuries and like the more you study and you learn about them, they never fully recover. So even like I mean yourself and all this other fighters, like every hit you take to the head, it's like it's like your brain meter goes down slowly. So I always feel that any combative athlete is going to either has to give up based on their body giving out or the brain goes first. I think one of the other is going to go and if you're fortunate enough like I look at guys like Chris Weidman, I mean, I heard something like 24 surgeries or something like that. I'm like, that's crazy to me. You know, hearing your story of just, you know, scenarios like that, to me is crazy, but it's not the brain, you know, so it's kind of like it's one or the other. Yeah, sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 19:41
What do you if you can if you could wish something for fighters in general, maybe more education on you know, the, the the CTE aspects of fighting like what would you What would you wish fighters knew more because, I mean, like I said, I'm a professional fighter have in the sport for over a decade. And unfortunately this was the first I learned of post concussion syndrome. Is there anything that you would recommend fighters do to kind of better prepare themselves?

Unknown Speaker 20:14
You know what I think it actually comes down to the coaching to be honest with you, I think coaches need to be a little bit more educated on old school training like we used to, like at one point in my career, I was playing American football in university, and I got a concussion while I was playing. And it was. So whatever, Two, Three weeks later, I had an amateur flight and my head wasn't really recovered. So I got like concussed again in a fight or two back to back concussions. And I was throwing up after the fight and I just felt sick and crappy. But even after that, I mean I was early University at that time, but like i Smar right after and I beat jab sparring. And that shit was going to get keep getting headaches. Like, I didn't even know that was symptoms of concussions even before. And also I just think education coaches need to know like, even now, like, my guys get rocked in training right away, I stopped them, I send them home, you know, we go on proper, they have to eat properly, make sure they're hydrated, our weight cut systems good, the way we drill, and spar changed a little bit. So I think me going through some of these head injuries is just going to make my athletes a little bit more aware. So I hope, that kind of thing. Maybe coaches a little bit more educated on it.

Unknown Speaker 21:22
Yeah, I think you're exactly right. I interviewed Brad Pickett the other day, not for this podcast, but another one on one. And you know, he's the head coach at Great Britain's top team. And we just talked about how amazing it is to have fighters like yourself, and Brad be the coaches because not only are they educated, but they have that real life experience. And so unfortunately, a lot of coaches now come from different backgrounds. And they may not be as educated in mixed martial arts because it hasn't been as round around as long as boxing or these other sports. So I think Yeah, you're right, having coaches that are more educated is going to be a game changer.

Unknown Speaker 22:07
You've been training partners, like even guys at my team, like, I mean, you could probably speak for yourself, like even your closest training partners when things pick up as far as like, I'm trying to like, swing like even me now. Like if I get hit, I still have that fighter mentality and emotion or want to keep going even to my best friends. You know, that's kind of the respect we have for each other, which again, we have to stop sometimes, but I think egos such a big part. But at the same time, it's like you need that a little bit. You can't really go totally against that. Because if you don't get some of that hard sparring before your fight, sometimes you don't really feel you know, you might not feel as good going into it. So I think there's a little balance where I think at my gym here we like go to the body and legs as hard as you can, but you don't really need to be swinging head punches and head kicks and that kind of stuff. So I think the body and legs are pretty fair.

Unknown Speaker 22:55
Yeah, that's safe to say and like you said it. Sometimes you can't help that animalistic urge to just want to fight back. You know, you're gonna so it's like, that's where your coach needs to come in and say all right, Joe, settle down now or if you're getting yes be, you know, okay, Joe, I'm pulling you You're too tired. You're exhausted and you got to have someone looking out for you. And that's Yeah, that's where the coach is gonna come in. So now you are. You're commentating and are you the head coach at bazooka MMA?

Unknown Speaker 23:28
Yeah, I opened up as soon as I kind of gave up my title there, I kind of opened up the gym right away. So it's been a while now. So I'm the head coach here. And I've been coaching which has been fun and even early on, like I got my black belt in Taekwondo when I was 10. And we were forced to teach at a young age. So even from my early career, I was working with fighters and different people. So I was lucky enough from even early in my pro career, I worked with like a lot of the Canadian UFC guys. Recently I was with Malcolm Gordon in Abu Dhabi and in Vegas as well. I worked with Chad curry a little bit so I got to work with a lot of the Canadians with coaching and so it gives inspired me now like now my whole fun of learning as a martial artist is I want to create my own world champion. So that's kind of the next path for me.

Unknown Speaker 24:14
That makes me happy when you first hear when I first read about your story, I felt heartbroken. I felt like here's this young talented guy with his whole career ahead of him obviously you attained your goal early on your world champion, you know, great job, but I thought to myself like does he have any lingering feelings of missing out on his writing career but it sounds like you have this new spark lit inside of you for coaching and commentating and helping other fighters?

Unknown Speaker 24:44
Well, I think I kind of had to you know like in my mind still like I'm being very humble like I mean, talking but like I'll be 100% honest, like I still think I'm the greatest striker on the planet. I still think like I will say guys like Wonderboy Thompson Israel had assignment and I look at them like, I'm better than those guys if they want to stand with you, they those, those guys won't even stand on the sheet with me, you know, like, they're gonna have to wrestle me. Like I look at those like I looked at the Camorra lose ones and I laugh, I look at current champions, like, in my mind, I still have that I would be that double champion would dominate, like, so I still have that mentality. So I think people around me, like, you might look at the videos, but those who's trained with me spar with me training and they know, like, my level, and it's hard for me to want to have to show that but like, that is my real mentality. I'm a Dominator, like I have to be the best

Unknown Speaker 25:34
course. That's why you got to where you were so fast in your career. I know you were fighting guys that had three, four or five times as many fights as you had in your early career and you beat those guys and that's, I'd say most likely because of your mindset. And you're never going to let go of that that's who you are. That's why you're a fighter. So that's, that's that makes sense to me. My next question is really for myself, but I know a lot of people fighters non fighters are gonna benefit from this when you know something like your post concussion syndrome, or maybe just too many surgeries happens, and it's time to hang it up. But you don't want to write I don't think any fighters just like yeah, I'm good. It's always bittersweet. How do you come to terms with that you know, I'm not saying I'm done but I just had a major surgery I'm in my 30s There will come a day and I'm like I just I just don't know how I'm gonna deal with that. How did you deal with that? And you know, it was it was hard was it easy?

Unknown Speaker 26:38
Well, I think you got to just occupy yourself with something that's just as meaningful you know, like, the thing is like, for me growing up like I think everyone who fights kind of needs a why like, why are you doing the thing if you're just doing it and you don't have a reason why it's kind of like that's kind of weird you know, like you need to dig deep there's times where like, like there's different things like I'm sure we'll bring it up too but like my early part of my career where I was like you know, I needed that extra emphasis of something but it was a breakup from my girlfriend that was like oh I'm going to kill everybody now so like you needed that why and the world champion why and then like the anger why and then there's you needed a y always to kind of dig deep so I got right in I luckily like I kind of invested in school and becoming a high school teacher so I knew I had a job to fall back on that paid more than fighting and then the other thing was commentary. commentary was a new skill I wasn't really comfortable speaking in camera I was educated but not very you know comfortable in front of a camera so doing glory commentary, it still gives me that I get nervous the day before you know I get I still like me like okay, like I talked in the last show we did pre COVID there was like 40,000 people and here I am in an arena doing entering interviews and I'm doing the open live in front of 40,000 people like that's crazy that I never even thought in front of 40,000 people I would be more comfortable fighting in front of boys. Oh

Unknown Speaker 28:03
yeah. Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:05
It's more of that like it's given me that that whole excitement of wanting to be a better commentator wanting to be a better coach. And I still want to be a better martial artist like just because I'm not fighting like as soon as my career finished I worked on myself now I'm fully competent as a self pop post career so now I can fight both stances I can box better than it was with my career like so I just continued being a martial artist and the craft of commentary kept me you know, learning basically and getting that nurse I need at one point like man I'm going to jump into jujitsu tournaments or some commentary gave me my six Yeah, literally gave me my fix.

Unknown Speaker 28:42
Yeah, that makes so much sense you know, basically find something that challenges you you know, like you said, it's you are more comfortable fighting in front of 40,000 people instead of speaking so that's a whole new challenge. Then you had your high school you know, teaching job which let's face it, that's so like heartwarming, you're probably doing more good there than maybe ever fighting but not to say that fighting that you didn't inspire people but you're literally shaping the lives of young people. So you had purpose and in addition, you also had something that challenged you and made you become a better fighter as well. So yeah, I mean, I think that's great advice. I'm already trying to work on that with podcasting talking to people like you dipping my toe into the water so when I do hang up the gloves I'll just still have purpose like you said, I guess

Unknown Speaker 29:35
Exactly. I think that's like the number one thing that he can't just stop cold turkey and then to nothing now like even you're used to training twice a day and then you're not training and it's just sad to me to see like a lot of these retired fighters get really out of shape and then not want to continue learning or trying to stay with the craft. I think it's important that you still stay in it somehow.

Unknown Speaker 29:57
Yeah. So now you open the gym. And you have your gym you have commentator Do you ever I know we both have the mutual sponsor perfect sports do sponsors help you a lot?

Unknown Speaker 30:10
Yeah I've been lately I kind of I'm someone who I really like to work with I don't like a lot of sponsors I only like like ones that I really enjoy and use myself and that I create good relationships with so Yeah, perfect sports has been awesome. I've been with them now for like six months and I'm drinking some of their burn cycle as we're doing this now. So Oh, really?

Unknown Speaker 30:31
So you've only been?

Unknown Speaker 30:34
Yeah, yeah, I mean, since since COVID. I was like, you know, working out and training more and I was like, You know what, I gotta get on. I'm gonna actually hit them up because I use their stuff person, like, why am I still buying all their stuff? You know, I was like, I'm just gonna hit up to them and they're Canadian, too. So it ended up working out or we created a nice little partnership.

Unknown Speaker 30:53
Yeah, they they Same thing for me. They came a few months ago into my life. And obviously, these are hard times for everyone. Especially fighters. Thank goodness the UFC is putting on fights, but for a long time, certain organizations weren't so yeah, shout out to perfect sports. They've been very, very helpful for lots of us and they just came out with a new vegan protein. I don't know if you're vegan, but have you tried it yet?

Unknown Speaker 31:22
Yeah, actually did is it's pretty funny because they sent me some of that and I was like, kind of gave him a look and they're like, really, like you're asking me the meat eater, vegan protein, you know, and then it's actually pretty funny because all their flavors are really good. So I actually gave it a shot and I actually enjoyed I actually might switch it because one of the biggest issues with the vegan protein for me was a lot of the other stuff in the market doesn't really have all the amino acids that give you the same build up as like a whey protein. So the fact that they kind of redesigned the vegan protein to give the full amino acid profile and kind of like now I'm into it I've enjoyed actually feels better on my stomach post training. So right now I'm gonna stick with it. So I'm actually impressed. Yeah, it's impressive.

Unknown Speaker 32:04
And you know, you like you said you're a meat eater. I was vegan for many years. I eat fish now. But you know, imagine how many vegan proteins I've tried I've tried many and the first thing I noticed was the mix ability and the flavor you know, I'm all I'm into health but sometimes when things get real healthy it sacrifices the flavor right? You're like oh, this wheatgrass shots so good for me but it tastes like doodoo you know I'm mixing this easy mix and then I drink it and it actually tastes good they got berry chocolate vanilla. Yeah, I'm really excited I'm newer. I've only been working with them for a few months but their products are awesome I really also my favorite one before they came out with this vegan protein was the immunity shield Have you tried that one?

Unknown Speaker 32:58
Yeah, the vitamin C stuff oh yeah. Like why is

Unknown Speaker 33:01
he so so perfect for everything that we're going through with a pandemic and trying to keep your immune system of I love that one.

Unknown Speaker 33:09
Yeah, I mean again like I'm usually like very natural based but like once I started trying some of those stuff like I never took a pre workout of my life before and then they came up with their the new one that altered state because I'm usually like black coffee before. But then it just once I took it I became like, that's it. Now I'm a pre workout guys. So that perfect sports altered status. I would recommend start with half a scoop and then work your way up. Definitely will sustain you for your workout. Plus, like I was finishing my work is like, I'm still getting energy, you know, like so that's how I knew it was worth it.

Unknown Speaker 33:41
Yeah, I listened to your Joe Rogan podcast. It was three hours long, but I feel like I took a class on nutrition and strength conditioning and proper training like guys Joe Rogan's Episode 900 with Joe you know, I probably shouldn't be shouting out other podcasts but I really felt like I learned so much and I could tell that your background and physical education you know, your teaching background really helped you in your careers seemed like you just you know ate the right things at the right time and you portrayed at the right time the right way. Maybe not so much with the sparring in the early days, but for the most part it really, really seemed to benefit you.

Unknown Speaker 34:24
And it's what I think benefited me was like now everybody's doing it. It's it's kind of normal to professional athletes now like every UFC person probably now as a strength and conditioning coach ever like basically what the pie is. I was doing that myself years and years ago. So like literally my first day in university, they were talking about energy systems and our first project was pick a sport and kind of talk about the energy systems used in that sport and how you would train someone for that sport, and old school like boxing, Muay Thai, they run 10 K is like a thing you run 10k. So I'm like, Why the heck am I running 10k for at this point, I'm fighting amateur for two minute rounds, three rounds, like it's a total of six minutes. And I'm running for an hour and I hate it. My knees hurt, like no. So I stopped running and I started doing more interval stuff, strength and conditioning. And then next thing you know, people were asking, like, how was your conditioning? Still good? How much do you run? I was like, I never run one day and my crew so it became a thing that like, bag work over running, in my opinion. So why don't you just do three, four or five rounds of Bay than just sitting at a constant pace on the road?

Unknown Speaker 35:35
Yeah, I remember. I audibly said what when the Joe Rogan podcast you're like, I don't I don't run I Joe freaked out. I freaked out. I'm like, What do you mean you don't run? And it makes sense. When you break it down? scientifically, like you do. I'm like, Okay, I understand. But there's a lot of things that you know, me probably you and a lot of fighters five, 610 years ago we did that are now proven, not as effective through, you know, studies and stuff like that. So I think the future generation has it a lot better than we did.

Unknown Speaker 36:10
Oh, yeah, you got to keep adjusting and uh, given the stuff I did back then it's changed a little bit, and I would adjust now but I mean, even some of those old school principals work, you know, but sometimes, like, I've heard my coaches strength and conditioning was like you like 500 squats? 500 sit ups, you know, and 100 pull ups and that was our strength and conditioning. Like my joints are killing me after an hour workout. How am I going to do all of this and no days off and it's like, so we change we learn, get smarter, like, even now, like, the best thing you could probably do in cancer is take a day off, like overtraining is just one of the biggest things that happens now in camps because people don't pull back and then they hurt themselves.

Unknown Speaker 36:51
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Especially in mixed martial arts. We're trying to get 567 different disciplines including strength and conditioning all in a in a week. And it's just there's not enough days of the week. There's enough hours in the day. So yeah, it happens. And I'm one of the biggest perpetrators of overtraining. So I'm going to shut up about that. Let's talk about you on a personal level what you got going on relationship wise and you see in someone you're single

Unknown Speaker 37:17
I actually I'm one of these guys, I'm basically always single, always. So yeah, I'm not, not a data of don't really date I kind of have friends that I kind of have long term friends and relationships that way, but like, I'm not one of these people who would i would say I regularly think more I'm more of a meaningful thing. Like, I guess I can be honest here but I don't like to entertain people. For just the sake of entertaining them.

Unknown Speaker 37:46
I understand more.

Unknown Speaker 37:47
I got it I got to be into you on a social level, like hey, when I was younger, it was nice to entertain a young cute girl kind of thing. But now it's like if I don't vibe with you at that level, and like I'm not even gonna pretend to like anymore. So I'm just kind of like I have friends I stick to them. Like we have good conversations and we can still have nice relationships.

Unknown Speaker 38:07
Yeah, sometimes I think online dating kind of would help you if you're the kind of person who you're like You know what, I don't want to entertain a young woman or you know, I don't mean to say young but like, I don't I don't know if you use online dating but sometimes you can kind of almost vet these these women and be like, Alright, this this woman seems worth my time. Is that something you ever do? Or are you more traditional meet me women in real life

Unknown Speaker 38:34
did it in the past? I did a little bit in the past. But the problem was, it's kind of like, I'm very busy and I'm motivated in life. Like, my motivation isn't really to meet girls and like, to me, it's it happens naturally. You know, it's not like I go out and I wake up and I put something on and go I'm going to meet someone today and it's not even on my mind. It's like, it happens naturally kind of thing. So sometimes when I was doing this online thing, like I'd be sitting on my phone and chit chatting with someone I'm like, never met this person. And here I am wasting an hour over two hours of my day just messaging on a phone other thing so that kind of threw me off a little bit. So yeah, I would say more now in my life, it just happens naturally meeting people in person.

Unknown Speaker 39:15
Yeah, what was hunting for? Yeah, I understand that you seem like an Uber focused person, you don't become a world champion by not being focused and even though you're not competing anymore, you still have a million things on your plate. So I understand not wanting to waste time I'm very similar in the way that like my my whole day scheduled out and I have a partner that I love, but if I didn't, I might be like, ain't nobody got time for dealing you know

Unknown Speaker 39:45
interfered with your schedule. You know, like I'm a routine guy like a routine I have structure like anytime in the day you probably know where I am what I'm doing like I eat at the same time I wake up like very structured, very, very structured. So some women will Get that and be like oh my god that's so amazing look he's so motivated he's so you know focused he works out every day he eats he cookies all meals and there's other women would be like call your training again or you're eating and you're eating healthy again like and that was one of the problems in like I would say my license had two girlfriends only two are only two girlfriends One of them was really long and I would say kind of that kind of I was we were together for like four years broke up for three four years and during those three four years is when I went to my big tear in my in my career too because we were she taped so let me break down a story quick so she worked together my career started getting in the way of our relationship so she ended up going to Dubai to teach when she went to Dubai to teach she met somebody and as I bought a ticket to go see her in Dubai for Christmas she told me Hey things are going to be different or what do you mean things are going to be different she broke the news broke my heart and then I was just a massive of like that was my first big break kind of thing so once I got over it I was like that was kind of like one of my big fights in my career I think it was my fourth or fifth pro fight was when I was like is such a stupid moment in my life I looked I was like before I go in the room I'm gonna forget about it you know like this is it yeah when I went in and I fought and knocked the guy out in the first round huge fight in my career and I was in and then I was just kind of chased my career after that and then during the concussion part of my career I guess I was a little vulnerable and then we connected again and then we tried for a second time and for a couple years and then didn't work so it was she was the one that was kind of like ruined it for me sometimes when it for women because there's I'm sure there's a ton of women who are supportive of my career and would love to see how focused I am but some of them like her was like, well so we can't go out this weekend we got a diet again, we got a fight coming up. So means we can't, you're going to be tired again. And I think I was a school teacher and I was chasing a career. So she basically had minimal time. It's not like I was doing anything wrong, but I was doing too many things at some point. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 42:11
yeah, that's that's a huge Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 42:13
I get it.

Unknown Speaker 42:14
It's a huge topic, we always say fighting is a very, very selfish sport. Just meaning that you have to do so many things and you so much of your energy, that's it's hard to have a relationship, you know, and one of my questions is always do you think it's beneficial to have a partner while you're still competing, but I think you just answered my question. It depends on if the partner is supportive of or not, right?

Unknown Speaker 42:43
You know, alright partner.

Unknown Speaker 42:45
Have you I mean, you've only had the two girlfriends but have you ever dated or, you know, whatever, you know, talk to a female fighter because sometimes they say, you know, this is such a harsh term, but don't shit where you eat, but or don't. Here's a better one don't date in the industry. But it's hard not to right because when you meet someone of the opposite sex who's attractive and then they on top of that, they share your passion. It's like, oh, man, this is this is awesome. So what about a fighter girl?

Unknown Speaker 43:19
What to be honest is in Canada, we really don't have many. It's not like they're around so often that I see them like maybe when I travel like, don't get me wrong. I'm a soccer i don't i don't know why. I'm a sucker for women. Pre flight braids, the braids. The brain does something about when the girls fight with the braids on I like it. So I've never I've never really dated another female fighter. I didn't think it would make sense. Like someone used to tell me when I was a school teacher like Oh, isn't it amazing to want to like marry another school teacher? I'm like no. Bummer The next thing you know they're out too so I don't get any downtime so terrible idea you know? Why would I want to do that so I don't know if that's the same way was fighting I got to see them at the gym every day and I don't know I'd like them to train elsewhere.

Unknown Speaker 44:13
Yeah, yeah, yeah, no. And I it's funny because obviously this is Episode 69 Okay, insert funny joke. So I've had plenty of guests on plenty of fighters it's like nine 9% fighters. And we Oh, it's so common to hear the fighter say I want someone who shares the same passion but it can't be another fighter that's too close to home. So then I've had people say someone like you know who's in the industry maybe another fitness girl or something like that. Who just understands the grind and the dieting and the focus and stuff like that so well what is your kind of girl but you know, besides the fighter girl with the braids, physically and characteristic wise what what are you attracted to Let's find Joe a date.

Unknown Speaker 45:02
Yeah, there we go. See dating podcast, I would say the number one thing I'm, I grew up with three older sisters. Okay. And my mom and my dad was the breadwinner. So he was working all the time. So I was surrounded with women who are very strong, independent, and mothers. So I seem like really like amazing mothers. Like my sisters are all amazing. They're still part of me, I grew up. I'm full Italian. Also, my parents are Sicilian. So I grew up in a more of a traditional Sicilian Italian household so for me, I like a little bit of the old school to be honest, I like the the old school man roles. I don't mind playing. I know women listen to this, they might be upset. I'm not saying it in like, you're not women should stay home. But I like the manly roles. I like the I like the idea of a woman being a mother that's attractive to me. Seeing like women with their kids is super attractive. To me. That's more on a deeper level, like a woman who could be a mother. Now I guess that means being older. But when it comes to the physical stuff, I would say shorter. You got to have a booty fit would be one. And I would say a little spice. That's usually my answer a little spice. It's like, maybe a little Latina in their little black cup. spice. They need some spice for me. Yeah. For some reason. I don't know why. Like I say like white. Like, I'm allowed to say that these days. white women don't really like me as much. I get more of the European women. I think white women see me more as a European. My hair's always done, maybe just Canadian women, but I think I do better with ethnic ethnicity.

Unknown Speaker 46:49
Yeah, yeah. And I mean, all those. I know some girls Joe, I'm gonna send it your way. Yeah, I mean, it's interesting because you are such a hard working guy and you got your gym and like you said, You're the breadwinner. And there's plenty of women that don't you know, yeah, there's modern women that want to be independent. But yeah, some women like that more traditional role where they want to stay at home and be a mother and be taken care of financially. Are you interested in having kids one day?

Unknown Speaker 47:18
Oh, big time. I actually like that. I think it was made to have kids the way I am around kids the way kids are attracted to me. I think that's something that for sure I want but the hardest part is finding that partner to have the kids with to me like, I mean, it's I know the modern day is everyone's like, well, you can have a woman and then you can live separately. But that's kind of not the I just mentioned I want that traditional side a little bit. And I mean, I mean, I don't want to misunderstand that he's not full traditional. Like I would love a woman to still obviously, you know, work and fulfill their own passion. I think that's important for her to have his or her own passion. Something that she's into not all about, you know, one thing or something but yeah, I think it's finding the right woman to have kids it's for me, but I would like to, I'm gonna say two

Unknown Speaker 48:05
kids. Okay, so you said you were from a traditional Sicilian household besides your father being the breadwinner and you know your mother taking care of the kids what else did that look like when you were growing up?

Unknown Speaker 48:21
Well, I think it was I got lucky but I think my sisters had it a little bit more strict than I did they had the curfews that kind of hold strict set of things but I think for me I was lucky being the only boy and and being the only boy an entire household like the king and like you carry on the jeans like my firstborn son in Italian culture each like the firstborn son names the son after the dead so like I'm named after my grandfather, my dad was a member his grandfather, so like I just have to name my first born son Emilio, which hopefully, the girl I'm with likes the name one thing but that's part of the culture for me. I think that's the biggest pressure on me now with like, the kids to keep the name and the family going because I'm the only boy. Without me there's the bloodlines done.

Unknown Speaker 49:12
Are you the youngest as well?

Unknown Speaker 49:14
as the youngest as well

Unknown Speaker 49:15
here the baby boy The only baby boy baby boy. And your dad? Was he a big role model? Was he the one that kind of gave you the birds and the bees talk? Did anybody explain sex to you growing up?

Unknown Speaker 49:29
No, not at all. That's that's part of the Italian household. They don't. They've allowed the school to teach it for me. Oh, remember one time a mom tried making a comment. And I was just kind of like this is awkward and we kind of walked it off and my parents never he never they would never a conversation that they had with you know, did you have school teaching me

Unknown Speaker 49:52
okay? So like sex ed class in Canada.

Unknown Speaker 49:56
And that's it sex ed class in Canada from a young age and then next thing you I'm the sex ed teacher, I had to teach it. So you teach that you used to teach sex ed? Yeah, it was part of the curriculum. It's actually cuz when, when teaching Special Ed, I taught a lot of behavior boys, I taught autism a lot. And I think like spec ed to those, that population is even more important, because they'll get the same emotions, like, as you know, they don't know how to control them in an appropriate way. So you almost have to teach these kids like, okay, you're you're turned on, you know, you're, you got an erection like, now what? Like, what do you do, you can just play with it in public, you have to honestly teach, like, social things like that, that you wouldn't really think of. So you have to really dig deep in the sex ed curriculum.

Unknown Speaker 50:45
Yeah, yeah. And you don't do that anymore. Do you ever miss teaching?

Unknown Speaker 50:50
I miss I miss the kids. I mean, I'm still teaching now right? In my school, when I get to, to teach what I want. I'm basically the principal at my school. So that I don't have to listen to anyone. But I do miss the kids. I mean, you're still teaching you're not the joke of like me being Oh, yeah. So I don't have to listen to my principal anymore. So yeah, basically, yeah, I do miss the kids, because they really influenced me a lot. Like I just, I mean, seeing more kids in the community would be nice. But I didn't get as many kids in my gym, we were more for adults. But when the young ones come in, like I had a kid now is 14 years old. He's gonna do the next. I mean, you want to whatever you want to say the john Jones, I think will be better than him. This kids 14 He's the next best thing. So like things like that excite me to make sure now he kind of stays on the right path, we develop him in the right way. So that kind of interesting. Okay, so I want to be involved with the kids.

Unknown Speaker 51:50
So you have such a nice balance to you. I'm thinking like, Okay, if I'm a female listener, and I'm like, oh, Joe single, it's like you have this alpha male side. But then you have this like, huge big heart over here where you teach children and special ed and you know, you want you want a family one day. So, you know, I know I want you to stay focused, but how are you going to meet the one and have kids if you don't make a little bit of time for dating?

Unknown Speaker 52:17
Well, I think I try I think a my answer would be to that would be I'm open to it. Okay. But it has to make sense. Like I could look at someone like I know, it's everyone says it, but I am very picky. And very, I can look at someone almost instantly and know, I can just tell like a flight from the looks obviously the looks have to be the first thing to spark the interest. But I know after the first date kind of thing, if I'd be interested or by looking. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe that's the problem of having judging too much, instead of giving people the chance, but I'm open to it. I think COVID kind of slow stuff down. But

Unknown Speaker 52:56
yeah, yeah, that dating has been crazy for everyone during COVID, the virtual dating and all that I I'm very happy. I never had to do that. I can't imagine trying to get to know someone through zoom. You know? So are you.

Unknown Speaker 53:11
I mean, someone you could actually speak to as well because I mean, at one point like it really had me thinking of things. So name is, I don't know if you know, Whitney Miller, Whitney, so she's, she was engaged to Marcus Aubrey from on it. And they were very open on open relationships. So I got to kind of hear and see things on that perspective of things. And like, it just opened my mind know how people and the way people are dating these days that kind of made me think a little bit more. Yeah, is another interesting point. I would say now,

Unknown Speaker 53:44
I'll definitely look her up. I've had guests who are polyamorous and are you familiar with that term? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So I've you know, I've talked to the whole spectrum. You spoke about being traditional, I guess. My traditionalism would be. I don't want to share my partner. I'm a little territorial in that sense. It's funny the other day, one of my girlfriends. One of my girlfriends was saying, like, yeah, somebody brought up your podcast and they said, it's so cool. Ashley has this podcast, and then they asked me if we're in a polyamorous relationship. And I was like, Wait, what? And she's like yeah, I guess people are people think that you and your boyfriend are just bringing girls in left and right. And I was like, that's not the worst reputation to have. I guess. You know. I'm just gonna go with it. Like I roll with it. She's got sex podcast.

Unknown Speaker 54:38
I'm not sharing. No way. Yeah. dominant to be sharing.

Unknown Speaker 54:43
Yeah, maybe that's, you know, I'm using air quotes, but you know, outdated or traditional, but, uh, what's mine is mine. I want to take a quick break to thank our sponsor, perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative with their flavor options, their newest flavor. Have diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season perfect has come out with a limited edition. pumpkin spice latte flavored protein. pumpkin spice latte provide the spicy and savory aromatic tastes that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember guys, this is a limited edition so make sure to get your orders in soon inventory will be going quick. As always, this new limited edition flavor provides you with the same benefits that diesel always does. It's third party tested for banned substances and is the highest quality that protein can be Order yours now by heading to perfect and using my code rebel girl for a 20% discount. Now back to the episode in your younger years. I want to know like I mean you're 36 or 3736 36 so yeah I'm 34 and I think back to my younger years and my you know I'm 2021 and then you just think you know everything right? So what are some things that you learned later in life that you could tell younger Joe?

Unknown Speaker 56:10
in anything of life? Well

Unknown Speaker 56:12
we know just dating and relationships and the ladies. I'm sure you have a vast knowledge of life now but just specifically with dating and romance and relationships.

Unknown Speaker 56:24
See, I think I was almost the opposite like when I was younger, I was wild I was up to like 2324 was more wild more meeting the random girls the hookups like that was more of my lifestyle back then because a lot of times usually people look back and they look like they wish they did more I wish I could I wish I would just talk to girls and approach them and not be scared kind of thing where I was more of the opposite now now I'm a little bit more shy or just because we're older as an island you can't just approach women the same way you did when you were younger but it's different so i mean i don't know what what I think the I don't know that's a tough one for me because I'm more I was more wild when I was younger. Hmm that's a tough one. Okay, you got me stumped on that that's good that's good it's usually the opposite it's usually the opposite but I'm just thinking more maybe just

Unknown Speaker 57:21
wondering if there were any like you know situations you know, I went out on a date with this girl or data this girl and you know, I learned through this relationship you know x, y and z. I always say that I don't regret any relationship because it teaches me to be a better partner and I learned how to understand people better and if anything I learned what I don't want you know when it doesn't work out.

Unknown Speaker 57:46
Yeah, okay, well, like I said, I've only really had two good relationships but I also I've learned that another alpha female might not work.

Unknown Speaker 57:57
Why so

Unknown Speaker 57:58
another alpha because my ex was in like a big time alpha who had to be right. So it's kind of like when you had two alphas in a room that kind of sparked a lot of scrap that's why I think when you get back to dating another female fighter, like, we might be doing some sparring in the living room, you know, like, I don't know, like, if she's really like, I don't know what's happening. Like she doesn't want to give up a point or something. I don't know I could be stubborn that way too. And I think sometimes like, me being that alpha management I kind of want to be right sometimes I think I've learned to not care to like, let them run let her rant I got really good at like realizing that how you feel in that argument in that five minutes is not really how you feel. Yeah, being able to like keep quiet until I'm kind of relaxed because I did grow up with anger management too. So I think just keeping my tongue and then speaking after probably my biggest thing I've learned Yeah, that's

Unknown Speaker 58:55
something I think just the last two years for myself I really you know, same probably it's across the board something fighters deal with but our temper and you know, letting or not letting our emotions get the best of us and you know, if you can master your emotions, I feel like you can master almost anything but I think it's so much easier to build muscle or to build endurance strength, you know, cardio than it is to master your mind. Your mind is very powerful and hard to master sometimes. So that's definitely something a funny

Unknown Speaker 59:30
story. Oh, yeah, there's a funny story with my ex I mentioned on this point, because we were literally there was one moment Exactly. So we're sitting there and she looked at me and we're in a nice calm mode. And she looked at me She's like, you know, what is she and I was like, I loved you so much. And I said, there's lots we love you too, you know for sure. We literally I want to say the time was five minutes between that line got into an argument. Okay, within five minutes she looked at me dead in the eye said I fucking cancer. Daniel and You disgust me I was like five minutes ago you told me you loved me more than anything what happened in five freaking minutes? Like what the heck happened like I seriously I still don't know how in five minutes you'd love me more than anything and we had discussed you fully like came and look at me anymore like what did I even do I don't even know what I did so like learning to just like alright you hate me I disgust you and then 10 minutes later you're going to like me again. Just learning that learning that like I didn't have to take that personally.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:30
Yeah, I really hope that you don't let this one relationship ruin women for you because it does you know? It does sound like this person made an impact in your life.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:43
Oh big impact but like I learned so much from what I want that it was so valuable.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:48
Yeah. What about your DMS and I only asked this because you say oh I'm so focused, but sometimes the dates come to you someone like you you're in the limelight. You know, you're very accessible social media is a huge thing like have you ever had someone messaged you and then take them up on an offer to go on a date?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:09
Well, I'm gonna have in the past but like a lot of times like To me it just seems weird and creepy sometimes. Like I mean, I've had times where it's like are they real? Are they not real? It's just sometimes I don't know like I'm scared of being catfished by look I got bazooka Joe that he was like saying again to some sexting or something stupid and like all of a sudden they screenshots crap that I'm saying so like I'm very nervous that way kind of thing but usually like when I'm traveling and people they're always reaching out like along and hauling them in here you should come here like sometimes that's the thing but I think a lot of times I've spoken to a lot of women post and they think that my Instagram a lot of times I don't post personal things that they think it's a lot business wise. So a lot of them are hesitant yeah maybe if I start posting more personal things because every time I post something personal I get a lot more messages yeah I don't think I'd have to do more

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
I did notice that it's very business I have you ever played around with bazooka Joe MMA fan page? I mean, social media just for the gym and you all your amazing training videos I know you have a very good YouTube I've checked out but then you know making your personal page a little more personal showcasing aside you know, what do you do outside the gym?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
Did you fully I mean most of my life is at the gym. Yeah, it's I don't know a life outside of martial arts like it's more family and friends. I always make sure my downtime has family and friends involved and that's the thing that's where my balance comes but like my day at the gym is so social like I have probably anywhere from I mean with COVID up and down 300 to 400 members that you know I have so many people social A lot of times when I'm done I don't see anybody you know, I don't want to talk to anybody I just had to deal with so many people and yelling and screaming in class that I just don't want to see anybody so a lot of times I enjoy someone who likes downtime with like if I'm literally trained all day filmed all my videos coach for four or five hours trained again The last thing I want to do is go out somewhere now so if someone who's down to chill and relax that's kind of what I'm I need I don't like we make fun of them like in our little community we call them activity girls like there's some girls who like to chill and then there's the activity girls that like every downtime has to be an activity like let's go walk at the park let's go for dinner so like an activity girls hard to deal with

Unknown Speaker 1:03:45
when you're so busy I've never heard that phrase and activity girl

Unknown Speaker 1:03:48
and activity girl you and activity girl Ashley

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51
I'm I will this is this is my this is the first time in my life this the longest I've ever not been able to train it's been 10 months I've been since I was 15 years old I was on our high school boys wrestling team. Then I went to college I wrestled in college for four years graduated God right into mixed martial arts. And I've been doing it ever since and so now I guess I'm a little bit more on the activity girl but not really because I'm so busy with the podcast and physical therapy and massage and you know, I recently stopped drinking so I'm now juggling being social but also knowing when to pull back because uh, you know, people dealing with being newly sober sometimes it's like newfound anxiety. And I used to be such a social butterfly Joe, like, if you ever saw me at a fight, I'm the person who's like taking pictures like, you know, sticking my finger in a fan's nose during the picture just joking around. And now it's like, I have to like, find this new side of myself. So and I'm very vocal on the podcast. Obviously I'm open person. So I don't know I don't Think I'm an activity girl I'm finding this new Ashley but yeah when you're a fighter I'm right there with you. I don't want to want to on my downtime you know after I train twice a day I don't want to go paddleboarding you know my shoulders are tired you know I just want someone to rub my butt I gotta

Unknown Speaker 1:05:18
train again tomorrow yeah no energy cutting away

Unknown Speaker 1:05:21
Yeah, I don't need an activity boy I need somebody who's gonna rob me and that's pretty much I've got my partner he's a black belt in jujitsu so it's it's kind of like I think what you should find someone who is a sport adjacent maybe not exactly a fighter but they know the lifestyle they understand when you're fucking tired. You don't want to you know, especially for sex. I mean you're so tired sometimes from training especially in fight camp and I can segue into this but sometimes when I'm in fight camp, I'm like babe, I really want to have sex but you're gonna have to do all the work and of course the guys like no problem can do something you've ever dealt with

Unknown Speaker 1:06:04
I would say so I think honestly that was part of could have been issues in the past too because like Jay fightcamp like I never really and it still happens to a lot of my fighters now they'll come back they'll be like I always get the private knock on my office during the coaching I talked to you and I was like what was I and then it's like well you know like I haven't been able to get you know i don't even get hormones anymore during camp as a yes that happens you know you're basically so tight and exhausted you got no testosterone left and the end of the data to get an erection so yeah, it's a real thing I was never a I never really had a sexual appetite during camp so it really slowed down during my camp and then after would spark up right after it would spark up again but the last three four weeks when people used to say like you know like oh, would you have sex before fights I was like I had no energy to like I don't know where you're getting this I wish I wish I had the energy to like yes I would like to do but I just don't i don't think about it like I'm thinking about you know, I have to work the next day and one of the best things in my career when a lot of people said it was a bad thing but me teaching I mean it was exhausting mentally physically obviously and then having to go train right after but at least that eight hours when I was a teacher I didn't think about being a fighter. I didn't think about having to go fight you know in three weeks I was it was a distraction from fighting and it kind of helped me a little bit because if you think about fighting all day, you're gonna freak out like yeah nervous you can get and you know there's a lot of nerves behind it so I think the teaching helps kind of not think about the fight but man I was drained at the end of the day sex was the last thing on my mind.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:43
Yeah, I you know, I'm a female so I don't have my personal experience to pull from but I have heard from other fighters male fighters, we had a guy named Diego glorieux aka Lola pistola. Bare Knuckle fighter. He talked about how you guys don't want to talk about it, but it's a common thing and so any of you guy fighters or guy athletes out there, it's all good man. Like sometimes you just can't get it up, but it's okay. And if you know that sometimes were having a partner who understands the physical toll that it takes on your body. That's where it comes into play and is just perfect, right? Because you don't got to explain sometimes girls are very sensitive. I remember in my younger years, if a guy couldn't get it up, I took it personal I thought oh, he's not attracted to me. My feelings got her and then the guy felt all bad and so you know, earlier I asked you and like what's something that you wish you knew then you know, and so that's something I wish I knew in my younger life like hey, if a guy doesn't get it up it's it's not because he's not attracted. It's it's whatever he's got going on.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:52
I think maybe guys like when they say like, Oh, I'm not as sexually active or want sex as much nk it's just, I think it hurts there. They might feel like it hurts their ego a bit, but like, just a natural thing and your testosterone is down. They can make you less of a man and if you don't want to have as much sex during the fight you're built to do the most alpha thing in the world than a weak man. You don't have to worry about

Unknown Speaker 1:09:12
that. Yeah. Where's one of the craziest places you seem like a very tame boy Joe but where's one of the craziest places you ever had sex?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
I don't honestly I'll be honest with you I'm not I don't like crazy things like that. Like No, not my I to me. It's like when people like oh, you know, you can have sex in the car like, but then I can't move. restricted. I don't want to be restricted. Like what better canvas and place to work in the bedroom. You know, like that, to me is like, to me, it makes the most sense. I don't want to be in a public bathroom. I don't want to be to me the bedroom. Nothing beats it. And I think if you're fine, you're creative. You're the way You know some guys need to sometimes like take it like a flight you're going in there and you got to put your best effort in it's like how you approach it i think is the most important I think but yeah like in the car like I can't move like I'm awkward position like that's not fun for me like maybe as a kid you are but man give me a king sized bed first place you can probably yeah yeah king sized bed

Unknown Speaker 1:10:26
Are you you're you know you're known for being aggressive fighter you go forward you know always very active is that does that transfer into the bedroom or are you more of like allow the girl to be the dominant one or back and forth

Unknown Speaker 1:10:43
definitely not that one definitely not Yeah, I don't want to be pressured pinned down hit I don't know I still have to be and I think for me it's more of the I played to the the mood she's a very nice and taped to the thing I would play to the vibe the energy Yeah, yeah, it's very physical and it can be very rough and aggressive or can be very sensual and passionately on the feeling I guess that we have and our vibe together. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:17
Okay. Has there ever been a situation where a girl wanted to do something that was a little too freaky or not in your wheelhouse?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:27
No, I think honestly and I mean I don't know if it's your thing but I think a lot of women sometimes I think when they are with spiders or leads or something they get a little bit more shy so that's why I always think it's better to have the long term friendships because they're shy like you were in great shape we're at the you know, athletic so sometimes they get very shy very hard It takes a little bit to open them up and getting more comfortable but I like to I mean, again, good communication and stuff and that's why I think if you just meet someone and have random sex it's not fun It could be for that moment but to have good quality you need to kind of talking build it up and do it multiple times.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:09
And now this long term friendship Are you being a polite boy and not saying fuck buddies?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:17
No, no, I wouldn't say that because I think there's a lot of times I don't know there's you care about them still right? Yeah, the people you care about I think,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:27
but you care about a fuck buddy. It's just someone that has no title as far as like boyfriend girlfriend maybe there's a little bit like your friend What was your name Whitney?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:39
Yeah, yeah, you know he's I think she's in a monogamous relationship now vocab cute. She honestly she has a podcast do I highly recommend? I think you guys would hit it off. Pretty cool. It'd be awesome. She was a glory journalist and commentator with me for five years so we got to add She's awesome. She is called love sex and relationships. Oh, she sounds perfect for you. Yeah, right now the perfect person.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:03
You know, it's funny. At the end. At the end of every show, we always ask the guest who would you like to hear next? And I'm just gonna go ahead and say probably Whitney Whitney would be a great guest to have

Unknown Speaker 1:13:14
amazing Okay, he's I think he's a couples she's a couples therapist kind of thing. She does online coaching for that kind of stuff. Like, perfect for you.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:23
Wow, that's awesome. Okay, guys, well, it's time for the lightning sex round. Guys don't know lightning six round is a rapid fire segment where I'm gonna ask Joe 14 different questions and he's got to answer yes or no rapid fire. Ready, Joe?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:47
Yes and no. Okay, well, maybe,

Unknown Speaker 1:13:51
you know, I used to say yes or no, but then some of the listeners wrote in and said, Hey, allow the guest to elaborate sometimes on the lightening sex route. And I'm like, all right, this this is true. If someone says yes to threesomes, and they start to tell a story. And I'm like, No, no, let's move it along. I think the listeners like No, tell us the story. So if you if you want to, you know. Elaborate, elaborate. Yeah. Okay, here we go. Lightning sex round. Joe. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes. Do you spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:28
spank not biting being spanked. Okay. Ah, yeah, really? No.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:35
choking? Yes. threesomes Yes. Do you watch porn? Yes, any fetishes like a foot fetish. No, bodily fluid fetish. No, and bondage like ropes, blindfold handcuffs. No role playing Sure, okay, but stuff on you or a partner.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:08
Meal No. on the partner

Unknown Speaker 1:15:10
got it. Do you use sex toys? Sure. ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? Nope. And are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:23
I enjoy it for sure. We won't stay online sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:29
Yeah, that's usually my answer. What's the point but yeah, okay, Joe well that's the lightning section. Oh, good job.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:37
The quick flash through some of those Yeah, I'll be honest with you, my my my family Listen, so we had a pretty good balance. I didn't know too much about their their brother son. So

Unknown Speaker 1:15:49
you know, it's it's funny you say that I went home for the first time in yours. I'm from Northern California, and I now live in Orange County. And you know, I had a tumultuous relationship with my family in my younger years. And as I get older, I'm trying to patch it up a little bit, and I go home, and then my dad starts to talk to me. He's like, yeah, I've been listening to your podcast and I'm like, stop Stop. Don't listen to like dad, there's a million I'm like, just like stop and so yeah, Dad if you're listening knock it off. That's weird. It's fucking

Unknown Speaker 1:16:25
one of those questions that Oh, do you like your button? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:34
I understand the thing is they're like there's some 36 years old Come on, they know. They're not stupid. Parents are stupid.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:43
And if if the picture that I have in my mind of your traditional Italian family, or your mom and your dad are like, he's Joe Joe got a girlfriend is you got to go pregnant. Where's the babies?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:55
Oh, yeah, they're stressing oh they need baby baby Emilio comments that's what they need a baby Emily Oh

Unknown Speaker 1:17:02
yeah, my grandpa's always I get two questions when I call home. I'm very close to my grandfather and he says are still doing that fighting thing and like Yes, grandpa I'm still doing the fighting thing. He goes okay, when do I get a grandbaby I'm like never grandpa it's not gonna happen. He keeps asking

Unknown Speaker 1:17:19
now you're both of your parents are American or is there any European influence?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:24
No. So I have like a weird background with my family I on my mother's side it's like German Irish and a little Cherokee Indian and then on my real father's side I Hispanic

Unknown Speaker 1:17:39
Okay, look like you had a nice mix of things so

Unknown Speaker 1:17:42
yeah, everyone's always like you look like a white girl with a splash or something else. like yeah, that's what I have white girl

Unknown Speaker 1:17:49
though. Latina splash. Exactly. Yeah, make sense? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:53
All right, let's play the game of Fuck, marry kill.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:03
One marry one kill one. Go. I think we're done. We're done here. Are you ready? All right. I'm not good with names. So hopefully I know these names.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:12
So I, I always try to give a fun one. And sometimes it's in the same industry. But I decided to go with Canadians for you so famous Canadians. So you get three names. And I put a couple different. So we're gonna do Celine Dion. Alana's mindset and you know who Rachel McAdams is?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:36
Ah, Lana. I do okay. I'm going to put pictures of them so I can Okay, Okay, I got it now. I know she is. Celine Dion. We have okay. And Atlanta Somerset wing awareness.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:50
These are all famous Canadian women.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:54
Okay, so who would I marry? are hard because they're all pretty cute. Girl pretty cute. So let's go. I don't want to kill none of these poor women. Okay, I have to pick them for the game. So Rachel McAdams is going to be the one I probably marry I'm gonna marry Rachel McAdams.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:21
She for the listeners who don't know who she is. She was the lead in the notebook.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:30
The history learner more Saturday would probably Alana's more set. Let's go with parking on a kill port. Celine Dion. The lease. I like your dog. The heart will go on. There I'm wanting to like younger girls.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:51
Oh, we didn't. We didn't talk about that. Joe. Okay, so you like the younger ladies. You're 36. So we talked I wouldn't say you Girl my pedophile Oh, okay but creepy now I don't know what's the youngest that you would date you know cuz sometimes you know a girl in her 20s is pretty mature but then sometimes you get people who are just not you know ready to settle down and it sounds like you're leaning towards that phase of your life

Unknown Speaker 1:20:24
well I just the last girl I dated for longer terms we were she was 10 years younger and that seemed to work well so I was a nice kid. I would Yeah, I would say mid 20s is probably a nice ideal age where they're still young and fertile.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:43
Yeah. Yeah, if you don't mind making movie references or music reference and having them give you a blank stare then then Godspeed Joe i think i think it's the worst when you like make a joke or you say a movie line and you're like huh oh, and they're like drip drip drip drip crickets I'm like Nevermind. Okay, let's do some fan questions to end off this podcast. Crosley

Unknown Speaker 1:21:20
Okay, we got at tattooed blonde mommy oh six. What what gets bazooka Joe in the mood the most? Good question.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:30
Whoo. must touch kiss person. Kissing. Okay, kiss so you got to be a good kisser. If you're if you don't know how to kiss is not gonna go past that. Have a Nice, nice, smells nice. I can't and again it's weird for me and I know some girls like it, but they'll drink lots of wine and then they want to make out with you after too much wine and you get this weird mouthy. I don't like I need to be nice you know fresh and want to want to make that suggestion.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:00
Yeah. Are you a drinker Joe?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:04
I drink like socially like I wouldn't drink a lot but I'm more into like I like CBD cannabis more than I would alcohol. When I drink I like to drink Yeah, okay, I'm gonna say I do it more I save it for like fun big bigger nights and more like weekly kind of

Unknown Speaker 1:22:22
thing. Nice. Good. Okay, at underscore ONI underscore What's your favorite food slash dish?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:32
Food slash dish. I would say it's tough but it's my favorite food is like my mom's cooking of all sorts of one of my favorite my favorites honestly type of food. But it made sense when I was young and I don't eat it as much now because of all the calories in it, but I love pizza would be my main food if I had to eat it every day. But if I had to pick the one things I like pasta, my mom's pasta or some steak,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:01
okay. At t panniculitis oh one do you get more nervous as a commentator or when you were fighting

Unknown Speaker 1:23:11
that's tough it's different types of nerves like the commentary nerves is like oh my god, I don't want to say something wrong. Whereas the other thing like I know I can make a mistake commentating where like the mistake in the ring was more you know costly, costly, I think I think the more nervous fighting and but because more was on the line more It was like life or death for you and I was one of those fighters who literally I went in the ring thinking that like you're gonna have to kill me to meet me kind of thing. So I took that like, it was all like doing that for me. So

Unknown Speaker 1:23:47
yeah, yeah, that that mindset I know, it sounds so extreme to your average person. But when you're getting locked in a cage or for you a ring, you know, with someone, you'd be crazy not to have that mindset in my opinion.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:01
We need it. I used to think of some crazy shit. Like, I used to make up stories in my head, which was unhealthy like a like I used to think of like some crazy like people like trying to kill my family. Like I had to get dark sometimes to like, get to that stage. Now. I'm gonna tell you a quick talk about killing my dog like You killed my dog. I don't even have a dog.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:24
This person killed my damn dog. I mean, we had the dog but they killed it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:32
I'll tell you a quick story. So one of my teammates just are a former teammates just in governor shout out to him. He's awesome. I was training for a very important fight. I was getting ready to fight Fallon Fox back in, I don't know 2013 some around there. It was a transgender fighter and it was it was all over HBO ESPN, it was a big fight it was building. And my teammate who's just my number one sparring partner, very funny guy, former Marine and he used to clown cuz he's just always making us laugh. I'm getting a sparring and then my other teammate has me up against the cage. And he's got like a tight waist and he's like punching me in the stomach to the body to the head obviously, like, you know, not full speed, but like, I've got this big fight coming up and they they're trying to get me ready. And my teammates like, Ashley, just imagine someone's trying to rape you in an alley. Get out don't get raped. And I'm like, What? And I'm like, Oh my god, and I swear to God, Joe, I was like, not today. I'm not getting raped and I just burst. So I used

Unknown Speaker 1:25:40
to get dark sometimes I

Unknown Speaker 1:25:42
like it. Yeah, you got to create whatever. Okay, moving on. At Pepe Le Pew. 96. I love this guy. He always writes in big fan Joe, which of your fights are you the most proud of

Unknown Speaker 1:25:55
the most the fight I'm most proud of? I have to say that. I'm going to call it a night in Japan. One of my goals as a martial artist as a kid was I wanted to go to Japan and fight so I got I ended up winning in Chicago with a guy who had 100 professional fights. I beat him I knocked him out in the last 10 seconds of fight which sent me to Japan. And then in Japan. I thought at that time he was 24. And oh and he was known as like the greatest striker of all time. Raymond Daniels. Oh, so I think knocking out Raymond Daniels and then 20 minutes later fighting You know, one of the best kick boxers of all time, and Nikki old skins. That probably was my night like in within a 30 minute period in my career. I knocked out Raymond Daniels, which gave me one of the knockouts of the year and I got Fight of the year fighting cold skin. So that night to get to basically awards and our period of time was pretty wild.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:55
Yeah, I think that's a Yeah, deejays always clapping for you. I know amazing. I've been doing my research and I used to train with Raymond Daniels. Coach, Tyler Wombles, my former muy Thai coach, train Raymond and Raymond so talented and then I watched that fight with you guys. I was like alright, Joe is the real deal here.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:17
And then Raymond's only lost twice and his only two losses we lost three times once to me twice. Nikki hold skin so there's very few people that can be Daniel's. And that's what Yeah, no just so dominant. He's so good. So that night for me was because you have to think like Raymond to me wasn't the best kickboxer but he brought so many things I never seen before like I didn't want to be the end of a highlight spinning he'll take like he's got like 9000 spin knockout kicks in like if I'm one of those highlights that gets played for the rest of my life is gonna kill me so that was a stressful night but one that was huge for my crew.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:57
That's epic. Yeah, I would be proud of that too. Awesome. Okay at fight bananas official? Would you rather an epic kayo or an epic blow job?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:13
epic K. Oh, like I'm gonna have to say that. That's more satisfying for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:17
Yeah. Joe, Joseph. Yeah. All right. Kick

Unknown Speaker 1:28:21
a nice head kick. You know, a nice head kick finish over a nice blow job for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:26
Yeah, yeah, I would. Yeah, I think everyone's like, oh, how do you visualize a win and I'm like, of course you know, I'm taking a bath I visualize a when I'm going for a run I visualize when I'm, you know, my boyfriend's talking a lot. And I stare off into the distance and a visual when you know, and it's always it's always an amazing knockout. It's always amazing. I mean, I'm, I'm a wrestler, by background, but I fell in love with muy Thai and I'm always it's either a head kick, or an amazing elbow. Like I would love that. Yeah, I choose I

Unknown Speaker 1:28:59
needed a face.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:00
Yes, yes. I got a lot of hair. I got a lot of bass, if you know what I mean. So I don't do too much flying stuff. But uh,

Unknown Speaker 1:29:09
it's funny that we're talking more about fighting like sex and sex itself. Would you like to Oh, knocking her in the face or making like the violence so sexual is now turned on meeting people in the

Unknown Speaker 1:29:28
last two questions, Joe. At fight insight podcast. You've been around the world. What country has the hottest and most DTF women

Unknown Speaker 1:29:39
wooed the hottest women you want to know where it is? Eastern both Turkey. When I went to Turkey and I thought my glory debut. I was walking around and I was just like, Turkish women in Canada don't look like this. I was literally like, oh my god. Turkish women are absolutely gorgeous. And honestly like from there after my fight like I had to fight a Turkish legend when I went in his hometown, which was nuts, I thought I was gonna get beat up after the flight. But literally I was getting messages from Turkish women. They're telling me that they're at the hotel, they became obsessed, like the fans of Turkish fans and the people like they are still to this day, some of my best followers and fans so Turkish women

Unknown Speaker 1:30:25
for sure. Wow. Yeah, I went to Turkey one time, but I didn't get to really see the culture. I go periodically on military tours. It's kind of like the USO but it's called pro sports. And we go over and I went over to Turkey, and it's actually really beautiful place. I don't I don't get it. Yeah, yeah. It's a beautiful place. Beautiful Women. Okay, Joe. The last question is from a girl AJ Jenkins. 22 she said Can your girl fight? winky face? I think that just me and my girlfriend. I think that means that she's down to fight your girl for you. You got some female fans out there, Joe.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:06
There you go. I got no girl for her to fight but she can. She can start to be the one fighting for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:14
Slide into those DMS. Joe you just got to take more chances. That's That's it for the podcast. I'm so happy to have you on where can we follow you on all your social media platforms.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:25
I think the best is going to Instagram bazooka Joe v. I have my gym cage as well as bazooka kickboxing which I post a lot of my YouTube clips and pad work and stuff but if you're like pads, we'll call it pad work porn. A lot of pads but actually you're right I do need to maybe put some more personal stuff up I got to get better at that. But yeah, that's that's the main platform and then YouTube my YouTube channel. Again, if you search bazooka Joe V, it's all there and I post two videos a week on YouTube technical stuff. And then I have an online training site called bazooka training comm where I post for online training videos a week and it's only 10 bucks a month. So always something online from bazooka Joe

Unknown Speaker 1:32:09
awesome. And when are you going to be commentating for glory next?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:13
I'm actually leaving soon it was we had unfortunate news yesterday our heavyweight champ was supposed to fight Alistair overeem in in Holland on that the 23rd overeem is hurt. So they're trying to find the places now I don't know what they're doing with like, I leave October 19 and their big shows on papers you October 23.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:35
Okay, nice. Tune into that.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:38
soccer stadium will be packed. Okay, it should.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:41
Okay. Well, Joe, I want to tell you honestly, I loved getting to know you better. You sound like a hard working big hearted guy. And I it's good to have high standards. Joe, I want you to have high standards like you do. But what's that phrase? You miss? 100% of the shots you don't take so the next time I talk to you? I hope Canadian. Is it really Wingard Wayne Gretzky. There you go. So I hope that you give love a chance a little bit more. You know, just get out there. Joe, you gotta you gotta get a girlfriend before you make a baby. You know.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:18
I know. You got to start thinking but definitely my energy and my mind open it up to that part of the mind said I always said I put my mind to it. I'll get it. So if I put my mind to finding the right one, she'll come. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:36
And I also believe that just doing what you're doing, you know, being focused and working hard and you'll you'll attract the right one for sure. So thank you, Joe. Thank you. Thank you for opening up.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:48
I know I got me a little nervous coming into here, but I think he did a good job that makes me feel comfortable. So thank you. And I really enjoyed it. You got a new listener to your show, and I'll be listening to you regularly. That's

Unknown Speaker 1:34:00
for sure. Thanks, Joe. Keep in touch and we'll talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:04
Awesome. Take care.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:05
You know, I've always wanted to see a bazooka. Like try and shoot in the field. Is this weird for a woman? I really want to see her. Oh, yeah. So I've never seen one before. And I don't know how big it is. So I would need someone to show me how it works. But I just think it's so much fun. Oh my god, a bazooka.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:54
That's it for Episode 69. We didn't do any 60 Nine jokes. The only 69 jokes? No dang Okay, send in your best 69 joke guys and we'll read it on the next podcast. Anyway that was a great episode with Joe. It's so nice to have the guys on I know we have primarily female guests but it's just a good insight into the mind of a male fighter I didn't know about the winners not being able to get up during fight camp and you know, like the pressures of continuing the name when you have a traditional upbringing is just so different. So I really really appreciate Joe coming on. And we got a really good guest for you guys. So stay tuned for next week's guest. It's she's UFC and Invicta veteran now signed to pflp professional fighters league we have Cindy battle cat Dan Boyd's calling in all the way from Belgium, so that's gonna be really cool. Also, don't forget to check out the website. It's www sex violence with rebel you can pick up a shirt or support the show, check out the transcripts, listen to some old episodes, whatever you want. And always you can write in email us sometimes at the end of the show like right about now. I will read your fan email. And that's sex and violence. I love you guys. Thank you so so much for your fan questions every week for tuning in and supporting the show. If you bought some gear I really appreciate all appreciate that. That's going back into more episodes more editing more money for DJs old remember. Special thank you to DJ zol at DJ zone tomorrow kid studio at tomorrow kids official. And as always, you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. And I sometimes say this but I always forget. We got a backup account. It's at sex and violence with rebel girl. Number two, just because sometimes we piss people off and we want to be Yeah, just in case so follow that one as well. And yeah, hope you guys enjoyed this show. Have a great weekend. Go check out the UFC tomorrow or come see me do my hosting thing in Los Angeles ticket links in the show notes. Remember guys, Be kind, be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. See you guys next week with more tales of sex and violence.

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