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Ep.83 Macy"VooDoo Queen" Chiasson

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Sex and Violence Hey guys, welcome back to the second violence with rebel girl where we interview top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance and that alter taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl, Smith. Now let's talk about sex and violence what's happening the hot stuff? What is up my naughty listeners? We are back in the studio. And we have a special special guest in studio. Everyone give Bousada around of applause. Oh, no. So you guys know that even though I'm on the bench, I'm still in the registered tested athlete pool. And so that means I get randomly drug test and the way it works if Bousada United States athletic doping Association. That's right, right. W? No. What is it? United States athlete anti doping. You guys get it? Okay. Drug testing. So the way that it works is they come to your house randomly or your gym or wherever you have to tell them where you're going. And if you don't have to pee that they then they can't leave your side, basically. So my representative is here in the studio with us and I thought I would share that information with you guys. So as we are recording, I am chugging water so that in a few minutes

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I can pee for Osada. So anyway, getting back to the show, we have a really awesome guest. I can't wait for you guys to listen to this episode. But before that, every week, I tell you what's going on with me. Besides chugging water and trying to pee through sada I am on my journey back to the cave from spine surgery. I had a appointment with my spine surgeon last week, and they are setting me back out to Las Vegas to get some stem cells. I'm healing up guys, it's just taken much longer than anticipated. And I'm trying to stay busy with podcasting and other crap. In the meantime, I think I also told you, I told you guys that last week, actually, it's been two weeks now, I'm working with the UFC supplied sports psychologist, and he's a really cool guy. We've been, you know, just getting to know each other at first and we started working on a few things. We are working right now on noticing negative thoughts and changing thought patterns. That's called act Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. And you know, we just started so you know, I'm an open book, I've been on the bench for over a year now, as you guys can imagine, have a little bit of an identity crisis as an athlete, you know, you put so much of your self worth into being able to train and compete and all that. And so I think this is going to help me just kind of put everything in perspective and then prepare me for you know, a couple months whenever the hell I get finally back in the cage, they are he is trained to help us with our performance. So, you know, I think all that stuff's going to be really good and beneficial. And what else don't want to tell you guys, if you guys checked out if you didn't check out last week's episode, you're missing out. It was a very very special episode. It was not like our normal episodes. I didn't do the fuck marry kill. I didn't do the lightning sex round. And you may be wondering why Ashley why not do that. That's, you know, those segments are fun. It's because this person had so much happened to them. Christie Martin, former WC super, super lightweight champion probably messed that up. But just boxing legend pioneer of the sport. I didn't want to kind of waste time, you know, asking her about, but stuff and dildos. I just wanted to really talk about what she went through. Because if you go back and listen to the episode, you'll understand why she struggled with her sexuality. She struggled in her marriage. And finally she was shot and stabbed by her former trainer and ex husband. And so you know, I just want to talk about all that stuff and yeah, go back listen to it. It's really inspiring for anyone. Anyone at all but especially if you yourself or you know someone who's going through a domestic violence situation so want to give another shout out to Christy Martin can't believe she did the show. I I keep asking my I keep you know, thinking to myself, you know, I shouldn't hit up this high profile person. I don't want to bug them. Why would they want to do my show? But I feel like I should, you know, maybe take the sports psychologist information, advice and you know, notice these negative thoughts and just basically be like, why wouldn't someone want to do my show? But um, you know, and I and I also think that I've learned from, you know, reaching out to Christy Martin that higher profile guests do you want to do this show, so I want to keep bringing you guys high level guests like that if I can. Alright, let's talk about oh, real quick last thing I swear my bed rate and review us on iTunes, Spotify, any app that you guys listen on. Usually there's an area that you can do a little rating and review. And what that does for us is that the more ratings and reviews it puts us in the Apple play charts, so we get discovered more and that means more downloads, more downloads means more sponsors, and more sponsors means more money so we can keep cranking out these episodes for you guys. So I'm not asking for money. All I'm asking for is a rating and a review. Pretty pretty please, guys. All right. Now let's talk about fights. So unfortunately, we do not have any fights this weekend. But the fights we'll be back next weekend. And that's number six ranked Jack Hermansson versus number five ranked Tarzan, Shawn Strickland. Oh, wow. Guys, man, do I want this guy Shawn Strickland on the show so bad. He's told me no a few times not like in a mean way. But these are his words. He says he can't trust himself on the microphone because he might say some stuff that will get him cancelled. And I actually went to go look at his Instagram the other day and notice that it was disabled. So I guess he was right. Maybe you shouldn't do this show. But yeah, I'll be rooting for him. Next weekend versus Jack Hermansson. I think he's gonna win. I think Strickland will be fighting for the title in the future for sure. Alright, so next weekend, check out the fights. In the meantime, check out our website sex violence with rebel We've got gear on there. Just know if you want by a shirt or a mug or a phone case, whatever you want, guys, it helps us out. And then if you want to write to me if you want to tell me a funny story, or suggest a guest or maybe you want to sponsor the show, you can write us an email and that is sex and violence. Okay, speaking of sponsors, let's talk about ours.

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clothes quick while he still zip decide

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all right in studio now we have Macy shots on did I get it right?

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Yeah. Yes, it's good. I'm in my family. My family likes to make it super French. But I just say shots on because it's just easier for everyone.

Unknown Speaker 12:43
Let me hear the fanciest way you can say.

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They say share song.

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Oh, Shazam. Oh, yeah. I like it. Yeah. All right. Well, I feel so bad because I was leading up to this podcast. And I think I was just saying like, chess on or something horrible, but Jessa got it. Okay. Well, thank you so much for coming on the show. I know you are in training camp right now. You're preparing for Norma Dumont, who I've actually thought before so we really? Yeah, you haven't looked at your opponent's record or,

Unknown Speaker 13:15
you know what we did? And I just didn't put two and two together. That's me, Alicia. Yes, we literally we look the other day, and then I saw your name and I just didn't put two and two together. I have no idea why. But I guess it's because in my mind, we're fighting at 45. And you're 35 Yeah, you fought lower right?

Unknown Speaker 13:33
Yeah, it's surprising just crazy. I can't even believe I did it. You know, cuz I'm walking around real big right now, like probably close to 160 Because I'm injured. And these new titties you know, heavier than I've ever been. And, yeah, I made 3020 fives I think three times. Mono maybe twice because I thought Andrea Lee Beck Rawlings, and then I was gonna fight Molly McCann on that London card, like, almost exactly two years ago. So I was like, on track to make way and then they sent me back actually right when I got over to London, so

Unknown Speaker 14:06
yeah, and how did you like fighting it? 25.

Unknown Speaker 14:09
So I felt like very fast. But I killed myself in camp in dieting and all that, that that fast. It didn't last very long. My gas take was spent, you know, and it just it wasn't worth it. You know, I did have a good performance against back Rawlings at 125 Andrea Lee I just think she outclass me, she's better fighter that night, you know, and I'm not too too big of a woman to say that or whatever. But um, you know, I don't think I'll ever go back to 25 now.

Unknown Speaker 14:39
Yeah, that's like, that's how I felt. That's how I feel at 35 Like, I feel like I feel like cardio wise and endurance wise have been like, amazing shape. Like, I could like fight for like 10 rounds, you know, but I never felt like I felt like I was losing like a lot of an anaerobic power. Yeah. Yeah. Like I didn't have pop. I didn't have pop in my punches. It was kind of just like Throwing air punches.

Unknown Speaker 15:01
Exactly. That's exactly how I felt, you know, like, I would look at my abs and like, aesthetically, I felt amazing because I write, I've got like fat girl, like an inner fat girl that just like, I look in the mirror and I just see like the worst traits of myself,

Unknown Speaker 15:14
you know? Yeah, me too. I'm

Unknown Speaker 15:15
like that too. And so I think I was focusing too much on like, the look and we all know that, you know, the way you look is not doesn't win fights, you know, you can get we got Roy Nelson. And

Unknown Speaker 15:27
people like, like, just because you look a certain way does not mean you're going to perform that way. You know, sometimes people have a little bit more in the tank, when you have just a little bit extra, you know, body fat, or, you know, you're just a little bit of extra muscle. But yeah, I always I always felt like, like, the whole, like reasoning behind like, 35 was because I just looked really fucking good. You know,

Unknown Speaker 15:48
I mean, and let's face it, like me, it's a little bit different. 2535 I moved down to 20 fives. So I wanted to test it out. And they had just opened the division, right? So it was like, more open. Same thing for you in a way if you think about it. Like there's way more fights for you at 35 and 45. So it's not like we're just like, a want to be shredded. It was like actual opportunities. Yeah, that you were, you know, going for. But yeah,

Unknown Speaker 16:12
you know, 100 100% like that's what I that's what I think about like, there's no way I would have fought the thoughts that I had like the amount of fights you know, in the UFC thus far, I wouldn't have fought at 35 Yeah, like, there's just so much more opportunity and growth there.

Unknown Speaker 16:26
It said, you know, I really do hope that the Featherweight division for the women grows. You know, I would hate to see that division fall apart and you know, so but but look, okay, speaking of that, let's transition your next fight. Norma Dumont at 145. How you feeling about it?

Unknown Speaker 16:43
I think it's a really good matchup. Um, I got to redeem myself after that short notice fight, but you know, it's feeling really good. I just, I just didn't have a solid camp, you know, and I feel I feel like the opportunity like of me winning and getting a great one against Norma, who's a really a really great opponent. I mean, she fought. Felicia Spencer. You know, she really outclassed Felician Felicia is an amazing fighter, you know?

Unknown Speaker 17:09
Yeah. You're referring to the short notice fight being Raquel Pennington doesn't December 18, right? Yeah, yeah, I didn't. I didn't know that was a short notice fight. That kind of makes a lot more sense. I will. I was nervous. Honestly, I fought Rocky. She's a tough girl. And, but but I just I because you're so big. I'm like, awesome. This big.

Unknown Speaker 17:32
Rock You better watch and she's common? No. Yeah, it was 10 days notice. Um, yeah. MATT called us and was like, Hey, do you wanna fight Rocky? And I was like, yeah. Like, I've been in camp. I've been in camp like all last year, and I only fought once. You know, like, I was supposed to fight. Aspen lad twice. Okay. So like, so the first the first time it was set up. So the first camp I broke my foot in camp, like, several several weeks before the fight, you know? And then people were like, Why didn't you say anything? I'm like, because I was, you know, like, dude, I'm a fighter. Like, we don't just like, drop out of shit, you know? Yeah. So I thought maybe we would be able to, like manage it. But the really big thing for me to fight at 35 is I have to run. Oh, yeah. I have I and you know that? Yes. Like, I I, I have to run like I've literally done marathons every week like to make 35 I call

Unknown Speaker 18:31
it the necessary evil.

Unknown Speaker 18:33
Yeah, you just like no added sugar. Like I'm in the store, when I'm like picking up food and stuff. I'm like, we everything's organic, you know, like, you can't even look at like bad food. That's how I that's how I make 35 You know, so whenever, you know, I tried to I tried to find other ways to help as well like cycling and stuff. But it's there's just a really big difference with running but, you know, so like, my big concern initially was like, okay, like, am I going to be able to make weight, you know, and, and luckily, I have, you know, I have one of my nutritionists that comes out and cooks for me, like four weeks out nice. So, so everything was on point there, but I just I was like, if I'm hurt, and I've been training so hard for this fight, I was like, I do not want to lose to this girl, you know. So we, we tried everything we do to like, manipulate the pain, there's days where I like couldn't even really walk very well. So I had to basically like cast my foot and wear rest and were wrestling shoes and all of my rounds, everything that I did, because I couldn't really put a lot of pressure on my foot. So

Unknown Speaker 19:36
it's hard to hear that because I do understand I am a fighter. I understand the mentality of like, you know, I'm a tough bitch like, you know, I can I can fight through this. But, you know, something I've been speaking about lately with guests is like having someone in your corner who, you know, kind of can be the one to be like, hey, you know, this is not good. And did you have any of your corners or coaches be like Macy This is not a good idea. Let's just rebook this like any Was anyone in your ear trying to tell you that this was not a good idea?

Unknown Speaker 20:07
Yeah, I mean, I've talked about it with my coaches, you know, of course, like my head coach, like we talked about it like, Hey, do you think you'd be able to push this? And we, we, like I say, like, we tried to manipulate it in a way, like, Okay, we would go to hyperbaric three times a week. That's how we try to like, really enhance like recovery. And then I was finally I was like, Okay, let's just go get an x ray. Let's, you know. And so when we found out it was broken, you know, we were, we were really considering of pulling out. So I ended up having a doctor give me a few injections of like, cortisone. And, and that actually, like, relieved a lot of the pain just smashed it, you know, not that it was like better. And so I felt we felt as if, like, I would have been able to push through it, you know? Yeah. So we decided to stick with it. And then we got to fight week. And, you know, it's like, fight week, when we start working. I get like, really, really, really hyped up, I start to really feel the nerves. It's like, I want to crack them. It's like, I want to hit pads hard. Oh, yeah, I want to get I want to get moving. You know, and then I guess that plus, like, just not really feeling as much pain. I guess I thought I could have pushed a little bit harder during that week. And so I did and we ended up we ended up like kind of really being fucked over that because the next day I was in so much pain, I could barely walk on my foot. I had to go to the PIO and get taped up and and then I had and then I had to be in a boot. So whenever we pulled from that fight for fire week, I had to end up getting in a boot for six weeks.

Unknown Speaker 21:45
That's unfortunate. Yeah. And but I know exactly the feeling that you're talking about fight week, it's almost like a high, right? Like, you're all around the media and you see your opponent and you're there and it's just like, it's reality, and it sets in it's like, mixture of butterflies and adrenaline and, you know, just it feels like a drug you feel high. And so I can easily understand how that pain would be masked. And you know, you push a little bit harder and, and then you know, you end up hurting yourself even more and then you have to pull out from the fight. Well, that's it's unfortunate, you know, and, and then after that, you took a short notice fight, but I can also understand after not being able to fight just just wanting to get in there and just wanting to fight and maybe even you know, make a paycheck, because this is how we earn a living.

Unknown Speaker 22:27
Yeah, well, we we ended up rescheduling the fight with Aspen. And then we did a whole full fight camp for that. So we were scheduled to fight in October last October. And all week, like there was some weird shit going on with her and her camp. So like, they were talking mad shit about me, obviously, like after I pulled out because of my foot. And she just like she was just saying, like, just some real shitty things. You know, like, which I don't understand, like, if your opponent's hurt, like, why would you like, why would you say like, shitty things about them, you know, but

Unknown Speaker 23:01
I remember when Lauren Murphy pulled out me and her we're gonna fight. She actually is a foot thing, too. I sent her a DM and I said, Hey, girl, I'm sorry to hear about your foot. You know, I was looking forward to fighting. I hope you heal up soon. She sent me back. Hey, girl, I am really sorry. I apologize. But I know you understand. I want to be at my best when I fight someone like you. I'm like, Damn, that's respect. You know? And I'm like, That's

Unknown Speaker 23:25
tight. Yeah, that's fucking mad respect there. But, you know, so then I was like, Okay, I'm ready to fight this girl. Like, that's it? Like, you know, like, we kind of have some beef now. Getting all hyped up like, you know, I've always wanted to be in a fight where we had

Unknown Speaker 23:38
beef, you know? Yeah, it brings something new to the table. It really does.

Unknown Speaker 23:42
It's like it's a different kind of competition. Yeah, competitiveness. And like, I'm not a mean person. So I'm always like, always want to like smile or like, be nice to my opponent when I see him. But, but but it is like, there is like that little edge that you get from like, wanting to actually beat someone's ass.

Unknown Speaker 23:58
Yes, yes. I've only I've only felt like that one time. I felt like that was one of my best performances. And I'm like, there's something to this trash talking. And like, you know, even if it's kind of like fake, you know, just like it telling yourself it's real. You know, you do get a better performance in my

Unknown Speaker 24:15
opinion. Yeah, cuz you will do nothing to lose. Like, it doesn't matter. Yeah, that little extra. You know,

Unknown Speaker 24:21
I'm willing to die out here. I'm not gonna let this between.

Unknown Speaker 24:23
Exactly, exactly. But like for real though. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:27
yeah. For real. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, she was talking trash.

Unknown Speaker 24:30
Yeah, they were talking some trash and then fight week we see him and they're like, smiling at us and shit. And I was like, I'm confused. Like, are they like, is this like sarcasm? Are they like, actually like, hey, you know? Yeah, um, and so like the beginning of that week her coach had approached my nutritionist was I was trying to like negotiate us fighting up to 160. What? Yeah, I mean, I'm not trying I'm not trying to like throw all our shit. out there, you know, but like what that's like, you know, that's, um, like, she cutting from 160 I was like, that's like almost impossible for a woman to do you know? So honestly, if she cuts from 160 to get to 35 I'm actually really fucking impressed. Like, that's like, that's hard. You know, that's shit that heavyweight dudes do or like light heavyweight? So yeah. But But anyway, they were just trying to negotiate a little bit with us and we're like we're not going to take anything over two pounds, you know? Just because of the the fight was just so important to us. I mean, it's a really big ring fight and yeah, you know, it's a possibility that of losing you know. So, so they said okay, and then like she apparently she they said that she was like really sick or something and she could like barely walk and really dizzy and stuff like that. And but I saw her like run out to the scale. And so when she got on the scale she she like immediately got naked. She didn't check on any of the check scales, by the way, like no one weighed her in. She went straight to the bean scale. Okay. And so which I thought was really weird. I mean, I don't they usually don't let people do that. So she went to the beam scale. She gets on the beam scale, they put the cover like the sheet up in front of her so she can get undressed and she starts shaking the whole scale. And I'm like, like the beam scale. So she put her hand on it. Yeah, she's like, it was shaking. Like it's like she couldn't stand up.

Unknown Speaker 26:27
Oh, God at her. Okay, okay. Yeah, I get it. So her body was like shaking and that was shaking the whole scale.

Unknown Speaker 26:33
Yeah. And it was shaking the whole scale. And so apparently she couldn't hold her hands up.

Unknown Speaker 26:38
Okay, so and then how Yeah, complete malnourished, obviously. And she missed weight obviously by a lot.

Unknown Speaker 26:45
Yeah. But that's what they think they think it was like her being malnourished. But she, like I said, like when I saw her, she was fine. Like, she could stand up fine. Like everything was fine. And then she just said she couldn't hold her hands up because, like some, I guess, okay, so she was on her period. This is what she said she was on her period. And she could not put her hands up because she had to hold her tampon on what stopped it. I didn't want to say it but like, yeah, that is what she put online to she put. She did. Yeah, she did. She so she blamed her menstrual cycle. She blamed her menstrual cycle on the reasoning behind having her hands up. So the scale was going like up and down. Like a lot. And so my coach was like, Do you see this shit? And I was like, what? Like, because I didn't, I didn't really see it happen. I was in the back getting like checked by the doctor. And my coach was like, freaking out. He's like, this shit is so weird. Like she's like, like shaking the scale trying to manipulate it. She wouldn't put her hands up. They still weighed her in. And I don't know, it's just a weird situation. But so that was we ended up my coach ended up saying no, so yeah, like, like, I'm I made 35 Like, I'm ready to fight. This fucking sucks,

Unknown Speaker 27:57
which is not fucking easy for you. Like, it's like if I made 25. And then somebody didn't show up or missed away. I would be so mad. That never happened to me. Actually. I was almost anyway, we won't go there. But yeah, so I understand that completely. So that fight never came

Unknown Speaker 28:13
to fruition. No, it never never happened. But I do want it to happen, though,

Unknown Speaker 28:16
at 45 or 35.

Unknown Speaker 28:19
Honestly, either. I don't care. There's

Unknown Speaker 28:22
the sound. So like, I don't know, like, Yes, I see. Like, this is not the kind of podcast that I like to put out there. It's like, it's not about shit talking and whatever. But it is about MMA. And this is a fight that, you know, could happen. And it just so happens that there's some little legitimate drama behind it. So I hope that it happens too. But that's neither here nor there. Let's talk about Dumont. Now. I don't know if this is for sure. But may 7 At UFC 274 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Unknown Speaker 28:53
So we just got some leeway that it's probably not going to be in Brazil. But yes, it's still may 7 though. Yes, at 45.

Unknown Speaker 29:00
Well, I mean, I don't know if this is, I don't know, I don't even know if I should say this, but I feel that amongst the MMA community, there's a general conception that Brazil tends to be swayed, siding with their, you know, their people, you know, and so I feel like if you were gonna fight in Brazil, you would have to, you know, tap her or knock her out to get that way. You know, you know, that

Unknown Speaker 29:26
was that was honestly like a really big scare for us because we just were like, Well, shit, like, even if it was a decision, and it was kind of a dominant one. Like, they still could give it to her, you know, so like, I'd have to go out there and actually win. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 29:39
yeah. Yeah. convincingly, you know, and you can you can and you know, most likely will. So,

Unknown Speaker 29:44
I'm hearing I'm hearing now that they like have committees or like judges that come from other like places, so that it's not just strictly like, everyone's from Brazil. Yeah, that's great. That's great. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 29:57
All right. So is any word on where it might be?

Unknown Speaker 30:01
Don't probably Vegas. I'm not sure that

Unknown Speaker 30:04
okay, all right. Well, yeah, we'll stay tuned in and then yeah, I just want to know kind of your goals probably are very clear you won't, you know, want to be the champ but you know, I want to hear from you what are your, in the near future goals and then long distance MMA goals?

Unknown Speaker 30:20
Yeah, so, you know, like, obviously like when, especially if you're in the UFC, like you've trained really hard, like you've done something right to get there, you know, at some point in your career, and of course, like, everyone has that thought, like, I want to be a champion, why else? You know, why else would be? I mean, there's a lot of other reasons why we would do it, but what would give us that ultimate motivation, you know, so like, Yeah, I mean, of course, I want to be a champion, but I just feel like I had that. That was always my thought process. Like with my last my last few fights, oh, I'm always thinking ahead. Like, honestly trying to focus on like, exactly like, who's right in front of me, you know, because the, the fights are getting harder, like girls are getting better, you know, just be getting better. Yeah, yeah, there's

Unknown Speaker 31:03
no easy fights in the UFC. No,

Unknown Speaker 31:05
there's no easy you know, especially when you start getting those like the rankings, you know, so.

Unknown Speaker 31:12
And when you were only two No, yeah. And yes, me too, girl. I was three and Ollie and then I took a short notice fight against Raquel Pennington. That's why I'm telling you. It's like,

Unknown Speaker 31:23
holy shit. That's so tight.

Unknown Speaker 31:25
I feel like the stars are aligned. Like, either you and I are gonna be besties or we're gonna fight each other. Or maybe but I don't know.

Unknown Speaker 31:31
Like both of my friends. I had to fight Panni and Ultimate Fighter and I love painting. You know, so. So like, I feel like it's a little different now that we fought but we like I mean, we were obsessed with each other. Like, we were really good friends in the house. And, and we were always telling each other like, if we had to fight like it's fine. Like, that's fucking do it.

Unknown Speaker 31:49
Yeah, yeah. No, obviously the division is not that big. Even our sport. Our sport is so small. You know, there's like, six degrees of separation with everybody. You know, you and I are talking. You fought rock Cal. You know, I? I fought Raquel, you're gonna fight Norma, I fought Norma, you know,

Unknown Speaker 32:06
and it's like, it's like a lesbian community. It's like a lesbian triangle. It's like, if you date one girl like she probably dated your ex or she probably Yeah, one other

Unknown Speaker 32:15
thing that is crazy about you. And I and I didn't want to tell you this on our quick little pre episode call. But recently, the boyfriend and I were going to make a move to Dallas. And I was like, fuck, I've never lived outside of California. He had a really good business opportunity. And I'm all in love. And I just, you know, I would feel really bad if I withheld him from his dream and then I would be stupid to not you know, take a chance on love as corny as that sounds. So I was all ready to go to Dallas, I was looking at MMA gyms and I came across for to MMA and I saw you there and I was like, alright, this big bitch might be my next trading partner.

Unknown Speaker 32:51
Holy shit. That's so cool. So how long ago was up

Unknown Speaker 32:55
a couple months, maybe like two or three months. And I was just like wrapping my mind. I was right about to tell all my coaches. And then he got another opportunity here in California. And I was just like, yes, like, I love him. But I am a California girl man. Like,

Unknown Speaker 33:08
California is a lot better than than Texas. So well. I'm not gonna say that tell anyone don't tell him. I mean, I feel like the people are kind of cool here. But it's like, it's just not a lot of culture and shed. It's just I'm so used to culture but but yeah, that would have been so cool. Yeah, I've just been really wanting a girl that's like, at least like, you know, on my like, closer to me, because like I train with a lot of 15 years. Oh, dang. So actually, I train with Jenny Frey and Sam Hughes just came to our gym. And those are

Unknown Speaker 33:38
all tough ask girls, but just, yeah, it's hard to you, they're not going to give you the same look as 35 or 45. Were there you know,

Unknown Speaker 33:45
I mean, have you seen Jen's biceps? Like they're, you know,

Unknown Speaker 33:49
my friend, I'm not gonna put them on blast. But one of my best girlfriends has a major crush on her. Every time she fights. He like texts me like gins biting. I'm like, I see that. She's,

Unknown Speaker 33:58
she's, she's pretty fucking cool. That's someone that you should definitely, like, talk to you in the future. But she's, she seems kind of shy and like, reserved, but she's, she's a cool ass girl.

Unknown Speaker 34:08
Yeah, you know what, sometimes I get guests on here. And I'm like, Oh, this is gonna be pretty vanilla. And they open up and I'm like, This is great. This is this is the best part of having guests on the show. Because, you know, like I said, I could

Unknown Speaker 34:20
never know, you know, yeah, it's just you know,

Unknown Speaker 34:22
this is this is a safe place May so you can tell me all about your life.

Unknown Speaker 34:26
I know, I feel so comfortable. We can just really just really dive in.

Unknown Speaker 34:29
So let's dive in. I want to know about growing up in Louisiana. And, you know, kind of what was it? Like? You know, I don't know who you were raised by, you know, do you have two parents? And then leading into that next question is kind of like how did you learn about sex?

Unknown Speaker 34:45
Sure, this could be a really long I think we're gonna have to get on for like an hour for the rest of the week. I mean, so I was born and raised in New Orleans and I was raised mostly by my mom. So my my mom, I think So kind of talk to my dad a little bit but he's not really like just as present as I wish, you know, we both wish we could be. We're just a little different that's all but my mom raised my brother and I and my grandparents helped as well because my mom worked a lot. So power and all the single moms out there, I'm fucking respect the shit out of them.

Unknown Speaker 35:19
Shout out to grandparents. My grandpa. My grandpa helped raise me. I don't know what where I'd be without my grandpa.

Unknown Speaker 35:25
Yeah, yeah, my grandparents. My grandparents were like, my second parents and, and my mom's only sister. She's like, kind of like a second mom to us. So, I mean, we were pretty wrapped up in love, you know, and anything that we needed or wanted in life, like when we were growing up, we thought we had everything, you know, even though we were like middle class. Like we thought we were like the richest people in the world. I love that. Awesome. Yeah, yeah. So they were so they were really big support system. But, but New Orleans, especially like, where I grew up in, like how my family is like, I went to a Catholic school, okay. through grade school, like preschool grade school, all the way up until like, the last year in high school. And we

Unknown Speaker 36:11
all know Catholic schools are super great for embracing your sexuality. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:15
Like, yeah. So I don't know, like, I just always knew like, growing up, I was different. I just knew that I was very rebellious. Which, honestly, I'm like my mom in a lot of ways. And that way, she's very rebellious. But she's a she's a J. She's a she's a boss, mom. Nice. Yeah. So growing up in Catholic school was always just always felt really weird for me, because I just never I'm like, not really religious. Now. I don't I don't believe I believe in maybe like, like spirit or like higher type power, but I don't believe in, in God, and I'm not I'm not Catholic anymore. So I don't practice that. Okay. So, I just like I just always had questions of like, like, they're, you know, like, how, how is something? So how do you know this? For sure? Like, how do you know this is like, right, like, how do you know this guy? Like, does all these things you know? Yeah. And so I just remember myself having a lot of doubts, like with that, and then like, my sexuality, like, as I was growing up, and we were just taught so much about, like, um, like, homosexuality is like, the ultimate sin like, you're going to go to hell, no matter what, you know. So like, I just remember there sitting there, like, in my room when I was a kid, like, Oh, my God, you're not a lesbian. You're not a lesbian.

Unknown Speaker 37:32
What age did you start to feel you know, anything towards towards women? And right now to clarify, you identify as gay or bisexual?

Unknown Speaker 37:42
Yeah, gay, gay. But to be honest, this is a whole nother conversation. Because like, I don't really believe I don't really truly believe in like absolute labels. You know, I believe that we're like, on a scale, kinsmen that you? Yeah, yeah. Just maybe like, you may be a little bit of this. And also like this, or you maybe all the way this way, you know,

Unknown Speaker 38:02
yeah. But I society loves to put labels on everything. And so, especially right now, we're in a weird transition of like, it's like, we extra label crazy right now, you know?

Unknown Speaker 38:13
Yeah. No, it is it is really weird. But anyway, like, yeah, I grew up, Catholic, we did all the Catholic Stuff. My mom is like, my mom, and my grandparents and my aunt are like, amazing people. They're, they're super loving and accepting. And, and, and I found out later in life like that. They even if they were a certain way that they were willing to grow, because they love me so much, you know? Yeah. And so when I had first, like, come out, I was I think I was like, 15. Okay. And, um, and my mom cried, she just like bawling, crying, and she's like, she's like, so you don't want to wear a purse. That's your go to first. But that's her personality, though. Like, it makes me laugh so fucking hard when I tell this story to people, because it's like, she's just so serious. And like, just crying. It's just like, you don't want to wear a purse. You don't want to wear a dress.

Unknown Speaker 39:10
But it's like, she didn't even care about the fact that you want to kiss girls. It was more like, don't you want to dress

Unknown Speaker 39:15
up like a girl? Yeah, well, that and then, like, I think she just really didn't understand like, what it meant. You know, it's like, if you're gay, you got to be a boy don't write like, You got to like, look like a boy. If you're a lesbian. Like, you have to look like a boy. Right? If you like, look at all the old generations of the lesbians, like a lot of them are like, like, like bushes and stuff, you know? And so I just, I think that she just truly believed that I wanted to be a guy because she asked me if I wanted a penis. And I was like, No, and I'm like, 15 I'm like, I'm petrified at what she's telling me. I'm like, No, I don't want to dig like well, I mean, I never said that your mom is

Unknown Speaker 39:51
I mean, I'm I'm like kind of using this as a joke but like your mom is more woke back then then even today because if you think about it, like ever Nowadays, it's like so much talk about transgenders. Right. And it's like, maybe she just wanted to make sure that you were just gay instead of like, felt like you were trapped in a different body, you know?

Unknown Speaker 40:13
Yeah, maybe. So, I mean, I think maybe that could have been a small part of her. But, I mean, especially like, Catholics, like Southern Catholics in New Orleans, like, they're very much like, it's almost like they need to have like a Housewives of New Orleans type thing. It's like, every much everything is like your status is like on your appearance and how you present yourself really, very, very southern mentality. So like, I think that's also that that gets into play. You know, it's just the culture. Yes. It not being like a normal thing in that area. Just people aren't used to it. They don't know how to act. Act on it or act about it, you know? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 40:48
So you, you know, came out at 15. To your mom, she was concerned that you know, you wanted to paint this, you let her know, you were cool. You know, with your vagina. It's all good. Mom, did you even back then? Did you dress because you have you know, a more masculine look to you now, did you dress masculine back then? Or were you dressing feminine and then like, gradually start dressing a little bit more masculine.

Unknown Speaker 41:11
So this shit is so funny. My so I have a brother that's, like a year older than me. And we're pretty close. But we're the were those type of siblings that like, we like, we like have to sleep with each other at night. But we like hate each other in the morning. Like, don't touch me. Don't be near me. But like, Hey, you want to like have a sleepover in my room? And I you know, yeah, so we're like, we're like, those type of siblings. Like, we love each other so much, but we also just hate each other. Yeah. And, uh, and I just remember when I started to really, like, get into, like, what it really meant to be like to like, girls, and like, I was trying to just figure out my identity as a person, you know? Like, do I need to dress a different way or look a different way to love someone, like, you know, of the same sex or like someone that you know, a girl like, do I need to do I need to look like a boy to play that role? Yeah, so I was I was trying to figure out, like, who I was and what I was gonna look like, you know, yeah, but now now, I figured out that it's really just, it's just me, like, I'm gonna be me. And I'm gonna dress this way because I like it. But, but I ended up so long story short, I would like go and take his clothes. Like, like, we were, we were. It's like, we should have been sisters or some shit, right? It's like shit that sisters do. And so I and we were in that phase at like, 15 and 16, where we were like Fox and like, packs on and so I was like, I was like your typical lesbian growing up. Wearing the fox. I would like take his boxers and shed I'd put his boxers on. Like the fox shorts on with like, the fox shirt. And I have long hair. It's hilarious. I have like the longest girly his hair. And so he would like he didn't know at first, but one time he saw me out. He saw me out in his clothes. And he's like, um, are you wearing my fucking clothes?

Unknown Speaker 43:03
What did you say? You're like, No, these are mine.

Unknown Speaker 43:07
Like, I just like it. Okay. I honestly think I was so fucking scared that he was gonna, like, beat my ass or yell at me when I got home. So like, so he started like really micromanaging his closet after that. Yeah, he was like, he wouldn't know. Like, one time I ran in his room to like, look, for sure. And I was like, going through stuff. And I like took it off. And then he I heard him coming. So I put it back on and ran. And then he could shit you know, and it comes back in my room like 10 minutes later. He's like, Did you touch my clothes?

Unknown Speaker 43:41
He put them in order by like colors.

Unknown Speaker 43:43
It's like fucking Step Brothers, but it's brother and sister. It's like, fucking touch my drumset like, just sees a small dent. Yeah, so like he's really started micromanaging shit. So I had to be like, really slick about it. I had to like, wait until like, he was like throwing his clothes, like in the laundry or something. And like,

Unknown Speaker 44:00
that's hilarious. You're right. It's like two girls if you guys were sisters, but instead she has he has a brother kinda, you know, stealing his clothes.

Unknown Speaker 44:08
At that time. I felt like really bad about it. Like, I felt like it was like, I guess quote unquote, in that case, super sinful. But yeah, that's I mean, we grew up like, I mean, I grew up in a religious school like almost all my life, you know, but, but like, now I realize like it's really so funny. Like, this is like typical sibling shit like New Day Age stuff, you know? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 44:31
Yeah. Was it sinful to steal the clothes or was it sinful just to wear them?

Unknown Speaker 44:36
Oh, just so weird because but the to wear him because they were boy clothes because it's like, whoa, I'm wearing boy clothes like my mom would never like like this

Unknown Speaker 44:42
at all. That's how in depth that it was like you have to dress more feminine. I'm not I don't know about Yeah, no,

Unknown Speaker 44:48
it's, I mean, that's like the way I was raised is that girls are girly. And boys are manly, right? So women wear dresses and heels and this and that and Yeah, I just remember most of the girls that I was friends with like, is because I thought they were hot. Not that not that I was like weird with them or anything but like they were like actually my best friends because I was like, Damn, she's hot.

Unknown Speaker 45:11
I love So growing up, especially in this Catholic kind of, you know, community, did you have any gay or lesbian role models that you could look up to?

Unknown Speaker 45:23
Honestly, I'm, I'm trying to think like, not really, like I really honestly figured most of it out on my own wonder like I yeah, like it's really it's really interesting. I just, I didn't really have anyone. Like, my so my aunt Missy on my dad's side is gay, but like, I never knew what that was. No one really explained it to me. Um, I guess I don't know if my mom like felt awkward talking about it. I just, I just it was always a really it's always been really hard to talk to my like my mom about sex. Yeah, like that. Like, I don't know, it's it's just it's always been a weird thing for me, for

Unknown Speaker 46:00
sure. And then, you know, back then there wasn't social media and all these different you know, LGBT influencers and just, you know, icons you can look up to what about television? Did you? Did you watch television and like, see anyone who you're like, saw yourself in that maybe you could kind of looked up to?

Unknown Speaker 46:17
Yeah, I watched I watched television. Like, once I started getting a little bit older, like, like, maybe like, 18. Like, 1718. Like, I would start to watch stuff like that. Oh, Word and stuff, which is like a like a less? Yeah, I've heard of it. But I haven't watched it. Yeah, that really taught me how to be gay, which is not a great thing. This is a terrible like, it's just like an unrealistic show. Is it? Really? It can be Yeah, it can be but the new one, the new one's better. The new one I think is is a lot more similar to what I guess was the lesbian culture would be

Unknown Speaker 46:49
there's like one that was done like in the 90s or 2000. And now there's like, yeah, a modern one, like, Yeah, okay. Okay. I'm gonna kind of check it out.

Unknown Speaker 46:58
It's pretty good.

Unknown Speaker 47:00
So, okay, so you're in New Orleans, you're, you know, finding yourself sexually. Your identity, I should say. And so what was like, what was it like first starting to date girls? Like, do you remember your first girlfriend the first time you asked a girl out anything like that?

Unknown Speaker 47:18
I just I've dated a lot of really crazy girls.

Unknown Speaker 47:21
Like, you like crazy girls. Is that like, what?

Unknown Speaker 47:24
I mean? I guess that's what I thought at first when I was like, you know, like, 17 1617 but uh, but now you know what Been there done that shit. Like I'm over that.

Unknown Speaker 47:35
And when you say crazy what do you be my crazy because there's there's different crazy. There's like crazy. Keep your car and there's just like crazy. Blow your phone up. Like there's levels?

Unknown Speaker 47:44
Yeah, I mean, I've been yeah, I've actually been with several different levels. So I've just had I've just tasted all during

Unknown Speaker 47:56
like my, my first girlfriend, so I like to try to like date girls that weren't like in the girls. Like that was apparently like a thing for men. You tried to like turn them gay? Yeah, like I was just a little fun experiment. Like they're cute little fun lesbian experiment.

Unknown Speaker 48:10
Okay. All right. You like to challenge maybe?

Unknown Speaker 48:13
Yeah, no, is there's just something about like, just wanting something that you like, almost think you can't have like, it's obviously these girls are down to like, sleep with other girls. But they really they really weren't like looking to date a girl, you know? Yeah. So that's the kind of girls I was I was was always found myself like on this totem pole of like, a jealousy and like everyone's cheating on each other. And oh, yeah, I can get mad and wait. Yeah, and then we fight about it. And then now we're back together. But then we're gonna go we're gonna go cheat again. You know? So like, it was very young, immature relationship.

Unknown Speaker 48:46
Yeah. And were those girls like cheating with men too? And that like, yeah, this even more? Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 48:51
I would like I would, I would like see, like, text message. And New Orleans is a small area. So like, if you like date one person or, you know, you see someone out usually, like know them. Oh, great. Someone knows someone. You know. It's terrible. It sucks. Not fun. That's a small city.

Unknown Speaker 49:07
So I heard this term recently. And I was like, Oh, I wonder if I'll be able to work that into the podcast someday. And I feel like now's my time. So there's something called a Goldstar lesbian, or a Goldstar. Gay and that's when you have not. You tell me if I'm wrong.

Unknown Speaker 49:23
I'm a gold star.

Unknown Speaker 49:25
Oh, is that like something that like people in the gay community are super proud of?

Unknown Speaker 49:30
Yeah, like, I don't know. I just I think like, initially, it was just something you would just like, boast about and then people would laugh. And it's kind of a joke and like, kind of like a joke and also like kind of cool. I guess it it I guess you can look at it as like purity like your peer.

Unknown Speaker 49:45
So So explain to our listeners who don't know what a Goldstar lesbian or Goldstar gay is.

Unknown Speaker 49:50
So Goldstar lesbian, like basically has never slept with a guy.

Unknown Speaker 49:54
No wieners ever, ever not alive.

Unknown Speaker 49:59
But then they have fallen Latinum gays which is which is like you refer to a guy that's like never even been birth through like a vaginal like a way you know birth canal. That's yeah. So platinum would mean that you're born through C section.

Unknown Speaker 50:12
Oh, okay. That's hilarious.

Unknown Speaker 50:17
Stupid. It's so dumb, but it's really? Yeah, so I'm a gold star. So I've never, like slept with a guy. And I honestly like I've had boyfriends but like I'd never like, wanted to. And they were just always like, my best friends to me. Like, I just really liked them as a person. I'm like, Dude, you're so fucking cool. Like, I just want to hang out with you. Yeah, I don't want to sleep with you, you know? So that's when I started realizing, you know, that, uh, that was just so different.

Unknown Speaker 50:43
Yeah, and those guys must have been so bummed later. They were like, thought they were gonna get some and then.

Unknown Speaker 50:47
Oh my God, I feel so bad. There was these guys actually fucking love me. Oh, I had two dudes that like actually legitimate love, mate. And I feel like to this day fucking hate me. Because, like,

Unknown Speaker 50:58
you know, you deceive them. You know?

Unknown Speaker 51:01
I know. I know. They're like, there's this coolest girl like she's, she's down. But she's not DTF

Unknown Speaker 51:07
Yeah, exactly. She's down. But she's not DTF Yeah. Oh, well. All right, did you? And I don't know if you know, cuz you're 28 So you're a little bit younger than me. I'm 34 so 30 Oh, you're you're 30 My bad, bad researching.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
So much. So we can Hey, if you want to rewind it two years from Okay, so I'm cool with that.

Unknown Speaker 51:28
Have you ever done any online dating?

Unknown Speaker 51:31
No. Well, I mean, I've done like Tinder with that's online dating. That's is that online dating? Like when I when I think of online dating I think of like Bumble or like like Christians mingle or some called Christians mingle.

Unknown Speaker 51:45
What's there's like a cowboy one. There's a lot of Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 51:50
which I hear Christian Mingle is like the place to find like someone who's DTF I don't even I hear

Unknown Speaker 51:58
I don't even know if that's a joker.

Unknown Speaker 52:00
That's what I actually hear. So I feel like someone like what someone like actually, like they think that's what guy said. Like, I've heard guys say that. All right.

Unknown Speaker 52:08
So all the Christian girls are putting out oh, we're going to? We're going to hell.

Unknown Speaker 52:12
They've been so suppressed their whole life, you know? Yeah, that makes

Unknown Speaker 52:15
a lot of sense. Yeah, I want to take a quick break to thank our sponsor, perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative with their flavor options. Their newest flavor of diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season, perfect has come out with a limited edition. Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored protein. Pumpkin Spice Latte provides a spicy and savory aromatic tastes that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember, guys, this is a limited edition. So make sure to get your orders in soon, inventory will be going quick. As always, this new limited edition flavor provides you with the same benefits that diesel always does. It's third party tested for banned substances and is the highest quality that protein can be. Order yours now by heading to perfect and using my code rebel girl for a 20% discount. Now back to the episode. So So Tinder, Tinder is a dating app. It's I'd say it's the most notorious for being a quote unquote hookup app, but I feel like online dating or dating apps are they are what you make them. You know, if you want to hook up, then you're going to fuckin find a random person you're going to hook up or if you're looking for a meaningful relationship, you're probably going to try to convey that early on and then maybe, you know, maybe something happens but what was your Tinder experience? Like?

Unknown Speaker 53:36
I'm like I've I mean, I've definitely met like people that if I just like wanted to, like maybe hang out with a few times and whatever, but I've also like so I like got Tinder like when I was in college, like my freshman, I think my freshman year in college, and there was this one girl that I was talking to that like, you know, she's like really cute, like, I liked her pictures like as someone I would be into. And so and apparently she went to the same college that I went to, okay, and and so we were like gonna agree to meet each other. I'm like by this little daiquiri shop that's like right next to the college. And she said she was gonna like wait outside Okay, so So I get in the car and I leave school and I'm going to go meet her so I drive by and I've just been kind of having this weird feeling just because like I'm just like paranoid I guess sometimes with shit like that like suspect like it could be someone who's a psycho like or it could be someone who's not you know? Yeah, you

Unknown Speaker 54:34
got to keep your guard up you know especially I mean, I don't even know this to be true but movies I've watched people I've talked to guests I've interviewed it's like there are people out there who are so against LGBTQ that they want to do you harm so like maybe that could be something you got to you know, extra be aware of.

Unknown Speaker 54:53
I've actually like never been worried about that I was more worried about like, it like just being I'm, like weirdo, like just a creep. I don't know why I have a sense of like, doubt when it comes to like, just not knowing who someone really is. That's smart.

Unknown Speaker 55:09
That's smart girl. And I don't I think that's something that more people who go into online dating should have, initially, you know, there should be some, you know, boundaries and a safety net, tell someone where you're going, all that kind of stuff, because, you know, bad things have happened. But I feel like you're actually in a little better position because you're dating women and women. You know, we're not saints, but we tend to not be as big of creeps as men are. Yeah, sorry, guys.

Unknown Speaker 55:36
That's true. That's true. Um, shit. I've seen some fucked up documentaries, though about women. So, okay, women, women, women can be great, too. This is true. But no, like, but for real. Yeah. So I like when to pass by. And, and I was like, Okay, well, I don't see the person that like, I'm supposed to be meeting, you know. And so and so I kind of like to circle around and she that she doesn't know like, what car I'm driving. Like, she doesn't know she's never met me. So I do like a little U turn. I drive back on my pay. Like, what are you wearing little ball like just I'm just trying to like pick a little bit just to see if I can get some information, you know. And so I go to turn back and like she says, The outfit of the person that I saw, and it was like literally nothing like her. It was not like different hair. Like just dress different. I don't know, it was just, I don't want to be mean, but it just was not the person I was expecting.

Unknown Speaker 56:30
No, you got catfished you know? Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 56:32
got fucking catfish. Yeah, but it was so funny because I'm just like, I'm just driving by and also I feel bad because I just like never, never went. But but she doesn't know that I saw her. You know? I mean, it's fucked up. It's like, kind of fucked up.

Unknown Speaker 56:46
I don't think yeah, I don't think it's that messed up. Because it's like, you cannot lie to someone and then expect them to be to act appropriately. You know, it's like, you started this whole thing off with a lie. I mean, I don't know. I would have just, I don't know. I've never been in that situation. That's harsh. Did you ever message back? Or were you just like, go

Unknown Speaker 57:06
see this? I fucking go sooner. I feel really bad about it. Like I'm not it's not my proudest moment. But I did it. And you know what? She fucking deserve it because it wasn't her.

Unknown Speaker 57:15
I leaned towards she deserved it. You know, because you got to start a relationship with with honesty at least or a real fucking picture.

Unknown Speaker 57:22
Yeah, yeah, that's true. All right. So that's your online dating experience. And that's really my only online dating experience. I'm sorry. I'm boring.

Unknown Speaker 57:30
No, that's that's interesting as hell but I know you're currently in a relationship, right? Yes. How did you guys meet and how long have you guys been dating?

Unknown Speaker 57:38
So big surprise. Are we met at my gym? Which is really a big no no for me, because I don't like to do that.

Unknown Speaker 57:46
We always say that and then you know, it's so hard me and my boyfriend our first meeting story. He likes to joke like we're grappling he's a jiu jitsu Black Belt guy. And I guess I oil checked him and then he never forgot who I was after that. So pleased to meet people, you know.

Unknown Speaker 58:05
There you go. You really liked it. Yeah. Yeah, no, but like, so the only reason I'm like, it's a no no for me is because like, my ex, like, my ex girlfriend for from like, four years, like we were like, gonna get married and stuff. We, we broke up. And it actually ended up turning into like a big situation, because she was like, adamantly training at the gym as well. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So like, you know, whatever. Exactly. So like, and that didn't turn out great. And I take like, what I do really seriously, so I didn't want to, like I didn't want to make the environment or the vibe of the gym, like any different, you know, it's such a different situation,

Unknown Speaker 58:42
you and I are training to not get killed? No. And we're trading to kill the other person as opposed to like, Oh, we're here. And we're both CPAs. And we're crunching the numbers next to each other. It's a different environment.

Unknown Speaker 58:55
But initially, she was like, it was fine. But she had it, she ended up dating like team members and shit. So like, that was like really fucked up. So that's why it turned into like a really big situation. So my thing was like, Okay, I'm never gonna date someone at the gym. And so, she she doesn't take any of the evening classes. She only takes like, she usually takes 6am So I don't like train that frickin early. I got to sleep. You know, um, so, so she trained at 6am. And so I never actually, like, really met her, like in person at the gym, but she goes to my gym, okay, um, but I just kind of recognized her profile and we kind of started dating, I guess this is online dating. I guess we started like talking to each other through Instagram. Yep. And, and we're like, hey, let's like let's get a cup of coffee. Let's just talk or you know, and so ever since the first day we met like, it was just kind of been like, uh, you know, like, like, damn, I really like her. Like, like, she's, she's cool as fuck. And, um, and so we kind of started dating since then, and now it's been like two years but

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
nice. So that that means it was a pandemic relationship.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:04
Pretty much so it really was 10 years it was really a 10 year relationship well

Unknown Speaker 1:00:10
only only a few guys locked down together did you have to do the whole lockdown?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
We locked out we would lock down for like a day or two and then like we would like separate and go back to our places. So like kind of I guess

Unknown Speaker 1:00:23
isn't it the best though because same situation with me and my guy. Two years in November lockdown together but like lockdown with your with your boyfriend that you're like or girlfriend that you're still in honeymoon stage is like not even locked down. We're just banging all day and playing games and we're like, this is great pandemic.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:42
I think there's like literally, like there have been several weekends where we like didn't even fucking go out. Just had sex all day. It was like the bet it was fun. It was fucking wild. I was like, we we just stopped for a second. We're like, Are we okay? No, we're not okay, we're not okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
We need to get some food and water. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:02
But we like we definitely she so I was worried about it. I didn't think that we were gonna be together because like, she had also like, before she even met me or knew about me. Like, she had also been in kind of like a not a relationship, but like a fuck buddy situation with one of my, like, teammates, okay, it was it was like a it was like a one or two things situation. So like, then that was another big reason. Like, I was like, shit I cannot get involved with like, everyone. I was like, I I go to the gym to train because it's like, my treated like my workplace. I'm very fucking serious about it. And I have fun sometimes, but like, you know, so like, if everyone's kind of like in each other's business like that, like, that kind of concerns me, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:46
Yeah, yeah. So there are pros and cons, right? You know, to having someone who, maybe not the biggest thing we always talk about is to fighters, especially to active fighters in a relationship is so hard because it's such a selfish time in your life. And, you know, it just, it's just like, I'm doing this motion, you can't see me because we're talking on the phone. But I'm like, punching my fist together. It's just like, you can't, you know, you can't have someone who's just you know, needs these days. It's like he almost needs someone who I don't know, just works around your schedule and kind of allows you to be in the spotlight and do what you got to do. And, and there's a give and take there for sure. But the general consensus is like two fighters in a relationship is so hard.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
Yeah, it's really true. That's really true.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:33
And she's she's competing or she's not competing.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:35
She She competes. But she she's not like a she's not like a full time fighter. Like she just is martial arts for fitness. Like, oh, she really fucking enjoys it, then that's perfect. Yeah, it's okay. Yeah. And she's like, she's a boss, but like, she's a she's a real big giver. Like, if I say like, these are my needs, like she's willing to do anything to like, you know, to kind of meet that because she knows that, like what we do is selfish. Yeah. I mean, even though like we are not a selfish person, like our whole fucking life was revolves around ourselves. Yeah. Yeah. You know, like, how you look what you eat, like, what's your persona, like, you know, like, how you're going to be as a fighter, like, you know, training and recovery and nutrition. Yeah, you know, so it's like, it's a big fucking commitment. And she, you know, she was even willing to go along the lines of like, hey, like, I'll just stop going to the gym. If it's like, if it's a distraction free. Like if you think that if you think that if if we get an argument, it's gonna make you upset. You go to the gym, I'm there, you know? Or like, if like, you can't handle like my past, like, maybe me seeing this person who's on your team, you know? So, like, I really, I that's what really changed my mind about her because I get it. Like, if I get set on something, I usually don't change my mind. I feel like if I feel like someone has a lot, a lot of baggage or a lot of like, paper trail shit going on, then like, I usually set my mind. Like what's best for me? But she but she's different though. She's different. She She literally would do anything for me and I will do anything for her. I love that.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:06
She made you break your rule. That's good. She did make

Unknown Speaker 1:04:08
me break that shit all the time. So like fine.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:15
Have you guys said The L Word? Yeah, I mean, it's been Yeah. All right. Yeah. So what's your definition of love? I I feel like I don't talk about actual love too much on the podcast talking about like, dating, relationships, sex, but like, love like, so. You know, it's different with her. She's special. She made you break your rule. Right? Like, when did you realize that you're in love?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37
I just, I don't know. Like I knew I just knew that she was going to be someone I was gonna eventually. Probably most likely fall in love with just like, just from how she she always wants to make like she just initially has always made me feel safe. And like secure and like if something were to ever happen like she would make something happen, you know? Like if something Where to go really fucking wrong? She would, she would make a go right?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:05
And I said that she makes you feel safe because I look at you and I'm like, Don't you always feel safe?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:11
Like, yeah, like I'm supposed to be the strong one right? Yeah, like physically strong but to be honest with you I'm like the little girl in that relationship I really like um, yeah, even though I'm like very androgynous like boyish like, I like my short hair I like to hit shit. I like to do boys shit but at the end of the day if I see a spider on fucking screen

Unknown Speaker 1:05:31
okay, all right. That's it that's so interesting with you know, gay relationships where it's like, you know, in my kind of like, uninformed straight mind, I'm like, there's, there's a masculine and there's a feminine and you have to have the two and I'm like, it doesn't have to be like that. Like, you could have two feminine energies or two more masculine energies. And like, you know, I think I told you on our pre episode call, like, you know, I'm always like, kind of tiptoeing around like certain terminologies and words because I just want to be inclusive, but not also not get canceled, you know? And yeah, you mentioned one word right. Now, you said androgynous and I had to look this up earlier, because I was like, I feel like your esthetics, your look is would be defined as androgynous. Right. And, you know, if I remember correctly, it's basically being of feminine and masculine appearance, right? So like, kind of girly kind of guy.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:21
Yeah. Yeah. Like, my person. My personality is like, a mixture. Like, I, I'm, like, super, my coach tells me this all the time. Because he like, I'm like, one of the first girls he's ever had at the gym. And, and, uh, and he, like, calls me mom. Like, he's like, he's like, he's like, my, he's like a dad to me. He's, uh, and he always, like, treats me like, I'm super feminine. Even though like, I have a lot of these tendencies. He's like, he's like, you know, you're such a girl. Like, people wouldn't think that. Because of like, how you dress and look, sometimes he's like, but you're the girliest like I've ever met. I love that. Like, stand there with my hand on my head. But I have like, my socks and my J's on like, Jordans on my fucking my backward snapback, flannel and shit on and he's like, such a girl no one would ever know.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:07
I love that. So into the sexy questions. Did you ever get the talk? Or, you know, How'd you learn about sex growing up? You were in the Catholic, you know, world so that's kind of like, Oh, if you did have like, the talk, it probably was like sex bad. You do you die? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:24
No, like, I wish I was getting there to to that conversation. It's just like, there's so many fucking avenues with with growing up Catholic and shit. But, um, no, like, I mean, I guess like the closest thing to like a quote unquote, sex talk I got was if my mom asked me in the car if I needed birth control.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:41
All right. My grandpa was the one who actually took me to Planned Parenthood to get birth control. Oh, really? Shout out to grandpa.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:48
Yeah. I love him. I don't know him. But I just, he's the sounds great. He's still kicking. Yeah. That's awesome. That's awesome. Yeah, so she kind of just asked me that. And it like, made me really embarrassed because I was like, You're just assuming like, this is like, right before it came out. Like you're just assuming that I'm having sex with guys. But like, like, I'm actually a lesbian, you know, me feel. It made me feel really uneasy. So I just didn't really know. I was like, no, like, I don't need that. And you're like, like, ever? She's like, Yeah, well, that's what I was thinking. Like, my hands are like sweaty and shit. I'm like, that's what I'm thinking. Like, I'll never need it. But, but, uh, but she was like, but you're, you're having sex, like, you're gonna need it. And, um, that's just kind of how she tried to talk to me about it. And so it made me like, nervous. I didn't know how to like, talk about it, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
Yeah, that's, I mean, put yourself in notes. Sometimes we like really, like, judge our parents harshly. But then lately, kind of the last year to two years, I've been doing this all like self reflective type shit and trying to work on me, because what the fuck else am I going to do when I can't train? Right? So I'm like, trying to make this time worth it. And I'm like, I think I'm a lot more kind, like just thinking about my parents. Because, you know, even though, you know, they didn't do the best job. You know, maybe they weren't as attentive, they doing their own things. It's like, they all no matter who your parent is, like, they just tried to do the best that they could at that time, right? And sometimes it's not that great, sometimes real shit. But, you know, maybe your mom was just like, trying to come up with a way and it's like, it must have been awkward for her too. Because she's like our head. I got a lesbian daughter, but maybe she'll change.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
Like, yeah, yeah, I can't I can't imagine when I try to look at it from like, the parents are like, I can't imagine having these like conversations.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34
Yeah. Is our children. Something that you want in the future? Yeah, for

Unknown Speaker 1:09:38
sure. I definitely want we definitely want like one or two.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:42
So Dang, you guys have the talk already, huh?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:44
I know. Yeah. Well, she's gonna be 35 in October, okay, then you gotta head and talk. And I'm not pushing it out. Like I'm just not like nothing like I think it's I think it's the coolest fucking thing ever. Like I really do. I just don't know how I would be able to hit no pregnancy. I'm such a baby.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:02
I, you know, I think I'm a tough bee. But at the same time, I'm not into kids and my partner isn't either. So I'm just so happy I met someone that because the person I was with actually before my partner pressured me into having kids and I didn't want to lose him. So for a second I like, can't even I think about this now and I'm like, how crazy was I? But I was like, Okay, I'll go. So have a kid. I'm like, that's not how you should go into having children. So good.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:28
That's so good. It didn't happen. Because like, you're not, that's something that you don't want, then you don't want to, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:34
trust me, trust me. I you know, my partner. Now I just look at him sometimes. And there's our neighbors. It's so funny that there's children that like live right. You know, in California, it's probably a lot. We're like, stacked on top of each other. Not quite like New York, but there's probably more space in Dallas. And there's these Kids Next Door, and they're just like playing outside, but like, just their little like, their screens. I'm just like, fucking I'm so glad I'm never having children like, and I look at my boyfriend. He's like, we're never having children. And I'm like, All right, we're on the same page.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:04
Yeah, that's good. That's awesome. That's definitely a plus. That's a keeper. All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:09
So you guys do want to have kids? I love that. Yeah. All right. Quick question. Do you have sex before the fight? Or do you abstain? Most people on the podcast say, hell no, they have sex all the way up to the fight night, but I want to know how you feel.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:24
So like, it really just depends, like, it depends on what stage man like, when I first started fighting. I took that shit so seriously, to where I would like believe in superstitious shit. Ooh, tell me. Yeah. And like, so like, there's like the history I think. I don't know if it's the Irish or some shit. But it's like an old school boxing they used to like abstain from sex, or like being with their partner. So they would go off to camps, and they would like live with all the guys. Yeah. And train and then because I don't know, I think they said it took their focus away or something like that. But I remember it being like, I don't know if you've ever heard of that. Have you?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:02
Oh, yeah, we talked about that. That's like one of the my go to questions. I mix it up and we get off on tangents. But I love to, to ask the fighters if they that's,

Unknown Speaker 1:12:10
that's like, where I was at, like, for maybe a year. And then I was like, okay, like, that's stupid. Like, that's just, that's just like, that's not a role. That's not so I did maybe like one or two camps. It was like, okay, like, I'm gonna go be by myself. Like, yeah, I don't want to see you, you know, but But no, like, as I've like, gotten like as I've progressed in MMA and fighting and stuff, and I've got more comfortable I honestly like I'll, I'll literally like, I would have sex up until the fight, but I feel like I'm already so like, I'm sore. And I just kind of like when you do a lot of combat sports. Sometimes. The last thing is like, you don't want to be touched at night. Yeah, like your body is just so beat up and like you're depleted. Exactly. Yeah. So like, I feel like when I don't I like there may be like a few weeks I would go through and camp without having sex because I just didn't feel good. Yeah, and your libido drops to like, when you're in camp like your your fucking hormones are all out of whack.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:07
Yeah, yeah, it's true. I mean, I It's weird, because, like, I like to have sex. More when I'm in shape. Like when my body looks really good. I just feel like yeah, I'm confident about myself. Like, I want to be on top. I'm like, look, look at these ABS is great, you know? And then I get chunky. And I'm like, I'm gonna be we're doing doggy style.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:27
Because I feel the same way. But like, and of course, I feel like oh, shit, I look so good. Like my abs. I'm doing this and that. Like, I know she thinks bla bla bla. But I just I don't know, I just feel like I get I overtrained a lot. So I feel like my sex drive goes down. But when but when I do feel like having sex and I happen to be in camp, I do it like yes, it's definitely I'm definitely not opposed to it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:52
Okay. So earlier, we were talking and you said you did a lot of crazy girls. You know what they say about crazy girls?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
They're crazy. They're real

Unknown Speaker 1:14:02
good in bed. Yeah, crazy in bed. Crazy bed. So my question is, what is one of your craziest or like wildest sex stories? You know? Have you ever been asked to do something like too freaky? Or maybe you had sex in a crazy place?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:17
Yeah, I mean, I've been with like, so I dated a like a Yoga Girl Like a Yoga Girl. And we used to do all kinds of crazy shit. Like she would do like some kind of headstand thing and we would do stuff like that. So like that's like, that was like a cool that was a cool moment. And my younger lesbian days yeah. She was super spiritual and shit. So we would we would all kind of like, like just real Yogi type stuff, but but I did have this one girl that was so cool. Like really like you're a great person. Tattoos like she's not really like she doesn't like come off like as a crazy like vibe characteristically. But like when we were like in bed one time she asked me if I I could like cut her. Whoa was with a knife

Unknown Speaker 1:15:03
blood play.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:05
I don't know, but she like didn't describe to me like how she wanted me to cut her. Like, I'm like, there's this fish want me to stab her? Like this Like this, she just want like a little poke, like, you know, so I'm freaking out in my head and I'm like, okay, like, she goes, she goes and gets a knife. She brings it back to the VA, and she gives it to me and I was like, I just like, kind of like, put it on her arm a little bit. And then I was like, fuck this. I can't do it. I can't do it. Yeah, scary, man. Yeah, so I that kind of freaked me out. I just wasn't ready for it wasn't like I was like, I was judging it or anything. You know, because that was just something she was into. But, uh, but I definitely was like, Okay, I've never experienced anything like this before. So I freaked out. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:48
well, that's so cool that initially you were like, okay, but then Yeah, I kind of feel like that was her bad for not giving you more direction because obviously, it's a dangerous situation. It's like, there's very few things in the bedroom that are dangerous, right? Like, the asphyxiation type stuff, you know, like choking or, you know, it's like, you gotta like, really talk it out with your partner and communicate like pressure or, in this case, don't stab me just, you know, little slice or something. Like, give me a little neck little nick, like a razor neck.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:19
You know? No one No one can help you out with that. Not even not even the parental sex talk. That's why no one no one can help you out with that situation. No, but she was like into, like, you know, those people who have piercings on their back and they hang from like string. Oh, suspension? Yeah, yeah, she was into that. So I guess I should have known right? Yeah, she was into pain. You know, like, that's that I fucked up. That was my fault.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:43
Oh, you know, I got lots of piercing and tattoos. But if you try to fucking cut me in the bedroom, I will catch you right back.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51
No one. No one's hanging from the ceiling. No.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:53
I'm good, man. What's What are your biggest pet peeves in the bedroom? We've had people say like, you know, people hygiene is number one or like, you know, in heterosexual heterosexual relationship, you know, guys who tried to slip it in the back door without saying

Unknown Speaker 1:17:09
no? Yeah. Um, I don't know. Honestly. Yeah. Like I don't do like I can't. There's no backdoor play shit going on with me. Like, if it Hannah ever and she knows that if if Hannah ever tried that shit. I'd be like, Um, no, you fucking well. No, not really. I mean, I guess if like, I really like morning sex. Like, I really? I don't know why it's really. It's like my favorite thing. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:36
Okay, so, morning sex, I understand. But like, it just puts me back to bed. I'm like, now I don't have that. Like, I'm, I'm going to kill the day. I'm like, okay, you know, I want to go back to sleep.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:48
So like, Okay, I agree with that. Because like, if I have trouble going to sleep at night, I'd be like, alright, let's just like just have a quickie real quick, you know, and that'll put me to sleep that literally will put me right to sleep. But I feel like when I do it in the morning, it's like, it's like the opposite effect on me. I don't know if it has anything to do with like, the sunlight coming in? Or, you know, so I don't know. It's kind of like it's like a little like, shot of an espresso or something. That's nice. Yeah. So uh, yeah, so but I don't really have like a big pet peeve. Um, I just like if we have section in the morning that it's like, you gotta fuckin brush your teeth. Oh, yeah. That's the only thing that's the only thing is like, Go brush. Let's Let's brush your teeth real quick. And then let's do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:27
Yeah, I actually I'm pretty like OCD about brushing my teeth. I think I brush my teeth, like too much. I went to the dentist and he was like, Hey, he's up on the brush in your gums. I was like, all right. But I like brush, right? sanding down your gum. Yeah, basically. And I was like, but I just I just don't ever want bad breath. And like, you know, I love I do love kissing. But, you know, I've told my boyfriend. I'm like, I don't want to kiss with stinky breath. You know? And I feel like guys are like, less quick to brush their teeth. You know?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:56
Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. I just like, I'm so sorry, Hannah. But Hannah has the worst. Like, morning breath. Yeah, so I tell her that and she was like, really sad at first and I'm like, okay, but I want you to tell me if I have really bad morning breath. Because I want to fucking know that.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:11
I said the same thing to my boyfriend. I was like, Look, do you like kissing me? And he was like, Yeah, I'm like, I want to kiss you so bad when you brush your teeth. And he was like, All right, all right.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:21
No. Yeah. So no, like, yeah, I guess that would be like my biggest pet peeve. But like other than that, like, you know, we're pretty like fun and funky and it's not it's never things are never really a big deal.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:31
All right. So you you know, we talked about like masculine energy, feminine energy and like, even though you know, you might be a little and drawn androgynous aesthetically, like you are kind of the feminine one. So in bed, does that transfer Are you more of like the submissive one versus dominant? No, no, it doesn't. It's

Unknown Speaker 1:19:49
like the I don't know. It's weird. I just have like, I guess like, I have very girly or very feminine characteristics. Like there's certain things that I do. They're very feminine, but like General I feel like I'm more type a dominant, like that, like translates into my wardrobe. You know, and obviously what I do, like, for fun and shit, you know, jumping out of planes like fighting in cages, jump out of planes. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:16
I mean, I've been skydiving once in my life but like, I mean, I would do it again, but nobody ever wants to go with me.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:23
Oh my god, you should come do it with us because we're obsessed with it. Oh, Hannah's been maybe a handful of times. I've been like, I've been like three. But the place that we go to basically gets you ready to like jump out the plane on your own. Oh, I haven't done that yet. It's like it's like a training school. So like you do like a certain amount of sessions with a pre do like a few tangents and then you jump with a instructor, which is fucking wild. And then like, the next step would be like you're just clocking hours or trying to like, just jump out the plane as much as you can.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:55
Well, I'm in I'm sold when I'm healed. I'm going to meet my boyfriend are gonna come to Dallas. We're gonna jump out of planes and we're gonna train. He's got friends in Dallas, so

Unknown Speaker 1:21:04
it's on go. I'm gonna take you up on that. Let's do it. I'm excited.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:07
So let's transition into the lightning sex route lightning section guys is a rapid fire. yes or no answer segment. Are you ready? Yep. Okay, lightning sex round with Macy. Here we go. Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes, spank are like to be spanked. Both biting. Yes, choking. Yes. threesomes

Unknown Speaker 1:21:40
not anymore.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:42
Do you watch porn?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:44
I have not not. Not a lot. Not a lot.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:47
Any fetishes. Like foot fetish.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:51
No foot fetish bodily fluids. I guess just the No, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:00
Okay, bondage. I don't know. I don't know. Bondage like ropes. Blindfold handcuffs. Yes. Role playing.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:09
Sometimes very light.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:11
But stuff on you or a partner? We already said not on you. On a partner. Got it? Do you sex toys? Yes. ever been? That's uh, yeah, I feel like kind of like a duck with the lesbians situation. But I don't want to assume no,

Unknown Speaker 1:22:26
but I mean, we can't but we can't assume that women can only have orgasms one way. So you know, there's many ways we can have an orgasm for sure. Yes, we have toys.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:34
Got it ever been to a sex club or a swinger party?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:38
But no sex club.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:39
Nice. Want to share that story with us later.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:42
I mean, it was like that. It's I mean, it was the only one and only time that I went and it was crazy. But it wasn't like it wasn't like super, like weird and sane. People were just really themselves. They're like, Yeah, it's like a place I could go.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:55
Yeah, no. Okay. Yeah, ever. Are you a lingerie lumber lover? Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:02
Lumber. Are you the laundry lumberjack?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:05
You're like, oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:23:06
that sounds better. Like I'm in my mind trying to pick out us like, was I ever on my partner? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:14
All right. Body hair. No. Ever been caught having sex?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:20
Trying to think probably probably

Unknown Speaker 1:23:25
ever been caught masturbating?

Unknown Speaker 1:23:29
No, she's scared. Alright, and

Unknown Speaker 1:23:31
that's the end of lightning sex round. Congratulations, basically. Yeah. All right, we're gonna end this show with two segments. One is called Fuck, Marry, Kill. And the other one is just fan questions marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. Is that okay? Yep. Okay, all right. So Fuck, Marry, Kill. So, people with partners, you know, give them the option. I'm like, Oh, do you want to do real people? Or do you want to you know, fictional characters and you're like, Fuck it, whatever. So I gave you leading lesbian edition. These are all females who are openly gay. Who are actresses. So you get to choose between Kristen Stewart Twilight. Ruby Rose Orange is the New Black and Aubrey Plaza. Parks and Rec

Unknown Speaker 1:24:25
should all marry Kristen Stewart. Okay. Kill Audrey. And fuck Ruby Rose. Great. Awesome. Which everyone would say

Unknown Speaker 1:24:36
yeah, yeah, she's hot. I'm not even lesbian. And I'm like, I would. Yes, everyone everyone would. Okay, we've got a couple fan questions for you. From your real fans, this is this one's from at Trevor Smith, aka Serge. It's a good question. As a lesbian, would you be bothered to fight in Abu Dhabi where homosexuality is illegal? It's kind of like a three part question. And then also actually just do take it step by step. So part one.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:12
Yeah. Um, I mean, I'm not opposed to it. I would love to fight there. And obviously, like, I respect countries and their rules. Do I like it? No, but I probably would be more scared of anything. I guess I would be scared of like, maybe something happening. You know, I'm not really sure what their culture is like, towards people who are adamantly sinners in their mind, you know? Yeah. So I'd be I'd be a little bit more like on my toes nervous then, like, opposed to going, so I would love to go I'd fight there. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:41
Okay. And the second part question is can you elaborate on why you? Why you refuse to fight Aspen? When she missed weight, we already we're talking about that. We don't need to go back into it. And then the third part is Do you consult MMA forums like our slash MMA on Reddit or Sherdog?

Unknown Speaker 1:25:59
Do I what do you consult? Do you go on

Unknown Speaker 1:26:01
those like MMA forums like Reddit or Sherdog? I sure fuckin hope you don't, because those things

Unknown Speaker 1:26:05
are okay. So. Okay, so I've been on Sherdog before but I've went on topology once on this. Honestly, I think this will share dog. Yes, I went on share dog and there was a fucking 35 or 36 Page forum of whether or not these dudes would fuck me.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:21
Whoa. So you do go on there. Oh, no,

Unknown Speaker 1:26:24
I went okay, that I went once and it was so stupid. And I'm not gonna do it. Never again. Never again. Honestly, some of the She was funny though. Like, honestly, I think she's really fucking hot. Like, I like her whole, like short hair. And then when she's like, why would never fuck him? You know? So it's like, it's kind of funny, like going back and forth. People like what do you do all day? Like you're on? Sherdog? Like just talking about this? Like, yeah, I'm not even that famous. Like you're talking about me? You know? So it sounds like

Unknown Speaker 1:26:52
you have thick skin and I am. I'm happy for you. Because I'm a delicate flower sometimes. So I cannot look at that shit. Even some people were like on my Instagram. You know, I'll just block and delete you know, but like, I get my little feelings hurt. I

Unknown Speaker 1:27:07
know I get snow. I get so fucking sensitive. I get really sad. And then I honestly just try to make it funny. And that's just a way of coping with it because it is kind of funny if you think of it. Oh, yeah. Another perspective but no, like, it makes me pretty bug and sad.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:21
Okay, all right. Well stay off those things because our assholes at Zacky be biggest turn on and biggest turn off.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:32
Hmm, I don't know. I got like, that's pretty broad. Like biggest turn on. Like in bed? Or like just in general? Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:27:41
let's let's narrow it down for you. Yeah, let's just say like, for your loss to your girlfriend, like what was the biggest turnoff when you guys first started dating and you're just like, oh shit.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:52
I don't know. I really she's really confident and like, she has like amazing fucking hair like amazing. Early. There you go. You got to characteristic and I don't know I don't know if you've seen her Instagram but like or seen her on mine. But she has like really, really fucking beautiful hair. And I just really like to grab her curls. Oh, like what I when I when I kiss her. But like that's like, I don't know. Like there's just little things about her that I just really fucking love that turns me on. So I don't know if that's but I definitely have other turn ons and bed and stuff like that. But

Unknown Speaker 1:28:21
that's perfect. That's perfect. I actually my boyfriend keeps his hair long because I like his hair. Like, you know, short on the side. Kind of like your hair.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:30
Yeah, but I like but like no, we're into like choking and shit. So that that's like a if we're talking like sexual. That's like a big turnoff.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:37
Got it? All right. And then what about a turn off? Like for me smoking?

Unknown Speaker 1:28:41
No. Yeah, no, that's yeah, smoking is a huge turnoff. Yeah, cigarettes. Let me quit. Yeah, cigarettes. Cigarettes. Yeah, cigarette smoke. I'm gonna agree with you. That's

Unknown Speaker 1:28:51
all right. Next is at Gina Gino for Ferraro. What was it like going through the tough house with all those other fighters cutting weight and angry?

Unknown Speaker 1:29:02
That shit was wild. And then we were all like, at the end of that show, all the girls in the house were synced up on their periods and shit. Oh, I know. So so we were all like, just a fucking mess the whole time? No, it's uh, it honestly wasn't that bad. Like some people. The only way I managed to get through it was by like, kind of disassociating myself at times when I needed to, like when people were having like a bad night, I would just like go in another room or go outside. Okay, you know, so like, just staying away from that shit. That helps a lot. And um, I mean, yeah, I mean, it's luck. Like, I definitely like found like, like a low point there. But so he was trying to just try to ignore it. You know, I just would try to ignore that.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:46
He just you wouldn't want to do that whole experience again.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:50
Oh, probably not. It but if I haven't done it, I would do it. Yeah, yeah. But if I want if I had the option of doing it again. No. Yeah, I don't think so. That's

Unknown Speaker 1:29:59
what you No I've had a couple people who have been on the in the tough house before and every single person's like I would not do that shit again.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:06
No that shit fucking sucked and you've had you didn't have anything you haven't computer or TV? No outside world, right? You couldn't do any you couldn't magazines or books. So like they wanted you to like fight with each other and I was just like, You know what I'm gonna watch ever. I'm gonna watch everyone else buy it,

Unknown Speaker 1:30:21
and then they give you all the alcohol and they're like, proceed. Okay, yeah. All right, next we got at Joel Schwartz. Schwarber. I know straight men that find you attractive. What are your thoughts on that?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:35
That's pretty fucking cool. Yeah, yeah. I know a lot of straight dudes that I personally know a lot of straight dudes that I've met that like, man, so I have a surprise.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:45
I'm not gonna lie. I saw a picture of you. And I'm like, I feel like she's kind of a an attractive guy. Is that weird to say?

Unknown Speaker 1:30:51
No, that's the whole that's the whole part of being like, you know, my style. Like androids are like, more boyish, just because like, that's just, I like I like that feeling. Like, if if a stray girl was like, oh my god, like she's hot. You know? Cuz she can't she kind of looks like a hot guy. Like, I'd be like, I would find that. I find that cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:10
Well, that's what my first impression was, but then I felt bad. Like, I'm like, that's a girl Ashley. Like, well, I'm all confused

Unknown Speaker 1:31:17
about that. Because like, I know that, you know, like, I know that. That's what some people think. And I like that, you know? Yeah, that's not like an offensive thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:25
Okay, all right. Good. And then next we got at Pepe LePew I love this guy. His name is funny. He's always asking questions. What at Macy keen to check your next fight who has been your toughest opponent so far and why

Unknown Speaker 1:31:40
I'm toughest. I'm like, I immediately go to a loss but like sometimes losses aren't the Sophists. Yeah, yeah. Um, because like shit, like, you know, knockouts and stuff like that are like getting hit and like, but I'm trying to think I think the I think the last so like, my hardest fight for me internally was probably my semi final fight of The Ultimate Fighter because I like had a fucking terrible way cut. Who was that again? That was against Leah Letson. Okay. I like physically felt like shit. So like it that was really hard for me. Because in my mind, I was like, I want to quit, you know? Yeah, but I like decided I just made a decision that I wasn't going to I had a really shitty weight cut. That was like my second time cutting in the house and like a week yeah, yeah, so 145 So like it it was a really bad cut. Um, and so I felt really bad and I didn't think I was going to win that fight because I just I thought I just thought like, I just was not feeling good. But yeah, I was able to turn around and got the win so that was that was a big deal for me but I think maybe the one of the tougher fights I had was against against rocky I mean, rocky Rocky the pressure that that I felt from her was just different. Yeah, if I were to choose like a person that I thought was like a tough fight. Okay, I'd probably give it to her.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:13
All right. And last question from the same person that by the Pew which of your training partners has been kicking your ass lately?

Unknown Speaker 1:33:23
I'm friggin miles John's. A little. That guy is like a little mini Yoel Romero. He's like, he's like all like bald head like beefed up. He's he always he always gives me great rounds. Like he knows how to like he knows how to like, hurt me and like fuck me up and practice but not like, injure you take Yeah, but not injure me. Yeah. So he's, he's one of those like training partners and him and then this other guy, Fernando. Like they've been. And he's Mexican. So you know, he's like, he's putting that fucking pace on me. Awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:59
Okay, my last question for you. Who would you like to hear next on sex and violence rebel girl? It could be a fighter or anyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:08
Um, Jen would be a good a good person to talk to

Unknown Speaker 1:34:12
Jenny Frey. Okay. All right. Hit her. I will hit her up. We know you got your fight coming up. May 7, right? Yes. May 7 against Norma Dumont kick her ass. I plan. I'm really excited for you. Where can we follow you on social media? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all that stuff.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:32
So you can follow me at Macy. shass on, on, on Facebook and on Instagram. I don't have a Twitter. I deleted it. Okay, the best thing I ever did.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:43
Yeah, people are overly opinionated on Twitter. Yeah, okay. And I will have all those links on the Episode notes, guys. Just like always, anything else you want to say before we go?

Unknown Speaker 1:34:53
No, I just want to say thank you. I had fun talking to you. And I definitely would do this any other time. I know I talk talk a lot. So we got to I really had to figure that out. But

Unknown Speaker 1:35:01
I was like so excited because you know, like I never know if I'm going to have enough content you know, I don't know if the person is going to open up or tell stories and I'm realizing with you, I'm like, Damn, we could talk for another two hours for sure.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:13
For sure. And you can always ask me any like any other questions because I'll bounce out of ADHD so bad fucking thing to thing but yeah, I'll talk

Unknown Speaker 1:35:22
we're on a season two right now we're episode 83 And I'm trying to figure out the right time to like have guests back on like maybe like a year later you don't I mean, like or maybe when some big life event you know like if you knock up your girlfriend Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:37
something like that. So I've been trying to do it. It hasn't happened. Keep trying every night. Yeah, I'm trying hard.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:46
Have a great trading Cafe see thank you so hard to do with the shakes Ashley by appreciated thank you. Straight Are you are you?

Unknown Speaker 1:36:43
Episode 83 With UFC fighter Macy shuffle, the women's featherweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter 28 and number 10 in the UFC women's bantamweight rankings. Next week, guys, we got a great guest. She is new to the UFC, she the UFC strawweight. Her name is Tabitha, Baby shark, Rishi, and she's a 26 year old female fighter from Brazil with a six in one pro record, guys, I fought. I've trained with her at blackhouse MMA before, she's half my size, but she beat my ass. She's just tough little brazilian girl. And she's beautiful. So she's got beauty and she's a badass, I can't wait to talk to her. Somehow, you know, normal stuff I say every single week, probably tired of hearing about it. But please, please, please check out our website, sex violence with rebel Pick up a shirt support the show. I love you guys. Thank you so much. I really, really appreciate all the fan questions every week. There's a couple of you guys that it's like I hear your name every week. And I really appreciate it. The fan questions I think just, you know, brings a different touch to the show. And I like that you guys get to connect with the fighters in that way. Or maybe it's not a fighter but you know what I mean? So thank you for that special thank you to our audio engineers, so happy to have him back in the studio. DJ Zol at DJ Zol tomorrow Good studio at tomorrow kids official. And as always, you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and our backup account in case there's Karen's out there at sex and violence with rebel girl and the number two at the end myself. I'll be at at Ashley MMA. I hope you guys enjoyed this week's episode. I sure did. Macy is quite the character. I'm going to Dallas. I'm going skydiving. Remember guys. Be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. I'll talk to you next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and violence.

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