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Ep. 78 Chris "The Crippler" Leben

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Sex and Violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence rebels, where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance and all two taboo subjects. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl. And now let's talk about sex.

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What's happening the hot stuff, what's up all my naughty listeners, Merry Christmas Eve Tomorrow is Christmas Day, I hope you guys are feeling great. And in your year awesome. surrounded by friends and family or if you're single, and you're not much of a holiday person, I hope you are still enjoying your time off. I hope you guys have a healthy friends and family situation COVID. Free. And yeah, I'm just excited, because this year has been an emotional roller coaster for me. But overall, I feel like we're all getting out of the pandemic situations that we were in good, you know, moving forward and all that. So what I wanted to tell you guys, as you know, I'm recovering from spine surgery, blah, blah, blah, blah. So the current update, I'm getting upset injection, which is like a nerve blocker on the 30th. So really ending the year with, like another medical procedure to help me get back on the mat back in the cage back to training back to fighting. So I'll keep you updated with that. This.

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Yeah, I mean, it's just been a really good year. For me, I'm in a healthy happy relationship, which is new for me over two years of sobriety, which is probably the most impressive thing I've done. These last two and a half years, the podcast is thriving. And someday I will be on the mat again. So I'm just trying to hold on to all those great things and remind myself that even though I'm not exactly where I want to be, I'm still progressing every day. And I hope you guys are too. And you know, unfortunately, we won't have any UFC fights until January 15, which is a big bummer, because I know you guys look forward to them just like I do. And I love talking about them letting you know who's fighting ahead of time. But until then I have some great guests lined up and I won't give them away just yet. But just know that if you want some entertainment tune into the show, we got some really cool guests coming up. And okay, so finally, it's here the giveaway. We raffled off basically, a free signed UFC glove that I signed. And the winner is at photo underscore Julian out of San Diego, where yay, insert round of applause. Julian actually was the first person to purchase one of the T shirts. So I thought I would pick him because he was one of our first supporters. And I truly, truly appreciate you guys. All your support all your you know, not just the purchases through the website, you know that money goes into studio fees, editing, all that kind of stuff, graphics, but just in general tuning in the fan questions, you know, contacting me through email and social media. Oh, by the way, if you want to send me an email, it's sex and violence. And yeah, I really appreciate it. Guys. I appreciate all the love and support this last year and a half. I don't know we're on episode 7778 What is it? 78 or on episode 78. We're getting close to 100 episodes. 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He began his career with five victories in a row and was known for his toughness and powerful left hand. The Portland Oregon native retired from MMA in 2014. But four years later, came out of retirement and went three in one in bare knuckle boxing. In 2016. He completed herb Dean's mixed martial arts referee course, making him now eligible to referee belts in California. After refereeing in the regional circuit. He debuted in notable shows like golden boy promotions, Liddell versus Ortiz three we talk about sex on the Mandalay Bay roof, sober dating weird and awkward anti cuddle club debauchery to wholesome desires. Quote, ghetto kid destined to be a tweaker Chels sewn in podcast call out bathroom sex at a Kid Rock Show and much more. Here's your guest Chris the Crippler leavin good times let them save the photos let them so good times all right we're here with Chris the Crippler leavin Chris, thank you so much for coming on the show.

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Thank you for having me.

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Yeah. Happy early Christmas to you. Yo, how are you doing? I mean, we'll get into the violence and sex talk later. But overall, how's life going?

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You know, I can't complain. Just bit busy as hell just opened a new gym. That's taking a lot of my time and then, you know, budget, you know, with the retching and everything else I have going, you know, in the family too. So not not a lot of time for sleep right now.

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sleep deprived. Yeah, I know what that's like. So um, Right, let's jump right into, you know, your career and what you got going on right now. You said you have a gym and you're reffing. Are you completely done? I know that you retired from MMA, and you had a few fights with bare knuckle? Are you done with bare knuckle as well?

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I mean, you know, in less than one to get like, right one of these YouTube celebrities for a million dollars. In that, in that case, listen, I've been fighting my whole life. You know, what, one more is no problem. But, you know, just with everything else that I have going on, and kind of, like the progression of my life and also what I kind of believe the progression of a martial artist is, you know, I did my time I competed, you know, quite a bit. And now it's time for me to kind of pass the torch and move into that that coaching and mentoring zone.

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Yeah, yeah, that's, and that's, you know, understandable. You've been doing it for quite a while. What What made you want to get into Bare Knuckle when you were retired after you retired from MMA?

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Well, it's kind of a, you know, an interesting story. I mean, my MMA career did not and the way that that I would have liked it to you know, I think most people's doesn't but you know, in my case there was a lot of stuff going on outside of the gym you know, I was in a marriage that was falling apart you know, there was there was some drug and alcohol abuse going on I just couldn't get my life under control and you know, my my my last couple fights were lackluster to say the least. I mean, I even worse than that, like I didn't even want to be there you know? And you know, unfortunately in my case, you know, for a guy that was kind of known for you know, for leaving it all out there you know, and you know, people always say you know, Chris You know, when I watched you play dance, you know, whether whether you won or lost I know it was going to be an exciting fight to watch you know, and in my last fight when I fought Brunson you know, I ended up quitting on the stool which is you know, I just was like you know what I've had enough I don't want to be here just psychologically wasn't there and it was kind of a crushing blow to you know, not not just my ego but defending who I am and what I define myself as a person as a fighter. And then long story short you know, a couple years go by end up getting sober next thing I know I'm kicking the shit out of all the 20 year olds in the gym. I'm back to loving training again you know, I had some some health issues as well that I had to overcome. So I tried to sign with Bella tour ended up failing my pre flight medicals, you know, along with I'm giving you the abbreviated version here along with the you know, getting sobers up big surprise, the health issues turn themselves around. Yeah, supplier friendly, got cleared to fight. And literally like the day my cardiologist told me, she would clear me to fight Bare Knuckle called me out of the blue.

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Alright, so sign from the universe.

Unknown Speaker 13:16
I get, you know, that's what I thought I thought, well, lucky, you know, let's, let's let's finish this thing, the way we started it, let's, you know, have a couple more, you know, just to kind of, I mean, you can never undo a, you know, you can never undo a wrong but or right or wrong, but, you know, I was able to finish my martial arts career kind of on my terms, you know, which, which I, which I'm stoked about.

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And sometimes you tell me if this is true or not, but I feel like MMA fans, you know, they remind you, they remember you for your last fight. And they forget sometimes about all the other things that you did prior to that. And so, you know, there's that, quote, you're only as good as your last fight. You know, maybe you didn't want to be that last on the stool, you know, image in people's minds, because, you know, you're so much more than that.

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I mean, it was rough, you know, I mean, it was, it was very hard for me, you know, for a guy that, you know, never tapped out in a fight for a guy that that he's never never really quit. I mean, I've been knocked out, I've been choked unconscious, but, you know, you never really quit and then to quit on the school like that, you know, just because of, you know, what was going on psychologically and everything else. It was it was it was a it was a it was a big blow, you know, and so, and now, in my case to be, you know, where I was able, you know, I finished my career on a win, which I think were for most people, you know, I had four fights in bare knuckles. Three of them were first round knockouts. The one I watched was the decision But it was a five round, you know, bloodbath. I mean, I had a broken orbital, I have to stitch my nose back on I have 36 stitches above my eyes to just blow my butt I finished you know, I thought for from start to finish. So, you know, it let me know that that that person is still there. It wasn't it wasn't that I changed it was that the the other things going on? Were affecting me and that when I got rid of those I got back to who I was.

Unknown Speaker 15:31
Yeah, yeah, I understand that. More than you know. And it sounds like you, you know, are happy now you ended your career with an exclamation point. You know, that knockout win back in February 2001. At Bare Knuckle it's a great way to end your career. And now you're a referee. What made you get, you know, made you want to start getting into being an official?

Unknown Speaker 15:55
Well, I've actually been an official longer than my, my bare knuckle career. Okay. Yeah, I've been rapping now in California for probably going on for years. So, you know, it, in my opinion, you know, I take the job very seriously. And it's, uh, you know, it, it's a hard job to do, because refereeing as you know, is is subjective. I mean, you got to know that has, has this guy had enough kit, you know, Is he is he still in the fight? You know, should I stop it? Should I let it go? You don't want to stop a fight too early, you don't want to let anybody get injured. You know, so, so I, I take, you know, it's an honor that I get to be in there. And I get to help these these fighters. Right now I work for camo, which is the the amateur organization here in California. And, you know, hopefully, eventually, maybe, hopefully not too long. You'll see me working for CSAC as well in both the refereeing and judging facets. So I do both. You know, and I and I think that these are kind of jobs that that should be given to, you know, X Fighters, people that have spent their life in the sport. You know, I remember when I was taking her games refereeing course, he said, you know, they want you to be unbiased. But you know, they, you know, they want you to be impartial, but you're going to be a little bit if you're the right person for the job, because you're going to be invested in the sport, you're going to have spent your life in the sport. I mean, I think that's the case. You know, definitely. A lot harder than then than I thought initially, because we all we all watch, we all listen to what the judges say. And then when we watch wrestling, we go what was he thinking? What was he doing, but when you're in their blood flying on you, you got to make a split second call. Maybe you weren't at the right angle. I mean, you really, really got to stay on your toes when you're doing that. Chop it, you know, and you get the best seat in the house.

Unknown Speaker 18:03
Yeah, yeah. I think if you are the perfect person for the job. A friend of mine who you probably know, AJ Jenkins is a female ref and she just completed her Dean's course. And it's just it's the perfect kind of people. It's a perfect fit for performer fighters. And I wish more fighters got into judging as well. Is that something you want to do also?

Unknown Speaker 18:27
It is I'm judging now for camo. Okay. You know, hopefully, you know, I'll progression that as well. AJ, by the way, great. Judge. Great rep. I've worked with her a bunch of times.

Unknown Speaker 18:37
Yeah, she's awesome. And I'm trying to get her to come on the show. But she's a little shy. So I'm warming her up. There you go. So what's your favorite part of reffing? I know, it's harder than you expected? But, you know, is it a way to stay involved in the mixed martial arts community? Because, I mean, you're already doing that you have a gym, right?

Unknown Speaker 18:58
Yes, yeah. Um, I mean, yeah, that's part of it. You know, I would take the cheesy answer and say all of it, you know, I like seeing all the old faces. I like seeing all the different coaches. I like watching the fighters watching their careers progress. You know, at the same time, I like that. I like the challenge at the job. You know, I enjoy fighting. I mean, this is, this is what I've done my whole life, you know, and just because I've retired as a competitor, in my case, that doesn't mean I'm going back to college. You know what I'm saying? Like, I this is my steel. This is what I do. Yeah. You know, and so for me, it's a it's a natural progression.

Unknown Speaker 19:39
Yeah, yeah. It's an extension of what you've already built on for so long. So tell us about your new gym.

Unknown Speaker 19:46
So it's been, I don't know maybe a year and a half in the making. You know, I spent the last year and a half probably a year in my garage. Just trading guys out of my garage was getting this thing Ready to go getting kind of pulling all the money and investors and everything and looking at different locations and long story short, you know, I just couldn't find a spot. You know, there's, you know, for the amount of space out there, you know, too much money, you know, just didn't make sense on paper. And then I went into my favorite gym to workout which is called the gym here in San Diego. It's probably the most famous bodybuilding gym, maybe second most in the world, probably, you know, definitely in San Diego, you know, you know, second only probably the gold's, you know, in Venice, yeah, muscle. Yeah, so, pretty motivating when you when you come into this gym, and, you know, I was talking to the owner, Rick, and I was I told him kind of, yeah, you know, I'd have been able to find the space and he said, well, the people upstairs just moved out yesterday, having put it up release, and you know, it's a, so it's 7700 square feet. We just got done with the remodel, we just kind of opened on the soft open on the 17th of last month. You know, we're taking, you know, obviously, as you know, this kind of a worst month, worst week of the year for gyms, but that's perfect for us, because it's given us a chance to iron out all the kinks and everything. So, you know, come January 1, we're ready to rock and roll. And I mean, even even all that being said, you know, with with the amount of signups and interest that we've seen, we're already substantially ahead of the curve of what we were planning on so. So it's looking good. You know, we got we got a bunch of people already coming in. I then my jujitsu coach is also under my my professor Bert Yoshida. You know, he's, he's a world champion. I got ADDYs my she's a purple belt. She's my gym manager. She's great. And you know, we're just we're a little team and we're crushing it in and I'm living the dream. That's what I've always wanted.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
Amazing. It sounds like life is going good. You got the new gym. You're Ruffin. I know you have a four year old you said a four year old so you know you're lacking sleep but doesn't sound like you lack ambition.

Unknown Speaker 22:18
That that's it. You know it? Definitely you know, that's the nice thing about my life is there's there's no room to fuck up. This like I have no time to you know, beside you know, between family and the gym and everything else. I'm gone on the weekend. You know, last weekend I was doing the commentary for bare knuckle. Oh, no. I was in Kansas City commentating a show that was in Thailand. And you know, it's just, you know, the blessings, man. It's great. Life is life. Life is pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 22:51
Well, I wish you the best of luck with the gym. What's the name of the gym?

Unknown Speaker 22:56
The training center,

Unknown Speaker 22:57
the training center?

Unknown Speaker 22:58
Yeah, yeah, I wanted to go with fight school. Okay, I mean, that cut to the chase. I kind of liked it. But, but some of them I thought it was a little too scary. You know, the only problem is you know, you try it. You want to you want to be open. You want to get everybody you want. You want the girls you want the guy you want. You want the Warriors, but you also want the fighters. But, you know, since we've been opened, you know, I'll tell you what, what I find what I find is the fighters show up man, they're just they're coming out of the woodwork now that I've opened the gym. I can't keep them out. Even though as you know, you don't make any money. Yeah, but I've already got a gym full full of guys that want to want to compete. And then also, you know, with with my jujitsu coach, you know, he's real competitive, based himself and so you get a lot of guys that are competitive. But but also now especially with YouTube, we're also getting you know, a lot of, I guess, enthusiast as what we would call them,

Unknown Speaker 24:03
okay. You want to be inclusive, right? Because like you said, fighters are great. They'll show up all the time, but it's hard to make money off fighters. And but you know, you want to you want the soccer moms you want the piano at

Unknown Speaker 24:18
all? Yeah. love them to death. You know, and to tell you the truth. You know, I really believe that there's something for everybody in martial arts. I know that in my case, martial arts saved my life. It's the only probably the only reason I'm talking to you right now is because of you know, fighting and martial arts. And I think whether, you know, it's a, you know, you want to get some self confidence, you want to lose some weight. You want to have one so I just had a 57 year old fight to go so I think he's now the oldest guy and you know, it's a bucket list thing for him. He wants Dude he put in the training and you know what he went out there and what? Yeah, you know and and then I got my other guys that you know that they want to be UFC Bellator champ that's great too. You know I think whatever you whatever you want there, you know martial arts can help you towards that goal.

Unknown Speaker 25:15
Yeah I agree with you wrestling saved my life when I was younger and then I got into martial arts and kind of took me down the same path of staying staying focused and keeping my mind off the other things that distracted me.

Unknown Speaker 25:30
I sure as heck wouldn't have graduated high school if it wasn't for the rest of the gym. I'll

Unknown Speaker 25:33
tell you that. Yeah, you're a wrestler in high school as well. Right?

Unknown Speaker 25:37
Yeah, yeah. And I mean, I have my entire family and so on goals. I think the only one ever actually graduated high school. So Wow. You know, and a big part of that was was, you know, you had to have a decent grade point average to be able to, to, to compete, you know, and it was, you know, the camaraderie of the wrestling team and being part of something, you know, I never had that growing up. So,

Unknown Speaker 26:05
yeah, what was growing up like for you? It's a loaded question. Sometimes.

Unknown Speaker 26:13
It is. Yeah, shit, where do I start? You know? Um, I mean, honestly, the first 12 years were pretty rough. You know, we lived up on a mountain not mom was kind of, you know, she was she was a bartender and kind of more interested in partying and our own thing and you know, single mother didn't make a lot of money. So we lived kind of more or less in a shack, we didn't have a lot of food. A lot of times the power was out a lot of times the pipes were frozen in the water didn't work. You know, when going to school, you know, as always, the kid with clothes from Goodwill is all dirty. And, you know, I got made fun of a lot, you know, and in my early years in school and beginning of middle school, and and also my older brother was a fucking asshole. So, you know, but according to him, he's the whole reason I was able to make it to the UFC and I'm fighters because he made me tough.

Unknown Speaker 27:17
Oh, god. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 27:20
You mentioned it's actually his birthday today. I should probably give him a

Unknown Speaker 27:26
happy birthday to Chris's brother.

Unknown Speaker 27:29
I just remember. Yeah. Well, what?

Unknown Speaker 27:31
What let's talk about young Chris, as far as girls and dating, do you remember? At what age you started thinking about girls.

Unknown Speaker 27:41
I remember, you know, kind of, I guess middle school, you know, like, like seventh grade you know, a great and girls and going and hanging out with them going into move I had one girlfriend in middle school for like a year and a half or something. But really what it consisted of was me and all my friends. You know, by by seventh grade, I had moved to Portland. And I was just a total skater punk. My mother's life had gone even a little bit more more downhill. So I didn't go home much at that point. You know, I came home maybe just to change clothes, you know, and I was pretty much out all night. And you know, all my own, did whatever I wanted. And so we'd all hang out over my best friend's house, we'd skateboard. We talked about going to the mall to pick up girls. Then we smoked a bunch of weed and we sit in front of the TV. Good. Telling you the truth. You know, and honestly, I hated it. So you know, I learned to to hate weed at an early age kind of because of that I noticed you just made everybody unambitious. It certainly didn't help in the the female departments. Yeah. And you know, and then you know, then then shortly thereafter was you know, I found alcohol when I would drink you know, you know, high school parties everything else I thought I was fucking done on I would talk to everybody in my mind, you know, I was spitting fire but turns out you know, if you look back at my track record in those early years it it wasn't that great. To be perfectly honest with you. It wasn't it wasn't the best. Yeah, you

Unknown Speaker 29:31
know, alcohol gives you a false sense of confidence for sure.

Unknown Speaker 29:35
Which is probably about the you know, the point when I got to end on I decided to wrestle and stuff I was like, well looks a cutting and I gotta make some money. I gotta kick some ass. I gotta I gotta do something to get these girls

Unknown Speaker 29:49
started wrestling.

Unknown Speaker 29:51
So I started well, the wrestling thing I had no plans on wrestling. I actually got tripped In the hallway in front of girls by a fucking jock named Maya, and you know, he had like his letterman jacket on I'm a freshman walking with my skateboard and fucking trip me. And I knew he was on the wrestling team. So the next day I went out for the wrestling team, they almost do let me on because I went out late. And my whole goal and I, this is gonna sound terrible, but like a spider has kind of powered me through a lot of things in my life. Like, just to fucking get even with people. Like it has been my motivation for a lot of the stuff I've done in in this case. I just want to fuck this dude up. So, you know, I didn't get the chance my freshman year, but sophomore year when he was a senior, we ended up the same way class and I ended up beating him for his varsity spot. And then he quit the wrestling team.

Unknown Speaker 30:54
Perfect vengeance.

Unknown Speaker 30:56
Yeah, so there you go. And that's and that's what started all this.

Unknown Speaker 31:01
Yeah. I love it. Moving on from high school, you know, into your 20s What age do you get into the UFC? Actually?

Unknown Speaker 31:13
23 years something really young. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 31:16
yeah. So when you I asked Tito this the same question because you guys, you know, both got in very young and we're in the early stages of the UFC. did things change? relationship wise, were there like groupies? I mean, UFC is obviously way bigger now than it ever was back then. But did it change in the girl department? When you go into the UFC?

Unknown Speaker 31:37
Yeah. Yeah, of course it did. You know, like, you know, go you know, obviously, when you go to a UFC event, you know, every girl that says they're with some dude that's telling them how great of a fighter you are for like a week, you know? And then you run into them drunk at the club. It does help fix a little bit. You know, but But I mean, um, yeah, like, like, like the whole idea of having a talk to a girl home. A lot of that a lot of that stuff changed pretty pretty drastically, I would say,

Unknown Speaker 32:15
yeah, things set up for you, right?

Unknown Speaker 32:17
The hard part was after UFC when I went back and I had to start learning how to talk to girls again, and try to court them like it didn't just work that I was on TV. I used to always jokingly say, the more I'm on TV, the handsome I get. There's, there's a lot of truth to that, you know, what can you say?

Unknown Speaker 32:38
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Unknown Speaker 33:51
When it comes to relationships, you know I have learned to never pinion. But I'll tell you I'll tell you what I gathered with with my my athletes personally, as a coach. I love the idea. Because you got to put it somewhere, you know, and if you got a chick at home, you're not out running around all night, getting in trouble trying to find a girl you got to go that's locking you down. As far as fighters go. I think sometimes that's better. Do I think that relationships can last forever? No, probably not. But you I tell him that no one will tell him that either. Yeah. No. So it depends. It depends where you're at. How you're asking me if you're asking me as a coach as a person, what my experience was like,

Unknown Speaker 34:37
yeah, what was your experience? Like?

Unknown Speaker 34:39
You know, I had a long I was with a girl that I had to like court for like a fucking year. And she was fighting in another gym out of Seattle. I was in Portland, trying to you know, and ultimately before the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, and then you know, to the to the first the first leg of my UFC career. We together until I ended up moving to Hawaii. But you know that relationship was fucking nightmare. I was cheating on her. She cheated on me we were fucking basically fist fighting. You know what I mean? Like, she was fucking not you know, I gotta saying fighters are like strippers are not paying their way to college. I know what I mean by that is there's some baggage there, your average person doesn't just decide, hey, I'm gonna risk you know, getting my face smashed in front of my friends and family on national TV. You know, for maybe you know, 1000 baht a couple 1000 bucks at that time if that, you know. And you know, and much like most of the most of the dancing girls that I've met, there's usually so there's usually an issue or two there. Yeah, yeah, not saying all but I'm saying most

Unknown Speaker 36:01
I don't think anyone would take offense to you saying that. Fighters traditionally have some sort of issue that they need to work out. And fighting gives them an outlet to do so.

Unknown Speaker 36:13
So in my case, I was a shit show. You know, I was everything in excess. Nothing in moderation. Go fast, chug beers, crank tunes, like kick ass. Like, that was like my whole mantra in life. You know, and I had a girlfriend that was basically the same. So how that worked out?

Unknown Speaker 36:41
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Toxic is the new word the kids are using these days.

Unknown Speaker 36:47
All right, well, that's fair enough.

Unknown Speaker 36:50
Well, I mean, I was gonna ask you, but you answered it for me. Have you? Or had you ever dated? A fighter? But it sounds like you have and it wasn't so smooth.

Unknown Speaker 37:00
I have would I do it again? Probably not. Yeah, yeah. A lot of

Unknown Speaker 37:05
the experiences that I hear about on the podcast talking to fighters every week, it's it's just too much to have two fighters, especially two fighters who are on the high level, competing at the same time, because it is a selfish sport, as you know,

Unknown Speaker 37:22
you literally took the words out of my mouth is exactly what I say it's fighting is very selfish. Yeah. You know, you know, really, it's got to be I'm eating now. I'm sleeping. Now. I'm training now. You know, eight weeks out? Like, listen, if you fit into my schedule, that's great. If not, I'm sorry. Yeah. At least if you want to win. That's, that's the way it kind of has to be. You got you got two people under one roof trying to do that same thing. You know, and, and plus the stress of the upcoming event. You know, too much. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 37:57
So you are 40 Now you 20 years of fighting and relationships. I know, this is a loaded question as well. But what would you tell younger Chris, knowing now what you do about love and relationships and dating?

Unknown Speaker 38:13
Man, you know, honestly, I when I look back, I am like, I'm a fucking serial monogamist you know, like, I always have a way of getting rid of one girl. And then like, two days later, I move in another one. Like, I would have told myself, hey, tap the brakes, you know, just you know, enjoy. So you're okay, get out there. Have fun focused on you grow as an individual grown as a person, you know, quit trying to make these relationships work when you're not ready.

Unknown Speaker 38:44
It's hard though, right? Because, I mean, the listeners know, my background similar to yours. You know, families was doing drugs and a little neglectful, you know, I wasn't abused or anything crazy, but just kind of ended up raising myself when I was younger. And now that I'm older, I'm being all introspective and like psychoanalyzing myself, and I'm like, yeah, why did I always seek male attention for this reason, or that? And I'm like, Oh, it probably was because we didn't have that much attention. We were younger, from our family and our loved ones. Do you think that maybe that was a reason why you continue to, you know, always be with someone never want to be alone.

Unknown Speaker 39:24
It's that it's that fear of abandonment, you know, and I think, you know, now that I'm older when I look back, you know, like, when you're neglected as a child, which was which is you know, the My biggest issue as well was just there was no parental influence, you know, there I did what I wanted there was no love I wasn't I wasn't getting get told I love you get put to bed. You know, that should just didn't happen, you know? So I always felt like a burden. Always. felt like a burden on on the people that I was around and, and I always kind of, you know, kind of kind of sought needed needed attention needed constant attention constant positive reinforcement. You know, I was just I was a fucking emotional wreck, like my entire 20s. And I had no clue why, you know, I hadn't I had no clue. It wasn't until I got older that I really have the time to, you know, like you said, you know, kind of introverted, introspective and really sit and see what these drugs what are these driving factors of these emotions that that make me a shit show? What are these? You know, and after a lot of self work, you know, I think I've kind of put my finger on on most of it. And most of it stems from, you know, neglect as a kid.

Unknown Speaker 40:54
Yeah, yeah, I agree. I myself am, you know, to almost two and a half years sober, and I know, you're sober as well. How long? Have you been sober?

Unknown Speaker 41:03
Three and a half years.

Unknown Speaker 41:04
Congratulations. Very awesome.

Unknown Speaker 41:08
Yeah. And, honestly, it should be a lot longer. I've been on the road for probably five years now. But you know, early on, I made it a year that I fucked up. And I made six months and I fucked up. You know, it's, it's tough. It's, it's a struggle. And in my case, you know, because because, again, I I know that there's, there's a, you know, for that emotional pain, that there's, there's, there's a cure for that for me worse every fucking time. You know what I mean? Like, if I get loaded right now, I am not going to worry about this issue, that I'm having this anxiety that's fucking eating me up, it's going to go away. At least for a little while, you know, it'll probably come back worse. And I might pick up a new case, but, but for a little while, I'm going to feel better, you know, and that for a long time was hard. It was hard to get away from. Yeah, yeah. Deal with like, with that shit.

Unknown Speaker 42:12
Yeah, that's, you know, that's the biggest takeaway in my short two and a half years of sobriety is that the first year for me is just like, you realize how much emotional shit you're not dealing with, because you're numbing it so much. And so it's like, overwhelming, especially, you know, if you've got anything else going on, you know, like, the pandemic or family issues or, you know, bad relationship. Like, it's really fucking hard to get sober and stay sober. Because, you know, that's our go to safety blanket, if you will, it makes us feel good. You know, it's like we run to that, to not have to deal with things and so I totally understand where you're coming from.

Unknown Speaker 42:56
You know, you're you're right, you got all this fight. It's like a giant fucking snowball coming after you and you're running from it. Nobody's going to teach us sober up and slow down, everything will get better. And you're like, so you're like, fucking alright, I'll try it. And you try it and that thing runs you over, like, drives you into the ground. And then you're like, What are you talking about? This is horrible.

Unknown Speaker 43:18
Yeah, it's not even not drinking. It's not don't drink. It's like everything that comes with not drinking. It's like new emotions and like, like you said, anxiety. You know, I never had anxiety. When I was a drinker. You know, you just drink and fucking tough it out and you know, shut the fuck up. And then you know, you stopped drinking and then you're like, overthinking over analyzing, stressing yourself out over simple shit. And you're like, man, I've become a big pussy in my sobriety.

Unknown Speaker 43:49
Now, the shit that I don't want to do, my friends like, let's go to this. Let's go to this fucking concert. I'm like, what? That plays. I can't even fucking move. It's like, yeah, I was wrong. I wouldn't even bother me. But do I want to stand there with plucking the music crashing and people breathing on my neck? Just wedding hours why beers being spilt all over me? Like, honestly, to me that I'm like the dude on the balcony now. It's like, like looking down watching everybody in the bed like yeah, that looks fun. Good. themselves. I'm not the guy in the getting rekt Yes. all over myself. Like, but you know, just to me, that's not exciting anymore. I don't know how much of that is being sober. And how much that is getting older. You know? Maybe a little. Yeah, no, but that's with multiple things. I've found that shit. I don't like anything anymore.

Unknown Speaker 44:48
I mean, I have things I still like but it's like you got to tweak it right just like you said. So the other day me and my boyfriend go to the Rolling Stones. But we're in these box seats. And then you know I'm looking around It's like everyone's in their 50s and 60s. And I'm like, What the hell. And then I look down and there's a pit, you know, and I'm like, that's where I used to be like, this is where I'm at now, but I felt more comfortable being in the box seat versus the pit because I was like, I had anxiety just looking at those people. I was like, Ooh, but before it was, like, you know, getting into fistfights in the in the punk rock pit, and looking forward to that, and it's like, wow, like, you know, just your brain changes, everything changes, and you're not the same person. I've actually lost friends. Since getting sober because I'm not the same person. And that's okay. You know, like, I don't know if that's happened to you, but yeah, you change you don't just get sober but you change as a person.

Unknown Speaker 45:46
Yeah, like, because there's there's so much like, I'm not afraid now to be like, No, I don't want to do that. Good. I know what I like. Which is interesting. Like now I know that like, I know, I know what makes Chris happy. What I enjoy if I have free time, I know the shit that I want to do. And maybe it's selfish but like look if these other people want to go do this good. Go have have like my friends. They all want me to buy a Harley. You know, they just wrote they rode to Las Vegas to do some race track thing. Like you should come whereby you go. And like get five hours on a fucking motorcycle on my day off foot that like I've done that. I've done that ship before. Listen, I don't drive my car for no reason. Yeah, motorcycle to me is a mode of transportation. Like it's faster down. I love it in Southern California because you can split lanes, you can get to where you're going. But that's that's the whole reason I do it is to get is to get to where I'm going these these guys do it on the on the weekend. They're just putting hundreds of miles on these bikes. And I'm like, you know, that that just doesn't, you know, I would, I would much rather just get a room at the Hilton and chill, get a massage.

Unknown Speaker 47:03
Yeah, it's different. Well, and something that changes obviously, when you get sober is dating, talking to women talking to the opposite sex, right? I remember the first time I had sex sober. That was weird. You know, like, just like making out with someone and you know, like, after so many years of being drunk, and then just like, you know, and like I realized I was like, I hadn't really just hung out with someone sober. Got to know someone sober. You know, it's like, Hey, you call someone and the first thing they ask is want to get a drink. You know? And it's it's such a part.

Unknown Speaker 47:37
It's really fucking awkward, right? Like when you're sitting there with somebody similar? How do we get this started? Like? Yeah, you don't? I mean, you just kind of fall into it. Yeah, but like when you're totally sober and you're sitting there staring. It's like

Unknown Speaker 47:55
fucking weird. It's so weird. For sure. Okay, I want to ask you some some weird questions. Oh, God, here we go. Here we go. Where is your craziest place you've ever had sex?

Unknown Speaker 48:09
Oh, Jesus. You know, I had sex on top of the Mandalay Bay, like, overlooking, like, I broke onto the roof. This chick there was like, the, like this topless pool party. Okay, got there at the Mandalay Bay. And somehow we got in the stairwell we broke out onto the roof. That was pretty crazy. One.

Unknown Speaker 48:36
That's awesome. Yeah. Any others? You can think of? Your favorite quickie story?

Unknown Speaker 48:44
Oh, guy, can I tell this one? Fuck it. I'll just tell it. I'll tell it everybody knows it. So we went to a Kid Rock Show on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. And they had us like, miked up, right for the for the show. No, so we still had our microphones on and stuff. And I met a real classy girl. And I snuck her into the guy's bathroom. Real class. Oh, the funny thing is some of the other guys from the show. I'm not gonna say any names but I'm gonna say most of them ended up seeing what happened and following me in there so now I got like one dude like shaking my ankles. I got another guy throwing toilet paper over the top. Oh my gosh, this her head is hitting the wall. She's in she's into it. Right? Like, I'm starting to get stage fright. So you know, I'm trying not to hold what I got going but I can't cuz there's like 10 dudes. And it was it was all bad. Yeah, that sounds. It was all bad. I guess I could tell that story

Unknown Speaker 49:53
now. That's awesome. Okay, do you have a pet peeve in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 50:01
I get a lot of them.

Unknown Speaker 50:02
List them off Chris.

Unknown Speaker 50:05
Fucking cuddling. I hate it. Really? I hate it. Yep, not. I'm not a cutter where I'm not gonna I don't I want to go to sleep. Don't touch me. I want to sleep. Like Like I said usually they make me hot and sweaty. I like sweat easy anyways.

Unknown Speaker 50:24
Yeah, I think all athletes are like that, you know our bodies are there because your head

Unknown Speaker 50:29
is on my chest. You know what, I want to go to sleep so I can wake up and feel good tomorrow?

Unknown Speaker 50:36
Yes, yes, cuddling is for me. It's like, you know, I'll be in the spoon position. And then about two seconds later, just roll over. So it's like, you know, at least your partner gets that feeling of like, yeah, yeah, I love you. Okay, give me my fucking space.

Unknown Speaker 50:52
Like eight to 10 minutes. Eight to 10 minutes max minutes. And then I'm cutting it off.

Unknown Speaker 51:00
All right, any other pet peeves in the bedroom we've had people say hygiene. We've had people say you know

Unknown Speaker 51:11
what hygiene give it Yeah, yeah, I think I Yeah. Well, like shit. Guess what? I would probably say when I got to do all the work that hate I get tired

Unknown Speaker 51:24
of that. Sometimes. Dead fish is not fun.

Unknown Speaker 51:27
For me to you know what I mean? Like it's only fair. Yeah, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:31
I mean, Does that still happen in your adult years? I feel like that's more of like a young kid thing where somebody doesn't really know what to do so they're just kind of like a dead fish.

Unknown Speaker 51:43
I'd have to disagree with you there.

Unknown Speaker 51:45
Okay. All right. Do you have a anything you'd like to do? Like a sexual bucket list? Anything that you haven't done so far?

Unknown Speaker 51:58
Oh, that would get real weird you know, honestly, with with my past life, I think I think I've you know, covered most of the bases.

Unknown Speaker 52:09
Yeah, yeah, yeah, you've lived a life worth talking about for sure.

Unknown Speaker 52:13
My Life My life now and I just tried to fit your show. I know. But like, I actually appreciate a little bit of wholesomeness in my life nowadays after just you know that you know, spending every night and in a strip club doing cocaine debauchery. Yeah, just all the debauchery like, like mission, a little missionary position, and then go to sleep. Like it's okay. There's nothing wrong with

Unknown Speaker 52:40
that. Yeah. All right. So you're more of like a soft slow sex maker, as opposed to aggressive.

Unknown Speaker 52:51
Back maker. Or, you know, depends what kind of depends if I got Slayer on. Boo Boo, a, you know?

Unknown Speaker 53:04
Do you play music when you have sex? Sometimes, sometimes. Yeah. I feel like it makes everything better. I'm big into music. I feel like sex makes everything I mean, more sex doesn't make everything but music makes everything better.

Unknown Speaker 53:19
I actually pretty much have music on 24/7 I wake up I put I put certain kinds of music on I have a certain kinds of my drive to work. I get to work if we're doing jujitsu is this if we're doing stand up where this team practices that my drive home is something different? Yeah, I agree. Like it's got it. You got to set the mood.

Unknown Speaker 53:39
Yeah, yeah, I'm the same way. All right. One last weird question. How long have you ever gone without having sex? Like a dry spell?

Unknown Speaker 53:50
Ah, well, I went boot camp when I was in the military. Okay. How long was that? That was like nine weeks of nofap. Oh, wow. Not even masturbation? Nothing. No, there's a dude right there. Like that's weird. Oh, and then there was you know, I did six months. Six months. I did six months because I was in jail.

Unknown Speaker 54:14
Oh, yeah. And you have a room roommate. Yeah, two roommates San Diego. Damn. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 54:20
So that's the screen.

Unknown Speaker 54:22
Dang, he couldn't have couldn't even jerk off for six months. Damn, that's, I mean, jails. Obviously shitty enough. Can you masturbate? Damn. Well, alright, I think it's time for the lightning sex round

Unknown Speaker 54:43
Chris is pretty open. But lightning sex round is a rapid fire one word answer yes or no. Are you ready to go? Okay, I feel like you're shadowboxing over there. Ready? Okay, do you do talk In bed, a little bit spank or like to be spanked. No biting. Nobody choking. No choking threesomes. Yeah. Do you feel feel free to answer your

Unknown Speaker 55:18
department? I'm sorry. I know. It's like

Unknown Speaker 55:23
what do you say about threesomes?

Unknown Speaker 55:25
said you gotta you gotta define it. Oh, you having sex with my girl? Then I have

Unknown Speaker 55:31
a problem. Okay? No cuckold situation going on.

Unknown Speaker 55:35
It's pretty selfish.

Unknown Speaker 55:36
Okay, it's gotta be a what is that called? There's like devil Devil's threesome is Two Guys and a girl right? What's the other one called us? Regular ass? Christian threesome? Okay, do you watch porn? Sometimes? Do you have any fetishes? Like a foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 55:59
Definitely not a foot fetish. bodily fluid. No,

Unknown Speaker 56:03
okay, any bondage like ropes. Blindfold handcuffs.

Unknown Speaker 56:08
I I'm not against handcuffs. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
Role playing. Yeah, but stuff on you or a partner? Why? But stuff I feel like people just like me to say that again. Because I always say but stuff and people say what? Like no, I said it but stuff. Do you use sex toys? No. Have you ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 56:36
I've been wanting to turn into

Unknown Speaker 56:38
it. You want to tell us that story?

Unknown Speaker 56:42
Sure. Should I should I honestly give you a disclaimer almost everything you said there was was already knew for so many years. You know what I mean? Like that's it that's the part of the cipher I'm like older I'm like older now you know yeah 20s anymore.

Unknown Speaker 56:58
Yeah, as we as we grow and evolve and get older our sexual preferences changed for sure. But yeah, all right, that was the lightning sex round. We're gonna end the episode with a game of fuck marry kill and some fan questions okay marry one kill one go.

Unknown Speaker 57:21
I think we're done. We're done here. Oh, I hope I know that people okay,

Unknown Speaker 57:26
okay, so for fuck marry kill I'm going to give you your choice between strong women or bare knuckle babes.

Unknown Speaker 57:35
Okay, kill the Fuck no, no,

Unknown Speaker 57:38
no, no. So you okay, the cat you choose between these two categories. So do you want to choose from strong women or from Bare Knuckle babes?

Unknown Speaker 57:47
Will do. Fuck it will be bare knuckle babes. Got

Unknown Speaker 57:49
it. Okay, so you got to choose who you want to fuck, marry and kill you got Pearl Gonzalez. Paige Van Zandt and Rachel Escovitch.

Unknown Speaker 57:59
Oh, rachel occupant's one. Page probably be good to marriage. I gotta kill. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 58:08
Your other one. Sorry, bro. Awesome. Okay. And then some fan questions crossed.

Unknown Speaker 58:20
At DJs Oh, that's our sound engineer. Do you do? Sorry? Do referees have to wear cups? And if not, have you ever been kicked in the balls while officiating?

Unknown Speaker 58:33
No. And as a matter of fact, I'll go even further and say I've never been kicked in the balls in a fight. Oh, all right. Because here's why I made sure I don't hit some balls. I blocked that shit. I see some guys who get kicked three times the same fight. I'm like, What's the point? You didn't learn the first?

Unknown Speaker 58:52
Yeah. Okay. All right. At fight insight podcast, do you think it's detrimental to the refs ability to communicate if they're wearing a mask? Like the one in one FC?

Unknown Speaker 59:08
I would say yes. As a matter of fact. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 59:12
Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Okay, and at JC reals 59 What was your motivation to start your fighting career at the age of 12? Not sure where he got that number, but that's his question.

Unknown Speaker 59:26
I guess I started boxing. Technically, I was probably 13. Okay. You know, if you want to start there, but, you know, modeling career wasn't working out. I mean, I mean, we already nailed it. Listen, I was I was a ghetto kid destined to be a tweaker you know, I ended up winning, winning a fight and then next thing I know there was like, five people back then they had like these, these cat rooms or these boards. You know, there's like five people talking about my flight. I thought I was famous. That was it. That's all that's all it took. It was it was it was famed. You know, it was I wanted, you know, I want I wanted to get girls, I wanted people to notice me. I wanted attention, and I wasn't terrible at it. You know. And on top of that, I love to train. You know, I love the camaraderie of the gym, just like with wrestling. I love being part of something. I can't imagine having done anything else.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:27
Yeah, yeah, I think we're both very lucky to have found sports, with team environments that welcomed us in and gave us you know, something to work hard for. And you know, for me, it's like, wow, wrestling taught me everything that maybe my parents should have taught me, you know, those good morals and ethics and hard work, dedication, you know, not giving up that kind of stuff. So, okay, at UFC underscore week. Do you think it's harder being a fighter or a referee?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
Dip? I mean, different. They're different hats. They're different hats. Definitely. Listen, when you have a bad day at work in your fighter, it's a bad fucking day. Yeah, no. Like, go into the hospital. Shit sucks. There's no party afterwards. When you're fighting you have a good day at work. It's a great fight. You know, you're you're out at the nightclub you're celebrate and you just made a bunch of money, your careers progressing. When you're a referee. I think the middle path is more important. You know, you're focused you're committed to doing to doing a good job, you know, so I think they're just different.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:42
Yeah, fighting is high highs and low lows for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:45
Yep, got a bad thing to win bed. Yep, yep.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
At the Mexican ass Yeti eight. Who was your favorite fight and favorite victory?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
Oh, man. I mean, that's tough. You know, I had one I was talking about I wrote about my book my one of my last amateur fights where I ended up getting choked unconscious against the guy named Ottawa said he actually took it took second Abu Dhabi tough guy. Second NCAA Wrestling too. But yeah, he choked me unconscious. And I lifted luckily the rep didn't see where I lifted my hand to tap and then it just went limp, like you can see on the video, but the rep can't see that I'm out and somehow I woke up and like he like readjusted, you know, the choke? Yeah. And and my tops up. Next thing I know I'm on my feet. And he comes charging in and I landed like that perfect shot, you know, and slept them and he was the hometown hero. I love being the bad guy. So if you watch the video, you can see like a million beer cans like instantly go fly. And the whole crowds just disgusting. is a great thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03
That's awesome. Yeah, that's great. Okay, at Dr. Sorrow, it's during tough one. Did you have any idea that you are changing the trajectory of MMA forever? For example, when you peed on that dude's bed? Sorry to bring this up. Chris, did you think that it would be immortalized as part of sports history?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:26
Absolutely not. I didn't know if the show was going to be aired, you know, and I can remember having a conversation again. I remember Dana bringing up later where I was like, yeah, maybe I'll get a free beer at the bar back in Portland after this, you know? And, and fuck after that show. I couldn't even go to the ball. You know, that first season. Like even trying to walk across the mall, I get stopped 50 times when my wife changed drastically, immediately. And then also, you know, the sport and what what the UFC was to your average american changed drastically from being something that was kind of you know, on the fringes obscure, like now all of a sudden, you know, these these these athletes were household names. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
yeah, you didn't know what the hell you're getting into. But you were part of history for sure. Amazing. At Carlow 100. How has it been staying sober? And what advice would you give?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31
Well, let's see I've done on a serious note. I think in recovery. I've done pretty much everything wrong. The only thing that I haven't done wrong is you know, I have a good group of peers around me I have a I'll just say I have a sponsor that I call every day. I call I call my guy every day. We're friends. I check in I let him I let these other men know what's going on my life What issues I'm struggling with. Because then, when shit does hit the fan, which it does, you know, I've got a lifeline, I've got another human being that I can pick up the phone and reach out and get in touch with. And you know, where before I tried to do it on my own, you know, multiple times and when I didn't have anybody to call anybody that was going to understand what I was going through. It was virtually impossible.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:24
Yeah. I actually I feel bad this person they're full question was advice you would give and then they said environments to avoid or people to avoid. And how do you say no to just one beer to be polite? Stay awesome. You, you fucking legend? That was that full question?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:43
Well, I tell them, I'm allergic. And then when they say what do you mean? I tell them my breakout handcuffs. That's, that's my goal. What do you mean by break? It's not, that's not really false. It's pretty true. It's pretty. Um, you know, so so that so that so that's one part. And as far as actuations to avoid though, you know, I didn't mind first years, right. I didn't go and set foot new bar. You know what I mean? Like I had, there's a lot of things I had to cut out. Now. I can do that. If everybody's watching the UFC, a Buffalo Wild Wings, I don't have a problem. I can go. And I remember people telling me like one day you'll be able to go where people are drinking and wanting to follow you. And I'm like, You're fucking out of your mind. Yeah. Literally, I'm at the point now in my life where I it does still bother me in some ways, like when people leave half a beer. I don't I don't know if that's just being a poor kid. Or an alcoholic. But I'm like you're drinking. You don't leave it on the table and walk away. Like, you know? Yeah, I go wherever I want. I do whatever I want now. Yeah. But at first, you got it, you got to be selected.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:57
For sure. For sure. I'm still, I'm somewhere in the middle. Sometimes I feel like, you know, I'm unaffected. And then other times I'll get to an environment and all kind of get the itch, you know, and I'm like, oh, gotta go. You know.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:12
One other thing I've noticed for me that, like when I get to the environment, I feel like I'm getting the edge. As soon as I get past that, once he gets to the point where everybody else is getting loaded. Yeah, it gets kind of gross. Like you guys are sloppy and gross. Yeah, yeah. So but at first we got a little bit of social anxiety going and stuff it can, you know, feel difficult, but then you just wait until they get till they get drunk and there's some girl falling down and fucking puking on herself. And thank god that's not me. Yeah. You know, I'm not gonna myself. I'm not the dude trying to carry this fucking girl back to the car late night here.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:50
Well, that's the last fan question. My last question to you is, if you could hear anyone else fighter, former fighter doesn't matter. Who would you like to hear next on sex and violence with rebel girl?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:05
Um, God, only because of recent news and he just popped in my head. He's the funniest guy to listen to but talk but and I think he's fucking like, kind of conservative. He's, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:19
you say Chael Sonnen. I am Joe soda. Yeah, I did see his recent legal situation.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:25
Like so the fuckin like, Republic. You know what I mean? Like, I knew he grew up real religious, too. I would be really interested to hear. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:38
Yeah. I would love to try and get him out of his. He doesn't he's not in a shell. But you know, normally the topics you hear him talk about are not sex. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:49
no, but but

Unknown Speaker 1:08:54
I'm sure he had have some great answers. Yeah. All right. I will slot into his DMS and try and get him on the show for sure. There you go. There you go. Chris, you've been an awesome guest. Thank you so much for you know, being so open with your personal lives. Not everyone can do that. It's very hard. Maybe not for you or me. Obviously. I think we are very open people. And I think I think everyone appreciate that so much. So thank you, Chris.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:18
Appreciate it. Thank you for having me. Have a Merry Christmas

Unknown Speaker 1:09:21
with you and your family. And yeah, we'll talk to you soon. Thank you and Arlen, I'm gonna live without you. Those goals and dreams Are you in the headlines really? All right, that's it, guys. That was a great episode. I love getting to hear about Chris the Crippler lieben. You know, he's such an iconic part of our sport, and honored to have him on the show. He's very open about all his craziness that he's been through. And, and I appreciate that because, you know, one of my favorite quotes is and I've said it on the podcast many times, shame dies when stories are told in safe places. And this is a safe place guys. This is where we can talk about all the shit we've been through and laugh about it and move on and grow and learn and so huge thank you to Chris for being so open. Super interesting guy. Interesting life he's lived. Next week, we have a bare knuckle boxer named Jenny, the Tennessee gangsters Savage. I'm very excited to have her on the show. And before we take off, I want to read you a fan email. It's been a while since someone's written in and I always appreciate it. So here I go. Hello, my name is blank. We're leaving this one anonymous. I'm from Richmond, Virginia, and I've been enjoying your podcasts. I just want to drop a line and say thank you for shining a light on sex positivity, mental health advocacy and women in martial arts. I train Muay Thai and BJJ and I am one of few women on my gyms fight team. I've drawn both motivation and validation from the amazing women you have interviewed. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season anonymous. So I just wanted to read that and say thank you guys for writing in writing all your emails and all the support. You know, it's it means a lot. It really does. And so, yeah, I'm just gonna keep cranking out podcasts. And big shout out to DJ Zol at DJs on Instagram. Tomorrow good studio at tomorrow kids official, you guys we gave away the signed glove but you can still pick up shirts or hats or mugs at www sex violence with rebel girl calm. And you can email us at sex and violence podcast at Gmail. I hope you guys enjoy this week's show. Remember, be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Merry Christmas guys have a great holiday. And I'll talk to you next week with more tales of sex and violence.

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