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Ep.90 Jade Mason-Wong

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Sex and Violence Hey guys, welcome back to second violence rebel girl where we interview top level MMA fighters about love. Dating, romance. Oh, yeah. I'm your host Ashley, rebel girl, Evan Smith. Tell us about sex and violence what's happening? Hot stuff?

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What's up all my naughty listeners, we're back another episode. I can't believe we are only 10 episodes away from 100 episodes, but I'm really excited. I just feel like that's a big milestone for us. And in May, I think it's like may 21, or something like that. Coming up is our two year anniversary. So big stuff happening. And I keep kind of teasing. Some news. Still can't tell you yet. But just know big stuff is happening. Yeah, we're giggling evil giggle over here. Good things are happening, guys. Anyway, alright, so what the hell's going on with me? I know, it's been a minute since I talked about my rehab and recovery from spine surgery, some of you are probably thinking, Oh, shit, she probably just gave up from biting. No, I just didn't want to bore you guys. Because, you know, I took about a year but I finally just accepted that I am where I am. And if I stress myself out or be sad about not being on the mat yet, or how long it's taking, it's not beneficial. So I'm just accepting that I am exactly where I need to be. And that's okay. So to update you guys, where the fuck am I, lots of yoga, lots of fucking downward dog. I'm back to running light running, I have a little bit of pain in my knee, which is not obviously from my spine surgery, just another awesome injury that the universe threw at me while I was recovering from my spine surgery. But I wanted to let you guys know, I kind of kept it a secret for a few months until I kind of felt the full results. But eight weeks ago, I went down to Tijuana Mexico, and I got some of those good stem cells at the it's called the cellular Performance Institute. And that's inside that chips or hospital chips. O stands for something I forget what it is. But, you know, if you're living in San Diego, literally right over the border, it was a really cool experience. And I want to share that with you guys.

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You know, I got stem cells here in the US. They're different in Mexico and Colombia. I wish I could give you the scientific breakdown. But I would just describe it as in Colombia and Mexico, these two places that I was thinking about going and then Mexico I finally decided on going with them, they're more potent, let's just say that. And so anyway, so went down there spent five days and the staff, you know, the boyfriend dropped me off in the morning because of COVID He couldn't be in there with me five days of just, you know, getting different treatments. You know, it's not just sitting there and you know, getting injections all day, obviously. But there's hyperbaric chambers, there's red light therapy, they do all these it's like a whole package, and they feed you they feed you I forget what the diets called. But it's it's very vegan and very whole, whole plants and no salt, just, you know, kind of felt like I was cutting weight honestly, but you can just tell it's like the healthiest stuff you can put in your body. And they pay for that. Obviously the stem cells and all these other treatments. So five days of that, and you know, I was just really nervous because I've tried everything under the sun. If you guys are longtime listeners for the last two fucking years, you know, I've been dealing with pain and then I got the surgery was in the neck brace I got the neck brace off. I got then I had post surgery pain which is called referred pain. You don't always just heal up nice and dandy. I didn't know that. So it was really heartbreaking to get that surgery and then still have pain. We tried injections, something called for set injections, different injections, ozone stem cells here in the US and then finally I just said fuck it let's go down and paid for my own stem cells down in Mexico is pretty penny but they did give me a deal and that has nothing to do with me talking about the actual process. I just I'm so ecstatic and I wanted to share with you You guys that finally I'm paying free like, yeah, I remember all I know guys is crazy. It's been about two weeks, maybe three at the most. I can run now obviously not crazy, but you know, even with running I would you guys can't see me I'm like swinging my arms but even with like that arm swinging motion, I was having pain in my left trap because of the disc in my neck. So anyway, it's it's good good news is coming, you know, I'm finally finally healing you know, I guess it's just been a long journey. And yeah, I just want to share that with you guys. And if you guys want any information on the cellular Performance Institute, I'm going to add that in the show notes. Probably going to be talking about it the next month or so because stem cells, from what I understand it takes about one to three months, it's been two months, so I'm ill I'm probably gonna feel even better in you know, each week that passes up to three months. I got a little bit of pain still in my knee, they did inject some in my knee as well as three different levels in my neck different discs. That was gnarly guys, because they gave me a little sedative, but I was awake for the whole thing. No numbing agent in my knee. But it you know, it's painful. But if you can get a tattoo, you can get this injection. And it's worth it. It really is if you guys are at a dead end at a crossroads. I don't know if you just feel hopeless about some nagging pain that you've had like chronic pain. Please look up this cellular Performance Institute in Tijuana Mexico. It's gonna be in the show notes guys, there's Instagram all I don't I think it's at cellular Performance Institute on Instagram. It's amazing. And, you know, it's it's not a big deal. You know, you think Oh, Mexico, but it's it's very safe. It's not scary. And, and it's worth it. So, enough about that. I just I'm so ecstatic to be finally on the road to recovery and back in the cage, doing lots of yoga and you know, like beach running, but next up is striking and then grappling and inspiring. And then we take a fucking fight. So stay tuned, guys. What else do I want tell you about liberal blue? Oh, I am now officially a naughty model or whatever the fuck selling adult novel I'm an I'm a naughty model, aka I'm a novel. Let's that's copyright guys don't take that

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are giving that I'm a novel. And if you guys do want to check out my page, it's not only fans, it's called a fan time. And it's not as popular as only fans yet, but it's amazing. It's you know, everyone asked me like what's fan time? It's like only fans, but better. And you can go on there, you can subscribe. I think it's like 999 Guys will fucking help a sister out. Subscribe, see me posing some naughty, you know, pictures and videos and all that if that's what you're into. Or just help me out and subscribe, whatever. But um, it's been so it's been fun so far. You know, I'm a naturally shy girl about my body especially cuz I'm fluffy right now. So I just took the plunge and I said fuck it and it was liberating and empowering and I left that shoot feeling really fucking good about myself. And at the end of the day, fuck it like, Okay, I have these pictures online. From when I'm fluffy. I'm getting back into fight shape. And then you guys will just be able to see my from fluffy to fit, progression and it'll be kind of cool, I guess. So. The link to that will always be in the show notes because hey, it's my show and I can do whatever I want. So, www Ashley rebel That's easy, guys. My name is Ashley rebel girl. Evans-Smith. Just type in Ashley, rebel girl calm. It'll pop up guys. Quick reminder, before we get to our guests to talk about the fights. We are a podcast, we're an audio podcast, but we may be moving to video soon. And if you want to help us out, not asking for money not asking for anything. You don't got to go to my fan time page. Just please leave us a rating or review. You know, I think Spotify has just the rating. But if you want to leave a review for Apple it really helps us out. Plus I like to read them because you know I'm always trying to get better you know I say a lot and sometimes I ramble whatever but if you have some constructive criticism, I will read it and take it and try to make this podcast better. Just like with fighting and life you know it's we're learning and growing every day so please rate and review the show it helps us out a lot. Let's talk about the fights. There are no fights there are no fights this weekend guys my bad. Okay, so there's no fights tomorrow. But even though there's a break in action next weekend, that is UFC 273 volkanovski vs. Korean zombie, very excited I forget who fell out there was another headliner. But now we've got a championship double dip, the UFC returns to Jacksonville, Florida. Saturday, April 9 with a world championship doubleheader that will see featherweight champion Alexander volkanovski defend against number four in the division Korean zombie, and UFC 272 bla bla 273 is pay per view co main event and that is bantamweight Kingpin, Al Jemaine Sterling, who was going to run it back for the second time with interim title holder and former champion Peter Yan, pewter Yan. Pure. Okay. The rest of the card I checked it out, it's pretty awesome as well, but we'll talk about that next week. If you guys want to buy some merch and be automatically entered into our signed UFC glove giveaway, please go to sex violence with rebel girl calm, buy a shirt, a hat, phone case, whatever it is coffee mug and you are automatically entered. The more items you buy, the more times you're entered. I will be announcing the winner on April 30. And that's that if you guys want to email us talk about the podcast, whatever anything about the podcast, a guest suggestion, you want to sponsor the podcast. You want to tell me I suck note, whatever, please don't. I am fragile. Just to email, you know, and it's good. I've gotten some really emotional heartfelt emails and I've gotten some, you know guest suggestions, but it's always there for you guys. Don't forget that email is a sex and violence And I don't know if you guys heard in our last episode, but we had a new sponsor Bathmate you'll hear about them again this episode. But I just wanted to say that they sent me because obviously I don't go Weiner. And so I can't. I'm not going to use their penis pump myself. But they have some other things. Ladies if you're listening, and that is lube, there's this really cool thing called the vibrating bullet.

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i Yeah, it's all laughing I tested it out. Fucking awesome. I have a vibrator. Yeah, it is. It's, it's very small and compact. So travel size, discrete wherever you want to take it. But don't stick it up there guys, because it's got no cord. It's wireless in but uh, but I put it on my yoo hoo. And it was so fun. The boyfriend and actually funny story forget. I have another one that are old sponsor, Ella Parodi. Shout out you guys were great at the time. Just my favorite little toy that they give me gave me. But nothing sucks more than forgetting to charge your vibrator. And so the the Bathmate bullet was handy at the moment after my other vibrator failed me. And I reached over and it was so powerful. Like it's pocket size, you know, smaller than your pocket, but it's it gets the job done. So I just want to give a little shout out to that sponsor, and let you guys know that they have other items besides water based penis pumps, lubes and other goodies. So go check out their website, guys. Yeah, I believe it's ww And yeah, if you need a penis pump, no shame in your game, guys. You know, it's temporary results. But if you overtime, I have been told that they are lasting as well. Can't beat that. Okay, that's our sponsor. Let's talk about some of our other sponsors. I'm so excited guys. Okay, and I say guys, not the girls. Sorry, ladies, this one's not for you. This one is for all my listeners with some whiskers. You know, like mutton chops, a goatee mustache? A full mint. No, no one has full men shoes anymore. But about like a side beard or a neck beard. We're just a good old fashion. You know, face beard. This is for you guys. We are now in partnership with the best facial hair oil in the business. And they're called Rebel apothecary. How fitting is that? It's perfect, right? We didn't even plan that these guys are the best. They're the best beard oil in the game. And they I know this because not because I have a beard. But I know many hairy men jujitsu guys MMA fighters, and I've given this product to them. And they said it's great. It keeps your face maintained and it smells good too. Guys, please check them out. They are a family owned and operated business. And you can use our discount code rebel to get 25% off your entire order. Find them on Instagram at rebel dot apothecary or online at rebel Check them out rebel apothecary beard oil.

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falling down down down My mind is blank is such a crazy crazy feeling. We get the days

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of a given job. John

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we going to get you on the

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we are here with Jade Mason long. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'm excited to have you.

Unknown Speaker 18:22
Yes. Thanks to you to invite me no

Unknown Speaker 18:25
problem. Actually, we spoke. I think it was two days ago, maybe three. And that was the first time I learned that you had an accent. And I was like wow. And I didn't realize I was such a blonde moment. I guess. You're from Quebec City. And is that the primary language is French.

Unknown Speaker 18:45
Yes, exactly. Everyone speaks French and Quebec City. No one. Naturally English.

Unknown Speaker 18:51
Got it. Yeah. So I love your accent you. I wonder Where's JSP? From? You remind me of JSP? Oh, is that where JSP? Is prob. My wife. Is that where JSP? The Fighter JSP is from

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Unknown Speaker 19:06
Montreal. Got it? Okay. Well, I'm super excited to have you. I didn't really know too much about you. I started doing my research. And there's not too much online, which is good because I feel like I can organically get to know you here on the show. So let's jump right into it. Let's talk about your fighting career first. Yes, yes. So you are three in two in mixed martial arts and one in one in bareknuckle. I just want to know, how did you get started in mixed martial arts and why did you switch from MMA to bare knuckle?

Unknown Speaker 19:43
I started boxing when I was 13 years old just for the training. But I already wanted to do a competition but I was I was too young. And I still am 18 years old. I started mixed martial arts And I did. I started with kickboxing amateur fights. And after in 2000 2018 I passed professional. So I did five, five personal MMA fight and food for Bare Knuckle last year because it because of the pandemic in Quebec and Canada, there was nothing, and I cannot fight for one year now. So that's why I had the opportunity. My manager asked me if I wanted to, to do bare knuckles, and that was the, just the seat it started to be bigger, like other girls signing and so I was already following this. And I said, why not? I want to stay active. I cannot fight MMA for now. And that's why I said okay, I'm gonna I'm gonna try it and twist it boxing, but no glove, so it was always the I started with the box with boxing, so I think it could be nice to try it so I really not. I really enjoy it.

Unknown Speaker 21:08
Yeah, I'm sure it came at maybe not with gloveless but I'm sure it came natural since you started with boxing. Do you like striking more than grappling?

Unknown Speaker 21:19
Yes, I prefer I always preferred to punch people in the face and I feel it's more natural for me. My hand is my was always my strong my strengths or more natural.

Unknown Speaker 21:32
Okay, yeah. So you're one in one. And you know, the world is opening up slowly. You know, everything's not completely back to normal but you probably have a lot of options to go back to MMA. Do you see yourself staying in bare knuckle or eventually switching back to mixed martial arts?

Unknown Speaker 21:52
For now, I really like their knuckles. So I think I'm gonna stay. I don't know for how long but I feel I feel it's good for me. And it's a new face a new organization. There's not a lot of girls out there. I think there's many things to do with that too. I don't know if I will come back to MMA. I like for sure it I love everything like grappling and wrestling jujitsu. I did jiu jitsu like, two weeks ago just for fun. And I I really like it. But I think I have many things to do in bare knuckle.

Unknown Speaker 22:31
Yeah, yeah, you're right. The Division, especially the division, you're in the 125. I'd say it's the most, you know, stacked It's the deepest division for Bare Knuckle women's division. And but it you know, it's a it's a quick route to the title. You know, there's not that many women in it. So I think you're very smart. And I hear that they're paying very well. Are they taking care of you? Are you allowed to say

Unknown Speaker 22:59
yes. They pay them they pay the most in every year. Mar organization are things that yes, they take care of me. They start to be big too. They are. We are not allowed to they have more time to fix something, but it grew really fast.

Unknown Speaker 23:20
Yeah, yeah, it is. It's growing. It's huge. And I love watching it. I don't think I'll ever do it myself. But I have the utmost respect for the people that do. What's something about Bare Knuckle that surprised you? I'm sure you knew it was going to be different to get hit with no gloves versus gloves. But what's something that you didn't expect when you actually got into the bare knuckle ring?

Unknown Speaker 23:47
i Everything Everything was new. Almost no gloves. It changed everything. Yeah, go really fast is the go fast. can be good for if you win, but it can be bad if you don't go on their side. But that's what I like. I like because it's really intense. And it for sure there's almost every fight and I don't think it's possible to get out of the circle without blood on like kids. Get in kids it can look more violent. But I think it left them age for the brain than like your normal book. Think because it grow fast. The stuff really faster than the

Unknown Speaker 24:37
Yeah, yeah, you're right. You're right, as opposed to nine to 12 rounds of just consistent punching and punching and punching and that's a lot of CTE. Yeah, it's very violent, very bloody sport, but you're right. It's it's a very quick exchange. What makes it bittersweet, right, because for even for MMA, which is, you know, a long statistically longer fight than bare knuckle. It's it's so much work for training camp and the diet and then just for what, one minute, two minutes, a couple minutes of, you know, actually in, you know, the cage in the in the ring and then you're like, that's it. It's over. And, you know, I know if you win, it's like, I want more and then if you lose, it's like, wait, wait, I could do better I swear.

Unknown Speaker 25:24
Yes. You know, you know,

Unknown Speaker 25:28
I do. I do. I do. And I've never done Bare Knuckle but I can imagine it's that same feeling of like, God damn, we do so much of our life. You know, we sacrifice, you know, food and time with our partners or our families and friends. And then for just a few minutes of glory, but we love it, right?

Unknown Speaker 25:48
Yes, yes, we live for that. It's so intense. And there's nothing we can compare compared to that.

Unknown Speaker 25:54
No, I'm scared. I you know, I'm 34 I know you're 29 So you're younger than me. But, you know, I've got a few more years left, but like already in my brain. I'm like, God, what feeling like what is going to give me this rush this drug like feeling? You know, cuz I don't want to go into drugs. But I want that drug like feeling that addiction that craze like, and so I'm already like, sure. Maybe I'll be a skydiver or bungee jumping? I don't? I don't know. But you know, what are some goals for you? Speaking of life after fighting, you know, you got plenty of time. But what are your MMA goals? Or sorry? Bare Knuckle goals? And then what are some life goals that you see?

Unknown Speaker 26:38
Me I like, my goals with that office, for sure. I want to go as far as I can. With that. I think my goal is to have the belt. Taking everyone who do your competition is the main goal. So yes, the goal is my goal. But I want to do this and have fun as long as I can. As long as my body can follow to Yeah, I'm concerned that it succeeds dangerous. I don't want to be too damaged. So when maybe I will, I will have enough to be punched in the head and have scars and things like that. I want to see in athletic on this side. For sure. Because the sports always been in my life. So I maybe I already was thinking maybe two years ago going for wrestling or something like that, like the WWE because it Yes, I was already thinking of that. Because it's athletic. You have to be insane. To do this. We have to train girls, our makeup, nice hair, nice. clothes and everything. Like yes, I'll fit in there. They are like character and things like that. So I like this. This side. This side, too. Maybe? They I don't know. I was thinking about that. It keeps the side athletic, but without the risk, the danger. So this may be can can be an option, or I love motorcycles or maybe yes, I really love it. So maybe I will do something in that for but for sure I want to continue to be the training is to train hard and and have adrenaline.

Unknown Speaker 28:37
Yeah, yeah, I'm right there with you, girl. And you know, there's so many things that we can do because, I mean, I'm biased, obviously. But I feel like if you are dedicated and are willing to sacrifice and tough enough, mentally and physically to get into the bare knuckle cage, like a ring like you do for me, it's the cage, you know, who's to say that we can't do anything else, you know, WWE pro wrestling, whatever, dirt biking. So I know the sky's the limit for you. And there's definitely always options is sucks to say this, but there's more options for you because you're beautiful. You know, it's everybody wants the whole package. They want a athletic woman who was also, you know, can sell tickets was the way that she looks. And so I see that yeah, I really see maybe professional wrestling for you. As far as bare knuckle and the division. Who would you like to fight next? You know, like, I know you're probably just like every other fighter I'll fight anyone but if you had to pick a name, you know you got Britton Hart you got taste Starling you got Christine Ferreira, the champ you know Pearl Gonzalez, Rachel ostrich all these great names in your division who would you like to fight?

Unknown Speaker 29:52
I would like to fight maybe Rochelle or service or Paragon para girl is now one one like me. And they may be one of the two. But for sure it's me. I thought, my last fight. I thought I wanted to win for sure. But I thought they will put me against Taylor if after this one if I had won this fight, so I know I'm gonna fight calling him for some time, because people to want the the icing on the sound magentic like that a lot of people would like to see that. So, maybe but not, not now. But I think for for now, maybe one of the two or Russia or?

Unknown Speaker 30:41
Yeah, yeah. And you know, you always want to fight someone because, you know, they're a good challenge for you, you know, we want to really feel like we, you know, earned that win. But, you know, let's be honest, Rachel and Pearl are huge names, too. And when you fight a big name like that, it you know, it boosts your name, too. So, those are two great options. And yeah, I would love to see that. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 31:09
they are good and the CD prove it. They are pretty damn good technique and the the are in the combat person for a long time. So they have experience or I think it could be good. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 31:21
So anything on the books right now that you can speak of fight wise? Sorry, if anything coming up. Do you sign the contract?

Unknown Speaker 31:31
Now, I wanted to fight in June, because I know the I think they come back in June. Close on Miami, but I didn't sign the thing yet. And so I'm waiting but I want to fight as soon as possible.

Unknown Speaker 31:47
Okay. I love that. Are you staying ready and trading out there in your in Miami?

Unknown Speaker 31:52
Yes. Yes. Yes. I try not to even not in training camp. Train hard the almost every day. So I stay ready for what's coming.

Unknown Speaker 32:02
Nice. Nice. And where do you train out there in Miami.

Unknown Speaker 32:06
I trained at the 50 GM in South Beach. And my Microsoft Flow Sensor and I started to try to with a Kapinos the coach of Ruth Palomino. And

Unknown Speaker 32:23
yeah, I fought with Lewis Palomino. When I fought out there for an organization called CFA. This is many years ago, almost 10 years ago. Yeah, but he's a nice guy. Is his baboon? Yes, yes. Okay. That guy. Yeah, I remember that. I love I have such great memories of Miami because that's where I was. I first made my pro debut bought like two or three times out there. And just great memories. Great memories. Okay, so when did you move from? You know, wherever you were living before Miami? How long have you been trading out there?

Unknown Speaker 33:00
I'm here since five months? Oh, yes. I still I am working on my athlete visa. Now I'm gonna have it like, beginning of June. Because that's it, I will stay here but I have to come back to Canada, like next month because I have a house and I'm gonna sell it now. But I wanted to move here before but the pandemic with the pandemic the border was closed between Canada and USA. So I could not move. It was close for like a year and a half almost two years.

Unknown Speaker 33:45
Sorry. So you moved all the way to Miami just for your fighting career?

Unknown Speaker 33:52
Yes, for training and because i i was the boring to be in Quebec, that there is no such opportunity as it's smaller. I think Sorry, there is the best for part because there are so many gyms so many everything. Continue to to roll and see almost nothing. So I think it's really the best many training partner. So that's it. I really like it here. I really, really like Well,

Unknown Speaker 34:23
you look great in a bikini and you seem to fit right in. You're always with your bikini pictures on social media. You look like a Miami girl already. I don't know what the weather's like in Quebec City. But is it cold?

Unknown Speaker 34:36
It's really really tall.

Unknown Speaker 34:39
What did shade you fit right in in Miami? That's awesome. So that's a good transition. I want to know where you're from. Where do you Where were you born and raised and what was you know, childhood like?

Unknown Speaker 34:53
I'm born in Quebec City. With my father's as Chinese so that's why I have the warung in my somebody's name okay. And yes, that's it I don't look like a

Unknown Speaker 35:09
you know you are sorry to cut you off you know your name is Jade Mason wrong. And then you see the picture of you and I'm like Jade, and then you hear your, your voice and I'm like, I'm so confused. You're like this awesome mix that you just keep people guessing. So

Unknown Speaker 35:28
I can understand sometimes people think it's my dad is the Chinese but I don't have them. So

Unknown Speaker 35:35
no girl. I'm also I'm also a hyphenated name. I'm Ashlee Evans-Smith. Evans is my father. father's last name. And Smith is my mother's last name. And I just had to hyphenate when I was younger, and people just Oh, you're married? Okay. I'm like, no, no, I'm not good.

Unknown Speaker 35:55
Okay, yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 35:58
Good to know. So you're single, your father's half Chinese and Canadian. And what's your mother?

Unknown Speaker 36:05
And my mother is Canadian to Irish. And both of my parents, all my family still live there and in Quebec, but there are my parents are separate. And I have two older sister and one younger brother. So we were we are in a big family

Unknown Speaker 36:23
where your parents always separated growing up, or did that happen recently?

Unknown Speaker 36:28
This Friday, when I was eight years old.

Unknown Speaker 36:31
Okay. So did you have you know, you obviously had the two different households? Did you get two different talks about the birds and the bees sex and all that?

Unknown Speaker 36:42
Yes, I was more close to my mother. She had all the Regardless, she did my father, my father was working up to two Oscar, he was concentrating on concentrate on that. So with my mother, we were close, we can talk more open to this was not shy to talk to me about sex and things like that.

Unknown Speaker 37:07
That's great. Yeah, I just had a guest on. She's from Brazil. And she said, yeah, it's very common over there. It's not a big deal. And here in America, I feel like it's so taboo. You don't talk about sex. And it's supposed to be awkward with your parents. But, you know, it's so important at an early age to have that communication and come you know, good advice come from someone who loves you. So, how old were you when she kind of gave you the sex talk?

Unknown Speaker 37:35
And maybe, maybe nine years old, something that I don't? I don't really remember, but because I have two older sisters. Today, the the already we're talking about that? So I mean, I hear I heard before, and that's, I think around nine years old.

Unknown Speaker 38:00
Yeah. Okay, so you have two older sisters. And, you know, I feel like that when you have older siblings, you know, they kind of lead the way and then you like, see them with their boyfriends, and you kind of pick up a lot of stuff that way. Is that kind of how it happened?

Unknown Speaker 38:15
Yes, exactly. Exactly. The they told me their story with their birth boyfriend and things like that. So I was already aware of

Unknown Speaker 38:25
what was dating like for you when you were young? Do you remember when you first got your first boyfriend? And you know, was it easy? Or was it awkward?

Unknown Speaker 38:35
No, I think it was easy. I always liked man and the sorting and things like that. So I thought it was it was easy. My first boyfriend was at the high school when I was 15 years old. And we were at the same school together. I was with him for a year and yes, I was nothing. Our car the

Unknown Speaker 39:05
really, man, I was such an awkward girl like yeah, I still have but you know, it's just kind of kind of chubby and I had braces. And you know, just not that cute. And you know, I kissed boys and stuff, but I don't think I had like my first real boyfriend until college. And you know, yeah, just very different. So, you know, you start boxing at 13 That's pre High School. You get your first boyfriend when you're 15. We did that. Did boxing and martial arts Did that give you like confidence with the rest of your life? You know, even in relationships?

Unknown Speaker 39:45
Yes, I think yes. I think in everything that gives confidence. But with the relationship, yes. But I we have to have men who are not intimidated by that before. Um, can be can be bad because they feel like they are not superior.

Unknown Speaker 40:08
Yeah. Yeah. Like they're inferior to you.

Unknown Speaker 40:11
Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 40:14
So was your, you know, boxing background and you know, you basically being tough, you know, as a female did that ever get in the way of you dating boys? Or Did that bother any anyone that you were seeing?

Unknown Speaker 40:30
It said it if the the parser

Unknown Speaker 40:35
you know, did it? Cause did it? Cause Did it cause, you know, fights in the relationship. You know, I one time, I had a boyfriend who didn't like that I was wrestling on a team with bolt with men, you know, but he just didn't understand, you know. And so a lot of the times we end up dating other athletes. And so I was just wondering for you personally. Did you ever have boyfriends that didn't like you training?

Unknown Speaker 41:08
Yes, for some Yeah. Because, like you said, we are mostly with ma'am, under ma'am. We are totally fine with that. But I only have since I after I started like, because I take polls, I took a break during the adolescence of the first comeback. And after I just have one boyfriend during on my career. I stay many by five years with him. And he was the fighter too. So it was, yeah. So but at the beginning, we were not training in the same game to the was good. But yes, it can. It can be questioned sometimes. Because we're not on the same jam. But after we were 20 together in the Sanjay mess, I switch gym and go with him. So it was easier, I think for the relationship at this time.

Unknown Speaker 42:10
Yeah, yeah, if you can. I think if you can be in different gyms, it's best because you know, it's distracting. Having your partner you know, maybe you're worried about them if they get injured, or, you know, maybe you're fighting with them and you bring home to work or work home vice versa. So, yeah, so Well, okay, I apologize. I didn't ask you. How do you identify sexually? And also, are you in a relationship? Are you single?

Unknown Speaker 42:43
I like ma'am. And I'm, I'm single now since the two years almost.

Unknown Speaker 42:49
Okay. Okay. And you were in that five year relationship with a fighter? What were some things that you liked about dating another athlete? And what were some things that you could live without?

Unknown Speaker 43:03
Like, at the beginning, it was good. Because we understand each other. And see, like, we, we support each other. And we already felt, I think two times two or two diamonds the same card. So it's good because we did the training camp at the same time. Everything fits. But at the end sometimes it was like a competition between us, too. That was bad. Yeah. The one way or the other night, or if we It can affect if we felt the same night. It's always been good. But it could be fun. It is really like the mage after the fight and you have to fight after or before it can affect. So yes, I think there's many good things but there's bad thing. And I think it's more simple to be with another fighter than someone who don't do this because there's so many it's so different than the last of the the other people normal people like all the effort we have to do everything. The pressure, the focus, like at the end of the training Canvas the food everything it plays on many like the you morals and things like that. So for that, I think it's easy. When both are fighter that they understand many things that other normal people cannot understand.

Unknown Speaker 44:39
Yeah, yeah, I totally agree. It's and you know, sometimes we say, Oh, I'm not gonna date another fighter. I'm not gonna date someone in the industry, but it's very hard not to because we are who we are. We like what we like. And when you find someone who likes what you like, and you have that shared passion, it's you know, you just can't You can't turn it off, it just happens. And so, you know, moving forward you who what type of partner are you looking for now, you know, would you like to date another fighter? And you know, is that something that you kind of actively looking for? Or you know if it happens it happens.

Unknown Speaker 45:16
I don't search for nothing. I I told myself after my boyfriend I don't need I don't want no anymore fighter. But I just thought fighter almost like you said, we are who were like we are. Yep. Okay. And I want someone for sure. We're not in their routine, because I'm not in a routine. Three, we have our schedule for training, but we don't have to work like nine to four days a week and I want to be able to do things with the, with the man to like he wants. And I want someone who is successful in his discipline. Yeah, like, say, trying hard. I understand. But I don't know why I really. I, since I moved, I moved here to Miami. I told me I don't want to be in relationship because I want to focus on my goals. There's so many things new, nothing stable for now. So I have to work on my career first. Before having before to be in relationship.

Unknown Speaker 46:39
I love that. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, automatically when you told me, you moved from Canada to Miami just for your career. I'm like, this girl is serious, you know, and you got to be serious. You're getting punched in the face with no gloves on by some elite athletes. So yeah, focus on your career. Make sure that's your priority. But you know, in the meantime, if you want to get some dick, I'm sure. You know, you're probably gonna hook up or you know, casual dating and Miami. I've been out there and got some some beefy, nice hunks out there. Have you? Have you been kind of casually going out and meeting people?

Unknown Speaker 47:20
Yes, yes, I meet some people here. And I have some friends. And but I my focus is really on my training and see to decide where I where I go the way I go. But for sure, right. I meet people, but I'm really more in the gym than going out in the bar and things like that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 47:45
Yeah. And you know, exactly back to what we're talking about. You know, if you're in the gym all the time, who do you end up meeting? Other fighters? You know, just so, you know, I know that you're not, you know, actively looking right now. But have you ever tried online dating?

Unknown Speaker 48:07
Yes, I tried. I tried there. But not really successful, I think because almost all the time that people in safe don't look like what the look on the summit. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 48:22
Yeah, that's unfortunate. Catfish. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 48:25
Yes. And no, man, I'm difficult. I'm a difficult person for that. And I try it. But I think like just Instagram. It can be dating. Somebody, I think everyone on our they can can do this by Instagram or Facebook or things like that. So it's really easy now.

Unknown Speaker 48:51
Yeah, you're saying that Instagram itself or other social media apps can they can be dating apps, basically, because you just slide into somebody's DM and say, Hey, you want to go out? And is that? Exactly. Yeah. That is how my boyfriend took me out. He slid into my DM. He said, I think he said something like, like, Oh, you're looking really good, because I was like working out non stop. And, you know, I asked him if he was single, because I remember him having a girlfriend. And he said, No, you know, I recently broke up. And that was like being my little light. I was like, All right, it's on. Both Instagram was a dating app for for me and my boyfriend and now. Two years later, we're still dating so it thank you Instagram. Yeah. Well, I love that. I want to take a quick break to thank our sponsor, perfect sports. These guys are always keeping things fresh and being creative with their flavor options. Their newest flavor of diesel whey protein isolate is no different. Inspired by the fall season, perfect has come out with a limited edition Pumpkin Spice Latte flavored protein powder Pumpkin Spice Latte provides a spicy and savory aromatic tastes that can be enjoyed warmed or chilled. Remember guys, this is a limited edition, so make sure to get your orders in soon, inventory will be going quick. As always, this new limited edition flavor provides you with the same benefits that diesel always does. Its third party tested for banned substances and is the highest quality that protein can be. Order yours now by heading to perfect and using my code rebel girl for a 20% discount.

Unknown Speaker 50:37
Guys, this is a sex podcast. Let's get down to it. What man doesn't want improve direction strength, penis size, or a better sex life in general. Penis pumps are not just an Austin Powers gimmick, we're proud to announce our new partnership with Bathmate Bathmate are the world's best penis pump, harnessing the power of water for real lasting improvements for your penis size, erection, strength, personal confidence and sex life. Bathmate hydro pumps have helped over 1 million satisfied users worldwide. It's safe, affordable, and backed with a money back guarantee. So what are you waiting for? To check out the different products and for a 60 day money back guarantee and a massive two years manufacturer's warranty. Visit and start your journey today. it up while you're pumping okay? Do you know mushy question now? Do you know your love language?

Unknown Speaker 51:43
What do you what do you mean?

Unknown Speaker 51:45
Okay, so some people know what this is. And some people don't. I didn't know what it was. But now I got a sex podcast. So I got to research and learn. There are five love languages meaning the way that you show love and the way that you receive love. So, you know, things that you really like, like let's say physical touch, acts of kindness, words of affirmation, you know, somebody's telling you Oh, you're beautiful. You're great. So there's these different things right? And it's kind of like, you know, how you express love? Have you heard of this? Okay, all right. Yeah, well, they've broken down into five categories but you know, it's okay, I'll just read them for you would you prefer physical touch acts of service quality time I'm put on the spot here. Acts of Service words of affirmation or access service would be okay for example, you're in fight camp Jade and your boyfriend. He's like I know you're tired. I made you dinner tonight. So he you know or you know Hey, like I know you're you know, really busy so I took your car to get carwash you don't got to do it just acts of service things that help you out. Physical Touch would be obviously touching love, you know, affection and physical affection. We got words of affirmation, Jay, you're so beautiful. Oh my god, you're gonna win your fight. Oh, you're awesome. You know, things like that. I'm forgetting some Oh my gosh. Oh, gifts. Gifts. Okay. You know, here's a watch. Here's, you know, flowers, gifts, gifts. And then there's one more but okay, just out of those four. What do you think would be your love language?

Unknown Speaker 53:37
Physicality touch? I think it's really what I like it. I like what it's, I'm a physical person. So I really like you. What is the physical? I think that's the thing that's so more.

Unknown Speaker 53:48
Okay. I'm the same way I say mine is kind of split down the middle. I like physical touch. I'm really touchy feely. And I love it when my boyfriend always you know, he's always telling me oh, you're beautiful. Oh, you know, your, you know, your talent, whatever. Like, I just I need that. That constant reinforcement, you know, cuz I'm a little bit insecure. And so if the person you love is telling you how great you are, it's like you leave the house every day. Like I'm fucking awesome. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:20
It boosts you. Yes. It's always fun to have compliments. But me. I don't I No need that. I really like more than the physical.

Unknown Speaker 54:31
Physical Touch. Yeah. Okay. All right. So we talked a little bit I think you said something about when you and your past boyfriend you know, you guys didn't have sex before the fight or something like that. I forget what you said. But I always ask my guests all the fighters. Do you abstain from sex? Do you not have sex before the fight or me on the other hand and some other people? I feel so horny before the fight. It's crazy. Like I just I'm in shape. I feel good about my body and I'm like look like boyfriend This is the best I'm gonna look like Let's fuck how do you how do you get

Unknown Speaker 55:10
through it I agree with you okay yes i i think it's not true the to abstain I think is bullshit and say we produce more we are so in shape and we have to evacuate and to produce you said new cells new salon. Yeah so yes I I think it's good to have sex with just the burial before the fight.

Unknown Speaker 55:35
Okay, and then so in your you know experiences have you ever been asked for by a partner to do something too weird or freaky that you were like, Oh, no thank you

Unknown Speaker 55:51
nice thing but not No. Not really.

Unknown Speaker 55:59
No, no, that's good do you where is have you ever had a wild sex? Like location? Where's the craziest place you've ever had sex?

Unknown Speaker 56:14
Some theory, I think, oh,

Unknown Speaker 56:16
cemetery sex. Yeah, we've had we had somebody. Yeah, we've had somebody say that on the podcast before. Do people Yeah, actually. Okay, so. Yeah, the cemetery.

Unknown Speaker 56:28
Yes, that's a good that's a good

Unknown Speaker 56:32
way to elaborate on that story. Were you were you drinking? Were you guys? Are you just kind of into the dark kind of gloom? Is that like something that's sexy? Or did you just like, want to have sex and you just happened to be next to a cemetery? How'd that go down?

Unknown Speaker 56:48
Yeah, no, I did. I did to Terminus mystery. Just yes, we're I think we were drawing 10 Just to just for the trail

Unknown Speaker 56:56
just for the thrill Okay, awesome. So what's your biggest pet peeve in the bedroom pet peeve being something that bothers you for example, somebody stinky you know no bad hygiene or an unforgiving lover you know they just want you to you know guy wants you to give him head but he doesn't want to go down on you you know what's something that really bothers Oh yes.

Unknown Speaker 57:20
Yes sir. This I don't like it if you're not ready to Yes. I don't like Yeah, I think I think it's not good me if I'm ready to go there. You have to be ready for our faculty you have to be not an after I do something it's all all in or not around.

Unknown Speaker 57:41
Yeah, it's got to be equal for sure. You know where what what have you learned over time that you wouldn't put up with sexually back then you know, like, for me for example, I used to you know, kind of just let the guy take control of the situation but now you know, like I have no problem speaking up. I have no problem saying this is what I want. If he's doing it wrong. I will say please correct this you know, like what have you learned over time? Sexually

Unknown Speaker 58:19
Yeah, five yeah, I've learned maybe not mix psychology yet for the beginning. Now for it was more easier but now with expresses good without but sometimes you think you're going to do without Yeah. I don't know me. I I don't think I changed a lot. Since that time. Say I can I can take the lead if I really want I will take the lead the or the see how it is. But I don't think I I still have the same. Happy.

Unknown Speaker 59:00
Okay. Yeah, that's such a big one that you said about the alcohol. I stopped drinking a few years ago, but it was so weird going from you know, like, almost all of my sexual experiences leading up to you know, my 30s all my all my teen years, all of my 20s always had alcohol, you know, and the memories were so blurry. It's like, I know we had sex but how did it start? And so the transition to sober sex was so weird, but I realized that setting that foundation early sober, you know and rehabbing all your memory the being there was so important you know, and yeah, that's such a good one.

Unknown Speaker 59:47
Well, it's really better sometimes we cannot come because of that girl. And so we Yeah, the demo thing i i changed like nuts. Started always with our cover. As good as without

Unknown Speaker 1:00:02
for sure. Well, any insight into what you are into sexually any fetishes, anything that you want to share with us?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:13
No, I don't have no I don't have any fits to see if I like before. Sure. Like, can I check the question you sent me you know? And yes, like the choking biting the tree something like that. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:30
Give it away. Okay, it is time for the lightning sex round jump in she's like I like this. This this this. I'm so sorry. Okay, so we're about to play the lightning sex round. Guys. If this is your first time it is a rapid fire. Yes or no segment. I'm going to ask Jade. What she likes and she's gonna say yes or no. Are you ready?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
I'm ready.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
Okay, lightning round. Here we go. J Do you dirty talk in bed? Yes, yeah. Speak or like to be spanked? Yes, biting. Yeah, choking. Yeah. threesomes Yeah. Do you watch porn? Sometimes? Do you have a foot fetish? Nope. bodily fluid. Not any bondage like ropes, blindfold handcuffs.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:44
No, I never tried but I want to try and try.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
Okay, what about role playing?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:51
No, I don't. I don't really like I like when it's not fate real?

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
Yeah. Okay. But stuff on you or a partner? Not do you sex toys.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:04
Not with my partner. I have my team but I don't like

Unknown Speaker 1:02:09
Oh, man. This is my first time being in a really healthy, happy committed relationship. And you know, it's you can't just you can't just bring out a dildo on the first night right? You know? Later you got to build up to that but I hope I hope that happens for you. It's very fun. Body hair.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31
I already try it but oh, it's like plastic. I can have a real

Unknown Speaker 1:02:36
Oh yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:39
I don't know. I do my things alone but I don't like in religion.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43
God he just like keep him separate. Yeah, have you ever been to a sex club or a swingers party?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:52
No, but I wanted to just this year

Unknown Speaker 1:02:56
it's on your bucket list. I hope you reach that goal too. And I think in my I could find that very easy sir, yeah. Okay. Are you a lingerie lover? Yes. Okay, and body hair? Yes. No.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
Body hair. Like on your man.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:21
You know chest hair. Oh, you do? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:26
But here, buddy here Yes. Don't say I don't

Unknown Speaker 1:03:29
like when you say Oh really? You don't like that? I

Unknown Speaker 1:03:33
like yes I like when I look too much but try not to out there buddy save like a man is a man.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:42
Yeah can't be too pretty you know? Yeah. Okay. Ever been caught having sex or masturbating?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:51
Having sex? Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:52
Oh, do you want to share the story?

Unknown Speaker 1:03:55
Hey, was with my first boyfriend? I school during a break of class.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:03
Oh no. Your Way in the middle. In between classes. You guys were having sex?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:08
Yes. Yes. In the back in the process of doing a breakup class

Unknown Speaker 1:04:17
where were you guys like in a closet or classroom?

Unknown Speaker 1:04:21
No. There was a way to go and there was a pool in this the high school so there was a way so we weren't just on the sweet

Unknown Speaker 1:04:33
Wow awesome. Well, congratulations. That was the lightning sex round You did great. We're gonna end the show with two segments. One is fan questions as you know and then the other one is called a fuck marry kill. Would you like to play a game with this? One marry one kill one. Go. I think we're done here. Yes. Okay, great. So I know that you are a lover of metal and you know I like punk rock some metal I actually really love Slipknot that's one of your favorite bands as well, right? Yes. Yeah, lucky so I came up with actually my homies Dan and Patrick, they came up with these you get to choose from metal singers right so you get to choose from Corey Taylor of Slipknot. We get Jonathan Davis of corn. And then last you get James Hetfield of Metallica. Who do you want to fuck? Who do you want to marry? And who do you want to kill?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:42
I marry Corey Taylor. Of course. I love and I love his voice and I listen him every day of my life to like you can marry him and ask after I saw James that fear from a tiger and I killed innocent babies.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:03
Not a corn fan.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:06
No and I I think the other look better. James Hetfield,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:12
he's all mad I feel like Jonathan Davis All right, all right. This is your Fuck, Marry kill. Okay, good job. Let's end with a couple fan questions. Is that okay? Yes, yes. Great. We've got at Mike tech in named three pro female MMA fighters that you would take down a sketchy alleyway with you

Unknown Speaker 1:06:46
about a repeater. So

Unknown Speaker 1:06:49
Mike Tecan is saying which three professional MMA fighters female would you take with you as backup walking down a scary alleyway

Unknown Speaker 1:07:03
Okay, boy, I think I would think the best I would take Valentyna only nice and I take a hose knife I think the best if I have to go to war and a scary place

Unknown Speaker 1:07:20
Yeah, that's great. Great answer okay. And then at shield of freedom 1776 Any out of sight piercings you know like piercings that we cannot see.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:33
Yes, I have enough to protect me my job in Canada was to do buddy person. Oh

Unknown Speaker 1:07:39
that's awesome. Yes, that's okay. No, that was actually my first job ever when

Unknown Speaker 1:07:46
I was 16 I was a piercing apprentice yeah

Unknown Speaker 1:07:51
I first I first myself I like normally after a fight the week after I first I liked first myself just have more Russia than that in so like I purchased my book five times

Unknown Speaker 1:08:10
and I believe I'm holding my boobies right now you can't see me Jade but I'm just like

Unknown Speaker 1:08:18
but I don't have to I don't keep them I just first for a week I keep her a week and I thought they come because I respect training and I cannot let them heal and I have the button to I first I think for time but there I keep I keep on there

Unknown Speaker 1:08:37
Okay, wow. So I'm feeling like you might you might like a little pain is that kind of like a thing that you're into?

Unknown Speaker 1:08:48
Yes. I like it. I like it. I think for me it's like I'm not in a rush more yeah I first myself almost everywhere I first like my cheek i i purse My lips were my nose many time I wear my brown

Unknown Speaker 1:09:10
okay Jay let's get down to it. We want to know any below the belt piercings any vagina piercings

Unknown Speaker 1:09:22

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
yourself yourself?

Unknown Speaker 1:09:29

Unknown Speaker 1:09:32
Okay, you were made you were made for bare knuckle. You know if you could use our own vagina. None of those girls stand a chance like you could not hurt Jade okay

Unknown Speaker 1:09:50
day is like not enough pain. Let me just pierced You crazy woman. I love it so much. Awesome. That was a great question. I almost didn't ask that. I'm like, This guy just wants to know if he has if she has her vagina Pierce but

Unknown Speaker 1:10:05
awesome you you do you have no I have my boobies and, and I got those done when I was 16 years old. I lied to the piercer here, sir. And he did it and then they healed and I never took them out until recently when I got my fake boobies, you know, because you have to take them out to get the surgery. And I had to leave them out for like two months. And then I you know, when they healed on my boobies were great. They I had to repair it myself, but I did not enjoy it Jade Oh, god, it's such a shitty feeling. But I love the way it looks. It's like my favorite assessories on my body. You know, it just looks makes boobies look so much better.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:51
That's that's just for me. It was the first thing I did the most. For real. Just that. I think just that I'm a girl and the girls are more confident on me. So I I went I was working. Almost every day I press boobs. It's my speciality or I really purse the summer I can post like six or seven girls a day.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:12
Wow. Wow. You see a lot of titties. Yes. Not a bad job. Awesome. Okay, so a couple more questions for you. We've got at Lewis young 3619. If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Unknown Speaker 1:11:40
Evolve? No, because everything I did if I had to do it another time, I will do it the same to maybe. But the advice is to be to be considered and what what I dream what I believe in? And what I think I think is that, but we'll do the same thing. I mean, I had, we didn't talk about that. But see, today define when we call already. See, I told you when I was the adolescent or when I was teenager, I have problem with drugs and things like that. But I think maybe it's more around that I could tell me. I wouldn't have like 13 years old on my life. So don't do things that can affect your future. Because it's just a pasty. It's just a part of your life.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:40
Yeah, yeah, we did. We didn't talk about the drug situation. Is that something that you dealt with at a young age or later in life?

Unknown Speaker 1:12:48
Yes. So when I was young, because I was I wanted adrenaline. That was the I was searching for I always I, I I know. I see that all my life is driving by adrenaline. Now. So I was searching that I emotion in that, but I found it in the combat sport. i Yes. And that's what keeps me on the good way. On the good track. It's really the sport, even if it looks like it's really dangerous. And really like bare knuckle. Yes, you have damage and things like that. But for me, it's more benefit to do this than to, to don't do this, because I will, that will find another way to provide emotion and things like that. But now this is, is healthy. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:35
So earlier when I said it's, you know, fighting is like a drug. And you know, I'm afraid. I'm afraid that when I'm done fighting, what am I going to do to get that feeling? You really understood what I meant?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:49
Really, really, really? Yeah. Like a drug for real?

Unknown Speaker 1:13:53
Yeah. And, you know, I tried to, you know, be a little inspiring on the podcast. And, you know, let people know that if you are struggling with an addiction out there. Like it, you can you can get out of it and mix martial arts. It's a great outlet guys. Like if you are thinking like, Oh, you're too old or you're inexperienced, or that you're somewhere that there's not a lot of gyms, like find a way to get into mixed martial arts. It can change your whole life. It changed my life. You know, I you know, we're at the end of the podcast, but you know, we'll have you come back on and we'll we'll elaborate but that's amazing. Jay, that's so great. Okay, let's a few more questions, and I'll let you go. To do so we got someone named at knuckles. 9244 your hands were swollen after your fight a couple weeks ago. How are they feeling now? And can you spar 100%

Unknown Speaker 1:14:52
I cannot say certain it's 500% Because I think when my hand the right is broke and Do order my thumb and I thought it was a Snake Eater but I think the requirement is break Rockler so yes it's still a little bit thing but it it grows really good I start we started to to start last week but the soft release stuff but it goes better because better

Unknown Speaker 1:15:25
make sure you take care of those hands girl because that's your moneymaker you know? So don't jump in too soon. I know you want that adrenaline.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:35
I know but yeah, like to

Unknown Speaker 1:15:37
just look it out for you, girl. We only got one body, right?

Unknown Speaker 1:15:41
Yes, that's true. That's true. I try to say I try to do is put my hand on i for the i i Keep. I take care of them. The food's better. But just fine. Just time dini? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:57
Okay, we got Okay, a few more questions. At the Webster dude ad for most meaningful tattoo and story behind it.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:08
Most meaningful tattoo. Almost all the tattoo I have is good. Because I like to think like I have many zombie girls with blood. Because I like blurting things scary. But I have things like that are like I have for the animals too. Because I love at the mall. I give the profit went to to a shelter. I have. I have a drinking tattoo. I did. When I was drawing like dried blood in France. It's SOC S A M, G, O. And I was drawn to I said oh, what can I get to where can I have? Can you tattoo I love blue though. I will write blood in my neck. It's a really good idea. So I did this. Really? I love it. We don't we don't really see it because it's at the back of my neck. So I have my hair. So, but they're on it. So that's good.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:30
Awesome. Okay, last fan question. At Pepe LePew 96. In which fight so far did you have the most fun?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:41
Most my first Bare Knuckle I think, more than most funds. This was all a new experience on the new organization, the new sports the first fight since the pandemic flu I was really my mindset was it the anybody had? Could have at this time in front of me. I will. I will go for them. Don't think it was just my landing. And I have so much fun to do this. Just fight

Unknown Speaker 1:18:22
knowing knowing you now now now that we know you a little bit better, I bet because it was the first fight there was like more nerves and more adrenaline, you know. And so yeah, sure. Do you love that?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:35
Yeah, I think I think he's, I think he's was that?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:39
Yes. Awesome. Okay. Well, I want to ask you if you could hear anyone else on the show another guest it could be another fighter or you know, someone in the mixed martial arts world. You know, who would you like to hear next on the show?

Unknown Speaker 1:18:57
Question I don't know. I think everyone be but I don't know how the guests you had already. Who's someone? Go ahead. And the KFC maybe?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:16
Yeah, yeah. We we have had a couple of the girls who we have not had on we have not had the champ Christine Ferreira Fira. We haven't had her. Who else is in your division?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:29
Jenny, you have kidneys?

Unknown Speaker 1:19:32
Almost the whole 125 flyweight division on the show it's been awesome.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:38
Oh, yeah. Taylor to you got you idea.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:40
Oh yeah. Taylor is all about buttholes. We love Taylor. Taylor is honest and hilarious. We love Taylor. Thank you so much for being on the show we want to follow you on all of your social media. And I know you actually have an only fans as well, right? Yes, that's awesome. I would love to I just started my own. It's not only fans it's like it's called Fan time. So I respect the hustle girl. Where can we find you on social media and only fans?

Unknown Speaker 1:20:22
Yes, I have my Instagram VEDA my son got wrong and I have my link tree where you can have my my link for my only found two yes you can follow me there to be good for me because that's what the this is why I can I can stay in Miami. This is my my my money online. I can leave here this way I can leave here so that good if I have more followers there. Let's just be good for me.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:55
Yeah, guys, if you if you are only listening to this, and you have not seen what Jade looks like, she is beautiful. I'm serious. I was like wow, this girl. I love your tattoos. I love your whole look. So check her out on her only fans. Check her out on social media. And of course when you do sign your next fight, we will be watching Jade. Thank you so much. And yeah, happy happy training. Crazy woman. USA thanks to everything Mila it was really fun. Fun podcast. Thank you. Thank you. Okay, have a good day. Bye. Thank you, you too. Bye bye ready, I will see you soon. Bye boom. Okay, that's it. Episode 90 is in the books. We are 10 away from 100 episodes. I just feel so proud. You know, there's something called pod fade where people just do I think it's like 789 10, you know, a few episodes of the podcast, and then they just fade away because they didn't realize it was gonna be so much work or they just weren't persistent, for whatever reason. And I told you guys, if you are long term listeners, in the very beginning, I was going to approach this podcast like I do a fighting fight camp. You know, it's not every day goes your way. Sometimes you don't even want to come to the studio. Sometimes you don't even want to go into the gym, right? But you fucking do it anyway. Because there are people counting on you and yourself. You're counting on yourself. You can't let yourself down. You know, we all have that. I think Joe Rogan calls it inner bitch, right? You know, and Pandemic really brought out the inner bitch and a lot of people but for me, it really did. In the beginning, I felt sorry for myself. But then I started this podcast and it gave me a little bit of purpose and direction, especially since I was injured. And I just can't thank you guys enough for tuning in. Because, you know, I got to 1020 listeners, it wasn't going to be worth it. But I know that there's many, many more of you guys tuning in and enjoying the show. And so we're gonna keep cranking them out. Week after week, year after year. It's gonna be awesome. Okay, guys. So anyway, thank you so much. I've been going off on tangents this episode, but I'm really feeling good about my body about the podcast. The winds are changing for rebel girl. So next week, we have another amazing guest. His name is Artem. Lobov at Lobov. Low Bob got the Russian hammer. I met this guy. When we were what year was that? The UFC had a athlete retreat, it was just called the UFC athlete recruit I think they only did two of them. Just because shenanigans ensue when you add professional MMA fighters boys and girls, lots of alcohol and you know, there's obviously personalized disputes from from the past and in whatever it just was. It was really fun from the athletes point of view, but a shit show I think for UFC. Anyway, I met this guy there I think we played like drunk darts. Really awesome guy. And I didn't even really know because even though I'm in the sport, I wasn't all up to date with the Conor McGregor drama and then I don't I didn't watch the UFC. The Ultimate Fighting fuck. Tough. You know, The Ultimate Fighter the show I didn't watch that. But if you guys Don't know who he is. He is a Russian former, I guess he's done, professional mixed martial artist and boxer based in Ireland who previously competed in the Featherweight division for the UFC. He's most recently competed in bare knuckle fighting championships, and he was a cast member of The Ultimate Fighter team McGregor vs Team Faber. He's competed for ACB UFC as well as the British promotion cage warriors and cage contender fighting out of Dublin. He is a member of SBG Ireland I had to look that up I guess that's Connors team. You know, guys just because I'm a fighter doesn't mean I know everything. There's a lot of fighter drama that I don't know. But I don't know. I guess we'll talk about his background like we always do. And maybe we'll get him to talk about some of those shenanigans that happened as well. So thank you again guys. Don't

Unknown Speaker 1:25:53
forget to check out the website www sex violence with rebel Pick up some merch be entered into the UFC glove giveaway. write me an email if you want. That's it. I love you guys. Special thank you to audio engineer DJs Oh, you can find him at DJs on Instagram. Tomorrow kids studio where we make these awesome podcasts at tomorrow kids official. And always you can find us on Instagram at sex and violence with rebel girl and myself at Ashley MMA. I really really hope you guys enjoyed this show. Have a great weekend. There's no fights, but I'm sure you will find something to do. Remember guys, be kind, be grateful. But don't take shit from anyone. Talk to you next week with a new guest and more tales of sex and violence.

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