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Ep.70 Cindy "Battlecat" Dandois

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Hey guys, welcome back to sex environments with rebel girl where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance in that way too taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, Rebel girl, Evan Smith. Let's talk about

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what's happening the hot stuff. Oh, what's up all my naughty listeners. We are back with another episode. So how was your week? My week was really fun. I told you guys last week that I would be hosting actually co hosted the submission only series grappling event submission only series of six It was called the super fight pros in combination with USA grappling World Team trials. All the winners of those matches went to Serbia to compete in the worlds. It was a great event. It was in Los Angeles over the downtown Los Angeles skyline so in the daytime it was all lit up and beautiful nighttime city lights. Super fun. I hosted with Zetas Zheng one of our previous guests. If you haven't listened to her episode of sex and violence the rebel girl go back. I don't know which one I think she's like in the 20s or something like that. zeta Zang. Check her episode out. She's a pro wrestler and just full of energy full of live she literally suplex a guy at the intermission just because you know that wasn't even part of the show. She was just feeling Froggy. So she literally back to belly suplex the guy It was awesome. And he was not a little guy either. And that's gonna be airing on fight TV. It was put on by the grappling network. If you guys are familiar with that, you can always download that app on fight TV see me and zeta host Don't laugh at me. It was pretty much my first time hosting an event and I don't think I did that great. But what do I always say? You just got to test out the waters gonna try things got to get experienced, right? So I figured that was my amateur MMA fight isn't my amateur experience before I hopefully someday make it to the big leagues with this stuff. But that was a really fun event. You know, we had lots of amazing matches. My one of my favorites was a guy, I got to figure out his name. He had no feet. And he grappled he didn't win his match, unfortunately, but just to watch a guy with no feet, say fuck it and still continue to do what he loves. Inspiring, super inspiring. Well, a really good match. There was this guy, Eric Medina, high level Grappler. He's actually going to Serbia to represent the US for us. And he started off with the fireman's carry, and just you know, killed his guy, really exciting matches, and he's a high school wrestling coach. So I always, always root for him. Yeah, if you guys want to check that out, like I said, fight TV. I'll put all that in the show notes. And other than that, I kind of had a lazy week. I've been doing physical therapy at the book crack of dawn, but it's been the best week so far. Making progress, it's very slow going, I still have my stem cells that's going to happen in the next few weeks. I'm getting that all the dots crossing the T's IDE or whatever that helps. That goes. t's crossed and the i's dotted with that. Yeah, and it was a lazy week I got I had one day to sleep in. And guess who stopped by denta Bousada they knocked on my door at 6am and made me pee in a cup and actually they took my blood this time to I don't know why they only take the blood every once in a while but yeah so peed and got my arm stabbed early and yeah just been getting ready Other than that, oh actually funny story with you sada forgot to tell you this is all so this lady who's my she's the same Bousada rep that I have all the time I've been she's come over to my house knocked on my door. sama cha cha a million times already. I don't know if I could say her name but she's super sweet older woman. And you know she's like Alright, ready to pee. Sometimes they knock on your door and you just went pee so they have to stay. And you they can't You can't leave their site until you pee. So this woman knocks on the door I just woke up because I was trying to sleep in so I she goes into the bathroom with me. And I'm wearing a romper. For the boys out there who don't know what a romper is. It's like a one z so it's not the best outfit to wear. If you're trying to Pay for somebody. So basically I had to pull the whole thing down. There's no top to it. It's just one piece. So this woman got to see my titties a and muchacho. And because they have to watch the pee actually go in the cup. It's crazy. It's very degrading until you get used to it. And then you're just like, Alright, you've seen my vagina 27 times who cares at this point. But yeah, as I'm trying to pull out the romper back up as fast as I can, because I'm giving this woman a full show. The strap to my romper breaks. And yeah, it was just a very comical situation. I was like, this is how my morning started.

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Other than that, it's been a fun week. Tomorrow, we've got some UFC fights that I'm personally invested in, the UFC returns to the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, with an exciting women's featherweight belt. Number three ranked bantamweight contender Aspen lad steps in for injured Holly home to face Norma Dumont Dumont was my last fight almost a year ago now. And unfortunately I lost that fight. And Fun fact my UFC debut was in 2014 stepping in short notice for Holly home when she was injured so just kind of weird universe thing going on there. And Aspen lad she was supposed to fight last Saturday, but she was pulled from that fight because she was unable to make the weight safely. I think she got on the scale and she didn't make the weight and she was she didn't look good. It was one of those situations where you know, she just looks sickly like very unhealthy. So now they are both fighting at featherweight and I know that Dumont has had some issues making weight as well as she did in our fight in some previous fights as well. So I think these two large women and powerful large I mean, I mean that in a good way I'm large as well. But these two bigger ladies are now at the proper weight class. So I really think this is gonna be an exciting fight. You know, you don't have to, you can't you're not gonna there's no possibility that Oh, one girl is going to be sucked up from cutting weight these two strong, high level talented women at their full strength so I think it's going to be a great event a great fight. And then the Cobain event is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Andre arlovski. He's pit bull, right? pit bull. Yeah, we'll take on the rising prospect Carlos Philippe. The actually the headliner of this card was supposed to be Caitlyn Vieira, who I fought before, and former Strikeforce, Strikeforce and UFC women's bantamweight champion miesha Tate that would have been an amazing fight on ESPN plus does it Yeah, I guess they haven't changed it on ESPN plus, that is not the main event guys unfortunately. meesha that bow was pulled because meesha tested positive for covid 19 Yeah, God damn you COVID messing up fight cards everywhere these past two years. But yeah, obviously super invested in that fight as well. I fought Catlin and a dream of mine is to fight Misha before she retires again, I you know, as long as I get my shit together bottle body wise, I would love to fight her someday. And the rest of the cards shaping up to be pretty good as well. We got Eric Gonzalez versus Jim Miller Miller sorry. I love his walkout song. Don't mess with that songs. Like don't bad note. Don't mess around with Jim cats.

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Anyway, Jim Miller, I love his walk outside, and then we have a women's featherweight bout. I can't say this woman's name properly it's probably not this but manaan for rod versus Maria bueno Silva. They were supposed to fight last weekend. Julian Marquez versus Jordan right. And then the prelims we've got Andrew Sanchez vs. Bruno Silva Ramazan MV vs. Danny Roberts. Luana Carolina vs. sidora Eubanks that's going to be interesting fight so Jr. is a bad woman. And then we got Lovett Klein versus Nate lander were Ludvig and then Donna. But girl but girl versus Brandon Davis as and aryana arion. Car Laci versus Stella Nunez at 115 All right, guys, we're doing a giveaway. I've had enough of not giving away free shit. I really like giving away free shit. So all you listeners who want something, I have some signed UFC Actually, I'm going to do one on one. So if you would like a signed UFC glove, please enter the contest and the way you enter the contest is by a goddamn t shirt guys. We now have a website we now have gear and it's sex violence with rebel not sex and violence. If you put it in Google it'll come up anyway. But yeah, go the website sex violence with rebel buy a shirt and then screenshot you Your purchase order proof that you purchase the shirt and dm that picture to our Instagram page and you will be entered in the giveaway. And we're going to probably do this for a few weeks probably till December I think till December would be good. Exactly. And then around Christmas time guys, we will announce the winner. And I don't think it will just be assigned glove I'm going to make a whole little care package like some cool stuff to the UFC, I got some stuff that I don't use that says UFC on it that I know a lot of people might like so I'm gonna make a little care package. But yeah, for sure it'll get a glove, buy a shirt, take a screenshot, send it to us, and you'll be entered in the giveaway.

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Also, if you guys ever want to email me, sometimes I actually read your emails at the end of the episode. You know, only and I end Don't worry, if you email me and it's personal. And you don't want me to read it. I won't read it. I always get permission ahead of time. And that's sex and violence you can give me some guest suggestions, you can ask me a personal question, I actually answer every single email unless you send me an unsolicited dick pic, in which I will share that with all my friends and laugh at you. So don't do that. And then also, if you guys have any companies or you want to promote your brand, on the podcast, we are always accepting sponsors, if the price is right, but speaking of sponsors, let's talk about perfect sports. When choosing a supplement company, most would think it's an easy choice. But it's not. It's a matter of pride. You have your goal set to become who you are meant to be a decision, a moment in life when you decide to be more, to be great to use everything you can to be more than who you were. I choose perfect sports as my supplement company. Because perfect sports has been dedicated to providing top pros and athletes with the absolute highest quality nutritional supplements for over 18 years. Since 2003. Perfect sports has been the choice for the most dedicated and discerning MMA and physique transforming athletes who demand the very best. Perfect sports is known for their product, diesel, New Zealand whey protein isolate. It's a pure grass fed pasture raised protein that comes exclusively from the isolated island nation of New Zealand, virtually free of lactose with a 90% protein yield. Even people who feel that they might be sensitive to dairy love this protein. I'm really most excited because you guys know me about their newest product, the diesel vegan that will be ready in about a month, so stay tuned. But they aren't just a protein company. They've got products for bulking and leaning out products for strength and recovery, pre workout or health and wellness to keep your immune up during these unprecedented times. Buy online@www.hp perfect and use code rebel girl for 20% discount. Connect with them on social media for all their latest product releases and giveaways. That's at perfect sports tm again, connect with them on social media for all the latest products and giveaways at perfect sports tm choose perfect sports be great. Today's guest is a Belgian mixed martial artist who currently competes in the professional fighters league. She formerly competed in the Bantam way and featherweight divisions in Invicta FC m one global cage warriors ryzen and the Ultimate Fighting Championships. She began her Judo training at the age of five and freestyle wrestling at the age of eight. She later transitioned into mixed martial arts and trains at Xtreme couture MMA and sick jitsu while she's in the US, a decorated judoka in her native Belgium. She made her MMA debut in 2009. In her first fight she squared off with former Invicta title challenger Marlowe's cone, and earned a decision when she also holds wins over UFC is Megan Anderson Sheila gaff and dureena bars. She currently holds a 16 and seven record owns her own gym, battle fit performance Academy and is a mother of six. We talk about urinating on feet, cutting weight and body image issues. Only fans saving the day toothless catfish experiences, porn possibilities. Harley Quinn, Joker, roleplaying dog hater deal breakers and much more. Here's your guest, Cindy, battle cat dandora

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Don't be too small size does matter. still raw to fly. add to our skaros I side. That chain is then cloned out Oban eyeliner in that time All right. Good day. Doesn't matter.

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Okay, we're here with the beautiful Cindy battle cat dand Wha? Cindy, how are you?

Unknown Speaker 15:55
Hi, I'm fine.

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It's eight o'clock over there nighttime.

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Yes. 8pm

Unknown Speaker 16:02
Yeah, you're over in Belgium, where it's like nine hours ahead of us in the US. True. Awesome. So, yeah, let's jump right into it. I'm honored to have you on the show. As a pioneer of women's MMA. I'm very grateful for everything that you've done. You've been fighting since I was a senior in college before I even knew what MMA was. So I want to know where you go from here. Your last fight was for pfml you fought the Beasley Kayla Hance. Harrison, what's next for you?

Unknown Speaker 16:36
Well, I don't know yet. Exactly. It will. It will depends on previous ones do. I just came out of pregnancy, my last fights for them. So let's see if they can give me another opportunity for them. And if not, I was first planning to stop fighting, because I don't want to fight for like 100 euros anymore, of course, because I put a lot in it. But we are also talking to bare knuckle and other organizations. Next needs to pay well. Not really me doesn't that's not really me. But we're not ready to stop yet. Everything.

Unknown Speaker 17:23
So let's see. It's hard when you get I'm 34 and I have I'm recovering from an injury right now. And a lot of people are asking me Oh, is it time to hang it up? And I'm like, No, I'm gonna rock it till the wheels fall off. And, you know, a lot of people think that when women have children that that's when they end their career. You have six children and you most recently like you said fut npfl after what only four months after having your baby.

Unknown Speaker 17:55
Yes, not even five months after I had my baby, my fault. So do

Unknown Speaker 17:59
you think that affected your performance at all? I don't know. I'm not a mother. I don't know. I've never been through that. But what was that like for you?

Unknown Speaker 18:07
I breastfeed with my son till the day I left to fight for PML so I bet the date of course not only that, because I trained very hard to like I was on my best prepared today in my possibilities. But I also lost my mother in my fight camp and my grandmother the week before the fight while I was in the US so I wasn't emotionally that for sure like that was really hard to handle. So I gave it my all and I tried to perform my best and I faced the best. So I was planning to stop because I was like emotionally wrecked. I think I can call it like that. But now I'm like healing and my daughter is going to fighting and like I'm having my own gym and and I'm just like I'm not really done yet so we'll see we'll see what what's gonna happen.

Unknown Speaker 19:06
That's good to hear. Yeah, you're right you faced like I said just a Beasley woman. And that's something that when I was doing my research about you, you fought some of the top women in the sport and you seem to be the kind of fighter that never says no to a fight even if you just had a frickin baby

Unknown Speaker 19:25
No I will never say no to a fight I had I just any fight if people say like oh this is too easy fight. And I said like Yeah, why do you pick easy fights but I just took the fight he offered me and on the other hand they say like oh you don't deserve to fight the good fighter and then I'm like yeah, well what is it now? Yeah, I'm just taking the five zero for me in in in female MMA. It's not that we have to pick we cannot pick we just have to take to get

Unknown Speaker 19:52
exactly the unfortunately the talent depth is not as deep as the men's. So you basically We got to do whatever the organization Organization says it's very unknown that the fighters don't have much say and who they fight I really do think the masses you know normies think that we pick who we fight but that's not how it works. As you know,

Unknown Speaker 20:16
we don't begin thinking we don't have to pick anything we just have to if the promoter says we have a phrase for you, we say Yay, at least we have a fight. So also if you for example, in Europe, if we have five cards on maybe 15 fights, we have two female fights.

Unknown Speaker 20:34
Oh yeah, that's how it is here too.

Unknown Speaker 20:35
There's just so then we are just lucky that we have a fight so we aren't able to begin at Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 20:42
so you're thinking of going to bare knuckle or maybe another MMA promotion? Which would you prefer?

Unknown Speaker 20:49
Now I would prefer to stay mpfl although I have to say 154 I'm a little small, working with your small 414 but I feel healthy. So I just wanted to see how I can do it with like 100% training camp not in COVID regulations where we have to train sneakily and in all the emotion in all the emotional drama I've been through Yes, I would love to see what I can do in a normal preparation Yeah, a lot of people like their hands I've been very blessed having the opportunity in my career because I didn't have like he didn't give me the credit I think I deserved

Unknown Speaker 21:35
Yeah, I mean you've made the best of your situation to say the least you've been through hardships during COVID your family passing away you were pregnant four months prior so I personally as a fan of fighting would like to see you come back with a full fight camp in the right mindset and ready to go as far as Bare Knuckle goes there's been one depth death recently and I don't you know, I don't want to go to go on record as saying there's going to be more but it does seem like a very dangerous sport. Do you have any concerns about your safety

Unknown Speaker 22:11
The thing is like I'm I'm not even a stranger but you know, I always like to like step out of my comfort zone you know, so it's like everybody likes to draw between the lines lines and if I can draw outside of them I will so I think it would motivate me to like train different and I I just started actually with a good striking coach before I didn't even train my striking like I should buy a trainee but I didn't know what I was doing. So I think yeah, it's something it's something extraordinary to try something out of your comfort zone so that that is that is something that attracts me to it.

Unknown Speaker 22:55
Yeah, outside the lines. I like that you said that. That's the whole premise of this podcast. We like different people we like doing whatever the hell we want and going against what society tells us we should I'm doing air quotes right now. should do bare knuckle. Yeah, it's a new challenge. And you would have to focus and train completely different. And someone like you who's a decorated Grappler judoka and wrestling it would be a whole new challenge. And yeah, that that would be very exciting. I'm 34 I'm going through this injury and so I feel like my body's starting to have some some wear and tear. How do you feel at 35? Fighting since 2009?

Unknown Speaker 23:35
Oh, I'm already 36 Well, I think I'm a smarter fighter. Now I train different I understand my body better. And I don't do stupid takes to be things anymore. I know what injuries I had and how I can how I have to train around them. That makes me smart fighters I believe so I believe when you're older, you're you maybe don't train that much anymore like that many hours but you train on way more clever. You. You use your time. Better.

Unknown Speaker 24:09
Yes, it's a quality training, not quantity type of training. When we're young, we do a lot of dumb things when we're young. The last guest I had on his name is bazooka Joe. He's from Canada and we were talking about how the younger generation like your daughter who you said is now fighting That's amazing. They're going to have such a an advantage because people like you and Joe and me We're the new types of coaches who are going to lead them and guide them and mentor them the right way of training the right way of eating right way of cutting weight so

Unknown Speaker 24:41
one thing yes is I don't let her cut weight I just don't. I made the mistake no right my father let me make the mistake. He told me cut weight from a very young age. Always dieting, always having to lose weight that made my self image totally wrong. Like I had times there was like 125 pounds. Look in the mirror and still thought I was fat. So that's something with my daughter I'm like she's just fighting the way she walks. I'm not doing any week but not more than one or two pounds

Unknown Speaker 25:10
you're right is smart because from a physiological point of view their body but also a mental like you said it can mess with her for the rest of her life. I'll be honest right now as I'm going through this recovery, I, every day I wake up and I think to my look in the mirror and I think oh my god, I'm I'm so fat. I'm so out of shape. It's It's from just like you said, so many years of cutting weight. I started wrestling when I was 15 years old. So

Unknown Speaker 25:35
your image?

Unknown Speaker 25:36
Yeah, it's it's it's rough. So that's, that's, that's great that you're doing that? How old are all six of your children?

Unknown Speaker 25:43
The oldest one is 19 years old, almost 20 years. Then I have a 14 year old. She's my little masterpiece. Yeah, she's like totally into fighting. Then I have a son. 13 years old. I have a daughter, nine years old, a three year old in a night just in nine months old.

Unknown Speaker 26:04
You have your own battle cat army.

Unknown Speaker 26:07
Which indeed?

Unknown Speaker 26:10
You know, so fun fact. I always knew who you were. But when I started this podcast, I read an article about I think the title was like, the top 10 most beautiful fighter girls who also have an only fans. And so I found you and your only fans and the article, there was a more in depth article about how only fans really helped you in your time of need. Could you explain that situation?

Unknown Speaker 26:38
Yes. First of all, I got a lot of hate about my only fans, like a lot of people who are talking shit about it and hate about it. But I started when in the pandemic, they closed my gym. I like to Cologne start little gym, because I broke my brother. Due to inter femoral circumstances, let's call it like that. We didn't get along anymore. So I started my own little gym, and things were going fine. And then the government decided to just close me one day to another. And they didn't give me any help. But all the costs went on. So I made deep depths, like really deep debts on the point where I would like had problems buying food, and clothes and glasses and stuff. My kids really needed you know, it was really, really hard in that time I talked to Nick deli, who hasn't only fans, and that motivated me myself to start one. And now I can say honestly, from the bottom of my heart, people can talk shit, they steal my stuff, they throw it on, let whatever they want. But it's nothing worse than not being able to provide for your children as a single mom. And I prefer to buy to sell pictures of my kitties every day of not being able to buy my kids What do you need?

Unknown Speaker 28:00
I love that. Yeah, fuck fuck whoever says anything else you're providing for your family. First and foremost. Is Do you have any help providing from the baby daddies? a partner? Someone? No, no, I

Unknown Speaker 28:14
don't. I'm single. And that is not one of them pay. There. Adam Savage. The child support? Yes. Our support. Not one of them. They should but they don't.

Unknown Speaker 28:27
That's crazy. Well, perfect segue into what has your dating relationship history been like it's different for everyone. You know, there's the rare you know person who finds love at a young age and lives happily ever after. And then you have the rest of us and it's a roller coaster ups and downs. And what's it been like for you, you've got six beautiful children, and your dad I

Unknown Speaker 28:52
have. I think my children are my most purest form of love I have in my life, that in my pets, a real person. The thing is, is sometimes it's hard for me to talk about, but I'm still gonna because maybe people understand things better than that. I I've been through an abusive childhood with my great grandfather who lived in my heart in my house. He's been doing wrong things to me from when I was like a very small child. And I think in that way, I got a totally wrong image about what love is and how to show love and how to what to expect from love. You know, also my parents, my parents, I love my mom, I love my dad, but together they were toxic. There was a lot of violent violence in the relationship. My mother had like a problem, a drinking problem. My father wasn't the most loyal guy, and I didn't. I didn't have they didn't show me what it was to be in healthy relationship. So I think I took that With me, and I didn't expect much of my partners and I gave too much and didn't expect a lot back. So that makes, it makes it that I been in abusive relationships many times, I had violent partners, I had the most terrible. It's like, if there's 10, guys, and I had to pick the most terrible one. I just knew exactly what it was.

Unknown Speaker 30:27
We call that a loser magnet

Unknown Speaker 30:31
is no, no, it's like you're going to the city pound. They're tender ox and you pick the one who pees in the house and buys all your shoes. I sympathize. I would prefer the dog with fleas, puppies, nose by shoes above a man any day.

Unknown Speaker 30:51
We are dog people over here as well. Well, I'm sorry to hear about the abusive relationship history. But it does make sense. As I get older, I learned that a lot of the patterns and personality traits that we have in our adult years are from our environment as a young kid, the relationships that we saw from our parents or whoever brought us up. So yeah, you seems like you learned at an early age. what love was, but not quite what real love was. That's what you thought it was. So abusive relationships. Yeah, I always ask this questions, very mushy. But you know, we're trying to learn, help other people learn from our mistakes, right? So we're older now.

Unknown Speaker 31:35
And it makes you stronger as a person because because you I've been through many years of like, hardships like that. It makes me harder. And I know if I want something, I just go forward. I don't look back or never I just go forward. And it's if you can survive that you can survive energy, you know? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 31:56
it's definitely my mentality. I've been had to work very hard for everything that I've had. So I I like saying, you know, I wasn't given a golden spoon, and I've had to work hard. So when we finally get something, we really appreciate it as opposed to take it for granted. And so your daughter we spoke previously, you know, she said, You said she was almost 20 and you're allowing her to have an only fans. Is that true?

Unknown Speaker 32:24
allowing her She just wants once she has?

Unknown Speaker 32:27
I guess so my bad I don't mind.

Unknown Speaker 32:29
So she enjoys it. She likes it. So why not?

Unknown Speaker 32:34
Yeah, she's 20 years old. I guess I'm when I hear your daughter. I think your little baby but she's a grown woman.

Unknown Speaker 32:41
She's a force of course.

Unknown Speaker 32:42
So I will. I'm wondering you have six children? Three, maybe you've had the talk and what I mean the talk is do you sit them down explain sex or how to perceive sex when the right time to have sex? That seems like such an awkward conversation for me just because I don't have children. But I also think that, you know, the culture is a little bit different over here, too. I feel like Americans are very prudish compared to Europeans. What do you what what did you do when it was time to have to talk?

Unknown Speaker 33:17
To me it's not hard to talk about is with them. It's not hard for me at all. I feel like having sex being naked and all this stuff is part of life we are born naked and if there was no sex there wouldn't be no babies you know, so it's not hard for me to talk about it at all. It doesn't bring me any problem and it's nice to see that oh my children are so different because my my my 20 year old is like he's crazy be who likes six too much and she like be like, Oh, nice penis, you know Hi. And on the other hand, my 14 year old she doesn't think about that at all. Even when my other daughter tried to trick her and try to hook up with guys she's like nope he's only into training into school so so yeah, that's that's it, they got the same. I teach them the same stuff. But they just pick up different things.

Unknown Speaker 34:13
Yeah, I mean, no matter what you tell your children the outside world is going to influence them media, their friends, school teachers all that kind of stuff. But

Unknown Speaker 34:24
unlike the old she doesn't she never smoked weed in her life. She doesn't smoke any cigarettes. She doesn't drink. She didn't use any drugs at all. She just like six Fine, whatever.

Unknown Speaker 34:41
So I know that only fans I have had plenty fighters on here and they have only fans some of them you know they smoke weed and show their butt cheeks and others full fledge the whole sex on camera. What What level are you on you're only fans and yeah and I guess would you ever transition into porn doing porn either on your only fans or in other avenues

Unknown Speaker 35:12
well I don't have any content with men on my own fans I have some you know I call it cop teasing videos ask yourself like oh can you more my neck mon My name why you're playing with you're pushing I'm like okay fine if it's pretty mind acting but I don't have men for the moment on my instinct on my only fans although like I start enjoying it while being in it because it really was like oh I have to do this because I need to save my family but you know I start liking it it's it's nice to be free and to do whatever you want and see for cute Yeah, actually so and i think if i gets the right yeah, I think about making porn actually if I have the right people to work with where I feel good with and I and I can make my own story a little bit. I might consider doing it. If I talked with Kendra last about it. if if if she would like to work with me one day or a weekend come over one day, for sure. I can make a naked grappling video with her any day.

Unknown Speaker 36:28
Is that a request that you get a lot for naked grappling or what are some of the most requested?

Unknown Speaker 36:37
I get? I get the most crazy crazy requests. You really want to know

Unknown Speaker 36:42
them. I want do we really want to know tell us Cindy.

Unknown Speaker 36:47
Okay, okay, I have this crazy request. where a guy wants me to dress me up like Harley Quinn, and act like he's the Joker. And, and and tell him how bad I want him to fuck me. Oh, Joker Please help me.

Unknown Speaker 37:08
So I heard so cosplay but a role playing in cosplay basically, right? Ah, okay. That's not so crazy. We've heard some crazy stuff on here Cindy?

Unknown Speaker 37:19
Okay, okay, okay, okay. Well, then I then I then I have a guy who asked me to pee on my daughter's feet.

Unknown Speaker 37:25
That there you go. That one's crazy. But I guess you know, to each his own.

Unknown Speaker 37:30
My daughter was like here on my seat. She said, she said, okay, you did it. Again, so

Unknown Speaker 37:41
she was okay with that. And you did it.

Unknown Speaker 37:44
He was the one who said like, let's do it.

Unknown Speaker 37:48
Your daughter is a wild card for sure. Wow, okay. My

Unknown Speaker 37:54
daughter. My daughter puts a cucumber not pushy when they ask.

Unknown Speaker 37:59
Wow, okay. Yeah, so I feel like sex is is not taboo in your family at all.

Unknown Speaker 38:07
Well, the thing is, everybody's fine. Only my 13 year old son. It makes him crazy. When all the girls are walking around naked in the house. He's like, well,

Unknown Speaker 38:21
your poor son, he's just like, so how do you think having a very sexualized family will affect your son?

Unknown Speaker 38:33
My son is traumatized. He's traumatized

Unknown Speaker 38:36
on the other side on the other hand, he's he's giving out my phone number to my friends on his fortnight game

Unknown Speaker 38:42
Oh my god, you better tell him to stop that's not safe.

Unknown Speaker 38:47
I did tell him to stop so one moment because it was complaining mom I don't like your only fans everybody's talking about it. But then it seemed like I have some fans and he played with him on fortnight and he told me like yeah that's my mother and you're like yeah i really really and the stupid ask gave my phone number to those little boys calling me the middle of the night.

Unknown Speaker 39:10
He'd be like only give my only fans not the phone number.

Unknown Speaker 39:15
Like these ask money for my phone number if you want to give you the way

Unknown Speaker 39:22
I don't even think you have time for dating or relationship you own your own gym you have six children you're still competing but I want to know Do you have the desire to be in a relationship Are you dating at all?

Unknown Speaker 39:39
Well, I did but I don't know really relationship is hard for me because I only have six children. And they're all different from personality and the guy who steps into my family gets a has to be very brave. And the thing is, most guys, once did me they just look at the outside. Do you see the package and they don't understand the package? Because what you see is not what you get

Unknown Speaker 40:06
How so?

Unknown Speaker 40:09
Because you get a lot of drama in my house you know did you see the the simpson family is nothing against my family a guy who stopped me stepping into my family's like I want to be here I want to be with you and want to marry you. And two weeks later the guy lost all his hair or

Unknown Speaker 40:34
is it does that happen often where a guy thinks he can handle it but then a little ways into the relationship he realizes it's too much I

Unknown Speaker 40:41
don't even make them anymore to handle it if he were like, I will do everything to be with you and i right. talk again in two weeks.

Unknown Speaker 40:50
Do you do online dating or do you prefer to meet men in person?

Unknown Speaker 40:55
I did online dating but I got catfished at bats that I removed my account right away you got catfished oh my god that got captured please please

Unknown Speaker 41:04
we've been waiting to hear a good catfish story for a while

Unknown Speaker 41:08
he was not good it was very very bad so I met this guy in line and he looks like you know I don't like very skinny man. So he was like big but like muscular like masculine like strong in shape. Oh, everything yes in shape. And he had beautiful brown hair and you look very handsome. And I was like okay, I can do this. So it was great. So I we we would meet we have like these you know when we watch movies, cinemas, theaters, yes. Yes here. And next to theater is this still not restaurant, you can bring something there and like eat little snacks. Okay, I would see him there. And I walk in and I don't see I'm like where is he? And suddenly these guys like waving at me and I'm like Who's that? You know, who's that? And that also and then his face looked kind of like familiar to me. And then I realized oh no, is this the guy on his picture? He said like he was in centimeters it's like 184 centimeter but he was smaller than I was. I don't know if he would wear high heels or something normally but he wasn't a little he wasn't like a little chubby No no, he was like he had like a beer belly and the beautiful brown here I think the picture was like 15 years old so you got a Mr. Deeds

Unknown Speaker 42:34
he missed the word a teach

Unknown Speaker 42:37
like a tooth like oh we smile

Unknown Speaker 42:43
that's bad that's a no go for me. smiles are very important to me. That's like the first thing I see. In the opposite sex I look at their smile.

Unknown Speaker 42:53
And it was even worse because stupid me I gave my phone number before I met him so if you ever want to find me Good call me. And he and I are finding an excuse where I had to go very quick because my baby was at home and it was a little sick and I couldn't stay that long and I had like a whole story ready in case of emergency stuff. So I was out there like a half an hour I was gone. But he kept on stalking me and telling me I was lonely life.

Unknown Speaker 43:21
Oh no. I want to take a quick break to thank our sponsor, perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative with their flavor options. their newest flavor of diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season, perfect has come out with a limited edition pumpkin spice latte flavored protein. pumpkin spice latte provide the spicy and savory aromatic tastes that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember guys, this is a limited edition so make sure to get your orders in soon inventory will be going quick. As always, this new limited edition flavor provides you with the same benefits that diesel always does. It's third party tested for banned substances and is the highest quality that protein can be. Order yours now by heading to perfect and using my code rebel girl for a 20% discount. Now back to the episode. So I had on Abigail Mack She is an adult film star she's very popular and only fans and she had a real life stalker. It was very scary. Is it something that you've had as well? I'm wondering because yeah, female fighters in general with even without an only fans, there's a lot of creepy guys just slide into the DMS asked for weird things say say crazy stuff. And so I'm assuming that even more so for you because you have an only fans some you know they think now oh, you know just because you are monetizing your body. You are accessible and they can say whatever you want. have you dealt with creepers or any of that.

Unknown Speaker 45:01
Well I don't have real stalker but I have the creepy ones who like like to call me in the middle of the night or send me strange messages or do proposals like let's get married like without knowing each other and what I really don't if they sent me their dick pics in my Instagram because I don't get paid for those if you're asking me to pitch they have to take my only fans and then they can send me big dick pics as many as they want. Yeah, you got to keep it separate. I don't like it.

Unknown Speaker 45:30
You don't like what predict pigs fried egg pigs Yeah, unsolicited dick pics? No thank you yeah, okay so on the dating scene you're just kind of not really dating right now if you could date what would your ideal partner be like?

Unknown Speaker 45:50
It would be he would we would have to look like Anthony rumble Anthony rumble look like him be very strong and yeah, no i think i think well that's what I like on the outside of course but no I think if I if I would have to date a guy he would have to be able to manage my kids and I really if a guy's telling me he doesn't like animals like he doesn't like dogs or dislike animals then I just cannot like him it's so then it's gone. That's a deal

Unknown Speaker 46:21
breaker for sure.

Unknown Speaker 46:24
Deal Breaker I'm like by that I had that one time I met this very handsome guy was planning to go on a date and he would pick me up at my house but I wasn't ready so I said okay come in like wait wait on me for like five or 10 minutes and he asked me to put away my dog Oh yeah, that's a dude. Leave my house like by by

Unknown Speaker 46:45
this date is over. What so I want to know what is one of the biggest misconceptions about women who have only fans? You know, I know I don't care you don't care. But what do you think people? I guess assume like just because you have an only fans

Unknown Speaker 47:05
what I really think what I really hate is that because you have an only fans they think they can just take your stuff and throw it on it. I hate that because nature and throw it out for free. So they are like actually stealing my income on the phone. I really really hate that. Yeah. disrespectful. Because you're doing to help your family and they're just like stealing it.

Unknown Speaker 47:32
Is there any way to get around that like watermarks or? I don't know

Unknown Speaker 47:37
if if you contact only fans, they don't get it off. And they do it pretty. Yeah, they do it they do it they get it off. But the problem is, it's over and over and over again that they keep on stealing your stuff and I'm sick of it you know I'm sick of of sending the same links over and over again. So I just stopped doing it. But I really hate that. I think it's really disrespectful.

Unknown Speaker 48:06
Yeah, it's like taking food off your children's play, essentially.

Unknown Speaker 48:10
Indeed, and I don't do it. I didn't start this because like, hey, I want to be with my legs open on holding it. So I started doing it because I needed to. Yeah, now I'm fine with I just embrace it. I'm like, fuck it. I don't care anymore. But it took me some time some time to come to that point being like, Oh, fuck you all. I I don't care anymore. Yeah, but the more stuff that is thrown free on the net, the less followers I have. And the smaller my income gets, of

Unknown Speaker 48:39
course, yeah. It's like, people assume that. I don't know why that there's like this, this unspoken, you know, thing out there that you know, fighter girls or whoever certain people shouldn't have an only fans. And it's also been said that, you know, it's like taboo when a mother is overly sexual. And you are both you're a fighter. You're a high profile athlete. You're a mother. What What would you say to people who think that mothers shouldn't be as sexual as you are?

Unknown Speaker 49:12
would say how did you think these children came? Perfect. Perfect. No, he did not. The children came here. Because

Unknown Speaker 49:28
Exactly. And this is sex podcast. It's you're the perfect guest. Where's one of the craziest places you've ever had sex?

Unknown Speaker 49:37
I had sex on the stairs of an hotel. Actually. Yes, it was a boy who was still a virgin. And he wanted something special. So we just did it there.

Unknown Speaker 49:52
That's why I'm playing took his virginity in public,

Unknown Speaker 49:55
in probably our hotel. That's a good one. Did anybody see you know, oh but it could have could have and also I had sex one time in the so we have the cathedral in Ontario and in the little corner there is not in the cathedral but next to it. So outside it's almost almost like next to the church because because I quit. That's why just because like,

Unknown Speaker 50:26
just because like, that's great. What is a pet peeve of yours in the bedroom? We've had you know everybody say things from bad hygiene to an unforgiving lover. What's something that is just bothers you about a partner in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 50:43
I'm a little disgusting. Not much bothers me. All right, Cindy. I prefer circumcised guys. That's okay. I don't really, but I don't I really cannot do it. But I prefer I prefer without skin. But what I really don't like if they try to put their penis like without warning in your butthole like,

Unknown Speaker 51:10
yeah, that's not fun. But I slept

Unknown Speaker 51:13
the shit out. Like, I'm gonna put something in your Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:19
I pictured you bugging reversal. Like grappling putting your finger

Unknown Speaker 51:25
like, Ah, that's terrible. I really hate these like, no warning. No warning drive up.

Unknown Speaker 51:31
Yeah, that's Yeah, that's the worst. I totally agree. Has anyone ever asked to do something that was too freaky for you? I know. You said you're disgusting, which is great. But as anyone, you're like, Oh, no, I can't do that.

Unknown Speaker 51:50
They didn't ask me what I would do. No. might not do. But they didn't ask me so No. Oh, okay. Okay, why not? And then I suppose

Unknown Speaker 52:04
Are you so you're a great aggressive fighter. You're very, very dominant person. I was call you an alpha female. Right? Do you does that transfer into the bedroom? Or do you like to kind of or submissive?

Unknown Speaker 52:17
No, no, no. Individual. I just like a man to be a man. Like is to like, Oh, me every corner of the room. Pick me up. Clap me. Like, yeah. This I don't know how to say anything my English but it's like, yep. Yeah, rough.

Unknown Speaker 52:36
Rough, right? Yeah. Yeah, man handle you. And that's why you like a Jedi.

Unknown Speaker 52:44
Ever injured it one day with me in the octagon manhandle you like Tanya ever injured it and really manhandled me. I got beaten up so bad.

Unknown Speaker 52:57
I'm sure she liked it, too. Oh, yeah. She was a guest on the show. She's, she's funny. She's a great girl. Have you? Are you bisexual? pansexual you just straight? I didn't ask you your sexual.

Unknown Speaker 53:16
I don't know how the sexual I have to describe it. I would. I can live with a female in the same house. I can fool around little but like really being in a relationship? I don't think so. Like I cannot really fall in love with a woman that no, but fooling around. I can. No majority. Mine is a little like, it will work by getting older so.

Unknown Speaker 53:38
Yep. All right. Well, it feels like time for the lightning sex round. What do you think digital? So lightning sex round. I'm gonna ask you one word or one phrase rapid fire and you just say yes or no. Okay. Okay. Lightning sex round was Cindy. Do you dirty talk in bed? No, no. Wow. Spank or like to be spanked? Yes. Biting. Yes, choking? Yes. threesomes?

Unknown Speaker 54:16

Unknown Speaker 54:16
Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 54:18

Unknown Speaker 54:20
Any foot fetish? No. bodily fluid fetish. Yes. bondage like ropes, blindfolds, handcuffs. all day, every day. Role Playing like Harley Quinn and the Joker.

Unknown Speaker 54:36
I can but I wouldn't pick it. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 54:39
but stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 54:43
Or my partner? Yes. or me? No.

Unknown Speaker 54:44
Do you use sex toys? Yes. ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? Yes. And are you a lingerie lover? Yes. All right. Good job, Cindy. The lightning section. Awesome. Okay, and then we always like to end the episode with fan questions and a game of fuck marry kill

Unknown Speaker 55:15
one marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done.

Unknown Speaker 55:19
Okay. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 55:21
Awesome. Okay, so this is the professional fighters league edition. And you get to choose between Lance Palmer, Rory MacDonald. And Anthony Pettis, who do you want to fuck? Who do you want to marry? And who do you want to kill out of those names?

Unknown Speaker 55:40
I would kill Lance Palmer. I would marry Rory MacDonald. And I would fuck you do that right away. Okay. Now, no, like yesterday. pencils on the floor. I was already there.

Unknown Speaker 56:06
Okay, so we got some really good fan questions for you cross. Check. These are real people that want to know about you, Cindy. Ready? Okay, at UK's demand. I've been a fan since Invicta Invicta as parents to biracial kids. Do you get a lot of hate from fans? Or in your country? Also, I'm sorry No, I'm also the last part is are you still close with miesha Tate

Unknown Speaker 56:45
I'm I still love me here. We don't hear each other anymore that much. Because of course I live far away different time range and she has a little family now. So we don't see each other that much anymore. But yeah, I do get a lot of hate about my of my children because I have all different kinds of colors of children. And they like to make fun of it a little. But I just don't hear

Unknown Speaker 57:17
what that's Sorry. I'm DJ Zola is giving me the Yeah, it happens kinda look, but

Unknown Speaker 57:24
back in Belgium, it's still this is such a thing.

Unknown Speaker 57:28
Really don't lie. I mean, obviously, unfortunately, it's a thing everywhere. You know, we would like to abolish racism forever, but it still rears its ugly head. I guess more over there than over here. It still is systems. That's unfortunate. Yeah, but like you said, plugin. Fuck everybody else. At Pepe lepew 96. What's your favorite city or country to fight in?

Unknown Speaker 57:56
Washington Spokane.

Unknown Speaker 57:58
Okay, Washington Spokane? Yep. At air media productions. What advice do you have for European fighters to get noticed by big US based promotions?

Unknown Speaker 58:12
Move to do yours if you can.

Unknown Speaker 58:14
Oh, yeah. Yeah, I guess you got to do it. Is that what you did?

Unknown Speaker 58:20
I couldn't because my the father of my children wouldn't let me take them. So I had to do everything from Europe. But if I would have had the chance I would have done it. Yes. Are you

Unknown Speaker 58:30
forgive me did it You made it work? At she fights to media. Two questions. The first one is a Would you rather Would you rather have your sex tape leaked the night you win a World Championship? or suffer a knockout loss in a world championship bout?

Unknown Speaker 58:52
Let's leave the text tape and get more only followers.

Unknown Speaker 58:58
Like your mindset Sunday, and then Part two is describe your fighting style in the most sexual way you can.

Unknown Speaker 59:06
That's a good one. Oh, okay. My fighting self. Honesty. 60 way with my language barrier. Now you're giving me a hard shoe. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 59:22
I really don't know what to how to start that. Okay. Wait. I think I'm very flexible. Central. Grappler. And I can I'm pretty good in putting heads between my legs.

Unknown Speaker 59:38
Oh, yeah, you are. Yeah, you bet.

Unknown Speaker 59:41
And I bet if I'm done, you're gonna dream about it. Sleeping you will

Unknown Speaker 59:48
love it. Okay, this one's an anonymous ever consider a career as a dominatrix.

Unknown Speaker 59:57
No, not really, actually.

Unknown Speaker 59:59
Yeah. Oh, And then this one I had no idea what this person was talking about until you mentioned it earlier, but at palmo 53 any word back from Kendra lust?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
Yes, I had now let's work.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
Awesome. So stay tuned guys for the collaboration of Cindy denoise and Kendra list at pickle bomb m h. o sorry wrong one at Frank Tyler 9876 Why is the triangle choke your favorite submission?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
Because I like mixed up between my legs.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:37
Alright. Nice. All right, my last question for you Cindy. I always ask at the end of each show. Who would you like to hear next on this show as a guest it could be a fighter on Adult actress anyone?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:53
I would like to hear Heather Clark on your show.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:55
Oh, I like her. Yes, we're friends. I would love to love. Love her. Yeah. Okay. Does she have an only fans?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:03
No, no, but if she would have one I would fly over just to make a video with her.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:09
Okay, yeah, you got to I know a lot of girls that I could put you in contact with that would that have an only fans and you guys could collaborate?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
Oh nice. Well also very sweet. Girl. You should talk to a scouting leader. She has an only fans through

Unknown Speaker 1:01:26
I follow her Yeah, okay. Yeah, that's a good one too. And where can we follow you? How do we see your only fans? And then how do we stalk you on all your social media handles?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:37
Well I have on my Instagram dandora Cindy, I have linktree where you can find all my stuff and if you want to know about my premium Snapchat I just made Did you can just send me a DM and I will explain how it works perfect I love that because Easter gram doesn't allow me to almost make any promotion anymore of only fans but nothing of nothing as soon as they think it's a little sexual they kicked me off

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
dude we are always we have a backup account at sex and violence with rebel girl number two because we have been banned before and then we got our account back to something you know we had to really really try hard and we know some people but it was it crushed it crushed us we worked so hard to get all those followers and just because it says sex in the title that was it indeed.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35
I just posted like because I just did this photo shoot shoot with like a girl who from Belgium very popular girl. And it's like it was a picture of me and her where she licks my cheek. And she you don't see anything. There is nothing on it. She just licks my cheek and we're just her boobs against me. So you just see the shade over boop little no nipple gloves in front of it, nothing to see. And they just send me my last warning. Next time we erase your account. Yeah, and it's verified. So if I lose it, I don't. I don't know how ever do like

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13
getting back, get it back. Yeah, the censorship is out of control right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
It's crazy. It's stupid. Because my the one I got one before because I I had I made my premium snapshots. So I have this picture where I put like these big snapshot logos in front of my boss, so you don't see anything. And they all take it off. And I can't recall he says the same problems.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:37
What so I want to leave the listeners with this. You are doing your own thing. breaking barriers, breaking stereotypes. If you could leave the women or men, a little bit of information, your advice, what advice would you give for people who, you know, are maybe in a similar situation as you?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
I think okay, my biggest advice is that my dogs has to shut up. Okay, is that the moment you think you have to think? Oh, no, what are people gonna think about it, you should do it. And being ashamed of stuff is your most big, biggest weight on your shoulder. being ashamed of stuff is the biggest weight on your shoulder. Because the moment you are shaming yourself about your body, about your sexuality, about having a loss on your record, that's the moment you stop. Trying to be better. That's the moment you stop growing. That's the moment you are more more occupied with what other people's things than about your own process.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:46
Yes, you're right. Gosh, dang it. You're right. I literally needed to hear that on a personal level. Cindy, thank you so much. Thank you for being so open with us. And for not giving a fuck about what people say about you. You're awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
Up stop doing that. Let's do things over.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:04
All right, well, I wish you the best of luck I'm always gonna be cheering for you in Bare Knuckle pfml Yeah, stay in touch we'd love to have you on as a returning guest.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:14
Okay, awesome. Thank you for having me. Yeah, have a great

Unknown Speaker 1:05:17
night. Okay, guys, that is it for Episode 70 with the beautiful Belgian battle cat. She goes zerofox I love her personality. Yeah, I am gonna listen to that episode when I need a little boost of confidence a little Fuck it. You know, I need to put a little fucking in my system. I'm gonna listen to Cindy denoise next week, we've got an amazing guest so fucking funny. Okay, she's a comedian. So my pretty My job is is easy. When I interview the comedians. It's like they take over and I just give them the mic. They tell their stories, but she actually opened up for Brad Williams who we had on the show. If you guys didn't check out the Brad Williams episode. Hilarious comedian, local Orange County guy. Yeah, he's just a hilarious guy. And when I saw him when I saw her open for him, her comedy was all about dating and she was real raunchy and I just thought she's the perfect guest for the show. So you'll find out what I mean next week when you tune in Don't forget to check out the website www sex violence with rebel girl calm, pick up a shirt and enter the giveaway we're going to be giving away a signed glove and some other goodies at the end of December as a Christmas present I guess so yeah, support the show buy a shirt screenshot the purchase the proof of purchase send it to our dm that's at sex and violence with rebel girl and then our backup account just follow us because like we talked about with Cindy Instagram is wack sometimes and they go on a little cleaning spree and let's face it, sex and violence OSHA we're probably at the top of the list. So our backup account is at sex and violence with rebel girl number two, just the number two at the end. I love you guys. Thank you so much for the support for all the fan questions. They're always so good. I had no idea what you know, the one guy was talking about with kandra Lois. Turns out there's a whole story behind it so thank you guys I love you I love I love the support. Special thank you to audio engineer DJ zol at DJ zol tomorrow could studio at tomorrow kids official. And yeah, I just hope you guys enjoyed this this show. Have a great weekend. You guys. Have lots of fun, have lots of sex. Remember, Be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. I talk to you guys next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and violence.

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