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Ep.87 Eliza Skinner

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Sex and Violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex environment rebels, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance, and all Kitabi subjects. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl. Talk about sex

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what's happening hot stuff.

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What is up all my naughty listeners we're back new week, new episode new guests. Happy to be in studio. Can't Believe It's March already. It's the month of kind of flying by, for me at least. And it's not been uneventful. I mean, we've got a potential World War World War going on, you know, pandemic seemed to mellow out for a second then boom, conflict between Russia and Ukraine. And some craziness in the MMA headlines. former UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez is being charged with attempted premeditated murder of a child molester. And I'm not going to get all crazy political, but I'll just say hashtag free Kane. And moving on this, you know, this podcast is not a political podcast, I tried to, you know, this, this should be your time to stop and kind of decompress and not have to think about all the craziness in the world and in your own personal life. We want to talk about tattoos and Tinder and dating and meeting and all that good stuff. So I hope this show does give you guys a little break a little bit of comedy, a little insightfulness into the guest, we have, we do have a really great guest today. Before we talk to the guest, let's talk. I'll tell you what I tell you guys every week if you are consistent listener, please, please, please rate and review the show. I say it all the time, but it really does help and it's free, guys. It's a free way to help the show to help us continue, you know, paying the bills and you know, keeping the studio lights on and all that good stuff. So you rate review and if you need even more incentive, yes, we will send you a goddamn sticker. So screenshot your review and send it to our Instagram that's at sex and violence with rebel girl on Instagram and your address and we'll mail you a free sticker. Yeah, I'll pay the Guardian postage, just write a frickin review. Give us a couple stars one star two stars. I don't care. Even the bad reviews I think actually, they register and they're good for us. So whatever tell us we suck I do not care. As I mentioned last week, go on to the fights the cage warrior fights, not the UFC fights tonight. I'm really excited. They're in San Diego, California. I never really go down to San Diego even though I'm here in Orange County, and it's only like, what Zol hour and a half hour. Oh, it's yeah, it's only an hour. I go to LA and that's like an hour away but I never go to San Diego. I've never been to a cage warriors fight. This is the first one. So you know, seems like it's gonna be a great card. Pretty good feeder programming to the UFC. My boyfriend trains with Wilson haste hice. Haha, say his name. Brazilian are he is ice Wilson Hi. So we're going to go cheer for him. And yeah, I'm going to go see some old friends and my manager. So it's gonna be good time if you guys are going to the fights. Say hi. And you seem if you see me and tickets are still available. I will actually my bad I forgot to put a link in the show last week but I for sure will put a link this week. That's about it, you know, and then tomorrow night we've got the UFC fights. I do not think I will be attending there's in Las Vegas, and it's up to 72 Bad blood will be shed tomorrow when close friends turned bitter rivals Colby Covington and Jorge hospital meet Did you watch that trailer? Dude it gave me like that they did such a good job the UFC or ESPN whoever did it have yeah pitching and hyping this fight up because you know I had heard they were friends but like you know this commercial that they came out with I like it like broke my heart a little bit I'm such a softy. I was like man, you know, it does get me excited for the fight but i All I want is like a good fight. And then whoever wins I like I hope they like hug it out at the end and and be like okay, now let's squash this. And maybe that's because I'm mushy, but I feel like we all look forward. Yeah, and like in every day life. We can't just be like, I've got to be with you. Let's fucking fight it out and squash it. I think it'd be kind of cool if we could do that but that's just not the way the world works you know? So yeah, so I you know, I'm rooting for friendship. The main event as corny as that sounds, the rest of the card.

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The SPM player and the S ESPN plus streaming card takes place inside the T mobile arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The rest of the card is pretty awesome reading it here. We've got half al Dosanjh knows who he was supposed to fight. I can't say that guy's last name, but last minute replacement is not dominicano who steps up on I think like two or three days notice which is pretty fucking badass. Edson Barboza versus Bryce Mitchell. Always want to see that guy fight and his camo shorts. Kevin Holland versus Alex Olivera. I think that's gonna be a barnburner just because yeah, okay, great. We DJs all think that Kevin Holland and Alex Olvera will get maybe Fight of the Night. We got Sergei Spivak versus Greg Hardy. Then the prelims we got Jalen Turner vs. Jamie malarkey Marina Marina Henriques versus Yan. I'm so sorry. Shawn Zeon x I am How do you pronounce that? Yan John? Where is Zacharia? I got it. Yeah. My homies Zachariah. Shout out Thanks for always helped me with these names, but I'm struggling right now. All right, the rest of the car. They've got the early prelims. We got Nikolai? Naga Mariano. Oh, that's pretty good. Kennedy. Kennedy. Shaka New, and then got more Hi, I'm Rose versus Mariah Appa GABA. GABA. Yeah. And then Brian Keller versus Lamar. Naga. Naga not gonna work here anymore. Tim Elliott vs to gear all him back off Deonte Smith versus lewd little bits Klein and Michael olas. Zeki aka versus Dustin Jacoby. Damn, I murdered that one. Sorry guys. Zachariah, our homie from Instagram who helps me with the phonetic. Please help me out here. Anyway, guys. All right. So that's the card for tomorrow I'm going to be the cage warriors fight in San Diego tonight. If you guys want to write us an email, go ahead and do that. It's sex and violence. If you want to buy some gear, check out the website. We've got some new graphics coming up pretty soon. And that's at sex violence with rebel And if you want to sponsor the show, you should do it now. Because we're about to be on a platform. I can't say who but is this just say it's the time to get in with sex and violence or rebel girl? Now's the time guys. So if you want to sponsor the show, send us an email. And that's about it. Let's talk about some of our sponsors that we do have right now. I'm so excited guys. Okay, and I say guys, not the girls. Sorry, ladies, this one's not for you. This one is for all my listeners with some whiskers. You know, like mutton chops, a goatee mustache? A few mint. No, no one has food and shoes anymore. But about like a side beard or a neck beard or just a good old fashion. You know, face beard. This is for you guys. We are now in partnership with the best facial hair oil in the business. And they're called Rebel apothecary. How fitting is that? It's perfect, right? We didn't even plan that these guys are the best. They're the best beard oil in the game. And they I know this because not because I have a beard. But I know many hairy men jujitsu guys MMA fighters, and I've given this product to them. And they said it's great. It keeps your face maintained and it smells good to guys. Please check them out. They are a family owned and operated business. And you can use our discount code rebel to get 25% off your entire order. Find them on Instagram at rebel dot apothecary or online at rebel Check them out rebel apothecary beard oil.

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give me inspired by you lots of beautiful manual supplier I like smoking step all the thinking but I found it different by the world is versatile kill if you let it I know they got pills that can help you forget it, they call it medicine

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All right, we're here with Eliza Skinner. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you coming on the show. Let's just jump right into it. I know it's a loaded question. But I kind of want to in your own words. You know, what's your comedy journey been like so far? And how did you get into comedy initially? Oh, wow.

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Loaded with joy do I tell about the long version the medium versus short for my, my comedy journey has been it's been cold for a while now. Um, I kind of fell into it in college because I had a friend who liked the college improv group, one of my roommates and he wanted to go audition for it. But he didn't want to go alone. So everybody in our house went and added like 200 people, they cast him and me, oh, like, oh, maybe I'm good at this. And then when I graduated, moved to New York didn't know what to do with myself figured it was like, way too expensive to live in New York without having a point to beat. Like I was working in a hotel. I was like, I could do this anywhere and literally the world. I need to do something you can only do here. So I grabbed some improv companies and started working in improv once again, got cast really fast and just kind of started following that I found a niche specifically with musical improv which is improvising musicals. And along with that improvised rap, and we started a comedy rap battle. According to, according to some articles, the first one comedy rap battle, but it was specifically improvised and what was that call was originally called the beat down beat. Yeah, I started out with my friend Chris Sullivan, who, most recently I believe was on Broadway with freestyle Love Supreme. which is Lin Manuel Miranda's freestyle rap show, man Yeah, from there just did improv for a long time started getting into sketch all of that mostly the UCB theatre started getting sketch. And then because of improv, it was like, you're making up really funny stuff, but you're throwing it down a well. And so I was like, I should write this down. It's gonna be doing sketch. But with sketch, you got to get all these wigs, you have to coordinate all these different people's schedules, you got to like, rehearse. So I got it started getting to stand up, because that was just me and a microphone. Yeah. And then I moved out to LA. And around this time, Twitter was really big. So I was when I moved to LA. I was like, I'm just I'm gonna focus mainly on stand up, I had an improv show also and taught improv is a day job. But I just kind of defined myself as a as a stand up, but I was doing a lot of joke writing on Twitter, and got noticed for that, and that's how I got my first TV writing job writing for Joan Rivers on fashion police, okay. And then from there, we had to go on strike, because we were being paid like $200 In episode, which is really bad for TV, kind of anything. And so through my stand up, and my comedy writing, and kind of being seen doing this labor movement, I got a job on totally biased TV show on FX that Chris Rock was producing. And I was corresponding on that and then just sort of like, from there, kind of ping pong around from comedy job to comedy job and continuing to do stand up and moving forward with my stand up career. So yeah, right now Show's over soon.

Unknown Speaker 16:54
Multitalented so like, not just stand up, you know, the improv and the sketches and comedy writing. Obviously, you know, he said sketches really wasn't your thing is you're more of like a, maybe a lone wolf, you know, comedian, because

Unknown Speaker 17:08
it's just a lot easier, especially when you're working with like a bunch of 20 year olds, and everybody has four different sketch groups. And so you're like, Okay, well, when are we going to rehearse it? Can we do it in between grandma's panties and your other group? The Ninja pancakes. And this gets really ridiculous.

Unknown Speaker 17:26
I feel like misses maybe a weird comparison. But as a fighter, it's just, you know, you and you go do your training when you you know, and you don't really have to coordinate a team like Did they there are MMA teams and you know, group practices and stuff, but like, it's more of an individual sport, as opposed to like, okay, if I'm on a soccer team, or a football team, or whatever. So I kind of feel exactly.

Unknown Speaker 17:49
And you end up kind of having your own team amongst all those loners to at least stand up? And I would imagine in your world. Exactly, yeah. That you see frequently in the same place, train with others do their jokes or develop. Yeah. So yeah, it's, you know, you still have a community, but you're just you don't have to count on them to do anything. Yes, yes. That the music thing also kind of came through where I ended up creating and had writing throughout the mic, which is a rap battle show.

Unknown Speaker 18:24
Do you play any instruments?

Unknown Speaker 18:26
I don't, I took piano for eight years, when I was a kid. And it turned out when I changed teachers a few times towards the end of my final piano teacher refused to play any of the pieces before I would plan to just give me sheet music and cover my hands on the piano keys. And I couldn't do it. And she was like, you are just, you're just playing by ear, you're just having another person play the piece first. And then you copy them. You haven't learned to read music, you haven't learned to actually play the piano. So we're gonna put you back in first grade. And at that point, I was like, 15. So I was like,

Unknown Speaker 19:02
yeah, yeah. So she ruined that for you.

Unknown Speaker 19:07
I mean, she was right. But I was, you know, ADHD, undiagnosed. I could not really focus on practicing and that kind of stuff. So yeah, my stuff is generally working with musicians. I, I do the singing and the I'll come up with melodies and lyrics. Okay, and then have other people orchestrate it with me, which I also really liked. I like that collaboration. Yeah, I feel like if my brain came up with every aspect of it, it would be a little bit more boring. Because it gets triangulated amongst three people.

Unknown Speaker 19:41
So what do you prefer? I mean, maybe you'd like a little bit of everything but out of your comedy writing, or stand up you know, would you if you had to pick one would you prefer to continue being a copywriter or would you can't live without being a stand up comedian.

Unknown Speaker 19:57
I think you know, this is a It might sound like a cop out answer, but it is all of them. Because they kind of feed each other and kind of go through waves where I'm more inspired and focused on a certain kind of work over another time. So like I could say, right now today, I'm more excited about some of the writing stuff that I'm doing. But like two months ago, it was the stand up stuff. And, and a lot of the same ideas, I ended up developing in different ways through those things, because, you know, comedy writing, if you're working on a show, and you're in a room, it's very collaborative, you're basically just throwing bits out to other writers all day and bouncing things around. But if you're working on your own, it's very solitary. And with stand up, even though I'm the only one on stage, and I am the one, you know, coming up with the ideas, I do have feedback from this whole group of people, and each night with a different group of people. And so they kind of can tell me, if I'm, if my ideas are resonating with them, or if I need to present them in a different way or find, you know, different different common ground elements, something that I think might be like, Oh, this is universal. An audience will be like, none of us know what you're talking about. Yeah, yeah. Like, okay, all right. Figure out a different metaphor here.

Unknown Speaker 21:19
You've written for all these major variety shows and celebrities, what's it like writing a piece of comedy and then watching, you know, extremely popular celebrity perform it? Is that like, extremely gratifying?

Unknown Speaker 21:35
It is, um, it's, it's very cool. It's, I think it's a fun challenge to figure out someone else's voice. And if they're a really cool, trusting person, figure out how to push a part of their voice that I've noticed that maybe isn't what it normally is, you know, like, for instance, I wrote for Aubrey Plaza for to both of the times that she hosted the Independent Spirit Awards, okay. And I, we had known each other from way back at the ECB and kind of remit to work on this. And she's known for having to a lot of people having like a very specific voice that APR led gate, down kind of sarcastic and

Unknown Speaker 22:23
a monotone kinda eat.

Unknown Speaker 22:25
Yeah. And it was fun to find her classic Hollywood stuff and her performance art aspects and kind of figure out ways to to use those and expand those areas of her in a way that still made sense with what people were expecting. Yeah, it's just kind of like a fun, creative puzzle to me, sometimes. It's kind of weird when you see when you have like, a really great joke. For me, my nine jokes are kind of universal. Like, they're not topical. We're not about the news this week, but stuff I do in my personal life. So none of those stuff that I write for other people would be stuff that I would be using anyway. So again, it's just sort of a Rubik's Cube puzzle of like, how can you take this story that happened this week? And twist it in a way that it's a joke? Put it on TV tonight? Wow, it worked. Great.

Unknown Speaker 23:25
That's kind of interesting that you are sorry.

Unknown Speaker 23:28
No, I just feel like sometimes people are like, Oh, no, you don't get credit for it. And it's like, I want to have credit for for being the funny voice of these things that I worked on, are being part of that funny voice that I don't need credit for each joke. Wouldn't have been jokes that would have told,

Unknown Speaker 23:41
Oh, it's interesting that you, you know, you said like, your type of comedy is not topical. But then you still have the ability to, you know, like you said, this puzzle of, you know, having, like, you know, writing jokes for a certain personality, that's not you and you can make it topical, you know, like that just kind of shows your diversity. Thanks. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 24:02
it's, it's, it's fun. And it's also, you know, as I said, it's finding a different aspect of them. And especially when I was doing all the rap battle stuff, figuring out how to write a rap battle for Helen Mirren. She's excited about his cool it's just very cool. And like, she did interviews afterwards and was like, this is this is all this writers is great. Oh, that's cool. Yeah, she there was a one of the verses that I did for her and the other writer who was writing coordinates versus had put in stuff where he was like, mistaking her for other actresses like, alright, like Judi Dench and just other actresses of her era and age. And so for her retort, I made her I had her say, like name check them and refer to them all as her ride or die. Like these aren't my competition. They're my ride or die. She kept saying an issue saying it kind of like funny and I pulled her aside, there was Like, do you know what this phrase means? And she was like, I don't know. She put her hand on her heart. I was like, those are the people that like, you will go to the mat for they you're always going to be on their side. They're always going to be on your side. And she put her hand on her heart was like, Oh, I love that.

Unknown Speaker 25:16

Unknown Speaker 25:19
Nailed that line. And it was, it was just really cool to kind of put all of these different elements together into a new thing. That that Yeah. Was a fun little currently. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 25:33
Can you give us a little insight on what you're working on right now?

Unknown Speaker 25:39
Right now I'm working on a couple of pitches. I'm the last thing that I worked on. Or the last, like, longer thing that I worked on was a show called Earth to Ned on the Disney plus, which was the Jim Henson Company. And that was the late night talk show hosted by aliens. Aliens or puppets. Yeah, it was. It was a big undertaking, like the main aliens was Puppeteered by six people at a time. Oh, wow. Yeah. And then it was a real torture with like real celebrities that we would beam onto the show. beam that, yeah, they would just suddenly appear on the couch and be like, Oh, what happened? You know, and we'd be like, you'll on a talk show. So that was really fun. Got to work with really creative people. But when I got hired for that, it was supposed to be aimed at adults. This was going to be like, an adult talk show.

Unknown Speaker 26:36
And even though it's on Disney plus,

Unknown Speaker 26:37
even though it's on Disney plus, well, yeah, I mean, we got all the Marvel stuff on Disney.

Unknown Speaker 26:41
Oh, you're right. You're right. Okay. Okay. But,

Unknown Speaker 26:46
but anytime there's a puppet on something like if the kids see the puppet on the TV show, they're like, this is for me, I would like to sit and watch this. Yeah, they just do. So they quickly we're like, Well, okay, so it's for families it's for for family viewing. And then they're like, Well, okay, it's for kids. But we want jokes that parents get also. So it sort of I got hired for more of the type of show I used to do I usually do. And then it slid into the KidSpace more.

Unknown Speaker 27:11
And was that a first?

Unknown Speaker 27:13
It was a first round. And before I had like no interest in that, like I didn't. Kids TV. I want to make weird, edgy smart adults. Yeah. Um, but I realized that one of my other weird little career goals, I came up with a lot of people who wanted to be really famous. They like I want to be mega famous, tough comedian. And I kind of realized, pretty early on in my journey, I don't want to be really, really famous. What I want is to be the level of famous where two college students at a party end up making out because they both like my work. I don't think anybody else knows about it. You know what I mean? Yeah, like

Unknown Speaker 27:53
to call students doing like, oh, my gosh, you know, do you see this and you do? Cool. You're in a secret club.

Unknown Speaker 28:00
That is how I will influence the world.

Unknown Speaker 28:03
That's a good level of fame. You know, you don't want to like surpass that. And then you have to fear for your life and stalkers and all that. It's just like, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 28:12
And if you surpass it, you start worrying about like, is everybody gonna like this thing I made? I better make sure everybody likes it instead of I want to make it exactly from out of my brain. All of the the weird corners of it. Yeah, make my thing. Yeah. And I realized with Ned like, that was what I was doing, like I we had a chance to make a weird kid show that could show kids. One of the main things about it was I really wanted to help kids not be scared of asking questions about the world. Like, you should be allowed to ask any question. And because we had aliens hosting it, they could do that. They were like, We're aliens. We didn't know how humans work. What is love? What is art? And how much do you get paid to do your job and kind of point out how, like, it's okay to ask questions. And sometimes people are gonna say, I don't want to answer your questions, but it's not wrong for you to ask them. It's not wrong for you to explore the world. And just show them different things and kind of trust their brains to make their own decisions about it. And that I am still interested in and still and so I've been being approached by other companies wanting to make kids TV. And at first I was like, No, I don't know. I don't want to go back into that. But now I'm like, I do I do like that, especially in the world the way that it is. Now. I think there's a big fear of knowledge. There's listening to a podcast about people burning books, again, that being a big thing and saying, like, why would you ever tell a child about this type of science or this whatever. And my feeling is like, tell them everything. Just help them figure out what they think of it. Help them figure out how to process the information, but don't just hide inflammation from kids and people and why not start that early? On simple subjects? Like, what do you think of the wind? The wind make you scared sometimes? Does it make you just cold? Does it also let you fly a kite does? You know? Yeah. Yeah. So that's that's how I'm approaching that. And also some weird edgy grownup animation stuff.

Unknown Speaker 30:25
Yeah, I saw a couple trailers and I checked it out. And you know, it does. First at first glance you think you know, Disney. And there's a puppet you know, you think kids but it did say it was for adults. And, you know, it's kind of wholesome. But you might be able to sneak in some adult jokes. They're here, here and there. Anything else that you're working on? Are you trying to get back into stand up in the future?

Unknown Speaker 30:49
Oh, yeah, I have a monthly show here in LA and I travel around doing stand up, you know, it's, it's just in so start and stop with the pandemic restrictions. You know, when you perform in front of an audience, that's it's tough, like writers rooms, we could, we could just move to zoom and still do that kind of work. But recording a TV show in front of a live audience or performing stand up and a live audience that that has been very touching, go like, as soon as everybody's like, okay, it's fine. We can do it now. And something all the new wave will come through. Yeah. My sister is a my sister's a musical theater actress. She's a Broadway actress. And it's been, you know, even more extreme for her. Because, you know, the candidate. They couldn't pack people into 200 seat theaters for four years. But yeah, so I'm

Unknown Speaker 31:42
trying to got it. Yeah, it'll be it's understandable. We never know what's gonna happen. You think it's think the pandemics fading away then? Yeah. A new a new version? What's it called a variant? New variant pops up? Yeah. You mentioned your sister. Sorry. Go

Unknown Speaker 31:57
ahead. Oh, it's just I was just gonna say just hard to get momentum going.

Unknown Speaker 32:01
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Not just with stand up with all of us. Yeah. So you mentioned your sister, I wanted to kind of just ask, you know, kind of, like, where you were born and raised, and you know, what your experiences were like, you know, as you're in your younger years, I kind of want to transition into kind of like dating and kind of like learning about love and sex and all that stuff.

Unknown Speaker 32:23
You don't just want to talk about children's TV.

Unknown Speaker 32:25
Oh, yeah. You. You seem so wholesome right now. But I mean, like, I know, there's, you know, there's something in there. No, but I know you're from Richmond, Virginia. That's true. What was growing up like for you?

Unknown Speaker 32:42
It was, I think my worried that my earbuds are going to die. They just made the starting to die noise. Let's see. Um, so yeah, I am from Richmond, Virginia. Um, growing up was interesting. I, I have always been, had a reason to be kind of different from people. Like, my mom is American, my dad is British. I went to school with mostly I was I was the only white kid in most of my classes from third grade on are one of a handful. And in my neighborhood, there, were only a handful of like white families there. So I grew up with having the experience many times of being the different person in the room, which I think is valuable to me and help me not be shocked by life in general. Like what there are different kinds of people who have different opinions. And I also grew up and also helped me not just be straight up southern having a British dad. So I'm not. And people are usually surprised when they find out that I'm southern. Yeah, diversity. Yeah, I also grew up Unitarian Universalist.

Unknown Speaker 34:02
I have no idea what that is. Not gonna lie, I'm not gonna pretend.

Unknown Speaker 34:08
So my parents were pretty hippie. dippie. And Unitarian Universalism is like a super hippie dippie religion, where the main tenant of it is that humans like having religious communities, we just kind of make them every time we have a community, they have rituals, where it's like, we dance around a fire, we all say these words together, and then we drink this drink. And that makes us feel good once a week. So we just innately like that. But the idea of telling other people what they should believe, or judging other people for what they believe is doesn't make any sense. There's no way any of us knows over the other. So Unitarian Universalism is like we come together we talk about some different ideas, like sermons would be about like, like springtime and there would be like, This is what Christians thinks about spring. This is what Jewish people think this is what Buddhist This is what Native Americans So I've written about it. Now it's all hot coffee and bagels. Wow. Totally inclusive. Yeah, very inclusive. And also kind of like I was saying, with the TV show, I did like not scared of ideas, like, Let's expose ourselves to all these run ideas, pick out what you like, then leave the rest. And they this church, I think most Unitarian churches do this, but definitely minded every two years, they would teach this intense sex ed. And it would be for I think it was for like, maybe 13 to 15 year olds, or maybe just 14 and 15 year olds, whatever, so that like, every two years, that group of kids would take it, and they would take a year off, and then the next group will have gotten old enough to be in that.

Unknown Speaker 35:42
Okay, what made it so intense?

Unknown Speaker 35:45
It was well, because it had nothing to do with the school. There was no school board that was gonna be like, you can't say this. You can't say this. And really, there was no parental involvement. It was just like these two teachers that everybody at the church knew and trusted and like, like my sister had had them for their, for her version of this class. And then I had them and you could ask any questions you wanted. And they again, talked about stuff in a really hippie dippie way. Like, I remember, one of the weeks that they wanted us to bring in songs that had something to do with sex, or I guess just sex. Our one on ones they brought in was Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel.

Unknown Speaker 36:28
That has to do with sec. No.

Unknown Speaker 36:31
Celia, you're breaking my heart. You're shaking my confidence daily. I was just seeing you. Yeah, I'm down on my knees. And it's like this guy singing about like, being with this woman. And then she leaves. It's like, you left the bed. And then you came back. And just kind of kind of like open relationship almost or like an open relationship led by a woman. Like, rather than all most of the songs on pop radio, you know, we've got a lot of like, like, she's pining. And he's definitely under. And they showed us this like, hey, sometimes women want to have multiple partners. Okay, that's if they're into, they also played Lola. By the king. Yeah, I'm familiar. Yeah. And they specifically remember taught a section on sex and gender being two different things. They're like sex is physical. Gender is how you feel. Sometimes those things match up. Sometimes they're different, a little different. Sometimes they're totally different.

Unknown Speaker 37:32
Because that's different. I mean, not nowadays. Right? Back then at least, right?

Unknown Speaker 37:36
Yeah, it was very different. I haven't. The other thing is though, I had no idea how different all this stuff was. I kind of thought everybody was getting these.

Unknown Speaker 37:43
Yeah, that's all you had to compare it to that. So

Unknown Speaker 37:48
I got older and I was like, Why is everybody being weird about these? Why are you turning red? When I say this in front of people? Sorry, I didn't just talk about this thing or say this thing. So yeah, that was real different. And probably very informative. Both my view of the world and sex, kind of like my parents. Yeah, I, you know, I don't I don't mind it.

Unknown Speaker 38:14
Progressive, at least, you know, and inclusive, which is, I don't think that's a bad thing. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:21
You know, and I mean, it's, I think, again, kids are so worried about what what am I even allowed to ask about this subject, but I have been told so many things by the media about, but I can't tell what's real. And what's a joke. And, you know, besides that I had gotten sex lessons from like, stand up comedy, which Oh, boy. Good.

Unknown Speaker 38:45
What do you mean sex lessons from stand up comedy? Could you give us an example?

Unknown Speaker 38:50
I just don't remember there. I remember one about like, the sky, I think was talking about, like, hitting on people in your league and how offensive it was if somebody out of your league talks to

Unknown Speaker 39:04
you. Okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 39:06
And, and, you know, as a kid, I was like, oh, no, what are leagues? Where

Unknown Speaker 39:11
am I gonna do? Yeah, also,

Unknown Speaker 39:16
like cartoons. I'm still haunted by the idea in cartoons of the lady that from behind, you're like, Whoa, she's a sexual lady. And then she turns around and is like, oh, my gosh, I want to make sure I'm not bad. So stuff like that was a was, you know, not totally helpful. But as far as like sex talk in my house, also, I believe that my parents are very hippie dippie. used all the right words for the right. Like, organs, okay, like, clinical words. And kind of told me what things were To a point that I think I'd probably probably got some phone calls after hanging out with other friends. Little like, daughter said this to my daughter and we're not allowed. We call them

Unknown Speaker 40:11
PPS and no no's. Oh my god, and we can't have her son.

Unknown Speaker 40:18
Were you allowed to date when you're younger in high school at least?

Unknown Speaker 40:22
Yeah, my mom did not like my boyfriend. My first. My boyfriend's really, but she didn't like my boyfriend, my main boyfriend in high school. Honestly, between you and me, this is a private conversation. Yeah. She didn't like my boyfriend because he was fat. Oh, really? Yeah. Really nice. Really cool guy. Very sweet. We're still friends. But my mom was like, He's gonna break up couch. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 40:52
that doesn't sound very hippity dippity I like the vision that I have of your mom is like, you know, peace and love and like, everybody's beautiful. And then she's like, he's, he's fat.

Unknown Speaker 41:04
It's her to her happy Disney comes from more of a you can't tell me what to do sort of. Okay, place like, also as a kid, my mom, a couple of years for Independence Day would burn a little teeny tiny American flag in front of our house. Celebrate the fact that she could she This is a celebration of free speech and independence. Okay, this is aggressive. We just have. We just have hot dogs. That would be by speed. Just some hotdogs.

Unknown Speaker 41:33
Got. Yeah. So she didn't like him because he was chunky fat was gonna break out. Yeah. All right. What about you know, you know, you're older. Now you're getting into, you know, college, you were in the improv and all that. College is kind of where we experiment. Do you remember kind of having, you know, those big life, sexual or kind of romantic experiences that you look back now? And those were kind of like, Aha moments. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 42:06
Did I have any aha moments than I wish I had, it would have been great to figure stuff out. Enough to have all college I had a lot of whoops, there I go. Again, sort of moments. I had a lot of boyfriends. I would have like, serial monogamy model of college. Okay. We're just boyfriend up to boyfriend, your boyfriend. And yeah, I remember, you know, really, it was just a really dramatic a lot of fighting and making apps that sort of thing. Did you

Unknown Speaker 42:43
date other theater? Kids? Or was?

Unknown Speaker 42:48
Well, I actually wasn't a theater kid. I was a TV and and film kid that I did the school musicals. So I was not popular with theater kids, because they were like we're studying. How can you keep getting to be in our show? Um, I didn't I dated other radio show. Radio Station kids because I worked at the radio station. And I also I had a an overnight show. I had a show at three in the morning, three to six in the morning. So I got a lot of weird attention from that.

Unknown Speaker 43:22
What kind of weird attention?

Unknown Speaker 43:26
Well, I would get a lot of guys calling in and being like, your voice. Like, Oh, no. And I also one of my boyfriend's I met because he was a listener to that show. And he would like send me pizzas. And I was like, Who is this kooky guy? Wanted me pizza. That's cute. Okay. And then you end up dating? That Yes. So we ended up dating. And,

Unknown Speaker 43:56
yeah, you're in a male dominated industry? I think right? You would you say comedy is male dominated? Yes. Very much. Okay. And it used to be but but yeah, yeah, we like yours. Yeah, it's extremely male dominated. And, you know, it's more you know, we have more ladies now, but we would like to see more growth obviously. What's it been like, you know, kind of just in general kind of being a female comedian. And you know, do you date in the industry and then you know, dating in the in any industry in your industry has its pros and cons, right? You know, like, you find someone shares the same passion, but then it's like, oh, you know, do you shit where you eat? We talked about this a lot on the podcast. Have you you know, and you're maybe post college years, you know, because college is still figuring crap out but have you dated in the industry? Do you prefer that? What are the pros and cons kind of?

Unknown Speaker 44:53
Um, I have dated almost exclusively in the industry while trying desperately not okay. same time I would break up with a comedian and be like, That's it. No more comedian. I'm gonna meet, you know, some nice scientist or something. Yeah. Real chill.

Unknown Speaker 45:09
And they'll just be like, Wow, how do you do what you do?

Unknown Speaker 45:14
But that's not who I spend time around. They spend time around comedians. That's my job. And with doing TV writing and comedy, that means I'm going from a writers room full of comedians to a comedy club full of comedians. Yes, evening. It's comedy. 24/7. Yeah. So yeah, yeah, I'm getting a lot of them. And it's, it's been fraught, and I've had tried dealing with it in a lot of different ways, you know, early on, especially in worlds like improv or sketch where people really are interacting a lot more on teams and casting each other in their shows. I ended up I was, I was proud. I was prettier than I knew when I was younger. It was one thing. I always kind of thought of myself as just like a little brain in the jar and no big deal. So I didn't recognize a lot of the attention that I was getting for what it was. And so I would be kind of blindsided by people who I start wanting to collaborate with me suddenly being like, Alright, now we make out

Unknown Speaker 46:16
Yeah, wait, what? You're a little naive to their real intentions.

Unknown Speaker 46:21
Yeah, exactly. Um, and so so. So then when I would say no to that stuff, and I'd be like, No, I thought we were just writing a show. He just wanted me to give you notes on your screen. But then I would, then that those men would feel very embarrassed and no longer want to work with me at all. And so then it would go from, oh, you get more opportunities, because these men are interested, too. You get less opportunities, because you weren't interested back. Understand? Yeah. Yeah. And even sometimes them being like, she's kind of a sloth,

Unknown Speaker 46:55
vindictive about it. You hurt their ego. Yeah. Now they're like, Oh, yes. She's a whore. You know? Didn't want to didn't want to be. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 47:03
I think also, I think happens, happens, like not to let them off the hook. I don't think this is letting them off. But I think sometimes, especially in this era, which was like the ops, mostly men would see women's bodies as like, as an invitation or communication. Like, I wrote an essay once called, I didn't put my tits on to for you. Like, they would act like, Oh, she's, she's hot. She's like her body. She must want me to talk to her. And it's like, Whoa, those first two things don't equal that second. Yeah, that everything? Yeah, skirt. Just because you're attracted to me, doesn't mean that I was asking you to be attracted to me.

Unknown Speaker 47:49
Yeah, a short skirt is not an invitation to be harassed. Or, you know, I mean, that's just kind of, that's been the mindset forever. You know, she's asking for it, because she's, you know, wearing that, or she's got her boobs out, or whatever it is.

Unknown Speaker 48:04
Yeah. Well, but I mean, it isn't even I think it's not even. Yes, that's definitely thing. But I think it goes even deeper than that, where it's just like, you know, they I'm attracted to you. So therefore, there's something going on between the two of us? Like, no, no, you're just attracted. And when, when they've got an um, you know, I mean, it's romantic comedies that have always romantic comedies of like a man, she's a girl on the street is like, oh, my gosh, and then that's going to be a love affair. Yeah, it's just, they don't think there's a vacuum. They've been taught to think this. And so when they're like, Okay, I'm in to her. That means there's something going on here. I'm going to tell her Oh, and she'd wanted to work with me. Wow, there's definitely something going on here. I'm going to tell her and then when I'm like, Oh, wait, no, that's not my thing. That can sometimes get interpreted as she was saying yes. And now she's saying no, she's this is like a tea situation jerked around. Yeah. How she's she's a slurred

Unknown Speaker 49:04
you know, you've been in the industry for a little while now. Did you figure kind of like, figure that out? Like, how do you get around that? Yeah. Oh, there's tons of men and you got you got to work, you know?

Unknown Speaker 49:14
Yeah, for a while. I figured it out by having boyfriends.

Unknown Speaker 49:20
Okay, if I had

Unknown Speaker 49:21
a boyfriend, sorry. Oh, man, you know, I totally would fuck you. On boyfriend? Yeah. What a bummer. And especially if it was a boyfriend, that was also a comedian that lose popular, because they would be like, Oh, well, sure. Yeah, this guy great. We're not gonna give allies a hard time. Yeah. So so that was a big strategy for me, which also was very fraught in its own way because I would stay in relationships that were not great because I was like, okay, but at least this. This makes my life simpler. So that. Can you still hear me? Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:03
Okay. That's one way of dealing with it for sure. You're bad. You're good. You're good.

Unknown Speaker 50:11
Okay. And yeah. So in I tried dating outside of comedy I do. But even when I did a non comedian who was a cartoonist, he still, he still wrote jokes. He just drew them instead of telling them

Unknown Speaker 50:26
I know you said, you know, and it's obvious. It's same with fighters and or athletes, right? It's like, we try. Sometimes we try not to date in the industry, but we're surrounded by other athletes. We're training, we're recovering whatever it is, right? Do you have you ever tried online dating? You know, it's kind of like a easy way to not date in the industry. And how did that go for you?

Unknown Speaker 50:48
Yes. Well. And we're in a few different ways. First of all, a lot of times, guys, when they find out you're a comical, they'll go, Oh, you're talking about this onstage? Oh, talk about me. Like, well, I'll talk about you saying that. But that's about it. And a couple of times, when I first tried it, I got people screenshotting my account and posting it on Twitter and being like, wow, look who I found on Tinder. Yes, a scanner. Yeah. And I was like, Oh, gross. Can you take that down? Please? This is embarrassing. I didn't ask them to send my profile to you. You'd know that. Right? You just found it. And, yeah, then I went out with a couple of guys in, in Hollywood, um, there's a lot of posturing and a lot of like, people trying to convince you that they're a bigger deal than they are. And dating has a lot to do with career and image. Like, I want to date somebody who's impressive is, I think a lot of people's mindset

Unknown Speaker 51:55
so that they can boost their own kind of notoriety or image public image.

Unknown Speaker 52:00
Yeah, yeah. So. And I don't really do that, which I think makes a lot of people think, oh, there's, there's nothing impressive about because I don't sit down and like, give my resume. So I would also go out with a lot of guys who would like, kind of try to explain my job and my line of work to me, and I would have to be like, Oh, I actually, you know, I

Unknown Speaker 52:23
happen to know that funny thing. That is actually what I do.

Unknown Speaker 52:28
I already know that what kind of candy do you like?

Unknown Speaker 52:31
Okay, they're mansplaining their job to you?

Unknown Speaker 52:35
Yeah, yeah. Because, you know, especially men, the things that I do, it's not just comedy, it's also wrapped between those columns are things that a lot of men think that they are innately good at, because they're men. Yeah. And I'm like, Hey, man, you could be good at it. You gotta you gotta try. But it's, it kind of ends up being, you know, weird and threatening sometimes, or just, they just can't conceive that I already might, I might be able to contribute to the conversation in a different way.

Unknown Speaker 53:10
So, the best online dating experiences,

Unknown Speaker 53:14
not the best online dating experiences. I did. Also, I did riot for a while, but you're not supposed to talk about

Unknown Speaker 53:20
here. Not way, way. Way. So right is like the celebrity one, right? Yeah. Yeah. Wait, I didn't. I didn't know you weren't supposed to talk about it.

Unknown Speaker 53:30
Well, that's how it worked. I mean, I think nobody cares at this point. And I'm not on it. If they kicked me off for talking about I deleted my account. So yeah, it's supposed to be like, creative professional slash celebrities. And did that and went out on some, some dates with notable people and was like, Oh, this will be cool. And then it was pretty much just the same thing as what I've already described. Yes. Like, with better IMDb patients.

Unknown Speaker 54:04
Yeah, online dating. I mean, it's always a crapshoot, you know, it's like, there seems to be some perks, you know, you can date outside the industry, but then it's like, how can you truly get the vibe of someone and you may be spending, you know, days and weeks or months getting to know someone, and then you meet them in person, and you're like, Wow, if I would have just met them in real life, you know, maybe I wouldn't waste my time.

Unknown Speaker 54:27
That is pretty much what I learned, like what my final, final like decision on online dating is that what we are actually attracted to about people is not any of the things that you see online. It is not their photo. It's not how they look in the still image. It's not the list of things about them. It's like how they move Yes. Now sound like I photo, I can photograph very well. But then once you see me talking, I'm making like weird faces, like gesturing a lot. And it's not the same vibe. So anybody who sees my photo, I'm just like, ooh, she's got this vibe with then go out with me and be like, she's a lot kind of weird and makes faces like a lizard. You know? So yeah, it's,

Unknown Speaker 55:07
you know, in line up. Oh, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 55:10
Can I have one funny Raya story?

Unknown Speaker 55:12
Yeah, tell me.

Unknown Speaker 55:14
Okay, so I'm Raya. One of the things about it is they it's a picture slideshow with a song attached to it. So when you look at somebody's account, you like press play, and then it's like picture picture picture with their little song playing, okay. And I was dating a guy, I'd gotten a few dates with them and was like, Okay, this is I like this guy. This is cool, you know, and he had one of these jobs would be in and out of town somewhere. I think it's going well, I think I'm just not hearing from him sometimes. Because he's, you know, in another country. And then I was at a show, backstage did a show, and people were talking about riot. And I was like, Yeah, I don't know. I'd said, I'll decide how I feel about it. Pretty soon, I might like it. And this other girl was like, I love it. I'm meeting the most amazing people. And then she was like, she pulled somebody aside. I was like, I'm going to show you the, the, you know, profile for the guy that I'm dating and played it. And I heard from like, across the room, it was the same song as the guy I was dating. And it's, it was a very obscure song. Oh, I guess I'm not that guy.

Unknown Speaker 56:20
Interesting. Obviously, this guy because this other woman was a comedian as well. Yeah. Oh, yeah. He has a tie. He has a tie. Yeah, obviously. Oh, I want to take a quick break. To thank our sponsor, perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative with their flavor options. Their newest flavor of diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season, perfect has come out with a limited edition. Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored protein. Pumpkin Spice Latte provides a spicy and savory aromatic tastes that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember, guys, this is a limited edition. So make sure to get your orders in soon, inventory will be going quick. As always, this new limited edition flavor provides you with the same benefits that diesel always does. It's third party tested for banned substances and is the highest quality that protein can be order yours now by heading to perfect And using my code, rebel girl for a 20% discount. Now back to the episode not go I was just gonna say what you in regards to what you were saying about your what we're attracted to not being this, you know, still image filter, cute hashtag that's not it's just not and my one of my old best friends that she, she would be like, she would send me a video of the guy that she liked from his Instagram or whatever it was right. But it was always a video of him talking because she told me she said she liked a noses. And then she loved the mannerisms and the sound of their voice. And I was like, alright, well this, you know, that's more real then, you know, this still image where you know, can't even really get the vibe of them. And she would just always look for a video where she could hear their voice and she would filter it out that way. And I'm like, okay, understand a little bit more lifelike.

Unknown Speaker 58:14
Yeah, yeah, totally. And I mean, it's also just a vibe. Like, again, I worked with a lot of celebrities. People that are like, considered iconic sexually, like, the world's sexiest men and attractive. Supermodel everything. Yeah. And so many of those. I've had certain ones that I'm like, oh, man, I cannot. If I ever worked with that guy, I will lose my man. And then I will and I'm like, it feels like I'm in the same room with wet Brendo there is no vibe to this person. I have heard the vibe, whatever vibe they do have does nothing for me. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 58:50
or, you know, just weird. I can imagine. You know, those very attractive, you know, so hot, you know, men or women too. It's just like, they lean on their looks. So personality wise, they may be a little dry or just not there. So,

Unknown Speaker 59:10
yeah, and a lot of them think they've got like amazing, fascinating personalities much like I did in my 20s because all these people are like, Wow, you are fascinated and you're just trying to have sex with them. Yeah, and they don't know that they're they're like, Wow, I'm a really cool dude. Yeah, yeah. Because of your arms. Your deck right.

Unknown Speaker 59:30
So what's your your current dating status?

Unknown Speaker 59:34
Currently, I am dating another comic.

Unknown Speaker 59:37
Oh. Damn it, Eliza.

Unknown Speaker 59:42
I know. I just I I remember talking so bad. I was in a, an audition room in a waiting room for an audition room with another comic one time who is now like, you know, a very famous comic and how don't know if I'm just gonna say that anyway. He was like, Hey, do you date this is when neither of us were anybody. And he was like, Do you date other comedians? And I was like, I try not to because I thought he was cheating on me. Like, I try not to but you know, sometimes, and he was like, Yeah, I, I just, I don't like girls to be funny. I just love that my girlfriend just laughs at me. And my friends come over and we hang out and make jokes. And she just laughs I think that's great. And I was I was like, Oh, cool. Well, bye. Yeah. Yeah, red flags like that. It's but later a friend is like, well, maybe he's talking to you just as another comedian. Like, he wasn't like, as a woman. Do you like that? But as a comedian, maybe just mentioned it when he hosted the correspondents dinner. Anyway, got it.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:52
So how did you meet your current boyfriend? Boyfriend? You're dating him? Do you just start?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:57
Yeah, I he is my boyfriend. But I hate that phrase. Because I'm a girl. I'm too old to have a boyfriend. That always sounds like, but I don't have another word for it.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:09
Yeah, if you say no, I'm not gonna say lover lover. It's

Unknown Speaker 1:01:12
hot. Yeah. I'm not gonna say partner because partner feels like Stolen Valor from lesbians. Yeah, yeah. Like,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:20
so part of the game. That one?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:23

Unknown Speaker 1:01:24
So he's, he's my man friend. He's my dude. Your guy? Yeah, he is. Uh, yeah, he's a comedian, who we've known each other for a long time. But we got to know each other. And he, you know, we would do show he lives in Denver. So he would come into town and would see him on shows from time to time. And he was working on a TV show for a while here. It's more during that period. Anyway, back. But then during the pandemic, he asked me to start playing an online role playing game with him an RPG, okay. Yeah, like a weekly Game. This one was based on the world failure. You know, the Alien movie, okay, aliens. And so, every Thursday night, me and him a couple of his friends would log on to zoom and pretend to get killed by aliens. And roll some dice. And it was just really fun hanging out with them. And then he asked me to maybe write a movie with them. And we started having all these phone conversations where? Haha, it died.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
Oh, I can still hear you.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:34
Okay, so we started having all these phone conversations. And we wouldn't talk about the project that we were supposed to be working on at all. We would just talk for like hours. I hadn't had that. I was in college. So it was like, we just talked for hours. And so, but after all of that online dating stuff that we're talking about, I was like, oh, no, what if I meet you and you feel like I moved like a snake or I think you'd move like a snake. Which, by which I mean, you know, that's why humans are scared. Did you not know I'm a huge nerd. I'm sorry if I'm really disappointing you by being a huge bird.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
Oh, no.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:17
So humans are like innately disgusted by the way that snakes move because we can't figure out how they do it. You see a snake slithering and it just doesn't make sense. Because there's no feet. There's no it just doesn't make sense to us. We're like, it's wrong. I hate it. Get it away. And that's always what I think about with what we're talking about with the leg. Oh, I saw a picture of you. And now I see you and oh, no, you so your skin is crawling. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:41
you slither instead of crawl and it just rubs you the wrong way.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:47
Exactly. So I was like, yeah, what if we move like a snake? And he's like, I don't know what you're talking about. Like him. And so we saw I flew out to Denver, all masked up with my dog, and spent like, a long weekend there. And it turned out we liked each other in life, too. Alright. And then he came out here. And then for, for like a week. And then for Halloween. He was like, Do you want to come out and help me make a haunted house for my daughter because his daughter was 11 at the time, she wouldn't be able to trick or treat. Just like he was like, I'm gonna make a haunted house with the barn in the backyard and her friend can come over and we can do that for Halloween. And I was like, Cool. That sounds fun. So I went out to help him make a haunted house and I stayed for six months.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:37
Oh, wow. That's a benefit of being a stand up comedian and comedy writer. You can make your own schedule, do whatever you want to do. And also kind of the benefit of a pandemic phrase to say that, yeah, there's a silver lining.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:57
It didn't matter where I was living was like I wasn't gonna be doing anything in real life anyway, so why not just go live there for a while. And I took my dog with me but I left my cat here. And my A good friend of mine had was living with her fiance and had just broken up with him and was still living with her fiance. Again in this lockdown cry like, yeah, and I was like, Do you know anybody who might want to stay with my cat and like, couldn't even finish the word catch

Unknown Speaker 1:05:24
me? Keys, give me the keys now.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:29
It works, everybody.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
So now he's in Denver, urine, LA, you're in the long distance relationship. How's that going?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
know, it's tough. It's tough. Uh, he does not like zoom, or like most video chatting things. He's like, Oh, hi, I look at myself. So, you know, that's, I wish I got to see him more, both in real life and on video chat. But we try to visit each other every couple of months, or if it's got to be longer than that, like visit for a long time. Since then, I've he's come with me back to my hometown to Richmond and my parents and I go there for for Christmas. And also, as a comedian, I have started doing a lot of Denver gigs. Where I go to comedy there. And that's a business trip when I get to see my boyfriend also. It's one way for sure. Yeah. Yeah. And he's working on selling some stuff here. So as I said, he had a TV show before, maybe we'll do it again. And, and he also came out here for a month with his, his daughter and his dogs. And they rented a house like right next door to me. So his dogs won't eat my cat. Alright, various locations, but there's a lot of them. But yeah, and I mean, he can't really leave Denver because his you know, his daughter is there and her mom is there. And so we both have reasons why it's it's remaining long distance for right now. But we also played board games on Board Game Arena once a week. Just a little video chat. And

Unknown Speaker 1:07:13
I love your nerdiness Eliza. I love it. I love I make it. Well, I got to ask you some sex questions. It is a sex podcast.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:24
What's what's like the rudest thing a partner can do in the bedroom? In your opinion? We are we you know a bedroom pet peeve? Maybe.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:33
Oh, okay. Well, I got two different ants, like a bedroom. Pet peeve is when guys act like they're in a porn. Not like, they're in the moment with you. Like, I feel like I've just like learned porn moves. You know, like, I think they got to pull your hair back for anything, basically, where it's like, Oh, yes. If we were shooting a porn, yes, that would that would help that people would want to see my face. But you don't. You don't need to do that. I feel weird about it. Yeah. Just like really performative. And, personally, me, I think sex needs to be as sexy as its gross, but not like disgusting. It should be grubby, it should be like too weird little animals like grabbing around on each other until they feel good. You know? I think like, what it looks like, is a distraction most of the time. And I think a lot of guys grew up with so much porn that they're like, I need to make these shapes and then the sex is done. It's like you're not paying attention to your grubby body and have it around. And, and what would be like the rudest thing? I don't know. I'm probably like, from it's about bodies. I remember one time I was with a boyfriend and just like, feel it too. loosey goosey. You know? And, and he was he's this guy wasn't a comic. He was an artist. So like real artsy fartsy guy. And I was like, look at your little arms your arms a little. And he was like what and like, Oh, nothing. I am sorry. That was wrong thing. There's Oh, no. That's not a cool thing to say at all.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:26
Yeah, guys can be very sensitive. I learned it. Don't tell them that they're small or even skinny like to me like Oh, you look skinny is like a compliment. Guys don't want to be told that they're skinny or thin. You know? It's like, Oh, you're so powerful. You're so massive. Like, got it. They can be sensitive.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:45
Again, between you and me. This is a private conversations clearly mean. I can wear my boyfriend's shoes. He's a short dude. They're a little loose but not so loose that I can't go pick up the paper outside. and I love him. He's super hot and cute, but it's it's taken us a while for me to be like I'm sorry is it okay if I say You're cute? Because so many guys I dated were like, don't call me cute. Cute for like, oh like okay you're a big handsome man. Wow Oh top like now I've got a boyfriend maybe two inches taller than me and it's way more chill way more cool

Unknown Speaker 1:10:36
All right well we usually end the episode with a game of fuck marry kill and a couple fan questions Is that okay with you want to kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. Love it. Yeah, let's do it. Awesome. So Fuck, Marry kill you get other comedians and so we're gonna give you Brad Williams, Aziz Ansari and John Mulvaney.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:07
Okay, this is weird because I worked with all of them. Oh, wow.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:12
I am impressed. We had Brad on the show before he was awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:16
I I first saw Aziz perform at Johnny's old show at this place called Rififi in New York and Keystone cop in which I'm Oh boy,

Unknown Speaker 1:11:26
it's an awkward for you.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:28
Yeah, this is this is all very awkward.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:33
Not a good taking the bunch. Um, no, I, I've got I'm gonna go ahead and just kill Aziz.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:45
Alright, you're out of there as he's got it.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:49
I have no, I have a I have a I'm really bad at commitment. I started getting tattoos partly to be like, let's let's force myself into some commitment. So I feel like the right choice for Mary is John Delaney. Cuz, you know, gonna last and leaves me with Brad Williams as fuck, which is gonna be weird next time we do a show with the look.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:20
Alright, that's it. And then that's it. That's it. Yeah. Good job. We have a couple of fan questions at Pepe LePew 96. This guy's awesome. He's always writing in. What's the funniest thing that's happened to you during sex?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:42
Funniest thing that's happened to me during sex? Cause I'm like instantly thinking of not funny.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:53
Period. And it's a real surprise.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:57
That's the funniest thing that ever happened to me during sex. Okay, well, so you know how you always put on? You don't always I always used to put on music for sex. And I. Yeah, and so one time I was like, I pulled out a spooky sound CD. Like, here we go. We're doing this and the guy was like, what? Haha, okay, we're not really and I was like, we're either doing it like this or we're not doing it. He was like, Okay, we're doing it like this. Actually, to the sound of creaky doors and chains.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:33
That's hilarious. Okay. Yeah. All right, there we go. BK ly mic 5150. Any Vegas show plans?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:44
Oh, I don't have any plans for right now. But i i Should I would like to. I haven't been to Vegas and so long. I love Vegas. Pro tip. My secret to Vegas. Look for the middle aged ladies. They're on group trips. They are fun. They are fun. They are growing wild and free. Their kids are off at college. They don't care about whether or not they win at the table. They're just drinking and having fun. All right. Yeah, yeah. No big plans right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:15
Oh, no, no plans. Okay. At papa bear for 20 What's the dirtiest joke you've ever heard?

Unknown Speaker 1:14:21
The dirtiest joke I've ever heard. They all kind of like slip past me. I don't know. I can't think of like the dirtiest joke I've ever heard. But I can tell you that. As far as what it's like being a woman in comedy. I one time left the stage after them in my set. I'd had a good set at the Improv and the host for the show got up on stage and was like Eliza Skinner everybody. I think we'd all like to smell her pussy.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:52
It was a reference to one of my jokes but not in a way that made enough sense to that audience. They were like, oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
yeah all right that's all there is all right at Mr. Right underscore 2020 Thoughts on sex toys

Unknown Speaker 1:15:10
awesome sex toys I think it's weird when they look like other things you know like for a long time for the imports they had to have like little faces on them and stuff

Unknown Speaker 1:15:19
oh I've never seen one with faces

Unknown Speaker 1:15:21
you don't know about this

Unknown Speaker 1:15:22

Unknown Speaker 1:15:23
like I think it was when they were being imported from Asia they they couldn't you know the same way that they have them listed online is like they're just it's a massager. Yeah look like like Hello Kitty or like a mermaid or whatever so that they could get past customs and that got skewed into some weird places especially when it was like looking like kids toys. Yeah. Also I I think we're moving towards things being able to just be labeled as what they are. It feels like it's all being more accepted. Yeah, that that whole vibrator like it's a it's just a massager thing. I had a friend another comedian one time post a picture of you know, those those those like massager guns that they have now the like, really heavy duty ones.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:11
Oh, yeah. I'm an athlete. And so everybody I know, has them.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:16
Yeah, exactly. I figured you what, I just don't know what the name of them is. So you posted one of those memes. Like, look, they're calling this a massage or why don't they just call it what it is to say it's a vibrator. And I was like, Dude, you would murder someone you use that. Please never do that. That's not what that he was like, Oh, I thought it was like all the other ones like No, no, no,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:34
no, I had a really an old coach who told me that he used it on his girlfriend one time. So Oh, I know. I'm like, dang, I bet. She's tough. Because that's they're intense. They're strong. Yeah. So did you have to have like, no nerve endings anymore? Wow. Okay, next day got an app, Papa crawl. If you could change one thing about the comedy scene? What would it be?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:02
I could change one thing about the comedy scene. What would it be? Um, I think just like, I went, Oh, man, there's, there's a lot of things. Obviously, I think the big headline is all of the, like, sexual predators that have that have been exposed in it. Yeah. And I think a lot of that comes from just their, their being this idea that comedy is about being mean, and macho and like, like really? Giving it to the audience. Yeah. breaking them down. Yeah. And I think that if we just had in comedy and the world in general, just more acceptance of femininity from whoever, like men have feminine women have femininity? Let's not feel like we have to only be like super macho aggro, dudes. I think that that would let everybody be a lot more happy with each other, and be happy with themselves. And also I really don't like the check drop in the middle of your set. It kind of breaks up the flow. It'd be great if comedy clubs could figure out a different system where the waitresses aren't dropping checks. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:15
that's the worst. You know, like even I'm sitting down and I'm, I feel bad for the performer. Whoever's on stage, I'm like, how rude and everyone's distracted. And it's just taking away from the performance. I'm like,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:27
That's rude. Yeah, yeah. All right. Yeah. And yeah, they are the other thing too. Like it'd be nice if women felt comfortable in the green rooms to just be like, I'm here to and I'm part of this too. And you know, yeah, we're all here. Different types

Unknown Speaker 1:18:41
of okay, we got two more questions at Joey P to Hardy favorite venue to perform it and least favorite venue. Ooh,

Unknown Speaker 1:18:50
favorite venue to perform at huh? I'm Baba Baba. I mean frequently like doing I like the Hollywood improv. The mainstage the decide stages. Very difficult. So that's weird that they're both in the same club, like a great stage and a tough stage. And just Portland in general. Certain towns that are like really good. I really like Portland crowds.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:23
Yeah, I guess those would be my answers. That's this is the question that I'm gonna like, think of it 11 o'clock at night and be like,

Unknown Speaker 1:19:32
what I should have said yeah. All right. Last Last fan question at the bridge 517 Describe your sex life with a movie title.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:42

Unknown Speaker 1:19:46
this is gonna be gonna be like the entire rest of the day I want to say Any Which Way But Loose. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:01
Yeah, awesome. Well yeah it's been a different different kind of episode than I thought Eliza but I'd, I'm glad we got to know you, you know, the nerd side and all and I'm happy to have you on I really would like to come and watch some of your standup I'm, you know, here in Orange County, so LA's pretty close. Oh, yeah. Where can I? Sorry, said again.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:20
Some of my favorite younger comics are all Orange County, folks. There's a great there was a great scene that we have now absorbed into LA.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:31
Yeah, we, I mean, I know shows are going on. But you know, I actually bought tickets. We saw Brad, you know, like, maybe six or seven months ago. And it was the last show I went to and then la had all the vaccine mandates and then it was like mascot and so we just kind of like, we're like, let's just wait until it settles down. But I would like to come see some comedy soon. And hopefully you're performing in LA, got my little card and all that. So where can we check you out on social media or do you have a website?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:00
Yeah, on Twitter, I'm at Eli's a Skinner and on Instagram at he skins. I've got a monthly show the yard Theatre in LA and I pop around doing different shows all over the place. There are a lot of venues that are doing outdoor shows so they are going strong no matter what blows through town. But yeah, so yeah, come on down here. All right. All right. I'll

Unknown Speaker 1:21:25
list all her social media handles guys on the Episode notes. And then my last question to you who would you like to hear next on sex and violence with rebel girl could be a comedian or an athlete or anyone? Oh, boy.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:40
Well, okay, so another thing that I do I think I mentioned this to you is I co host this this podcast about Olympians and pair athletes and my other co hosts Scout Bassett. I think that would be they're challenging for her and also very fun and funny to hear her have to talk about this stuff. Much like a, you know, world class sprinter and has had a crazy life. So her okay. Or have you had that Stelling on?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:15
Who was it? That's telling No I haven't she comedian. We. Yeah. Eat her up. Yeah. Okay, awesome. Thanks for the recommendations. And thanks for being on the show. Yeah, we love we love I mean, I can't wait to check out what was it Ned? Earth net? Or? Net? Yeah, made it sound pretty interesting. So check that out. And thanks for coming on the show.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:39
Cool. Yeah. Thanks for having me. All right. Talk to you soon.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:43
Cali Tai Chi song you spy. Crack Good. Bye by cracking jokes. Wait. I want to go round and round. Round Round Round. Numbers round and round and round and round and round. Round. Round.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:47
Alright, guys, that is it for episode 87 was stand up comedian Eliza Skinner. Pat, we're getting so close to Episode 100 Zol. Do you have a recommendation on what we should do? i We keep talking about it. And I should plan I should have a really good guest. Anybody done 100 fights 100 fights. Damn. If anybody has done 100 fights. I feel like it's Jim Miller. that would that would be my guess. But I don't know. That motherfucker fights every weekend that he's not a spring chicken. Yeah, we shouldn't figure out if there's maybe a return or Return. Yeah, maybe I'll do a return guest maybe I'll do a return guest of the guest who got the most downloads. So I know you guys want to listen to that person and do a follow up. I don't know. Okay, got a couple ideas. But anyway, next week we have Tabitha Baby, Baby shark Ricci, and she was supposed to be on the show a couple weeks ago, but I went to Mexico to get some stem cells and she's she was a good sport she rescheduled so she's a little kind of Spitfire Brazilian super hard worker. I trained with this girl at blackhouse MMA about a year or two ago before the pandemic happened. And now she's in the UFC and that's where she belongs. I think she's only gonna get better and move up the ranks and you know, it's pretty early to say this but she can you know, in a couple years or you know maybe sooner fight for the title she's super talented, super strong, hard worker, like I said, and yeah, I want to get to know her on a personal level. You know, we just kind of punched and kicked each other in the gym, but we'll get her on the show next week, guys, so stay tuned for that. Don't forget we got some merch at www sex violence with rebel girl calm we got some new designs coming out really soon. Shout out to Sergio. He's always given us awesome punk rock themed designs. Maybe we should have some other types of designs. No, I like punk rock so and then you get to pick up you know, some merch whatever it is hat. You can pretty much customize whatever it is on there. If you want a fucking iPhone case or a coffee mug, you can get the sex and violence logo. Special thank you to our audio engineer DJs Oh at DJs on Instagram tomorrow Good studio where we make this awesome podcast at tomorrow kids official. And you can always find us on Instagram that's at sex and violence with rebel girl pretty long. And myself at Ashlee MMA if you want to reach out guys, I love you so much. Thank you for tuning in every week. I know you know, you're probably waiting for me to be like, hey, guys got some good news. I'm back in the cage. But you know, I don't really don't have any good news to tell you. Besides, we're just gonna keep cranking out these guests and staying busy. And I hope you guys enjoy this week's show. Or what do I always say? Be kind be grateful, but don't take shit from anyone. We'll see you next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and violence.

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