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Ep.89 Master Ken

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Sex and Violence Hey guys, welcome back to sex and violence of rebel girl, where we interviewed top level MMA fighters and other experts in their fields about love, dating, romance and that Altie taboo subject. I'm your host, Ashley, rebel girl, Evan Smith. Now let's talk about sex, and violence. What's happening hot stuff? What is my naughty naughty listeners, I am so happy to be back in the studio. I've been looking forward to this interview for a while now. And everyone, every guest is special snowflake. And we're all they're all individually amazing. But this one I think you guys are really going to enjoy. But before we get to our guests, let's talk shop and tell you about what the hell I've been up to. I think last week I told you I was going to do a meet and greet at a place called the wrestling guy store. And it went amazing. I did it with my pro wrestler friends, Ada Zang. She's just a ball of energy and always fun to be with. So you know, it wasn't even like working and I met amazing fans. And yeah, just had a really good time. If you guys stopped by and you're listening, thank you so much for coming by. It was in Huntington Park. So here in Southern California, if you're not in Southern California, and you couldn't make it, no big deal. I'm going to be doing some more signings, I think actually, the only one I have planned is in Ontario, which is still Southern California, that's in May, I'm going to be at the Comic Con. And I've never been to that one. So I've heard lots of good things. And I'm not into any like comic books or cartoons myself, but I do like dressing up. So I think I'm gonna be Yeah, I'll fit in. And so it's gonna be fun. I'm going to be signing for a few hours each day. That's May 21 and 22nd. And then I'll just be roaming around probably getting into trouble with his ADA again. But that's in the future. And I will keep you guys updated. That's in may sometime. What else did I do? I actually we zeta and I went to the Celtic gladiator fights right after the signing, which was like 10 minutes down the street at Commerce Casino. And watch some really interesting fights didn't stay for the whole main card. But the amateurs were a program called wimp to warrior. Have you heard of this soul? It's very cool. Wimp to warrior is average people that are plucked from their lives, and they train for only four months. And then they fight in a cage a real real fight against each other, which is, you know, a pro you don't want to fight, but also think about the mind fuckery of training with someone for four months, you know, and then you go out there and you put it all on the line. Like it's a bonding experience. And

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then it's like, I don't know, I've just never had to fight someone that I care about or a teammate. And so I don't I don't think I could do it. It's different. Yeah. And but anyway, those people there were six fights, they were all super entertaining. So shout out to all the WIMP to warrior fighters out there you guys. I don't know. I feel like it's harder to just live your whole adult life being a banker or an accountant, and then getting thrown in into the cage after only four months of training. Yeah, just fuck it. Let's sink or swim. But that was really cool. And then I was sitting next to Angela Hill and her husband, Adam, who I had met these people in passing, but I really got to kind of get to know their personalities and hang out with them cage side. And I'm going to try and get them on the show. And yeah, I'd really liked their dynamic. And while we were hanging out, we they were there for this couple called called named Esther Lin and her husband I forget his name. He had a mustache, but anyway, he was fighting in the winter warrior. And she was on the outside of the cage taking pictures. And I was like that's a crazy and then may adjacent dynamic right? So I was thinking and this this woman, Esther Lin, you know, I've seen her pictures. You know, I don't know exactly her credentials, but she's been doing this for a long time for major promotions and so she you know, I thought that may be a cool couple to get on. But in general the Celtic gladiator fights were just good. The home the homie and my old teammate makes a girl He won his fight, which always makes me happy. And that's all I really did this week I just been nose to the grindstone working on new stuff for the podcast. Can't tell you much yet, but we're about to release some good news. And I just wanna let you guys know that if you do like this show, please do us a favor. It's free 99 So go on Apple or Spotify. But I think Spotify you can only rate the show. It's like a five star rating but you can review on Spotify review only on Apple. Yeah. So on Apple, please, please, please leave us a review and a rating, Spotify, a five star, four star, three star, whatever you want. Just leave us a rating it helps us and you know it's free. 99 So or just tell a friend share the podcast send a link something like that. And okay, let's talk fights. So thank you shout out to Zachariah who always helps me with my pronunciation. He sent it like 20 minutes ago. We have this weekend UFC Columbus blades vs daucus. And that is wow, it was 13 years since the UFC has been in Columbus, Ohio. I feel like that's a typo but maybe not. Anyway, if it's really been 13 years. That's crazy. The original headliner was Yan Blaskowitz versus Alexander rekick rake I got I didn't I didn't get is that what is rake? Okay. So that got scratch. One of those guys got injured and now headlining we have top contenders blades, Curtis blades, who's ranked number four and Chris Doc is ranked number eight, so that should be good. And I think they're both on a winning streak of their last six. Yeah, actually, they're both on Yeah, they both won five of their last six outings. So that's, that's interesting. And then in the CO main event, we've got number two ranked flyweight Ascar askarov versus number six Kai Caro, France who I love watching him fight. Super exciting guy. And that has title implications. So that's exciting as well. The rest of the card we got Alexa Grasso versus Joanne wood. Matt Brown versus Brian Barbarina. Then we got elior Ely Latifi versus a Leschi. Olia Nick, in the prelims we got Jennifer Maya versus Munna furrow and Neil Magny versus Max Griffin very excited for that fight. I get my money on Neil always Neil. Then mark de kz vs. Iakovos Borowicz of dang Russian names. And then we got the band and wait females very excited for this one. Sarah McMahon versus Carol HOSA. And My money's on McMahon with that one, but Carol Hilsa is a tough Brazilian. Then we got Chris Gutierrez versus Dana. Bad Gary. And David DeVore yak versus Matthias Nikolaou. Elysee dog this one's Ollie Alios job give. Oh, no, no. I'm so sorry. vs. Dennis tealium. And Dennis tealium was a last minute replacement. He think

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Magomed was going to be in there previously. And lastly, we have Louis Saldana versus Bruno soza. Dang, I still fucked up a lot, but shout out to Zachariah for the pronunciations. The Russian names are the hardest, guys, please, please check out our website. I tell you every week, buy something buy a hat, a piece of merch automatically when you buy it enters you into a signed UFC glove. And the winners will be announced April 30. So you still got a month to figure out what you want to buy. But uh, yeah, help us out. Buy some merch, guys. And you can always email us at sex and violence. Sometimes I get just nice emails saying how the podcast, they really look to the look forward to the podcast and that, you know, that's the nicest thing for me to hear because I'm not making a bajillion dollars. But it's nice to hear that some of you out there really, really look forward to this podcast because I look forward to hosting it. So you can also send us podcast sponsor proposals. We are about to be on a very large platform. So like I keep saying now's the time to get in. And if you pay attention to this interview, halfway through, you may hear a special new sponsor. So speaking of sponsors, let's talk about our current sponsors. I'm so excited guys, okay, and I say guys, not the girls. Sorry ladies, this one's not for you. This one is for all my listeners with some whiskers. You know, like mutton chops,

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Unknown Speaker 14:42
All right, we are here. So excited. I'm a little nervous with the 11th degree black belt in America Cote. Master Ken. Master Ken, thank you for being on the show. You're welcome. I want to jump right into it. I know you got you know stuff to do ask us to kick. So, first of all, how are you? And real quick, can you give us a little background into your martial arts journey? I know it's extensive. But if you could summarize it for us a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 15:16
Yeah, sure. Uh, you know, before we get into all that I wanted you to listen to something. I just want to get your opinion on this just because I've been been practicing. been kind of preparing for the show. Yeah. So here we go. I'm a little rusty. But I figured if I was going to be on the sex and violence podcast, I should probably, you know, become familiar with the instrument. It was a learning experience for me. I'm new to it. I haven't I don't have a lot of experience with sax, but a mess.

Unknown Speaker 15:59
It's it's sex, sex and violence. You don't think that we're going to talk about saxophone for an hour, do you?

Unknown Speaker 16:09
Well, not now. Hang on, let me just take care of my notes here.

Unknown Speaker 16:18
Okay, well, I mean, I assume you do have some experience in having sex. So why don't we throw those notes away and just go off the cuff?

Unknown Speaker 16:27
Alright, fine. I'll get rid of I had a fantastic dissertation on Louis Armstrong. But let's let's just do this.

Unknown Speaker 16:33
Another time. Maybe another time. All right. All right. Well, thank you for that musical interlude. Let's talk about martial arts. Amera, dough Tae. How'd you get into it? Where'd it come from? And is it for everybody?

Unknown Speaker 16:50
Those are some good questions. I started coming up with Americo Tay, right out of the womb, I actually accidentally gave my mother an involuntary C section just because I was such a powerful baby. I decided when it was time for me to be delivered, and I just broke out into the world. So I severed my own umbilical cord. When the doctor tried to spank me, I choked him with it. So I've always been a violent person, the key was trying to figure out how to make it a productive type of violence. So I began studying martial arts all around the world. I've studied virtually every style known to man or woman, or whatever you call yourselves nowadays. And I basically am, am well versed in every style, but found out that every style had a weakness, every style was flawed. So I decided to come up with my own style, grabbing the best parts of every other martial art in the world, but none of the weaknesses, which is why I always say, America today is the best of all and the worst of not,

Unknown Speaker 17:55
I love that. Yeah, that's what we all aspire to take out all the best parts and get rid of the worst parts. So, you know, how would someone go about getting into America? Doty? You know, I myself, I've been a martial artist for I think 20 years now, maybe maybe a little less than that. But as soon as I watched your show entered the dojo, I automatically wanted to learn the art.

Unknown Speaker 18:24
Yeah, well, you know, somebody like yourself is at a disadvantage because you've got 20 years of bullshit to undo. But it isn't, it isn't too late for you, okay. Generally all it requires us for somebody to, to surrender their rank, to admit that they are powerless against their addiction to bullshit and, and to see the light to bring their themselves humbly before me master can study my videos and then begin the America Day Training starts with a ceremonial demotion. And then I observe as the student engages in a technique that I invented, called you Jitsu, in which I watch you fight yourself. Just on your own, I'm not allowed to intervene. If you can manage to submit yourself in My Presence, knock yourself out, put yourself in a lock that you can't get you out of. Then it shows that you have the potential to become an American Otay master. All

Unknown Speaker 19:22
right, all right. Well, you know, I'm not super sold. I don't know if I could let go of you know, my other martial arts. I feel like it's important to learn jujitsu and boxing, and Muay Thai and traditional wrestling. These are these are all things that are very important for me as a mixed martial artist, and I don't know if I could give them up.

Unknown Speaker 19:45
Well look at it like this. Like, say you're a chef. And you have a bunch of ingredients. Let's say that on one side of the table you have, you have some steak. You have some potatoes, you have some carrots. Then on the other side of the table, you got some bullshit. You got some cow shit, you got some dog shit? Do you need to taste all of them to know which ones are good for you?

Unknown Speaker 20:09
No, no, you don't. That's point, you

Unknown Speaker 20:13
know, that's my point. Just you can you can spend as much time on inferior martial arts as you want. But when you get tired of losing, just give me a call.

Unknown Speaker 20:21
Okay. All right to the point. Well, look, let's let's pick it of losing and winning. Let's talk about some competition. I usually asked our guests because they're, you know, different fighters, boxers, mixed martial artists. Ask about their last fight, and then also ask if you have an upcoming fight. Do you still practice? Amira? Dota? And do you compete actively?

Unknown Speaker 20:44
Well, that's where that's where we run into a little bit of controversy. Because when people talk about rankings, I have been in over 500 street fights. I'll tell you that right now. Wow. Very few of them are on video, just because that causes a lot of legal liability issues. I did get in a fight last night near an ATM. So there's probably some video that some security video. But generally, I'm considered to be the best street fighter in the world. It's just the trick is in order to prove it, I usually have to get into a fight with whoever's doubting me. And by the time they get to the hospital, they don't want to talk about

Unknown Speaker 21:20
oh, okay, I guess Yeah, that must be hard to prove. But yeah, who cares what people think you know, that you are probably one of the best fighters in the world is what it sounds like.

Unknown Speaker 21:31
Yeah, yeah. As far as my next fight. I'm going to be going to the poppy Steakhouse in Miami. Because I hear that's where it pops off. If if must be at all or any of those guys are there ready to ready to do some fisticuffs? We can do it.

Unknown Speaker 21:48
Okay. Okay. And there was some footage, so be careful because nowadays everyone with their cell phones, you know?

Unknown Speaker 21:54
Yeah, yeah, that's that's one thing I I would actually kind of welcome the opportunity to defeat a UFC fighter on video. Just so people stop bugging me about you know, my rankings and my my skill.

Unknown Speaker 22:05
Okay, well, there's I know there's plenty of UFC fighters that would love to, you know, have a go at you. You know? Maybe we could set something up.

Unknown Speaker 22:16
Yeah, well, if they'll sign the waiver, then then then we should we should negotiate.

Unknown Speaker 22:20
Okay, okay. We'll talk later. Well, let's let's jump right into the personal life of master Ken. This is where the sex aspect of sex and violence comes in. And right off the bat, I like to ask our guests number one, how do you identify sexually as in straight homosexual, bisexual pansexual? And also, what is your dating status? Are you currently seeing someone single in relationship?

Unknown Speaker 22:45
Well, I consider myself a martial sexual. I'll try any martial art once. And I've been in almost anything that you can imagine. So whatever that makes me as far as my marital status. I consider myself married to a marriage. Okay. I have had some mistresses here. And there, I fooled around with Krav Maga for a little bit, which is why I speak so negatively about it I consider problem got to be an ugly ex that I wish I had never spent any time with. Yeah, so So it sort of depends on it. If you look at my history, I've been around. I've been around just ask I've been around.

Unknown Speaker 23:22
Okay. Okay. Would it be okay to ask? What do you typically go for in a partner? physical traits as well as maybe like personality and characteristics?

Unknown Speaker 23:34
Sure, well, you know, I consider anyone in my life to be a partner in all things. Not just relations, but a training partner, you know, a life partner. So I'm going to be looking for somebody with speed, agility, a very durable groin area. Somebody who is mainly subservient. You know, that's a very, that's a very important quality, because I just, I don't really have time to explain how much I know about everything. So it's better if whoever I'm with just understands that I'm generally right most of the time. Really, I've found that I tend to be my own best partner. When it comes to it.

Unknown Speaker 24:16
Sounds like it. Okay. Yeah. Alright, so if you are kind of Dating Yourself, what about past relationships? You know, has it been hard to find partners or you know, have you always just wanted to date yourself?

Unknown Speaker 24:34
I feel like I've had a variety of partners and usually the biggest problem is my dedication to my art. Because Amira, dotate doesn't sleep and neither do I. Yeah. So So I spend a lot of time very tired. I think that generally, the biggest problem is that I am best at dating myself. Believe in a very famous book, The once Just once a saying the saying is as iron sharpens iron, so does one sharpen another. But personally, I prefer to sharpen myself.

Unknown Speaker 25:10
Got it? Okay, well, I'm just thinking here you are, you know obviously making yourself better but what if you were to find another martial artists? Have you ever dipped your toe you know, kind of dated in the industry if you will.

Unknown Speaker 25:27
I've dipped my toe in just about everything you can think of. i That's one of the things about America Dota is that we're very groin focused. There's a lot of stomping up groins that's my catchphrase, a lot of people know that. And I've stopped just about every pretty much every gender, you can imagine in a training situation and otherwise, so, you know, I have I do think that someone who complements me might be good. I just have a hard time with the lingo. I have a hard time speaking the language of the dating world today. You know, I tried the data pansexual I just thought that was someone who was really into cookware.

Unknown Speaker 26:05
Yeah, it's hard. It's very hard. You know, and, you know, we tried to be very inclusive on the podcast, but we're still learning and I think master can as long as you know, you're open to learning. You're not gonna insult anybody ever.

Unknown Speaker 26:20
Yeah, sure. Well, like I said, I'll take all kinds. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:23
Yeah. Well, okay, so would you ever date a student because it sounds like if you dated and Amira Doty students, they automatically are going to take in whatever you want to hear. But a lot of times that's kind of taboo to date a student, right?

Unknown Speaker 26:41
Yeah, I've heard a lot of issues with dating somebody within the workplace. You know, obviously, like I said, one of the top qualities that I look for is somebody who is subservient. Ideally, somebody who doesn't know anything. That way, I can just sort of download my knowledge into them in various ways. That way that I don't have to waste time arguing with somebody. But when it comes to dating within the workplace, it can just be a mess. I learned that way back when I worked with a horse trainer.

Unknown Speaker 27:11
Yeah, yeah, I would I would not date in the workplace around animals for sure. Well, what would be a deal breaker for you? I understand that, you know, being submissive is a great quality that you would like in a partner. But what's something that you know, an automatic deal breaker? Sometimes our guests say? They don't want to date a partner with kids or a smoker, stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker 27:35
Oh, let's see. Anyone who's got a black belt in Taekwondo. Automatically out, okay. That eliminates like, 10 million people right there. Anyone who's ever worn an affliction t shirt? Yes. Anyone who wears a mouthpiece? They just carry a lot of germs. Anyone who anyone who's ever paid to watch Jake Paul box? Oh,

Unknown Speaker 28:04
yeah. You know, I'm with you on that one.

Unknown Speaker 28:07
Yeah, that's it. That's an automatic. No, that's all just if I hear that, I just get up and leave. All right.

Unknown Speaker 28:11
Well, what about drugs and drinking? Is that a deal breaker? Because, you know, in the dating world, it's nice to grab a glass of wine, grab a drink, or, you know, I live here in California. A lot of people smoke, they want to, you know, smoke and hang out. But traditional martial artists are against smoking and alcohol. How do you feel about that?

Unknown Speaker 28:32
Well, you know, I think anything can be used as a training tool. You know, people want to smoke the wacky tabacky sometimes that can help because it teaches you how to fight slow. You know, because smoking the marijuana slows everything down. Not useful in a fight against a regular human being. But what if you were to fight us slot? Yeah, yeah, you square off with a slot. Next thing you know, you know, you smoke a little weed. Now you're both moving the same speed. Very functional. When it comes to What's that stuff that Rogan? Does? The DMZ the TMJ? What is it called? DMT. DMT. Yeah, yeah. You know, they're supposedly when you do DMT treat you are transported to another world where there are these little, these little trolls. Everybody sees the little trolls. How are you going to fight them? Unless you take DMT and actually go there and learn to fight trolls. Drunken boxing, that's I do a whole seminar on drunken boxing. It's an hour long, and we put on the sparring gear, and we do a shot every five minutes for an hour.

Unknown Speaker 29:44
Okay, how does that goes? And you

Unknown Speaker 29:47
know, I'll tell you the first half hour is great.

Unknown Speaker 29:50
A lot of fun. Then the second half, not so great.

Unknown Speaker 29:54
Honestly, I don't ever remember the second, okay.

Unknown Speaker 29:58
But you know, so it sounds Like, as long as you can use these substances in your training, you wouldn't mind if a partner partook in these.

Unknown Speaker 30:07
Sure, as long as it's functional. You know, it can all be leisure. Everything context of self defense is is fine by me.

Unknown Speaker 30:16
Speaking of leisure, what do you do in your off time to cut loose and relax? Can't be all Amira dotate all the time? Can it?

Unknown Speaker 30:25
Well, yeah. But, you know, sometimes I'll just pop on a video of myself doing a mirror dhoti to relax. Sometimes I'll just, I'll just watch myself trained in the mirror. You know, reorganize my, my knives. You know, there are lots of leisurely things that that a partner can do as long as they understand that those are the sanctioned leisure activities.

Unknown Speaker 30:53
Okay. All right. Well, this is kind of a weird question, but the dating age, you know, I'm not sure how old you are actually. Mr. Ken, how old are you?

Unknown Speaker 31:04
I am I was born in 69.

Unknown Speaker 31:07
You're gonna make me do math.

Unknown Speaker 31:09
I just want to say the number 69. I'm I am approaching 50.

Unknown Speaker 31:15
Okay. Okay, so what would be too young for you?

Unknown Speaker 31:21
Like generally, my rule is that anybody who is familiar with a Pokemon?

Unknown Speaker 31:25
Yeah, yeah. Well, I'm familiar with Pokemon. And I'm, I'm 34.

Unknown Speaker 31:31
Yeah, well, you're too young, too young. Okay. to burst your bubble on the show. I didn't if this was a roundabout attempt of asking me out. You could have sent me an email.

Unknown Speaker 31:41
I'm sorry. Shut down. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 31:43
Yeah, I hate them. I hate to crush your spirit. You know, I know we're only partway through the show. But just letting you know,

Unknown Speaker 31:50
well, that's okay. The vibe I'm getting is that you're truly in already in a relationship with a married Doty. But I'm going to dig a little bit deeper. I'm just curious, in the past, has your love for martial arts, and specifically America Dota ever gotten in the way of your relationships? Constantly, constantly? Can you give us a couple of examples of what happened and how that worked out for you?

Unknown Speaker 32:17
Well, you know, again, as far as the leisure as far as wanting to go out and do things that are for fun. What's fun for me is considering how I might be attacked or killed in virtually every scenario in every environment. So somebody who's on board with that, somebody who is dedicated to situational awareness, somebody who, you know, say we're in the bedroom, and we're under the sheets, and we've got some sort of some sort of toy or some sort of accelerant. Some sort of lubricant, you might call it, I'm sitting there thinking, what if a band of ninja were to some suddenly just break into the room? How would I defend myself and then suddenly just leap up and start doing that? Start demonstrating it doing a naked cotta I might want to figure out the best escape routes, you know, cover myself in that lubricant, and then just slide across the floor down to the fire escape. Those are the types of spontaneous things that I want a partner to appreciate. Instead of screaming or crying or calling security.

Unknown Speaker 33:20
Oh, okay. Yeah, I can understand that. Yeah. You sound I'm not gonna lie. I'm gonna be honest with you. You sound like a hard man to date.

Unknown Speaker 33:31
Well, yeah, I'm a hard man in general. And I think that people need to know what they're getting into. But, you know, that's, that's the trade off. On the one hand, you get to say you're dating master cam. And with that comes a lot of prestige. A lot of access a lot of respect, but it's hard work. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 33:49
What do you so you know, the younger generation, they're all about online dating. swipe left, swipe right. Are you a traditionalist? In the sense you'd like to meet people in person? Or have you been on these apps? Bumble Tinder? Gosh, Coffee Meets Bagel Raya?

Unknown Speaker 34:09
No, not yet. I haven't tried those yet. I prefer that if I'm going to swipe left or swipe right to do it in person. So generally, which you know, as long as everybody is on the same page, as far as their blocks and strikes, they're bobbing and weaving works out just fine.

Unknown Speaker 34:26
You sound like you've, you know, really nailed down who you want to be with. And that's really yourself. But over time. I'm sure you've realized, you know, what you like in a partner? That's not yourself. And I guess what I want to say is, what have you learned? Like, what what do you wish women did more of and wish women did less of, you know, the dating scene is very hard. It's lots of games and stuff. And you know, you're almost 50 In your experience. What could you do without in the dating game?

Unknown Speaker 34:59
Oh, You know, I'd like to be objectified less often. Yeah, I feel like women go right to the mustache, they go right to the biceps. They're always joking about mustache rides. And I'm constantly saying about focus on your training, about focus on being a serious martial artist and focusing on self defense. There's not there's a time for for play. And there's a time for training, and it's difficult to keep women focused.

Unknown Speaker 35:25
Yeah, yeah, it seems like, Yeah, you're a good candidate to get a good candidate to get degraded. I mean, you're, you know, you're out there. You're a public figure. And how do you deal with that in person? But also, you know, nowadays everyone has access to you through social media, do you get a lot of kind of creepy men or women DMing? You?

Unknown Speaker 35:48
I've gotten some very interesting messages. I will say so far the men from various countries have been rather bold, in the the explicit photographs, women to I just put them in a folder. And you know, when I need to work on surprise attacks, I'll just keep that folder. You know, when I want that feeling that feeling of adrenaline, of being shocked, I'll just open up one of those weird, grainy close ups of something I didn't need to see that will give me the touch I need in order to train properly.

Unknown Speaker 36:25
Wow, how how resourceful have you to use your unwanted advances for training?

Unknown Speaker 36:32
Oh, you got to do something with them.

Unknown Speaker 36:33
Yeah, that's amazing. I know you've been some man crush Monday social media and you know they do Women Crush Wednesday, man crush Monday, do you master can have a crush on anyone, celebrity or otherwise?

Unknown Speaker 36:51
See, I'm a big fan of Frank Stallone. I mean, you know, it's hard to crush on people as I get to know the martial arts world. You know, I used to have a lot of respect for a lot of high ranking martial artists, but then I meet them and train with them. And I'm always disappointed. They always come up short. So, you know, again, it's the reason I carry around a mirror. A lot of people don't carry mirrors anymore. They just use phone. But I'll just have like a little makeup sized mirror in my pocket. And when I when I do feel a little lonely, or feel like I need to connect with someone. I just look into my eyes. And there I am.

Unknown Speaker 37:32
That's a good tip. I guess if you really feel that connected to yourself, pack a mirror guys.

Unknown Speaker 37:44
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Unknown Speaker 38:43
I want to take a quick break to thank our sponsor perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative with their flavor options. Their newest flavor of diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season, perfect has come out with a limited edition Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored protein. Pumpkin Spice Latte provides a spicy and savory aromatic tastes that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember guys, this is a limited edition so make sure to get your orders in soon, inventory will be going quick. As always, this new limited edition flavor provides you with the same benefits that diesel always does. It's third party tested for banned substances and is the highest quality that protein can be. Order yours now by heading to perfect and using my code rebel girl for a 20% discount. Now back to the episode. Social media last question I want to ask you about social media. You've got all the confidence in the world and why not but not everyone does, right. Any advice to someone who may be affected by social media in a negative way? You know there's bullying or like you said people just sending you unwanted messages that are you No, dirty or just unwanted?

Unknown Speaker 40:04
Yeah, I mean, on the one hand, I just have to say welcome to the internet. I mean, if you want to be out there, you're going to get attacked, you're going to get pushed around. It's sort of the the trade off. I would say be careful of catfishes. I didn't know a lot about this. until more recently, there's a lot of cat fishing accounts, setting up events that are misleading and things like that. You really have to watch out for that.

Unknown Speaker 40:29
It sounds sounds like you might have some personal experience.

Unknown Speaker 40:32
Yeah, I recently showed up to an event that I thought was all about combating violence in an urban environment, just from the name, but it turns out that's not at all what a gangbang is.

Unknown Speaker 40:44
Okay. All right. Well, be sure to read the fine print Master.

Unknown Speaker 40:49
Yeah, you understand what you're getting into? I miss I've misunderstood many of those. I went to one that seemed like it was something about worship, or appreciating negative space again, misread it. I learned what a glory hole was. You just have to You should look things up before you help to these events, because it can be very awkward.

Unknown Speaker 41:08
Yeah, yeah. Okay. Well, hard pivot into some mushy stuff from gloryhole. Duck. Master, good. Have you ever been in love? I know, it's a very personal question. Some may say even more personal than talking about sex. But have you been in love?

Unknown Speaker 41:26
There was someone

Unknown Speaker 41:28
care to elaborate?

Unknown Speaker 41:31
Oh, you know, I gotta be careful about it. She's a very famous martial artist. She was very big in Hong Kong. Back in the day. She did a lot of movies. We were very passionately, passionately interested in each other. But, you know, things just didn't pan out. She was dedicated to her career. I was dedicated to America today. And she still still messages me from time to time, but simply I mean, she knows she's a woman, a woman who is not named, knows how I feel about her.

Unknown Speaker 42:05
Okay. And I imagine that, you know, even though you have this hard exterior when you were in love, were you romantic? Did you do any grand gestures?

Unknown Speaker 42:16
Well, I'm, I'm hard on the inside and the outside. But some women appreciate that. I may slip mainly my doctor tells me because I'm very dehydrated. But there was there was some romance. You know, occasionally, I remember one time that I bought her a dress and found out that she didn't like wearing white. So I went out got in a street fight and managed after 789 10 opponents I managed to get the whole thing dyed red.

Unknown Speaker 42:45
God. That's, that's romantic. All right.

Unknown Speaker 42:51
Well, I can be Yeah. Sakti in some ways. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 42:55
Do you know your love language?

Unknown Speaker 43:00
English I think I mean, do I have to know another language?

Unknown Speaker 43:04
Yeah, it's a common misunderstanding that the language is not actually a language. It's more of a gesture. So there's five different ones.

Unknown Speaker 43:13
Oh, what is your love gesture?

Unknown Speaker 43:15
I'm not sure I'm not sure good question.

Unknown Speaker 43:18
I'm not telling you how to show I just if you're gonna say language, I thought maybe I was gonna need to go with Rosetta Stone and figure out what my love language No, no,

Unknown Speaker 43:27
just just a, a way that you express your appreciation for your partner. So you could show them affection or get them gifts. Tell them nice things. Physical Touch, things like that.

Unknown Speaker 43:42
Yeah, sure. There's a bunch of ways that we do that. You know that Amira? Dota has a love language of its own. You know, sometimes how like a cat. If you have a cat at home and you wake up and you find a dead mouse on the on the porch? Yeah, your cat is letting you know hey, I'm pulling my weight around here. So you know I've I've left a finger or an ear out for a partner to let her know that she's safe. Got it. Okay. That feeling of security.

Unknown Speaker 44:10
So your love language may be severing of limbs.

Unknown Speaker 44:17
Yeah, as a trophy I'll take a trophy from one of my fights and just let her know hey, you know I'm still I'm still top dog around here. Don't worry, God don't worry. You're like, I'll do acts of service you know sometimes acts of service. Sometimes I'll I'll take to making sure that my partner is ready for surprise attacks just by startling them on a regular basis hiding in the shadows. And just jumping out and screaming. Making sure that they take a defensive stance or that they have a weapon. You know, cuz I care about them. I do that because I care.

Unknown Speaker 44:53
I see. I see I can understand how this would be cause for turmoil in the relationship but do most of your partner Appreciate this attacking love language.

Unknown Speaker 45:03
I wouldn't say that they appreciate it. But I wouldn't say that they didn't learn from it.

Unknown Speaker 45:10
Yes, yes, yes. Okay. All right. I assume

Unknown Speaker 45:13
them are still in contact with me. But if I were to talk to them if I could get them on the phone weird I always have connection issues. When they leave, I can't ever seem to maybe maybe I just don't know how to use these new phones, but I can't ever get through on the phone. I can't find them on social media. They look like they disappear. Something that's weird.

Unknown Speaker 45:32
Weird, weird. Okay, well, we're gonna transition into sex. We want to know, you know, how do you learn about it? When do you lose your virginity? And do you have sex before a competition or a fight?

Unknown Speaker 45:48
Let's see. As far as my virginity. I guess I would say I'd say I got my first oil check out a state wrestling competition when I was 16. I guess I think that counts, right?

Unknown Speaker 46:00
I don't know. I, you know, there's, there's no penetration, right?

Unknown Speaker 46:06
Well, there was in my case, we kind of we both had the same idea for the same technique at the exact same time. Got it. And we're like, that infinity symbol of a serpent eating itself, except it was oil hooks into aliases. So I sort of count that as my first penetrative experience.

Unknown Speaker 46:25
Okay, first sexual experience. Got it? Yeah. And what about the talk? Did you get that from your parents? Or did you kind of just learn from friends or movies?

Unknown Speaker 46:35
Oh, yeah. We had Cinemax, Cinemax? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And the late night, the late night movies on Cinemax, I got the gist of it.

Unknown Speaker 46:43
All right. And do you now abstain from having sex? You know, there's a lot of, you know, talk of it, you know, lowering your testosterone and affecting you on fight day or competition day. What are your thoughts on that?

Unknown Speaker 46:58
You know, sometimes I will engage in some sort of expulsion of energy just to keep my opponents safe. Sometimes I actually have to lower my testosterone. Alright, because it's, it's generally too high. I see. So. So yeah, sometimes I'll do an expulsion of some sort. Just to keep everybody else alive.

Unknown Speaker 47:18
In the competition. Mike Tyson has done the same thing.

Unknown Speaker 47:22
Yeah, exactly. You know, it's. So if you do that, in order to keep from damaging your opponents too much, it's really that's that's, that's a love language in and of itself. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 47:33
So I don't know what you're into in the bedroom yet. But have you ever been asked to do something too freaky or too weird that you were uncomfortable with?

Unknown Speaker 47:45
Yeah, I was, uh, I was once asked to keep John club will be on in the background.

Unknown Speaker 47:52
Just couldn't do it.

Unknown Speaker 47:54
That's too weird. You can't you can't hear that accent and want to have sex?

Unknown Speaker 48:00
Yeah. Do you have a favorite quickie or wild sexual experience that you could share with us?

Unknown Speaker 48:08
Well, boy. Yeah, you know, I would say, probably the invention of the thrust of freedom was kind of an accident of the freedom. Yeah, the thrust of freedom. You ever seen that? It's a it's a hip striking?

Unknown Speaker 48:25
Yes, I guess. Yes. Left, right, forward, back.

Unknown Speaker 48:29
Exactly. Yeah, those are four major directions of the thrust of freedom striking with the hip area, itself in a fight, where I had broken both of my arms and was unable to do anything but flail around, and decided to throw a thrust of freedom into my opponent. And not only was it effective, but I was surprised to find that I enjoyed it.

Unknown Speaker 48:50
All right. Wow. i It's a strange crossover between fighting and sexual experiences that I have never heard of before.

Unknown Speaker 49:00
Well, I feel like the two are connected.

Unknown Speaker 49:03
Yeah, I guess they could be. Do you have a pet peeve in the bedroom? Something that a partner does? That just rubs you the wrong way?

Unknown Speaker 49:12
Ah, you know, talking about other senses. Yeah, it seems to be a popular fetish these days. That's not cool. Yeah, yeah. I don't I don't want to I don't want to hear about your, what you did with your other dojang your other souci or, or say? Yeah, not cool. Yeah. Don't Ask Don't ask me to pretend that I that I love Tai Chi, or that I'm, you know, really into Aikido as soon as you asked me to wear a Hakama we're done.

Unknown Speaker 49:45
Okay, and this, this is probably a stupid question. But you're a very dominant person in real life. Do you tend to also be the dominant partner in the bedroom?

Unknown Speaker 49:56
Yeah, I generally feel like I perform best in most situations when I'm in charge.

Unknown Speaker 50:00
Yeah, okay, well I feel like this is a smooth transition into the lightning sex round it is a rapid fire yes or no segment. Are you ready to play? Sure. All right, here we go Lightning sex round with Master Ken. Do you dirty talk in bed?

Unknown Speaker 50:26
Yeah, I mean if roasting counts, spank or like to be spanked I deal out

Unknown Speaker 50:33
the spanking biting.

Unknown Speaker 50:38
I mean if I can't breathe,

Unknown Speaker 50:39

Unknown Speaker 50:43
Well, yeah, I won't tap to it. If that's the if that's what you're asking. I think if you're gonna choke me not gonna tap.

Unknown Speaker 50:49
Okay, threesomes

Unknown Speaker 50:52
at least at least I multiple attacker scenarios are things that I am very passionate about.

Unknown Speaker 50:58
Do you watch porn? I have. Okay, any fetishes like a foot fetish?

Unknown Speaker 51:06
Well, I mean, there's a reason I stopped the groin as often as I do.

Unknown Speaker 51:09
Got it. Okay, say no more. bodily fluid fetish.

Unknown Speaker 51:14
I like to hang on to mine as much as I can. You know, if someone really wants me to donate some i Well,

Unknown Speaker 51:22
okay, that's nice of you. Bondage like ropes. Blindfold handcuffs.

Unknown Speaker 51:27
Yeah, I like that because it teaches you how to escape. I will say pretty much every lover has ever tied me up has come back into the room five minutes later to find a broken window and some handcuffs on the floor. And they're baffled every time

Unknown Speaker 51:40
always training. I love it. Okay. Do you use Oh, sorry, role playing? You know, you're pretending to be someone else? And so as your partner?

Unknown Speaker 51:50
Oh, sure. Sure. I I'll engage in something like that. As long as again, as long as I don't have to play somebody who studies any other martial arts bullshit.

Unknown Speaker 51:59
Got it? All right, and what about but stuff on you or a partner?

Unknown Speaker 52:06
But stuff. I'll throw a rear thruster freedom at somebody if they really want me to. All right.

Unknown Speaker 52:12
All right. And do you use sex toys?

Unknown Speaker 52:16
Oh, yeah, I have a whole course. On on how to defend yourself. That's called the disruptive dildo course. And yeah, I'll teach you how to fit that thing just about anywhere in a self defense situation.

Unknown Speaker 52:29
Got it. Okay. Send me that link later. And then have you ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 52:39
I have I have been to situations like that. Oh, again, as security. Okay, I've worked a lot of security jobs. So I've observed a lot of those situations and I'll see three, four or five people in various positions and think how would I get out of that? You know?

Unknown Speaker 52:56
Yeah, always training got it. Okay. And then are you a lingerie lover? A lot of you know, men love when women wear the sexy lingerie?

Unknown Speaker 53:06
Uh, you know, they can wear whatever they want. I find that every everyone that I've ever tried rides up.

Unknown Speaker 53:14
Body hair. Are you a fan?

Unknown Speaker 53:17
Oh, you know, I find that body hair can be used as a weapon. I like that fact. You know? It's good on an opponent because you can grab hold of it. Yeah. As far as using it on on an opponent of my mustache itself is I consider it to be a tactical mustache. I can use it to soothe or to attack.

Unknown Speaker 53:37
You don't think that your moustache is a potential hazard. No one could grab on and use it against you.

Unknown Speaker 53:45
No, no, no. If anything, they don't want to do that. They're just pulling danger closer when they

Unknown Speaker 53:49
got it. Okay. And then. Have you ever been caught having sex or masturbating?

Unknown Speaker 53:57
I mean, I've been walked in on during compromising positions in seminars. There's a move that I do where I head up the groin and thrust of freedom the head back and forth. A move I call the seesaw. Doing that vigorously and someone walks in it can be awkward.

Unknown Speaker 54:15
Ah, okay, got it. Yeah, well, now good. Congratulations. That was the lightning sex route. We're gonna end the show with two segments. A game of fuck marry kill and some fan questions. Is that okay marry one kill one go. I think we're done. We're done here. Yeah, sure. All right. Well, your fuck marry kill. The topic is female black belts. So I'm going to give you three names and you're going to tell me which one you want to fuck. Which one you want to marry in which one you want to kill? Ready? We've got Kyra Gracie. She is a black belt in jujitsu. Michelle karate hottie water Since she is a black belt in karate, and Kayla Harrison she's a black belt in judo.

Unknown Speaker 55:07
Fair enough. Let's see. Well, karate hottie is already married. So unless she's a polygamist, which she might be, maybe, right, yeah, let's, let's assume that she's a polygamist. So I'd have to I'd have to marry her. Okay. And then well, let's see. The other ones were up BJJ bullshitter and a judo champion. Yeah. Let's see. I'm looking them up on the internet right now here. I think I'd have to kill the BJJ. One. Okay, just sociation with Gracie, I have to continue to associate dominance. Whenever I can with anyone associated with Gracie. I'm sure she's a nice lady. Yeah. But if forced to choose, which means let's see this other lady. Well, she seems she looks aggressive. So I guess I'd Yeah, I guess that answers that.

Unknown Speaker 56:03
All right. All right. All right. Killing Kyra, Gracie, you Mary and Michelle Waterson and you're banging Kayla Harrison.

Unknown Speaker 56:11
I guess so. All right.

Unknown Speaker 56:13
So the last segment is fan questions we got a couple great ones from your fans. Oh, so I'll Kado what is more essential a mustache or dignity?

Unknown Speaker 56:31
Oh, my stash. Yeah, yeah. Because if you have no dignity you can hide it with a stash.

Unknown Speaker 56:39
Okay, great answer at EDD roo boy. Do you use regular electrical tape when you want to add another stripe to your belt?

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Yeah, of course. What else would you use? Yeah. All right.

Unknown Speaker 56:51
And then at lady kill face. I know this girl shout out Natalie. Where did you learn the kill face?

Unknown Speaker 57:00
Oh, yeah, the kill face. That was a situation where I was very frustrated with the fact that I couldn't bring weapons into another country brought a whole bunch of martial arts weapons here in America, we're very free to train with weapons. But if you go to someplace like the UK, they don't really bring anything so I had to figure out how to become a weapon particularly in my face. So I just spent a lot of time putting all my anger and lethality into my face and then putting it out to other people. And I had a window washer happen to be washing the windows and I flashed in my kill face he fell off and died. So I they couldn't pin that on me legally. But that was the first time I realized the kill face worked really well.

Unknown Speaker 57:46
That's amazing. How do you feel knowing that there's a female Muay Thai fighter out there with your move as a nickname a fighting nickname?

Unknown Speaker 57:56
I think that's a pretty flattering I think really we should do an instructional video together so that she can earn that title now you can't ranking yourself on the internet without getting certification from me but she wants to be an episode Americans privates then we should work that out.

Unknown Speaker 58:14
I guarantee she would love that. All right. Next we have at the max the Mexican asked Yeti podcast. Two part question. How many say that again? The Mexican us Yeti asked Yeti podcast. Yeah, just make

Unknown Speaker 58:30
sure I heard that correct.

Unknown Speaker 58:32
If we've got some amazing followers and fans and listeners out there. So first part of the question, how many moustache rides have you been asked to participate in?

Unknown Speaker 58:42
Oh, I've lost count. There's there's so many I get it. I get it on the daily

Unknown Speaker 58:46
on. Women Women are just so degrading and rude. It's like, it's crazy.

Unknown Speaker 58:53
I you know, I've made peace with the fact that I am just a walking pile of raw male sexuality. But really, ladies should learn to control themselves.

Unknown Speaker 59:03
I agree. All right, part two. What's your favorite martial art strike?

Unknown Speaker 59:09
The groin graph. Obviously, a lot of people always expect me to say the stump. But the stump can't really happen without the groin grab because you have to soften the groin. Before you can crush it. You know what I mean? Okay, and years of figuring out how to handle it. Working on your dexterity of your fingers. You can choose to soften your palm or or texture it up. It's there's a whole process, huh?

Unknown Speaker 59:35
Yeah. All right at Mr dot Garrick dot 77. Once you've earned these blackbelt degrees, is there a sense of responsibility to pass on what you've learned?

Unknown Speaker 59:47
Uh, you know, I feel like the public should feel a responsibility to learn what I have to offer. That's that's a service I'm providing of my own freewill. I don't feel like I have to teach people America dotate education they'd be better off.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:01
Yeah, yeah. Okay. At Michelle Yahzee girl, what is the Masters favorite choke on the mat? And I guess we already answered this. Does he like to be choked in bed?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:13
Yeah, like I said, you can choke me in bed, but I'm not gonna tap. And then as far as the actual show, there's a modification on the triangle choke that I like to do if I a God forbid I ever find myself in a grappling situation is a bunch of bullshit. But if I work grappling situation, I like to make sure that my gastrointestinal system is fully loaded. And then I release all of my gas and a move I call the gas chamber. So it's not that they don't pass out from cutting off blood flow. They pass out from the stench.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:46
Got it? Okay, tactical. All right. Last fan question. It's a two parter. At Pat Kenny. Who wins in a fight master kin or Rex? Cuando.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:59
Well, Rex cuando was a one time thing in a movie 30 years ago, I

Unknown Speaker 1:01:04
don't even know that that act reigns. So I mean, you can put your money on Rex if you want. But I think just like a T Rex, his arms. He's going to come up short.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:12
Got it? And the last question fan question. As a weak man, what's my best option of attack? Kick the crotch? A pinch of the nipples? Or a finger in the kazoo?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
Why not all three. Wow.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:27
Yeah. Never thought of that. There you go, Pat. Kenny. All right. Well, that's the end of the fan questions. And my last question for you master Ken is if you could hear anyone else as a guest on the sex and violence the rebel girl podcast? Who would you want to hear?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:43
Oh, you know, just randomly with with no connection, anything I said earlier in any way, shape or form. So nothing should be inferred. You should ask Cynthia Rothrock sit back. Okay. Yeah, yeah. She's famous actress and martial artists, the big in Hong Kong. And but you know, I mean, I don't care if you were on the show, but if you were to have her on the show, I probably would tune in maybe if I have the time. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:06
All right. All right. Well, we'll check that out. Well, we just want to follow everything that you do. I know you have a very popular YouTube series called Enter the Dojo. Please tell us how we can watch more of you. I think you mentioned master Ken's privates. And also where can we find you on all social media handles?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:26
Well, I'm very, very famous. So the easiest way to just Google master Ken, but you can go to the dojo show, on and on Instagram, and Facebook, where I have quite a few followers. It's master American, A M E, RI ke N. You can also order personalized video shout outs from me for special events on cameo. Oh, Mo, just just again, just google me. And you'll find a lot of information about me.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:55
That's amazing. Thank you so much for doing this show. Like you said, you got a bajillion followers and you're very busy guy. Anything else? You want to shout out at the very end here?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06
Oh, no, I just want to say I appreciate you having me on the show. You might want to think about the title. I feel like maybe it should be called the almost all sex with little to no mention of violence podcast. probably harder to put on a t shirt. So you know do your thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:20
You're right. You're right. There's probably a lot of saxophone misunderstandings that I'm aware unaware of. So, thank you for that tip. I will take that into consideration. Good luck with everything. Thank you again have a great day.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:17
Big guys for episode 89 with Master gun. If you haven't watched the wildly popular Enter the Dojo comedy series on YouTube, I suggest you watch it. I binge watched it to get ready for this interview and it was just easy. It's a hilarious show guy so check it out. It's worth your time. Next week we're talking to Jade Mason Wong she's a Canadian bareknuckle boxing flyweight. Very, very cool chick. Super excited to have her on the show. Please please please do not forget check out our website www sex violence with rebel We're doing the signed UFC glove giveaway by something automatically entered into To the giveaway and then I will let you know who wins on April 30. I love you guys. I fucking love you guys so much this was I look forward to doing this show so much and all you guys who tune in and all the hilarious fan questions, you make it every week you make it worth it. So thank you guys I really am appreciative and special thank you to our audio engineer, DJ Zol at DJ ZL on Instagram tomorrow could studio where we make the magic happen at tomorrow kids official, and you can always find us on Instagram that's at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. Please Please follow our backup account. It's the same as our regular one it's at sex and violence with rebel girl, but the number two afterwards because I don't know we talked about penises and sex and Instagrams always tripping but follow both those accounts just in case so I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. I really did. I'm looking forward to next week already. Remember guys, be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Oh, and stomp the groin. Talk to you guys next week with more tales of sex and violence.

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