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Ep.72 Andrea "KGB" Lee

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Sex and Violence Hey guys, welcome back to Section virus rebels, where we interview top level MMA fighters, other experts in their field about dating and romance, about ways to taboo subjects. Sex. I'm your host, rebel girl. And now let's talk about what's happening the hot stuff? What's up my naughty listeners, we're back with another episode of the podcast. That's just not like any other MMA podcast, we talk about fighting and wrestling and jiu jitsu and inside the cave, but we also talk about personal lives sex and how we get to the sex. So thank you for tuning back in really excited to have you guys. And we've got a special guest in the studio, one of my best friends, Christina, I call her little because how tall are you? Five foot even? Okay? Do you get any perks with being that short, I've never hit my head on anything.

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She never hits her head on anything. That's good way to see the silver lining of Big Short, it's fun to have my friend in the studio, we got DJs. So like always, it's good vibes in here. And I've got some great fucking news to tell you. I without sounding too braggy. I just, I really do feel like each week, it gets a little bit better. You know, I'm still recovering from my spine surgery. I'm tired of it. I'm sure you guys are tired of hearing about it. But other cool stuff is happening. I've been working my butt off on this podcast and some other things. And without telling you exactly who let's just say a big name streaming service has expressed interest in bringing sex and violence with rebel girl onto their platform. And so I mean, I'm not saying that I'm excited about this happening. I just feel like this is a good sign. This is a sign that all this fucking hard work is gonna pay off. And yeah, it feels good. You know, if we come to an agreement, you know, great if we don't, that just means it just this just gives me more fuel to keep going to keep cranking out the episodes and talking to people and giving you guys more content to listen to and working hard. And it feels it feels really good. Obviously, I will keep you in the loop. I'll let you guys know. Just so you know, I will never I don't even want to say never. But I'm going to try very hard not to put the show behind a paywall. Because I love that it's free. That's what's great about podcasts, you click on them. They're there for you every week you get a new one. And it's great. And that's that's why we have sponsors right to support us. So any new sponsors out there if you want to sponsor the show, shoot us an email the website for the email is sex and violence But some other good stuff this week. I want to remember look at my little notes right now. Oh, so last week, I told you guys I was on the John Anik and Kenny Florian podcast, things called the attic and flooring podcast. And we did some fight picks. If you guys watch the fights last week, you'll know that Marvin Vittore one, so got that fight, pick right. He beat Paul Acosta grant Dawson and Rick Glen went to a draw. So that kind of messes things up because I picked grant Dawson and Kenny Florian picked Rick Glen, Jessica Rose Clark, one against Joselyn. Edwards, Jocelyn Edwards. And that was my pick. And also Kenny's, and then lastly, Alex Bruce Leroy procerus. Beat Seung Woo Choi. And so me and Kenny both lost. So we're even on that one. I don't know how that works. But it's a push. It's a push. Thanks. It's a push. So hopefully they have me back on the show. It was really fun. I don't you know, I know I'm a fighter and professional athlete, but I really don't watch too many fights. I don't break down fights the way that analysts do. It's, it's, there's a lot to it, you know, looking up their records and the fighting styles and, you know, does this person is this person coming off an injury, do they or have they have a long layoff and it's a lot it's a lot too late. I definitely have a new respect for these analysts. And it's just a lot of work to do your homework so but I liked it and I hope I get to do more. And this weekend, I've got very big plans, some more cool things that are happening. It's hot. Halloween, but that's not what I'm talking about. The day before Halloween, I will be a onsite media correspondent for And you're probably wondering what the fuck is in And is a platform, it's a website. And yeah, you can go and get your media content where you know, I'll be interviewing people at different fights this weekend, I'll be covering the LSF card it's at the Burbank Marriott lights out MMA at Sean Merriman's organization, very excited about it. So I'll be there talking to some of these local fighters, some maybe celebrities and some staff and even people in attendance. So if you're going to be there, be sure to say hi, I might be backstage but who knows. And if you don't, if you've never heard of this organization, it's a local show. And I'll put a link to the tickets in case anybody wants to, to go I don't get paid for that. But it's just so nice to be able to go watch live MMA after so long of not being able to. And in is a platform I've been working with lately. So they're paying me to go out there and cover it. And then is also known for connecting fighters, also jiu jitsu athletes and other high level athletes to average peace people. So if you want to work out with your favorite fighter or have a q&a session with your favorite grappler, just, you know, maybe wanted to know something about the way they train or their diet or you know, how they got started in is the place to go. I'll put the link to that in the show notes as well for you guys. Yeah, so other than that, I've got a I mean, a busy weekend, one of my teammates, actually, Albert mirallas, will be defending his bantamweight belt at Alex, Alex f6. That's actually the number that they are putting on. So newer show. Yeah, and I'm really excited just to go and watch him defend his belt, it's gonna be really fun. I also have an injury update for you guys. this coming week. Finally getting the stem cells the UFC has cleared the stem cells, the NIC and at the NIC in the nick of time at the nick of time, in the nick of time. And so yeah, I'm really excited about that. I also just want to let you guys know, there is a possibility that we might miss one week in November because I'll be going on a military tour to Cuba, Havana. I mean, sorry, Cuba, Honduras, and Greenland. It's only 10 days it's a World Wind of a trip, but it's worth it to me because I love going over there visiting the soldiers. It's it's like the USO it's called pro sports MVP. They basically send over athletes and entertainers comedians all that to boost morale and once you go over and see kind of what the soldiers go through, you just have so much more respect so I love going and trying to boost morale you know, we do seminars teach the soldiers moves and we watch the fights and do q&a sessions and it's fun it's really fun so unfortunately if I do go it's I'm on standby right now which is very weird I've never been on standby for a trip like this but if I if you don't hear from us the third week of November that's because I'm going and doing a little military tour just wanted to give you guys a heads up with that. And yeah that's all I really got planned tomorrow. I'm besides going to the Burbank Marriott to report you could also watch the UFC fights the UFC returns to fight Island actually it's it's crazy can't believe they're back in in Abu Dhabi. And they have another blockbuster event headlined by highly anticipated World Championship bouts light heavyweight champion Yan Blackwoods I feel like I'm getting closer with that name but coin Yan Butterworths Blackwood ah goes for his second successful title defense when he takes on number one contender Glover to share. I know that one's right in UFC 267 co main event we got former bantamweight champion and number one C to contender,

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Peter pewter pewter yawn Fyodor yawn yeah locks horns with number three ring standout Corey San Hagen honestly, I'm picking San Hagen for this one. And I know Yan is the former champ but the Sandman I really enjoy his fighting style tall rangy, amazing kicks, just great, exciting fighter to watch. So I pick him and they're going for the interim 135 pound belt. So that's going to be exciting. And actually good news guys. That usually would be a pay per view, but it's going to be free on ESPN. So check that out tomorrow. If you are not going to be attending the lights out and watching me do my media thing. The rest of the cars pretty awesome As well we've got Dan hooker versus Islam Maka CEF. who it's gonna be a banger. Marcin to Berra versus Alexander Volkov. Cosma shoviv versus Li, Jing Lang and the prelim card got Vienna, Jan De roba versus Amanda Heba that's gonna be good. I love watching those girls, and Ricardo Ramos vs. Xuereb Marina. Oh god, I'm so sorry. Chernov butchering these names. The rest of the car looks pretty awesome as well. There's about six more fights, but I'm sorry, I'm going to kill these Russian names. The whole fight card looks exciting. And yeah, it's gonna be free guys. So instead of having to pay for Pay Per View, just check it on ESPN plus. And before we talk to our guests, one last thing I want to tell you guys, we're doing a giveaway. So if you would like a free signed UFC glove, the only way you can do that to get that is by going to the website, sex violence with rebel girl calm and buy a t shirt. Once you buy the t shirt, take a screenshot, send that to our DM and you're automatically entered into the contest or the giveaway and we're gonna release the winner. Probably the week of Christmas just because feels very festive. If you guys want to email me any guest suggestions, any questions for the show, fan questions, anything like that if you have a company service, you want to sponsor the show, please email me at sex and violence And we have some amazing sponsors already. Let's talk about our sponsor perfect sports. When choosing a supplement company, most would think it's an easy choice. But it's not. It's a matter of pride. You have your goal set to become who you are meant to be a decision, a moment in life when you decide to be more, to be great to use everything you can to be more than who you were. I choose perfect sports as my supplement company because perfect sports has been dedicated to providing top pros and athletes with the absolute highest quality nutritional supplements for over 18 years. Since 2003. Perfect sports has been the choice for the most dedicated and discerning MMA and physique transforming athletes who demand the very best. Perfect sports is known for their product, diesel, New Zealand whey protein isolate. It's a pure grass fed pasture raised protein that comes exclusively from the isolated island nation of New Zealand, virtually free of lactose with a 90% protein yield. Even people who feel that they might be sensitive to dairy. I love this protein. I'm really most excited because you guys know me about their newest product, the diesel vegan that will be ready in about a month so stay tuned. But they aren't just a protein company. They've got products for bulking and leaning out products for strength and recovery, pre workout or health and wellness to keep your immune up during these unprecedented times by online at www dot perfect and use code rebel girl for 20% discount. Connect with them on social media for all their latest product releases and giveaways. That's at perfect sports TM again, connect with them on social media for all the latest products and giveaways at perfect sports. TM choose perfect sports be great. Today's guest is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the flyweight division of the UFC and is currently number 11 in the rankings. Before she was a UFC fighter. She was a Louisiana State Golden Gloves champion, amateur national Golden Gloves champion and an amateur muay thai champion. She previously competed for Invicta FC and is the former legacy fighting flyweight champion. We talk about the motherhood comeback pros and cons of dating your coach breaking free from controlling partners 6am Morning Boehner wakeup how to handle trolls and much more. Here is your guest Andrea KGB Lea

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she said you Paul's run dolphin I'm real sick and the baby's gonna starve and they're the enemy hace Malachy said and she wants to crawl across the trauma is it right like somebody else she was talking asking mama wants she said just be much to the gentleman fancy there be nice to you he won't chase fans you know what exactly That was less than a samama.

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All right, we are here with Andrea KGB Lee, thank you so much for joining us. I know you're in fight camp, so it means a lot to us. Thank you so much girl.

Unknown Speaker 15:17
Yeah, no problem.

Unknown Speaker 15:18
Yeah. How was your day going? normal, normal day of camper, you are two weeks away from the fight. So, you know, I feel like this is kind of the time where as a fighter you everyone's like, are you excited? But realistically, we're like, I'm kind of tired of training every goddamn day and dieting. Well, yeah. On your camp?

Unknown Speaker 15:40
Um, well, I'm getting to the point where, well, you know, this last week coming up is gonna be my last hard week. And then the following week is going to be just maintenance and cutting weight. And, I mean, right now, I mean, I feel good. Yes, I'm tired. I just finished training a little bit ago. And I got some more training. Another hard push that I got later on this evening. So

Unknown Speaker 16:07
so it keeps going basically.

Unknown Speaker 16:12
Go on and on and on and talk about training and it just never ends? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 16:15
Well, you are two weeks away, I actually wasn't aware that Cynthia is filling in for Jessica I who fell ill? Do you know what the situation was with Jessica, I

Unknown Speaker 16:28
know, I'm not 100% Sure. She just posted a photo, she was in the hospital. And she said that, you know, she already lost her gallbladder and she didn't want to lose anything else. And so she's been advised, you know, to pull from the fight and take some time off. So it just, it didn't sound like it was it was good. Definitely seemed like, you know, something serious might have been going on?

Unknown Speaker 16:52
Yeah, I know, on a personal level, just because her and I have talked about health issues, because she was on the podcast before and she's very open about her health issues on social media and stuff like that. So wish her the best recovering from whatever it is exactly is it I think it's kind of serious. I saw on her story, she talked about something called sepsis. Or, and I'm not even sure exactly what that is like the poisoning of your body. Yeah, so yeah, so I wish her the best. But as far as you how does this affect your game plan your mentality, you know, I know what it's like to prepare for someone have a picture of them on your wall. And then two weeks later, you know, it's completely different person with a completely different fighting style. So how are you adjusting?

Unknown Speaker 17:38
I think I've adjusted well. Um, yeah, I got, you know, get the get the butterflies, you know, whenever, like you already you get used to an opponent, and then you get an opponent. And it's like, you get the butterflies all over again, you have to get comfortable and then change up some things. But I think that Tony has has a pretty similar style to Cynthia. So I think that helps out a lot. And so, you know, I feel really good about it. I'm excited, you know, to get to compete against Cynthia and I think that both you know, Jessica and Cynthia are two great matchups for me, you know, I'm lucky, you know, to be able to get that. That opportunity, you know, cuz I'm ranked like number 11. And so to be able to, like, get to fight against number five is a sweet deal. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:25
yeah, it's a great opportunity for you for sure. I mean, let's not get ahead of ourselves. But let's just say you beat Cynthia, where do you want to go next? Obviously, you know, you're you're killing it, you fought the best of the best. I'm sure your goal is to be champion one day, but what's that look like for you? Have you mapped that out? Or is it just take one fight at a time?

Unknown Speaker 18:47
Yeah, take the take one fight at a time. It's, you know, it's like when you start to get ahead of yourself, that's kind of when you lose sight of, of things. And I feel like that happened to me when I was doing well. And then I just, you know, the pressure I was I was fighting Joanne Calderwood and everybody was like, trying to talk about Valentina. You know, it's, oh, you know, it's a possibility. If you beat Joanne, then you're gonna get a title shot, and how do you feel about that? And I'm just like, Oh, I hate I hate to really honestly, like, like, talk about another fight. That's not even like, happening. You know what I mean? It's like, I want to focus on the now and I guess, yeah, I mean, it kind of tight, you kind of lose sight of things, or you just, I don't know, you get in your head maybe and the pressure of everything just starts to weigh on you. And I try not to let that happen. But you know, it happens to us all I think, at times, and I don't want to lose sight here with my opportunity against Cynthia because, you know, like, I feel like I lost sight against my thought Jojo. Yeah. Does that make sense?

Unknown Speaker 19:58
No, that makes total sense. Hey, I'm on the same page girl, I have the same mindset as you sometimes we, you know, we don't focus on what's right in front of us, we get caught up, and it's kind of like wasting extra energy or extra brain space. You know, like, I don't, I don't need to waste any more thoughts or energy on anything besides the task at hand. And that's how I work. But I do know people are different. You hear other fighters, they go on and they say, you know, every, you know, I visualize beating this person, this person and go into the bell and you know, like, they kind of, they're the opposite they they get themselves and that works for them that don't work for me. Sounds like it doesn't work for you. It's so funny if, if you listeners are unaware, Andrea and I fought 2008 2007, eight, somewhere around there. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 20:49
No, I think it was like 2018 2018. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 20:53
I don't know ever since pandemic like, I don't even know what date. And I don't have a fight either. So it's like, what year is it? I don't even know. It's funny. So now like we've come full circle. Yeah, we're friends again. You know, like, once we were opponents, but now we can talk and have a civil conversation. But yeah, I'm the same. Same way. I am very mental, very overly analytical, preparing for our fi and all my fights. I always have my coaches watch the other person's day, because I'm one of those people who just focus on the wrong things. Oh, man, her abs are popping out and so fast and look at those shoulders. Oh, my way that's not gonna help you actually.

Unknown Speaker 21:33
No, I actually, I will watch footage, like at first, but then I let like my, my team, my corners and stuff. Like they'll they'll do the most footage, watching, you know, like, they will break everything apart. And I'll let them do all that for me like I can. I can watch a couple of fights. And then I'm like, okay, like, I see some stuff. And then I can I can move on from there. But it's like, I can't focus and I can't watch it over and over and over again. Like some people I think guys are that way they're able to, that's what they want. They live off that they just thrive off of that. And I'm like, I gotta I gotta not think about the fight. I just got to train.

Unknown Speaker 22:07
Yeah, I'm the same way. I wonder. Because we are women, and we tend to be a little bit more emotional. I just, I think I'm unbiased. When I watch. I'm not unbiased when I watch my opponent's fights, as opposed to if I watched, you know, to other people fight and who knows why, you know, I think it might have something to do with us being emotional creatures as women. So you say your corners, prepare, you know, help prepare for the the fight as far as for watching tape. I know that your corner your last corner, one of them. Was your partner, your boyfriend, correct?

Unknown Speaker 22:43
Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 22:44
So what's it like? I mean, I know what it's like, but I want to hear from you. What's it like having your boyfriend, your partner, your significant other in the corner while you're fighting? I'm assuming you trained together all that?

Unknown Speaker 22:57
Yeah. Well, as many No. I actually like I'm married my coach, you know, and this is, and we're obviously divorced now. But so so I guess having my partner in my corner is something that I'm used to. And in with, with Tony being there, it helps out a lot. I mean, I think he's able to, like push me in a way that maybe my other corners can't push me. And I think I kind of need their I thrive off of it. Maybe, you know, because they're not hitting me. Like he's gonna be brutally honest. And I need Honesty, during my fights. And I think that it definitely helped me in my last fight. I'll say, you know, when we we first kind of started dating, and I've known Tony for a long time now actually, we we were we started out like in the beginning of our training careers together. Wow, how long goes that? I started in oh nine, like the end of 22,009. And I believe he started like an O eight. So like, I came to his gym at Krei mafia or max. And, you know, we trained together for a time he filmed that movie, the TV show, MTV cage, and then after that he moved off to California. Yeah, that's kind of where I

Unknown Speaker 24:11
trained with him.

Unknown Speaker 24:12
Yeah, yeah, he disappeared. He, he got too good for us.

Unknown Speaker 24:19
Everybody wants to come to the California Orange County, and it's not for everybody. So he got a little taste of it, and then came running back to Louisiana.

Unknown Speaker 24:28
I think it did him good. Honestly. I mean, it helped him out a lot. He also got to go to Thailand and, and like we we reconnected at mon in your fight. He was living? Yeah, he was living. He was living in Phoenix at that time. And he reached out to me like, Hey, I'm living in Phoenix, you know, like, I haven't, you know, seen y'all in a while. He's like, we'd love to hang out, you know, and, you know, I told him, You got to give him a ticket because that didn't have family or whatever. So I was like, yeah, come on to the fight. You know, I thought it would be cool to see him but Yeah, so we reconnected that way. And then he fought in Shreveport, which is where I live. Like four months later, he had, he had a hiatus, he was gone for like three years. And then he like had this, this fight that he just scheduled out of the blue. And so he came Shreveport. And we just started talking. And one thing just led to another. And I really didn't want him to be in my corner ever. I was like, Look, I've already been there, done that. Yeah, I don't, I don't want to go down that road. Again. I don't want to give you any control power, anything at all. Like, I just I can't do it. So I just want a boyfriend. That's really all.

Unknown Speaker 25:42
That's so that's amazing that you were just had the wherewithal to learn sometimes we don't learn from our relationship mistakes, we keep doing them over and over and over. So at least you were smart enough to know that you needed to set a new boundary.

Unknown Speaker 25:55
Yeah, I did. Um, thank you. Appreciate that. Um, I did Ah, but I mean, you know, obviously, that didn't last long. It's kind of hard. It's kind of hard to separate. Like, I mean, that it's his life. It's his passion, too. So I mean, it's kind of hard for us to be in a relationship, and that's not trained together and work together, you know, so it kind of ended up finding its way. I mean, he, I mean, I, you know, asked him to be in my corner. So, I mean, like, it just it let's just,

Unknown Speaker 26:29
let's face it, that, you know, Tony, you know, your current partner is not your last corner, you know, your, your Yeah, and, you know, at first you probably just wanted to make sure that the same things didn't happen. But as you got to know, Tony a little bit more on a on a partner level, you're like, Okay, you can come in, you could be my corner.

Unknown Speaker 26:48
I had to, I had to, like, you know, like, he had to kind of like, prove, you know, some things and just, you know, I had to like see how he was going to be in those situations. And it works out, you know, I mean, I think you know, my, my last fight, you know, we we did well together, you did

Unknown Speaker 27:08
amazing, you, you know, if the listeners are unaware, she be antamina Shevchenko in the first or second round. Second, second round by and awesome armbar triangle. You look, you look great, you know, and she she's a really, really skilled fighter. I think her ground game needs some work. I at one point was matched up and was like, Ooh, this is gonna be great. And then that fight fell through. But um, yeah, that was that was a great win for you. That's your last fight. I saw the pictures of him in your corner. You know, when it's good, it's good. And sometimes when it's bad, it's bad. But so is related. Yeah. Right. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 27:47
And you know, you can't go out there and you know, expect to win them all. I mean, of course, you you want to win them all. But some sometimes it's just not your night.

Unknown Speaker 27:55
That's great. So Tony is in your corner. You guys have been dating for a few years now. And you go way back. I love that. You're born. Born and raised in Louisiana, right? Texas, Texas. Oh, yeah. What part of Texas?

Unknown Speaker 28:09
East Texas. It's a small town called Atlanta. It's actually an hour from where I live currently. So I didn't move too far away from my hometown. I just, I just slightly larger.

Unknown Speaker 28:21
Okay, so So I assume it's similar culture and you know, a similar vibe. What I'm getting at is I want to know what was growing up like for you because I'm from California, you know, and you and I are like night and day when you see us on the outside like cow girl, punk rock girl, it's so funny, but I wanted to know like, what was that like growing up for you as a as a young girl and then and then getting into fighting over there as well.

Unknown Speaker 28:49
I grew up and like I said, in a small town, we had like, felt like 12 acres of land and stuff. So we did have we had you know, a variety of different types of animals you know, I got to grow up and play with we had goats you know, we would milk and we'd help deliver the babies and oh, wow, that was that was cool to me. We had chickens so fresh yard eggs we had immunes which was a strange strange thing to have. And then we had like a ton of rabbits. I started the rabbits myself like when Easter your I wanted a little bunny and then everybody else wanted a bunny like my cousins and my brothers and you know they were like yeah, I want a bunny you know and then they started breeding like crazy and multiplying like you wouldn't believe so we had a variety of different stuff. The farm huh yeah, yeah, okay, yeah, you call it a farm when doves and pigeons yeah calls call that a farm eggs Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:51
that's for me. I'm city life over here grew up in this the city. I'm from a small town but this City that, you know, we had like a just we just grew up really kind of a little poor, you know, but not extremely poor, but definitely not on a farm. And I want to know kind of like, did we close to your family? And you know, this is a sex podcast. So who, who told you about the birds? And then bees? Did you ever sit down and talk with somebody? Or was it like sometimes people come on? They're like, I got some older brothers or some older sisters. What? How'd you find out about sex?

Unknown Speaker 30:28
Um, well, I guess I guess you can say I really like when you ask me earlier on, when you sent me like this question. I was 100. Think about it. I was like, you know, I never really had the talk with my mom actually was always a very conservative child. I grew up Pentecostal and I didn't. I was I was approved, I guess you'd say. I mean, I I was. I don't know. I was boring, I suppose. No, I didn't think about those types of things.

Unknown Speaker 31:05
I mean, if it wasn't on your mind, it wasn't on your mind. I mean, I don't maybe you're riding horses or playing sports. You know. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 31:12
I was, I mean, I just thought, yeah, I just love to play. You know, I mean, I was a tomboy. You know, I mean, it really, I mean, I didn't, those things. I didn't know what a lot of things was, I didn't know what BJs worked for the longest. You know, I'm like, in middle school. I'm like, what is it BJ? And I don't want to ask, you know what? I mean, like, I didn't know, like these terms. And, but but really, honestly, like, I knew about sex at a young age, because, um, I, my stepsister, my mom married a guy. And he had a younger daughter, who was for a while her mother when she was with her mother. I guess she had, I remember her, you know, telling me stories and stuff. She saw some things that she shouldn't have seen, you know, like, I guess maybe walked on her mom, or maybe your mom thought she was asleep. And, you know, her God, the time or whatever, we're doing things. So when she came around, she was very, I mean, like four years old. You know, this is when she came into my life and how old? So? We're the same age. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 32:12
for a while. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 32:13
You got a great memory. Yeah. So she can't she came in and, you know, just started, you know, we would play house and the imaginary games and stuff like that they kind of turned dark a little, you know, and like, I feel like, I definitely learned a lot of stuff from my stepsister because she already had seen some stuff that she shouldn't have seen at that age. So I mean, like, I kind of are, I mean, like, it was, it was not something that needed to be told to me whenever I got older, like, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 32:42
yeah, yeah. And that's the way that it happens most of the time, you know, it's probably been 100 years since it was, or, I don't know, 100 years, but it's been so long since you know, parents having a sit down talk, I'm using air quotes, like, the bees was a thing. It's usually kind of just what you pick up in school, or, you know, when you're playing out, you know, with your friends, or movies, or you know, and so we just kind of acquire all these different things. And some people definitely learn about things much later in life. When did you finally lose your virginity since you said you were a kind of a prude?

Unknown Speaker 33:18
I was 18. Yeah, curiosity got the best of me. In that sense, like, it wasn't really with somebody that cuz that's, that's how I was, in my mind. I was like, I'm gonna lose my virginity to somebody that I care about. Oh, yeah. Someone that I love and relationship with and, you know, screw all these guys who just want to, you know, have sex with you just just to, you know, have sex with the urges to be with you just to have sex with you. And then maybe, and I was like, that's not gonna happen to me. And technically didn't I mean, the guy that ended up having sex with he, he was a friend of mine. But But I told like, I was just curious. I was. I was. I was graduating, you know, and so I'm like, then I don't know. I mean, like, I try to look back. I look back and

Unknown Speaker 34:08
I feel like there's a if you don't lose your virginity, by the time you graduate high school, there's like a taboo notice. Did you feel that like pressure?

Unknown Speaker 34:17
No, I didn't feel pressure. But I mean, it was more like, I don't know. I guess I just, I guess it was I was to a point in my at that age where I was curious, I guess I was, you know, corny, but I was listening to you know, music that maybe kind of encouraged that, you know, it kind of planted seeds in my head and I don't want to like blame music, but I mean, like it was

Unknown Speaker 34:47
so curious what music What kind of music was it was it I mean, like the first kind of this kind of music that I think like automatically is like, very sexual is like rap, you know, like it was

Unknown Speaker 34:58
sexual r&b. You know the good stuff? Ah, okay. I mean, like the good at making music 90s Yeah, okay.

Unknown Speaker 35:07
Okay, so then I want to sexual healing. Got it. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 35:15
Yeah. So my friend was like, Look, you're he was so nice because he was like, oh, it's your first time. He's like, I don't want to be Heisler. I don't want to be that mistake. I don't want to be that regret. I don't want you to, to look back and regret this one days. Like, I don't want to be that person. You know, I mean, he liked me and I did like him, but I wasn't really interested in being in a relationship. And anyways, I was like, No, I won't regret it. You know, I'm like, I just, you know, I just, I was stupid, honestly, I guess, but I don't think

Unknown Speaker 35:44
anyone has a magical moment. You know, like, especially as girls, we're like, it's gonna be on a bed of roses. There's gonna be, you know, all this magic and magic magics usually, like tears and rug burn. You know, it's just awkward.

Unknown Speaker 36:01
It was awkward.

Unknown Speaker 36:02
Yeah, I remember. I literally cried. I didn't like, you know, not bawling. But I remember afterwards, like tearing up and being like, if this is sex, I never want to have sex again. And obviously, it gets better, you know? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 36:15
mean, I was I was kind of, like, disappointed. I was like, That sucks. I mean, like, that's what it was. I was like, Ah, I guess it's not really something that I needed. You know, I needed to, like, run the moment, like, by having it at that time. But you know, I mean, hindsight is 2020 never know. Until, you know, so. Yeah. Um, but But I mean, you know, like I said, he was a friend, and he was actually cared, he wasn't just, you know,

Unknown Speaker 36:41
way better than a lot of a lot of first time. So that's, that's actually nice and comfortable and safe. So what about getting into dating, you know, in your early 20s, and I know, somewhere in your 20s you had a kid your mother?

Unknown Speaker 36:58
Yeah, I am. I said, me and my coach, my former coach, we, Donnie, we ended up you know, we were just, I was spending so much time with him. We were I was training every day, like four hours a day, maybe more. Then I'll go to work come home, go to bed and wake up and head straight to the gym. And then, you know, like, we're also like, traveling together. And, you know, and he's, he's their, their ups and downs, and the highs and lows, you know, like, I'm winning or losing or whatever. So I mean, it's kind of like you bond. You build, you build a relationship, but I feel like it's I don't know, if you've ever dated any of your coaches? I don't recommend it.

Unknown Speaker 37:47
No, it's actually a big surprise to myself, just because, you know, I'm a sexual person. And just like you said, I totally understand. It's like, when you bleed and sweat and make these memories and travel, and they encourage you and it's like, you start to look at them, like, with the heart eyes, you know, and, you know, I might have gotten heart eyes a couple times, but I never, I never pursued and we never hooked up. We never had a relationship. My partner now is my jujitsu coach, but we start dating before we start training together, you know, right. But, uh, but I always it's, it's very easy thing, like, I can understand how one would fall for their coach, you know, III think it's, it's more common,

Unknown Speaker 38:29
like, from what I've been seeing in the martial arts world. At least lately, you know, the, the tramming loathe coaches and the students and stuff. But he and I, we just, we, we sort of we started a relationship and then we had Ainsley. And so how old

Unknown Speaker 38:49
were you when her daughter?

Unknown Speaker 38:51
I was 2121 2022. Yeah, I was 22.

Unknown Speaker 38:58
And you were in your middle your career?

Unknown Speaker 39:01
I had a Yeah. I mean, like, I was about a year in to training a year. Well, I mean, I was training too. I was pregnant, but I mean, nice. I got pregnant, like, you know, a year in two competing and stuff. And like I said, I continued continued training and doing what I could during my pregnancy. And then I had her in July, and I was back competing again in December of that same year. So I mean, I am I made sure that, you know, I didn't lose, lose focus. You know, I still wanted to chase my dream. And that was one of the things that I was nervous about, because I was like, Man, I found something I love to do. I'm like, I was scared about being pregnant and then you know, not continuing to chase my dream. Like I you know, I mean, I didn't know where this was gonna go, but I was like, I want it. I already knew by that point that I wanted to. Before I got pregnant. I was told myself I was gonna see where this was gonna take me Because I progressed so quickly within a short time span, and I went to the women's national Golden Gloves, you know, and I hadn't been competing, but like maybe five months or training for five months, you know, and I lost to the champion. And I just was like, Well, you know, I really did lose, and it sucked. And I was sad and upset and crying, but I was like, You know what I was like, it took me like, cuz at that point, I was seven months in. I was like, I've only been trained in seven months, I made it to women's national goal. And I was like, I wonder where I can be in five years. I was like, I'm gonna I'm not gonna quit just because I lost this fight. I'm gonna continue on the work. Go. So I just, you know, after had Anglia, I still had that in my mind.

Unknown Speaker 40:44
Yeah. I honestly, if you look at your record, your accolades, I told you earlier when we spoke, and I'll tell the listeners, I'm so glad I did not do my research. Like I'm doing for the podcast, you know, back then, because I'm like, oh, Golden Gloves, kickboxing, Muay Thai, I'm like, this pitch is bad. She's awesome. Like, I didn't even know you had a daughter because if you just look at the stats, it's like she won this you won this she did this. I'm like, where did this pitch have time to have a kid and just keep on rolling? You know, you you became the elephant flyweight champion, you know, and then like into the UFC, then you fought the best of the best. You had a little skid there for a minute, like three fights, you know, but now you're back on Jack, you got this big fight. You know, you have not really missed a beat. You know, you have a beautiful daughter to show for it. Your abs are always poppin. So I want to talk about you being a mother. Like you said, there's so much I guess people just assume once you get pregnant mom, yeah, that's it for her. She ain't coming back. And then women like you are the absolute exception to that stupid stereotype. And yeah, so yeah. So you have your daughter, how did anything if anything changed, like the way that you train the way that you perceive the world? You did you have that whole Mama Bear thing going?

Unknown Speaker 42:00
I still still, I'm training hard, you know, and I really? Yeah, I had the whole Mama Bear thing, too. You know, I wanted to, you know, be be there for her constantly, but also wanted to focus on training. And I did have Danny's family, you know, they were there to help out and they still do they help out a lot. I just, I guess, really, for me, the hardest part with with fighting. And, you know, being a mom is that it's like, how do I explain this? So like, when Donnie, Donnie went to jail, he was, uh, he went to jail for like, 18 months, you know, and that was like, the first couple of months or first year and a half or whatever, of, of at least, like right after she got born. And then when he came back, it was it was training. And that was it. Like he, he was like, we're gonna let my mom and sister you know, kind of like, watch, watch Ainslie, you know, we're going to be training or adding a couple more hours a day. And it went from like, we were training, like, a couple hours a day to where we were training from, like, 8am to like, eight o'clock at night, I was at the gym from eight to eight, like every day, damn. And you know, this, these are the years when she's like, two, you know, and three and four. I mean, like, it was it was really becoming hard for me because it was like I wanted to be, I wanted to be her mom, I wanted to be there for her for all of her firsts. And I, you know, felt like I honestly was missing out on a lot because the focus was Train, train train. And, you know, he just kind of like, pushed her to the backburner and was like, well, when she's 12, you know, we'll be able to spend all the time that we want with her because you'll be a world champion. And it'll be it'll pay off, you know, like, oh, yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 43:59
We'll see our daughter in 10 years.

Unknown Speaker 44:01
Yeah, cool, pretty much. But because what was happening is like, and she was with us until she was with us, like, all the time. Except for obviously, we're training a lot. You know, she was with Jody and Julie, you know, the half of the days when we were at the gym until she started school, and then they were like, we think it's best, you know, if she's, like, with us Monday through Friday, during her school hours, and then, you know, we'll be able to help her to get a routine. And yeah, because with the schedule that Donnie had me going on, like, there was no way that we could, like, have a routine with Ainslie. And it just wasn't fair. It wasn't fair for me, because I wanted to be a part of that. Experience her going to school and everything and it really wasn't fair to Ainley because she wasn't really getting to spend Um, with her parents either, you know, but I haven't like and back that's kind of really how they wanted it. And um, you know, I had a, I remember, it was like a month in or like a month in two Ainslie going to school her first year. And they're like, Well, the first four weeks, you know, we're going to, we're going to help Ainslie get into a routine. And then you know, you and Donnie can start taken back over. And that was how, you know, that's what we agreed on going and I was going to take over and be parents were taking her to school, you know, she's staying with us. And that's the way it's supposed to be like, because we are parents, of course. Well, I remember one day I was like, I'm not seeing Ainslie, except for on Friday nights, and Saturday nights. And then Sunday, she's going back to their house. I'm like, I feel like I'm like sharing custody with my child. And I don't really get to see her is really irritating me. Because some y'all, you know, and I had these conversations with dying, you know, but he was just like, felt like, oh, it's the way that it should be. Well, I was like, well, at least staying with me Sunday night, I'm going to take her to school on Monday. Well, God forbid, they came at me like, they can't me like I was just selfish and not thinking of Ainslie. And that I was like, I just want to spend more time with my daughter. Well, do you really think that's what's best for her? I mean, these are the kinds of things that you know, I had to, like, you're like, yes,

Unknown Speaker 46:24
yes, this is, you know, my daughter needs her mother. And so I mean, without, I don't put words in your mouth, but it sounds like your ex and his parents were very controlling, and seemed like, they controlled a lot of your daughter's early years, because you had so much work to do. And, you know, it's like, I can only imagine having a kid and putting in work and not seeing her, but also in the back of your mind knowing like, Hey, this is for a better future for her. I want to win fights, I want to make money, put food on the table, all that kind of stuff, but it seems like you were just in a maybe just controlling relationship.

Unknown Speaker 47:01
Yeah, that was there it was, it was controlling. And, you know, I mean, you know, like replay those moments in my head a lot. I'm like, Man, I just wish that I was had more of a backbone back then, you know, I just didn't want to step on toes. And I just, you know, I mean, you kind of like, start to think that you're in the wrong because you know, that you're not good enough. And, and so my focus was to fight and make it into the UFC and then hopefully have enough money to be able to do what it was that I need to do to, you know, to just, I mean, yeah, Donnie, you know, we had we had a bad relationship. I knew that I needed money to like, leave the relationship. So, you know, I was kind of hoping and that that day would come and I was waiting for it. And we're working hard towards it. Yeah, yeah. So I mean, now, that was always something that was there was in the back of my mind. I mean, Tony, he was, he was a good coach. You know, I mean, he pushed me hard. You know, I mean, he was a hard coach. He made me good. I'll give him that, you know, but you know, just also had to, like sacrifice a lot, too. And, you know, I mean, that's what, that's what athletes do. They do they sacrifice a lot. But, you know, I look at people like Montana. Delarosa, you know, and her child and I'm like, her kids, like very involved, you know, Rachel ostrich and her child is very involved. So it's like, you know, for me, it was like, oh, at least it's not, it's not good environment for her. She doesn't need to be around that. But I'm like, it's not a bad environment. For her to be around.

Unknown Speaker 48:32
It's not, you know, as long as you're, you're present, you know, I I've seen people men and women have children inside the gym, they go do their thing. And then their kid is, you know, like, three four year olds and just running wild causing a ruckus but like, you know, like, as a mother, like, you gotta you gotta control your kid. And I feel like most of the time I don't I don't care if kids are in the in the gym as long as they're training or doing something that is going to keep them busy. I think the an MMA gym is a great place. The gym in general is a great place for kids. You know, like, I didn't have a good upbringing, I always say that wrestling made me who I am. It taught me discipline and sacrifice and all the good things that maybe a good family, you know, mate might teach you or, you know, just like a strong family setting and I didn't get that so yeah, I mean, that's unfortunate that your daughter couldn't be in the gym more but yeah, it's interesting. A lot. That happens a lot with the financial situation. You feel stuck. You need You need money, yeah, to leave and to get out of the situation without diving too much deeper into Patch crap. You know, we don't even want to spread a light on that. I just want to know, we've had a couple other people on men and women and they've struggled with domestic abuse and you know, so you've had an interaction you know, unfortunately in your, in your history with your ex, is there anything that someone listening who may be going through a similar situation, an abusive relationship or controlling and they can't get out of it. Like, you know, hindsight is always 2020. But yeah, now that you look back and replay these images, like you said, like, what would you advise young Andrea to do?

Unknown Speaker 50:18
You know, it's the unknown that scares everybody. I mean, you get to a point like these, like, the those types of relationships, like the men, I mean, and there's women like that, too, you know, like, the spouse makes you feel like you need them, and you're nothing without them. And you can't, you can't be anything like you're, you're like, without them, you are nothing. And they'll tell you that over and over and over, you know, and they'll make you believe that, and, especially if they're also like, controlling, like everything financially. And, you know, they're, they're the ones where they're in control of the roof that's over your head, you know, it's like, oh, well, this is my place, you know, you can leave or if you have a child, also, they'll threaten to hold the child over your head, or be like, Oh, you'll never see your child again, if you you know, and that type of stuff is something that we do go through, but I think the unknown is what scares most people, because it definitely scared me because I just don't know when I gotta, you know, I want to be able to train What if I don't have a place to train? What if, what if I don't have a place to live? And what if they take him away from me? Like, I just all these types of things, like scared me from leaving earlier. But then when I finally did leave, it was like a weight had been lifted. And you know, everything just just will figure itself out, you know, and you do have people that will help you. I mean, there's, there's more people around you, that you just you just need a few people in your circle to give you a helping hand. And, I mean, even if you don't have those friends, I mean, they're all also, you know, like shelters that are out there for for people like that. Luckily, I had friends that were able to take me in and, and help me get back on my feet and figure things out. But like I said, it's the unknown that everyone's scared about. And I think that if you just get past that, and just, you know, take a leap of faith, you'll be much better off and you know, you'll look back and be like, Man, why don't I just do that sooner? I wish I had just left sooner, I would have been a wouldn't have wasted those years being unhappy, or missing out on spinning those years with my child, you know?

Unknown Speaker 52:29
Yeah. Well, I mean, it's, you know, everything's a learning experience. Right? So yeah, happier and a happy relationship. You guys seem to be in love, right? Because they love.

Unknown Speaker 52:41
I do I love Tony. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:43
What's your definition of love?

Unknown Speaker 52:47
My definition of love as? It's complicated.

Unknown Speaker 52:52
It's complicated. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 52:54
it's complicated. It's work. And, you know, it's, um, you know, just, I mean, at the same time, it's simple to, it's just, you know, caring for someone loving them for who they are, and, you know, have thought about it. And it's really, it's just a lot of things. I mean, you want somebody who, who can be, you know, be faithful, obviously, but you want somebody who can be there for you care for you can push you and make you a better person make you better than, you know, a version of yourself and you want someone who's kind and who can talk to you nicely, and you know, be understanding and not just, you know, blow up every second, you know, because they don't like, I don't know, the question or whatever it is that you're asking, or because of your pet peeve. You know, like, everybody has pet peeves. And, you know, you're you get on everyone's nerves so easily. So you got to be able to be with somebody who can, like, deal with that without getting you know, angry all the time.

Unknown Speaker 54:06
Yeah. Patients, it's, it's, you have to, it's a whole new concept for, for me personally, to have a partner who has a lot of patience with me, and patience. You know, it's like, you know, especially for you and I, you know, maybe some people listening, it's like, especially if your partner is also your coach, having patience in that coaching situation is so key, because then maybe you don't have that animosity that you take into the bedroom or the household later, you know, yeah, there's, it's hard to navigate, but if you can do it, and then it's, it's perfect, right? Like you said earlier, it's like how can you not like someone who shares that same passion so it is very common for people to connect with their coaches and see them romantically. I want to take a quick break to thank our sponsor, perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative. with their flavor options, their newest flavor of diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season, perfect has come out with a limited edition. Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored protein. Pumpkin Spice Latte provides a spicy and savory aromatic tastes that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember guys, this is a limited edition, so make sure to get your orders in soon, inventory will be going quick. As always, this new limited edition flavor provides you with the same benefits that diesel always does. It's third party tested for banned substances and is the highest quality that protein can be. Order yours now by heading to perfect and using my code, rebel girl for a 20% discount. Now back to the episode. What's one of your pet peeves? You mentioned? Pet peeves? What's one of your dating pet peeves?

Unknown Speaker 55:55
Um, I guess, huh? Someone who? Fuck I mean

Unknown Speaker 56:07
I can't think of what I was like, for me. I'm like smoking. You know, I can't do racist. I can't do homophobic. You know, like, you know, I always thought I might be able to date someone who was religious. But it's not that I'm against religion, I just, you know, you want someone with the same value. So it's like, okay, at the end of the day, I'm old enough to know, you know, I used to be worried about like, hurting people's feelings like, oh, I don't want to say but it's like, I know what I want. I want someone who I can we have the same goals? We have the same ideas and yeah, so what's something that is kind of like a deal breaker for you?

Unknown Speaker 56:45
Deal Breaker. Well, now it's kind of being like controlling it. You know, always want to know where you're at going with that. big pet

Unknown Speaker 56:56
peeve such and such a turn. Yeah, jealousy. Such a, it's, there's when you finally find a partner who's like, self confident in them, you know, they have that self confidence. And then they're just a sure of themselves. It's like, yeah, you know, for me, I a little bit of PTSD with my current partner. I'm like, You sure you don't want to know where I'm going? No, okay. You're not gonna get mad later. Okay. See you later

Unknown Speaker 57:22
on, though, right? Because from like, a lot of the times, whenever I would make plans to go visit my family, you know, that was always an issue. Like, they like live an hour away. So that was something that was irritating to me, you know, always being want to know, like, oh, when you come back, I need you to hurry up and come back. Like, I mean, there was this one time, I'm just gonna throw it out there. There was this one time I went home to visit my family. I'm like, an hour away. And you know, the whole time like, you know, Donnie is like, where are you? Are you coming home soon? Are you leaving soon? And I'm like, No, I haven't left yet. Well, hurry up. I want you to go get me. You know, something to eat down down at Popeye's, which was like, a mile down the road from our house. I was like, I was at home like an hour away. And he wanted me to come home so I can get him some food down the road. Chicken. Yeah. So luckily, my friend Andy was there and I texted her, and I was like, Oh, my God, Donnie is trying to rush me home. And tell him telling me that he needs me to go pick him up some food, so and he's like, Well, I'll just run down the store and I'll get him some Popeyes and she hopped in his truck, cuz she didn't have a vehicle. She was staying with me for training camps. So she hopped in his truck that he had sitting in the driveway, and took it to pick him up some food and bring it back to him. Oh, my God. I mean, that's just that's, that's, you know, something that's like really irritating to me, you know? You know, and just, you know, someone who doesn't let you talk or tell your side of your point of view and just talk over you like they know already. Or, you know, the types of arguments where it's like, you can you can say something and it's still wrong, or you can say nothing at all and still wrong. You know what I mean? It's like, that's also a pet peeve of mine to lots of pet peeves, but pate. You know, having patience is something that's very important, I believe, you know, in relationships, and

Unknown Speaker 59:22
yeah, for sure. I totally agree. And I think it's easier to have these good qualities in your relationship as we get older. Cuz, I mean, I'm 34 I know you're 32 right. 32 You know, and, you know, in our 20s It's like, we're just trying to figure out who we are and what we want to do with our lives. And I feel like eating is so much easier in our in our 30s You know, it's just like, I'm sure who I am. I know what I want. I know what I'm not going to fucking put up with anymore. I've had, you know, unfortunate experiences, but at least I know, you know, I'm never gonna be with someone who's like this, this or this. And 30s I I will say this a lot in the podcast, I'm like, I never I don't ever want to go back to my 20s I may have had a little bit you know, nicer skin or you know, I'm getting a little, little a little wrinkle here and there, but I really don't care. It's like you with age come so much wisdom and confidence. So much happier now and my older age 34

Unknown Speaker 1:00:18
Yeah, and I agree with you there. And I mean, if I could go back and tell myself, you know, I would tell us, like, as far as dating goes, I would say, date more and figure out what it is that you, you know, figure out which, like, who's good for you, and who's not good for you find the qualities, you know, and men that you like, and that you don't like? And, you know, look for red flags? And I would I would definitely date a lot more, though, in my 20s. You know, I wouldn't have gotten married so young. I don't think that, you know, that's recommended. I think you should, I think it's good to just kind of like, you know, like, weigh your options, you know, date as often as you can.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
Yeah, yeah. I mean, this is a funny way of saying it. And I'm not saying you're saying this, but I'm like, Hey, have your whole phase, you know, just like, be free. Be a free spirit, you know, like, do it, you know, be safe, obviously, stay protected, or whatever. But just like, love whoever you want, you know, date around, and then, you know, later in your life, okay, settle down if you want, but, you know, I feel like, yeah, so many people settle down, get married too young. I don't know if this is similar for you. But sometimes when religion is very predominant in the life in the family life, and you know, in your upbringing, it's like, it just goes hand in hand. It's like, okay, you grow up and you meet a nice boy, and you get married right away. And then you have some kids. It's like, well, what about this middle time that nobody talks about between like, 20 and 30? Where I think you should be fuckin and fighting and traveling, you know, and just live in life and seeing what you don't like, and people don't talk about that. But

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
I mean, no, that's the the more most most people I guess are more private about that. It's like, yeah, they're they're doing it, but maybe talking about it as much.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:11
Yeah, I know. You're a little bit more private. So I appreciate you for coming on the show. I want to know, do you have any wild? You know, you said you were a little more prude and late, too late to the sex party at 18. Which is super late. That's, I mean, I nowadays, I feel like kids are having sex. Crazy Young. Like how old your daughter

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31
She better not be.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:34
No, she's not. But I don't I mean, like, it is something to worry about. You know,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:39
are you gonna talk with her? You're gonna, you know? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43
I mean, I'm gonna have to have some talks with her because she's, I mean, you know, with the way that the world is, you know, and you got, I

Unknown Speaker 1:02:51
don't know, creepers on the internet.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53
It's just out there. It's just out there everywhere. You know, it's promoted so much for for little kids. Now, you know, even like, they're the LOL dolls. You know? What is it? Like, right? Did you say something?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:08
lol doll?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:10
LOL dolls. Yes, there are these little dolls, but they're not there. They're like, the way that they're dressed. It's very adult ish. You know, like, like, fishnet stockings, you know, and lingerie type stuff. It's like, you know, it's like, promoted, you know, at a young age.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:29
So yeah, that's like promoting sexuality. Yeah. Yeah, that's weird. You don't see a cabbage patch with a fuckin like, nipple covers or something. You know. You don't see what were those. Those thing? Teletubbies you don't see. Teletubbies with garter belts. You know?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:48
What I mean? Like, you know, the Barbie dolls. They were just like plain. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55
They have like sex sheet fishnet like, stockings on and sexy lingerie. And, anyway, so yeah. But then it's out there on Tik Tok and all that other. You know, it's just in YouTube. I mean, not your kids will get on YouTube, and they'll be looking up something cartoony. But then everything is like hashtag. So it's like, adult cartoons or adult versions of those cartoons pop up on YouTube, you know what I'm saying? So, it's like, it's very hard to filter all of that out. And yeah, you don't know what they've already seen. You're giving them a phone or a laptop laptop?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:32
Yeah. That's, I mean, I'm very vocal about not wanting kids on the podcast, you know, like, do each their own you know, but I hear stuff, you know, from friends or guests like what you're talking about? And I'm like, Oh, God, I'm so happy. I never have to worry about, you know, censoring or protecting my child from the creator of the world. Speaking of creeps, do you I mean, I know you got to get some weird DMS because all By the girls I feel like we attract a specific kind of strange fetish. I don't I don't know. Oh, you know, there's a lot of a lot of weird DMS. Do you ever get any any weird DMS

Unknown Speaker 1:05:12
you know I used to get a lot of weird ones I still do but not as bad as I guess I used to because the settings you know, I mean like you can filter things so I have to go and go out of my way to like, I guess read those weird random messages but I do get a lot of foot pervs. So all about your feet and I've had some you know, that have been like, you know, kick I would love for you to kick me in my balls. You know, that's the triangle me trying? Well, you can I pay you to beat me up.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49
Yeah, that's definitely why Yeah, yeah, I feel like, you know, fight or girls or fetish fetishized as like dominatrixes Dominator. Yeah. You know, cuz they're just like, ah, strong woman, you know, be like, Oh, I'm not doing that unless I get paid for it and not not to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:09
Yeah, no, I think and that can't I mean, I've been like Yeah, sure. Come to my gym I'll be around but you

Unknown Speaker 1:06:18
might as well monetize it. Do you have an only fans?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:23
I do not know. I didn't you would

Unknown Speaker 1:06:25
kill it in the only fans I feel like I've seen some of your lingerie your sexy photo shoots. You know, like I said, you know, like not trying to boost your ego but um, yeah, just don't look like a mom. You're like, got such a great, you know, athletic body. Is that something that you know, you may want to do in the future, just not your not your thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
I mean, I thought about it, but no, I've just decided I'm not going to I mean already have I get overwhelmed with just like the social media that already have. Yeah, I don't. And I get tired of taking pictures and stuff. And yeah, I mean, your makeup

Unknown Speaker 1:06:59
are too bad. Get the right lighting. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:05
I've kind of gotten lazy though. I mean, I do my calendar every year but even getting to those photoshoots like, it's like I I've only done one photo shoot this year, and I ended up not really liking the majority of the photos. And I'm like, gonna have to like rush to get like six different looks for the calendar next year that me and my friend Andy do I love so sweet. You should everyone should have a lot of fun doing.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:31
I would love to have Andy on. Yeah, the crazy one, right? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
yes. But yeah, like I'm, I've been slacking on photoshoots and stuff. And I don't really get to get dolled up all the time. I mean, I like to, but I just feel like I'm always training and then when I'm not training, I'm at home. So boring. Boring me.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:52
Boring. You've got your priorities set girl and it's paying off. And I'm really excited to watch this fight with Cynthia, I think it's gonna be a banger, no matter no matter what the outcome, it's going to be exciting as hell to watch. So that's exciting. I got a few more questions for you. Yeah, so it's a myth, I think, you know, just because most fighters don't, don't do it. But sex before a fight. Everyone's always like, ooh, do you do it? Do you don't do it. Some times guys say it's, you know, not good for their testosterone levels. Sometimes we'll say it helps us. What's your take on that?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:29
Um, you know, I just, I'm typically just too tired. I'm, like, dehydrated, I'm tired. Like, I don't feel like doing that. I mean, cuz you're, you're working out the whole week. I mean, even though you're cutting weight, you're still like, finding you got to work out and you're just, like, energy is so low. And I just feel like it just is. I mean, and you're not, like I said, dehydrated. So I mean, it's like,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
hard to get things moving when things aren't. Yeah. brocaded you know what I mean? Yeah, gotcha. I always make a joke. Like, you know, cuz I'm the same way I'm so exhausted. I'm an over trainer, for sure. I don't know if you ever struggled with that got to have your coach tell you like, Hey, you don't need to go on another another run today. You know, you're depend on three. So I'm like, Alright, babe, we'll have sex but I'm just gonna lay there. Which is not fun for the guy either. But most of the times the guys like, you know, here's that he's like, Okay, do

Unknown Speaker 1:09:31
well, I mean, hey, that works out. For one person, at least. Yeah, I mean, for me, it's just like, it just depends on how I'm feeling. And I don't I don't feel like it's it takes away in any way whatsoever. It's typically just because if I'm too tired and which I typically am, like, exhausted, like, I don't feel like putting in that extra work. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:55
I feel you girl. It's right there with you. What is one of you Your Bedroom pet peeves. Now, I asked this question a lot. It's fun to hear different answers. Sometimes people have said, hygiene. You know, sometimes people be a little smelly in certain areas, like not brushing your teeth, stuff like that. A non giving partner someone who only wants to recede but not to give back. That's pretty fucked up. Oh, one girl said cut who said I think it was. Thing was Abigail Mack, who said, you know when the guy just decides to slip it in the back door without asking,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:30
you know, now that would be terrible.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:34
So what's one of your bedroom? Pet peeves?

Unknown Speaker 1:10:36
Oh yeah. thinking well, okay, I used to like really, really, like hate being woken up till like, morning. Yeah, but it's not like, I don't like it because I do but it's like, because, okay. And this is like back, say, if I'm training late, you know, I mean, I get it, like late training sessions. And, you know, it's like, I get welded down, like really late, and I get to bed really late. Like, I don't want to wake up at like six o'clock in the morning or 630. And, you know, to, to like having some like when grinding on my leg, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:24
The morning bone on your leg?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:26
Yeah, so that that was a pet peeve of mine, which I don't have. I mean, that's not an issue really anymore. But, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, like what me and Tony like, we're always training. So we're always like, on, we're in sync, basically.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:43
Yeah. You know, that's important. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:46
I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:46
learn who she is a night owl, like a complete night owl. And her boyfriend is an early bird. And so, you know, we talk we talk about sex and everything. And, you know, it causes problems. It's just like, how can you be, you know, two different energy levels? Right. One person's a morning person versus a night person. It's like, Yeah, gotta be both have to be in the right mood. And it's hard. But that's good to hear that you and your partner on the same schedule.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:15
Yeah, we're on the same weight we have. We're different in ways but then we're the same in ways so I mean, that's good.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:23
Yeah. Do you think that fighter girls have a higher sex drive?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:29
Um, I think it just depends. I mean, athletes in general, maybe athletes in general, maybe athletes in general for sure. I feel like

Unknown Speaker 1:12:39
you know, the, the people that I've interviewed if I took a poll just have the 72 episodes. I feel like athletes are more sexual than your average higher higher sex drive. Yeah, it's just seems like even with all the stuff that we do, it's like we still find time to get it in. Well, athletes

Unknown Speaker 1:12:57
you know, I mean, we are we're like I mean, because we're working out all the time so we're in shape we're confident or we feel good you know, or are happy most of the times or at least I mean, we still fun I mean there's things still to be upset about but overall I mean like I think that our like doesn't because working out like raises your what is it your

Unknown Speaker 1:13:21
your serotonin extra happy at the happy drug the happy dopamine.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:29
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I mean, it does it it raises that I mean, like it I don't know, just I feel like that could be part of the reason why, you know, people athletes or people who just like workout a lot have like a higher sex drive. Yeah, you know, and

Unknown Speaker 1:13:45
I feel like athletes are usually a little more dominant embed to your aggressive fighter. Do you feel like you are more dominant bit or maybe that's the time where you can allow yourself to be submissive

Unknown Speaker 1:13:58
thing, just a little bit of both, you know, works. works well for me, you know, I mean, I like both. Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:07
I feel like it's time for the lightning sex round Are you ready to play? Yeah. Awesome. So lightning sex round with Andrea Lee. Here we go. Do you dirty talk in bed? Not really spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:33
Um, like, I guess it's nice. I mean, it's it doesn't happen often but you know, I guess like the surprise every now and then

Unknown Speaker 1:14:42
just like here and there. Love biting um, maybe a little little Yeah, I'm not trying to get some blood drawn here. Choking

Unknown Speaker 1:14:56
No, no, maybe.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:58
Oh, maybe maybe threesomes

Unknown Speaker 1:15:02
No, not the biggest fan of those. Too much work.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:07
It can get messy. Too much work. Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:12
No, I don't. Um, you know, I mean, obviously, you know, I'll be watching TV and stuff and you know, they have seen whatever. Oh, watch through those. But no, I don't. I don't watch porn.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:22
Yeah, I honestly, like stopped a while back just because I did feel myself getting like, desensitized, you know? And I'm like, All right. I don't want to wind up like one of those crazy. People watching weird crap on the internet just to get off. I'm like, Alright, that's enough porn for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:40
Yeah, I guess it would take away. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:42
I feel you know, there's studies out there and it's just like, Yeah, I just want to be in the moment and be happy with me and my man. Yeah, yeah. Any fetishes like foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:54
No, I don't have any. No

Unknown Speaker 1:15:57
fetishes. Okay, no bodily, bodily fluid fetish.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:01

Unknown Speaker 1:16:02
What about me? I had a girlfriend. Tell me that. She was thinking about letting a guy pee on her in bed. So she started with letting him pee on her feet in the shower. And I was like, I could do that. Probably, you know, like, what's clean in there? But uh, you know, I think about it a little bit. The whole watersports thing. I'm like, that seems like so much after work like washing the bed and the for breeze. I'm like, No, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:37
Yeah, so a little bit. A little bit.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:39
What about role playing?

Unknown Speaker 1:16:41
No, I've never done that. I mean, I just, man, I just second acting I guess. Don't think I'd be able to like keep it straight face serious.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:54
Yeah. Okay, but stuff on you or a partner? No. Do you use sex toys? Occasionally ever been to a sex club or a swingers party? No. In Are you a lingerie lover?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:09
I do like lingerie.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:10
You look good. And lingerie. Girl. I'll give that to you. Thank you. Okay, that was it. Was it too bad? Right? Lightening sex.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:20
Not too bad. Not

Unknown Speaker 1:17:21
too bad. Alright, next we're gonna play a fun game of fuck. Marry, Kill marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. Hey, you get the movie cowboy edition. Okay, so between these three guys, you got to tell me who you want to fuck, who you want to marry and who you want to kill. You got Jamie Foxx from Django. Clint Eastwood from Outlaw Josey Wales and Jake Gyllenhaal from Brokeback Mountain.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:56
thing. Okay, so, Keith All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:03
I mean, like Clint is like, iconic, but he's like, all this food. You know? And then like, I don't know Jake Gyllenhaal? Um, like, Is he gay in real life? I don't know. Do you marry the gay guy? I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:15
I like Jake Gyllenhaal though. I mean, like in the movies and stuff. So. I don't know. I guess. I would say kill Fox. I really love Clint Eastwood. But yeah, he's old. Yeah. And I'm trying to stay away from Oh, God.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:37
Let me marry him because got all that money.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:40
And please, but I mean, he's I love his movies, too. Actually. More so than like, how many young plenty sweat? Yeah, I'll

Unknown Speaker 1:18:50
give you young Clint Eastwood. Okay, I'd marry the young.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:54
And I guess Kill Kill Jake.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:56
Want you to kill Jamie can't kill everybody. Oh, I can't

Unknown Speaker 1:19:02
kill them all kill ball.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:06
No, you gotta pick one to marry and have sex with two. So you kill Jamie. Very young.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:14
Yeah, and I get hooked up with with Dylan Hall.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:17
A good word. Okay. All right, girl. Awesome. Good job. Let's do a couple fan questions and I'll let you go cross. You're gonna push me to get back to training. All right, questions. Here we go. So oh, I told you earlier when we spoke but I'll say it on the podcast. Andrea Lee fans. You guys are loyal. And just really good fans like the questions that I got and some inquiries, you know, a couple pervy guys that's okay. But like, you know, people seem to really like Not only just follow you for your immediate accolades, but they knew like your background and where you came from. And I'm like, wow, Got some some good fans?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:03
And I appreciate that I appreciate all my good loyal fan.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:07
You get okay at I am Phil Jr. biggest misconception people who follow you on social media or know you from the UFC but who have never met you?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:18
Ah, well, um I'm not a Nazi

Unknown Speaker 1:20:26
get that sorry guys. I'm not please do not condone me for the actions of people I've been with. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:37
Oh my god, I'm not like racist or anything at all whatsoever and you know, I mean I still get some people who I get some trolls you know they'll be like oh that's that that Nazi girl and I'm like no I'm really not I've never been I'm never been racist or you know I've never been anyway towards any any type of person for any reason that skin color or sexual like orientation or whatever you know I mean you know it's never been a thing for me so

Unknown Speaker 1:21:08
girl this this show is all about celebrating diversity and being new are and to me in general you know rebel girl just I love I love what it stands for just being who you want to be regardless of what society says And yeah, I'm just kind of like one love. Yeah, I even you know mean something that I get is, since I fought the transgender like years and years and years ago,

Unknown Speaker 1:21:32
Oh, I did want to say something about that.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:34
People are even today like, like, I'll get a random comment and someone will call me like homophobic or I'm like, I am the most accepting, like loving of all sexual preferences and who you want to be. But no, you're never going to please everybody. I think you and I both know that. Yeah, but it is nice to get that out there. You are not a Nazi and I am not homophobic or prejudice against against any LGBTQ member out there. So let's just get that straight guys.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:02
Yeah, and I just I mean, like you I mean, that was a tough fight. I mean, you know, Fallon Fox was breaking girls faces and, and some of the fights that they were in and you went out there and subbed sub Fallon out, you know, I was really impressed by that.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:20
Girl. Yeah, that's, you know, weird situation in in my life where all I wanted to do was fight. But I became a, I don't know, a sounding board for LGBTQ rights. And I'm like, How did I get here? To make money? But, yeah, alright, so moving on. We got at Adaptive SS. J. When do you feel the most sexy?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:43
Hmm. I guess when I get dressed up for photoshoots probably or, you know, if I get dressed up for especially that occasion, you know, those are the times which are rare. So the times that I feel most sexy. Okay. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:03
And at five, Charlie is cowgirl your favorite position.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:10
It's a fun one. But you know, I think most positions are nice. But yeah, I mean, that one's fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:19
All right. Maybe not a favorite but All right, moving on favorite. Okay, so we got a few more at Pepe. LePew 96. This guy always. You got to ask you gotta love this guy. What's something weird you like to do at home? Huh? Hmm. I'm gonna tell you a story real quick, because I want to make you feel comfortable. Okay, I'm gonna put myself on blast. Okay. My boyfriend makes fun of me i at home because I could never do this out in public because it's so embarrassing and weird looking. I do this thing. I eat what he calls white trash popcorn. And I don't eat regular. I used to be vegan, but eat fish now and stuff. So, but I vegan mayonnaise. So I'll pop a box of popcorn. I'll put tap a tea on it. So I guess it's kind of like Mexican Hispanic thing. But then I will have vegan mayonnaise on top. And yes, I know how fucking disgusting that sounds, but it's like my guilty pleasure. And he'll come home. And then I'll just be like, in the bedroom on the bed with a big bowl of white trash popcorn with like, tomatillo fingers and he's just like, and I'm like, This is what I do. Okay, may not be sexy, but this is me. Well, that's a really good story. That's a good example. sort of make you feel comfortable?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:40
Well, it's like something that I had to think about. I was like, because I mean the things that I do, like I don't think you're necessarily weird.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:49
Don't you walk around like naked Do you? I mean something probably that like you wouldn't do in public.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:57
I mean, yeah, you know, on occasion like walk around naked but One thing that's weird thing does normal. Yeah, Cindy

Unknown Speaker 1:25:05
Danwon she's while you're walking around naked she's got 17 kids.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:09
Yeah, I wouldn't do I wouldn't do it obviously, Polo. You know, I can't think of anything that I think is just weird even like the things that I eat. Um, I mean, I did used to put Manny's on my salad. I used to I went on that keto diet or not keto, I went on the Atkins diet. And so like, yeah, Manny's as you're dressing. So I don't do Manet's anymore, though, because of that, because I kind of got burned down on it. So, to me now, I can't do it. I can't think of anything. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:42
Let's move on. Okay, so we got two more at a sawn underscore gorilla. What made you want to fight.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:51
Um, that was one that I always wanted to do. I was always interested in as a kid, like, just being you know, Ninja martial artists, you know, was always something that just seemed so much fun to me. But I didn't ever think that it was gonna be like a career move. You know, I just wanted to take martial arts or Karate as a kid. But when I grew up, became an adult, you know, that dream never died. So I found a gym and wanted to train for boxing kickboxing, and MMA was just kind of getting getting Well, for me, it was getting started. I didn't know what MMA was. But I thought it would be better than going to the gym and lifting weights as a, you know, an alternative workout. And also, it'd be a way for me to continue to be physical and be athletic and be a part of something because I love sports and school. wasn't an all star athlete in school, but I did love sports. And I wanted to continue to be able to be a part of something, you know, and yeah, that that was something that, you know, really meant a lot to me. Yeah. And then it just sort of became what it is. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:02
Similar story for me girl. And that team environment is you know, total tomboy that team environment. It was something I was missing at home. I didn't realize it till you know, you reflect later in life. And I'm like, Oh, that was like my family. You know, my team and all that so Okay, that's cool. At Nick Cory, our graphics and animator, he's awesome. What was Ashley's most difficult skill to deal with in the cage. And for Ashley, what was Andrea's? Well, I was impressed at your speed. I couldn't I couldn't hang you know, you just had those fast I don't know if it's from the martial arts you're doing as a kid you just in and out so fucking fast. I couldn't I couldn't get my time down with you. And yeah, it was a great great fight. It's not one of those fights for me personally, that is leaves a sour taste. I've got yeah, I've got a loss on my record to Sarah cheesecake, Maura, that one leaves a sour taste in my mouth you I just you know, you're a better fighter and I'll own up to it.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:01
Well, for me that fight was I mean, it was it was fun. It was exciting. I mean, we were back and forth the whole time. I just knew that I needed to be on the outside and I needed to kind of like avoid as your takedowns because I knew that you had a wrestling background and I knew that if you got me on the ground more than a couple of times you know is going to be in danger so like when we would get against the cage oh nope don't Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:28:27
and every time I tried to put a good push you against the cage you know you're like out and I'm like just stay where I want you to stay and that's what I'm saying you were just fast and your foot movement was just on point and you know as a wrestler coming from a wrestling background I feel like that's something that we struggle with having that boxing that that fast feet footwork but yeah, you were on point that night.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:49
Well, thank you. I mean I just I was also coming out of everything like I was my first time like I was single and I was going through that divorce and I had a lot of stuff that was going on that was on my mind so I mean like I knew I had to go out there and prove that I could do this without a certain someone you know so I mean I trained really really hard and um Well that makes me feel just a

Unknown Speaker 1:29:15
tiny bit better about losing you know, cuz I do know that feeling you know, like not having somebody who used to be in your corner and you know if they make you feel a certain way like you're nothing without them. It's it's redemption. It's like I don't fucking need you. I can do this on my own. So that's awesome. Good for you girl. At Oso Alvarado, do you have a favorite cowboy hat? If so what color?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:43
I have a I like the grief the month beige? I guess you'd say it's a beige Stetson hat. It's one of my favorites it just I guess it's the most it's the classiest looking hat that I have. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:57
Also Accardo want to know about your HETS last question at scuba Tony Cozumel. Oh, this guy's awesome girl if you ever want to go down to Cozumel Mexico hit this guy up. He takes fighters. I really Yeah, I haven't made it down there because I'm still recovering from my spine surgery. And I was a little bit weary of wearing the back the the scuba gear and all that, you know. But yeah, at scuba Tony, awesome guy. What's it like to have a? What's it like to have to fight someone and then have a sit down? civil conversation with them? I guess he's talking about us right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:34
Yeah, it's not it's not that hard. Really. I mean, there's no blood blood. There's never been any bad blood. You know, I mean, we didn't talk badly about each other before the fight. There was no animosity or anything. It was just, it was just us, you know, going out there and doing our job. Yeah. And, you know, there's, there's never any hard feelings. I mean, yes, it you know, I know how it feels, you know, to be on the losing end. And it does suck. And it does take some times for me, meanwhile, to be able to, like, talk to that person, maybe like, you know, like, like, immediately after, I mean, I'm not like, sitting down and having a conversation maybe like, immediately after, but you know, what, some time? I mean, it's not really that, that big of a deal. Yeah, it's like,

Unknown Speaker 1:31:21
I think you and I are on the same page when it comes to trash talk. You know, it's not my thing. I don't think it's your thing. I think you're respectful. I love that you were respectful. I know I have fellow co workers. And you probably know people like this as well. They like create animosity in their mind so that they can hear ill intentions towards that person. I'm like, Okay, if that's what you got to do. That's what you got to do. I'm gonna go out there and try and kill this person no matter what. I don't get to create a fake scenario. But right. And then there are people that I have fought and lost to me. And I tried to befriend them afterwards. I don't know. I try to be friendly. And they blocked me from Instagram. And I'm like, What did I do? And I'm like, Oh, I punched you in the face a lot. But you know, that's part of our job, you know? But, yeah, all right.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:07
I mean, you can't I don't can't be salty forever. I mean, you when you lose. I mean, it's part of the game. I mean, of course, there are drawls I mean, that's, that happens.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:17
It's rare, but we just had one last weekend. You see that? I missed it was Rick Glen versus grant Dawson, Rick, Glen, more OG and grant Dawson's just killer young kid who's he was undefeated. He's still is technically Yeah, he's undefeated in the in the UFC and it went to a draw was crazy.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:36
Yeah, that is rare. It's rare that they do happen.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:39
Well, I don't want to take up any more your time. Thank you so much. We went a little bit over. I really enjoyed speaking with you. I'm going to be watching just like everyone else. November's 13th

Unknown Speaker 1:32:50
or seventh Yes, November 13. November 13.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:54
Is that the apex?

Unknown Speaker 1:32:56
It is it is no fan which is shitty, man.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:59
Do you miss the fans?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:01
I do. I mean, I fought recently. No, my fight against Antonio was in Houston and we got a full crowd really means it helps a lot.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:10
I love it so much. Yeah, I mean, but I am very grateful. Thank you UFC for giving us a job and an opportunity even you know, athletics, so we can't i can't really bite the hand that feeds this. Alright, but we'll let you watch in and then if we want to follow your journey, where can we find you on all your social media handles? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, all that stuff?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:30
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Everything is Andrea KGB li at Andrea KGB Lee. Awesome. Pretty simple.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:40
Yeah, okay, we got it. And we always put everything in the show notes afterwards, so you guys can check it out. And my last question for you. Who would you like to hear next on sex and violence with rebel girl?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:51
Hmm. I'm telling you, Andy would be would be good. She's, she doesn't hold back. Um, she has no filter. And she's had plenty of Tinder date so she would have some funny story.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:05
Talking about funny online dating so Okay, well, we got it. Alright, thanks for giving us that tip. Good luck with the rest of camp and good luck with the fight. Sounds good. Thank you. Bye He never tells me

Unknown Speaker 1:34:27
I'm not good enough. Just gives me unconditional love. He loves me. He loves me. He loves me say nah, ha. He's always saying mom baby loves me. My baby loves me just

Unknown Speaker 1:35:06
Alright guys, that's it. Episode 72 in the books. Thank you so much for tuning in, man. That was that was different that was. I mean, I know I've had Raquel Pennington on the show, but it was a little different because it was with her girlfriend and partner Teesha Torres. It wasn't really like a one on one with a previous opponent. This was this was kind of a first and it felt good. felt a little weird at first Not gonna lie. But, you know, like we said in the, in the interview, it's like, we just both understand that we're just trying to put food on the table. And it's nothing personal. So I got a lot of respect for Andrea. It's I'm really excited to watch her and Cynthia's fight to have the best you know, women flyweights in the world, it's gonna be great. So thank you guys for tuning in. Stay tuned next week, we've got a really awesome guest Her name is Christina bar lon she's a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blackbelt her Instagram attracted me I'll put it in the show notes. give you guys a heads up. She's just goofy. She's funny. She does all those silly little videos, you know, the puts the music over it and the words and she's really animated and I can't wait to have her on the show. I feel like it's gonna be a really great show. So yeah, tune in next week. And then if you guys want to check out any merchandise sex violence with rebel girl calm. You want to email me something? Sex and violence And that's it. I love you guys. Thank you so much. Thank you DJ Zol tomorrow kids studio at DJ Zol at tomorrow kids official. Thank You little Hey, my friend came in the studio. We really got to move to video because my friend is awesome. She's five foot it's just got bright blue hair. She's awesome. She like little girls. That kind of that's it guys. All right. If you want to find us on Instagram, it's at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Where can they find you on Instagram little at Little One Forex just follow my friend guys plugin. Let's see how many followers you have you guys enjoyed this show? What do I always say guys? Remember, be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Talk to you guys next week more tales of sex and violence.

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