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Ep.79 Jenny "The Tennessee Gangster" Savage

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Sex and Violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence and rebel girl, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, beauty, romance, and that all too taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl that was talking about sex, and violence

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what's happening the hot stuff? What's up all my naughty listeners? It is New Year's Eve. So Happy New Year's Eve. And this is also the last episode of 2021 we cut the rubber barrel. Yeah, and I'm very excited about that. We've got a really good guest. I think it's gonna be a fun way to end off the year with a bare knuckle boxer. But I'll get into that in a second. Let me give you guys the rundown the spiel on what's happening to me with me like I always do every week. Probably god damn tired of it. But it's my fucking show. So shut up. So yeah, last Christmas, last week was Christmas. I hope you guys all had a very merry Christmas. Hope you got together with your loved ones. I know. It's weird, because COVID and everything. But you know, I hope whatever you did, I hope it was married. And I hope you had a great time hope it was full of love. Because I'm sure she liked that I had a great Christmas, I am a traditionally not a holiday person. And it's because I'm not a family person. And you know, holidays, traditionally equal family, not very close to my family. So this was different. This was a new year a new experience for me because even though the boyfriend and I have been dating for two years, COVID kind of mess things up for the first year. And now this year was like the first holiday with his family. We did Thanksgiving, and then now Christmas and it was great. It felt really, really good to be a part of a family that gets together. And you know, all families have their own level of dysfunction, right? I'm not saying any family is perfect, but at least this family kept together on Christmas, we did a fun gift exchange. And then they actually do games. They're a Mexican family. And so I'm learning this a little bit more of the Hispanic culture to do games at Christmas as well. And it was just super, super fun. You know, everybody want a little bit of money, you know, a couple dollars and all that, but just a really nice thing to do to bring everybody together and have fun on the holiday. So that was a fun experience for me. And yeah, I hope you guys had something fun also, and what Oh, okay. Also, last thing I want to tell you real quick, I got a Faucette injection in my spine yesterday, which basically is a nerve blocker. I'm a little sore today. But in the next couple of days, I get to test out my body, which if you guys I know just zoals clubbing form again. Fucking finally, basically is my mentality on that. But it's also scary, right? It's exciting. But if there's still pain, you know, then I know my mentality is just gonna be like, Fuck my life, but I'm trying to stay positive. So, I'm sure next week, I'll have some update for you guys on how my body's going. I got to ease into things and make sure I don't overtrain too quick, because, you know, my personality and a lot of us fighters are zero to 100 very fast. So I gotta make sure i i ease into it. But I'm excited guys, I want to keep you in the loop about that. And if that you know if that does it if I'm good to go fuck that means I could be back in the cage in a few months, you know, it probably smart to take a few months to get back in shape because your girl is fluffy right now. Other than that, you know, I've never been hungrier or eager to fight. This is the been the longest lay off of my of my life ever, ever, ever, ever. And I'm going crazy inside. So I can't wait to just let out all of this pent up emotion and, you know, anxiety that not being able to physically use my body has caused but that's my opponents problem, I guess. But speaking of fighting, we still have two more weeks until the fights are back on sorry guys. I think January 15 is the next UFC fight. That's UFC Fight Night, Qatar vs to kz and that is January 15th At the apex in Las Vegas. So I don't know you're gonna have to suck it up and watch something else what other sports are on right now? What season is basketball? football playoffs is Zol so check out that Even though that sounds boring as shit, if nobody's getting punched in the face, I don't give a damn. Or you can just go check out the website sex violence with rebel girl calm. They have a shirt, coffee mug, my girl just got a coffee mug the other day, I was like, Ooh, I should get myself one of those for the show. Right now you guys can't see me because it's just the audio version. But we're going to be switching to video very soon. And I'm excited about wearing some shoulder pads today. Almost cut them out. What do you think so? Love it. Okay.

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Trying to dress different for the podcast, get ready for video and all that. Look at my notes less, you know, prepare for to improve the podcast and I don't have any news. I'm sorry, guys. I know I told you. I was in talks with the streaming service still in talks. And I hope that the new year brings new prospects of a new platform and video and sponsors and all of that. Speaking of sponsors, feel free to email us it's sex and violence If you want to be a sponsor on the podcast, if you want to write me a funny story that you want me to read on the podcast, I can do that as well or just you want to talk to me, I am always able to answer your guys's questions as well. So let's talk about our awesome sponsor perfect sports before we talk to our guest. When choosing a supplement company, most would think it's an easy choice, but it's not. It's a matter of pride. You have your goal set to become who you are meant to be a decision, a moment in life when you decide to be more, to be great to use everything you can to be more than who you were. I choose perfect sports as my supplement company. Because perfect sports has been dedicated to providing top pros and athletes with the absolute highest quality nutritional supplements for over 18 years. Since 2003. Perfect sports has been the choice for the most dedicated and discerning enemy and physique transforming athletes who demand the very best. Perfect sports is known for their product, diesel, New Zealand whey protein isolate. It's a pure grass fed pasture raised protein that comes exclusively from the isolated island nation of New Zealand, virtually free of lactose with a 90% protein yield. Even people who feel that they might be sensitive to dairy, love this protein. I'm really most excited because you guys know me about their newest product, the diesel vegan that will be ready in about a month so stay tuned. But they aren't just a protein company. They've got products for bulking and leaning out products for strength and recovery, pre workout or health and wellness to keep your immune up during these unprecedented times by online at www dot perfect and use code rebel girl for 20% discount. Connect with them on social media for all their latest product releases and giveaways. That's at perfect sports TM, again, connect with them on social media for all the latest products and giveaways at perfect sports TM choose perfect sports. Today's guest is a professional mixed martial artist who currently competes under the promotional banner of bare knuckle fighting championships. She stands five foot two competes in the strawweight division and hails from Tennessee. She began her amateur mixed martial arts career back in 2015. Her first fight was an amateur ended in just over a minute after a first round TKO marked her debut a success. She She racked up 13 amateur bouts before making her professional debut in 2018. She's currently two in one and bare knuckle and hopes to add another W to her record very soon. We talk about finding common her hairbrush teen mom life being friends with someone who tried to kill you sex during a burglary hookers ransacking her kitchen sex the day after giving birth banging David Crockett and much more. Here's your guest Jenny the Tennessee gangster savage

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this invitation so much right these holes out here these sound here. I have no idea what my fears real now but they brought

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all right all right. We are here with Jenny the Tennessee gangster savage It is all forgot to start the camera, ladies. But uh, Jenny, welcome to the show. You are our last guest of 2021. And I'm stoked to have you on. Thank you so much for coming on. Whoa, what

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an honor. Thank you so much for having me.

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No, no, I'm honored. Like I said, I've been paying attention. There's so much interesting stuff that goes on in the female Bare Knuckle boxing world. It's like, drama, but the best kind of drama, right? It's, it's like, it's interesting to watch. Plus, all you ladies are so badass. I mean, I, I feel like I'm kind of badass. But I wouldn't even do what you ladies do. So.

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So how? Oh, sorry. Oh,

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no, I was just gonna say how is training going? Can you tell me about what you have coming up next? I know you're currently two and one and bare knuckle. You're the number one Bare Knuckle strawweight. So congratulations on that.

Unknown Speaker 10:53
Thank you. It's a long time coming. Well, only a year but I mean, as far as my, my past fighting history. It's definitely a long time coming.

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Nobody knows how much Blood Sweat Tears sacrifice actually goes into our fight career. All they see is the record, you know, a couple clips a couple videos. And that's it. They don't they have no idea what it's like to put in years and years of work.

Unknown Speaker 11:21
No, not at all. Not at all. And I don't really have anything planned. But I'm ready to have 10 more years. 20 more years on me if I have to. So I mean, this is this is the end of I guess you can say the end of the beginning.

Unknown Speaker 11:37
The end of the beginning. All right, is that 10 more years in bare knuckle.

Unknown Speaker 11:42
Whatever, whatever this stuff takes me to I don't see myself giving up. I haven't seen myself doing jujitsu is 80 years old. So

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yeah, jiu jitsu is one of those sports you can play. You can even play Jiu Jitsu, I guess. But you can compete in jiu jitsu until you're old and crusty. Yeah. So you don't have a fight coming up? Is there anyone that you would like to fight right now?

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Yes, I'm trying to line up fight with patriots. And I really hope that we can get that ball rolling. I made a post on Christmas saying it's it's just my my Christmas wish. So she responded pretty quickly and was like, you know, it's her wish to. And then they and then she tagged bare knuckles. So hopefully that will be a fight that the promotion will be interested in. And I will literally get what I came there for. Well, part of what I came here for. So

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yeah, yeah, it's crazy that that's a thing, right? It's like, you can talk to the promoters you can talk to your opponent, but then as soon as there's some kind of social media hype, it's like, okay, that fights probably going to happen. So that's awesome that you did that reached out to her or tagged or what, you know, kind of created some kind of social media, you know, situation and now now it probably will happen, right?

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Yeah, I attacked her like three times like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. And I just mean that the fight makes sense. I mean, I've lost to Britain heart she lost to Britain heart. Why not make it happen? People think that she can beat me a lot of my fans, of course, think that I can beat her. So I think that it's just the fight to make. Yeah, I

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love that fight. Obviously, you know, she's a huge name. So it's, you know, exciting to get to get the exposure off of someone who's got an even bigger name than then you have and that's, you know, just the way the game kind of works, right? Yeah, give me that. Mean, but I see you, you know, like, I've been following you for a few fights now and your social media and the hype behind you is building and, you know, I don't know if barnacle has that much love for you, but like, I see you in the, in the commercials and they're promoting you. And, I mean, maybe the bare knuckle strawweight division isn't that deep, but, you know, I feel like you're your name is out there.

Unknown Speaker 14:06
Yeah, I feel like I've cast off a lot of people, not David Feldman, or any of the matchmakers I feel like, you know, some of the fighters, I've pissed them off, starting with Britton Hart. My debut was pretty, not so nice on her end, and I had an exchange of words with her. And, you know, I had a goal that I wanted to fight her if I wasn't able to fight, Paige right away. So there was a lot of drama behind that. And then she got the fight with pearl and so funny. I supported her for that fight, because I just, you know, Pearl was saying some stuff about myself in the I guess the press conference they had, she called me a scrub. So oh, I just was like, you know, go ahead Britain, you know, Britain has pretty much gave me my props. And then there was another encounter I had with another fighter, sort of the last fight that I had. The hotel clerk had told me that he mentioned my name to Taylor Starling. And she said that she was going to knock me out when she would, she was going to see me in person. And no such thing happened. Obviously, everybody would have heard about it. And so when I got home, I made a status saying pretty much subliminally describing what happened that it's it's pretty funny that, you know, people mentioned that they're going to knock me out when they see me, but, you know, they're all all day. Doesn't have all caps. Yeah. Yeah. So then somebody screenshotted it because I didn't write who I was talking about. and Britain seen it and got all mad and was talking crap about me. So I guess she hates me all over again. And I don't really give a shit. I'm just, I'm here to to claim my spot, my number one spot. And if when people realize that they don't belong in the 125 division, or they can't get that number one spot in the 125 division, they're gonna come down to where I'm at, and we're gonna fight so it doesn't even matter what they think about me.

Unknown Speaker 16:18
Yeah, there seems to be a lot of drama. But you know, you've mentioned you know, Britain not want to be your friend or whatever, it's but you're not fucking there to make friends. So who cares, right? It does seem like you are kind of like the bad girl of bare knuckle boxing, you know, Taylor, Taylor may be like, you know, their, their fresh face, you know, maybe the good girl kind of going on there. But if they're, if you're, you're going to be the bad girl, you're going to be the heel, you know, kind of like in wrestling. Yeah. Then fucking sell that shoe. Who cares? Like, what did they root for you? Or whether they're booing you, you're still putting asses in seats, and you're still creating a hype. And I like that about you. You know, I I gotta give you props on that way and outfit with the spike color. And black and the suspenders like, I was like, Ooh, girl, I like it. You know? And you look like the bad girl. And I was like, fucking sell it is great. You know? And, you know, I think it's good. Whether whether they want they like you or they hate you, you know, you just keep doing you.

Unknown Speaker 17:13
Well, I can say one thing. I'm actually telling everyone the truth when I speak I'm very outspoken. I, I can't be any other way. So I feel like that's what ruffles people's feathers is that I don't have a mask that I put on. Like, you know, you'll have Taylor saying in the beginning. She I guess her first Bare Knuckle interview was I hate Jenny savage. And then when the all savich Van Zandt fight was going on, she was like, I'm not a mean, girl. I don't do that mean girl stuff. And then she was on the Adam Hunter show not too long ago and was saying how she don't know why I hate her. And first of all, I don't hate nobody. But it's it's just fake. Yeah, it's crazy. I can't say that. So I guess whenever I point things out, people get really pissed off for some reason. Because, you know, they believe in all of their little whole heart that you know, in their in their fighters. So I get it. People hate me. I've already knocked her out. So I'm not worried. You know, if we fight five times, I'm gonna beat her five times. So it's, she can see can say she's not scared of me all she wants. But that's the most ignorant thing to say that a fighter because once you you're not scared. You're vulnerable. So I mean, I mean, she could be who she wants to be. All I can say is I'm going to be me. I'm going to do me stay in my lane. And I'd love to five patrons and so that'd be beautiful.

Unknown Speaker 18:36
Hell yeah. I would love for that to happen. And I think you got a good goddamn head on your shoulders. You know, it's like, you know, people do obviously not like to be called out on their shit. You know, I don't want to be called on my show. You know, like, you know, social media, especially, it's like, we're all showing this shiny version of ourselves. I try to be real, but come on, you know, today, I'm having a fucked up day. And I'm not gonna be like, welcome to the podcast. I fucking hate life. You know, I'm here to try and put my best foot forward. You know, because that's the kind of energy I want to put out there. You know, I'm not trying to bring others down. But you know, I think you're on the right path. And you know, you're exciting and you're keeping it real so that's awesome. Besides Bare Knuckle Are you are you participating in anything else? I know you had previously done mixed martial arts. Is there anything else that you want to get into?

Unknown Speaker 19:27
I am eyeballing pro wrestling. I do love MMA I'm I'm not gonna go away from MMA. I'm taking a temporary break from it but I'm right now studying pro wrestling and considering having a go with it with Adrian blue, my my baby and Adrian boom I A that's what he calls himself means kill him. I guess it's like a attribute of Muhammad

Unknown Speaker 19:55
Ali. Oh, isn't that's your partner?

Unknown Speaker 19:58
Yes, that's my Is my baby okay? Okay. And he loves he's a wrestler. Yes, he's a wrestler. He just had a show last night at the gay Gaylord Opry. Opera, Opry mills. Okay, goodness, I done butchered that.

Unknown Speaker 20:15
Okay, so your partner does wrestling and you're kind of eyeballing it right now seeing if you might want to try it out in the future.

Unknown Speaker 20:21
Yeah, he's actually teaming up with another wrestler, Loki. He's like a legend and in the pro wrestling world, and we were working something out. In order for him to wrestle Loki, I've got to beat one of his girls. So we're currently you know, trying to map that out.

Unknown Speaker 20:39
I love that. I'm not gonna lie. I don't know shit about wrestling. I my favorite wrestler is that saying my girl I went and watched her wrestle couple weeks ago and LA, small promotion, but I got really into it. Because the fans, man, those are some so hardcore, supportive, you know, fans, and I love the energy. And I don't know if I'll ever get into it. But I would love to continue to kind of like, learn more about, like, the baby face and the heel. And I had a big problem booing for the heel, because I'm like, no, no one should be booed. And they're like, Ashley. That's the point. And I'm like, no, no, I'm sure they work real hard. But, but I know, it's like the culture and stuff. But that's amazing. Would bareknuckle let you do pro wrestling simultaneously? Or would you have to end your contract with them?

Unknown Speaker 21:29
I think they would let me I don't see why not. It's actually pretty safe. I mean, what I would be doing. I just feel like I'm in more control, I guess, in the pro wrestling area. So I don't know. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 21:43
it's all mapped out. You know, I mean, you definitely run the risk of getting injured but much less likely to be injured in pro wrestling than a bare knuckle boxing fight?

Unknown Speaker 21:54
Absolutely. It's definitely. Well, I wouldn't say that mine would be so much choreographed. Because it's gonna be based off of my MMA ability. Oh, so. Yeah, so it's gonna be it's gonna be real wild.

Unknown Speaker 22:07
Okay, I look forward to checking that out. So this is sex and violence. We talked a little bit about violence. And I got to get right into your personal life. I want to know about Jenny, where you grew up how you're born and raised. And you know, let's talk about specifically about boys and dating. I know you have a partner right now. But what about when you were young? Do you have any memories of mom and dad giving you the Talk or when you first learned about boys?

Unknown Speaker 22:35
Yeah, I pretty much learned through my big sister more than my parents. Because my mom was always working. I've come from a single parent home. And you know, my sister was pretty promiscuous, I would say. See, she was my, my role model, my main role model. And so I always wanted to do what she did all the time. We're about six years apart. I'm 2008 right now. But yeah, I would say that I mainly learned it though, like thoroughly from school, like, we got a letter asking if was pretty much a permission slip. For us to go and get, I guess, our lessons on it for about a week. And I feel like they failed us in a way because they made it sound more interesting than I think that they should have

Unknown Speaker 23:30
more interests, like sex is more interesting.

Unknown Speaker 23:32
Well, the way that they put it was more like kind of wanted to dabble with it and be more like, I don't know. Just figure it figure out what the fuck it is.

Unknown Speaker 23:44
So it kind of made you more interested then. I mean, they're probably trying to deter you from sex. Yeah, at that age, but now it just sparked your interest. You're like, let's see what the fuck this is about. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I mean, I think traditionally, sex education in schools is wack. There's so much emphasis on the male pleasure. You know, ejaculation? Yeah, guys come in and just like, what about the ladies, you know? And so Exactly. We could talk about that all day. But uh, okay, so you learned in school, your sister was a little promiscuous. When did you have your first boyfriend? Your first kiss?

Unknown Speaker 24:20
Oh, um, I think my first kiss was in the sixth grade. Um, that was pretty funny. I was at my dance. And then I didn't really get into any serious relationships until I was about 1314 with my son, my son's dad. So we ended up my son. He's 12 years old. I was a teen mom.

Unknown Speaker 24:47
T mom. How old Okay, don't make me do math.

Unknown Speaker 24:52
I was 15 and I had him at 16

Unknown Speaker 24:54
Oh, wow. That is Yeah, young. You have helped. Tell me about that girl. I'm sure you as a person, obviously.

Unknown Speaker 25:03
Alright. Yeah, I mean, I really wanted to pursue wrestling in high school and I just really wanted to apply myself. But when I felt like my mom was too busy and nobody really cared about what I did, I felt like discipline was too painful. And so I just kind of, you know, I felt like I wanted to have fun and party so I found my son's father in school. He was like two years older than me. And um, we had we had some fun. We did, we took a lot of drugs. I can definitely say we did like inhalants. smoked weed, of course, we did shrooms. Excuse me. Ecstasy, all kinds of stuff. So we really got into stuff. Kids. Yeah. Yeah. So then I got I got ended up getting pregnant with my son. And it was scary. Because me and his father were about a breakup. We were really tired of each other at that point. But, you know, I guess we thought it was a sign that we should stay together. And, and, yeah, so I was a little freak little nympho

Unknown Speaker 26:19
but you made it work. I mean, you know, I can't I can't even imagine having a kid. I'm 34 years old, let alone having a kid at 50 You know, being pregnant. 15 You know, popping one out of 16. And then just dealing with all the you know, responsibilities that go with it. That's crazy. And then did you graduate high school?

Unknown Speaker 26:36
Yes, I did. That was a that was a strong goal of mine. I actually got arrested before that.

Unknown Speaker 26:42
Oh, either. Crazy. Crazy life. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 26:45
I mean, his dad. Okay, so we broke up and I was already I was in state custody, because, you know, my mom had issues of her own and so I needed somewhere to go that was close by my school and I stayed with my son's dad's father. And we could not stand each other man but we just could not you know, we're baby daddy baby mama come over here worried about what each other doing? We go to hang out and I guess we were just gonna smoke some weed or whatever and chill. And he just started talking crap about my boyfriend at the time. I was like, Dude, shut up. You're you're talking all these girls like and I had proof that he was talking to girls even that day. So we just start like, throwing down like I actually am first because he said something and he wouldn't stop saying it. And I didn't want to be there. Like I was just so pissed. Like, I was like, Dude, I just wanted to smoke and then go worry about my schoolwork because I had to graduate like within the next month. So yeah, it was really crazy and bizarre. We started throwing down somebody seen it. Cops are called. I didn't tell on him. He told on me. And then the cop was like, you know, she didn't tell on you. Right? And then like, so then he was like, Oh, shit. Yeah, I did it. So we both went to jail.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
Dang. Okay, so are you guys good now?

Unknown Speaker 28:06
Oh, he passed away. Unfortunately. Over the pandemic, he had a whole nother life. We were best friends. Through through it all. I mean, afterwards, we we settled our stuff. We actually laughed about it a lot. But we we went our separate ways. And he had twins with another girl and yeah, he just over the pandemic just could not stand being alone was really outgoing. Very, he's like a hippie, like, super, I guess free. You know, free spirit. All of this real free free spirit. He was a sweetheart. But yeah, he just he was really depressed and took his life. And it was it was pretty depressing. But it's what led me to go to No, it's okay. I mean, well, it's not okay. But it it's a part of life and I'll get through it. You know, he was he was my best friend in the world. And I'm glad that we had the memories we did have. I'll tell you one thing since this is a sex podcast, this asshole. This This is so funny. Oh my goodness. He'll probably get mad at me for saying this story if he ever knew but I let him stay with me for like a couple of weeks. I was about 1819 years old. And he was like just visiting he lived in Knoxville but would come to Clarksville where I'm from, and he just stayed the night or whatever. And I guess he wanted to like have sex with me. And I was like, No, we don't do that. No more you know. And so I left the house. I can't believe I'm telling this story. I left the house and this motherfucker masturbated and like, came all over my hairbrush. It was yes, I was like what the fuck? But he was trying to Get me to like, brush my hair before I knew that there was something on my foot. You know, I'm very observant. And I was like, boy, why would you? Why Why would you do that? To my hairbrush, you bitch and he was like, because I know he masturbated or got some dick or something. And I was like, oh my god right? He was very like, I thought I was coming over to get some curse like that cuz she's always mine. I'm your baby daddy. Like, like know how it works?

Unknown Speaker 30:29
Not cool, bro. Not cool.

Unknown Speaker 30:31
I was so fucking mad. I was like, how could you like I smelled it before I said, What smells like semen like it's something stinks

Unknown Speaker 30:43
was he like trying to be territorial? Like dogs pee on? You like

Unknown Speaker 30:47
came on your hairbrush? So weird. I guess you can you can see him as like a jackass character. He's just like Steve. Oh, and like, you know, Johnny Knoxville. He's just like them fuckers.

Unknown Speaker 30:59
Okay, well, rip to him. You know, I'm sorry to hear about his passing. Yeah, but I'm so glad to hear that you guys do you know patch things up later in the relationship? Man.

Unknown Speaker 31:11
We had the craziest relationship, friendship, whatever. Like, it was the craziest. I can call him about anything. And he listened and be like, quit being a dumb bitch. Like just I just I miss him so much. He's He's my drive. I tried my hardest to be the example that he needed me to be for him because he just was too weak. And we all have vulnerable moments in our life. So I don't fault him.

Unknown Speaker 31:36
Yeah. Sounds like you worked through that somehow, you know?

Unknown Speaker 31:41
Yeah, life sucks, man. We just got to we got to dig deep sometimes and find our purpose. And sometimes when we do find it, we're like, man still sucks.

Unknown Speaker 31:50
Yeah. Well, I mean, you told me we talked about how that kind of led you to church. And now that's changed your life a little bit? You know, you want to talk?

Unknown Speaker 32:01
Yes. Yes, absolutely. So after he died, it really depressed me. Like I was super depressed, I had no idea what to do with myself. And so I went to my childhood church, and my pastor, he, he recognized me and he prayed over me. And then another sermon, he had a prophet came in. And that prophet had no idea who I was. But he said, he had a word for me, and that there was going to be a promotion that was going to contact me within two weeks, and they were going to need a message of the Kingdom because a lot of the people who are attracted to that know know nothing about the light, the kingdom of light. So I was sent, I'm not sure what that is, because I'm a pretty broken person myself, but I feel like it's more of just how I carry myself probably, that I've came from such a long way and I can, I can still like, you know, be who I am and be successful without having to sell myself out. And just give people a good, I guess, a prototype to see. Or, like, you know, see that I did it and not really look at me and see that it was God who who did everything great that I've been applying myself to that it's really been him all along as my strengths. So you know, I feel like he loves us as we are. We can come as we are I feel like the the it's like a miss misconception of of how real Christianity is supposed to be. And I feel like that's probably my my, my message, though, I guess we can be broken people and still be able to be ourselves and love Jesus,

Unknown Speaker 33:50
that just a message that you that you receive from the church or is this message that you're just trying to promote yourself?

Unknown Speaker 33:59
Um, this is something I've been trying to figure out. Because he says that my my strength is going to be praying in the Spirit, which is speaking in tongues and just thanking God for everything that he's done for us. And you know, just pretty much thinking more than we ask pretty, you know, and what's really crazy is a two weeks after that, sorry if I was like going off, but two weeks after that, on the dot, I got a call to fight Paige Van Zandt for bare knuckle. Oh, wow. And that really spooked me

Unknown Speaker 34:33
that could have been the major promotion that this guy was speaking of.

Unknown Speaker 34:37
This Yes, it definitely was because honestly, I was I was actually going to look elsewhere then bare knuckle. I didn't think that I had a place there. But when when it was a I guess like an interest for me to be there. I kind of was like, You know what this must be meant to be and then I have the whole clip on my profile. It's one of my videos and They're somewhere. But yeah, it's pretty, it's pretty amazing because things have changed since then. I mean, I'm not depressed anymore, I feel pretty secure, I'm still figuring out what that message completely is. Because I'm a little lost. After all that trauma that I went through this past couple of years. So I'm just waiting for everything to settle down. So I can kind of read myself and kind of sit in my secret place and kind of take that in.

Unknown Speaker 35:29
Well, I love that you're getting some strength from your religion, you know, like, I'm not gonna lie. I'm agnostic, you know, I'm not gonna sit here and you know, and say, like, I'm, you know, for religion, or, you know, but my thing is, I think that, you know, whatever it is that you believe in, as long as you're not hurting anyone else. That is okay with me. And it sounds like you found a lot of strength in you know, during the time that you really needed it when your baby daddy passed away during the pandemic, and now you're trying to spread a positive message and I'm super fuckin down with that. I love that. Yeah. You know, this coming from pretty agnostic, you know, not atheist. I just, who fucking knows what's out there and you know, Respect. Respect for you. You know, so,

Unknown Speaker 36:17
my boyfriend's Muslim. So we don't, I don't believe in a lot of the things that people I love believe in.

Unknown Speaker 36:22
So that's great. You know, that's what that was a question. I was gonna ask you. I know you have a partner right now wrestles. I don't know much else about him. But I'm always like, you know, I was in a previous relationship where someone was very religious. And it just didn't work out. It got in the way of our morals and ethics and the decision making process and you know, need We never wanted kids, but then it's like, okay, if you do have kids, like, what are you going to tell the kid if you can conflicting ideologies, just like Fox right to it? Right. So it's so great to hear that your partner has a different spirituality than you. Did you guys make it work? Can we talk about him a little?

Unknown Speaker 36:58
Yeah, let's do it.

Unknown Speaker 36:59
Yeah, how long you guys been together?

Unknown Speaker 37:01
Oh, goodness. About nine years. have we known each other since high school?

Unknown Speaker 37:07
Okay, nice. And so you know, he's probably seen your kid grow up if he's been there for nine years. And you know, your kid is remind me again, how old?

Unknown Speaker 37:17
Oh, goodness, he is 1212 12.

Unknown Speaker 37:17
Yeah. Yeah. So he's been there and majority of his life at that. Step, Dad. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 37:25
he's, he's been there. Oh, he's just been the greatest dad. His parents are both military. He's just been like, the sweetest man in my life. I can't even tell you enough. Like, he's, he stops everything for me. Like, and to help me with my career. He's taught me everything that I know. Like, it's crazy. We go way back and I just can't I can't explain enough how much of a good man he is for even being being there by my side throughout all this stuff that I've been dealing with judgment free. And he never like, we never fight. We never argue really do. Yeah, it's me snapping like, What the fuck?

Unknown Speaker 38:09
Let's go your fucking slow, quick quick, dragging your balls and let's get out the house.

Unknown Speaker 38:16
He must be a very patient man.

Unknown Speaker 38:18
He is he's so patient, and he loves me so much. And that's all I could ever ask for in a man is just honesty. And like, that's another thing. He is so damn honest. Like. That way. You don't even look at nobody's direction. I'm the sexiest thing in the world. Like it is. The perfect relationship. I

Unknown Speaker 38:38
promise nine years. That's That's amazing. I'm on two years right now. It's my longest relationship. biggest question. I want to ask you. How do you make it work? You know? I mean, I know it's not you guys got to have your issues. I know this guy sounds like an angel right now. But nine years? What? What is your secret?

Unknown Speaker 38:56
I will say that. You just have to, like let each other be the yourself. You know, like, don't try to correct or change the person you're with. Like, if you have to change them go find somebody that's already that way. Like, I don't know. I just love everything about him. He's out. He can he can definitely push my buttons. I guess you can say if we're like, late for something. He can be late sometimes. But other than that, I am like, there's nothing he can do wrong in my eyes.

Unknown Speaker 39:31
Yeah, that's great. Um, so you guys been there for nine years and then before that baby daddies there probably wasn't too much. Middle time where because I always like to ask like, you know, crazy dating stories have you ever participate in online dating the swipe left swipe right. You know culture is very big right now. Did you ever do any of that before you and your current boyfriend got together?

Unknown Speaker 39:53
Um, no, but I did dabble with Facebook and tried to date around. People for myself. And goodness I've, I've really liked I mean, I've had crazy things like meeting up with them and they try to make out with you on the spot, like just look for like, right. Like, oh my goodness, like, what are we gonna do first? Like what? Anyways Get it together, but um, no not not a whole lot of things. I just I'm really straight to the point when it comes to what I want, like I want a man, I want some, you know, some some vehicle all the time. It doesn't go all over the place. I just I just want what I want and I want to be right or you know, and I always would have a rule where I wouldn't sleep with them for a couple months, you know, till I

Unknown Speaker 40:49
figure it out a couple months. Yes. Just we don't know what people got these days the girl HPV called protected sex girl rap? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 41:01
yes. But, you know, protect the sex. I don't have a frickin 12 year old child.

Unknown Speaker 41:07
Okay, nevermind. Say no more. You're like PTSD. I don't want to have another.

Unknown Speaker 41:13
And then I I got with this one guy, I guess you can say right after my son's father passed away. He was he lied about his age. First of all, said he was older younger. He said he was younger, but he was totally like 25. And he was like, really like after me. And then he was already with some other girl. She tried to kill me.

Unknown Speaker 41:36
What? Yes, literally tried to kill you. Yeah, crazy detail.

Unknown Speaker 41:42
So he was Puerto Rico. They're Puerto Rican. And then they were speaking Spanish to each other. And I know I thought I was a stupid white girl. I didn't understand anything. And I guess they were going back and forth. And she's been spying on him knowing about me. But you know, she's like acting dumb. And we pull up to the movie theater. And this girl like squealing tires comes into the freaking entrance. It feels like barely she almost hits the car door. I'm like sitting in like, I was like, Oh my God, this girl's really crazy. And she just starts cussing him out trying to get to me and then he gets in the car and he like speeds off and then they're like, Fast and Furious down the road. Like I was like, oh my god, what is going on? Like, no, she's threatening. She's gonna kill me. My family. My kid

Unknown Speaker 42:36
chasing you down in the car.

Unknown Speaker 42:38
On the phone you can hear like because then he had on speakerphone. He's like now I have to be real with you. This is this is a girl I've been seeing for a while. And yeah, it was real crazy. We're me and her. We're still friends to this day.

Unknown Speaker 42:51
Oh, that's a weird end to the story. Hey, Stephanie. Oh, wow. Okay, that's wild. Yeah, so she just tried to fight you not like kill you?

Unknown Speaker 43:03
Oh, yeah. She she tried to? I would, I would think things get passionate. She would have killed me. A girl was bigger than me to like more. She was bigger than me. So then there was a time where we were together again. We went to Pizza Hut at the time.

Unknown Speaker 43:19
And the baby daddy. No, this

Unknown Speaker 43:21
is the dude I was dating after my way down the one.

Unknown Speaker 43:25
Eight, okay, okay. Yeah. Okay, so this guy's drama. He is

Unknown Speaker 43:29
oh my gosh, she was so like, oh, papi. Chulo like he was very like, Pat like, yes. So we're in. We're in the like, the pizza hut. And she pulls up. She's like, Y'all motherfuckers like, blah, blah. And so then he runs and I thought I was like, I thought he stopped talking to you. And he's like, she's like, No,

Unknown Speaker 43:48
he ran away. Yes, he

Unknown Speaker 43:50
ran. He left me there. He left me there. Because then he was really caught. Well, first time it was like, okay. Right. He he like literally, he's like, Alright, I have to keep it real with you. You know, it was hard for me. And I understood. I was like, okay, you know, it's hard to say goodbye. So, but the second time when she pulled up on us. I got in her car with her and we started high school.

Unknown Speaker 44:15
Wow. And now you guys are friends. Epic friends.

Unknown Speaker 44:21
Yeah, we're friends. We're cool. She's really smart. You know, it's crazy how we let a guy like that get us crazy like that.

Unknown Speaker 44:28
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Unknown Speaker 45:29
goodness, I was abused. I was actually hit. I thought that was a normal thing. Sometimes when a guy would get upset and he put his hands on you like, I don't know why I thought that was normal.

Unknown Speaker 45:40
Not normal. Not okay.

Unknown Speaker 45:43
Yeah. It was more like, I don't I don't know how to explain it. He just was really suit like a damn abuse. Like he slung me across my yard one time. I was like, What Why do I do this and then I would steal his car keys. I was crazy to like, I was huge, I leave I take his car keys, I lock myself in his car, he get me out of the car, finally, try to hit me, I'd be like, fuck you. I don't put up with that. No more like we don't, we don't do yelling no more. We don't we don't do like, we like peace around here. You know, I barely listen to like anything, I sometimes I sit in silence. And I just drink tea.

Unknown Speaker 46:20
The mean like you don't even listen to like angry music or whatever. You

Unknown Speaker 46:22
know, I don't listen to anything sometimes. Like I just be sitting there in my own piece, just like chilling. You know, like, whereas back in the day I used to go off like really want to fight everyone everything, for any reason start shit. Like, it's just trumped so much,

Unknown Speaker 46:37
oh, I'm happy that you've, you know, come to terms with how toxic that life, that lifestyle. And those relationships used to be that's hard to get out out of you know that cycle. It's just like, you think that's normal. And then unfortunately, you tend to get with the same type of people. And it's just, it's hard to break away, you know, speaking from someone who literally just broke away from that cycle, you know, like, you know, I chose people who were also alcoholics or kind of just didn't make right choices. And finally, you know, a guy was somebody different. Someone were positive who was a hard worker, and I'm like, what, this is real. This isn't right. So, Matt, before you I'm really happy for you. I was gonna say what's the craziest thing you've done for love? But that, that chasing guy down with the girl who used to kill who wanted to kill you previously? It was pretty crazy.

Unknown Speaker 47:26
Yes, I know. Oh, my goodness, you know, it's funny. I'm gonna have to tag that girl into this. Hey, girl, remember that time? Well, I

Unknown Speaker 47:35
know that you are, you know, a spiritual girl. And so I actually, you know, if I would have known that before the show, I probably wouldn't have asked you to be on the show. But then, you know, that's wrong of me. Right? Just because someone is spiritual doesn't mean they're not sexual. And, you know, so you know, I want to ask you about your sex life. I know that you had a kid early on, you know, but we like to talk about fun little stories or experiences, right? So something I usually ask is, do you have any like weird or funny stick stories? Or like a like a favorite quickie story?

Unknown Speaker 48:14
Oh, goodness. Yes. I have a few. Awesome. Well, I Oh, man. I was actually talking to to my boyfriend about the sayings the story but you know, I'm gonna do it anyways, because it's funny.

Unknown Speaker 48:27
Don't get don't get on here. Contrary to what people may see, not not trying to get anybody in trouble at home. I promise.

Unknown Speaker 48:35
I forewarned him he wasn't upset about and I just said, You know what, I hope people don't look at us crazy when I see us after this interview is over. But so when I was with my son's Dad, we were kids, of course. Right. So yeah, so we couldn't really find a way to do it. We were like, looking everywhere. Like we went outside. We went by this like little electric box thing. And we were like doing it. And it was next to this house that was getting robbed. What? Well, yeah, yes, you It was so scary. Because I was like, Oh, my goodness. Oh, so scary. Like,

Unknown Speaker 49:12
so you were having sex and then you look over and you're like, see this house being broken into?

Unknown Speaker 49:17
Yes. And I was like, yes, all blacked out. And he was like, he stopped because he seen us. And we stopped because we seen him. So we're like, what do we do? We can't get caught doing this when I'm not even supposed to be outside. Like it was the scariest thing in the world.

Unknown Speaker 49:33
Did you do anything about the burglar? Or were you guys just like hey, we won't say anything if you don't say anything.

Unknown Speaker 49:38
That's exactly how it went. We put our clothes on like the fuck out of there. Like no crazy child like it was scary. And then I can't say that there was another time when because I hate that. It's like all the crazy stories was with his ass but there was one time where we were We're doing it and then we hear somebody screaming outside of our door like I guess they got kicked out was like two o'clock in the morning. They got kicked out of the house or whatever and there's like two hoochie mama looking girls, really big, heavyset Black Chicks. One had like a line for a song like she was like were fishnets. They were like, I guess they were prostitutes or something. I mean, that's, I think that's safe to kind of ensue the way they were walking around. And they were like, Man, fuck him. Like he kicked me out the house didn't even pay me blah, blah. And so when we open the door, they barged, and they seen our door was open, they barged in the house and started rummaging through the kitchen and sorry, eating up food. I was like, damn, like I noticed the hood. But damn, like, were they

Unknown Speaker 50:45
on drugs or like drunk because

Unknown Speaker 50:47
then they were more drunk than anything. But they came through and ate all the food. They took my son my son's dad's father's beer because he was staying with his dad at the time. And we was just like, could not believe that these girls have been just like combing through the house like, like two big old rhinos. You go in us talking about what happened over in the other house. Now they got kicked out. And we just were beside ourselves. Like, did this really happen?

Unknown Speaker 51:15
That's crazy. Did you kick them out? Or were you just kind of like we don't want to? They were there.

Unknown Speaker 51:20
Yeah, we didn't want to ruffle their feathers. We were just like, Yeah. Here's the beer. Girl by like,

Unknown Speaker 51:30
wild. Have you ever been asked to do anything too weird or freaky in bed that you were like? No, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 51:36
I mean, we've all been asked to do a you know, how are we? Yeah, but you know, yeah. It's, I guess. I mean, we've all tried it. I just I don't really like it. But it. I don't do it. I just Yeah, to be honest. I just get it in. And but other than that, no, I mean, I've been asked you threesomes and things like that. Do you back in the day?

Unknown Speaker 52:02
Do you have a pet peeve in the bedroom? So like, you know, people have said different things like obviously guy slipping in without saying anything you know, the back door or hygiene or? A No Yeah, lover. Maybe they just like always want you to go down on them. But they never want to return the favor.

Unknown Speaker 52:20
I don't really like having anybody go down on me. I don't like the witness. Not a fan. It's not that it's like not fun. I mean, I guess that the ending is fine, I guess you can say but the like lead up is like, Oh, wait. Don't bother on it. Like don't wipe it up or something. Like, I don't know. I don't like to being wet down there very much. All right.

Unknown Speaker 52:42
And then what about what's your favorite kind of sex? Are you like a more submissive partner? Or do you kind of like to be the more aggressive one?

Unknown Speaker 52:51
I like being back and forth. It's it's got to have like, you know, not too submissive. Not too aggressive. And you know, honestly, it depends on what is going down. Like when I'm drunk. I'm a whole different type. Yeah, of course. But when, when I'm like, sober, I don't know. Like, I want it quick. Because I'm just like, Alright, I got shit to do. Like, yeah, I'm like, I'm a businesswoman. Hurry up, like, making quick. I really don't be in the mood. Um, no, I do prefer to have sex before my fights because I believe it helps women. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 53:32
I mean, you're not the only one who said that. A lot of I want Zol maybe like, literally everyone. I think maybe like Tito Ortiz that he goes like two weeks and you know, but most fighters who come on the show are like, you know, they get it in because it's more beneficial than detrimental to their performance.

Unknown Speaker 53:51
Yeah, I get testosterone you know, I feel good. Everything's all right. Like I don't know I it's sort of like a fight away. So it's like a fight do you sometimes sometimes can get a little rough right before it? Like yeah, I'm gonna win this fight dammit.

Unknown Speaker 54:08
So we talked about you having a kid and kind of being not scarred but loose like very, you know, aware like, you know, just not wanting to jump back into having sex all casually so did you go a long time without having sex? Was there a specific like, dry spell that you remember? That was like very long.

Unknown Speaker 54:28
I didn't take any time. Like I think they told us not to have sex for like a long time, like a couple of weeks or something. And I had sex like that day.

Unknown Speaker 54:38
I mean, woman parts need some healing time.

Unknown Speaker 54:42
They did. They did. I guess they said I needed to heal. My son was pretty small. I think it was about oh, six, seven pounds, but I just I was really, I was a freak. I can't lie. nympho

Unknown Speaker 54:59
that was nothing wrong with that. And now you're more of like a businesswoman. Alright, we

Unknown Speaker 55:03
got it. Yes, I'm not gonna lie.

Unknown Speaker 55:09
Like it's time for the lightning sex round is a rapid fire. yes or no answer segment. Are you ready for that? Yeah, sure. All right, here we go. Lightning sex Rama, Jenny. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yeah. Spank or like to be spanked?

Unknown Speaker 55:36
I guess I like I like it.

Unknown Speaker 55:38
Okay, biting.

Unknown Speaker 55:41
No, no not biting, choking? No, no. Well, unless you know what you're doing then that's, you know, a rear naked choke kind of thing. That's cool.

Unknown Speaker 55:51
A rear naked choke. Wow, I don't think I've ever something like dirty jokes. I've been like, you know, this is a horrible name for it. But the rape joke.

Unknown Speaker 56:00
Yeah, yeah, that was okay. That was okay. Yeah. Which,

Unknown Speaker 56:03
you know, we've never really talked about like rape fantasy on the show. But like, you know, if you have a safe word, and you talk about that, like I've never done it, but like, I know, it's a kink. It's a fetish for sure, you know?

Unknown Speaker 56:14
Yeah. I mean, people like what they like, you know what people have things.

Unknown Speaker 56:18
What about threesomes?

Unknown Speaker 56:21
I've done it before, but that's when I was you know, I was a teenager so nympho days do you watch porn? No more.

Unknown Speaker 56:33
No? Any fetishes? Like a foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 56:38
I love me my chocolate man. Aging is my fetish.

Unknown Speaker 56:42
Oh, you like his feet though?

Unknown Speaker 56:45
No, no, he's he likes my feet. You don't have a feet finish. But he loves my feet and thinks they're cute.

Unknown Speaker 56:49
He just loves every part of you. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 56:52
you just love each other. Okay, do

Unknown Speaker 56:54
what about bodily fluid fish? Like the time your boyfriend your ex? Don't pee on me. Or come in your hair? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 57:01
yes. Oh my god, girl. Oh my goodness. Sometimes. Okay. I will say I don't know if I should say that. This is will

Unknown Speaker 57:11
spit it out. Girls put it up. No.

Unknown Speaker 57:14
Oh, Adrian. I said this. But no, as long as there's no pee. I'll just say that. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 57:20
All right. What about? Oh, yeah. Okay. What about bondage like, robes, blindfold? Handcuffs, that kind of stuff?

Unknown Speaker 57:31
No, I like to be in control. I like to see what's going on. I'm sure the person you know, Adrian, he's, you know, wanna he probably he's probably more. He likes that shit more than me.

Unknown Speaker 57:43
Yeah, men are very visual, though. You know? So it's like, I always ask about blindfold and stuff like that. But I mean, except right now I'm so self conscious. Because I'm all chunky, you know, like, fluffy, but usually

Unknown Speaker 57:54
gorgeous. You are like, thick thickness skull.

Unknown Speaker 57:57
You know what I'm saying? Like, you know, when you can't work out and you just like, oh, yeah, so like right now. Maybe I want a blindfold on myself. So I have to see myself. But usually it's like, I'm very visual. And men are very visual as well. But, but yeah, maybe like handcuffs. Could be fun, too.

Unknown Speaker 58:15
Yeah, yeah, that's, that's fun. But I seen this one movie. I forget what it's called. But it's like a Stephen King movie. And these it was not like this couple was getting it. They were doing it. And I think that dude

Unknown Speaker 58:30
was talking about no. So it's called like Gerald's Game. And they go, yeah, and they are husband, wife, and the man the husband ties up the wife with handcuffs, and they're having sex and then he has a heart attack and she's left there and she has to escape. And it's a wild movie. I really like it. She like hallucinates and it's it's a great movie called looking

Unknown Speaker 58:56
guy in the corner with the eye. Oh my god. the shit out of you.

Unknown Speaker 59:00
Guys. Check it out. It's called Gerald's Game. Is it Stephen King?

Unknown Speaker 59:03
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's Stephen King.

Unknown Speaker 59:05
It would be great. Okay, back to lightning sex. Okay, okay. Okay, so I'm sorry, I lost my place. All right. Role playing.

Unknown Speaker 59:16
Yes, we used to do that a lot. We don't do so much anymore. But

Unknown Speaker 59:19
can I ask like, you know, do you have like a style preference like characters or anything? Um, we're not a school girl. Or like, you know?

Unknown Speaker 59:29
Like Forbidden Love. Like we're not supposed to be together. Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 59:33
love that. Yeah. Okay. And what about but stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 59:39
No, we don't do bad stuff. No more that we tried it we were something you know, exploring each other. No, I'm not into but stuff and her God it was the people who do

Unknown Speaker 59:50
sex toys. Are you a fan of those? No, only

Unknown Speaker 59:53
when he's gone for like ever, then maybe I might dabble with that.

Unknown Speaker 59:58
Ever been to a sex club or so. swingers party.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
No, we try to stay away from those types. No judgment. No judgment, but they're very loving. Very clean.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
All right, that's the lightning sex round. Congratulations. You made it. Yay, I did. Alright, we're gonna end the episode with a game of fuck marry kill and so fan questions you want to kill one go? I think we're done. We're done here. That's okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:32
All right, let's do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
Okay, so fuck marry kill I gave you men from Tennessee since you're the Tennessee gangster. But I kind of fucked with you a little bit. I gave you some older dudes. So let's go. You got okay. You got to tell me who you want to fuck who you want to marry who you want to kill out of Morgan Freeman. Born in 19 Born in 1937 from Tennessee's you got Elvis Presley rip from 1935 to 1977. And then you got Davy Crockett 1786 to 1836 So I want I want Davy Crockett asked. Oh, wow, okay. Oh, Banga Dave

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
I'm a grind on him real well. Davy Crockett. Wow, where the raccoon hat I'll marry Morgan Freeman. Because he's just gonna whisper in my ear. You know all night. Yeah, that'd be cool to have him document my life like that. And then I'll I'll kill Elvis even though he's dead already. Because, um, you know, everybody's getting our Kelly shit, which they should. But like, let's be real. Let's like go after everybody. Not just some people, you know? All right. Okay. Oh, this was a little freak, you know? was a mess. It was. Yeah. Priscilla was like a child when they go huh? Oh, God. I think she was like 15

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
Yeah, that's wack. You never you never no one ever talks about Elvis like that. They never bring it up.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:02
No, they don't. And you know we could sit. We could say what it is. It's probably has to do with you know skin color and stuff. But I won't I won't play the race card on that one. I'll just leave it at that's what it could be.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:15
That is creepy. Elvis those creepy couple fan questions you already crashed Yeah, at Colby en de Jack, what is the ultimate career Sorry, what is the ultimate goal for your career in the fight game?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:36
Oh, to be the greatest Bare Knuckle boxer and then be the greatest or whatever else I plan on going I want to be an entrepreneur and it'd be cool to OTA management or help a management so I can figure out how it works and then you know, just help help a bunch of people I just want to help people.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53
I love that second part to his question is and is she gonna bring back the wrist grab in her next fight like she did with her fight versus Britain? Heart? Parentheses. I know that wasn't a win for her. But I thought she showed lots of skill in that fight. No disrespect intended.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:09
Oh, yeah, I feel like I fought Britain's fight instead of my fight. I could have knocked that out. And second round honestly. Britain if you're hearing you crazy as fuck, I'm just telling you what she said to me. She said to me in a freakin interview. She was like, she's like, Yeah, and Jenny, if you're listening, you're crazy as fuck and I'm like, for no reason. Like, I was like, wow, okay, but But no, I don't know what the risk grab is. Um, I will be a lot more composed and not let nobody gets me. I did have some issues and during that fight, but you know, I've resolved them and I've gotten a better team. Better game plan and you're gonna you're gonna love it next time you fight.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:48
I'm excited. All right. And this question is kind of weird. A couple different people ask this and I think maybe it's a bare knuckle question but at the facts T dot one can you crack your knuckles?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:01
Sometimes Sometimes I can. Sometimes

Unknown Speaker 1:04:04
I can't. Why do people really? What is the deal with cracking your knuckles? I mean, like Yeah, did

Unknown Speaker 1:04:10
your knuckles get super puffy and very inflamed and then they don't they don't crack very much.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:16
So maybe in bare knuckle boxers have a lot of trauma in their hands and so after a while you can't crack them?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:21
Yes, yes, there is trauma in our hands and I think after a while you can crack them it's just it takes a second for your hands to get the air back into them. You know, that's really all it is. Is air escaping?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:34
Let's face it, we're all gonna have arthritis fighters are gonna fucked up hands and joints and arthritis in our knees and fingers. In our older Yeah, probably no. Okay, my wrists are fucked. Oh, yeah, you guys with your ex you tape them though, don't you? you tape the tape.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:49
We tape them it's just I mean, I'm always gonna have batteries just just is what it is. They don't bother me during the fight. So that's all the matters.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
Okay. At Kaz underscore 180 How savage Are you in bed?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:03
Um, ask Adrian Thomas.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:05
Oh good, good answer. Okay. This guy I love this next guy's name at Mexican ass Yeti eight. What's the average thing you've done in life? And in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:18
Oh, the most savage thing I've ever done was of course, you know Bare Knuckle that's savage. No more savage than that. And well, I can say it's tied up there with I did a little military roleplay stuff where I got to see what it's like to be a civilian in another country. And that was pretty savage. I have Yes, where we have to? That's not sexual.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:44
Sorry, my brain. I was like, Oh, okay. Okay, did you go over? I've I've been doing for the past couple years. It's similar to the USO where they bring entertainers or athletes, for example, over two different military bases. I've been all over Europe. And you know, I'd recently to Greenland, Cuba, Honduras. And, you know, we go over there and we do like little seminars, it's to boost troop morale. Is that what you do?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:11
Dude? No, that's not what I do. I just get get shot at

Unknown Speaker 1:06:15
Oh, wait, what do you do? I'm so confused. It's so

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
it's sort of like, confidential little, um, but I could pretty much tell you the Justice just like late planets where they want us and they just, yeah, like, we get shot or we were captured. Or we're just

Unknown Speaker 1:06:34
part of the training process for the soldiers to kind of like, you know, or do you simulate what it would be like if they were going into battle in a different country or something?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:45
Yes. Yes. That's pretty much it. Yeah, that was pretty badass. I really enjoyed that.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:51
Damn, be careful, girl. Crazy. Yeah. Okay, I

Unknown Speaker 1:06:55
can't get the army. So I mean, why not?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:58
Yeah, I love. I never thought I would love our military so much in my older years, just because I was such a shithead. punk rocker that was like anarchy. No war. No, right. Right. All right, a little bit more to it, actually. So yeah. Shout out to our military. Okay. At a one underscore elite feet. This guy has been asking this question forever. So I'm just putting it in there. There's one in every group. What size are your feet? Jenny?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:25
Oh, my feet is about five and a half or six. All right, little tiny feet.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:31
Some guy just got a boner. Based off your feet. Oh, yeah, baby. Add I am Phil, Jr. What is the stupidest Tennessee joke someone has told you.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:44
It's the stupidest one. It's the best joke. Oh, my goodness. Are you for Tennessee? Because you're the only one?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:51
Oh, yeah, that's the classic.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:53
That's a classic. get any better than that. That is just the bee's knees right

Unknown Speaker 1:07:59
there. Awesome. Two more questions we got at Collin Rogers. Who do you want to fight in Bern? Oh, where do you what do you know about that? Okay, last question. Last fan question. At ravey. Underscore artist dream opponent for Bare Knuckle from any organization. So not someone just

Unknown Speaker 1:08:18
man, I can't I can't get over patrons, and I just want her.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:22
I think you're gonna get it. I think it's gonna be a great fight. You know, if she's down, I think you should just keep on doing what you're doing on the social media front. You know, that gets a lot of a lot of hype. And that, you know, unfortunately, that's how fights are made these days.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:37
Yeah, I need I'm gonna need that to happen. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:40
last question from me. Who would you like to hear next on sex and violence? The rebel girl could be a fighter or anyone?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:49
I think you should. I would you know what I would like to hear Rachel savich She's been on. Oh, how she she was one of the times. Well, I

Unknown Speaker 1:09:01
mean, you know, I got I got really lucky because, you know, I've been in this game for over a decade now and made a lot of friends and a lot i I'd say like the first 20 episodes were high level people that I wasn't even worthy of interviewing. And I was just like, Hey, friend, you know, want to be on and they were just like, Sure. And, you know, I'm so grateful. Like, I really actually like to get some of those first men and women in the first 20 episodes on now because I think I'm doing a lot better. You know, like, just production wise and better questions and less nervous and all that but yeah, Rachel's been on go check out check it out. It's probably anywhere between like episode 20 to 40. So around there. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:09:43
shit, let me get on. My bad.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:46
It's all good. Okay, well, thank you so much for being on the show. We want to continue to follow your career. So how can we do that? On social media, Twitter, Instagram, all those things?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:57
Pretty much I'm pretty sure every single handle is is going to be the same Jenny savage. At TD savage BK FC. And yeah, that's how you find me on Facebook. It's just Jenny savage or Macho. Judy savage man Damn.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:13
I love that. I'm so excited. You know, like I said, when we first started this conversation, I think you've been labeled as the bad girl. You know, I don't think you're bad but like that's the character that you know Bare Knuckle or social media or whatever, you know, they have labeled you so fucking run with it girl be the bad girl. You know, like, I don't know if I'm the bad girl. I've got rebel girl. I have a sex podcast. But, you know, if they're gonna make me out to be the bad girl, then I'll play the bad girl. I think you're making all the right moves in your career. And I'm looking forward to what's next for you.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:48
Thank you. Yeah, well, well, thank you so much for having me. And if I'm the bad girl this shit. Let's go. I'm ready.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:56
Fuck it up, girl. Have a great day. Have a great New Years. Thank you so much for being our last guest. This was awesome. You know you bare knuckle ladies are fucking badass. I love it. And I I want to be out of bare knuckle fight I have yet to be out of fight live. I can't wait someday soon. 2022 I'm gonna make it happen. Yes. And you

Unknown Speaker 1:11:17
know what? I just I see you rocking that shit. You're gonna come in there. People will be like, Who is that Bay? Oh, yeah, that's actually Evan Smith, a badass fucking UFC fighters.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:29
thing? No worries. Have a great night and talk to you soon. All right, thank

Unknown Speaker 1:11:32
you so much. Bye, bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:37
God movies of all the things up. Things are playing the Dodger, Nicoletta Nichols, now throw myself into the sun. Sunday when I came, throw it on Tuesday in an apple cart. The ties that bind to to me turn off. Turn off the lights. Turn off the bat. Bring it down, let it go.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:26
Boom, Episode 78, with Jenny, the Tennessee gangster Savage in the books. I love that episode. I love how candid she was. You know, you think you know someone and then you really realize you have no fucking idea until they come on the show. This is a podcast where you get to see another side of these fighters and you know, people who are in the limelight that you know, don't normally get to see. And I love that about the show. And I'm so grateful that the guests come on here and bear their soul. You know, they get real deep and they open up and it's not easy, guys. So thank you to Jenny. Next week. You guys are gonna laugh. But our guest is Christine de leuser. I hope I'm saying her name. Right. And she is intimately familiar with nutrition for better sex. Yes, a sex nutritionist guys. I fucking said. I didn't even know that was. I didn't know that was a thing. Yeah. So I'm I'm so excited. Guys. You know, this is a podcast, we talk to a lot of athletes. And so I thought, you know, and it's a sex podcast, so I thought sex nutritionist fucking perfect. So that's, that's next week, guys. You're not gonna want to miss that episode. Who knows? Who knows, you know, maybe you could be eating something and improve your sex life or you could eat something new and improve your sex life. So kind of just don't know what to expect. But I'm really excited. Some you know, housekeeping stuff. Website sex violence, rebel, pick something up, support the show pretty, pretty pleased. And write me an email at sex and violence. If you just want to chat if you want to sponsor the show, all that jazz. I love you guys. Thank you so much for tuning in and for supporting the show this last year and a half. I'm happy to be ending the year like this. Like I said before, things could be better. I could be fully healed back in the cage Kraken schools and you know all that good stuff. But I know that will come with time. And my biggest fucking issue in my life right now is being impatient. So this is a good test. I need to be patient. I hope you guys are thriving out there. And yeah, I'm feeling real mushy today so thank you so much. Can I get emotional with you? This podcast has been a lifesaver cuz oh shit has been hard but it's kept me sane. You know? So thank you guys. Okay. I'm a bagel baby. Special thank you to DJ Zol ad DJ Zol to Malkin studio at tomorrow, kids. It's official. And you can always find us at sex and violence podcast sorry, at sex violence. Sex and violence was rebel girl on Instagram and myself at Ashley MMA. Okay, I'm gonna suck it out. Oh, guys, you guys have a great weekend. Enjoy your new year's eve do something fun. Find someone you love or you don't fucking care about kiss someone at midnight. You know, I love that so much. It's such a fun little tradition. Do something fun. Enjoy your year guys. Enjoy your end of the year and we'll talk to you next week with more tales sex environments.

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